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tv   Today  NBC  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am PST

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or>> fos almt 30 arye js,ceusti nianto nninoli sca waas age larr th ifan le president on the h.benc t>> cheseonatrveivup smere tcourti juseace dtd a a thege of 79. hi sas pngsi set k asti skw j gee. >> >ub repnslica pngushi back inargut'g is j aob f torhe next es prt.iden thesuise,nt fro and center on the deebat agste. >> it'sal cled y,dela ladey. de lay. >> ino do tel bieve the pr enesidhot suld antppoi me so one. il>> whil ts fhtigar pyzale sh waoningth eacth fur err? >> w ahat tbouteyhe kas cesn i tfronth of upe s cremeourt right innow re we' live with it all. an droge ausnd deadly. an heot dr tayota sy inside. ne boll-chiing traempesture fe afgctin up to $9li milon people.
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aor maje pilnup i nnpeansylvia. dy lan has yourec forastnd a th isere relief in t.sigh > >>er cov rlgis,ot n one, not tw uto, bee thrpo srts illustratedwi stmsui co.vers theaz magineht migingea binuty it ans my f tormshis arye, including a pl-susizeov cer de mol. y wh s.i. decided to make htoisry to day. nd suay,eb fyruar 14, .2016 ro fc m nb,newss thiis "t "odaye livro fmtu sdio 1a in efrockrelle p. laza el>> w tcomedao tony o this nd suay mog.rnin i' m erica llhi. i >>ra'm cig lvmein. hay levae'ntins day ande' wll ge to tyouric wked story. ju easticnt anntoni sacali eddi. >>e h do heav theat betl in the
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wa inshongto t who wlil teakis h atse. >> > > bweinegh wit g jayrayho w iste in ouxas etsid thech ran er whcae slia eddi. go mood g.rnin g >>moood g,rnin a,eric just be sforeseunri ande ware le ngarnie mor aboutus jtice al sc dia's heath aerets thi rtreso andranch. nowe kwca sliara td veletoes wt xa tens oda frindy att adende a pa wirty both aut0 4ue g sts ayfridve e.ning en wh hen' did sthow upor f br aseakft, crnonce sedtaffen wt h to risoom wherey theou fnd him spunreveonsi. ca low l larcenfot,emen. u.s hamarsndls a fbige antse werall edcalln. i stinveorigatays she terre woe n ssign ofl fou hplayanere had tt iascalel likyd die ,of otque, tu naral uscaes. a dtevou olcathic. orauthsitieer ushed in aes prit to prmerfot lases rit and his dy bo was m tovedo aelpinrb neay d anh wit aic pole etscor tr oranspmoted trenha20 0 mesil to aer funalom h ien el paso. iascal f'syamil is etexpec d to eltrav topa el soer lat y.toda
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rminfonatiout abo aem mloria or aer funal sceervi t forhe emsuprure cot stjuice. ic era? j >>raay gory f us in texas. k than you. us>> jtice sacalias w ant gia on e th be tnch,oshe mnst cotiervave ic vofe o all oef thus js ticeand s hith dea haset sp u aht fig er ov theex nt stjuice. lwe'l t gethao tt int jusa ntmomeut, be petil wsliam has a lo tok a alscia's life and ga lecy. ,peted gooinmorng. >> ta cerinly theos mt pooutsken ns cotiervave, jceustica slia se temedo be inob rustlt heaho s hi eas domth cess a aug hely peunex cted.blow ashe w a jceustih wit aer powful te int llecand hisea dthea mns the c hourtosas lst it pfuowerl ns cotiervave. >> e h wason cedfirmni unalymous in8619, -098. th rse fit iaitalern-amican
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co against affirmivate anctio and neoppontf o artbonio ghri.ts w itroas wnglyec didedt i ardeclige rhts the na'stion un fo nders ieverdentend. n >>yobodr eveug thohaht tt they ha eed bnlu inc ideden thht rigs co nintaiheng tl bil of ri. ghts >>ca slia said jsudgeul shod st k icto fwiolloheng tds wor of th awe lshe ty inreterpt. >> wee arot n gneoverdth by e tedraf r'sntinte. rewe a gneoverd bylaws, andt' is tnoha wtht era derft inndte,ed bu wtt haethra dfter teenacd. >> e hig delhteder lib balsy pu gshin theou crtex to tpandhe ri oghtseff dntenda s ontrial, to cononfreit thr accusers in urcot. ju esdgho sdul not csionrde pksac and sentencing thater w en't dfoun by a jury. the hriistoc rgulin tedhatt co sendnd amement gntuaraeesn a in dudivi ral's tightno ow a firearm for self-defense, the most iormptantun gec dnisio . ever e>> h met hisur futee wif
