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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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2 min lliolepeops thi is al ngarmi . o inne co ornere f thmap me tros henort ast,tiar ifice1s a 0 rc pe ent. >> ifeyth c can alimb wa, ll ey thnd fi leho ts in whel alan d ey thlo expit ytever.hing theye arincrim als, they will afind t wayo be successful at r theiescrim . >>foir thlls ba roomof ar apt tmenmarsnageey, tht hea a rd wowa of g.rninau icanma hake c.nges at ajusthisk trss pe on. >> er three we l a aot ndal it d ow slwns do l herasife be may elfi r ve o ssix,frome ctom o ober uto em dec ber. >> he sd saix mple that gge biobprlem. ma menagent insecreaed thir pr ceesen w andd alke dejo ouarhind t s mp coinarhe p lking ey thgh souatt thopdrld cou . >>wapetch wopleho e arngcomi d anlaesg goinheon tonaoppr, erty ngmakie sur ythatreou ame awar oof ylosnate nts. be e caus ltisomeyomes eeu sr^ thsomething heat ta lanatedonts t no a isd goois
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hiand vede einrythg from you. >> w ife nydeth anos er ia ob prwelem 't don owknco to me to uryope proitrty 's that lesimp . >>thnow arese t e no ajust ar apt tmenlecomp xes. c ar thiseft pe hap ning vi llrtuaheeryw re. abth u sayouse yrar gaple yif ou ha i n if 'r youtte puthing ings lu va iableurn yo, cartotry do it ew som aherest di fance rom yo ho y soorighb s or lepeopir theme comlecomp x n doeot se doyou it. no f ne oe thescoare tennecd but a ifsignntica ernumb -- >> tnkhaou yor f atth . fe a l derarrcoouptin in igvestn atioun irway nto th uno busu ureastclreioamat rafedeenl agts idraeved sl era pl iacesdinclung thmee ho of th e gire fonalncinae eachr p fo the agcyen . th eyseedarchou thrgh th e nd hesoern home of rick leavit t, if yoffur ol iciafor tmore han 20 rs yea.uea blr beecoffie b inerouldy cittoady .
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es>> j: sica dga juise ra ba oulfa r atman intachmeg a tro ca wninea ith etmach e. is th onedga ju fe up from $7$60-005,0r foe tme rorsas yhead h 1 aho2 ur st ffandot thad endeonftly a er ca ninep coi nikk iwent ntos hi tmaparonent seastofide the ll vaaey er rlie this.week she i a accur sebstabing inher e the facipmultimle tnes a d is gecharthd wimpattemuted .rder j >> im:silis w a aomanedccusra n li deteberacindrivtog in ow crheon t v las egashap stri inkille g onn womaowis nin gog r undeena mtal thheal evaluation. th eye 12y sa athey rec^nccod erne nse. sh see ba fs 71y elontscoun . in thewicar eth h tr athe ti thme, ime cr inala wcasebeill ted. in th ase cr j >>caessie: nw depmvelo ents heof ti fbstinveioigatn tof he at .tack
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okfaroth's oer. t o whwas ki alled tfterhe ckatta w a . scri tethe e rracerfatho alss live d. 2 a ct go rnventmeui binldwhg tent ha n . j>>: imo toppe uleerndrr at es to es qu ationso perfan's isith tesc radisgl.cefu rgi roam po ud t cbe atihris an pea asand si pre identl wil not aal chlow iarist tnity o be tu ns contistettly ad acke
