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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 15, 2016 2:30am-3:30am PST

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>> tieleconsve ha seconncquees. th peidresents ha a sp rebionsi litytoin nomate ane w st juice. an hed tat seneas h a esrnspoilibtyi to otve. we>> a'll lsobe ngtaki acl ose lo tok a thede atmocrraic ance d h ilow hlary incln'totes amis wo g rkinrtoveimeto y tr torn tu th ison ctest from being a re ndfereonum hero t a ef rdueren bm oneerni ans.ders a t lo toet g o,t but wert sta h wit thepaimctn ahed t pl imioicatfns o casslia'th dea on he tre supme t.cour no bodyet b tterooi jn meon tshi a thr n ouicjusterr condespoent t peele, w come,backr. si le met k asry ve ckqui wly,e're in the meiddl ofo sme on ciotentasus cones s theemupre ur cow.t no hwhatnsappeht rig own? mtheonost the wiit pol ical > >t.righ n whehayou eive jghticusttes i e. ti nwhere the t's at'ie i sas ghthou the smeuprert cou sidecioeon dtsn'un cot, the w loouer crtl ru singstand and t uhe smepreur cotde oncisi has p noidresalenti ueval.
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d woulbe aef d feator the niadmitistraecon b iauseout wld le saveintandheg tow l cerourt ru s lingthatck bloed it. r foch suor ab tiontiqueswhon ich is mcoing,t ildwou leave the t tough rexasriestoncti on ndstaing. m ighturencootage hert staoes t ry te thme sa inthg. r fobl puic orsectni uonsho t ugh miit beght act vi boryseecau ey th i wonhen tw loer cs,ourt f dengeati anrteffo tory t to io unn dues. >> l alhtrig. a weeare hded fore th ntpoteial f of i pthederesintwa nts to mi no natebosome dy, mhe'sade ha tt r.clea t rehe icpublannt coedroll steena oe d wsn't anttoo cernsid it. t' isss poeibl tsermth of e resupoume cegrt bnin ito oc ber and iendn unje. >> gh rit. >> so ath tisoi pntnd u terhis en sc warioige m ghto annt e ire t oerm,erctob of '16hr tough june of '17it whout au se prem rtcouus j bticeseecauen evf i he txt nere pntside antppoi sit ak ties ttome getth ghrou the esprocs. >> o twt haugeththougajs, my orit sideciarons t e noe cothe wiurt onll ce tinu tifuncg onindoand ot a lit of s bu essins.
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that wyou gon'twhet nat othly e su e premrtcou canvipro ade,nd ithats thein fal an.swer on hely tpr su cemetour can so rethlve eseng thisfo rn oce a nd refover. so a l oothef tsehi tngsll wi just haveeeto kpi comacng bk ilunt s themeupreu cortge hets t g rihtbi comonnatio ta mheke t sidecion. >> alscia, tayhe w csase are rdheace, oney th 'red,hear he tsre' an diimme ate tvotehat stakece plamo a ngethi nne ju e.stic t >>shat'gh rit. >> s doe alscia'se votn cout os pouthumsly? >> , nono tes unl tsheis decion s wade han d.down rthe uleises vot can shift and in op cionsan che,ang h you taveo p bentreser fo vyourtoote un cot. >> an i wut yo to talkab out one idcand iatenk thi m weaye se innom.ated it'sjua dge by thea nme of me ckrri lagarnd. thif sere' r aliepub cantesena , is th is a guy theyhi tnk t hey gcanhet th roug rtheliepub can atsene. 's hesi condderere moer modate t othan liher l beratijus ces, y? wh be>> ecaus h of isred,cor pe excerienth in use j tice rtdepat,mende wily rctespeed. i amen,e th tghin is now
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mi no.nees ouif yk looth at ste moen rect tr tend,rehey' nnaomi ptingeople hin t eir50s. tthaot's n rrme ickangarl bd,ut 's hee thht rigki fnd o iogdeoly. >>riall ght. p eteiawill gms,oingo t be a sy bu 18o m fnthsoru yo on this nf cotiirmaon cepross, i ithnk. >> de ined. > jo>> ginin n meow is thefi rst offourp recaublinpr deesilntia an ctdidawhes eo ar onwith us is thmo g.rnin s it'lddonamp tru. . mrp,trumlc weomeck bao t t"mee pthe .ress" g>> mood ngorni. l >>eet m askyouir f ston the up s creme ourtinopeng. dohayou ve a uslitm test? do u yo ahavemu litsts te on row v wa. de? zecitinsn u witedhen itme co tso w ouho y mightoi app ntheto t emsuprue coshrt youldouec bome pr deesint? >> l wei l, kthinha we omve s e ea grt lepeoput o rethe. e diankesisfr omco wis fnsinrom ha wevt oerybdy tsell med woulbe o anutst.ding eewe nd a ceronsivvate pen.rso th i think atta cer inlyavwe he somere gat opeple. oswe lont fe o the egrats. i i'd lkeo thavehe tso pern ortailedto be justke liu jcesti iascal ,icjuste sacaliwa s truly a e grat dgjue. an d ecresptedy b all. boths.side
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ou yte denermi t?tha whowill you drmeteine werheth yo otu g bosome-dy - >> ,well i mean, oklo,ou yne ver ow knat whpp ha ens,k.chuc loyou tok ahe wre agu yli teke d cr uzu pshedry vear hd for st juice ros.bert yoeverhone t tught whatas nd wol.erfu jandceustier robetts l er evdyybown do byovappr ing maoba, caree.twic i n,mea he ryeallid d let us w don. t'tha lslyarge uzcr'slt fau and e th bushtfaulau becseey thpu t th re w gong uyin erthe. ha tast w aoc shking isdecion. , so you w,kno you neverl realy o knw. t bu at tthe imeheok loed y.oka b e'ut h-s -t thawas a teduz cr mi kestaau bechese sh puhied m v eryd.har ok lo, wee nedea grt inectellt. n weeed i say autbsolely n coatservive. b ut ikthin r the ealplanor f it ul woed bso dymebo justi lke tijusce sc.alia >>rall .ight i twan m to oveonth to ede bate t last.nigh b >>hey t waych whi isar hdto f ind. ye>> ah,hi i ta nk oflot con er tieve sve er svevetills wiee agrh wityou. i twant o goheto tba deate lst ni ght.
