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tv   Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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e thh,sout4- a 9-oyearomld wan petrapsid inerde he. hom >> t > but firsonresp adersnd volunteers fm ormaa huain chn to pull that woman from the debris. >> ti> ulm,matual donumd trp atthreg eninueto s c tedifruz sethe r naton'doesopt stni runng attack ads. >> av i hvee neerr ev a met person that lies more than ted .cruz an nad doruld toump d bles down on ace attacks on the bush fa amilyhend tme foresr prt iden thitsrahe toril f b hiserroth. >> pr> subaeme lett. co thuld ese prt iden hnameis nominee to the court as early as next week as aepn sicwdhon owto th jue icst'te aishont snylicaa. mu s sic'nibig seght yle taor if swmit cocrng atooss ig a b ar awd. t >> ahereoire go ng teobe pple al thong y e wawiwho ryll t to un rcde yutr ouccsus es torake ed crorit fr youmpaccomelishnts
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hi>> wdele a mle'such ciantid pateorperfe manc ahits nsourtoote io serudus aio is .sues >> but she laughs it all off. to isday sd tuefeay, rybruah, 16t .2016 a >>ncnnoufrer: bcom ns, new is th"t is ."oday mwithlaatt anuer vad sa nnah riguthe. li rove fudm sta io 1in ck roleefelazr pla. > >>goand orod m, ningybeverody. lc wetoome da "ton y" oesa tuday mo g.rnin sai'm ahvannhr gutie. avwe hrse caalon d fy inator mt. on be my ayst dis i wsoh i d unde as d goodeas aitle wkeh mi ob pr. lems >> d sheavid hmee soue issths wi th ane mew knoofout e tunweand ll wie havlla fup wran up o yl tawior skeft, ckndriar lam and fo prmerderesiimnt jarmy cter a won mygramt last.nigh >> w> wetaill ollk ps,itic. too >> t > butoour orp st ty ishe
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rywint o mixowf sne , icand he raavy atin bngteri e theast t,coasvi proo ng towbe dghn rit erdang tous,sahat ysme stem onrespe sibltofor oernad ts inhe h.sout ha jllieonacks i hasvet cored usfor s thiinmorng. od goni morng. >> or rep gter:moood g.rnin mthisngornipl peoe e arngwaki ftup ahier tnts wieaer w ther ad ryviso17 in te stares stngtchi so ,2me 1il00 mroes finm mawne do g toiaeorg. e therconc an in o lotacf ples, ro beads daing oungericsly r y fo th orat m cningteommut , buin he ototr sp ys asanou c i seet's rathe hain tult cobed a obprm.le al ofl t irtpaf osta m oremsyst at thwn spaored tesnadoth in e ut sod h an.east nathe altionth weaerer s vice co minfirneng oth of ose adtorntooes nguchin dow tnearhe ra ruwnl toce of y,nturri floda, ie45 mt ps ss mileh nortof pe olnsaca. l at teastomen heres wmae daged. t firsonresp adersolnd veruntes rm foa ing n human chaiulto pl a 94 r--yeawoold frman heom t br deis. st srongs torm balsothlew h roug pa ofrts tr cenoual lnaisia
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ne liigs, hndh wits gussi caung th ofe roth of izis putza h to co sellap. >> ee i s fn itngallimy on car d anarmy c s wasnghaki m andy owwindte busd. li ske iiteen e likngcomi at me . 's itca s. ry r>>orepr:teeo pe plroac ss ssmisiisi ppckro bedrey lentless twisters. hi>> t js isonacksss, mippissii, rn toado. i t don' twantt o gefatoo r ea ah id oft. ep>> rr:orte s thee everheweatr tt hia ing shighl choongduri as cl ses. >> we we llre ati getowng dd n an li rake p ayingopnd hweing e wer ju oist go ng tllbe aht rig. r >>teeporn r: inothe asrthet a e planedheadm frobathe lmy do caminipun re tblicw o ne york ci adty hbe to er divtoted a sn maowy stncheneer, mpw hae shir ca beruuse s nwayfkat je wer lyevense wor. ke y nnedcaand p me u. here >> or rep hter:inere the wa gtshind.on, rec. aowa sne gav
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invirgtaia solte preice disponng orto mane th c 500esrash as un tetreaadd rod s anwasidelks became treacheusrond ah wit mp teureratoves hg erinndarou the fr ngeezik marasit h t allhe ki mafongs dar a oungermms coute th oris m.ning an atd thha's w'rt weale deing wi erth h te inashe wtohingn ea ar. e therconcisn thni moroang rds d anwasidebelks reing iallycy, asbut pe temreratunts co tinueo im cld b an rthiskeain oneps ll fathing ale reue iss t forhe enevg inshruou hcor utmmwie ll fbe a wlood. atch ha>> ta t's oflot th weao er t atalk.bout iehall. an thu.k yo al l. >> t' thaghs rit. in t, facut mingoes ago we ist th new video in from -- on i-81 rt no sh oftocrancyn, ids roa ca g usinssa mapiive p le uand you can see, in fact, a lot of e ths folknghavis thi ogvideerraphon simwe bren r raup d anowgot tl ofayhe won up a desif ohia , llisthru terck stuck there, they are ju nstow cl ngearing thit s oui'and m inhear81g i-th norsc of onrant peis oain agn.
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in th souflern a,orids thiis rt path of raat tg ilint fronthat ha wlliealas t aking.bout ok loho at r w farcit atos in the rt not,heasve cle, landalbuffo ok loating w. sno re heth is obe prlem, vi adessori w andwaind gsrnin. il50 m plione eoplisat romk fr no carth narolima to ine. mp teureratufes b 2falo8, sy seracu n 34,orew ytyk ci 54, 56 bo in .ston h so reavypuain ushes lp byate athisnofterthon, wat's wheree wi avll he e thleprobitms wh oo fl.ding g itouets ht ofbyere dn wey.esda r soalainfoul amwents 're ok losoing reme aicas p ukingp rdupwa as ofchn in2 to esinch in about a six-hour period, th 'satoi g tngmao fke sore om difloondng aha we akve lfee-efct sn roow fiem er t allayhe wto up rtwate aown,ernotho 8 t12 ch inf es o h wea ave golot oning . avwe hnte witoer sarrm ws,ning 'v wet e god floohewatcd s an inwarngs. i sogot's toing al finally cm wn doto by owmorr. a >>igll rht. thal, vanksmuery ch.
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of rs cousse len thaeka weil unt ut soroh ca'slinaub repn lica im prdoary tnald rrumpetatching up r thehetoric against ted uz cren, evea thrngtenisu to e m. hi he has also set his sitsghn o fo prmerderesieont gw.rge h bus shwho taredtahe sitge ws h hi br r othefojeb e r tht firs time hiin tmps ca.aign h wethave cee raer coved. b we weginnbith tic na onal rr condespopeent alter deexanr he i isutn soroh ca tlinahis rn moing. pe gter,moood g rninouto y. r >>teeporoor: grnd mofring om so cauth naroli. th asis wfa by e r thesbiggt cr thowd ebat jh bussehas llen a aicampgn. 3, pe000 iopleten atcendan to ar hem frobrhis r,othe the fo prmerderesigent, worgesh. bu ll cafoing ler toe rancviand sion d an din at irecraconto st t do tnald prumpinraiss g hi br r othebefor thing tfoughul, us trthtword y anurmeased. e thtiqueshion trns mo wing,ill it matter? do tnald irumpe n th.lead >> ve we' t gotn o wiaton sy.urda we e 'vt gointo w. >> or rep ater:n nd oatthe .tack ig rengniti f hiswieud ivth ral te uzd cr. t>> i thinks ed irya ve st un gableuy. ha i evve nveer et r mersa peon lthatmoies hare td n te.cruz
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th nae ca bdianseorn r nato over elhis iligib ity. e >> hn'doesent eve havthe t righerto ss ve aidpresorent revens un aidpresent. ashe wn boranin cada. i bwill tringlahat t wsuie if h eddunnlo apo. gize >> or rep cter:laruz ngughi it saoff tying hrumposas l. t it >> s thiheis tt moslerattd i ve han seelddonais, thss pre co ennferodce tay. a weotre ngr in sceat whoolhere juyou etst gsa to ary liar, li pa onnts e firnoand spt retoond th bse sue.tanc r >>teeporher: tnt frone runr nt weer aft r theliepubcan onnatiomal ceemittus accthing em of ck stadeing abatencudiees wi peth s icialesntereets s ming aonce tgaint o no orule ut a ir thrtd pan,y rung goiin agast gthatleop p dge. >> ig i sa ned gepledt , bu ait's do -euble pdgede ledgasand far i ason'm cedcerny theinare fadet ul tofirhele pe.dg t >>s hankroto b ftherivor ging us om shiet tngdoo od t, ay mesointhimg >> ep rteor mr:nwealehihe tas lt pureicbl tanhoo tld ohel va fiofgece, worgesh. bune joid ot brjeher tb onamhe cn paig ai trr l fofithe tirst me. r heteepeasmd did issefrthe ont ru wnnerutithor eveincallt g ou
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nd>> amy in er expe iencthe st ngrot esrspe uonalsu ily'tsn e thesloude t onhein tm. roo r >>teepor3 r: 4inargualg re ngstres th iemnot rhpty icetor b orerlust. >> we do not neesod e meonhein t ov ffal owhice rro mianors m d i' am flures oer ang and trfrusn.atio nwed eemesoe ono whn cax fie th ob pr tlemscahat thuse aneir ger d antrfrusioatann d that's jeb bush. >> or rep hter: bourse eforp trum ta at wckeder. ov i thewaraq r an 11d 9/. >> he tor w tldderaen cr temeca ddowng urinrehis ign. atthas wu , yo, know lit'sheike s watothe p. >> or rep bter:ebut j h hadigis b hebrotbar's ck. >> di he kdn'tthnow /1at 9s 1 wa g goinapto hbupen rt hed olleup slhis s eeveheand pi insusred d anephe k st us afe. r >>teeporewr: ns thiinmorng ou ter laurst smovey nnkeybc ws nein onllle poows sh% s 56of blrepus icanonnati nallyow evbeliate thal donumd trllp wi hebe tarir p nty' th umat nisber 14 up nt poi s in
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>> r all.ight r peteanalex tder, yhankou. >> t'> leins br cg in thuckodd c' nblis pol ticactdireor de mor ratomeof "heet tss pre." od goni morng. g >>moood g rnin tintooahe rd to th mie noonnatis goeugthroh h soutlicarondna aha it wes a ll ea rrnedateputfoion inr beg a sl stugfe i and nt isot di oisappg.ntin wh o at dmayou f ke o lthist ates ck ba f and borthenetweal dond tr anump d d te?cruz p trumessugg htingghe mie t su cr nduz an evelidanghang tt ti nof on oira thrtd pan y rukind of ea thrngteni r thenc. >> h, yeais he it a lbitle d t an i k thin hwhattre's tying o do is ke to ruep comz frti getnyng a ntmomeum. ok lout, soroh ca alinarsppea to a be-p twon erso aracehend t erwinnwe betruen tr mp o cruz miassuheng te y arlibattorng f e threwiand e ll bfrthe ont ru annerhend tor favgoite ing fo d.rwar th wat'souhy y b seealasicly tr trump tyingllo pu a outhell t st anops uzd crin try pg toull ou l t alstthe ops. th ree thf at olathe t wsuihe es doe hav ssomeintandrug, tmp,
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wi n th atielecawon lrk cle and sa heys, ouy, yul sho pdn'tut cr nuz'soname b thet,allos it' inhurt.g me at thac is lytualay a w h forim to e havdistanitng wlah a t.wsui heby t, wayotthe paher rty, h soutlicarothna, s ere'two im prs,arie s thed econarprimy is e thlebatt t for phird rlaceight benow n tweeo rubibuand sh. >> 's letk talt abou, thiswe n'haveent seot a lda of r ta o inpollomg frth souol carina nc sie e thtedebasa on ayturd, tr haump t s go dthate oublt digi le crad, n uz indsecol , al eyes bemay th on ird. t issthat whill itere nd stas gh riw?t no >> hi i thenk wt re idsstan. bo nos dy ie quit hsureucow mh da dmageruid to mp dimto h self wi heth tac attn ks ogegeor w. bu hesh, pr is pettyaropul in so cauth naroli. er thche's r atte hthatare hed elhimsutf, bhe if t hurelhimsf a by p fews ointtihe sadll h a le ad. ini thatk thu , yo, knowofall reus a m notg akinvia lihing ts ye ryar ttoing di prehect t de omisenaf do tldmpru. w>>wie ll get your take on the mo des cratusin jmot a . ment sp ngeaki h of,ryillant clion wi elll d aiveror majec spe h on race in new york city today il whrne beanie s hders teadso
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nofor l w al aeyesn re onethe xt uc can us idaneva t ands hat' er wh fe wekrind n isteerwelk. od goni morng. >> or rep gter:moood g.rnin co acg rdin ltourt atesnenbc ws eysurvke monliy onolne pl etsecrclary n intoaiis mnintaing r heonnatieaal l td 50%,o 40 but etit glos a ost cln er ithe esstate lik iherevan neda. to shday lle wico be ngurti ri afamcan-anericer votths wi bthatpeig sonech e racr aftea busy day of campaigning here in th noe rea. are i >>e lovg bein. here ep>> rr:ortene in hvadaryilla cl n intoryis ttoing id avo ot anupher set. w>> itoant ak bren dowthall e rr barsieha tstt d an tin whe ay meof ansricace sucg.edin r >>teeporutr: bt is waisth mo tmentgohat ert evneyo a attention. nd>> a d thef og i nit'sruot te 'sheoi g tngbao . rk >> or rep wter:shhen cae re alled dedecad s oltipoliadcal fe inaturdog a atg thke barend wh me solione rged a tuingamhe se sruled houly appleato rps. >> ik l oe,ouh, yw, kno g thereat ssrecewaion uss cay ed bmutoo ch gu reonlati.
