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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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al scndia a the rtares of eevnts, a vcyacan on the supreme court n iethi mleddof a re pntside ial tielecon. ho tw fheghi terov his larepntcemeul cod pyaralze the setena andall of inwash.gton we 'llhear fromur fo rliepubcan pr idestien alcaidndesat ,nado ld t mprute, dz,cru marcoio rub and jo hn askich. > >> s,plu thatld wiep rcaublin ba deate lst t.nigh ou>> y a areri plencip -- a lir. >> n whe pyou tointiso h own orreced, h smscrea liar, liar, arli. > i > inthwek e'rix fginto lo se th ele tiec onto hlliryali cnton if we don't stop isth. >>salero, bsanie rsnde gets a ta ofste t whahe ay m faces a he t rieso t winfr a-aicancmerian voters. >>_vi' ve sidala b 5ck0 metills, a ri ght. th tat's51he tist me. > an> cll hiaryin cl wtonyin b ngmakis thi ciampagn a ef rduerenm on anss,derot n h elersf? i jo ninghime tsun sydaor m ning
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en gw , ifils,chrin rourfonier andka enthle keparr,ol cniumst fort "he washington post." welcome to suy.nda sit' "meet the press." > >> fromnbcne nws i wagtshinon, th sis i et"mee thpr esswi th ckchu dtod". >> o> gunod sday mog.rnin hittasn' hnappeedin sce 1968. a vcyacantt baleon thepr sueme co aturt is thge sta ofan el onectiea yr. weea lrned latete yesrdayth of e ensudd and tcragith deaof su e premtcourti jusntce aonin ca s.lia nan iletell ctuaandon catservive th htoug erlead a,n maes prntide maobat lasg niht cedall one of mtheostse contiquenalge jud s nd ank thi tersorv seone he t su mepreu cort. sc 'saliath dea c ofsour ae is rs pelonage traordy f his flyami d an coaglleues,ut b it iso als ur bngstih witaj morol palitic pl imioicatns. wh iat wisll hss loue d t tohe ba celan p ofrowe one th rcout? twillhe rliepubcanat sene even siconsoder nemeo nnaomi tedby sipre dentmobaa? ho ngw loll wis thi ncvacay alparthyze coe urt,andha perps
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d an at last n'sightub repnlica es prtiidendeal ibatenut soh ar ca olin ctheidandesate mad ss iue. > d> ioto nie belthve e so e.meon and nit'sot unprecened ted. h>> tsere' d notoub m iny mind th aat bk racaobamll wi notav he aon cussens . pick >>theen s nateeeds tota snd strong and sayre we' notoi gng toe giv up thes. u. emsupre ur coort f a gatener ion. t>> i ihink ut's ptotc mih op stt. i 's it edcall elday, ladey, de.lay e'>> woire gong te harm fror fou heof tea lding rblepuican pr enesidtialan ctedidash tis rn mo ding,d onalumtr p,ted cruz, ma rcoub riond a john askich. th dee ramocticnd caesidat nwmea while aerelsoqu ick to re ndspoth to e cavancy. >>u smepreur cot heof tit uned st sate hasin ne emm,bers not ig eht. we ed ne that nhint me.mber >>ec elstiona hve oncesequ.nces thees prtidenha s a re sispontybili toom neinat a new ju e.stic
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es ribponstyili to vote. > >lwe'lo als beki tang a eclos alookhet t crdemo atic raceand hhowryilla cln'intotes amis inworkveg oertim trto oy tu trn this cstontem frong bei a rerefe ndumeron h to a r eneferondum ni ber esrsande. loa ot t g etto,t buwe ta srt t wiheh tim pact atnd he im atplic oionsf sa'calieas dth on theup s remeurcot. dynobo berett to joinme onhi ts a thr n ouicjusterr condespoent pe wite msllia. t peele, w come,backr. si le met k asry ve ckqui wly,e're in the meiddl ofo sme on ciotentasus cones s theemupre ur cow.t no hwhatnsappeht rig own? mtheonost the wiit pol ical liimponcati s isthe irammigtion de oncisi. > >t.righ n whehayou eive jghticusttes i e cr tatesoshe plisibiofty a 4-4 e. ti nwhere the t's at'ie i sas ghthou the smeuprert cou sidecioeon dtsn'un cot, the w loouer crtl ru singstand and t uhe smepreur cotde oncisi has p noidresalenti ueval. orso f the irammigtion pcyolit i d woulbe aef d feator the niadmitistraecon b iauseout wld le saveintandheg tow l cerourt ru s lingthatck bloed it. r foch suor ab tiontiqueswhon ich
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t tough rexasriestoncti on ce acoss trt aboionni clics ndstaing. m ighturencootage hert staoes t ry te thme sa inthg. r fobl puic orsectni uonsho t ugh miit beght act vi boryseecau ey th i wonhen tw loer cs,ourt f dengeati anrteffo tory t to re icstrhet tbiir a tlityo raise io unn dues. >> l alhtrig. a weeare hded fore th ntpoteial f of i pthederesintwa nts to mi no natebosome dy, mhe'sade ha tt r.clea t rehe icpublannt coedroll steena oe d wsn't anttoo cernsid it. t' isss poeibl tsermth of e resupoume cegrt bnin ito oc ber and iendn unje. >> gh rit. >> so ath tisoi pntnd u terhis en sc warioige m ghto annt e ire t oerm,erctob of '16hr tough june of '17it whout au se prem rtcouus j bticeseecauen evf i he txt nere pntside antppoi sit ak ties ttome getth ghrou the esprocs. >> o twt haugeththougajs, my orit sideciarons t e noe cothe wiurt onll ce tinu tifuncg onindoand ot a lit of s bu essins. d it oesserai p thebiossi lity that wyou gon'twhet nat othly e su e premrtcou canvipro ade,nd ithats thein fal an.swer on hely tpr su cemetour can so rethlve eseng thisfo rn oce a nd refover. so a lot ohef tsehi tngsll wi
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ilunt s themeupreu cortge ts the g rihtbi comonnatio ta mheke t sidecion. >> alscia, tayhe w csase are rdheace, oney th 'red,hear he tsre' an diimme ate tvotehat stakece plamo a ngthene ni ju e.stic t >>shat'gh rit. >> s doe alscia'se votn cout os pouthumsly? >> , nono tes unl tsheis decion s wade han d.down rthe uleises vot can shift and in op cionsan che,ang h you taveo p bentreser fo vyourtoote un cot. >> an i wut yo to talkab out one idcand iatenk thi m weaye se innom.ated it'sjua dge by thea nme of me ckrri lagarnd. thif sere' r aliepub cantesena , is th is a guy theyhi tnk t hey gcanhet th roug rtheliepub can atsene. 's hesi condderere moer modate t othan liher l beratijus ces, y? wh be>> ecaus h of isred,cor pe excerienth in use j tice rtdepat,mende wily rctespeed. i amen,e th tghin is now pr enesidents ttod wanto yerung mi no.nees ouif yk looth at ste moen rect tr tend,rehey'mi nongnati peeopl hin t eir50s. ath'stot n rrme ickangarl bd,ut
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>>riall ght. p eteiawill gms,oingo t be a sy bu 18o m fnthsoru yo on this nf cotiirmaon cepross, i ithnk. >> de ined. > jo>> ginin me nows i thefi rst offourp recaublinpr deesilntia an ctdidawhes eo ar onwith us is thmo g.rnin s it'lddonamp tru. . mrp,trumlc weomeck bao t t"mee pthe .ress" g>> mood ngorni. l >>eet m askyouir f ston the up s creme ourtinopeng. do hayou ve a uslitm test? do u yo ahavemu litsts te on row v d. wae? ti cizens uedniten wht ico mes to ywhoouht migpp aoint t tohe pr sucoeme urtldshou you beecom sipre?dent we>> ll,ini the k w shaveome gr eatop pe oleut ethre. an die sikes fromis winconsom fr w hatybeverodyll tesme ul wod be stoutngandi. n we aeedns coatervive sopern. i k thinthater clytain h we ave me so g reatpee.opl l we ost oonehef t li'dike tveo ha theer pson il taored eto bt jusi lke jiustce iascal ,icjuste sacaliwa s truly a e grat dgjue. an d ecresptedy b all. boths.side > >'sthatt wha i mean, howi w ll ou yte denermi t?tha whowill you drmeteine werheth yo otu g bosome-dy - >> ,well i mean, oklo,ou yne ver ow knat whpp ha ens,k.chuc
