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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 17, 2016 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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fajimmy llon." to ghnioit, jjin anmmy hid s -guests- jennifoper l.ez dosnoop gg. mu casiesl guzat yn. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> ue qlost: ve9 41leto!do o!wo >> te s: ved anw,noer hhee s, i y jimmonfall! [ rschee a anduspplae ] im>> johmy: y,, heco welme! [ amscred s anauapplse ] an thu!k yo an thu,k yo a losesngel!
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lo g okin!good omwelcele, w, comeomwelc e to "t onhe t sight" how,ybeverody. is thit is . yo deu ma it. u' yoerre he. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] t' let s geomto swse nee, her u yo.guys w i sa tthatophe pide sas mas da to my ino exicasand y manas 0, 20pe000 wopleexere edpect to s crosu.the exs./mboico trdero he imar hak spe. [ t lighhtlauger ] thand pee pole pulf d ofhis amaskaind sd -- [ p trumesimpr ]sion ch"gota! w noreyou'k bacexin mico. s adioosamig!" la [ erught a anduspplae ] yodid e u se ythisrdesteay? ri du sng ah peecarhilliny clton d hauga co fhinghait tstt laed r fo mfouresinut. so eome psaple erid hgh cou was okindstf diinractg. i t don'.know beyou j the.udge do [ rkg ba]ing ug[ la ]hter im>> jthmy: aat'susn un--ual at thot's n r the cightlip. th i weink ye plae d thg wron ip cl. 'sthatun an uauscol >> ve steat: th r's a cough.ough [ htlauger ]
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hi y llartoclind n hauga co hing dufit aringec sped h anthe d crowalactuhaly c hntedamer ne s aspehe oa ned h coug.drop [ htlauger ] .yeah sh t e goauapplorse fki cho-ng - gh[ liugt la ]hter s or apujeb , t itt "musbe ce ni." ug[ la ]hter pl[ ap ]ause i k thinghi mivet hale puld thsomeoning t tha jlastoke. tu ac, allynoi'm ret suan i c go on . au [ cedien ] aws , well ithishes "tig tonht ow sh." e thlomonohague gs to.o on ug[ la ]hter ne i omed sy ebodagto tfo in r me. n cayoan tne iagn? n cau yolphee mt?ou [ rschee a anduspplae ] ha>> tounk y! an thu k yo mveryuch. ji mmy! an thu.k yo [ rschee a anduspplae ] an thu.k yo ouas yw, knomy jim -- ji wemmy alre t aking tbouthe el onecti q, to auoteou fams pr enesidt. im>> jyemy: ah. ot>> gfi my rorst llbocas thi
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, said t"hi,ishis bi lill c.nton hican y llart counouon y?" co onunt me? cashe evn't ouen cn nt o.bill la [ erught ] do drn't e ag m yintomaour l rita leprobpams, l. pl[ ap ]ause is thai e-m tl --e-his mail leprobntm cos inueogto d hi y,llar s butayhe s'ss itt jus an es honstt miake. u yo nevere oticonthe imly te op pen le iinwash agtononre hest is n whe mtheya ake akmiste? wh ty ishat? la [ erught ] pl hius, y llar ssaysashe hn bee edtest. , wellpei ho so. neyou knver haow wllt biht mig br hoing me. sh .eesh ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] ll wete, afs r hiwibig nn inew mp hae,shiry thehisay y'llars am tetr is tyingg o diirup dt on ni bernde saers. ooh. di[ au oence]ohs yo owu knt whacayou omll s eone wh gso didi up n rt o iebernde sanrs? an he arcisologt. [ htlauger ] t bubithe cig de fsionor ersandlls wipi be g ckincea vi idpresent.
