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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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vemon iex mico. >> kim: this was from mutines hagoe beoardisd h p.lane ishe in gog not only to moexic but cuba ase h's incontuing to mdru uppo suporrt f theho catlic uchrch. he a hass masay tod in ana are foic mexo which issi conddere theae lstat ccholi ande' wve enbek tal aingbout theis hctori visith withe tad he ofhe t ruanssiho ortdoxrc chuhin takg placen iba cu ift ias hn'ten tak acple adylrea. it>> did overh te wneeked. >> : kimwe t seehe flag fglyin hatalf staff in ourio natn's tocapitl a t whehitese hound a suepremrt could buiing. an>> dina: rbrememance of juesticli scaa. 'wealll tkut abo theht figr ove owh will rlaepce him ijun st a itb. jomaror pmsble on 2 theh15 tis rnmoing. t >> iom: bt's ceendlosen dow tforashe ltf halr ou oro. s ine thas endtboune lao sa
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toruw t acksrerr agivinn o the escen toy trnd aar cleth ings up. yo huave a baig jpm u t onhe eefrway. th5e 21ks looos cl redight now. we n'reot sgeein any ticraff gothing hrought rigw. no syouee the towck tru now on ensce. athndt ieicato s tthus rey ane i thece pross ofar cle aingndt' is tno a fatality accident because they wouldt noe have th tow uctrk on the senceh tis elyar if itas w. wave heno artheci acdentn o i15 onr you waynt iohe t vy.alle this binlockg tlrave lsane way do swn bouthloy shian wch is tjus oiduts tehele valy. anyonein comgn im froal cniforia wiavll hoe tlo swow dns ahe ty goy. b tr avelstimee aroo lgkinok extcep forat thet ddoure fitrafc onh t21e 25as entboud. k >>y:ellri we'oong lk'rweeoo lking at
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70t aoo nnnd a a 75t:0 40. we arexp engectiar wmer mpteureratndes ata a sysmp stem siin goog tck knohe tt sorm smyste oiis gong tck kno those ertempesatur down. >> : kimsi preiadentoll psitic in lfulne sce. ersand sandnt clioton bhe her indrawarg l cgedsrowe her in utsonherad neva. d >> ana: mnow oorehan wt hadener ovee thke weend. we g'rengetti a lotf oe lovro fm thesedi canesdat. we>> g arengetti aot lf oov le. emaybit ftingha teyt ther we heren oal vneenti's. day laseg vas, serouthevn n aada,ll ofs uet ggtin a lot of atittenon omfr cthedaandi htes ereinhe t pocalitil sigpotlht. dtheremoc caticdaandites onhe t esprtiidenical tket are ggivin ervotn s i vlas aegas l toto kthin at.bou incl mtonade salever s itopsn ltheegas vreas aa winrappg up rhe ciampagn sgwin tghhrou our
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nsiece wre at jus a few day as ywam fro theau cs,cu cntlino is timotva te pheeople to back her on saturday. sanders spoke to a packed rlyal. he 2's p2ino otsff of are fsh inwn iwne hampshire. 22oi pntwi n. hesre i a ltitle of what each ndcateida had to say. i>>'m notta sgndine her omprgisinu yoo sinmethg i't can deerliv. mi'l teling w youean co dhi ts ag.ain awe cnav hean no ecomyt tha eacrtesob js,nc iesreasnc iome, kmaest ios pesiblo t shareor me prs,ofitai rses thein mmimuag we andua gerantesqu ealp ayor f nwomeor's wkhi wch is way duovere. >> if the pnerso pleeop are agengned i p theicolital pesrocs in a wheay t ay renot t,oday if they say to wngashi ytonreou a ggoin to raise the muminim w,age
