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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 16, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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sethey mers. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> geth:evood g!enin sei'm eyth mers. ithisats "lghe nit." ho evw's oderybiny donig toght? [ rschee a anduspplae ] th gat'stoood r. hea le get's tt toewhe ns. va inlentdae's s y waeryestday. , so lif iliook dke it idn'get mu lech sitep, ec's b tausehe h coucrewas uallyfoncomlertab. gh[ liugt la ]hter blrepus icandeand atmocre s ar tifighveng oetr whher pr enesidamt oboua she ld bable a tontppoiti juscace ss lia' essuccsor. de atmocry s sa hthatoue shld, er whtheas nse cotitituayon ss th e at hl.shal li [ laght erught ] tethe uzd crpa camhaign lls pued ne a aw ad ifters t waalreveed at th a thessctreit in has ap edpearso in reftcon, por and w nohajeb res hir d heeato t ch hohim aw toikct l'se he jo en syinghiometng. [ htlauger ] pl[ ap ]ause a lelittrg eney. , oh.yeah
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[ t lighhtlauger ] t atwehis d'ekenbas dete, ma rurco acbio d cusecrted f uz o benot abing o le tk speaisspanh, bu dt itt idn' thelpcrhat uz th seen uand sptoish us acce ru ofbio ng beiun a hmagry n ilma awithd gooatjob oo a bork ste. li [ laght erught ] at thig's rmaht, rurco bio cu actesed uzd crno of int beg tableeao spank sp bish,heut wn he rd heas, thi b jebush diimmey atelgechans d hiaicampgn logo. ug[ la ]hter [ auapplse ] hi y llartoclind n an iebernde sanerrs wthe bo in la gas veers ov w thendeeke. ll hiatary edtendam a cn paig ll rahiy, werle bplnie tayedhe ni sckel.lots [ t lighhtlauger ] st lak, wee b jebceush atlebr ed 63his irrd by.thda he se clos d hi, eyes amadeh wis an end thal donumd trewp bl out cahis s.ndle [ t lighhtlauger ] u' yooore tw. slo u' yo lre a.oser go i urt yoh. wis [ t lighhtlauger ] go i urt yoh. wis li [ laght erught ]
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s jeb'hdbirtanay, isd th is ol co. i k thinavwe hphe a ofoto the brcelen.atio [ t lighhtlauger ] ro ugh. onno wheder n 's i asuch bad .mood he l wil smakenyo maes jokut abo him. na doruld tasmp lekt wene sigd hathe f nd odda toatler a aicampalgn rn ly isilouiana. id sa t theeroddlai, "what, tt sn wahr't sek?" [ t lighhtlauger ] ul wo hdn'tasave foked r an to auh grap kif iitnew n' wast re shk. pe ponc fras is ihein tdl mide of hi ves fi t-daytorip ic mexndo, a it ks looe lik hhe'sg avina et prooty gmed ti. ug[ la ]hter ch mi rigantlecenssy pa ned aew pa e ckagawof lats thlu incdes pr ioovisutns onglawih bot oral an ald an, sexwhbut lsat ee wo yould peu exroct fstm a ate sh lapeda ike ?hand gh[ liugt la ]hter i t don'.know
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's itd harelto tl. li [ laght erught ] er tha e's innew etternm scaout e wherlepeop s areanent ai e-ml om fran a mim clatoing th be e incousa of rinigestan autrona s who' sbeendetran sd in fpaceor er ovec a dade. ifso, g youhiave nem moy, 'sthatyo on u. gh[ liugt la ]hter an nad fi klly,s oalausin aiatral e arencurrsutly infferomg fr a ma e ssivmychlaoudia aktbre fe afg ctinstalmof halr thei lapopu, tionghthouen scis tist benow e liev ktheythnow ase reon r foouthe aktbre. gh[ liugt la ]hter avwe hgre a sheat orow f you ghtonivet, edyrybo! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ahe'sd goondfriemi of ne. i hee s th ostare f thfinew lm, "r "ace. ja suson isdeikhe is onre t.ight ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] oh at, whle a pe asureeto s. him fr spom " iortstrllus'satedw " ne suswimdiit e, tionl mode y kellbarohroich js ns u this ineveng.
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d ans he idithe orrectan of emacadary awmid-nod nate cu doarmenty. 's itta fan, sticte"carndl la." ma w ttheemheinoian js ns uheon t sh onow tight. ee[ chndrs ala appuse ] fa tintasenc evpling d annefor u, yo b bute eforetwe gth to at, th ate de sh ofmeuprert cou st juanice n toniiascal on rdsatuasay hck shoheed t tipoliescal istablt hmenand op uenednep a onw fr tt inhe pr enesid etialiolectn, ec spalificvely oetr whher pr enesidamt oboua shveld en be lo altowed in noma ate essuccsor in l hisyeast n ar iceoffi. r fo omoreisn thit, t'se imr fo "a closer look." [ rschee a anduspplae ] e agre hwithr im o snot,a cali s waofone m theost ns contequejuial s ristodin mern am anericto hisry. d anashe wwn knomu as orch f his ju aldicilo phiy sophe as hwas r fowahis thy wids wor. ov heer trs yea p, hereepped sideciwions olth cl orfuualangge "likeerjiggkey-po "ry," pure ap auplesance" rgd "aarle-bgle." [ t lighhtlauger ] le"arggl-barofe," rs coueie, bng th gae lerml tet thadedecie d th malandasrk cede swchish ef v. s. egg [ t lighhtlauger ]
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al scndia a c hisfuolorl vo lacabuhary tmot alst diimmey atelr aftedehis tath,he gg jipoery- wkeryn as ofull sp di blay,seecauor befe pr enesidamt obd a ha sevena aid wo berd, tforeethe d oailsf sc 'saliath deae wer feven ully kn sown,e enatrimajoeaty lder tc micoh mcl nnel qsaid, uote"the icamereoan pshple houlda ave vo inice s thetielecf on or thei snextmeuprert couti jusce. efther tore,vahis y cancldshou t noilbe funled wetil e hava w neidpres"ent. , sobathe lttle winesere diimmey ateln,draw i butmen tis l of soss,imomethees tovy pride w uswhith e at w aneedhand wt erbett t waygio bee n thesprocs eaof h tlingwihan sth a ober sc dionussiou of tir na on's refutu. atand ur sats day'tedeba, re icpublanan ctedidares wem cal diand iegnifd. ou>> y t areighe b lgestiar. pryou lyobab w are torsehan je shb bu. ex secu me -- ne>> oth of nde wol erfugsthin. d ifd onalp trumreis pntside, your seconamd enendmt -- ev [ neeryoki talt ng a ]once sp [ eaking spanish ] d >>t o norrintemeupt . hy>> wyo do e?u li on>> d--ald >> two dayags ho,sae hide wo tauld iske hts pan a offnd on mory eve.body
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s >> geth:ementlplen, !ease th tie nas on iouin mg!rnin w wegeill at tof ll o.that bu rst fixpt, e wlainrehy pntside a,obampi deseite byong, owu kn, idpres sent,d houlbenot ow alled amto nsce a raliaceepla.ment rs fi, t upo marco.rubi >> o i dbenot e lievthe pr enesidt ou shppld a sointneomeo. n wetoeed p pute eoplheon t h benc uthatstnderthand heat t ns cotititus on ia not nglivi and br ineathcug do, mentt is ie to b rpinted reterias ollginaany met. et>> sesh: y. rpintethret nse cotititus on ait wa igs orlyinalnt meace, exorpt f pathe hart tyst sa p thederesint l shalnanomiudte jofges the emsuprure cot. [ t lighhtlauger ] ev neeryows knot tha wpart as su tosed so bestarcaic. [ t lighhtlauger ] wh isich t whyouhe fs nder owfollt ed i awithug shrji emo. ug[ la ]hter thand heen tasre wo ohirngoveor kjohnh,asic s whostugget ed i thwas ese prt'identrs pac ioti ndutyo ot t nevena ame ibpossle cc sur essoscfor .alia r>> iy eall twishrehe pntside d woulk thinabout not nominating bosomeandy, wod i liuld heke t idprestoent t, jus o fornce he pure, e t thtrcounrsy fit. s >> heth:nee's puver e t th trcounrsy fit? ne red id emin hyou,d e ha be e yonc asings t hi
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wthatoras f us. [ t lighhtlauger ] al -so - ee[ chndrs ala app]use pu reanblicous, yll reapey exct am obt a noveto ey n trppto aoint so e?meon ur yoty parht migin nomthate is gu y. gh[ liugt la ]hter d an wthenule cod d enitup wh a su e premt couricjuste bgary.usey [ htlauger ] an cd we -an'tn'- ca tt dohat ri noght w. e we'rinnot la a phece we re w docan t. tha [ t lighhtlauger ] , soa obams wanto to djohis b. me ilanwhepe, rcaubliikns le ma rurco sabio heys tn'y woent ev i >>er undd standethe oncisi at th u yot mighsunot t pporthand at rethe icpublajan my oritn'doest wa hint tuts, b't donar -- en't otheyatbligo ed teaat lo st g ugthroe h thonmotires he? i , meanreyou'in sayn'g doent ev hrgo t toughothe m, ionswhy? c >>ctorre. >> h: set'r yout e nog goino to g th h rougmothe s?tion en evar a m criedctonne icut co wuple lhosediove eaed ygors a tgoesghhrou m thensotio. gh[ liugt la ]hter ro "dadp devi, dad." e "i'v dbeenfoead arr yes!"
