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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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thisturned over. el>> kgoly: od ns.ew thouis hrta sgrtino tre bakp u ndarou there autu qite aew f oigverntaht sgrtin toal flp aart as theyra tock the t nhort and east. ajustew fho sswer left. we g'reoing to deal withi wnds ytodadots guss anslp uat mo 45tanter pe .hourale m byn nooy todand65 aat 68 0. 4:0 e we'rggoin t to aalk bouthow l tongehesds winll wit lasa wwhatpee exorct f w thendeekeo u >> : kimbanow ock tr ou top stwhory 5es takhto ttro ce frar binea hlth,he t k teepheem moryli aveve e pri in.side dynoboal locdhoul suserprimiour a core f eialzhsmer'ou fnnd ih tat dibuilng.
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e thrwchai oomane f thestat deatmocraric panty wo ts tm inclanton ndd sataers bolk a egcollfoe afilrdabanity d miimiogratfon rerm. ths is i iverytampornt. thwaere e s on wpollhae sred yedasterhay tadt hin cl atonnd ndsa ierstenta sictista onamdaik lsaucu g.oers %48r font clionparnd a fdogio sas.nder rya vese cloe rac y ifruou tst hawhet t y aollsgayinht rig noad thowis tlln haad bro lcastonive ^st nbmstc ai o:00n m fro .egas k >> bim:eefor l weoet yuo, g we earin havgo tha sre the spgotlinht iesl it poltr ivun wersesoith cauth naroli ethess dayo, d s youo tich bunem atof nalionpoased mutia o t poregrtin w y o alas ncbufh oe livc t dcks,t oloikk lhee trey ang goi toe hav ta hownall or are you they onl eon t uphereh rigt? now i>>'m they onl one outre he ghrit. now
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an iheres aob mileru tck. la tterhisar pkingo lts i going toec bome gdroun z feroor the iamed bseecaure thel wil be onnatial focus onha wt hnsappe asin l v.egas sit' for vsoter inad nev baut evneeryon goiog tch wating anniiste tngt whant clion danan sderse hav toay s. d >> nana:3 ews l wil ybeour saaturdy. rouco geverain begts a00 11: in the mngorni t andhen at 4:00 e we'rggoin to bgrin you anou hr oflivee tam cagoverie wth lipoalticly anasis. yoanu cck tra the rtsesulin onle or on our fokebos t anderwittenfo pae on r theliepubsican wede, ahavee liv olookf ut ohsout licarona. jeusb bsh ideol hruceow t hl erthhie tni morng. lattes poll nrumbehos swim h thfour ioun stha cnaroli bdehin ctedruznd a yio rub ea e clru t
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esdo nr. hho swing on tusa irdayn the parrimyda suhe t daandi outrble. wee hav new pngollibe numrs. outsh coacg rdinheto tl pol hcruzas a sld lea owru t supa comredo t 26% for tr.ump t tha wisn ithithear mginf o reror. wae heeve snol plsio natynallsout thtiat savll hume tr tp inolin le owh b toveelieht riga *s. now d rewe'ng goi th witac try tponts iut abo a unaal h hf anida wihath wist thl polns mea thbottaran ctedida me.or f.ward stded royeirby fd e anfire ofalficiy s sa hthishaome ees bn ni n thefor bef s let' wstaythith atis l t event.firs imthe cagesg omin tfromashe l s vega dfiretmeparent. thsis i l on aambhend te firt t.nigh k thannegoodhess tld bui wing va scantobo ngaur inj 'tdidnea sprod t ueboeighring
