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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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yo sueehe ta bndla pying forim h andeo pplest juea scr hmingis mena. ihe as soddorel a olverhe t d,worl eiaspec illyn theta ste he isn iw no inex m.ico >> a: dan hes i hdeade tohe t comexis.-u. br.orde maonilli peeopl fromex mico cexpe ttedo andtte thes mas and th aeyreng goi to get in onhe t tacniot a the sun bl.ow 0030,0pl peolle wi bens iide that sumtadike linpd u byid veo hiwatcnghe t mass. >> : kim' letsc chekn iit who tm iupnky s 3. t >> wom:ere wae ceoupl of mis leaseoft he tta sontio t chkec outh tisep rteor adiccntde
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ulboarev adnd lksooi lke flhias lnghtig there soh tat aappeors t be the adeccint. atth oneic vehleks looik l iet otookut the fence ande wnt in esthe ppleo'sear yd. san.v.u g.eon wngro onhe t desilkwas it wha isp hapgenin oherenri hars. a tsoha wt else isa hinppeng on theoa rsdway,et l'sri bngut o je tffo continue ourea tm aftrfic. j >> oeff:hin teds waynesd,he t wafreeys are t.quie we'llt sart w aith look at the l bowou15 south b inds rngunni etprooty god s. far 'lwetal s trtelraves timh wit atth s 15outhnd bou is at8 mis.nute 95th sound bou7 at d an 13 for 515ng goi t 215 tohe bowl. >> ly kelem: ttupera rrestighw no hein te upp0'r 4nds a low 50's ssacroh muc tofhele valy. 'weoire gong t bemi warng up. 64 at0 9:0m. a. partlysu nnysk iesay tod. 7y3 bn noond a 80s iur o
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dswink picp u ofut o theou sth, utsot.hwes big ceshang ornveight and into rrtomoow. i'm ggoin toa hve all tehes ildetas cgomin up. >> : kimis th t ishe big
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iitvenvolocs lalen par atsnd ssle. eythl wilsi conderre incgasin ympasent to rcove thet cos of chdila c freor parents. child crea wkorser wan atn increase in pay. in a newsel rease suprtpoers irconfm they ask child care erworks paider undte sta ogprsramn ear aim minum $ of15 anou hr. thege ancye' wllea hror fm the detlega oionhif carld ce wrsorke ndarou pntares t andhey will tmakeheir c taseo thete staor f 1all5-do aarnr houe. wag theae hringis th minornegg bins
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lfwearero pivtectevi serces. im>> ke: we make sur wean cge t our0- 1-yearoldo the wrehe s ne geds eoyveray d and to bed at ghnit. nwe kow howor imp ttantheses job >> a: danse thels polt jus lered.ase atheyture sngnniwi shongw ho ghtit of ae rac it ise her in vanedawe betene thwo top t modescrat. llhi caryonlint hngoldi aaz ror inthar m.gin hshe8%as 4f oik lelyau cercusss sutipporerng h. the csaucu ishi ts sdaatury. 'sthathi withen tgi marn of r.erro ithis gsgoin to goow don t the .wire >> : kimsi predent obama ggivin hison strgest cciriti osmf front erunnonr daldmp truo sa fr ngsayi heie bel avescamerins lwile mak thert smaic choe and tnoct ele trump asr penesidt. >> iti connueo tie belve . mrmptrul wilt noe bsi pre.dent dane thea r isonsec be ausavi he
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iandin thkhe tyec rzeogniat th inbe pgdresient is a suserio bjo. it's n hotngotsi a talk show or alreityw. sho 'its notro piomotn. 'sit notar mngketi. it'sd. har k >>doim: d nalptrum is redspon tingheo tri csticim. he did soer he atat th forum in utsoh cinarolaay s pingderesint aobasma h done a lousyob j as idpresentnd a t hhate woulda hve atdefeimed h in the year 2012. veli thon "de toay show" this rnmo ming oorefru tmp in his own words. wee tak toou yar pishe wre the ea oglesfea dthet malet rdurne ttotahe sgea lstig n tht,ehre
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theiras ltho sw. isthe time thon ccert was ate th ymolpiaon ccertal hl. iast w aiv lelyve ent. ncco gertsoer sngayiry eveone se temede o booin gd stspiri adahe t ofhew. sho ttlile signs ofvo nerssusne thwihein t c.rowd a lot s ofvourvirs andil famy mersmbe andti vicms weren i teatcendan. ethady h ame tresndoue momfnt o lesi,ncey verou tinchg lsta ghnit. we h'll mave oorefs thi rothouughhet ty dae her on nchanel. 3 >> a: danni runebn r ielsctn aion lanist ght, nott ahe tho tmas andk. mac aypl aingirt ace for t athe academy lastig nht. dans thias w a toughne o forh te relsbefo r se.ur sthi is am tea theyt bea by more ath pn 30sointn whey thela pyed at them thoas andk. mac ether intimad heoa conch the sindeliores f thee r.bels bereerls weow dnos mt of the game.
