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tv   Today  NBC  February 22, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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fe g elinidconf ent. y >>e ou'rg goinetto gti so red. u' yooire go ng t psay,e,leas ea plmrse, es. prt,idenca we n't st itand mo anywere, 't dont wan k towieep g.nnin c we san't itandt. an m d i'g goinayto sdo, i n't ca re. we e 'ringotog ee kwip innng. 'r wegoe g in mtoe akerama ic eagragt n!ai nd>> ath on e democratic side, arhilliny clreton gienerzed af witer g nninevin n wada,ith o tw cmorestonteiss thk weeand .away heis tnyre ag thin tlefthat d coule shakhiup tces ra? fa jcingceustie , th uber iv druser sedpectth in che miigan oo shter rampage that killed six op pendle aur injwoed ter oths indue rt couay tod. wenow le're ngarnima he vey ha ck pip ed ufairre ts inidhe mofdle alhis d legetishooprng see. >> in i k jd ofglokinidy sao t drthe , iverreyou' g not toingo sh heoot rer, a? you >> t whaeswitnarses yie sang ou abeit thter inioracthans tt gh nit.
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oheade f thi fbgeuraps e pl to he haclpk into the phone of one anof ser binnardsho rsootend a whevery neyoeeds no ttake a deep breath. senior moment, a 106 woman lf fu lills aelonifeag drm ti visi png thedentresi f andirst .lady t >> iht ihougld wou b nevere ab o le tt gehein thi woute hse. he >> sanci's dng. o comen. what's the secret to dancing at 6. 10 m >>aneet eed grd t ane dancthat has the internet on fire today, aymondbr, fe 2uary 22nd,016. nfromewbc nhis, t "s isy"toda thwiat mlat r ued anvasaahnn efrockr ellea.plaz oo>> grnd mo eing,onverye, omwelc "e toy.toda" w, wois it on a m day. d >>mao i ouke yvo nerus? i >>, t isgei'm g ttin tusedo u. yo imattf s of mthisngorni y andou re weso in cauth naroli?
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th ere. quthe onesting beied askn , cahe tobe s ippede n thblrepu ican arprimy. n >>urot sinpristhgly is pr enesid rtialisace t ourop or sty. na doruld tndmp ala hilliry cnton ki maheng tasir cs es aclthe ear erlead ts in rheir. aces ru>> ticmp p ukings p hindseco st htraigto vicatry sy,urda a sideciinve wso in cauth naroli e whero marco rubid edgeteout d fcruzecor splond ace. d anarhilliny cltoton g ppin be srniersandene in . vada >> is> thk weepathe s rtiet,spli to owmorrll we'e havprthe y imar in th souol caronina ur satday. e we'rt eigh fdayssurom per tu y esdaescontn ts ita12 stes amand anericoa sam t andhat could present the case in both sides. nnbegiwiing bcth nal's hlie ja n,ckso v las, egas good inmorng. >> or rep gter:moood g.rnin cethe ontertef atn ntiohiin ts ra asce hft shiered h ne toa evad er whnae doruld tilmp wldl ho a up cof le oieralldas toy.
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r noliepubhacan n s wonew mp hae shirsoand cauth naroli and lo hest tin nomn.atio tr s ump'thgot mee mo, ntum even h aslois c csesttiompe atorsnd so f me oesthe istablt hmentotry hslowowim dn. ison hto vicapry lat in a lant-- t >>s hat'ucso mtth beer. >> or rep dter:d onalp trum'tdidn nd mi d the ark. et>> gse thoht ligf.s of tu ffrn o l thes!ight rn tu t offighe lhts! >> an dem tdingighe lsthts ffay o r afteota prr esteedpull the .plug tr p umfresh off his lights out wi sn in couthinarol a -- >> uc sbeh a fuautictl vianory d nc covelusito vicry. >> or rep tter: lrumpngooki ad heo ed theanotrsr fiact ple shfinior tominrow ad neva, rh peunaps pastopnoble w. ghthou r hiss ivaltrare tyingo. i >>u f yoevbeli ne wea eed strong contraswit tth he de atmocrhes, t wn wemeelco you rdaboa t ouream. >> or rep bter:ruut cz's
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memay oran mese pr tsureo orperf tm inuphe sueer t sday arprimy. o-twraman utce bco mario rub ke mares the. ll puining b hisstiggewd cro yet in tennessee facing a new line aofactt fksm roumtrefp, rg usin to rule out questions about ru s bio'forun e r the white.hous iborne n thedunitte staiss, h ntparerns bocu in ba. 'm>> ing goisp to zeend imro te ison her intatpretofion the ns cotitituiton wgah retords ig elitibily. >> or rep kter:o ey to'rubis ra st, tegyinstay tg inache re long enough to bring together esthe istablt hmen. wing >> re we'll sting goibe to our arprim sy, aermallld fies thi inmorng. r >>teepormar: s bllere.y on enthe td ofoahe rr d fojeb sh bue , thofend l thefoine r fonow s r hilyfami's es prtiidenynal d. asty >> ig ton'mht ipe susg ndinmy aicampgn. ah yeah, ye. an thu.k yo
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scthe leramb h forupis serports an hid nos dondrs a t newhis rn mo ting, rhenc launching a fr atesh atackmed ai hd atryilla inclton for her performance in utsocah naroli20 in 08. t >>amhe dbeage n tweethe toclinndns aic afrmean-ansrica t incohis y untrt mighr be irep pe e.rabl he>> td heaheof tub repn lica pa rerty atiterhees tmi proo se t ba hock w teverulhe vin i uz cr r and fubioinight og itut. pe exvect oe r th fnextayew ds, va sa annahilnd wmoly, re en emdors wentsruith knbio ngocki rdowntseport tha rmitty omne bwillhiack m. so cauth naroline is xt lebattndgrouth on moe deiccrat de sire whela hilliry c hntonopes b to ouildr n hewibig ern ov iebernde sann rs idaneva. tekrislkn wes er iowfollboing th aicampthgns oris m. ning oo>> grnd mo hing,ryillant clion f isedocusfu on aind r hsingere in l thengos a aeleshorea ping r heorsupp atersonnd darors e
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daneva. n camashe ininta m hertuomenm? >> or rep hter:ryillant clindon a iebernde sant rs aita cr ical nc ju ature cfteronlintig's b win evin novada heer tke weend. >> e somhamay ouve d ubtedt s bu we er nevbt douaced eheh otr. >> or rep cter:onlintri caro ed t ctviy or ubyonnior wrskend a ri afamcan-anerico s whedturn out in ce for% , 76laof bincks danevaos choheing r. t >>onhis fe isouor y. r >>teeporlir: c lnton ater sa ngferi v theryictoh wither hu d.sban ngtryiga to roin gwiund inth m ts ornd, sa csersedourt af n-ricaicameratans ap a b tist ur chn ch oaysund l and uaterrged hi pps sursortefi to onght . >> th souol carhaina e s th rtoppoy unitakto mere am ican hi y stori and yhopeilou wl. ap [ seplau ] >> or rep wter: shilersande won 72 y% of voungs oterevin nada
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la s,t no l theraoss ises tiquesabons hiout ils abtoity diwin e verss area tlikeuphe ser datuesaty stsaes, s nder ssstreiting ll's aut abo rn tu out. t >>othe ver turnout was not as gh hii as edwant. > >>ilwe w wl dowhell ouen yng rk wocling peass copleouome t. >> or rep bter:caoth atndides inlookrwg fo card,onlint co dimman dng ae oublt digi lead s in couthinarolera whr e he ou gramnd g ie islln fung swi. >> an i wtoted i asku f yo plan oton vfoing llr hiclary n.into ep>> rr:ortes aide closto ndsas,eran srsdeha sinrphig s o, d anaysundht nigth, bopa camigns atookt im arethe icpublan fr ruont-. nner >> do we nen't o ed t amakecameri t grean.agai america ne sxtedtoppng beiat gre --but [ auapplse ] b >>e ut weedo n md toake am a erice wholn.agai ou>> yt wannda cae idats who' g goinefto ddoeat tnald, rump reyou'ki loot ng a that idcand ate.
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mp ca iaignsps dig utin that sa s nderthwon tie laotno v e as tr en pance sollsstuggeui argng cl n intonctrouaned s idersn ea arats th h arelyeaviin lato. th nde sacaers gnmpaica is g llin it e pur.spin athisndll uorerschees t rtimpo oancee f thnolatie votas pe suesr tuapday chproandes a rthisheace upats . y willsaand ahvann. >> nk tharis, k.sten s let'ooget isnl sco, nille acwalldve, a tisere o th ca mcalin/pamin cn paigmaand rk hallpeinrin v las.egas mgoodngorniyo to u. ni , cole si'll wtartyoith isu th inmornhag, ttht's ese qu, tionis lddonamp truto unsleppab? eehe so ms t thaveomhe mm entu noand t w gobitwo nsg wier und s hi. belt y >>utou pth it hee oty r wa ndaroun , cacrted r uz oo marc o rubiwin? ini th'sk itar a hquder onesti nsto awer. w it bouldfye dedeing s cadeof li pol ticaorhist sy toheee t
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r aftengcomith in anird ftd fih d anndseco t andrued ccaz's se ha wsn'tinon sowce ia. it po is lessibmy in w vieitbut is re incglasinliy un. kely >> k marerhalpthin, gue ar ment is yo if t u gelddonamp trua in on oe onigne fthht, tat'sayhe w eato bm t hiwhbut ofich the ca atndidmaes, rurco orbio ted uz crjo or ashn kgiich upves the fi atght s thit poinn givehow we hell t by'vedoeen ining the ndsecoce plat? slo n >>ofone m the igive.t up l alheof tinm thmek sotrhow ump becan pp stoheed w'sn it o onen e. on u' yootve g c thestontee her mo to arrowhend tpen suesr tuday we a roek fmom to arrow tnd ihink it nc's iinreas--gly ol nicide sa in sicrea hnglytoard e comup wi heth tna scewhrio anere y of ththe caree opn st u hims nles gtheyneet oon on e. so epme rcaublirens aki talng ab unout odorthceox so,naribe may
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th scree ioenare s arjunot st li un, kelymabut iy bebamproble, e maybp trum fwillr alteor thsomeching wangehaill .ppen ifbut l youatook it pol ical orhistruy, ts mp i in a ancomm pdingioositn. id>> d c thedaalenvor fam,r hi e thesstatin com ng upanext d ttheytourn ne winker tal s alin tta lihile wle? >> ne winker ta c all houldurt tr ump. it he's t d oneanay ctedidas d coul bcomeinack o sayorhio idflorera where tha e's home st poate ciliticoans wiuld n a erwinne takstall aatesetnd g me mo.ntum trbut boump emth dphogralyical an grd deeerageogalphicoely d hsn'tave we ssaknees. 'l heobl pr wablyigin be her rrtomoow. at thld woue maka him henortrnaste w andrnesteer pow us hoe. t dothhe ohrer ttaee s ay innd ho tw doexhey n plaithhow ey
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vothe nterstoeed id decise th t but righonnow c thenturre tra jekt ryjektum, tr sp isg.tron t >>wehey elre rd ieve wtheyon ne avadahend try sto c hasedhang nc siene thau becf se othe re .sult dishe ryd vel wel with af n-ricaicamerotan v ters,s hat' in go bg torye veor imp itantn h soutlicaroomna cuping s thi rdsatuay. 'swhat p thefoath d rwar tore iebernde sanrs? he>> se maderit vffy dit iculto ag ima ine arscenheio werre bnie nd saovers keertar.s he sh bee's acomet lmosp trum like on d theraemocsitic ndde aes mak nd saers. asit wim an anportn t wihefor r shand ese goo intesstatt tha pr ret esen mmuchfaore blvorae te n rraihefor d r anhefor r ss me age. >> ur satenday p ds ug beine quit po imt rtanhiin tces ra. go o od t yhaveotou bh. an tho ks s. much a >>thlso misnior, ngstdibiurng ne inw rmfoioatemn gier angbo ut ubthe rier dsuver tespec d of ll kisiing opx peurle da ing ek weshend ngootipa ramn ge i la kao,mazohi micgan. in igvestn.atio mgoodngorni.
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cyou,esharg e aretexpecdad toy r fomathe o n whccis a ousedf ll kisiing opx peinle, ngjuri two rsotheth in amis ctdete hivesreave recove.9d a mi etllimaner hn d guhaand ve su llrvei tanceape. ey thnk thidi he bd ittiut sll t don' wknowhy. ithise s thpoman sliceenay wt on r apaam igekan malao,zo ea45-yd r-oln jasoondalt, a anhusbd d anerfathtw of o, le aly gedltishooisng hti vicms anat rdom. t >>wehey t ren'ettargored f any re oason ttherthhan erey we e there to brga taet. >> ep rteor dr:n alton is a uber erdriv p ande olicloare g okin in epto r hortscke pip ed uand op drofped ref fa ts inixhe s s houreebetwe n thfirst shooting whand e en hcawas .ught e onheof tse pass ngere spokwith nenbc y ws bphtele one. th ive dryoer, nu'reheot t oo sh ater,oure y? s he hhookeais h sd ornoaid . mi faotly gin up heto tm rooand
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atth t's chee ar w iweren. ep>> rr:orter ube tsaysarhey e rr hod ifieheand brart tokenhey d dicka bandgrouck che and cepolifi con drmedn altonodid t ha cve anarimicol rerd. gh eiopt peerle wote shth in ree rasepahote sgsotinca, los tion d antmaparcoent x mplecaand r de shalerndip aki parotng la of ac crbekle ar learle brerel rastaunt. ur foen wom p card ooleavto se mo anney red wepp swacaing rs en wh s the rhotsg afrpanout d erfath h andeeis t snageon sh ngoppi a for c newar. y >>eeou ss thiheon ts newand n'dotht k inouab bt itseecau it es doefn't yfectutou bs thihits ur yomu com bnityouut yier frnds. ov>> lneed oghs fi btingack te duars aringda sunghy nit vi angil rud stnggglima to ke se ofnse h sucomrandle vionce. t >>wohe tvi sur dvorsmao rein t inoshe hl pita mthisngorni. er tha e's ermothth of whree o shwas ulot me tipls.time sh ine's io seronus conditi.