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thhey hiad tnds ueron ctrol in about 20 minutes. firefighters say that is the same home they were called to in noervemb. tatihe tmecafienncids t wa zabirre. po slicet ay ianwas on arse fir qthatlyuickne turnd ia zabi hrreidomic2es invtitigaa e onn maswasl kilvie fothur o cerscaritind wou ba slious hy iurtic^aix m dqu wase mere tmberiche v wtims bere zwithieip ts. douo yem remthber see cam i' intalkbg a noutow? onraf oa tm h sad wtabdsoun as well? that crime remains under investigation as weak spe. ofrarm eandics,tion unsoikds lmbit iveat reloed t soandor sarf ctel avictity. d >> lana:locath mofer oee thr rericovehing tsor mgninft aer eshs wa shot in her car. no lrthegas v paseolic sayhi ts enhapproed aund:0 80as ltht nig ioutsfde o a local entlemedesp sc.hool gefitzde qle earmentgarch s
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wa tnteo bude iintifmer nafue lltenes 3wsis his sr teswa ivdrtoing oc a lymal g p toick up s his s sayese som started following aerhe tpe oned refi. >>l rea sckhoed andur htig rht nowh t\l dom syebodou wdlul pp u noh t sedeie onz_eh vhe t do'tnve e knwnoho wdispin ar theer toho sot. its' rllea cyzray rhtigno w. il fee so etimoalon. ymte sisr, myma momry cg,in my ybabma momad cinry 'sitzy cra vewhoet r oue ther tdid,gohat m ingo pg toh unisfoyou atr th. an>> dhea: t q bigiouestn we haave whes sge tar otedam*s i do ranm act ofnciole yifinnythg,as plee llcam crieto ss.pper anmeewhilro met isoo l fkingor anme ar la us sus acc ua bbroa ing l loca udhi ts. ha seneddaaturty a.gri ame fi crstitredio unn. typret good s ohotsf t gheuyho w
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ilookhen tit bunkgrooud, yn ca sseeodomebny o thedroun etha fetlit pos.ion wa tnt goet him off ouroc lal sttsree y f.noou khow wis th is, eaplsell caim creto ss.pper >> : kim wandave hond a utread.guie up.daten inikkrain doog s m c bteet kkniisi he tet man ce inowhra waabs stinbed f thewiace mae.chet alookkk ni ti\n d men this cme tres.ndouon inikkik h hiseandlhr trat our. inub pclio fr their ftsim te nsi tcehett a.ack thae hrndle fori nkkiay sst tha ni ikkiois dngre gnat onin suhe t tte ndme insayog mfst onj iiurre a suicperf tiale d goo.ness mthehoan wpahacett adacke g nef ndbehis bardaak spes iaac fing selverar cha agessuppo t amake local ctour arappeance isth week. lwe'l y letou know when it enhapped. d >> gana:tlad eeo s d theog is
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ihe'sn the h.ouse kyfran ise. her when weed mov to town we s o ethll bir boad. it's ail famy a tndhey areelu leta.ntede >> : kim wwhenrse fivet mohoy tohewn trey weth at o.e ri >> a: dant thaldis ooo schl. micop,ng u. npple botkiacasl don wn ir theit fighnsagaiet tha i.f.b.od o whn is or thei nsideow? k >> sim: tave ma ani c aiuicraffap sto giral beecaust whab r i ise th sebackat. oh my. avwe he cusonclionor f this one adheed your. way d >> fana:ierank isala b erengy. that's h timgryin toal ste a mairtinm froca osroo gn.dma thsat iik lrye ting toke taa treat awayro fm aog d. kifrane cgomin upn ien momts.