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cr uzu pshedry vear hd for st juice ros.bert yoeverhone t tught whatas nd wol.erfu jandceustier robetts l er evdyybown do byovappr ing maoba, caree.twic i n,mea he ryeallid d let us w don. t'tha lslyarge uzcr'slt fau and e th bushtfaulau becseey thpu t th re w gon uyin erthe. ha tast w aoc shking isdecion. , so you w,kno you neverl realy o knw. t bu at tthe imeheok loed y.oka b e'ut h-s -t thawas a teduz cr mi kestaau bechese sh puhied m v eryd.har ok lo, wee nedea grt inectellt. n weeed i say autbsolely n coatservive. b ut ikthin r the ealplanor f it ul woed bso dymebo justi lke tijusce sc.alia >>rall .ight i twan m to oveonth to ede bate t last.nigh b >>hey t waych whi isar hdto f ind. ye>> ah,hi i ta nk oflot con er tieve sve er svevetills wiee agrh wityou. i twant o goheto tba deate lst ni ght. yo 20ur 08 cntommesou ab gteeorg w.bushe wreou brght up ands thi i thdea ouat yre werp sudrise at tthe timehat tsphen-reake sipelod ha rduleut o
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d di b youveeliet tha a --nd i j wust tantola crify isth d,id byouveelie t that whereas en oughrethe tong briup pe imenachmrot pinceedgsai ag nst or gege w. bush in 2008 over ?iraq >> no. asi w t inprhe eivat ctse sor,o d itidn'nk thiut abo itoo t mu ch. bu et cnlrtaihey t i warn iraq wa s a sadir.ste no, not t o beimhepeacutd, b the w ar inir aqit a was akmiste. he st jue mad a tamiske. we nt weto in ,iraq west lo sathou ndsofiv les -- >> y butonou del't b iieveant's eimpblachaeen offse now? yo eu wmpre inglyi it m bighte in 00 28. >> el whl, t fat'sotor phereeopl to say. ok loha, tst i fort o phereeopl tosay. i ca ayn s hits, ity ma hnotave been iacmpeehabla bec iuseast w a tamiske. t i ihinkast w a smie.tak b itut a was ibhorrle akmiste. n erumb one,re thee wer no onweapfs oss ma rudestn.ctio so d diey th knowre the wnere't noor t? at thld woul telu yoom sngethi ri ght e.ther t bue therrewe no woeapnsof s masrudestn.ctio u chthck, are w inq iraawas stdisaer. we u endwip th alubsotely innothg. n iraisin takgv oeraq ir ase w
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d an s asureas ou y cane b iran d isoing pyrettl wel woidrldwe. y thetake $150 iobilln, we get innothg. he t ty'regakiner ov iraq. t rehey'ti getnghe t oil. ait ws ais droasteusci desion wtheinar aq irnd a rtunfoeunatlyu bapsh hd peneto be si pre. dent yo>> reu wein sayreg pntside sh bued li. ow h y donoou kew hed libo a ut d? wm >>th i think eoat pknple haew tt er three wewe no saponf oma ss st deioructn. th i think aney wtoted go in rethe. th i think hoey tught iult wod av hene be ieeasr. th idey d pn'tcurosethte re wa .well ait w sn'twell pcrose autednd th eney ded upe gngtti -- i eamn, av leing. n i ow, havesato ey hde ma a st miakett ge ingin. an i'd m thenl oyon ne o the s ttage hatsaide wul sho ndot go nt io q.ira t thhat re wa inq ira is a st miake. e onveryle esase id,oh,u yo kn aow,hell tot her peeopln o st iageou shetld gin pots for s viion. be ecauser evdyybo -- >> m leteus pae you rethe. >>ucchk,t iok to -- >> ri.ght le pt me yauseou-- it>> oo tk jebsh bue fivda -ys -
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it ok to jebsh bu fiveys dato ay st thahe t iraq wwaras a tamiske. he t wenk bac andthfora, bndck a fo .rth then llfinaisy hls polter told m hi hwhate had s toay. b ebut jh bushe-- tn he ttadmied w it as asmie.tak mei an, look,'s heot gno ccehan a y,nywa i but atstlmost coim h e thct ele bioneefor e heven rtstaed. > ll> we , i twantor fo iwhatt's w porthifolit act hthatneas ver be aben ole t d,fine nonf o us bhave een able tofindan y in cestanh wbere e eforthe v inn asio you ocameagut tains th wais r. hy w isthat? >> lwe il,di d itn i 2003. i a sidt ie bfore- -'t don gefor wt, itasn' a tipoli.cian pso leeopdn di w't rite yevergthin isaid. asi w ain bus esspe.rson si bu nessopersn. i lt bui aea grt pacomny. i mp eloyo thdsusan of pleeop. i sono'm t a poiclitian,bu ft i lyou aookt 3200th arere e clartiifes, l youook at 4,200 th arere rte aesicl f inact iw sa me sobody cenommtingn o itst la htnigat thum trpe rally was inagahest tw ar. i a wasstgain it- -oolk,'m i he tt mosi mrilita sticonpers,
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bi ,gger tebetr, sterongr, p holyefulll we'er neve hav to e ust, i b utbonody's going to smesth wi us. bu wt i sillay s,thihe tar w in a iritq, a was stmiake. ny a wbody ould haveizrealedan ir andr i aqthey u tsedo gfiht. th gey'dcko bart, foh. k,chuc you deilstab tizehe m e iddl,eastm i'e th only one at th alcled. asi w o the onlyneat thll caed it. >> u yoe mad itle car that you w edant to mirendop pehale tt 9/ 11haedppen, iie belveyo u usedthe asphre,ur ding geeorg h'busigs ren. o dbeyou e liev gthatgeeorh bus pt keer amica e?saf >>.no usbecae e thd worle tradercent as wck knoed .down ok loat, th's heanotr thmy. ii wsh he did. i ve hahi not angstgain m.hi do i knn't ow m.hi n'i doowt kn that -- n'i dot i th enk i ver mevenet him. oni dhi't t dnk ieeid mt him. h i noave gthinin agaeost grge sh bu. 'm ist juay singn wheeb jh bus s getndup a says myth bro kerept us safe. ho idw de hee kpus fe saen whhe t
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f dsrien t -- whatheas tst wor t dyraget in ishe h toryofth is ntcoury. wo trsehanar pel horarbau becse t hey ckattaed ciiavilns. ey thta atckedpl peoe inof fice b inuildgs. >> y andhiou tnkor gege. w bush c hould paventreveed isth? >> l,welcc angordi to i--f you bago ck, wyouillse e thecia d anerothnc ageies had in maforn tio bthathad t wingsere g gointo phapen. d, ans, yehe t aernsws ie h ho shauld knve .own y the nwerealot tking toh eac r.othe rethe wasta tol isdcassoioiatn. he tdny di'tke liac eh heotr, all thof ffe dinterege asnciee wre a ss me. ey the wergh fi wtingithea ch he otr. ab utsol tely sheyldhoue hav wnkno. th eyho shauld vewn kno m songethi. am osn a bienladh -- ey,k,loo i ewrot aboutsa oinma ben lad in i2000n a .book asi w tngalkiou abt o bsamain la den. if iknowab outsa oinma ben lad us jt byei seprng ess and seg,ein u yookn ww,shat'ng goi on, why ldwou tn'the pderesint heof t edunitte stanos kw about o sama lbin?aden w>> lell,et mesk aou y iths. in ut soarh caolin as you oknw, g eeorg w.bush isop pularo amng pu reanblics. u yo - arehi- tss i aky ris
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ou yll caimed hia a llar stni ght ab wmout d d anyouse esllntiay ysaidouou wavld heee bkn o-ay - >> in' didat cimll h a arli. idi d cn'tallbo anydy a arli. >>,well youal cled tedru cz a ia lr. >> hu c ick,id saa mybehe tre we rei les ubecase, k,loo the a weponsf o masse dctstru tionhey dsaiey th etxisedd an they d t idn't.exis no tw, i wasis hup gro thatid sa er three aea wpons ofss ma trdesonucti. ha twt's ehy wnt wen. i t'thawhs oy s manye pople got od hoedwinko intggointo ini raq. th heen toy g in ethre,ey th chsearied hangh drd y. t heyok loed all eovr. e therre w we nonseapo ofs mas rudestoctin. rn tuoued hat ttht weere re olabsy utel notnoap weons of massdectstruion. w, no i was at lie? oni dkn't ow. >> if you loseut soh canrolia, yodo iu thhenk tme gaan chge ntmomep peoille wlnt poio ts i ha wppt ha lened asthtnigd an at whu yod saio abutge orge w. h?bus ibutouf ywi n, doeshi tros p ve ha tet thpu reanblica prty is re tijecbung sh? >> no, i donin'tth.k so hii thenk t ry'recteje tinghe wa r in iraq.