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blbut ngocki n anyeeominil unt af thter ece el ction boulde a ge huk risthfor pue reanblics. , surea obamt mighnanomi- te - gh mit t nonanomihete tdeir ial ch , oicea but idpresent iebernde sanigrs momht ne inat oben,rsr woere, jry. [ t lighhtlauger ] d an wwhat aoulden pot tial idpreshient y llartoclin?n do ll west, lath mon w sheskas aed is thst queation ow a tlln ha. >> n theprext enesidllt wi ob pr aablyntppoier sevemal mbers t ofuphe s creme.ourt ul wou d yoidconsoier pg ntin-- po apngintima oba? [ t lighhtlauger ] ow>> wat, whre a gdeat ia. no hbodyveas eggr sud estethat to me. wow! pl[ ap ]ause vei lot! tha et>> sanh: c i younemagi es prt idenarhilliny clcoton ming ointoe fficara yem froannow d inappo btingk araca obamheto t pr sucoeme urt? sthoneitly, or's wt th i tjusto se d e te'scruzd heaodexple. [ htlauger ] an atd whby if e somcechan a re icpublinan w ns inbeovemr? , wellsui'm e re wtrcan anust y heof t mm toa ake , calmr sobe sideci-on -
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>> chill out. d >>d onalp trumreas pntside -- >> wo he tauld iske hts pan off moand veon edyrybo. gh[ liugt la ]hter hi>> thas bes "encla eros look." [ chrsee a anduspplae ] we be'll ht rigk bac with n jasoiksude!is [ rschee a anduspplae ] an(mm.) hmt wha ydo tounkhi? (s getranoor) grnd moin'! re(sto.) p.aen att stionerhopps, th s ere'sta lopl cou te inhe s men'rtdepa.ment o) (vre the g's a breatig haun-korki wutld ore the. plexitore a in rusubacr reosstk. it w'shat makes a subaru, a subaru. new ckschi hydrove usrs l thee ubp.stri thwi h atiydra gngesel rvoerir th esat giv you less40% ct friion. it
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to protect from irritation. y,sorrst lube rip. hschick . ydro ee frr sk ouif y s couldr ee youh,cougit t 's jush.a coug you' e d setehow of n youcoug l h alday d anouldso wry eveseone el. ne tuw robi 12 ssin hourde fliversast, wepoul crfghouelie rthf lasat ts upo telvetwrs hou. new robitussin 12 hour cough relief. usbeca's ne it jevercoust a ugh. ro trotmen ics, itithe na on'seslargpet indestndent udy, edtestes wirelrfors peemancac ssro c thentoury. ven,rizoon w w bigith one hundred fifty three ste wiatns. a t t and irgot thhtty-eigspri, otnt g two, d anlet mobi, ze gotro. n verizoonalso wst i fire n thfous , r datacall speed, and reliability. a t t and exgot, tt. stuc ak onagn averore netw k? verjoin aizonllnd we' coverur cyo tostscho swit. kiso my 'tds done to havag forgoe, jot two o pabs tmoy a ,rtgage and i've also got a brain.
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lli'wo be g whrkinyoile p.u slee st n'ill dokt thini've a got? brain yo k u thinmea resunoug's eh? o'llwhp stenup whein th ggsouet t?gh doyon't wau hant tkit f nd obrain? a eedegrs igra gyou're wanonnasot limeone ke me.
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e news? exa:ale' hernes the lews, "abaldcanwin sod jahwn scmaartzn rewen seeinmoonpag pai.razzldbathwin hirew oes sh at ogphoterraphfos beakre maing forun ".r it my r pooshca smere...ocks walexa,you ill r orderanothe o pairescif br.anis ordere bringnirescia. socks isokay l..ten. n yo candu sela some orwyers meth soing? ng(moani) ..