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a freailu to niaegotte an e.xit lwe'le hav anat updein comg up from sky 3. d >> lana: howngangiu clodsnd a nrail faloning s theite of tot'nighseb dateo t-twnal hl beentwe hryilland ann bery. lwe'llk taut abore whehe tra in isal fal
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esgof ofv.yurkengilli lepeop. >> an dnea: o o ofur best asllie hein t ronegi. the explosion ttargeed anrm ay nvcooy andur injted ast lea 61 oppele. tu'srkeyut depymm prid sai at a esprons cncferefte a tnv taatheck tsi pre odentrkf tuey ndcodemneoyowt, v tingao tke limi atarynctioga ainsthe t perarpet.tors theur tkishr amya hse ben inkillg kshurdielquce for in syri irand oraq fs dayhaand _n fingghtiin agaus isito fshter l. wel k >>weim: e tako yu tohe t bay ar wea yhereou areo ging toee s live preictufs o theay bdg brie tli up. not far fromh tat lioocatan fns of aeppl are srtuppoing the ancomp sy'sdtanin agasthe t i.f.b. anddemanknloc thphe if o onef s thean rnbeinardoot shoers. orzgani cersall thatsirird oo t
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thtmeparent ofus jict seysa witldoun olyha ven a itmpacn o eevic l d n andonin askiva pp a r i d oice c aate kbacor do to allf o its prtsoduc. waed srddnowe sdenoruppts eappl's f aightstgainhe t fi..b. an>> d ia:ast wri a chme tat had fiofcersyi trotng n togh lau. haneppend ico wisnsin as red scue le sto beddysear mfrot thaabric veh.herei apntparelyhe tser^aed teady badrs h ddis betoen sfrlen d l aocal drorugstroe adien vale'tin day. lotok a tmitac firtihe tvoaw l rcenfotemene offndrs aen evey th are liaughng about this. tbut whey aeree ca to ^ape oocrerks hd e an tsavepoed tdy arbe ts inrohe p.cesssrt j >> leff: looksbehe
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ooutf thear. el>> kwely: 'reta sgrtin to see oshwersre bgakinp. uje cogmin an end. loft o peeopl gngetti r teadyo head out ther doo but whae ve a fewht ligt spotywe shors. spgrinnt mousain atl lite bit of ghlitin spr bklesute thow shers read winingow dn. awhe't wreng goio tl deah wit tnex t isd. win isoi gong te b ait ltle moref o a crnonce. sp mringaiount tnsoday weoo lk at aig hh wind wngarni. th iatdnclues mt. cesharlton and l we'lsee wsind ginustpg u to t atthld coue makeltraveo diulffict. eaarads shn ed i wtan,inds gug stinoup tmi 45 plesouer hr. isthgrak mto suavre hu e yopathe rnfue iturgaand e rbagsacan puost thaye aw. rehe t areurhe c wrentguind st. 20mi-30 peles urr hoo acruss mch
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ouwe ceeld so fts gusu a il45 meres pr housts viat ls thi teafnrnoo teatmper puresyrettil md a ysou dhea outhe too dr. erhend ysonreou a at. 62 datoy'sgh hi 70. olco terhane' wveesn seeseio dut bl wele a a e th iwindins go mg toitake ghtoni.t 48 lymostar clees ski nidimingshind wi ihere ls amat ayalhe ten sev refo wcasthereft aer tyoda innothutg b sinunshe and splea canttiondions. 71 on fy.rida 7mid0's as wed heao int the ttla her oalfhef tk weeend and xnet w.eek om>> t h: we 3 skyouth of laegs vyallehe w lksoo keli a morotstiai fdleo t netigoeathe txi etam rp from i15. aponi furaltaru ttsn is ab ths is itecoasurr finnishezand a lhe eythe have spacdeinsie thld wor emarknte cenor s 'shatba probly whthere wey hdi heaog t but
