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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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a1- inke rocerfell plaza. el>> hevlo, oderyby! ye t's, ie s thnnbegiofing the weworkutek bs it'ayfundda mony ndaroue, herru feb22ary nd. th s at ife"conn"ssiofl by a orid gigeornea li. ho s da inghaviot a ltr of e oubl cjustntoncengratiau becse bosomes dy ho>> w? ha>> ty.t gu m >>aiy trisner e. her v>>ery tecu. t'>> i sso tiexcing. s hie namhris cis. he ro's fstm aua.rali i >>das hod goo swhenomhe ces in th in rne moing? >> . yes sh s e b rawe tt in a i5:30e n thinmorng. >> s he'g goinhoto se w th rk woheout m has. e do ou>> yd saihayou itted . n >> so, ii'aid t m no gthatood at it. ic wh dh isreiffent. >> is chrgo is toing w shous so xeme eesrcis. l >>atook se thos. tat >> s he'a got few. >> y> ifisou mthsed g e bi "f dsrienun" relaion igst nweht, ha llve a h theigighlhts. pl omus seeb celrity eabrsk-up to te ll you t.abou si wa surprised bthy n is i to s day'zzbu. >> ow nst, laea y wr itas all
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so there's a new dance craze called the dab. aleanabnd dan, le d andab. i >>er nevrn leaheed t-n naeae. i >>tht's ane le t andabhe d. th eses guy bhave heenerece sin 00 6:th in rne moing,y bwathe y. ey thd saiasit wy. eas o >>kay. ynow,aiou snid a eece w kend ywithmoour m. lo i heve wu n yo ytakeliour ttle tr toips ergeth. w >>d.e di enwe w ft todalori. weand t juse -- w gjustomot se ys ra. ommy m j wasliust - ke -s she'on e thgo. myoh, , godawwe sy marinhiggs ar cl tk inobhe lby. >> she's ve>> e tryeim we saw her, i saidha, tt'sy margi hig nsarclk, shand e saa id, brceleity. so sn we upuck he to r. e sh ssaidanhe wo ts t bcomeack heon tw. sho >> se it liems heke ser's he er eveky weh witw a vei lo t hereco pies. >> s sheshaid one's m too uch. he>> sot's nto on cho mu. t >>s hat' wwhatide sa. >> o the dthert ay ilowas ve pyourayet d i and cn myitase
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t i pu otheme n th.sofa th ey f arehoame gs. >> an i cel't b tievejuhey ugst m tlike hat. he>> tmey imeldiatoky loth at e me cara. >> th do veey et r gey muddand ru yn onfuour urrnite? ea>> yuth, btr we gy toidet r i of st asasoon si posble. >> theth oer goodew ns- - er thloe's tsgo of tuod sff da toy --at nlionaar mtagari. day dohow l youyoike hurs,oda? >> ik i lnee mith on cke ros. jwithteust a quilnoand g thin .else tjustlaequi. t >>s hat'lyreald. goo ha>> tlit's neke oth of ose nyskins. one >> d why ho wea ave armargita cu e,pcak m you aightdd? >> y' theeqre t suilad.oake l shalrywe t it? i >>on d'tat e tsswee, y soou te ell mf iou y like it. i >>'mot npo supsed to be egatin tsswee. y >>trour r aineatis wg chinyou. yo raur t iinertcs wa yhingou, ho da. >> h,oot' whasis inde? >> be mayet som mhingriarga tay.
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ljust ime. ou>> ygo're toing f payhaor tt. >>ou yw knot wha'v ieea lrned at th i don't like. wh ent i saysim led curs i iwhatrds cu? b >>e y th iway,det's oulicis. ha>> wont's t theop? a >>y,nywas it'tecrea d by st paryf chend aer own of a'afs pc cu, akeselmichpele sll. ea upch c icake.2s $3d 5 anh wort it. >> h butanow mloy ca?ries he>> tn'y dollt te t you hat. ll>> aht rig. k so hanyeeeas bkin man ng a l awfuoflot s newlylate. n >>orot fd gooonreass. n >>orot fd gooonreasuts, b if ow shsiing ofgns t howg irin th faoderho b can ie isisn th ne icxt p, ture ehe'sstxhaued. th erey wt e oupishopheng, and m kithand bie baes. is t thah?nort t >>shat' rtnoh. rt noh is .long >> 's she abadorle. he>> sal's tl. t >>wehey utre oh witsschriy ig tenden an johndlege. in ab a bory ste. t >> ghesedouys don't t, tha do th ey? >> ar appy entl dtheyo. e sh tsentouhat t. sh ide sawo it beuld her