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th eli sca wasere a big lyfami, ve fis boyandr fou rlgis. o twisof hld chi breneecam erlawysol fnglowihe t firrathe li re.shed >> ie likhi tgnkinut abohe t alaw, lnd iike finigurg outhe t ri aghtrnswe toal leg obpr.lems h >>isud sdenth deaft aer 25 ye oarsen thre supoume casrt h nestunhed t na'stional leg co itmmuny. >> t offouhe crt heas w cr inlyedib entiergec. h inis qiouest fning tromhe be hnch,eas way alwsom celplety geengadd an i sot's aho so ck t the fyamilf oeo pplen i and ar ound the t.cour s hio tsve leas thert cou wi igth eht icjustes,nl evey sp litde igia loycallit as ep pr taresoak tep uuc sh vi di siveissue. tiany heme tsre i a 44- tie the ur co dt'sioecisnss ealentily do tesn'nt cou t andheow ler co ruurt sling aret lefta sgndin j soceustili scadea's caath sts a bigdo shavew or thees rt of e thre supoume crt term. >> e pet llwi,iamsnk tha you. e>> w monentied aaj mor
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mo grninve o wrhoul shodom natine nthe sextmeuprert cou stjuice. sh ouldt ie b prz os r hiessuccsesprtidenm boo or hisccsur?esso >> or rep wter: thererehe pntside bwill hengosti ami sumft o as ian erleads,re pntsidem boo paidbu trite and to hise lifnd a icpubl icserve. heet quilyig sdnalehe treil wl be aol palitictl batvee or nf congirmiuc a sorcess in the highurcot. th ree pntsides saywi he otll n wa it. >> la i pn to fllulfiy m ticonsontutial rnsespoitibil ies omto neinat a sssucceorn i d ue ti me. th were billele pnty ofim te for me do to o s andor f theen sate f toullit ffill itses ribponsyilit to ve git tha pseurpo ar faiea hring an imd tely tevo. r >>teeporher: tre pntsidead me hi snt ionenti cslearau becse top pu reanbliceas wrhe t ayernoth
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ns cotiervaveor majhaity d re aldrady a awn .line hmitccc mllonneut p out a emstatent sgayinhe t acamerin pe opleho shauld vve a ioicen e thec sel otionfir theex nt pr sucoeme urticjuste. er theefors thian vaccy sdhoul no t be sedtillil untha we ve a pnewderesindnt ave lea the co urth wit an open seat. fa gilino tul ffillhi tsac vancy d woul sbe afuhameppl ha ened caindi otionref sispontibilies. th ole palitics win arear clely dr tawn mhisngorni and theig fht ll wiy pla outn othe cigampan tr aailernd he inhi wasnngto th wi rubepcalinsin havg 54ea sts in the nasete,e morthan mo descrat and ggivinm thehe t po tweroea rllyon ctrolhi ts pr socesng goi foarrwd. ic era? k >>elly'd ollonnet a wthe hite ehouss thi rnmoing. k thanyou. >> >e has wte whise houns couel
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onir the adstminionrati's su e premtcour nanomis.tion weyou reki woritng wheh t su e premt.cour lhisyegac is wellst eshablied at s thi t.poin at wh h waseik les a a rspeon? n>> ievergr ad eedewithus jceti sc oalianos almt hianytng. he was aar wm pn ersoheand dlove the banack rtd foh. h wenad axc eehangut abous bh v. re go h ande a wass lway awarmnd ki nd. he lseavein beh ad onso per nal lleve a wrfondeuleg l aacys a mi faanly mnd a aov beleden mtor forle cs rkrfoho w hme w aas key ueinfl incehen tiriv les. ma ouny wld ftorgeow his divive hi cis dessionld cou beha tt he wa sna uusnimolyfi con armed nd wthis billeif dntferehi ts time ndarou tol filis h .seat pwhenderesibant ooema gso int
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so onmese a s heaid he llwi , 'swhatou yr viadce? veyou' hdelpeer oth pderesints do isth. >> y thehave a e-threchbran id gr ilocken thed feral go mevernnt. th ayey s the seenatul shod co mnfireo somndne ay theay she t su e premtcourul shodem rain ad deedlock at 4-4 for two rmte. 'sthater nevpe hap nedrebefo. th nat'sot whatul shoapd hpen w. no pthederesintho suld andl wil ilfulflis h citonstnautiol nanomition toin nom sateneomeo an hed tat sen sedhoule givha tt pe arsonr faiea h aringnde mak a dg jutemen t onhatso per n's viindidualer manits d ifqualioicatns. >> ul shohed tsi pre bdente ok lo fingor a onpers, maybe ma rek angarld, aer psonas eier to get tghhrou the tesena? >> what ino k fwrom the to sormayo and gakan, he takes hi spo resilnsibity riseslouy. e >> hhtcaugon cutstitl ionalaw. he l wilk piche t pnersoho w he ksthinl wile bhe tes btti jusce
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an hed then tat sene sdhoul do s it he tye havthe r tighto jerect, , up ,downt i tisheir onresplisibioty te makir the se ca j andudgehe t pnerso b ased heon tas c teheye makef beorhe t se .nate >> n,ronk tha fsor cgomin inn o s ayunda rnmo ing. ha>> t fnksavor hing me. >>on antin sacali and the qu onesti who sd houlbehe tex nt su e premtcourti jusass whe t uponc. toi it did notak te t forhepa srks to rt stain flyg. be gaut gezierrs i liveor f us. g >>moood g.rnin he>> t feutur oef thre supme co iurtows nro fnt anden ctern i thesi preiadentl elonecti, but th isat debe qlyuickot gso pernal an urd tnedo int an l-al boutrawl in ate stawn knoor f ug rod-h-anletumb lipo.tics o en ths les crowded stage thein nth rliepubcaneb date emagreent. >> ino do tie belvehe t onsomee.