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w.bushe wreou brght up ands thi i thdea ouat yre werp sudrise at tthe timehat tsphen-reake sipelod ha rduleut o im hmpeacent. d di b youveeliet tha a --nd i j wust tantola crify isth d,id byouveelie t that whereas en oughrethe tong bri up acimpethmence progsedin ansgait gegeor bh in 2008v oer ir aq? >> .no i washein tiv prate osector, s idi d tn't ahink iboutt too ch mu. t burt ceyainl w thenar ira i q s wa a sdisater. no ,ot no tbe peimd,ache buthe t ar wn iaq ir w itas a mie.stak j he must aade mkeista. we iwentnto iraq,we lost th nousaofds es liv -- >> bouut y't donie belt've is an i acmpeehabl oseffen now? uyore wely imp iingtig meht bin 8.200 >>l,welat thor's fh oteoer pple to sa y. ,lookt tha isor fhe oteor p ple sato y. in ca say s,thiit nomay avt he be enmp ihaeac bbleusecat e i was a mikstae. hii ttnk i a was tamiske. ut b w itas aho lerrib mie.stak um n bere,on t where nereo we sapon of massdectstruion. sodid theyno kw theree w'tren o t?r no wthat tould ellyouet som hing gh ritht ere.
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ckchue, th war in iwaraq s a di ersast. e wepnd uth wib atesolu ly no g.thin ir isan tgakiner ov i raqas we s ithe igre rht now. anduras se as c youan beir an oiis dngre ptty well rlwoe.dwid th taey ke 50$1 bin,llio wege t no g.thin y'theakre t oingver airq. he t gy'rengetti the oil. it s waaas disustero dsiecion th are w in iraq and un unfortlyatesh bupe haptoned p bederesint. > u > yo swereg ayinsipre dent bush.lied dhowouo yw kno l heiedut abo wmd? >> iin thatk thpl peoewe knt tha e ther nwereapo weons ofss ma rudestn.ctio ini theyk thte wan d togo in th .ere ini theyk thug thohtt id woul e hav beener.asie ey thn' didrot ptesecue thwar we ll. it sn wawe't llro putsecnded a ey thd ened uptt ge -ing i- n,mea inleavg. ow nha, i tove y sa hemade a akmiste ginettg in. d anm i' they onle on on the ta shage tsat id s wedhoulot n go oint iraq. ha te t th warin i iraq as akmiste. ve eeryonse elid sa, h,o you ow knll, a theh otereo pple on
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iovisn. ca beus eybever -ody - l >>eet m peauso yu th. ere >> k,chuc it took- - >> griht. t leaume pouse y -- >> itk too jeb fbushiveys da -- await numite. ittookeb j bushiv fe days to tsayhat their aqwa asr w a m keista. w he bent aacknd f,orthck ba and r foth. th enfi ynall his ptollsero tld whhim eat h had tao sy. ut b b jeb--ush n thehead edmitt asit w a smie.tak i an me ,olo hk,e's got noha cnce ny a bway,tut ilm a ostcost him th lee eioctefn b orevhe een st edart. > >,wellwa i ont t whfor t'at is or wolth pacitiftht asat hve ne r en bele ab tofind, none ofus ha eeve babn tole fi ndy an st inanceer whefe bthore e asinvyion caou utme oai ag nst i thr.s wa whyis atth? >>l,wel id di it in 0203. iid sa itfo bere -- don't fo t,rgeas i w an't pocilitian. s eoo p dple'tidnri wte ev thery iing idsa. i a was besusins rspeon. asi w asy the sayld wor sclas nebusipess n.rso b i auilt gtrea cnyompa. il empoy ustho ands ofeop.ple 'mso it no alpoiaiticn,t bu if yo ou ltok a 2003er thee ar
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er thee ari art iclesacn ft i saw bosomedyo ctimmenng on it last n ight tthatprumal relyas w ag stain thearw. w igaas a iinstt -- k,loo i'm mtheostli misttariic pe,rson m i'nggoi b touild theil myitar gg bier,be r,tte rostr,nge efhop wully ne'll hever taveo useit,ut b dynobo'soi gngto m ess withus. t buili wayl st his, the warn i q,ira w it as aakmiste. boanyoudy whald reve edaliz iran a ndaq irth eys uoed t htfig. ey tho 'd g, backh.fort ch yuck,ou stdeiabilheze t id meadle st, i'mtheon olyne that lecald. i twasnlhe oney o that edcall it . >> myouadet iar cleh tato yu an w ttedo ndremi lepeopt tha 11 9/ ppha,ened b iveelieu yo us thed e hrpase,in durgeo g rge bu s sh'n.reig yodo liu betheve eoat g brge ush kept icamera safe? be e causwothe trrld ceade nter kwasednock down. , look'sthatan rothe .myth i sh wi he d.di h i navengothiga a insthim. n'i doowt kn him. i t don'knowh tat-- i t don' nkthive i eevr eten m him. i 't donnk thiid i dt mee him. avi hthe no aingstgainrg geoe .bush
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t ge as upnds say myro bthert kep us e.saf dhowid he keep ussa feh wen the w torlderadri duisng he tim in of , ficesti loy, many man enfri--ds at th t wasorhe wst getran dy i htheryisto of this ou c.ntry seworn thae parlrb haecor b ause ytheta atcked ilciv.ians th eyat edtackeo pinple ceoffi ldbui. ings nd>> a t youhinke gorge w.h bus ldcouve have prented this? >> lwe al,diccorong t -- if you gok,bacu yoll wi seee th aci an thd oerge asncied ha orinfomatiatn th t badgshinre we in go g tohan.ppe an yed, ts,hesw an iers he s d houl havewnkno. he trey we t notngalkio tac eh he otr. he tasre wo ttal dsoisastciaion. t dihey dn'tli ekeach other,ll a ofdithe effernt aiegenc wsere a me ss. th erey wie fngghtith wi each ot her. o knwn. so himetng. os biama dn la- en -,heyo lok, i ot wreut abo o bsamaadin linen 00 20 a in okbo. w iaski talbng aoutma osa bin n.lade if iow kn tabou o bsamaadin len j usty bei seprng ess and inseeg, yo knu ow,t' whaois gng on,hy w u wo'tldn thesi predent t ofhe it untaed s ktesnowut aboma osa n bien lad?
