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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  February 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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rcenfotemenke to ds ue befesa c' nbevs sttte pan ersoorexpl th isose rsues nightow. >> or rep ter:dea fejural dge tu yesdaer ordeced tiah geppl elto hhep tlnlbi u tsu neiphosa of rnn benoardis mas oo sh sterfayed k.roo jthe rudgedule d m idproveae rabsonhn teclica as ansistoce t ariutho itiesn ac incessheg tat da on rofaok's ho ipne. orauthsitie areti sllin tryg to ll fi in theunss8 mimiing s nutee r e of he til kr'leacs ontiafs r te e thooshngti. >> ha t18t in meutiss cr r>>orepr:teth fetsano te owkn if anything on the phone n callfin iatthap gnd af i e theranare hey otuer cl ts tohe ot plt tha 1leftlopl peoade de d anwo22 eundd. st jut lass toirec ja cmesyome t tat sene n paetel g itingntoalgorofa ok's e ph isone . key e >> wl stil ohavefne ose tho ll kil ne phoats th h we avenot be blen ahu.openec oeen ton ms 'rwe selltior wngkin oit. >> reporter: overnight eappl's t imoo ck asreleed ata sentemt ngsayi's itpe cooedrath wit the
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sa ,ying otques, theni uted st gatesnover hmentasan demded th ppat aakle tne are unpntcedeed te shp wmanahr tnseate pjaa cu se orityr f ouomcusters. we os opphee ter ordch whid has icimplnatioar fey bdon u t he legal case at hand.rn h heeeas b an anntdamao opp nent pof ogenin pfones er th rngove.ment itells s' m" utes would make us all vulnaber.le o>> ynuroma s prtneho tdaoy n your iphone there is likely health infoarmonti erthse'oran finlciadrmnfon.atio youul shoved ha the itabily to ot pr ectit. th ne oayly w weno koww ho t do at th ios t eptncry .it hy w isthat? it'sa becuse ifhe t'sre aay w to getn in theeb som wody fillind a ay w .in re inportg. cioffisaals hey tey'rt mos wo d rrietaboult bui s-initecury ft so twarehato c aulduto dteele tallhe data o tnhene phon whe ey th trycr to iackt t andhe ed fays sy' theotre ns aking aole t unlock the r.doo
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n oew t adayt 12 :30, icphys wiansngarniou ab t a henew althss iuein l tkedo the azikir vus tbou.reak e th mainon ccernas hn bee on neatalir bthec deftsut bro fnt ne lihy pansiciays she ty're ei seng aur snge i csase ofan gee re bet. a w nesodiderr. they say this causeths mue ima st syo em tckatta n theuservosote sy .stem the world healthrg oatanizdeb sa asys crees ath on rie ise n latiicamermi c inbiolomsea cae s arup th olreef td inashe pntt mod h an lfa ha. > >>nka liwe betigen hher po iollutd n anajerghk rison st .rokead se reerarchals an dyzedfrata u.the nds. ana chi t and thosear co ieuntrits em l thestargeobr
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th ouey frend aitas wreh mot, dus adirtmond solke ponluti had smoree ertempe atur halson ad actimpa a on q lity sandetrokt.risk nth souha.s. reoche tupprin pa gh hiinest ntcidest of .rokem lo asinggn pre iancye s on mothe evst dtiastaitng sonuatios a lyfami f canace. up nt uil just recently there nweresoo res urce iheren ut so nherna evadelto hmip falies wh reo weev grithing h roug this esprocs. i itsts a ngartiio nat nal.stat sit'l reaarly hod tk talou abme e onouin fmer wolln wic pe excerienos a l as ofgn preancy in l herimifete. o whl stilh birtmito riscar age lethath bire defs ha oens aftenaer expayts s ym*s it ea's t fringieamillt.apar in y mantvesthe tig aev gris ^ re pagents e t thictrags new thave ho goanome ffd sun er i a le siwince o th ntoone n turs mo erthlis jkeikonwha iso in n hsmontgn prewiant bth aboaby o wh nwillurot s ovivehence