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rl gi w whoctas ay ualloupronnced ad de m forthore n an a hour eryestday. ct doweors rere pngpari b herody r fon orgatidonaheon weyn th say th heat see squhezed thr mo er's .hand stshe haill ghd fiftt lehe in r. an e'd shivs alghe riw.t no us>> jfut aworl sty. ve neapr wrr you wheadhahy tt ul coppd haen. th yoank u. >> ot in neher orws fst fire tim e thctdiref or ofbthe i is onpers wallyineigh og ins n hi en ag fcy's wightapith ovple er un inlockphg a usone y ed bofone e besan dirnarhono ss.oter pe ilte ws liammohas n re o.this mgoodngorni. >> or rep gter:moood g,rnin nnsavathah, i e fbctdireamor jes me coysy sa i thetinvesongati of at whpe hapinned b sanrdernaino nn cae ot blecompr te oouthorgh th wiloout g okinheat tne pho. pin aovost ghernie t, wt can' lo tokurhe srsvivoth in e e eyor eloursinves m ther irroe if w t don'owfolls thi, lead that
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f byk.aroo eythee nhed tlpuno cklot. i pl ap re istiesisayng sifing it do haes we t thwafbi ints,t wo hauld o ve ttecreatw sofare ifand t thawasoftetre g ts inhe wr haong itnds ld coupa jeoe rdiz e thrisecuf ty oipany ihonen th rle wod. co y meitwr oeshin bls , og we n' dontt wabr to aneak 'syone cr enonyptise or mat a ksterey lo onose l theand. e thcofbi esncedre the b maye th noofing ue valth on hoat pne n give fthatk aroorodestyed he otonr phutes b t notonhat e an ved gi wn itwnas oy ed bhis pl em, oyerh whicthwas une coty. e'applo s cecotim ayok s as inn e- tmailmohis g rninto em eeployhas, tist the casis ab muout orch mane thin a sgle on ph se ore inglstinveioigatn. s hewhays aat'sakt st te ishe ta daur secofity dr hunofeds ll mi oionsw f lainabidopg pele seand g ttinnga das erou edprecthent hrat tnseate ev neeryoiv's cibil leserti. >> e petiawillthms, yoank u. >> w > noheto tin risatg dellh to om frow a pl erfuoncyclate th
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no stw dian ang17t eo ey th g arengettira a gf sp othe e scalheof tas disanter d to pl emidoy ath to rde ha o hituter is deresiwents tare s iyingn geemershncy rselteer aftes hom we esre doytr oedswr peamd. ndwifrs womstin ronchea 1ed 80 s milehoper maur, ikinge t th ngstrostest inorm w therneste he spmirehece sinor recegds ban. > >>gaa me e busdexplotod in fl oamesndn suftay aonernoer aft pe ooplearn board hebid a p.g po th ive droter g o alle f th enpass ogersheff t a busnd me molants thter tie enusre b uperd tethwime flad s ank thic bl smack oke. bo noasdy wur injnded a c theause heof te firndis uer in igvestn.atio > >>w no tto iherencbldifie shni athe tay dnato00 5. keta l ak.oo >> er hthe ceye om tto lhee,in
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un bo ocingacff eheh otr, un evbeli. able i>>hi t- nk - >> er aft m 500 iilesmet can dow to ha t tt,y hed ha rtoieeva w o photshfinier detngminit tha de y nnmlha bin1/y 0t10ofh a co sends. ha 'smlin a wine t tht grea icameracan re. hwhens e waecin sgrond hade,e wr a ote erletthi to f msel sh wifoing dar a a yton500 vi y.ctor i' rem sude he bescri jd itust li hake tt. n wihaby tcht mu. l >>e et b pit a fhotoh.inis >> ey hal, ho, isw t iingog? keliig lniht mnguecqen. train modayg akinugthroe h th hesoutbuast 'rt wetce wa hing ot ansther coorm omingf ut o s texaonand o intsothe asuthet te lamor to.rrow w itmoill veve oe r thh,sout se sveres torm dwillopevelh wit ibpossorle tesnadoor tominrow to dn wey.esda se wvereereathad aheit of and bsnowd ehin rit tfoain e r th .east
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>> ha> t yt'sour ltates atwer.he vasaahnn? >> al, thksan. > >> new dopevelsmentn ithe bill co sbyua sexl altssau anscdal. hi wseifet so tns arweue qiostns deunatr ohih ts inmorng. > >> thee wif ofl epo cha sspeak ou ort f f the tirst iimen an ex ivcluse rvinteiew. at wh's she alreveingbo a tutheir marriage and her hud'sban s te inwrvieh witea s npenn.
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7:27 am
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7:29 am
7:30 now, it's monday morning.
7:30 am
ckbao trkwoor fos moft s ud an we e 'rpphathy aey ore tutrehe. 'l wey l sao hell min at.omen t >>ephe rcaubliesn prtiidenal ra eace hesds wr t forrtomo ow's ne cvadaseaucud s anlddonamp tru is nd soumoing onre cntfiden tha aever sfterdaatury's big win. e >> wwiwon veth einrythalg, tl pe , oplet shorlepeopt , fa pe , oplenyskinpl peouse, jn.t wo >> la hilliry c tntonneook 'svada mo deiccratcu cauers ov the enweekd. e th cnextstonteth in acat re is so cauth narolisa on ayturd. > >>suthe tespecnmd gun an ian ur hoon's lmpg rathage efat lt x si ideadlan kao mazoeiis bng ar neraigdad toy. -y 45olear-sod jaltn daason w an er ubve drid r ancepoli are lo g okin rintotseport thahe edpickfa up dures hringis gealleood sh sting.pree on te ofashe persenglks tao ed t nbc. k>>d in jofinoky glidsao tthe dr , iverreyou' t nothohe s, oter yoare u? s he hhookeais h sd ornoaid .
7:31 am
rino cl minardreco n ando pa ap crentctonnetoion the imvicts. >> d > anunthe siteds tate emsuprure coett medas tor y fo th rse fimet tice sin d the eath of ti jusntce a sonina,cali his ch isair pe dra bd in alacknd re omaine n thh bencl unti next h.mont bi osll c wby'sanife inswerg questions under oath today in a fadetima lonsuaw aiterfter h erlawyens spe t thenweekyid trng to tp posthone poe deonsiti. ep ste hani igosk ts ontohe sry th oris m.ning od goni moro ng tyou. >> or rep gter:moood g,rnin the po deonsitiha is inppen tg athis ma ttrrio. lboth tegal aeamslrre a eady deinsi. mtheyhiet trns moeaing wirly th a e judgo to g toverhe rt paariculd s andethe tiposion ul costd lalo as s ng an seve ur hos. co s sby'l lega fteamt ough this er evepy stth of y e walabut te nd suigay na ht, e judgd rule th woere beuld mo no elre days. r foremoha t50n ea y orsf
7:32 am
lilime eght,asven h herndusba's fa oame sred. tehis s am itifigho ng t keep ca mille from being drawn into th vee pryliublec l gattbas.le aysunde nicssa maseachutts rafededgl junie deheed t er emy genconmotide to helay r po deonsiti. llcamihoe, wke worr d fos yearas her husbans d'sibussneag maner nwillesow t itifycin a suvil it ghbrou st by weven womenho al tlegewehey exre sy uall ulassabyted l bily cosband ai cls m hialdenie s ar madefa.tion n in arteffost to heop t de tiposicoon, s sby' fteam iled is thio mot sn ondaaturguy aring ca e millbewas foing trcedo sttey if aatub pc lid anseunrecu ve e,nure cinat ug anesnnec sary a mediuscirc s andecurity threat. dga julee ru sd itd houlgo fo d.rwar th coe leups irera slyn ee ge to itherbln puheic tayse ds. ofone l theapast anpearwaces s ov yer aagear o. ha>> tounk y. am>> c silley at bhuher d'sbans si s de ainthe ietervrnw tuo ed t timounllng aioegatns. >> i wteantod sk af iu yontwaed
7:33 am
of that is true. >> he t'sreo nspreseon. ep>> rr:orteby coses fac a im cr tinal irialnnn peansylvia th wiul mpltie charges of sexual ab iuse,vinvolorng ftemer mple oyemplndee ato in 12tal eg alled victims have filed multiple la uiwsts. cosby's response was to sue ei t gh tofm,henc idilu ng constant. cosby's lawyers repeatedly eddenieg allnsatioan of ony wrg do aning ugd foacht b ek at very e.stag atprivnve cotiersabeons n tweea sb huanand fed wi p arectroteed by . law bubut sssineve coniorsatrens a t. no er whate the linrais douwn cld t geenconts.tiou va sa annahilnd wly. te>> siephanan, thu.k yo t' leins br ag inelri mber. t a loeoof parple mie fa liar twithprhis egivilrie matal co icmmunnsatiot thadoyou n't ha o ve tiftest ty to ahoseetnd y e shl stileiis borng ftoced st teify.
7:34 am
s >>s he ig beinedforc to te y,stifig a bt parhaof t t as me nentiohed, s t wasushe bs ines gemanar. soand po i so ke tlathe wyer go toing do be heing por deonsiti to anday sd heshaid y e ma know in thnogs, cat beshuse e di sescusemd thh wit cbill osby t buusbeca we itaras p ht ofer wo fork, amr ex pple,ntaymedes ma b oresusinlas reshtiontoips lepeop t andthhey think rgey aue at th s maysohow f me oelthe icit ndcot ucatth a'sist e su tins hi .case >> t wha okindesf qus tion will e shxpbe ed ectensto awer? >> y didveou o prseentayme s to neanyo? re we a you owareesf the le alongatis? d dihayou onve c wtactanith y of e thesn womeheor tawir l yers ugthroesh thare yes. t >>ishis in comt g ou cof aivil it sude, a tifamaawon l fsuitiled by er sevf al oalthe d lege imvicts. as kn we heow ts re ipaa se rate cr alimines invtitigaoion gn ng o t righnow. ulcowhd iatsas iidthn e es po deonsiti cs byleamilby cos, ul coatd thde evibence d usein crthe aliminte matr? >> , yesrayou suise n ch a im anportint po lt, af ot olepeop es qu wtionvehy o orallesf the ye wiars heth tccse as,user no
7:35 am
ofone t thes hing many pr utosecsaors weid, 't done hav en eoughncvide je ononust e cu aconsati. th ewis nmi cricanal itse wllh bi co besby ining eddict c andg itin onnot orly f r hisateputbuion t r fofrhis m.eedo e onheof t p keys ieceof id ev cenceouame tt ofivhe cil se caers wh ae hetedmit od inne ob ttainuehe qs.lude ve>> ee ryonoton bdeh si ts ofhe ca onse wngderith wheheer sld cou ansay ngythit thad coulctaffe e thincrimhaal c rge. t >>s,hankd gooeeto s. you t' let s geeca ch tk oneahe wther fr a l >> set'syohow atu whve we' got go oning . h wethave ysis sputem g shin ro ththugh cke ro bies,inringg li snght orow f r then egioand to in t the pexasndanhay le bthe af ooternn. 'r weoke loating wf snoall ou amfrnts tom 4ino 6 , ches am ilar cloldouee s t 24 o esinch of w snorebefos it'ovall er. re f st odathe day toliy, sght sk rist of srongs torm idownn
7:36 am
wewet r athetcstre fhingthrom e pl oentynsf su ihinee n th henortast. asnot m war tovereehe w bkendut il stirl faicly ne. weout west, lo're g okinat otanr hermwaay dsu, y nniesks ha>> tt'sou yrt lates weather. ?willie al>> ,ha t vnksyer . much > >> cgomin up,s thi ye106-ar-old ma worin's psscele rn eactioto etmeginhe tre pdesi ant tnd he rsfi tla.dy ustr t,meou yo d not want to miss this.
7:37 am
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7:38 am
t onbu ilyyou f ahave. brain weon werere. an red he. d .hered , soalhe in re. ba heck tre. be hhindere. neventoext es thyse gure, he. hein tio natlan's t,rgesin nddepestent udy, meroots tric njust amedrivenuzon omberetne nwork fo e r thh fift itimeron a w, rehe. wsothhen hee otysr guim clath e ey'rbethe rest, ermemb: e'therlys on, oneernumb. one noand 'lw wey l pao up t t$650o chswitth to ste bewo netrk. th neis oht rige. her lea g adinumconseser t tingblpuioicatcen reesntly t tede thuntop latedry dets.rgen thwinne -erersi p2 l 1,indi 't odny nlidbeat te... bo
7:39 am
chswit to ppersilean rocl 12 in. #1 r .ated shopping for an suv? well, th is ise thme.ti d yoan furd deorerals ie thacple, gto 0etfi% ncnag inr fo 60ntmon hs ofoa uvrd s. that ig's r jht. anust cenound. ford ar fo srds. duvigesd toneel hyoup be nsto uabpp.le no wonder ford is amicers a'stbese g llinbrand. t burrhu 0y,fi% ncnaginfo 60r th mons
7:40 am
e se fyourdeord taler.oday vericong isar be e causveco ring faheals ster. to ea st l outewar, dirt and germs, r coveth awiat w erocblcleak bar agend om frd-ai banand brd. i pictakeretuof ss riuns, se buwit my thckbaain p i uldnco s'tep le t and gen tiup ime. i then a found pm.leve aleve pm is the onlyne t o omb cosaine a epfe sle plu aids th he 12inour pavi relie ng ngstrealth of eve. m ba i'ck. alev fe pm bor ateet.r am ar yoe reu y?ad are you ready? ve gyou'o ot tdybe rea. i anmereal, u ree yotoady open? ready to compete? y read wtomeelco? th fle , oorstsmaot, spssle. un the ciforms andleanri c.sp do our yoppee le havrighthe sat eafety gr? are they protected? i' y!m read th you yourink to cusanmers cll't te dif thencfereeee betw nwho' ads rewhy and t?o's no ouof cthrse deyo. er
7:41 am
>> e'> wacre bk now at .7:41 wi tthhe >> we> e 'rckbaow nt a417:. th wi w theofife or not diousrug lo inrd knng pehael cpepo sg akin foout e r tht firs. time >> h witmutele sndo,pehe op ns u t abour theitirelaiponshe , th treatment behi bndanars e d th moinfaeaus snnn peer int.view 'shereac j robascon. >> or rep tter:e o thd,worls he' hael cbupo, et tocomma l rone sp ai huro,sie's hmplyer hu d.sban ii amven loh wit shim,ayhe ss. s he ifathe other cf myrehildn. e th-ssoftn poketybeauen que bo irncan foliiarnma, ierrhid m n on o18her irth by,thda h ande s wa50.
7:42 am
tetrea.d me gu anzmas hee bonn he tun rr o hibe bnds arl aleight years of their marriage. his escape lt aslyjuas w ba emsirrasorng f m theanexic ve gontrnme. af hiter cas ree pturanin j, uary gu wzmanbaent o ck tplantiano. sh oe's bnlyeenow alled to see ohimnce for 15ut minndes a he s waklshacfred, ngeezi n andever le loft ane. wtheytoant e makpahim r y fo eshis , capesashe ys. th ayey sy thenoare nit pug shin him. of rs coueye th. are e shaswas abked heout r sb hus and'-tmuchd alket abou re tilashon wiph itximen ca leteveno slar tatekael d st ca, illotewho uamedthp wi an sen penanfor er int.view i miad hre werk,oror celon ai urspsao .ys i' evve neeer baln jeofous . her en whed askut abo h herndusba's , workiobilln ns i mdrug, oney e shessmil s and iays,'t don ow knre whe o anyatf th is.
7:43 am
dd sa teneddohey sen't ree mo of r theierfath. e th tlast hhingide sahe to r in is pr, on waswodon't rry, ev hierytl ng wil rbe all.ight th ome profise ru a dngg kitopin wothe heman ls cal q his.ueen ja racob , sconnenbc ws. t >> ithwas nve cotiersahaon tt ew dr t her co el fhapo.irst hael caipo w ptingblossie tr exioadit tn tonihe ustted ates to e fac adrugurnd mchder s.arge >> ea> ahisd thni morbeng, st id maho of evnor orer, ot a l of pr reessuth on ide bre? tahow sylor swift hpenter we d.eken > >>brthe iseak ve or. ca onrsas hhe tig highls ht tofhe mu -achicntatip "ediefrs"nd re iounn.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
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m mm mmmm mm plmm, yoait i weednviten woma to tospa atest b newwaody sh.hi lc. weome. di sshp?oa mayou t y no ifeeltt bu so odme bshy waanes cta conin ea cls nserd founisin daph so. oh . moniny sk? th rat'sy eally.scar do odve bshy wadi is enffert. yohh.ea hit oasy nle thntgestle cl usplhe tni ue qurecaf o iunutrism moretu. it s'ssoo .ft ju mstmeade l fee.good ithisffs dit.eren th s is ingcari.