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s ha inppenw g no owithurur c renth es prt.iden tan>> : jimol a palitices fir torm ^er betie n tweeblrepu ican idpresalentidi can ddated onal en gtr anump e d th.>pope > oris icjesspoa: rape f ncis i gg sungestire to erportats th um tr np is cot atihris an ca beofuse t his aoughacppro h i toalllegig immonrati . j >>caessi : >> : jimd anp trumonrespasded heillusuaesy donciingo g onnal d un cotttera ack. p es>> j: sicasa he llys i egal grimmin atioa has , stop the po aspe ht jusrnretuo ed t me n xicaerbordt ppor rom y. ll wi thetr/buck ook exgechan un? th e stlate p cnnoll s owumtrp leaning evong liange by ne arlyr20s.oint r d te cruzwhs o ha madereonligi k a ey poofint hisaicamp gn. >> : jim socauth naroli's blrepu picanryrima isth tu sa, rdaythe saayme da nevda crdemocaats ucuse d th racead tw behieen y llartoclind n an dea iebernde sanerrs h e isa.jit.tigh : j >>caessie : w have seen emar
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di inoncaticlhow those li pol ticalebatt .is acin fe t thdondor a o onee f th me hoth of wse ne 3 st rdaffoe shir waspeedpperh wit the mesani bernde saers te ma orialrer the ysdaa in row. >> m:jian stdsdar el^a yttgea ing a alfacipo suprort fch yout p grou thatlinulcolpd heac imp ath cie de.sion icwe h nowthave tee la st po calitiwsl ne . >> egoodngvenibo to f th o tyou,wehey wore ts day gto and there is a big ttba le twben eea ^tillhiclary n into be iernan s.ders it fisheor trt heas anmid s nd lofaloc lanoti s. >> sh e hehas ndrs ani bere ha s his. this morning 200 of the young cuundoedmentpl peonotioubr ght st rehey beithpar ntrewes nt or kn ngocki formsanders. oppernkeliye 18-ldar-o ce nintenigal hhoh sctuol s dentun de-- co >> i inthevk yoerhone s uld ahe isar hsa mesndge at wha he pha os to afferhend tng cha e ath e at hs wantrito bo ng tloc er am ica. >> wa las staryeat losinha ve enbe aicotinsentu tcyathe-- in br tgingsuewe -- i >> k thinmof st opethe ople
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>> li c cntonmilaing sa ers fa d ilete ctilawhnos e en homend vote al^a nsagaimit imiogratfon res in y20 07. sa s nder hsaids e waieworr d it d woule driv down logewad s an that twgueserorky eovprn isio ntamouve sla ry. >> weotdo nd holt thaaiag nst hi dm an it oisotne v e ina ol whewe slve of ry rtimpo ant vo tes atthni bernde saers s ha icastppn suort imof atmigrion gh ri ts. >>, soo twaydbes refohe t ca tucusighe fht couentin s. . >> is[indabcern le] >>is -- o thehne wo keep lifamies >>ad neva suedpposirly val th wi l itso atin lapopu.tion tra ifand do it ites, l wils one or dojoocknnek, oam dre\l aat _n .time o nolatikes ma27 up ce perf nt o danevaul popn atiod d 30 oape t rcen iherearn clndunco ty.