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soin cuth inarolasa you know, rggeo.e wsh buis paropulam ong re icpublans. yo reu a t -- ihiss ais rky ltstra st egraty. y aou c hlled lim a iarlast tnigh t abouanwmd ud yoes iasentlly id sa w you hould bave oeen -kay- i >>id d cn't hallim a liar. d itidn'l calny abody ali ar. >> ll we,u yo cdalle ted cruz a l iar. c>> k,huc ia s mideayb t here were l iescabe, useoolk, the we nsapo ofss ma druestonctiy the ai shd teyis extedan dey th n'didist ext. inow,ast w hisro gupat tha sid th aere wrenseapof oa mss s detitrucon. t s hat' wwhywee int n. a th t's swhyony ma pleeopot g ho nkodwinted iino gong ito q.ira tthen gheyno i th,ereh tey ar se hched igh anddry. ythelo oked all over. th werenoere po weafns oas ms st detirucon. tu d rne tout hate therwere bs aelolutty no noe wnsapo of ss ma rudestn.ctio no asw, w it a e?li d i on't. know >>if ou ye loso suth licarona, dothyou tinkgahe hme c ange me moeont p wpleilloi p tnto is w hahat edppenst lag nianht d wh yoat aiu sdab out gegeorw. us bh?
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t thhat ree icpubl panyart is creje tingh?bus >> no,on i dth't soink . t i thinkrehey'je regctin the inwar .iraq t arhe w in iraqs i a isdr.aste h i aave gtreael rnsatiohipth wi ut soroh caa linthand e oppele. v i'owe knemn th for a l ongmeti. i' veen beh tereny ma times. i ve haat greel rnsatio hips e.ther 'rtheyee vry stmar opeple. ey ther undndstat tha wthear in iiraqs aas dis terand was a s dir.aste itto y talldeilstab izedthe mi ddle.east ywhenloou atok the atmigrion, wh ouen yk looat l alhof te hi tthngs reat app hageningh rit w no a, itsll edtarth wit thewar in aq ir. yand ouowkn what, we got innothg. h we aavelubsoy teltnog.hin ir isan e gngttie thwh ole d eal. r.>> m umtrp,ha i veto leave it t e.her t li tlertsho t onimeis th rn moing. i kloorw fo ardpeto sgakin with youn agaiso ion, hope. th ksan forco sngreanswom iminng od an stay osafee n thl.trai t >>k han vyoumery uch. m tsomeno agpo i soke t tosenadr tez cru of texas. d an i n begangaski a him hboutow e ht mighbogo aut reciplang ju esticto anninc sa alithon e tcour. t legome to m litus tsteso, d
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up s cremeourt icjustes? >> llwe, myli tmus test forny a emsuprue cortst ju iceis hewhetr he orhe swi ll itfalyhful apply e thstconioitutton thelaw. t' i nsot aec spific is.sue i itshe rat jr aursde prulntia pr aph.oac theonly way toer detmineat th is t if hheyave aov pren corerd, t ifhahey sve ypentears nsdemointrateyg th 'llbe hffaito ul t thelaw. tthahe's t o jobf a jucesti. sit'at wh ralibel viacti sts t don'.do li alberiv actists want to ns iteadgi letesla f tromhe be nch. a rf pe eectlexamp of ithats us j ticealscia. tijus sceiacals wa ai lonof the su e premt.cour heonwas te ofrehe gt ates resupoume cusrt jestic in s hi.tory ntspeee thrca de odesen th t.cour bbut eeforw he ason ther cout e h awasw laesprof fsoror many, m yeany .ars he s waco a ofurt ea appls judge. h head ao lngpr rovenerdcoo s yo knu ew elyxacth watou yre we t ge wting jithceusti liscaa. i w kne jiustcec salia for 20 a ye. rs is>> is th the amistkeou y tkhin s wade mait whnh jo errobts? of>> rs couite . is yo>> reu we b aigup serport of imhbu, nt ids hin yighteou'r t. no
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he'tdidnve ha a cktra orrecd? e>> hid dn't have a track a wnd i nouldavot hnoe teminad jo hn berorts. goncee eorgbush natomined him, i srtuppoedhe tmi noonnati as a pu reanblic nenomibue, wot i uld h noave tminayed m ferorms, bos a co ofurt ea appjuls dge, jiustce sc aali'sy ver first law rkcle nd aad h a longr pn ovek trac orrecd. d anuc, chusk, jast a ronld ea r gan twasheo t eprncside sy,o an n toniiascal washeto t up s remect.our he hadth atig b anacimpt. i and nkthi his piassng teyesrday ryeall uncoders treshe st oakeshf tis leen.ctio e ware fgacinr ou fmeundantal ri s ghtin a baelanc. > > mletske a u,yo does the i unstted sateseenate havan bl oioigatno t l ateasto cernsid aom nioinatnt thasi pre dent ba oma puts frdorwa? i er undd stan ythat gouuys dton' wa nt it. an u d yodwoulef prer ltoet -thebu- dot tesn' the ud nite testaavs hne abl oioigaton t at t leashgo th roug pthessroce and
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ot>> n otremely. >> why? >> t i hbeas en 80a yersce sin a s meuprert couan vac cywas no teminandd afi con irmedn an el onectiar ye. th ereis a longad tronitih tat ea yr. d ant whas thi nsmea, ck,huc is we htoug to make the 1620 el ioectn af rederenonum the su e premt.cour inn caaiot wtot sdtan onh tat ba detate sitge whla hilry li c onton breernide sanrs and atalk wbout thathesu e prem tcourll wik looke liep dngendi w onho wins. ifll hiaryli cnton orrn beie desanwirs ns, oror f thatt mater if on dtrald umpin wsho wse c reisord itindisshnguie ablfrom th onem are g matany suises, he t wn weillee s theec s ond damen menttewritutn o ohef t ticonsontuti. ot anther whing e'll asee,nd t ishis y ver ranelevort, f co vanserestiv in s outhocar,lina oif d tnald irumps the omn,inee or if haillry conlint isth e sipret,den weil w slee imunlited rtabo oion nnddema tughrohout is th ntcoury. rt pa bialhirt aiobortn,xp taayer n fu,ding noen partal ifnotioicatn. d anlwe'lo alse se ourre ouligis