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>> ev so hieryttong ss n' caeat droum abm t hiingrow cayou drn't abeam whout s at i g goinooto lkek lin whes he i .five iwhatins go bg tos e hit firs wo rds. it stops at ju bst aeingtoble ld ho f him for ainew m.utes ic>> me:hellkn i haow that's rd h toear. bu e t shotis nng goiha to o ve t hrgo t toughalhis tones hankto on oce lomal m h whobeas heen tre fo bendre a hsing atsitu tiontp helrothe hi tss iofam aci spetepordalle al "jen's ftgi." a itirsig tonht on " 3newse liv leat even"ig rhten poner hene on 3.*gy > >>e we'rg goinn livegsthin. k >>alrystfowerufry storn no elneth aesssicill reae hop lepeop a areble toke ta away mfrot thaor rept. hawe thenk t fieamilors fng bei ar pft ot tha as well. >> ew> nda toye' wreki talng ab o cut ae ouplomof ctymuni ga ortinizateons g amino up ttry to ve preold chi ohoodtybesia 'r weeae pltosed e havtecrea a ch e.ang avwe h tixecua sir drectoeble
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yo eu armi tea o.this ll te us k youwhnow eat w can ex fpectrom this perartn ishipn 20 16. >> at cre ce agehan nowa is lo cal nofonpritk tacling ch ooildhd esobity. dowe aptpe aisksmempleurnt o thhealfey ligr pro ams.s og prinrammsg iut beaiful big se dert rgaden. me jass irt pangneriit w th uso ve hah treeam g azinerdinniss th ea yor tll reay gethe t cniommuty in edvolvh witt whare we'ng doi d anes engcati"r.themego k >>alryst l: iitove . omfree stod ab t letelillray. >> utbsol ry>> k: stales jamk talt abou thetresero p.ject o>> sntradhe tet resje pros ct iam lir ca losil bu.ness whand e'at wesre btt aan6 lp hepeing coplee reattiposiee u aisuste nablgechan
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we go're toing wi do reth ca ate re leknowdge. ythenavou h ie tollnsti ri cuy osit tintoidhe ks. ceone wstinl ilthose three things it's going to be sustainable and the kid as go g in gtoaro fiit w ht.i ry>> k: stal ste aolbselutean coaclimpmesh tnty hevehahe ty ca sen soe inmetheyg thes invted th tieir eme,gyner and leknowdge. an eyd thqute liyrallow sh t lu ts ruitheof t.aborims >> t' whaiqs unboue ahiut ts nn dis er irewe ang goi to esharvllt aabeget dathe efy banore oli uti e th p duce nthe oightef thkr di .nner e'so wlyealu actallyng goi eto b gaeng.gin ewe'rve very, ry texcied. an amd janes c tkal about the fschee' wreutg.izin ry>> k: stal w and ihere t's ggoin be. oo>> bes le earmenthoy scv k >>alrystxc: entelle. m i' tsuregohis toing qu be ite a st fea t toidhe kes arangelpi chthe e >> w fhave give lreatloca tili ch o ic whceh onth of ige srenatufs o ou yestenevo v ch n johrny f areis t anal
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we e hav chef from ma dossy ad stium. d ani mlchae vanta s ftenrom 35 inmartndez a sts.eak and pyastrf chela hilyen.olsos w sovee hae likcsaelis. waid, goare toing ve harhest t day rebefo. 'r weoie gong tat crehee t mnuo t th igat nht. an esd ut g rae boing se aisurpre r foer evy.ybod ry>> k: stalo i litve . a >>hend ts kid gare toingo se it ry>> k: stalkn i is thn't reat gat. th reey aef nv idolvedevrom de as .pect vei lo it. i wloveyohat e u arg.doin goyou kt totheep oiis gng. an jd i qustkluic gy i iuesss th aereinnythheg t niommu a t toelp. >> ol absy.utelsa t firsllof aat cre a gechanosornow. heat t t hight oandef thy gpageyoet de.cktiets. on se i fn la dol tsicke are$7 s kid it inngages a youfund ndn ato ocomendut apo supanrt rte padivi t ofmucom.nity ewe'rno einspirhe 'r weenhall aal giengaomhe citmuny.