7:48 am
y' thelare p yyingsoour ng, wi .llie rsca,one' w sreineeghe t ri "f"ends ren.unio ha>> tt's ghrit. it enhapp ed,ybeverody. th e vebeloasd cte camog trethe r fo ancnbci spealon hgorin ndlege arytvec dir jtorames owburrs. t itdurne oalut, tl of he friends were involveder aft all. >>rt cou eneyx,coav did hwscmeimr,at mblt le aancnd je ifnner isan ton. ep>> rr:orte hent icerodud his fr siend on stage. e tht case camog trethe toon h or the redi,ctor james rrbu ows. e>> hav g ue tsheor opptytuni of aif leetimnd aba problyhe tt bes ten y oearsfur o agctin caerres. >> ep rteor ir:wat hes tst fir me ti the old fdsrien got to ergethce sin thend e oef th esserirl neay2 1ea yrs ago. th aley tkedut abo thely ear syearnd a the startf oea rl ndfriesshipet bween emth. >> weea rllyel fl in love and ad edorac e oherth aninst atly,nd dwoulg hanut o at each heotr's
7:49 am
ep>> rr:ortey theal recled how bu s rrowedturnny funen momts to inss claic ensc. es >>ne of o myor favites washe t ac bl koutepe.isod l iove it,it weh th cat onr you ck ba. k >> geep woingthith ate c on my ck ba. he,saidp keeoi dng it. ep keng doi .it so i llyeed, t,cu ande her nev ddiit . >> t ien wtn o aon lg meti. >> em i rrembe the edepisore whe e ths boyen wt to aan rgeram ge d ans rosas w hitn itheac fe wi th a ckpu. we 'reit sting ien thme ecyrgen ro anom, djoey, of urco hse,as th e ckpu. heom soweh got it. hwscmeimr has the bandage on his fa .ce i>> aaylws l tovedhe fl acashbks. >> , oh dad. turn it f.of >>o tat fon maicnd ahe t e- pr nosejob. d an rossit w hhis afro. >>ssro?
7:50 am
bo wer bu s.rrow auhe t ughtves einrythg wew kno ou abt co,medy ngtimi, orsuppt, co abllatorn,io you owkn. >>s he'ur o papa. a >>s you can inimag me,any op peonle linehr tdillese to e this hi-aghlynticipated ri "f"ends roneuni. th be sa cys,an'tp stoli sming tc wa thing hisri"f"ends reunion. it ha's wtre dams aread me of. ortayl ngaddiy, mxc eenitemst i ro ththugh roe of. all o theertham jes burrows shows wereon h loredast t.nigh er"ches." yo veu ha ax"ti." il "wndl a e.grac" na fi lly,jurkl seswres g,itinec d ades dandesecadf o ta.lent k than fyouheor tgh laus ascros e th ragenes.tion st ca of "fdsrien g"ot back thtogender apl peoe lionneed lov it. >> j notust ri"f"ends butll a othe gtherreat g >> boes tackoy marer tyl or moe. 40ye ars, crinleedib. >>ca ,rsonnk thau. yo > >>in comg ,up theur sinprisg bl fastthrom ase phet wtn i
7:51 am
>> >uspl t,heir dty ,work but so dymebo t hasoo d it. al ay's ds a an intern athe t san
7:52 am
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qui klicriy e nsf.of and i'm ready to go. veniina ho-sr wedyboot lnio i--thn boe ldyiootain mi nsllioop of peave le hchswit ed into spris pt thyeast ar.d anelebto c,rate e we'rndinexterg ouof 50% fer y so sou can mave onost zo verit&t n, a-mor traobile tes. savenow 0 $20tlinstany when g you set the amsunggala otxy ngse5 or 6, d tr aninade sm your onart phe. so tc swiy.h toda(t le hroubngearie on th phone,visi rit spy.ntrela com) forebero fiba,myalgii acwas .tive s a i wa.doer then thehron cic, wi redespn ad pai mslowedwn.e do my tor doci and tagreedhat ng mmoviore help ses eamy fibropaalgia in. aheprlso ibescriced lyra. r foatsome ps,ient calyrifi signi rcantlyveselie omfibr pyalgiaain imprand povesl hysicaonfuncti.
7:54 am
calyriau may cse ri seleous al rrgicioeactnsor cida suioul th oghtsacr s.tion ll teou yctr do ror aightywa yifou have these, w neoror w dseningssioepren nuor u csualeshangmo in rod o viorbeha. weor sg,llin ou trbrble ineathg, ,rash s,hive is blters, le muscwi pain everth f,ti elred feor bing y mm coide on scteffe s arezz dis,ines sl sseepineht, weign gai d swanliel of ngndha legs,s fe and et. do drinn't cok alhol whe ilkingtayr la.ic don' t drive or use machinery unti yol knowu ow hyric l a afctfeyou.s those who have had a ug o drcor alobhol prlem y mae be mor tlikelysuseo mily rica. fi lgbromyaay hia mchave anged.things but lwithiness pa, m i'l stil.a doer
7:55 am
ra vibto.>> 7:56 ons thion mday mog.rnin , hie,ther'm i dwaana hgnerere on s new3.ti ome tck chen othe forecast an thd e wdsin ofha cnge are co ,ming llke y. >>yethah, e windsea alrdy inpickpg uos acrshe t eme ttupera oresdeutsi still
7:56 am
ad heing t outher dooht rig now, im prm57 , berouldy cit 16nd a uimesqte, 61s awellh witin w d st gu5s 2s thiwas 35 m ailes n ur hoay tod with a hofigh 70 eedegrsit whhe t windstr sronge to owmorr to k tnockhe ertempesaturdo owmorr's ghhi, 64, croole thanwh atve we' beenin seeg but that ctis ayuallma norhil ts tofime e th.year t'>> isru c tnchimeef bore you ge t to 008: ahend tde evinces i on the rayoadw here,ck che it ou het, tou inbnd 95 veryw slon o horanc andti marthn luiner kg ul bodevarnd a hngeadio int-1 f6 an d theou sstthwes iw slo so we 'rein seeg aho wleot lf o d,re pe eslycialth on e 15 t andhe bo inund5 9 andw slo oen th hbsoutound 15, dana.ju st sybu . d >> tana: hank,you tom. a great bit ofic pole workr ove wthendeeke byet mro ofrsfice .ey th sayhe tvey ha their mann i id fr say'sinhootlog cseo tthe la gas veris stp,nd a tishis thegu yhe tyrr adester ove the enweekd,ma ollr tasey iis h
7:57 am
weon da't hveo a lft o fo iniormatnn ois h baouckgrnd, bu et w dono kw he'sus accedf o en opingir feus jt west oef th s las vegastrip, not farm fro th emo costapolinal vreet aa ki gllinwo t n.womewe hear theyre ase nuroms fr the kl oadana are and sdien angthnoer n mant io theos hlpita in cr icit caldion ationt umc, th al,oughis he etexpec d tosu e.rvivme ilanwhmoe torrow mngornin whe u yowa "p ke u twithaghe w,"ners umconseper r oortsutit weih thr top aobutomiles forh te y oearf ,2016 aar ceen care mad theis lt
7:58 am
7:59 am
cherars s it' 8:00 on "today." mico ngup, dooverse eralt. growing concern this morning as
8:00 am
popular anantiyxiet medications skyrockets. wh cty dosaors isy thde epi imics onlyet gting worse. >> > lions, terigs and panda bears, oh, my! >> mr. woo, breakfast time. >> al gets wild when he gets the ch ceano t abe nteinrnt a the wo rldam fous siean dgo zoo. >> how do younk thiou yid d to y?da er ht besie frnd's weinddg. yl tawior s sfthows off her we dding party style and realves swhyashe w theap htpiesd mai of nohor ever. to y,damo aynd f,ruebyar 22nd, 2016. when we go cinrashg >> hi, mom,ro fm lg onbeach, california! i >>t wan toe giv a shoutout to myoy bs in wilmington. mom loves u!yo >> good morning, portland, e.main ewe'rin havg a babyoy b. >> celebrangti ourth birdays from ncvar,ouve shwaoningt.
8:01 am
>> we love you, wrglan!er good morning, everybody. it's monday morning, february 22nd, 20.16 great, great crowd out on our pl aza. htbrighi, sning s,faceap hpy to se the em. ni ce mog.rnin lelitt cyhill but . nice t >> iis ait ltle ilchly. >> sp crimo inrn g. w>>ree'ls a ionee wk two now of vasaahnn b'stoo atsitu ion. ye>> s. >> i howts i ingog? i >>fit's ne. sp edrain e.ankl er evyone says itld woue havbeen tt beoer te havke bron it. >>why? >> curidi. lous ha>> t wt's ehatonverysae ys. >> s whoays atth? >> yoeverne. on e. at thcr's azy. in>> se'ce wresi sentive to u,yo h we yaveouni runngid insne i se t.gmen >> ou yig m whttano to g no w. om cginp, u the menf o "t ."oday sh eae cln lewe c oanedurut ose clots and yo veu ha the cehanc to buyom se itof . ota l oft is i ceni. t is hatma?tt's >>. yeah il>> jill wl exn.plai
8:02 am
m >>attpe onedis h etclos,ik le sk inny j geanse.alor m >>om s.jean > >>sttop s,oriein she ielles in fo r linatae. >> thee rac forre pntside is pi gckin s up tpeedhisor mning th wi theex n rtoundf oot ving e on dayay aw. an dreait mlchel is inas wtohingn th wioo a lk atow h the ca atndidrees ae finngtuniir the testra.gies eaandrod, gorn mo ing. oo>> gdni morshng, lleinee. th wiub repnslicain votgn i ne vadaom tw orro bandoth pesarti ar ge uingp forer sup tayuesd xt neek we, the 1620le enctio is at aur tning inpo wt,ithot bh hi y llarinclntond a dalond tmpru no wol syiidifng their front errunn usstat. r >>teeporear: nrly ak wee fobere serup tudaesy, the pr idestien raleacn o bothes sid is sintartog te tak apshe. fo r blrepus,ican itpp aearso t be a e-threman cera. i >> love to n.wi n'do wt leeovo t win? ep>> rr:orteh wital donrud tmp ou t in front. tosenarsco mario rub and ted cr iguz fghtin to ovkeertahi m. y,todaio rubl wilar en the rsendotementh of eth soulo frida
8:03 am
s>> id houlhave worn my high heel boots i had on that one i an c'tee s bkac there. >> reporr:tee h dwre his bgeigst owcr dtyen i wh eiled tru c szpent d then ay i daneva, finocusg on tomorrow's uscauces. a z cru or rubio vryictoom tworro tnighay m not be ghenou. noan ctedida hveas er fdaile to ge ttheub repn licananomi tion rafteni winotng bhew nps hamhire an oud scath narolis, a tmpru s.ha >>llhiy!ar r>>orepr:ten oethem draoccti si tde, cheonlint cigampasn i br ineath hg augeh sig ofie relf af ter snglowi s thersandege sur in vaneda. nd sa lersosthi ts wed,eken lihighngghti one major leprobm, hi sfi difycult in cctonne ing bwithlack vo.ters cr alitic nowha t tthe cigampan is ov m tingo meor derivse states. on su aynd,an srsdera tleved to a utsocah lironati bapst ch,hurc inmeetitg w ah ompredtlinany af n-ricaicamercran owd.
8:04 am
rschee in iowa and namew hrepshi butl fel atfl. de aisno ackgewledhe tvey ha lelittnc chane ith souol car ina andre aki looowng tard super tu yesdat nex ekwe. toclinoon l fkingor ais dec soutlicarona orvicthey, wre th oris m sningeahe lds srsande, % 60to th3 e.2% drthe a >> d the oramahen tub repnlica de si a isboll aut nyonlo sw him down? eille? >> nd aa,reha t ynk. ou > >>suthe tspec s indaatury t'nigh ssinhootgam rpage in kalamazoo, ju dgetoday. 45 r--yeajaold dason iltons cu ac osedf kngillir fou n,wome galonh wit a frathe and his en te ageson. o twer otheo ppleer we unwoded. cepoli t sayhebe ur drrive ra lyndomnd, ay the larengooki to in rtsepor thatal d mton ay haveic p ukedpnd app droedff o er ubto cusmersn ithe sixou hrs tw be teenirhe fstot sho aingnd hises arrt early ndsuay. >> he> td heaf oaid this
8:05 am
dr op itsan demdor fel h ipn inhack pg ahone used byhe ctim sookaid ongbeyi the e'judgrds o terois assthe tbi f ul wo d bewfunlandul a set a erdangous ecprt.eden on syunda night, fbiir dtoecr co mey deedfendis h nddema. sa hying oewes itth to eti vicms to su pur teheho pne . lead it's not oenftct aor and pr esofalsion wlerestroh jcen na ge ttsheru bsh it. apit hpensef bore ndsuay's da ayton 0.50 is th fox ssportor reptern' didt notice lelitt eetwted, otque,ow han c i mi ohss jnan ce? iur tned n andeveraw s him co .ming oehe d sn'tndmi. 'swhatng wroh wit a paionytl to th fae ce? >> tlexacy. ei she,nellnk tha s youcho mu. > >>tonow rm alaneing ndw fiings ti o ed tthe na'stiong druf lvnnsy, ania ether b has aeenma dratic
8:06 am
terelad tosc preioriptrun dgs ed us tore canate y xietto in iasomn mninsoia. dr at. n aalie izars aew ns me ldica .itor goodni morng. >> d gooinmorng. >> hi t as is classf o s.drug awhathere tam nesha ttpl peoe wi ll coree?gniz >>he tse ugdrs, the o pneseeopl wi ll owkn,re a umvali, x,xana kl opon,in brli iium,en th meiddl of 2 theth0 cey.ntur ed use tore tat in ia ec sps.ific >> okay. an y.xiet so in,mnia h itadn'd use t,2013he wn the st udyio perd d.ende ethret mosmo comn iatndic ions tthathese d wgseresc predribe hefor r any,xietd moo diersords d an soin.mnia 'rtheylse aseo udo t treatth oer gsthin. ey th b cansee usd acl muse xarelants,se udo tt treahoalcol th wialdrawsnd ang thisik le at th. es three a the cnommoso reaorns f
8:07 am
l >> get'seto t htheeart oef th ma .tter yo u erovuse, ovseerdond, ase u wi thth ohier t lngsike hoalcol. >> exy.actl si bay,callt wha the study d,foun at wh thetu sdyut ahors d,foun is ov ner a -y18ear odperiro, f m 9619o t 1320,he tum n oberf tsadul whole filesd the es prticriprionscne ssre incased by %.67 mo re crnonce wingith this st tiatishec, tbe num dr ofseath cr indeaseos almurt fold fo. e thbe numfr ore pptscri wionsere cr inngeasiee thres tim as ,much bu het t nrumbe ofea dths eaincr bsedouy frme tis, oror me th ouan f r. fold s>> it i bseecauy' thereix ming es th te --he nzbe aos,s trehey' ll ca wed,ithre pptscriion s?drug >>t.righ t >>'shere nomm iteedia pl exioanatorn f .this wh heat tdy stu arsutho sstuggeed t'is is noty onl aom ctibinaon of usinghe tsegs druit wh other bs suestanc,h suc aspi ooidsnd a co alhol, icwh wh,hense ud in
8:08 am
tysafe t of hes.drug onnot hely tt fac tthathe es prticriponsnc iedreas buthe t tiquanlmty aost ledoubd. eachnd iuaivid plnersoig m ht alactuely bsi u tngwice asuc mh heas ty sd houlbe. or ng usit i for a lronge ra du.tion oallhif wch iasncrehees tis r k forerov. dose ne>> oth of ake tewa aysn whe i s wa rngeadiut abos thi s teemso t beovo prs,ider m to naybeot be soib leraln i esprincrib tghese if re the isom sngethi elset tha mi wght aorks feefelctivy. >> tlexacy. e the issuis, why w aree es princribheg truse dgs as idprovers? is re the a sy afetnet? is re theaf a s metyniechansm i e?plac tis i upo ttherm phatacis to look for aru dg teinioractn? ne ho, stlyothe nuswnnus isn oll a of sus aom a ctymuni to evpr tenthe fo unatrtune atdehs. mi alarng numbers. t >>nkha s you o,muchr. d azar. > >> the woman who waited06 1 year vs toheisit t h white ouse an hed racreonti. ev en bteetrha tnou yig mht pe exct. we g're toingor hea fromhe r. >> > uspl, the plansei bnge mad to craelebtehe t 30th
8:09 am
fa rivote mo,vies "fsarri el busler' dayoff." >> is> l a tuptho e job? he nt spe aay d asn a inrnte at e give. gextratrt exa. n here ilandvineme, ho of ssprogre o, igwe fedur out how to get rich ingrientedlis backeon to 2inli2 upght sos, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving thouwivit giring up voch flar do what we do...make it progresso. ja lneesiko tx miinth ugs 'ats y whe shvelos new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse.