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i >> want gtook bac t tohe un siteds tatetesenare he. y soelou b tievehe pidres encyis o tnlyehrers yea long iacn e h rm te? in,mea w ife gowo disn thd, roa rewe'tt cuing off ar penesidcy wi ath r yeagto o. d anre mo rtimpoy,antl stoenar ru ctz, heri skre hefo r ns cotierva ivesths ifat you h alave thl ese4-4 ties ien th t,couren th the more ralibel le ganin citircus willhe tn vhae, ou y kn tow, heirrulingsil wl ta ke prenecedt. >> k,loo the cquonse enceof a t4-4ie isth heat tgm judent of cothe urtofpe ap alsis ameffird a bynal equly dedivid tvoe. th asis hpe hap mnedanyim tnes i h ristohay tte thare heeve bn va iecancoms, sesetim a on eclosly encontstiou casehe ty'll ol hved ofor her tne text rm when th eacreplntemeu jestic ivarres. a innle eonctiar ye wvee ha a tlongtiradion that ala me duck pr deesioent d gsn't ettom ja a resupoume crtin nomhee tghrou in t erhe vy end. tlbjriedha ttd an there supme co urt rteejecd t.i
2:47 am
is5-4s ian balced an maoba ib leralmi noneeu wold dr icamaty allftshi u the.s. esuprcme . ourt ut>> b why noto ghr t toughhe o pr?cess ulshothd e ud nitetstaenes s ate i douts dtyd an gougthroeh th esprocs,ej rect t,i ser,nato but goou thrhegh t esprocs? y>> b the ,wayhe t nse'sate duty is to seadvi and cntonse. stheeenat isad ngvisiht rig no wew, areis adv ting ahate lam du prck enesidnt i e aniolectn yearotis n nggoibe to e ablo t ti hep t bcealan t ofhepr sueme ou crt. th e'at woire gong te hav an ctele aion,fnd ier libalsre a so ficondentat th theme anrica plpeonte wa miunlitedrt aboion on de,mandt wan rgielious be li rty torndown,wa nthe t c seamond eendmaknt ten away, wantet vseranem mlsoriao trn w dowan, hent tos cr asesndrs sta of id dav slaandbstedf of thof e to onmbstofes our fenall t ves,erann the goandak mehe t se cath to e opeple. n'i doit thhenk ter am ican lepeopnt wa .that i'mer vyha ppy toak te4 th9] e cas ctdireoly til hlary cln,into di lyrect toe brnie sarndes. an i d dwoul otne, oolk, how do k wenowon dald p'trumsco re ordn th isis oi go ng tadbe b? h heaspp suedortbe li fralsor
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2:49 am
, we so t sayouhank ymeri a fcaor a century of trust, foe r thivpregilofe ly fgin erhighnd ahe hig tr,heogetr. s i waawarnot he ofhow mucid acwas ity y in mdiet. soi was ed focusmaki on ng fgoodchood s,oice hai id nothdea t at iwas da ngmagi e thel namey of mh.teet wai tntedx o fiit, wai tntedx o fiigit rwaht ay. enmy d rtistmeecom pndedmeronal. shethaid roat plname n ca mmakeety teroh st,nger atthwa it pos imt,rtant tha th s at ithsomei ing d couldo ea aych dhe to rolp ptect enthe oamel tf my.eeth pr elonamde is tefinielly hping me le to head te lifthat i twantveo li. futhe tureel bgsono th tfae .st and htop yoelacu lerace,te we've created a nempw one lltotasey focud on 's whatt fo nexurr yoes busins. tr the artnue pipersh
2:50 am
push ry everwone foard. celeactiraovng innn.atio ce aclerarating tatnsformion. ce actinglerat. nex he etwlpackt d arterpenseri. > nd>> aar we bae ck. e erarliis thrn mo iing was in jobyed na setorma rcob rufio o o fl aridaovnd gorernhn joic kash of ohio. iandta srtedh wit tosenario rub sk a hingheim w ttherhee snate ha ans bl oioigat tnoe giv the pr enesid t'semsuprue cort mi no neepan u orwn do tevo. we>> e hav an oatblig iono to d it t, bu not own. tthe ermofis th smeuprert cou isadalre-y -ey thu jstta s rted it, butt' isot n all yeonarlg. thetcour canct fun wionith hteig icjust es,itdo iestl al t ihe tspme ellecia wyhen ju cestives har to eecus msthes.elve ga kaasn hto us recers heelf
2:51 am
w ge'reoing avto h ee aniolectn inmbnoveheer whire tsac vancy il w l betan i oemfba dendte a v rsotel wil get wto eighin. oni dhi't titnk i's wsend a's it cepre fdentthor reis pntside ne ria tng lhet asewfo m onthsf is hin admraist ttionuto p onsome te onohe c urtthatay me b rethe for0 3 ye ars. so>> you d on'tkthin --i rsunde tand.that d anun i tadersnd theis decion th at you mnoay torsupptnd a that theubrepanlicor majity n'doesntt wa iths, buten ar't theybl oedigatto l at eastgo r th toughothe m ionshere? i ea mn,o y su'reaying-- >>.no y >>reou'yi saonng d't even go outhrhegh tot m,ions ?why co>> crret. we gwillroo ththugh tie moons, but wnot bhilek aracobsama' in whthe e itsehou. t' its nong goi topphaen. >> do idpresalenti termsd en raftere the years? ha t wt's hatn'i dodet unndrsta w ishy not goou thrhegh t aedvic coand t.nsen y ou don't have toro appve .it cayou en rject t.i th wat'shahat edppen in'68. bu hyt w notgo th ghrouis th cepross? e>> bsecauer th -e's- uaactlly, nit'suot jorst f thesu e prem c t.our ve eorn fpe apellato c iurtst's be oten bha psrtielo fol twedhis cpret.eden etherme co ps a ointhein tt las ar yeth of e repnsidet, ciespe iallynei th srdecon ,term rewheu yoop st natomin ingor--
2:52 am
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2:53 am