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avi he ar geatat relhionsip with h soutlcaroanina ed th lepeop. e i'vn know fthem aoro lng .time ve i' beener th meany metis. h i gavereatat relhiionsps th ere. th eey'rry vem sart plpeoe. utheystnder tandthat arhe w in ir saq i a dteisasanr das w a asdister. it ta tolly stdeizabilthed e dd mieale st. wh ouen yok lo at the miiograt n, en wh l youook a atofll e th ngthiats th h areenapping rt igh , nowllit ata s wrtedthith wae r iniraq. an oud yow kn what, we got th noing. we e havso abllutenoy nthig. n irais giettthng e ewhol l.dea m >>r. trump, ihave tove leait rthee. li ettlo shnrt oe timth is mo g.rnin ooi lfok drwar s toinpeakgh wit u yoai agn ,soon i .hope nthaorks f recongomsswan i omingann ayd st fe sath on aie trl. >> an thuk yoy verh.muc >> >en momagts so i tpokeo na setetor rud cfz o s.texa an d iga bekin asimng hut abo how h ghe mi at gobout larepcing icjustne ainton sicaln a o the ur cot. le t mego toit lmus ste dts,o yo avu heme th for ptiotenal s meuprert cou stju?ices >> well, my uslitmt tes for any pr sucoeme urtju estic iset whher
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th ne coutstit ionheto t law. sit' a notp sicecif ueiss. it isat raher rs juru piadentl ap cproah. e thly onay w toet dneermih tat isif ey the hav apr ovenred,cor if y thehavent spers yea mo deatnstrthing ley'l be it fa thfuleo thw. la a th tt'sobhe j a of tijusce. ' iths watbe liralti actsvis n' dodot . erlibctal atsivisnt wao t i adnstele agislteom fr the h.benc ea pctrfemp exaofle at th is j ceusti sca.ali s juticel scawaia s a lion heof t emsuprure cot. he s waofone g theesreatt p su creme jourtcustines i hi rysto. e sphrnt tdeee scadeth on e ur cot. t buorbefe e hwas on theou crt h ase wla a ofw prresso fory,man y manrsyea. wahe s at courofpp a ealse.judg he a had longov prenco re srdo youknewct exa wlyhat yeou wre ge ngttih witti jusce caslia. nei kwst juice siacalor f0 2 rsyea. > >his theis t stmiake youin thk wa as m wdejoith hn bro?erts > >ouof c rseisit . >>weyou are big srtuppofer o h im, ibutnin hhtdsig'r youe no t. t is bhatuecaouse ynk thiat th he dn dia't hve aa trck ecrord? h >>e dtidn've ha ack tra r d.ecor iandld wou h not avenanomi ted
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ce onrg geoshe buin nomated m,hi i po suprted theo ntiminaon as a re icpublan mino, neei but d woul e havnanomi mtedyrm foeros bas, t courppof a ealse,judgst juice liscaa'ser vyst firaw le clrk a nd had ang lo perovacn trk c reord. an chd, juck, ustason rald r aneags wa t tohe prdeesincy, so niantoaln scasia w t tohe s meupre rcout. head h that bigan pimact. d anii thisnk hss paing s yeayterdll reay rsundescore the esstak ofh tis eiolectn. w ee arin facgou rda funalment htrig as in ncbalae. > et> l a mesk you,es dohe t un d iteesstatat senave h ean o atbligion tot ast lea cidons er a natominionha tret pntside o bamats pu waforrd? ndi uanerstatd th youys gun' dot wantit. yoand ulu word pefer to let e th -- butn'doeste thte unid a sthtes aaven oatblig tionoat as le tt goughroheh tce pross and ahaven upr own do e?vot ot>> n otremely. >> why? >> t i hbeas en 80a yersce sin a s meuprert couan vac cywas no teminandd afi con irmedn an
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th ereis ang load tronitih tat u yo'tdon dos thi in an etilecon ea yr. d ant whas thi nsmea, ck,huc is we htoug to make the 1620 el ioectn af rederenonum the su e premt.cour inn caaiot wtot sdtan onh tat ba detate sitge whla hilry li c onton breernide sanrs and atalk wbout thathesu e prem tcourll wik looke liep dngendi w onho wins. ifll hiaryli cnton orrn beie desanwirs ns, oror f thatt mater if on dtrald umpin wsho wse c reisord itindisshnguie ablfrom th onem are g matany suises, he t wn weillee s theec s ond damen menttewritutn o ohef t ticonsontuti. ot anther whing e'll asee,nd t ishis y ver ranelevort, f co vanserestiv in s outhocar,lina oif d tnald irumps the omn,inee or if haillry conlint isth e sipret,den weil w slee imunlited rtabo oion nnddema tughrohout is th ntcoury. rt pa bialhirt aiobortn,xp taayer n fu,ding noen partal ifnotioicatn. d anlwe'lo alse se ourre ouligis rtliberny tow don,as bic ri.ghts i >> want gtook bac t tohe un siteds tatetesenare he. y soelou b tievehe pidres encyis o tnlyehrers yea long iacn e h rm te?
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rewe'tt cuing off ar penesidcy wi ath r yeagto o. d anre mo rtimpoy,antl stoenar ru ctz, heri skre hefo r ns cotierva ivesths ifat you h alave thl ese4-4 ties ien th t,couren th the more ralibel le ganin citircus willhe tn vhae, ou y know,ir the ngrulisil wl ta ke prenecedt. >> k,loo the cquonse enceof a t4-4ie isth heat tgm judent of cothe urtofpe ap alsis ameffird a bynal equly dedivid tvoe. th asis hpe hap mnedanyim tnes i h ristohay tte thare heeve bn va iecancoms, sesetim a on eclosly encontstiou casehe ty'll ol hved ofor her tne text rm when th eacreplntemeu jestic ivarres. a innle eonctiar ye wvee ha a tlongtiradion that ala me duck pr deesioent d gsn't ettom ja a resupoume crtin nomhee tghrou in t erhe vy end. tlbjriedha ttd an there supme co urt rteejecd t.i pandcuartilylaren wh theco urt is5-4s ian balced an maoba ib leralmi noneeu wold dr icamaty allftshi u the.s. esuprcme . ourt ut>> b why noto ghr t toughhe cepross?