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no sst pawaed ay. e >> w halsoa ave urpictr e fo th rye vest fire, timho a pf to o r their othed,chilnd bra new -babyt - nod bran bnew,inorn ce de.mber >> aubel.tifu >> oh! ea>> rbelly fuautil. l alesbabi b areifeautul, th , ough'tareny? the c>> in'ouldmet re imberinf sat s waea alrdy born. er the e aranso mopy pele pr ntegna h andg avinesbabi. ri chtessy iigenegs pr. nant >> ,yeah and her byab is due is th rispng. s >>hepp steedn i it. he>> s hadhe t right toay s ok los. e' shrgs go.eous er>> hwhe's apat hd.pene ch y rissenteig t wasinweetatg th e shgowas toing e havgha nit nu corse ndme ap helwhher heen t by babo is rn. he>> s f's a-tirstmoime , ther s >>ito twweter rant ckey li it twdoter es. ey the werngsayis it'-tpartime re pag,ntin d whou o yok thinyou ar lle, ase thong this. s soeshe redpondca, beuse
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rd wos. sh yse saig a nurht noese d sn't acreplu e yongwaki f andngeedi n at.ight reyou'wi up heth them, t y're erhelpd s anheteacrs. sh ide sa s i'medo ussh to g arin ou fer lit tha ige fort how ot prveectil i'le have to b.soon nni caanot hthdle inis k d of taconsudnt jt.gmen >> s nord houlhashe o ve titbut un unforty atels come twithhe te orrrity. 's it w the worldvee li in. loit by ws m tmindpehat ople th think heat tpiir o inions in go mg tor atteouto y. e shs knowe whosioopinatns mter onso dve't eadn res thif.stuf s >>ayhe sats wh severanhe wts on tt twier. upa cof le os timetwshe d eeteme thsomereing cally arazynd vu algarilnd wd d anoui thght at th a waspon im.ster y soowfollered h andllunfoowed aher,ndn the i reowfolleder h usbeca e -- t >> iwas her. y >>eah. sh ese goer aftpl peoo e whsay ne vegating thious abr.t he fgooderor h. w >>ivhy geme th p any?ower uli wostd juor igneme th. st juor igneme th. or y prathfor doem, et som, hing t but don' tgivethhem wee por kithinhang teit thinr opion ma s tterouto y. oe>> d es itmaver wtteryohen u
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f >> ibosomeasdy hun mistodersod ntmy ionentiut aboet som, hing ithenpo reso nd tit. sobut dymebot jusnggivi me ei thinr oponion et som ahingnd th oney dve't eown kn-- me y >>es. >> no. no , , nono. t don' tgivepohem wer. ri ght? r >>, ights?chri ch saris esys y. we 't done car cwhat shrisays. anhe c w sayvehate wr he.ants a >>ll t,righer hee w .go is thsn doeak't meen sse to .me b >>utar appyentlre the's a ri waght y tote wri an ile-ma. >> tu picre this, yeou'roi gng to as urk yoen friod t t goone dinr d anwayou ont tou snd leik a alnormum han inbe ng,ot ov geerear, nraot czy. >> t wha okindfrf a aiende re w intalkoug abt? a >>en frid. >> w why youlde ou beaovertoger a ask ndfrieha to inve dner? >>an cou y go,o dyouan w tto go to go? >> k youwhnow dat i yo toou? la homb cuep, qn stio.mark at thha's wdot i yo to u. an ald an 5yzedil.3 m lion ile-mas.
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>> y thermdete tined ahesehere t siphrangs. ouso ys guysechoo d ande ecid wh e-ich imaile s th wbesto ay t as mek sotoone ne dinr. 'sherebe nume.r on h >>i ey, thwas nginkiut abo you ea r.rlie do youna wan get p?izza um>> ntwber o. >> , heyfii delyniteld woue lik etto get togneher eext wk. do w youtoant p get?izza thand s is i'shoda. >> , heyouit we ld bluabso tely erwondtoful y seeou. do w youtoant p get?izza m i'xcso e.ited i sold wou 1 say. ernumb, one ilifeors sht. ryhung? pi zza? me m th at's .it u yo.know ic wheh ono dwayou nt? >> on i dno't ky w whini th'sk it unso fny. th s ere'innothalg reunly fny ab itout i buthyt's icsteral. i' osve l.t it i k thinuli wo -d gowo- i uld nd sebe numrer th'me, i so teexcit d buuli woted ha to re e ceiv othatne. wo i sauld , y ohodmy gca, i n't wa leit, got's p get.izza ini thwok i gould h witernumb o. tw ca beituse in's kf d oetin b.ween
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y doanou w gt toizet pza? ini thatk thid's rouiculs. t'if igos a riod f tend,knhey ow u yo twantt o gethtogeer. ouor yld wou bn'te sa,yinget l's ha ve ncluh, or di.nner pe ex rts,pe,oplep keese tho in thngs on whe youay she t wo rds. y sawayou nt to aimor f that go ocldilks .area ha>> woet dst tha ?mean n >>ooot t tiposive, notoo t tineganove, ot toyo in acur fe. at whd kinriof f dendseyo th ve ha? >> on i dno't katw th's nnfuy. >> t wha kind of fdsrieno d they ?have t firsllof an', do et dol.-mai 'sthatev an eten bthter ing. ho i'da, ngm hury. le got's . eat ou>> yay'd s a yeshand tult wod t bendhe eit of . so n gweanstefd i ane blak sh n eltoapare ntparen ly reappa.ntly >> why d yooue havo t st ay i withdiuch n sdaiand sgdiust? t >>rehey'ay alwspp wraped u wi acth eheh otr. a >>ound y w didr ondet if iwas a cybounng thim fror theioar
