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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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t>>okoy mel jewry,ld he a gun on me. el>> htd apo gun aintndig fnghti rfor heif le. oa lcalo w imanspe sgakinou t totnigh arfte sviurving a ifterrgyinea ordl. >> tshe uells hsow m sheedanag etto g outve ali t inhee fac of retheio vlentme hont irsrude. lthisstatett a oackn aoc lal wo cmaniame hen t east vy,alle ne saraahar and nselli. ogo edngveni,er ev.yone jii'm mde snyr. 'm>> isi jesooca mre. t iche v stim oaysfne ohe t ilkr hlingeld au gn toer h head. she fseel lyuck to lpo mice iadeto te hr in the ckni of time. aniotonte cas ilanivs l ferom ethatast vyallegh neiooborhd. onantio, any ideay wh these imcrsinalge tarted thispe sccifi house? r >>teeporesr: j,sicae thti vicm libe sevesahe ws ttearged beecaus her home wtasn' prteoteceld wnol eugh. itn' didvet ha a sitecury door orrm ala. tsohe tevhiesnd fou it asn o syeaar tget.
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threeus stspecha t atre in jail mabey part of o htherome siinvaons. thice v htimere sayst tha she's y luckto beli ave. >> us i jeat hrd a bigan bg. re>> erport's: itnd sou this homenv inasioic vtim saide sh he ardas tehreen m fdorceir the wany ieto hrom he near saahar andli nels juster aft30 10: aymondht nig. ethti vicidm dot na wnt to peap oarnam craeu btol tde mhe s wa rsties ingn aed broom wh-en - >> y thet jusck knoheed tr doo .in it waske locd. theyck knoed it in. >> or rep tter:hean womys san oe tofheen md hel aun go t her adhes ahe t oethr rbeobrs nsraedackr he >> oo tyk mew j,elryld he a gun ote. m >> or rep ster:ashe wck quio t 9calls11 ahe t home iadnvser rewe minak tgirheay wns asic polear d,riveh tehi teves ran outhe tk bacoo dr. po>> rlicenespoded qlyuick, esprofalsionly. t cheyhtaug the guys. nda i'm justan th.kful >>rtrepoaer: ic polele hteicopr dan- k9sca lotedhe tus sspect nat ayearbar pk.
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ordoto the vtiicms sayis th kemaims h w.orry w >>eee salm wgkinwn doe th etstreif, dntfere ppleothe wate nerveaw sef be.or >> ep rrto: erheoteir norghbs kelis thiiv indalidu t sayishis aak weupal cl. ur>> sedprist tha itap hdpene bhereseecauhe ta ldyhe s give by hlferseve orh tere, you kno,w a indt's s.cary >> or rep tter:ohe hnvme inasio ctvisim ite graful tol stil be ivale. e'shsl asoap hpyno k twingheme n owh terrorized her are bdehin rsba. >> t aea ltsh t wey'tone b able tort huon anye else. ep>> rr:orteic pole t sayhere is l stiloa ltf ok woringo ton de. tedeesctivnt wa thevi sctimf o othoher meas invions toee she t sutsspec in a photo lp.ineu reinportg l,ive tntat aooni elcastan,s new3. th eve nreada icpubl cansaucu isn iul flwi sng rightw no arfte al tl ofhe rliales andol picital ads. tevo arsreal finlyin mak tgheir e.voic
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vese vralngotiit sesn iow tn. s>> awe ll asan ctedida ras.llie tawe srt wjeith gffanillve li reat teasur idslan we herlddona p'trumams csp i set up. ?jeff >> or rep tter:shat'ht rigod, go evg.enin fin aewou hdors, dnalmp tru twillakee thta sgeeh binde m here. ihef tig nhtoe gs a tshe polls prtedice, hi wll cmlaiis h third orvictny ir fou sestati tonght. afnd iat thpe hapthns, iss i nngouta pal donrud t impn aer vy mmcoinandosg pnitio h aseae hds toin theig bgestri pnze ihe t pryimar cdaalen sr,uper tayuesd, xtne tdauesy. but f,irstad nevaub repnlicas avhoe t aski theayr wig tonht. stlaht nig,0, 1fe000 elur tned t ou forrua tmpal rly a stouth point. ify man of t thoseurnut o to uscauc hinere the v lasegas eyvalls thi bwille ay vergood ievenorng fal donrud tmp. ivlet aas treures i, landjeff gi nllan 3ews. ckba to you. t >> yhankorou ft, tha .jeff lwe'l go adroun here. neext wea h tdrao gerd rhoamal. >> s he' at auscaucat locion