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setco welacme bk, ev oderyby! ea plgise, t ve iorup f the an8g berd ovre the! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] , alsoe we'rapso ho py t have ed fris armacen bthk wion us um drs. a ndremio er tk checout "p anortl" dia,onseas? six re>> fead: yh. s >> seth:n easosix. th aat'sngmazi. elas w, l as ifred s in "z ndoola,"er 2 h ande's nt fac astihain to t, sk checthat ou t. al haso, fvinghered llre ameows a cechanca to uptch h wit him, ttalkm o histbackage. d anofone t thes hing afrednd i of taten bolk as ut imuhow ch t greahetv ts re it righ now, abproborly mane thr. eve yo n u ca sfind yhowsovou le. ali'm cwaysaiompl tningi hat ca fin't nond etiugh o me th watc ofall m. the cfreds laimnd-- a n i'murot se t ifishis e trure-- faid clms w heesatchry eveso epif de o y everhotv sw. [ htlauger ] yo su'reintand tg byhat? f >> ored:eah, yh. et>> skah: oy. la [ erught ] , so mthat ieanstit's ncme oe n agai"ffor arred n'mises trexy emelraaccuv te tpsreca." ch[ aeersppnd ae laus] al ghl rio,t, sd, fre g i'm onna ygiveheou tle tita of , show an end th l i'dyoove tu tomeell
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hais tolt co? >> d: freco of , urse.yeah et>> skah: ohey, tw shois ll caseed " cconde"hancfo on x. f >> ored:seh, " cconde!hanc" la [ erught ] oudo ych wat it? et>> so,h: ne i'vr neve iseent. f >> ored:t'h, i gs soood! ve ha e yousever heen tot pil? s >> ieth:en havee't sy n anof it ., no re>> fsed: " cconde.hanc" >> h: set w so,s hat'boit aut? >> d: freco "sehand c"nce. it li's, a ke, atminitrure ain set. it ik's l me, atuiniahore sw. la [ erught ] d ane'thertts liinle mreiatu ar chrsacteu , yo.know th s,ere'e, likit a lbetle ar. 's itd kinorof fs. kid et>> skah: oy. [ htlauger ] mi a urniatowe sh? at whyo do anu mea by atminiure sh ow? f >> lred: iike,ret's ally te ininresting, k ld of tike,he me cagoras n dow tintohe mi urniataie trtsn se. thso, etey gll reaosy cl te upo th aie tranns, e d thnstraie hav se a cconde hancetto gk, bac you kn ow. ug[ la ]hter oeit gros ththugh nne tuel, ugthroe h th, townsoand memetis it bl wobanes, gd itofoes f. bu met sos,timeth if apat h, pens asit hec a schond ance. ptheyt ut i obacke n thk.trac ug[ la ]hter thand ivey g ae iton secand chce d tooto anroher und. s >> oeth:kay. i so, s guesuemy qn stiohois, w e arepany esisodfe dif trenthan th ote r?he
12:52 am
>> d: fres it' djustreiffent tr .ains ug[ la ]hter thso, s is i, likeknyou thow, is is e liknga loneer o. adit hke, liee, grikn, lsoe a rt of in engd e anytever.hing so er, ths e wa othatne. fo behare tt t, iliwas ke a sm r allen.trai [ htlauger ] s >> aeth:here tosre horts, es doju it pest o an onin tra? re>> fo,d: nre the h are.osts la [ erught ] atheyosre hhots w r arey,eall al relily, suke, ooch gstd hos. th e ey'rt.grea 'rtheykne un, ownsknyou ow. th e ey'rlepeop h who'taven re dallyitone or befute, b ey thso're d. goo , so ctheyonome s then creeand e ar ljust "ike,evhi, oderyby. lc wetoome co 'sehand c"nce. ug[ la ]hter thand heen tgiy beean, yh. >> h: sett' thaeas grt. d an ithis fs onox? >> d: fres thin is ofox. et>> sowh: nco, acg rdinto v "te,guidd " annoi'm llt caing yo t u ou -hereis- thju is st twhatsahey id. m i' isurea t's akmist -e on- sthisishow ut aboec a dd ease ea75-yd r-olmalaw an inng you, ff buy. bod la [ erught ] >> d: frehm mm-m. sthats oundha-- test don't so riund ght. s >> 'eth:e caus wlasts eek' odepisare, mliy's s fe iin da wngera hen h deat pool icprederts hth dea. re>> fo,d: neo somhone snould t vehari wenttha tt. atthot's nht rig. ug[ la ]hter s >> teth: yhanko ou s.much
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>> h: setd fresearmin, ev oderyby. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] me soshone nouldavot hite wrten th at. ou rsr fiest gunit toisght an to acomr, cn ediawrand , iterwho knyou roow fs m hi oworkn at "sy urdat nigh,"live f androm fsuch ailmsors "he riblesboss" "wand te'reilhe m."lers n up hext,aye plcoing ach rr laydy snn er ifithe lm, "r " ace,h whicnichro tcleshe st ofory se jesns owest' hi oric rf pencorma te athe o1936iclymps. it ns opeth in rseateda friy. t' lekes taoo a lk. d >>u o yoa wanna win gold l?meda ur>> se. w >> danna io itrln bein? , wellani mele, unouss ye wer pl nganniwa on g.itin ou>> yw, kno- i -ari heeyd th t don' mcarefouch cor relofod lk ov heer tre. >> l, wely thet don' mcareuch fo emr thco in uslumbth, eier. is t thaa gonn pbe aemrobl? >> s no,ir. ju i amst cree heru to n. >> h: setas plelce webaome o ck t e th oshowoour gied frnd,
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] s >> yeth:e ou'va gott icomen. veyou'ta gotst guem druusfor en whd' frenes go. a >>oure ydi kide?ng m yo n'u callt fohiow ty.s gu s >> yeth:ouou cusld jmet mi it, th ough. we ha'll omve sy ebod delse.o it ha>> tcot i dould tu, et>> shah: tult wo gd be.reat ha>> tnot's bat a g,d gi tu et>> seah: yush, jumt drao karke at th u fors. >> ou i wapld h dpilyato th. at thun's f. s >> ieth:na wan t geto -- h >>rei, fy d, bwathe y. ll he fo >> hred:asi, j.on ic>> n se toouee yin aga. re>> ficd: n se toouee yo., to et>> souh: ys guyysalwa so l civiacto eheh otr. ou>> ygo've betta r , fothe ca s.mera u yo?know [ htlauger ] et>> sach: bgekstafe dif rent y.stor i >>hr'd touow yag up t ainsthe wa all knds isu yoarso hd. la [ erught ] et>> sesh: jwese oi ns, a wann ge ht tothis ac letievachit,emen t bunti wata to bolk aomut se of yo fiurs rst. th s is i everyinxcitg. y >>eah. et>> souh: yye pla td inhe cenba itlebrl-y al gstarthame is ek wefoend amr te. usa >> ur i sd.e di et>> sowh: nfo, bee re wtoget th ghe hitslighu , yodohad ne th efis bore.
12:55 am
>> h, yeah, yean wheasit w in l. a. s >> ieth:s t waa not t grea riexpe.ence re i ermemb c youg omin tbacko "s " nlsoand f rt ongsayiha it d t no gbeenreat. >> h, yeal bilonwalt o wasur co aach, tnd ihthougau bec'mse i a jobig oohn wfaden ndn, a i plikei ot, ghthou at he nd i d woulithit . off >> h: seth. yea la [ erught ] >> k you nnow,heot te. cas s >> neth:heot te. cas >> ar i bplely .ayed iwhen p did ilay,n' didayt pl ll we. ye itah, ll rea iy --s t wanot th reat gat. >> h: set y andonou dan't we na b a ineb cel aritytall-smer ga di rihen' te. pin ke liat, thea defhets tpo purse. ot>> nal at l. ab tesoluyely, ah. s >> teth:hohe wdele irea he is, li -ke - 'm>> i r noty ealllea cey,brit th eisoer, s it', likei'now m t no aevenke basl tbalerplay or ce a itlebry. m, i'e, lik k you lnow,soike me ch ri w kid dhoseaiad si d, "want my t kidayo pl!" la [ erught ] boand tughtnihe u, formn'i dot ow kn. >> h: sets thi cwentetomplely di enffert. y >> yeah,eah. s >> ieth:'t donw, knoju it st go u t yoh northeof tde borndr, a ghthouu t yo >> s it'althe detitugh, rit? s >> ieth:on'm ghona smew so gh hitsligh. e tht firslihigh--ght s thiis e thinopentig bp, wutree'on gna owsh t all ahreecet on. o >>reh, gat. ok yeay, thah, s is it righoff th bae t. >> et s th:t'hayos u. >> ee si', wam initfog sor onmee c too ut tbathe asketo nd none es do i, sot justohad n tur ndarou t andcaake f re o nebusiss. >> h: setm. boo [ rschee a anduspplae ] th 'sat t aeehroi-pernt. >> yeah.