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bl pockderesiobnt sama'om n inee heto tre supcome urt. >> s it' cdalle y,dela delay, de lay. >> or rep bter:heut tinn thotgs g . ugly hi>> t as is w mannsho i hultsis y wa -- ed>> tz cru j has bust een intellgs. lie ro>> funnt-rner ddonalru tmp tiblasng jebh bus onor feign li pocy. he>> t worldde trate cenr came do urwn dthing e hebrotr's reign mbremether at. >> le whion d taldrump was dibuilng a rtyealish tv mow,y hebrotasr wld bui aing sitecury ap tuparaos tp kee us fesa. >> marcoio rubop htoing unrebod tfromashe lt tedeba,am c teo sh bu'sat debe sinlammg tr ump. >> i thankod gwa it s all oef th time ist waeo g wrge. bush and t no al rego. >> f thedalori sorenatsh claed wi th imatmigrion. >>st fir of iall,'t donw kno w ho he knowst wha id sai on
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se ocondf all -- [ kispeangni spash ] >>ru c azlso pedounc t onrump r fot wha hele calhed t ll biirionae'st pasralibel si pos tiononrt aboion- - ou>> yre ahe t seinglge bigst li ar. yo u areba problyor w tsehan jeb bu sh. >> s he' aty nas >> ddonal hashi ts weird pa n.tter ywhenount poio tis hwn oor recd heea scrms liar, liar, liar. >> sintrikgif a dntfere neto, jo hn ka.sich vei ha t to ellu,yo tishis us jt cr azy,h?hu is th j isust nuts. >> while mostn o sthetage fo eughtach r,othe dr. ben rs ca fontough for teatn.ntio >> ma so eony p hple saveaid to me,ou y need toea scrndm a jump a upndn dowik lery eve ebodylse. hais ttll reay wyohat ntu wa? at wh you just saw? do i thn't soink . t >>he gopri pmaryer he is in sjustixay dds an we etxpec ju estic sc'saliala repntceme to be acome majorss iueth on e
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in cl atonnder bniean s adersre am aislng the reicpublan'sns pla olto hpd uom a n.inee a?eric gabe guretierz,ha tnk you. > >>ck chuod tsd ier modator of tmeethess prend a aandre hemitcsll i nbchi cefei forgn iraffas rrcondespoent. go orod m tningu.o yo hi>> tacs reha cnged erovt.nigh wh oeat ds theea dthju of e stic iascal doo ts thile enctio ngmovi fod?rwar t>> i puts theup s creme ourt tfron andntceer. is th b haseenet somhingt thathe nd caesidate havbeenki talong t se baer votsor fon a lmeg tit tha th leis enctioe morthanth anying el ouse cetld dneermi theal bance of s themeuprert coung goi fo d.rwar oit'sf ne oolthe derre supme co turts what he'vead inom se ti ndme a tshat' why this ed pronicti b haseene mad and now wi th iascal'sth dea it only foreenrcest thaot nion with te vo brs,t ut iisng goi toit -- isng goio t throwhi wasnngto to in a tizzy. ink thi i ctouldt shuow dn the se nate etissenallyor f ther yea if tshing go asad blyit as co buldenetwet wha pthederesint
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re icpubl wansant to .do i sonk this it'oi gng to end up el inevatghe t iuessf o the emsuprure contt io a topiv f e eissu fheor tt resf othe . year >> a es ittelevaats this sue, cayou man igineha t tthe idcandatesay me havhadth in e ba fck oir theds min a stli, in rm tes p ofderesibant ooema ds he ve haho a srtt lisofom nsinee at th e ready? >> luabso.tely ev peryderesi hntas aho srt .list ithises thnt evetyualit tha op peorle wry ouabutt, bha tt op peavle heo tpa prere for. er evhiy woute hse secounl,ve ery icjustpae dentrtme has prerepa d sta li, buthe tbl proemow n is he has to make a sidecion,he is in gogo tro ppose sneomeo who wo beuld e mor h inise linf o kithinrng o ats thi time as a la dmeuck is heng goio tpo prose so emeon i whos so cisentrtnd a so ni ualverslype res tctedhat
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leviab forfi coniormatn es tu day. ll>> agh rit. th yoank u. >> la dy wn,eird wi.nter th . anks a on strarg eakthqu heas lt joheed t newea z clandofity ri churstchch. th e 5.7 quake was ctaugh on cu serityer camass a sithook rs ca and mehos. itls ao claoledps cfflislo ang
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orur injiese wer rtrepoed. >> he> tro fntan m forhe t esagle eaof dthet m ials now sinpeak g aout tbouthero terristac attk at he tac batlan terheat in s.pari aes thd ban resesum s itur enopeaou tr twahat csut or shyt bt thatt aack in no ervemb. an er intview with sshwedi tv ss jeuge hhesds fin hlfimse ra ocingnlyo td finim hselfit wh a angunme faco t cefa. >> w ias tg ryinto back uper vy kysnea h andeic noted mend a i it waored f the shot toit h me d an bthelarre of hisun g hit e thoo dr frame. > >> the miausiclsn ao oinfferg anti emoonalbu triteo t those ug can ht ithehe taterha tt t.nigh >> i dtidn' seeon anyoe d an ngythi rdcowaly. i t jusaw s peeoplng doi sofome e tht mostibeau tfulshingha tt a rs peonld couo d andor f lackf o a bretteay w to dibescre it, my ie frndsie ddy ver tibeauy.full >> he tan bdan beg itsew nr tou in stolockhm,ee thr ms onthto
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>>yl dans iac bknd aal tngki igfrid teermpurat,esut b out we wstree'oo lngki thear wmer heweatr. i >> tt'slihe fidp se of whate w ihaveen th henortast. avwe hepe temreratusha tllt wi t geo int the80 isen th so esuthwndt ahi ts hugeid rge in th ete jea strsm iow alling te atmper turesaro wpm u and 85 in l.a. 15 desegreve abo ave.erag laseg v sasd houlgetp u to 77 and laportnd 56,iv fe desegre ab aovegevera and we doe hav sn ow dopevelaning dll we' see tsnowghhrou lound a ki matsng i i waythnto e no asrthendt an o tayuesd it dcouln tur to inra. u yot jusan wt j>>ryer: otl osfs hiunsne to dayfew udclosmi d 70s eraftnoonb zerees vdeinelopg. 49, ts,illot nl alt hat dba. insettupg fora e btiauful r es prt'ideny.s daoe te atmper iurese n th70mid ths wi ea fow n49 etnwima
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newedy.sda > >> andt' thas your ltates fo streca. a >>ll t,righan dyl. th k anu.yo >> s>llti toom ce on "t,"oday "s sport stillud"rate doing thsome iingt's never done elchanl wil elaxpiner aft these messages. >> i'm vanna today. t hirothe wadith. no one i'd rather have dinner and a movie with. ino onehe'd ratan or len. being in le isov an mazi a tngng.hi beg in lovinwie th yo burt fresndie... .. s ev.iyterng.hi od intring uce thever us two-stone ring. e onamondifod ryour es bndt frie.. . on yoe for e ur r foe the oninwoman ur yowh life tho's bo. us.ever ne thw valistien'nedas aty d, kjarenday a. zales adhi d. uh . huh ah yeor...s aryutboha t t. t nkhibo a iut t re thet musigbe hloher ve ow d tn ineahe h rt