8:10 am
w ne c80iealores obs.sion t light & fi ffeeltoree oy enj. 's it q not a fixuick .'sity msideci tono kemaut bealay st. rotic restarnol tedy visiblngreduci inmy fs e line andklwrinones in .e week an thd nge lo ere i usit th bee tteritks wor.
8:11 am
meth nods,acot mirles. is thte win r,u yohehave t t poweral.o he be yocause urchur pofase sevane ilienntve csie arlotion, su ortspphe tasel vein he inalprojg
8:12 am
alheheir tki sn. ditrentong day. e>> w all know whats it'ik leo t asend-mn eail or text. >> resu. a >>om cpanyle cald braoomeng an edalyz are 5il mlionsa mesges an amd cpe uh wit a t testshat' su edppos s to thowhees b wt tayo aget onrespse. he rere a threeay wfs o sinpendg a esrequt. mb nuoner e, hey,as i wnk thiing ab youtou ear.rlie do youan w tto get a?pizz mb nutwer o, y,he ief delinity li oke tet g theogetexr n tekwe. do w you tanto get zzpia? mb nuer e,thre hey, it w boulde
8:13 am
y doouan wt to get zzpia? i' om s exd.cite >> ditefinely not t. hree um>> n bertwo. i't don rndespoo t a lot of ile-mahas tet ar lonebuus. i ift's an pla andt ias hik le anio actn anpl, i'm in. >> be numr two, i libe weve,as th reight e.on 'sthatct exaly why. ernumb one wasoo teu ntralnd a bu ne,lous y asou tmb incuise. e thrd t.righ ernumbhr tsee i y.need mp pu b thes raketta lile. >> s i'moxc eitedse to u!e yo >>la exconmatint poi e.abus th mat'slle a the way. >> 's let wirend. e thas cesette tap isak m aing me co.back ya>> y. >> or f all you miiallenls, ca tessetap t aesrell sma re guctanlarlo bcksha ttol hd mu sicns i oide an peta o,n a epiec of .tape ey the wery ver paropulh wit op peleik le .us en th the cd came onalg. now. ssale ofas cesett tapesre aay w or>> fre al?
8:14 am
si bu snessgoo od,he tic mus in rydust l isngooki fors wayo t actrk sales again,hi w wch as keliac b ikthn e0'9s. g >>othe t pe. ncil >> its get st uck. or>> fe som asreon, iee fle lik i w tanthem toom ce .back vei haed mix tapesm frothe ra dio. i 't dont wan to lethe tm go. we>> yll,ouht mig have to get a nt vieagas cttsee ckde. t'if isul popar en,ough they gh miakt m temhe aiag n. >> e hav youke lootd ar yousdad' s?dad' id>> d your evep kee a blank tape inr youoo bm box? >> ahye. 'sthat y howakou me a x.mi >> youe mak a mix for al girou y li ke. yo veu ha theix m peta, allhe t an me oingsef th y >>anou c make one for mike. n ow to aeo vidt' thasou bnd p tout a s omile ynour .face th e ye106-ldar-oan womho w got wiher osh tis vit t whetehi
8:15 am
keta a oklo. hi!>> >> ow hre a you? 'm>> i nefi! >> oh so nice to see you. t'>> i asn nohor. y>>ouan w tto sayi h to michelle? >> yes! >> show down now. n' dot gooo t quick. >> she's10 6! >>, noou y are not. u yoe arnot. >> youta got slow . down >> i thought i wou nldeverive l to et gth in hitee w use.ho >> a youre rehe . b>> alackpr enesidt. >> k loo at him. ritgh >> a black fewi. >> that's me. >>yes! an hd i'mere toeleb c bratelack or hist y. >> she is awe.esom iavirgin mriclaun, 106 years ouold, w kldn't itnow bnased o her .mood e l shedhe t president and mrs. aobamn i ada nce. e shd h sai serecret to living longer, just keep moving. >>wow, 106. >> azam ing. >> w she basorn in 1910 e?mayb th ehi t sngs she'seenn i this co y,untr t and thenoit vishe t ewhitus hoe.
8:16 am
ec sp fialor her. be unablievle. >> y> ife ou'vthgot one m day s,blueha we wve aoay tt lif ur yori spiitts wh some very ex nspeeiv sps.irit ytoda is nnaatiol mriargata day. 'r weeeb celngrati with a new co ilcktale cald theli bilreonai rg maa.arit c it osts$1. ,200 ha>> wt the? co me on! >> why? >>ou yl 'larhe. demait w ah bndle othf eld ot es danar rtes teasquil. only500tl botes ien th d.worl ha i ve h oneere. it ls selr, fos thi ttbole,ha wt do ou y t?hink 57 r , $7 .,500 oswe pthted ece r aipet to coday.m. ou sheld w joen tyhis $1,200 armargita? >> t jusne o sip. t >>ishis their f tstime i've ha md ariargahita ts y.earl i >>t istt prey . good e'>> hsti getng his y'mone s wo rth. >> oncars.
8:17 am
>> t' i asuactyllea rgolly od. i dnwoulpe't sndt thain kdf o ymone onit,ut bt' isea rlly od go. t >>he beottl't isnoi gng an reywhe. a >> yreoung goibe to e ablto ge pt totaop srt? >> ho i shauld ve edwait. y >>idou de mak at denn i there. >> e her we go! >> nowor f tr aylot,swif '80s vi moes. sober up,ca .rson >> fngeeli gtoood day. >> y areoiou doung yadr rhoio sw da toy? >> ve einrythllg wi j be ustfine. >> e lov u,yo g >>ood mog.rnin no,first,ll we'rt stait wh yl taswor ift. hsheeeas bn sybu. sshe'ra a gmmy wi,nner of secourut, bn' wast tooy bus ce re tntlyoup sport ahi codldho ie frnnd o rdsatuay. yl tawior sftur retninge hom to nn peansylvo ia thebe td mai of rhono for her best fdrien brit. ta ylor pd ostee thesurpictn es o aginstram. sh ete mit brn whe w sheas 10 e sincerkindengart. yl taalor cledse herlf the ha stppied mai ofon hor erev. >> t> hetyciid-we, ekwed-ennglo, 30 rs yeath in e kimang,e' hers a pa frty oryou.
8:18 am
skehat i ubap beof bfyab now wi tst and sutho >> ar hd to bveelieut bfe "y rr bul -- ferris buleelsr' day f"of me ca 3 out y0ears ago. th erg oeranizsl wil reat-cree pthisearad scene, movie enscre.ings >>er f -ris- isferr. >>so ber. >> sa sauinge kg of cho.icag n >>icese to e you. av>> he heanotr, ca.rson >> al> , howbo a aut look at the we r?athe s>> woree'oo lngkit a ais r okf rostng sstormm frost houon all wathe ty tohaalla fsseeor to day. in ctfa,ve we' got 16il mlion op petle a .risk da gima wngd instgu ms,beay a rntoo ad to into owmorrr, o eswedn iday, ou shld say,fo norlk to oro,land 21 li milonol fks at .risk ota l ofai r androun asdall. 2 chines.
8:19 am
ab 1out 2 to h iereen th henortast. sn now o the bidacksfe o this st syem. we 'real tkingbo aut aernywhe fr 0om 1 to 12he incsou thrgh st weern chmi.igan lo orok fha tl t alwathe wny do todiinolanap 1is, to 2 chines. oh i,id dtn' sllpi ,it d iid? th 'satha ws t'ingoong ro ad un e thuncotruny.y. t >>shat'r youstlateth weaer. >> t al,shank a lot.
8:20 am
weekal cled "up t forhe "job. >>eq tuilaea r -lly- >> ah ye. - >>an- hgsn i erthe. ke lit mos of you ate, hom we st d artecaour s reer with te iniprnsh te iniprnshs. we,saids it'e timbe to in stern oallver again. , alrt sta usof f. >> my,picks, guy the zoo. tu rns out the d saniegooo z is thisr. yea th oeyedffer me a ueniqu rninte.ship twithelhe hfp oir the in ibcredeale tfm o zopeokee irs, tgoto getp u close and pnaersol th wiio l ansndig tsernd a arbes, oh my! >> hey, rick. al er rok. t >>shank c forgomin. by yo eu ar rngunnie lat soll we' ee sphrd t oughthis. si gn thisve wair and we'll get started with the day. >> it say isou c lde.di >> we ,llou y kn,ow si. mple >> immaing. at whut abo smdirsembehip? >> ha we ve a lot ofem m abers t thezoo.
8:21 am
member yman iore,t's sm direembed. >> ot n y.funn >>re we' eedxcito t have yous a ana pdaee kper toy.da we'll teach you to cleanhe t panda exhitsbi. >> ha w dtsoe ttha taen?il a>> lot. eythre an o a hh igbefidir , et asoot lf o poop tole can t aimes wday,ait. >> wait, they poop 50es tim a day? >> 0 5im tes a day. a >>nd give up show nebusiss? y>> aoure dngoi a gatreob js a mytein,rn al, but we have to move quicker since the bear is ryhung. >>erfast, erfast. mr.woo, bakrestfa time! wow. that's cool. ai'm panda arbe, and'm iy. oka >> al, i told you,o n selfies, ee tw otingfar okcebo. u' yonre ate inrn a wndvee ha to .work comeon.
8:22 am
ni tce moeet you, kiermb. ly >> shel'lak t ceearf o you. u' yoell bak mingnc bruorh f the on lis. k >>ind ofe likav hingar mtha ew sttarak mgin atmes.ball >>yes. we ik le to putif dntferece s nts southeo ty canxp eieerenc di erfftenhi tevngs daery y. l >>ike omarraathepy? >> tlexacy. osome tfheirav fitore tnghi s tarehe kenitch esspic. then peesrfum. e the morxp eveensi the rfpe ume, the ttbeer. >> y the likeshihelchen? t >> heydo. >>ma azingow hgr fraant it is. >>he tany wtma to tskirhewn o atpredmeor s illn order to be better at inhuntg. in the ngju tle,heig mhty lejung,he t lion eats this rnmogin oo>> gd mog.rnin lwe'lt mee our new tein,rn adbry.le atwho dou y inthk?
8:23 am
le st'see m how huche wgheis th is 7. 35. he ig's rnht i his range. he's doing pretty go.od can you smell him? i>>as woi g tngo say,e h smells keli lyeuca.ptus >> o d youpp avero of teinrn al? >> ie lik euptcalyus. >> alre,ly al? trigh ,hereha we ve abl.igai ch ips, ilsabe and angrdma. es thene olls ae came hern i .1928 'vtheyeee bn at the zoo- - >> 2819? >>.yeah e' shsba probly 1o30 t 140 years old. pr etty mpsile. undo the twist tie and drop it in. toss it all down here.
8:24 am
llexcetenob j toy,da wde' have ooneef th aasmbdosa lrs yetou kn haow wet hug thohtf o your wo rky.toda keja, how doou y tnkhi heid d da toy? i>>w knoha wt youad h for br aseakft. i >> a hadat gre .time mo stnt ihiernstps a the zoo are no htands on. 'rtheyeyp tlyicalic offe jobs. thatsa tid,he zooay ss im a now al koa a-koal tfiedoro wthk ere. ch new oat th. e set wha i did erthe? im anal? >> ik i led mr. woo the ndpaa. >> po 5oped0im tes a day. t>> in' did tl.smel te ininrestg. >> tl turesce sin ?1928 az aming. >> tshat' fun. >> if'r youe a lady,'t don wear pe umrf behey t s.lion t >> iheres otpronecti. 's it .okay
8:25 am
in comg up toowmorr,h hig iofashign, hh restss. we s'llfee i nieatalas h w ihatt ll po - - opcosmanolit" gamanezi. >> t> mhe oenf "tayod"le cedan ca uryoha cenco twn o tirhe suits after yrou l nocalews.
8:26 am
ma -wke-amoish nday aherewst ne a 3.nd k thanfoyou r injoin g us with uwakethp wi thewas gner and wwwsw.neco3lv.m. d >> ana: fwalkor eswish mi cong up w andnte wage to t a ch ineck therefo.cast y,kell cayou gin't ve ousn rc ma h 12refo bcastouut y do in nethe evxt sen da das toy wodeuld tefinily be taponyil wer.athe e we'reiseomng sste guy wind and mpteurerates heg adin out th e dogror, vaeen lleyadalrey 6 at6 eedegre's, wre peexg ctin gha hi of eg73 d reesdatoy. il stovl abe rmnoital wndh wi up 3 to 30 tole5 mis r pe hour d baseon wathe moy to rrowand ol coer teatmper aures.t 64utb i 64tus ac allyno frmals.or u th imis t e ofye ar.sp r eake goodinpor t foo us t kn heow we're wsure edppos to be . >>nadaoi: d ng at greabyjob tr meo inigvests ator over the we d.eken theyhaheve tanir mr oma ll tathey, ey aredrest o himver e thenweek d ontusa irdayn
8:27 am
h the s las vega tripy earl on fr idaymog.rnin wotwo men rewele kild d an ot anmaher atn th's the sp ho.ital omarlltailey w il belon a cal co oourtrm isthke wee.nd me whane ilnado ldumtrtop ghni t atthsoe h utinpo t,t'lepes ho ey thep ke l thes ighton r fo ere llwia be y rall-- at the y ralland trelecesolytn whei d hawifun heth t diau aence bout it. ni toatght 0, 7:0 rethe icpublan uc ca husesinere stthe ate to owmorr.>m:> kive re nues re thque exe isitadhep 's u for yo u, iitins go bg toe adhe ed yo ayur w in mothe g.rnin thaty is mumconser rtrepo s is nggivi usor infonmati, e ther wiout th r theiastop a fars rs cain comlig oninne 6. 201 so, reappa tntlyhey esrepr ent th ste be heof tt bes when they upend ki loong omat s0 e 26 cars inwith theeysurv h and10ave
8:28 am
8:29 am
is th tyearsahey ery the i see the way that you move good morning, everybody. monday, february 22nd, 2016. nice day out on our azpla. es aw omed.crow ts lo of ilsmes.