12:56 am
idoutsgae .me >> et s hh:e er iits. rehet iis. , ohinmr. !side he>> te re wgot. ok loth at loat, t ok a.that just for no reason. ch[ rsee ] no ea >> seth: yep. l>>e,iky mghhich sl oocoach wod ulhanot arve cored ft tha mo buve, yt i,noou kwow, t inpo.ts s >> leth:tlitshe ofow.fy h>>e eru yoalgo, amost rn tu.over 'sthatn wynerbutlm fro ad"arcree fi m" incey fa. s >> geth:itets k, bac - and- >> k, looe hero.we g 'sthatn, wyn h andwoe mvn --p et>> srch: afiade etre ge s th , pick!boom >> er funal. [ cheers and applause ] neful.ra >> h: sett' thaurs yoe! wif nd>> are the g youo. th yoere .u go inow, h seeoier pt nt allme a tithe me. th cte fat thae spiks lee' il smating et som ihing. did s >> teth:s hat'asfanttic. ha>> tprt's getty, reat.yeah et>> serh: wu e yoinfeel?' it om fr b thenieginwang, ss ituper ex ngciti? ywereutou ore the -- >> ad i hpln't iayedyen a ndar a lfa ha. e th tlasti ime edplay was li llterathy wi g allthuys at pl tayedthhe as lete ithatch coa erin blin. s >> oeth:owh, w. o,>> st las itimeye plas d wa aoverr yeaa and ahalfgo. er tha e's oflot i cgiatn th e movi tthata ook e whilakto me. bu at -- hnd i had aaternied di sc. oui th oght,e n the plan uridep th iere, r goty eallounervd s an
12:57 am
wa i kes liha, "wvet haon i de?" li i ke, sawas byingtaacksi ge, s wa, liketh"in e e agliof, ke, fs gi r, ofetetwef,s, oe, lik me moofnts --" s >> yeth:eah. >> us i jint thouk abt br n endaiefrasapr cl ping usenthiciast aallye t th ld goloen ganbes e d thweway tusedathat l" "snt jusanso my me tis. s >> jeth:foust r.reve he>> tily ste l usit. 's itt jus, likeouif yar embrass seyour llf ae ittlnobit yswada, usit jvet lires fover. et>> shrh: tecee s.onds l alneyou o ed ts do irrembaass yo lfurse t for shreedsecon. u yot don' kevenitnow 's em asbarr.sing itbut ve's or. ar ded., go i >> " mlickpsy lie lik?that i 'tdidnw kno" i --ug[ la ]hter s >> yeth:o ou dhado ttet afr ev thery poree-r.inte ea>> yh. e thoftip no my etse gaps chped. it r's ay ealld weirg.thin yebut soah, e , th tfacti hat ac lytualed enddo up --ing e onc go i tt in, hereari stted tishoourng dwaing psrm-u. wa i kes lih,, "o a i'migll rht. ali'm ghl rit." so memetit s noinplayr g fonga lo me tist, ju t you ahink iboutt, d an itheneit's ttheranhat d cr ngappir yous.pant th twose ino thyogs, owu knnd, ki of e likfethe f ar o tboth hose th , ings ahurtnd em asbarrt smen-- s >> aeth:hend toun, y i getn e es>> y. et>> st h: i yputsigou rn ht i zothe ne. >> t' thaats whid i d. et>> souh: yt wensaand mew so of pronessiasal balketbl. u yoyoand onur sis, ot -- >> . yep
12:58 am
m >>hey otn,r soh. yea et>> souh: yher otn,r so ll wite for. w, noan i wstna eshablit thathis a was o phote fortntrecely tetweed. idhe ds thia for .show bu ist thwh is orat foote lked li ke. hahe shaved islf hd. hea [ htlauger ] o >> skay,hao, tokt los o-photpeshopigd, rht? et>> suth: bt' thares a hial tng d heid. >> h butale reidly d it. me i i an, inwas i -- hisaw m th rne moofing di he atd thd , an ouof c hrse,s e wa, likeul"shod lo i hese tbr eyeow?" go i ea, "youh, ygo've lotta se th ebe ey"row. [ htlauger ] et>> suth: b, now'shere the g.thin as i d sumenlhe od y hao to dit fo lir a bttleanit, end th he co luld, sike, thaveeshe r t of it. >> no. s >> beth:heut thin, t s is ph ootosu f yo -guys- is thin is li pubc! la [ erught ] e'>> wctre ay uallofout er ord. s itd houltibe ohes, tlln wi, th e en meeto s e thetivoluf on o a d.bear [ htlauger ] yebut noah, an -- ved i'g hun wiout imth hug enoh. u yo, know iotist s no 2even, so he t jusksthint' thands ki of no .rmal ug[ la ]hter et>> seah: yh. w >>vee libr in ynookl. he s seebehip aardshell te. tim so s he', liket'"tha bs noig de al." bu ent wh'r youlke waa ing step
12:59 am
rn tu l andatook l him yike,ou , know hlikeyoe's exur nest gut, u yo, knowlothe lvelyady ba agckste. yo lu're "ike,thoh, rat's, ight he ks looe liknia maac." s >> heth:a e's acmani. ar yeo,s agan he wed i o nt tthe st boaron gtoden j seen'ordas la amst g ae asar wizd. >> . wow cayou lln ter youdkgranids. et>> se h: w sleftghtraiomt fr " an asnl" pfter aartyhand tt t,nigh b hada een chsket, iebern, mace housuiof sants, d fo worte lire, a ke, iebern, mac li "kke, oingsmef cosudy" it, re woto it a the pfter, artywore o ite n thn traiosto b wton,ore a it lt -- dike,g urinthe ba basketamll ge. so 's, hen beeg doin this veforer. o >>orh, f, ever.yeah ait'st lmos tlikehohe svew gis hi lim a bttleorit mcee litonse do zy craff stue lik.this et>> selh: wt'l, ices nit tha guyou otys ggo to re the. i >>op'm hiting ch o hoi'm tpingbehat stard --yle et>> salh: hbef a ard? ye s. >> om becikes le e thelrachu , yo , know tfrom0she'9h wits jen' .hair la [ erught ] et>> s fh: ilieel tike os n'doesntt wahe to ouar yin sayg is th. la [ erught ] ou>> yw knolohow ilud w.l is >> h: sett' thaues tr. al i easo hourd yen rec--tly gotisntot icerodu bd toceeyon thvia lfe ha stimehow? h,>> oh, yeah, yeawe as all did. s >> aeth: as weidll d.
1:00 am
>> t' thaghs riest, y. ah ye's, hech watt ed iim45 tes no w. s >> oeth:o h, seahe ratlly athatusge jntt wa ks toeep ngseei h theimalftowe sh? >> ea i moun, ye havyobee nc -- hwhenkee wa, s up oit'sf ne o re thine it it's eboher opom-bhis, wch ar o e, t tplayruhe dyoms, u ow kned, fr h, or.oops et>> skah: oasy, balketbl. r >> oncbeyoobe boies. [ htlauger ] >> h: sett' thaats whca he lls it ? i >>nk thiah, ye. o noseffenmr to rt. caorer, rt cey ainlmrnot ars. cter, ei , theryebut heah, bs's od esse wi erth hba booasloob. s >> teth: yhereo.ou g >> t andhohe crareogthphy at ge hets tinm gog. >> h: seth, yeact exaly. [ htlauger ] i >>not's stt ju- - et>> st'h: it,s nore at hest, 's t no ithatesnterted. n >>n o, ista resting hate,e's nd kili of yoke, owu kner,"whe's ma ma?" ouhe wusld jtht raaner ht g ou mwithama. t bu, like swhen ghe'sngetti wn doah, ye hebut d can ho --doe's thing e lelittng "siadle l mies"noove w. et>> sh,h: ot' thaods go. >> s it'typretra adoble. s >> teth:s hat'oda gory ent ve mo a forld chi. >> t andbrhen mauno yors, u ow knoo, "t," hot k you now, "u n ptow" funkisis hor favite so ng. so 's, ite, liko "to thot,oo ho t." , sofathe hect w an itamll ce ge to -ther- et>> sh,h: oh, yeat' thas a dr eam. >> pe in t rfeconharmy.