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>>ep rr:ortes thieras hil famy fanned out across other y ke st esaton mday. el chstsea iumpgion ohll, bi cl n intoloin f wrida hheree se temednko lide sanrs orsupp tterse o thpatea rty. >> r theliepubpacan rerty edward the tea party. ptelle eopl twhatwahey o nt t .hear 'sthatng goino on ow inur pa rty. r >>teeporanr: s hdersruas bshed id ase e thinclnstocr' icitm is inand hi michegan ch rat uetedp s hieaoutro ch t caafriern-ams.ican i >>wot's g rkinlepeopnd staing ndup aht figbaing ck. wh o at dthyou --ink t whawas e thl civitsrighem movabent out? ep>> rr:orte a and mfterngeeti twithamhe fs iliectimpay ed b e tht flinr wateiscrisnd, saers nddemahaed c nge. f >> ianwe cui rebilld vs lagein aq ir a andnifgha wstann e cadamn rwellldebuint flich, mi.igan r >>teeporecr: sryretant clion's dr adoness e raceddubbak breing wn dori barwiers akll tace ple in rl ha lem ae ittllabit onter
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me ilanwhnae sesator s nder will al e so bticourlang botck v ers, w heatill atendye prar kfbreainast um col sbia, outh licaroanna, end thwi he e ll b jo binedtoy acnnr daovy gln er i ntatlania toght. a >>igll rht. is krweten , lkerksthan. ch stuck wiill u s let' atalk tboutemhe dtsocra. va ne cda'ss aucuaton sy,urda ca esucusn eveerhardpr to t edic fo llr pos sterwhbut ouen yk loo ualanghoge wke loonfd cot,iden o whs lookounervs? >> an i cl telthyou heis t in clcaton gnmpaims seevo nerus, sathe s nderaicampeegn serms vy nf cot idenhiat tins pot. ithiseas clfarly cirly, lose ey thbo've umth da ped oflot mo inney e. her is thac is lytualou, tha gh, must wi r n foersandd s an iherey.s wh th isere s thi tideahehat 't can inwin te staats th m areore di e.vers danevaba is llsica/4y 60it0 whe n toitonwh le at teastayhe w th emis dtiocraucc cas us ig goin urto tt.n ou na a lrrowanoss e d thtoclinn aicampangn cat bre she aofigh efreliwi knohang tutt soh ca narolico is amingk weer late thand reey ael lik ry tooll
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a hloss aere,de sanicrs v tory , hereensuddutly pres mo supresn re otoclind n an tthenhe qu onestie,s ar w oh,maell ybe sa s nderwican non mi vrity otes d an tthenrehe pe ssureron h to n wih soutlicaros na ireas gat as s it' ibeeny n ane statso fa r. c >>, huckoudo y a seeft shi in wathe aty thla hilliry c intons am frthing acis rthe wie morof a racontoist gigng rftht aer sa s nderntrecely? i >> do. y ifisou ltoten l biltoclinn liand tstenelo chclsea n into hiand y llartoclineyn th a arell do oning ine thheg, t ty'reg ryin akto mise thef a rdueren m on ersands. th i think noey kghw riw t nothat i ifa t's rerefe ondumlln hiary cl n intos she'gonot toing as do wwelldeith atmocrotic v bers,ut pu e t ths focuanon s, ders they k thinmothe ttre aonentit' thas gi toven i his tdeass o hi po iatentx l tas,hikehi to cks la f ofgnoreiic polowy kne,ledg en thde sudthnly ilat wvel gi e pausomto smoe deiccrater vots an lpd he. her ok loe , shalhas bwaysbeeen tter swhenethe g fs to aramen te alivrnatd e an'sthatt wha ey thtr're tying ro do nightow. >> t jusutto pt meaheon tes bon y offiour anrst wsweryohen u
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by t? tha by f thethact e ey'rdispenoong t smuchineem ad neva? t >>rehey e aliznglosiin aga su lydden c you mouldanake gu ar tmenteshat iasentlly sa s nderthwon rse firet the nt co testsiohat icwa v etoryvery thday oeat g ts by'shere es qus tiont abou--how b howig s wa vthatryicto d andheid s al reinly wdi or e d sh osortf ck lu b outseecauth of y e wathe ticounrong p icesss. , look'sthatt whaani me by th at. th e ey'r nveryuservo. idthe f ea onglosik bacacto bk l tothose rse fiatt state th ftheyoface aif ageanst thch oer th snat in 't alyoverte whi at sthae, twht's akat mhees tm so ne s rvouthand wat'sf hy i they ca n n withnow utey py awat a lo of st que aions hbouter. c >> thuck todd,s hankso much. ow>> nou to tir na con'salapit er whe e thedheatat debgee ras on er ov s whod houlacreplpre sueme ur costt juanice n toniiascal. eaandrch mithaell res moth on at lo g ominlebatt. an , drea mgoodngorni. oo>> grnd mo sing,naavanh. bathe tttleplo reanace y thon
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mp ca waignthith pue reanblic pr enesid ctialdaanditates aking rd hae linnsagainft congirmi yo anhane test prt idena obam nanomites.f23 emsupra. rimayoa caradi ll enrta coe. ep>> rr:orte t forrued c'sz it pe alrson c, heedlerk t forhe hi ough c hrts,rgas abeued fore a itnend kalw scelia wl. within hours of the justices de thath bae lettin l wese er dr awn. blrepu sicane enaterleadsas ngyi ey th't wonfi connyrm ama oba no e mineheto th higt.cour crdemofiats bring ack. i >>unt's edprecd,entee pur tipolindcs a s themeuprert cou llof ace plaous shotld nti be ed n up itipolics. >> the president ican rnlifoia st hoaning an asimi sumt si ingnalrog thaiugh e ds hotis n ck badoing wn.
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de bescri td inonhe cutstition e arclironthad, arere e no caveats, the constitution does t noudincleme exnsptio for el onectirs yeafo or e r th pr enesids t' tlastinerm ic offe. a >> hndryillant clieion wg ghin nlin uineashflg a ourryeef twts er ovghniait d me gat sopatens.or hi y llartitweeilng fisl th ca vancy. tu polls wihi do b,s joyo do urs. th ale scucia siocessghn fiw t no al cso aigampasun isr e fothe de atmocrs. as>> lmet tioo i lthked e ticonsontuti n didavot he a pa herentses. th ese prt idennanomi tes, ntpares,heseep exc at inn ec el ytionear. at thot's n w theuray ote sysm rk wos. >> p thederesiasnt hor a w king li ncst ingludier seval ca atndidhoes we hav been orsuppunted ouanimfosly wer lor ur coy ts bblrepus icanifbut the re icpublreans tfuseeno ev ns co mideratoderoie chthces e es prt idend coul dthene ecidto ufires p hideown atmocrasic be no timina mng aitinorndy cae idat or th anoomer wa an, ralibed l an a inib dele eratraconto st tthe ma tyjorire of icpublwhans e o ar
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l>> af ot otipolistcal gyrate in gotog ins thisidecion. an eadrth, k anu yoryveuc m h. > >> oinerthew npos pe francis re edturnme to cxicoafity a ter loday ring t tp toouhe sn ther e stathiof c.apas sathoulinds thned ree sttoets ca a tch psglime. fpopeisrancer intedrupt the en ev ct todoome rown fe m th r alteleto b css a ihildthnto e ee whirlcha. ngduripa prerered s markceprinss fe ofadred fvicereor cg atin hamiy fa sliesg,ayinte quo, do no d t endathe thy wimaout king e.peac >> t' thands kith of rse veofion ve ne tr god o bey,angrht rig? ha>> tgrt's adeat , vice alactuly. et>> let's g r theofest y whyou e arcaforest. id>> k'ms, iry sorut abot las t,nighy? oka yw anleay, sht's ouow yt' whas in go.g on 'r weoke loating no a seswy ms th horougheut tat grees laky , ic nd consitioe herhein t rt not,heasec espy iallh nortand st wene of rkw yoy citand ck poofets a thealpphiacs,an so alki loot ng aaua bel tifuday to inth soucaern rnlifoia.
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ildetae in thalnext hur.f ho we il wgel tot ou ylor l ca caforen st inethe 0 xt 5ndsecos. do yon't ntu wat thaki f nd on?brai a eedegrde is a .gree reyou'na gont wanme solione m
7:20 am
>> > cg omin,up rorecbrd-kieang weather out >> an thks, .al co mingup, c touldheree b ain lk eebetwhen t popularea hurrt bn ug drd s anmedentia? >> we> av hyoe aur-allesccpas ss fr tom ghemmra.ys omfrin wfos tar orylwi s aft nd br o unrsmaan, thd bee ast nd rswooft he tas fonhis.
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t,firss thitois "y"dan oc.nb > >>ngcomi s up,d houly everkid ge trt a ?ophy je osff rwesen iighsthnto e tedebar ove qthatiouestn. >> us> plep, ketiing itdy wh notech.logy of cefiha cs iratthet rn ur to th r eiskde bs, wuth ite thapcl of ou yhar s.nd l myesazins s haengottte betr. > >>t,firsou ycar lowsl ne. th wi pai thed n anngswelliof mode my tratereo seve rheu idmatoit arthris...or odinaryts objec sften..eemed. inti timidang. sodoing ing methlesimp...
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
d nooriscomft. i thisolets vi. s she'aibeen w forting th mist omenr foleawhi. mo a thment oids er k wouldn't think twice about. r fihet rswl obochf riosee. bee causw nothat cheerios are gluten free, etviolan, nyd math oers ar joe enheying t firirst bo todwl.ay >> a: dan 267:n os thisd tueay mo g.rnin m kidaand agna w nerrehe . k >> aim:nd it's stillru febary t buls feee likpr sing k.brea an>> dta: i does.>> : kim forildetaers, hes i ll kerry cun an itheea wther au itthory ntceer.>>
7:26 am
itcond hions aeret home. ck ba ,east trehey're p mttyad atth e ougrg.ndhohe hre,se watt prey t,righly ear ngsprido, wnwnto, 63re deges and in cenintenal, 59. this afooternn's high, 78 gr de tees,shat' 15re degesbo aveth e nlormach whi is 63 fors thi otimeef thr. yea w80,hate' wreki loong at rrtomoow but ce hancof inra , zybreedi constion andoo cler te atmper ouresurn th.sday he>> tavre hene be aum nberf o ci ac tdentishis rnmoing,hi t s t isheos m rttecen e,on so ouuthbnnd o radu ango, car in heto t palm ,tree ando n word t onhe injuries but itl wile tak hi awole tar cleha tet on up. heon t eefr,waysre we' inre pttygo sodhape etxcep foral usu bltroune o sboouth und15, even at thno is t that d,baut b the er ovallve trales timit w thhe 15 hbsout found alownd the indboun fr om t wheestk loo .good an>> dhaa: tnk you, to m. k >>im:hi tss ioi gngo tnd sou boddseecaurs hou ago,ha we d a n ma sanhot lld kined i the co itmmunuty b peolicay s it ul coved han beeh muc worse, be ecaus onef otheul blets wten
7:27 am
ll wa and wasou fnd by a child wh o wdalke over to aar pent and sa lid,ook whatav i he in my ahandnd ist wa a llbuet. thispe hapningt jus after:0 90 la st night. the oerffic ts onhece sne nd fithing e imvict . w heas inve gra ctiondionhe wn ey thnd fou him ande w gotor wd at th hedi pdassy awa onri sunse eey'vn bee kinnock ognoo drs ngtryi toal tk to peeopl toin fd out's who rnsespo fibleor this. t ashe itinvesongati ntcos,inue we h'llave cnuontied uespdat re he on news 3. d >> weana:'t canai wt for you to wak ueph wits uro tomorw rn moing, h tomleawy cckragin
7:29 am
ab touhe tou lnge we're back at 307: onhi ts tu daesy moinrng, fruebyar6 1th, 20 ,16s a we sayel hloo t our crowd. >> heo.ll >>s it' us. >>oc rllkefeer plaza. go od toe havou y along. >> we're inside sdituo 1a. rehere ahe tri stoesak ming he neadlis. lynear m 50onilliri amecans de galinh wit a messy coe,mmut as
7:30 am
ge aorgi toai m hneas 17ta stes rundete winear wther tsaler. th e smsystewn spaing ana tordo tbouakre aoscrs the southit wh e on tinouchgn dowea nr pe olnsacfla, a.orid > >>s lesn tha ak weeo tthe next blrepuican imprary. um trsp ihr tnieaterung citz wh a ws lauit,ha cgillen hngis el iligib tityuno r for fiofce. e thub repnlicant frone runrls ao ki taimng a at former psiredent ge worge.h buss a he cigampa ned hforis hebrotr, jeb. >> > ach tou mingtomenin durghe t pe pois's voit t comexi w,hen the nt po iiffrunter aptsee mting to es bl cs ahild in a eewhirlcha. ermembf s o ctherowdif l ttedhe il chdlo angh witthe lcwheehair hein t t aireo th e.stag po pera fncisss bleed theld chi, ptprom tinghewd croo t erupt into appuslae. ni mceenomtht ere. also this moment, from the fashion to the performances to ethos whooo tke homra gymm go,ld c'musisge bigigst nhtid dn't sa dintppoi. n dylaerdrey was thereor f it l al andns joi us now. yo u suedrviv. ll te a us boutit. i >> didur s avivet nd iwas
7:31 am
g io ot tbe on the redpe cart be tforehohe swt lasig nhtnd a lk ta s toometh of ge biam nesn i si muc. oti g t woavet ae somf othe esbiggt s,star ashe tyal w ked trighy b .me in ,sidere thee wer unetforgetabl rf pencorma tes,inouchgbu trites andle pnty of gyramm moments that mead for anle erictinfy g gh nit. , oh iem rember >> reporter: tloayswr tifpe ons eth swhoo t ake pac dushoe. gr beab tdeehr gmmrays and,om se ssay,ktruck bac atye kan stwe, s ashe took theph troory flb aum t of yheear for aon secmed ti. t >> ahereoire go ng teobe p ple galon the wayho wil wl tryo t rcundeouut yr t oreakre ct dir foyour coaclimpmeshsnt or yrou mefa. r >>teeporthr: oiger b wrsinne t ofnihe ght, ann stued ed sh n,eera wnginnig sonth of e year. >> oawh. w, wo. wow >>dr kenlaick mar. ep>> rr:orte k andicendrkar lam
7:32 am
in includg best rap album, and tt geaing standgin oor f the rf pencormae tteribudth to e bl ackes liv mratte vemo.ment an ea apperanc byle adeas w ma rredy b audioli gs.tche th ine sgerpo resndedn o terwitt ngsayi p theiano csmi fell on to th iae pno sts.ring 'sthatt wha theui gtar was, ngmaki itnd souut o of .tune th e grammys areno kwn for zzdangliue det yans d setdus andhi ts year was no ptexceion. aand prmerfo fancerom il"ham"ton,e livm fro newrkyo, de ma it a stbicoal af.fair y anou c see aan m r>>eporter: the show later won ara gmmy fores bthe terat album. ellionhi ricse waor honed ugthro mhusicaltr esibut.
7:33 am
lost this year. in includg engln ur ma icee.whit b. b. .king vi dad wiboe. ro g cundolontr toor maj tom he>> tt laser pson i sawk wal in nlast wightasad lgay ga, dr desse inon hor ovif dad e.bowi pherrmerfo wanceas onef othe mo g vinfaire inging felarewlso tthe in stdu'sryig bstge spinioiratns, ce atlebry ed bcuthe trren cimusi ans. ha>> wt aig n ohtf micust is.wa >> lgaady nga,ine songsn i 6:30 nu mites. it wascrinleedib. s >>head hhe tle whogy zig ar stdustoo lk wndo, for resu. >>am trons i winatchg thect aion on . line ou>> y s onlocia mediaaw s a lso theouetragr ovehe t ticechnal ff ditiiculnves ingolvi elade's pe marfornce. sh ide d heres bt thhoug to ns co tolehewi ttter verse. i ov le isth. th sis i w whyeov leer h.
