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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  February 17, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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lto alocani a hmaltaospinl o i frday. th apis hdpeneer aft w heas bestabyd b aar bdericad sut.spec ashe wac attked onhe t n ickyhe t k-9 was sentn i as a tactical move after a nine hour st ffandowe betheen tpe susndct a cepoli. s hid han t lersellky nic in eager get back to work a his injurieser wste mouply scierfial t so whatnoill et bro a pmbles d anetherl wilbkno rtitricons on at th s fport tromniommuios _ th houghyse sa b hases r \ ov elerwh.minglo t >>'shereot a lco of itmmunnf re sesponu ry veit posive. an atd thlw's aniays o ce tee se e. ly on n for bickyorut f the cepoliar depttmen inragenel. r >>teepor tr: aakeok lo. is thevch oc^-y36olear-mmd ti.ons ashe wes arr itedt tha rr baeicadu sitn.atio hees face slvera cgehars in includnig a cmaltyruel, re insist pg ae olicicoffiter w h ea dwetr desonucti of bl puic erpropty. nowha ttpe susct was iianitlly su edppos m toake his f irst arappe ianceon c turthis mo g.rnin
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e thdg jueer ording him to make at thst firti inippal aanearce to romor,w by q,uoteny a means ne arcessy. so 'l weel be suro tngbri you l al the uepdat ts on what whene ve hae thm. re inportlig ve, i'mat nhan alo'news, ne. 3 ar>> m tie: hank syouo chmu. r >>: eedda toliy poce arels ao ok lofoing or tw t mensahey y ti ped u a ea72-yd r-olnwoman the acransheked mer ho. h itneappeisd th rnmoing. it was in the suny cithe antm ar ea adroun:1 2m.5 a.n i the rn mo li poayce s two mnten e tered he homei wth a frmireand aan demded abvalules. th use sspectn thei tedp uhe t ea72-yd r-oln woma land weft ith acashnd jerywel. c we tanell you theic v otimnly mhasinor riinjues. yifouav hnye a imanfortion li porece ain askg youo t call.] escrimertopp 7s at8502-35.-555s a >> ie marir: fs,earmlo exps sive trand esench n dugctrote faarti 'sthatt wharafedeosl prorecutde sa eyy thnd foule whibi come ro ththugh ege orilon wf d lirue
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by ed armte pros sterudincling ne rvadaeranchon ammdy bun. sa heys t i fbincs cod erne cars tnearefhe rmauge vey han bee ob botry d.appe stinveorigatls aand fou fe ances oid spfoled od. th i e fbctexpe ts to takeu ek we cs toinontinatstig re mon thalen dozop pecl cl ing udinn am oy bund were ar edrest. > >> thoweno honderser whhee tusde nu smber i arede eg rngardirancui dhv re ar osts sver buperweekend. police telling uyodahe ty de ma 12es arrnts ine connctio it wasvi drindng u thepr ueinfl li poance houded ret mon tha250 ti s cketrito d dversg urinthe cemforcefent .forte they say more than 100 tickets a re ween giv t outivo drers sp ngeedile whith anoixer se wer n givefoout ivr drruers g nnina d ret.ligh ne lvada tooks ao begh tou tt baoulegrornd fla hilliry cnnto bandeernind saers. a w nescn/or on d hasraemoc ma uscaucrs goeit splos alm ev .enly er48 p tcentsahey upy s port toclinu p 47ntercend, saers. th moe deiccratcu cau s is
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a hell tti acon. ou ewr nves co bragensegin whe e thcu cauts s aartsen the rn mo p.:00 ewm. nwis 3 grin u yo ar hou oi tive ov cgeerath of uce caitus w_ li polticanstnalyeis wngghi in on tu resltsol fedlow by anexpdeds newo cgevera ugthro thout heevg.enin yo anu cad he oor tlvews3 an r d oubofacendok att twi s pagerato theck tul resse >> d: reepu reanblicdi can dater da d te icruzans pl aningat marhon of pa camngignie herhein t lv sitaer shete af ad othe re icpublauan cs cusedatuesy. uz crdi holigng eotht tveal ents ne eext wk. nd sue ay hoiis go ng tn be i umpahrp. nd monay irsme sum, rlin aelko3 no re co fo blloworid mene evn ts i henortevrn nada. we ta're g lkint abou tthe oownsf rn fe mly,nendo andoncarsy cit fo be h bding laas las vegs p es tu dayoght. >> ie marmm: itiigra ercent fop pe frsanciil's fe da y in me.xico he at gdhere at theks ban ohef t ri o dgranne oth of sie bu sicrosinngs w the orld mbremegerinuiho tdsusan whopnue ha ieve dyid tro ng ts cros rtdeses.