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th yoank r u fog bein withus. >> nk thau yo. k >>alryste lovueam ch mi oelletover u. yo ic>> me:hellhe yrsheeeas bn ng lown knootsor iovco cho blate on te easher t gandytianco t gryine somgthinw. nem ctecolaer mak isbo aut to ll rot ouar crota cke frelavod ki !ssesmi .hmmm pit'sblrobaety prooty gd. l wa imarte s th sonlyetora ty heo. ll wiav be blailabe if w youthant them, wat's heres hayou o ve tgo. >> t > ou cofrahaerct. he s iowknwon d-rldewior fis h co asmponsind ahi m. t bu pevenfrope s ancis has hi li tsmi. xt ne12 at w:30,hahat edppen re heha t gt hoteps he s letodomebvey ha ewe'r ginxplas thihr riirtetared sesponin com pl heus t ly'reegas v ass t firslyfami ofr_ rtentemeainnt. th reey aaqni joid s an gh micot ree gniz mthathean t erform v las megas -ayor - i osalmit salycaror
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os e.odgo ry>> k: stal c she ean'tven ta lk. [ htlauger ] >> re whers you elfsi?rtins ug[ la hterac w ree ai_inive mis iostud. > >ewhere micen e esinmart ihes t k oea w ytherou ldshouit s idoutsnde ae hav one. au beultif coionditns. ertempreatuars wming up.
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>> he mic lle:omwelcne i ybeverody. po rape f yncisnou k towhat he ve loicme to ndet aet greiapele. he l wil --len ope\ 'l heion anye. k >>alryste: h t has arendesming ile. >> he mic lle:heand al is ways osso peitiv q estppha t buidhe dw shos signof ir tariontihe wcrn dsown iex moic tgo l atlit te aooredd sshe th hispeapd ne \agesgrivs th n hpeapl ap sto os hi urto.
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th eseve oy rlgeaer ppleowee re acrenghi out. ey thug tdge on his eesl.ven it ul pd lem hiwndon o to mesodyboho ws ittsig in finntrou of im hn iwha lceeirhae an hed ot gng a.ry inand ni spae sh hidsado, t n'be se n'do ti islf e thpepooo ta k upco olestf s ep ckbas ae thicpubl eouaann erth aeedskve eboryo tndkif o acb kf.of an cdlmado .wn he ctionednuo tav w teoeo pepl dan mveo odn a few mutines atefr th isap hdpene. lo a ft o p el a tglkinesbo a th .at hieato t ghethaa mde e the popmad. >> st kry tal: 'shaton a c cern rethe. m soanyop pehole we aro s teexcind ad you havehe tseig b cr .owds andou y g doeton cnecerhad tt th lings tike chatanha .ppen abutbleo t keep it mo.ving ic>> me:helle hheis tpe po. c heana hndle it. > i>> v odeof arg geoia ve naterinriafo comgrtin d a hi mas sitospasal he gon alvirto .day re he's why. th sis ir. d dyan thmais. he ot g inside c theerat ofelhe oner heof ts doge theromto c tforthe tt liogle d .rnerto
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an ard str*at ehiing \l sigalme dthatgrog spuas wnd fou an abddoneblerrihe s ins arjanuy. e' shees b c his sareeincque th hao.ea alraddy me p og pr aress sfterreas t ated mforplultiyse ph icalap.suesa shbut tie sall h ls adopr ioemotnalro em naotioall hetoing e tho videpowas ostedn br fe 1uary3th. it ar's gd nerelynearil 6 m lion s.view madr. sthisheays es hop to so izcialace grndie a h geter he y althghenou b toade d.optemi qu wh ouen y t saweghe bnginnih e tho videloshe idok and roior wa ars sced. an w d nos she' olikei kay s gues e we'rnghaviun a latch de. st jus eatanood rs doe. e. shcoo >> er> tha e's oflot er othn pi toeocs parple rke wooning g >> st kry tal: rehey'nd tre e li onq at whp 's ult w hoora flteida osen ps ed ae ct do
