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tv   Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>> we e arinwinning, w, ning inwinng. >> on dd alumtrcrp seuitos orvict ny ina.evad his third straig whtin. r supedatuesssy len thaeka we aawaye nd hheis an ad ilynear er evaty std e anhihe tthnks e mi notinaon is now his to lose. l we'l ttalkm o tornado outbreak. i >>crt's ngossi the road. alookatt th! >> a string toferwistros acss the south. entire neighborhoods wipedut o. e thgedamaet strg chin from louisiana to florida. l at teast phreee eopledkill, re mon thath30 oiners d jureand erths e'remoan droge wustheaer expected today. ne sew caews, nea fr. or14 mmee woten pollntiay fe in bctedkay ziit wthh r eilema pa nert hrsinere u thed nite esstat. grthe g owinreoutbo ak t be dradseesatd h ariea ongn capitol hill this morning.
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dr a icamatni opeo ng ttrthe ial a of aaronwsndre. wh d y di ltheyeret h w manasho w sther r alke tbookoohe rxtm ne h toers? >> this is aerngth, iisa s d re .flag u yot don'acgo bk. w >> thyhe hotel claims it did nothing wrong today, wednesday, fe rybruah, 24t6. 201 >> ou ann: ncer nfromewbc ns, is th"t is " oday mwithlaatt uer d anvasaahnnut giehriv le from iostudin 1a ke rocerfellza pla. > >> mgoodngornier, evy.ybod lc wetoome da "ton y" oa we dadnesrny moing. 's itly wilin aga m foratt. y daugthro th ofluhe f m forr. la . wyer - >> -r.laue >> l feeerbett f, myd.rien rn moing. do ldnaru tmp with a massive win in nevada. >> om a cinmandn.g wi t' let s get righheto tse re s.sult w it las aliandsorde fmp tru who do teminaerd evy y kengvotick blo nggivi e himmoven omre mm entu inheadtog iner supsd tueexay nt ek we.
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heanotilr naer bit. tosenarcr mabio rugio edutng o se tonater crd wuzh itfea mow re vo totes co be d unteormirring th sue reoflts ur sats day' im prinary th souol car ina. >> re we'ng goi to be talking to dbothd onalp trumseand r nato ru o bimoa ntmero fnom w. t' lears sttht wiak breneing ws ov ghernihet, tth weaer. po rfwe sulrmtoys smstepa sinwng rntooeadfrs lomisounaiao t imorepes ex tcted.o be s let'o go ts nbc'b jacoonrasc. od goni morng. ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng. be mhind we iss hat' oleftf r suga mhille obilmehoar pk. remoha t15n of0 he t hseesomow n pjust oilesbrf deis. tw opo peiele dred hene alo. re mon thaer30 wspe hoizitaled. se ofven se thoti crical. no thw see chars i fon tor wo lepeopsi mismang, caybe iughtn e thlerubb. de a atsperare seorch f rv sus.ivor nhopey earl.lost so 50me 1il mobmee hopps rio ed t dsshre. uc trwiks t lstedtoike ys.
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map. lo anuisivea go jrnorbeohn ll rdedwauns st ned. >> s thiprwas lyobab w the orst ar haea tatt thna toroudo cld ha itve h. it us's j tt --eshe dtitrucve po ofwer s thiadtorn o is omawese. >> or rep eter:sever nyen ag thin iliket? i >>e hav not. r>>orepr:teoz ds enrewe ju in mred,ofany m theedpull om fr r thee ubbllybareve ali. w>>are ase ngkior fal cfom r isthre aa. we re ask ag inr nwed eeatth. is thmu com nnity teeds hat. ep>> rr:ortee somil19 m lion lepeope wer ratisk during round on te ofashe m wsiver intem.stor fr gomf olllbaiz saied h l in s texalito bg ndin irainren mo an thoz a dwien ts sterevin seral st .ates l alwathe py tocoensala, idflorhea, whire tigs nehohborod ok toir a dhiect t. e >> wjust held on to each other d ansaid maybe we'll make it, ma e yb wwe'ton. i mean, itas wer v vy,y erarscy, ve .ry r>>orepr:tere thee wer
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ld goim's j t ands homar howe tc waa hed adtornowo blt pashim. >> w. whe ep>> rr:ortek baconin c, vent siloui nana,y obodivis guping t. ye hein t a airn nd ogrthe ound nd wog erinhiif t ss isvaurvible. osomeesf thbie moomle heres we edwashy awa wfrom therewehey re ig orlyinal. edincr sibleestorisu of alrviv. ve seopn perele all stiht figing r for theis live mthisngorni and th see charil wrel mesuor fhe t re thope peisle m lsing taterhis rn moing. nnsavaah? >> r all, ightb jacoonrasc, an thu.k yo no iw alres heh wit ywhatou n cactexpe. e thmsstore havrecovewid a de sw ofath ri ter. tory ea>> yh. is thwh is e at w wwereedorri ou abt. u yot can'thsee o em tfyveri em th. yo veu hago to ra by dar. is thth is coe seimnd tise th onseasha we eeve sisn thnt, wier st anorm ved seeare w.ther s it ifuall beled ny el tino,he smuchgetronbtr sucaropit l je ma fking sor agetronorr stm. ve liar radca sns.
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ut soroh ca alinahell t d wayown f todalorive we' t gotdoorna tc wainhes ec efft. tofor weday u are tnderunhe g r foracentrtl noroh ca.lina adtornveoes ikry lheely re. po lessibd wins gusto up t70 le mir s pe.hour ithisins go bg toshe putoing th ste eath so oris m tninghe ut sot heasndis i th e ey'rg goineeto s h the eavy dethunrmrstos. lthen tatermohis g rninthe atmid-iclants get tintocthe a. 'r weine go sg toheee tds win and e th arainlls we. e theshighret thfrats heom t as coartal ofeas the atmid-iclant n andeaorthst. inrallfamo atsunny aerwhfre 1om to i 3hencofs ai rn. we av hfle d ootcwas her fo 12 mi n lliolepeopri at rosk fm gigeorl a alwathe toy in new anengluyd, gs. a intl litt e bie we'rg gointo ta bolk aheut tte winder si of th is. we e havzablizarrd ws ningin ef . fect g >> toing ao begh tou o dayn e theltravwe as ll. al an, thu.k yo > >>tonow o the btherig iestorons, dtrald stump ngormi to to vicn ry inethe vada uc caenuses enon the heels of s hi win. pe suesr tu aday,mpll intorta, ju ixst ss day nawayow.
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li n ve imea mont. t' legis beisn thni mor 2ng's016 ve co wragenbith nac's altion escorr dpondpeebt alter deexanr. od goni morng. r >>teeporoor: grnd moing. na doruld telmp diniverotg anher ci de vsiveryictole fue d by an r othe tgooduturno. te voairs seyd tht wanheanotr tipolioucal ertsid t who iellst ke liis it . st just as ngrikiwh as at enhappveed ohtrnigte, afe r th nu s mber icamehen, tz, cruio rub aicampblgns d aste oeach athernd a not lesing h onengittimp tru. >> lo we nveevada. thank you. r >>teeporerr: h ve in egas do tnald hrumpnoit a ther pojackt. bithe nalliocaire g shinisin h ir thrad st wightin. f >> iliyou tstene o th pu tsndan w, we'terenec exptoted towin muo .ch wenow wi're g,nninni winng, wi g nnincothe y.untr >> or rep bter:inoastctg vis orie in d keyraemogs.phic >> we >> w wonyoith wung,n e wo owithld.
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we w wonpoith eorlyteducad. i tloveoohe pedrly educat. ep>> rr:ortell duetoing th be e tr seump pcond rlacer unne-- he>> ty onlaicamphagn ts t ha be datend onalp trumthand lye on ca gnmpait thabecan onat dald p trumhiis tmps ca. aign r >>teeporcrr: aneoss tvadahe wi esld wvet li td ups o th uce ca cusesuname der it crm icisrebefo v theg otinwas mp co wletecoith inmplan ts o so mcial.edia maone lln caiting is a dr,aste heanotpor reg rtininyelld g an amscreaning md inplultitee sis ca vucuss oterinwearo g prp trum ag swt thaparty officials say is allowed. wi upth sueer t asdayacppro hing e thp/trum fcruziseud te inyinsifng. ey thbs poun ed o fcruzisor h ci de tsionreo fiop a te. aid h>>s e'keli b ay abmpco taredo me soth of ope pe dle iwieal th. i hekes liit a lbatle soby, ft, ee swttt liable by. ep>> rr:ortez cruassarcllticay ai pr hsingim. ru s bio'ngtryibl to trunt s ump'
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e >> wt can' ejust slectneomeo that's angry, we have to ele ct me sothone ilat wkel ma a erdiff aenceomnd s teonewihat ll n. wi r >>teeporutr: b t forhe es istablt hmen itimenns ruing ou t. gi beg nninh marc g15thop co tsntesom becnne wiaker tl e al wh isich tr a sseong icondres mo heof te. sam t'>> iins go bg to ae anngmazi motwo .nths m we nightveot eedn ne t thewo hsmontlk, foo s, tonbe h aest,ll gh rit? r >>teeporowr: n r theliepubcan fraceheor tin nomn atio leacces.rate xt ne s up, tuperayuesd.'s ho f me os.texa frthe aneshmlo no nger do aywnpliting . lysimpin try sg toaltay ive. te g llinrsvotewi it e ll bthe mo mpst intortaht nighi of s mp ca. aign >> er petan, thu k youcso mh. o marco rubieris hthe wifr us om ch mi.igan od goni moro ng t syou,ir. >> d gooinmorng. he>> tavre hw e no tbeen hese ur foub repn licaescontts.
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th em. we se've heen te rache-- tld fie of di cans dateownarr y andet dthisicynamms seebe to the .same yo gu'veouot y t andrued cd z an me soth of hee otndr caesidat gh fi etingotach anher umd trp insail vg toryicto. t a loepof rliubnscask ag inisth inmorny g whtanot n ke op trum ctdirely? wh yat'sanour tswerato th? y >>eah. ini thu k yo tneedkeo ta ev hieryte'ng wppve a tliede o th onless es of overy ctherigampan rebefo t and throwouhem e t th owwind. ithis us analnusur yeaand us uncaual gnmpai. ne ivadaffs dit.eren he tre'sothe blitom acne fhet, t va ndst arw oveinhelmjog ma rity r ofliepub dcanst o no want nado tldmpru to be our nominee. that's evidenced by the fact at thr youpoown asll lght nit edshowt that if i dcametoown a meonnd dtrald i'ump atd be him by po 16 .ints wh e at w nhaves ow inaa dymic e wheronas l tg as ahereoure fr lepeopin votvig di udinge p th no umn-trtep vo'l yout l ge
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na edrrown dow-- >> po in ofint t, fac the nd caesidate havpedropt.d ou csomedaandihates rove d oppedut d analactuhaly w'vt weene se is do tnald grumphirow mbs nuers. kn i ouow ysa're nyinga evadis an li oututer bgo he % t 46heof t lvoteniast ght. ea>> yh. rmitty omneovgot 0%er 5th in e st lacu cau ns ina evad twithhe nsamer umbeanof ctedida ts inhe ra o ce s sas i iaid,a t's e stat 'sthatay alwlis ded vere thsomeliing hake t at or long th liose s.ning .look lo i evve nada. we w didell. we ke pic dd upatelegutes b we mo o caone atndids e hapedropt d ou tw besaeen ayturd t and aodaynd th gat'snoovershr bu. ini thu'k yoeell se morhaof tt ha inppenerg ov n thefeext ysw da d ans.week if t thaenhapp ts, i whink e're gonly toingt o gengstroer. veyou'ea alreedy sgrn a g owin ernumbpe of joplengoini our rteffo. 'r wee e th oonlyn ne i rthisace th anat cte uni r theliepubcan y partgrand t ow ih whicowis h we go're toing t winelhis onecti ovin nr.embe s >>orenatio rubm , i' ch llannea ing oflot ub repnslica wh keo li b youreut awi grong
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u' yootre nng goier aftal dond p trumyobut emu seus focn ed o te uzd cr. r theierconc bn ise y th ytimeou ge d t riedof tz cruilit w l be latoo te. wh t y not go alddonamp truht rig now? >> l, welst firal of hl, i'taven ar heatd th i andk taleoto pple al y.l da ti gollo raalies e l th.time n'i dovet ha v anys oterinbeggg me at to atacke.nyon se , conddei unndrstaat, th 's a di mesha wi. at thes mak g forteood silevion. noi'm tt inache r ae tok ttac neanyo. f >>veorgi i theruntern.ptio i >>ap'm ho py t show erdiffs.ence i' spm rengondite to udd krs. i iftt'm ad ackegoi'm toing onrespd d anthset coe rerd st htraig. in c theofase c tedheruz 's pereedat mlye adinth ugsonp e. m 'v wed e haleto chear t. air ouif yal rec tl inashe lt de , batelddonamp trud saigegeor b w.isush po reslensib 9 for/11. co i terrecm d hi vin afiery rm inway nt froth of tie enre na .tion w soinhen cestankes lit tha is ar we, inoill sit he ttateo in pot t oudiour enfferorces
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bu m t i'--not id i drun't r n fo fi ofo ce t utearhep otr pu reanblics. i' inm go tg topeell wople ho i a amhynd w r i'mngunni. goi'm toing e giv athemic choe. heif tecy el tt merehey'ng goi h tosoave e meony unif this pa grty, trowspahis grty,nsover re sisponanbly ald deths wi our lechal.nges i bwillpre a enesidr t foall icamer eans,thven ope pehole w n' doret agthe wi us. wi i ryll tbr to thing ouis cntry ge to athersts bean i c. en>> s mator rarco, ubioysalwa tgoodt o ge tyourime. th yoank u. ha>> t snks,orenat. >> nk tha you no hw wedoave tnald orumpn e the.phon , heouof c wrse,heon tad neva uscaucases lght nit. mgoodngorni. racongtitulaonons r you win, sir. ha>> tounk yy ver. much y >>amou cnde kicl of toose ardeclviing y ctorheto tle who nanomi ltionniast ght. u yoidsat' igos toing an be az amtwing nto moiths, ht mig not ev aken to e twhsmont. cl y earlreyou'li feeoong gd. t isnohis timinaouon yo rs tlose at s thit?poin i >>'t donw. kno n'i caswt anhaer test qu.tion i oncan ayly sre we'ng doi al reelly wl. we e haventrem ndousrsumbe out t oftahe swetes go're toing wthisifeek l youatook gigeorf a, iloyou t ok as texa
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ouif yk looomat s te ofdohem wn lithe i ne, k thinavwe he az amnuing s.mber ini th'rk weine go dg toryo ve ll weoh in teio, sennese, ar askans. e we'rinlook jg atreust ally ea grmbt nusoers op i h de weo ll we. r.>> mmp tru j, wetaust tlkedo na serutor bio. 's heng beiti crid cizenofor t g goinr aftemoyou irre dy.ectl it ik stre es m the'snehe o guy u yon'havenet goer aft. u' yoonve gtee afnyr math of em in f the.ield wh t'en imes ti w andyohen u de icide tt istoime af go ter na serutor wbio,wihat e ll byour ne licr of isitic hm ofim? el>> w wl, in'ouldntt wate to ll u. yo uli wo wdn'ttoant th go arat f t buarso fs he' vbeenniery ce. i' bven eeryveic ntoe im h. we en havee't b tn inmohat de. pr lyobabwi it apll hpen. i ifest dohan't , ppen wthatill wbe arfondehiul tng. e ther pis abiossi tlitythhat at ll wipe hapn. a >>u s yo alooks t hirdreco and th ine thhags t'st hee don as a un siteds tatetosenahar, we t ar ur yore impnsssio? w >> hell,soe's atmewh ex inenpericed. 's heng you. d, an k you nnow,guice y. nveryguice t y bul we'lbe intalkoug ab at ite t tht righ
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f sot ar ilyrealn' hasmet co up. ve i'n beesiaccuenng s catorruz oiof domng sete pradty bng this, na lmely.ying he ks tali' -- evve neeer sn odanybkey lis. thi ve i'lt deah wit, much much to r ughelepeopr oveifmy le,etim bu hat i evve neaer ditlt wh yb anthody ilat we l li hlikee li anes, atd th p's ay rettbad st enatemt. hy>> waf go crter f uz io'rubis e thwhone emo se bs toine dog erbettth in lle pod s aningettg erclosyo to rau, g, ntednot e closouif yk looevat ns ada' re s sult nlast. ight >> l, welt thaalactunlly oy ha lenedniast ght. al reruly cs z wandseco i andt lo lioks ubke r lio'sngookie lik ghe's toing so bed econd baseon st laht nig. w >>o hy dthyou seink r nato ru habio gsn'tafone yoter u? rmanyliepub tcans shinkodomeby s haakto tu e yoon. it t hascoo be ome an-ne-oone ra ce. we t jusedtalkhi to oum ab.t it he n' hasnet dot. tha dowhy t you?hink do t you hhinkare fekis taoung y on? ay>> mecbe b 1auseop4 peenle wt te af ar me4 nd 1lepeop fi oflyciale gon dso i kon'tnow,
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rdrecon whe dthey ao go mftere. hebut he -- ee's bryn vee nic i and k thin bi'vereeen tfspecul to a hime'nd weell st wha enhapps. bu att th a cans lwaygechan. cit'sedhanga on ernumb of oc oncasis. he otopr peavle hene bet thaway weand at go an it fd so'var ie go vet a nbry ushlemiraed tck re .cord yb ma le he aooksatt th. i' t m no.sure llyou'e havskto a t himhat qu onesti. e >> w hjust yeardn ou iasa tee fe a nuw miagtes llo cateing d uz crit a lbatle by. tayou alkedthlso eeis wouk abt inwant pg to aunchte pro stor mi avsbehating o oneu'f yore ve nts. sayou heid wu n yomebeco the no e mineprand enesidout, y'll gechanr you atonend te ammperent. wai'm ngtchiel howu'l yooire dng i'and tcm wa hhingouow yfer li gohas itne we h th atonend te ammperent. y whd woulchyou tangeifhat wit'sngorkiwe so ll? w >> iell,e havelto tu,l yo ma i ybe ldshouben't ng chaing it . at thte pro wsterutas oli of ne, w heitas h ptinge.eopl ashe wea scr dmingg urinthe sp aeechvend edyrybote wan d to ar het whad i haayto s. ashe wea scr hmingblorriy. e th wcopssoere tl genene wh
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wh heen toky to o himigut ble smi h onacis faie, w tvinge o th lepeope likashe win havgog a od me ti. t inldhe os dayouhe wavld he tbeen oakenn ut ostthe heretcr. to weday no're lot altowed ch tou hi t m bu'sthatgr disulacef. >> t thae,styl t mr., rumphas wo wrkedfoell u r yoouin yr fe li. wh any cht ge i ywhenecou bome pr enesidt? el>> w tl, i ihinkht mige tonit wn doit a lbitle t. h we tad a ootal pf 17e eopland w noe we'r tdownano 6 oud, y kn i ow, --may ay i my ver well gechan b it,igut rowht n it se toems wo be g rkintypretl. wel ll>> aht rig. lddonamp truan, thu k yo very mu orch fr you.time ecappr iiatet. >> nk tha v youmuery ch. wh reile icpublotan vers uc ca auseds crosdanevall, hiary clinton and bernie sanders were ta ngkiar pint t an owllhan i so h utrocanalihe a madh uc tu sa'srdayoc demc ratiarprimy er the. c' nbiss krweten ilker s in mbcoluoria f us. go orod m. ning >> or rep wter:e,illid goo inmornr g foyou. se r natoersand ts isg ryinto t blunetsecrclary n'intos co rerd.