7:34 am
ea trtingel mysf to an in and ou t. m so iaybest wa worth .it ndin a out rgbuer. la gady ga's unevbeliable tteribu to id davow bie h padeeopl ng si hinger seprais. el lenet tweed outs. thi dy laga gaha, tst wa so great. u' yolwre a gaysoingo tth anoer l.leve andgaga, most fidelynite t,ook r heri tbute forie bow toth anoer ve lel. sh cte ayuallas h aic pture of da vidow bieto tat ooed hner ri bs, saying thisma ige cedhang r hefe li. asit w theni opengma i tgeo her orperfe.manc ,also theas ctf o "htoamil n" htcaugen atttion on.line alsoro pdvide a hryisto onless. es guhas whet tgl gooeea srch wa s? n' dooot l iken thpr erompt. i >> saw .it >>gl gooe shearc it. op pele keas wd,sho ile aerxand ha onmilt? n' istt i teininrestg? e tht mostetweeoud abrtt aist of th e night,us jtin bi,eber nd kerickam lar anday tlor t.swif
7:35 am
in fo,urth andlexaer haonmilt. >> wa he s great. sn wa't he? >> oh , my gosh. that ttickeot g hottest, if th at's sspo. ible l get'set ahe cckf oeth atwerhero f mal. >> em traperetu asrear wngmip u ni lyce. a k loo at whatve we' got re alady. ea ahf d othed colt,fron ertempesature herth in e no asrthet,ng goibe to aernywh e eebetwn 5o t5 1 eedegrlms, a ost 20re degboes ave no.rmal 55 inew nk yortyci. li say,sbur 59. ca atpe hterus, 63. r a oidgefig hhre pessur is do timinang. we s mayee rdsecor inan s fr scancio, fr,esno reno, las ve gas, phx.oeni rthe oestef th trcouny, icy mix in the henortast. acoldnd snowyro a tund ghereat s.lake
7:36 am
in he t pifacic a >> tndshat'r youes latt heweatr. >>al, th. anks in com gup, wrinte adspreing. th ehe pnonomen --em rrembe ma eanspr?ding wnowrinte respg.adin lwe'l exn.plai apit h apenstst rentauras. yo nou kwho w yarou e. > >> soal, a salpeci rnosse re sportxp eenerimnt o ainwardg ch enildr d whotidn' nsaecesrily wi n anhiytng. >> d goo rnmoing. i' efm jfro .ssen iwhen g wasngrowi up, you oynl tgoph troies for wniinng megas. dato yy, kouwnoid ks are gtietng tr esophi for pciartionpati and pe trfec ndatte.ance today, a newoc slia peexmeri,nt ho wwldouou y retac if a ceoupl
7:37 am
wi tth phetiarticipaon optr?hies ei thadr dai sdy then' didt se de rveit. ul wooud y fede tndhead d g mive me, loilests of , miles er undy starrs abskie ove. d fon'tceenin me . let me fly any time, air any tlinelohat i ve, d 'tonce fen me in. g meive e a milhaand a lf f eorry bvek ucspeni d. oubl dmye iles mhe wthen rsfiyeart nd e s. o nnualanee f s, n blo utacko s, t let fheegun b. in 't donen fe ce m. in t gediscthe iovert le mird.s ca th vie flu hitsrus . bigwi esth achills, ch, d anfever, there's no such thing as ale flittlu.
7:38 am
n so wheflu the ,hits ca our ll yordoct a rightway an upd he a tent wi ntth a tiviral.amiflu ipprescr tamtion iiflus a analntivir thatatta thcks vie flu rus ts at irce sou d ansthelps op it from ea sprn ding idythe bo . u tamifl ais fdavedpproto t treathe flu in ple peowetwo eks aof ageldernd o ose whsyflu mptomsar stwited thin th st te laaywo ds. be akfore t taingu,mifl te oull yorr doctou if y're na pregrsnt, nu having,e ou seriths healditi conons, ak or ther e otcimedines. if dev you aelop n icallergctio rean, verea seh, ras ignsor sun of beusual ,havior t stopaking taflmiandu ca r ll you idoctoriatemmedly. childr andendo ascenlets ar in prticula y ma at be an ineacrd risesk sofzureei cs,fusion, on or noab e thstmoom cnmo esideecffrets a mi o ld tdemo nrateseauda anvo ngmiti. tianlu-fgo a? ivntalir wi on ofe oo the csl perk thi ofacs ple y isan eou cs at acemuch s real awantyou . s it' i'likegom ing k to wor gtoomet se. ri alghty. ust we j clikel.erea
7:39 am
(l g)aughin o)(vin make g th omostfut oev miery le. 'sthat i why a gotar subimu a.prez love. wit'smahat a kes rusuba,
7:40 am
commi renaend adture mtae vi.minsca betruse i eiust thalitr quy. th wereye e thtofirst havetamia virin vey fied busp. an ndep ideen orgntatanizion at thst sets uarict q andlityri pundty staards. tu mad nuthe omberhane pisrmacret encommded
7:41 am
>> he> t music cannl oyn meane o g.thin ss roen porerts. we 'real clinghi ts se,riesp ste oinr step off. it g'llet a lot of peeopl ta g.lkin da toaty, nlionanv igaesti tive escorrenpondeft josf rss ier he wi th tyrophga te. >> ik i le .that od goe, on vasa.nnah yo reu we tkial angutbo rt paaticipionph troies for kids. ydidinou w aot lf oro tsphie wh endski? >> no. >> . no e'>> wllre aos l aerstpo s irts, s.gues no hew, ty'rean h odingut op tr fhiesor ytever,hingn eve ju st snghowi .up sjamear hnrisoth of e serteels ma de hineadlhees wisn h kids got th esear ppaticition optr.hies oshe pt thdedhi ts photo,in say g he rwasnieturheng t tierophs usbecaise h kids dn'idt earn them.
7:42 am
we caught onid hnde camera. >> reporter: these ksid jtuson w giant >> oo l hkowig b they >> reporter: it's not for wtha yo >> iot g tshi one for perfect teatannd. ce >> this ispa iprticn.atio r >>teeport'r: is a controversy that has everyone weighing? >> i g'mngoio tay s ion d't like the participation trophies. >> neither do i. r >>teeporor: d t youhinkhe t kids deserve the trophi,esn eve th toughyhe stlo? >> hidet ind u yerrou cthloes a >> ep rteor wr: heedirct aorsnd a set upp sho inew n rkyo. ha>> w gt's oing,on asfell? >>k loo at these. >> omawese. r >>teeporigr: rht away,he tse n me i getnth on e ciexntteme. ll>> agh rit! >> or rep bter:heut tty par es do ln'tast nglo. >> itwa, wait, .wait yous guyot g thesero tsphie for rt paaticip aionernd pfect ndatte?ance >> yeah. >> d youtidn'wi n? >> e w triedll reay- - >> y' theusre j htngandi out op tr?hies >>he t men are torn. wh heen ts kid goo tthe th ba,roomy theak spe ,upid s ing
7:43 am
>> t' thasha wthe ty do y.toda tit'she draemocticay w. ybeverody .wins u yotcan've en playhe tam ge and just go e,thernd a you'll get a tr .ophy >> it's not s oldl choolikee w ar e. >> or rep tter: timeeto l the iguysn on it. >> wwahat ts ie likhe wn you we re owgring? kdid gidset tierophors f rt paaticipion? >> not at al l. >>ha wt does it do toid ks datoy? y >>eeou ndo tar enha wtou y get. yo etu g a tphroyor fng doi no g.thin r >>teepore'r: wolre r ling n.agai th eseom wen't canta sy ntsile, go aingfter our dad. >> y soundounged a, rymoalst li ouke ye wer madt a them. >> tdihey wdn'thein te. gam i >>t'sot nir thelt fauy thegot it . i >>'t canie belouve ycor ach. dyou on'tsederve isth. ep>> rr:orte the woman at this etabl isri angyer bhe t se.cond twhenheoy bs step atoway the ba omthrohe, s unsload on the
7:44 am
>>ou yre're rodest tyingheirf sel emeste. t >>ishis for paiprticn.atio t >>hey paiprtic. ated he>> tidy d n't win. >> wnginni i'tsn erevhiyt. ng w>>tham a iea tinchg myon sy b do gin atth? >> or rep iter:e hav m toeet her. j >>effos r fsenrom nbsc' od"t"ay owsh. whore a you? >> mohliil gonhos, mygo sh. >> can i sit wndo? t sorehey' all rsacto. u yoe gav d thead ace pie ofou yr . mind he>> tre'shi notng worseha tn st dengroyi a d'chils -eselfm.stee oe>> des hav he a inpot,t tha ki hods s'tuldn getph troies for pa iprticn?atio ot>> n his decision? >> teak itp uit we h thh.coac r >>teeporher: tt mos ar hermt-wa mingtomen y waset to co me, cesourt ty ofhis man. t >>hesero tsphiere a going ba ck. yo eu ar k notngeepi .them m i' clialngou yrom m rightno w. stayhere. ep>> rr:ortet' thaens wh he smake his vemo. r fo ftheirstim te y,toda turns t to bheoys emthesselv. y >>ouul shod'ved tol him you won.
7:45 am
t >>t'ha sgo.od good for you. godss ble you. th at'st.righ er evyybod sede trveso be re edward. y >>hiou te nk wldshou get ,them even thoug whe lost? >> nobyod loses. juyou idst d n'twi n. j>>fefse rosron fm cnb .news dwhyouid yet gol invved? >> te lisoun, y y try ourhat.rdes u yo't can winve ery time, t?righ i >>ts iy okao t give out hitropores ft thad kin of inthg? >> op tr thies hatg,bi esquabtionle. >> wt haouabt ,me i d'tonet g a tr ?ophy ou>> yua act dllyoav he e.on it sa,ys y'rou ae arst. >> gold, too! >>he t st lar,s adieand legentmen. >> nk tha you, coach. y >>ou a gettr .ophy yo etu g a tr.ophy ou shld kgeids opt tr jhiesust fo owr sh ingup? go to bofaceomok.cse/rosn re sport t and mell wehat you th 'rwee doing ae livbofaceok at ch. k inowre whe you anstd. >> on i dov't lee th rt paaticip ionoptr.hies
7:46 am
fo etr gting one. hi>> ts is curidi.lous >>he ty're big. >>ld buiingp u'kidsf sel emstee isrtimpoant. >> s it' all abouthe t atdetitu. t >>rehey' not allat n buralorn etathles. if y the icparte,ipat arear pft o t a aeamndw shop uor f ac prs,ticey the sederve a tt li-le - w >>et wanm theo tbe veacti. ey thul sho od be utthere. gtheyet ait ltle .star bu het te mor oizrganed the sp ortsget, thee morin w. ners or>> me ofs thind as les of . this a>>it letled mal is fine. buthi tors f eonveryems see a bit . much 'm>> iee kpings thith in e bo x, ibute hav uryos. >> yo if t u getheh trophyhitrop yes,ou mi tght yhinkeou'r ad goo etathle. 'r weote n all hlat. etes >>oo t batad mn't isret he. h he sas agtron opn,inio no tr esophi forid ks. >> or tomrow rnmoing,s thiis a n fu fe.inal
7:47 am
our new year'ses rioolutons t se lo htweig. wh iatf a cetompletr srange as yoked hu toheelp rhe catn o her diet? iwhatf shete wand yo ou t keep lo tokou so heroy bndfrieid dn't tc cah her? wo yuldoup heler h? t >>shat' a notar hd esqu.tion >> he t judgey riboyfend? >> i'm t.ou he 's nego. t>>oromwro >> ha tnk u,yo jeff. >> you get aph troy for atth. an thuk yoor f rtpaaticip ing. s ttillcoo tme,edhe r etcarphi fasonst tha tdurne shead t athegr s.ammy mwhoseis tdhear mk andho wam ce ou otn to p. t>>yhell aet g a trhyop. >> e' w hlleav it fi t,rshe tse ssmeesag. al ll yearyou ong edworkd har ttocaake oref business an taked ar cof te pheple eoowhmatt mert.os wsoyohen turefax rd unvearris,
7:48 am
elefromnictro hcs, tocoome deevenr, es tir, ge low t icpr on eserevhingytyo neu edto m getfuore ofn out our yta refux .nd lmar wat. , eat upy. ybudd'louget l itis ye ahok oo not tck quido len't ut go intil so. say i t yogo..u. st t starngroith wlathe gstinergy en10 of 0% u' yongre doit! i ol whn e grai oquaker anats.f d ofgoyou . we i ednvit t womena o a sp to atestod new b.y washhi lc. weome. shdioa sp? u yonomay elt febu it t bsomewaody cshesonan c taincl ereansuns fo dd insoish ap. oh. on sk my in? 'sthatll reaary scy. bdovewaody s sh ierdiffent. yohh.ea it o hasthnly gee lent st eaclnsers. plus the uqunicae ore f iunutrism mo.ture 'sito sftso. ju mste adeeme fodl go. is thdi is enffert.
7:49 am
ithisves do. ve gi. extratrget exa. 73 a% ofnsmerica. try.... ltok healshy mea. tyet upfao 90% hortll s iningettnug key ntstriefr ooom fond ale. t' le ms do..ore. o...add dayne a's men 50+. co lemp wittekeh nutry s ientmawe .y need pl t heus isulps hepport althyood blsupresre
7:50 am
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7:51 am
. . . . . in comg up d,oe w flyinal ve ha anwe ansr teo th e-agold debate? di oetr erexseci? o>>r bo?th
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
whawow,out ab t justtt pua ing fair, no e haggle onpric w theindow? zanot ugny enoh? me sos timebethe east dls e ar ppretty to lainsee. inmorn g. d >> ana:7:56n oh tiser tcrifi datues y! l >>ook at all t bhatlue sky.i know shiometsng io mvingn in o thezohoriutn, b d i kon'tnow e th tadeils. e sh at w bouldete mloeoro gist y kellancurr . w >>e doe hav arm stote sysm wo grkin our wayow tards us, but da toy,ea bulutif heweat lr, ight s,windfo comlertab teatmper,ures
7:56 am
15 desegreve aboma norndl a im prm 63 andou b lder,city 53 and78h wittl mosnny suiey sks an hed t windl wilin beg kngicki upor tomrowo tp helst boo the mp teureratpes uo t 80 oler o tndahursy on the ck basideth of eso seanh wit cl oudys,kies by reezitcond,ions iga hh of 70,ut bt' thatis sll we ll a tboveorhe nmals thiim t e t ofyehe ar.>> ll we' e wnjoyhile it lasts and the indbounff traice her es do ln'took greatnd a the ag spi hett,bowlru cnch ,timehe tru sh urho, terhe piodch whi is si buest, and the tlraveim tes lo gokin chyruncn o the215, 15 or 95. 's itt jusbu sy.>> a: dans it' .slow an thu,k yo tom.>> : kimht rig now,e whave an ti acve mrurde itinvesongati ki talang pce lllocay, hours o,ag ana mt shokiand lledut o side thatpa antrtmepl comndex a as lawfu as thatis , wew knoha t t e onf otheul blets wentou thrgh
7:57 am
sguesho wou fnd the etbull ? a child. ou br ightvet or to a rpaent,o s th isou cavld heee bn even worse ithant s,was ahe tyk loofor r.igge lwe'le havpd u hatesere ons new 3.>> a: dan c we wan'tait forou y toe wak up tomorrow rnmoing. wew knopl peoeav hene be
7:59 am
enng doi it forph we gonnaet l and we're going to let it burn it's 8:00 on "toy.da" mi cop,ng ugs dru d andtiemena. a study reveals a link betwe en popular over the counter heart burn medications and dementia. what doctorsre ali telheng t 15 million arime tcansrehat ly on d therug. >> us> plat, whn 's iwathe ter? >> s iisthoi g tngmao e ke mlive
8:00 am
l>> aonot lger. >> we venturtoe la icewhnd, ere the life expectancy is one of e thhighesont he tla pt,neo t unlock the secrets to longevity. fashion high note from the d we have a round-up of the gr myam gs,tzlind ala g fm,m ro si mubic's t ggest.nigh dato ty,sdue, ayfebruary 16th, 2016. >> d gooinmornomg fr y nework ci ty! >> shoutout to our mom darlene watching bacink he tot hel. d 'tonee kmep ow d n i >> g'm aiaeorgch peani turng 65 n ithe big apple. oo>> grnd mo bing,n.osto tu 0 rn 5ewin nk c >>raeleb mtingthy 60th biry da heon tda "tohoy" sw. >> hi, guys. good morning.