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th teypef occ atidenhe wrehe t edriv w hringeais slttbe abprobasly wt no suseriouly hrt but snhake up. ggoin b toe aea r plemrobl to arcle. veehon t iughast w cngomi off ethmiho rp,amst'n bcklogin the encetranp ram ia70 ct an.sloaua ctheyakan thee tla boarulevate insad. ist i eemroblou ise. hertj_ j >> weff: ne'regeein hianytimng sr ilae thde .area llwe'rt stah wit aookt your speed. 26 o15n shoutnd bou as youe mak yoayur w.2 nes15 wuntbodro fm 551o t i15 ale ctrar se nin teminu ersumm clincaropitna an t eighteminu >> : kimnk fraie. anosd meot pinatchrg ao
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wyou dindownth wiith sc.otch >>idet knne oel *h t.ocksre ovi loe ycomeuy g os chi ton uh wadsu vou yelociduy gad m at each o.ther >> : kimawe hwove t mteinus rdu tinghe crcomme bialreak to veha itsonaut o. u'yoeeve b vi pro lo mmcoryenta o foreur nestori. > >ewher eem thl who o h the wost get ou heof t 2 encit wo ipd g gotn wheiw as a cel ml vaom m t sronac blo lre sto sandendaal c tol pice bseecau smyon se.tol ni severtole ainythng arfte atht. im>> ki: thss wa infa buflo erwhvee eeryon t inhey cit mli aitsreli itaan andry evebody isn ir chafge ory eveonee els's ki th>> eie nrghbol cou g kispanng. k >>whim: e en wtfirsed move her
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taelentei famely wdl heaginin heat t rio. veyou'n bee at other pslace inki wnto s veha a yound bra s newathow a plazowin dn ntownoeg vrr >>re we'll sti taci ssntat\ 'rweree py.unncrve mys.r brothe isl reany fun. hweave ad ban. now ethre is anec eclticwd crom fro yp30-tase hhe nowoo ts enaitertned. >ey> th n arenot ie thra ult gelounce sne. s>>o j-lond a ier w heinavg braeakfst mg.nin axar osctrtodm gooan. inc dn raesl itaian aurest arant hnde said ian wt to ttalko you. twha did i do bseecaun whe a yelawayr sst. tha hed sai i got ana ide i'mng goi tol cal. you
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siclascni icoegc v sashow. went wa you to dor youtu sff. hees goou w yldoue bil wglino t ecom innd a i saides y. we tedalk to the pderesifnt o the h.otel roucoenesidorcy fentrahe tt nexr ntmohs. li jre we'hoki ma lte remoan thow. e>> ws misr youte sisro whi qu orade. sahe hsss ih wite eral voc rconds aowd nou yve hatl genemen an fyonenillign. i >>y ver ttealend. esh isnc ibrediene al td.entea guiro b ithertaly silleentes a er. simucal dtoirecr,bo keyard, itguar. k >> iim:llt ans opeor tomrow at ethza pla.
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inatformionn our osi webte. fr.anky th sereo s nimo time lnit osi ta.lent is>> halg`n ro boe ds this great rsimpeioonatn which is rihilaous. uyo get tea sooak tta te>> sndak a >>mangalkiudquacoia ncpuedhim hlfseut of on a enrsdoenemt dl.ea
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cogmin t >>loom: ngokire ptty gonood the rdwoasayes depit the wereath coionditns. no plerob fmor peeopl netigoinat tgtha ierntacheng ritgh nw.o theer ianslne oateittletic hbycup
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trracto leraiocr blgkin the encetranp ramque buh t'ats olynea rlademrobla ndkidi of enffert t ous_ rnmoly kel. k >>: ellynidefi.tely ewe'rin seegnl maiylo cudyki ses wireth baksin he tre. ethn raiho swers areta sgrtino t exheit ta. are ta lke aookt ahe t traempeture thsis in moring. pr aimm6t 5 deboulaly citig rht now.mi ewe'ra tixpecerempesatur t satay t litroole tt wharo 'vweeee snel laty. -d64esegre atoo nn. mos at7 0. 4:0qu xpwe e fhi to 0.t 7 sr^t thaaso qus i s alln or nmal. kehaep tmere tgr0-de daonceoi g lima in wds. b 8e0 wec exptta susined ndwi0 s 2smiler peou hr. b24 nyoonay tod. sguts up to m 45ilespe rou hr.