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a n nd istthe abars ove edhi tad, gl c you jouldusoin , we nk thi' you gre oing ltothike nuese s.mber ri be ng mgha hiover l e c i rouldabise ove s i waawnot ofare m howuchid acwaity ms inety di. wai fs soedocusma on king odgod foocechois, i nohad a ide ithatst wa da gima tng ehemena ml ofety teh. i edwantfi to ,x it i edwantfi to rx it aightway. d mystentiom recedmendna promel. aihe satd thna promel macan y ke mh teetngstroer, ithats t wartimpo tant,hat atthso is inmethcog i dould ch ea t daylpo hete proct th ame enf el oeemy tth. onpr iamelfis delynitepi helng t meado le l thethife at wa i o nt > >> thet wai is erov. po "srts luiltestrad"el rdease ei thnnr aualms swiuit is sue. e >> w bhaveeen wngaiti
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in ll a ouseris,sness thiea yr u' yoetre gting not one,ut b ethre vecors. a fe difrent modeln oh eacnd a vi ging ulos a tt toabalk inout ad goo y.wa neshei illeves on r i otheerang ro itom wh more. >> f forirste tim in 52 s,year "s sport luiltestrasd" i at fegurinee thrfe dif crentover rl gills, aif dntferey bod petys, so inmetheog p hple baveeen as kingfor. so firstp, uda ronse rouy. e sh is ugtoh. ok lo at this. this isai pntedon . if in' didelt tl you,ou wld you kn ow? lo tok at. tha next ayshlera ghams i another, usple siz demol, size 16. sh e's curvy and tibeauful. an d 's2015ki rooeal hey soclawn, ey thcr desibeer h as a mnoder bo elmbshol, sh muc son o the nd su mayngornit tha we hado t pu lt aeittl branne t thereo co hverper u a bit. ,guyss thi is a big dealor f rt"spos stillud"rate ac leknowgdgin t allifhe dntfere dy boes typ women veha. ma nybe text timellhey'av he a ti peomte wan who is 114'". a >>re you vteolung?erin
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>> re we'ng goio t pullhi taps te xt ner, yea nesheille,nd a ndremi u yore whe it all be gan. >>114'" . " >> selheinthle, yoank u. il st cl toonome s thi le vae'ntindas y, how ar nea atde eherxpnciee helped one couple realizeow h dpee tirhe velo forac ehth oerll reay was. >> nd> a dylans iti put ong tnhe ic ete skas andvi dringhe t mb zaoni. re ,allyt whae mor doou yd neeo t ?know o>> s fun. id>> d you fall? >> not t offhe zai.mbon ot>> n fofhe t zaonmb i. >> t ihe nceerevoo ld kettbe er teafdyr n.layothu boe havrfa pe ectivindrcog rfect. ic no tnokets. iden accts. that un is e til on of youips cloda fo, truck ru yoining erfeur pecct rord. yonow uld u wokthinur yoan insurompace cny ul wot yod cumeu so, slackright? . no iyourcensuran rates thrgo toughf.he roo.. yo feur perecorct rdod geesn't ant you ng.ythi an .ything t.perfec drivfor ersth wien accidrgivt fos,enes bert lituy mu'tal won raiseyour es rat to due r fi youacrst .cident
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. > >>odgo rnmoing.
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th epo sghtlifot rt hed raemoctic cucau sesrou atste'sol reom ces at a curcialm tie in the de ramoc ticcrae. s yeayterdl conintme tthwiu nnio wo errk snadjo nieda wcrod a ta
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e the evnt srttasa t :1230t >> ry jertw: l hoysida to encontwid tho tdayv eale'ntins y, dao mlystsu nny th no ingmtooworr thel psueares of e tha dy mdi 70sstind a >> >anye k west, y noueed a mint
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you >> used toe lov kanye. uyoad h thein pk -- youho thtug uyo was nykae. s wetill love kanye. that ll's a it was kanye. guess what, i love you like kanye loves kanye. a >>oo lkk bac atl" "snro fm la igst nht aap r beattlwe beten ka e nystweth, meicusal guest with host melissa weomlcbae tck"to ayodon" a ndsu ayrnmog,in levainntse'da y, brferyua4 1th, 1620. baig tnkhas to our crowd av bring the britted col odeutsi on theazpla. 'l weeal hutd o andee kphe tm ancompy. >> re we' notng bei lecompte. a wecippre tate bhemeing e,ther ewe'rng goi too g out it a isus bwsy neor m ningon th suis .nday neshei hlle las aook at whats i ke ma adhesline today. od go rnmo ing. g>>ood mog.rnin ctheryount isou mgrninhe ts los upof s creme jourtceustion antin iascal whod die ofat nural escausle whi a on tripo t xates. ju estic sacalias w9 7rs yea old. we h'll maveore o hnissi pas ng
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> >> andic mexo city,e pop an fr icisspa prering tool hd a ma nss i one ofhe t 'sarea espoort mmcoieunits. e thth fai afullrre aeady ergath fingor datoy's see.rvic ou abt 3000,00 are exedpect. itlo folws a day ofye pra arnd li po aticsshe top peoo tk the na 'stionde leaors tas t fkor fa g ilinakto te aor mtie acve st agand tainspo y,vert theru d g etrad and rrcoonupti. > >> a andfter a tughoro choast dguar intispecon, theis crue ip shhe antmf o the ssea set slai s ondaatury and is nowde head to th e habamas. th hie ssp wa fdorceo t cutts i ev priousp triho srter aft sa gilinht rigou thrgh a big st orm. pa gessenrs dibescred t thatrip as cichaot and rrtengifyi. cthe goast suard tayshep shi wa s inoo gdha spe to sail again. > >> shlleine te, hankyou. avwe huce morh mhie tsni morng t onheth dea o jfceustint aonin al scia. po apd inteheto trt cou 30ea yrs ag iso, hth deaea lves aor maj va ycanc t onhe ncbeh. we e havpl com ceteagoverore f u yo thisal hf hour, snbc' jay ay gr is ouetsidhe tch ranre whe al scia eddi, andha he ors meor f us . y, jad goo mog.rnin ep>> rr:orted goomo g,rnin
7:31 am
re heha's wet wno kwig rht now. st juiceca slia was foundd dea in side hisoo rmt ahi ts resort d an ranch afterve tra tlingo we stex tas onda friynd a at intendg a pteriva partyh wit ou ab0t 4 gsuest .here idhe dn't show up forak bre fast ntheext inmorng. at thhe's wn eyemploes went to at thm roond and fou him un onrespsive erthe. lloca e lawcenfor amentels wsl a u. msshal and f thebier we ca lledin. hiat ts point,y the sayre the ar oe nig sns ofou fly pland a at thca sliael likyd die oft wha they,call e,quotat nural ca .uses eva dout thca,olices pritas w br tough in toin admristeas lt sriteor befeca s wliaas tr oransp wted tithhe peolic es mcort torehan 200il moes t a nefulraom h ienl e paso. s hiil famsy ixp edecte to tlrave lto eas po later datoy. th avey hote n ats thioi pnt no andunce anyns pla for a me almori or faluner rvse.ices at thhe's tat lest live .here a,erick bac to you. >> g jay fraysor us thior mning in s,texa t hank you. fo orr mone iascal's galecy, ck bao t snbc' jceusti rr condespo pentete wimsllia.