8:01 am
good morning. it's 8:00 on "today." tuesday, february 16th. we have kind of a wet one. wet and warm though t ourehen o r ouazpla. we've got a beautiful crowd. erevodybiny g ad ooodmo. odgoor mngni. rs cas on i fhereator mhot, w is of isf thk. wee r ouucprodaier sshd i ould nt meagion yain,i es, inspraed nkmy ale. nit'sheot tes lat st inhoe >> co it beuld . e >> wgoare toing so do inmethg th wi r it,?ight co de iratet? >> sh we bouldelejewor it me sog.thin t gesta liid of eas. >> t wanakto mree sung wraler n'doesrkt mari ter htory ere. l >> looksa ike ttree.runk >> mi> cop,ng uel modav behinior kithe n.tche n robilalley is .here e shal tksut abo pgosin for the "s sportus illedtratim" sw suit ioeditn. n >>o ow thethe neadlis. we av he nieatalid inseh witthe la oteste n thliheadnes. a erwintrm stoha is avingn pa imroct form fltoida ne mai. te ton adrns oeppri tedouhrhegh t
8:02 am
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8:03 am
heon toc demc rati, sidenbc /snewsymurvey onke fpoll inds cl n into awithpo 10 leint ad onnati oallysaver s.nder da to cy,ntli wonl il cbertoug in af n-ricaicamerotan viners new cyork dity,ereliva ing kibreang wn dori barspers ieechrln haem. il whrme foreer pntsidel bil cl n inton is ih soutlicarona. nd saalers amso cnspaigso in uth licaronena o a day hftert e me fwithieamilpas im bctede y th te waisr crn is it,flinhi micgan. > >>y,toda. u.scioffiheals ad h toa avanigto s an anmegreent orrestscing lehedurld aiine rv sebeice n tweeu.the nds. a ba cu t forirhe fimst t 5e in0 ye ars. inairliles wvel haut abo two ek we as to fpplyaror v ious ro .utes ilit wenl thup be th to e de mepartf nt osptrantiortaon sthisr ummeecto dwhide ich inairllyes fm froh whicesciti h toa avanctdirely. agthe enreemlot al0 ws 2d roun tr liip f aghts f daythrom s.e u. c to uba. >> 0s> '8 s popvatar dnityied r afteloa bngtlatwie kthneidy
8:04 am
rn bo nidece ttma,hewsit vanyas w a otprofege nc prie. an ngd sava in fnityix. t in99he 1sh0s, rne tuered h tbacke o thstindundry a ch iaristitn fad h anmebeca an ev liangest. sh ede dica in rnlifoia. tyvani 5 was7. >> he> t pderesintf o atirgenna qu yickl is linearnhag ttht wi we pomer coivs pre.ileg rothe g llinesstonhi at s ek wehoend n me iosbuenes air. he ea relimsed oagese f thp grou po wsinghiith ism, he wifand r theihtdauger. e therrockres weto in o wn t pe m rfore threerconcn ts ithe ar ea. at thlu is cky. t' lends seba it o ck tnnsavaah. t >> yhankou. >> w > no nto atuew shady tt d coulrobe tngublis newthfor e ll mi oionserf ams icantawho ke he buart edrn mioicatn. re chsearsu is tiggesheng tgs dru mi inght secrea r theofisk ve denglopien demtia. >> yanou cea't brot zert hea rn bu. r >>teeporowr: nth in e ot spt,lighop a p cular olassf ar hernt buic mednsatio,
8:05 am
xi neum. th uge drle calotd prumon pp biinhi otorsisr pp u arebysed anst eatimed 15 mliilon am icersan to treat st gateroinalstinue isss. serechars er ginnyermage sugst usoverthing uge dry s maeaincrse ntdememoia aheng ter eldly. th ude stuny foatd th lepeopye 75 anars ded olr gu rey larlngtaki m theatedicions a had in44% secreaand chf ce o me de. ntia >> re the p arentatieo s whe ar ke optn this indefinitely. atwhe wy mae se aisre t mnde or r foinuse s therthoer twhm en ne arcessd y anpistopng teafarrw. ds ep>> rr:ortea in emstattoent nb wsc neo , twheof tg drursmake oo sthid behend troir ps.duct as entrazeca sa , yingenpatifet sas ty ian rtimpoprant tyiori w ande li bealeve ol ofedur mioicatns
8:06 am
t asabhe lugel ss.gest an &gd ps say it isor imptant to ad re f andw ollolaall bel di iorectns. azdr. s ar ibcan nic medewal ns nt cotoribur. go orod m. ning oo>> grnd moing. t >>ishis tu disg rbinusbecae a lo pt ofe eopl ttakevehe oe r th un cometer nedicis. i t don'thget nke li. wh uly woard hernt buic medn atio po iatentaflly tfectinhe md d an us camee de?ntia >> ht rig. hiso t as isatll, s thit,poin po hyicthetsaal, ahvann. th eae ide heromis sngethi we wo cauld ioll bcalogil au pllisibity. ho yw doo ou g tfrommehis nedici th ffat a yectsstour h omacto af infecturg yoin bra. wwhatowe kn,he ty can c trosshe oo blaid/brrrn ba.iers retheollticahey, tuly cofed afct e thn braiischemtry. fr niom amomal , delsnowe keyw th d coulctaffe a themabnorl pr n oteilslevend fou in eialzhs mer'asdisee. otthe thher i ing k thinis abprobosly mpot imt,rtan in n huma, datanowe katw th the cimedicanes usn ca2 e b1 fi decycien.
8:07 am
me deiant. >> un to codersitre, ot's n ssnecey arilatcausion. ey th a sawre coronlatiwe beten de iament o andsiveruheng tse dr rugs,?ight bs>> aelolutbsy, aeloluty. it er's vpoy imt rtaneito rtetera at th. is thrl neas y wassan atiociaon. rt cey,ainls doeprnot ove ca iousatn. stthe auudy s thorsethem lves d woulessuggatt th o notnly wo thuld eeey n id tovempro the me olthodofogy n thestext udy th ouat whold smew sog thin like , thiso to dthsomecaing alled omrand tized, rialthbut asis w a y stud lthatd ookeinat l king di seagnoths wiic medn atio use. t >> iesraisoo a gd erconvonsatiic, wh, h isyou ou shskld ars you delf,u o yoneed to on be se thert hean bur di meoncatis. >> ht rig. ini the k ong thin wthatwae alys ke lire to atiterspe, elleciay as ph iaysicrens ain takreg ca of pa tstien w, isyohen gu're oing ugthromeh a tidicaison ld t an okeepfin reg llincamedis tion to aucamatiwilly t thoulyreal de unndrsta iing,ers th e an di inoncati c fornuontithing is
8:08 am
fo mer sopl peot e, it migh alactue ly bcathe se. e are therrnaltee ativcimedines? e are therr othegsthinch, su as li ylfestane chges? un i tadershend trere apl peoe wi igth scanifieant hurrt bn, e wherstlifechyle s anget don' ke maif a dncferee. su s ch anglosigh weid t annot insmokd g anatelevthing d.e be it om's sngethike to n ep i. mind d >>zar. ahar, tounk ymu so ch, as ay alws. > >>ngcomi y up,e ou'vd hearof clthe r.appe inow,nemagi c theerlapp for yo ffur oice. thall aie chwirs, heth tp claof ha a nd. >> st> inm agrame. mothe opst p pulars hoto from si mubic's t ggesghnit. no te filedr neored fse the. >> v> wereentuth to dse en of eathe srth,hiearcorng f the se s cretivto lloing .nger l we'l yshowhaou w ft we.ound rsfi tt,sehees mgesas. trrootme in ics,nathe tion'seslargdepet int ndenstudy,
8:09 am
. riven, wzo bon witigonh huerendfiftd rey the e statwins. t a goand t tyt thirht,-eigri sp tnt got wo, moand t otbile gro., ze ri vesozon alir won fn thst i e usr fodata, call speed, and reliability. a t t and texgot, auck oneragn avtwe ne ork? vjoin aerizone'llnd wer covur yo t costsitcho sw . fortifying the gravity-defying... friend-connecting... y- dag.seizin.. strong... you. w neeciaspk l urisnoh. lti- mun grai flakes th q wia,uinos, apple ndalmoras and iespberrs. ne eciaw spnol k urish. foifrty. celsfx:onl phate vibres.? yeah(s ouigh) yokay're he... y,'s okaad he m!e it n. jaso d. whatu meo yoan?we ve were ad bry boys. a whalex iat'snen the ws? a: halexs ere'wsthe nec, "aleldbaanwin sod jahwn scmaartzn rewen seeinmoonpag pai.razzldbathwin hirew oes sh at ogphoterraphfos beakre ming ar run foit". my oor pmecashksre soc... ex all a, wildeyou orother anpar brir of
8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
shopping for an suv? well, this ithe s meti .d anur fyod oralerdes ithe acple, to et g 0% financing for 60 monthsn a ordfouv s. th igat's r jht. anust lord exp..rer.geed.e..scape... and expedition... avare laaie blthwi% fi 0ncnag inr fo rd sfos.uvesig dd ne heltoyop beuns uppabto.le no wonder ford is americs a'st bellseg t burrhu 0y,fi% ncnaginfo 60r on mths on or fsuvsd s i amilid te otimeerff. se ure yod foralde ter.oday o myhelle! lovth e e o. h.ugy ..todaamthe fl oute is, to rrmo my owtuattide... uryor. mothe.. nianto ao.ionton. qu e? stthe ove. it w's notng.orki mp ca mbell'swaveicro sableoups.
8:13 am
w be're aackt 138:. ftimehaor wt's going onor f real o,withernose kwn as,ha wt's ditrentong day. ni>> ce. >> ll we'ta srtit wh aea hlth es qu ationot l ofeo p pleask. if 'r youery t tingoe los htweig, wh isich e mor poimt,rtan to go a ont dieoor trc exeise ?more a o lotf peexrtses strs la bagncin the btwo,utet g isth, bo b harper, famed trneair, says i itots nn eve e.clos kwe hnowim fmroe "thesbiggt loser." he knows what he's talking t.abou 'shere the nidefi,tiveai strght eransw. hesaid, diet ise moror imptant thanxe eercis if you want to se lo igweht. he d, saik, loos it' 80%ou yr nu iotritn and %20 >> ahye. >> on d'tou y feele likhe wn you ar ell reay good onr youwot rkou meregin re ntgimets, iow alls youo tn ope yo uru mense iolectn? >> when i eisxerce remo, i eat re mo, .100% >>ry t tingoak mpe u for .it
8:14 am
en thr you rvdeseert stas ac st kingup. >> s it' a bae.lanc i nk thi it . is >> if yeou'r just- - ifos ling htweig a isll youe car ouab t, diets i morertimpo sant,ay the rtexpes. >> greatew nors f peeoplin wak g up datoy. it 'sas e tierooc fusn o what you rordeat rherha tnbl douingn dow t athe i >>tes com d towno ciealorn i d anor calie out. y ifeou'rki worng out, yeou'r in goog te los the ricaloes. bu het ta ide is, if youan wto t se lowe ,ight not to rnieplesh wi heth t caeslori. >>/2800 is a big lispt. >> adiccorong t bob,hi w wche lo veob b. g >>suy i in great apshe. >> ve we' allrd heaf o prmansngeadi. ys gue takp u toouc mhce spa with insittthg wiir thes leg apart. ewin nk yor,city t iheres a aicampgn llcaed,p sto the adspre. w, no wrinte respg.adin hitnsappehe wne w take offll a e th lsayerf oth clo tes,he s,coatha ts, gl,oves swrseate, sanddprea them outro aund us,
8:15 am
rschai. e thsi webte thgotamiss sayt' is iv dr tinghem tsnu,in takg up too ch mu room. >> he tma sller strentauras, ma ybere the's at coaac rk ro th eughboveryasdy h a atco. i >>t'sst frungrati tgryino t fi ndou yr coat whent' is de unthrneaen sever oths. one t >>nehey eted b cteroat s.rack i >>f eboverydys putir thet coa on one sen,ctiohe toa cts all have a seat. >> 'r youte ar you apenartmt,et g ainto r,ca uber, ,ride get t ao r, ba aurest,rantay m wbee er ovs.dres ssunle'r youare b hngoppind a inwalkrog a iunden th wi,ntero d yo eeu ndo s many yelars? >> t whaf i y gouet k?stuc what ifou y can't get a cab? 'r weote n asan m alys u,yo rs caon. we 're ldco. h >>sere'ec toghnolhay ttak t es a s-handonpp ahroac toan cle ing tup a wo.rk isthid veos iro fm ssnian. bosomedy s,clap and all the
8:16 am
place and go backo teithr de co ,ol rit?gh >> . neat re>> a we ryeallt tha lazy now? >>.yeah 's it apr ypototige rht it'ses tting out new notech.logy ss nisan iel devgopin s-handfree rk paing. l iove tlahe c. pper ou>> y't canh pusr youir cha ?back no>> . t >>ighe lhts here aren othe peclapr. >> id i dn'tw kno . that >> show. us >>oh,y m .gosh sn>> i'tt tha azaming? >> wow. 'l>> iurl t tnhem back . on >> ,no's letea lvehe tm off. >> clap .on co ol,ghrit? ar>> wmingp u a li. ttle i>>t's ait letl owsl. p >>op start, cnarso iski talng ab aouthill tngsam grmys,m fro ftheonashiso tpothe lapur mo s.em >> t iswa aus by night. the starsn' didt sadintppoi on th ede r etcarp. dy laga ga, pgayinri tbute to vida dboe,wi ithn is markc jacobs s.dres asit w a throwback. >> ecperft. >> angmazi. h >>boow ahrut cissyei tgen and jo hnen legd,n i black and e?whit
8:17 am
>> wi shoffng o the byab bu. mp >> oneom wan whoad hs jaw pidropng, a.tiar >> it madeve eborydyto spnd a ypa teatn.ntio >> keyis. >> bceeyon dtidn' walk theed r etcarp w but aoredi wedngre dss to prtesen t fheinal arawd. >> do weno k twshat't what i wa s, a wngeddi s?dres >> the "ftiormaon" devio, th sere' are dy ss bmmzinnerma. .hour stinm'agrasic offraial gnkin heof tt mosed likmm gray osphot. in irthd, 874,000,ri aana gr .ande injustie bber upedstag byis h 6- -oyearbrld r,othe ckjason. on igrnstajuam, sstind harethis ph fotorom baagckste. co send.