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cwhenonlint a was again fskedor sctranptrions ho t sseecpes he e shvegao tllwatr w >>s hy ie therstone rdanda for me n andorot fry eve ebodylse? >> or rep tter: qoughiouestns tu daesniy hi y llartoclinain agken asd t abouasreletring rianscofpts r he gpaidanoldmhs sacec spehes. f >> ilepeop g are toingk o as fo inr thevgs, oderybouy shld be len a pevelnglayi field. ep>> rr:ortent cliowon vtoing le rehease anr trptscris owfollsuing it. ssan iivue gsaing s nderan op g.enin >> i am very happy to lerease l aly of m spaidhepeec ws toall st .reet re heis it ri, chhes, tinre a't no ne. r >>teeporlir: c antononlso de e fens ron ag ulin jby a udge at th t heridop aoue she ld b tiques aoned hboutrier p evatemp il mave serr. >> it is not something that is go toing e havlaany g stincteffe and i am not at all worried t abouit. r >>teepororr: f p hisart ndsas eralchngle aedutbo co rontrsvel iammcotsene hdema 97in 1yi4 sae ng hedwant to ol abthish a.e ci ia>> cys plaim an anportlet ro,
7:18 am
th hoey snould vet hae donon lfbehath of ite untaed stes go mevernnt? absolutely. >> or rep bter:caoth atndides tusedighe no ht tt couriccrital caafriern-am vicans.oter toclinken asoud abyot bence's su boper alwl he ftim wshow hich reangemed soic polpae dentrtmes p byg ayinuttrib te tolahe bck li maves mtterenovemt. >> ha we o ve trefigu out how 'r weine go lg toupift g theood tiprac rces,m eforcipoling, ov prmoide upre s. port ep>> rr:ortede sanlars s tmmedhe hebirtver mo amentstgain the idpresinent includnag dold tr ump. m >>d,y dai as ioment cned,ame from poland. es guats whbo, noasdy hed ask nor my th birti certefica. yb ma'se it c the oolor sf mykin, i t don'. know >> ep rteor ar:lind c nton us br ohing qff aiouestoun abt in ly tg tomehe an ricaicpubl. >> d ion't believe i ever have, i t don'evbelieve i iler wl. j >>saust .y no st ju n sayo. i >>ats thue a qn stiod you'like an r othe ashotswt ang?erin
7:19 am
ep>> rr:orte b nowcaoth atndides al xpso eedressir thepo suporrt f es prt idena'obamans plcl to ose gu naantamo. as t for, odaytoclinlln wi aicampn gn ih soutlicarohina wle sa s nder hwilla ost news nf coceerene herthand tuen smp upin sueer t ssdays tatee wherhe ma vey hatr a sr onge ashott nn wiing. ll wisaie, ahvann? ri>> k wstenr,elkenk tha s so . much >> no> inw hi wasn ngtoe therare lebattr oveu.the ups. s reme t.cour se mnateitajorady leiter mch co mcl nnel hsaidaris pilty wl no ppt sua ort ovotey n an pr sucoeme nourt e.mine nnmccoacell leknow tdgedhe pr enesidrit's toght in noma ate pl reenacemt t buaihe se d th tesena r hass.ight l >> aacis bw k no twitheshe rt of he tor fasec t. t>>t'haghs rit. 'r weine go gg top et uhato tt mi cop ng uyoafter orur ft ecasin
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fr uit. .nuts y smsilk doothocark cholate. ve re tl inlehe pe asurewof nve doit fru n andut. troomorw. > >> a lookt ahe tin wtere sidf o is thrm stoin compg u inhe t next 15 numi tes. ha>> tounk yy ver. much j aust thead hismog,rnin the ioemot snal ttartino erre andws'
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wasre sectlyor recdedin behd oscled doors. andor meig sns the zika vi srus ipr sdieangn ieth. u.s the cdcnv itiestigang 1ne4 w po iatentsel cas.
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nb c. ra>> l:chaes it' ourev nere hav vei er show. >> this is "rvsuoriv i,"av he a
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
. k >>moim: g.rnin i its 7:26 ons thion wulderf eswedn eday,iaspeciflly your inameons dald p.trumwe .mentbu news 3. d >>ana: hse'hi sning btlrighy li inmorn a ttle shmoot sitran.tionke cully trranurn wer,ather you heweatr thauy.orit olotsnsf suhineou thrghee wkend withud closro fmem titi to me li ke eryestday. 68des,greeha tt's fivear wmer an thst yeyerdad anhr teeve abo rm nondal ak bac tohe t 70s, oh, ho wve we'is msed you mr. 70nd a b 80y rdsatuay, mato s. f >>ngeeliin sprgishut b you n' woavt he a sgprin ioun yrp stehe g adinto 15i-, youec exptt i eto by bus buts it'us bierha tn lusuath on eou sunthbod 15, slowin
7:27 am
sserpaes,er vy b ausynd a nd feener-b oder tnhe side, from aia pr of minoren fbeder-snder t onouhe south b5nd 1 and jdamme with a5 1in muteri dvero fm cr aignd a the 15th soudboun er thete g btingusyea hdingou sth into the 5.21 eaat ln st othe mm sun erliwaparkiny dboun via , 95t tha not soad bt jus ,yet ki d m annada . d >> tana:5he 1 sboouth nundow ksstinut, b if yeou'r na dold umtrp, you just flyr ove in r you liheercopt . k >> wim:hichng briss u at 2:00 th is inmorneg, w got the fi ofcialul rests ar s faheas t blrepu icanca,ucus andk loo at at thev, nada rliepubcans ov elerwhlyming vgotinor f na doruld tnmp i ostur sate' uc caus. os three ahe tte stawideul rests on the enscre, aom cinmandg e race for ndseco, aho wle lotcl oser asou y can see,ar mco ru bio fhiinisnghe aadf o ted uzcr, %24 to 21%. 'l welav heti connued uespdat
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
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7:31 am
po rerted in fla.orid > >> wagrecke of a small ss parengene plat that wenn dow in nalep hasee bn found. of alficiays swa it sti sll inburnheg wnt i was caloted. 2all4n o boarder we ki. lled s sportor rep eterrinre andws bisack inou crt tayodft aer the op inen tg hoer $75il monli la uiws atinga ast helotnd ahe t nmaon cctvied ofec syretl lm fi hingern i her . room ep>> rr:orte c youeean st i on iner ewandrs' face,it s itingn t,cour renglivihe wn she got the ll ca. y >>erou wn e othe internet wi outh atnylo cesth on,id dou y owkn atth? sh jetus talotlyom ces >> ep rteor er:htigea y lrsater sh e'sng suiha micel etbarrt, the ma hon w sedtalk her and took the vi adeoon lg whit theat nnaiol rr maiott and l its ocal gemana amente t th ftime75or $ ll miion. ai clming theel hot waseg nntlige d anld coue havre pedvent itm fro hag.enin dr an lews'rawyed tol a jury
7:32 am
if w sheould be sngtayi erthe. >> yes,s he' .told rs fiedt r flag. >> or rep tter: thenheaw lyer sa ys bttarreal clshe t re atserv ionercenthi, wch br abteevias a .note tguesue reqsto tm root nexo t erinan s.drew w >>hy is p anerso mgakin a reesqu lteik that? thiss i ngdas.erou ait's red agfl. dyou jon'tust go,fi ne. >> or rep bter:eut h got them roo ne xtdo.or ac incordg to the compinlat, rr ba rettedemov andlt a teredhe pe hepeolf o ewandrs' hotel room or do andec rdorde video of her ch ngangi arnd/o gngettire dssed th wi houter cntonse or kn dgowlee. >> ns cous el ingtryiti to e my ntclies, whoer wmpe sily tgryin to vi prode a l,hoteo t ast gue to ari clmina str.alke d any' there r >>teeporher: tye lawror f the te holpa comniesd tol jurorsha wt ha enpp tedond awsres i rrteleib, bu not t the hotel's fault. barrett, he said, manipulated ethys smteo tet ghe t roomt nex tond arewsnd ae h is re sispon ble.
7:33 am
atakeho pnel cal f sromome ngstra wer,nganti toe b in a om rot nex ton erind arews and t pu himer the. he cede,ived he connived, he stalked. that's what mr. barrett d.di >> ep rteor br:rear pttadleed guilty to stalking and shooting the nude videos and served 30 months in psorin. frnow ee,e h willes ttify in this civil case by dannd awsre is eecxpdteo tak te th ste d an ttol elher side of the story. ne ws. ngstrorm stohis ts rnmo ing. ha>> trit's ght. we g're toingalo tkut abo the wi snter oideisf thng thi. i anme'v, wete go wrinteto srm inwarngsdv aieisor asnd barlizzd inwarnrog form nntherrk as ansa ntup io chmi.igan 20il mlionpl peoe at ri.veng nd wius g otsf 50il mes an urho. ow sn ofallf t 12 o chin peser ho ur. e thaksdt
7:34 am
agchico, st. uilos,ll ahe tay w ba ntck iolm aost nsarkaas. wwhate'llk looor f ar s faas ow sn fallntamous, wauprdsf o a ot fo ore morndarou det,troi nasagiouw, sth ndbe, andts par i ofoillinils wel b lngooki at thiss a.well st lo. uis, 2 to 4. fl 8int, to 14. so uthbend,0 1 to 1ch6 infes o sn ow. ag oain,ayne w or theer oth on thisactrk, cgohica couldve en t gen in ohethe r avie asnows ll we. 'sthat w w troomorw.