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the rsebelam ceac bk and got seclo in thend eut b could not oget ver theop t. raior fce swin it 7.9-74 re fbelsall to12 15- on the onseas. erconf.ence testarerd he. st tilloe coms it'a ns ew3 exivcluse. erevneyoan w ats buteaulif atth's a no brainerut bee upkp nca beif dlficut. 'sthatre whehe txp eertsit wh consumer reptsor ceom in. wee'r leiv fomrh teir hequadtearrshe aad. d >> aana:efnd bore tlthe ura lo.unge ethere werom seer vyam fousc ats inhe tre. a puricte oonf r raldaneag among
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mtoll wie hav this coming up in monme.ts k>>onim: the move. she i mgakinis h t wayo the cmexis.o-u. berord. oppele arek pacned i theun s wlbo toee s the pope and the ssma i he gsgoin tofo perrm e.ther
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>> : kimcowelame bock t the raprogm. hes isel bd oveinwithhe tld wor uoffc. rewe'al tgkinbo autho rnda erousndy ash eot g soueris with nelle yrdesteay. >> a dante: afher s gote bat by yhollme holhes ste contemplad icsu.ide > w> inas i c myrorne i and was klihae w atm imo anyre i if'm nots thi. wiasit stinger thenk thiing ouabtli kilysng melf and at that second i'm like i'm nngothi, twha d io do aornyme. ot be hstone ike lood up and i saw my mannd avi traass w anst tding aherend ike lood up at him i and wasik le i amoi gng htoaveis h bs.abie >> a: danrs houo ag wsheonas the thonigth sowi wth jimmy onfall and tdalke autboow h a rima aneedsker h fro a date and eshd sai yes and itl realy lpheed. her >>as i wke li ihi tnkhe t first meti il smited a. all
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ucondch a b notery cing and eagtin iceam cre a dllay. wwe tentheo tl bal t andhen we went to hrsoote. iand got in a anenrgum atbout semylf. it wasat gre. sthi weaitrsses com up s andhe swae lik wee havig falhts thl e meti. ewe lovat wgchinho rndaou rsey ghfi.ts an wd ias like i hate. her e'shucs s [h a]beep , ian c't anstd. her shote gea rllyff od.ende hsheads thiho wleig brg antume taboume . >> a: dane' sh ts inhe movieo rad ehous and lngooki frdorwa to her tcremah withol h heiol im>> ke': shns o theer cov of "ssportll iatustrased" well so e'shils k ilingt. > >>at cre aingea buutiflom hes i go nalrumbene o but mgakin the
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ecloson secd. the home thator wks thees bt is the one that rreequis thee last pkueep. thsis i suchfe perctin timg for soy manpl peoe who areec dgidin oty sta ini theres homte insad ofl selingk looing at aem r.odel atwh ishe tum nbere onin theg w cano d inhe th kitth on e crin teasealhe vfue o ourom he an md iaket eerasi for up.pkee >> he hig tsticraff, hstighe pre.ofil coerunts, top y 10sear atgo i was allut aboni grate. dtouaay qrsrte a iste betr tiopon. itn cak looe lik gitrane or rtma bial dut'toesne hav o anyf het up.pkee itsh crued it in our test, hwhetter ias wt, heain stas, raabs.sion isth a is gtrea lownt maiceenan unco tteratop mleriat tha is go tingddo ale pntyf out beaoy t theit kchenem r.odel k >>iim: ouf yok lohr tough any
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astsinleees stvel eerrywhe. tis shattillll ahe tag rne i ktheenitch? >> a,gain it's beenhe t go to maalteri for ddeecas inig hher enitd ks.chen ether is an oonptier hele cald bl sackletaintess sel. it has theam s sehines a trioadit snalletainutss bs it' muso ch morege fininrprt siret.sten hif yave kouids ors pet you knowha tt is aer siousow dn side,no tit wh blackin stasles l.stee >> : kimo a lft opl peoe do the tilelo fgorinr oum ltinan rifloong. what hnappeedo t goodld o iofash cnedt?arpe tis iin go tgo m takehe bacomeck? >>on i dhi't to.nk s wnot tithhises latter gennatio hof omeer buys. gengttid ri oft tha wall to wall rpcaet and pngutti inar h wdood oofl irings the way tora attct bu.yers ouric adves io tpr sfoing re th
