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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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finally bngrit iow dn. "n htig nlys"eweg bs in ri t a>>ounnerncro: fbcm n ne orws wld ad hetequarnrs i new ,yorks this ic "nb tlnighwsy neit" wh st leer holt. > >>d gooineveng. 's ittu virally heunard , ofop a peon admngishi u a p.s.deresilntia ca atndide. in s thi,caseal dond trump over his im atmigr ionanpl. d anmp truck qui ly dfireck ba. it an begn whe pope fr s,anciur ret ning fhomerom hisp trio t me coxi t,koo a rtrepo qer'siouestn ab outp'trumles p dge uito b bld arorde .wall iandisn hsw an er, ieimplhad trut tsmp i t noch a iaristn. w it as a-lhighevel kerebu s toheay t t,leas t but trueo rm foru, tsmp i not ee chk. de s.tail r.>> mum trhep, t pope u. yo ep>> rr:orteal dond tr pumro pngviod t ay ether n ishio tndng a o nooone tac sredor f s hitipoli calire. >> heua actlly said th mat iaybeot'm n a od gois chrantir o so it's unbelievable. >> or rep tter:he
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la gshin a outhet t ur chftch aoper pe fr sanci wassk a ed tabouum tr pp'slanor f ora bderl wal benetwe th s.e u. andcomexi. p anerso o whonly ksthinut abold bui ing y ma a beotnd n dibuil ngbrgeids, is tno c aishr htiane to reld erports. st jurs houea r,rlie the pontiff was ayprginlo a tnghe me caxi sneidf o ttha very border. but whilehe top pe wo dnul s't wayho ca olthsicho sdulot v e fo onr, dtrald ump ardeclhaed tist h li ho snessdhoule hop it'shim. >> a ifhend when t va ntica is akettac bdy is ishi, wch as er ev kyonenows is is uis'satltime tr ,ophyan i c pseromi u yot thahe t pope ul woavd hnle oyhe wisd andye prahad ttal dond um troup wavld he been es prenidt. ep>> rr:orteno a ther aday,nother coronty,vers s buttill no ar cleak brehi in s su t.ppor t>> i hhinkase h to onrespd. e thpe poom's c aingt hi m. d >>d onalptrum a is od gois chr atianss i e thpe po. r >>teeporour: sth ca naroli k is fnownor it els rusigioin votg bl boc,nlut oy 13% of pu reanblicma priry
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ti nalyonalha, tt nu jmberumps to %.25 sw ginot vserho w su orppdtehe tas l t three presidents. t'>> iots nus unual at l al p foropenc frais to k talut abo the itdign y ofgrimmi.ants at wh isuaunussl i the ex ntteo thi wchon ddal umtrp escalated. ep>> rr:ortemp tru en evon admdishe the ly hohe fatr for so inmethumg trp ms hi delfoid t ted lcruz ast,week es quintionisg hit fah. >>or fel a rusigio adle ter qostuenio a pe 'srsonth fai is sg difuracel. r >>teeporonr: t ight pmanyeeopl are tipoinutng ot tha sp de titepohe pe's iccrit oism uf a.s. rd bowaer ll, vanatic ci hety where te pop slive b haseen ousurr bndedy walls forceienturs. st leer. >> y kat tur ghtonit, k thanyou. me meantis it'ti getng ev glen uiern o the aicampragn tnil i ut soroh ca wlina ith acruzubnd rraio tding ac ssigsf o dirty ic trusks jwot ts day om fr a ccaritil arprimy. c' nbabs ge grrutieez fr tamesishe dpute for us . r >>teeporfr: i a pi urct ies worth a th saou wnddsor t,ayod