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t mids hof ad eateidpresalenti mp ca waign ihererammig itions a bi sug ise. c' nbrys ma a ann hhernmoas re. >> or rep ter:s frope s anci neatr d me wiets onth cs vict jat az uareeltes pr bisoninringe g oneato ts rs a. he urges them to break t cheleyc of io vncle no ne oou c hlde avagimedin a l papat visi.herei ju sst yixrseago ahe wthn iso it grorty btoder aswn w ns coedider m ther urdetacapil, mo hare t00n 36de murmars, reny a nghopi p the sapaligpotlddht as to the recovery. ndrac i>>awt's e esom hherepops i.heree tra hi sss meisage y verrfpoweod r >>teeportrr: ngacei s theteps th anat mgry mi tantspoake pe fr s anci pwill wray fithieamils o wht losed lovs onerg ryinto cr thoss boe .rder habom sesetimy thethget infeeleyg thbe've efen l ndbehi. ey thno're tt inaihe meanstrm. r >>teeporhir: sis vi tt inhe mi ofdst ea a hprted enesid tial aicampgn. go anp catdidone dtrald sump ays fpopeisranca is y verit pollica onpersho woe d'tsnnd uanerstd th ore b aasuises. >> pa ee nal morrpce voie
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tabouan hum gbeins. 'r wee tngalkiut abohe t archteacfr o i>> dtsnoe't maertt. re gilionea reschve or was,ll ov er unmos.tain ep>> rr:orteor fse tho diadenng e thp el asosee,rviche ty're xianusoo tea h trhe po'spe ss meage. >> st juce pea. ac pese ideha wig wez cne.ed r>>orepr:teth fisalinay dor f ra fisncn ixime tcoeruo t hi syst,leig highlinht issues e om frle viotonce ig immonratiue in pa el maso, nnry arn ahebc, nne ws ne. r >> eed:ndet iarappe'sbodyn mu imo ne tsea laatr cktai_ ev pen a claneinarrye g th.pope itthe naliali airlne anmli ita. sa tys chewreot nedic aas ler ambes a t heanple pparedreo t to ouchdwn. th ree bemzpaelml har mess oostef th im tute blos asut atihoriayes sistire thet*n is is a r ek ofur inj tieso f tligh cndws aerang m diblinheng tot piln eve for a w fe cose.nds ev hierytasng way ok. ey the mades tt onrhe g
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>> ie maran womsee or recded he f rselkidrinndng avi dri angnd ve liea strg min wtheehil tng is qnaac fceusti ee>> rcod: uminge p thu shpuni hmentd ande bdowny a ju dge. >> ie marhi: ws ch it worsfor your health? av fl corede offeodor sa? e theranswah is .ead igit murht se pris . hl>> c soe: mytordoheeatear h our ewe'res tngcki theiv actity ts ouide. 'l weetl lou yow knmatohat
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mi cop ng uewon n . ee>> r sd: mcarytsomen for su ybwaer rids in bonost when a me taly bodan p oelf oneth of e rs cal fel on to the actrk. th rae tanin r over theel pan ca gusin the erilectcal mroto to ov aterhe. e tht heaau c ssedmoke to fill the cars. then'trais dsoorou wtldn'pe on sos a youee sas pesengrs dedecid k toickut o the windows to get out. we can tellou y nyobodot g rthu. m >>: arielo a f wrida womano
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iv dr dingiciaus jtr de da to flast24all r--yeawhold y itne ubielthsed p e apscperitoope ow shotlfersenk drianing indriv iraffaop ascere usa -- scperiusope aler cd lelipo acend bi wel asrearedst. to ydah s reeecediv s athon li nsce sepeusions,ne tay dofs ve chi leimpoundment,s onthab atprobanion 0 d 15s houra mm coy uniticserv r >> eed:ouif yfe preffr coee ov oder s ma itotay n t beeshe bt oi chorce f urmolt heah. m >>: ariein compg uat whlt heaci ex s pert sabing outht ve whnte citelhocop ta d y anoc-- mebau l. >> reed: i is ctfeofnde an sa laor fdvoreof cefend a daso? an dny ma of usr caveup so when k.sic wnohe t'resat da tok bac thatel incrav.g up whatood ne fvedeliviry serce asayseobout pflh the aho r.orde m >> aarie: lio seatsn ge a ie sself atickernd bsandnie ers