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itps u w theanarrnty ad insecreahes tab durtyilif oha tt sucerfao s you don'tea dlit wh the menaintance >> : kim hwe aavet hos of inatform tion chatanp heloc lals outn o oureb kthan f youorha tt. d >> ana:youon d'tet gol dlar fo drrolla for thepg usrade but theync iereashe t vealu ofou yr mehos. im>> ken: whpl peoue plot a t of mo ineyhen tir booathr amnd hekitctn, i does payff o for ithemn the. end an>> duya: gons dar't che tat chmu. mewono dar cebo authe te homnd a iwhattks looik lens iide. k >>: elly.yes goit wh tihe tndle adw harood. im>> kat: thhy's wot a lf o people rip that stuff out. mi' looking at age gorous live ctpiure. >> ly kelis: th is our redk roc
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is tn'thatau bel.tifu wee hav lotsf oks pin and yeowlls a bndesluo tet ghi ts stday darte t as sheuns iou abt yread toom ce. up fatintas cctiondions. maurke seou y have your sun sglas t onhe way out the door andd nee ao cato. to sue nris ayou are6.t 4 tdownown8 4. ersumm 5lin1. rewe' in for muchme warr ertempesatur w ased heato in the eraft.noon oualthegh w g aregoin to see a mfeworeu clonds i the area y.toda lypartny sunes ski fheor t afooternndn aat wgchins thi gr ooupfwe shorsrt staing to ma iketsay w t onohe toa cstf o carnlifosia a'r weeoi g tngoee s scteatedrho srsweov mginnt io ourer aa thonigndt ant io rrtomoow. we g'regoin b toeli deangh wit very gyust ws.ind hhignd wi tshat idenclus red crokyo cann, wsind ginustpg u to 65es mil h perour thtonig and moto.rrow ndwips uo t p 45 hilesouer hr follr ahe tas arede shadn i tan.
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llvaey. stmoly sunnyki sesay todh wit a ghhi of 80. ucoeeld sts gus in the afooternn. ovigernreht bezyi wtha ha cnce ofho s.wers or57 f theow l. dswin gngustio t0 3smileer p hondur a oevur sayen-d fasorect. look ath tatkg bacndroutu picre, n'ishat ttge gorous. ndwiony conditisec expted moto.rrow ctheehanc ofwe shors,it ltle coroleh wit aig hhf o0. 7 thisat el wlbo aveor n fmalor thiis tme ofea yr. the wndeeke typlen of sinunshe anigd h ihsthn e 70's. >> : tom if you talk atbou tibeau pfultuicesr h iveao t ntcoburietro fm syk tehre. ecch tkishut o aswe pan around from the nor tthohe tes wt. weav heo tk loo t athe raoadwys below. thiss i15 2 where traffic is ghlit. i ithrs tououghhet tal vley.
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an s..u.voo tfk orof th tughhe ncfee. ths is iaron habris haout aylfw eebetwnan bojunza esst wft o mbla. totrw ckuee neddha t j>>f:efe' w lrekioong atn oe accidenter hen oou sasth las veg boarulevd. 'sit aur sefac sttree aenccidt. at tthant icterseion writ econnctsit whll wit ber ck.ree oas fher te fre lngookiar cle. it isne wedysda andor f aot l of sfolk ineg vas, theyis mshe t oloud l angect, don'the ty? >> : tom io l tvedhoseun loges lfmyse. 'itifs dntfere tehesay ds. rtimpoantc pieesf olaseg vas bshowasiz ptss aeembldor fhe t diyspla t athe artte cenorr f a uco oplefth mons. atth is being mdoveo int t tohe a necaw lon tioitat cyl hal
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theon ccertam cebo autur ding discussions betewenit c hyall anhed tad nevata steus meum. >>y mpe stycial isnt etaermeinnt umcostoe s wed laned on the las svegata sge. t >>hese muurum c oatorf tucosmes. i>>ast h ara anbiagh knit methe. this w was born fyourir gls. andar mie, theea ld prmerfoer had aor me extravagantos cmetu. ethai hr andan pts were made out ofra dpedea prls. >> if thatc ata ws orebscuhe, t onne o the prostea ws ainnythg t.bu >> myhe fattr is wast firng loue t acthat pdoppe up in vasegha tt gaerndrett aonenti. t >>brom: htouge somgthinne ow t the se.tag
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ti wased comty, ias wri bntllia cimusi.ans asit wls bal a dnd aancetnd i was likein havgr youes bt iefrndsy pla inr youac bd.kyar >>tan oein poutt furesi pretden lronaead r bganhtroug an a tcto the lastnt froier. >>re the isti consnuou enaitertmen intn theou lengf o evyerot h.el >>erth weeer asct all ugthrohout they cit tthaea rlly vegave eborydy aot l ofho ccei noat mrte wtha hotel theyen wt into to see ari bntlliat ac etwh iherast w aea hedlinrr o theou l.nges >> e thi exhbitpe otns ohe t icpubl on myonda dgurin raegulr ycitll ha hs.our that is myondaou thrhugh tyrsda from:3 70 to:3 50.m p. tandhats runou thrghri fll1 2.