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>> or rep wter: well,e'reiv let a palo v herde sigholchoh w iere twillell, yout firsofll a,he t trdemenous touurnast hll reay whoverd elmeoa l tt ofhe ntvolu aeershnd teoe pple gaorngnizi thisve erent ain tryg toee kpt irg oeanizd. itinlyial, theot vare ptoo tk pl aace ndnow t aheyovre ming i tntohecu cauros purcedfe o thisve ent. a o lotfom cntplais. opperle ae ftrrus.ated y the eareedxcitbo aut rtpaaticip bingruut ftestrad bee caus oftheno uizrganed eltemen a offll o t.his ddto ae some fir t ao ollft, tha ioradt hosnn glek bece appared at oneoi pnt,nd are the wasn a roupnar i thero cwd andeo pple gohet tre eedxcitt. tha ether a wasor rum goingu arond dthatdonalmp truse himlfht mig bstopy at oneoi pnt. do kn'tnowf ire the's anyru tth ttoheum ror. weav h sen'teenm hit all a. tbuig rhtow ns, a i monentied, threy atae sgrtinh te csaucu eproc asse'nd wll be here ugthro thouthe engveni. 'weetll l youw kno h towhatt par oft tha alles movhe aad.
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anthuk yoor f. h>> tyoank oru ft. tha >> w> no to hrsende oonrgr seio aavil is at greenle valghy hi hosc ool,fne o the manycu caus otspros aundn. tow se,rgioar e,lier youai soud y he fardrom aer vy vocal encontstiou t ofprumrt spoers. ep>> rr:ortey thee wernt chaing shi ne amouab at hnrou borefe th cecau gusto srttad.e keta l akoot ahe t line. more than0 10 ppleoate tish inpot. asou yan cee s,hi tsin leoe gs tou into the desarkns. so i justp soke to soomebdy who rwasighter hate hi ts st.po eythre ael tnli mgeo tet g to isth ptoin wasut abo ami 45-enut .wait theyll stiav hcoe a uple of ndhu mredoreeo ptople t goo get siinfde o the aoruditheium ore t cahest tiral blotor f their blrepunicasi preiadentl ndcaeidat. isth v iserywd croed. itl wil o bepennt uil:0 90. ifou ye havny anf itiorma oonr want a inymanfortion w thereo go
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all oft tha on oursi webte at wsneco3lv.m. dane likar gerdai se'd, wll be reheou thrtghou theig nht epke yingoupd udaten oha wt's go oingron a tundhe vy.alle reinportg l sive,ioerg a,vila tbacko you. >> d goo to seet thaomarcio rub has e onesenthuc asipo sup.rter rgseyoio, ilu wndl uanersthad wt mi wean yhenatou wch their a track. > >>andow n t joohn torrean he's alin vley view. 'swhatng goi o onverre the? noth mucio actnm fro the piectur. ep>> rr:ortel, wel q notuite tosenadr tez cruht rigow nn i noerrthevn nada. bethen aerella dy. hel wil behe tre until about 6:00. heyheavpa camngigni in the henortrnt parheof tt stae. e'hbs een aer hypalocol sar f, taglkinli pubcan ld,du eiocatn fug,ndin two iesssu rtlecenny i nthe iewsnad neva. willt thap helle defcte som teatnntio t onrumpnd a pum tevorswa ay? 'lweeel s. hela pons te ber hre fo a cagnmpaily ralat thta srts at 8:00. theyre ali bilngs thias a ted