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wasmo protion fthor "ice voe." >> y theifsay f youinall e lov t righ iawaynot's att that gre ng loe. tim m i'sanot iyingnot's int gog to la bust, t -- ou>> ye surecas hpek ho it do t.esn' le bet's es hon t. >> i so s guese blakwe-- gn st i efandncoultt't aanend d so brshe t oughipher ahoneasnd w ce fangtimi. him >> atwh? hashe d sodomebaty th t was here book fa imce twiing imth h. t >>anhe ms doegi300 ygs aear. of rs coue e sht can't be ay ever ofone m. the 's it l notshike mie's g ssinhis ba tzr miorvah et som.hing ouif yin're e lov awithye lawr, y doo ou gheand llar a his inclosgug ars?ment >>no. yo u'reghrit,ou y n'dot. t bu hs ere'ththe abing out fa miceting. s i waintellu,g yoen i w tt tohe ac bed h ane ther fweregiour rls si g ttin tat a aablehend tir fi frfth ciendn'ouldmet co to th ace beo h, swashe ess prent er evreywhe. y, hek, loore we'in havg bl rruebency pa.akes alookatt th. d ansofor eame rwason ngtchi em ths pasphthe arone , oundlook at s theseunri. >> i andtst geva eleanted d
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d >>ngrivinu me ts. as>> wre theoh alcnvol id olveat ea brt?kfas o.>> n er thoue shavld hene be. sh houldbeave en. , oh'sthatd. goo >> bu it ougs y. d>> i kon'twhnow y. i and k thinheif tasre wth anoer rs peiton s tting, herecawho res. y, hek looheat tri sunse. thbut waere mes sog thint abou phthe one. gi t ve ie to mpaand t ss i over re he l andwhook 'mat iri weang. it t jusedseemdo, i knn't a ow, tt linnle ag,oyinht rig? et>> las me u k yo, thisthdid ey ow kn w yousiere g ttine thernext to m? the no u w yod outeofall m theand th roey py babl fwereofans rs you rebefo n andowot n. u' yootve gth to think these ings th h.roug a >>o,nyhos thiinis k cd ofute. t solihis gttlesairl upved all erof hey monau bechese ste wand b toeruy hth bro her aeramst. ha>> t st iseeo swt. s she'yothe r ungeersistgh, rit? s >> the'souhe y sngerr.iste ok loth at omis mthent heat s ci detoded ak bre p the biggyank. atakek looerat hth bro er's tireacon.
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i fpaidt.or i wh e y arcryou ?ying arwhy u e yongcryi? i >>nk this he'y.happ re>> a h you cappyg?ryin oh. ow>> hs doendit e? ea plelse tl me. thoh, s at iswthe steeteng thi. c >> tan iyoell e u onk quic te steny ory? pp>> atlarent.y no >> n wheadi grd uatehe-- wn i ad grd uate cfromgeolle i and was lo g okina for anjob ned i aeded ca y r, mhebrotrkr wot ed a pe po fye's criedenhick. he ke worerd there evy y da that ersumm i andde nee$1d a ,000 pdownntaymege to cat a r usbecadie i hdn'ta ave tocar o go t aworke nd he wrothis ol whece ch mk toe. i'll never etforg. at thha's wt w ias tinhinkgbo aut iwhen wasch watthing kiose ds. he ke worerd evy y da sthatr umme heand e gavheme tck che. o >>oh. h >>o ow do we dayit der aft da y? a >>igll rfaht, tevoring this d an mthey bighte ecoms yourtoo. ac lytual w i'mngeariun it myder
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>> co of yursereou au , yo lelitt -- a>> wndayhy tswlor waift s ar heweing g ddins bell this enweekd. l we'lyoget ugu cap ht uheon t st reth of lle hod ywoop scoo te afisr th. hyour leart ooves-3megas. bu ert tha e's erdiff encetw bee een tha-3somegfi in sh oil an ed thosin ared megll kri oil. ke unliish foil, megareis ed y asiledabsorb ouby y..r body. .w ..akhich m es heayourrt, ll, we-hmegaappy. ha stppier megill, ared p istoroven reas ince a- omegls3 leve30 d in ays. re megad. th ere diffsence ieasy ab to sorb. wo g rkinfeon my det allaveay gme he pain re. my ins.knee bu it now,p on stes thiin mache d anmy nget rumbe icwhheh matcr.s my doll' schs fcustomhoit ortinsetic rts. w not imi geatmediefe reliom frfoot my n. pai nemy k. e pain nd afihi macdrne at s.schollcom
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's ityo what .u do if an you wavt to se ft fiperceen orent more on c nsar i,urance u yo tswitchico.o ge hhoh ohh h whait'su t yodo.