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im>> kv: haoue y c tokhec out neonli one of t vom'sideol vauts cufo osingnsi predentga reand an atwhpe hapnedo tim ht a teh nvcotienon cteenr. he top pe leik wvee'ev ner seen him before losing his petem irn public and weno kw atwhke ticd him. off we s'llharea ahed. >>pe hapned to us in reale. lif in the sndecoel env iopes ai le. widante to ask al gir outnd a sheug thoht ias wea dof sen i wt witht. i w>>ast i onh teho pne?
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>> iay s it's t.rue. k >>: ellyluabsoytelut bealifu itcond tionseo ghit ts day arstted. rrcuentem ttuperaresde 51-esgre. enicm calin wds. enjoyat th.
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tonheay w. ndwis ginustpg u 4 to5 as we heado intom tw.orro datoeay dglinh wittlighnd wis dany verm warem ttuperares. 'weree expgctin ourh hig to bclim t upor nea 80. atthho suldpe hapnro aund:3 30 thisft aonernoef borehe tyip d downea hdingn itohe t oigvernht. anchescf o 'rwe gengoio tal t akutboh tat icwh chinoogp. u >> im k w: certha ethro pesgrs of pope fncra ois tnhe mveo. there he is in mexico cyit mangkii h ws tay to bhedeorr wiht tasex. and yesterday for the first teim nois thp trihr toughic mexo,e w wsae popra fncisub plylic inshowgns sig of riirtita.on >> dana: the people wereli pulng hatleis s aevesnd pngulli him erovch whi he d'tidnar ce for yeersty.da eyth weerul pngliim h on to a unyog clhid. th'sath wen teyhul pl him o tno the cldhi. efe bldaor fhe tid kir fst of
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th wat'shhat ase w sg ayinin ansptoish m. the t don'bee sh.lfis >> : kimllwe'ti con tnueo tomonier thop pe'sro ps.gres bushkl bacash. bjeb gushngettite hean d ihsout lcaro winahenet somhingid dn't og asnn plaed.
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"w"w d >> ana:oca lalan mho stix s mties.
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yitrng t hoelpno arthe psoern. reyou'ng goi to hear from his parents only ons new 3. im>> ke: w t takeo f you flayor are pewvif o wthao t eexpctro fm thet nex 'rweepo supsed to find out who onw thatow palerbl jkpact.o tadeils hdeade your. way >> a: danr we'goe tingo trineoduc t youo theru trmpe nreo. odgoni morg.n ethu s in uspn iex m cicoity and th ierese thop pe. k >>thim: sis i c so tooloee s. thsis iro fmom ments agoec beaus hawe eeve bn tinrackgim h aes h is mgakin his woay t the board we are ts.exa 'sheng goi b toeak speing to a rgla cewdroha t it gsheatdreat atthoc lioatn.