7:35 am
>> tshank a lot. t mhisngorni the cdc is ve inatstig 1ingew4 n rtsepor of zi erka hn e i uthed niteesstat. at thea's lngdio t aew nar wning foron anyo'e whavs tr teledto ho zo sneor fhe t s.viru snbc' tom cllosteo m hasonore is th. od gorn mo ing. oo>> grnd moing. tonlyefwo divinitees casav he be en crmonfied but the cdcay ss 14 pe susctedas cnves iolve men hwhoadve traled toik zaas are sanddprea their vus through sexual conta octthnce amey ce me ho. ep>> rr:orte the c'cds an cenoun,mentow n rngaisiel lev c ofrnonceth wheheer ta zikye r vi mrus fight nindicew vtims in th ite untaed stes. 1 secas, iluncngdi c.d.ow, n4 1 ne was c pesblossiyra tttnsmi ed ugthro shlexua ntco act. n>> ih eacf otheso epides a man s wave traling to a ziffka-edecte ar ea,el dev sopedomympts
7:36 am
inwith w twoeeksf o t hen'mas sy tompm,he t female partner had sy msmptosi cont sten zwithika s.viru r >>teeporher: t cdcs ior wking to dmieterowne hg lonhe tir vus bcanne i a pe'srsonte sys amnd tr itansmtoted aua sexl nepartr. re mon tha c 30riountrees an o thedc c l'st isof zika onregis. wtheyarnre ptgnanen wom or wo men whoay mom becree ptgnan to davoi the areas. upnt u nilowto docrsel bdieve ly on a small nrumbef o pieatsnt ntcoctraedik zahr toughua sexl an trsismison. no whe te y arinwarnl g al tmeno ab nstaim fro sexr o useco s,ndom pe eslycial t if pheirerartn gh miet b egpr. nant ak>> te tpphe aiaroprte pr tiecau sonsoy theon d't get zika infection and themiy t ghbe eg pr anante t th tsameime. t wohat beuld gi trac. ep>> rr:orte as nbc saw firsthan idn ilbrazmi, falies
7:37 am
wi th crmihaocep wly,ith rmabno sally hmalleads and nsbraiug thoo ht tbe ld inketo th e ruvis. it's cngausinx aiety for hl atetes pparengrior fly oicmps in riohi ts ersumm. me soth asletee havic indated eythay mvo aid tamhe gesll a ge to.ther nlatiri ame acandib carbean in a ce ra toto sphe t zika ruvis, il whe noac vcineve leaors me op pele a atot palenti . risk f >> i hyou tavelerave tdo a un co otryen thik zara wningt lis or your slexuatn parer thas,he esstakld cou beer vigy hp.h u y mat wan toal tok t yourto docr or lt heareh ca ovpr.ider back to you. >> m,tose the 14 rteepord cases ar e e th wonesowe knou abt. t ishedc ct aallri worhied ts ma usy jet b tiphe t oef th ic g?eber >> soablyluteat, ther's clytain e thse ca. ou thssandf oeo ppleve traol t thear canibbe andin latme arica y everday. m ifen whora t tvelherere a bi tteny b thequ mos tito,heir sp souse p orerartnts aom he co uld be atn are inc asedskri. w ase pore,rted in m posteeopl thea zik somymptres a so ,mild
7:38 am
ctinfe bed,uthe tk ris for rnunbo bs abie visery gn sianifict. >> itel t ylsou soinmethg, the cd enc wt pc ubli twithtohis gi bewin th. th sanksmuo ch. >> us> jt d,ahea weke tald to do tnald rumprleaier. co ming ,up ae rarer intviewit wh s hie wif lamenia. does svehe ernk thier hus hband ghasone too farn o the cigampan aitr l. w aanomes tfiti fes torhe fi tirst ndme a s whyayhe st s i awasn ll aact. ri afght thter is..,.d... sn...ius't jert ovngeati. it r's ameeal l dicaitcondion. whand thile ace exust cae nkis u..nown. er...c ctaincahemin ls i thebr maain ayy plol a re. b. ie.d.sos al m the..ost. .c ..n ommongeati rddison er iduus alts. , hinii'm mo selca.eswh inen i b...ged, ...i wasn't inon c.trol vei nelt sr fefiatised... matt whaertht tie quan.ty was arafterwi feds, olt st upseyswith melf. l toorearn mt e aboud...b.e.. .go ..into binge eatsog di dotrder com d
7:39 am
so ds my ki't h dontoave e, foragt gojobstwo pa to rty a mogage, and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'e binworkile g whslyou eep. l stilthdon't ink goti'vera a bin? wh steo'll wp up henth gings tet?ough do t n'wayou hatnt tki brnd of ain? a grdes ee idea .gree u' yonare gont wanonsome me likee. t buly ionyof haveu b ain.ra s i wainout d theg inin,roomu yo, knowinmeete g thderesints i and a had legent manopstan me k d asfme ii hmadeinis dner. he l hadhiost fes wien rec tly,t budni dino't katw th. mhea ade rkremame to ut abono ret suwa he tnted o beerthyme anore,
7:40 am
af hater yvingdiour , nneri k thinnti wastic to ouk arnd ila whd e an rthaty ealltmeanso inmeth mg toe. nei haver ed aniexperkence lith ndat aju it etst lkn me ow wthati'hat inm do mg is uchremoor imp ttantjuhan oost fd. i su adre h o a lotinn my mwhend ot i gf out ospthe ho italer aft b a dvtlolood ct. a whaty bout mly? fami i'l my ly?budd whatand th if peis hapained agn? s i wawagiven inrfarin os the hpital i but erwondf ed i wasthis thegh rieat trt tmenmefor . th y en m tdoctormeold ou abiqt els.ui iq eleauis trvt ats dpend c bloodlots and cereduris the thsk of em enhappaiing agn. t nooeonly diquis eleas tr t dvtpeand od c blo,lots elbut s iqui halsosiad icgnify antlless ma eejor bl ding an tthtahe s ndardtmtreaent. ow kniqing eluis bothhad ... ed aturnd roun t myg.hinkin do
7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
>> e'> wacre btk a 437:it w ah tnew iwistn aiz barrery sto we b'veeenlo folwingor frl neay se ven s.year i >>t's about alo frida woman cu ac osedryf ting toir he a hit ma on tl kil her enthba-husnd. on tuy,esda sheti tes ifieden th case fheor tst fire. tim linataase hn beelo fol wingit. >> d gooinmorng. tsheook the anstd, cinlaimg sh ie'sennnoct. e shs say ist wall an a agctin oj pr tect ghatotay w outf o nd ha. r >>teeporalr: dia binreakowg dn te afakr ting the s ftandheor t firste timerin h own bedee.fens thehotwo-onur lgst quengioni ce ednterun arodhi ts rcundeover su llrvei ancedevio,eg alledly sh gowin hern i h2009g irina tm hioan tur m hder herndusba
7:44 am
>> or rep ter:ppdio'olits de e,fens t shehthougwa it s a pi tang fn or ameunnaald retvity ow sh. >>t' thaats wha mamtold the yoldoou t y, sagh rit? >>yes,e h told meo t say . it >> 005,0% sure? >> ide needo tje proct co ennfidce. he d toli me ndeede tkeo ma it lo ok beablievle. ep>> rr:orte the h man was ac lytual an rcunde povereolic of r,ficemi filnghe t wholeng thi ast par of ati sng operation. i>>'m sryor toel tl u,yo man, he b'snee ki.lled >> ep rteor ar:olsau ctghn o meca,ra picoleou idtse ata sdge cr eimce snet a t cheplous e' meho. bdie, di ppolito's reaction to her husband's sdtage mrurden see rehe, as s'sheed l aywaor f her ev alentu starre. w >>eei rec avedal clel rated to wo a whman nto waoed t hire a hit man toil kl her huansb d. ep>> rr:orte s shestand h byer or sty. >> m you tade hatup? >> . yeah t >> i pwas oartef th sc?ript
7:45 am
r >>teepornr: i her 1120 trial, oldipp witoouas fndlt guiynd a behas nden uouer hse atrres ever si nce. no hew sea's gringp u forno ather tr aial, ws itaset dneermidhe t ro juadrs hn bee tetaind. >> on i d'tar c wehat youaw s in th ve bideoenetwe adali ahend t rcunde overinanformt. e tht facth of e matter ,is any im crinales invtitigaonui reqres te iny.grit wthisotas nri a clmina in igvestn.atio adali ppdioolit was set ,up tr d.appe r >>teepornr: i spre,onse the cepoliar depttmen yssa,e w stand be thindheri plencipd work our ctdete divesnid os thi stinveioigatn. t werust in ourta ste anettory touc sfucessllyse pro tcutehis .case andre we' confidente whave given his oicff seciuffi ent enevidoce tt meehe t atste's enburd. r he -hexndusba is sngtayiet qui r fow. no forhim, tishis no 's it a -lrealife amdra, ggivin w neni meango tthe words, nt"uil
7:46 am
>>diitppolo'sor attneysre a gi urheng tge jud toisdismes th se ca. r agulin isxp edecteth in e ngcomi ekwes. it 's inuitrigng. >> nk thau. yo > >>t jus eaahd,ov l iet orea fr . it mtheostdv adanceot robn i ex teisencnd a whyou yro pblba y ou shtldn's mesh wit. it >>'m ioi g tngoo gea fr it, gh rit away. ar csonas h an eluxcvesi an no ar u e yorepowe pd byinrote? hmilk gas 8 tramso ghelpyoive eru engy to ea unloush yter pol.ntia
7:47 am
milk's protein and milk life. , hikei'd lito m a ake dep-- anscr: nescre iteanm. , rescanan.resc sc i vo: it happens so often yo mostu alt geo used tit. e vophon ice: mmain enuesreprtientave. re enpresvetati. re enpresvetati. : voh whichyis wbe puing rst fi..t. relax, we got this. : ..voak.t somes ettingeedg us to. in t joathe nion. at nionwide is on your side presretientave. cigwhentearetng cravis hit,all n i caabthink out is ng gettif. relie nonlyteicoretha mini s a tent pa ed isfast-dg solvinula.form rtit sta rels to ieve csuddens neve i owr kni' when edll neief. rel th hyat's wy i onlse chooreniconitte mi. u'yo urekinpaclrng a?eady , yeah mhelpnde fie som.mugs
7:48 am
(bp)ee ..hey. o. k. 'they dll o. uwake tp toouhe mnntaiow gromn ar fa ofrsolge . t bhet esrtpa of wakin' up whso, doere w youtoant rt sta ? ini thisk tha is pr gettyplood ace. s ierfolg ys incuour p we bugroouht ye herytodato y gethoour onestonpini t abou nthisarew c. ktotheep uingssenbia d, rweedemov t alloghe los. fe liels bke amw. miremends it a l tlet biikof l ae anudi. , so cthissuar tspporle apppl caray. si , rienopap ms. geshe e.ts mw. wo lsit as o ha teenivdrecer toghnoly. eitmuven thtes die ratio unl sethe elat brets akl buced. i' rym veio curhaus w it its. th s is i20the he16 calvy mibu. anitd el s fls?or itta ss rt tatntwetwy-fio .ve wh?at oh . wow me i itan wl h al tthisolechnogy.
7:49 am
not yet. yenot t! hepull t! peach mm mmyo, t.plai wh f at ierths e waotanwaher y ooto latk ap relngsi mult sipleiscleros ? this is tecfidera. id tecfis nera n ot aioinjectn. it's a pill for relapsing ms that t has pheower cut toap rel hses inalf. imagine what you could do wi fewth rerapseels. tecfidera may cause serious side eecff,ts su as chlealic rrgcteans,io pml, which is a rare brain infection at thally usuds leaat to deh or er sevsae dilibity, and crdeses eain your white ood blllces. the most common side effects ar fle ngushind ama sto chpr msoble.
7:50 am
any low white blood cell counts, infe ioct,ns y otanr hedicamecol itiond,ns or f yo iaru prege ntna porn tola become pregnant, or b areasreeetfngdi plaorton reas beetfd. arn leremobout ahe tos m t pr cresed piblil fo lapsr remsing e in thus, ec at t.cfideraom. tao lk tocyour doutor abt te era,cfid an ad takeer lnothook elapat r msings. >> e'> w breackt a 507:n o a izdrinzlg mngorni in norew yk ty cih wit exclusive nsew fmro fa boce.ok ca onrs w,thao du yovehaor f us? >> gu,ys ceom on in. fo rntmo whs,e'ven beeea hring rsrumot tha a bigha c inges ngcomi to boface lok'sike tt buon. la adiesgend mentlehan, tayt d isin fallye. her th isor m, ningrewe aud pro to unannocexc evelusily the tireaconto butnsre ail avaable gh riowt n dwworlide. toverexhe nt few ysda t,y'hell llrout oo tll aeb facusook ers. i' llho swou y whats thins mea he re. yo anu ce lik apo .st llwe n, yowouan c velo,a h ,ha
7:51 am
th at'sghrit. ke mae surr you apps ip u to te da. re he's aeo vidha tt shows you howy eas it is. ge tntlyouchhe t likeut b atonnd e ther oth rioeactnut btons pop up. se tlectnehe o yountwa. by the way,hi t srendmis ,me al, si wa y on pouragend aov l ed ethesto phofs o you at thean s eg dizoo o. si'll yhow houowt i rkwos. ll i' go to like, over h tereo ha ha,boom. >> !boom o >>ught to duro yo page ,here rs caon. i' nm or you page. >> t wha y didou like? >>ou ye hav ait ltlero cotck-p action. >> ilchi. >> g i'm toingo go with w.wo >>llwe,nk tha u.yo il chi was t.ho i >> love it. w hoy thece dannd aov m ear. ound l>> iike that, ahye. 's itim an. ated >> head to datomy.coo t find out ho hew tyan l oded tnhe six ac res.tion onin horf ora wrngle wedadnesy, ic wh'vh iote ge her whsomeere, re he it ,is we'reng goi to go ah ieadouf yo gth to ode tay sh agow pnde ae lik that,au becse sit ira wrngle eswedn yday,lou'l ese wrangler live streaming.
7:52 am
it l'le b meorct anio packed than that. >> come on, wrglan,er do so thmeg!in w>>vee'ot g newea rioctn ttbus.on you have to get excited. >> come on, wrangler. bu ontt. >> ho s uw ysrou wow, anwr. gler y.toda tgladveo gito it you erwe offomened w a ermysttyy beauatme rit now? ah yeat! thnd soueas grt! co thuld ueey ghass w wt it?as very rich d anthsmoo. lyrealam crey. i epkeou tinchmyg ac fe.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
yothe mgurtfrade yoom ilur ms k, icidelious. mmmmpl, yoait. if you have moderate to severerh eumatoid arthritis like me, and u'reyoki talang to eu rhlogimatost ouaba bit ogol...ic isths hu irami. this is humira helping to lievremye ain p and protect my jois ntom frrtfumaher dage. this is humira helping m each rer ctordohas beeveprn cribesgin humira for more thanen tears y. hura wmiksoror m fy anultsad. it targets andel ho ps tocblk spa icecifou sofrce
7:55 am
mira hu l canouower yitr abily to i fightonnfectis, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, e as hav lblood, andiver rv nestous syroblem pems, s seriouleal rrgicctea,ions and w ne worornise nghear fat befo treatmere gnt et teedstor t fb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas e cewhern rtai fungal ctioinferens an, commo d anou'vif yd e hatb, he tis patireb, a t proneo infe nsctio, or e havu-fl likesy tompr ms oresos. don't start humira if you have an infection. ta tlkuro yooc dantor vid this s i ahumirark.t wo .>> : kim it's57:6 ons thi we dadnesy mog.rnin ohell e.therwh
7:56 am
. k >>im:ti mar allen. ll heo, erth e. d >> hana:eat w tcheshe prm.ogra im>> k: hi, rtmay. m kidaand erna hend ae mry t ing doy mes bt rtmai. d>>a:ans he' 90 andti sll : kimkn i ow. he>> t heweatotr, lsf o sunro fmth es new3th weaer orauthity. i'mil f ilingnor fel kly who is a lelittk sicnd a 70 troomorw an lod cse to 80 by rdsatu ay,to m. k >> tim: dom'toesne hav his cmion o st juse comac bko t us.i ot g themb thups um froos acrs e th udstio. ke ta it ,away mato s. l >>ngookit aai frlyus by af tr oficen th 95 tishis uninbod teo th eouastb nd rtentengaini and the hespagbotti uswl by waith up colede fenndr-beoners the so ouuthb 1nd5ne o at careynd a e th other rasahae, th incombnatio hasff traic hbsoutoundt jusam j omeden th 15 , aea rl messre the and whsomeatlo sw oen th 15as pet thsp
7:57 am
he otr , thanthat arl faiy nlorma mm co kute,ndim a nada. >> f theinalul resrots f tmhe re icpublauan ccuse cam in just hsixoursgo aun arod 2:00 this rn moing. lddonamp truh wit 46%. rc mabio ruo fheinissay w backin ndseco at 24. crted uz in third andk loo at ben cnarso and jkaohn sich a di tstanou f arthnd h.fift im>> k: troomorhew wnou ye wak up with us, if you ldocke yourself out of yrou. car a aa says it hnsappell a theim te danon cmesurer rtpo tsugho whte tmigh alls we look intos thi ca beuses thiisap hngpeniui qte uefreq. ntly en wh you e "wakitup we h therwagns"n i themog,rnine w thaveips how to
7:58 am
7:59 am
heon t ou ye'rot hnd a yeou'rd col
8:00 am
i tnnheou ye'r out > >> 8:00 on "today". ngcomi - up- secrets to successful sleep. how the temperature of your be m drood coulbe costing you a go niod sght' .rest we 'll have the 'sdo and don't's to catching the best zs. plus, ready for taofkef. >> i'm ready. >> you're ready? t'leso d it. >>id inse oncars's internship at the airpor t. g>>oing to the lounge and maybe have a coilckta? >> no,ou y're not. >>il wlis h newee carr getff o the ndgrou? > >>ev kince spayn ithe ushoe. >> we had a feuturnt uilou y arstted destroying it. >> k bac at it a tsheom cermand hiin chaef t etboverydy loves to tehan ieth hhligy aicntatiped wneea snsof o "house of rdca"s. dato y,wednesday, february 24th,
8:01 am
y,he'a yll >>hey! f >>irste timn i new york city. >>ro f. m fth,wortas tex. >>h wit our fdsrienm fro5 3 ye >> ak wgin upo t the "datoy" sh .ow w>>vee'ee bnan fsor f0 5 years. good moinrng, erevodyby. lcweeomac b tko ay"tod". l aeittlit b of azz driling rn mo oingute her onur o azpla. aai rny a onell ascros the henort asty.toda ll wisie ie heror f matt. ashe h f therelu pttyn dar bad. s ha e heveral cled inic s ik 2n0 ar yes? n >>ikot le isth. i >> t hadflhis cou a wupleeeks ago. i iwasn f bedorou fr ysda. h iope heet gs ttbeer. >> di senimng h aug h and fuhope hllyean c comek bac to owmorr. d >> con't bomeacknt uouil y're y,readl. pa >>tlexacy. ke ta a hhot,otho swer beefor you do. coming up in horonf oisth
8:02 am
u yok pic theig rht petor fou yr mi faly. >> rs fi ct, a oheckef th top or st wiesith nae.tali >>d gooor m.ning the beattl foron seclad pce ov prgidin o thenlyra dma nioverghtft aueer t'ssdayad neva pu reanblic ucca.uses lddonaru tmpas eilyim clas orvicty. iehallks jacon is in v las egas forus. go od inmorng. >> d goo rnmoing, linatae. gh rinot w,s it'ar mcoub rio le gadin c ted fruzor sd econin a ra e ce w knownowad h rdecor rn tuout,in giv dgdonalru tmp the mo umment. r >>teeporr: is t't yeotanr he umtrtrp mpiu h. w>>ree' nnwig,in wiinnng, >> ep rteor ar: andwe sinep gone. do ldnaru tmpak tgin the toppo st with men and women,h witry eve e ag ougrp,it whva eicngel als. e>> w won the geevanlslica. onwe wh wit young. we w wonith old. onwe wit whhl higy ateduced. wweonit wh poorly uced.ated ovi lhee t poorly ucededat. r >>teeporr: aee thrt-peaor f p.trum rtimengunni out for hisal rivs to to sp him.