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a ni to bght,caoth atndidiles w ti esaddrtis la asuestot a wn an thalliselevroed flas.vega th bodi cans date tneed heir v pp suasort i thed n an opullos st yey erdathfor moe deiccrat ce raes is iasenttilly ed. ba o ck ji>> lom: gokinarforw d to ricove coatthh witonyou ig itsa ayturd . iotne iws 3ars geuping ma to ke re su s youintay l thewioop th th sue reoflts thecrdemo atic uscaucur sat day. r ouracoveegge bheen t oss ca aucusetre s00 11:. a.mnec. se n n 4 atp.:00 e m. w bwill yring ou an r houiof lteer cov age of a e thuscaucul resy the t starco in. we 'll haolve palitic alan ysts hiweigng inwh on e'at wre ngsayilo folbwed y ndexpa ed ne ws nracovehrge t tough he su ineven g. u yoalcan adso hro to ewot n te siww3lnewsm*tr ou bofacendok atwpater toges ac trsuk re lts-trealanime d so alound yucr caoncati . mn>> ot> nd ifiemotwo evre n ada co ssngremb meweers ngighion pothe caliti ottle ver ifi g llindaate seth on e uste pr sucoeme urt. th s is itodue d the oeath f
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sh ould waitrluntiduhe tt nex pr idesnte isn ifiofe.ces o b to ghniret blpuanicen s dator ean lle erhell r andliepubco ressaen elde t mighre-- ain giveig th r esp ioopin ns. th ayey ssi pre odent sbamaulho d de decio tminotenaom sneeoo t e themsuprure codit adayng m be it l wilsobe e meon nfroma.evad ot r issisurencog agin es prt idenputo e thllwif o e thpeleophe a oadhif s lirabe l daagenure co a co ssngremaman - rk - who re enpresnots rnrthead nevo a tqe u.the ens. sshold ha. irconfonmatiarhe.ings im>> j: jun st i ftimeor yo ur di , nnerthe rmpa cesane heesyou y marisplenk sonyour pasta may not be what you think it is. >> jessica c: inom, g up what fdthe aya s s itd founoin st espiect thal wiliue leav your acstomenichur ng. pas whand noere bt tothuy is ch .eese i>> arve pn mesae.eese . nd wi is ahy nallnnbegi to x.rela
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e thonpers l who hiveshaere s tolvsoobe pr alems sg biheas tld wor. an sd as amallyos kuritchen table. that t's jheob. erevday y. noand hew, tst firy lad whohelped get healthcare r foll8 mikiion ds. e thnaser too whlphe ted cheyit seriga e thcrsearetofy ta shote wod stoup a forcameri s anddtare do hwntiosle leaders around the world, is the one candidate r foidpreswhent s o haeverything titesakdo to ry evet par ofhe tob j. llshe'er nev a letenyonpr izivatcie soecal syurit meand redica. huor swnt donn plaared pooenthd. she'll te akheon t l gun,obbyna figelly uat eqy l pawofor men, anstd top rheubepcalirons frim g ppinouall r ogprssrewa ay. so n obrferyua0t 2sth d an fup be uscaife ou yan wa t esprenid to whs knowtohow p keeicamera safe, and build a stronger ecomon hy,lail'sryhe tho ce.ic i wot n'kemaro psemii s n'cat keep.
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m i'llhiy arincln tod ani ovapprise thsa mesge. j >> im: d aheafo, r us ertravthses pee po t why hose artwo we no at .arms
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ta dake tar n fora hnsomow o good rpoea s sy io it t mholddaore ta ho e?stagr d antohow we lor uryo ol chroeste l bywelo srings tres inuryoif l e. we il wl sethe tatigon htnbc nightly .news es>> j: sica noedtifi a st ngunnive deenlopmout abt stmyy ergrinieeds ntfound in food you might be getting ready to eat for dinner right now. j >> iim: lit's ke cayou n't tr ust anngythimo anyre. sh we isouitht a ecspofk ea rl eechn se it it a.all ajustle filr demam fro wood p helund verenein oosechee nt od prnouct dew unver inatstig ion ome heby t. fda por es>> j: sica i thetinvesr gato p lethe hess tes invtitiga en ercent ps onsaarmeeen chadse m e nm* heby ttl casmpe cos n o th ayey sy the dwereibistrg utin n ut wothe heod ctoese e somheof t o gg bigrest y ocere stor h an.chai uda d im>> jhe: ty y sa wthatprod ucto ciassomoate ibre fn er i our di buets t t no tliken s it id founs own' fromc wa t lmarhoto wle odfo s. re mo onjie asisth foroctivesongati . >>rs is itypret uff.