ctheehanc toll ki m.hi >> at th's a big che.arg owi knll bili cntonas hd saiit is o ones f higrreets,ut b he .him yobut liu be tevehats i a dtirec ulrestht ata bllsicaily bl li c'sntonil fa lureedto /191? w>> ell, iie belvet tha ifam osa n bin ladebehad en ekilld,l a ed qasa a anrg oatanizwoion uld hnot gavenrow t toheoi pnt w hereavit heon cedduct 119/. i st wa ine rsespon tois th gu ar tment thatprumwa sa m king sthatowomehsi pre bdentwush as re nsspoeibl for1.9/1 andar my ntgume, wasthno, e re sispontybili9/ of al11 fnls o e tht facat thl adaqae was lo al twedro g owand pperosr and he t dioecisasn w notde mato k tate ouei thrde learen wh the cechanis ex tted o doso. onot bncefout ur stime cc angordi toth e1 9/1 ret.por p idres centonlint has ac leknow tdgedhahat ass a gr reet. so the bmottone li is that al q waedabas aole trr cay out1 9/1 be ecaus a asnrg ozaanitiony the grewandr preosped inab captyili le byd ma osa binln.ade
2:54 am
is dtfoubulth at11 9/ld woue hav enhapped. at as le st onmbepte1er 1 of0021 aubecse q al waeda nouldot have been in ait posion t ao bebleto rr caomy sngethie likat th . out so>> 'r youote nl bgamin 9/11 on bill toclinn? >> , no hea mde a dioecist n noto ke ta outs ite lader w ihich th inkedendup being eth tre,he si tituahon thaat edppenth wi /1 91. nd a a assp reonse to an ckatta at th r then easo 9why /11 pehap wnedas bseecauf oe g orge w.bush. my gu ar iment isfou y're going asto e cribeblamn', dolat bme gegeor w. sbuh,me bla aec donisi th asat w made ieearlr not to etakut o binde la wnhene th p opniorturety pedsentit . self o>> s i'mac lytualti sll not e quitlecar. e ar you pnguttihi ts o-n - are pyoungutti11 9/ onbi ll ntclion? >> , no i'mti putng it onis h ci densio t notoke taut oin b la den, soabllutey. ithishas wppt ha wens yhenou ha cve acehan t toake out the le eadofr a troerrist niorgaonzati y andouil fa d too so d anthe ltresus areme sogthin li 9/ke 11. >>at leris th weekpe poan fr cis isgo ingto aksped an cinertaly g toinguro to b therorde of icmexndo a theni uted ss.tate in te sepmbern ir f ontof reconghess cdallese him tlfhe
2:55 am
d an c heedall on creonganss d am anericst no o,t e,quot t urn ei thacr bks t onheir hbneigors. youyo seurotlf gti emo onal telisgninth to peat sech. do u yo tfeelthhat pee po's me gessaou abt igimms,rant rt paariculely manxicig immsrant d anourig immonrati deebat rhee, y do oueeagrth wi his take on s?thi su>> re. we a'rent couryof igimms.rant c wenontio ue tbe aun co otryf igimms.rant 'letves hame sope ctrspeive re he. me aricaep acctsse cloto a il mlion panermentes rtsiden e sveryleing arye. o nrotheti naion en tho wrld co clmes toseho t atnu.mber th at'snothe t ueiss' were d tiebang. t she iwesue 'reat debings i not e wh othertr nore we'n goi g to ptaccei immtgranes, becaus we do. we go're ingcoto uentino. t e ths i isuess ier thgoe ingto be a pssroce peeoplve hao t fo w llotomm iteigrath to e it untaed stes? do we as aov sgnereico yuntr get to nt co hrolmaow eony p cple ome he wre, then cheyomeer hend a wh heo tary e? andthens awer is, yes. n'i doit thhenk te pop issa ying nope up thede borrs andal low y anwhone wosant c toome in. i me yan,ou't canve moth to e va antict jusca be yuseeeou fl li oke m vingrethe. he t gy'veawot lhas t treistrct wh o can live wnithiat th inat con's itye.stat
2:56 am
t nihe uted esstat. so i agreei wthe popncfrais' insayweg ul shod be c ssompaationwae tords mi imtsgran. an ed w are. e thit unsed state is tmore han nanyonati onh.eart ut b a were weallo das a v sognereiti naaon hnve a o atblig tionavo he grimminatio ws la t ando orenf ceethm. an had t wt's whatee no ed tbe do being ttterwhhan e'at wre do noing w. >> l alt.righ vei hale to itave er the. e' wshre ortimon thie ts mo g.rnin ota l to get to, sorenat r,ubio ce ni toat c uchp with u.yo ta ssay nfe oe thl,trai . sir th>> yoank u. > nd>> am i' jdoine now byhe t rtfouh pidreseiantndl cateida 'v weade h onhe t sthhow is mo g,rninub repn licarngoveofor o ohijohn kah.sic cowelacme btok m "theet e re pss," sir. >> ayalwous, y know,if it's su y,nda's itet "me p the."ress >> i acippre ateatth. v i'ade h two. u.sse rsnaton o i thrns mo wingho sayhe t u.s. tesenau sho'tldnn eveh boter n corisideng a nanomitionh t at es prntideam oba p utsup. es do the. u.s tesenave han a gaobli ttionto ast lea cdeonsir t, id hol a arheing? a fnd ihe tvoy itte ,downh tey e votit n,dowut bul shod the
2:57 am
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2:58 am
i nkthiat th'ski fnd o ocol. nd aat wh i don't likew no s,i youknow,we t canalkab outs thi al ayl dlo ng. you iando bthn kow t inhe real ldworey th 'renotgo ing to nf coirm boanydy. u ssnleey thck pi sodomebwhy o's sovebelodt tha eboverydygo es a tht's eagrt. ka oy. i 'tdonnk thit thago's ingto ha . ppen ye>> ah,reyou'ba pro blytrigh ont.tha melet ve moto thebadete. iand got to playis th oneli cp om fr youst lag ni bhtuseca e i twanteto g a bteetr elaxptinaon hof wouat y t.mean er h e itis. >> ot i g toe tll you,hi tss i st ju y,craz uhh? th sis iu jst tsnu. y.oka h>> tasat w eraft jebbu ashnd n dotrald wump erenggoi atch ea ot .her dwhatouid yan me byth at c ntomme? aiexpln. >> l, wel i mean,t' iiks le all th lle yeaning red scgamind an aback ndorfth. ch ,uck whatav i hefo -und- i tellyou, i'm hngavi thei tmef o limy .fe lepeopnt wa k to wnowhat reyou' r. fo lo , ok bi've eenall r.ove ye rdste hay iadnt we to this rb bae ecucksha. th weere 50re p0leeopwa gitin er the.