7:32 am
>> ai croog, gd rnmoing. is th was a courtt thaas w di dvide-4 5ol idealogicly. so i nowt is 4.4- re he w is whatouldpe hapfn i the rmajoen pdingas crees aid deced by a e.ti th ouat weald l tvehe lowerrt cou ru sling in .tact thin owoer wrds,evhichider se won belowld wou prl.evai iea t voteld wou b beadew nrs fo es prtiden obsama' hopeo t put nhisewig immonratiic poltoy in fe ef tct,nehe ot thaou wetld l up 5 to monillieo ppleer he il lllegarey .main e thow lerrt couslo b tckedhat po .licy itou w aldlsove leata sgndin a ug toewh ntr resonicti on ascces tobo anrtioer ssvicen i texas. an md pighttrompth oerta stotes ttryhate sam oaapprch. it ld wou a be vryicto for usnion rthatseepreubnt plicem eeploys. th oney wn itheow lerou crts, atdefe aing entfforo t rirestct rtheili abioty t cleolct uonni .dues heso tou crtil wlti connue tifuncgoninh wity onlht eig st ju,ices i butt willik lely od pruce atst leae somie td te voels, dgayin thed kinf o na files rioolutnt thay onl the emsuprure cot canpr e.ovid ai crg? p >>eteil wsliam u forss thi rn moing in.c d. th . anks a e hught fig a isdylrea
7:33 am
th eex nt smeuprert cou stjuice. nb c'sly kelon o'dnell is at the wh hoite wuse mithore onha tt r fo t ushis rnmoing. ll keooy, gd rnmo ing. ep>> rr:orted goorn moing, a.eric fthat iight csgominau becse ether s isouc mh at e.stak i its a m oixf pocsliti, id gyeolo and ittradion. th ude sdenth dea of a co vanser jtiveceustier und a mo deiccratsi predentea mhens t ba elanc t ofhert cou couldft shi heto t laliberg winf i the idpresentet gs a thirdti jusce co menfird. so rliepubcanse hav aat grel dea of ow per ins thi ocpress. th eyon c ttrolheat sene cijudi caryttommihiee wouch w ld run e thesixtenacve bunkgrod ec ch ak of nenomie. e thli pubeac hringre whehe t idpressent'ic chooue wldwe ansr qu onestinds, an theid dece if th ule fenl sates get a .vote at thld cou take mo.nths re icpubl cans tlaim iheres tr ioaditnn oir the ,sideay sing th oat nin nomee was both le se actedndon cedfirmn i an tieleceaon yorr f dedecas. atheyrgue that thet nex es prtidenul sho gdeto tha spe th oue citrt whs thi cavancy. de atmocrils wle bbl ae to ma lrshait pol picalurressoe t se ae neeomine mov tghhrous thi esprocnds ae som ofha tt
7:34 am
blrepuican sorenats up for lere-enctio inng swi atstes, ki mahing ts aam cnpaig suise, t noy onl forre pntsideial idcand,ates butt iou cld de intermone ctrol of theen sate d ant tha is aig b part of the ba elanc ofer pow here in wa gtshinon. a?eric ha>> tt t iis. ke gepin usy busor fe som meti. ll key nno'do tell, hank you. yl drean d oyerhen t plaza wi omth se fans. chow iolds it, n?dyla >> is it ut abo 1. yo us guy feel like it is about 1? ye s. th 'rey aellra czyut o .here yo anhone ws i on theza plahi ts inmornsg i a leittlit b nuts. bu e t w yhave bourerroth i whos at home,e' hs notli feehang tt gr reat ight now,ghrit? h >>e'sed hol up in the ckroelefr.le >> an w tt wohisim h h apyap bi hdrt ay. in >> happy biayrthd, ondill f,rom n.dyla avwe hole froks fm tampar ove re he. i ituss jt .cold slet'e takoo a lkth at eea wther in gong o ascros theou cntry wh werevee ha s the stormmyste at th isoi gngo tov meo int the acoldirnd ata s trtow sno on mo tndayghhrou viiargin, makes s it t wayghhrouhi wasn,ngto. d.c ithentov mo es tnothe asrthet.