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c heeshoosju is pst aatroste fawayberom thing xte ne es prt idenheof tte uniatd stes. 'sthatht rig. la [ erught a anduspplae ] d anmelet y askomou sngethi. iwhatins go wg onthith e pu reanblics? wa i thtch deese s.bate p trumckattauzs cr. o rubi agoes bfterush. gbushinets fto a wightith tr ump. re ermemb g theolood ysd dan whe rethe icpublweans llre ate unid nsagaie t th apoorhend t no miesriti? wh apat hd?pene [ htlauger ] wh apat hd penee?ther ap [ seplau ] d ancrted - uz -yooh, aru he ou abist th? booh, y. te uzd cram's cn paigedpull one heof tv ir tercomm bcialseecau acthe s treshein twa ad s a po a tarn sr. di[ au oencehs ] cathe gnmpaid sai hthey ired pothe tarn scar bethuse ey th t oughcoshe mauld edke tz cru ereasisw to w.allo do i knn't ow. au [ cedien ] ohs pl[ ap ]ause c >>ruz! i >>'t done. car
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pl[ ap ]ause as we if 't done havghenou leproblims, tsteniso th. is tha is isbig insue s thi aicampgn. sc isientrots fhnm joki hopns un siiverayty st thaalglob rm wamaing usy ca ie anasncree asin cf es orhdiarorea wdeldwi. ug[ la ]hter knyou haow watt thns mea? alglobmi warasng he gon from nuour omberrone p tblemr o ou nu tmberrowo p.blem [ htlaugnder ala app]use ob glaral w iming bs soad imvladutir ps in itonow s ples d anombott.less 'sthat b howt ad iis. f in tact,arhe es th iotas h as it ve's eenr be. ud>> ae:ienc h hows ot iit? >> is it ho so ilt, bsbl co y is ip sl hpingatis dhies cilll pls. 'sthat h howt ot iis. i it hs sommot intigrae s ar co amings crosbothe ordern asliplind sdes. 'sthat h howt ot iis. s it iotso hna, doruld titmp h m on kegyn jellytoust t gethe ld coul shoder. 'sthat h howt ot ilais, dies d anntgemelen. [ applause ] thanyok ju,myim. th k anu.yo ee[ chndrs ala app]use im>> jthmy: yoank u. pri apteeciat. tha 'rtheyyie sat'ng it s hoout er the.
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bu ngildial a wstl ju t forhe ad she. >> ! yes ap [ seplau ] im>> jitmy: so is hot e steveyharvs say cit'sold. y >>es. la [ erught ] [ htlauger ] s >>: teve ithislds co! >> my jim s: heitays so is hot eainst rd ofobed l bsterceeyon akis thiing s s asaito dry ee qun. y >>es! im>> jjamy: noy leer, evy,ybod ri thght ere! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] y ja!leno k than byou,, uddypri apteecia at th. twantico stouk arornd fit a b? nt wa-- to ha>> wt? im>> jwamy: o nt tk sticndarou fo lir a bttleit? n >> go, i sotfftuo cai t n'icstark ndou. u' yon re o oyourwn. se u e yor.late go e,odbyry eve!body im>> jwemy: e haveaa growt sh. ve giup it t foroohe rigts rht th eere,boverydy! ee[ chndrs ala app]use [ eech ars andlappe us] im>> jhomy: eaw grs t wa?that lejay evno, oderybncy, oe
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, ohoomy gs.dnes ch [ ]eers k thanfoyou lpr heusing out wi hath tt.t bi s >>: tevemyoh, . god im>> jjamy: noy le. heoh, he's tt. bes y jauris clyrentmi filisng h -p 12seart friesnbor cc ay "jo' lenras gage." thand unis sheday be'll rf pengormith at nge kite cenr r foorperf aminginrts me rnlbouloe, f.rida ec chm k hiout. y ifavou ht e no hseemivim le, he he's tt. bes [ rschee a anduspplae ] y ja, lenok than byou,.uddy th tat'seshe bt. adwe hca to imll h. we be've oten bngheri a himll we ek. ke lile, "pdoase et som."hing ah ye. it re's go at tutbe ol. in a. d an tjust so do ltuffthike at. e'so wapre ho py terbe he. th fanksavor husing e herin s loleangeuys, gs. [ rschee a anduspplae ] eit'sinxcitr g fous. la igst n- ht - nlast iightt - to -ndme aes milr , ou head it wrer. di ted i oull yt last,nigh the erdinnad i h? s >>: tevemyoh, h, goswa it s nt fac.asti >> my jim w: wetoent our ie frthnds wae rolans' igst nht. to d m ana marln rowathhad is nn dit er ar theie.hous an 'sd itt just'-- i s in bumali. we i o nt tr theie,hous t andhis a isl, reae truy.stor j atthust nie dioong rm bl tae --
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ridon s cklethwas ere. cmikersonno t was, here ev stwre la, encel caroetburnt. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] we llre ati sit-ng - [ rschee ] ithisres a toal sry. al ttl siating t uit'sienbele.vabl alwe w.k in inwe fa ish .show we ve dro t outlio mawebu, saw em th. w wed alkendin a r donesickl es goh,, "oat gre's, it mm jimmy kiel." la [ erught ] mm jilly faon. g he "oes,, yeah, yeahneno o re cas." ug[ la ]hter ybeverwaody fs onire. ev stwre la -enceu - yo hknowe's a anngmazige sint r buisman he nna fumay huinn beg. he a hadus thojoand kes. ro carnl bustett d arteintellg a a y stort aboue eydie.gorm d anheas sel's t tlinghis y,stor c timy onwa rjusts aise s hi ahandnnt dier. weand " go, tyes,im?" g he "oes,socan e meonmycut at me m fore?" la [ erught ] thand oben bha newoert gs, "t s hat'n grees,beant' that s no me at." ug[ la ]hter asit we lik athatigll nht ng loke, lihi macunne ged comy. ayanywe , onheof tt bestsnigh ev er. so nk tha t youe o thnsrowa. an thu k yollto ase thos guyfor le g ttinitme sth at ble tae.