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p ordoctwhing t at iedcall his enpercalt reanrmesh wito tisubss.tute t thanit wha wpaul orks. an an omti-cy pant.agen mbblooerg res port fthat ood ntreceadly h thefdsechee and fo inund ma wal grt's vreat, alue 0 ol whode foans brd d an aeven pa t crafouto y . e thveretila londseao tthe questis on, thatdohow k you now wh s at ilyrealyo in oour f d? er amals haa had alover ffai r,mar cwithe heesthbut asis c e isca ry an. th ae fd lespelt d ou13a 20 le .tter esparman cheese products do t no ntcon aiy anampaesrm stind,eae thodprt ucbela l ma etrkan py trod10pe0 enrcpa pa esrm anntconeai sdsswind a charities and an ornigallc fier edcalllu cel losewhcaich n be vederiomd frd woolppu . pe exrts libesoeve me coiempan s rp puy oseleamisl ld ons.abel >>he te y arngtryi to t chea deand e ceiv d andino th th e at wotdo n no.tice thbut ey ccutrsorneth so ey ca n make money.
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li kellceosulane d cheese but it can onakly m fe upour pe t rcenheof t to tal in iegrednts. do jctor -ohn - atchmi igan e statunsiiveraity s d itsh ld al l bein oudede n thl.labe doctor dinspayks srds haetieech ses pr heon ttoesharv ft of oods d is i_n medocu mntedbeisla ilings.ssue ben \ so alth on ste ligr prowiams tr exrga-viliin oilve ous acc ed c ofnguttive oli oylma with engch r eapelacano l. enasso orme mpee exe nsivo cipr rlo r bstescand psalloey, th can. be d soleror swived heth c aper cwh fiite iksh lope flixpy m ed l in . an fod sor omengrajue e,icom s e t mpcoieanhas bven eecuacd se of fa adlse isvertfoing llr ca ing it p 100ntercee. pur fdthe ysa sa j hiss ob iakto m e re sut tha dfoodnooes rtt hu yo otu, npo to licebee la ls. >> luierth ne isuo doquthat the fda highest parties to epkes unj sa fe. >> w sou n yof do i you coare nenceroud abe t th ifood n ur yotr pan y?
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tpaco oursetif ac -- p thederesint cafor ?stle doesxphe eitect to epl d il gufoty r imcr cinalesharg d an uface op tone aryeso prid n an a 00$1 f,000 ine. th e ancompoy tok eccorr tive onacti ixto f p theeroblm and fi foled r rubank tptcywo s year ago. >> : jimtt preay scry st uff. th yoank u for that. no ww e twantlko tau abot e ue st nandy wit thalparattraouled r e u owwindens op c andnuontinted i o da to y. >>icjess ta: porans dosacr s l alhbneigodorho day. ho ngw loci_nllwi w thelaind c>> or rep ter: co et>> mloeoro: gistwi we avll h e si re tstedvehe e bningovut er ni leght baha t mn 10 ailes uer .hour mos tpalm dreesngancith in nde wi . ere bi adwe h s thegetroninst ws y st jut wesheof t67ers le mir s peghouho*ncuand tlrren y l onlinblow tg at shreegsthin ve haax rel sin ad hrew.way oeache f th21le5, aerxandt for ac apthhe ey d has gust2 of 6 s milehoper ndur ae thntamou d an edgeeyth hadstgu 5s at4. br outale n th westd enheof t
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rr cuwient endsped s_ pars ha comees idconslyerab . s_ a wtheystill geill urt yo l a at iotent tn inesrthw tern partheof tle valty bua, down a r faheom where t iwere n e th adustt m60peile-urr-ho ec sp, ialwa215 s e thdidivi ng li apac hemil cabasinndarouea -- f ch o^ e 54do o 15 tfathe str wee sidinand tth ute sot,hwest thaoenheis we re w ie ha e d thngstro est. st mogh nei mborsitade 40 to vanmi anles r. hou dosi r milaiestortss ouofide bane th e ll va ey. ithis is ann ndiangsprid s an stthe drongssiscuoued e tsid of th vaasey wan of eraimalatony ls57 es mil pero f.hour ouof c wrseavdo hnde wi ma daas ell. no ngthisitoo icgnifant oualth'mgh ire su thdse ki in thgs threat att prey si icgniffoant r thguose ndys a, sh owut desn don't shs ore with e whitpsca. t-- i ihink'll ian itwaou a c ple eof rs houor befy e tr wthat.ater t doubt abou we thll, hee otllaprbytoduc