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>> t'> let s gealyou ugl cap ht u on j the guicyp ossimiyou ght mhaved isse wthisndeekeh wit od "t bay's"uzz. h >>wiere heth top sconi is na ra tarro. >> o,hell rldaing. >>ou yk loot.grea o >> sortaylft swi b was usy, , busy. busy >> i love this. mo sndayhe'sit we h thsta-liers at the mygrams,da suny's shet a he str be iefr wnd'sngeddi. e' shsts juor a ngimal rl. is tha is inweddatg thlo tayr d ha lbeenngookiwa foro rd tfor a tlongime. e sh "toldlepeopga" ma tzinehis hewas ryr vest fire tim as a id maho of annor e d shwas th edrill. twthe rlo gires wom rea akra sedress. ta kylorthept ese drrys ve stmodend aim se pld and dit no agupste e the.brid ru umle nonber e. i >>ua acthally ncd luthh wi it br atanyernd hba husnd. >> d youid? >> h, yean whes i wa idownn or flida.
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ie frthnds ome lo aiseshend ty rewe likewo tks wee awaym fro th eir ddwe aing,nd trehey' ve loidly ks. u yosecan ate th w she boulde ea griet frwinds erth h. t >>r ayloknhas brown nyitta e sinc wtheyere tens dayold. an e d shknhas thown ooe grm e sincwashe yes 4-ldar-o. old heso tl y al vseemery cl knose-it. >> y thelyreal d arengarli. ay>> twalor ins go gg toive $2 0050,0ke to fo$ha mer so ne moy. t >>s hat't.righ wrshe ouote cht a toeck ha kes toverheke weendn ipo suprtf o heral leg tresoubl. ri ght w,no kaeshis in i crtou an sd wa told shean c rnotdecor mu ousic e tsidofer hy son racontct. sh nte wa gs toutet oau becf se o ludr. ke. sh ale's d lege hthatpee rar,d he hthatuge drheged har, te t sh ersuffmoed ealtionse abu. . dr'slukem tea tsaidhe gaalles tionnsagaiket lul wilbe ow sh bn tompe colyletese fal. lo a ft ofe emalstpop arars e ngcomike to s sha'nsdefeyie sang te atnntio sdhoul beug broht to
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la agdy g a -- w>> ir ondeheif sde in owbt n? s >> nhe'sakot mmoing orney od prg ucinreany s.cord heso wu'n yootre nki wornong, t ki maonng money, s e hamato igine tthatr'aylones molly wi fi delynitee comanin hdy. ha>> tvet's wery set. >> er> th ae isak breto-up re , porte jamianalexfrder om he "tnd blit" spo p and eter fa llcinei. no>> a cthereouples bithe t st du. es the h twoe avenbeng eedag ncsimae h,rc01 2 a5, tndy heveha called it quits. r hep reldtous "toa y"daha tt bit'sseecaufa of amilyornd wk co itmmntmes. ja e milmfi"bs ndliotspin" ew n rkyoit cany ped r tefilmlm "supergirl" which iisl.n a. h hehras tauee drsghteh withis -w exsoife h oneo as tinimage at th -- >> aw i sm theheat tad parhee, t ma pcy'se.arad th erey wgee to atherusnd jt ng haaring .ound ini the k shondid tte lipole st s orhiometutng by the were ha g ngin out. >> s thi mtook se byisurpre ca beatuse g then oldeesglob, wtheymaere okingllut ar ove rethe rpd candet ang thiems seed t hoheand avy.
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iemarrd. o >> s"fthe dsrienun" re ion. pe ople areuz b azing iboutt. i >>s t waeryestday. th gee ley ndarctdireamor jes owburrres di lctedofots at gre sh ows. ndfries,er chends, ai. tax eg>> lryenda ie s tht righ.word >> ist wa aig bci speal inon hor h ofim. it a wastl litrie "f" ends mini ioreunn. er evneyoas whe t ereepxcfot r hemattrrw pey. d >> ho wea ave lelitt? i >>nk thido we ah, ye. i >>e n thnnbegiiting n wasot a thard.hing we ll reasty jute wan hd toang ou tht wih eacr.othe w itotas ne a w thave to dohis. r wey eall fjustinell e lovand edadorh eacr otheaninstantly d d woul ohangt ut a oeach'sther ho ausesatnd whech tw sho thtogeer. >> di we td ateghe bnginni. atwe w -ched- y >>idou du , yohewatcd ge to. ther >> th at gie beg.nnin y >> teah,irhe forst ye. -- f the yirstear. >> t andwhhen apat hd?pene ug[ la ]hter en>> jr nifegodid to on say tthatirhe gllls a l had unch thtogeveer eayry d t foreaen yrs e wher wthey houldthave e je ernnifad sal. >> t whathwas nne je sifer?alad t >>wohey 'tuldnl telus. >> p one oiecettf leuce
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ha>> tnk you, sweaeethrt. >> allright,ho suld youll sti tipf ir youer s ivicerrs te?ible e >> wdiare g shinanout s swerto ur yoqu eti qetteiouestns. >> f andouind o t whouwon n r fa e?priz e'>> wurll se prisyou. >> be may but e.mayb b >>aybeut m. not p >>baronobly t.noy t.i ketatu pics reunof sseri s. mit'sjoy d b an'sital msossy wibut mthcky baai pn i uldnco s'tep..le. c so in't ouldupget me in ti. i thennd a fou plevem. ale pmevth is oe only ne to incombeee a slplp aid us e 12 thr houelpain r ievingstre ongthe.f alev no and 'mw... ik. bacal pmeve a for abetterm. ghenouss preinure e heryafor ?m i'a gonn mtakeexucin nusimas-x. too late, we're about to take off. esthsse di folveast. 'rtheyw e neidliqus. gel yoand cu'reg omin mwithe... u yoalree izhai gved olatst?us mucinex nusix s-maidliquel gs. ssdis olvefast to unleash max strength medicine. le ent's isd th.