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tw be teenrued cznd a ma rurco gbioot m >>gakinng thiups , in s thi tcasehey li llteraady mpe u a >> or rep rter: ubio gialleheng t cruz ca gnmpaito doc tredhis ot pho,im claing the fl aoridat senhoor sok ndha wshitsi pre dent am ynest for cuundoedment im anmigrts. fi ngriba .ck biruso'hi sinftg st ance on immigration. th teasex satenor aols yi trong tld bui ntmomenum i histl bate against donald trump. >> aew nio natnal .poll nbcwa "trll seet jo l,urnand" a t forhe fi trst iimeman ny, mmanysonthcc angordi t to hat,pollhe t'sre a newio natnal on frnnt-ruer. >> or rep rter:ioubs i ge intt agol j ftmro the surprise en rsdoenemft o ve go nrnor ikkihaley, wh ado hn bee hlyeavi ur cotedth by she bu mi faly. sh ase h a% n 81 ovappratal r aingmong likely republican im pr varysoterre he. w >>othy n jeb?bush >> lete m tell you, bjes i d area frndie. this is about fight, tabouss paion. >> or rep tter: oday
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tevo trstha hisig fht is n'terov. r fobi ruo,ur sat day dcoul beiacrucl. ghtoni at,iv dseer tr iios on the trail. a bacuern-am ican idpresalenti nd cae,idatn a in -adiancamerin ve go,rnor and an af n-ricaicameran se r.nato re>> a t youewhe n ce faf s o the blrepu icany?part a>>re we new the fa ocesef th pu reanblicrt pay? h i wope te'reewhe n cefa osthf e erconsvevative mo.ment ep>> rr:ortes thi te afr, aou tgchin re tquesm fro an ot emlionapo sup artert j aohn khasic y.rall 'd>> iea rlly ecappr oiatefne o os thuge hous y b'veeen intalkg about. >> or rep tter: hat gyoun g manhaot tugt h rafteri shang aa di ulffictot sbory aut a gh touio pernd i his olife tverashe pt ye ar. he s say s heees hope j inohn ka'ssich mp ca.aign rrtomoilow w al be ct heayic de her in h soutlicarona. go anp ctedidas pl nganni l at 2east0 op sthrs tououghhet t at ste. erlest. t >> hankyou. > >> and draemocrets a ep prgarin a for
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ni to aghthet t msnbc wn tol hal inas l ve wgas, aithl pol ow sh iing at'sea d d aheatheadf oat syurda danevaoc demcrati uc ca.uses toclinpn u by0 2 po ,intsuc a mh sermall adleef be orndsas er owbltouic vryton iew n ha eaandrch mitlelas h de s.tail ep>> rorter: hillary clinton today reaching ou ttaso c winorsorke af rteee sgin her support i nnadeva pl tummer ove l the ast twos.week n>> i eedyou. th yoank ou sch mu. >> or rep mter: ost de crmosatow n ta inrget mgitinories hiin tser divse atste. be srniersandeti meeng da tothy wi u the rban ueleag ininwash,gton mp cogetinh witt krn to ch onampiir the hi y.stor he>> tht fig for basic ti vong ri,ghts. th e detrmonsnsatio, th lye ngnchihes, t inbeatngs ird oorer f ri afamcan-anericos t ac hieve what one as ssume a allcamerins sh ould,have the right to e. vot ep>> rr:orteh bot gragsiesveouly cg rtin latino
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in cl rtonngolli a out w ne, adtu fea aring -y 10olear-ird ghol w ar feers hen par wtsill debe edport. >> m letoe d all the rr wo.ying hais t t a?deal di'llveo einryth g i tcanheo lp, ayok? ep>> rr:ortesi predent obama is granting ceexiopt tnso undocumented teenagers and young adtsul. so-called dreamers. but not their parents. a e hugue iss rehe. nd saersup sported pro du isran 18. >> w>> wetano te b ci zeti ans wnd wetan ev yternghiit ceniz s tge in the united st .ates ep>> rr:ortent clion su tpporsi jeserca pez ka ronl fhem t il phneippi wshen she was6. e>> wd nee to tell the crdemo ats,thaty, he u yow kno ?what ewe'r h how aerend wh reat a g you toingo ? do cyou dan'ttepor all 11 m, 12onillius of . r >>teeporhir: tss a e thnt clieaon tm wo srrieut aborn tuout. >> hi i thank whot tugh re fally iearlls a nd kifs oew ner vots bthate erniersandss i acattr iting tntohe pr s,ocesin comutg o to vo ndte awi skeheng t re s.sult ep>> rr:orte joe n,bide m thehoan w dn diru't n,el tls elrachdd maow. >> on i d'tre regt .it it washe t right de oncisi m foramy fily