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thaten rectlyd ha a rtio at ttha calo.tion lepeop o inur cryount are inpackhg tue snl bow iln e paso gandgoin to watchis h mass he's nggoi tofo perrm on cdlose uicircelt tioevisn. rehe he is. justz amaing toe takn. i d >> hana: ge's toinglyo fom fr me cxicotoity thed borer. ali milonop peleat wgchinas ms anhed teyn thr aeo gingo tav he 30 t,0o 5000ns iide fwe ooundutre the is oneng thi uyo't dont wan to t do tohee pop danh tat is tug onis hev slee
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he gotrr ieditates yaterdy. >> tkim: dom'toesn want peeopl dinvaing h pisnersoal space heeitr. >> om tdo: tn'ug tn oy mle seev danno k mcke weav he mfualtincsonn ohe t adrosf o seomo srt or ahenotr. on hisarrad ro you can seehi ts whihhe tyus jtul pled outt, is wan ih tatar yd. youan c s wee crit tameghhrou ethen f ce toneh rhtig spyera udp gvra oeln the seawah aksd nmecaut o o tnhe rothe s.ide ythe just ddgislo iedt but yitr tngod fin out wtha hpeapdne ewav he this lleittar reer end ojustfff o 2 the15tw belay. atwh is alls thiu abot? dotesn'k looe lik ist' g toingo aube cse m ouchf a pemrobl. hweave a clupfu o lfleitt thgsin on theoa r.dway >> f jef h: we aavee nssw iue
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trigho nw. this is 95 south boundus jt rafte you pass durecatre whe we veha aa disbled vleehic. omfr 215to the b1owl 1ut mines. 15th sound bouwe beten thel bow andpi troacanta sgrtin to swlo dnow a leittl bit8 at mesinut. k >>: elly snice ttarthis mog.rnin stheuns i up. we have a f cewdslou out te.her ertempreatu ts inhe low 5.0's eyth g areg oineto bcl ngimbi isth anofteron. 37 byoo nn. a79t0 3:0. thine wds areng goio tc pik up thftis aonerno andl realyic pk upur dinghe t oigvernnht ito toowmorr. 'rweoie gong tal tkbo autha tt uspl aha c fnceorai rnn ohe t wayom cingp u. im>> khe: wt'n ills ad sai and ,done m 8aybe0 t.oday liunbelevabe. iits as new 3lu excsivet tha wiugll t y atourrt hea. oshixt ses tim atnt poin blak range. t ihaths wathe ti famly of a
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amepartomnt cplexs iay sing ha tenedoim h. >> hisil famary hehod tse nsgushotd an fdounir the son shot andle kild. repantsin say tgheir t sonrying tore bakp u a dtiomesioc vlent siituaton. e>> h wentow dnhe tre and stdoppe it. eshid sa w sheas ggoin to call hetic pole and hed sai he was ingoog tv leae. hek too hisrd wo for it. hene turdou arnd and shot my son sixim tn es i cthe.hest > >au[ine]dibl ian c't einxpla how that fe.els >> a danet: dveectiki looorng f getrigr. fi you haveor infonmatil cal ecrimto srsppe. k >>neim: avadch raneran d anvetigontrnmeiv actistun bdys i be bhindarsti spll un ire ogon
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sitsound l aikeud jgean wtsim h stotay he ddenie him bail yrdesteay. cthetour oedrderh tat byund inremain behds. bar thiseli b tieve hhate's a igflisht r skoey th't dont wan ltote himu ot. he facesha crgesf oco ranspicy o averta sfndofer hen iou srnthe daneva twoea yrsg ao. held cou spend thees rt of his ilifen pnriso if he's nvcoedict. an>> de'a: hacs fing sixel fony arch fges wromhatpe hapned. hel wile bxt etradiaced bko t laseg vaso t face thosear chges aneyd th areay singat thre the areth oer cspoconoiratrs out ether that h'tavenee bhan crged yerot fwom tar yegos at thal wil berg chaed. >> : kimeas wti con tnueort cha ethe pop'sgr proessou thrgh me,xico its i aay d weho sulde b morepo peik len i serouthn vaneda. sit'do ranctm as of kesindns day. >> what is raman d acts of
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i>> at's dayt tha is setde asi cone ar yeaer whedo ranms actf o kissndne arenc egouraed aoscrs the entire community. we are gino tg boe craelebting that day. we are in theho spsh tisor mngni dan'm it a the meooki shop. youan cnj eoyn ace ire cam sawindch meadit whah wrtever you hetares desir ad nethy are ethan romdct as ofin ksdnes going odeutsi the hotel between 2:00 and 4:00 tshi afternoon. ona lseg vasle boud var wyouill bele ab to get are feoo meki coieoknd ahi tss iha w wt aere cainll tg bheakreasf otf chpiams.on 'rwe gengoio t meakne o tshi moinrng as we talk through wtha isoi gng on at the sattrphosere