1:01 am
, knows chriinmartol's ps.itic ug[ la ]hter t'so ikes lie , the threhoof tse gsthinbi comned. so y mangsthinhi on ngs fi ers, u yo, know jhe'salust -ways- s >> heth:kee liems th. all fthisisilm ta fan.stic racongtitulaons. ha>> tounk y. et>> such: s ih anesnter -ting- jethe owsse stens isory h suca ea grort sty. y >> ieah,fat's atscining. et>> s bh: af it opaa die rtur yofor utu, bs thi dis a.rama ouobvi tsly, wherefuere nny ntmome is inutt, b t wasa his st yoory reu weil famwiiar th be yforelaou pthyed aris pt? o >>thnly ade he.line u yo -know- bit. je owsse bens, flack, ellaa won h buncolof gdad men ls it fronof tl hiurer da ing cobig cimmeral fo nr --itot hler. i mbremehaer tomt frke, li, a pa apragr ah into hisoory bk. bu ent th s thed econadi re the ptscriwa, i kes lir , fome onpers, allys i wa, like i"oh, tlovehahe cerracty' there as mking pe tolay. re edmindof me e genmahack n in "h eroosir s" oara chr acteadmy d wo hauld ovve lo ed th watc in a , filmknyou whow, wen ias ow gruping t thaatwe w ched thtogeer. d an she's do i men't o an t imakeunt sod ke lis he'.gone ug[ la ]hter t, buua act illy,'t donw. kno ha i t ven'k chechomy pne. [ htlauger ] i' adve hph my ofone r f foa il whute, ore of t specyoto, u kn thow, -fe wii. ho lerribfi wi-th in uiis bg.ldin
1:02 am
ayanyw -, sod - an, thens i wa ljust tike, whereprere lyobab ur fori stoites wthhin ovis mie, it , self cthat houldbeave en toverashe l yt 80 searshiometng tthatplook thace oweir lmn fi. t tooihe phent wmen i tht wi the di orrectwa, i kes lis , "i this ?real thdid eais rhally ?ppen hiis tams dr?"atic t"no,s hat'."real s "thitoo? tthis"oo?" d an ojustftne anoer a, therand ey thal're tl infihis lm. thand y en btithe e me walactuly t goo to g ifilmrln ben in ithe tu acocal lnsatiore whedi he d es thaze am hing,riistoikc, le, -bmindnglowint evet s, iliwas ke grthe steateld fiep trid i ha beveroneen . s >> ieth:fat's tintasc. l it booksifeautul. >> h, yeah. yea >> h: sets it'eaa grort sty. ea>> yh. et>> sndh: ank tha f youeior bng re hedd, buy. a >>utbsolely. >> h: setay alwchs sule a pe asur eeto s. you ee[ chndrs ala app]use n jasoiksudeevis, oderyby! ac "rpee" on ns itetheahirs ts id fray. l we'ligbe racht bthk wi ll kehry ro.bach yfolks,an'tou ce makis th u stuff p. bfour candits phose a asriusth taeir ger.way ca br neavo-nipur, in t ofrsui a ptoyotaovrius. er. ho haw s rd i tittco caa h s?priu .over this thing is actually pretty fast. over.
1:03 am
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1:04 am
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1:05 am
thfor st 2e pays7 da m, fourhaen utlave o astedtiuthories byking mair theay getawn a iiuprs. th amis gdse en. now to catch a prius, u'veyoot g be tapra s.iu ys, gu'swhat that? , ohman.
1:06 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: setco welacme bk, ev oderyby! r ou gnext wuestheas t5 201 rt"spolus iltestrawid" st msui ok rof ie oyethe ar. sh ape's inpear tg inyehis ar's im sw isuit wssue ihichs av blaila ne ontaewssannds d li onowne n. u yoalcan eeso s s herintar the up ngcomiie movak rem e of ay "bh.watc" pl weasemeelcoth to owe sh ke rolly chhrba.
1:07 am
>> h: setlo so tvelyveo ha you .here ha>> tounk y! an thks. >> h: setgr conatatul oionsurn yo suswimssit iue. >> nk tha you. s >> ieth:ay alwkes liki loong heat tto phot s nothfor e au bewhty, isich di on y,spla t don'meget ng wro. vei lo p theoses. y >>mmes, .-hmm >> h: set i andna wan y askou so ueme qnsstiout abo p the.oses th neis ois, thki is f nd o-- t'>> ists jue likxerelaold po .girl >> h: setit a ldotle hewn t dd mile. li hake tvet moe , th bbelte uckl , move ywhenonou dav't he.e on li i hake tt. ug[ la ]hter ap edprov. is thfu is ppll al.rova vei haun a bf ch otiquesons ab thout exis ne,t onau becse i nt cothend s is ia not alnorm way itto sa in boat. la [ erught ] is t thas -- i, that, likeoudo y g brin tthate o th oboat tr ishe ph raotog gpherg ivinyou po imlessibng thi ds too? li [ laght erught ] >> i no,t jusd founeait rlly co tamforble.
1:08 am
se d ttleyoin, owu kn? >> h: seth. yea i' stm juhi a cadll l ay ont. boa >> h, yeae, liks thiowis h i ha utng omy on ht yac. ug[ la ]hter et>> sheh: wu n yot shooe,thes i thavek,o as w so, dhereu o yo oo shurt yoiss thr? yea s>> imihot n ne ia,maltch whi is ma a sslll iofand e f tht coas taof et>> soth: gcha. an , d soreyou'ma in lta. wh ouen ysh're ngootis, thi do pe gopler athendarou? or>> ny mallbeno, e caus'rtheye ua uslilly n ke iteremoat locions n on andislath in dde mif le o pathe c.cifi s >> oeth:urf cose. b >>hiut te,s onau bece se wwere in ta malic, wh ah isll sma to -wn - i t don' wknowthhat pue poonlati is re thet', lells ca1, it 000? >> h: sety. oka >> b no,t ut i--was we we re sh ngooti y in,noou khew, t ercentth of wne tod , anonso, th rse fiy t daasit we lika lecoups, guye likheoh, y, 'swhatng goi on? ikby ly e dae,threha it ikd, le, re spllad ar oveisthe alandnd ke lire theik's lyse guh witlawn ch pairsedropp. out [ htlauger ] ayby de, fivik i lewe knm theby me na. i liwas eyke hri, maowo, h are you? ho yow's ifur we? an thorks fin comckg ba. 'rtheykee liut shoouing llt bea, ll bea! ke taof it f! i' kem lial, rely?