8:19 am
tsdo ity du and goth h rougthe pr s,ocese rej ctit, nase btor,ut go tghhrou the prs?oces >> t byhe way, the atsene'sut dy is toad avisend onc.sent th ene s iatesvi ad rsingight w no a, were aindvishag tt a lame ck dues prtiden a inlen enctio ye isar notgo ting ao beble to p ti theal bance ohef t semupre rtcou. at thre we'ng goi h to avean el ioectndn, a if laiberls areo s co denfi tnt thatheri amecan pe e opl wantuntelimi adibort on onmadend, wante rouligis rtlibetoy rn owdn,nt wa the onsecend amntdmeen tak waay, wa nter vetansor memialsrn to ndownt, wa the secrosnds a stars d ofavidan sstdbla edoffof e th mb toesston o ofura fllen ervet tans, ghenano de mak the case teo th plpeoe. i t don'nkthi a theicmeran pe wople antthat. i' my verpp ha ytoe tak t h94 c ]ase di lyrect tola hilry inclton, re di tctlyorn beie nsas.der d anwo i ulde,not k,loo how do nowe kwal dontrd sump' rrdecon o is th isng goibe to ? bad ashe h orsuppted lraibeorls f ur fo addeces,i jmmy ca,rteroh jn rr keiy, hyllar conlinthu, cck s mechur, hyarr reanid, yonewho c s areutabo jesudgu wootld nbe
8:20 am
mschunder an joher k arynd hi yllar cln.into tandheco qunseeenc isifhe eitr hi yllar or bieern oral dond u tr imps the esprt,iden weil wl e se these cond amemendwrnt enitt t ou t ofche itonstoutin. is th a isba sicue qonsti who wi efll d oendur rtlibe ies. itretheh tis mog.rnin a t lor mooe t get to. oi lorok f wardto houlpefly inhavoug y one psrhapne xt t.tha nthau,k yo . sir ex>> encellt. > >>en wh c weome back, rewe' nggoi tohear fromrc maou r bio whoes hop topu t h newshamp ire inbehm.d hi jandohnsi kach whope hos new ha himpssre iig a s tn ofhe fu e.tur he>> tld worra tdent ceaer cme n dowusbecalle biin cl ton'tdidn kil werwerne boea 100 yrs agoin nto a aewrimen cantcey.ur itborn wngh a huo fler ty and a passion to buildomet snghibett .er wh and n amat ag azintime eeit's bn, de decafter aec de ofad novainonti, sp inn irationdand woer. we sso, haay t ank you fmerica orcea ntury of trust,
8:21 am
was i awnot hare ofhow mucacid waity y s in mdiet. soi was used focma on king go oood foid chces, d i hadeno iata thwa it s ma da tgingnahe eofmel te my eth. nti wao ed titfix , nti wao ed titfix ht rigy. awa my ti denecst rndommeroed aihe satd thna promel macan y ke mh teetngstroer, ithats t wartimpo tant,hat atthso is inmethcog i dould ch ea t daylpo hete proct th ame enf el oeemy tth. onpr iamelfis delynitepi helng t meado le l thethife at wa i o nt thfue retuel bgsono te thstfa. d toanel hyou p ceacratele, we've created a new company... e to ony talld focuseon nwhat'sfor ext byours.usines th pe trueshartnerip er whoplee pehn,tec ologyd ansidea sh e puonveryare forwd. leraacce itingionnovatn.
8:22 am
raacceleexting nt. et hewlckart paend a e nd w are.back liearher tmois grninas i w jo inedseby rnato comarru obiof fl daori g andnoveroor jhnas kich of.ohio d an i sedtartit whna setorub rio a ngski w himerheth the steena hasan oatbligion toiv gehe t idpressent'pr sucoeme urt no emine u anp ordo wn vote. > >avwe hne aig oblonati d too buit, ott n now. e thm ter ofth isre supoume crt is re al -adyh- t jeyust sedtart t, iut b it's nllot a rlyeaong. e thur coant cun fnctioh wit g eiht stjus,ice it does it all tthe eimeiaspecllyn whe tijushaces o ve tusrece he tvemsels. ka hgagaas toec rusee hfrsel ea irlyhen t rmte. rewe'ng goi h toanave ct eleion in ve no wmber therehis vcyacan w beill i antem ofe d abatend evotilrs wetl g togh wei in. d i ton't hink wit'sise andt i's e prntceder fo pthisderesint a ne tringashe lewt f mhsont of h dmis atinisonrati p to ut me soonone c thetourat th may be e thorre f 30 s.year
8:23 am
de unndrstaat th. an d irsundetandhe tec dnisio that youy manotpp suort and at the thp recublianaj mtyori es dowan't nt this, butar en't ey th oatblig edtot ast lea go th ghrou m thensotio e?her mi ean, yreou'in say g-- >> no . >> ' youresa dyingon'ten evo g hr t toughmhe nsotio, hyw? >>recorct. we ll with go h rougmothe s,tion t but nole whiac bark a'obamsn i e thtwhiue hose. i not's oit gong t ha. ppen o>> des prtiidenalms teren d te afhr t rees?year t 'shatat whdo i unn't tadersnd is whyot n gohr t toughheic adve d anenconst. ou yn' doavt hoe tro appve .it cayou en rject t.i th wat'shahat edppen in'68. bu hyt w notgo th ghrouis th cepross? e>> bsecauer th -e's- uaactlly, nit'suot jorst f thesu e prem c t.our ve eorn fpe apellato c iurtst's be oten bha psrtielo fol twedhis cpret.eden etherme co ps a ointhein tt las ar yeth of e repnsidet, ciespe iallynei th srdecon ,term rewheu yoop st natomin ingor-- syou ttophead viced anco tnsen pr ssoce. ou yic bas sallyayat hi tspo int wi fth aew hsmontft lein your te nrm,oou accilntab fity tromhe l ba blotndox a thepo apenintmt yo e u'rnggoi m to oaken a tilifeme oiappntntme. at thth's emp intorta t hingerhe. es thee ar notaw ls that can
8:24 am
a thn t cabeer revsed. inss eence thiss iif a le etim inapponttme t tohehi tghes court hein tnt couatry ame tihe wn the bcealanf o cthetionsontuti d ane th urcot'snt ieterpronati ofsit it a e.stak tc micch meonnll has adalreay mde c itrleare we' noti movng rw foanard sud i t ppor%.100 ombottne li ido trn't ustckbara maoba t onhepo apenintmft o su epremur cot stjuice. cawe annotdffor h to saveiacal re edplac s byneomeoke li mi no hneese's putre the hein t pa .st rewe'ng goiha to nve aec el,tion he t gre's toingeo bew a n es prt.iden lii beiteve oi's gtong beme. rewe'ng goi l toook forso emeon p ree lac him. w>> i tantmoo ve teo th de.bate ou yd sai inpo res tnseo aat heed ch ex angeeebetwneb j bush and lddonau tronmp 11 9/hi, tsis at wh youa sidbo aut 1.9/1 on o therthe desi. > > wtheorldde trant ceeram c e wn doau becilse blnt clioni ddn't k ill o bsamaadin lhen ween h had th hae c tnceo kill him. >>'sthat aig b achrge. i know billnt clion s hasitaid o isf ne ohis etregrs, but he
8:25 am