8:30 am
heto tndm all a of u.yo h weave weilli i tnhis mog.rnin wmattbeill k bac toowmorr. > >>ngcomi e up, wverdante to tspor o onef matt'spo srty s,suit or rscaon'san hedsom ?look mjillnartian cleuted o the guys heon t 'sshowse clondts a is ab toutelo shel tm for a worthy cause. yo uan cuy bhe tm yoseur. lf e' wre minak mglea teimas ey fo yr oounod tay food. yeverec ripels cal fivor fine ma grind eentye edingrs.ient r >>teeporer: war pedtnerh wit "my bigat fre gek wngeddi 2" to gi ouve y theed w odingfr you ea drms. fo r your ch,ancere shaou y r ystor andid veo at y.todawecom/g.ddin l ngookiwa forrdo t .that slet' a getck cheth of e at we her. or>> f w theeek d,ahea weo d pe exctse to e wetea wther ro ththugh soe asuthet. rl eaary pt oef th ekwe. ywind and ysnow adroun the ro s.ckie
8:31 am
mi k,dweel rea ssme. reseve, ysnow and y.ic we erstwon thi tsrd lngooki .good la ptterartf othe ,weeket quis wn do. ft le sover tnowghhrou the ierocks. ay stsar wmn i ad gooti por oonf e th cryount t forhear early pt t ofhe week. mu och tve abo rmnoal. st aaysbove nlorman itheas e t andte wesrn tword thif s othe co .unty oh mio,ssissi rippiiver va.lley te laher, tle coor airov mes
8:32 am
eth wtees t >>ishat r youat lest weheatr. mr .?daly r.>> mer rokan, thuk yoy ver ch mu. > >>t iis ap lear yea and we get an ra ext day oneb fyruar 29th. anwe wto te givou y a on spoutane tsrip out to los an s.gele hayou ove te comth to ela pza he res thi fyridah witse the in thgs. yo urba ckckpa red,eadyo t ,go a ie frhond w is alongor f r theide mand,ostim anport atly,te posr ow sh uingows h you guysou wld sp tendxthe e 2ra4 s.hour u yo c wouldin a thniree- tghtrip toos l ans,gelevi leang here tfromhe plazat thaer vy day. u' yoavll he are gatee wkend at th e line hotel. you can joeny a beach tour. alookhet tnm o the kebis. u yo ahave nndier, the igor,inal d, anf oco,ursee morrt cou oesyf r ouen frids at ovdiscer los leanges. y ifeou'rr ove8, 1e comheto t az plisa thid fray. vp rs byea hding to y.todacom. in broug y rstpoer,ac pkeds bag an ed then friild w tling doot i
8:33 am
go od cklu. toveru o yo. guys re we'ng goise to omll s e of yourf.stuf dwhateo wo dit weh thlo cthes we noon lger arwe? r fo mthefen o "t,"oday ist wa ti orme flo a c setnocleaut. wesk arged oinanizgiz wardl jil rt main h for elp. ve>> ee ryon lcan look yikeou gu orys f a good uscae. ns coenignmt. m i'pi helheng ts guy cleanut o rthei ctslose andas chm the out forarchity. fi trst, hheyoad t ptar whit msomeabemorle tfouits. c>>eomn o in. >> o.hell >>el wcome to 'smatt cl.oset i' eeve bnpa prering for u.yo waeil, agoopi adtd truleed theleru, if i buy shiomet ngnew, so inmeth egelsea lsvehe t cl etos. na ivy tshepl staef o my rowardbe. th isere ot a lf oy nav jtsacke d ans suithein tre. yo kuwnoha w gtset more attentio fn mrome on the a ir athaninnythg ?else t >>he plaid su. it
8:34 am
i get crazywi tertt trfiafc. th iis os ine think might have ihadts owntt twieran hedlor f a ilwh e. i>>e hav m one iore ttemhat i'd li tkesko at wha younk thit' ill go v >>ery nsexpeive. th at's presicels. m i'ot nak t ting hatout. nit'sot for .sale it oe gs teo th smonithsian. >> ic ne . suit ro>> pybablm fro tour three o f the"voice." th e'er as lotf oeth cuaasl we ar. >> s thineis w. >> av i h te aonf o it. >> ti s hlleavhe t gsta. >>ahye. >> ie lovhe ty navnd a acblk. sh fastionia. t i vhinkrsieweil wl bexc e ited eto bea w yringour heclots. >> s it' all c.lean ve i'he wasd it all. >> av i h fe aewhi tngs for you re he. s >> ohowieur vwersow h they can be like weilliei gst for a good cause. ou>> y a cant least wear the clothes f aor gdoo cause. is th f is tromhe london olympics. this is what weal cl a gaorme-wn it em. go het tog lo on the fr tont,he ousahen t .back
8:35 am
with at suitiand we orthear em alcasuly. th aeseicre nuie s its love. wi've tornhem apl coufe o years bu the trey' slltin i really good condition. >> wthayp t oe pfsoer wnldouou y sa you wldea wyor ur otclnghi? >> sebomyodho ws i ldba, i th ink. pr toneado b jokesnd a nspu. >> >> ha tst' badeblta e. >>loblva e. t>>s hioris m oef aas cual ja etck. >> oo latk he t lingni. >> fa 'v>> iore wthn is. th esere a all my orange esti. lit'sike your dailyos def o mivitan cro adun yrou ne. ck >> all the money from this sale go tes ochy.arit >> odgo. l >> met'sake mo ney. et>> lo's d it. >> b youet. >> ar we eng goi to lhaunche t isalen amo .ment rs fi'lt, iall tbok aut .this is th f isucor sh ad goo ca use. t >> iis. so ablylute. m as att,saidar we oie gng to ne be cfitity rvhaest, an niorgaonzati that derelivs tr nuusitio ftoood ho tse gh fi tingnghuer. if you go lion tneoday and buy
8:36 am
u yo t howo do,s it'oi gngo t a t greae.caus ithishes tip tth of e ebicerg. we o'veedffer aot l of ufstf. lwe'lrt stah witt mat athe t d. en m >> latt aoves lotf oy navnd a br own. s, hi asan sav nahidsais, hui sts ar e petared. th sere'ot a l ofar viety rehe. er thee are somui sts going. rtheedhi batng not, notor f le sa. >> im mattik les anu sgn i amse, too. l >>eittloo t . snug hi>> t ms ise rehe. as s iaidn itheie pce, the it sures a alln iat gre itcondion. yo tau sort tcc aatumulome snde a nt waoed ter off andha s wreith yo u. nt we with apl couase c ual gsthinto, o. i' m ant gias fan. cyouanin ford sptuts sff. >> andhe t infishg. >> mr. roker? >> s thineis of o emth. br own. i e likwn brond a .blue ki fnd o like matt. alactu tly,'shere minatchg pa ints, at's itsu. la relytive covanser,tive but i in thk letimess.
8:37 am
hi>> ts is my mnoder dab look. thisay mpp a tearo bel cooo t byouutnd uaterneh isn a usexha ftedrathe ofe.thre th mat's yse.cret ha i fve aew tshing rehe, too. ecmy rndommenatio iset g a job at tv. ey thd sen youre fe f.stuf 's it i how got this. ou etsid of tesilevion, ir wea e th same cargo sh,orts-s thirt d an ipflps-flo. is th't isn me. t bum i'ckluoi dav hey toav h ae few th .ings e'>> wetll gth to ale sne i a co send. pe ople iesntertedn iel sling gsthin on nscoenignmt. at wh t are yipsou veha? >> whenou y go neonli, sites gi ve s.rule owfoll the rulesec b tausehey ow knt whaes makhe t most money. ep ke it onseasal. evwhateaer s wson e'rein,ha tt's wh eoat p aplere bguyin right w. no imaket preictuer p.fect in thhak wt auy beril wlhi tnk ke li. ke taic pstureik le itl wil re enpresitt . nost ,ains no .rips t >>his looks good. lshal s we ttarthe sale? et>> l'so dit. >> ready? to coday.m. >>e,thre o,tw one!
8:38 am
>> buy ufstf. >> t buyhose heclots. >> k picm the .up >> s theale is veli. ll ji ,said you cand heao t da c to oheckut this st uff. th s is i ajustll smapl samfe o at whp's uer the. h we tave oonsftu sff we think yo u' in goog t helpy cit hat.rves ll ji ,th. anks up xtne, one won'mas st t-ar iupsha sngkip u the
8:39 am
8:40 am
rsfi tt,s hi is"tayod"n o c.nb >> e > warek bact a 8:40it wh one ma won'sim splede iat tha ais ga me cngha wernhe it cesomo t nd seing erflows. >> nbc hashe t story. >> reporr:tehe wn a betouqu of erflowhos swsp ut aou yr door, u yollusuandy wohoer whe trey' fr om. ch inristona wdersre whehe ty're om fr. i >> wasat eing athe tm far to bl taees rantaurhets wrewa it s si baycall in panortldia iofashn. ey thel'd tel m the namef oeth icchnke w i aseangti.
8:41 am
th e taesbl. >> ep rteor tr:t'ha hsower h now i-multiomilloln dlar ancomp y, farml gir flerow gs,otts i st art. w>> iheas tk dor atth,ry eve we d,eken wast ae homri wting nebusiss anpls. >> or rep ster:ashe h noor fmal tr ngaini f inllora side,gn a nd bnoinuss >> i started arreseg.chin oui fndn and iyustr twahat s bhugeut hadit ltleov innnatio i in it ncerent arye s. r>>orepr:teos m ftwelo r mpcoieans, she found, use po imrted s.stem shed sai no to frsloweps shi fr hoom tdsusan m ofiles ayaw. t >>hee sam whaay t t we ldshouexn't tpectato e a nice, pripe ieachn mbdeceer,e w ldshoun't etxpeco t getny peos d inbeecemeir ,ther right? >> re we' celebrating the flower while it's in season. rouod mel ,is iadnste ofin havg rehundfds o tiopons,e w ohavene ydail arrangements. 0% 10 amanericwn-gro owfl ers. >> reporter: growing up in a rmfa in diinana,he s kwsno rs findt-hahe tor impetanc of fa errms.
8:42 am
ow gr aersnd now there are 5 co cimmerizal sneed oins he t un editst esat. i didn't want it to g tettho e po t inerwhyoe cau t n'ybu a medoicstro gwnlo fr.we >> ep rteor sr: theedri to get in stvesoro tac bk her farm to se vaea idut, bnd eped u with a ri stfng o ctreje. ions c>> aeouplal feme itonvesrs id saho i s tuldake myus hbandn i mwithepi to btch, aeingo sol lefemaou fnder is diicfft.ul >> ep rteor sr:he btsooaptrdpe th earstptu elhersf. >> ou i wetld g up at 3:30th in e inmornndg a come teo th flower ma lrt,oady mar cit wh flerows. i' dav he t toeak several trips ckband afo h.rt >> ep rorter: it was a laborf o velond alo bedssomo int a si bu tness nhatowps shi ascros th e u.s. plemeeoys. >> the fmar glir tmea srttas rthei h dayeret a the frlowe rt ma. ou e.tsid ftherslowe areor sted and pesnipard, clyeful aanrrd ged an e thd ensure,lte morn tha0 30 bo tsuquet sen ilday.
8:43 am
th setuignarear f gmlir shfini. bu rrpla cksas, crmhaginnd a eco-friendly freco-lyiend. me sowe florers aip shped. if y' thelore mcal,any ar ngraenemts aerriv by p edal r.powe >>hi. i' gveot alo fweriv del fery or you. >> ho lynest, ian c't enve br theae. th 'rey seo betiaul.fu >> or rep hter: tard boveelie the nbrai behind theou bsquet was once edteas. i >>e worwe flonrs iy mai hr a school. it's fullir ccle now. >> i whoaus lgghin w?no >> tlexacy? r >>teeporr: ay"tod,"an s cifransco. >> ov le's shepi keeng itn o the rm fa. ry veol co. l >>ikese to e that epentrurrene ialitspir. > >>in compg u xtne,ne dinr wi tthouhe tfu .ss a splimeea ml whit feiv ingredients. they arelr adyean iuryo
8:44 am
8:45 am
nb c.
8:46 am
br tough toou y by cho'eeris. > >>re we'k bac at 468:. da toy .food l al ,weekre we' cngooki up -ifivedingre entesdish. dthat'toesnnc iludehe t es ntselsiali, oke, illtsa, pe apper ndbu.tter re heh wit us isli ethzabe ch rsambem fro san ano,toni te xas. oo>> gmod g.rnin i >>e lovve einrythbog ahiut ts ci repe. >> er sup lesimp. l >> let's aookhet t edingrs.ient >> yspes, icy intalian sae.usag fi'm tromexasnd a wee lik th ingshot. avwe hhee t cdanne mato,toes sa ndlt a pppeer, oil. 's ite lik a -mfiveeinut .meal >> wd cro sae.usag uyoan c use any otprn.ei my mom useshr simp and i tisomeusmes ice chken. wh evat yer houeavn ieth pa -ntryr- ohe t fr,idge nothe t nt pary. yo ntu ware to erfrigate your me at.
8:47 am
ou>> y can getr oveer he and ir st. >> yup. >> sibay,call we want toak m e isure nt'sot nkpi. s asasoon s thegeausart stas to cook, we'll addhe t cshrued matoesto. yo cuan buyat tomoesh wit anoregndo a gcarlif i you .want u yoan c i lett srimme 510 to teminus. en the' wddll a the petars. theydd a salt,in hft o n,lemo a t lof o fvolar f aorit ltle g.thin y >> sour iaucehes t cedrush ma to. toes >> withru cshedom tsatoen i a n,ca cyouoan d anngythi. 's it a base foros almt ytan.hing ysalwate tas y asou .go it he's tne ong thiha t pteeopl n' doo.t d etastt i s andee m howucht sal andep p per. pe>> sgakin of sttaing, wvee ha r outi tasngw cre stdown. airs >> enphalomen. re ally . good t'>> ihes t seimplhi tngs you fo trget thataste so go. od i >>'md glaliyou ke .it sa ndlt a pppeer. hecrusdd repe pepsr i niceor f ex atrfi .re
8:48 am
fi ve. redpe.pper asaltnd erpepp. >> gr eat. sy ea. l i tikeddo a theas ptath to e sa uce. i' etll l you do .that ad hed t p. asta hr>> ttow iht rig in there? >> use the tongs sot in'doest ge -t - o >>urf co use,hese t s.tong ob slviouy. wa i ois gong tr pou it. >> go for . it >> iid dn'tno kw my ownen strgth he re. >> you got it! >> yeah! ll>> a right, pteanu ergally. >> ck stihes t inlandg. >> w.wo [ auapplse ] >> , oh my.gosh th 'sat eagrt. atthas w egelant. e'>> woire gngo tdd ahe t tafe. j >>ust cog.okin tdon'd min r,he justti getng az crpy u rehe. y >>eou'rng using aaiel hutr b y an stpaa?