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r >>teeporrrr: agivin l inegas vtoas t,nigh nd sa sers haide be esliev c theonlint mp ca iaignns i rrdisa tay, ihat at's ca gnmpait thaug thoht th erey wnte editle to ntheatomin aionownd n tthatvehey' sc diedovert tha the lepeop i arevenvold an otd nt jushe t blestaenishmhat, tt th reey a in suserio bltroue. st leer. >> dranea,ha tyonk u. cyoueean s the in cl atonndde sanrs htownallon tight at e9:00rnastey onl on ms nbc. >> h> ariistoc no anmeunceront fhem t it whuse hotoe day. pr enesidamt obila wl be tcomehe f irst insittreg pntside to si viubt ca inea nrly 90s.year maorajte s apshe t u. as.ndub caov me to no alrmeiz lares.tion the,tripch whi is pl nean fd morchar 21st an 22d nd,as w me imeldiatety m with blrepus,icanlu incding te uzd crho, w saide h dwouler nevis vit as ng lo asas ctro is in t whereas so inmethlsg eope pe fr sancid saiay tod be sside his cntommes on al donumd trhap tt mtookany by suserpri. hege sugsted birth rocontayl m bed useo t pr teven theea spr odf e tha zikru vi ws,hich
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is thpi deshete t ca ictholur ch bch'san on cocentraesptiv. g weoret mero fm snbc' ne anho tnmpso in rome. >> rnieturrong fm mexico, pope francis risurp msed banyy op g enin dthe toor o uthefse o aicrtifial co centranptio to enprevhet tua sexl tr isansm osionf zika. th ire vamus rpant in s hiat niveat l in icamerina, l tked o esbabin borh wit uaunus slly malladhes. it 's ay ver rare and sp icecifce exn,ptio lasimier, hys sao, t e th g oneedrant to inunshen tel bgian co wngo thenheye wer ro elutinyap redn ithe 1960s. un peexedctro f am ur chhach tast hg lon poopdse aifrtiaicl ntcoceraioptn. an fr ccisnuontioes t oc shsk a d heid in 13 20n whe heai sd the chchur has orhistlyicaln bee too ssobseited wh isssue ke lith birnt corol, or ab,tion g anday iamarrge. >> s tohaay tte h mp silyoo lngseni up ur cheach tgchind, an youkn aow,innythg sr mingeadi w of hat he's indog. th sis i a pa,stor and a as prto rndespos to op pendle air the
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adalreny o p st.aul e th 2. fr woim aith feemal sa aiden fripdshih wit oma ws an i anotn. si ptheeop ndseehe t puin at of n.woma s he aays w manho do tesn'e hav a fr shienditip w h a nwoma m isngissi so inmethg. a >>its wonh dald tr aumpnd miimiogratn, pe ponc frasis i ov pr oing ance gain hthats e i anotdfrai of tgakinn o co ventrolrsiapi tocs, yi trong tol resve esissu ofth fai with re oral-wprld msoble. le .ster nn>> aome thpson ts ou tideheat vican to t,nighan thks. >> pp> asle iti getng me so bpackum fro se lveralo felwec th ancomp ties aodays it tt ba alesbin feq ruest h to elpunlock an neiphod use by one of e th b sanrdernaino te isrrorts. bu st ac' nbse pet ll wi iamsrtrepos, eapplis resetanc is pr govinhl hig y controversial. r>>orepr:tehe t ba ittleags w ing ngduriti a sllct aeiv ve inatstigion. wi heth t t fbi oday searching the homes of two rivelatessa of n rn benoardima gunyen sd ro fa tok,he ceof o go iogleows nki bacng