8:03 am
e thne li, andy thehavema azing r>>orepr:te t ated 'scruz aicampgn,he trm ala going off. li llteray. t not los on,thems he'er und supresore tfo pernrm oer sup datueshey wn 11 sstatet cas ll baots. cr oiuz dng nngothi toow d pnlay e thda y. >> onek weero fm todayl wilbe th ose mtmp intortaht nig ofhi ts eonee wk fromod t iays super es tuday. r >>teeporhar: t wt's chenruz ne aeds vtoicry inex taso t add htois rsfiplt-eac fisinhn i .iowa his arntgume? 's he thenl oy oneho was hea bten do naldtrump, as hispa camign ts hiar mcoio rub hard forot n in doghe t .same ru biope sgakin t outhis mngorni " ony"toda on the s otatee f th araceownd hbe to heat tnt fro nn ruer. >> ts hi aisunn uausarl ye a and ve ry unlusua prs.oces thene soo wre can get theac re rr na owed,downhe tie easrll it' t beo s dtopdonal p.trum r >>teeporher: tri floenda sator pi hoisng he homta stees giv him th ine w heds nee but htasn' had t onhepa cam igntrail.
8:04 am
pu reanblical rivos tit h de atmocrs ldocke inir thewn o fi ght, sinparrveg or hryilla in clston' speseech. w >>s hy iether s oneartanddor f me andot n for eboverydy ?else ep>> rteor cr:ntlion pmirongsi to rseeleans tratscriphe of r st paar remoks t big banks when he otrs do, too. nd saersin takger h u opn it. i >> am h tappyleo realase l of aimy p sdhepeecos tal wl street. he re it is, s.chri er the ain't none. oni d'to d .that >> ahend tub repnslicaou cld get at heomed tw orrot,nigh, tooat th deireebat ins.texa dwithdonalmp tru prwievieneng o po iatentinl lfe ott aackga ainst ma rco o,rubi cngalli himhi ts mo g,rniny ver ceni, linatae, but yo aungnd peinexceriend. >> li haleks jac ionnas las veg for,usha tyonk u. >> hi> t sinmorng, inn a cl exeusivte inwrvie on nbmsc, la me niaumtrp, w oifeef th pu reanblicnt froru ,nner nddefeed her sbhusand' co ventrolrsiate stasmentbo aut mi imiogratn. >> t whaut abopl peoeho w feele h
8:05 am
ca beusehe t cigampanrt staed and fmanyelt hens idulte camexins. >> , no i don'tee f hle itensuld th e xime.cans hed saill iegal imanmigrts. he dtidn' talkbo a uterevy.ybod heal tked abouteg illal mi imtsgran. d anrafte fewweeks,ik l ae fter two s,weekiv ging himar hmed ti andas bhing himn ithe dimea, th urey toun arndnd aid saou, y ow knat wh? 's he right. he 'sri wght,hate' hski talng ab out. an ed hpe onedve coniorsathan tt no body did. ut>> b'r youe an miimt.gran >> yes. o>> d your evenk thi he'se gon o to far? >> iol flow thela w. iol flow aaw l the i wayt's su edpposbe to . n ieverug thohto tta s hy ere ouwitht rspape. a >>nd yanou cch watt tha full usexclive inietervitw whan melia ptrum onmssnbc' ni"morng "joe. o n stecret tha aierlin pa gessenavrs h genotte lrarge
8:06 am
wh thile eae s otsn thene plas se o em tbe rishg.nkin bairusig mht have a tisoluon. nc beh seg.atin e thuf manreactured fil aat pent for an adj ablusta beench atse. anit ccc amoomtedabe ose pa gessens rs a awellals sml ch enildr. w no oordfn i or when weht mig e se theen b ochesn a anple. b ackr oveo til w lienow. >> nk thas a lot. if 'r youeou p yringeloursf an rothe o cupffe cofoe t wake iup,tou ce ld b tyouroshermtat th cat'sngosti p yououreci s shourf o p.slee c ittaugh our teatn,ntiowe as ll t ashatf otheal wrel stet jo l.urna ndr.ieatal azars i hereit wh re mo. od gose to eu. yo g >>oodmo g,rnin llwi. ie >> cooler is ttbeer? >> ahye. do tn'throwut ove einrythug yo er ev ledearnbo aut rmshyth and gh liect, b tauseshat' imanportt, o. to arreseasch hn bee iatndicing at th t theraempe ytureeou'r ee sl ipingtn a n iights v ery, veryrtimpoant.
8:07 am
du tring he-h24ourer piod is our core bodype temreratu does drop caeoupl desegre atht nig andt i he lps toni ietiat p.slee at whhe's tic mag mbnuer? ar ound65 eedegrs. >> .whoa at thco's ld. >> rmno,ally peeoplp keeir the enambiemt ttuperan re ithee hom hi dghergurin the y.da it 'sec rndommeed toee kp it rloweth in e niimghtte. w >>eke tald onhi tsw sho a lot ou abhet tat betlf oeth mother. stat ye>> s. >> e some lho it d t an some ilikeldt co. >>. yeah ha>> w tt'sidhe mdle ougrnd? ro>> pybabl top kee itoo cler d anay ler uph wit bltsanke. lwe'lk talut abo s.sock wanto t hearbo aut s?sock >> . yeah >>pp atlareny aot l ofeo p ple twanteao hbor aut s.sock m myomai sd toet le m feet br eeath atnight. i t don' wknow thathat s.mean nyin a a ev ient,urf yot feeare ,colds it'oo g tdout pks soc .on it au c tses bhelood vlsesse in th et feeo t o upenp andet lhe t re cood b tyraempeture .drop ethar w bmloodcu cironlati is in go tg toeehe ft. at thn, irn tu,ti ini ateseeslp.
8:08 am
afeet cre aoldre . okay >> let'so gou thrgh 'sdo and n' dot's. do keep yourep slech seedul iscons. tent ry>> ten sevs day a ekweak, we up t ahe tam se time,o go t bed at s theame time. 's itai mnly fheor tun s ndayight rosyndme. yo bu've seeninleepng i all enweekndd a tryo to go t sleep s onyundaht nig and you can't. u yoe wak up myonda mngorni infeelg ovhunger. >> 't dons tos and.turn y if couan'to g to p,slee get up ? >> if'r youe not asleep after0 2 0to 3mi s,nuteon d't lie in bed andta s aret the clock. ge t up, adre,o dom sngethi so ngothiis, ltoten simuc. ywheneeou flir ted n,agai go ba ntck io t >>his e,onre we'll a gyuilt dof,'tonhe c yckrou pneho right be yforeoou go t eeslp. >> el hugy imanportt. is thma pririlyas h to dito wh ue bl light. asit blyicals goe yintoour t rhetka, ti re tna,ache bfk or youin bra d an iesmpedhe tre sec otionlf me
8:09 am
ac incordo g t nthenaatio slleep dafoun,tion n youeed 7 to 9 s.hour ltooeittlr o toouc mh cane hav ve ad hrsehealt efs.fect a >>t 65 grdeees. un soikds le a reecip for me sointh g. i>>l'lry t it nito ght. rsfit, a soltrthl ugrothh e snow. ne gxt,llobami doonnati. e th ndgrouak-breingob rot that's rerkma able land, bet'se ho,nest ita ltle frenight ing. plus, onop p t,star ellen me tis the surispre aeappncrae ttha wi llav heou y sinee gdoleub. i f your bags doe not riarve, bl ame oncars. ca rsonininterngt a jfkpo airrt n inorew yisk, dricovehang wtt i adhi d. h uh uh. ..yeahry.sorbo a tutt.ha hi t ankutbot i t mherebeust he higver lo n dowhein trt hea wh o at dthyou ink? nd ath in are stovs ab e hi , ted ygladouou coild j,n us we nk thi' you gre oing ltothike nuese s.mber
8:10 am
e c i rouldabise e ov th s shis ineldoos wh de longsettay g in theupew n sstar wtsh miitrnoarth tiris pain and oia chce. ke taol tylenor e al takeve, the #1 recommended inpave relier rt by oc hopediors.doct ju ast two canlevep keepa y in awaday.all ck bae to thnews. shopping for an suv? well, this is tithe .mean yod orur fded ialer splthe e,ac to et g 0% financing for 60 monthsn a ordfouv. s th igat's r jht. anust cenound. expfordr.loreed....gege.eape... and expedition... are aiavbllawie 0thna% fiinncfog 60r th mons. fo uvrd s ds.neesigtod p heluyo u betonsleppab. no wonder ford is americs a'st bellseg
8:11 am
fond or isuvsas li temitid omeerff. e se fyourd oralde ter.oday esladi d, weon'edt nell a isth to talk about lbl. i , meanlewho aaks tt lihele weyn thgh lau? t ge 13 inte pronctio r foesdrynoms, c,fortan ord odtr con lid unerke ppaiod ds,po thise hain sadpe ps thaveflhin ecex toghnoly. ispomae s ke lmye iz seure yose poien momatt se e adtrise ll abo a utseinizopg rtpoitun y. iso'gom g in ttoe akisth poopunrtity to go off script. isowaf i gonna je to rseyd ank chect ouotsh sycctueler'lis rtpolifo
8:12 am
or i'm a scottish mason os whsee asrets aad m e sofnetoik lmee ea h.rt pa!pa you'o re nofson e! min porpserha it'mes tito ze sei d the ay. don'stt ju o seetuppor,nity seize it! (a uspplae) iherelan vinemend, ho ofreprogsso, igurwe futed o t howgeo cht ri edingrntiekes liac bon in 2 lito 2soght ups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving ouwithngt givich up rivor fla do what we do...make it progresso. pemet moe nts arfubeautiunlel, ouss yal have s.lergiethen r youayeyes mt see iffer diy.entl fonly ilonaseovs approed t relieve both your itchy, ewateryyes and congestion. o noasther neral allpraygy sn caatsay th. comp alete rllergyorelief comp in.lete le et yourciyes dede.
8:13 am
st te te st test test stte test oh, i love your style >> e'> wacre b akt 8:13,e timor f wh at'str ngendi. is thry sto isoi gng tiso rae a lo t ofroeyeb iws, think, in a ceairtn ragene.tion kfbreaasasor favite. an alerticn ithew "ne york s"time says egatiner ceal is st nocalgi but salese hav
8:14 am
he tre'sinhe leti getngll a the ntatteion. qu ote,lm aost 40om%ostnny leials s - -le milsnialve suryedai sd it wa ns a cnionveent bfareakst ch boiceseecauhe ty had toan cle ftup aerin eatg it. c >>ome .on >>as w thingowhe blak tes meti. ap ntpare tly,dhey'he ratrav he a rtyogu or wisand ech,ynerg bar u yo t canhrow out, oron d'tat e kfbreaast. i >>not's t to,go ceneilssary. >> a you wllant to e.judg slet'ju dge. n'doeseet sham t trdha. t >> whey ake,upit s down,d rea th e paper,ou prhe tvemsels wh eseati t andake the th weldorov mesas ft now soou y ve ha g toomet sngethi on the go an d make itor me nvcontenie. i >>'men glyeralin agaeist bng e th old peeoplas bhing the mi iallenls. we e lov a losotmytof oethlot othf e mienlllsia. >> t'shere our ridesten
8:15 am
>> h wowheas t ce?real >>he ty make thoseer ceal too g in thngs i ala pstic bowl. toss it ayaw. b >>ackhe wnas i wn i my0 2sr o evwhat,er'm i oenftat eer c eal forne dinrau becseas i w too la ozy te makct aual di.nner me so wbodyroas pybablin sayg th boat ayut m negeonrati. >> fuloll-bwnre bstakfa now. wet jusid d receal. >> t whatabou the boxesf o ce yreal sou otoleutth of e ngdinil? hal l>> aotf omithe iallenrels a co gokint a ghnit. in theor m tningheyon d't want . to i>> wfead h theon cenvenit ti op lons tikehey did,he t bu osrrite, wld woue have don it, to o. >> leto gy m ego. >> ot fro oplos. >> ap ctain chcrun. > >>kn we ow rsobotan c do edincrible gsthin. wh apat h wpenshen aob r iots bullied by aum h?an alookhit ts videoel rdease by bo ston nady.mics
8:16 am
mo hare tn bungllyi. at be hingpim uh wit a .pole es us it toho svehi tsan humoid trobo te o thndgroula, ats. dhow hoesepo resnd in he's back formore. hes usethe srsenso inis h bo diesnd a legso te comk bacp u for remo. w >> tait hill lesearn toun pch . back ai>> wilt tel se she"iees maron n." r>>ise of theac ms.hine >> "mx.atri" > >>avwe hate koie dng elslen' esimpr tsionero hfa ce. >> ll we'ta srt whitel ceinio dn tu regrnin to herge sta t forhe fi tirst inme shece t d oeathf he r sbhuand. th roe cwdin giverg h a sndtagin at ov wion shenhepp adeare on ag ste. she sshaid setillee fisls h pr ceesen.
8:17 am
khavenownll ay m life. heay alwads me mel feeha tt we we nre o ourir fst date. we e wer e.on an otd n hhingas chd.ange ilwe wlwl aays be one. toher i zipdt anrt stang siing. th wat's shathe did. sh e bdelte out her hit re"whe mdoesary heatt be" >> > ebelizathlo tayrnd a never fo beeere sn osphot. her hnidde life,ed basn o a new bookle cal d"my eletizabh" wr nitte byho paptogrher and her cl ose fr.iend heai sday trlo ledov tooo ck and tc hie.hhik oshe ance gaintiunnocedft aer le gaviny and wa'srhol h.ouse hthatits sss newdsstan this fr . iday ka ckte mninno isno korwn f her issmpre oionsfil h lary toclinndn ati jusn erbieb. do n'trgfo aetbout her take on el len.