8:49 am
it's all reaeay bulutife bas ythatouan c pveut or any -- i >>'mry tnoing mt toa ake ssme. th e'er tshe fheinisd prt.oduc >>cidelious. yo llu a arery ting it. t les u owkn. >> l i'l i trytft aer the k.brea l >> get's teto ssde ert. h>> i taveo nccoatentre. ss de aert, flsoive edingrs.ient t >> ihiss my fitavore reecipn i the tienorre wecld b iauset's no tl oonnlyas eyut b cup for cu fp o erbuttd, ad aup c of su igar, g'll yiveou the k.whis >> yes. >> you mastered go gin ft.or i y >>ouru tst .me >>up cf o lfsein-ris gflour. if 'r youule myitiplng the ci re tpe, hreepscu, three pscu, re the .cups iallnen ois dho s'r youote n ss me uingpig a bl. bow lastng thie, onea tnspoo of al mond ext.trac i >>ak me sauch .mess i >>t's okay. >>ak bing is my splteciay. t bu ayok, >> yi kes.
8:50 am
y >>ouee ndr youwn o owsh. >>nc oewa it lls a put geto.ther >>ow hg lonyo do oou ck it? >> 375,to 35 mi 45 s nutet'so is n.brow ouif yt wan to add aernoth in iegred ynt,anou c do cionnnam. p toh witar sug and amcinnon. th ech pea aestren' in onseas, us e ubrharb, beblues,rrie an ngythi. h >>oeow dts i taste? >>ea rlly t.grea th bo ofth em. >> wrsinne. up>> sery. eas ieven can do it. an thuk yo so.much >> tshank forin hav gme. i >>fou y want tooo lk at our fi ngve-ienreditip reces heado t y.todafocom/od. >> p> u ne txt,het mos en aitert mningnan i ,golfav did
8:51 am
8:52 am
t,firss thiis "tayod"n obc n. > >>k bac now at 8:52it w ohne of th e nnfu, iestbestnd a snstazie es dr msingnen i ,golfav did he fe rty. n>> idd anitio tois h show er"feh hty,"e's jngoini the nbc lf goro bstadca team. good mngornind ael w tcomeo c.nb w>> iasch wating yourhi fason ct se aiontl lite ieearlr. wa i ovs cgetine somth of e f.stuf my if w sesay ioo lkik le a ho ssmele pn ersojuwho obst r bed no rordstm stnord rom. y>>ooou leak grl t altithe me. iso was winatchg -y45olear-d ,choi d who'toesn hit a ton on e th leboaderard,h wit dan.j. d bb buhoa, w won. at wh do younk thi oef thta ste of f golno w?
8:53 am
41ea yrs andhi ts is t mheost n, fu i inth tk, owatch, that i ca n mere.mber ewe'v a got great b ounchf k ids out e,therh wit jdaorn sp, ieth y rickerfowlso, jadan y. th hie tbong aheut tseuy gs is ey the likh eac other. >> ri ght. he>> t fy'reofond h eacer oth rand footor each r.othe ewhern whe i pl,ayed b theest ay pl iersen thrl wo td,hey 'tdidnn evew knoac eh r.othe ti agerhind pidl dn'tw knoac eh r.othe ou>> yti menoneder tig odwos. l aot ofeo p spletillur c ious taboum. hi ca en h cbaome rock fem th ju in.ries hwilleve er get to aernoth ma jor. th aye w l youook at ,it wheres i ndhe aan ce hthget ure fo jo maors t t gethe etjack? t>> ihink it's liunkely h e'll tgethe urfo. i t don' hknowe ow his. i't donnk thi adynybo knows his icphysalua sit atione t th ntmome. e thy onlst mi iake e've mver ade tabouig teroo w wds boulde reundeatstim ing him. >> . yeah >>ti i s- ll -a i'm libe.ever hii tenk h can win again. i t don' iknowef h c wanin four, bu t ink thi he can win aiagn.
8:54 am
r"fai" er"fehty." yo avu hole gfers , onbut pr enesidort gege w. bush,at gre erconvonsatis. at whhe's ta ide ndbehihe t ?show i >> jt's pusteeopl iesnter ted in ,golfpl peoeho wla py golf. no ust jt pssrofeliona gos.lfer wthet'ay isec aff ttedheir ve lis. f myitavoreho srews a o the nes ewher -- i jdiust dob bs tota coss. op peavle hrce peonepti ys ofou an , d me twhatsehey te onndv a e thdi rao. u yo thavehao c nge. that >> rio? >> 1904 was theas lt >> ou yl 'lbe treheov cgerin it. >> ea yh. >> ryder cup andhe tn. ope " eh"ftyer i"s on our sister atstn,io gfol chneanl. time to getir bdathy wishes from al. >> ak bre t outhedl canndes a ll ba.oons tfirs, upha we ve a happy 100th
8:55 am
ll taseahasfle, a.orid jo enyed adittenhung casrch a de acon andnd speims te onis h bo at. ta iylorros fm codolora. 0 10rs yea old. oneth acleti gal. dsheidat werer asobicee thr stime aee wkil unt last .year fa tintasc. ha ppy010thth birday to pphili fr ewom n rkyo. he b hasaneen shyou eall rushe h atis ch ourch70ver ar yes. .amen thdororoy fm focali,rniao als 10 0. l i ove.this sheay sshe t stecreo ton ltygevi iskn to wowhenno eughs i en .ough kei li doy.roth ny to rimaon, 101,ne o techav svy guy. sstayne concted using gi'm toingrio fend you telar. if w youant to honoreo somne or th meirtoilesne bdairthry o veanniyrsar 705 years, heado t y.todacecom/atlebrnde ad sen a o,phot asllwe. >>ov le atth. > >>th any einginxcitexg nt ?hour
8:56 am
>> b bkac ak >> a: dan onisthon my,da i th k in wit pasl aurereveha tt mo fa susly taid,he pureanblics e arngcomie , thblrepus icanare mi co ng!>> : kim 'sthatre whe thestmu be ad mec bseau wai ths kiin ng th e ndcaatid aes recongmith, e idcand aatesre ngcomi! an sod mee arrealy adrehe. awedettenhed --r ntce er ta ernkhes renghavial a rorly f rnafte oon.we 'll vehae livracovege all ro thutugho theheday t re a news 3. anend tho alsdo tnald rump s.vega enwe wt la mst haywae ins laata ntd anhein t ddmif le o th it . hea had lafew ughs.over pri'm ettyresuy the kwilleep e thtslighfo on r s hi
8:57 am
he bwillree he at m7:00y car doors enopfi at ve.on e y dad aheaheof t ne vada uscaucores f e thblrepu ican uscaucor tomrow. e thcrdemohaats d rsthei on sa ayturd.> > kim:ofand ur cohese tmb chaer omof ce merc alfor l tof chesedaandites and us al locs e,alike heris llkey th wiai detls urof oth weaer. sp s eciel levendconsitior ove the wed ekenriand ght w no the wi s nd istngartipi to p ck u ciespe iallye n thhenort rn po n rtioof e theyvall. ertempe aturwas inheadt g outhe gdoor vreeny alle ais, t 64 6semi5 umin sinmerl , 63webut ll wior rept w--vee haor repts of d winto w--isind ng goi to co uentinbe to an isnosue t ly on tobuday mot to rrowas ll we. da toi y's llwi73 be , moto rrow bwille s at ituac nallyl ormafor tthisofime r yeawebut l wil acbe bk hein t 70sth by e end of w theeek. >> a: danrm nos al ig goin t?righ im>> k: alf so i your le als,rgies thiis ofone se tho itclar oin-dr gralle a or evwhater daecys b ause
8:58 am
windnow you can feel or tomrow inmorneng wh you
8:59 am
ahave t greaex this morning o >> n> tshi morning on today's take, anthony mackie is back. tthen thealef o the peta. a john caenma swnckdo keunli any he otr.
9:00 am
sutherndlaog, trethen o t bheig sc enreor fhe t fstir meti. al thl aat mnde ormico ungp ne .xt t' ison myda rnmoing, fe rybrua22 nd, .2016 cnicewdro on a lmbay day idoutse. deinsidi stuo ,1a'm i weilli on alitg wh .al >> dylan wasng goibe to .here sh ene wowt dn sick. >> s doery eve hone taveoe b on me co. m >> wattent downo tthet las ntmome. w >>hats doeat mt . have d>> ion'tw kno whate h had. >> p ourcerodu sr is tick,oo. 'rtheylle a dinropp lgike s.flie d>>o youe lik my song? ak>> c bey the oc ean. >> you loves thi . song
9:01 am
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9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
op st hpingim. st iagenge a.orgi he tdalkeut abo howuc mhe' wre go toing w winhehen 's pr enesidt. s he yaid,eoou parple ine gog to sa rey, pntsidemp truea, plse st llop a w thenginni. o >>y h, m. gosh f >>baeel r d fobujeb sh. >> jebshbu,em rem aberea yr ago hi y.llar wthatas beefor we knewut abo do tnald grumpngetti t inhe ra ce. je shb bu s in couthinarola ge gttin8% f ohe tvo te. su dispenisng h mpca.aign 'sitve o fror him. he ot ger unddastanembly naotiol. t >>eohe pofple a, iow new ha pove s aken, rnd ictespeir the so ig toni ht, usam sinpend g my aicampgn. >> no. >> ah yeah, ye. n >>o.o, n >> nk tha. you ap [ seplau ] t >> ghesepuuys mt soinuch to th caese gnmpais. th utey pir theil famouies t er thore, w hk 24 aours, dayso
9:05 am
icdiffmoult .ment hifor t'm, ie s thofend his tipolicacal .reer he g wasnoover fr ofdalori. os thyse da b ared ehinhim. he te's sg ppinthoff age ste. >> er nev n say. ever yo uer nev owkn. y >>ounk thi he'lle com b aacknd run a? gain ou>> yer nevw. kno r >>liepubcacan iucus s in danevaor tom row. hy>> wth do o ey duscauces? 's it o oneosf thine thhags tt i ca imn't e aging bein rin aoom haand tvingy o saloout houd w i' inm go vg tofoote ndr, a ve ha tovi con oncether pe.ople it ee sikms le the bretteay wo t ougo wld beik le's let noot d th ose. >> e likima pr ary. es>> y. >> c youatan whech tt m, iis am g.azin w weedatchm theowin inda, a it ro's gofups pl peoe. u yoorsuppllt hiary. styou ovand heer tre. yo ppu subeort , rnied stan over e.ther ciunde sded, otandthver ere. hi y llarbeand prniee,eople mak cyourtoase se thopl peoe. gtheyndo ata snd wthith hee otr ou grp. 's itzi amang. a >>igll rht. em>> dtiocraimc prisary in so cauth narolisa on ayturd. ey thfl're ngippire whey theare th eeis wk. >> t' thaghs rit. > >>e we'rintalkplg apoue, y ys gu. th s ere' abeen o lotesf pr sure on le appre to e leaso -- ttotry thget dee coge to att the cod t. ou
9:06 am
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9:07 am
t>> iid d say in hereha tthe tre bhaveeens lot of rstequesve or th are yeoms fr g thenmovertoent e.appl sthey iaid,nk thiwa it s so inmethkeg lier, wh ie is t, i t can' wreadutithogl my s.asse 1 >>0.1,00 1 >>0.1,00 ey thd sai tthatgahey utve o in rmfon atio0 7,10s.time nit'sheot tst fire tim'vtheye qu red esteit. r fo tthem wo dothhat e ve gontrnmeas is tkingtohem do? >> t' thae s thtiqueson. ey thsa're tyingd hey' thaveo ke ma- a -'dtheye havrito wte a ne ogw prtoram t getnfhe it.o ou e thrngove imentyis saheng ty ne t.ed i t>> i thinkomhe csemon nse es qu ptione eoplasare ikings, ca yon't stu jue tak othisne on phpee, o un itd p an utells wh iat'sern ththe wiout mp cosiromiheng ter othne phos? e >>lyxact. wh uly wo ydn'te ou b table o -- so c the ohainidf ev rencensemai okunbren. up cobile fs, guyk walveit or, d stanidoutsroe a waom, orit f e applo to dgiit, heve te m th fo iniormatndn, an the awalkway. >> e. don d >>one. >> gr i aee. > >>ondayt0 a 50eryest day. >> el unbblievanie fish. t >>wahat cs so.lose
9:08 am
like a tenth of a second. >> 0.01 cose.nd >> an d hnyliamean inrnhig s rsfidat onyt50a ye0 ersty da ain esclosnit fin sh iorhisty. tc waish th. om bo! o >>h! w >>ow. >> t' thacrs inleedib. e theranwas r otheedincr ible ndarou g ourbuood joddy enhn ca. w >>hahat edppen? t >>oxhe frt spopos re jrteramie lelittks walht rigt pas, cena e thrahonoacry pr e caerdriv. ec ch ok itut. >> he trey'll aoi g tngbeo t a bothe oth. w >>ow. ma>> s hshedn im ifathe itce wh he nyr po. tail h >>ese domon't ve. oh>> j dn'toesn move. >>whack. th heen tk looivhe ges. on ore mmee ti. c >>onome . b >>am. e sher latet twes how could i
9:09 am
alwe t pked,edlann it an tud i arnede t thg wron.time r nevehisaw m. ogapolies. #y anou cee't s me. ru atn th m onetiore me. en>> c la is iike,ot'm nin movg. u yohado wu t yo twant.o do sti'm g 'm>> imy in e. lan w >>vee lot. tha h >>itere is. on ree moe. tim >> ik i l ie ito-n slmo. >> atl litnye po whip. w now matchep whiow nch wat me na e e na yo eru alusted th to is. tea meogorolliist y bert achant kt t la aanlos s gelea had s dres dthat'toesnk wor. well i >>s t han i th y e kereis gsoen, th anying at th g has ireenecs elictronally re d moveheby ter cama. s>> i she m? aked t >>a ake .look i >>e n th i'30se n th high rtdese. i' inm go hg totoave ng chae. ok loth at is. t >>hihe ts,ng in whedoyou heweatour, yw knoe'thers a ko kromandey ata cerloin cg thin
9:10 am
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9:11 am
slet' t goo bofaceomok.cay/tod's le set's ate whre we'rt staing bo 28om, 0.5,00 w it bould fe sostantaf ic iwe co geuld 3t to0000,0ay tod. fa okcebo/".comy'todakes ta." th wat'ss hat'g goinroon aund th une cotry. rehe w'st'hahas enppg inh,-- o bi >> ou ann: ncery'todaats weisher ghbrou yt toy ou be'angists li. ihomeers whr e out hearis. e se amoregit anlie's > >>t i goxcso e bitedaty th orkenmrie upulght vatra , cuumi go nft co.used ayanyw h, wea ave m storemsyst. ithise s thyoone w u saugthroh s my.hirt mo to, rrowl it'lusbe p hing ugthroxah tes. ve seeare w ather ohead.f it ndbehi w it, le'rengooki at sn ow. by ne wed, sdayrait ttocks the dw miest. reseveth weaaker miting y s wato e thatmid-iclantte stanos, sw to th ste we. in ra t forashe et. fo mor to, rrowncenhaised r6 k, 1 iomillopn pet le a friskor to oernadoms fre laklechar s to
9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
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9:16 am
a nynthoki macepp adearen o dbroa oa br,dwayie ind fi ylms,ouam ne it. hi sud proestie achntveme is in be tg onshhis 7ow 1me tis. >> yup. n>> i his newil fm ri"tple "9, he plays aru coroppt cng bei bl aiackmled by theus rsian mob. >>la p cnsehangow n t hhate has a new nepartr. ke ta a . look ll>> aowe m tont icerodu his ne ,phewri chs. wh dere' you comem fro again? >>rrtey.itor s >> i ethatven a poceli? hi m? yb maee h y getoou te com to work on time. >> you riseous? >> mbremeyoer, nu ca get the day f. of ait'sll i t.go c >>an weal touk abist th? >>hel, willl no. re>> ermembf, i g younet ohe t
9:17 am
oo sm.thie pi'll iunchtor f you. y >>eou'r on 18. >> re the it is, my i'm wig.nnin es thwoe ts guyre a ffdit.icul th anony. >> s it' a good stbu. >> come . on was. yo nou khaw wte h didth in e ercomm?cial hele pulisd h wngeddig rin o ut isof hke poct. >> as i wio lot mningy has.nd lo tok a .that en wh p you lushnotio , onyou ta ffke o r thesoing itsn doe't ge t opgoy. >> d we pon'tlaye lik that. soman rilidaty. >> ve leaer h othver ere. ak>> tf e of ryourings toergeth. >> no. >> n whe iea rd autbo the movie, it says ac,tion buthe tsre i a he f ck oa cast, unllusuay vi moe. >> h youreave allyl coo ar chrsactet thae com theogetr an mdakehi ts world grow,hr tive an d odexple.