1:09 am
th eaey rdilly d. [ htlauger ] >> i and. did >> h: setre the g yous o, ayou sh .ould 'rtheynse fa. y >>es. et>> souh: yo alshi-- t ns isot fr spom " iortstrllus."ated ithisoms frr youaginstram ac t.coun i and wjust aannabosk ahiut ts, ca beyouse k u asou-- yte wro o"bigould cotch p oato"isn th d ansti jute wan sd tothhow is al reck qui. is t thas -- i wthatyohat u th peink moplewhean heen ty y sa h couctopota? la[ htug ]er be e caus'sthatbe -- e caus it's li ouke yd saiomto s, eonemyoh, frgirl kiend'sellyh sucaga dr, s she'gea huch couat poto. pe wople nouldhiot thank tt. y >> neah,t'o, i ns myew mp ca faignoror d.itos s >> teth: yhereo.ou g e thergoyou . it v's a miraltiarkeamng cn.paig >> i no,s t wa afromot sho. >> h: setre the g youo. ll went, fac.asti i -like's- ite, likit if was a inro horvir mot e, id woulbe y scarirat fst. an end th'd youli be ohke, , ay ok. >> h. yea s >> yeth: lou'dwaike n lk iand be e, lik m oh,d!y go , wellriall ght. [ htlauger ] ithisrys veit exc ying,e ou'r in doe g thwa"bay mtch".ovie a>> iesm, y. an thu k yoet>> sith: wh dw "aynerothe jock" n,hnso's who fjuststantaic. e'>> hrys vel. coo s >> heth:one's te ofoshe mt po vesitipl peoeve i oter g to wworkatith l. "sn" i >>w! kno s >> weth:ishat li it orke wking
1:10 am
>> ha we t ven'testarrkd woing ye t. tt liitle bti of itme wm h hi rebefo i andl calthhim e to obny r obinstof acrs. spyou liend neke oen momtht wi hi om --oune hthr wi a himnd yo lu're iike,on'm gunna r for idpresent. ca i tn dohis. go i ist th. >> h: seth, yea g you let ae ittl "r oock"u n yofeand ikel le veyou'pl comy etelndexpaoued yr ri ho.zons e >>lyxact. >> h: set d andu o yo thave o -- is thht miga be qdumbiouestn, bu ent wh d youmoo a livie ke ay "bh,watc y" doavou h te toake ke limm swileing s ssons or iyour y >>o.ou d >> h: set d youkao, oy. a >>llctuay y, mencurrvet lel of im sw imingets prooty gd. l alheof ter othor actd s hato sw hrim timee t wes aaneek d i on adly hsw to neim o. s i wahein tan advgrced oup. li [ laght erught ] vei hama so ueny qnsstiout abo is th. li [ laght erught ] thdid riey boung yth in rse fit anday y d sas let' ataketl lite ok lo t andwehen pu'll u t yoin a gr oup? >> d kin.of s >> oeth:y h, mgod. y >>eah. >> h: set wow. at thng bri bs me--ack nd>> ay' theikre lele, ks ly ia nt fac astimeswimr! an thu.k yo >> h: set w so,ait. tdoesmehat hean tk rocotis n a incedvanimd swming? e >> h'twasnth in ime swup gro, bu het i haar tsct muinle sks. li t'ke it s no-- s >> ieth:not's odt go?
1:11 am
s >> geth:a,otcht' thay s wh al tl --s hat'why y.fatt ug[ la ]hter fa t ttesguy. ait'ss lwayevwhenhoer tuyse gs n wi mgolds edalwiin sg,mmin y. gu [ htlauger ] >> on i dno't kikw, l ie --t's sh lie's "tke, oche r gk's" onna ha rve ay eall thard'cime ause lemuscks sin. et>> so,h: s s youonwim dce aay d anhedo tvey gi " youatbaywchy" pe tymm swidring ills? or it is t juslareguror stkes? ea>> ye h, w thaveimo swh wit e thueresc o can.n us s >> oeth:w,h woy. oka >> h, yeah whiinis k ld ofame. >> h: setth is ecis b tausehey k thin vit'simery anportr t fo ay "bh"watcbe to ur accate? r >>.ight ug[ la ]hter et>> scah: 'souse oume cesntri, li n ke ia,malty thet mighk thin 's itin an ctstrul [ htlauger ] an , d sogeyou -t to- a>> idolso han't sve ae ingl e scenhein ter wat -, so- et>> sh,h: oll reay? , sojuyou o st d athisy?nywa oooh gusd, j ct inase. no yw do- ou - otruet r no, true idafrash of ?arks >> h: setch gota. i lfeelpeike aopleikre le -- >> an to ea unriclistel lev.
1:12 am
i' kem li- - s >> oeth:o,h, s'r yourae afid of rk shas. dynobo t hasy o saw i saara shk, reyou't jusieworrd. >> n no,'mo, ire sca td ofinhem ima sw pmingool. et>> soth: gcha. i >>e hav alikeren untialisc -- >> h: setil i wy,l sas thiheis t wa pey a srsoninits oa a b t if 'rtheyrae aff id oksshar. [ uglaerht ] ke lim , i'--not j i'm--ust i'm t no geven sonnan it ithe bo -ttom- i >>ik'm loae whoa, whoa, wh, , whoa wwhathaas tt! et>> souh: yug thoelht basla w a ar shk. ara shk. th erat tedrifi e you tveryime th aiey s.d it xa>> e.ctly s >> ieth:'t cant waieeto s the fi lm. t >> yhankou. s >> veth:exery d citet abouit. th yoank mu sofouch inr beg re he. t >> yhankou. >> h: setgr conatatul.ions ha>> tnks. [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setly kelrb roh ach, ybeverody! e th "2016tssporus illedtrat" sw itimsuti edis on inoout w.
1:13 am
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t sothell otose guher ouys ye'r nedoor winryabg t outada. thget neree linls of ued imittadaif for fksty buch, eac and f arth ou olinen us.