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mp cosanie e toenabl hacking ofus crtome de svice and,data he ,saidld cou be a ou trgblinec prt.eden other tech giants, udincl mingsoicroft, ce fa,book t anderwitt de adhed tsuir t.ppor idso d e'appls co nd-fou ser,teve wo kznia oncnbc. i >> think you sd houl abuydu prondct al fee 's it myucprodndt, a wh iatav h iesha wt i in th k i,have a nd i t don' chaveniompaes pl gayinck triehs b ind nme i thegrback.ound ep>> rr:orte but cepoli p arengushi ck ba. os prorecutns i new york sayhe t hyeav 175 ap eplev desiche ty ca otnnpe onor f enevidnce ime cris ng ra fingromnt ideity ef thot trd muer. >> s thi hasmebeco, la adiesgend mentlen, th ile wd west in notech.logy eappl g andeoogl are th oeirwn ersh.iffs there are no lerus. r >>teeporndr: a ma wndy,hose anfice, an sh jnononohns was edkill s inan arbern,dinos says thi es pr aentsgh tou oi chce. >> ou i wovld loe t get as y manwe ansrss a ibpossyilitut abo noshan mn'srurde and 1thehe3 oteor p ple wwho ereedkill, but mi'ls aon a amicer,an iand like my acprivy. r >>orepr:teus besin s peexsrtay s the btlate
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ca be pusectroteing acprivsy i t keyo pl ap e'se.imag he>> tpl peoeee nod t fe hael that whet ty're ngbuyi t issheir and is ly tru emripowe ng, tandshat't wha the eapplnd bra is bmt .upon ep>> rr:ortele app ys saig tonheht t ve gontrnmesn doe't ha heve tal leg th auyorit m to iaket tecrea s newaroftwe d an thelpbihe fn ope l adockeon phe. f noalederrt cou has rever ouledthn at. pe wite mslliabc, n ,newssh waoningt. > >> t nowo ata hosge an and rsomto sorry f dthealigit a maledicen cter in li caiafornce forod t pay rccybenarimils th ndousa ds ofrsolla g to bain cackolontr i ofts utcompers. it f's adrienal cled omrans.ware erhacknfs ingecti utcomp wers ith armalwhee, tn de inmandayg p fmentrom th see uor t garein ac .cess and as snbc' tom co elst lopores,rtt i ulco hdpeapno t you. r >>orepr:tet i happened at hollywood presbyterian medical ercent. all of its cpuomters fr wozen hithrsacke ma degndin $0017,0n i ransomay pleab in on line binitcoso t release the mpcos.uter ck loed out,he t
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th ese bntt it eresof orrest ninglorma er opnsatioe, w did is th. ac trossouhe cntry in in maace, h ekers ven theldhein lcoln co untyifsher f's rtdepa cmentteompurs ho e.stag >> theysk a fedor 'lwe gldllayiv ge y ou e the cod to enunypcrt f itor a nominal fee. >> n eve the cops had no choice to pay up. >> as th wisniar ing s peaparing on the resc.en they've already encrypted most of the information on your sy .stem >> or repter: be cyurrsec pityayro ss ra wansomsre i b nowig sibussne. crentypginea hhlt rdreconds aan fin cial medocu tnts, hen nddema pingntayme for cthe todeo ckunlo em th. co be amingti vicsm i e as aasys a badou mse cl oickn a uppop- owwind, mae- oil,ebr w nkli. t >> whis bouldhee t ta da m oncoy ermput. ca i an'tscces ym anore. >> gh rit. y anth of e lefi s, etwhrhehe trey' otph,osxc e elfis,le erevhiyt ing ns o erlong ceaclessib. r >>teeporntr: iel se tycuriep rorts a j127%inump ns rareomwaes cas in st ju l theast year.