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ittuione, freu yo arein gog to vhae thein weehig taynk pir the fairha sofre ax tes, whenat th ha tens, ihereso nim lito t awhet w canom acchplis. >> w itasen satoran sders taglkinh wit our ownef jfn in a rvinteiew. ersandhas d aoo gd tuturno. hisam cgnpaie tlls ushe ty maesti10te 2eo0 ppleer we there eato hr sorenatde sanrsak spe. an>> dhaa: t ynkou. crdemocaticu causin comg up rdsatuay. anhed tub repanliccu cauns i the atstile wel b theol fnglowi estuday, aee wkro fmor tomrow. so ig imainere we'in gogo t get someep rcaublinov leo. to >> : kimvewe'n bee cinheckgou t ourat n'sionap c.itol thmae i agesiassoctedit whhe t lossf o jceusti siacal. flags fglyin atal hf sf tafat ethre sup cme.ourt asth e deebatt heaps ur ove when a rceeplament for sacali sdhoul
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attho als has atl lite shiometng to do withsi preiadentlit polics don'est. it >> a danes: do itr. eve chmi jellesoins uiv lne i the iostud. there pntsidea seys hll wi nanomiomte seone to'la pce liscaa. who weverew knot thach mit mcelconnlhe t lr eadeofhe t se snate iayst's never goingo t tgetghrouheh tat senhie ts .year ha>> that s ao l otf pleeop erwond wing ihatsoi gong t pehapn here. ew d son'teehi ts o.ften tedhe usin askgn whe w itas l tastime s ameuprert cou tposi wionpeas ourn daing idpressent'al finar ye in fiofce. dweid dngiggi and thewe ansr esgok bacos alm0t 5rs yea. esprtidenoh j wnsonaho wos nt nnruing forle reeonctiin nomated meso wbodyhos waea alrndy o the sumeprer couot tl repacehi cef jucestire warhon was wan plning toet rire. thasat woc asseiatus j.tice ktheey dreiffe wncehat is hainppeng nowhe is was adylrea
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icjustnde a the seenata sid no. laleittre mogi digng. 1in987he wnre pntsideal rond agreanin nomdateen knedy aea yr before pderesieant rsgan'al fin aryein ff oiceut b notnt uilis h stlar yeaha ttne kenasdy w apveprod. 'sity vere rarou ye sehi ts enhappn whe a pderesintas h to tdohisnd at' i gsgoin to enhapp. iaw s conlinta sidh tere34 is 0 ysdat lef beefor wee hav a new esprtiden h soe'sng goi to make atthis decion and wee'rng goi to veha tot wai ande se what has.ppen a lot ofpl peoede wonring is isthn goi tgoe mak itor mef o a deatmocrecic donisi andak me the wh solemeupreou crt whhic was yswais decion. th hatas aot l ofeo pple conncerned o the right s.ide
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wthendeeke about werheth the idpres went pouldick sonomee who shan bee tghhrou the nfcotiirmaonce pross,be may mesoone in ain cabeti postion ird hea thesi postybili of jay tujon hnsoendosun ranomeled setycuri n'i doowt knth if s is iedtalknoa ouabt.t ye awhat aboutme foresr prt,iden id llbint clion? d >> hana:a e's erlawy. enwhs thienhappaced bnk i7 198 rwhenaneagein nom kated,endy he 'tdidnet g tghrouh until 1988. wthat tashe final year of areaginn ic off mthatt i tghhrou a crdemoicaticyalltr conedoll tsenae. im>> khe: te makntes ita loent dienfferent wh c it tomeson pabianrtis.ship rewe'ng goi ti_ut o mn thwi cy trat nexalf urho. d >>: anaavwe hema ateurde vio
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cosellap afterquarthake st.ruck ethte ceninr neil mesa estf o christ ch.hurc ethere wer more t 4hanft0 aer shkocs. poceli sd aierth weeer no reports ofor majag dame or riseousur inj.ies >> : kim w itast mus see tv. thoseep rcaublinsn o theeb date st gageoingt a it. throinweyg he makndrs a h weave thuse meet sen momde hearr youeic y.waa an>> dusa: aiatralfin ofscial icallcto hismug drt. bus t whainwas r thee th hey? it lwe'lt leou yw knoom cgin. up >> kim: saying goodbye hours ago. th wisas the snecet a the alstl- koanry iis hi flnam: tam peorrfncmand at iaswas ofcenddo atth'l you tl bengalkiut abo l we'le shar amore.headno
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itwail unt s youheee we're w d >>: anacepolies invttigaing altilega tons fhatrorme newor yk gornve eorillot snpercett akeacd aom wan. k >>laim: nfw emeorceount ssrce sagyinis th womanld topo licen i newor y hk cedhokeer hn ti hol te sonuraty daghni e shidsat ipphaedenn ishia hol teomro. th tat the hwo gadeonhe tre after spending time at tar bnor th