6:35 am
they are promoting the ran dam acts ofki nendss rarewsdro pragm hwhic is an esixtenon of a campaign called teak vasegad beg williut pnf imaoronti on our itwebshoe uw yo cani sgn up. uyo cant gere fooe rmra upg.des eythe givou y free meals, free yuymmre tsati lweke s'reineeg th tslof onf imaoroti inil w glet on our wsieb.te gi'mgoin toe tak b a witeehil insendg it to myel lovy arnchos. olchoc catehipki coonde ain mt chceip ia crem. an>> d'a: iinm go hg to elpher acsros s thettreeay todo s i can get b a oitefat th. k >>ifim: e somoneou cld lete m inen wh'm iin tryg toer mges i ctan a of keindnss. why ishe t vet hngangiut oin
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weve ha answers thati wllou tch your heart hdeaed your w.ay >> an d wa: heveahe tes bt in osh awndid veo of anoerthog d thatou c'tldne cares ls about theom citpetion. dan p the iopes on the move in comexiis th mnornig. >> : kimlive iesmag ase wak spe arbogdin p theelanng goi t forhe deborher were h is g toing boe nghavi as maser the and outhdssann upo tsahouwinds blle
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>> l kelooy: likks lthe oe dg is ingettge mor coromfetablh wit hieim bngre the. rfoou yrg dot ae hom are gat day tot go ohe tar pk. ooh g for a nice long walks awe are lngooki atut beaiful ndcoonitihis tsni morng. uebles ski andpe temreratures a on thee. ris paphrum a 44ndou blderit cy at 57. 58r foe thid ks on thea wy to hoscolnd an ohe t wayme ho 80eg-desre o forurec expted high. j >> teff: yhankou. le tt's aakeoo lk nowt a 15 southou bnd. ouir lveam c snghowi ticraff lstil sthmoo. not snghowi any major ienncidts. 551th sound bou is2 a 1u minte tstrech. 11nu mites onte a sthou bdoun fr15om 2 to dowowntn. k >>iim: tkf bac.ired ashe wki looorng fpo suprt but ethet tweat th wasnt set ou is ceregivinac bh.klas
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6:42 am
6:43 am
ethag w"ners >> kelly: welcomeac bk. d >>: anaemoral locws nein comg aupfteris th pamrogr on thew. c now .more g>>ood minorng to. you
6:44 am
tipraccingic medineho wit aut nlicendse as ha adi mecal clicin. whous bdtei hm and whaht heas toay s aoubt thesell aiegatons. >e'> wre tgakin a look at some ofhe t hteotst in dmenire tnds. ithats cgomin u opn wake up thwi the cw. 'weeell s you then. k >> iim:nis dec 2ion016 this wedekenld cou be maker oak bre foevr slerare pntsideial ndcaesidat. isth mngornie woc fusn oth e relipub.cans rtheima priry is sdaatury in usoth cinarola. slet'e tak you live tour o onnati'si captol wherecy tra ttposs ind staing. by oout hef te gat h we tavelko ta t aboulddonamp trupo resg ndinto esprt idenmaoba d who'toesn evbelihae trut timp well b our nextsi pre.dent >> hed saiha tt breefot bu a lot remoon strglys thie, tim idpres oentabami sayhng tat
6:45 am
eldecte bye thub plic in nbeovemr. she tayshiss i aou tghob j. it n'sot a rtyealiho sw and trump rndespos first ofll a styeayerday singt thasipredent obama cntommes tom hi are a comemplent. hen thiks's hehe tor wst prenesidte' wvea hd. and"t on odhe tay show"on dald ptrum sgayint tha hehi t hnkse sisi predentma oba'ss wort ghnietmar. 'rweoie gngo t see ifs he' ted cruz'sst worgh nietmarau becse theol plsw shoa ou dbleig dit le bad,ut twices a muchup stpor go iingntohi tsri pmarys a ted .cruz wthetay i's snghaki up, looks kelina doldmp tru way outn frot. dteuz cr andha perpsco mario rub bangttli ito frec sond. jebus bhay sse' hsn ior fev nada nato mterh watap hspenn ith sou
6:46 am
treo bako int t thatoper ti. 'sitng goi g oing btoe enevlytualto up theer vots in ousth licarona butto botmne li , isth isng goi to be are ptty con tesnuouma prieary hdednt io ne.vada >00> $1li milonnt speon adisvertingy b jebu bsh but n'doesoot lke lik thect eleeorat isin buyhag wts he'li selng. >>s he'ro bught hish moter otu anid hsth broer outn o the mpcaaignra til. he'sop h hefulae cn come out of south ciarolna with shiometng to try t polrope his cigampan rwfoard. we just hn'avetee sn nit i the rfiwost tte const. i>> ke'm: walll tbk a touthe deatmocrhes tex ntim tee wet g toergeth. actroty pivts lroe f.m d c. thank. you >> a: dan s we nawew pollbe numrs owsh tinghatla hilrynt clion has a one ptoinad leve orer bnie sas nderhiin tsta ste. sao or razn thiar m,gini wthin