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wi cndsgomino tn a endnd aha wt weec exptea hgdinan tnto eweekgomin uos im>> krl: ea tierweeek twereirhe fo st t ytellboou aut eth ovontralersi csment ngcomim fros hastan mqu paciao. non morheing isay sgin that he rpeessct nike'sec diison t eodn tirheon cactrtit whim h. hea sid that gayou cespl are oqute wseor tnhalnima d>>a:anac piaqu alopozegin oo ittwbuter yst sas he'seoppod to saexme sri marage. nohet tst firsn im tus he'si sir milarkremaurs fors yea_n . agode
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mbtuelee wasnvioio.n >> heid dn'ton crsidely a'sssa li oferam fily. d >> tana:hisldst arhem fromoher ctherg omin .nextma uspl -- k >> kim:'sanyepe temrn oul fl diy.spla wh latnaureha mic oelsatf sayurd ni lght wiveasor fedco to d memotsne boefny lvei oabrt.dcas
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ghtoniho sw. ki>> ham: tist the gnooveror t ltheeft. atth is theer govnor s ofhout roca wlinahot justeceniz doenubio whos hahe t crminophoune rningor f prenesidt. aot lf oeo ppleay st ioe dtsn' martte m suchaysay ds taeshmblisnd emeorsents. an>> dwea: e hav newll po ernumbuts os thini morngw shoing dtez crule pulda ahed ofa donld trumpio natynallor acc dicol p lwe'les talk pracesottut abo sethobe numin comgp. u >> : kimcowelome t the parogrm. ahighe bovin t shekies oasf l asvegr ove s thettrees below tthare aai rnat spld,tere there si tom in sky 3.
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roth tughsoo ressri cormp ovabe e thvelas cogas tinvenon ntceheer were wve haht lig ftraforic fo mt osrtpa` mae ybstju l atlitbie oft ismoretun oe thadroyswano, t thucat ma. buout cavld hhometd to do ws s,hict traraor t oiler s it ssideato th w is torko eaclp.n ua tnot tha sah muc tyng usiat th tom arutea b ihatslo bngcki the anentrace r ceno ttr i15. e as w theadamo tertff traitic wh ffjeky s3 s in oo reut buaff lod ankelao mdeahe we understand there isnid accent. ef>> jhaf: tst i they onl frayeewat relcced at idenrewe a ese oingnis thrs we s'll wtartitha lookt a5. 1 tistarong tw slon dow acila ` maonr youa b abowlro tanpicraa t tvelimes teighin m.utes t215 eo thl bow will take y3ou 1
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ta c minutes. 8 k >>: ellytescat sredrshowe we weeere ssli earher t mgnin ak breingp us ahe tyak me rthei way otoff the north and east. we21eere sbring ieaksen th dsclou w asell. wi wnds billnce iinreassg a iget ta nofter.oursr 6oday5 withn stguuping 45 to . awetire s ec exp atingcuma dato sf 70ooalorm but itwail unt you seehe tum nsber tforheee wkendin comgnt. up >> a: dan nasinot g dn aeal byoc lalro ptosecurs. heti sllac feshe tat deh ltpenay. ye ttshi guy pdlelt gui*x ermurd. im>> k a: inal loc\l rt coug styey.erda ithis tri scleheduord fex nton mthor f a hdeatt tha hneapped i 4 her t0imesor befe ktaing her life.