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intellg pceoli shed di knowi hm. eonrc souse i sgayiny the are dating echath f wromhate wnd uanerstold, pice inrk yo aes invttigaing thisnc itiden's aos pblsis s a2si posebl saastulele. cas nod worellm froler tpe siese him an>> d ma: ae v ali eraft w hequle pul al chwoodrippede yorha ts t wanichurtng aksi thmee ti. s hiesharnts gong hub ibs limuna he i got't can t inked ta e.scen heat tas lt sdecon hiseg l petripd the styafe bar andt shu tiff o. hero bkeis heg l anduf sedfer a headnj iury in all o\l t >> : kim thisuiis qpe scene. 140 firefighters called out to fight this.nece stniuny igmaom cginn i ttoeh atstion. itta sterd lsta nhtig and boy
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thaye wn itohe t h wee ooursf the mngorni. wfrom whate rsundetand they have it u cnderroonttl as thi potinut bti sll don'tow knt wha causedar d >> lana:frive ouom sth roca, lina mit's rarcooubi o sthe ttumpni morng. thoue sen ear ca olinarprimn troly e ngcomi o upatn syurdad anr ovee ethake weeelh tere v abalksttac g.lyin >> : kim w he pas a oartf some of oitn theg stae. bjeh busnd aon dald smp trull rea g gointat iossp elleciaverhe w tcamee o thlihandf ng o wthear iina uny ba pah bus niadmitistraon. s>>dhoule hav never been in aqir. ewe haves dlitabi tzedmihe eddl stea. >>il wheon daldru tmp wasjeo ilbu adingli reav ty t, showos brr othebuwas ngildiec a syurit raappatotus p keeafus snde a pi'm oroudhaf weid d.
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the world trade cr ente-- i lost rehundfds oie frnds. eth world t craderrenteaer cmee cam do.wn that is not safe. >> a lot ofeo ppleay singth e reasonable heot ged booau becse heas wpe sinakge more lik a new rkyonder as les like a pureanblic. lheost aot lf oele fri onds/1 9* ndaoc demsratsegayin howld cou ewve haen be srafei durng the usbhin admatistr.ion it 'srare tor hea aep rcaublin s peakethosd wors. beecaus bushs io sop pularn i hsout cinarolaha tt'shy won dald tr gumpothe t boo. d >> bana: hush alrova inratfg o over 9 0%ouin sth licarona. t'thashy w hl haoi go ng t e therhifor ots bry.oda weun e honlint 1 9/1gayin held cou have ntaken dow l bin aaden dndid
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>>in tryg toak meu sere h was untadersgndint whaio rubas w\lr yisandng aed ask ss tibemes e caustocline n bin lade lthato ed ttwthe wetorars cg shin.down >> m the esau r coeb d ense. e >> w hwereg avinira bythda ypart m forci_ro brthe w andere soeedocus 9do c.ntz unyoopg pen le ir thei t20'shat weatre wgchiner evomy m it. an>> dlea: gt's cet aheck on theec for.ast obedeutsi. a o lotfpl peoave hre to estict. i kilds a hhe tree gtr o tgrea tt go ese thta p ewe'r wngaiti forh te sun to ecom up. omit ces upor befe0. 6:3 eths day ginettgge lonr and lo.nger ertempeaturse wi as weke tamucha oklogehat wut yogeeinr uyoeparaal wutk o dis thel paseradi
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isunrn se is 50'. teatmpersureng goi toli cmblos d^ quyickl ohee t sas hacom ci\ndp. uos hwe avee m*it l o args lre b ouht t rtnoash l vegas 1le5-mi perou hr s.wind hesoutarrn p tt ofhe vyallem cal isth minorng w wheree will see stguiny wsds iteuang alond t racoloivdo raler v0 wh itu adsovia ila pnit wunus gpts ua s 4tole0 miers pur. houtenor thste reso of rnuthead nev d quiet. juigst hinh thud clos. thsat're we'etixpec saate whoch tlose c mudsove in,ci pretipitaon ints par of amontndna ah. uta etho recrdh higay tod. 79 ovgerni9ht 4la atl mos c s.skiee e lot ok asethe daven-rey fo.castlcar thste benc cha he wetoave ak bress a rdrecowe is dadnesy.