8:18 am
co me fao-ce-t. face he>> s agexrages,te yisa,ng'm i el n.le i'm leeln. do i knn't haow what t.t is oni d't y,sa'm iel len. ap [ seplau ] >>ls fee ceni. i' m n.elle >> tshat' how you sayit . i'm n.elle >> no, i'm eln.le giot th,is onbldie. >> o s good. no issmpre wion bouldepl com ete ouwithhet t indancg. >> w. wo ou>> y can soree me of teka's im sipresnon o datoy'sso epifde o el len. i' urm st'e iell b esaw ome. he>> so's s good. sh a e's cheoameln. h >>eug tantle. ca onrs,ha ts nkloa t. al ec, ch tk ofwehe r?athe ir>> ffst ol, al we stille hav this seeverth weaoier gng .on we e hav aor tnadoat wch f aor pgoodonorti ofidflora. al nso oo intou sntherrg geoias a ttheerhundmsstore rac ac.ross ewe'vo als got theis rk of se wvereereath today,sp elleciay in leraigh. a fewor tesnado ibpossle. we b'lleat wgchin .that
8:19 am
heweatrhi puso ng ttheas eitt wh so me icy cdiononti uspth in e henortewrn nk yorpaand ofrts rt nohern j newy.erse d mixeipprecioitatnn i new en d.glan ctexpe dselaym froto bosn to inwash.gton in ra t anderhund. gwind oustsf 45 to 55il meres p ahourts ius phes onay tod and intoghtonit. in rafall ams,ount 1 to 3he incs of .rain 26li milonpl peo uendere som osortf flood watch,tr sinetchg fr om giaeorgn oo inthi od o an wadelare.
8:20 am
th coe coor tomrow. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? al, thanks. weav he mofore s ouralpeci ri sees, p"u t forhe jo"b. we atall srtedur o crsareeh wit te iniprnshnds a dedecid,'s let do it aiagn. ca ,rson c youhose ad goo one. t >> i awas o lot fn.fu we all fly a lot. ou th ight bt'dooe clse to ate wh pthessroce isnd a what ites tak to get the pslane off the gdroun d an tintoaihe r. no ftthrom e bar in the airport. be i acamen rnintet a jfk airport here inew n . york ep>> rr:ortery evee tim f youly, th ere are hundreds of men and women working hard oen th ougr.nd esthbee w loethin wg elompeye rss tarehekb baconeth of e nebusiss. ch risun nezas wsu my ispervor fo e r th day. op>> t pitriorsy iaf s aetyt a,delt soha we sveafety gear. knee pads. >> i'mea wngri a cup
8:21 am
>> et safy is impoanrtt. >> rdyeao t ?go 'm>> i >> e' w grengoio t ldoa tshi anpl rehtighe .re th iis gsngoio t vegas. u yoe lik s?vega >> love s.vega yocan adu lo me? >> ll we'e tak theomcusters' ,bags puthe tmn o a cveonrye be . lt n>>icend a ntgele. wh fat iha tst wa my bag? at th i ones avhey. mi bghte aod bny i erthe. >> d howo youee flbo aut stacking theag bsn ieth ai rarcft ldhoer? >> i'm adrey. >> et l's do it. >> t wha pareeeopl ckpaing? th eey'rng goio t vegas, t forhe ve lo of god. >> carson, how does it feel? >> s it' aot l of work. >> ot a l of wo?rk >>t itrendmi msef oki pacngy mar c wi th myam fyiln ieth untrk. it's small in rehe. hayou ove tk pac it ulartfly. >> t wha yareou g?doin >> atwh? y >>ou't can use a cphell one out. here 'm>> i a onbr eak. yo alu cled a . five no>> , i did ayouslwayav h teo bewa are of ev yternghi.
8:22 am
n>>o phosotok, ay? >> s it'or f my mom. >> we'llak te the bgeagga . over he>> wsre i the o?radi >>is l tten soome simuc. >> re theo's n rsadio oute. her >>et g atl lite e,drak. j leco, lelitt hip hop,it ltle so inmethg. >>adrey? >> i'm y >>lou'le hav euenriqch teaou y ethoa l sding. tuff >> fit,rs thela portf ims controlled by this jockysti. l >>ike aid veo . game us>> jikt l ae video tfit i perfectly to the rcaiftra. br g in rithtig? >> he treatl litmoe rre, iightn e.ther t >>irhe fstas w 0035 unpods. >> s thiis 003, 0. a>>oslmt 7,000ou pnds in cargo al one? >> . yeah ha>> wt's ?next go gino tethou le ngto maybe
8:23 am
>> no,ou ye'rt. no no drnginki. u' yoell bin movng a ait.rpor >> lyreal? >> ye s. l>>eikhe t w?to ou>> y'll wton a ailarp,ne the pe su rg.tu a >>rill ght. >> adrey? >> 's let do .it >> you'll drive. >>drinivg,ri dngvi? oh, boy. ea gr dtestfay o my life. yread for pushback. i ed tow that! tdon'l tel ch ris. >> i won'tay sth noing. i pre.omis to>> s tpngalki to chris. we e hav ane plamo to ve, re tady ollro? >> ayok.
8:24 am
esladi andlegent tmen,ishis ur yoer intn easp,kingar cson ,dalye hop youjoenyedr you ie br mfeovo tad p 88. chris, ioo tk 3 24ieselfd s an u yon'cadot ny ainthoug ab. t it >>nafiy,llhe tom m ient had been prirepaorng fll a day long. >> e, lukm i a fyourr.athe adi h d toito . >> ca,rson's let go! we e havo t parkn a rpai.lane .okay ni ce >> ecperft. an thuk yoo s chmu. >>el nicy done. >> h wead a lotf o funn ithe ec pie. re ,ally d youon't rzeeali- - or in' didtea rzelind aee flui gylt rfoit , hdrunsedf oen m and wo nmen,usot jt ltdea, ev heeryw wre,orho wark hod t get sour ituffen th anples. 's ite morn thaus j tthe pitslo. it a wasat grexp enceriende a e ey inopeng. >> n whes it'd col and y.rain t >>he heweatr,re fgezin e,ther it l was40ike n ithein sprndg a adwe h a nice day.
8:25 am
thand e below thein wg pl ems,oyeeec espyiallis chr z,nune s myviupersorha tt day. and nrhe hy,se wa esawome,e mad th eer intpnshi sspo.ible de hltairestu sdent teinrns a nd e therare otupporesniti to work as selyonalt pare tim andn ithe wi anterndme sumr asea rdy rvresen es i gthe oateher t ramp ar ea. go to t y.appl uli wod. imd premmreco endit. gr eatriexpe. ence ou>> yed tow thene pla. out asit w azameing. >> p thelane i bhtroug in was ngcomi inro fmte mongo bay,t i was azam ing. hi>> t ys isourta capin sinpeakg ro e.utin ou>> ye werre thell a day. >> wa it s etsuns. i >> w houldaveta syed erlong. >> on i dno't koww h i canea bt .this oi gmo to,rrow but ie hav to y, sat thawas esawome. >> eagrt. >> rrtomoow, iee sou yram rp
8:26 am
ti gobe to n o o . >> is it 8on:26 s thi wsdedneay rn m andav did erwagn live. >>s thi iats wh mas.tter muchig h therhan yedastery. 74 moto.rrow ewe'rng goi to bese cloo t80 eedegrys b rdsatuay. tgrea wereathbe to ut oside for th exe nevt sens day at t.leasno tre gatbe to n i y courar hbsout ooundn the15. gh rihet tre niceay mors thi rn fd iha tst iou y rroot trko wo orch soolr ohe wvererou y'red ed'r youe edhead t,akext era ouuthb5nd 1 ises m sedup . >>k loot a tsuhis llrvei ance ovideo tve pro .it thisob rberyap hdpenet las h.mont asit wea n arom here the atb lam d anas las veg ulbod.evar rewe ati getng ourds hann ohi ts
8:27 am
fo rd goo asreon, localic pole e ar hgopint thaeo somneat wgchin gh rit now knows whose thepl peoear de an canet ghe tm off the st .reetca rill cmeto sspperf i you co reegniz p theeeoplau becse th aey cmeht rig up onhe t eisurvcellaner camand aav he go hood sfts o them. 38702-555-55 .t' le gset these people aredrest. we have a quickgr prongammie notfo our yau bectse i has hneapped to ll a of us. lp heu, yooc l ykedours key in yo urcar. you areot n e.alon 4 mliilon clsal gont iori tepl a ch ea and every year ofom seone do inget somhingim silar and nscoerumep rtsor dideced weot g toet gn dowo ttheot btomf o .this er thase ho tbeay a w to get oppele qckuily andaf selyk bac t onhe adro.le t's say youre a not a mrembe of pl trie and an whe you are in aur hthry, is isn whe these gsthinpe hapnnd a you don'tav he ethe tim owmorrou ye wak up swithix ea
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
in ytorou h eandven ch[ eers and applause ] >>308:ow n. it s ied wsdneay rnmog,in february 24th, 1620. arstngtio tom ce down. starting to get a little bit drizzly here on our a.plaz iand at'sig snf o ts hingto co me,t,righ al? >> oh, ahye. ewe'rng goi toee s somedi winer heweatr,et wterth weaer, sernowi we r,atheto srmy wereath udp an do hewn tt east.coas >> oh, o>>n aas nty day like this, we've got to thank all tsehe go eood pple forin comdg an pl aza. it n isreot ptty out erthe. > >>om cingp uhi ts lfhar,-hou e thsi predent is here. es prtiden rwundeood. ke vin sp.acey 'l weeel st whaec s wrets cean ge imt h topi sboll aheut t lyhighnt aaticiped newea sson of "h oouserdf cas."
8:31 am
over l theleong ayap dek weend. ju est b here on ourla pzan o ayfridav, houe yrag bs pa,cked an d ate posrel t ulings how you s.hour e'>> woire gong t send you and a ie frond t. l.a u' yoreng goi to stay at the line l,hotein dner at phpeilli. yif poulan to beer he ayfrid, do n'tge forot t rsvp. yo n u ca theaddao tom/y.cot visi thfor at. >> .a l.ou sndsre ptty gabood out trigh s>> a we ,saiddo we e hav the risk of sg tronpsstor a s sk rist of srongs torpa ss tormg alonthe so asuthendt a-a midtitlanc co ast. ai rar t ivelois go ng t be a tmnighare. t weth weaer in p theicacif rt not.hwes hisunsexne tntas ioou sn ther focali.rnia 83 in. l.ato day. i 69n fr.ance rrtomoarow wming upo t 81 in a. l. ni ndce aar wm udp an down the st weas cot. t buai agn, w,indywy snoou thrgh e that grees laknt i tohehi oo ve rivar .lley t weanddy win inhe t henortast. su nenshiet rurnso t theul gf
8:32 am
'sthatt' whaois gor tomrow. t>>t'ha ysrouat ltes >> an> thd 'satou y lresat t we heatr. tgoom seic neri fdsene her from vasaahnn. at wh are youuy gsng doi rehe? >> we'ree her sivi.ting enwe wto tou t trhe momealri. th e new meuusmor f 119/. >>ha tt's rrteicif. u yontwao tav snaan thoom ce vi sitnnsavaah? dssoune likad goo idea. dwhat yoou k?thin
8:33 am
ju stti sitng here kngickiin kev tu he>> tre pntsideialac r ie isn ll fung swith, bo inl reae lif iandn thera bewnd-n sneaso of ne x'tfli"hs oousef ca"rds. hi>> wrich b ungss to k evin s hianfr ukerndodwoha cctra er fi hndslfimseig fghtin for his po calitil lwhife loile gckin shornh wit his gesreatt oenppont t, ye hise, wif f the lirstady. ourrefutu. w >> he fad ae uturl untiyou st d arterodest iyingt. >>l, wel you wtouldn' have st liotened ise.herw >> ll,we allghri t,aiclre. i' miste l ningnow. at wh is i ytou sope deslyrate ne tededo >> mr.idpresent, good rnmoing! g >>moood g.rnin >>e niceeto sou y .both i >> waspo supsedbe to it wh tt maut, b g i iuesst takes two of ou y toacreple e.on i >>t does. he itsnsis onwo tpl peoe i' eam r hlly aalfso perecn bause i thavebohis not o my g.le yo u'reod at igds rnoht w, tshat' ewher f we yindouh withe t first dy la.
8:34 am
hthey taveo be aor fce thtogeer. >> you,knows it'o s einxcitg to be e ablotto nk talt abou this .show c >>ome on! >> iov l be aeingbleo te com on. be e causn'i ca tt bepohe s iler hiin cef. i canay s this. th yat,ou owkn,n whee w left th em inea ssonee thr,y theer w e in thedl mide of an arntgume. d an athatenrgumt p uicksenp wh c webaome o ck tonseasur fo. s >>he'say alws enbe,ui qte te liy,rall ancc aryesso t tohe escrimf othere pntside h andis al .lies >> aer vyov lely acorcessy y, b wathe y. >> q noiouestbon aut that. >>ow ho dy theor w k asadarversy rsadves?arie he>> tng thi e werexplond i as sehron tndee ahi i tnk tmeo so eedegron cestinun ionseasr fou heis twose tur figesho we hav ha ucd scch su iessnor w ikingn e th swshado t andhear dk lealys, wh udo sydenld finms theselve in the hotte whi sigpotlfht o the ov oale.ffic d anow h doesha ttng chae them? dhowoest tha cehanghe t way th ryey to t avechiet whay the sarengetti out to avechie tipoliycall w as aells
8:35 am
of theng thiats the' wll ex e.plor ut>> bou y w ton'talk about trigh >> e i'vte gotn so good at dg do ingtiquesons. >> youul shod >> a gotna kck for .this i swa lngooki backth at e f irst te inwrvie d weidit wh you and bi ron. o >> vere.ther >> yes,ct exaly. iandst waso seanne o. itand was rihilaous,au becse th era tipnscrtas wll abo aut at wh is thishi tng cdallein bge wa ngtchi. is thce conhapt tout yld cou wa altch e l thodepistes ace on. d anwa it os s fgnorei then, wh ichy bwathe sny waha't tt lo gong a. i >> owkn. all of those antncieea yrs of 20 13, soon lg ago. ut>> bou yug brot ht i ttohe lt cuure. yo uai meanstr medit. e >> wtmighe have mad it a li bttleorit me alprev bent,ut e thth tru is peeople wer ng bich-wat bingeeforat th. x bos setve prodo t-us -t iwas on fe o r thenseasohy whe t ti ul dmateioecisno t asrelehee t en stireserie at once was ,made s waau becese wld couee s the enevidhace topt peerle we ay st aingomt hne ohe tee wskend wa ngtchiou, yow kniv, feso seans of aho sw andhr teeea ssons of a sh ow. an od s itee s tmshathe tli pubc wa sin say tgheyt wanbe to in
8:36 am
wa itchhet when tyt wan toch wat . it ou>> ynt spe thest firar pt of sour thowhis mngornial tking ab aouternothal donumd trp orvicty. he wonad neva bmoy trenha0 2 po .ints eis h thein kd of guy who pr enesidndt uoderwold wou get ndbehi? ul woed hor end dsed onaltrump? >> get bdehinim h justo t s hove hi m. >>lyreal? held wou not esendoral dond um trp? i >>'t donnk thi, so no. ou>> ynk thi he couldak te him? fr ank deund?rwoo >> ynoou kw, it'see bn reinteg,stinau bece'se wnre i mtheeiddlf o a pderesilntia ec el otion onur ,show and ouobviinsly m thee iddl of a prealderesil ntiatielecon. i' oim gngo ttotry b not lend afacticnd f.tion i' usll joit avatd thst queion. ou>> y ryeall are gngettid goo at pocsliti. i >>t'sll reayub rbed offn o you. i thaveosk a a tbouthe itsmonhsn.ia eyth unedveil aor pttrai of es prtidener und twoodthhe oer da y. is ths i their fstic faltion es prtideny thetu feainred a po itrtra. >>yes. >> i so washi tgnkint thaea mn sino, "wr est wi nng,"o mn arti ee shn. no hsoarrirdn fo in ir"ace for "one. dwhatoessa it aty thy' theve ch fosenranknd uwoerodo t prreenest?