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yas moue,ovra fangr ccesuapsle rsbut rtoeael eseraxtre fneshss all day. timoseone.nsro pctten io ktopee u
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> >> wit'swehat ev do moery nday ab thout imis te e, wrisurpurse o offan w theeek. rdrum poll,e.leas t' leins spt thae.glob i >>st' ld andeicin mn.higa ha>> twht's ouere n,r fary ker sh biop wesatch usn o .wbni he>> soi's j uning ss by kype hwithewer ntl litbye baoe chl. e arexyou d?cite >> b i'dmpe juuping d andifown dni diav't hsle a ngeepiy babin a my rms. he>> so 's sioprecus.
2:30 am
f >>anour had a onlf m ths. b >>eefor weut p t youeo th , tests let' etellboveryhydy w u yo cweren.hose ca trrie pakes irideinn bee g th ermothth of teree ens. ha>> wt? a >>hend tab b cy,oehlui q inns mo 4 onthsld. ca srrieshays bee's heen t gg bimiest e racla and siblesng. >> a shesalso heys sbs's od esse owithhour sd w ans wantofall us be to t besndfriehis, we ch w are. e onheof tavir fe oritensegmts is us ambkeh ma. over >> re we'ng goigi to ouve y a iatrivst queanion u d yo 1have5 se s condtons awer cotlrrecy. e aryou y?read >> r i'm.eady ve>> eeery wbbk bohoie tmas hi ghghlihets tes lat bt iny eaut faand n shio sin antegmele cald bb bosti's aealseand dls, bb bobuy's r zz oasthomks tal. >> bi bobbue's zz. ay>> y. u' yove won aab fsulou rtesor tivacaon. yo nu ca take loche. anyou adst gue arede head to or o,landri floda. >> s lotolof gelf, rioaxatn,
2:31 am
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2:33 am
in or a wt'ld thangs tryi to yturno ou inte hr r colos towanthe klp youp oneeei b young. 'nnice w me onthake ste mona real l loturag okincolor. veso e revn inngealigh sunlit, it d snoek 't loo like chairt olor aall. it looks like, it's a hundred rcpet yoenu. and n'isthatt he tmost ea bifulutar pt? nice we b areonack s thiayfund nd moreay, toady ve serso up me ad fviceheor tta rest uran ueetiqditte aslemm. y >>anou w mt tosuake oure y be thavefuasteaslly m mr.rsanne hi f,mselma thorls faey. >> m whoovwe le. >> hi. i,>> hma thos. >> f the wirstt e si sdownd houl p weurut oki nap on onapur l? >> h thewiost e ll bfithe rst e onthand ivat ghees t t cueo er ev eyone lse. w >>ifhat re we' t allheogetr?