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'rweree foincast.g 80dd^a brfe.uary k knocertempesaturn dow awith htslignc char e foershowus bt veehen temn ttpera sures itilln etho 7 t >>weom: r stami\ree s imemprovlre whe ethhad mo ciac tdenthahat hed te fre edclos o8he t 215. deedtour t offrehe f tewayeto g syou cee gor 'sitck bloa ing lecoupanef la witaras e.lier heanottsr ou vide fiew oromd camera showing us things areis ttge binghy wea aaw s un pahe tr lecomplote c.sure n dowheto t se hav ta acntcidemt ahe t a 15nd lepeop cgomin i fnmroal corifani vehao tve moer ov toe thid sfe o eltraves timtl litowe sl boeastthund tough aheyre ingettrog ththugh ere. tr tavel limesngookid gooun arosu
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e thengre i t yhat ntmome t'let s ge tbackheo tc antew n im>> kal: tbok anut a o end ekoban bryt sinpendg 20 seasons in the nba. c reheal is arl-stn sherttan ed ie thl-alarstam ge whn e whelynn 1l >> an d ha:'sela pdyea i8n 1f o thment nw.o stlaig nin flo oe.n hes ad ha. aew f wdsor to sayef beor eythip tdpe offo tta srthe t .game >> iu jst wantth to ankou yu gys rfoll af oar yrouco spuptoror fll a theesea i'veee bntr exyemeltu forenat to aypl the geamh t leyeovnd a be i tnhe nbaor for me thanf hal my .life >> h he0ad 1n poits last nhtig. ssrulel wesrotbkon win tinghe v.m.p. horons. thine falre scosuerhi ta 9619.-173 hithe t ghesinscorl-g alstar
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inw.ningn >> ey thn' didlat pefy deensor a all. >> we> ak tton dow q.nder deinsi be re we'oeal tngkin bo a e why thend founir theig bgest hmetst bu in hryisto in raaustlia. segizin0 $20limilonor wfth o theru dg. theley b ieveasit whtrougres,dete fronom hngg koto thayey swa it ugs sm igleden th tsnser. fsot. ri>> enc: itrpl sup stinveorigatt s go opartef th meshipnnt iem decber. thedat lndhe ten s agetoralo lifacihety where tuny fored moo amethrrnd ad este mfourore sutsspec. lafot o i italrystedlizrm fopao tbuo lnt iencoiq lmeuid .form >> a: danll stive hae tims noatminome s yeonetsi conuvs henro i4cs caro heres otpromion. thouey cinld w a brand fneword iofusn. 'rweeae t umingop t give away a tcar sonomeoeer desgvin out e.ther yallavou h teo do is htoead
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cefae pagitebsnde ada m llteuc aleittut abo theda era u yontu waaomine.te re k >>: ellycioffiinals focali hrniaa ave agmessre fo lslocang goin dowheto tc beahes foprr s bing hreakunoo s tdon' do this. he's going to be okth wi a rdainges rcueu btll we'av he more hedead your queay wina d >> aana:uan aq hriumalas ct f of ythissear'op octatus mb trioadit ecanc.lled ctheroncehens ta hve about the
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thwi thell j >>: effowelcmeac bk. ha mppyyonda toou. noat h ippyuf yo g aren 521 ""jefas endtbou htomeeas bngalkibienbo a deacciernt hdminlil. th seyulho bdin hav t recleautd onoz t presion soonti thaey h thetck trudeloae rethe. eone lanck blolimphe t mi'oi gng tort sta f 1rom5 t5o 1 iscl ear. 551m fro v lasegasle bou tvardo e th215 wille tak you 11. thngisre a lookingk oorfhe t m >> ly kelok: lo gingdutsie 15 t iherelis a oove lerk whee wgaas vehaut bealifuor cols. thune sestt geyeadme co u epl cou ms.ute ertempeature wismitt preos. st.artse p 55re-degses it wharepa'r weok loing atht rigave.ow n nwids l.ight