8:37 am
th rue ts.stee w it aasllctuany a edincrible ni ght. an ed w didt i as ifwa it s a re alen g puinederesilntia ilunve oingf a raportit. i so meca i, sdhowe ups ank fra de und,rwooe gavpe a sech ofhe t utexecive ctdireor, a wrfondeul n woma galso aave eespch, and er evy ybodghthou,t oh w tho'shat ac stresyi plaheng tcu exetive re di?ctor asit wua actlly her. it was aem rblarkae g.thin wthisrfondertul aist whoad h do ene mor befen i aor pttrai en wh p id layearrichid ii did a ma relerkab paiortrt. er thae's t sho of it. iand wtillan hg in the it smiahsonnn ihe tnt ey rywaas pe wople alkanin, wd itbeill er thore fix s orev sen mo,nths d ann the they hopeo t get onsomeoe t buy theai pgntin and th en deonatt i to the it smiahsonon st i can stayhe tre in the llcoonecti. >> or bef wee let you go, yeou'r al relyob nody until h you aave od gok luc odhoie. th elo fridath panofers he t l nhi -- kthine whave one.
8:38 am
do i en't kven hnow towoxp elain . it it's thece spay ince spa iehood. ey th i'renir fstce plath in eir di onvisi t and oheytwe i all to you. >> y thee givs thiut ot ave ery ga me. to m theostua valble aypler. an idt'sce spay in space. er th oe's onefhe t players th d ans,ye'v i beomec teirhe stor of gluood cckharm and'm iy ver pl deasey' theeeve boin d ng edincr ibly.well ou>> y 'rembdised.odie it us's jout yr finloatadg he. s >>ypacen i e.spac an 'md iy verit exced for emth. m i'd glahe t dy'reoing ryeall awell hnd i wopeean cp helthem incontoue t. win t >> yhankoou s .much e th fullso sean of ou"hse of ca s"rdil wbel ailvaleabn o tfnexliar m 4chthnd ae hl wil spnot ofeak itnt uil >> > upnext, how toho cthose e right pet for your falymi.
8:39 am
fi t,rshi tiss to "y"dan obc n.> ch> ra iael: ot'surer nev have i r evesh ow. >> tshis irv "su,"ivor iav he a
8:40 am
t >>hac versus >> ou ann:ncerng wralered waynesd is ug broht tuo yo by mapetsrt. >> er evy,ybod it'sra wrngle
8:41 am
rhono o ofur puph wit a pue,rpos wh ori bngs us m souch y,jo we're gdoinet som hingffdit.eren i >>ouf y l'rengooki for a pet mp con,anioll we'p hel youho cose th ige rneht oor f your lyfami. we e havma anil pl'sanet pet ex ,pertan .drea ea grto tseeyo u. >> d goo rnmo ing. >> i,drew i think,he too g d wstra g and tothe pesuppi rehe. a ot lf o peeoplan wt a dog. ki skds air theen parts for a g. do 'swhat f the tirst thingo t hink taboun whe you gon io t buy e?on t>> i thinkoshe mpot imtrtan th ginhe wn you're choosing to op adt a dog issi con tderhat you re wally tant loook for rs peitonaloty, n soh muclo oks. li keos choing a mate. >> gh rit. >> s it'he tt mosmp intorta g.thin un unforty,atelpl peoe e setea cu ypupp and igo,t's adabor.le i'll take it meho. th dey'tonhi t ankutbohe t tufu arend wtha the g'dos rspeitonaligy meht b ,like wh r etheotor nll it' w fit ith rthei mifaly. >> o als howig bhe tog dl wil get de spend t onheom hyoe u leiv in, gh rit? i >> nt'sotlw aayse tru l a arge cdog fan'tntit io ama sller ohomer ama sller tmaparent. so memetihes, tll smar o mmediu dsizeog d hsavehe tig hhest er engy. it bo's aakut tthing mee ti to
8:42 am
tget konow if it f yitsour lyfami. d >>reo chsear. ll i'd han o youffo t nae.tali >> overth to e cats now and enkitts. e onth of eig bstge scmiceoniopt -ns- h ieav a cat, xi le, andne of otheig b gest mi onscptce aionseond p tple hink dyou hon't taveoe giv them a olotfte atn.ntio no trt ue, ghrit? n >> ot.true u yoon d'tee nd to walk yourat c keliou yo dou yr dog. sforomeeo pple,t iak meshe tm a re mopp aiaroprte pet. ey thso're cial crreeatus. they tehriv onia socl te inioractn. op peeele nod tde unndrstaou, y ca gn'tetat a cr o knittem fro a el sh aterrind btng iom hnde a leave it. u yod nee tond speim te gngetti th emdj ad usteouto yr mifaly. e onth of ose mmpt intortahi tngs wi atth c os in trderovo aid vibehaalorro pembls is outhor cghly tleanheirit lter x boti mulplees tim a ekwe. if not,t ian cul restn i mkiarng in he t usho e. t>>yheik let ile cann i e.ther >>h. yea ve>> o tr tohe ptsarro >> e won d't heav pets at home, t buhi sope willur tn herd hea an sd i egyeinme . th i ink's sheut abo tott aack my atthro.
8:43 am
t >> cheyan ,biteik l aell alanims. ce nlrtaiaky, mree su'r youe re ca wful aithnyma anindl a ecresp otfulhef tir acspe. ies rpectou y forpe resgctin iesoph. de unndrsta air b ldike seophi -- >> stinkey e. so ,phiet wha i did do? >> d sheoes .talk i'mot ne surhe s's ien thoo m d toal tk now. i >> s'llpeak to her. he o.ll he o.ll >> he s'sot nee f ilingt. w >>s hat'g goinn on i nyour eck heof tod wos? w >> ithpas,rrothe trere a ff diterenpe sesci andhe tyll a vehaif drefent ndseend a trnuioitlna irrequtsemen. on f e o ithetamporntng thi s to mbremeser ift oenim t tesrehey' ll wiing pets. th ivey luce sh aon lg ,timeha tt yo nutoeed ak mela pns form the wh heen tpay ss, poiatenty.ll >> o n kiinddg. >> hi sope is niners yea old but pwillblrobaivy loe tor 70 80. >>ha w st'dhe say? >> .yeah y >>ouee ndo t m sakeure you de unndrstahi, t as isnma anil
8:44 am
>> l andike t thengalking thi. r >>. ight u>> i tsedoe havne guigsa pi iwhen was a kid and twehey re teasyako tare ce of. >>ne o oef thie eassto te tak careof. they dsto ben whede bondit wh ot anherui gnea pig. othenehi tngut abo ga uinepigs ouis yo d wantbe to ef carul th wim the with ilchendr. eythe'rot ns a fragile as ha rsmste ander glsbi buthe ty're al sml. ds kid nee todl hanhee tm ca furey.ll >> nd ahe tcay bin . te a>>llni amals can, . yeah >>t las but not t,leas fish. i had manyh fiswi gro ng.up ny mama, ny,.many ha>> woet dhas tt anme? >> y man heby t y,wahe ty're notha tt sy ea t to cakeare of, shfi. >>y the can be. d ion't thinkhe ty'reui qte as sy ea p aseeoplth ink. fo unatrtun pely,eeoplet som imes kthiny the g canoo t s atore and t ge a ldgofish or someer oth afishutnd p i itn aow blnd a ju -st -ll it' vethri. 's it not the .case yo eeu nod t give t ahemn pr apatopriene nmviroent. ma urke soue yes thet ter wat to ma urke shae ttt i has theig rht lsleve s ofalt in it. no ttooh muc moamnia. ouif ye hav aal sertwat ,tank ouobvisly.
8:45 am
r foeg bnginni asre stawordils an d gum bys.ppie evene,thos talk toom syebod to mgetore des.tail f >>eigur outow hh muc tod fee .them mit'soreom catpliceds a you go up m fro ldgo. fish ye>> ah. >> nk tha sso much. th ksanor f bngriginur o fdsrien er ov. we acippre ate. it ou>> y't don like thene guia pi gs. >> i'mit a lsctle .ared i'mar embedrass s to ay.that ajusttl lite bit. om cgin up, jkun fdooo toy j food, joy bauer gives you
8:46 am
8:47 am
rs fihit, t "s isy"toda onc. nb > >>k bac at 478:. ag imineat eing enadchilas, pi zza,nibrowndes a mo bre,ut th heypel y louose htweig. i >>ant c'te b true. bu oyt jer bauay ssis it ss po.ible in n herew cook ,book "fromk jun fo ood t joy odfo,"he s
8:48 am
datosy' ,menuuf b wfalo aingsnd mack c ma andsechee. m >>ndac aes chee ie s thult ll ma- - ti ulmate crtomfo food. e onl bow cean b 001,0ca eslori. anwe co d bretteha tn .that ch kec itut o. c ma andeechse. sk im lkmi,oy s sauce,ni oon po ,wder ikpaprlaa, bckpe pepr an d hot e.sauc x mi mskim wilkith rncochstar. in brog t a ilbo. d aded ruced fat carhedd with erbutt. mo reayve b afle. st nir i romacani. co fveroren tut min teso let it fi rm. thek junoo fd rsveion, 311,0 ca eslori is t.ou e th joy food vonersi at19 4 ricaloes is .in atth a's sgsavinf o 891 ca eslori.
8:49 am
a ic typal orderit weh th b lue sechee dipos ctsou y00 1,2 ca riloes and more fat thanou y wa ont tw kno t.abou in d,stea enjoyhe t mesa, yummy av flor for ssle. bu offal wgsinit whlu be ceshee dip. ic chken ndte hers,auot sce, pa aprik pr paika. ba tke a 375or f 15 teminus. bl ue cehees p.di ad d notn-faek gre rtyogulu, be ch eese umcr,blesni oonde powr d anli garc wdpoer. mix. fjunk voodonersit a 191,0 ricaloes is out. the joyoo fdsi veron at just 170 ricaloses it mosef delinity in. th aat's savings ofe mor than 00 1,0or calies. >> y,jo a youre aac mirle erwork. y >>ikou le evhierytng? >> cideli ous. l>> iove theuf bfalo icchken. it isam g.azin d >>id you see how seimplt iwas to ?make >>as t ltesike wi ngs.
8:50 am
bour bookseecaull a othf e pereciits whin thek boo have pr metty cuchomero f omur ew viers. th haey cgellene d mtoe mak inth gsover. ba uerbecri bs, a,pizzes chee erburgs,co cholate mkil sh.akes ha i ve aho ctecolanu peat brutte icupn erthe. >>ha w ot'sen th ifcaulr?lowe hi>> ts is aus bon pereci. it n's o the wee,bsitf i peeopl go to y.todacom. al l iis do e takau cowliflnder a di pt i in ouflr. ioa rst ,itou dse it inot h sa auceoand rtst i apl couore me nu mi tes. o>> s .good >> macnd a secheeel, t mlebo aut th at. >> ll rea y. good sn>> i't it? >> youon d'tic note a erdiff. ence >> in' didntt wame to itss wh ma cnd ahe cese buthr tgowin ve blgetaines . i ep ktt itr st aigharforwd. h iad a lot of outth of e box, av fllorfu edingrs.ient >> like theoy sce sauio, onn wd poer erpowd. itug asment the orflav. e >>ven the bayf leang brits i to life.
8:51 am
htdaug wer,sho i a macnd a sechee ad,dict and sheav ge it a o tw tshumb .up 'sthatn whe i knewwa it sy oka to ng bri itn o the . show ll>> ase thehi tinngs ir the nk ju rmfo, bhtrougt i teo th al he thyrmfo. t >>hea ide is peeopl can in edulg inir theor favite iegoods any nightth of e wkee danti sll lose htweig, lower bl prood reessu,p uhe tir erengy. >> weov le u.yo w >>ove loue y the h.trut en wh d we lon'tike ,it your hea . it ithisdes oulicis. >> , ohah ye. s >>o happy for you. co tsngrath on ebook. m"frok jun food to joy food." t geethesec ripest a theeb w cl exeusivor fau cowliflernd a ff bualoin wgs on the bsweite.
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k than jyou,.oy >> e'> w breack at 8:.53 lstil finreakg out about how good this is. we av he birthdays. >> many reasons to celebrate. we c'llraelebllte a the folks ac trosshe uncotry. tistarng off, 100thth bir tdayo fjean nromew york. ie lovt thahe s k's tnowno mi falynd a fdsrien as toots. her st ecreonto lgty jetevityevlongity, egatin ju oonk fndd a dag.ncin 102 years d,ol sderve as an auto ch me danicgurinor warld w. ii th yoank oru fr you see,rvic
8:54 am
10 0thir bythda tole milrm fro idflora. e shes lov cctolleingce por lain rd bis. ymarr from miotnnesa. 5 10rs yead. ol shes say there secto t lgivin ng lo jer, dust ton'thinkut abo . it wellsaid. yhapp10 0thir bythdao td fre alrandlro fw m ne.york vtheetye plad the drums for88 ye ars. wa o nt tnbe ian a bdit wh him. ry maas hsting from s bouthend, di inana,ov lesot namre de ot fo.ball yhappiv annryersa tohe t hu sc.ltze sthetecre to ag lon iamarrge, discuss any pblro aemsndk wor it t. ou y75ears telat r, iis wngorki for.them co tungraonlatis. y ifanou wot t honor sneomeo on rthei mtoilesneir bythda or an rsnive ary,75 years or ,more thead odatom/y.cobrceleate. se nd a o,phots a well.
8:55 am
io>> vala dysvi isth in e e.hous b >>eaig dorl f .us ,also liveer panformcem fro shloca. l >>ove it.
8:56 am
>>ng goi back in m forore. >>6 5th on is dnwey.esda it's hump day and it's a big day foron dtrald ump. >>s iit. wel wilet gn itoha tt in a me mobont autow he hug it is. ok lo atll af othe sunenshi.>> get used to .it nd68 a sunny and 5eg drees wa trmerhan yedastery.bu tmp i upth anoer 6 rrtomoow. eclos to 80y b tusa.rday e thm noralig hh is 65 sol wel ov abe that. inms ter of the trc,affi not gr eatht rig now. hbsout 1ound5 all jdamme up ri ght lyrmal we eecxp steom ofhi ts
8:57 am
this mog.rnin ytakeoure timf iha t yt'sour e routorto wk or olscho . >> elyxact how bigon dtrald ump iwonn ispp droted a:0 2hi0 ts mo grninar reg tdingffhe olicia fi nalul resrots fmhe t blrepuicanau cscusete yes rday andta sdetewi c youeean st tha he has aom cinmandg %46th in e end.a r faceor se.cond o marcorubiin fngishihe asad a te uzd cr crted uz.>> etheswo t isdiotw sho upre dssed askkkem mbersdi holngig sns at th p sayderesintmp truut p up that.wallof rs coueal tkingut abo the rd boaler wlet b tweenheni uted st aatesnd me.xicodo naldp'trumspa camignoe ds no gthinut abo .it abprobusly jomt seir dty ybe aernothep rcaublin aicamprgn obe maym fro the de atmocrrs ot jusbe may two io idtsin trygo tbe nnfuy. >> s it' upinsettg.le
8:58 am
can relate to. at this , it haspe hap tnedo er evyin sgle one of usn i our life lkiocngur oey ksn iour r. caco ernsumor rept d sideomig dnggi
8:59 am
4 monilli
9:00 am
take," donald trump scores his irthd straight win. is trehe any sintoppheg t blrepu ficanront ru?nner >> > tnhe fm roeth hit show "how to get awiway urth m" der,aviol davis. you'll be loving lifeh wit a rfpemaorenc from courynt odu locash. all that and more coming up now. a>>ounnncer: from nenbc ws, th s is iy'todases eod"t tay'sake"h witl a roker, natalie ramos,le wliil e isge atnd troamn llha, leivro fm udstioa 1n i rfeockeller plaza. >> > wmeelco to "y"toda on a we dadnesy rnmo fing,arebruy 24 ,th 2016. e on of thoseay ds we can admit, mit'sabiserutle o there. hasiy intade sweud o 1tu sdio .1a i' mil wliend are the's nieatal andal. >>'r youe sgayin wree' hpyapo t be id insnde a'm ila pying "s setresd t"ou. g >>reat ngso. >> it .is ias'm dviring midy k tsoce socr in theaftr ific,ik'm l'me, i ssstreoued t.