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th s is iitwhy re's go at t come toout a losesngeluf, stkef li .that asit w b theniest evght er. asit wfu so n. ys gu'r, wenne gocka bane in w yo exrk nekt we k and seviny pace is ng goibe to th on owe sh. d ananwe wdoted s thithfun ing wi imth ht , bugoi'm nenna ed hyourelp. f so ihayou kve aetid b ween th ese ag5 of 9,and an i wu t yo avto heme thte writo a sitry wh tithe "htle oouserdf cas." [ t lighhtlauger ] it wrkee lice a sne. it mp's intortan', dollt ter you wkidsthhat owe shac is lytual ou abt. hjustthave riem w ste a hort e,scen o oneo r tws,pageh wit chtwo tearacalrs t tkingcho ea r.othe ve gim thetithe "htle oousef rd caans," t d ler thei im atagin dionse o twhenrehey'e, donai e-m tl ito ki atdtheoner@tshightomow.c. we ch'll oooseavur fesorit and n kevii and awillhect tt m ou on s ourhow. it l wilunbe f. haso tounk y d for toinghat. [ rschee a anduspplae ] ou "hf se os.card" e we'va got bbig,biig, owg sh ghtonivet, edyrybo. s she'liunbelyevaben tal ted, on te ofarhe h wdestngorki op pe'vle iere ev. met l weheove mr souch. je ernnifez lophe is n re othe sh ow.
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oh! >> my jimte: la tr inhohe sw, je ernnif i and p arenglayi ss pa wwordsoith urme se pris tsgues. doyou wan't o nt t tmisshat. ee[ chrs ] pl heus, he's t a onenlnd oo y d- do gubleoo, snggp do is b ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> ie aud snce:!noop im>> jyomy: t!u be ng ha s on,y.noop an end thki, maisng hev teln isio t debu uwithnis to--ght s i'mo rehono'md, ich psyed. we e lovhim. s >>: teve ghe's.reat >> my jimsi: muomc frn zayis .here ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] 'sthat a himbas a by. s >>: teve.yeah im>> jhemy: a wasld chi. w heroas py bablt abouorsix se ven. me sosh fres. tat ug[ la ]hter te>> syeve: ah. we o nt tlothe pacal .rlor im>> jyemy: weah, ntnt ie o th l loca' kidsid-- kto tato rl pandor a t gotd atteup. [ htlauger ] >> ve steey: thth're ste be, se'cauy the thave vo beery tr ine icatse'caus it' much sm r alleootatts. >> my jimkn: i yeow, ah. li [ laght erught ]
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ys guwa, i tcs wa thinge v th ot daher ouy, yw, knoas i wt jus pifliphrng t toughhahe cs.nnel i and thsaw hois s tw oneen ni ck. ait'sw shoedcall!" "ew thand -is - [ rschee a anduspplae ] u' yoeave hf rd oit? ah yeu', yoeave hf rd o.this it p's ay rett sgoodhow. ch [ ]eers a oflot pl peoy e sa-- a oflot pl peoy e sa ithatk loo tlikeaihe marn chr.acte ug[ la ]hter it l's ae ittl, girl ait'sl gir heon tw. sho ah ye's, ite lik-ya 15olear-d rl gi. n'i doowt kni if itsee . we tall, lke afoook r ur yoesselv. 'shere l thet atesisepe od of w! "e" [ rschee a andusppla]e >> my jim, : hiyoeverne. lc wetoome !" "ew m i' asaraf nd ireyou' erwond ting,s hat'r-s-a-tha wi h"no "us 'ca ae hsw!re e [ htlauger ] jo g ininodus ts ay iofone my fs bf. e' shsis vi atinghell t f wayrom
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re[ scanams pld ap ]ause bb gahay, wupt's ? ot>> nh. muc jui'm avst h ling, tike,he wo darst ery ev! im>> jewmy: ! la [ erught ] ho mew co? f>> i ooundy ut mjodad ined chsnapat. [ htlauger ] >> my jim!: ew e >> kw, inow. heand en frimeded . [ htlauger ] >> my jimat: wh? ew! at whis's he namt?on i na>> sdypdad123. ug[ la ]hter >> my jim!: ew dasnap23ddy1? i >>w, knoht rig? i liwas "cke, lan i"ive? [ htlauger ] im>> jewmy: . ew ! t' lekes mae som fsnap.aces li [ laght erught ] >> y. oka j >>: immygoyou st firby gab. o >>kay. ay ok. la [ erught ] j>>myimle: s t'e la[ htug ]er ch[ rsee ]
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you'reoo l gking.reat itnow y 's m.turn w.>> e ew . ew. im>> jnomy: 'sw ittu my rn. w ho tist?ha ho thw's at? [ htlauger ] !ew at th a wasngmazi! ot>> bhoh: sr,uldeul sho der, mp jump, juen, thbe we stie y boot!bump la [ erught ] [ rschee ] j >>: immywow. w no tit'sfoime e r th" "ew! le tahont sw. i' o ll gt.firs ka>> oy. >> my jim t: myt alenhais tt i bacan e lancooa sp mn onsey no. [ htlauger ] wa tch. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] er th ge weo! ur yon, turby gab. >> -- uh . ohh im>> jwhmy: at? y >> mnttalei is dacan nce.