8:18 am
st pohied tfs o hernd a her iebest,el sena megoz. ta ylor wr note,oig b ,dealt jus ll ro uedp with theot htest date. 1. il8 m lionlikes. you c canheck out stinm'agras ll fut lis at >> oh> , onemo re. rifavorate gmmy memonts. le gt's aodroun the table. vasaahnn w,t'ha yd louike most? >>"htoamiln." it he's tre gt,atesh sucola co oa br sdwayhownd a i loved .it it'sssimpo tiblet o gecka tiet. pe gople tot a oastef it. >> y the had a live inthg. >> t' thahes ty'reua actl stage. al>> , you loved ,it as well? >> wa it s are gat ntmome. ve lo it. rk yo. i >> wt'sorth . it >> >> mrtaon? >>dr kenick malar. wi tth he"hilamn"to stca m,ade a itcen exnaptioigl norht fip h p.ho citan go fromia soclom cntmeary to broadway.
8:19 am
e on m ofy fatevori as,sel wl. linatae? >> 'sgagaid dav wiboe. it a washn tecicolog alma,rvel e th t wayhey made herk loo like e th ziggyta strdus moment. it was phomenalen. she danced her way and sang her way through nine songsn i 306:. asit w imesprvesi. on sly cheldouul pl it off. >> what a greatic musianhe sis . i >>st wae lik aot robic piano, to o. >> casontratt, lely. she's gichvenp u a lotf o the co esstum. e shug brotht ik bacn i r.hono her .hair th ome m mentay be cgominba ck. they lad etmullay mak me a re . turn ta>> ,mronl wil youo dit? >> kkaca?rson l>> ioved theip str dpedown ve iors onthf e duo. to e, mhi twas stu picrefe perct d annd soued great.
8:20 am
nd ki of ais purtus mic fan. >> ie ellul go,ding o,to azaming. >> d goo >> ot nan my araw.ds a lot of music. >> rsca,onha t nkyou. >> l>'set getwe to r.athe w >> se'llhowou y whate whave in gog on. or stms mgovinhr tough ammii. th sis i aro fntalys stem pngushi l al the wayp u ithnto e rt notheas withno swm fro tt pighsburcl, anevelod, t ff bualo. wthis millove icqukly. lwe'l a see lot ofn raiut o of it. th cere bouldloe fgodinue isss rlates thi teafnrnoo onnt io this evg.enin d an aot l of snowut o west. i ul sho dy,saes w nternorew yk, we n sterp.a. th eea hist n o sinthoun er
8:21 am
>> that is your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. now to ourpe scial risees, vi ling longer, living ttbe. er w>>ree' lkioong aton lvigetyn i is ,landi ic d.elan ir kemo simns tleraveod t the la is tndo find out what has pe oplein livgel wlg lonnt io ei tholr gden ye ars. ep>> rr:ortet jusel bow the ar icctir cecl on the eedg othf e ha inblbitae wo irld,ndcelaas h lman aost malagicee fl about it. th wi onef otheos mt raw and st niunngan lcadspes on the pl ,anet cedoverh wit glrsacie, vo oelcan asndth geolerma en.ergy e th 00300,0ha tt inhabithi ts al smlsl iandat n tionoday e,ar no t,doub a hardy crew. sp de tite hhearsh coitndnsio , etheo pepler h heeav one othf e highestif leec expietancn s ithe
8:22 am
at 83 aryes. at wh's their crseet? tis i the water? th ree fsh air? th e food? somela icesnder ctredihe tir evlong tityo bngathi in hegeotrmal po ols. il>> whil ts makee m live erlong? a >> lot erlong. r >>teeporour: tgh gnassi,ment thisis. >> how ceomeo peplro fmce indla velion lrgeha tnve eborydy else? >> ec bseauf oethwi sinmmg po s.ol ep>> rr:ortehe t tre bheyeru tth to that. meethestepn,ho w t urns010 arye osldn i austguet, ywi s ms eherevery mngornin i this outdoor plooe hse himlfui b iltn 19 43. i ntrecepely snt a day with this un yogan m. y >>o ou d ethisvery y?da >> every day. even richs.stma e >>venhr casistm y?da >>yeah. >> or rep ater: t:0110 ,a.m.s it'
8:23 am
wh eer a group of tnowld eers gather eryve dayo ttr schet and tkeepheircl muses ngmovi. wo>> w. >> or rep ter:ncluh,od taye' wre ea ngtira tonditial indcelaic fa re. >> s thiis srou sheep ictestles. [ uglahter ]. y >>ikou le ?this >>yes. >> or rep ter:t,firse somhe sep pr esivat. w >> till hhiselpe me liv erlong,in eatgs thiar p otef th ee shp? >>.yeah >> okay. ma iybet'sor witth . r >>eporter: then somete rotn sh ark. >> t' thas gissgdingusti. , ohsh go, ceom on. >> ep rteorr:ut b theea rl clue to indcelaicon ltygevi mayst exi hein t cotrunsy' dna.
8:24 am
th is oce is onhe t monissi to eccollt dnoma fr e pverysoernn i >> hy wo d seomeo pepliv le lo ingern icd?elan >> ink this it' their envntonme ey the livin . ivwe l ien heunatedse housor f 1, ye100 anars gd my iuesss er ths e waela sonecti for aicertpen . ople t'>> iots n the,food not the wa ter, it's not the clean air? 'm>> i notay singt tha we sh n'ouldeat ld aea hhylt fe lie.styl nwe i icd,elane w beehav recklessly like any other naonti. tinkhihe t rsoean weiv le a lelitt bitge lonrs i that we co mem frolaa relytived goo negecti ckbaougrnd. >> i'moi gng home toch wat le teonvisi, drink beer and eat e iccr eam. f>> it' thast whaou y want to . do ep>> rr:ortele whi -y99olear-d st nephes put ari pyoritn o in maintainisg h alhe eth, hvene sh aresha tt libeef. >> hestepn? >> ah ye? w >>shat'he t se?cret i >>'t donow kn.
8:25 am
>> on i d't .know i i got ftromy m ntpares. >> i cane havr you pas?rent ep>> rr:orte for "t,"odayr kei si s,mmon nbc ,news elicand. >> w.wo th tat'she way,e mor hot bb tu ing. iv>> l ting gheood feli, for .sure >> keir aeddd a few to his. >> extlac y. on jasei sud ikisers hesh fre offis h arappea ancet the nba stall-ar .game lk ta about thery stof ose jes sowenth to e big .>> a: dan a is - 26 ay toda rn mo twend o withu.yo
8:26 am
thout weere e hav olotsf ns su, hineh fresanair rdd bis ar ire au bel tifu day.62 eedegrp s, u0 to 6omin se ea ard s an 61.we l wil keepclngimbihs hig to inday u the pper70s. i 78ats wh 'rwepee exg ctinin s las vega80and moto, rrow when willicbe p ukingp wedadnesy te afn rnoo wthatcoill uentin toinhu tdarswiy thsla htig anch ocef shs owereswednday ni inght huto ty rsdaasl. wel te atmper urespedrop 7d to 0 on th ayursd t buthat tiis selll wl ov abe alnorm. ea sp kingno tt tohe rtunfoe unat onewsf a l locaermurd andthe ve inatstigion couentins. ittestaroud ar:0nd 90 p.m. nlast aightnd couentintos in e thmog rnins.hour it haedppena at pe rmit lecompx. antmaparcoent x mplea waman s ot sh andtawas token the ho alspitdi he d pawass ay. a etbullt wenugthroh ofone e ths wallof thare apt tmen lecompd x and coulhaakve t en ou t soe meon.else k thana god d chilpip ck u the pa rent--ic pd ke tuphe bullet
8:27 am
>> da yna: eeou s a li ve pi e cturand e th tlastthime ey ay plt ed i thomehey atbe the onfalc s by.36 ghtonillt wi abefe dif rent st anory erd th e one thadro . ttsig inonhe ten b, chacsty one of the heroes of the 90s ch piamshon tipm.ea he ld woue likto cobeheme t xt ne adhech coath of e re.bels t a loof pe soplertuppo himin is thor efft. wewieell sth if ere is any y dicesinstuatioen betwe el himsthf and e inheterim ad ach. co> > kim:ouso y kn ow th nae meucch gkyenre . omfr wabay ickthn e y,da is th bje suect heof teo vidlt vau mo to to hom tally ukings ibackn
8:29 am
gelounhe t t wre w aas a r htigbo autow n >> >8:30 now on this tuesday
8:30 am
it i fsruebyar6 1th, 20.16 ttlile windy, little wet, but al asoit letlar wmut oer he on rou a.plaz >>ahye. ce niha c fngerom eryest day. ov>> le it. , higu ys. >> , hi ysgu. om cing up,'v youe got it, de du. 'r werae cgshin the set of "f r ulle"set. avwe hsne a peeak tek a the re . boot an sod jan sukee ba isisdeik lwe'lk tal to a himbout his lechalgngine rolndon aff o the enscre. >> >pl ,ushe sas wn ohe tov cer of "srtpos luiltestrad" suswimit ioeditn. w, noin rob is hngeati up the tc kihen. sh ge's toingow sho h usow de moeals r llyeat. >> lyreal? .okay et>> let's g ahe cck oef th we r.athe et>> l'see s what we'vego t. ar st wting ithy,todaha we aven ic ixy m inor nnther new anengld, so alth in e midis mipsisspi and oh ivio rer eyvall. asnowdroun the great s.lake nn suy andot h ien thth souwest
8:31 am
fortoowmorror, mf e othe ,same th woughe're lngooki t forhe wet heweator t teexndow dnnt io ce lntra a andtlmosth souern li caiaforn. nd wiy ndconsitio. nn suy skieslo ang theas etern ab se.oard ercooln thaal usuea wtherow dn ro ththugh lfe gust coa. th al noughicend ail mdn ieth utsoasherntetl atianceg atthha's wgot's oning un arod
8:32 am
slet' go toro tamnth in era onge . room s>> aalpecisa mesorge fag enged up coles. ntvalesine' maye b ndbehi us, bu e't wreoo lkingad ahe to your xt ne rtiomanc ntmome. e thnc chaoe t winhe tdi wedfng o ur yo eadrms,ig rht hereh witthe bi atg fod t sayhow ddweing. if you yeenjoved eryut minef o "my big fat greek wedding" and it reedmind you of y oourwn fa ,mily'r youoie gong tov l e this e.on we ptnareder with "myig bat f gr eek wngeddi 2"ro fmur o sister coanmpy, erunivsal, for an az am ingrtoppoy.unit lo tove sry. in ecludr youmi faly. we t wan tot mee them,to o, of secour. m weayho c yose fouheor t we gddinen evtth of e year. t goo y.todawecom/gddin for all theul resnd a gureonlatis. ke mae sur you applyef bore uafebrry 26th. go ucod lk. n' caait wtme to et you. >> he> tai wt is atlmosve or for thel"ful ushoe" nsfa. >>le"ful re"housre pesmier fe rybrua6 2th. cr aig mvieln had anc cha e to t visicathe emst m obersetn s in
8:33 am
w >>shat't i likeng bei ?back >> thean strge ptar is,re the is aem m toryo it, like yeou'rer he an oud y 'reret.buil i >>'veed criev seralim tes, be ing back here. witas ovelerwh.ming cyourhohildodes comk bac all of a ddsuen. >> !hola e>> w had aen momtre whee wwere al itl s otingn thech couth in e vi lioong rmng doi our sncree .test asit w c me,ceandind- - accandnde a eaandr. l wedooket ahe tcr seen oen th co auchnd went, oh, ,myre we' ba ck ons thi co iuch,n this set, in dohig ts n.agai e >>bovery idy tskialng autbo e thch coung bei lesmalr. i>>st' alsm ler. e>> w got erbigg. >>e w untadersnd. >> e wev nefer lcht eaer oth. bob,,jeff the cast. thisls fee keli, you owkn w,e've en be .here we er nev ftle. >> ry evebodyks loo amg.azin
8:34 am
en ev theou cchoo lks good. >> theid ks havero gpwn u a bit. >> ll we' show youor me of his clexivus veitisit wthh cetas xtne ekwe. >> > do you erve canle yrou shdishwa oerr youroo tusthbrh ld hoer? ap ntpare tly, aherellre ads kin t ofshing inou yrse hou we sh bouldele cganint thaare emextrely germy. el etizabilh well tsl u wtha to
8:35 am
8:36 am
rsfi tt,s hi isod"t"ayn oc.nb w be'reack at .8:36 ti ome tk tal rtdiy, lepeop. we allno kwo tle can the ,sink mo ep thlo fors andip whee t co rsunte. tevenoshe mnt contscieious of neclearsay m looverokse houhold s,itemow allingms ger to adspre. da toy cibontrutorza elibeth jo uinss to verealhe tos mt mm coon miesstak. it 'sut aboo t get real. i nelearlod a rot fmea rding ou abt atth. th sere'hr tee tshingsh we ould dwipe townhat weer nev do.
8:37 am
u yot wan to wipe down the re erfrig datoroor lehand. in thbok allut a thees tim you to uch that. yandoulw awaays ont t wipen dow gh lit chswites. an rothe one, theoi tleter pap erhold. it 'sr neahe t to.ilet er evmey ti'r youlue fgshin -- e >>thverying iswi sgmmin ar .ound slet'rt stath in e kin.tche iev nhoer t aughtboutan cle ing the dishshwaer. i ththougwa it san cleed e very ytimeouun r the shdierwash. a >>innythhag tett gser wat inrunnhrg t oughit,ou yt wano t nclea uefreq.ntly wa iters ate bac u' yolire hke,eat and tewar. ju ecst bause'r youeas w thinghe sh dioees dsn'tn meaou yr wadish ishercts ayuall clngeani. at wh w youanto t do is you wtan to teakte whi nevigar. it l isike thede wonr clr.eane i i sayt all theim tne os thi .show itput a in p, cu la ike wadish ssher afecup. pu tt in ithe top,se clo it r,un itou thrgh a full hot cycle. u' yooire gong tn ope it andak te
8:38 am
>> pr seinklt in ithe ombott? i >>t'lldo deorize it. n ru itou thr hghalf a cycle. whent' is dry,ve lea the door op nden a let itir a dry. y>>ou use that much baking so oda,r sklprine a leittl bit. no>> , a leittl bit. lasimirs tip t forhe ff cokeeemar. ewhit vir,nega runt i ugthroh. th eci cal bumsuild .up thisan cleous yr chmaine. u yo fcan aindhell t tips on y.toda com. ou>> yut'd p thein vegar in wh yere pou'd tuthe r.wate r >>tun i tghhrou a cycle. wyou tantoun r itwo tes tim te afthr aat,s . well es>> lson led.arne t' leobs h oble verhere. w hout abo the robathom? >> number one thing youht mige b etforg ttingoan cles i your hbtootrush ho.lder ea cltn iry evegl sine ekwe. si bay,call c youanak te itou t. di'llo it. tyouaket i out,in rse itit wh te war. al ,soha cengou yr nsri ie wtith hot water. th ouen p srome -- ,wellt' is ea sier to enop.