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'lweel se if heet gse th ctviory. johnre t,anorew ns 3. guys? t >>khan you. > >> cbenonarso alsnd speing tierme h ie lnegas vasig tonht. t >>shat' o onehef t niceng this ouabmet aanric. uyo g canoo tne maiu, yoan co g toev nada. yoanu co go tew nxi mecoan d still shareh te same creultu. s >> noinot h teop t t ahrees rfa t as phesoll thatve we'n bee eiseng. but ourreedwa cosn ire heth wi ormen ot whaar csond hao tay s ouabowt hg lon w heillta sy in eth r bacedeyonon tt.igh so r,eed what isa c'srson meessag be eforthe csaucu? >> l, wel he has noted farl wel ine recntol pls. 'she slltin it i t woint. i aihe sd i ef ivenf hesn doe't veha s agtronwi shongig tonht, herm's a wed tithheh cas to ntco.inue wsneet 3 mp uth wiar catson e th sitolvernho wai sde h h'sere besecau d ofrsono whoav he kept isham cigpa fnuslh whitas canh d heai sd teihrup srtpops hel him epkehe ton cncfidee. no>> ert nsvouut abony angthi,
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kn aow, l hong,ard plane usbecaoue, yw, knore we'ng goi aiagnstra tonditi. qnoiouestbon autha tt. t bu lasong w aseon cuetin to kmae prerogwess, b'llein fe. c >>narso a was alsodske if he ghthourct maubo r tio'sies to daneva would helpst booio rub to wanin i theve silrt stae. rscaaion st'd isst jue lik dimecinen wheeo ppleou cldsk a who a sryurgeld wouo, g he said hnsis a iwer tshea s imen tipolics. he said why gsues whenn soo 'lwelw? kno oncarst juspp wraed up atpe sech ator co onadhighch sool. 'shede heaod t aau ccusar patty the esmbasy ssuite-- conte suis enconvntioce .nter e'>> wrill bngu youl flov ceerag non3ews andve onr ohe t cw lags veas. yonu cad fin rtsesul and deoubl ch yeck coursaucu ltiocaon on oursi webte,ew n.cs3lvom. n >>uot share t wt's hati would wa tnteao h frrom my sourgen fobe--re xa>> e.ctly >> it a l ctledeonfi gnceoes a wlong iayn sryurge andn i
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ea>> ranssurce,ea yh. we e hav i newmanforntio ab toutheea dofth aal cniforia wo wmanhoas w found in a lryaund utchate ant dowownot hel. ha>> wpot alicereay sing ha tenedheo tan wom whome ca toow don t craeleberte h biayrthdar ely. >> or rep ster: iky 3hen t hesout vastyalleh witor repts of so tmeleroub t onhe r.oads weha'll aven uepdat t onhe eneving commute coming your way int jus aen momt. >> te> afr ady winwo t-daype sed mpbu,em ttuperaresea hgdink bac .up lwe'll tel youhe wre we ectxpe tthemo be. yo furecortass ingcomip. u an yd asusou jtaw ss,he t ne gvada copsaucu is uwnderay. we a arein takoug y t tohe ercent ol f alof theio actn. surelts central.
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ota lor meo tom cehr tououghout >> me> ti a forck che t onicraff hon tueis ty.sda omtle hawisy upn i sky 3. the l tastime weke spo you were ngtryi l toate ke anci acdent -- owhrat ken a aidccten nrea nellis. >> reporter: yeah, this isus jt tohe tou s othfne isll. starewt anuve.e coa leupf o vicehslenv iveold. itoo l lkseikh t jeytus pleuld itff on ihe tar pnki lg ootf thisal w.mart erthee weror wdf onj iesurive or he lre t looks tike aheyre wogrkinh witeo somnne i the cab tofruhe tckhe .re t'i as pblro femor the ppleoe involved in the vehicles. tno gino tgoff acte thera ticff onel ndae w seehe tre fayews lkoo go.od 'sita it lletit bus by. as the days geton l ager,es w getse cloor t theol sesticr o thequ e.inox 'rwee,e w're sgeein a hint of igdaylnht i the 6:00r. hou ?jim >> nk tha. you wet jus got wordt thalddona umtrpse himaslf hwn shop uat eth c bigsaucuoc lonati outt a palo v herdeigh solcho.