2:34 am
h >>adi, lanies ntd gen,leme may kei tar your?orde >> x, alere we' q not ruite eady yet. y >>e ou'v sbeenngittie her qu soite imme tute, bl i'lk chec ck ba. ka>> oy. w ho ilongits qumee soe? tim ha>> w yt doo ou dt aboudea ru it waer? w >> ge've fot assew igoues ing on e herrlcleay. ou nur mee s aredclosth so at di ins cateheto tve seratr th we e ary readrdto oer. no n w, i cthiswease t jussat sdowneao clherly e cam foverar o to. soon hi>> ws ch icatypi al oflex. no e w th. look >> ha we t ven' eseenotach inher ila whe. 'l we tl bengalkie mor than inlookg. ha>> trit's ght. bu hit tss i a aurest,rant a not un loge. so 1 10,nu5 miistes m theumaxim ntamouti of efme byoore u're inlook tg atmehat eanu ro dy t r.orde be ready with ari dnker ordhe wn hees comr. ove od>> h ra is feadyheor tnk dri de orr. >> d the orink irderres alady he re. me sos timecoyou p me uitand 's co utld o asideound yng bri all syour wtuffyoith u. r >> otrare tyingveo sa a li ettle mxtra noneyavot htoing ch iteck . s >>u o yo tplops hing toverhe ch air. ey th y askt ou abethe inginng
2:35 am
wai alikys lnee mi. ca beituse 's ilchly, i want to >> yo or meu coan in u'd yore st coill ld. >> is so t tha-na noo. hi>> t ks is anownnts wier sp inreaderg whure yots coa and ov glndes arv scarees ain takg up mo eare shats tu n yoare. if r theurestahaant cos a at ec chd k an ait'sge larm, ite u' yooire go ng tk chececit bause cthiserlutt ts upinhe droing om d an iat's af sety rdhaza, the se crverouldri terp ov it. if d you hon'ta ave ccoat, heck ekeepthveryseing onlf-cedin y onpeour rson. n so obathe f ck o cyour, hair no het otair chhers weore pple t migh tneedt o sie.ther ur>> od foorris a aivede nd w or d derekechicn. i >>e maddethe oncisi y for.ou ha>> tounk y. ou>> yw knorehim wallyl.el >> d you won'ttoant p droit. >> nk tha you. >> m letowe knth if s ere' hianytrong wng. >> r all.ight
2:36 am
wtheny e sae gracchand ineck . , ohseexcu o me,t'h, ioos bldy. o >> s nit'sooot ctoked r you ngliki. o.>> n ha>> w yt doo?ou d >> us exc, e mesepleam , i'so so drry,u o yothsee i'at, stm ju tta lionle cedcern. t >> is look tgood.o me y>> gou setmoalllnea. >> it looks good to me. >> allghrit,ou y get melet no kw how'r youele feing. >> yo so ndu hathled at be fuautilly. yo d u ditlexacghy rit. upon- - ink thie hne earatd wh mm coent. >> hi wisalng sllmone ha onim? >> hi i te nk hedearnt tha mm cofoent rer su. y >>aiou s pd itelolity. u yo'tdidn i put tt onaihe wter. th ite waider d j hisn ob irytheo enso s idingckt ba -- ev>> naker t oe itn ut othe wa . iter ev>> naker t oe itn ut othe wa . iter >> em i rr embetione omme s eone ou bryoght icu chanken u d yo reordelmd saon. yo idu sat s lookh mout te wa bring aut illctuadey orred sa .lmon an ed thom wan wasli smingn whe asit wr. ove
2:37 am
at whpe hapowns n? ow>> nsa we any thu,k yoma thos rl faey. >> t oh,s hat't.righ ha>> w yt ife ou'ronthe ly onpersho wan wt?ts i >> wo it hauld eeve b. n me on>> dor't walry, i'ex, etll g t itr.o he h >>s ere'isthe wisue th riorde dng artesse t andishis te ofe n th wcaseanith et appizer as l. wel yo y u mahebe ty onlthone at wa tonts er ordse desrt. gbein atl litt e bishy. if se it liems thke oeoer pple tneedt o geheon tayir wu', yore no int go sg toyeay, 'ds, ie lik ss deorert l i'dcoike .ffee i iftee smser oth peeopl are on di oets,rder oneor f theab t le and m saybe iplitt. i >>mef so obodys rderan ap zepetid r anybeverelody se or adersl ful, mealdohow you vv di uy it ip sofat's ir? i >>u'f yoinre dwiing th so dymeboa on laregusir bas, 'sthatng goi to ha.ppen u' yooire gngo tet g sh chort-d angeone ,timeom syebod el seth anoer meti. if re the v's aastpa dis,rity veyou'er ordneed okt cocanail d ev oderybsey eler ordened t?
2:38 am
y sa ohodahanly e d ontacockil, wh n'y do ct we hoverer. a >> ss weooay ge,d-byth if e rv seisice ri ter ble. >> e likasit w. >> yo do ilu stp l ti?alex b >>seecau wvee lo. him er>> hwhe's e at w twant.o do e we'rgonot toing e takutit o t atndhe eth of ale me. 'r weine go sg tointep the ntmomeha it s ppenpeby sg akin twithanhe m. ager >> . bye >> 't donim scr tp atndhe e. 'sthat w the wrongo ay tgo. t >> yhankerou vchy muom, thas. al awaysas pletoure e hav you. > >>wothe t rkou kthat heepsoda nwoma lngooki aton ted and fabulous as shes iro f hmer rspealonra terin. >> e' w grengoio tt gevimo ng thwilo imevehimpdos g ine th tthot esw nencdacre e azllca ed e thanlend aab d. >> 'm ioi g tngleo iano ntisth ch keicann dad myb ou m. th o>>cof seurou yre a. wh iens t'uryo t joboto pr ectth rle wogrd's steateio nat n,'s itr youonresplisibity to ol s tveorhe w ld'sgr steatell chas.enge th s is iwewhy rc sear h fo thebe ndst agh bri.test wh wey ra t finveor ery en evittualy an on l d waand ter,