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ti pa.entsuecie fo alr re apit hd.penea athistrlso ngendie s las vegagelouns. lo a acok b tk at hheiry eydain ou der viulo vatht wi t ourom ha .wley oehe doss th tysstorwe so i\ an hd weyoope llu win joig. co sanver.tion hjusttoead eb facanook ard sech r fo nksnv3 ews velas gas. >> 's> itun an lylikeri paing. bu ist tht ski "fromtothe t nigh " show fthatreeatunas doruld tmp d ancathe f st oupthe ngcomi ow shll "fuouer hfrse" heom te aa ig or finalhoull isuse y ar guedantegh lau. ke taoo a lk. d >>ad. da d! la[ htug ]ers d. da ug[ la ]hter c i'm m i'ai afrf d in'i doint whe t nanomi etionbovery wdy sill ay i am r.lose k>> i wnownginni isvery rtimpo tantouo yt buet somimes it k's oay to sloe. h >>olamp tru pes!inotld lgibbower h y didetou gyo in e.houstee t >>rohe foont ds r waedlocke ck luthily tce kiwihen wndowas wi pede on. k>>miimyoe cau t n'stjuom ce to in h our wouseveheneu r yo .want
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eewe nod tpal bui o p.wall ry>> k: stal sheois sod! oh mytr.goshum y jimmonfall. m >>llichethe: jat's immy onfall c in yaseavou hten' cenoti i n' didnot kide dte auchkrl:oo gd um tresimprn.sio el t thent cas le"ful h ho .use" ry>> k:stalou yve hann day. u yoe hav uncle e,jessbb gi ler, mmki,ie. d, u -le -ho d diy theav heav de? un cleoe jy. ether he is. ok ve da hal rel am ne. m >>lliche ie: ov lowe hhe ty pl heay t c.musi newhe yveraou wtch full house er thase way alws anessolero ar le anedound yay alww kne it lami co thenhe musicou wld se .t in el>> k ily: am esimpres hedas w eabl toul pl off trump meets ch mi.elle ic>> me:hellex lyact. t atndhe e d wetidn'et g toee s it but he sa yderu owor he? rud dwhatheid sq\. sayl ruhow de. >> ly kelit: lmitle lechel.
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de tefini blyyreezdi connstio for . us nowmi are'sra aooksta he trm sto st sysem ata we lke ascrosor btheriggetu pichere y d we go've int rawe shotars sg rtin akto meie thy r wa sintoasierr. c aeouplin ho s twershahat peescaerd ov s theiree ambe un rom d arsaagoele vala so al nfth od is.ringco encalioote lliks ouke y w la tu sightklprinses a e th obulkef thci pretipita g goinolto hffd oil untaq a ns suaec espy iallhein tn velas gaseyvall. re het whae''s exp fting gh his y.toda er ov iton0s 8eg d freesouor r pe excted ghhi. im pr 7m9. ul bocider ooty l aking at high ar ound78. w asee takooa lk at the noveright l ttnigh p rump ca telienki lootng a aow l of 38 de s.gree w asooe ltk a the 7 -day re fo,castda to hy'sighec expted to ab be out 80poelgrdeees. to owmorrle cooqu eg70 d treesxphe ed ecte.high ywindnd conitios. c aehanc s ofrshoweec espyiallo agrad du tringorhe m.ning alnormh higthfor imis t e of iyeartis s63ll . e' wtire sgoll toing w bera ov ab nuor ntro
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lo gokinea grt. ts lorprinunshore fmusauc onur sat, 73esegre s andyundaun sny and . 75 ry>> k: staly' thenore kla n as fthe firsty amils te ennrtaimp 4 a losesngel rf pengormi? >> he mic lle:kifranine shfta o e th,adtashind s aniaspecto fa ce. rtenteenainmamt fily. >> d yountid einerta mifaly. oo h. k >>alrysthe: tst firmi fafly o vlas aegashend t f firsty amil enof tatereninmt. er thee w. go ow>> h doou y like atth. >>takrys il: hen til bu.ding ewe'r soxc e titedoa tlkut abo th isew n .show a>> i h li'll tel you why. y'there eo c dming towno the pl waza ihere hparaos 'scar est aurests.rant l aim trees adi so enffert. op pearle ane to ey thme're e th are'sda bgu pla oarhe thare tt a istlmos ofli bibcal op pronortis. d an t'shere nopi hapsnes am say