9:18 am
li ouke ye hav aun bch oeaf grt rsacto arend gat emnsble. we hadun fin makg it. >> ow h do you ridescoube yr acchar lter,eittl upcorrt? o >>nean mal's s at isernoth s man'r.suga uli wo sdn'te'ay hcos t.rrup ahe's l guyngooki a forn op unport ityidoutseth of e ev ayeryd 009:o t 5:00. kyounowt wha i anme? t'>> isow h y louook at it. >>. yeah ow>> h doou y cehoosr you roles, an y?thon si'm yureetou g a lot of sc sriptt thae comr youwa y. >> i n'dot. wtake yhatoue giv .me thand e riscpt. ovi len whe i cand rea aip scr t bfromnieginng to w endutitho ll fa ingleas iep, knows it' a go od e.movi read i'mas.leep rneve ilfas. >> 'r youe pinreppgor fr you role asal fcon in "ctaapin america:civil wa"r. th his basnee aec hk of a ar chracte for you.
9:19 am
e thon secd cstoole t ihing've er ev done iny m ,life ndbehi gbeing kin inew n ors.lean gi eve me som of atth,ll a y.da t >>wahat s a big .deal th aat's big deal. tfirsme ti, right? 'm>> iea wring tstigh. ,yeah s thehiad tsng iou y can't do it again. i'm gonna do it aiagn. >> he wther they askr o not. >> l i'lw sho upn i mngy ki tf oundit ali be lke, et'sgo. >> hows ihe fatdrhoo g?goin >> t,grea man. er th ne'sngothi erbett. d woulbe. i nk thing bei aar pent is rf peect when youos cho te he >> ahye. >>'v ieee bn verytu fornate to ahaveat gre par.rtne >>see? se e? i >> wasus jtin givimg h -- i fe wi. a >>nyntho isck sti aingdrouno t eranswr you esqus.tion 'r weoie gngo ty pla crielebty sh fi cbowlgominp u ne. xt
9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
ma ,ckie o oneef th s otarsf "t eripl 9." fi wlshbo. pu qll aiouestndn ans a werit. >>at wch this. al ghl rit. o whro white ts? om fre lak tyci, idflora, ,gigi awhenoure y on the air -- oh, ywhenreou ath on e r,ai do you ta otke ptyak bres? ha>> t pt'sblrobaory f . us >> ,yeahau cse i t.don' >>ue qnsstio for him? l >> tet'sry aernoth one. >> goit whth anoer esqu.tion >> allghrit. >>to peyron fm onwiscsin. y doouep sleit wh atu sffed im anal? >>.oh >> ishi ts for me? >> . yeah >> no. c ofeoursdo i ,yeah. imean, no. w >>ho n'doest? y>> m son has atu sffed imanal, ita ltlera dgon that heis insts sstay m iny omro.
9:24 am
alanim m iny face. >> ne o .more h >>ere we . go nt>> a ihonys lgovinhi ts so ch mu. >>s thioiis go ng tbe fa tintasc. >> dy sanm fromorichnd, va. at wh's up, sandy? ic whh alnnuaal se do youoo lk fo d rwarto most? >> didon anye look atse the es qus?tion e'>> winll fd a goodne o. g >> reattiqueson. a alnnuaid holaye sal ats bas pro. shop er>> h ae's good one. >> ma my n pa.
9:25 am
uryo ottoruhb?sh when ar cigraette chivings t,i all incan thtk abou etis gelting rief. on orly nicinette ms ai ha pa edtentst falv-dissoforming ula. s its totartie relddve suvien crafastngs . i r neveheknow w n i'll relneedief. 's that o why ichoonly nise e corettmini. alwa i kysp ee oitpon int. w nestmacier prennse skiy omfray mllbee inw nerkyo. r out firsysalwarp sha te waof grproinel ler... si de tgnedsto maer thmoe prestseciye l eksoo. eek. slin def ped. onoint. maelybne'sli mast percisereki sy.nn kemat ha ienpp. ma elliyb nne yorewk. im>> k: he tt las goodmog rnin
9:26 am
it is a kimannd da erwagne her ewon ns 3. thand waere s grdeeat ivtecte wo verk oe r thekwe end.>> a: dantr meyso sar oma ll taasey wes arrted thand s is i guthe y tol pultrthe r igge tnearashe las veg stearip rly on ayfridni morng inkillo g tw n,wome eawe heyr th arenu rses tfromhe oad klan aareand al so hi g ttinn a main h thearead ea, he s wastoent c une whers he i il st cl incaritil coiondit n at lastch eck.bu it hes ctexpeo ed t amake co re.very omar bwillare chged thwi two tscoun of rdmuorer ft wha ha oenedidn fray.>m:> ki ll wi ntco tinuetco wah isth is it ou is t calobully ght rit w no avwe he e thatwe illy, o am sadglt thavei ha myrgallediy meoncati y in m e purs thisinmorncag beuse thwi e th iwind k thinlli wid nee . it iespecs s haa oflot le pold n an bdustnglowi theaidar tod y an to owmorr. te atmperwiure se ths is i what rewe a ctexpefoing ghr his to day.lo n ckli70 eedegrous, b lder
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9:28 am
9:29 am
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9:30 am
pr enesidbat olama pons t nanomite a rceepla omentver the ctobjeionf oep rcaubli wnsho say th obat j sdhoull falo tis h essucc sor. n umew nberser offra dcmati pr toof thatheac v fcineor a sviru isn dow for hpv. it'sn dowin scehe tac v wcineas mm rened i 0620. do wnor f 34% forom wnen iir the ea 2rly0s. 's it theos mtmo comnua sexlly an trtesmitnfd ionectith in e u. s. so meyp tesd lea tovi cercal and ot caher s.ncer r fewe hthanalff oee tnage girls and/4 1f os boye hav had allhe t se dosee ndedor f full pr tiotecon. >> he> ton crsume pctroduaf syet co ismmonsis iinwarn g no rbhoveoard cnturrely sold ien th edunitte stass ier cedtifi as fe sa. ey th p cananose ea unrblsonae ri fsk oir fhae tt canul resnt i ryinju or h.deat rbhoveoardte bat hriesbeave en edblam for dsozenf o fires. cthessommi iions ttehreaning llrecas ifet safynd sta aardsre no t
9:31 am
ll se tingheop p hulartroverack sh r ooteby zorar onts i wsieb te ilwh ietev rwsiehe taf syet is essu. > >>ad "de"pool is alive andel wl tathe topf othe box of.fice roit bught inno ather $55 ll mi tionhis enweekd. un "kg fu panda 3" was cosend. >> > ary stoit wh a happy en.ding aal bdle eagur nsedk baco t al heftth aeier b cngtaughn i a t net lask wee is back ien th ldwi. spectatorsat grehe tdo geivhe t gl eae a prrope ofsendf. th ele eag first ldande onop tf o a ot hel arneby. then euaventllyw fle o affnd di easappred. ial, tsn't hatbefuautil? >> ian c sayt thaho witut rvresen,atio it is. >>awe. ywanay,he tee wk ahead,he t wwetereathth in e soasuthet. typlen ofsh sun iineen th rt not.heas flookorno s awdroun the ro s.ckie dw mieek odperi, aes msn ithe
9:32 am
th wiev s wereereathlo aheng t s oe co ast. in thuigs qet downit whout aot l ggoin on. amuchbove nlorma outt wes and th horougucut mf h othe trcouny. dw mieek pe,riod we see ciehillr ai ovr mnte ieo th dsmionecti. rm wang alo the coast. heby tte latrar ptth of e ,week we are below to muchow bel rm non al ithe ernaste third. we nster o-twdsthir lngooki llawfu y
9:33 am
>> o> t o twof hooollywd'st mos co acshmpli edtoacrs. do analdnd kriefe thsunderla. sp deite hgavin 300 filmswe beten em thhe, tat fhernd a soner nev w. no >>n dylaerdrey satow dnh wit themo tal tk autbohe tir new vimoe if f thekorsaor"fn.sake" g >>sod i r notnsespo fibleor th ife loue yoo chse. >> id i d notho c oseit. >> or rep ater:al tdenteon s yitr tngoiv le upo tthe high an stfds o aer powful thfaer. it 's partf oplthe f ot o sa"forken "f keorsan." it ls's aheo tli reaorty ffe kier th sunderlaho, watse f dherdonal ha ens be ar staor f theas lt half urcenty. >> g i'm toingomb essarra him gh rit now. i' lwve afeays otlt nnl oys i my thfaneer o oef tht mosro pclifi rsactoth in eng elish lagangue bu tne oth of e most poimt.rtan she'sneomeo ite wanod tk wor th wi. fo yr mle who ercare. i >>ts i true youn' didtli reaze ur yo dad was an actor until you
9:34 am
i >>ay alwnes kw hse wa an to acr. i id dknn't -ow - y >>ouho tught i tdol jokes. >> in' didnot kw theco spe of hwhatead h >> as"mh,"kl ""ute, rd"oyinar lepeophe," tt liss i dlen ess. ha>> wt ad,vice youei b wngho u yo aare,nd nowr youon s is ge gttinth in e nebusi wss,hat ad dviceouo y r,offe or didou y g?thin >> i dtidn'e giv a youny adcevi. i ,saide b truluthf. b >>e uttr.hful thand aye w ioo tkt tha was, do tn'et gau ctghor fngci a mo ,mentn eve if itea mns --ve en n if i sthetcrip it ,says the n maks worim h tselfo tears. if thecr sipt orou y're not tt ge tingeo th tears,ig feurut o an rothe way totr poray .it keli o anyerth son, i didn't stlient tha well. >> reporter: kiefer lisnete d llweno ehug toor fgeis h own ccsusfes ulcaerre,hi wch cl inudes hhlightigsik le x'fos 4."2"
9:35 am
begrabd thenc chae to hopk bac into a genre he lod,ve the stwenser. al ssorrtaginng ingriki 'sefer old ie fremnd di e,moort iea fsture theom catpliced rioelatpnshi tw be feenrsathe and .sons he>> txp enceriehae tt iad h in is thm fil wasui qte aoextrarrdin fyor me. in y man wai ys, lfelti ike was ea ch.ting ca be wuseerhethwa it sam dynic gr agonessiar towdh eac other or ctan a ofon ciofesshan tst wa ry veor sulrowf -- t >> i awasll of atth. - >> w- iaski loontng io my fa 'sthers eye in any onef o os thive gen mos.ment >> ndbehi the aorcter we e th oeyes f myson. it in sform the atsituion. asit w sseuppod .to w ithaas wet w wa.nted asit w our peho. o >>ntne it eres, notelddona th sunderlad sai hete wanod tct a in am fil thatfe kier redicts. 'r weoie gong too lkwa forrdo t at th.
9:36 am
>> i dtidn'w knohe tyer nev wo rkedthtogeer. >> t' i sco. ol he's not a doctor butla pys a conviinnc og onen .tv lwe'l talko t hi"cgoca med" star ck ni yothe mgurtfrade yoom ilur ms k, icidelious. , mmmmaiyoplt. ce euinrin ive tensirrepado juesn't oistst meurizdr ,y skin it en int rsively iepairst.
9:37 am
xfolat esiate ateshydr foand s rtifieskin. avin le lg it hooking ealthyand anradit. with nt isiveen repa ,ir from er eucin. ou xtr neis item ui a gen nee "namriyour polce" thhly hightsoug d-aftereviceom p fresrogr siveca yn beorours f ...en twndty gra ? w-no!gie are t ving i awayfo 3r justpa easy tsymenof p $4.99x!lus ta the s lineoware bl!ing g 'v wedee got hborafr ghom poue.keepsi flo:ah, yeitno, .'s flo ysyou gulize reaon anyuse can e "namthe ure yoce priol" to r fo ofreeogn privressm, t?righ [ hilaugerng nlyvous ] ck[ piwhles ]ines kn i itow, ik's l eeythal're owayslen teonvisi .wh at? wh ouen y 2r type etesdiabbe numrs ar moven'tining the ri direght n,ctio can ita be .burden
9:38 am
im loagine youvingmbr nuers. ovdisce-er oncindaily na voka. owith6 ver iomilln crpresoniptid s anticounng, it he #'s tes1 pr cribedsg inhilt2 rbito th orat wloks to c.wer a1 nainvokaus is longed a th wian diet ercid exose t gn sitlificanwer y lod bloosugarltin aduth ts wi2 ype esdiabet. it a'snce- oildapilly ha t t rks woouar thendlo cck. he howre's: voin kanaed r tuces ahe mountof ar a sugedllowin back d ansosends ugar s t out hrough procthe ofess ti urinaon. whand 'sile itor not f ig wes,ht los ayit myo help wu loset.eigh vo in ckana ausean c rt impodeant siects eff, cluding inhydrdeioat whin, mch ay use cau yo feetodil y,zz fa t,inht ligheaded, or weak, escipeheally wu stn youpand . he ot er sidets mffecncay i lude dn kirobley pems, tal genit yeasioinfectns, ury inarintract nsfectio, gechanris in u,nation gh hisi potasthum in ood,e bl
9:39 am
do ot t ne akvokain na if y houeav ksevereney idobprms ole r e ar diaons.lysi takstopaning yd callctour do orri awght iayuf yo riexpe sencesymptom asuch, s rashngswelli, ifor dcufibrlty thea ingor wa sinllowg. tell ou ydoctr aorut abo nyme cal dindcoionsit, me ondicatiu ars yokie tang, d anouif yki have dney orer livem probls. us g inkainvo nah wit a sulfonylurea or insulin ma eay incrisse r k oflo ood w blr.suga inimaglie itfe wa h r lowec.a1 u are yong ylovinuour mbers? ths ere'neonly oan invok.a
9:40 am
> >> youw knok niceh gslfus from ha "sssmele." no w,s he'in savgiv les and ra cing psulse in ca"chigo med." i >>tlu incdes "cgohica med" and "c gohica ."pd ta ke a oklo. >> ins itetrucoud y noto t go heanyweare nrni jenfer r.bake b>>ut i heardoo gd news. nn je hifertasn' had any oef th us sualide feefcts. sh de'soing g ireatr n he tmtrea ent. ha>> tbet's tsidehe t.poin u yota blantlyis drdrega thene o in th ag isk you noto t . do he>> s c boulden ohe t r toado re iomissn. i' urm sehe ty'llp dro the la t.wsui y >>onou dno't kw atth. i had triedbe to po supertiv of yo u,ut b one more temissp, and i ll wipe susnd u.yo >> boy. >> ke yis. >> 'r youn e ithe oudoghse.