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ngaloque ahool cdoorave rial vley. mpteureratise we look at tehes mbnuers. by0: 1.00 a6m. 6. by0 2:0. 74 'rweoie gng toit hve hurigh ar 3ounde nofter eg76-d areese nd wdcoule se80 tela orn thisk. wee li'lt le k youen whangomin .up >> a: danis th w guynas oe th cronks i thece oanhe wnhe t vwa aesrera cishng against him. hit issas ngo die. k >>taim: gkinit que aea b.ting he is going to be ok. they had to bringay f cenra teo gehit tdana9- 1-oyearutld ooc iter's vsyy buerouth focali arniae t thhebeacr cabeofuse s thientrem heweat'rr wejoe en hyinganere d sinerouthlin caiaforn. eythe havssa mefoage llr a of us. eaplese b c iefulouf y a lre aa edhead dgr`o t snther focalisacea b fchesgprina eabrk. ki heavehat on tso rihon zor foarclcok tyun
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arstdteis hri t ip caubhe wre heas whe trvede tee wndke wnoe' h is mexico and hdeaed to ala peratod trehehe t lwi hldolas m rleariehi tmo inrn wgee ethac bk wdoinw rleold dnow and itas whe tyzae pophein tdo oack attht notiradi molebi. k>>: imisthta sedrt inhe t rfistha lf o ourf our program.
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xnetph an>> d"sa: sportus illedtrat" in theea hesdlinor foi dng soinmethgt thay thea hve never edonef b.ore darhono r iuseysn'tve enea wgrin ata bhing s iuitn her st.ho u'yoeell sanin coma:p. u >> : kiminfindreg a emplacent. thghe fis t haadalreary stted wihoth wl willa repti jusiro sc.alia aweivre lm frour o nn'atiosya c caolpith witonam te* er cov d >> oana:fne o olalia.av feorit manuh wis okids attho isnd amaa cr.oope uyo n'reotng goi toie belveha wt esh d isoing for make ah wis now. osa dfe ons itipiraonom cing yowaur ny iin m.utes
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inur o nnatio'spi ca fit'sdrigiid insp s theeenati e thes tdays im>> k t: onprhis enesid dt's daholi ry,lyeal in savrag gce ybin havhig t wrthe g o pandleeopot n hgavinhi to the t droa g toont io work. a l ootf peeopl sngtayiom heor f dgoos reaecon b oause tfhe daholiny ahed t wrinte wheeatr. d >> aana:im estdate 0 40-6iomillmen ansrica had lobeerw zoem ttupera ores tverhe enweekd. atthlu incdedto bosnd anw ne yorky citti setngor recdws lo toverhe weneekd. k >>: ellyifa dntfereor stsy a afarhes tor recds'r wee flngirtih witoc 'lweetl g toe kllyn i aom ment. trigh nowom tas hee bnu bsy all mogrnino lngca beusere theas h be aenn alwfuid acconent the 5.21 >> : tomre theve han bee aum nber orof psblem. ith ts isnehe och catingos mt ntatteo m i'y happayto ss it'stalmo a nedol. dea hthey taveowhe tc trunks o the sc weneinorkng oal le cgarint tha
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eyth ee havlnt tha jbot a sem cldeare o outhef taay w. thanoccer atiden on t5he 1 north bo jundust cgominnt io town from carnlifondia a it has been theretr etravanl l cepoliure th sutne bantra t gavin t sozequee o byhen t rfartigh s no ht a qay delueoiut g tngo slow things down a l inn tow tjusteo thedi of l yrou gangato w fioh ts. rmnoral t oimeshen t eefrwaysin comg inton. tow sjuhet t oneid acc oentn t 2he15 moalst`as le ca esp. ucepi shginin. now we're lngooki at myostlun sny esskiou thrtghoun t day teand atmper curesinlimbstg fa aonce.gainoqp b70ony noay tod t 76 a t3:00afhis ooternm atthou is per ex hctedanigh e atth14 is re-degboes aorve n thfor imis t ye of