8:39 am
p >> tour ihatn andet lt iit s d anse rin it out. 'lthatlls ao drieodozend a de tisaniitze . c >>an i putt tha ien th sh dierwash? y >>caou n. if'r youe inr you booathr amnd er the. >> theau lndry room. >> noouw, yr onir,ou y mhtig tino,ceik l iee hav ari fendho w sa oid t mehe ter oth t,nigh she tu irnednt ond at wen to puthe t ou t. o>> irtan c get brown. >> this one is clean. theay w to clean ,that tishis e thng thi h youave to dohe wn u yod neeoto d .it nit'sot aul regar menaintance th ing. ke tahi wtein varegnd aak bgin daso , yo aku me ate pas andub r itve or th roe ff nt othe mae.chin en th'r youeoi gngo t wipe it cl weanithno ather otclh. en the takot cton swabsh wit di ilstdle tewar. reyou'ng goio tle can allhe t nt ves. en th'r youe going toe tak the
8:40 am
ethth g,in runt ihr tghou aew f ti s>>irqu ittut o or wheratev? d >>ot i fore fiv mesinut on the ot clh. at th c'll leanit. >> s a edne,edou yav heo t do at th? a >>s edneed. u yo't dones necrisa hlyeavo t ru on autnduy b a new e.on uyoan cle c tanhe one you .have o >>vere hern ithe bem,droo you twashhehe sets,ue d say awhatre rgrefonget irrefowe etforg?ting >>owpills. e onng thi youan c getre a pwillo ecprot.ters ait'sernoth layer. shyou would yashouril plows two outo fr times a arye. is th isot nd goo for .foam u yo't canas w fhoam pwsillo but u yo w canashe lik a pyol and a fe heatr. if you gbra the pi,llowut p them t inashe whing mneachi andas w h themn othe hstotte cycle. us e a ldiqui dgeeter-nt - >> 'm iga elentki walveng or re he. >> use quli,id not wdpoer. powder leasve a rueesid.
8:41 am
tputhemn ithe r.drye >> ayok. ou>> y putt i ithnto eer drynd a wthro t insenni llbas. >> why? >> t' illat aere .them it ou b ancesdroun andee kheps t ll piows fl.uffy y dr itbo autwo t urhos. ma urke s terehey' ryeall dry. ke tam theut o odperilyical , fflufm the upnd aut p themk bac . in hayou frve cesh,lean llpi ows. l>> iove it. ke mae sur theni tensls balre a cl ean,ghrit? ye>> ah. >> d weid a su.rvey w honofte do youas w yh boured pi s?llow 60 ai% sd r.neve f ieel be. tter no>> w, iop h iet's . more h>> ie op,so too. i learned a lot in this. anthk you very much. if ou y want the tipsmo or re in atform gion,oo t y.todahocom/me. >> om> c uing pnext,e w cchatp u
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8:43 am
t,firss thiis "today" on nbc. w ree' bkac at 8:44.
8:44 am
ll teshe tpi ins sring otoryf je ssewe ons and hison astngishi fo ur golded mals wint a the inberl piolymcs. >> he tel rioathins bpweetenhe t piolymndan a his cgeolle coach, pl ayed by jason iksudeis. >> pl airaneet g pseeoplit exced sthe wameheay tomy ceut o and tc wa mh a ancera. at why theea rlly ,wantha wt lyreals gethe tmor wked up,s i s toee you h.cras s toouee yd fol up that plbiane ke li p aiecef o pepar. tc wahhe tun grodre cwg dra you t ou beefor itlo exp idesnto fl .ames 'sthat exciting. >>as jonei sudkish wit us now. odgoo tese u.yo n >>iceo tyosee u. >> o onee f thctdire yorsou wo wrked sithaidou ye wera un yockg ja le.mmon reso gat cicomedally and, dr icamat,allyal equ ly esimpr.sive hhow iard tshat trtiansion? >>oe d fsn't heelard going in.
8:45 am
therg atumen in' wastun fny in th e mecody. ihi t inkt's a mrattef o the st po er,t?righ ino,tee flshe tam se way cgomin t ou, as you know,t ioe d dsoing hianytng. fo har wrteveas re eon,venin tryg k toill ssboes,ry ting to glsmugrue dgs ascros the erbord, yi trngo t tmakeashat li beleevab as ibpossle. no if dntfere rehe, bveelie itr o no t. >> e wer you inth,king ido've ne so h mucdycome'd, ie lik to try e thra dcmatie rolnd a flexho tse lemuscs? n >>ot nscoslciouy, .no it ho swswh up ten i cansshow. up e thsc ,riptn whe i read it i, id sa,hi ts is cool. th is resminde m ofet somhing i ul woved ha m --ady d i andou wld ve hat wense to ehe w wn ias a kid. li enke ge ckhaman ahend t os hoiers or thsomeing. co ol cchoa role,d hol a hatnd a aopsttcwahnd a srtuppo hastepn s.jame lit's iike,w kne him when. >> larry was his coach at ohio at ste.
8:46 am
>> wwahat s hisat relhiionsp li itke whes jsen whehe ty met? >> i anme t,ense butos mtly be e causthof e,ou y know- -he t agoutr,eousor st ofxt ertrove ed smraci t athe time. asit w .1936 in the esstatnd, ast wor tu sinationg goi i onn inberl, abarguly. t, yery lar w tashis angmazi guy o wh awashead o hfis time,h bot in hisov innnsatio as aoa cch bu lst ao as aan mho wn' didt- - dracetidn'on ccernhi m. >> id acclenta ranon-. cist es>> jseef rderre to himn i an to aurabiog aphyns a aenccidtal ranon-.cist rcolond bli w bouldhee tom cmon rm te i fort now. back enth,wa he s keli ,no, i do n' i don't .care as g lonouas yk worar hd and do what i k,as then ion d't care at whor col youare,ha wt cera , n'doest ttmaer. t' les . go j>>essede need atth. y >>erou weyi plang l aeittl ba basketll over the weekend in rotoo.nt
8:47 am
w>> le tosto nacada. >> ut bou yer w et.grea 11 psoint at tihalfme. >> i didll aig r fhtor an old ma wnhooe d'tsnla pyuc mh ym an ore. ou>> yye plabad ll. >> i did. e ther old i get, the brette i wa ss, i the emstatent. >> is int fuo tbe on theou crt ghthou? i >>st wafu n. avto hes ref ands mes ouarnd. vi kertn ha did a niceob jor fs u as our coach. tu sa wrdayas amg.azin rdsatuasay w the stbe. th ek dun escontt, the re thine-pot ntco est. ou>> y gotse to e ?that >> i hadnt froow rts sea that e th 14r--yeaoldwo me beuld in gog nuts erov. t >>hosee wer greatn whewe we re rd joan. th heen trey we f bador a e.whil th ouen yaw sha tt the dunk nt co iests angmazi ag ain. t >> iwas uphe tre wthith e '88. wn dowe betteen surph cndry a ay kl omth.pson l- al gtimeesreatt. o twtsnigh w agoas one fheor t okbo s. h>>eavo tas k,ow hs i the tt lile e?on 22th monnos w, t?righ >>yeah. >> t' whaes h indog?
8:48 am
lo tveshe drums. hees lov ophos. ok toim h to a ,game sawhe t peclipnrs ia. l. ntrecely. yo u ,know and bee.yonc it ik's le ,elmoem no and in thgs. >> heran ftas srtng youerve ery arye. >> he tdoy . he maye havom ce out oef thom wb that. way bv>> olyious, livioby,ousl ll"a the seingl la ,"dies o oneisf h rifavo tes. ea>> yh. >> we we real tking about ol 'sivia esseri. >>beunablievle. >> the junggglihe, ten part and th wiat th? >> il famy helps. both the fieamilse' wre born in ndto a thene os we sunurrod ou versels thwi. er evyybod is eedxcitse to ehim. >> ee nd . that t'>> is t.grea a >>oure yis whing w youeren o mp ca?aign sit'so chri. so uc mhoo gd stf.uf >> yei ah, , mean fit'soun t tc wash, a a fan.
8:49 am
ow gr uingph wit it and w,no i me -an - ou>> yld couri bng biden . back f>> iid benro bught his own nbide b--ack w >>yoere opu h hing ge'detn i ether and run? f >>or noth oer rneaso ,than as an am aneric,o te hav more time wi imth h inel tioevisndn a rvinte.iews se hllfisy, yes, iet mim hr ove th eme sum arnd i was ,like sir, dyouon'tav heo t tell eboverydy -else t-ishis beefor he unanno -ced y-ouan c justl tel . me army c ieersth in eal pmf o your nd has. >> y, he you ,knowt' tha sright, i do. exactly asou ngtgoi and gneenui ouas y'd ex,pect i esgus,m fro the vp. >> n,jasoha tounk y so .much tgoodato cpch uit whyo u. >> e nico t yseeou . guys >> e""rac i asat gre .film sopenio natenwids thi ayfrid. > >> up xtne,an con fdueea rlly be a demo l'so?go-t lwe'l findut om fro byron
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> >rsfi tt,s hiis "t"oday" > >> this ekwe'say todd fooea tm he yalth resecip toel h ypoue liv ng loer. th mois g,rninre we'in tak ag fpageromom s oeef tht bes inlookeog p opleen th wi heth tp hel of onef ohi t s ye ar's po"srts ilralustted" im swsuit by rowln laey. go od to have you. >> t yhankorou fin havg me. >> al mta i wshere you did the sh oot?
8:52 am
lepeop wsoere e. nic rsupe edstok. w >>wahat ts i likeo tben ithe fa med"ssport ilralustted" ma negaziin aga? >> i was in itas ltea y arnd di ldn't tivehe eiexper nce usbeca he iad a byba. th isr yeawas omawese. b tote ahe t swho and tkalo t the fans. it'sn bee awe.esom 's it been fun. >>ou y bg a lotbo aut odfo. at wh i istut abo y lourove of ?food ridesctbe i tome. >> if in' wast limode ing,e'd b achef. u yoe mak the dioecistn a 16. ovi le .food i' nm aoc advate of, you ,know afind bltae. iw gro m oywneg vleetabts a .home ooneouf yr sntegmess i about sfoodt tha makeou yiv le lo.nger wa i s like, llyocal pcerodud fo sod iay alwois gngbe to tt beorer f you,ig hher nenutrits and g youo et tclrecyde ane giv tbacke o th isoilu f yodo co tmpos ainghind t lngsike atth. w >> ge'llntet io atth. wh reat a m youg akiny?toda hi>> t as iswen asomeis dh, gr foeat r a date or bigup gro of pe .ople avwe htte lipole estato. t cum the t.ou brussels sprouts. isth a is boutonseasal.
8:53 am
it d'toesne havbe to s thi rt paariculet veg ablex.mi th e en whave theli scesn o top. it'se lik a feonduit whout the t. ki it's ndhay. >> t whaoe d tshism ste omfr y,ou nt waingdu fonute b not hgavin a fo ndueg?thin >> iad h ae dath wit mowy n man iand was,like i want toak me so inmethncg fad y an.cute dni diav't h fe aeondut. se >> youan c stillav h tehe pe excerien. >>. yeah he>> ts guy arein eatg stdown.airs dhowoou y stelecou yr ge veestabl? >>onseas gal,oro f it. wusevehateour y can get. kyouind ofus jt- - yout wan th emit b seize or piupckiz sed th iis sgo.od u yoncahr thaow tt on there. lelittpo estato,hr tow oe n th e wholg.thin >> shrushmus,roomo? to k >>eepse tho e.asid ewe'rng goi tooa rstm thea erdiff ent. time >> topotaes,ow thr on bseecau th akey te erlong? >> yeah. root vabeget tlesake lo.nger ow>> h abouthe t ioonns? >> puthe tm .on
8:54 am
i >>n' did htave to do ytan.hing it'sgr eat. >>'l il try. >> teliy,rallce spahe tmut o. yo cau thn wroru bsz sselstprous in erthe, too. mi wght tanto cuthi ts one up. do wn'tanto tiv geeb somody a ewhol o. nion it>> ltle oeffiv olivendil a salt. >> if'r youe inpa antrtmein livg ke li i am, i was,ez free .them u yot wan to add somee rosar my yor,ou know -- >> lesimp c,lean and deoulicis. how doy the e,tasthe t ieveggs? >>er vy good. gr ieat fdeaor aar ptynd a inhostg. h >>onow log dse theo g in for? 3 >>0 numites. th e'en wll a tddhemu omshros. >> seromary on top. >> t dip ihemnat werau bectse i ma tkeshe frlavo rost. nger hr>> towse the .in ll puse the out. >> l i'liv ghee tm a rntu. yo anu wto tn tur themnd ap kee
8:55 am
i' ddll a the muomshros. me sostimey theee nds les time, you know, to cook. .turn sh e.uffl put?that 5>> 1in mutesr oso , turn them? >> mmmm-h. t >>ishis lesimp. fr eshet vegsable out ofr you ga . rden >> i . know hr>> tnow i salt, roast emth. >> how about the eechse? >> leik so itpe ons up. >>ut p it back? >> n thehi ts ishe t end surelt? >> tishis it. a.voil t >> chis bouldne aet appizer or full . meal >>ob ryn, looks deoulicis. >> i'mxc e titedo have it. >> fatintasc. >> d gooid ea. >> at poto wthith hee ceses i er evngythi. g >>oo t y.todafocom/orod f the fullre.cipe
8:56 am
im>> kt : iis 568:m a on datuesy mog.rnin hehi tre nadane wag r tonot ve line at ws 3. k >> wim: e'retag lkint abou e clivanddd bue y, h will iben fe a l deraron om irta po land eg orodon tay ftohaor c rges ou bragght t ainshim afromn me ard roconfiontatthn wi de feofral alficis 01in 2 4 at his raannch nkd buer llbi. i hecis fang x sinyfelo ar chges.rtlecens y hison n ammoy bundh faitinon -- de feral ilandn onoreg. e ononpers ofall s thiwas edkillre the. t buclanive ddd buy wi ll ev alentuly coerme h le inas ve togas e facthe defe ral ch s argeaiagsinst x feesloni he is fa.cing im>> k: et lal's touk abt thsomemoing re sapleandnt a at th d woulhebe t cafore
8:57 am
ist.>> y:kell h weave befuautil itcond aions gainto day.he here t encurrmpt teurerate of yo urur sonvey thore doou, ar nd 55 des,greeld bouer ucity p to nd65 a hllaugalin, y reada 70. ur yo peex-ictede n th80s an d in velas a gas ohigh df 78esegre. t tha5 is 1eedegrs e abov alnorm. d antoowmorr, 80. c we sould ee acechan of sh s,ower zybreedi cons tion dn wey esdat nighinhuto ty.rsda >> : dana i wasd n anthur sdaych anges comi ng.t buthe d weekene will beagr t idouts e once again. k >> im: d anwiyou e ll b ate on of he tft a erpay rtteal r unlos gerfpefoect e r th re fo.cast s it i wwhat he'reg avin rrtomo iowthn e devivao m hotally ukings ckba in ti me, cadebedes tforehe adhe tr uluna loge tonashe las veg ri stp. ey thll sti nihad y ghtlieparts in to atthly earrs hou of the inmornnug mie s thnsexpe ive ttbo lervse a is bjsuofect thedevio ul vat moto.rrow
8:58 am
8:59 am
s. e thg bi this morning on "today's take," all the winners and the controrsve ay lttas night's grammy dsawar. >> > plus, you't wonel bieve who is ea tming up with joe anmango.iell anlu excsive first look. >> > we'll have you sweating in style with the ltatesne fitss entrd. al tlhat and more coming up
9:00 am
isths i "tayod's take" with al ke ror,at nalie ramoles,il wlie ge ist andam tnro llhave, lim fro iostud 1an i rfeockellerla pza. >> lc> wetoome od"tay"n os thi es tuday mog.rnin fe rybruath 16, .2016 ndki of aei wrdin wrteay dn i ne yow rktyci. ttgeginp unt ieo th mid0 5s. li ttle dre.izzl rd haany fns ohe t plaza. i'mli wile asilong deal, nieatal d an ta.mron iki lehe tor mning m,ja . al >> k""wor. >>ea fngturi dr ake. dr ake? >> s it' her m.albu s >>ashe w sseuppood ter pform t athera gmmys bheut sad h a sp reoriraty ctinfe ion. >>as i wme bumd ln aury hill 'tdidn rfpe orm. he>> s wasup sdposeo tfo perrm wi heth t wndeekend a she's yi satng in' wast comenfird. it n' wastgr aeed .upon thera gmmys dieesagrh wit .this
9:01 am
s she'branillit, butwa it as erbummt las ghnit. >> t lasgh nit,lo tayifr sw wt as btheig erwinn. e shic kdke off the cemeryonit wh rhe lesatt seingl "outf oeth wo "ods, w andonum albf othe fyear19or " 89,"cobengmi the tfirsan wom toom went that tha ca rytego twice. hercc aeptaenc spchee, one aimed directly, if not mentioned by na ,met aan kye we,stas h erevneyo tag.lkin i >>an wt to sayo tll a the yo ung women out erthe, t aherere in goo g teobe ppleng alohe t way o whil w tlry to rcundeutou yr ccsuses orak te ctredior f your co acshmplisment orr you .fame t bu if y jouustoc fus on the awork yndouon d't letse tho op peidle seck tra you,om s eday ywhen gouetre wheou y're going, yoreu'k looun arodnd aou yil w l tknowhatt iwas you t andhe pe ople whoov leou y whout p you th ere. an had tilt wl be theat greest
9:02 am
>> ri fyendl ndremier, kanyet wes ce re sntlyaide hul shodet g cr feditoray tswlor sift' fame. h >>ead me her ca,reer as he . says he>> tg son isle cald am"f"ous. i love ,it maybe w sheaski talng ou abtom sngethi seel. h heotas n rndespoed to .this th ase lwet tet ,said'm i in a po vesiti e.spac i >>e hopis he andinremas that wa y. >> n he heeds aelp tthe iv untyersile >> m bayee mor ses.riou on a suserio ,notee lik we kind huof cckle him f,of but heas h fr siend a whorein sayg now pu lyblict thare the a ista menl he alth e.issu th wat's hhatisen frids are qu aoteds sa.ying i >> thinke' hsn are extmely nttaleoued ymang n,ut b ink thi he hasbl pro aemsnd needso t get em th esaddr sed. ot>> b tomneli,wa it s ortayl's ni lght astt.nigh a >>mong heotrs. sh one wt i ghthou. g >>ooday w tot shu h uimphe w n ites com toha tt ntcorsrovey, ri ght?