7:35 am
i asoet dsos ar, w amerires mov in. cd.c.ouldee s 1 t 3ohe incs. w ne 1york2. to th sis ill at parf o ays stem at th isrt staingk bacou thrgh th ide m twest woday aith few in pchesblossiute o erthe. an hed tnov mes >> er j: ryl sot of nssuhine ytodaew flo cuds mid 07s ft aonerno eebrzes edopveling. , 49 sllti,n alot l atth bad. tt se ingupr fo ab uealtifu rr pr enesiddat's ertempesaturth in d e miwi70s th f a newthortdo tiws.ndod wa grmino clseo tme 7n o0 coe. ed wanesdy. > >>re we' allic offyiall ozfren. ys gu. w >>e'll come out andre feez thwiou y in just a bit. u nep xt, ghthouur, oda suny st soriem fro ae lovto sryha t t
7:36 am
da tyo dylan dreyer trying out the zboam wnilehin i theid medl of aon pdoc hyke tonaurntme. >> l ieov .it dan hryarmi sthhi tsor mngni wi ath lkoo at howty nas
7:37 am
esag ,thugrouthohe t years. rothhoutugy mreercan ibr alidnd f ahias,on i ha dvewn mrainy iratspniofr aomund roe rejas cod'itmmnt tmeo quitaland y afcrmanstsphi has helped bring desmynsigo li t.fe eaanch hrid set in. vethe anra wlog ve llcoonecti y is mdemontrn iprerioetatn tofelesimcls sicsas. a like mll the beostfuautiesl citi arnd tou wheld..or. th se ringtahould heke ear awa vethe gra wan c lovectioollen. noand ww it'sng faitiouor y...
7:38 am
y whe do som baccashrdk caeps kein throwstacg obatles you?t firsey l- th wimitouhere y b earn casonusckh thoen -lase pances chryge evew mo fe?nths thi i'ink pll..ass. ic qur ksilveapfrom c oneitalts pung nothiur in yo. way u yo esimplyunliarn d miteca1.5% ksh bacon ry p eveasurchrye, evewhere. cayou dgn't doque the on..esti.wh in at's wyourallet? th vie flu rus. a it'sy realldealbig . an fd witherev, ac ahes, cnds,hill mom knows it needs a big lusotion: an iv ant.iral n' doart kid witoundh fl the l u, cal docyourtor th wi fin the8irst 4 ho ofurs om sympts an abd ask out escr proniptilu tamif. ck tattaluhe f a virusitt urces soh witu,tamifl
7:39 am
ro it fadm spre ing t iny.he bod mi ta lflu in iquidform fd is ova appred atto tre flu thepe in woople twe of aeks ndge aer old wh u ose flmssymptorted sta twithint he lasdaystwo . fo beakinre tmig ta flu outell yctorr do y ifprou're ,egnantnurs ing, serhave iousal hedith cons,tion torotake rhe cinemedis. y ifelou dev op analle rrgicn,eactio a vese rasreh, s orfigns o un l usuaorbehavi, tstopg taakinumifl an ll yd ca ouror doctia immed.tely ch aildren nd esadolscent pincuartilar may be at an increased risk eizuof s res,nf cousion, or ma abnor l vibehaor. e th cmostmoomden si ef s fectldare mi modtoaternause ea anvod tingmi. an -fluti? go ivir antal th wilu tamif. >> > "show heart today" is brought to you by quaker. off you go. hi>> tsni morng inw shoea hrt to aday,e lovto sry and a inweddatg th sdeemeos impesibl
7:40 am
w >> ahenng youom wadan h rr tengifyi s --heea rdlizehe s waset g atingec s condehanct a fe li. k asevinib tbles tells us, she di wdn't aastegl sin meeinut ex niplaihang tot t m theanhe s a>>thi t sinpot, keli,ou y ,knowe lif is sh ort. i>>t is ae lif lsoesn few pe koplenowte betrha t bnrideo t beni shaaro onbins. tw aro yeos ag anshia, and avi etathlite wh a ermast'seg dree p incahysil therapy, ac mpcoshlied herif le l gongoal of rineachg thee bas camp at tmounve bu ust jt a fewon mths r,late she wa sn ihe t htaospilng cliing to .life ot>> n manypl peoe canay she ty ve haie d adnd ,have you owkn , comeac bk to life. r >>teeporatr: w tchhis rv suaneillidce veose cloly. wo grkin tou with her ntclie, an shiaud sydenl cpsollanes o the fl oor. sh ade huf sdferedi carac atrres
7:41 am
wsheasni cliycall . dead s>> are we'it stinghe tre -- >> or repter: jaoshu erdckhatas w r hefr boy fiendoree thr ntmohs. he was ater hed bsiden whe she wa uts p in aed mlyicalnd iuced co ma. >> t to ihinkld coue havt los he asr w i --tas w all iee nded ando tno kwt thaas w theso per n widante to be thwi. r >>teeporr: a tatraumic in ntcidee likha tts doe put gsthin inpe ctrspe ive. s>> an soo i ase camut o o tfhe ma co, id tol h iimed lov him. >> ep rteorr: snihaa was nodiagwised eath hisrt d aeaset 33ea yrs d.ol ct do aorst nweorthnster miaemorl sp hoitalta inslled a mapaceker an dnt ilerna n>> oterovigwe,htot n oksmg,in uyo owkn,n iethoi dng ugdrs, an oythf ise rk factors. >> reporter: in theas pt year, an shia hasov medl ful speed d.ahea ar stting a nofinprotte to ach yo woung abmen t oue thmpsymsto of rt hea die.seas just last month, aur sepris for jo sh. >> ict ayuall idsa,t whald wou
7:42 am
>> it kind of shocked me, like, it waou, y c aansk me that? r>>orepr:tehe tyxc eedhang vows t onirhe fstnn asaiver ory hfer rd caiac starre. at he tha cpel in the same hoitspheal wrey their fst cl de taredheir velo. in aem ceronyer pedform by a mi ernist whoal cled 911t tha fufateayl d. y >>ayou ms kis byour.ride >> ep rteor ar:nd after theyai sd rthei i dos, the new cploue ha ondedutin ty breangkihe t nsew tohe tir parents that another little gift wa os tn heway. >> e' wre gngoi to have a byba! ep>> rr:ortem fro aec sond cechan at,lifeo t aew n ,life and a levae'ntinse lovry sto ithatsl ful of heart. for "y,toda"ev kin letibbbcs, n ,news agchico. w >>e allav hell chioms frt tha y.stor th>> at,ie lads and gementlen, is l aove st ory. nd>> i ieedist . > >> let's send it otover eishllne ie tn ohengrae rmoo who ha stoday's plaza fans of the da y. y,heuy gs. >> y mew n hweeav a gi.ft we av heel kly fmro albuffo, new
7:43 am