2:39 am
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t >>heit ci crtonceer s oiesn od "tisay" ro pudlyre pedsent to u yoy al ghl rit. is thak bresoout ecng ba ame pop urcultene phonomenh wit more 2thanil50 m ylionbeoutuws vie tu g rninemilovisempho inta alsociia medr. sta t>>seheay dits a's allutbohe t dab. everyone froatm ethl teso lipoticians have been doing it. an nod ilw ovememphis, that's th wisonderful guy, is in on it too with his latest hit lean and dab. >> om cnesbiov me fmrohe t b,da thithe ,quan and veryop pular th wi the nae.e-na ouso yug brot ht igealto.ther w >>mahat oude yec de id pto ut l alosthtoe thge, ereeswe?ti j >>haust fvingun. ngcomiwi up omth sngethi ev neeryo h canfuave thn wi and st jue hav fun. ve>> edyrybo f hasndun a you mmake, oneyecperft. ou>> ye havg a bip grouof
2:43 am
reyou'ng goisi to irng fndst a ay plfo it ar use'nd woire gng to he be re. e'>> woire go ng th watcyou. vehaun f. >> lo imevehimps. o >>y h, m god. h,>> ogo my e'd, hghs riert the. c >>an youea tch me ho ow tdab? 'm ina finl telhoyou lw toean an b d da l n ead anb daanlend aab d i na finl telhoyou lw to ean m oh,d y go no, no,o ny,wah o gmy od f inainel tyol --u ak wupe n ie thrnmog ind anuyo owkn mp jumy in car n -nae ae li s tdetho lee ft li s tdetho rie t gh
2:44 am
p t op iheto tk bac de slith to fte le idsleo t theht rig t e o thtfron p t op i tto bhek ac ea lann dad lb,n ead anb da ea lann dad lb,n ead anb da i in f tnal elu yow ho n wao oy,myh od g o n oway, gh my od i in f tnal elu yow ho stodeli tto lhet ef s tlidee o th, lefte slidto e thftle slide to the right, slide to rithe sght, tlidee o tht righ al witk o te thonfr wt,k al it to fhentro i pop tt toache bopk, pto it e th back
2:45 am
no lew met ee kgop ic nshe s,oell ale c an i on d h'te avtoa dop wn am mlda tone me lever e ave th ho wiuse t thouigmy n ghtn ow mama'm in o.e b. .t like the wwe langyi sm kdacn ow h cowldoue hanmet i ol hupd wa, [itle b ]ep p p umuryora bske un rngniro ad unthwio n ut bhe tcay nen caver metch , wa initong y mxita l htig cs,eramaca onti l e ikchmil aeckjan so hi t ws isi hat o do sitdab us j ft got or ikei lipo to und it di[ inniscer]ble
2:46 am
nn tee esse ea lann dad lb,n ead anb da l n ead anb,daea lann dad b l n ead anb,daea lann dad b f inainel tyol hou tow ea lann dad lb,n ead anb da l n ead anb,daea lann dad b ea lann dad lb,n ead anb da ea lann dad lb,n ead anb da >> woo! [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> w butdohat t es i?mean h >>heit tn, quan leadaand b. >> n notsaecesry. m >>aiy trisner e her wthatill it-- weh ey- -it wh ak- wor out
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>> y> ifveou eshr wi c you ould hhaves oda'd tone aarmseand ln le pugs, oush yffr coabee tutle o of w thenday ab gratea war tt bole. we go're toing w shohoyou e w sh s stayhain spe. >> an i w pt to ooint hut iave ne haver ped a alrsonin tran er i ifmy le. ha i ved ned r haone. s i wahein t a gym gnd aatirl th m e gyd namey darc ysaide ou'v di vot tot mees thi guyam ned ri chs nnfim froqu e.inox .okay d anari stwoted inrkmug lesci s di edn'tknven xiow e. sted nd>> a t youhthoug w youinere typretd gooe shapusbecau e yo oworkllut a t theanime u d yo sa e id h tsaidhis. ha>> wt? w>> it asn'hain spe. i lyrealn' wast. s chrieris hcae beheuse oi's gng t to ueachs. wh arere u e yo?from yd>> s aney,alustria. y >>usou jket lihe to imar h .talk ve i'n beenglivine in rkw yo t abouon15 m ths. s >>'so heng goiwo to hrrk tee
2:52 am
>> e? min he lp. mothe elst hp? t bue we'rg goinicto pe k th e thre omainthnes reat pmutty ch ybeveratody e homs wantorto wk . on bo oty, msard , anabs. >> us i jd t dinathe e.e-na s >> i tthisoohe bty. >>es y i, its. s >>uptep h witeea kne risinto a lreal.unge wa tch hirim fst. >> p steknup, aiee rstse, ep do luwn, nge. >> p steknup, aiee rstse, ep , downe.lung w>> id anteutto pko worut ot clonhes h andsaoda n >>t' thas notha wu t yo.said s >> i athatge lunno or ? >> d benrethe egar ln. dow s >>hehow hor, sr.w he washe tonts sh be own. d >> ao it. gain >> ll we'th do orree r fouon ea idch se. >> p ste, down rknee, aise step