6:47 am
>> : kim'sletck che in with elmich wle aith pierevw of a ecsp rialrtepode hea ydour way alivet:0 110ig tonht. odgoni morng. >> od go mngorni. 'rweeki talngu aboomt sinethg ttha isll reayd har for a lot of oppe tleiso d acusshand tst i sloing are pcgnany. erthse ita a sinrtlatg nalion isstat hticere. onen iou f wromenil wl riexpeeenc theos lsf o a napregncy i hner limifetroe fm istll birth to mrriscae.iag hitnsappeen oft in our coimmunndty axp esert sayt' is tegarinam fsiliepa art. inan myas ces vigriengar pents wo guldet the tcragi news and tthen wheydoul go homen a suffer inen silce with nodoboy t ntur to. neohe moter wke spo tsho, e is innone mthsgn preanth wit aab by bohoy w will not sveurvi after h.birt >> can't dreamut abo what is he
6:48 am
,fivet wha areoi gtong e bis h firstor wds. stjuin beblg aeo t holdm hior f a few mesinut. > > wshe nillota hve t goo ugthrohih ts alone tkshan toone clootal mhero wh b haseen there fobere. wite s down withm the and talk ouabht weyy th arer sha tingheir stesori andll te you how toergethse thewo tom wenre a ma akingfe dife.renc eonp hel tingthhe o oer,ne insharerg h storyo st tha other moinms h tis pioositan cne se theers iom sodebyu ot ithisas sapeci rlrtepoat th sairig tonht onne 3ws e liv at :011nd0 aga ainor tomrow atn noo henre oew ns. 3 k >>thim: yankouor fha ttiv le ieprevw. ecappreiatt. i >> a danpo: imntrtary sto for sure. rewe'ng goio te met the lstate multilimonlireai as ts shettae of florida isoi ggn tod hol a esprson cncfereode tayo t anunnoce the winners of the jaarnu13y pbaowerll jpoackt indrawg. eth friloda lteot wryllie b
6:49 am
arshfe ohe t8 $1.iobilln jatckpoad brocast live. adwe h a wrinneut o ofen tut b dweon't knowha w wton in focali,rniat no far from here. im>> ke: we hav atm weserinst nnwioer tal tbok authi ts rmo.ning ita l btleitf on aps uett at bes inw shooi gngo t a gmeran srtho haired pnoirte who geso by c. j. heed edg out ama gernph sheerd wadho hon w 100ws shoin gognt io this. 03,00og ders we iwn neor ykit cy forhi ts. litrainng ohely t ktuenyck y.derb and we have oural loct bes in owshin compg u inil apr. al aways lot of fun to seeh te cloooal psche onll fuis an>> d ha: ieard.j c. has aom m orra gtndmothher aat ws a pichamnon ih te past.
6:50 am
rtrepoer cinheckg in withim h l iivenky s 3. thiom. t>>: ome wrean ohe tar f nthor arp ot tfhe valley checking out what hasee bnn a elexcelnt coe mmut tover nheeorthrn bey.ltwa tlighff traicer h.e dha rorept of anid accentoo lks kelis it'le cd.are ethrean sid accentt a crlhateson an see thehi wtear car ree endd a ckpiupru tck bcklogin lneas stwendbou onrl chanesto and southou bndn ob. lam 'weadve h a ceoupl o ffrende ndbe tershisor minng ase w ntcouein tmea tffraic withf. jef ef>> jorf: fattun telyehose hav bnot oeenhen tew freays themselves. 215 eastboundoo l kingatee spds, rono psblems a youe makr youy wa wdon thatet strofch the ref.eway yifreou ain comg 15th sound bou s alowint neut mines. 215om crsmute toh te 95il wl
6:51 am
thle vasasegou brdleva tohe t 215 noro pembls a1t 1 mesinut e.ther >> ly kel f: aloew c udsout ether gtoet this day sedtart. lwe'lti connue to seetl pary ysunnes skiou thrtghou the. day ndwires ah ligtt buic pking up isther aft anoonndat th isoi gng toe hoolp bsthe tem ttuperares tpretigy hhhi tste afn.rnoo s it'n50 iar pe,adis sseunri 47. yout wan c a aoatyos eau h odut theoo dr but a trt-shi isde need isthft aonerno. erhise ak loo atar rade, w are wangtchi ae fwor mloe c iudsn etha. are owshersev dielopng in licaiaforn. remoin movng if of theoa cst. tandhose ershows etexpec tdo be urin o area as we getn ito the niover hghts.our e'woore l akingt theha cncef o sow.meho ewe'rin seemog reud clos. ethge bigstue iss we haveut o of thsis ids winus gtingp uo t 45e milers pou hrnd ap uo t65 ine thig hherle eiovatns.