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bu m t i'lyreal. shy >> my jimme: i itan, ot's n la bag ncinooa sp yn onnoour se yobut u -- la [ erught ] h --toave . try i , meanllyou'er nev b getr ette if d you ton'try. la [ erught ] w.>> e .okay im>> jyemy: ah. ju ryst t. >> y. oka ch [ ]eers >> my jimis: them is asbarr.sing [ htlauger ] yb ma ie if s putmuome onsic it ul wolpd he. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] [ rschee a anduspplae ] ey>> hrl, gihos, trese ae som pr netty mifty!oves ug[ la ]hter ywhatoiou dthng, cae ma?rena e a-ona-and antwo nd myisame remacana. rea-thd e anura-fo y ando ou d th cae ma.rena
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yo tu'reache ma.aren im>> jewmy: ! it y 's mdastepryd ga. >> s hi,adtepdy. gar >> as pleale, c gl meary. st d epda wgaryy as mdastepd's na me. [ uglaerht ] >> jimmy: ew, gary, get ouoft !here hi>> tf nk omathe nacare. ur yo i momsts up mairsg akin so opme p scornuno soe d th corn rn ho! bbeepeep! o me sy!corn la [ erught ] ou y s putkeome srnel t inanhe p an u d yothlet opem p a hend tu n yothput em a inl bowand sp lerinkt salopon t i a t's y tastlelittat tre wi sth auserionc cruh 's itna a sleckabet vegable at th'l younnl wanca mu h >> h: bot ew! j >>: i n caketa h oh by, w thei'ay, cm onhat sn owap n. my e namnais sdypdadbe124 e caus bosomelrdy a heady23ad 1. la [ erught ] im>> jewmy: etw, g! out >> r all, ighthymuncch bun! tc cau h yoheon tpp fliflity op!
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j >>: immy tit'sfoime e r th w! "eee" spund rod. yoare adu rey? re hego we . ft le cover handys.eart >> ew. j >>: immy.yeah ug[ la ]hter dmatt'samonrd beam frohe"t rt ma"ian. >> ew! f soake. >> my jimah: ye-h, uhuh. gu yoovrt c rerednsaisi. >> ew. j >>: immy.yeah ck jaho nic.lson >> e. cut la [ erught ] im>> jremy: ?ally y>>h.ea 's heke, lire, a tallytealend to acr. yhaveveou eenr see "on flew ov heer tko cucneo's st"? li [ laght erught ] im>> j"omy: lene ferw ov the cu 'sckoot" nes? la [ erught ] , novei'ev n sern eeatth. la [ erught ] fi y nalln--- it n-ouerburg. ch [ ]eers ov>> l!e it i oubrt ghe onomfr.a l.! j >>: immye gimmit! at thll's a t theweime e havfor "e w!" i a wannk thany gabbjofor g inin odme tay. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] tu n ne i wnexteek.
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>: immy, okayesi gucas i n e serethe lasembthnce ere. yw anstay, arick .ound l we'ligbe racht bthk wi nn je lifer, opezesladi and legentmen! me coba on ck! ee[ chndrs ala app]use tual acphly, asilly wir the fcapist tal. h oh,. it, wayodid hu justatave th yo onhour pne? imit's t mixe toup it . ddo it,ad! doyeah, it! arthere sae thouof wnds ays in cto the homplexh caealtsyre stem. it f waszeron. da s ddy'ndhaks looun fny. d ch ansioo uningdhtelthceaear n heca mlpe ak sitplim ber yttinleu g yoknow en whr cl youhaaim s beenesprocsed.yo an, adri. ill stfunot nny. it unaledherethca istha is tcellowerfr neom oth of oser majoiecarrrs. st htraigk tallewiresess us sathe elme cwel tohers t.y do webut 't donld buior nt maithain em.