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1:18 am
gh[ liugt la ]hter s >> ieth:or'm sirry s. ar u e yon a faenof bso carn? y >>noou katw wh a i'm o fanf? nd ki, nessg bein, nicenot hu l rtfus.joke y ifavou h me tofuake n of so dymeboke, ma o fun!f me >> h: setus i j it --'t donve en kn yow.ou y whd woulkei ma o funu?f yo w >> mell,fuake tn ofache ft at thnc i on e ranethe rkw yo mcityhoaratd n ant i go olostne le mi in. [ htlauger ] >> h: set g youosot lt? es>> yra, i sin in bde alduig!in >> h: setus i jult wo tdn'tell lepeopt. tha ho lynestu , yo, knownlwe okey ma fu ofn eo pe plwewho nk thi se deitrve . >> i oh,er i yo n u ca fmakef un ofathe ct th t at aigmy hhoh sc ol gr tiaduathon, aley cmyled e nam a rehundmed tid s ansti juod sto er thkee liee a d tr inhe ad hetsligh. r afte, thatyoevertane s rted incall ag mein brage suron! [ htlauger ] >> h: set y so,reou ad kinof li enke bso carn. ea>> limve hne alo! li [ laght erught ] gpoorjuuy, ryst ttoing e liv e thicamerrean danam, end th u' yootve ggo to s andarchme his od goe namouon yttr liomle cedy
1:19 am
ee sllkp-wagoing iateesun a it. >> h: setl, wel, nowvei neidr sa .that el>> wf l, idiyou oud, yw kno iwhatay'd s? i' y,d saav "lem e hie!alon" [ t lighhtlauger ] et>> s'dh: ie lovusto jt t ge ba o ck t cthisy omedensegmf t, i yo n'u dondt mi. >> l, welyo if edu nee som co , medy fmakef un ome! et>> sh,h: o no. m >>fuake tn ofache fatt th at br aseakf ht, iblide rruebeinies atmy o amealrend p itend'm a pi hratengunti t forurrease! >> h: set r noty eallthsomei ing fmakef.un o >> y, okae, finah go ead. ge ckt bayo to enur bso carn ke jos. knyou haow wsat i ty tohat? >> h: set g i'minuessoug, y'd sa ley, "hiave onm ale." ea>> limve hne alo! ouif yd nee jsome, okes fmakeun e.of m >> h: set no. ak>> mn e fuheof tt fac ithat go th to nge pehouin atuse the o zoteand eoll pthple 'mat i at th rde biar oscs! la [ erught ] t ormyhat he motedr uste to ll hame tent whas i wwi grong si inerde hmy tume , shd coulfeel me ti farng! gh[ liugt la ]hter or t tha iwhenk walfatoo st, th cke bamy of ti tes scleslap ag t ainsotmy btom! ug[ la ]hter et>> sllh: aht rigth, i ink th eat'sh nougnow. y >>hoou shauld eeve semn th te afe r ththmaraon! [ htlauger ] >> h: sety, oka k youwhnow ?at i k thine we'r gjust gonnacko ba
1:20 am
l >> heaveloim a!ne et>> se'h: we ll bt righ back mwithewatthne heiman. [ eech ars andlappe us] shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. d an fyourd orerdeals ie thacple, to et g% 0nafiinncfog 60r mo hsnta on rdfo. suv th 'satig r. jhtanust d.nounce fo lord expedrer....ege..e.scapan.. ped exonditi... e araiave lablthwifi 0% ncna ingr foon60 sfords.uvig desd neelto hyop beu ns uabtopp.le w nodeonrdr fos iicamers a' bestllsebring bu hut y,rr% 0nafiinnc gr fo m60thons fond orvssus ilia temimed tiff oer.
1:21 am
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ca fon't aflerd to artbt he urn tget in?he way tr umy nexi 24hr, w no#1the li selrang b nd foruentfreqrt heaburn. mpget co proleteiotectthn wiew the nder lea f int requentburhearn.
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: setco welacme bk, ev oderyby. ou xtr nest guea is very ta edlentmm fil, akere whos cr aliticccly aedlaimum docryenta ar "clatel isnd" in nom fated or a anmycaderd awa.
1:26 am
spea[ fking loreigne anguag] et>> sleh: pwease e lcomheto t sh y ow mndfrie, tt mahehew aninem. [ eech ars andlappe us] >> h: setco welme! h so tappyveo ha h youere. th ilis f fm isstantaasic, we ca e n se tfromlihe yo reu wesh in ouoot-ts. u yo awereinlso h met, labsyou iwerertn tochure rsambe. t, yes thiotis n m the yovieou se t t ouakto me. swhatouet y t offouhe c--rse t onouhe ctorse e mak mthisovie in f the pirst?lace w>> iidas rthing bwe su- ay - he n re iyonew ndrk aea i risd th li"roltong sarne" e ticl that urfeatheed tigse vteilan ts onhe ar a izon osidee f thcamexin rd bohoer w f areinighte g th camexirtn caels. an ghd rient whea i risd th clarti ke, ithnew asis wto a sry ithatte wan ed torexplo. kn i otew n ahing tboutruhe dg rs wath, noabing thout rde boer. lm fiheed tbore aouut fntr mohs thand y en merfathua actselly nt n me aclartioue abe t th
1:27 am
lavigi intesxin meigco fg htin th ghe kiemts t agand rain, wighti hen read athatlertickn, i wew id anteto ea cr pte alearalrtl po oraitf gi viislantm. >> h: setth so ouen yst go art sp ngendie tim twith hese lavigi intesxin meco. yodid adur dr eveetregrin havg se ount yar an e ticl sthatent yo f u ofexto mico? li [ laght erught ] t>> i ihinkokt tout aboee thr ek wer s foommy mst to art ta g lkiny to magdad thain en af thter at. [ t lighhtlauger ] >> h: setl welfuits tnny, he rs fimet tihe i wwen i o nt ta enscreofing s thi, filmyour pa s rent twere, heremei re mber intalk yg tomoour .ther i t can'inimagate whs it' like - to -usbecau'e yon re ilithe ne anof dveger ftry on en i this lm fi. ho hew, wu n yoo go tcomexi to ke mail a fikm, lo e, dsayou y in co t ntac twithhem? ke li d howu o yothlet noem kw, i' aym ok? i >>nk thi p they olicgechand er ov c thee oursilof f.ming at st firwo, i sould f rt otext em thth in rne moing. u yo, knowawi'm ake. igat ni'ht, ivm ale. [ t lighhtlauger ] d an pthaty olicedturn t outo be t norya ved goo bone,seecau e therd woulaybe df s, inot ve sedaral whys, 'den iou be t of ce holl poune tch. thand erey wt e no hvery appy ou ab.t it
1:28 am
nd>> a t so,olhe pchicy d ange , torii arinved ic mexd o ani'm inleavxig meco. et>> soth: gcha. yoso, stu ju t hadveo gim thein ouand int poasts, os oppo ed t y evert.nigh i s gues ithatlos a ket li nghavie likrta pa ying 18 r--yeaexold ycept iou'rn xi meitco wrth caels. ug[ la ]hter ea>> y sh, iofort t fels i wa ' goin tbackgho hihot scol. et>> s'mh: ina gony staat re kahon's touse t.nigh yoso, owu kn s, weheaw t toshooheut tre. ob slviououy, y t hadveo hair the us trout, y t hadveo haes accs to tmakefihis lm. -whatu - yo, knowmei re ymberou ll temeing t thaneat ont poi, yo ouu ththght adey ht sorof aiexplthned erey wine got g outo bustar bcks,ouut y a hadse sen th t at isowas inmethseg eld , an sthatofort t ledato thne sce t wesahat tw ineghe bnginni. ea>> yo h, s omuche f thssacce an tid in tmacyi hat abwas o le t t ge twithfihis idlm dhan't ppen ov ghernit. , like sthat wceneigas eht hsmonto intinfilmg. th s ere'ayno wt thae scend woul ha apve hd pene hif iorad s t of kn d ockeheon tooir dd r ansaid yo owu knn , cangi ha w outith yo ysu gu a for? day s >> reth:.ight at thik's le e tht firs irulen rt ca lels, nike, severesay y. if pl peonne wanga ha. >> 't donn opedothe or. >> h: seth. yea s >>hao, ty t dact-- ay,uall the