2:59 am
urpictmues, avst hene beth anoer 45teminuafs ter i gotne do s ipeakanng eod p aplere bbgraing to onou ya syingea plse stay po ivsite. le p dase gon'tntet iho tese g fihts. eti gy mne e rgybyng beir fou t s.hing i't donge t my eynerg by gbein a stgain gsthin. d anhi i teonk pteple o nd t get tinegahve wheen t ny're ot el s tling heirown itposive. lo tok,shat're whe i am. ifitwo rks out for me, t.grea if d itnoeso't wrkou t for me, gi'lloet tnd spemo re timeth wi my fa.mily t buk,looan i wt to n.wi andrewe'oi dng l.wel al rewely ll. >> letmeoi pnt to sthome ing nlasttighu yoid sa athe t de e.bat syou yaidouid d n'tkthinwe ou shavld hnee goto inq ira if er there w aen'tnyap we oonsf ma ss dectstru. ion ri>> ght. ut>> b a youlsoai sdsh we ould t no get oiembrled ivin ciarl ws e ovs.rsea t >>shat'g riht. >> ll wewe, 'vee don it be.fore we didt i withiabosn. >> we didt i with len.bano k,chuc letmell te you- - well, li wbyaas aer te riblmie.stak a fr nkly wthat-as -t tha's etsom hinglepeopgh outot be
3:00 am
ou yno kw,y thend spe -- t hey talktaboung be,hazii whchs i ry ve itlege,imatc of seour it is. b weut ou sheld nver haveos deped ad g.hafi t tha awase tlerrib ism.take gtheasuy w inworkig wsth u and no 'vw weeat creeda chnos i that c ryount. o lo wk, iotas n in favorof s. u. pstroo in anlebon. an d i votedi aganst .it ve ewhn enea rganwa nted them rethe,p ti'n oeila wntedem th th , erethenwh tenheyot gow bln p uwtip ouas blt gamin ren.aga i n'll feveretorg it. ilcivwa -rs - ingett g in tw be -eenou- y oknw,in sthce e h sixturcentnny sui and shia ve han bee htfig ing. o>> s w you ould ostayut of a?syri i >>u wonlld ooy g to syria to trdesoy isis. oui wotld n u use.s.oo tr tpso de poses a bsad, wut iould posuphert tbe rels te.her 's ity oka topo sup rtlepeop who reshar you,viewt buo f reth ni ustted atesbe to br emd oilein c a wivilnar iri sya nsagait s as tad i ihink bs aig smi. take ou>> y know, yveou'o alse ben
3:01 am
u yo as apu reanblic btudge a leander dki wor ng twithhe cl onintin admatistrion yuou gys geforad au bdget twahat s oj prdecte lusurpthses horougut t he ftirsrt pa oef th 2st 1 c rentuy. t i gwas onemimteedialy. on aye wny mamo detscrae havd sai ooneef thea rssonha tt lusurps ntwe away soic qu wklyas dueo t e thsh bu tax .cuts o dyounc co wurith t?tha we here tus bh taxs cut too igb? >>no, t ihinkwa it s tdspening, hu cck. t irhe dtytl litee s icrets mo des crat tloveeno spd. d anub repnlicao s d itoo, t's tjusat thpu reablicnsl fee g y.uilt o lofk, i youn' doat hve a leader thatnd stas t inheac breoh t re instra thesp ngendi of g nover, ment'theyalll ways ndspe. >> gi'm oingeato ltve i erthe. >> a oky, ucchk. >> ipp acireate it. 'wel ltccah up i'm surein the wnext oeekr so. > >y weah,e lwil. l alhtrig. >> >mi coupng ,he te datmocric erac andy whit may start ingetttog rughem froe her for iebern ersands. ofand rs cousae ayturdht nig gh fi its,hen otorr wds, last gh niret's blpuicane dbate and
3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
g wen iliffr esh offmo tidera ng at thde atmocricba dei te kthin enhappn ed ilathe ewst f ydas. l wee comof bsp wsne hour. hlkateen erpark,um colnistom fr he "thi wasn ngto"post and ron rnfouier. le et mar sttt wihn coesequnces klquicony siacald anen the mov o ttheat deb oeef thit uned st s atetesena. r ch yis, kounow theol psitic of th is. > a> yeh. >> e thit unsted atesatsene, w illeit b a fctunngionich rambe thisyear? or ld couis thgh fit shut the en e tirtesenan dow t forhe year? >> okay. so ine gelyralut pse mylf t inhe 1 m% ofost calyniceo p apletbou itpolics. i waspr surisedt thach mit onmcc nell ocameiut w ath at stt emen qaslyuick ashe id d s iay nng iotst' unkeli tlyath pr sientdeob a'ams ninomeeil wl e prntsidema obatt puing a no eemin rwfoard. tyou shenawry har rreeid d.spon engiv thatd an g ivenwhate' wve rdheam frod te z,cru dd onal mptruar, mco rubio.