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emextr lelyirow batth resay m be at k risor fen mlta inellss as u ad iltsf llbuied. ca annadi arresescherck traed esbabi whoei wdghe twond pous or less at birth and compared to alnormir beth wtigh b. abys ee pr wmies mere lorelyike tobe bu dllieau becfse oo mtor ab ieilitrs oug strsgle at ho scol. t w who b wlied almost twice as likely to develop anxiety, depression or adhd by their 20s. the risk was even higher for theosho wer w feunod to have been frequentlyliebulld. > >>nv ingolviritu spial or zaganiintions th heal uca ed ctionlpan heloan a riafn-caeram wicananomen uda st my ofthore 00an 1con wenomen fo d unatthho t aseivcty elr in lvvo iedchn churct aitivs ie d haghhi oersibe rtyesatnd a rewees lwis inlltog ha ce ngfu th r eifeliylste. bu tht e oso whrewedu etecad ab t oueithher thalt aurch ch ndte tedeao wet ll and exercise. experts say black women may be mo rreepecvetio tif ltyes le pr msograt tha oareedffer ro th tugh heirch.ches ar>> m nie: daew eroon csfirmnha co alds.ll rea d mes u
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e th dfooderelivsey icrvgre ubd b hu ssaysoroup idersasncre er22 p wcentcohen ndld a flum*d la redoted actorntppois ment edspikt laserwint. y asigou mueht gchss, n icke noodle and chicken and rice e ar tothe ckp pir s founthe thder e at wecrher owd. me nsntiofl of iu orssllne was stalmontercee morel lik eto b ol incli devery st inioructwhns nen aer ord nt codaineup so. u yoem rem wber ihen say you ldshou pmep soen comau sorce f e thlyfamit nex ytimereou a d elfeg inllwe. >> reed: then i triedak m.e it eli fett beer. ch nickep sou g is foodheor t .soul ar>> m ie:ree. >> f > i tyou yhinkvie he iealthyr bpp ski sing ao g goin storbtakucs you might twantino thaik agn. ne a udw stuny folad fdvore ff co d cnkssupon carn evea la mo ear sugn thadu.odamca so rime dconks n ntaio up tea25 ts oo spofvns ar sugre th tat's mhreethore can af an oco
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mathe m ximut adulkeinta ciasson.atioe ar sts buck isayss t haitcommted to uc reddee adgad su r in lgindu dences rink02by 20. r >> eed:vea ri wr inngashiton st tatetehrea tningkeo tan dowa mi fa ly'se.hous hthe ouse tused00e 1 ft om fr w the batererhe ter rivd mo up th to ooe dprstete af ne y arb sdamedtart asrele ing wmore baterusecafe o s. rms e thn couif not tiedhear cr am f tily whey hould taveo de shmoli h the bouseeefor it cr sasheto in r the.iver ftheyamil ison cnecertd iou cld se lo a lot of meyones qna lhe te homat otis nt jusedpickan up la ha>> w wt if fe'reg wiine to ben k stuc nwithnlot omoy a gertga t bubithe orll ffa it g llinin th vee ri ir ifest dogen't t cl deane. up ee>> r d: wow. ca oun yag imine. th camr fr o m asa dou t righ iside'sheree on o tadbe h ishe tnk ba e fo ivrgthe r eirtmogegand ahe t co tyuns irkwog inom cpensate them. >> marie h: rteaeabrngki it's bringgintoack t ca so rnuthead neva. at weauher itthoreay teem kg pina os clae w otchen thsde ey. u yoqueoticerehey'ogichanng.