6:32 am
res cord wthiseek. wego're toing k talt abouit mco uingp. im>> kok: lofoing rdrwa i tot. ghriot ne'w w tgkinaut abo rt"spolls iatustrti get oton aonentis thi w usbeca lanf opl peoe are aiprgsininagaz i wneim sw sonditi. an>> dwha: iichnts istereing usbecane i p theasty' theve ketan ao lft ot hea tforhem swi isudit entioay s winghy h doave you am swit suidi e, tionyou are rt"sposll iatustred." nohyw wy thee ar gngetti m souch isprahie teas yr. y>>es a lot of cgehannds a one tofomhe w oenn the cr oveof the zimagasne i an atthlee. eon ofm theca be tusehere is retheo he tgr three thmee woren weadleeveade theais ycor's mover odelsn rethffe diterenti edi oons e 1620or "sp us illedtratwi" sra suti edion. foher tst fire timn ive o0r 5 ye tarsheig hhlynt aaticiped issue freeatuhs tree women esreprngenti threeif dntfere
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thire fstve curguieod mveel e beue iss td onovhe cer. sh e's abeeng lonatdvoc odof bsiy potytiviin sayheg tre nisgrone si etht nexmucer covhtu feares rahond ro wuseyhopp aears in aod by pa sint swimuiter v sionone hr cover. in a video last srummey unpe snt adegeessareoy bod srshame. tandhisws sho a lot s ofnki but esh's a fonashiel mod s andhe is naoin braer byne o ofhe t ited.ors lalre thoe wwimen ll ben oe"th ytodaw" shos thingorni avwe he aasvi prei ei>> bd gunroredbinakg lurevoiztion bingsuty p mting sie z g16rliin h tes pag. tot pue m on theov cer,on d't geet mta sdrteec bause iig mht arsttry cing.
6:34 am
fa ct oi'mnovhe cf er otssporos stillud.rate nd>> aek bacut oer hei lve hewheta sou ye lovidter haemn qhe tu alannuue issy manrrgr ageein ithat nt'secto tsosee sy bodenerp diitversd y angechanrs foe th rt"spolls iraust sted" swim ited.ion >> : kimnk thau yo s foritartng e therconviosatndn a w weould liorke f ito tti con.nue pl seaseoundf of on ourac fokebo page. yohour ttsugh o ciespe ially't canveelieun darhon*se rou rh witjereod b. inpa lit looksa ike everysixpenve atb shing bnot' isu^ vot nst w no hen aodope s gst. d >> iana: b've seenexcitd. enwh eut o aroopedana
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:53 am
cabeuse mdaelinl wil be live on ethgr proam binreakgn dowall eths hit ands misroes fm the red rpcaet. d >> tana: hey garenettigea rdy to onpe theoo dr. thope pes i onat thl pane. hel wilel diver as masit ltle tbiat lern oay tod. 'shew midhray t houghriis tp. sheedtart c in aubaond nwe' hs in mcoexind aoo sen hl wil be edheadk bac to rome. >> : kimshe ipo sup tsedo ivdeler a mass ath tis icpartrulaac plne i moexic where it is the lteas cliathoc. d >> hana: se'll htillave inadorrog c nwdsote matrer whe hes. goe >> : tomewe'vn bee on aeccidnt trpaol. thnee on o215 ise. gon erthe was ab prolem foreo pple co imingron fmal cniifora. jitustle c.ared nowou yn an opere f dewayown so.uth th ieresne occ atiden inhe t
6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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