2:53 am
>> 't isnt tha?hard it>> w shoutnghowir youx span stand uff. goi t that one. >> h mowy an tofseho? >> e' w dllteo onn ac esih .de aras p at ofcu cire'it wo ll d e thredsroun. ndsecoiv actisity a forrms. th s is i fgoodisor b, sh erouldaning icd treps. pr m obles areaevfor oderyby. ka>> oy. s >>aro sttht wi w teigh by syouride. a dol. cur b >>ouend gsr le? u >>d p an bbackd ehin you. >> s i'mngitti, outn'i ca t do it. a myrmsre ati hurng. >> p up,, resseptricen ext.sion bo i urso crel, pwhss, ouen ydo go wn wselbo in. ne ck? >> e lik, thatecperft. t righe.ther
2:54 am
>> k bacdoup, wn. i >>sn'tha tt hard? i >>u f yot do i efasth,noug ts se15 of at, thl wilyoget ur no atw whhe's tt lasone? >> l theonast he iss oda' rifavote. djumpinown pto ap ushu tiposion. dyouo it as partf o a esseri. t.righ >> oh, no. at thns mea you got to put all wyourt eigh-- i >>'t can. >> l wilshyou mow aofore os the. d >>toown l the deft,toown the gh rip t, uheto tt, lefto up the ri ght. >> w youa ere snavy.l.e.a., ri ght? w>> in as icothe dommans. >> by the y,wa io d it twice a we aeknd ict ayuallo d feel a an change, d i dtidn'nk thi i wo uld. >> 'l youndl fire it ally lechalg nginouin yrer co and ledoub os upe n theptrics. >> 't isnis chre? nic dnwoulou't yw shoarup ely?
2:55 am
sshe'n bee tngelli meow hat gre u yoarell as thi.time lit'sy oveleeto mu.t yo a >>igll rht. ou vor fa trites hingneare xt. >> st firis, th"t is " odayon nb c. u yoitdid ri, chs! >> at gre. jobol rayeregentisre wsnem umplngpifa sur cce fells ordra atamraic tfonsiormatn ouwithnet the fed forrs.ille yo ceur con mrt tee shoightyow ..ur agesk.your everin nil wl. rolayenegt.eris olay. ageless. and y retrrigenemist ulcro-scg eyptinrleswi. it i tansly hntrayds tetolump pnd aift. l ug eah! h!rtburn no o urne bmyns on ! watch alkatry tz-selrter heaburn efchreliews. theyk worstfaon and dte't taschal ky. ..ammmm.g.azin ka en
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ne our issixt mouon c ld beyt an.hing
2:58 am
> >> ftimeuror oor fave it va lise lne tiprahe hpy tassehe li lettin ts. yhaveeeou sosn the? y>>!es t>>y'he $re993.. a>> tndy hevehaik la e sero , tint'rtheyt e ian cpe't oemn th. t bu rit'stiose ndnt afe difrent ki ofnds t. tin whbut o at dhayou n,ve oe mor rtimpoy?antl t>> ihthougwe we oire go ng tbe wo g rkinsoout ho i c sse abylip x.span
2:59 am
s she'ggoino t yshowou. oh g, myosh! ocomen. >> s it'tta lipale shinx tng. >> l yougoook od! >> it's got ait ltle ntpay in it o. to at>> kooh, l yk atboour d! >> h, yeano i kw. th wat's dhy it idn' oworkut. 's itll reamfy coblorta we asell. >> s it' alikele whonx spa de unngrthi. d anyoeverusne jntt wau s yoto st upand in aga. >> nx spa. .com t>> ioo lks esawome. i sgueso nonean wts my se va.line >> om troordew rabomeh inssisg wi uths. >> th anorter aofist m the.onth > >>ismy m isionmps sile. to make u yonemoy. m i'reheo tvelethl ple inayg field for all investors. there's always a bull rkma et me soe.wher i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. he iy, c'mmerar. lc wetoome d "may.mone" omwelc ce torirameca. he otopr peanle w mt toake fr s.iend jui'm ryst ttoing e savsoyou me
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bu tt to aeachoand couch y. ll caat me 00 1-8-c-743nbc. t or mweetime @jercram. mbremeheer wisn thr yeawas wr n itteasoff os a ler? mbremeener ts daywhago heen t d worlfawas g llint aparthand e es pr wsuren as oelto sl er evngythi? avwe hene bein unw tdinghat pa fonic ysr dalu inc tding'soday y.rall cls&p ngimbi4% 1.5. na gsdaqngaini. at whpe haptoned e makyoeverne rogo fgam ne ttivesio po tive pr caactiovlly ghernit? im prcaary sttalyth is ree stngth o inil. onas l og asanil hn gs ie,ther ro hiars tgher where bon'tg e bi fa de iultse n thpaoil jtch,ust al smesl on. awwe sto it day. ruthe cn on irudecrs inleedib. ud crrue, cvede eerrywhd e annot opa drbe to e abl- to -you t can' sfindgetora. cayou wan alelys tisl thd kinof g thin othats il ionin c btroly lo g okinowat h s the00&p 5 fu s turee tradrebefo s the tock etmarkns ope.


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