6:52 am
80in oovertn. umpahrp 75. asin l vegasde 80-s.gree atth'st whare we'ec expt. ethor recd t foroday 8 is1. 7or0 f h theighor tomrows ais th smystees mak its wayn. i chs ancehoof swerson tightnd a intoor tom.row ewe'rng goio te dal whitus gty dswin w asellu bthe tee wken sd okloinger p.fect d >> tana:foime her ter wat olcoern ois th wsdedneay. one "thgtoniht show" with jimmy onfall. e thrssta ofle fulr h housead a anchoce tak me up theirwn o lyfamile cal tdhe tperumr rs.eno >>, dadad d. >>he t fion d'tin whe t notiminaveon eeryonl wilay s'm i ether los.
6:53 am
to b youutom seetimst' isk oto lose. >> d how yidouet g in our h?ouse he>> t f drontoor waske loc bdut cklu ilythein wdow wasn. ope y >>anou c'tom cen ito our house evwhener youa wnt. n>>ow it'sim teor fed b. >> youot g it y>>ou got it. > > tseto bnegi onfl netaix t hetd en of thisth mon. we h'tavenee sn peeee wrr hemann n ioa lng wno hse'ac bk with a newov me.i >> holiday fof to a pcerfet he>> wre are youde head? >>he tye havis thee pee wig's b hayolid. isthis theue seql toee pee w's big atudvenre. thasat w 20e yarsg ao. >> : kimether isro plybab a
6:54 am
hwatcginay sngiho w is pweee e maherrnn. d >> jana: beb iush hsnoldig an tevenso in uth cinarola. yedasterey h tteweed out this urpicte of hisst fir gun ever. asit h hise namcr ins oibedn it itwhe thim s cpleonaptiri ameca. hewe tetedhi tsut oye dastery danhe tn ietternou p.nced sookme puned f atim h andth oers orsuppted him. hheas an a plus rngatim fro the a.n.r. dteespie th facte h's rneve odwne a gunor befe. 0019,0 t iimesst wawe reteted eryestday. im>> kes: don't looke liks he' owshn up tos thin evet. yet ethop pe, weon cntiue to chart hiss course as he gets ready to go speak to thousands of people. there he is from moments ago before he got on the plane in his popeob miile. an>> dhoa: gldins mas for a
6:55 am
6:56 am
spao as ywhenet oou gigne gne intert cenfromlitury pnk andvrism t thand boey're ivth del ered aon-f superbeast fitworr ne kdi ly trecturo yo home, ait'sng.mazi s it ig,amazin
6:57 am
-just- .yeah , um, i paulkthin's ittl a litt moe biikre le, t' "iazins amg!" oh , wow., oh thamom, talwas goo k than [ s sigh] el fe likea ywoohollsid inder... i'okay, ork ll wt.on i .. h .wittvprism pl ig ius gnenterdt spee om c frryentulink. >> od> goni morngs. th vee gontrnmesu vere s th tech t.gian plapcee's wso vofi to a ght e'judgdes orrcr foiting ha to ck to in i thee phonneof oth of e n saarbern kdinorsille. tis chepaom tnyinaka g rost ng an str d foomcustorers in makg it ha frderawor lor enfntceme to ueps safe. >> ut> so dhernmfiscoort. e thblrepu picanderesil ntia nd caesidat brawl in south ca naroliad ahesa of ayturd's tevenrehe pntsides getn in o th tie acon.
6:58 am
trump will not be presidt.en it ot's nti hos tng ashalk r ow o a itrealowy sh. >> d andalond trump quick to respond. y >>e ou'ry luckdni diun't r st lae tim rwheny omneran be e causwoyou hauld eeve bn a teone-rerm pntside. n >>hiew trns mo fing, presholls fr ouom sarth cinolana ned dava. wi tth vheinotjug tsteehray ds away, we'll hear from mr. trump wh henjoe s in luse.iv >> no> as mn iraa ererexpiossn of ng cohe s elded fagerweollors gg tuoning a hiscarms g usinhim to pl topere ovan a ma in wh haeelcir. and it's a dog sheepdog world. >> best in show dog tonight for s 26 igethe srmanhahortnd po r.inte >> ma gerorn shirt haoied p nter stches e the titlinbeatg t ou tmore27han th00 ooger ds to
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