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es thuye gres a pl g.ayin th 'sathe tus besin s modelhe t uy're sing trighw. no ep>> rr:orte to avoid havingou yatr dlda he ho e,stagur secityro ps coredmmen tiupdang yo anur irti-vus wasoftre,bl ena ing your pop-up ocblrske, an acd b uking ypour utcompner o an rnexteal ivdre. th wi h thersackeen oft rla woawd iay,ouf y e ar ha,cked you may ve ha c noehoic t buto tpayhe omrans. m to stco,ellobc n ws ne, inwash.gton a tand s iyingn ca rnlifooria f a me mo ant,n updaten o a r majoiron envalment am dr ha weeeave bn ve co,ring the leak fr om awrreuptudel wl th at hasn beewi speng ma essivmo aunts of ranatuasl go int the iairosn lel angases h pbeenneermantly se .aled omit cftes aouer fr mo onthsakf m ing lepeopk sic and rc fo tinganhousfds o fa esmilim froir the shome inte porr ranch. utsornheal corifani ga ss iin faculg metipl wslatsuind a ve inatstig.ions t 'shereot a le mor elto tl you about heer nitotgh ahd.ea welo yringour ch teoles trol,fthe oen ov loeredok factor that experts say could make all the difference even when statins,
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enough. ls a coghau ot n meca,ra aou trho cerpp plun igingnto haerlpearl
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pe oopled.n boar > >> t for mheonillis of ri amecanstl bat ing high olchroestel, do sctoral usuly re encommocd fgusin on ,diet we,ight and ex seerci andak ting a st .atin ebuttsxper say one of th ose mt sfiignicant ch teoles frolrsacto is al neso oth of meost ov okerloed. as c' nbsan jet amshanliel t ls,us lowering stres cs an
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>> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: college pr esofrsohr ctoiserph edging ton was going no p.nsto ns congulti. i >> w wasngearir fou di enfferatt hs and wo grkinut abo 60 to 70 ur ho ws a aeeknd al reotly nti getng ry veh mucep sle at l. al ep>> rr:orte the eruniv osityfth norern io rowa porfess was galsogivintu lecres ndarou thed.worl o inonne mth al tone,o hsoutre ko a,gey,rman ho kong ng, and nacada. >> ou i cusld jtee s hthatase woi gng 100 smile an hourit wh ipmultecle sriretaes le denggati gsthin. >> or rep tter: ahen -uwakecap ll. tw eao h tbuve ethn ghoue h changedis ht dieand to ok sts,atin his ch esolrote klept cl ngimbi. 'sthatn wheis hto docr ec ch k anerovedlook ct fa hor,stis .ress pe ex srtstray sess can li re heveneormohas tt eaincratse fll ce, wh cichooan bhest t d bae typ of ch teoles krol anowns
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d>> i won'tant to oudisc prageeeoplm fro ki taping lls, buts it' soalmp itaornt tooo lk at other half of the ua eq, tionh whicis di et , dietciexeranse, d re stss. >> when edging ton cut back o hn wiskornd a st dartend spe ming ore wtime hithis gr hiandcn,ldre a amdricatch gean. hi csholeerst follel by ea nyrlal h ffmro 112o t 62. >> iel tl my snttudes ofindoune hrry eve today e take car of ur yo.self do thsomeing,th whe er it'shy plsica or me ontalr atwh.ever ep>> rr:orte h and e's llfoinow hg isctdo'sor ad cevi, ending each tdayinhinkfg ohr tee gsthin forhi wch he's gr ulatef. ni toorc f a st -fressdillefe li. tjane amshanli n,bc ws ne, hon.usto w be're iackn a mo wment tithhe pe trfec ctiondions
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si inght em yosite. w be're nackow wi th a w-japidropng mo cmenttaugh on racame in ha.waii oua telr hteicopr pl ngungio int the
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lpearbo haritr wivh fe pe ooplen arbod. it was enth,s aig muel gualmaer plex,ains that nearby loonokers sprang into onacti. r >>teeporr:ne witsses co tuld sellhiomet ng was wrong. ethai tf l othe ghsieetsginel hicopter was smoking as it qu yicklce desnded towards the rocky shoreline. th heen ten momft o ctimpa. wi tth chepphoer si innk sg,erev galdoo sa tamariluns p nged intohe tat w tero rescue the trapped i>>ee s tn he liheptco serrttaed utsprite angutbo 500 feet and the pilot did wtha w ildouay s wo dule ban amazing jo b. >> ep rteor fr:eiv pe leoper w eoaab ardnd pu edllo tsh e.or latsteane ouf srifeng critical injuries. ralldusheo t ho alspitys b am ethav nayy shes t coheli ipternes owyd b ne ge sisiaav,tion the sa meho c sppereene her fo behere t ascrh. rioffeerng aial tours of a thenarizo mo me srialince 19.99 tonight,he t in stveatigniont i o atwhen w wtngro is underway. witnesses say it's a
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ivsurved. mi guel alermagu, nbc wsne. >> ow> n a toe rar and inamazigg snht i pa rk. a nn stu pingmeheno non .fall afor w few ieeksn fe rybruah eacar ye, th atis waler fusl jt ri mght,gakin it pe apoar t o ben .fire it ri bngs ot phphogra fersinlockg t toarhe pkca to eptur tibeau ifulsmagee lik this one. w whenome cace bk to t,nigh theit digal ininstutct b now instant photos, mbremeheer td kin you
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a mebig cockba. > >>in fally ghtonit, re ermemb d the wayshen h wehoad pto aslbum on r ouhe s alvesnd not ju nst o ourho pnes? dthealigit era has ellargeny shot pto pr tintsayhe wth of e mawalkndn, as kidl wil ex nplait thath anoer ti me. bu tou as e r jorfrye ll tes us, there's ma akingom ckebacn eve hiin tges a of instant n. >> ep rteor fr: aor il wh ie, stmeee odur pr edizho pgrtohsap we dretiesdne to hgan no ot rnleaal wlsut b f onooacebk walls. no lw, aegas vas bu sssine b isinringg li fe. >> ho i t iughtigt mht be aay w g toet pictures of off ofy m dg daum neipho.