bu u t yoevbelihae tt is air dect re tsulat thsi baycalll bil ntcli on'surfailede l to 1?9/1 > el> wl, b iveliee that if aosam labin haden end beki d,lle al aqaed as anan orgioizatuln wod no at hrve g ownheto tnt poi he witre e havdu con cted.9/11 t i iwasnsp re onseto this mearguhant trt tumps waki mang th omat s pehowderesiusnt bash w s reibpons fle9or /11. a nd mguy ar wmentnoas, e, th sp rebionsi olity11f 9/ls fal on fthe tacthatqa al wedaas wallooed tow gran dr prospe and theec dn isio nwasot made to e tak toutrhei lreade twhenhe ch anceteexiso d tdo .so n not outce bur foti mes oracc tdingoe th 9/11 porert. re pensidlit c hntonas kn acdgowlehaed tst ha a as etregr. t soheot b tom ilinesth atl a ae qasda wle ab to cyarrut o 9/11 ca be usenas aan orgtiiza tonhey gr anew dos prdpere in cilapabity d le by o bsamain adlen. bhadina ldenbe en taken ,out it iso dulubtfat th 9 w/11 houldave ha edppen. att leasepon sertemb o 11 f0021 be secau aeal qouda wotld nha ve be ienn a pioositno tblbe ae to ycarret som lhing tikehat out. > y> soeou'r notam bling/1 9 1on bi ll cln?into
8:26 am
otakeut itsad leerhi w ch i i thennk ded upei bng rethehe, t t sionuatiat thpp ha wenedith 1.9/1 aand rs aonesp tse aonat tack tthateahe rwhson /y 911 ha neppeasd wec bause ofor gege w. sbuh. mymeargusnt if i'r youeoi gng t cro asblibe , ametdon'me bla ge orge w.h,bus b alamei deconsi atthas wad meea rrlie not to t ake b outin nladehe w nthe oropptytunise pre ntedseitlf. >> so'm itu acallyll sti not qu ite arcle. yareouut ptings thin o a --re yo utu pting 9 o/11nll bi c onlint? >> ino,'m pngutti it on his sdeci nionoot t take out bin de lan, th sis it whaehapphens woun y ve hah a c tanceao t okeut the elead ar ofro terrist niorgaonzati y andouil fa d too so d anthe ltresus areme sogthin li 9/ke 11. >>at leris th weekpe poan fr cis isgo ingto aksped an cinertaly g toinguro to b therorde of icmexndo a theni uted ss.tate in te sepmbern ir f ontof reconghess cdallese him tlfhe so n of imramig.nts andahe clled ono csngreds an er amsican not to, quote,u trn rtheiks bac heon tir neorighbs. yo uyo lfurse e gotonmotial li nsteing tato thec speh. dofeyou hael te t th'spope s me asagetbou irammignts,
8:27 am
oand ur irammigtioneb d atee,her oudo yag wree hithista ken o t his? >> re su. 'r we ce aryount of imramignts. onwe cuetinbe to a trcounfy o im ramignts. l s et' shaveomers peivpecte .here riame acatsccep close to a limilone penrmantid res ents ve eiry s ngle.year otno nheroatin n itherl wod me coos close tat th mbnuer. at thno's t theis suerewe' eb dngati. he tsu is're wee dinebatg iso nt thwher er onot w ge'reg ointo ac iceptgrmmis,antca be usewe do . 'r weine gotog nt co inueto. thesu isse i is teheri gotong a be prosseo p hpleave to ll fotoow ig imm trateeo th edunitte stas? w do aes aer soveignun cotry get torocontol hnyw map peoole cme re heh, when toey cmee her and o why thee?ar an thd ew ans er,is i t don'nkthi p the opeisyi sang o upen tphe brsorde andl alow onanyoe wha w tntsoo cme .in i ameoun, y c man't toveeo th ti va jcan bustusecaoue yl fee ke livi motng .here y'theotve gs lawt tha srecttri o wh caniv leit w thinhat na ontiit's csty ate. a nd ikthin theam se is ftrueor he tte unid st.ates so igr aeeth wi pope fisranc' sa gyin s wed houlbe om cipasse onatrdtowas grimmi.ants d an weare. utheenittad s itesmos hre tan an ay n otionn earth. butrewe aal dloweas a
8:28 am
bl oiigatoon te havim atmigr ion alawsond t encefor m.the d ant' thahas wet wed nebe to in dottg behaer tatn whre we' in dow.g no >> all right. i vehale to itave er the. e' wshre ortimon thie ts mo g.rnin ota l to getet to, sorenat r,ubio ce ni toat c uchp with u.yo ta ssay nfe oe thl,trai . sir th>> yoank u. > nd>> am i' jdoine now byhe t rtfouh pidresiaentndl cateida 'v weade h onhe t sthhow is mo g,rninub repn licarngoveofor o ohijohn kah.sic cowelacme btok m "theet e re pss," sir. >> ayalwous, y know,if it's su y,nda's itet "me p the."ress >> i acippre ateatth. v i'ade h two. u.sse rsnaton o i thrns mo wingho sayhe t u.s. tesenau sho'tldnn eveh boter n corisideng a nanomitionh t at es prntideam oba p utsup. es do the. u.s tesenave han a gaobli ttionto ast lea cdeonsir t, id hol a arheing? a fnd ihe tvoy itte ,downh tey e votit n,dowut bul shod the .s u. see,natou shldch mit mc necontll ast leaen op t uphat opartef th eprocss? w>> ,ellu yono kw,h tat'sei thr isdec ion,ckchu. u yoowkn, ashe tov grernoof oh i io have dtoealth wi gi leorslatds anei thr sidecions. d an d ion't tryto tellem th twhat.o do
8:29 am
e prntside i --er unddstanhe t pr enesidast hro preivgatree he. oti g that. na seaste hpr aterog tiveoo of rscoue. ut bu i jthst inkat a timehe wn ctheryount isso vi dided it w joulduste b gtreath if e e prntsiden' dident sde som body aforwndrd aha we nd act ele ion and then ebovery wdy bould e ea clour abatt why thet wan in nethe xtre supoume crt stjuice. t buuei gt'ss ist nooi gng to go ha twt ay. >> toll rohe t . dice >> pn?ardo go>> overntr, i's ao rll oef th ce diu , yoldcouve ha a mo deiccraten sate,em dtiocrac e prntsideld coue com inandhe tn ha mve aoreli lbera icjusteh tan wh reat pntsideam obiga mht idprove. >> well,ut b 'sthat life. en th the pleeopua actllye hav shad omesay. it ea's r kllyind of aiq unue gthinn whe t you ahink boutit , k.chuc it'squ unie toy saha tet th pu iblicftsel isoi gngha to ve tsor of an inctdirevo te on swho'in goog t a beup s reme rtcou jue.stic i nkthiat th'ski fnd o ocol. nd aat wh i don't likew no s,i youknow,we t canalkab outs thi al ayl dlo ng. you iando bthn kow t inhe real ldworey th 'renotgo ing to nf coirm boanydy.
8:30 am
sovebelodt tha eboverydygo es a tht's eagrt. ka oy. i 'tdonnk thit thago's ingto ha . ppen ye>> ah,reyou'ba pro blytrigh ont.tha melet ve moto thebadete. iand got to playis th oneli cp om fr youst lag ni bhtuseca e i twanteto g a brettela exponnati of at wh you meant. e heriit s. >> i got toll te you,s thi is justcr azy,?huh is th isst ju .nuts ok ay. >> at th wasaf tereb jbu sh and aldonud tremp wgore ing at each h oter. wh idat d youmeanby at th om c?ment ex n.plai w >> iell, anme,s it'e likll a e thinyelld g anamscre aingnd ba nck ad tforh. u chck,ha wt ie havu fo-nd - i te yoll u,'m ia h tvingheme ti of limy fe. pe wople antnto khow watyo u're for. o loi'k, eeve baln l over. s yeayterdad i h wento thi ts ecbarbshue .ack er three we0 50eo ppleit wa ing e.ther s i wae,ther you oknw,a tking pi escturst, mue hav abeenernoth mi45 snutete afr i got done pe sngakid anpl peoree agr inabbg onto youyi sang sepleata sy s poe.itiv aspleone det't go intes the htfigs.
