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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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bign wior f dalond utr,mpno w th e dunteispuepd rcubli an rof-ntnrugl sret i 'sghtou. it's na.sty it 's anme. it 's icv.ious i t'sutbea. iful ut>> bpu reablicelns b iievet's a th-reemanac rse aco maru rbio nd a c tedruze vi toe bcome the ch trief ump cenhall ger. an>> d t he21st tucenry n coatservmoive ntveme t isonhe s of aar b tr endeand ad maifr om ub ca. >> >amehinw,lehe t bh usnadyy st co s me to oaniafficl end. >> tonight, i am speusinndmyg aicampgn. >> um trup, rbiond az cruall mjoineth oris m.ning pl us, hryillali cntons get t wihe snhe so desperately needed in neadv. a s>>meoma hay ouve dbted us,bu t weernevdo teubd echa ot her. >>h wile beernide sanrs eslos in fithe srsttateth wi ave dirse toelec. rate ou>> y 'renggoi to tseehe su re oltsfne oth of eatgre thof ite unsed s.tate b >>ieernde sanrsk maises h case this morning. jo niieng m forsiinght and analysis are, radiok talw sho
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jo n y-anreid. amywaelt r,okcoli poaltic p reanort jod nran,lston dee of th e nevaad ptioli pcalressps cor nd a nbc ant.alys ckchu, iorubr, c auznd saernds, lcwee om stodaun yin a po rist-p amaryand cucus eidit on of tmeetprhe "ess. from nbc newsn i wangshiton, th sis i "meet thee prssth wi kchuc odtd." >> o> gmood ngrni. m i' inwishger ev syrdatuaday h pr riimaeces b wauseoelcome t an inamazung s wdayeherry evegthin se aems b taditle careris th or mg.nin verylysimpo twdl hea oinesut of ro caa linnkp a.evad nwe aow hheve t eethr -way ep rcaublicen ra m soanyec expted an nd weaow hve aoc demcrati f ront-runner again, and her name is ll hiary ntclion, n.agai but'sletar stwit heth t blrepunsica. na dotrld mumpadet ile carat th he is nowhe tpu reablicn t-fronerrunn. u trscmp aored w bignin iut soh ca narolinn wi ing%33 oef th vo te. an l d alel50 desegat at stake. th eba ttle forcosend, ast diant se dcon anfrkly, was ack ba and fo arthirffall ani tgh wthi
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by st ju onece perentag point, 23 -22. b ush,kah,sic scaroney thal l ni fi wshedbeay .hind nd aor befhee tg niht waser ov eb jsh bus wafi oflycial outf o e th.race he rere a tr,umpu r abio cndruz a hes tg niht ldunfoed. > th> ree 'sthnogin ey asoabut ru ngnni foridpresent. i canl tel u.yo 'sit ugtoh. it's asny.t it 'samen. i t'scvi.ious it'sbefuautil. when you witn, i 'sbefuautil. an d' we greoing toar st-t - we areng goi s to wtartnginni ingning for r ountcoury. >> t nowhihe cnldreth of e re agan rluevo tionare r eadyto as e sumthetl mane oferlead.ship to>> t,nigh spdeiteil mnslio and iomillns of daollofrs sefal and ynast ats,tack spdeite the reentityth of e ptiolical es istablthmen cngomi theoget r against us,th souol carina has g uivensan eroth rrkemaable ulrest. b >>hey t y,wa noep rcaublinas h ev er wono s cuthinarola and iowa
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howitoiut gngnt oo winth e no timinaon. on e th modeatcr siceid hllirya cl n into tgotwihe n n shed eede blto tunthern beiend saers enmomtum. ntclieon bat seandrs 4753- n fi allyingettgn a uignamb uous orvicttey afer thil nai bting win in .iowa aherere the rlesuts inad neva ca beleme car. >> s ten ofou thssand of men and enwomth wids ki to raise,il bls o t pay, and dmsreah tat won't tdie, ihissur yo aicampgn. >>be i veliet tha whencrdemoats ss aeembl in aphilhidelpna iu jly atha tt contnveion,e w areggoin to e se thesu reltsof oneth of e gr eat ptiolical supets inthe st hi ooryef thit unsted . ates hi>> tos minrnag packed show. ' weoire gngo tr hea dfromd onal mtruarp, mco biruedo, tr cuz and niberane ssderis th inmorng. t bu' weore g tingo bn egi with rethe blpu icanfrruont-r,nne na doruld t wmp, jhosoin meiv le fr aom plm eabch, rifloda.
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grconaatuls,tionr. si g >> oodinmorng. ha tyonk u. t yhankerou vcy muh. >> let smettarit whis thea id of th wheiter a is rethye-wa c rae. y doelou b tieverehe icpublan om nioinatan's rethaye-w e?rac or yo do lu be ieve ithissou y on wyouroay ttt ge tinghe mi noonatin? > >l,welhi i tnkav i he a big dv ageantat, bu's itrt celyain a th peree- rrsonace. an oud yve ha ap coule ofhe otr o pe ple athat vreery tntaleed th eretoo. e so w ahave vefi -manrace. a tnd i think ihatt'sin gog to be yo, u know, it'sin go tgo be n ot easy. ha i bve aig dvagantaute, b long y waom fr being won. >> lwel, 'sthaty veru h omblef y tou hisrmo.ning k,loos this ha abeen atdramic weekof, i sgues, ngcha es, tiposion gechans,n evey bur yo ndsta.ards edon waynesd youis praed the thhealre ca man,date byid fr ay u yosaid abh.olis onrdsatuouay yd saila pnned r paooenthdd di erwond fulngthis, huon tyrsdayo suaidou y'd de d funit. im slyilar t atheba deoute y ll caeoed g rgeuw. bsh a arli, you osortfck baketracnd ot tha rlate ien th week. e aru yo -- itom ces roacss, are
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be velie a, oroure yt sorof as i thgengs the aatedoure y tcswi hingheat tst la utmine? w ahatere wo tke ma ofll ah t is is thwe ek? >>well, t onhe atmande, ifou y ok lo atthe atmandee, wad h a co , opers who'ifterryic b the way dand id aifterric job, but we e werlk ta oingverch ea eothr. k,loowa i --nt 'r weoe g tingo r lepead an larepce ocabamare. maoba icares aot tal and lcompete isdr.aste ' itins goo g tbe ngoe. rewe'ng goi toe com up w aith tgreal heatha clare phen, w ther hit'sh ealt scaregsavin a unccots. w ve ha e a olotiff dntfere gsthin. c weetan g o ridef thli nes webeten esstat,e' wllav heat gre co itmpet ivebinddig. t buay i s t allimhe tu e yocan ca itll th any yingwaou nt. pe aopleotre nng goi d tonie i he tmi ddle t ofhe eestrt. op perele at nong goi to dieon t ihe slkdewa ifm i' sipre,dent o kay. l>> eet met gom sngethi ef divinitome frou y onh tis -- >>ckchu,cu exse me, i t sayhat to ck paed hsouse withh tanous ds nd aou thssand of oppele. pu recablimons y.stl nd aet i gnd staing tiovaons. m i'not going to leta tht pehapn. if i'midpres went,ee'rot n go toing e havop peyile d ongn t he ststree. u yo c canallit at wh everyou wa --nt >> no,dei unanrstad tht. et l a mesk youis th-- >> in' dotal ctl i nma,date it's oncommse sen.