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llwe'e tak you teheriv le. > >>ewe'rin f oding mutoreb aout th ceoralifnia wnomand fou dead in and lauryte chu at the d rresot. lipohice t inkast w aar bizre ciact.den news's 3i fatahma rlmatulah injoss uiv ler fomo dwnn o from ma sentettreh witfree --mo frent etstreh wit t.hat ep>> rr:orteic polone d't libe teveeahe dasth w theul rest fofouly plaut bat rhern a acntcide, pblossivey en icsuide. tohtnig her grandfathe srakpes tou. stin eadofel ctiebraisng h angrghddau'sterir bythda,o tny fratiss i now miournnghe t s.los weke spoth wi him byho pne. f >> aoundht teot boftom e th unla cdrye,hut youno karw, vsiou cistrcums,ance c it houldave beenid accent. r >>teeporalr: krli bown was ndfouad dey bta stff ahe tot hel ndsuayor m.ning
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1fellto5 sries fromhe t 18th orflond lauryte chu egndin up in ola ciolectna are tonherd thi rfloo. lc>> a cohol hould paveedlay a ctfaor. >>rtreposher: ae wsn iow tn thwi h herbusdanel craebngti her 27thir by.thda sh>> ete lser h hair down in lagas vends a has too m tucho kdrin andes mak ah ras gtoo down and laury c,hutet' thas a rest btchutt no isimposble. wo uldihi tnker hus hdbanwo uld hanyve agthin to doit wh it? nogthinh tat' iveve ern see has leed m to t.hat r >>teepornvr: igaesti htorsave noout fndvi eedenct thaea ld emth toel beiev she was muedrder. j >>ust a verygi tra dciecison dbase onoh alcol but-- it's an astisumpon. r >>teporther: lae c crktyoun
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ethan wom'sct exase cau of atdeh. poregrtin l five,aatim hmralatulah,ew ns. 3 >> allig rht. thyank orou f that. > >>now we c tanakeou yiv leu ot talo pode verh higch sloohe wre donald trump hseim alfsho swn p.u wthis boulde a bigo- n onon a nege eralilectayon d. uyoe havo tta sye slverad hunred ya ards fwayrom the pngolli place. butt a c theseaucush tis is alwelod. >> uc mtoh he tel dhtig of suorpprstend a verot wstiaing in nglo leins toau cscuod t.ay nado tldmpru t,eh psureedm farivoteer he inev ndaa if teh rleay pliolng pverots boe coecrrt. he b'snee tdolginev saler llrasiend a eliarero ty dahe was so ortfla btisng the miaedfo r ethet byara olf o hfimh tat she's notpy haput abo it. tbu heak times teh witot vers d anouas yee s,e' hs aop prula guy adroune hre. h >>se i y andou tdalke aoubt hetat ltesol p als tndhe tnurout atthre we'ee singon tight wldou soalee smo tav f doralon tdmpru
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p[eleasta sndy b ] m>> asan iea ddf aterng bei sh motplultiime t teshisor mning nineaorthst legas vas. now metro is shiearcfong her t angunmh t treey a. theyre aop hingom seone can help. coltonra bontan a is pnerso of insttere. veinigstorat ss hayase w last ensev driinga s '90od mel voaglkswen jettait whol gdi rms and tedint wwsindo. lipoouce fhend tti vicm odeutsi ofh teit suesre whe heed liv. wheasno produncead de at. umc in igvestsator t sayhe veinatstig iionso ongingt bu rleaiernd iioicatnsho stw i may vehan bee ag druea dhl tatn eded in mr.urde >> iv indlsiduae cam orve tois th calo ationnder we lngookir fo