8:31 am
i don'tt ge myne ergy bybe ing ga a instth.ings iandnk thipl peonde tege to t ne vegatien why' theotre n liselheng towir npivosite. o lohak, t wt's ihere .am itif rk wosut ofo r ,me great. i ifot d'tesnrk wot ou for ,me i' etll g to spendre moi t mewith my mifaly. lbut iook,t wano twin. an wed 'reng doi well. lyrealll we. l >>meet nt poi too sinmethg la ist n ght syouaid at the b deate. yo aiu soud yn' didtht ink we ldshoue hav igonento iraqf i etheren werny't a onweapfs o ss ma stdeiructon. >> gh rit. >> y butlou asod sai woue shld gnotetem lbroiedn ilcivis war rsove eas. ha>> t t'shtrig. >>,well'v wee done it fobere. weid dwi it th bo. snia >> dweid itit wh balenon. ch luck,meet t yellou -- llwe, by liasa w ari terble stmiake. nkfrathly asat w -- t'shat so himetpeng oopletugh b toe th nginkiut abo inrdrega to l hi.lary youw,kno they spend- -h tey ta ablk outhabeng zi,chwhi is very limegitate, oouf c irset i s. ut b we ldshouve nera hve dedepos hagadfi. th waat s arr te ibletamiske. t uyhe g waswo grkinth wi usnd a
8:32 am
k,looas i w notn iav for of u.s. tr ioopsn leonban. d an iot ved ansgai tit. neveen whga reannt waedhe tm th ,ere tipei o'nlnt wa tedhem e ththre, enen whhe ty gotn blow tiup asp wt ouam bling agrean. 'l ievl noer frget .it c ivilrs wa --ge g ttinin eebetw-n - you w,knoce sine th si cexth y nturisunnan d iash bhaveeen fiinghtg. >> y soouou wstld utay o of sy ria? >> ildwouy onl t gooyr sia to de oystr siis. i ld wou u not.sse u. tprooos t po desesa asutd, bou i wld s rtuppo thelsrebe hetre. oit's kayto srtuppope wopleho sh yareviour ew,buto frth e teuniatd stes t eo beoimbrinled iva caril w in sayriag tains adasshi i tsnk iig a b tamiske. >> youoknw,o y au'velsoen be cr caitifl o t howhe lusurphs tat youas a rblepuicanud bget deleadr an wngorkiwi heth t i cl antonisdminitratonou yys gu fo drage adg buetha tst wa
8:33 am
he ti frst partf o 2the 1st en cy.tur wait ons ge edimmliatey. e on m wayany dcemo hrats saveaid o f ne othes reaonst thasu srplu nt we awayo squ yickl wasue d to th ue baxsh t tscu. d ouo yo cncurth wi hatt? twere bheushax tut coos t big? >> no, ink thit i wasenspg,tdin c .huck dtheirtyit ltle setecr is de atmocrves losp to end. an epd rcaublidns o,o to's it us jht teat ricpublansee fl ltguiy. lo iok,ouf ydo hn't aave erlead at thta sndsin there b tacho raresthein t dispenngof ergovntnmeey, th 'llysalwa pe snd. >> m i'ng goi l to ieavet th ere. ok>> ay, ch uck. >> ipp aatrecie it. lwe'tcl cahp u'm iur se hein t xt neek we or . so > >eay wh,e will. al gl riht. > o>> c mingup, the dcremo atic ac rnde ah wy itay mrt sta tt ge inghetougrro ferm hre fo rn beie ndsaers. d anouof c rserdsatuigay nht fi s,ghtot in wher s,ordst la ni s ght'urepanblic dteeband a wh alat olfh toseas nty xc eehangeas mn.
8:34 am
y whenldour coes y makisou wh... ou c...y souldtay... ...i d n bey.all da.. .y ..d ou neepowethe ..r of. ne new theraflu e thwer po ftotteel boyou e th havrfeca pet g drivin.record l unti yone ofpsou clia fo ruod tck. th our en ysrate t go throughoof.he r perf ect. fo iverr drs a witht ccidenivenforgess, be limuturty onal wse't raiyo atesur r e dur to yout acfirsntcide. rtlibealy mutuan insurce. bii'm lly,quand i mokiit sitng wanh chtix. cii de tded toanake chtix s toeverhut y ybodpelse u meabout ttin quiokg sming. wa i ing s goivto g te it ary, i but rdidn'ttheally ink it goi waso ng t hreallyappen. teafwer one chek of x,anti
8:35 am
al withong po suprt, an chartix (vlineenic p) isroven elto hlep peopsm quit g.okin an chfitix dely hnitedelpe redu y ce mo urge tsmoke. eosome pd ple hages chanin vi behaor, th oinkingod, r moilhostity, at agition, pr ded moessendod ada suici l ghtsthouac or tions il whnge takite or af r pistopntng chaix. so adme hei ss zureilwh e kitahang cixnt. y if houanave they ofse, chastop antixl nd calyour ctor doht rig away. tell r you adoctornybout ahist ory of m l entathhealbl proems, h whicd gecoulrst wofe or o izsees.ur dotan't ntke chayoix if u'ved haoua serirgs alleic or s n kiactireon to it. y ife ou havthese, cstopixhant c andyoall ur or doct a rightway as e ca som n beli hrfe-tnieateng. ytelldoour ictoruf yo hhaveeart borodloes vl seobprms,le evor d nelopwoew or rsesy msmpto. ge dit melpcal he a rightway if h youmpave syf toms o hea atart otackstr .roke eadecr aseohlc uol wselehi kita cngnthaix. e usiocautenn whvi dring o orrape mtinghiac.nery cmostmoomden siff-aisect eaus. g beinn-sma no fokerreeels gat. yo ask tour doc char if ntix r isoright f. you mithe t crosofalcloud us lows tossaccema infor tion afrome.nywher th cre mit osofd clouwsallo t usalo sc.e up crosmit ofoud clanchs ouge rworlamd drlyatical. it t wasn'ngtoo lo it agowo d taul tke weewoks to sequence
8:36 am
th wi m thesoicroloft cud onwe dav't he buito sldver eromros. h weinstave scant ale. e thofmicrosd t clouheis g lpinreus to uild-b and re-interpret ouner busiss. this cloud helps transform business. is ths i themi ofcrosclt oud. > >>lc we omek.bac pthelane ise h ore anu h ge n su dayofo pcalitil ewns. n gweifil hfresff o ramodeting th atcrdemoaticde bateini thk ha ienede n th flastew days. we mlco e ofpbsws ne hour. hlkateen erpark,um colnistom fr he "thi wasn ngto"post and ron rnfouier. le et mar sttt wihn coesequnces klquicony siacald anen the mov o ttheat deb oeef thit uned st s atetesena. r ch yis, kounow theol psitic of th is. > a> yeh. >> e thit unsted atesatsene, w illeit b aun fioctngnich rambe thisyear? or ld couis thgh fit shut the
8:37 am
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8:38 am
bo erehn wasorin f aer v lyong t ime. i n wasurot sedprist tha he came ut ot tha ckquily. m i' s noture hed haan yic choe tobut om cute ond a says thi is th ie lwene g'regoin tow drand a th teen sap bcknd a letth o er op peigle ftht i t.ou st ju t asheea ldero t says thi s ilithe 'mne i widrang. weas saw fthrom ree pressu icomrong fhem tes prtiidenal ca dandi ttes, hat'twasnig a b friskhor im. fandheor tue blat ste re icpubl ans,y worrtabouem th erlat. g rinoht hw tavey hoe try wor ou abhet t seba. i >>i thnkt i'sv een swore. w inith 20 mesinutf o the ouannenncemtht e at hwase dad i t goane- fmailrom ary ve om prntineub repnlica ulconstant l al of whoyo uow kn sngayie' wre gnotgoin toll aveow e an ar heing. th n'e mas body, ao god nma's wbodyasot nn eve dead yetnd a li po wticsalas yread iny.pla t he rblepunsica are g notoing to et lis thha .ppen it'slltotay iporresblnsie. 's itig a s angain ofu o r m deacocrfy, or ouemsyst not tifuncg.onin andvei ha r nooneas b toveelie that rif ablepuican winshe t it whuse hoey whd woulthe d raemocnots atmine? i >>s wanggoi to.say th i tink ihissav heli poltica k.ris i >>nk thico we uld ahave 3-3 r fo rsyea. >> thiss seeme likgoa tiod me s tomoay angon caservestiv pe eslycialpl peoree a ,veryve ry
8:39 am
i kthin s wedhoulst ju kn acdowlethge orat f a omment. aubecseu jcesti sc,alia you , knowewe'var hed a lotbo aut e thny mand woers ofs hi onpersyalit h andis blirilant amindnd all that. bu tot ou yr point ir agitee was at lit bleit jngarrito snluddey ehavry eve tonengalkibo a tuthe l poalitic plimtiicaons. t'thasur o job. >> th wiin rshou. > >inwith numi tes. nd>> ago i t a callro fem th hi usll jft oso dymebo nsayig, ok gay, ame,overme ti to get ouseris. e evinrythg ermatts own. lbutmeet st ju say hit os,n the erconsvvatidee sith i ink at lo hof t eselepeop, aot l of pu reanblicels fesi pre odentbama d noesesot rpect the tconstiitundon a thate' hs gone ar oundtheeg ltiislaveo bdy toou-- y a can trguehat he had t uto, b he wdante done. le rt'smbemet'er inos t nu u sual-- no,s it' very ualnusu tomi nonate asu epremrt cou icjustue dring anle eoncti r.yea 's ity onla hneppend once i 80 ryeas. d an edkenny's --t iwasst juice neken idy,oot tk a . year w>> ell,t i did.