9:03 am
>> i love the ibtr.utes on liel chriie's uttribe, had demiov lato insingg. llheo, is it meou y're lngooki r fo r fo gtherand fi,naleio lnel orperf med"allig nht ."long >>'s leto g see him. >> ry evebody was dngancith in e sl aies. pe wopleeerp uut of o tirhe s,seatyo as sau w. i lwas tikehatat wgchin at meho. >> faasntc.ti w >> hhense ware hee, h let us do theho wlega cone linh wit hi m. >> re wheld wouir bysthda and ri ?chie the'she stbe. >> ny a cebeltiraonn i feli. lady'sgagabu triote tav did bo wawie s so rfpeect. it t washe tolechnalogic ma,rvel ho hew tyat creed the space oddity. her look was jtus leik bos.wie' e thng oraer hai to the upmake, ho hew s esdrsed. asit w
9:04 am
like that in 6:30nd ae bbl a teo rr cay ae tunhr tououghhet t ol whthe ing. asit w liunbeleevab. i>>st wa aic ne ibtrute. wh boat aut u,yo al? >> ink thiou y coulde makhe t mearguhant tnt ama azingum n ber eoof pple pdasse ayaw. i nk thire the wasa, i was ppdisaedointy then' didt dreo mo nforieatal .cole th ege smented endit wh ali cp of r he and her dadgi sinng "u genforlettab." t bu hern twiis ster -- or her si tsterold theew nk yoros pt be lfore astt'nighs rece,mony dshetidn'nk thit iwas ouengh. sshe iaidst wa ttbieeerswt. lyfami wasop hing thereld wou be an ua actl tre.ibut hshead 21mm gray natominions d an 9 won s.time rs fifrt a-aicancamerinem fale to bwin nestew starti. wech reauted oth to e gyramm ucprod fersomor c amentndid dn't he acar bk i >>st wa aot l of labacksh. a lot o cfovontr aersyboutth is, fo r .sure ny>> a rifavotes, mrtaon? >> you owkn t,heig hhthlig for
9:05 am
mu sics ipo supsed toot ny onl ibe, esgu ts, heunsockdtra of r ou li bves,ut it'spo supsed to sp aeakbout soy.ciet huhe stt i .down he a had totalf oiv fe grs,ammy udinclingap r m.albu he j wasust the -- the mleedy was incredible. he's a ,poet an starti. avwe he a cl.ip ethverying i ,knowry eveim te they m hit e >> ink thi ist wa that sa id kicendrefk l tthe gysramm in heass. it playso int yrou foraveit moment. there was a lot of concern that hip hop would not be esreprd.ente in a big way, yourav fe orit ntmomet, ie cam up aiagn. >> ou y hadt i in this, h hipop dan broadway, right on the stage t athe mygrams. th eic musal il"ham"ton, r theun aw ay,lo exp hsiveitn o dwbroaay. theyfo perrmede livro f tmheir
9:06 am
baifeauterul panformhace t tthe wo rldot g teo seha weot pple mi coong tro bwaady he avbeen ei seorng f l the astarye. memosnt telar, am"htoiln"on w be st malusiche tater album. of secour, rdappere fele sty his ce acceptan sp.eech >>ht rigan hd man, the hiicspan, e tht bes ideaoe gn s ithe t.po th estca, opunste.pabl ba snd i unabbeatle. irinsp ming teoul pl thh.roug were ado you. ba sen,stiady dad isri bgngin ahomera gmmy for you. >> y onl heou cld do that and rh yme. he>> t p oneemroblh wit t hat nlast iights -- >> w we'teren there? t'>> i bll teenea yrs beefor you ca een s am"hn"ilto aiagn. asit wea alrdyd har ouengh. >> ph steen crtolbead me the ke jo, 2020,ou y mighte b ableo t seeit.
9:07 am
t buha we heve t m.albu th weyalkou thrhegh tse hou si gngin t allhe ngsos. t'>> ins o atur oou hse nsnotop. >> eo gsarge heid ter othy, da la .dies sai id, atwh? o whs say atth? he esgo,am hnilto and ffjen.erso ot que. mu ch. >> at gree lin u tose ase het gs r.olde w hat didis i m s >> i camen i htheouseng doi at thnd, a he ntwe, dad,t' thas . weak j oega manlonielmi teang up th wiur a sepris cor.-sta h weaveou y frirst oklo. >>. cool >>ha wt i can y getou? >> lkmie.shak >>avflor? >> ocche.olat >>e,threo, tw one. >>ha t nks. >>ro ba ken ?rule o.>> n e >> hver tavewo womenig fht
9:08 am
>> av he i? no . >> i tnkhi i kwno why yound a i u'yoreoi gng tove lea and take a ho y.lida hyou aave cehoico t make. ic stkun aroerd he over li a tt lile. >> ee pwee rrhe,manns he'not ag ed a day. am g.azin ow>> hs doe he do ?that i >>'t don owkn. ew pe bee's higayolid isng goio t oben nixetflch mar8 1th. ycanou bee,lieve' hs ckba. >> i't canel b ieve. it >> i love . this he>> wn youai s jdoe nimaga,ello xlxxxx". >> s thiis be. tter ou>> y sawhe t onarigilee pwee e.marg" e tham alt'o, is oneth of e vi mo'ves ie seen. >> siclasc. >> m so panyeeopl gotrt staned o >> guess whatim te it is? w >> thatime is it? >> 099:.
9:09 am
>> also, oureb facook ee swkepstas .time u yois msed rrgasett' ponpcor eryest day. w>> ieras v yup set. 2>>5ay dsf o giveys awaor f you. to sday'iz pr ie,ov lehi t fsor ny ma res,ason $500 searsas fhion sh piop ngrespe. i wkeord at sears four years. rifavojote b. cthatano g far at sears. go to bofaceomok.cay/tod's .take ha>> trit's ght. >> y get our$500ea srs rdca. w >>ane wout y to like us. a were tgryino tet g ali milon ke lis. t' leees sre whe wee ar now. !boom ewe'rrt sta tinghisni morng at 1,260.00 'sitor meha tn 1000,0ha tn styedaery. n,agai thers sea girdftca, $500 op shpingpr see. li ske u r andteegisr toin w to y'da tse,ak5 2 dsayf o pzeris e,priz ars seapp shoingee spr hwort 00$5 kesmacrs.
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> >>ve we' had seeverea w ther trollghhrou partsf o fdalori thand oue sstthea ien tht las4 2 s.hour sthismyste schtret ainghell t wa py u to theas e hternalf of oh io. sn now iuf bfalo and ttpighsbur. 'r we lengookit aai rner he in th e rtnot.heas av heaiy riln wl behi pusng in. we g'veotte wintor srm inwarngs, wi wnterereathvi adessori. m 32onillipl peote a risk f rom h nortlicaroona tin mae. ok lo t athe mpteurerates. 53 n inew .york lit'l be cinlimbpg uo int the 5mid0s. st elay breow fg.ezin isamesyn seracu. albuffouo, yse'll e bo ,ston 55y.toda ilwe wntl co tinueeo se ke laec-effowt sn. ok lo t at rhealainfl ntamous. heanywrem fro 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch of rain. be e causheof tro f gzendroun and ra in. it ld coud lea to difloong. th e en whavee- lakcteffew sno da toy.
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bu offal and t >>shat'r youes latt atweher. fa okcebo/'sodayke ta. gi re fsterheor t $500 giftar cd landike us. >> sears gift card. ow"ho ttgewa a wyhit
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9:15 am
"i ucnstrstion not inedclud," the eshightss groingni spash la genguam filo tn open i am a.eric thand hestighero ggssinic mexan film of all . time ve>> oher t ltas ,yearhe s's be acomeul popar cover girl, acgrgin os"climopo"tan,os"climopo" tan,"gq"nd a om "w en'sthheal." >> now,e' hs on ow"h tt o geaway wi muth ."rder she plays aaw ltu sntde gtietng voinedlvit w ah lawyer in eth pr ceacti. y >>avou he a boyfriend? >> wes. 's hee homic sknd ads nee a copy of o ourneutli. w >>vee hark wo. d >>'toesne carut abohi tsas ce so whyul shod i? rcove for meit wh iebonn? >>ou y owe me. c >> uomeph wit mesog.thin 'l weeel sha w wte canor wk out. >> allright, a,karld goo g >> oodrnmoing. h >>uger stan iex moicnd a w,no ithisous yrst firig b kobrea ut rolen ithete unid atstes. re we youvo nerbous autak m ing themove? >> as i w ifterried.
9:16 am
i bwaseing oedffer parts, and i wa ins beoug, yw, knoet l iont an esy rantaurt i ntwaed. si wat jusin havghe t feli. th en,f ourcose, you feelt tha tt lihale cgellen bugns iide of yo u,an w tting moove t andt ry i inout l.a. iov med in l.a.nd a iid dil p ot as seon. it he's tst worng thit thaan c hevernappe a toum han inbeg. i thanknd shoima rhores f tgakin me out oft thaso aweme esprocs. >> is iton ctstan tiaudions? >> on ctstan jeren,ctioin liv g ooutouf y rcar,in try tgo an chge. go fingromyi pla ang mrothe to ensudd yly,eou'r plg,ayin you kn aow, tipros.tute then'r youe aypl ying,ou ,know a w la stt.uden 's it i alle n th ospan f a ndseco. w >>wahat ts ie likn whe you get th e s,yeou y o'ren board, and it'sho snda andio vla das?vi >> we didn't know when iot ghe t partha tt ist wa goingbe to olvia vidas. at th a wass plurwafte.ards si wain cryog sd harth in are c wh yen m enagt, namager, cdalle
9:17 am
ni'veever heardt tha ,word you ok boited . s i wa, like dwhatoesha ttea mn? 'rtheylie ke, you got the ,part gyouot urlael. i sedtartry cingnd a said,iv ge a me se.cond i' otm nl coo ehnoug for you guys tbuthis meansot a l to me. es dos thiea mn ian c stop di auintiong? ey th 'rekeli, yes. g iot home and w iasin cryg and my momho t sughthiometadng h haenedo t me. >> h weearo s muchbo aut sh 'sonda d.worl sh ge's aot tllhese shows and 'rtheylle a soop p aularnd so od go. no w that'v youeee bnn o the si inde oef th d,worlhy w ist i so iaspecl? >>,yeah ink this it' --'s she al rely a weposerhou. e shhanow o s twmoreho sws ngcomi. do i knn't fow i you know. sh ge'sot heroo b akndt jusoe ds ytever.hing e' shsll realsy aoso pernaln i her tirelaiponshs. lyrealas patsionboe a wuthat she es do. t i ihinktck trilesn dow to ev neeryoth in e .show yoeverne jdoust es their job wi asth psionnd ah wit love
9:18 am
kit's oind-f - ihi tnk that is rt so p ofart of it. w >>vee ha g aameo ty plait wh u yo cdalle "how to gety awa ."with uwalkros thugh enscs,ario how yo u'ddl han tehe tusinsatio. w hold wou g youety await w ah sp ngeedi cktiet? >> ,oh iou wld stju, you kniow, jwasustki loong att thaoo p r boyr ove e.ther d anas i wus j -t-nd a ild wou st art ngcryi. iorld wou be men.xica li 'mke i so y.sorr hi'm oeren cava.tion seplea't don dohi tso t me. 'dthey belike, ayok. >> ceni. >>y ver .good >> howld wou youet g awayit wh fo tirgetng bosomedy's ?name >> ild wout jus say, yeou'r ve lo tly,hisel lovriy fend of ,mineh suc aat gre rspeon. ithen b'dringom seonee elsnd a ar het whahe tyd sai teo ther oth pe arsonnd b i'deli ke, ayok. ch mu. l al b the west ith.this
9:19 am
we tont ? ngcomi off the glitznd a gurlamo l ofast n'sight mygram ws,e'll ta nke amb essarraingp tri dnow mome lryeano t geivou yhe t anch tce woinom shietng aminazg. ri tghft a nobody move! get on the floor! do something! ioh not'm s auritecguy d, arm i'secua mrity.onitor only i if notley peoper if this ae be robry. er throe's a y. bber y whr monitooblea pr ym ifdoou t n'itfix ? at'sthhy wifel ldoock ees mor f thancredree onit mgitorinto te proouct y fromtityidenft the. ot owe nalnly u ert yoento id thrtity,eats yif houe avpra leob we'm, llenspupd o tmia iolldolln sar l onrs aawyexpnd etoerts t. fix i fe li jlock. staroin ating.9t $9nt9 a moh. cl noorox k famws ay ilof 5 can do a number on thele toi t.oxclort toileomwand c pres ade-loited wclh r,eane you sock clih,, swisos and ts. m noickyore le toih.t brus i love it. cou ofyorse mou do, m.