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ou ret he... her.. d anhere. llwet , no.hereat pbests.honebe etst ns.workf halcothe st. ymaketaour x rnretufu go rrthe saveand th on une samsgag gralaxyrind pme.un d limite, tetalkndxt ata dast is ju a m $45.onth o findore ut mat htstraigittalkswomch.c ) (man whmm.dohat ou yhi tnk? an(str gger)moood '!rnin (s reto.a p a.)enttontipp shoers, th s ere'sta lopl cou te inhe s men'rtdepa.ment o) (vre the g's a breatig haun-korki wutld ore the. plexitore a in rusubacr reosstk. 'sit what makes a subaru, a subaru. so m dsy ki h don't fave toe,oragt gobstwo joy to partgaa moge, and i've also got a brain. li sfe'srtholk, tas ip.chea
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st n'ill dokt thini've a got? brain yo k u thinmea resunoug's eh? o'llwhp stenup whein th ggsouet t?gh doyon't wau hant t t okindn?f brai degra ieea des eegr. u'reyona gon wante someon
11:55 pm
ee[ chndrs ala app]use j >>: immyfiour gurst isest a a mygram g andn oldee globd awar no teminatid arhost w c youan e sey ever oweeke n thwefarell onseasfo of "ax's camerin id ol." m inheay sre'll tturns o la ve togas ti conhenue ger huly su sfccessoul, utld-oid res ency p att laneywhollood. s she' salsointarr tg inewhe n esseriad "shf es o" blueh whic tairsdahurst ys a r10pm ight oherec.n nb [ rschee a anduspplae ] la adiesennd gentlemea, plse lc wethome rye vey, bus v theery
11:56 pm
j >>: immy cthis loast yovesou, ea oast covst loues yu , yoa gott a oflot e. lov an thu k yobefor oning the sh ow. u yo glookouorges. >> nk tha s youcho mu! ee[ chndrs ala app]use im>> jstmy: ngunnial as .ways >> 'r you se so.weet bu u t yollgo a. out he rere ae soms shothaof wt enhapp ts inashe las vegw. sho >> g oh,od. [ rschee ] >> my jimok: lot athat. ocomen. >> ny jenm froblthe riock ght th ere. th ere. er evngythiin is s thehow. ou>> yw, knowa it chs su a tr a foeat tr me ao betoble toput ergethho a sr w fos vega 'sthatll reaffy dit eren then to g urindoand coing tsncer and f.stuf it m's amouch ntre ie it eg's vas. li rake finnk s aatrand an rgn maanret l d ale thes lepeop. >> my jimso: ablyluteah, ye. y >>noou katw whea i mn? it s wasa uch siblesng.
11:57 pm
go evod r, ieracongtitulaons. i >>bet's maen a.zing j >>: immy ait's o lotrkf wo. >> s it't a loorof wk. t i puthtogehier tows sht' thas arso hr d folfmyse. im>> ji my: , know lit'sike th s is i fyour.ault >> l i'm tike,ishis ng goi to be go so od. , ohodmy g d, wehiid this, ts, is thd , an.this athene t thofend s thei'how m ke lid. dea im>> jexmy: tehausd. >> l i'm oike, gh myi od, have o to d athis tgainroomorw? li [ laght erught ] j >>: immyreyou'ng goik bacin ma y. y >>avou h ce toseome .e it >> my jimm : i'g goinomto ce. pl hanetwoollyod. ch [ ]eers l>> af ot ogyener. im>> jsomy: py hap y forou. an had "sofdes e" blunb on e c, w dncoule 't b hmore.appy k than tyou, yhankthou, yoank u b onf ehalbcof n a fornt gia t r >>ioay l mtta,f.ysel im>> ji my: rloveioay ltta n. ma >> is he in so e.tens j >>: immys he it.grea 's hefe per cctlyast. r foe thoshawho t ven' iseent do w youtoant i set?t up ba llsicau'y yo cre ahoop w -- >> a i'm w cops ho i lvery oyal to f hery amilopof cers, vy -- an e d sh pgetsd ickey up bthe i fbhein tst fir --
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11:59 pm
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12:00 am
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12:01 am
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12:02 am
12:04 am