3:06 am
tipolical psres.ure buto censiderablli poltica sspretoure ut sh thishi tngdo wn orbef ee itver rtstas. >> d, an gwen,s thi is the b.ase t dhey won't tanto see even a ch e ancthateb som cody ouldget n coefirmd. t onthhe oaner hhed t re's five bluet sate rliepub wcanshoo d ythent wa to look like trobsonuctiist? ba alsicely hgo's t age ti orn eonendnd a theff cli on the r,othet i . hink t'>> is thex boha tt mr. nnmccoell b haseen in andn joh e.tim asi w s notisurprhaed tet he cam o haut tt iquy.ckl i' otm nre suhe ha danyho c ice t bu ctooome ut anday shi tsis lthe inerewe'in gotog ra d awnd sthen btepack and let other pe fople iightt out. ju sst a the lreade to sayhi ts i e s th iline'm asawwe sm fro ptheuressre om c fingtrom rhe penesid tial dicans,dateat thsn wa b't aig sk ri for.him nd a t forhebl uest ate blrepus,icanrr woouy abtht em t laer. ri ght tnow hhey taveoro wry ab touthe base. >> th i ink it's even orwse. hwit0in 2ut mines ohef t nn aemounc ent hthatse wa dead i go t an ile-maom fr ae vry pr neomiepnt rcaublinns contulta al ofl who youn kowyi sa wnge're
3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
r wo wking aellhond swt thathe pu reanblicens arwi't gllin to r wok. > ll> weh, tsat i b theig risk fo thr e ubrepnlicas. 's he t goto be thininkg, oh, my h,gos c tedorruz al donumd trp co buldmeecosi pre dent tandhen t rehey'ng goi topp aoint the ne xt jcustie. >> bigy,stor ch,ucks thi is o an sther oignef th picolital dy ctsfuninion is thwn to that u yo iandve halk tabted ad for a longme ti. i nk thiis th isng goi b toe a tlongimeef bweore e have nin ju odgeshn tat court. loa ng meti. >> n ca isayon ee mor ithng? th s ere' aalsok ris tforehes blrepusicant thay ma hbearilly cl onint orbe rnie srsandes doe et g cteleed. and byho gldinup thert cou inappot tmenluntihe tt nex re pntsidehe, txt nesi predent ul co ad be ocdem rat. y>> b the way --l alf ose the po titenral pdeesilntia ca atndidees bar clefut whayo u sh wir. fo oif yurir fst 010ay diss nadomibyted up a s creme ourt tfigh t and hisirenvntonmeou, y ll wit geno gthins ele e.don e'>> wvea tlked atbou iths. hyouave cabasilly one big sw , inghtrig. >>. yes or>> fa obma asit w hhealt care. u yo ohaveigne b th ing. it>> 's a usscot . pick >>lweoul, ye havo tdo the
3:10 am
chkasist, ju lete thpr soces . roll et>> l itl.rol a rill ght. w ote g l toet itl rol here. we 're nggoido to o smeeb date at ch lter iaterhen t oshw,t bu mi coupng ,n berie seandars cme igup bh witit wheot v iersn iowa a nndew shampe.hir bu ctan h weinv o er r af-aicanicmer ansto atdefe l hilary ctlinnon it satesli ke u socath naroli? >> i' vea s bidcklai ahavehmst a... .o.. onenyf maie pinces y mli .fe heso wmyn hm astsya msmptoep kcot ngmik bac y on mnglom -terntco roldime,cine talk i o ed ttomy doc r andd a founinmisse g piec my inmaasthme treatnt.
3:11 am
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3:12 am
3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:20 am
sc dieduss ts.hing nd a a we sreseuppotod um ass e e' wrea prt ofat th whene whave so mey verp sicecif eends. aandll of d us on'teeagr dynobo dcanveeliher tac blk vo bte,ut l alf ous ag ree thatre the are ifspechiic tngs thatyo u just 'tcanco verus jt tngalkio abut co eicnom quinetyali wouitht ta nglkiou abt ralaci inalequ ity in.that cayou n't tjustalkou abte th ob prlems withsh waoningt wouitht kitalbong a autra ce plerobnm i at th. i soi thhnk tsoat meof the an ygereaou hr isr f bomeing inmargedaliz. nd aat th c has fomeromth bo li erbs alnda erconsvevatis. >> a go d,hea . guys i >>nk thi theer revends iht rig in at th -- and inkthiis th is th pre moble for iebernsa snder t ishatni berean sdersbe esliev t atohe c trehend futaamenl uaineq tlity hatlaexpinser amica ison ec omicin urnat ne,ot ac r ial, nothianytng .else t he pemrobl ise hevbeli-es - ll we', i cveedover it. i've tdalkeut aboco ecnomi u eqy.alit 'vyoueae hisrd hsp re tonse here min soinneta.