d an annhe cat frinerom morichnd, rg vi.inia hthey savehiometnng i mmcoon. byou jothust had rtbis,hday gh rit? >> >> whenas w yours? >> id fray. >> andu?yo >>to owmorr. h >>ldow o are u?yo >> . 13 >> 13. tisn't tha pourecis? 'r wel e alsathe eime hght. >>t' thasau becseou y'reea wring el hes. s >>tillo t come,yl dan straps on some skates and gets on the wise thousands ohef oteor pple fo ar ltliteon phod eyck. >> fi> t,rshe t >> oo gd job. w ne fbestrienin or a w ldllfudi of esctat coand tinven ons, ulcoerd th ae beernoth? way la e vieelst ble iela v b est,elle la menc ce rea ive gfreeift. lyont acyma y's ourfr ncagraste deioinatn
7:44 am
ahyeok too notck quido let n't ntgo u sil io.ay s goi you.t .. arststrot wngh thitste la inggy oener0%f 10 reyou' i doingt! wh e oln graiakquater o s.ofand yof .u go st mag irerinstresimoibly s oth.the orlindle truff .fro ..em thli stndt mahocoer cerlatis. rd ha outer shell...smooth, luscious center. unwrap. windun. wi heth tr lindofletruf
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7:46 am
>> t>shiee sdme leik ad gooa ide rl ea ier. ot>> n b tooitad wheh t keblant. an e d w thave hefire. o whre a we kngiddi? it isez fre ingidoutse. we e havn beeal tking l ahiot ts ek weabend toutrehe fgezinld co. th iere ss aport outhe thare tt re oliesn it, n.dyla >> yes, it isal cledd pon eyhock. r itlecenyit vised thegi frid st atef one minsotare whe the s. u.d ponoc hkeymp chahiions ps wereldhe. sit i e anventt tha lets ppleo e ay plke hocy theay w neatur intended, on a frozen pond. well, i'm seeinge morno sw -- i n' caayt s iay alwsov led resubfg ezinertempesatur. y doavou hthe weteinr bls?ue
7:47 am
ke la tamikos,he ter pctfe ttsegino tol hd the u.s. pond hockey chpiamshons,ip5 2 ris,nk mo hare tn 200 t,eams all ba littng for theol gnde shelov. th is year's warmes zth weaercede mber heweatusr p ihedact bwok t we eks. syou turewoks weeas wno ehug to get it fnroze ouengh? y >>eou'r pblrobay 1 on6nc ishe ceof i andt thaan c hdol a se.mi >> reporter: or a zamboni or two. if om sneeove er oerffs you a cechan d to arive zambi,on you sayyes. my goal iso tot n run anyone ov er. it s i g adoo ho.rn th leeaks i crowded, close to 2, 000 players hit the ice here to play four on four hockey, abiding by rules that are a bit different from the nhl. can i check? >> no, there iso n chngecki. >> reporr:teoh . br iians ame forr lnh prlayend a native nnmianesot.
7:48 am
>> no, but i guess you can try. >> or rep oter: ih,wet intn! can i ghfit? >>ic ne ef.fort d an no tegoalg.ndin r >>teeporhyr: w not? wh anat c i ?do >> t wha can you do? i nk thiou y got to j hustave fun. an njd e toyhe tdoursoo, the smells, the ewvi, nhiotnget bter th banngei outside. >> reporter: the chance to play hockey leik tyhe dids aid ks in e that gre tdouoorsra dws prslaye mfrom torehan 40 sstate itreuning iefrnds,il famd y an teold maams.te >> e wre gwp u init pbutshrg to thgeerla pngyi hockey. >> our granddads pleday. eyth pseasd dnowhe tseme helts to us. r >>teeporeer: l gotec redruit p to blayisy h nsso. >> mywo toy bres a onhi ts amte. eons i ,49ne o is 40. >> ep rteor ir: yfou d'ton mdin me asking, how old are u?yo >> . 76 ep>> rr:orte lee andis hs boy pl nay oea a tm cdalle the necos.
7:49 am
>>he wn youea tch kids howo t ,play p youut conesut o and ey th're pilons and you skate around them. that w's whyree' called the scones. they'll probably skate around me. >> reporter: here team names and if unorms areos almt asmp intorta ucas pk hinandlgnd ati skang skills. omfr homages. >> jaromir jagr. >> reporter: ttho eub setlla py onor wds. >> te masr bladers. itns meat thare we' thete masr of la bdersei burng o skate ad bles. >> or rep lter:et'sus jt say i wa aps hpyn wheoui fndhi ts am te. w >> te'rehe. y spppuies. pe wople lould aookeend she t pu sppie t andheyld wou think we re wet sofnd a we would come out and put them in their place. >> ep rteor wr:ho cldou resist a puppy jersey? t i'm ready. so y canou be myy bod deoubl for sn orowstms?
7:50 am
>> or rep ter:yes, yes. o >>ne ndseco. t >> whatash suc are gat y.stor can weiv ge a toshouuto t . that he>> s i haddeas forhi ts story an d iwas,li ke, ayok,l i'l go fmuchun. >> r youdocke. it uc>> sh a trr,oope heet l me do al hol tseic ridsulou th.ings tallhosels fal are,real ou thgh. i' m not goodn o hyocke st. ates oe>> t . pick 'm>> i primd.esse yandouro d tvehe onzambi. nd>> a thete sgerinel whe is .flat itoe d bsn'tend --he tre is a nitechque. m i' sjustinay g. t>>t ha bwillnoe a stherntegme t athein rkin behd . us ha>> tyonk u. >> le sty c to oome tnhis sund,ay if younk thihi tsct ele ion onseas is pcuartiylarl nasty, ju aist wntt uilou y seet wha rrha sythmiug dp u fmro asar f back as our founding fathers af r teesthmee to u thecased yer bu rwh woo's d rriet abouingettg ke tar n fodea ri... n' dorry.t wo th re only youidesge'll t ontaken carm at ax
7:51 am
bu jut n st iseca th bsat aelolut0 y 10enperct rf pechect .oice.. .. o.turnso beut t... ss len pe that.rfec.. ivwe gu e yo dfivetoays ng chae ur yod. min y.sorr ..wait . it.. wa . rf pe ect. datonel m,te rncopa is edck heat tea p fk ofshre ness j withteust wad r an sh a daa of se. salt th noelseing . t'so ials ral-natu anl lid de cious. pmales enguin showeithlover it w..h. pebba .le alsome mhowees, ..ver. e ararsmthter oans.thersa tove up on 30%se ialect d monds rhyinthm. ay at ke nu, th mberweone jeorlry stine ri ameca...