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aw lbo anyhody w cano affrd thhealu insceran has tveo ha t?i >> inkthi, .no i nkthi's itng goi b tope u to .them nti wa t it uo bepto m.the bu mt i'al relyki talngou ab t op pehle tanat caf't fordit. w ne'reoiot gong tle t lepeop d nie i sorqual usbecaee ware ep rcaublins. ok ay. t s hat'partof p theemrobl with the ubrepnslica. rr ho ibletiposion. we 'reg goinato take c oref pe e.opl ut b,o, npl peon'e dovet ha to h itave . ' weoire g tngveo haat gre plans. y'theoire go ng tbe at lo less ex ivpenshae tn amobe.acar he t gy'reoing to be pre.ivat rethe g are oingbeto ot ls of f dienfer ttops.ion e we'rggoin h to aave lofot di enfferopt s.tion ri nghtoow yveu ha no onoptis. yo owu kn why? aubechese tur insance caompny nt coedrolla obbema ecausy the av gime hot a l of y.mone t'thays wh h youavein l aesndrou t he tsstalt tha youn' cat get c tiompe tivedibidng. >> w not' leves mo toan plned re paodntho. ou y dndefeed the othero wrk neplanda phorentod s.doe >> t' thas hrigt. i do. no>> w youid sao yu'd fudend it. t >>shat' t,righi d.woul >>crdemo watsill sayhe t money y the givetonn plaedre paodntho
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tthatohe mneyh teyve gi to pl d annetdparnd hooy onl goesto th oomer w henshealt iesssu in dicluamng mamogrndms ain thgs li thke at. if ou yne kw theov genernm mtyone re wely onin goog t t,hatou wld youorsupptdi funngpl danne re paodntho? > >h.yea itif n' didvet hado to th wi a tiborons. lo iok,er unddstan andanm y, fmanynriehods w areme wowhn o de unndrstaan plnedpa horentod tt behaer tyon ru o i willve er d unanerstdt ithand oey d some yvergo ood wrk. ce alrvic cr,ance oll otsf wsomen a he lthesissure aa tkene car of. i ow knon ef othend caesidat i 'twonti menthon neir sameaid e we'r notnggoi s topend that ki fnd oey mon onwo hmenstheal i sssue. a i m. pl dannepa horentoeod d aso god jo ab in lotof dreiffentea ars bu not nt o tiaboron. i so n'moiot gtong d funt i if 's itng doihe t orabn.tio i n am got oingtond fu it. ow nhe, tayy s 3it'snd% a it's 4%. so sme ay 60%. i t don'evbeli'se it60 % byth e wa buy, i t kthin's itob pr aably m luch owernr.umbe but pedlann pntare dhood soesome ve oory gd work. b ut iu wold defundas g lonas th eey'rng doi aiobortns. >> l alt.righ le et me movto thesu isfe o .iraq
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le pt me ylayoue thwa hordrn ste ip cl in . 2002 >> okay. e.sur e >> whaven a ideao wh ethenemy ndis aot a lf oes timhe t ol pciiti danston't wan t to ell thyou at. re>> au yoforin ngvadi aqir? >> ,yeah iue gss so. m, uis i w wh it-as -is i wheh t fi rstim te ist wane do recor. ctly no>> w,ea clrlyu yodn di s'tound alikenth enstusiaicup serport o e f thwar. b ut im ari cuousth in sedecon tpar t of hatqe,uot i wish the ir fist tt me iwasne do eccorrtly. w dohat m youean by t?tha >> ,wellat wh i meany bat th is a ittlmos sdnhoulav't hene be d one. yo owu kn, iea r lly'tdonv een know iwhatn meausbecae that w las a ongtime ago. o whws knoha wast w in my d.hea t i thinkhat itwa sn'to dne r colyrect in rspetroitect ulsho dn't bhaveeene dont a all. it swasort of, you know, w itas ne do. wepdroped bsbom. ,now y ifou look back, alactuly wthatroas pybabl c thectorre wa yf o ngdoi it,ot nin gong i an otd n ttupseingiv g tinghem a solesrn o not. th i sinkrenioua actlly did a
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ngdoi. he t wen in,e hug ta ththem a ss leon. a whppt ha enedheis wasau tnted ubecasase ddamse husinas w yi saweng ve droa bck the me ansricae, thly ugam aericns we redr ivenckba t,hewe pofr o ir aq,the wpoer. w ell,wewe tren' endriv acbek, h st ju dedecidno t- - ragenel and ot s her lsaidet'st nogo in. lt ah hougini thkyb mahee nt waed o tgo .in y ifou look aty mnv coatersion w ith rhowad,re we'ry veo god ri f, endserdiff tent han whatyou he onar e th adr bio,utwe 're ry veod go ndfries. on d'tor fget asi w a erealestat man andsibumanessn. wthatheas tst fir time t ihink at thst que wionasv eveer e n ke asfd o me. th asat wg lonrebefo w thear to plok .ace at th wasy,man many msonth b e efor the twarook cepla. yandouou ceeld s b myy eransw i
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joeca srr boough earelsed a in postt yeyerdawe a tetsa ying um trisp igrht,oo lk what he t jus.said y avou h e to atakeo latok .that rebut legardhess t i warrn iaq w as a stdisaer. asit wba pro tblyorhe wst thing, if l you aookthe t lemiddt eas w, no all sttarbeed ecaus t ofhat r hoeriblis dec tiono goto in aq ir. d an k you wnow whate end up w ith? innothg. w ene spt $2 troillin. we e havsathou andshond tdsusan of lsivell kied. j ustsathounds arc.nage wandvee hand woued rwas,rior wh lo iovell aer ove th cepla, g ri aht,wend e havth no aingnd ir isan nowi takovng er raiq. y'theeeve bntr yingtoor f many, ma eny descadd an nowhe ty're alfinaly t okingver raiq. w asite sre heey th're tgakin ov er iraq. etwe gh not ing. et>> l g me yiveou onemo re is wsuehereyo urt so ofwe nt un co terhato wst ice per aiveds r liepub canodorthndox at tha is t hess i ueofae isr alind the le paiastinns. y saou eid wdadnesyou yt wanoed t ebe nalutr int tha spdiute. laexphain wt raneutlan mes aubecseme soe h ardthat ihen t pr sro-i caeliniommundty a hi t nks,oh, he's ggoino tbe i-antelisra. xp enlait wha youan me by
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>> .no vei'm rory pr-isael. in t, facas i w thee had heof t is i rael pdayearad aum n oberf ar yeo,s agdi i d ame comalrci f orne atanywhhu en hse waet gted teeleckd asmeed todo a co cimmeroral fm, hiid i d a m coiamercorl fm. hi .i am ut bon i dwa't ont t be -- k,loo the hstardein th dg toois at th in t oermsf l,dea if yreou' a ldeaer p son,rt,igh the umaltite ea dlis t tha adel. eisral, patiles ine,fou y 're in go g tomake it,h tatr plyobab heis t hstardede alrethe iso t m ake. plpeoree arn bo with trhaed, th reey'gh taut trhaed. d anav i h teo sayt i'sos mtly on th ee on e,sidot non e th other e,sidt buhe ty'reg tauhtat hred. i y sa iths,if i'm goingo tbe sipret,den i'derrath ben i a itpos bionseecauwi i ll trye th tbesca i n. an md i' a veryod go madealker. be vlie.e me ryto t andso tlvehat pue.zzl 'ryouote nng goi s to olveit if ou ygo're ingeto b onne ode si or tanoher. reve uyonestnder andst.tha 'mif ing goi tol sove the ob pr ilem,an w t tongo iit wh a c sleanelater oth ywiseeou'r ve neoir gng toge the t ercoopn atioheof tt o herside.