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at we aherriuthosty ich watingt i fo r you. c >>: hloeds win are stitarong tin ckpip uroac tsseyll mit ro thutugho a thenoftereon w e thu cloll ro iingn radlpiy. yo cu sanee trohhugur o ti -lmeseapve o tr lhetasig eht s hourasin lga ves. ik l e iioment,nedin w adsre pi gckinal up lcr aoss the eara. so far windwhsots gusmo ouan hver han beerdrecot ed asud. th une moart chonlestge lodl he otrtr pa ts of we lo're g okinouat b clderity wi inth wstd guats the hav ac re 2hedil7 mn es a.hour here lis acuour ntrreo n wi il18-m-he-anwiour winds th te atmper iureshen tpe up0sr 7. sl lightyme warutr b sltilre pto ee brnzy ith soundghlas wi tsgusag, ineach8 t up mo 29 ailesurn ho. nd consitio horcr a las vegs va .lley eit prealy cutm b wc ee b g sting nomeesreez th horoug tutafhe noteron. 'shere ak loo atur ok peaus gts so wth wha m lea apptors th ientstwindie wrathe m ttlyo th oouth.f usco eean stoth sou
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il29-m-he-anwiour fonds erhend i22-mn-le-a whour findsreor go ll va e thr odgesta cers ngseeiot a le morhaof tndt wi ertempesatursi outtide s typretm. warqu lo g okin0sat 7 e and80ven r s foil issunrowe, dn,ntowth sou, east erhendanson rad pa adisells we g as vreeny.alle v sowaery utrm bez breaty we es doti conacnue trossrehe a en evsi outhede tle val'ry we ok loating pe temreratuats 3 7 grdes ee upthe 70per r s fotooverakn, l ameadound b clderouity e tsid t righnow. rehe w'st ha'rweine or f. ve sryontrpag ficistc m or inbrnggiom sche geantos ur o scafore even some sspo piblepireciontatif isthve engni d an tintoarhe eorly m ningu ur hos. 's itng goia be k quicngmovi st syhoem tugh. bu u t yosecan ae itdylrea has ptpromuled me tiplheweaterr alts ro achess tgi reon. mo rost pntminer for ouas areer ordvishiy wanou c e sedre pmutty ovch c mered heof tte stane of avadand co amingtl litloe c tseromo he we n evee havig a hinh wlpi warng
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ctaffe t forprhe saount rand redcoock untync iinludg tmounch starleon .area re he w'sehere w can seeds win chreauing op t0 5n ad 60il mes an ur hoe som asare. ntpotelyial -m 70anile-r -hou gwind oustsn e thge ridps to. el ersewhe e wdcoul see windss ac re uhing 4p tos 5 and iles ouan hr s in oomehef t vd win neproaas.area wthe ayisor ginoes to af tfectroomororw m fningorhe t s lasvega .area hithe ingh wdar w iningslr aeady inec affort f thein sprg tmoun.ains niover ghtghtoni it,st'ot n in goog t be too ldco ohold yn tohaour itts wndh wi ho ur. sl cightehancyee'rng goior ershowler lats thiho. e tht bescechan eso ngseeiat th in raiv act iityois geo bd ajustvni mid wght l op dr dpinginown to the upper 50s th is eev.ning re algiont'ly iots n goingo te b tooldco e thesyoare owur lal hasem ttuperar h 60 oesegre fortoovern.por 50ra d freesupahr hi tghsrromoonow we't bh hig e thte sysesas pth.ugha.
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d an asscrohe tas lga vesal vley ok lokes lire we' etixpecng petemreratu rs to teachpphe uer 60 s byhe t afooternn. gn sianific ctlyeroolpa comtored theea wrtheve we'en be tusedo lately withoc ledalizds win te pollntiaeay rgchinp uo t le mi hs an ioure somor mnde wi neprore aas. a k loot a the sinustaed ndwis. yo anu ce se picking up ig scanifi antly gs weetlo cser n tooon mtow.orroho in dyf g ofr latehein tni eveng. as l we tookheo tt nex d few udincl ying w lks l yind d wrthe is vng goi to ti conto or fsars thu li mke ionentit ed i qis a n vi moysng ssi te atmper wureswaill igrm rlid ba p ck uthand wingscaill lm do uswn j tt infoime e r th enweekd. m >>: ariere thego we . e, seov i lure yoec for asts usbecau e yoysalwa t puthe po vesiti oute.ther t.righ flookrdorwa t toeehe w usbecate ilevl wilesstodgo. r >>: eed a sheslway sldo to us no dt toor you .hair hwhic isceni. u yo gaet sspa. m >>: ariear a rse aitha on cfarminaus q ar.ti
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legged lamb that doesn't seem to notice he is any different from his peers.