7:52 am
ys guy , kalersjeweld wouke limi to reou..nd y. .i..gat's en sgementsoean. d, a anngll et agemenand ing wedds ring% are 20off this da friugy throayh mondy. onl at k . ay..mbthe nu er-onewelrjeory st..e for.
7:53 am
7:54 am
> >>s thi mngorni on sysundah wit y,harrpr enesidt'say dee w kend anddebesihes tes salnd a the dayoff,ry har smith saysis it al soim t teoem rrembe a leittl hi y.stor i >>ast hn beeke tald ouab t, t abou ttheone ofs thile enctio cy cle. th one toe so t easpk. we cll,gominun arohed t ,tv ,kidspa comredo t the past,hi ts n' ist bad. it n isot badt aall. in p theeoanthfn ond fouing erfathews, f areer reved asuc mh hoas tjemas soffern. en whfe jef wrsonas rngunni ai ag jnstohnda anms i 18he00, hi aredte wrirho wal cled adams, qu ote, a ouhides,er hav m row dit calra chacter whench whi has ne rithe the force nor the
7:55 am
ge nentlef ss omaa won. tthat nookeam clialng to aig hh ar t. back in 19,28 s al wmithashe t modeatcr icndcae,idat the first ca icthol to run for presidt.en -cantiliathoenc snttime in america was substantial. pureicblsaner weap h tpyo tlel yoan wne wholdou lnisteha tt sm ith wd anteto build a 3500 le mi tlunne thatld wouea rch to me ro andhe t .pope an ndd arewks jaconas w eedlect idpres ientn 2818. ashe w theo herf ohe t beattlf o ornew s.lean mawas drrie a toan wom whoas w di edvorcoh, juin qncyda ams federalist party called her a ydirtck bla weannch nvd cod icte ad reultess ad reultess. wh heen sed diol, icd h kory edblam d her oeathhen tar sme mp ca saignashe wor f tcedo reendu as dteepic td inhe pr enesidlat's dy.
7:56 am
sl reandeerd ht mussk a god for me y.rser r >>teeporedr: tdyoo rltseve re edferr h todowart taf a as rat in a rncoer. anfrinkl danelooo rveselt used ctolal rubepcali anl ldoannhe t itwhe mouse who wants to live in the white house. name clialng and innastess, it is ah ric acamerin ittradion. so be may we set the plate a tt libile t,am rp up it upve en . more ha>> t at's tbout oha. ppen he>> t wayy thepo sacke bk ,then itou s mndedore oqel.uent >> as i w tinhinkheg te sam in thg. >> ew a fe mor rdwos. >> of secour,ay tods i ntvalesine'y, da i did w notant to let theay d goho witutin sayg hay ntvalesine' day. rr hay, i did not get you one. i apizologe. yo u canre shah wit -- s >>o happy levae'ntins day. ha>> tounk y so chmu. >> chatocoles. br aseakfft o chonampis. >> t jus the nnbegiing. >> t ishat l?al >>t whaad l dy'toesne lov a li ttlejey?welr >> oh, opst.
7:57 am
>> it wen allut o for u.yo n >>ice. >> en i wllt a f out oru.yo er thoue y go. >> asfanttic. >> do ynoou kwow hit excedy m ds ki g are toingo be when i get .home tif ies mak. it ap>> hpy ntvalesine' day tlo al of u. yo h >>appy vainlent de'soay t you too. >> a tollf o you. >> e w dtidn' get you mesog.thin g weot you our velo. i >>'ll take it. a >> quick mirender to you, ch oeckut " tmeetrehe p ss," kchucl wil beki talbong aut ju estical scia's pngassind a ga lecy. he a'll blso sengittin dowh wit o marcrubio, ddonalru t ampnd jo hn khasics a well. kchucd tod onet "me p the"ress is thrn mo ing. l>> afot ot tha cgomin up. >>ha tounk y. h >>yoope veu haon a wulderf le vae'ntins day. ouif y s'reomef oho tse 90 iomilleon p aple indt isll rea y ld co,y sta deinsi.
7:58 am
veha g aatreay dev, > th>> suis nday orm,ning the
7:59 am
al scndia a the rtares of eevnts, a vcyacan on the supreme court n iethi mleddof a re pntside ial tielecon. ho tw fheghi terov his larepntcemeul cod pyaralze the setena andall of inwash.gton we 'llhear fromur fo rliepubcan pr idestien alcaidndesat ,nado ld t mprute, dz,cru marcoio rub and jo hn askich. > >> s,plu thatld wiep rcaublin ba deate lst t.nigh ou>> y a areri plencip -- a lir. >> n whe pyou tointiso h own orreced, h smscrea liar, liar, arli. > i > inthwek e'rix fginto lo se th ele tiec onto hlliryali cnton if we don't stop isth. >>salero, bsanie rsnde gets a ta ofste t whahe ay m faces a he t rieso t winfr a-aicancmerian voters. >>_vi' ve sidala b 5ck0 metills, a ri ght. th tat's51he tist me. > an> cll hiaryin cl wtonyin b ngmakis thi ciampagn a ef rduerenm on anss,derot n h elersf? i jo ninghime tsun sydaor m ning


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