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> >lddonau tr imp,o'm gtoing eleav it rethe. n,agaigr conlaatustion onur yo g bin. wi ay stfe sa one th ratil. llwe' beat wngchi on estu day. ha>> tyonk u. t yhankerou vucy mh. y >>ouot g it. rallt.igh i'moi j nned bowyh t mean who me ca ino secnd last ghnit, tosenarar mcoio rubof rifloda. atsenor ro,ubico welacme bk to "m teetprhe "ess, sir. th>> yoank u. t kshan h forngavi me n.o > >yout go .it ok ay. s aorrytbouha tt. et l mest artth wio hw f youeel ou abtht wiis n --s thico send p lacei fnishst la t.nigh hyou vead eryjo mar esndornteme at th c you ould hhavead andet y u yollstiin fdishe ast di ant co sennd ith souca inrola. ow h y do louook athi ts as a po isitndve a not a ganee?tiv b >>seecau 5%6 ohef t peeopl te vod yrdestenday aut abo o 70%f p reicublarans d ounthe crounty av hide sa w weantom seoneer oth an thal donumd tro p toube r mi nonee. th re pemobl t ishatot veas w lstiliv didedve enas ltgh nit ngamoe fiver oth pleeop orur fo h otper e.eopl ini thowk ne the racis r nangrowin ever moe. an sd a itro narndws ati con nues to ownarr,e' wrei gong to on cuetin to.gain
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yousu uallyon d'tha ivve fe ca igmpapens ongrati ftiull-nme i sta tatehise latto in the cepross. t shreeestat .in t bufe i ela gret tnhat haow tt e thic choaves hcoe beesme lnds a ,lessre mond aor m tehatew n ot ver analtere tivtona dold tr p umvotes ig gointo escoalce ar uoundnds aha we veo ta mke th oe work t make that pha pen, buteewe fool gbod aut th at. he>> tue issth i alink l ep rcaubliavns hde hang goi up ag t ainslddonamp trut whe her s it' jbeeneb h,bus ted rucz, yo u'vedo t ne iatt liitle bas ,wellu yoy sa he's n rot aeal re lipuboncan s thiueiss. 'm ie sur yourd hea my inviterew w ithhim. dhe 'toesnve haot a l of ad trnaitiopul reanblicnc staes on esissund, a yete h's llsti niwinng. vo s?ter ye>> ah. we ll aco uple tshing phapen, n rumbe h onele'l sayom sngethi er ov t thendop a youu gys t inhe pr wessillde cideet l's not rcoveyt an hingandcu fo s tonhe agoutrfe o astntteme. he 'sen be very goodat m doininatatg th. an nd in a 11s perron o 15er pson f iieldtwd croed a lot ofe pople ou t.
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do. th ece s pond iointld woue mak is pe eopl r arelyealng a aryt wa gtshinndon aey the haviga rht o tbe. t shat' i why ran in0201 bthy e w ay. an itd e's bsecauid i d wn'tant myne xt use.s. r natoe to b eosomhone w g was toing uo gop d an do theesam stuffp peole e hav beeng.doin aourenrgumist s it' okay to an agrypsnd ut et ainwash,gton t buan geral one ist nougenoh. y ou sede arve neeomin whol tels yo uxa ectlye' herhs w wate're nggoido to d an tousline atht. y sonoou k wwhat'r youe tgeg.tin thso sere'me soel lev of co acabunty ilite.her so cmyigampaisn bo aut isth. w ree ay ver isreal ticutabour o ch enall geshtrigw no in this ntcoury. bu e't walre ptso otiimisboc aut theurfutbue, nt oly ife w do a ew f ith.ngs iand o'm g ingtoll te you ex lyactat who thhse ts ing.are d ant' thas a bigdi enfferince th isam cnpaig beetw menr. ru t cmp'sigampandn a e.min hii thank t gt's toing bo tegino tt ma er a mlotore nowec b ause er thee arss lep peonle i the ra ndce ae morme tito pay enattn tiooto sfme o that. >> ok lo,ro thutugho thewe iekt wa es clar a lot ofmp casaign ou thyoght hau d enmom atum, lot of ca gmpaiwens oire gng arfte u. yo e'herson tae atd ck a cthatruz put up on i want to play ap- sniofit it
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othe therdesi. > >nowe k hw wetoave l deathwi th 1e m1llionie pleopha t tear he re lillegaly. >> ha we o ve t wdealthith e 11 iomillnn idudivi walsarho ere he il lllegay. >> the tbillhat senatorb ruio putwa forrdth i ink is aat gre cepla to arstt. t >> sheytillha tove ua qlify itfor . >> inpassg aac bunkgrod hecck. >> pseasd aac bunkgrod k.chec > > apay alpenty. >> y pa a fine. pa>> yingta . xes ta>> srtyi pang tas.xe > it> on we't b a qkuic prs.oces t >> hatis ag lon path. ut>> b w it bille a fair p ssroce. >>ibut t dohink it's fair. >> o, s seonatr, iow kn you co 'tuldn t see hesad a weye plad t, i s i'mureu' yovehe ard it and seenfereerench, watt par of at th i adsot n e?tru t>> ies don't tematr. th oie p-nt -r fi ostf all pleeop d di cn'tabare outit. th sis iw non att aacki gonng o stin aaterfteta stean pdleeop e havesprocansed ded unndrsta 's itse a sriouue isst thadsnee o tsbe d.olve mb nutwer o,co i uld pute th ac ex st aamed on atbou ted cruz. d te cruz hsaide wedantto nd fi aprcome,omisd tez crud saihe tewand tong bri 11ll mi ion op peutle o t ofhe owshads. ed tuz crid saat th hean wted mi imiogratren mfor to pass.
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s toeolv a veryff diticul ueiss. wandeed tri to purodhece t best a osnd mton catserv ivebill po blssiine aen satetr condolle h byarryre aidte thmeti. thand enen sitd overo tthe ho usend a have them, erconsvevatiaks, mite n eve be r.tte diit wdn'torkt ou bseecaue th ehouser nevk too it up. and nsoow it'ser vyea clrha tt t nhe oayly wfo drwar is ggoin to be d too it in epiecs bnieginng by ur secouing rdr boer. tthaha's we't wll .do wh 'men i repnside tt,hese nate l'bilnos gtgoino t wbehat ' wepere ongratif o fof. ' itis gotong e b ginbyoc fgusin on cu se oringurrd bo fer airstnd fo stremo. d anil unt youthdo at, yeou'r no ot ging b toele abo tdo yt an hing. else al>> gl riht. i t goalto tock press. yo oku wupe ine tsenneshe tis rn moing. th eat t mllshae tat's lleitt t bi a of ,tellha tt's aa stte oobvi yuslyhiou tnk cayou nn wi oner sup etu.sday er whsee el doou ywi nn ope sur ue ty?sda now ait's boutinw.ning you h'tavenn woyet. y otou g w tosin heomewre. >> itis. ,wellhi i tfink orstfal ls a we u rsnde atandhell tseat stes a dwardateleges fediflyrent. w soave he a deriffentat stregy r foeach t of sheses tate
8:17 am
en wh wegetto ine thnn wi terake all atstes,n i ma,rch bigh cunks of gadeletes,t' thahes woure y ne o ed twint sates andee i fl ve gory abod wouthere we're nggoi b toye b enth. i' otm ngo ing t overeo al tyou o amur cn paig bplay book utrewe' oi gtong bein a lot of di reffent esplac', im in te sennesee, b in nsarkaas, n a,evadre we'in goog ton ctest an od wverk ry hardor fho tse u cascuse on tayuesd k andeep vi mofong drwar a inn buofch o erth ceplas. e w ahaveti naonal pacamign. nda f ileer gteabo aut it es alpeciafly lter asthtnig. >>riall ght. se rnatoco mar bru io,i'mgo ing o tvelea itth.ere ay ste safthon eaitrl. t' iois gtong a be g,biui qck race overq,dne xt 23 nktha. you no tw todehe atmocracic re an d aseclo c butalrucict vi ory s yedatery. an dbi a owg bl m forxty ne es guset, rnatorn beie ndsaers. we melcock ba tome "thet e e pr" ss,atsenor. >> d gooto beit wh . you le>> tme ta srti wthet som hing sayou nid o rifday. syouaidn o ayfrid itul co d be 1 0, 20, 30 years from nowop pele wi oll lokk bact aat whp hadpene inva ne adand say twhis heas t nbegi ningheof t political re tivoluon.