9:01 am
bi rundo a ted . cruz on>> d aldp,trume we wakp u an rothe mngornier aft ama priry or csaucu toth anoer big winy b him. re>> gatic vtor chspee. t >> shirdghtrait orvicty. 's heol rlingou threwgh n shhamp sire, couthinarolnda a va neda. wo yn be morn tha 20 inpots. lddonamp tru at 46%f othe vote. rc mao biruo, 24%. d tez cru at 21%. wi omth mm entuison he sid rm fily, t mr. crumpraelebhited s nn wi singktreaa at rally in daneva. i >>u f yoenlistth to e itpunds, erwe w een'ttexpecod t winoo t ch mu n and wowe're wig,nnin wi g,nninin w tninghe trcouny. ap [ seplau ] d anon sohe, t country isoi g ng tato srt inwinng, nnwiing, inwinng. w weheon t evliange.cals onwe wit wh unyog. onwe wh wit old. onwe wh wit hyighl uced.ated we wonh witrl pooy ateduced. i ov le therl pooy ededucat.
9:02 am
is n.take lastt.nigh h >>e did. >> hyighl uced,ated nolati, cr inleedibt whas he'ng doi. now nt>> itieresivng gheen t mm co hents me'saden itheas p t ngiveig immsrant d,an ec spalific ly,xime. cans ay aw. at th's nextsd tueay onar mhech t 1st. he us jtee kpsli rolng ugthroh. ma rco biruo, tedz crur o john ka hsich taso s dohiometng ic qu tkly sotop the tr ain. th>> ohaer tn kipidnapng, i n' dot see it. >> ll it'e b h.toug >> ou> y know atwh t,ayuesd ni aghtst mye,hous'v ien bee se ob wrvedith -- >> lnaasag ghnit? >> ,wellac t otuy.esda ve i'n beees obswised thhi ts fx se ries"the peeopler vsus "o.j. liunbeleevab. in doeag r gllyreath witthe ti rangs. 12 llmiion. th hie tng ,is eboverydyws kno w ho it turns ou bt, iutt's reintegstin g to boack in .time ethosf o us w khoind of lived th hrougt tha w andereas ftecinad heby tal tri enth. tot sor of-wre aatchnd see all
9:03 am
ge to dthergurinhe t trial. e th esseri, of urcose, freeatu s tall mheainye planrs il rea li fe. cuba gooding jr. plays o.j. si sompn. da dvi smmchwier is hisri fend d an la,wyer rtober kshardaian. ki m,nd a o the kther aidsre fe edatur. u yols aoe hav johntrtaavol. e thesseri a has o loteof pple intalkg. me soug broht uphe tt facou y see e th kshardaiansea fd ture whsomemaat, moybe rore pntminely an th l aot of peeopler we pe exg,ctinec espyiall the drchilen in there. lo khepp atlarenyet sting the co retrrd staigh s onomef othe mi faly sneces ie n ke ta a look. >> , ohy m god. it's y.dadd >> daddy! >> daddy! ha>> tt's ddday.
9:04 am
>> a-k-a-r-d-a-s-i-ni-h- a-n. ot>> n t allhets face werak ac tecura. ey th s'retiensaizonal tinghe rd kaanashie nam th waere s ace sne oef ths kid an ch,tingda karnshian whe myad d idsuicnoe te. i le cal dkim. i was,like did t hatpphaen? hag.enin shegoes,ol absyutel t,no did at thpp haen. m>> iean, itld woue hav been dweir t if dhatid enhapp. y >>eou'rti getng a leittl bit of the hwoolly sodort ofsi veron t'>> i nsot a medocuy,ntar t?righ no>> t', isno t. i ,meant' isri amecanme cri y,stor ishe te namth of e esseri. ey thui bt lt iyoas, u owkn t,he ngmaki of. but it'sas fticinango t tcwah. sit it sor of like winatchg a at "de,elinut" b'r youe gngetti a li mttle ooreef th ywhollood,
9:05 am
>> ho witeiut kth moonrris. d ore?id h es>> y,, nois it . al rely odgo. yo veu ha s totartat wgchin it. >> ck che it out. >> goac bk and rech-wat. if h you'tavenn bee hiwatcng, i co eneurag youo tch wat. >>se"hou of s"cardso sean th iree, t'shibend atth. i >>e hav a loto t binge tcwah. av h yeouer intdvenen wheit scome toav h yingour dski, nghaviir theen frids erov,be may bi t? il chd? ipdiscnglini? >> . no >> ion d't ereith. he>> t are's nice w oayfoi dng it. >> ec espyiall t ifhihe csld i in erdang. >>t,righ tlexacy. >> y.risk >> t' thasal exhwhe hatpeapd.neyactlt whaenhapped. a an womd sai w shentas inierveng a init sonuati where a y boungoy s waar appyentlok ping atis h lelittte sisilr whs e hiwemom nt to in c the tafeeto g a o cupf co .ffee ngpoki teo thnt poihe wree hwas
9:06 am
ersist. e th boy -- the woman shiaw ts all pnglayi out andhe s was li ke, h iave to- - ian c'tet l kthis hidurt his si.ster heso sto spped a itnd said, you ow kn w, in'ouldot d atth. yo uld couur htou yitr ltle st sier. sh aie sthd ,oughe lik a ceoupl t ofthhe oerad liest nex tero h we re keli, i'mla g ydou did me sogthinut abo. it dtheytidn'w knot whao t do. e onad ly ,said trehey' notr you ds ki. u youl sho bdn't-e - d>> i kon't tnowheum argent ai agnstpp steing in atth. so dymebo isti hurnong ather d,chil s youtopit , rdrega. less he>> trere a stiitua ons tisome -mes- i did have a ntpare o --omr syebod on ane pla ce on t sayo me,y m kidas wei bng -bwelledehavut, b w the oman ,said y areoung goio tel tl your il cho d tuibe qret oul shod i? wa i s like,s he't jus tag.lkin en th iak teue issit wh that. ifeb somisody tngellie m to re paynt mhi cldhe wn'm i sngitti tnextohe tndm, aon i dhi't tnk th eey'rng doiny agthinri terbly on wrg. >> hi i t inkfs it'yo in ur ho iuse, yt'sour rulesnd a you ha ove nbl pro temngelli yourid k twhato do. in t thae cas if theen part't isn th aerehend t kid isbo aout t
9:07 am
t >>omhe mpp steed awaym froer h il ch.dren 'sthatt sorf o --ou y're ne englig ltngeaviou yilr ch dren thout ere. hi>> thangs .ppen slet' notdgjue. f i you like the febac ook likettbu yon,lou'le lov this. ey th a'vedded newct reaion onbutts. a iniodditon t lgikin a ,post yo nu'reow able to show love, ha , ha wow, sad- - a >>dd the soundff e? ects ng>> ary. th at'st.righ likeid"inse out." tt bu wons rill oollut to all er usves or theex nt few days. de vim.o ca urfeate lets youec rord 15 ndfries. l alt thaff stu is out. >> ie lovy' there iman.ated thepy hapne o isea rlly y.happ y >>utou pou yrin fger onhe tm d any thee com to feli. >> tyheak me that unsod? >>ahye. >> pe sinak og ffacebook, we want to he c ockurac fooebk ttbu.on yda 21 o ofur5 2 dsay of geiv aw s.ay
9:08 am
a ac fkeboo sue,rfac microsoft surfac pero 3,or wthlm atos 00 $5. u yot wan tois reg ttero n,wi go to bofaceomok.cda/"totay's ke." ke li us. st yey,erda s we waidean wtedo t t ge 0,30000 or more. le st'see where we are. o- boyah! 30 0.0,00 pl seeao go t fa boce.cok/"omdatos y'keta." li keus. gireerstor fhe tic msoroft su erfac in the timean yme,ouan che c ck wyourereath onhe t pro. we c'reinhecktg i for you. d weoav he a tdoorna watch y.toda yheav srshowe andhu tstnder.orms nlast, ighteaat l4st 2or repts of rntos.adoe foverive atstes. y,todaha we heve tk risf o re sallygtronin wdsnd aag daming ha ndil a tdoornaes ibpossle. ciespe sallyerouthirn vagini all th aye wo intte easrnor nth ca naroli. 'r weoie go ng tatbe wgchint tha os clely. al o so t theh,nort as youan c
9:09 am
m 26onillipl peoe atk risod tay fr om orgegia,th nor toel deawar d an ono int .ohio d anha we ve wrinte wer,athe the ba decksith of e smystem fro ch oicag allhe t way down into ut so hernoumissri. av he siernow depivelong. we e hav wrinterm sto inwarngs, hewatcs. iz blzardat wches out. agchico, 2o t 6. 8o t 1 f4 in.lint h sout,bend t 106o 1he incs of ow sn. m i'au exh.sted
9:10 am
th coe uncounor tomrow. >>t' thaous yr lesatt weheatr. le st'ee sha wte' wve got. pe leopre a sniigng up. bofaceomok.cda/"totay's ke." re ergist toin wha tt mroicftso rf suace pro. do tn' gony aerwheec bseaue' wve go tt,t'ha sghrit,ne of oeth bi esggtta srsn o tv datoy, ow"h gtoetwa ayit wh rdmu ser"tar ol via s.davi 'l weel b tngalki teo thmm ey and to nyni winng assctrebo aut her st hioryin makg memont, hitw sho andew ntesas ponsiro pctje aerft good wi advth, ilu'yo allsk b whatche?acka at whwr sore ist? at whch headae? wh sat badhoulder? ad l mavis keinpa d ataisment rymo. nothing works faster st rongeror ge lonr advthanil it s 'e thrld'wos c#1ichoe. at wh pain? ad vil.
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9:14 am
e th 1120il fm "the lphe"h wit viocta aspr.ence >> now, she's fresh offer h historicmm ey winro fm the esseriow "ho t get awayit wh ermurd." i >>n ane seeak pk ofhi ts ek wepi's e, sodewa ne video re thinatenog tr tea t theeam ap art. ta ke alook. >> d hol adg grueig rht now. >> ?no usbecae you a sllaid gsthin. y >>anou wet m toot sho. you hii te'nk wre enev. >> ou y ran awaye lik youd ten to do. reintegstint tha'r youhee ty onl on t e nohiin ts. y >>hiou t snk i ent?it >> th any iingsos pesiblit wh you pe .ople >> vi ola. >> oneth of ean myst twis and tu ornsverhe tso sean. th i inkou yd saiou y're at is ep 1odeig2 rhtno w. >> t wail til you see it. ait'sll i can >> re ae wng goi to be sedhock by wh haat s?ppen ou>> y a'reslwayho s ockedn this .show hoit sbeuld ow "h to gety awa swith,"hock you know?
9:15 am
on,thishi wch i said,t' tha s iwhyig s ned.up i don'tan w bt toste jum warand fu zz ly and kalible. ani wot th pus the bu.tton so me times, i'm like, hold up, holdup, .pete >> you also neverw knot' whas ou arhend tt nex co.rner mai i tgineishis onef othe sh wows yhereetou g the stcrip landooko t smakeyoure u're l stilndarou t atndhe e of it. >> seslriouy. gyouet acr s aipt day in ad e.vanc ywheneou'rbe numr onen o the callsheet, you getes lsha tn at th. >> wow. om>> sngethith in maere uskioes you mfuncoblortauee, gss ?what hayou ove t dive in e.ther pe eslyciale som oef th slexua >> .oh i >>ats thin k odf fun,t tha opartf ?it >> ol absyutel not, .al ,not' is not,ou y know. no>> a dtheray at the ceoffi. tandhaty emmofwin rs yout , no tjustinhe w but the eesp,chas w lyrealam an g azinntmome. 'v wete goli a cfp o. it take a oklo.
9:16 am
othenlyng thiha ttar sepates nwome ofol corro fm aenyonls ee is opunportity. [ auapplse ] yo uan cnot win anmm ey for roles athatreim sply not erthe. >>ch whi was ryeallha wt eschoe th e osscars thi i anme,he tl calor f more rsdiveity beded hinbe ahindnnd int fro of th cae . mera ne>> oth of hie tngst thaeo pple ndmisuanerstsd i h you taveo pa serateor opptytuniro fm nttale. lepeopl feee lik if the roles ar en'te,ther thatns meare the n isalo tentut o e.ther 'sthatot n true. 'swhate tru isha tt ifou y ea crhote tse naivrrat tes, hen ethosol res can openp u to pe woplereho ati waingn i .line enlist, ilw aays sayha ttyl mer re stouep wld note b m serylptree ouwitht hi"sope's ch,"oice
9:17 am
yo anu c'te b a m serylptree if yo reu'he thi t grdirlm frothe ft le in aar nveratih wit two en sces. yo riu witte , ande wl wil .come lwe'lw sho up. w >>ast tha aes msageo tthe st s?udio nwho teedso dote betrn i ywholl rood ightnow? t >>shat' it,he t peeopln i po onsitifs o r.powe op pehole w have there genht lig te vo. op pepele w can sayay nr o nay. 'sthat. it 'rthey oeut there. ey the hav the imataginion. th hie tngt thaps sto us a lot of ti mes is arfe. ar fe ofoi dngth anying di enffert. t buav i hoe tl tel yo i think th heat woun y puten talt out ether and ntiarra tvesarhat e na dy pmic,eeoplea ln .in ey tht wanse to eit. ey tht wanbe to vemod. theyan wot t feeles lsal one. at thhy's w a i'mn toacr. >> a,violhi ts is ave coniorsatn we h'vead twors yean i aow r w. no 'rtheylre aeadyki tal angbout next,yearcc angordio tsome clarti'ves ieee bn reg,adint tha do tesn'k looik lloe a tt ofhe ro oules ert th weill haveh muc t ouhe tre now. ydoou thinkly holwood is
9:18 am
re ally tgryin to ch?ange d>> i kon'tnowut aboth at. ibuto dno k w,this i dono kw ethatiaspecllyen womut o e,ther i' usll jt sayt thahe t ny'reot co tamfor wble jithustit sting ck baan e.ymor ey tht wan t polay a more aectiv le ro. i knowaj tar pi. onhens,er kry wa gtshinon,le halrr behey, ty're inwalkndg app steingnt io their t oure they thet wan to do. at thy thet wanse to e o ther nwome ofor col in. myle whohi tng is, step up to e th plate. en wh a youn re ithe pioositn of r,powe s dohiometngit wh it. yo veu hat tha one dash,t tha ntmome in meti, j pustut it out th ere. st li ien, lt'sike my hndusba sa aid, cdlose mouthoe dsn't get fed. >> true. >> ak speofing r youanhusbd, we'll tal akutbohi m. u yot jus redenewr youvows mico ung apnd h you aavesi pason ecprojt. h we mave woreith vlaioav dis
9:19 am
>> an homdse uifrt. tsnu. lksiooy sm dthchark olocate.