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shedhoule but p toea dth for setho csrime. 'itst sensthan m hereroth kthinr_, centen she motnkrthi iira faah.ricedosi h >>dne dion't crside\lrss alya's li ofei famly. k >> him:auer derghts wa wngalki fhomeromch soolhe wns thi horrro hneapped. nnjeeif srysaha t stshe i ggoin teao rd ate stamenti durng the napeltyha pse. s sayssnowa a s it'n goiog tcasa beenf paiutul bveeliedicet' i ell imanportht t fingeor h an>> denpl coueo ppler fom vo utemonaniccus a ousedryf ting to slemugg5 $4.iomillfn oke fa eymonto in u thednitete stas. cumssto andde borrro patl coffi fers munny say thetei arr0de in t.troi rdacco tingtaer fedsgentosy the. mpatte ttedoor impthe t corfunteeitlas fuil bntls i dee edunitte stane thaney wtoted n bur and
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thepl coue n teverriedo t spend theey mon. ethery wote nes arr atedtee havsla enbeow allo ed tincontnue osto thtreir s.avel a k >>stim: wiick hath tort sty. ethke weestlmoe hernctdo stoofhow e f thstlate and greseatttt airact wonsy the mecodn. towos s d >> wana: yheneaou htbou t icarct eitxhib y,ou thinkt tha in bor ait'sinnytht.g buua kelndalnorep.ts t>>ishee wndkeh t aeyoing peto on their ntewes eitxhib. nor youre sc tenake ak loo at iths,s thielctuaelbriro p arbem fronu uhetniteta queit psioslybla this i have lots of stuff for you andou yilameak vaadagnt oeas isth g isgoinka8ay 1. il wile give thio varuse tims dans dayythee aren op on oura bsweite. i' gmngoi to introduce you to one fohe tue cat rrseer he.
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rewe tngalkiut abo off caamer the way the emextre cdionotins are cneonect tdo use her in the sedert. >> o allfh tem ani walseve ha henre i theteser havelo silimra adaptationts toni alsmand a anpls tnihe trc ac.tia th heye avapadak tiopr to totec fthemthrom lde con aed wave apad tsake to pteroroct fhm te he>> tng thit thas comeinto md i tseham fiil ies onom cnimue loinok fg soretominh tg oorve ethpl wkeee ondn o days o,ffha wt is w oordsfdv aice to get ppleoe ou ttope snd time whit teihr ilchendr. >>hi ts isre gatau becseot n lyon is itdu eticaalona i butst' tiac ave indernttiacve. thaney cp jum p and alay l.craw y the gare toinglao p p gesam wachtdeo vido s sytheeo ggin ltorneaom shiet at. a
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mmond aa d cdan cpomeetga astinh thkie tds.oo g>> aetidn oea hf tow exret cmedionstioneer othl ti sif de ospthe umectrh witee extreme cold and connect to ust reheho at n me idethe iserta laves gas. ale l thildeta os onebur nfor'mow ing goi pd senu baock tmdi stuo. d >>: anaksthan k.dall erevinyth ain sprgs prvresee gis thovey l bhereheut t rearn leahiomettng a the mesaim te. thetey g toch toutodo aeele awcrl. 'sitacnterller expeienc >> : kimmitrt's oronca edu ttor, to intt i. > >> athey nreever ggoino t hcatcen memt tshat' whath t geuy washi tinnkg on t shislowed spe e.chas >> an d: aenpl otyf culods out 'we vedhale pyntf ora
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6:41 am
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6:43 am
6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
>> : kim fthat pirstreictus nadaav's fe.orit cre e'sht.s ho washe los a ft ofasun lght nit thwimy jimlo fal hn ase ntcos inueroto bstadcae livfrom loges anthles eeis wk. 'lweavl hore mue meest sun^en moma wasade heo int wthendeeke. eshys sasovesegas ndo maeany r bsonsvivne oau bec ait'se mor eatntim oennwe anthe shmy plasn o world tour. >> a: dan we have tbumleee wds rehe in sthounerev naadut b innothikg le thisne o. isth is out of aaustrlia and it's soig b tvehey'ed nam it. isth is a inn stauaralind a ielelo 's selargla owhome anerseere s rkingfeliemun omfr c thecoity l uncithbut tycinc couonil wel't hcap be nit'sonot cresidefid a isre rtra ats thi.time >> : kime as w isendot tm toa sk 3 oelte stal fou cld b