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rn tu t outayhe w you ugthoht. w hat haedppen, sir? >> l,wel hwhateapp ned is over e tht lasve fi ws,eek k,chuc we me caom fr 25 tspoinwn do tove fi i ponts down. uas isnderd taneit wua act lly twonhein latoto ve syeaterdy, chwhi is ag biak breugthroorh f us . t bu theo vterur t noutwas notas hi asgh iad h nwated. wand hat i'vesaid o avernder ov iaga n,we will doe wllen wh y oungplpeoe, wheno wngrki class plpeomee cot. ou d weoto n doel whel wn thevo ter rn tu outotis n la.rge diwe nod dto asoo gd ab jo as i ha dt wanoed tin brg out a large ur t. nout yo>> nu ktow a thest lai m nute rtheree weor repthts atha rry ei rdd an theli cunaryio unwen re wo ngrki to try to beef ptuuturno pineslacre whe haillry ctlinon wasin gog d toeo wllin includg ig rheht tnre oe thri stinp las ve gas. do t you thinkmahat de a di reffe?nce >> it'srd ha to twha i dono kw is, hucck, our ss meofage a rediggco enomy in ic whoph penle iev nada and unarohed tun cotryre ao wgrkin
8:19 am
mo alst allew n omincnde al weath isng goio t ttheop 1%,l i'l ll te youme sogthin ,elseh tis is sueof ao cptrru caiampgn fi cenante sys me wherbigey mon te in irestnll waee strtyi trng to buy eiolect tns,hose are the ss ithues reat a retisonang. ag iain,sh wie w hada had gelarotr ver rntuout. t byhe weid llth wirk woing cl pass e.eopl re bmem wer,ree we tngaki on a dican wdatehora n in 0208. sh nee kwva neda a lot erbett wthandie d. sh ade he tham nes aof lotf o her posups.rter s mo i'ou prf d otheam cnpaig at th we ran. o usbvio wly i ishweco hauld ve do ne att libile t ber.tte t bu t athe endf othey da i th inkshege 9ts 1 ledes,gate we g 15et egdel.ates owe mnve oo t thee nxt atste. >> wa it ser intngestite lisning heto rto vic srychpeest la ni .ght ani wt tayo plli a c ip oft c be iause mayndsoumi fa tliaro u. yo re heis it . >> al wrel st cetanev neer b lo altowed h tenreatin mare st et inaga. b no cankean b tooig b to ifal, enotixecuve toopo ulwerf to . jail
8:20 am
ra ettchuped her orrhetic on l waletstreec beaus of your ca dndiacy. doou y see that as ai vrycto of so rts? th at yveou' goter htr ying- - >> hucck, ckchu -- >> --mp coyoare ur ssme age. e'>> wore lgokino int criopyght ueissrs hee. ethos areou r ws.ord ,wellio obv uslyini th k twhathe c seryreta has gnrecoedize ds i the am anericop perele a eemxtrely an abgry touthew poer of w all etstreth, e g,reedhe teg illal vibehafor ol wal eestrt. by the ayw, thect faha t wthen a ki ged tsic pked up with ma anrijuhaa, tidt kts ge a cepolic reord,wa trll seet ex ivecutese doystrth e onecomy, t 'shere nor putosec aionnsgait m.the e th acameri pnleeop ustnderand t whateee nde r calgehan in this un cotry. in v my aiewpo calitil vo reonlutich whiys sat to he pe eoplt on op, youw kno awht, gyouuys't can have itl. al >> 's itnt itieresheng t guyho w had the beiggst ersup pac of all me tid ha too drutp of o the ra ce.
8:21 am
hegu arably hadre mosp lecia t interespo supngrti his ca dndiacy. n iso't srtth of e pleeopea alrdy ov rnertuing czeitinsni uted? is yon't esur m asageonnd dald t wrumpe ho've don wthisutitho pe supar ics,sn'tis th adylrea nareso?ting no>> --w iell, snomes way it is . ut bth i yink,ou w,knof iou y kloo j ateb 'sbush aicamp ignt's or mhe tanst ju nemoy. it he's ttu na reheof tdi candate d an thess me aagend all that f.stuf lbuteet me giv ayoun exe.ampl htrig nowha we ve edrais,i as de unnrstat,d i hucck,re mo c ibontrnsutioom fr peeopln tha ll hiary conlint s.ha b heut sow's n goingo intthe su paper hac tsht heas whhic c fomesroma wstll t reeandy ver w hyealt viindis.dual wshe illbe toudispenng us in thext neu nmberof ks wee ec pry iselaubecfse oat th ersup ac p. thdo esehi tngs mar?tte tyes, heydo. >> re whe areou y ggoin toin w ne xt? yo gu've--ot ou y c jan't ust om cce .lose u' yore ri yght,oue camse cloin ne .vada tbutino w yougo t to .win d an s upertuy,esdaan c you win a
8:22 am
ersupue t?sday u yo't done hav toi wn aa mtyjori of theatstes,t bu n youtoeed n wijoa marity heof teg del ates y ife ou'rnggoi w to tinhis >> gh rit. el we'l, wrest ngudyit thass iue ve lory csely as tohe w rewe ocallouate r oures arcesnd ocall atemy e.tim hii tenk wve hao a godsh not i lo co.rado oda goot sh in esminnota. g aoodh sot in mahssactsuset. t i k hinrewe aki loong ptyret g ood in okmalaho. st laol pl iaw s my ownte sta of moveradnt h a us t80%. he tre. d an ini thek wll wipr surise plpeoine me sohe otrat stes as we ll. on>> dou't ye hav b to heater in pla aceli exke tasr ogi virnia or estennsee? b ataig ste to ,sayyo u know t,whaan i cin ws thi minoonnati. n'i cajut ost cme e.clos 'tdonu yo thaveo do ?that >> no, reyou'g riht. ok lo,at he tnd e heof t dayat wh u' yore ngsayi is ,true youee nd le des.gate ouas yw knoes th aerete sta by st ate ropioportnalle deongati- - egdel gateso out.
8:23 am
we i the nk w ahavet prety good ot sh atpa rtsf o atexs. ruso tst me, a were fsiocung ve ary honrd tg ryinto get as ma ny dgaeletess a we bu ltet meal sosa y isth. arwe ne iis thra cet to he co ntnveion. i nkthigo we ot stame stes mi coong dhewn tke piat the' wre in go dg toveo ry,ve ryl wel in. t i ,hink youknow,if you look atat nliona lipol ong,urpp suort is wigrong. so wenkthi, k,chuc wvee hao cme a y,verry velo ng way. hii thenk tst fir time is wa on ur yoow sh w we pereblrobay at 5% in the s.poll w e'remo,ving we're mngaki grpro ess. ll>> aht rigbe, rnie ndsaers, i k yonow iu'reno s cuthinarola th is mngorni, but this raceoe gs na nationl i a y.hurr nthaorks fco ming on. ay ste saf onthe t,rail sir. ha>> tyonk u. a whnd een wom c eacbk, how wi l ldteru cz rpoesdnto ot anher i thlard pince fish? h ine jo ns meext.