1:29 am
n mebehad ssen anaassi sted,o e thiotenss n walyrealh, hig the ge anver les l walyrealh. hig ensuddthly, taey samrt j ming zimagainnes ir thes, gun withroheng their tulir blet pr veoof onsts . an asd i thked n em iromy bken sp h,anisre whe y areuyou gs in gog? d an sthey oaid,'rh wenne goa t ge ssomeuctarbks. [ t lighhtlauger ] d anidi sath, i i'ink o ll gget so ofme cwifee outh yo., to an ld wealiterndly a rafigulytiveen werpe't sg akin e th lsameaganguute, bne i kw me sog thinabwas toout pe hapn, ey thw knethsomewaing ous abt to enhappd , anedit lth to is neinsane scere whege we ott sh . at ey thon go s thih witc hunt ro thtough wn. th raey goub, yw, knoan a my awa om fr c hisg ryinlyfami, in ogterrhiate gm atinunpondt, a th aken tm e hi tto areortu am chber. et>> sndh: an whe wthatllas a er ovd , disayou rey, ano we t go toing rb sta?ucks is s thi-- la [ erught ] a>> illctuan'y doint drk ff cosoee, -- >> h: seth. yea bnow,elut t tl me 'his,e caus meyou n ntiohayou rove bken sp h.anis w hot'-- i as songmazime to ythatadou hag mano ed tthget is ce acndss ast tru. d anbenot abing o le t mm coatunicthe wim theheon t ve leatl th w you aoulde ssum d you' thaveo. >> h. yea ani meun, i tadersbond a0%ut 5
1:30 am
ca i oun, yw, kno t gete o th robathecom dy entl awellrdnd oer fo ecod dy entl, welli but k thin h itd elpei me, , meane'thers so tmany wimesthhen urey sderound me re, thedaten a me, wnd i ould ju orst s ht ofbeide thindhe me candra ate preiknd ldie i dn't rsunde wtandwahat ins beidg sa. s >> aeth:o,nd sa in tway,hen btheyveelieatd th? we oure yie bele vablotat n de unndrstaing? >> hi i t wnk ielas bblievae. me i itan, a wasmalso tinlyrue. [ htlauger ] >> h: setr youodmethu', yo re a odmethfo per.rmer ig>> rht. et>> sheh: tie movin begd s an ds enh witwayou ngtchie somguys ok coh. met r >>ight. et>> sndh: at thae,to m i co 'tuldnie belhave teyt thld wou e agrehato tt. vi oby,ouslir thees face wer co d,vere h buto ow dgoyou ut abo nd fipeing woplereho ali wilng ooto cthk me y forndou ar you racames? ug[ la ]hter >> st firca, i mlledthy me de aaler-nd - [ htlauger ] >> h: seth. yea >> m no,--eth ea i mn n, iall ri seesousnous, yw, knoh metis a phugeofart s thie place wheri fiwas g,lminmi in cachoan. ch min oaca ris ay eall urresoigce-reah ar. y ifo ou gtoout t nighhaand ve a
1:31 am
mfromacichoan. y ifavou hmoe a yjitoimor les co rome fchm min.oaca y ifo ou getdo mheh, th metis ngcomim frooamichcan. ug[ la ]hter >> h: setil i wy l sa'sthat the r ordeigmy nsuht u gallyoes. ug[ la ]hter adavocojo, m aito,hend tf n, i sti'm upill wa or o nt t ustayp. ug[ la ]hter -so - >> i so,s t wagea hut parheof t y.stor evand siery sngle, hootasi'd k me so done,u o yo sknowodomeby wh owo knmes so wbodynoho kws so dymebo's whone con.cted weand ftek aeeer wonk, mftth aer nt moaih, fatled ti getccng aess a to, labitand f waslyinal ou abght ei nt ormoine inthsnto infilm wg oni hat ghthous t wa ou str laot sho w andt e go this ll cain say ig beisn thn tow resqua6: at .m00 p. d anreyou' in. an gd we ao ton towresqua a and gr ofoup ke masn d meusmet . weand s hadp et undgroues rul fo bendreha. my e rulthwas dat it idn'a wann b bed aggehror tinown heto t ck baa of k.trun et>> saih: fler rus. t >> yhankou. ug[ la ]hter nd>> air thee rulthwas ey edwantir thees facer coved. soand ey, th u ledros ththugh e to anwns ald smtoler anwns d dsfield , an tthensthey d oppe d anheanotr r causled o intthe
1:32 am
an ved i'ua actnelly sever en ak"brebaing d." >> h: sethm mm-m. b >>e ut wouget ert thnde, a i'd inimagise tht sorikof le lo haligen-ait trler. s >> seth: lure,a ike lab. >> h, yeaht rig. bu wt ithias teps derk, da re fondst a s theasun wt sorof dibeing h neatmothe inuntas, an wad i eas fr okingecut b iause do shn't wioot igth lanhts d i ul co sdn't dee atharn wiing th my er cama. d anliso, lltera wy, iikas le, i htfougha so o rd tinget hito ts si iotuatd n ann'i cae t se hianytng. >> h: seto, alss it' very em asbarr tsing to beilhe fermmak ngsayi, , ohn'i dovet ha a li ght. la [ erught ] >> h, yea y canuyou glps he me ou t? t bu atheyllctuad y di -have- i me than, ade hef che-- [ htlauger ] >> h: sett' thae s thintermy olog ptheyr,refe. yes e >> htestarowd shmeing un arod lathe thb wi l hise ittl hlflas.ight itand us's jlit a ttle fl igashlhaht tlit i e t the.scen >> h: set y so,idou dt. tha u yo, know ti --ishis ue i gss a tiquesoron f d anyenocum tary mafilm bker,whut, s at ihait tt feyou eael leods ptople ow all ac tcessmeo sog thin tlike hat, wh isich u , yo, knowleso c arly il l legaviactity? me i evan, f en ir theis faceare
1:33 am
shavehiometo ng t blosey le g ttinjoyou hein tm. at whyo do inu thlok alhews tm th nfe coceidenth or fee sao ty t ar stlkt tatoing a you iboutt? t>> i ihinktht's mee samo comn no detominao r, nermattt whathe fi s.lm i asmy le t ononwas lt heae hcarin e thu.s. u yo, knowlmi fi sed adauicil ti paent. me i tn, i ihinkpet's wopleant r theiy,stor k you tnow, o be ld to. wtheythant rle wo d to un tadershand weyt thgo're ing th h.roug knyou evow, heen tetse mh co s,oker c the hhef,nee'd ver lbeenneisted to. u yo, knowneno o e hassover rt of ui inqabred whout e at hwas g doin hwithifis le. an thd i peink wopletoant be un todersod. >> h: set t andyohen veu ga a him su goper elod yvip rei ew, d.hear ug[ la ]hter d>> iid. s >> teth:ishis ex so ngciti. lgoodatuck o thes.scar ha>> tounk y. s >> teth:s hat' everyinxcitg u yotoget ou go ert thr e fo .that ee[ chndrs ala app]use racongtitulaons. th ilis f sm isndo wol.erfu an md sotwany aistsurnd tns. , liken'i cacot red mmenit en ough. , sok thansoyou h mucbefor ing he re. ma w ttheemheinevan, oderyby. te"carndl lava," aleilab o nown un itnees, x,tfli v and oideon de .mand 'l we rl be bightack. ec ch ok itowut n.
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> meth:any tho ks t n jasoiksudekeis, rolly chhrba, tt mahehew aninem! ec cht k oute"carndl la." an cd ofe,ours 8 thendg ba. st unay tored fso carlyn da. 'l wee l setoyou owmorr.
1:37 am
t but,firsll we'k kicgsthin off th wi o ouralld p, mi domonic annagh h, astue rerns alto touk abs t hisenew oasonf s hi, showd "wilgsthin." tfromedhe r, buryvehaoo a lk. >> i'm a total insurance nighartme. i work with prettyuc mevh y er movenonaus sn ke oe thplanet. e thongaboer vipst, moun amot of m venonyof ake snath in rle wod. mothe ednoclra cobl wil consistently bite you erov and aover.gain blthe maack wmba, ihichghs hily


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