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12:05 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >>: tevequand yest,our nepartisr thni eveosng herts h ry ve t ownshalk "kow, aiocktls kwith,"hloech whis air dn weysesda10 at pm:00 fy on i. pl weasemeelco kh kaloe hirdasan! [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> ve stelo: khe! >> my jimlo: khe. co o th s is ianlos s gelet th s is iit. th s is il.a. he e re wgo. 'r wel e al thereayo pl sw"pas, ord"ybeverody. t' le is dot! [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> ve stee : ths ruleheof te gam veare imry sple. i gwilleaive f ch oayou ssa pa.word th acen e yh ofreou agi to ve a on a rde-woe clune-- oor wd on - ly -etto gr younepart r to gu thess sse pa.word if c theislue eg illasal, de intermy ed bjuour , dgesyou l shal thearhis. zz[ buer ] yoand fu'llitorfe t theurn. th ame teh witmothe oist pnts r afte wfour wordsins. quany onestis? im>> jwemy: wll iusas jt -- >> ve steay: okea, grt. [ htlauger ]
12:06 am
e.khlo he>> tsw pasisord l. jai te>> sjeve: ernnif'r, weine gog tato sitrt wu?h yo n >>o! y whme? ug h! im>> jokmy: ay. ka>> oy. >> my jimay: ok. >> dy rea? im>> jyemy: ah. ok ay. b >>-ig - ug[ la ]hter im>> jbimy: g -- y,sorr - bigg - biy.boot >> ve ste!: no ch[ rseend app ausla]e im>> jnomy: . at th-- is s >>: teveyoget inur mt d ouof th tte guer. j >>: immy tlast--ime >> ve steam: i no -- do, i n't nt wahe to t!ar i i otdo nt waneato h.r it at thud's re! ug[ la ]hter >> l. coo ue>> qvestlool: co. j >>: s >>: teveclthe s ue q >>louestkhve: loe. i t don'.know la [ erught ] s >>: teveno. ok baay, veck o jr tofeennir. ce>> i.
12:07 am
s >>: teveoh. e thretspoin. ck bakh to loe. im>> johmy: . >> ve steis: thn barn is ol>> cd. ue>> qvestlold: co. la [ erught ] ol cold, co. la [ erught ] inskatnkg ri. te>> sskve: g atin, rinkno. potwo .ints >> i canag go ain? s >>: teve yyes,anou c. ifjenntwer, ino pots. ka>> oeay, rdy? j >>: immy.yeah at>> wch. x.rela j >>: immyx.rela bi g. ol co. e. ic r >>.elax >> my jimla: rex. bi oog, ccel, ila, reolx, cd. el>> rax! im>> jchmy: ill! ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> ve ste, : ohoomy gs!dnes >> my jimdi: i edn'tknven ow wh wy ithaas tt -- te>> sthve: aat'sigll rht. >> my jimgo: i ilt chl -- >> b thehiig cll?
12:08 am
s >>: tevey jimmquand est. j >>: immyriall hght,weere . go t >>ashe pd sworriis d.zzle >> ve stees: quout, yl wil gi ben. la [ erught ] ue>> qvestlozz: wiet? ug[ la ]hter ha>> wt? ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] q >>louestwive: ?zzet ug[ la ]hter zz wiet? te>> si ve: k thinheshe ard u. yo j >>: immye'wheroos sng p do en wh n youhieed m? [ uglaerht ] i >>e havdeno ia. j >>: immy.rain etwizz. la [ erught ] s >>: tevenono, . ue>> qvestlou : yot can'use -that- >> my jimsa: i aiid rn. sa i aiid rn. i hsaidide saze wizt. i and rsaidain. w >>et? s >>: teve nwet,o. no . ba o ck tt.ques pfours.oint ug[ la ]hter
12:09 am
au [ cedienin boog ] im>> jjumy: ?dges [ ]ding dg juaies sidd saca he iln ststl us ate th? ue>> qvestlos,: yeno i kcaw i n y sa.that ye s. >> y. oka -so - q >>louestdrve: p.izzo la [ erught ] iz drzop. ai>> rn? >> my jims.: ye 'sthat it. 'sthat g her iuessins ra. ha>> wt? >> my jimat: tht 's it righ e.ther >> s youraaid in. im>> jitmy: sn doeat't mter! y?read 'm>> ico so ednfus. im>> ji my: t can'evbeliu e yo sp lerizz. la [ erught ] ng[ di ] [ rschee a anduspplae ] ha>> wt? >> ue qlostyove: wu'remeelco. yo wu'remeelco. te>> sspve: lerizz. ue>> qvestlou': yoelre w.come s >>: tevey oh m.gosh ifjenn-er - im>> jjumy: sst azlprize. >> ve stelo: khe -- is>> lten. t >>ashe pd sworodis r -- te>> skhve: wloe, ge're toingo ar sttht wi. you la [ erught ] to>> srt.