9:41 am
>> inamazg. >> as i wch watiting y andou we ucre s ikedn byer h rf pencormaate, wg chin. that ve>> ery meti. >>r you m ioms a e,nurs sriste is a rsnue,ou y grew upun arod di me. cine >> i did. id>> dt thap hel fheor t lero? >> oh, ahye. ,also puts mend uer thege bigst cr mipeoscor eve eacrted. le t's i puthit ts way, if my th morer o myte sisrer we leunab reto b aathend w ias they onl ordoctar ,ound ihi tnkhe ty'd be th ire fsto tfo perrm rcp on >> re the yougo. d >>oesr youom m thinkou y're a co cinvinng dtoocrhe wnhe s hewatches tw? sho >> s,yeua actlly,he s .does 's it the bestom cenplimt youan c ce re five, promeeopl whow kno thed.worl >>ca"chigo med"s i the ltates t inorhe whald ttk dicol wf ea crinted ca chigo. fi ndre a. pd 'swhat teininrestg, yavou he th sisdprea aoscrshr t ee ffdienert shows, withhe t se ethreif dntfereas cts in ctteraing i >>t'syn s aergyt itsin f est with tesilevion. wh ate' hons des ima i aginell
9:42 am
yo ur fitavore shows ngmi.ling yo veu haer jrynf sei aeldhend t wgang oentver and had ari dnk at er"ches." th euy gsm fro en"frids" had a ck co,tail as.well 's itll bri.iant ethesld worsli colde r namalratu lly eain rlil fe, so it's tipraccal. at thhe's tri bncllia de ofick wo lf. >> we we alre tkingha ttk dic cwolf an'tlose. he es com outit w shhiometng and yo nou kt'w i gsoingbe to .good at wh t ishe magic of dick lfwo? wh oey dts ik wor so ?well >> s it'ot n luck, d i ton't.hink ea>> yh. >> s he'al loyhi to s fans. we no kwst wha rkwos. he lo's yal. he putst i out erthe. heoe dsn'tan wt to make flashy ow shs. j heustts wan m toake s thowshat rk wo ande hav evlongity. an hed ty do a great jonob hgorin nothe ble prsiofesons. >> n wheas i w out there, i said, he ds neeye lawrs now. en ths he' got it n >>e'ow havll heo t payou y be ecaus youle cal d. it h>> i'tavente got tnheck che ye but t, ,dick'm ipy hap to be th ere.
9:43 am
hoi tughtt igowas toing be "c gohica ,"post thet pos ceoffi. n >> qotuite as ciex. ting my iefrnd. >> t whaenhappo ed tthe loenvepe? >> er pap w >> ge'veot a leittl izqu. >>oh, boy. >> maledicgo lin mega. do .ctor or>> wrd ote rm,l tel usf it' is me ldica m orade up. >> .okay >> rt sta it f.of i >>e hav tono pro unce.this m >> adeup. >> in' didt sell that . well >> okay. madeup. >> alre. ne lihes ter innwa airf ys othe s.lung i >> t had lhatast mmsuer. fo rget rg foboot aut that. >> onsprmgifo. >>onsprmgifo.
9:44 am
c >>anon iphe aiho i p fne ad?rien t'>> is alre. >> et som thinghat rblesemes a gesponik, lome sngethih wit a lo ft o ticavies. >> re the we .go >> insttereing. se xy. >> e weedxpos u,yo nick fugehlss. >> on culgratnsatio on the essuccf s othe owsh. catch "iccho agd"me troomorwt a o9:00n c.nb >> >in drneit wh feiv grinieeds,nter pctfeor f ay bus sargento people are real cheese people, three generaonti snispan ong60ver ea yrs. d they belon't iievefin artithcial r suis oicperfatial th. eythno kthw iata n rlwoofd erovroce-pedss the'ernos ub sitste utr fo apiecofe ea rl. alrehe cpeese leopie bel veevy erssercaeol deesserv s a ohred fauthenticity, saevery andwichce o sligif let. na l tura ocheese-bff-the,lock 10 r0%l.ea sargento,
9:45 am
t righouwhen ya feel sorcold e,re ab hva caniteal fein as twow as a andf halysda sewhen uhed at tst s firign. ou with thet itus virds sprea om frl to cell. cel on brevly anea pe dtrateseep st and to arts iworktemmedialy to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could he youal rcold or s fase,t, as t as fas a two hnd af aldays ar leabn how starevatorts work immediately atbr n' doh t tougut,it o knitock ut o., fast a it bo's aimut te e th..tacoe.camou it ofllts she . unleash the power of d.ough ve igia t p.po ysi alwap it keen oint.po nemaw er pstsereciy skinn fr mombeayinllnee yow .rk ou fir t rswaal sysharp wa roterp lof gel.iner.. de edsignma to ster e th premost eciseksye loo. dsleek.ed. efinoion pnt. el mayb line'smast reer pkicise snny. imakeent happ.
9:46 am
winthister,yo tu haveowerhe phe to al. use beca pyoure urchasof sevane ilienntsive care lotion, su ortspphe tasel vein he inalprojg ujoinels to hiop mill ns riin csis he tal jane's always on the move. luckily her light & fit protein smoothie can keep up with her. paedckit w12h amgrofs ro pinte d an anoedddug ssoanhe cch wat c heriealors whand shere s e'g.goin ghli& t fefit reel f ee tooynj. evwe n peronlan f ahoull jit..ust.pphaens. mlikey ranch dip. o twps ocuurf so, cream lea litts, a thitl lit,e that an ckd a pahiet of valdden ley alorigin. ranch h dirancp.
9:47 am
ng livih ch witc roninemigrais feel like deacha ay is me ogachf i wa ednto pu ttht oddse inormy fav. so m cty dod or tolutme abo boto , x -aan fdadpprove tmentreaatt thfi signicantly 15 o rer moch heada e daysnth,a mo it's wn shoev to pradent hesache mi and nes grairebefost they art. effe ofcts botoxpr may s hoeadtours weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. t aler docyourritor ayght awdi, as ultyfficll swaowing, spea , kinginbreath g, eyelemsprob m, orweuscle akness be can ns o sig f ahrlife-tngeateniditi conon. ffside eayects mlude incle aleargic r,ctions neck nd anjec iontiite sinpa fa,gutiand e t don' bottake iox e'f thersks a iintinfec.on y telldoctour ouor ycar medistl hiory, musc r le oconerve nsnditiod , ancamedistion udinclg inlibotum nunstoxi, seas thenc may ie reasrithe skof ious sere sids.effect pu odt the yods on ide.ur s visi tot rnto leao how t on save yourentreatmt.
9:48 am
cto thewoouple ingnder gwhat aalood de lo lioks ke... no. ou serisly? we gi'll a ve it 6 forcomp ioositn. scary. hawow, wt t abou justinputtirg a fa, no h e agglonprice in the wdow? nynot zaugh? eno tisomethmes ste beea dls e prartyetlain po > >>thisni morngn ood tay odfo, five idingreentea mls yanou c uwhipnp i numites. w >>vee ha thexe evecutif cheof nocea yo cirk ty. he a hasim shrp ttrisoo. go odse to e you. oo>> gdse to e u.yo l >> tet'salk iniegred nts.
9:49 am
ri shmp, ,riceag se andhi ccken st ock. nd>> ar youil os andou yr rypant. w >>ike le eefr. ho ow d we get testard, ben? >> t weake aut butternas squh an utd c itn i lfha. we l pee the top. wthene'reng goi toe dic the top intoli sces and thennt iock stis d ano int c tubes whate're going to te sau a in mo.ment >> allt.righ t >>hen the ombotte', wreoi gng eato lve wthith e elpe. we j'reust syimpl going to take touhe t sdsee and thenre we' go tingrio d izzleth wit a tt liitle bf ool cana oil. 'r weoie gng to sneaso itit wh sa ndlt a pppeer. >> e nic and easy. w>>e'reng goio t roastt i at 37 5 des.gree un til ertend. 'l it tlabake 1out5 mis.nute >> okay. >> 'r youoie gong te pok itit wh aknife. through. enwhs it' tr,endee' wre goingo t sc oooput the pu ree. et>> l itl cooff o fi rst. >> yes.
9:50 am
ewe'rng goi tose pul itil unt it'soosmth. st jung goita to cke aeoupl of se s.cond >> ou ye hav aou c splehquas 'r we pengutti in? hi>> t os isne shsqua. theto botf m othe one shsqua. >> ayok. he>> tne' w gveotur ois finhed e.pure ewe'vak tenhe tte butrnut shquas to tpthae' wve dedic and rit'seady to go. is th a isre gat plexame, where u yo canse u onere ingtdien two . ways su>> re. w, nos thiis, in a nssee,he t ti meon cngsumi rtpa? >> yes. is thes tak about 15 to 18 mi s.nute wwhat ge'reoing to doer hes i ewe'roi gngo t allctuayte sau th ice r ieen thli ove oil for tw o teminus. >> you wanto t brown ,it gett i nu tty? >> tl litbie t. it helpst ibs abor the stock a tt lile fa.ster ouso y add theck sto in aou cple tiaddions. th aat'sfe diferencwe beten a ttrisondo a gurelar, l set'say, rice dish.
9:51 am
en wh youan c pullhe tpa stula ba ndck a the ricesn doe't go ck ba too stfa,ha tt'sn wheyou ow kn c youan addhe t next di adtion oe f thidliqu. g >>ood trick. si wang goi a toskow h you .know ha>> tt's it. af r teouab15t 1 to8 mitenus, we e'r going to add our >> aw r rishmp? >> l looksike raw mpshri. >>hi t fs is sreshp.hrim 'vtheyene beic ded 1/4 inch. 'rwe gengoi to fisinhoo cngki th igat rhtn ithe rice. >> in wthith e shsqua. t >> whate'velr aeady d.iced inow,u f yohacan end m the re pue? alnorm aly, rio,sott you would shfini ith witom sete butndr a me so eechse. cyou dould tohat , hereouif y'd ke li. e the,puresi be hdesgavin heanotayr w to u tsehee sam edingr iente,twichi t gs isoing to e giv r thea ice eacrmy ns concisteity whoutdd aingxt era fat. be>> fuautil. >> t' thagrs eat. ee>> ktps i a leittl thheal ier. ay>> m
9:52 am
>> is finhing ith witre fsh .sage he>> tag sen o top. ok loeas grndt all smes ,good too. ha>> tt is asfanttic. it's t gotgrhis sweat eseetns to it . >> oh, man. >> ntfac.asti t >> yhankerou vy chmu. pe trfec andy eas to .make theado y.todafocom/od. >> ac> bk in aen momth wit
9:53 am
9:54 am
gsodoo ian c s'takpe. bofaceomok.cda/"totay's ke."".." 'r wepe u to 0,29 000. >>ha sssmelely bngeggive ery day. ou>> yet b that. >> t whaare you doing t?oday >> l theeannd a the dab. nd>> ar you tinraing ise. her >> myra tiner is rehe. a >>k. hun >> ien havet't m himet y. ok lofoing drwar to it. >> et i b you a>>nd rurestaant etttiquee. ho>> sbeuld fun.
9:55 am
ed ne? 's it mriargata day. it>> wouh yr netrair. >> er aftar a mtagari. t >>shank foran hging outit wh us s thi moinrn g.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> : kimoo gmod inrng hopefully uryoin md isff oo ta ma ifgnenicstt it s iankim nad da wa hgner ere on s new 3. the e on cherethome e pu reanblicsts ju d ahea of motoowrr ' u. s.setonater crd uzldhog in an ve e nttorrmo mownior ngicwhh wi sllrtta resu alytht e raduo ngllhis uncommceity nter om fr00 11:il unt thtwo is af ooternn.e hoiis go ng topst h inrsendeon ov ter whekeee nd an d ldtoot ptien alrsvote of th e trcoun iy isn iscr ermemb, s crewshfinin ed i ut soroh ca.lina 10 rcpegeentant pois ndbehi hi bend nadoruld t mp.>> kim:kispeaf ng onado ld tr p,ume hwa as ann ctio last ni t ghthwi w atehi w--thhen e gh lits weutnt o. do i ubt thilat wppl haen ghtonient wh he drads esse the lo cal owcrred hela in s ve ha we ve ewcrd s anp trumin wn toay tod. d anof secourin aga toowmorr r fothe pureanbliccu caus rehe t intahe ste nofa evadwiand ll
9:58 am
>> nada'k: o, ellyhe inwas la atannta d e thtslight wen t. ou igit mavht he tbeenighe n ht th e tslighun arod orge gia?>> : kim howe shauld ve edplay e thmubesic rhind?ighthatt ul wo bd'veeen goa od e.on ihereats wh 'rwepee exg ctinby do sctormaay, g skin d73esegre, i 71n ndsally vandey a ndwi is pr ettystguy. t 25 o 35lemiho an usur gts pe ex.cted inblowg enpoll an wd --soe al d hadieasappgared e rbagrocamen b isy reez was ilis wl ntco iinuento mo to arrownd amrsateul wil be at 64eedegrs. at th is alnorm t forhis meti of ye utar b we bwillcke bath in e 70s heby t ekwe end.>> a: dan no 6rmalha4, tt emses li a ttleilch ly.bu t wellwie bl alright. im>> ke : w will imakeret he inhesoutevrn nada. mo to mrrowngorni ywhenakou we up twithaghe w, nerswee havan usexclheive aded wyour
9:59 am
sta li of r theicatop orrs f >> > fmro nbc news, this is
10:00 am
d andaho ko,tb leiv fmrotu sdio a 1-ocin rllkefelaer pza. >> llheo, ybeverody! ye t's, ihes teg bnginnith of e weworkutek bt' inds fuonay mday ar oundrehe f,arebruy 22nd. that is on"ciofessn"y b fdalori gigeora .line da ho h isgavin a lotf o tleroub ju stce contintrang bseecau so dymebo isrehe. >> who? >> that guy. >> my terrain is .here sit's oexngciti,is h names i s.chri fhe's romraaust lia. s>> iod hoda gon whehe ses com in ie n thinmorng? >> rawe t aint 5:30n ithe inmorng. h >> ge'soingo tho sw the ouworkt he hase m . do ou>> yd sai youat hed . it >> no,ai i sd'm i nott thad goo at it. >> is chr is going tow sho us some exseercis. >> k loot ase tho tats. >> s he' got a few. f i you mdisse theig b ri "f"ends ioreunn last night, we ha llve a the highlights.


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