9:20 am
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9:21 am
ut ne hrogenaboydro wateost l.r ge hwithniyaluroc acid it mp pluins sk w cellsith nsinteate hydranion cks d i ppfor su le,athydrn.ed ski dr hyost.o bo fr nomtrogeuaen ythieveroung yto need a know lifboute, n you can frlearraom gnola. ke ep it simple. alwayse re n'dobe at ifrtial,ic but always be sweet. tunaalre vy leolgranbaa rs. no aifrtial icloco, rsflors av soretenwes.erju gstd.oo
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:31 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
th eum handi contion canus stain lfitse forou rghlyhr tees day wi tthou water. but noum hlian aanve ce livor me an th 30on secds wutitho hope. khopeept mego ing. r >>teeporear: sn ddefiehe t ds od and rvsu.ived th wat's hheneta srted th aloughce canefr lt himit wh ousenlf oney o nglu h,e became the firstan ccerur srvivo to ke ma itth to eop t of mt. er evest. an d w,noe' hs sdipreangop he wi isth h fotiundaon,he t crance beclimasr atsociion. >> r weeach outo t other people uctodhey b caernc,ho swhe tmhe t po ibssitil oyfhe t hanumy bod d an itspir. r >>teeporver: ery arye,n sea an grts ace canrvi survor the po opitrtunoy tmb cli caafri's mt li. kiarmanjo. he helps them up e sveryoftep e th way. ak>> t pingeeopl up kanilim,jaro ei se a antrmasfor.tion ey th getth to e topnd aom ce ,down t andrehey' stronger and mo core ennfidt. g itivesm the the t toolso al re iize,f i can ceronqut tha tamoun iin, can do anngythi. r >>teepor39r: r--yeaold peter
9:35 am
i >> wasti getngea rdy tota srt irmy fstre tntatme fory mec sond wboutith ercanc. door. at tha tmo,ment iot g aex tt ssmeeagnd at i idsa, h irea u'yo grengoihr tghou aou rgh me ti. r >>teeporher: tes msageas w fr om anse. i >>em rem hberim sgayin one y, da youe makt i tghhrou this, d anl i'le tak youp ulito cmb mo kiunt l kt.anilim wjaro ithme. he gh tauet m to l aookty m nc caser a a moinunta. myou mnntaing bei reiomissn. ep>> rr:orten seat kep his ispromoe t r.pete inju ly,it whce canr behind th tem,hey ektr sked,idey b si de,19,000 ,feeto ttheop t of kimt. njlima aro. e>> w t gotoe mak ane phoal cl fr heom t ifmy weep k mty kids up. at 1:00n ithe rnmo iing,al cled ahomendol td r,he i'mta sgndin heat top tth of e world. so inmeth'lg ievl ner foetrg. t>>nkhayo u! >> t i mead up f tor thewoea yrs
9:36 am
kn g.owin bu t t iwas worth .it >> or repter: seanee kps on biclimng. dato iy,st' a different mountain. the empire state ilbu,ding for thenn alua eirmpeta ste blduigin nru up. 86 oofl,rsor mhae tn 1500 epsts, al l toe giv those finightg canc oerne mee.ssag pe ho. w >> ahatnwe a ssome.tory usbeca te ofhe crinleedibng this 's he ,donee' hs mebeco a mrembe t of eheliteth alete asambasdors an ids al wel rvdese ed sp maokesn. s hiks trere ael hpingse tho to duche c byrance allr ovehe t world, asou yaw s th ere. om cg in, upneed motivation to hit the gym? ta onmrs i tinrygo t fdinut o fa ioshblnaane fud tincalon know how you earn the title ... world's best m?om byta sing rtcheaay w dh it peaecrflatly ba mugnced.. of.i' tve gotto t be onf yoop oomur m.. game.ed nail it!th
9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
ese. wnor onder aftethall urat odi ivgestste sycaems t n ac t trycthe a iviatwo week challenge! yienjoctng a iviaictwdae a y twfor eko wey s ma rhelpeeduc e thuefreqofncy at blo ging, as,omdisc ofortmbr ru.ling ittry w! it iorksn wetwo oreks it'ees fr. no dan n this th is foe joy r me. i bloveread! loi adve bre. i stnow juage mansoit, n' i do mt denyf bryselead, vei haad brery eveday. 'sthat gen theofius is tham progr.
9:40 am
ky(becstar) i smted whoking i en 16.was no vew i ha sta endopge cd. tmy ip is;ouif yp sm keeg,okin yofrur "doeeaym" mnl o ay go sasfar your oxygen tube. (a ounn)yncer qui fo eer fr help, 1callui-800-qt-now. >> t'> is tayuesdo ss it'e tim to work my d.tren cenotihe t wobardre anchge. th sis i t notheeg s wmenthere u yoea lrn too d reps andon ting ,armsug thot'h is rtimpoant. we areer offingou ypi insonrati
9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
fa sbricchtret aesnd youos le th e color. th at d'toesn enhapp. >> let's geto tthe demols. ri maa isri wea angn itoutfro fm etfabl ics,-fcondoued byat ke hu onds. >> hi tiss do areabledoblrae. th 'rey teinry tg moeak pceies atth tnsraioitn fm roethym g to yo eurryveay d feli. 'rtheye bsasic and goodym g espiecs, a llwe. fit'sn un i theckba. hitas the cutoutt' thas tecu. u yo canl feee likou y can go to th yme g ando dou yrrr eandsnd a u yo't done hav to anchge. >> the faicblet as,droun 95$49. fo er th vip ermemb?ship ou>> yn sig up. th sere' no cesharg ton sigp u t bu h you aaveon mthly fee. u yo get twoie p pceser month. ouif yan wto tki sphe t h,mont u yo thaveako mure se youel tl em th w you tantop ski it. >>ea rd all the fineri pnt to se hae wout y s'rengigni up >> exy.actl y >>ooou lk great i nthat.
9:44 am
ne xt up, wishat she arweing? >> old .navy i feele likhe ty'rete sgppin up th rei mega. 'sit a cloo ntpa. ol dav nys ilw aayscc ablessie wi th pr.ices e thle who itoutf is only 4.$7 ou>> y don'te havto rkwoout. ithislls a about shfaion. >> weav ge aop p ofol cor de unthrnea. t >> phese lantsliook enke kdall je .nner sshe'lw asay ithn e cesut t wo ourk tntpa s. o>>ynl $2.2.94 >> ayok. >> get emth. r >>eal quick,ha we ve a.eric co me on in. >> ericas i wngeari an tfouit fr om hlko's,ch whi isth anoer lyrealor affedabl -- l>>eovth . is >>aiag in,st' fun to get aywa fr tom bheckla gglegsin. if youan wt tory tom shiet ng di erfft,enhi tiss a gatre way to o dt ind aot npe snd a t oonf mo ney. th ane prets a only $26. >> wow. y >>anou co d it and notee fl mm coditte toit. ifou y't done lov ,it't wonl fee li ke yount speon a t of money. th sis i a vamoti tor. >>ou yk loo so cute.
9:45 am
>> the stafes ways iro pybabl to pu tt i onbl tume d lryowr o let irit a y.dr ov>> lhee tse looks. go neonlind ae' wll post all the rminfon.atio k thanyou, mea.liss an thu,k yo dilaes. yo ru'rengocki hot. anwe co gav heun lch and not go to he tym g in tsehe itoutfs. > >> fanav forite "broad tyci." th e swho tthaas hve eonrye ta inlkg. il aan not yet. no t.t ye t noyet! no t.t ye pull p theeach! mmmm pl, yoait. th wey saymr. hen ncleaw saeall thdiff t eren hthings is newart sme phon.does.. .i..ret edmindim hhi of sgimaaserc er.
9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
ou>> yon d h'tave to ryoent ur ap enartmt t ou, thenesi guors, f thet?nigh >> acextly. >> yous guy hbeave en theogetr si tncehe riupghtit csizen adbrige ,daysos almnt ters yea agow,noet som lhingike ?that >>t' isea rlly -- .yeah ovimprm teata sinrt gin ,like, 08 20. >>.yeah ow>> hoo cl ist ibe to bl aeo t ri se upro fm thereit whr you ybudd y at souride thele who me ti? i >>t's reunal. it 's inamazg. it er's vewy nyo rk, i k.thin >> t wha do you mean? he>> tre's so muchpp oniortuty re he. u yoow kn,t' isin k odf t forhe ngtaki , ielfe,ew nk yor is. iee flik leha tt'sin kd ofha wt r outt aeitud has been. >> c itan'tur ht yavou he amy lepoehsr ar you -- >>oe dsn't .hurt s>>he'sn beehi tsma azing suort stsyem. me sooneha tte' wftre oen like, wh ouat wld amyo dn is thi tu sin?atio he>> s has a bird's eyew vie wthateou ctldn'e havad h from
9:51 am
e shus jt hadh sucat gre siinght. ou>> ys guyed asks un ithe k,brea do we still get ounervs, wandaie sd hiat ts point,ou y 'reprinomotg fa .mous yaner nusvo jiertts? >> i t ihinkt'sy verel hpful to have each other. >> yeah. >> as yourt staro intngduci us, i waslike, .oh ewe're. her on>> ct,stan ahye. a >>rtmi ingtati .life bi abne, of o yourir fsts job i re yad,erou we hiredo tor w akt an uieqnox,di hanng out woourkt fl ?yers he>> t a onerat gcend l.ntra t >>'shere e andepisoed basn o th at, right? m >>y chtearacr, biab -- >> s,ye lifamiar. >> --im silar .name mi silarpe sgllin andna me. >> abbi or ?abbi >>en dep odingn the atsitu ion, git uoesp or wndo.
9:52 am
m gyal cl m. gy nd>> a h you gave greatsuest on th eshow. ha>> wnt aon hor toav het tha nd ki of icon on our owsh. h >>idow d thatom ce toergeth? w >> werote thisso epide- - i'm no oit gong t spoilt what iis -- an td in' dideet nod t have her, bu het s wasor st ofe lik iomentned. th een wt wenut o to lher,ike yo u , knowhayou veo t try. sh se wa - in i-st waer vy bi ezarr and an angmazi dayor f e thow shor, f us, for our crew. he>> s wasinibcredle. it was azaming, to bee ablo t wa ttchhat in pe.rson hi>> ts asseweon, s'llee it? >> ye. ah >>la inala grze and abbi ja bsco,onon catgr osnhe t su esccs.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
re esqudte hi kateee l and hoda. >> hi, tisweee.
9:56 am
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9:57 am
tty of a ctpie uristh is hibes,nd u h weave founatrtunwse ne for th ocis lewal ns daupte. >> a: dan nenirs hou o agover re hey thethsay at e thera was l fataaftracfic ntcide th onsomee drg ivinhbsout oundon ca de rtur, an areghd lid t an hit otancaher eyr th we re tr inavel g onrul.ssel cepoli y sahoalcoy l maha ve pl aayed ctfan or ithe cr ash.>> : kim d ant righwenow wi ll ta bolk ay ut mfrs iend and fa milyckbat eash whicth ey we s re ut righ now.he s re iour meolteort.ogis >> ke lly:adwe h fatintasc at we her, lit looksweike ha ve mo f re oo it t agod.roun now rehewh is e at ware peexinctfog hir 8prim0 grde oees,onvert u'yo re al oiso gng mtoitake to up , 80 uimesq90te 90 s lagave8.s, 7 ithats exthe edpecth. hig st mounly s sny ses.omtw orro withe nds ckpiso up esuthwt and we bwill 8e at0 grde inllowg onurth asdays a sy istemchs a ancer foershows d aneebronzy conditis. an>> da: h iighse n th ut sot hwesand re lcordinows
9:58 am
ast.>> im k: a wndinere s thi ct se owmorr rnmowhing ouen y wake w upusith , m toy mollom-- t ho evlly ery eswedntaday uskes ba n ck i ttimes o hio vide t.vaul e whergobaing ecck d adesbe fore th e e thencurrt a ultrgeloun on th e lagas veris stp. ckban ie thy dath seylltiad h rtpathies enat wt into t he ea rly hoofurs theinmornstg ju nu mis e thttbo slevier ceand e so inthe lmstalent moto rrow inmorng adheoued yy,r wa the ge s nesihaof wt e tha ultr geloun is annow w d hollit a ar stbated n ck ithe s at itecourf sy otom y holl hiand des vio ulvaent wh you wake wupthith gne waers tin he mo g.rnin >> nada- : - alsorrtomoow rn moweing l wilvehae som of th e ghhitslighm fronitos ght' ghtonit wshow thich akesacple
9:59 am
im>> k: >> from nbc wsne,s thi is "t "odayh wit canat ke hiele gi orffd and hoda tbko, l fiverom ud stio 1a inke rocerfell a.plaz >> llheo, evoderyby,t' is
10:00 am
ha>> tst ish cra and burny bur o ne w fr.iend l we iiket a lot. >>e w sangt iut bealyifuls thi we ek. >> h weave a bigay d here datoy. i >> t'sgehu! >> s he' notrehe b,ut aernoth hu gelyun fny guy -- p?trum >> sorry. >> d goo one. why? >> au becouse y're gehu! mean gehu? v >>ery big. >> iam. >> wee ar glad. >> . yeah t'>> ishe tor mning .look d itidn'w kno if ias w aedllow to ay stu s lffeik that onhe t mo g,rnin cab h anch ged. hi>> tss i nbc, baby. >> ah yeer, vyxc eeditbo aut it. wh ay imn ieth tckihen, wishat it co, shttis peeopl haveo t work twhenheir rehe? i' akll meou y a lo,vely hsere' a qu dickstemononratiht rig now. >> oh my god! c >>ome on. >> s it' all ghrit. we m'llakeun f oft iou thrhegh t ol whe owsh. w >> ahatre youki tal ngt?abou t'>> is a cngooki gmseentom cing


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