8:24 am
or across the globe in under an hour. whe coolunmmies itare living on mars and solar tesaesllit pr e eaovidwirth unth d limiten pocleawer. in less than a cenry, tueibo ngoktohe w tldorrom fapsenes la to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, juyou wai re ayou'&tn at b smallsusinespert ex?su re am. s my coutaffseld uhe your lp instayoug in tithch wcu s.stomer
8:25 am
am i in seeleg doub? a'no mouam. 'r at&tone buy getfrone keee' ma eass itier yofor taffur sse to nd inappot retmenermindous to y rstcuomers... ...andha smore pros ontionso edcial mia? you know it! m now i' dseeingr siollagns. shyou roould py gebablurt yoes eyed check. good b oneabe.op try tomer.humo ri noght upw get 50 to $6 in ed crto hits yoelp chu swit to .at&t > >>lc we omek.bac i'moi j nnedow by theve ry ronarirw thda plcein ferish in tsouroh caa,linat senedor t cr uz. na se wtor,meelcock ba"m to eet th ese prs." >> ucch gk,ood inmorng. >> let me sttarh wit ap cli from yo prur cesseonfcerenat th you dhel on dnwey.esda be secauha i qve aiouestnn o the erothe, sidut bwa i ont t s how t iubecaitse me seed uenlik ot herv eentst tha youad h held th ghrou touthe mcan.paig he itre is. >> a cuultre etsxisit whine th
8:26 am
o pe tpleoke ta atadvange of a si tituaikon lthe nis i ave ry s disthoney wa. >>, well i'vesaid's he been lying ecbeaus y if souay etsom thing ihat tsn'true and u yo sayveit ord anoverga ain d an kyou inowt's nottrue, e'ther os northerd woor f . it > > tyoualko ab puteeopl that l ties, ihiseds t cruz. s thiheis tge bigist li'ar ve e sever en. h>> tasat wng goi b toye m co seqund onestibu, 'mt igo ing goto e,ther h youdearit e,ther hr tdiee efferannt ctdidaaes hve c ac yusedofou b aeing liar. hia trdne out of o three h sout olcar inaervothos t ughtweyou re nn ru tingmohe st unthtruful mp ca.aign alhas ofl this hurt u?yo ha sit k?stuc >> oh, lin,ste ckchu w,e saw th with bona dotrld aumpnd marco iorubat th theirre sespon wh erenev yountpoi to ainnythg hein treir icords justto l yel a lir, liar, ialr,nd a toet g ry veso pernald ano t makeir dect accharter acattks. d anmyro appachom fr v theery g benginni t ofhismp caaign st inartg a ayearsgo iat th i ll wi r notndespoki in nd. i nodo ntt i endtosu innylt a of cthe dandis.ate ili wil sngei thr ispraes. 'l iinl snag dold'sis praesnd a rc ma o'ssepraians d ybeverody eels's seprais. ibutoi'm gtong keephe tfo cus
8:27 am
tand'shere a roneas whyy the re scam arli. ca beuseen wh youoi pnt to trhei o wn orrecds,ir the ownot v ing ec rs,ordir the own wo,rdsey th n doli't keir the rdrecoecs bause e thecir r aordsre cointensisnt wi hath wt t'rheynne ruoning . u yo,knowal donumd trp t tehreatoned e fil afa deonmati s aguit tains f meornn ru aing tv adt thasicontestendd enscodistemo alst vitele.sion thateais r ally arremlekab eo ththry dat'smaefa ttionsho ow op pe wlehat heid sa onti naonal tv. i nkthiot v aersre sermarth tan t.tha >>tosenai'r, oim gong tla py pthat cresseronf cencelipo t yo eu bsecau m toent cosrast from wh ouat y just said. he t re is.i >>na dolds ha had alo nga creer of ng usir getea wlth ando pwer yi trong tll buy rsothe. newheanver yone psointo te thir t ac ualred,cor there nsspoef o b dooth dnalmp tru andr maco orubi isto yell the word liar. en whreveo anyoene dss ais thad sdoel p tayshe actual words of lddonamp tru on onnatial
8:28 am
yell oulder. rthei segtratisy syimpl toll ye r,lia liar, liar. >>you didan en tire psres n conferece. i st wame so 30i mesnutn o dn wyou 'terenlk ta aing tbouthe ss ithues ouat yrm no dallyok tal a boutheon t t.rail u yon'werehet tpy hapr warior at th youjust ridesc ybedseourlf as in beg. item seased ouif yow alled y eloursof tse eslntialy let t rump and rubio soet gnd uer yo kiur shan tout yoc fusedn o em th y andeou'vst looc fus on ou yr own samesge. oh>> , lin,ste chuck, i was then amand nower vchy mu aap hpy riwaror. y ver muchyfjoul. a thest pros crenfewance s slyimp to sc di tusshe acf wts,asla ying t oue thu actal tsfac. no t eginganng i accharter ckattamys f,selst ju pngutti out aherethre e tsfac,er hear e the id ev, ence iand d,note for am ex tple,hat both ofth erem we l re oyingn rifabiocatns. r foplexamone, dtrald ump tw deete outo twothe arld uo qte ealllygedm fro sorenatom t c rnobump ingugnimy hotynes.
8:29 am
pu lyblic s and taidhat equot was uanrtte brfaioicatn. s i aidit's ryeall rrkemaableto s woee t caatndides,mp tru and iorub,i makngh t uingsndp a ut p ttingshing out forhi wch ether n isevo ceidend anno s.basi buttelisn, ckchuhe, t itampornt i thisng wead h an idincreble ievenng last night. nlastightha w wte sawpp haen in so cuthinarolaa, pulrticarly e whun yo put ,iowaw ne h hamps sire,h outocara lin etog, ther ttwoshinge hav ha nepped. nu r mbeone,h tere isow nly on e onon strg ceronsvevati t inhis wraceanho c inw. a wend seeo cvnseresativ ticongnuin to unitei behurnd o ca gnmpai. ut bmb nuer two, foryo anneho w es do n'tevbelithe onat dald tr p umis thet besca andidtote go-theadado-heth will hiary tclininon n beovemndr, aat th's ab out70%f o rliepubcans onnati wwideho't donin thk lddonamp tru is thei rght y,gu r ouam cnpaig is they onl mp ca taign hhatasat beeno dd nal ptrum and thatca bneal dond p.trum so at wh rewe'se ieing wse're ngseeipu reanblics cgomin tous in edincriblebe numrs too g --
8:30 am
shfinihed tird in aat st weith th ige hhestan evcagelil touurnt th atwe 'veen se d an youis fin hedth.ird thatrt soof sndoe'tpp su ort at wh you just isad,at th ns cotiervaaves ore c ming ge to athernd yiralltong your us cae. >> , sohu c ck,our path to ct vi fory tromheeg bnginni was al wayseldo wl t infihe rstfo ur st sate anden th have a onstrg, s g trontnigh onpe suuer tsday mi copng u onch mar 1st. ina iowv eneeryot in rehe pss sa eid wul codn't win,e w won whoverngelmito vicinry wioa. in w nepshamehirv eneeryon i the spresd sai aon catservive c dnoulo't dll we in ade mo rate ennew dglana stte. w weon a sngtroi th rderthe. nd an theouin sath cnaroli we wereec efflytive tied for se d.con w a aeekgoo d wnald0as 2in pots ea ahed, w cdloseat th gap. wandwehat sawth erehe terre we n aerumb ofry ve enagcouring t s,hing o forne thing,e w won un yoopg penle i sh outolcarina. o amur cgnpais wain rs fi ptlace it wunh yoeog pple. heby t y,wawe won young pleeop in iowas a l.wel an e d w wereecin sondce plah wit g younlepeop in new shhampire. ooneef thin thgse w'reee sing y isoung pleeopho w are
8:31 am
wwho oanturns couttitliona htrigars, eo cgmin to our m can.paig iandouf yt wan b toeaton dald ru t ymp,knou ow, onef o the cl eseartic indnsatiowh of n o ca beatum trp isna dold sdspen er evaky wingme montat itack ng me . d he'toesnac attkth oer ca atndideces beaus e he his m cagnpaiew viss us athen o ly al reea throt t .him a hand t wt'swehy 'reei sesong ny maop peomle croe a aundnd y,sa li n,ste went wa a real ns cotiervave. we n' doat wnt aas wgthinon de akalmerho w willsu tppor de ramocndts a cutls dea togr ow ve gonrnmet. nd a given iheto ton cryism of co rarpote wreelfa. >>ckqui aly,oure y g gointo be onat dtrald inump xa teons rc mah 1st? i >> cinertalyo h peso. s,texaan i cwa't nit i aco uple ay d s tobe meho. >> must win, i take ?it >> it bwillede wonrful tol seep in my own bed. lo weok, pe ho wedo lwel. b i eveliee wll wi dolwel. w ge'venot a angmaziam te in te .xas vei loa texnsnd a stexa is cl yearl theo crjewn wel ofu sper sdtueay. we ie bele've woire go ng tdo r vevey, elry winl te.xas d anre we'in gogo tdo veryl wel
8:32 am
andrewe'ea h rdedight nown i st ju anur hore we'ea hdedo t v ne tadaoo g and worko tn ear v s otee.ther >>l,welea sp kingheof tad ro to ersup uet,sdayt thawh's 'mat i ea d wling itht.nex an yywaen, srato ted, cruzksthan fo or cming .on a stfey sa one th aitr l,sir. >> ksthan, uchck. you. too w when ceome k,bacth at pr bioveroal rtoad er supsd tueay and the esstath eacidcandate w beill us foconing .