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lion get hold of a selfie stick? >> d: ree v a siraltarth on e te inrnetto sps chirusngn o obama ic whhas hn bee cthe aasend now st cartsinrushg oner bnie sa snder in ae nw hit mcusi de vio. m >>: arien theea a sn lio gets ea rordy f hislo c usepit wh a an brwd-nefi sel eistck. myjereth ro has tosday' "t akea o lok at ".this ep>> rr:orte the woman behind the mronste c hitrush onba o ma is a back nd nheow s isi crushng onni berere sands
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in>> orte repler: fmah kautan juso sp pedropw d a nelmusicaaran e to thnrat idatcandlle canied beroe baen th ge sonou abtit exceemnt surroundinger bnie saernds s' mp ca.aign akspe oingrf csushee gon vi,ral th is fyeive-ldar-ol giral t king utabo her rioelatpnshiub tro les h wit mhersom ihe t sftuff ola d rninteolet gd. i >>nk thi t i'mouoo yo ng thave a yf bodrien. r >>teepor tr: e ittl igirl usdisc hsingheow s should let her boyfriend downas e heart. change your relationship status to "it's complicated." san diego aquarium made an underwater selfie stick for one li gttleoouy t fk it wor aild i k thinanwe cre aghee t whole sfiel seict tknghior fpe leop* i dastery. bu sors,ont ihe tr wene mei n,at wha t do heyknow. theye 'rasenso th 'rey pebaroyblti sll rkiocng nnfay pksac andig tde rol rpluno je toans o. r fo atakek loohiat t'ms, i re jeromy th.
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pa wecks int no i r >> eed:.nopen m>>iear: sea lion to a two le edggam lbob orna n rmfan i rktu.ey r>>d:ee his name is the tuisrkwoh frd aorelng coacinrdtog he tar fs m't veisth aison a in iomillndn kiri spdee itatthe hoklotos e b d ngoiju fsteiner pyila wngh iteth heotrema anitls a erattt whaafi difyculttus >> ie mar l: i tove oparthef tniommuere. >> a> peofiug strpagle ying tback sheirnttude lt.oansaden e on n thoisht hbt de p dwoul u enditp wija. r >> eed:in com wg up msshal sareg ayine'therors moe t the or sty. m >>: aries plu w itcias s ence tificuton bow nt' i s.fact ooa lkt a theon \vefi dyemor
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th oeerupn mavimo r >> eed: aes msagef o peho. popenc fraisit visingri prssone d anme.s./nxica bpor da toy.
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wh bevelie. certified letter. not the marshal ma>> rie:. u.salarshais r e on's manme ho inul fl ticactal .gear th ase reehon b ind?it st enudtn loa btde. 's it a story youus jte havo t se e to believe and a is t'mico nup is thil-hhalfour. >> ed rear: pgtyinil untledep nr suise. to wm ha tley yakesacou b ftime lor a h atucow mheh tr rtenteeainmnnt i v lasegas logeunsa hs cedhang a >>ncnnou er:s newta3 srts gh rit now. r >> eed:nk thaos sh muc for st g ayin uwiths. pe pora fncis winrapppg u his ttripoex mico wodayaith wlve si vi tt to.she uxi./med m bo .rder ar>> m tie: ngraci s the teps mthat manyntigraaks tpoe cifranams cs e aseclo h ase co tuldheo ts s.s.iecureata pr inaywig filams iehowlo st lo ovednesry tngio tro c tsshe bo errdin a asms. ea rrlie popenc fraisit vised a pr iisonhen ty cit of arjuez, comexi epopisrancld toro apptexima 0 70teinmao s whergathted a the onprisy theno cant uthndo et pas
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th ings can gechan. r >> eed:ara lxpge eonlosi tt himus eyturkait capa w ne fyorkinightdgg buutet c ngsayi m the ioneyeds ne to fi teght .rror elmicharle massh h t all p is ad hes.line ro>> fem thro tertler sd iefkasn wtohingadic mehell r mash. a ar lgelo expsion has froc r h tu eyrk c' 28 peoplare dee aad 6ndot1 rshe injureafd r tecaa bor mb ex edplodr neatamiliehry vs.icle e thosclvehieres wrre ca ying d armeesforcso per.nnel neto o t has rakennsespo fibleor at thta at me ilanwhewe, nk yor citylis of alficie s arincall tg onhe wh hoite touse c notunut fgdin r fo c bigseity tycuri it inveiatis. gh riowt n y newciork enet g m$180onillim froer fed rngovesp helt fighorterrs. th ite whuse ho pe isseropo etbudgld wou t cutnuhat imbern lf ha. a >>0 $9iomillutn c a nsuncoabcion


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