3:21 am
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3:22 am
we e arli deaitng whll hoodywo reprogessiv hwoolly odwith an roscate whioutgh rit own. tso i whinkhat a lot of lepeop e argi begnnin to see iswa it a teminu we doot na wnt to be rg maizinaled. a nd we't dont wan b toero thwn aintosi iotuatern whpee siccif ed neres a not dealt w ith. h>> wfat ie brnie srsandea tlked utabo o onehef tss iues where thefr a-aicancamerimmn cotyuni s habeena malrgin izedand in adste ofintalkbog athut e enumb tr ofimese hd saia blck wh fat i he tdalkeou abhet t nu omber afanfricri-ame cans riimpdsoneer undsi predent cl onint? at wh ife hlk tabed aout the 110- alraci daiesprarispunity deridpresent c tolinn? at wh ifahe si id have a l sonutio fors,thi'm i ggointo un shlea thewe pors of idpresalentime clencyd an i'm i gotong ee frev ery sopern,ma ny w ofreho afr a-icanicameransn i i provson erte sen tnceshahat ve no et ben grfaandetherd? ow ho purulwerfld wouat th ?be >>thwheheer a t alkedbout is sues peeoplno tre age ifspecic is s.sue
3:23 am
bo arut penesidlit cnton and the mecril bil,er bniean sderste vod r fo it. t so mhat ightonbe eas reeon h e do bsn'tring it up. bu tt i think hatheat tth oer s ide of thats i mr. conlints ha hsaidade me a stmiake, mr. nd saauers gtdayto s he sh n'ouldavt hevo ftedor it. d an wthene otughto talkou abt wehow de alth wi mass in cecaronratili, porece aformnd ll af ose the is.sues os thfe o us -- i >>t go toap wrt i up here, but errevend arshn,ptoe ar youo ging toor endese bforeut soh olcarina? >>n'i donot kw. 'r weeti meewing th. mrscl ninto tu y.esda >>y.oka >>rewe'lk tatoing na setor sa s.nder mawe yr oy maotn. whatn'i dontt wa g toetau cght in w isho'r weein go tgo rsendoe. w itoant w seeho'sin gog to orendse uavs h aingir faha sre hin tis uncotry. notsewhoe sid arewe on,os whe on our s ide. e>> rndvere arsh,pton i will le aveit hetre. pproc hetidswor. wh ween e com, backavwe hsse le ha t mn aeinuth wit e ouramnd ge s ntegme. so ofme thehl higsight l orow
3:24 am
3:25 am
en gd ga >> >ee "me t ths"pres g endame is br htoug to byouy inboeg, il bu tdinguthe f ourene urcenty at a .time > >> ,wellon dtrald wumpas dibuilng aal re tity vshow,my br r othewasil buding ase tycuri paaps ratu ktoeeps u safe. an md i'ou prfd o whate h did. ee[ chndrs ala app ]use heand 's hthad el gal -- he>> trl wodde trant ceerca me ddowngurins hi igren. re ermemb atth. au [ cedienin boog ] > nd> ee gamme ti. elpan isk.bac hawe 'tvensc didussee th badete. th kaleenj, eb bush'sig bme mont ether tgakin on umtrp. >> at th a wasd goo line. youoknw, eyvere tim trumpa bits je bub sh, jeb bushrndespos. itand v neerk wor s wthatell for hi m. do i knn't whow uty, b heu jst 'tcanl pulofit f. eand tveryimemp tru opensis h thmouth, i ink,okay, he's
3:26 am
t ihisths ime te'e h sggoin to d .o it yo u know, it's all a bouttysle. cyousaan hey taq ir waras w a s mi,taket bu yould cou alsoy sa in ou sarth caolinrt paaricully w yhereavou he agh hirc pegeenta mofariliteoy pple and ravetens, t wireh gesat rpect t torahe bve me ann wd womenhogh foutn i ir iaq,e havo tt jusay s iast w a mikesta. d anini thk aot lf oop pe le eeagr. d an letusme jayt s athisnd en th goon. b heut t akstac the lyfamihe, ckattahes t ermoth. isjeb derspeate. bhehrougint alaur yerdsteay. >> ifny aot herca andidte erlit iallyn ptoliics iner amica pe merfore d ththway onat dald t drumpinid at tha debaste lt ig nht, iul woved ha wenrittan d nc coedluds thier p ison gsone of hef t r.ails he ldooke angry, to tkan'hlees po intth ough-- >> bute wkn owt be tterhanha tt now. ou>> yen sp t$36i bonllid an t ahingbout h newhampsire and ads andngthion d'tca re about, butan-- sey sasonha ttgi bens th sis ing goi tooo dm dd onal mptruau bechase ens be penrov on wr mg soany imtes. t'whahes tin pot? >> s it't no ucso mhut abo rutmp,
3:27 am
es istablt.hmen dowhy weu assmeat thy' there i gotong fe dehend t e listabntshme? ey th're nggoi toef dend a bush? >> w itaser intngesti to hwatc ma rrcooubiho w found aay wo t ,waitto let thegh fi btenetwe tr aump nd acruznd bushl p ayout heand d sai this is what i be velie ande h did ithein t fl nouid nrepeative ayw. n i thatecrespet hi dmsd hiaelf r.favo i >>st wau mlytuales dtitruc on st la n aightoond gghd nir t fo ickash chkasi. >>ini th hk wetrave ump,z,cru e, on two wanddoe kn'tnowhi wch erorde, onwo tis ggoin to be. d thircepla ttma ers. ha>> t t's iwhyou thght jebwa s ac lytual g asood ase ha hees bn. an td ihthoug -- >> butub r diogoinl wel'tdidn he lp. > bi> rueo nededo tdoth anoer tlas sdaaturyeb deat bauecse ru o'bis b-usplnd aet brteh tan bje a'sn i dbaete s.term a nd inkthiio rubas w ttbeer, di red moo g fodor sehimlf. i ou thghto t engw's pt,oin how do ares muco rwibio pnd uin beg
3:28 am
sh buin admaistr tionin aig f ht it wbh jeh bus t onhe st?age >>ini thk erov dallton' you th pink leeopst jut fel like, , okays,kidan c youst ju stop g fightin? t >>our yont poiu abohnt jo ickash. e' hcls yearlid sare thenl's oy on lae porce f t meo go. ani cg't ntet ihao tt fi.ght m i'not g goinetto g in it. i o'm g ingbeto mr . pivosit ity inmorng. > >loi ve it. mmy iom wbell py hapbo aut t.tha th 'sat f allor aytod. l we'labe b nckextk wee bseecau itif un's sitday me's "heet t es prs." . hu ermb: to tonayod's owshth, e dssounna of a taliieclavr. wthenare lemen sov kra.maga pl raus, pquelunomplth in e es flruh. te st m iwhenl telyou th anis cy onleebe sn on at "lioinatn."
3:29 am
]latv mb hu: ertoomwelce to "l atatin" ion,brceleg atinyour ge tineraroon fasm co ct to.oast i' m hyourhuost tomberda gui. d aninkickf g ofy'todas ishows ge are ntinersinggw/sonr ritewho fi merst izsmerheed tbe memfrs o e thvethieorry ctiporaanon, d as ei thurr toge sinher, sel devoped se a ilnsibfoity zzr jame elents an und ha vtings ocalheon t way to am an g azin dsolo. ebutand wh naile a taliieclavr'sis mucal re caooer tr k he fawayherom r be d loveosbuenes aire, sh ce re wntlybaent ock t in reuctrodrse hetoelf her ho wnmeto e, aniexpershnce e do ntcumen ed ilaher ltestive al abum.s nd agrshe asows an ti arshst, soe alds len her riexpe wencediith enffert cu eslturhe to ler roh witan or zagani ctiond alle, leafhwhic is ic ded tatede o therpresonvati of ri abol ginaualangarges ound th rle wot'd. is thall ndat a rmore nightn ow oin"latn.atio" ss se iionsess prd enteby do mc'nalds.


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