8:33 am
ke jase ree , "day to feel alive" rjake eese, da" feey toivl ale" youife havramode tteveo se reeurhtomartid aithrikis lmee ,anu'd yo trengalkio t yourrhtoeumagilost aba out olbiogic... is i thmis hura. ithismis huelra h tpinglio remy peve ain and ecprotoit my jomnts frrthe fumar dage. th iishumis graing ivme new perspective. doctors have bn eecrpresinibg mirahuor fen y trsea. mihu wraororks fad many .ults t it aargetselpsnd hbl to ock ifa specourcic se of aminflon tmati hatriconttobutes symp ra .toms chumiraoweran lr youyabilit f to infightonectis, ud inclbeing srious,imesometal fatct infendions acers can, udininclmpg ly homa, hhaveneapped,
8:34 am
riouseals rgicleea rioct,ns and w ornese worning faheart e.ilur re tbefomereat nt gette fstedor tb. te youlldor or ict fyou' bven toeere aas er whaie certngaln fuin nsfectioom are cmon, if yand e ou'v,had tb tihepati as b,rore p ne tofectin,ions horflave liu-ke mpsy otomssor res. dot stn't armirahuf iu yoha an vefeinion.ct talko tocyour dand tor tvisimi hu.ra.comth huis is at ev ery day you read headlines about nebusiesss beg inckha aed indelntctlelua erprop bty seingleton. atthcy is crber-ime an ffd it a eacectsh evand y erofone s. u microsoft created the digital crimes unit to ht fig-c cyberrime. sewe uic the mft croso tloudvio e sualizrmatinfoion so ca we k n trachedown tcrim s.inal i whenmes t coheto tud clo, tr t usseand ricurety a ra paunmot. we're builng wdit hawe learn back into clthe dou
8:35 am
al l right. im te to set thead ro ahead. we 'resi ungme "heet tss pre" d dataoaownlod t do itbe ecaus ouif ynk thiin thavgs hene be tu lerbuhrnt tough now,a wit un yotil uee s n the23ext .days sfirt, thepu reanblices hesad wt to naevad on tuy.esda democrats will go to shout ro ca nlina extursatday. bu tt iar's mch 1st weher tgshin get ifascngnati. fthe irstof aco uple ofer sup tu y.esda o14 ctsntest tha day. thon goe idp see th t essablinthmevo fared moarc bi ruo. e' hois gong t be sifocu ingn a pllices ke acmassthusets, nmina,esot givir.nia teducr hz,e'sgo tingo be am cnipaigng ien thde ephsout e. s.c.te stafs o aal,bama rk as,ansage a.orgi d an c ofseour he ghasotto win isin ho hmeta steof astex. la rgeng evaalelicul popnsatio he p homaes heke t dreiffencein ll a t e hos deephsout testas. cl losey. t i think hisgois ting to behe sw sting ateof supersd tue ay lo angth wi vinirgia weher abesthmlis centidand hatesave
8:36 am
ns cotiervave t'thaers wh reubione edsto beat tr ump. tr umpouof c irse gs toingo be a fa rctoer evreywhe ase h'sve pron s r.o fa for the modes,crat rewe'o lngoki a dylrea atil hlarycl ninto if sh htinger f tocusoig bt staes e likstexaer whhee sa hd an e evant lst ni.ght er bnie sarndes, he'she crry pi gckinte staso s r.fa ' hetss ouinpending cl itonn pl s ace likelaoka,hom nmitaneso, ol co.orad heand he's ty onl oneon the air in acmassthusets. b anut c hee b ather aini b gger s e?tat enhavee't sitn sofar. inmovwng do the oroadnch mar 5 cthouldc alytual be aod goay d bfor coth aruznd sas.nder w hy? t fwo o s theestatr aeau ccus esstat k,asans and brne,aska i whouch y see one th t.lef ea horvy f these ba sethre. wh ilent clionl wilbeus focing th daat ny o isloua.ian 'sit a primaryi wth a learg af n-ricariame caneceltetora. sh ngiftige ars t tohe 8th,al l e syen o mgaichi nfor the rc peoneptit thath wi wininng wi e ll b ajustpos imt rtanthas e le deesgat onthe inle,pr lyobab jo hn ickas lh'sand sdtanbyth e ay w. t inis aen opma prihiry wch
8:37 am
beto gi reedsterth wi a partyto ot vine he eitmor decrat or the re lipubsican de. go ewod nts poalentiyly b thewa y fo rsa snder and t arumps l.wel tand jhenustou arhend tn corer he t ohbigu stuper y esdaof ma mrch, arch15 9. thel ctoseshi tngll we't ge to a pr ewevi ofe th nbovemer t barotleg.unds e we'v gotidflora, ililinos, mi rissouo, n crthliarona and ohioall hngeadio tthell pos th at day. ldcou t behe tessablit'hmens as ltat snnd ohe tpu reanblic tsideop sto mtrup. llwe' b be ackin ame monton sthima relerkab sayundni morng w aitho lok athe tub repanlic c rae. ncaub rior oru czu trn tishnt io a -mtwoatan bwitle onth dald t p?rum rei su l had amyot on d min iwhenut got oe of thitalhosp a dfter aodvt blot. clowh utat abofa my ? mily my l bui'l ddy? and iwhatisf thpe hapagned ain? s i wan givearwarfinin h thetaospil t bundi wo ieredisf th t was he t rightmtreafoent .r me th doen my tctormeold ou abelt uiiqs. s eliquits dtreandvt alo pe btsod clo reand thduces oe riskem f thha g ppeninagain.
8:38 am
bu iqt elaluis adso hgn sianificletly ss jo maeedir bl ng tthanndhe sta ardtmtreaent. in knowiquig els thhad bo... aturned round thimyg.nkindo opn't stquis elies unl s yourordoctls y telo.ou t el s iquiuscan caoue serid s anarin rs e caseblfatal ng.eedi t tadon'like ef quis ihayou ve ifan artheicial valvart e oror abneemal bl.ding ouif y s had ainpinal ionjectwh eile onliquis ycalldoour rctor aight way yifavou hnge ti,ling mb nu, nessclor musake we.ness ile whngtakiqu eliyois, yu mase bruie morlyeasi... mand itakay tnge lohaer tusuan r l fodibleeo ng t.stop eksemm iiaed mteiced cale arrfo ensuddns sigbl of ngeedi, ke lisu unurual bg.isin el s iquiinmay secrear youee bl rdingifisk t you akertcemeain s.dicine ll y tedoour actor aboutplll meanned l dicaenor d talocpresedur. uieliqeas tr ts & dvt odpe blots clo. hplusess ad lma eejor blding. bo adth mche swit ing touis eliqt righ.for me
8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
nd av surtive hat. ho>> wts ge t tohe e-ononon-e? omarc ro ubiheis t g onehauy tt sn ha 'tfelthe t whrat ofu trmp ye t. ve eoryblsdy ehoe w hass iit eher ut o t ofrahe rce o sreveely da edmag. d te hcruzbeas enagdam ed. ri>> ght. b utma rco roubias hlt fe the hwrat ofischrhr ceistind a pr hovease h ala gss jaw. th uee qnstio isin goo g tbe co heuld h wit stand ail simar ba gerram frona doruld twhmp so i le ressntle g in aoingrftee th op peele hhi t anksre ath atre to hi m. in di ad ttionoat th hugha sys ma rcob ruioll win wir flo ida, ithat csn'tr leahiat tos p int t thaldonaumd trcap wn'tin thth . ere i >> t don' iknow ct's tlear hat cted iruzois gong t winex t as t byhe way. > 's> itno etoun tgh kopee iwinnseng cond and t.hird omat sine pod t tecruzas h to wi nn oe, iorubas h w toin. >> ea sp okingffi , rstsfihis rst wi asn wpp suosedo tme co inou yr om he setatne of , vadamr. ls raton. t s hat'sdtueay. > na> dotrld isump i gotong n wi va neda leasiy. i at's rd weiro p icessvan neda. is n'tytever ahingrd wei perocss inva nedawh terehahey ve it on
8:43 am
t uturno b mayeky luc toet g to 10 %. ut bh hug kstalo abldut o rules. y ouys gure a tngalkiou ab tthis .math e ther nareulo res oranyme. e thol d mathsn doe't k.wor odnobny kowswh gat's oingto h n.appe oni dno't kyw wh'r weale l af d raiayto s t,tha but right ow n whoes go neoon-on-ite wh tr iumps tehe ky quonesti. it dn'oestlo oke likro f ym our erintsview orny angthie els -- e th ny'reoiot gong tge t,t ou gh rit? loas s ng a ethattsxis and s kaanich cad rson hngangiar ound r foa lleitt while,s a longas ether aret thay manicands date mptrul wil ewin sveryleing r ace. >> h,hug youea h drdd onalptrum th wi mety,oda heo desot n kstic epto rcaubli nthorx.odo i th s isysalwaup sedpos tveo ha be hien s doalwnfl,y mabet i 's s hienstr gth. e >> w ahaveeb d ateonur thsday t.nigh wiit bell te ininresttog see h eow h hlandes theus bh ttha h wasais wooterlen momtnd a he tpe po redescuim hro fm that. >> i aregthe 'satxa elyctha wt ha > > wso welli see on turhaysd ghnihot whe nanusceha tt ase h d idwith you. lii beheeve th's e frruont- nner afor areson.