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hast67, abill .rmal innoth g torlmbbe essarra ct abou nin ru febbuary it ite s tht firs uti n me iay12 dats thha we ve lno det mato it de 70 s.gree thatrdrecoha we std la iyear n e thh mont67ebof fy ruarthis aiterr tn of.year tait sannds rhourhiun t s ar ye, astostt duer paps. d anrrtomoe ow wstart a new stress, ilwe w il bee n ths 30 nd fiay a w to e thsimid-s xtie by htlunc ime. i k thinwe h arengeadi toth 70low moto arrownofteron o an end thwi we avll hlie a ttlees 1 br zeeega a iinthn teafoorn n at 5 to 15. ybmaste igra htstdut ai20 m r pe.hour rt ceyainl namalegeab in y. al ssoe omghlisht erowins e th y earlinmorng s.hour ty qu y ickland hethe neadli for sythe ostemf the wind. t as icos inueulto p to th rte nosthea withe ilnd wl co uentinre to lax weand pe ex ct th t.nigh e thersol cooirer a butad conot ebld fy ruarel ar,ait jus a ve g.
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an hi20, emgh ttuperafores u r yo eefr 7iday b1 inerouldy, cit 66 mov heer t a hot7 nd 7 in ue hllaug in. ed thfor s e las vegaeyvall adte ghtonie t, whewatce d th wind inconto ue tx relaor48 f they e ilo mpw teurerat e. seto owmorroo a gsed do of n hisunslone, orok f h the igh . nno cht mud winrrtomoorow m ning . roa lecoupgu of ovsts heer tr moen -pmileouer-hrer thd.shol n w webeill gh lauating t tha in y. clch theck utis ois, th l onee ittl vion uphicca of ihighe n th 60s o pa rra y,todat' thaw s hoasit w . an asit win a syogle owu kn when as geyou e t thuphiccet som imes cup. w! h. >> el ssje ica:himhi i thenk trere auc oesso y manwiold taves ables out l tohow r getf id ouphicc s. arju stst hiart inccup g on aithe r u' yo e. >>peeslycialt nojeg doin a . j >> aim: abnd neandomed ho wasom t .
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mo anths mgo awamurdered and his family was tied up. new is six, thamess ne orighbins tha caisthe fir was me y. >> si jes ca: ca oughtden vi o, a coheli gpteroes dohewn tte wars near the pearl ha mrborm.useu we llwila expowin h a good risamatan pestep d into re scue pethe ople bon aoardelnd tl u yowawho rts hu. at thco is umingv^de sat ix. w no if ivaam achlanrcivsurv ors of e spitg beinpetrap d de unr vesespral ofeed ndow a o para ainfeel bg of eing l iried n b reconceim>> jha: ted woul wfbe aitul w me? no r w oul locaosoi reisrt ge g ttinan rtimponuant r mbeo tw mes on amthe oountvaris ou people. dog. >> she is only 10 months old at the black lab is oalready deep into aitrngniuc douk t of cathe .nyon she tiseshe r'sort ryvest fir on it-se avalanche rescue dog. her owners and trainers are o tw ski vpa atrolhend tlly tes uatth sh cae sen archt eighs time
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and when pesoonme ietrs peap d, metiat mrste . >> . nd [irnisce] able >>g ominonup t, ightatl wil liput o da tudtethe ndst aw sho yo u w ho sthish earcand ueresc mb meiter, oisbinly meg ga. ho i oupe yjo'll in fmey or m iaspecl rtrepola avae nch dog to t nighewon nlis 3 t ve a 11. >> ssje ica:t can'itwa for .that k than you. ne w rocontsyver rrsudioun ng po cfran