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i' nmotu sre what ort wha the deasbt w o.ver ouit cld beco nartics but we veha dn'tmieter tnedhat. yet om>> heicidec detstiveea revl ethr pe osonfnt it eresande th imvictos mikt lelyne kcw eah heotr. ethti vic nm's hameas neeot bn reedleas. hen's oly dibescr teds ahat white man in his. 20s >> > as we continue toat wch the action out at the caucuses all erov town, the biggest mmcotmitnte eixcmetent i astal p eho verde high school, big cacuus laocontind aon dald trump showed up. he's been meeting with people and talking with people. ethu rrmohi ts afternoon was a couple of the cdianatd meshtig owshp uut o atal po a gndarerd ramalho told us a few minutes ago that glenn beck was out there and we kwno tthaes yrdteay heas w appearing on sgeta whit edt >> yeah. >> a lot of ilunfcene trying to beei wedghn ier hate hi ts paicrtlau crcuausit se. >> t iulwod be sort of inreteinstg if gnnle bkec was there suprtpongiz cru andmp tru shedowup . ait llet b oit afon clifct
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yo su teeehin les arext elyreme nglo as eecxpd.te tevorur t inouts hhignd aon ddal umtr cp's samp aays big win for hi.m w>>ree'r heaingu aboton csifuon tout a se omofhe t ctiauon sesit usbecaofe he tig bur tn out. th'sat a srytoe w b'lleat wgchin rothutugho e ghrit, now wwae tntoet gn a atupdne o ourth weaerec forast. ntfacastiea w.ther e'>> wreti s cll aeouplf oee wks adroay fmay dhtligav singsi tme but't isic nure ding the 6:00 canewso st t aseetl liteit b of ghliut otre the. >> s theunle ang hasng chaed. we're sgeein thelo fwers ooblgmin d ateathal vley. it's a superlo bom tshank toh te s rainin thete winr notom uncmon ridung ann el yino tearoet g theig boo blms. ethlo fwersre aom bloing. there tes are bnguddi and pnolle hein tgh hieg catory.
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owshingp, ur. me snezeoe gs crazy. theol mdpo sres areut o, too. we had a high today of 63 with the ws.ind tfirsy dave we'n beeow bel rmnoal. highem ttuperaire-winse sce rleainier theon mutth bec bause ethor mgninlo was w 5re deges above, theea memn ttpera ourer th aegeverawe betheen t highnd a loiw wll make this and e-abovalnorm. day usjtel bary, tughoh. heere com the high cs loudwe reweli deaitng wh t.oday ajustve slifr oh tem. not thickug enoh tock blot ou ethsh sun bine,ut a fewor me ndbafs oh higlo cudsil wlor wk eithray wou thrhegh tky s late totnigh and troomorw. tbu t byhe anofteron, bluek sy regalo isec expted. tudecar,ri ghffitle earmenty, .53 flgaminouo, brlde c 6ity,2. eon more stop to prius meeley.ntar ythe a aret6. 5 tandheds wino so strngav he ckbaedff o.