8:44 am
hiwasn,ngto. d.c rehe enprests aot tal linevelg evof hierythng teoat pple are gr anouy abt. nd a he hasaivnka. i st mu say sashe we th lreast tnigh and sheheis t ragenealtiondg bri tehate h ne beeds ecausar mco o,rubi the i chn ldreofag rean nli e,is a good. line > >.yeah y knou ow,he wu'n yore inlookg at t -hiso - gah ead. >> no. mei anhe tly onro pblemwi heth t c rhildfen ore agan ilinesit ndremious yt tha h te ishe young dicane,dat right? yoso veu habe to ef carabul out ngusia tht. t bu,lookth i yinkoull sti have roa p blem wherehen yreou'oi gng yandeou'ro lngoki not justha tt um trp is wig,nninut be h's wi ngnniin aoa brdsw ath of ervots. 's it j not lust hike ge'sothi ts on lae ene hly ons winwh en th 'sere low noturut,n olyns wi co vansers,tivey onlns wi in setheds kin of testas. h ne winos eugh as crosoaa brd r aray rr aay. > sa> i aw list n lght ate iddecheers got cedrushng amo 40 v% ofs oter who were late iddecers. ea rlyrsvote . 60% ot>> ny onl that butal dond um tr ap isllctuaoiy d wnghat niberend saers wasll bi aeds d .oing bhe'sinringg new vsoterto in e thpr ssoce.
8:45 am
licarona. >> ac extly. ashe wua actllyo dthing at. h e iscc aisomplhingti getng rt paaricul mr.lyte whior wking cl ass vsoterpl peoe ryangt a th oeirwn y,partat rlepubnica typarnd, ael fe t inhe olyn ot r he -- >> wh oo des arhillay wnt toun r nsagait? > >lddonau trmp. >> youk?thin >> d i ton't shinko moanyre. h >>oue weld b ngstrohaer ten th crdemoats inthk. >> f othere ththe i crink suz i e the on --d andd olyt i's the ea r sie fraceheor r in her .mind > 's> it angmaziat wgchinyo ur erint wview tith rumpeis h's li thke uye go whhi t tnkshat ryevee qunstio, iska oy, i edask as atsocie. he ad. no 'sw het sor ofol ev ovedn the he halte carst que wionhere he d rea ctheliffes note lik wed di s inolchoh wen we wnere q'tuite p rerepadd an heno kwshe tue iss hi atm whlt heareh cain savgs ac tscoun. are butrlcleahey n ca't gett pas th rekocsk inipp gssacro but it n'doesttt maoer ts hi . base i >>ast ht no tematred. ino, bt'stheen eme essagat th tematrs. i' om g ingauto pse rethe.
8:46 am
e sid wwheneme cock band ahy w ll hi aryntclion'sin w yerestyda m htigct alualye be senin hi igndsasht e tham geha c ngerofe threfutuel bgsono te thst.fa antod elp hu yoceleactera, we've created a new company... on tae tocully fosed on at whext 's nyofor inur busess. th uee trer partnship wh opere peechnle,tyologan sd idea puvesh eforyone rward. acce raleng itiovnnation. ac raticelerang tatnsformion. ce acngleratit. nex he t pawletarckented vei hast a..hma. .. ne.oma of pnys iece miny feli. w son hestmy aa hmtosymp kms eptmicoacng bk m onloy -tngm erntrocol medicine, i ta tlked do myr anoctofod a und ing misse piec y in mma tasthmereatnt. once ly-daipr breo aeventsa sthmmpsytoms. eo brfor is tsadul th wihma astwenot trll conolled on g- a lonstterm aconthma rolcimedine, like in an cohaled terticos.roid onbreo wepla't r rce a escueleinhar su for bddenhireatrong ps.blem eo brns opeai up torways p hel impr
8:47 am
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8:48 am
8:49 am
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8:50 am
iv les ma.tter nandowok loe whree shis odtay. ok lo t athe rrihetohc s ne'sow op ad ftingrom iebern ans.ders yo anu c't say's sheno tvo englvi a asc daandite. a oynd b s ishe tgryiner vy hard to move to where the dcremo atic base is. ou>> yre edcall aco uple msonth o ag she wmet aithot l t ofhe ot m hersin cachigo. e shs ha thedo enersemntof some t ofhe b eernia srsndeth i ink has one to o. i' m alelitt cunoromfletabth wi in useg th lifami oesf t dheseead hi cnldre inth is way. t bo th of hemavhe. bothde sanrsnd a haillryin clton noare wr tg yinnvto ithoke e me iemornds ae us themi faly emembofrs e thyose ungop pele in th eirpacam ign. o >> d youkthin's ito tora css? it>> smake me mfuncoblortae. iavdo htoe say haillrycl ninto rundedsstanun fendamytallat th r hedi candacys i ien than hds of af anricri-ame.cans l fulp.sto inva net da iwas a 2%7ut roit wh icafrmean-ansricaat thca drrie he err ov the top. so cuth inarolhea, sll wi be ve sayd bic afrmean-ansricaer ov e ag. 50 nandotv e jenustll a af n-ricaicamer bansut caafriern-amsican a ofta cerin age,htrigv, oer .50
8:51 am
sh nee . eds oo>> ltk ath xte nest 12 oatesn he tkt ndeatmocridic se. t' imes sog thin 7liketh of 12e ve ha ancaafrimen-aanric ec eltetora penerc tageof %30 or r moe. >> ht rig. > >i ame tn,his is -- joy's t,righs thi is -- >>e shis tlexacy igrht. >> ay mme coos acr ass csrasut b at thh's wshat e'sdo. ing in>> theer genonatialvi dide yo u'rexa ectlyg rihtes don't hu asrt h muc ecb,ausey es,he s n'does at dolls weh witgeyounr vo ster vo .ters sbut ohe dtesn'd neeto. 25 r--yea boldstry a doemenus ma , rginsheke picd upve or ea45-ydsr-ol who umakep a ig bpager f rt othe eorlectate a lls we. >> harryd rei the most vabalule ay pl-er - isry harid rei goong t nobe kswn a theer psono whav sed ll hi aryinclston' minoonnati? > >ini thek h l wilbe. nd ain havcog ame bock t the in e thtesta. hesaw thein naterl po.lls cl ninto was emhaorrh.ging wsheentom fr25 a nt poid lea ow dn to 9er aft new pshame.hir it n was eck andneck. r haeiry rd siaid go t d to o
8:52 am