12:10 am
q >>loueststve: ort. >> rt sto. >> st que: lovet?stor arstewt? ug[ la ]hter to>> srt. to>> srt. a >>sam i iyingght rit? st ort. ue>> qvestloor: st?e it st t?or la [ erught ] im>> ji'my: evve neaer hf rd o is th. te>> s.wart >> st que: lovezldrize. te>> s.wart >> st que: lovet?stor s >>: teveodoh g. , okaydei unndrsta. now ue>> qvestlol : alt,righ ew start. te>> s.wart >> st que: lovee?mous >> ve ste.: no ug[ la ]hter fi oive pnts. ck baje to ernnif. im>> ji'my: evve neaer hf rd o es thrde wos. ut>> oiz sprzle. s >>aihe sewd start. te>> s.wart ho t. t hoarstewt. la [ erught ] y >>es! ye s! yo t u goit. sa i iw iturn yod. hea la [ erught ] ap [ seplau ] im>> jnomy: us, cam e i' inthngkiot hi', thm kiin ongf >> ! yes ng[ di ]
12:11 am
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12:12 am
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12:13 am
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12:16 am
[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> my jim t: so--his s thiis a a -realis- tha is treal hing th hat'sniappeigng rowht n. is ther nevpe hapo ns tn us i yonew burk, ret hel. in a. es gueats rdolly s get ituckn tr c?affi la [ erught ] thand apat hd peneghtonitht wi sn dooop gg. di[ au aencews ] she's otucke n th w405, hich yo l u alprcan lyobabat rel.e to bu lt wed uckeout. so te inswead, t getlko ta to e ony of mrifavoomte cnsedia an e d onheof tat gretaest lk sh osow hf ts otiall me. le git's wve a"tarm htonig ow shlc" wetoome o thendne a
12:17 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use i >> a wase t th!gate [ htlauger ] i' llm puouing t. m i'ngsayith to y e gund-- a in e th vrearmiiew irror y seeour pr eroduce lik -this- go i om, "sngethioi's o" op heen te! gat en op g theate! ug[ la ]hter nono, en, op g theate! an gd he mrabse. wjustyohen inu thu'k youtre o, th uley pu l yo ibackn. ug[ la ]hter j >>: immyomwelc we --meelco. th yoank tu -- yhanko ou s.much an thu k youcso mh. ou>> ye werintalkoug aburt yo nn diiter wckh rianles d wh neart. j >>: immy.yeah ou>> yw, knoov i lese thyse gu. im>> jyemy: ah. >> t andunhe ft parheis wu n yo lk tath to guose i'ys, m abprobhely tng youofest se tho .guys [ htlauger ] t by ihat,n meapri'm lyobab th ste la t guyrko wo c the lubs en why the rwerey un bmothe b. be e caus twhen ghosehauys , d it
12:18 am
d anmothe s b waerdiffthent an li heke tri marcoott atrporion or om shiet nng.ow ug[ la ]hter me i t an ijuwas lst ae ittlbit di enffert. ke li o onee f tht firs igigs wadid cs ingohica. th usere o ed t cbe acalub lled . mrllkes.y' u yo, know chugeinlub ca chigo. d anasit w o one ff my oirstut of n tow.gigs d ans i wainopenr g fo fr paeda yne. y doemou rr ember?he e sha had csongd alled "banof go bald" n ck idathe y -- j >>: immy, yeahouof crse. .yeah d banolof g d s >> eo --lyxact. la [ erught ] i soi -- toget c theanlub d i thsee rqe mauee. s itfrays , idayrdsatuay, aysundda frene pay and y ja.l no [ htlauger ] im>> jsomy: o. l n s >>goo i in. y,i sae "thr owne?"here he s, goeat "whyo do ntu wa?" idi sa'm, "i l jay"eno. oehe gi s, " tknow"hat. i , said s"youedpellna my me on wr tg onighe sn." g he "oes,dni dipe't soull yr wname."rong i , saidl "wele'ther 's ane' mi g.ssin" he s, goekn "i haow tt." s he "aid,webut ou're et ofs. a frede payn atookhell t" es. ug[ la ]hter im>> jsomy: wrry,ede us all th .e es >> us we lled a e thes. i sod saiimto han, "cou't y y buheanot'?r 'e" d an hthenvee gi as --hend tn
12:19 am