8:40 am
ve ry ckquily. wbutle'low knt wha kindf o fi pghtderesibnt o amaanwts. hdoesend fio sodmeboy wh's a tllitree mo t toihe r oghtf his wo tev priousom nioinat insn or tderond fi aco manfir sbleort of t lef lieanudng jgeor not. >> er the'sno t s auch thing -- >>n'i doit thnk nya.more >> ut b it'sar cle thats pretiden maobas wa notgo ingo tke ta mitch mcconnelsl'i advcen o is th. n >>or ldshou he. buthet sdartet ou on thegh hi d roateyesyrdah wit ary ve high ro omad cenplimytar -- of>> ur cose. >> ou abt iascal. hhe s douldheo ta sme g.thin ut p upme soy bodwhowo beuld co rmnfi iablehif tngsre we r wo wking aellhond swt thathe pu reanblicens arwi't gllin to r wok. > ll> weh, tsat i b theig risk fo thr e ubrepnlicas. 's he t goto be thininkg, oh, my h,gos c tedorruz al donumd trp co buldmeecosi pre dent tandhen t rehey'ng goi topp aoint the ne xt jcustie. >> bigy,stor ch,ucks thi is o an sther oignef th picolital dy ctsfuninion is thwn to that u yo iandve halk tabted ad for a ng lome ti. i nk thiis th isng goi b toe a tlongimeef bweore e have nin ju odgeshn tat court. loa ng meti. >> n ca isayon ee mor ithng? th s ere' aalsok ris tforehes blrepusicant thay ma hbearilly cl onint orbe rnie srsandes doe et g cteleed.
8:41 am
inappot tmenluntihe tt nex re pntsidehe, txt nesi predent ul co ad be ocdem rat. y>> b the way --l alf ose the po titenral pdeesilntia ca atndidees bar clefut whayo u sh wir. fo oif yurir fst 010ay ds is nadomibyted up a s creme ourt tfigh t and hisirenvntonmeou, y ll wit geno gthins ele e.don e'>> wvea tlked atbou iths. hyouave cabasilly one big sw , inghtrig. >>. yes or>> fa obma asit w hhealt care. u yo ohaveigne b th ing. it>> 's a usscot . pick >>lweoul, ye havo tdo the ri ghtgthing i areeh witjo hn chkasist, ju lete thpr soces . roll et>> l itl.rol a rill ght. w ote g l toet itl rol here. we 'renggoido to o smeeb date at ch lter iaterhen t oshw,t bu mi coupng ,n berie seandars cme igup bh witit wheot v iersn iowa a nndew shampe.hir t bu can hein w oerv raf-aicanicmer ansto atdefe
8:42 am
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8:43 am
an likeleinhaicd cortidostero. on ouce ymar asthll is wentro co,lled yo tour docll dr wie ecid if you n carestop bd o ancrpresibe a ff dit erenma castholontrdi me,cine li n ke aleinhaicd cortidostero. do ak not t me breothore an crpres.ibed e seocyour dr iftoou yasthr mado ies notve omprotsr ge. worse yourask to doc4-r if 2rehour boco auld besing misce pieyo for u. if seereyou'bl eligi e for
8:44 am
d elerly iasoc.list heon to demiccrate sid it w'tasn
8:45 am
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8:46 am
ve i'ked smota loan itd quot a l, bu d t endeowheup nre. no use w i .this e ni thdeco cq rmtcpah, with unique extended re telease gychnolo, he evlps prthe ent urge s to allmoke. day i thiwantmes ti myto be t ti lasme. th hyat's w cho ieos nidermcoq. c (g haasp) sivinrk dg!xe persrox izonalloed empyee rtal polps heni compa es bmakes enefit asimple nd ssacce. ible..nyfrom ae.wher hu cila danng? cl mpiff juing! hu reman s sourcecan rk b wor.ette wi oxth xer. h alwhicy?lerg es ee. ? bees ee trs? se ee. x hexeroholps s spitaluse ectr el honicreealth cords d so poctors mrovide oreonpers calizedare. ch ?eese ch eese! tien paret ca can b workr.ette wi oxth xer. attht.'s i rei su a l hadn ot od my min i when out gotth of ite hosp aal a dfterlovt bt.od clo wh boat afaut my mily? my bu li'l ddy? d anf what i hthisneappeaid agn?i giwas waven inrfarin h thetaospil
8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
an dgi mariznalnded at thaeo pple havein kd okef lier gen ally usdiscsed hitngs. andrewe aup sdpose to aessum rewe'rt paf o thatwh enha we ve me so veryec sp ificdnees. a llnd a of uson d'tag reeno body c ean drlive the bklac tevout, b all of usr ageeh t tat aherere sp icecifng thish tatu yous jt c an'tve cort jusal tking utabo noeco micinaequlityit wthou l ta akingtbouac rial einitqualy thin at. yo n'u cajut ast t alktbou the leprobmsit wh winashgtonit wthou t ngalkiut abo ace rar pmoble in .that so inkthiat thme so t ofhe g anouer yr heas iom frei bng ma alrgin.ized and hthatoas crome fm both b lis eraland nscotierva ves. o >> gaahed, ysgu. >> hi i thenk tev rderen isig rht hin t--at nd a ii thhnk tiss i theleproborm frn beie ersands is t thaer bnie srsande evbelies at c theore theu fenndam tal eq intyualit tha xpeslainam aeric isec iconom in atnure, not r l,aciat noyt an hingseel. thebl proemis hlie be -eves-
8:51 am
ve i'ke taldbo a eutmiconoc eq itualy. ou y h've heardreis sesponre the innemin.sota at th'sno tn eough forme so vo . ters g>> o ah ead. th>> waere als so inat th same e vente hwasas kedutabo arrepnsatio. >>t.righ h >>bee's hren t tough his meargualnt dreay. ye ot sowmeh hewentac bkto h wat we twerengalki t,abou tngalki ine galnerab outco ecnomi in alequity. e thpt skemicis abouter bnie esandrso amngny ma ri afamcan-anericans c s bedumme up in two ads he's unr. e, on theon wulderf snimoan d rf galunkeco me tori ameca ad wh teree her bwas asee#barly a f aceof cr oloand then the new adat th has astlmoth no bingut ac fofes r,colos thie tog ther ad. inremmeds aot l t ofhel wil i am adm fro 2008 bseecau w itas mveryuchbo aowut h anwe cll a be ettog her. pa>> ofrt thero pblemat th i k thin ithatmis coo ng tthe su e rfacinhi tsis wthatvee ha riexpeedench botth in ebe liral or nthnd ae thth sou hoitstilies.