5:57 pm
is hg avina ren na rencissae st cusomer l canatibere ei thigr d pital bicsy ac lytualnt pri ing .them e>> wid saha, wft i we co culdereathi ts pe exer ntyeial st deioinatn. ? th utis phes t old ho scol e-onurhoho pto toamshe. st epe,onak te a pi e.ctur frome,thert jusd sen t itneo of othe mp cosany'mp cos.uter he>> ttre i is. >> ep rteor ar: nd thwi innumis,teou ye'v tgo a ptuic oren pa of secour, intnsta ph raotog iphyshi notng for cadedes,ol pdsaroi we re aop p creultu ph omenonen. >> ha w hteav inedo? >> you have just taken your f pirstreictu th wiol a pdaroi . 1000 ep>> rr:orte t ashe fo scusedhift to di tagi lmecas,rahe t ancompady h tola decre nk bacyruptic, twe. da tooly, pdaroi is wbackneith row psduct nandew stcus.omer enmills.nial o>> tem thns, itant phogotphra iy s thsome tingshat'
5:58 pm
ey th n didroot gpw u th wi. r >>teepororr: f the r-undero30 cwd, re ifal-lote phreos a en tr.ding e'>> wadve hs, kid il kmal enimes coo int is thre sto f andheor t t firs etime hver aold icphyshoal pnto i ei thhar nds. it 's edincr.ible r >>teeporror: pn of a agim desnoe h'teavo t v go tiraleo b ramemoble. jo yee frr, nbc wsne , velas gas. >> t' thaois gong t do f itsor u a on urthaysdni mi'te lesr .holt > >>cefier wsindse cauag dame. lwe'let l y kounowow hng lo it will l.ast >> ig> nershbol calt ioa h ousef rrhosor after police say the refi wasrt staednt ionentiy.all > >> ywhateeou nod tw knout abo
5:59 pm
doshutwn 9 the5. > >>lepeop s aredcare a after homeat c fchesireor f t shedecon itimen ms.onth the o wwnerasie td u apeend nded heolp tap eschee t fs.lame w >>hile sneomeont ionentiyall set that fire and know they beeliev s thedecone fir is peynalt s to aendsa masge. tit'sophe tor stony tight at 006:. we areiv l neearwa stendrd a mbla. -an- aionton, w'shat the ssmaage. re>>eportr:ey thli be tevehis i ds arugtl bateat th nneo o swant b topae art of. isthc pla cedalle these hou of rrho wors uentnp ila fme. cbank iov nerembs thi ish te saoume herse we ail famyf oiv fe waous fiend tdp. u foeour p wple tento the htospial
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eon w manouas fndns iide. po sliceay f theire was iniotentlynal set. i >> at's berit nrave wgckin ictwe. >>rtrepoer:rn ove aighton secd refi eterupnd ih towe nan vact ushoe. je lffsiveeh bind theur butnt o sturructe. nyma't donie belve theo secnd refin' waset snnt opo purse. t >>here are aew fuy gows dn the streetry tingo t move s onneomeo el dses trugorerr. re >>rtrepo ter: fhey tearhead b ysgull wii strkega ain. f>> i oneho usegh caunt oe fir wea hve a b tigree iurn o ckba.yard >>rtrepo ter:omhe hes iionterr ispp whiedut o. th heyope e whoyver theas mesag oris fy thet ge it.


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