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er the isth anoer coventrorsy ousurrg ndin popecifran s. cl ing udincocntraveeptiy s ma be us o ed tenprevt do crespg adin the mp zi vka.irus es>> j: sica t andgohat nsagaie t thictholrc chu ba ain agmonst s formirof bth nt co rol. th ayey sri st ictlyegn r ards to vithe trus hat diavoi ng pr ncegnay is a notson abe lut ev il. th pee po wasamadthant at tiabors on ir neveanio opt n. th an vzika hiruseeas bo te t rta bi wfectabnoab rmal l n graithgrownd ama s ll_heads. cases of the virus are now poreinrtmog tren ha 20 trcoun ies. u el feing eeslprp de?ivedel u yonoare ont al by a shlong tmoreonhan ire thr of am anericsss tornd tua in fi lyerceer exp ts asos arne ly 7 t. tt ge ingn tlessthhan anat cd lea vto atyarie h ofh ealtleprob li iake ds,beteot hearasdise ri afamcan-anerics anopd pe le wh veo li tinouhe seath st us thare ste mo kelio ly td spen ee sls plestnighs. 1 mi onlli lmwaemart ployees ilw l g bengetti up raa omce tworro.
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ho urlyrote fnem nis llar ouan h r tojee 1 0 $1ouan h r. mi itntemplllwit costiaddi $onala iobillisn thr yearrmaoal ne. >> : jimicamerfaa's tvorie ar bomed gago is ingghhih.-tec inpickg onsome be tohee t nk baorer f ourjim:pomononoly, ng lo.eded a:ssicno mo polye isney so alng goi-thigh ech. it is inbeplg re wacedith a ha ldndheki banng itunt tha you ca n wscanspith aleci bank s.card speaker the new mega is ac lytual menanod mo polylapa maultiante b.kingra i oiam go ng t misserroe thos
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so times mee thlyon >> d>opevel ningews to t.nigh pthe vopesersuum trp. ocsh wkesavpo as pe an frcises wado intthe cera for president. why he says donald um trsp i a not ri chn.stia trump fires back, tiblasheng top pe as sg difuracel. >> > it's getting ugly r as aubiondru cz tr ade aatccusions of dirty tricks. plus clinton and nd sa fers night iightn gaves. >> s>deud npaim.ct a terrifying cppho er cr caash oughtapn te near piler orharb. > >>os a hlpita ckha,ed it csteompurs ozfren. fo trcedayo p ransom to gain back aandrn waing, it co huldnappe toyou. >> nd> ade hidn .risk wh veen ened msnd a ciexeronse w'tow ler th attu sorbbynlig hh ol chroestehal, wt do sctor y say noueed
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finally bngrit iow dn. "n htig nlys"eweg bs in ri t a>>ounnerncro: fbcm n ne orws wld ad hetequarnrs i new ,yorks this ic "nb tlnighwsy neit" wh st leer holt. > >>d gooineveng. 's ittu virally heunard , ofop a peon admngishi u a p.s.deresilntia ca atndide. in s thi,caseal dond trump over his im atmigr ionanpl. d anmp truck qui ly dfireck ba. it an begn whe pope fr s,anciur ret ning fhomerom hisp trio t me coxi t,koo a rtrepo qer'siouestn ab outp'trumles p dge uito b bld arorde .wall iandisn hsw an er, ieimplhad trut tsmp i t noch a iaristn. w it as a-lhighevel kerebu s toheay t t,leas t but trueo rm foru, tsmp i not ee chk. de s.tail r.>> mum trhep, t pope u. yo ep>> rr:orteal dond tr pumro pngviod t ay ether n ishio tndng a o nooone tac sredor f s hitipoli calire. >> heua actlly said th mat iaybeot'm n a od gois chrantir o so it's unbelievable. >> or rep tter:he


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