8:52 am
w bhereieern srsande wasrn bo in yonew rk. ho d warchbeas wa t inhe h.nort op peile leke mrg emeedth in e r noth. i v neiver led t in heh.sout arwe eae d wlingithho ollyw od og privressely holwoodth wi an ca oshir wutteoi rght now. i sonk thit wha a lot ofop pele ar ee binginng to sees i wait a nu miwete do not wantbe to ma alrgin.ized and weon d'tan wto t beh trown to in a atsituwhion serefpeciic ne aedsre notlt dea h.wit w >> ihatf bieernde sanrs tedalk bo aneut ot of he iesssure whe he t aanfricri-amecocan immunty ha ens be minargedalizd an teinsfad olk ta aing bout the mb nuofer es tim heai sdbl ack iwhathef ke taldb a touthe ernumb ofic afrmean-ansrica p imnerisondd ureer pntside tclinon? wh fat i heta alkedtbouhe t 10-1 ra ciale drspaiiitspardy unprer enesidt li cn?nto iwhathef id saha i ave utsol fionor this, i'mo ging to l un teashhe rspowef o pr enesid ctialncleme y iand'm igo ngto freeev ery sopern,ma ny w ofreho afr a-icanicameransn i i provson erte sen tnceshahat ve no et ben grfaandetherd?
8:53 am
>>thwheheer a t alkedbout is sues peeoplno tre age ifspecic is s.sue t rohe p blemhis w yenoua t lk bo arut penesidlit cnton and the mecril bil,er bniean sderste vod r fo it. t so mhat ightonbe eas reeon h e do bsn'tring it up. bu tt i think hatheat tth oer s ide of thats i mr. conlints ha hsaidadee a stmiake, mr. nd saauers gtdayto s he sh n'ouldavt hevo ftedor it. d an wthene otughto talkou abt wehow de alth wi mass in cecaronratili, porece aformnd ll af ose the is.sues i 'tdonnk thie unlwess ss pre it th oosesf u -- >> o i gtto r wapt i up here, but errevend arshn,ptoe ar youo ging toor endese bforeut soh olcarina? >>n'i donot kw. 'r weeti meewing th. mrscl ninto tu y.esda >>y.oka >>rewe'lk tatoing na setor sa s.nder mawe yr oy maotn. whatn'i dontt wa g toetau cght in w isho'r weein go tgo rsendoe. w itoant w seeho'sin gog to nd e uorseavs h aingir faha sre hin tis uncotry. notsewhoe sid arewe on,os whe on our s ide. e>> rndvere arsh,pton i will le aveit hetre. pproc hetidswor.
8:54 am
ha t mn aeinuth wit e ouramnd ge s ntegme. so ofme thehl higsight l orow li fghtsrom last tnigh's de.bate mi cong up,m "theet pre s"es en gdmearo bhtug to you by e bo ing,dbuilinghe tu f oturene yo - t u sesrulear toundouhe hrise, ght? ssoulet rores fr you kids twhengo ohey e:nlin n'dot beyb a cllerbu y. no y racieself s. anmed re emberonvery e cae n seytever yhingosou p t, evranden g ma. s rule kkeepsaids ofenline.
8:55 am
>> >ee "me t ths"pres g endame is br htoug to byouy inboeg, il bu tdinguthe f ourene urcenty at a .time > >> ,wellon dtrald wumpas dibuilng aal re tity vshow,my br r othewasil buding ase tycuri pa aps ratu ktoeeps u safe. an md i'ou prfd o whate h did. ee[ chndrs ala app ]use heand 's hd aethal gl-- t >>ohe wrldra tdece nter came wn doin durhig s reign. mbremeer that. [ enaudiooce b]ing e>>amnd gtie me. an psel i cbak. weenhav'ti dsescusthd e de.bate th ka, leen jeb'sbush bigo m ment er thein takgon tr ump. th>> asat w aoo g de.lin ou ykn ow,er evimy temp tru bsait jeb,bush jebsh bu poresnds. d anneit veror wksat thl wel for him. i t don' know bwhy,ut he just n caul't p l itoff. d anry eveme tiru tmpns ope his u moi th, k,thin ,okay's he e.tim sthi is tthe himee'sin gog to itdo . youw,knos it'll aut abo se.tyl
8:56 am
mi kestabu, out you cldo alssa y sin couthinarolaa pulrtic arly rewhe h youave ahi ghpe tarcenge ofit mil paryeeoplnd a teves,ran wi gth rreatctespeto b therave menanden wom whoou fght in q,iraav i he tous j stay w itas a tamiske. an thd i aink l ootfpe ople r agee. an etd l j me sustayis th and th goen on. buthe acttaheks t mifa ly,he ta at tckshe thmoer. b jeis pedese.rat e hug bro htinur laa teyes. rday f>> i any rothe idcandate t lilyeral inli postic inam aeric orperfthmed y e wa dthatd onal mptru didthin ebat d late ast n ,ight io whauld vett wrien and co lunceddhi tsso persn io g ne f of theai rls. heoo lked grany,o t hlkatseen' i pontou th--gh b >>ut weow kn tebethr tant tha no w. >> s youtpen 36$ll biion and hi tbong a nutamew hirpshend a ad ans thd ing't donre ca ouabt, bu --t y anas seonst tha bnsegi is th is going to doomal dond u trecmp b ausebehas enov pren wr soong y man t.imes a whtt's pohe int? t'>> inos t m souchbo aut t,rump ait's tbouthee poplepo supgrtin m hi a whoreo s ayngrit wheh t blestaenishmt. y whedo wss aumeth heat ty're go ingeto d tfendhe abestmelishnt?
8:57 am
it>> wasnt itierestong tc wah comarbi ru wohond fou a w tayo it wa, to lethe ti fghtwe beten mptru anduz cr andh bus playt ou d anaihe sdis this t wha i ebelindve a heid dt i t inhe d fluirenonpeateiv way. i atn thsp reecte h dhiid f msela vo far. >> wa it s malutuly ducestrtion la stht nig g andniood foght r as kich si kach. >> i inthwek av htre p,umu crz, on woe, td an we'tdonow kn which d oroner te,wo isin goo g tbe. ir thlad pce mas.tter t >>'shaty wh ith toughb je was alactusly ad gooas he has eebn. iandug thoht -- ut>> b rubioin dogel wdnl di't . help ru>> nbioedeed to dono a ther as ltur satdayeb date bseecau birus o'plb-us and bteetr tanh je 'sb i ane dteba tes.rm iandi thnkub r wioas be,tter modid re good for mhi.self thi tough to gwen's npoit, how mdoes rarcoo ubi uwindep b ing btheigig furede ndfengihe t bu dmsh atrinisonati a in fight w jeith usb bonh the gesta? >> th i ink ovleralo dn't you k thinppeojule elst ft ,like
8:58 am
>> toyo oiur pbont ajout hn as kich. h e'srlcleasay idhe t ore'snly pone flaceeor mo t go. c i t an' iget tnto hathtfig. ni'm ot g goinetto g in it. i o'm g ingbeto mr . pivosit ity weand saw it a tgainhis inmorng. > >loi ve it. mmy iom wbell py hapbo aut t.tha th 'sat f allor aytod. l we'labe b nckextk wee bseecau
8:59 am
es prs." ti[capg oninorperfbymed he t tinaon caltiapinoning utstite, wh isich po reslensibor fts i ca ioptcon enntant acd visit] sh:arylel hi'lo, m ylshar tk atn.isso wee lcomfuto "llea m."sure wthis teek,rehe fnanch altion as lysembes votex on intendg a
9:00 am
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