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near samo byddi stathum, aeyre istll11 at e mils an hour. equit a fewts gus upar ound 30es mil anr houu bhet ty've mmsideren downd a weon d't peexctm theac bkhr t aought le tasthe wndeeke. satome s orydeutsi t ofhe va.lley anotle who lot of windw no rafte h weade thts gusat the wer up andr oveil30 mpees rr houin mesoom ctimunies. motow,rrota sgrtin inhe t 40s. 'lweacl rure oay w to 60 at lunchteim. tmid-peo upr0s 6or f aig hh ertempeatur cutota l of wind. wenk thi mofost h te day sdhoul stayel b mow 5 pileser hour rrtomoow. ouinr wagd b, therm sto onresplesib for o allf thed win hwenad iheto t e.ast sthi n isotd goows nes thie tim ofr. yea pit'sinickg up that glfu ismo,turelr a 1eady6na torsdoe rertpo iedn louisiana and mississippi and theyre and uer thune gn i fdalori, amalaban ad ggeoria thtonig. uswe jt got these fewn ads of high cs.loud we'llet g a cleoupe mor ofh tem tlatehtonig, earlyo tomrrow imornutng br fo m theostt, par eythl wil v beery tn,hi not ocbl okinguthe tun seshin and we b'llell aowedit wthou the
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wagrmin back up. t4 onhe maiountn. umpahrowp, dn to 32. sqme tuiteroomorhow s huldaave highf o. 6 66in ou blderit cy. n51 o theou mnntai. rfo theas las veg vy,allel coo tnighr fo us. eg43 d wreesith a few high dclous. 'weell btl mosyny sunor tomrow. aalsop coufle ods ban ofig hh ouclnds i the mngorni. lo fok aorig hhem traperetu of eg67 d arees nd alookea ahd at ourev sayen-dec for iastnor hon ofhe tau ccusni toght,we an c lyon saye' wreak ming our weratheat gre a.gain misd-70 w asete g t tohe enweekd. llheoo t myen fri adstff griith emelrentay. wiasri pgeviledn oouthe tre dan pntrese some ovabserstion anthoks te thit lyeracro pm.gra osomehef tidse kers weam cera shy. dwet idn'want to erambar tsshem buit dnto wa toh tank t fhemor nghavi me. out ob>> n hodyappy autbo the low
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>> ou i wold love tee sha tt, tuaclyal. spkiea ongf minakg the wtheaer grtea ainga. rehe d'saon tldmpru. hisga sloisn in makgri ameca atgrein agae livt a poal rve die hi sghoochl wrehe hse' mteegin nymaa, mnye dozns ofau cocusgers tohtnig whoot ghe triro adun 5:.00 kwe tnowhec causus i inl ful inswigg rht now. >> e' h isnra d jwtusik le a leceitbry. pe jople lustghi ut wpenhhe ty prapchoaim h and jtusre a aebl tope snd ain meutnd aal tkit wh m.hi oif yeu arch wat tingheho ptos an tdhinkh tis seems prinapatoprieoe, p aplere incastgot vs,e w'lelem rdinou y that it's the political partys thatun rth ees ccuaus,se not the uncoty othr e satte so the rmnoal rleuson d'tpp a alyfas r as sytagin away from ali polng acplen o ectleonia dy. th iisser pctfely fein to coinnv aceew f meoreo w>> seawhi tsxa ectme sahi tng haenppginn iow iait wh
6:24 pm
eth ia derehes io tet go mre peleopo te bol invvedf i they inthhk teyig mavht hae ha cnce toee se than ctedidaay, mbehe ty llwi i belvnvonded a afll o the caatndidopes hhee t tuturno is h,higec espy iallaldonrud tmp, awhoous y cans ha nort shoage ofup serports. e'>> wrare tgckinum rors. oneofhe tmas wd tez cruas w go snnahow uput o at pasalo well. wee'vot nee snha tte y btut we owknn oef ois hop t srourtegas, engl bnkec, isut o at poal yitrng tow ttis some arms for hisan cdadis.te 'lwe klpeeat wg chin tyou fhisor u.yo >> o s ome tfhe stienntme toward donald trump has been described asa rwnt esihumasnd aie p the lo ook tfshiiv leic prtue, th aat'stt prey aurcceat scdeptrin,ioou wnld y't sou?ay i>>ou wlday s, y aeah,nd then u yod ad tinhe lesin at pliolgn acpl aesll orveow tn. th cecuausit s wesrhee people are waiting toe gt in and cast their votes. iti w blle aer vy iernttiesng nitghhe lal s aignsre pinointog t a big night ahead for the man you see tinseheiv leic ps,tureal dond
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