"w dohat t you?hink er thsoe's inme k ad ofbelphat e?stor goyou n dowbuyou ?y es th haat wu t yok?thin" ug[ la ]hter thand e en h -saysd - an hthene ve gi as metu lecre. ou "yw, knos e iofone m theost pu polelar s tterhein t abalphet. ?okay ievenerf ths e waora sthee, ty d woulutbe oth of ae esy.nywa" , soayhe sfos, "e r th next e thre, daysreyou' l jay no. huso s at upt'nd iy s ja."l no ug[ la ]hter nthat iights t wal jay no. j >>: immy, yeahtlexacy. s, "el i'l ygiveneou o of th "ese. wa i o nt t thear--his h youave th obis neael price pze re ce.mony is thin is wa nory. yo reu wet jusorin nway. ea>> yh. knyou i ow, asgot toked do th te --sto ho - thedo- i n't ow kn t whyashey tk mesto ho th bee noacl peize prine thg, bu wt it- as -asit who an nor. ?okay thbut e ey'vr neveahad mea co ddian.o it [ t lighhtlauger ] so y thetosay " me,hayou o ve t et meh witnothe cobel temmite." yo veu haru to urn yoes jokt pas nothe cobel temmite. j >>: immy, yeah.okay >> i so toget o oslgoand o int e thoslohaown ll. er the e ar gfivethuys ooat lk ke limu sigrend fitud s ting th ere. la [ erught ]
12:20 am
rsunde, tandusbeca te ofhe l nobee prizo -- nermocko y, n curidinole, ul insts. at thou is ler run wheyou ."host i , said.okay wso i arite-- jo ai i shod, "w ab thout okis je?" ttheymeold ou i ct ldn'nydo a ermocknyy, aic ridg,ulin ltinsus. so d goot,nighry eve.body t souyhe gs, goet "bu.wait if l you, eavewiwho hell t n do shthe ow?" la [ erught ] idi sao,, "n" no. sa i "iid, ot'm nll reay av le"ing. thand heen ted comy y gu, goes "m s,agnu a thememuses nt i that t hetehreao ns te.leav" ug[ la ]hter im>> jthmy: s is igha nie.tmar i , meanotwe gou i asit wt jusnd-- a k youthnow e l nobee peace prizitcomm tee, rothe asom wy verl smale wher th ivey gt e ouawthe .ards itand ik's loue, yw kno when wayou "stch trtar anek" ved ha e thrafede otionanf plets. th s ere'y a gu awithnt poied ha not, a gtherituy wh a a ikdashnoi, a gtherituy w h -- t'so ikes liit -- us's jd.t od im>> jitmy: g's a greatig. b >>t'ut ibes a fuautil
12:21 am
ani mere the- 's -e'therlys on ve fili mileoon pinple o allf aynorw. j >>: immy.yeah ea>> yh. lit'sanike rt apa imentn w ne.york me i hean tle whoon sec yd --ou kn ow. peand aoplerire fy endland 's ity vert -- ia was erwondful ex enperice. j >>: immyyoso, gou'd k bacand i doait agn. h,>> oou i wo ld gt do in.agai su re. ag ain? 'm>> ing doiag it ain. [ htlauger ] >> my jimt : no aonlyoure y -- >> us i jd t digait ain. [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> my jimt : no aonlyoure y a a t grea, hostreyou're a gat es gud t ane i owonyou ude, bdy. n >>ouo, y't don m owee yt an.hing j >>: immyreyou' i onen a a iomilln. i tloveguhis ghy riret he. >> i canno go w? i can e leavnow? [ rschee a anduspplae ] i eaam l!ving >> my jiman: thu.k yo ja 12y's t -paresseriay, "j 'slenoag gar-e" - >> n opegathe te! >> my jimtu: retorns c cnb this sp .ring o >>thpen mne dae! gat j >>: immyp snoo rdogg ight e therybeverody. yn zafo performs ar us tfterhe br eak. st arick , oundybeverody. p snoo!dogg [ rschee a anduspplae ] lowe're g fookinmer so thinglea litts... les a maybe llittleexess ivpense?
12:22 am
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12:23 am
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12:24 am
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12:25 am
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:36 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use nn>> aerouncom: fr 30 ke rocerfellza plan i new york, it's "late night with se eyth m"ers. nitot gh-- llwier fllre. dicomeanan hl nibaesburruss, mic fr domtiuslyn h,ncea fritu tnghe 8g an bwid fthd la adiesennd gentlem, se eyth mers! [ cheers and applae us] >> h: setd gooineven'mg, i th seer meyhis, t "s is late t.nigh" w' hoers evy ybod' doinghtonit? [ rschee a anduspplae ] at than's fictastt', let s geto e b je ybushrdesteweay t oetedut a ct piofure an a h wdgunhiith s
12:37 am
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