c heedall t upheea h td ofhe cu rylina union. he trey weng beill wawe flo rs id sa you tgotoge est theks fol outto vote, ilheavya ltinoth ey ew kney thld wou goor f colintn. idhe dt thah wit otherun ions btoohey t way, hucck. n uot jitst weh th naculiry io unn. t buat wh i joy tsngalkiut abo th fre a-aicancamerivon ste i otforg tenusbecaee wlk ta so chmub atouhe tti la noe.vot i >>t'sou abtal hf heof t -wnone hite.vot junot st ishc.pani t >>ache ft sheot g th quree-rsarte t of hatvote. s hahe vd eeryri afcan teelecd o iafficcel exaypt mnebe oor two iner hrn cocaer igmpaning for er h. ut bry hard reiheis ty. gu >>ghhu,w no tithat l looksike lahilliry c intonsk bac to gbein fthe riavofote thr emi noionatn d an snuddet ly iisll hiary ntcliston ngandire the ashe t b e oogionpers for theblrepuican y,parts doet thach ange ubrepnlicaer vot culalcus or ?no t>> i esdo. c >>gihanong yur causlcul, but-- t >> heerform setecr aryof state s ithe nenomie. isshe o alse thiewill su ottonf cl fiassi eda.dat
8:53 am
-tlong ermrteffo of rliepub cans hwhetter io's dd nalp,trumar mco bi ruo ored t cruz toai ptn her toinhe t het hy aadthno erlereeas of data on ri fday. e'theres onre mo ngcomi. sh se i atr doemenuslyfl awed ca dandite. >> e she los ashell tus trt e qunsstio to ndsaers. hthatbeas en a t.fac he wr nosi gttine thre as the eathrhet wnore lerongt i's e,lik, oh my gmaod, ybede sanrs wi will n. do hes thaat c tngehe way vsoter i thnnk i r theblepu icanarprimy? i >>nk thi itdoes. t ihinke vot arsree vry so tiphis acateadnd h atstr,egic th noey ke w shbecan te bean. ey th l'llook ant dotrald ump, omarcbi ruo,ed t cruz,y mabe n johkah,sic who cant bea r,he w 'shat thebestch mat up. i nk thit' thahas wt's nggoi to or wonk er sup tayuesd. w >>le'l ese. 's itt wharethe icpublan es istablt hmen hope vthesoter i thnk. th avey h ben'teenht rig yet. wwhenoe cmeba ck inss leha tn a teminu,ur od enga meme segannt d th end e ohef tga meor f theu bsh d tyynas.
8:54 am
ei bo bng,inuild tgheut fure one yo - n'u dot thaveito wa r foara ye book hato soure yker li s ansld di.ikes alsociia medes giv us aninstcet aco ss tanone r,othe akso mree sur you kids e sharrithe thght oingse,nlin liilke selly s.fies epkeia socdil mecia so al. "m teet rehe pess" and gisme ubrotoght you by inboeg, il buding thefu tureonent ce ury at a e.tim i bt'sgein ttereaasd an
8:55 am
sh bupp drouted oth of ace re s laght nit. ut soroh caalin g puteeorg .wh. ibush tntohete whius hoe, butt gegeor b w.ushth in ete whi mi ta tols. j eb h,bus you hate to say this the'sewhe nhn jo ncoy,noll l deeegat gadelebte, esiggent spinder new ha irmpshote, gee thrle deesgat c liarona. no ngthibo symlllicaypr retsesen the blestameishnt'snf dow sallo tfar thanhis doesit, ghuh? >> no,t' isau bece'se hsch su a mgoodndan a thees rol have a ch ngedso atdramlyical. he tes rul arepl comlyete ff dit.eren y'theotre n the bjebush rules thof 90e 's. ey th t areeahe r tlityviele sion le ru ts ofhisad decnde a w heas snotd uitefor it. j>> oy,th isis a crvonseeativ rngoveor. th isis aabrgulyis hco resrd a ve go irnorso mrese conirvatve thananyre curntpu reanblic rgove. nor o>> more san th ska ich. ow>> h dide h get pedainte th d moe?erat we>> ll,i kthin bseecau jeb bu hesh toryf o cthease ishe
8:56 am
thisy heord woulhabe te t th ypartld wou go toom syebod aperharps spaah lin, ppserha ot angaher liffe ake catndidean d e th partywo culdome to him. nu r mbee,on thate lans iso fr ntagmeeted b eweenlistabenshmt ca dandites. an byd he tay wav hginiv led lfd e din riflojda, ueb bhash es nvere ben a theat grft o a itpoln.icia he fibenettedfr lom afot od goo k.lucni t heorchid ows nca gnmpai in '94. weak oneppoinnt '98. b fienettedr fheom t conlintm boo nd aou tef b oretheh bus. buzz it>> un's fowny hst hioryet gs rirew.tten sshe'gh rit. ha tnt's owow h thei hrysto of j useb bsh io g tingeo b rirewn.tte coit hauld eeve bn ffa dit eren siverf on osathe me nteves. >> but asit wry vel cearg lon rebefoal donud trotmp g inth is race ywhenouou wtald tlko ubrepnslica thebe numner o on c cern htheyadou ab jteb bush is et whher w heas truoo fosty r i thd s anthwhee er h gwasgoin to be ro stnong e ughtato s ndup to hi yllar cln.into th ue bsho flks tghouht money wo huldelppa per that erov , re pmindeeopl h ofis on cvaser tiverdrecout, bn whehe en wont theeb dateag ste and to lytalbe flu ad itamnd c e on shthe aows nddncoulns't awer
8:57 am
oo l lked hikease w teunsady,t i ab utsolelyso filidithed e econc trns heyhad ahadll along a hboutis llskis. onstrg. is th isthele eonctib aout st gtrenh. on dtrald lumpsooko strtong p recaublin ervots. eb jsh buon anye w bho'seen ndarou h hime's ast subvantie uy g w, heas aco vnsereativ l.wel ri ght? he as w w the gronguy at the ngwroe timfo rh tis cteleion. th aey wdont naldptrum's who i gotong sayat whey tht wan to ar he. b je,bushth eyo dn'ta w ntto hhearisli pocyr priesconptis d anar hee th way he ta. lks th>> moat nneyrumbe p iut p,u thall oseeymon gthins, h,hug es do n'tthatup sport what jon s eaidiarlser i t aherere no ru s?le ssgue w hose wnamet asn'nyon a t ofophe t th?ree lddonau tr mp. i>> ll wi o sayneng thi has ch edangma draaltic wlyhich is e th emsuproue crt vcyacannd a it wi rell eshap these va on myi sde c be iause'dat rhero lsean ec el ttion lhan tosehe smeupre t.cour i so kthinng goi arforwds thi is e thra nartive gchaner. a i nd tdon'w kno how the nd caesidates rpond to hit s. if>> l youosee thtielecon, you lo hese t urcot.
8:58 am
t'>> isor wth -- i hear you. oti g l toeeav it th.ere n toeed beursatday. ' weell bk bacex ntnd suayt a
8:59 am
su , nday "it's tmeetrehe pss."
9:00 am
rio ymolcspi, the nhl, eeplg, the nascar chase for s thetprin cup pyola affs,nd primimete's nu mber s one show,y undat nigh bafootonll, n ly onbc. > >> 15re degees hern th iine tw ci .ties t's le hplaykeocy. m >>nein.sota wher cke homoey is n re tha a game. 's itay a wlife of . it a'sutbo heritage. and orhisty. o >> dliyou bein meve leirac s? yes! f >>mroht mig t,ohe t mi.ghty >>lt aernate caain,pt zach parise! and >>ry eve o leveliof passn in be tween. he


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