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e th inshartas e the el n ohoes w ma eoke psmple .iles yo t aredoer tim s ins.vega 'sthatt wharehis rastaus nt ifamie al oul abt. me con dowheto tza pla d ando yo shur af yoter e u arugthromeh co d ank drin mwitham [ htlaug t >>wahat e s thchclene at th t waseahe deal br ic>> me:hellu yo hguysbeave ra pe mirforn ng ivelas fogas our, ynes kn foow, r.reve asand ar osc i putout, y are rtsof od olgaves. >> e wvenemer t an btoole d ga vet s bu'sthatt whashour ow wa s. i mean, we always paidri ttebu t tocohe ithns, sie anatreas, dn rt ma jins, errys.lewi twhen cheyedall s andn nt wa c ssic ntaship dnow. so s weedtartti put thtogeller an theff stu thate w ereith let go. be ecaushe t are'sneccltic crowd betwe 030-7t thahas no ewher g tono idinks thiiewn to. le unouss yto go l the ocal esplacre wheloy the gcan
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wbutaie sisd the.fe peres rr ma.iage ic>> me:hellt' iois greng g at usbecaue yoe arng goi g totoo lvi c ossore'ng louner aftswardue androno dr ink. >> y' theoire gocng szeialih wit ptheeeopl c who tomeeeo s the w.sho ptheeeoplme ca to, j rerdinn th t whaasveged us bele li we 'reng goi anrotareesshbliw. k >>alryst l: iitove greatasho sd w an gn od fo ou>> y t gothat. >> st kry tal: s hat' theo.prom ic>> me:hellou yk kic o q fe rbruathy 19. >>.yes th at'senesids cy a cyou se ne odadsc .reen. i if woes andar osc still li kes, uskyou now, wee'r ob prablyoi gong t endxteu or .stay l>> a motore often. i pseromi you.this wh ouen yghhrouh wit inevenu g yogoare toing k wal ofout t thal hotenocasih wit a sm oileoun ycr fa 'sthattt prerdy hage to est thc ys dao r >> m and waybeomin snee mo y at plthe aza. >> ou i dhabt tryt veh. muctabl
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>> s it' pfreengarki. toonu linot ke, you know, that other e plac'sthatng goich on .arge ic>> me:hellu yo isaidpr no .t uso re>> frke paing. >> st kry tal: lahe phace tllt wi inremapo unsken. >> he mic lle: ywillavou h your ma isrtin s andgihow rls. ab tesoluly. oh . yes omi pryoise atu th. a aste mat fr of tact,wohe t of yo omu prmeise t thaneif o of th owe shls girab is ysentl ou'l s k >>alryste': we ll be.ther doyou han't o ve tusask ce twi. m >>llicheane: y.y da ot>> gge to met soth feaers. [ htlauger ] >> st kry ial: e lovit. so ci ex.ting lgood wuck tithtraho sn t >>a he siasillndns aaewhe jsa ba to.ther [ htlauger ]
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tof jhe.ob llshe'er nev a letenyonpr izivatcie soecal syurit meand redica. huor swnt donn plaared pooenthd. she'll take tonunhe gby lobfi, y nalleqget paual r y fon,wome stand heop tub repnslicam fropp rialing rl ou prreog assy.wa so n obrferyua0t 2sth d an fup be uscaife ou yan wa t esprenid to whs knowtohow p keeicamera safe, and build a stronger econom hy,lail'sryhe tho ce.ic i n'womat pkemiros secai n't keep. we can make rea dalfeifncreine pe leop l'sesiv. i'him arllcly toind n ani ovapprise thsa mesge. k >>: ellytl paryun snyes ski to day. cr inineasing wdss thi teafonrno.
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]dy winto.rrow a cechanlly: cf oierw shoni to ightntt to owmorr. d anaude 70 s greefor the .high lecoonr iuo qtes bseecau it's st lil wlel aovbeo nalrm fors thi ti fme o arye. m >>lliche de: itefin ely -fflip wlopheeatorr f .sure tu acyallug i d tehosut os a .well fl loip-fndps a myho srts and an ttok p. mi copng uor tomatrow oo nn uaannlar het lwak. retheti's simll te for you to getnv id olveouif you wlde lik to sp 'r weale texh witcedeea h mom heand teaughour abet thy o ma in ibcredmple ithact veis e hntas ad h us pl i newuna s lasvegapoas dd weshat' chattaoed tca tigetoung yr f lirstatook s thi nu vee andhe t newpaesckagt tha 'rtheye th atks loo .nice n woderow hh muc it is? ethosri stondes ah mucmore co umingp onne " lws 3ative on no."m*rque th tat'sroomor mp hu n\poc it :0's 10. a weic offy iallchelal hl through the day now. soaal hou thrtehe tlosekwe. k >>alryste: we mad! it ma l alt.righ
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