6:51 am
sagenu es bru >> m: tore the in ayohnnbi rcason bitt thae maks f ounf the steagru b tshtha ishe tta ste eflowfr oev nada. ether is a suserio aenccidt on albuffndo a lake made. ether 7 areic veh ilesvenvold in s.thi hnortnd boufa buf iloslo cd.seo >> ef j lf:koo lseik. wstoha en to sm'stre the b l kloo accelat th norteer s aiouseccident h isbuffve or. aweore nee s ainginnythg msi oilarn the fareewf ys iyou ear mgakinur yo way into the trmeo a.rea no s 15 bouth ound ayoure longoki atmi 11 leser pou hr. finalk loot ave tralro im t5es 1deeg utsounh botwd betheen oe bndwl auie m tranopicloa si10 at resinut fromersumm tlinsehe t l wile rou y2. 1 n roaiomplasu o trehe. >> ly kelo: goewd ns is srshowe
6:52 am
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6:53 am
be.le coor. toowmorr sunnynd a 71 and then hisunshrne tough w thendeeke and nintoextk weeh witur retfn o ethildem ttuperares. d >> tana: fimeheor ter wat co oolerhn tishu ty.rsda heisre om sngethiou y didt no arhero fmat syurdaht nigiv le erov theee w.kend ha eopls peal tgkinas e we tak a live preictu of timequ sare. kanyee wtst i was malusicue gst. ab30out mesinutef bore the show he had a moweltdacn bgeksta usbecamee so mbodyoved shiometng hfromis set. cheslaim it made aig b erdiff tence hoisfo percerman
6:54 am
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6:55 am
aihe sd tdooles and kept the bwsuaray cd. iitats nlionank dricone win qust_ to >> : kimt isn'y everdrday dwine an>> d la: ae ittlofbit e wineti doaves hmee solt heaneh be.fits hii t pnkeeople havrd heahi t l fi oue hav ala gssen, twote nca hntreveve lir sedi,asepe ty twoia desbet. ita cnestomo proeate hh ealtni llwe ep helnf^gh wit y echololster. im>> kat: thha's whet trey a gdoin isro pngmoti heart hhealt when they dino wayesdne wedy.sda avwe hoe mre news ons l cwde gaves. ew t areerent t of tipoli wcal torlds daylos hait wne atthg biwn tol hals t.ight we s'rengharitl spohtightth wi thsou cnaoli t but
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6:59 am
d >>: ana tthenheep rcaublins go orod m.ning kibreaewng ns. idpresobent anama cenoun s he will travel to cuba next month meand itet wolh rotr casheo, t rs fiert am picanderesio nt tgo er th ne iny earlea90 ya rs, st hi toricberip meing wit th pr aise and criticism. game change? te uzd crps jumad ahedo of nald um tr op inewur nio natponal ll. >> the sound youe 'rinhear g is th une so sd ofmscreaan woming fr asom, d. t >>mohis g rninwhy chuck says 'she b notg uyine thosltresus. > >>pesliplory sthpe, che te
7:00 am
gothe mevernrint to es tthget e co y mpanacto htok in i thee phon tofs hin sarnbediar snootho, er e thicepat be tlerovri pipnc, le ie pr ach'srond pintecterg amica. and speaking out. y whsithe ostercof nibrlle own mpsin so sisioerus about the new o.j. simpson miniseries and one star in particular. da to ty isdahurseby, fy ruar , 18th.2016 nn>> aerouncom: fr n nbc ews, th iis"ts ayod w,"h itttmaau ler d anvasaahnnut giehr. li rove fudm st-aio 1 in efrockr ellea.plaz >> od> goni morng. lc wetoome da "ton y" oura thsday mo g.rnin sai'm ahvannhr gutie. we e haviewillmo in atre mist th .week , gosht a loeoof parple e intalkoug abist th p new oll, nthisewbc nals "wrel st et jo l"urnal. pol t if is holdt'up ires a hial sft t inrahis ce. >> ot a ley of oue brisz raed wh hien tmes ca. out % 28tefor uzd crin movtog in rs fiact plaie agdonst nald p.trum no hiw, t as is d lotreiffent st thory asan hn bee btoldnyy ma


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