9:20 am
we stoarp s thriti,pain y so'tou done to havp. sto ty lenolrt 8hr ais phritain ha las two yersaiof pefn reli. firsthe ft isast. sethe ascond l dts allay. we give you dyour bayack. wh ouat ywi do th s it iyoup to u. tylenol . re hene in vi, holandfme oog prresso, fweedigurut o t howgeo cht ri edingrntiekes liac bon in 2 lito 2soght ups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving ouwithngt givich up rivor fla
9:21 am
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9:22 am
>> e > wareac bkow nit weh th ea grtio vla vidas. we an w tto ask you a tboutowhe v varemol. alwe tk - ne- rewal. yo bu'vemaeen drrie 12s?year lm>> a ost13. y >>eou've don a itpl couees tim now. i ov lehe t idea. i>> lovehe tua ritfl o inweddgs. wh anat csa i y? l iove- -s it' a time iny m life ithatl feehe t most ivale. th at's the thing. i 't donay alwees flt tha way. i ,mean iov l wehat i ,do but me sos,time you know, i'mn o a dsounge sta 1 for7 hours a day iand'm d.tire m i' hot. you.know bu itt w-h - it mirendse mf o 'swhatut beaifulbo aut my life. i thinkha t ttshat'or wth it. thand ean mgo juice and quteila,
9:23 am
ou r cenyremo. >> ian wte som of .that ou>> yrth oer ponassi is the va neseli hngeali prt.ojec te sll u y howotou gol invved wi hath td t anitwhy tt ma ers. we>> ill, gotnv idolve in it ca be iusest wat jus prteesenod t me ik, lane myhi t angsre pr teesenod t me telaly. 's it the vinasele hngeali oj pr hectasar pedtnerh wit ctdire lireef, w ihichsn a rnintenaatioled m aicalid atwhhe t y,do wtha ty heveha ,done ishe tvey ha cibontruted $5 il00 monli tout pet togher di mecal syuppl kits,ed m ical acarend hngelpipl peone i pl aces of sediase. sy eria, tvenhe s.u.,lo fgodin sarea andh witpl peohoe wre a su infferrog fm veporty.
9:24 am
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9:25 am
ma liybel nne's ewbrow drama pomade. make it happen. maybelli nne yewkor fr momaybelline new york... lsfashe laac imptht widr icamathe pus ld-upift. fanew s lsie upushp a dramarmasca. da o re tarcomplse fashe lavees falrsus psies dush up.rama.. oudo ye? dar yb maneelliew's nh pusraup dma. ma liybelewne nk. yor thyoe mgurtfrade yoom ilur ms k, icidelious.
9:26 am
>> oo grnd he's tay der aft the ndm a dana erwagn. awhatg bi day. >> yeah, we'reoi gngha to ve ex ivtenseov ceerag ont tha e.on gh riowt ne wt wan y touo f ocus yourye e osnhe t sncree and see ouif yec rzeognise the oppele. is th isve surncillaeeo vidm fro a al loc home by land andas l ga ves isgl bur harlyneappeasd lt mo nth and theyea relsedhe t de vi bethuse erey we lngookiht rig t inhe racamee, we havat gre ot shs of emth.if ou yno k wwhos i rnsespoible forre bgakino int the s,home ca llme crito sspper at 55302-55.>>
9:27 am
,yeahha tt isd goo foe.otag t >> iodays 5 desegre wrarme an th eryestday.we g'reoingo tal tkbo a 6ut8 is th afooternn. rm noigal hh is 65nd a yrdesteay we onlyit h 63nd aad he som swind t outhere e windsre a goneor f now. 'r we neotin gogo thaveh mucn i wathe yf oin wdll a the way th hroug the wed.eken goro fm 63es yayterd to 6da8 toyto 74n o tdahursndy a thenn o rdsatu say,omeud clos aotnd ls ofun snd a ah higer vyse cloo t 80 des.gree >>an i c b'tveelie i'moi g tngo mi ad tthisn oev telnisio but ye tt, i ppha.ened si wa g,younio senear yr ofh hig olschooc ldke my ksey inhe t carwi heth t car nnru ing. d>> iheid t same thing. s >>o itas hpe hap tnedeo th best of owmorrni morheng woun yak we up can the erwagns, wvee hahe t rtexpes on theas c e. k we ynowou heavke locd yeloursf t. ou letrip as get 4il m clionsall li
9:28 am
9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:31 am
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9:32 am
th e ptiotenally droangeus nd conitio prmpeclasia. do sctor areau csltiouy op sttimioric fhe motndr a byba. so nyti. cuso te. al,e takr oveh witthe we r.athe ha>> tounk yy vermu ch. i like the ndhaoff. fo r y,toda wvee ha agh slit ri ssk,gtron risk along the hesoutrnastetl acanti coast for adtornoes. we w'reinatchhag towt don t or flida. ba o ck t the,westdy win nd consitio, owsny itcond,ions me so pl,aceszz bliard was.tche ,west gousrgeo. i 69n san anfro.cisc r fomo to,rrowre we'oo lkingor f a62nd sinunshen i tlseate. n,agaie herth in e rtnot,heas mi lad-at nticesstatt', iell b a me ss.
9:33 am
tairicraff wil troomorw. t >>ishat ou yr ltates heweatr. >> nk thau, yo al. d yidou kthnow axat t as sealon, heso tie busste tim of fyearheor tt deb eccoll?tors thele colsctorre aed flyeral ma edndato t lduphoer ctain dastanrds. mp cotslain p aregilin up. >> t wha a suserpri. da toaty nliona itinvesvegati rr condespoentf snerossffjese rosidn d so me dngiggi h andasip ts on twhatoo df ire we' on the ce regivin o endef th assggreive ll cas. >> d you pon'touay yr llbi s, 'rtheye aedllow toom ceer aft yo ndu a t tryeto gou y toay p the llbis. 'sthatne fi. e th i laws clearbo aut whatt deb ll corsecto can and ctanno do. e th laws i inibcredly r.clea
9:34 am
al ree-lifxa esmple ofne pho lato pym the out,e' w pll tlayhe llyou'r heam the ande' w gllive u yos tiput aboha wty thean c and ca nnotdo. >> okay. ue>> c the phone ngri. t ihink tshat' for you, . al >> llheo. >> it wano tla py thest fir ll ca. is th a isor recdingha tt rtexpes sa -y - >> you't donve ene mak aay pment orve enet g tshi debt takenar ce of. >>wow. he>> t ty'retehreaning if you n' doakt mhee tay p -ment- >>s it' a ttehrea re hehe's t tip,t deble colsctor otcann hsarasou y orhr tneate you. en ev a if debtle colctor calls u, yoy the nareotow alloed t atthreyoen u. t ifhey do,el tlm the to opst. ge het tir name. t geir the mpcoany. cyouepan rthort em la ter. >>t' whas the linef o sshara?ment whatst conesitut rahantssme? t >>shat' thero p wblemith it. it 's aje subectiv line. yo u owkn. ex spert t say what boulde a atthregeninll ca. >>okay. >> n thecaext wll itoant y pla yofor alu tboks aolut pice ti ac.vity pthe ihoneins rging again, ta nalie. it or's f u.yo
9:35 am
>> we need toet ge som type of enpaymnt iig rht now. as n sooeas w can get it. lsor ee iil wlav h teo send lo cal ariuthotieso t your dr adesso t aseeboutoc lkingou y . up >> can i just hang up the onphe? ou>> yul sho hdn't uangphe t on phe. at tht deb cctollesor ioi g tngo ca ll n.agai t >>vehey'e gonr ovehe t line. >> y the nareotll a towedo say reyou'ng goibe to aterresd if yo onu day't pr you s.debt th aney c't ttehreanal legct aion un tlessheyct ayuall in ttendo e su you. i ug broneht oor me llca. th neis o c boulde baemsirrasng. al s get these all the s,time th eey'r at rkwo. th aley clhe t cnb swboitchard, li ke isth. s >>ithe eherom co es tphthe one or 'l sheavl home seoneri bng her t ou for esquintiong. 'r werye t tingoo d it by the ph one. he>> sn's i a clooassrowm n and i 't can- - >> alrely? whow touldhenc priipalee fl if so dymebom frotheis paramh ce t oure the andle pul hderp u usbecahee snd's uer stinveioigatorn fmi comgttin
9:36 am
>>wow. >> ea thrngteni and stnay. >> and ill.lega t >>erhe p wsonho gothe tl cal is ach teater a a hoscol. ouobvisly,y' thereli telheng t cr sey,etar the pn ersoheat t on frfit ofwece, go're tingo pu erll h o outf class. th ceytannoal c ylou atk wor if yo urmp erloye idforbs .it y ifourmp erloyesn doe'tll aow ca slls,end the debtol corlect a ifcert liedrette foing rminthem ofatth. te hell tnm ohe t onphe, a youre no t aedllowo t call me at work. >>t whaenhapps? u yo t gethere aggessiv at wh y doou ?do um>> n berone,sk a fortt wrien ti noboce autou yr .debt nd se a me lrette ie n th.mail let ll te e melyxactt wha i owe. w iant thexa e ctildetasut abo .that ernumb o,twou yt wano ten sd th em ati cerfied lrette yisang, bi'meing haedrass,hr tneeated an d i witant to stop. th hie t rdis,yo if tuu ac ally lfeelyoike bu're heingsearasd or atthre,enedor rept ito tthe rafedeadl trcoe simmison. >>re gat viadce. al nl o the wee.bsit and ffje'sac fooebk . page >> u>p next, they've written songs for theigge bst names in
9:37 am
no twhe bsoy ofoc lhasav he a me -hga sitgonf ohe tir own. we ug broouht ye herytodato y gethoour onestonpini t abou nthisarew c. ktotheep uingssenbia d, rweedemov t alloghe los. feels like a bmw. mires nd ameit letlbi lt ofanike i. aud so is, th carorsuppppts aarle risiop, en maps. e sh mgetswoe. w. a ithalso ens tedr tiverolechnogy. it n eves muterathe undio tile th bseat aeltsucre b.kled vei'm urry c wiousithat is. this is the 2016 chevyal mibu. itand ls sel? for
9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
me hso sadzureeiwhs e ilta ng ckintha.ix ifou yave hofany , these st ntop chand cix ayoall ur rdoctor awaighty. y telldoctour boor a ut anyor histy en of mhealtal roth ps,blem whic ulh cowod get orse orf se urizes. n' doke ct taixhantu' if yo ve a sehad s riouicallerg kior sren action to it. y ife ou havthese, hastop c antixalnd curl yo do rctorwaight ay s asn ome cabe fe liea-thrngteni. te oull yctr dof or i youha eave hrt bloor vodsel esobprms,le evor d nelopr ew oeworssy msmpto. ge dit melpcal he a rightway if h youmpave syf toms o hea atart otackstr .roke eadecr aseohlc uol wselehi kita cngnthaix. us ute cawhion vien dring or pe otingraac mnehi.ry cmostmoomden siff-aisect eanaus. g beinn-sma no fokerreeels gat. yo ask tour doc char if ntix r isoright f. you > >> cyou tan't ournnhe tad r io ouwitheat h tringheon sg "iov le this life" by calosh. thein sgleas hn bee on ll bid'boarsou cntry air play mb nuer two. he>> ts guyl wil prmerfohe t hit velin i aew fnu mites. first, a look at how it all
9:41 am
i leov ama sll town world jury trial i love a country girl >> reporter: chr aisnd esprton's journey started more tn hante years ago when they met in nashville and performed under the nameoc lhas cowboys. let's go >> reporter: it wtasn'il unt 2013 they released their first full-length album. during that time, the bsoyls ao co ro-w techart-toppingit hs for otrheou crynt artists. you could be a blackbird >> reporter: including keith baurs n'ou"ye'ron gna fly." lo hcashas dedroppow c fboysrom th neiramend ael rdease a n eewp la st year. their single "iov le tshi feli" co inntsueo t climb the charts, hi intt tgheop tiv feor f bobillsard' hotnt coury ngsos.
9:42 am
trcounony sgs of .2015 th wi all their recent success, the boys of locashll rearey a vi lohing ts .life asy theoc rk the nnatio on .tour topresndn ahr cis w areiths u od go teo se you. >> good morning. >> thanks for hinav gus. w >>e'll cnuontie ouris diocussn u yoorperfm. off. he>> tia soclil fe. no t soh muc the -- >> s it' aib vrant e.scen p >>eeopl whool fdlowe you a ng lo time, yerou we lhocas co swboy d andedropp oycowbs. wwhatheas t deoncisi? idwe dman't heke tis decion. i h wis h wead a brette story. erwe weoo lking for a logo. presnto is a gitraffi ar.tist we wdante to doom sngethih wit an'80s bevi. here dw itn o aki napndn a i
9:43 am
he waskeli,di it sdn'tay oycowbs. h >>e idsa, ie lovt i like atth. w >> whenene turtd i in, the be laasl w ,likehi t as isre gat id ea. we c'llehang theanchge. rafte 11 arye is,t wo. rked ou>> yen havha't c wngedouho y ar e. at whov i lse iea hringr you y,stor'v yourie wttenon sgs for ti m mw,cgra someth of gereat trcouny arsts. whatak mes youec dwhide heen t so ings yours ghthou? >> i think whenim tcg mraw ca ylls,ouic ppk u the phone. hwhenes saye han w ttsoec r ord the,song you y,sa okay. ait's big alde. an eid kth baurn. i me an, we cn'ould htbeave en mo ress bleited whuc shss cla ts ac toor recd our ki fnd o g uives a lot of in ittegrn y i stheongti wrinng i shnallvie. it a'sg son town. wthateaas rmpl intorta for us. i >> at's dcuiffilt dioecis n no w,ow n thatha we ve a hitf o ourown. 's itd har tosay, n,ma we know bosomeoudy cldg sinhi tngs so d an wtheyitant ut, b w doe keep
9:44 am
e>> w did ith wit "ie lovhi ts fe li." h we oavetherne osn o ho.ld i >>st wa onol h fdoreb som ody se el. at theas lt se,cond we said,ou y knowatwh? ithisrs out. sho oowe tkt i off hold,e likyou sa anid, ptd kefo it r ouversels. >> dboy,id itk wor out.
9:45 am
lo hive ts li"fe inow andiblncree rth rebidrfor .y hair fromnew re l'oal, ao extrary rdinshoil o.ampo ama sho poemsyst fu inwithsed ci lusous, twlighgheilst oi . ust in jwaone hash ooir lnstaks i ntly d anblvisinoy d.urishe antrorsfms dry hair thwit ouigwenghit do i.wn tu sumpsoously , ftig welyhtlessng flowi, branillishintly y. as i anf trd.sfrome aordextrarin y. an nc idiblreree rthbi r drfohay . ir w ex nerdtraoy inaroil fr 'oreom ldval a ancedir ha parcare is. you'and orre w th it. kn i haew t it if hade icy in mr,wate w it jouldbeust pa so linfu i and dncoulve't einn dr.k it i d woul aliketlmos t scooicthe ere ov an y d tripto sve it lory swly so t thaouit wt ldn'getrigthr ine pa. 'sthatn wheali re iized t haddoo om shietng. enmy d rtistmeecom tndedhat i seuse ynnsode. ini thatk thso sendyne s ha gbeenreat t in oermsduf recing th nse seititivd y anpain ithat e wasiexperg.ncin w non i caicput me intey war.
9:46 am
e therhayou i on klyftraat nalurhe cees ha a s uctoofh hi pdelahilp a eacrchm seee, so ha wveteyor mau ,ke is creamier than ever. we ar stop tis thri,pain y so'tou done to havp. sto be e yocausliu be geve ino. rdonwa. da toe y's thday. carpe emdi. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain o has twrs olayeinf paf. relie fithe frst isast. secothe asnd l dts allay. ivwe gyoe you ay bur dack. atwhou d ywio th iitup ts yoo u. ty lenol. is thter, win ha you pve the to ower.heal ca beyouruse ch purase of livase inesinten cveloare onti, pp sutsor v theelas inehe g alinojprect. s join up to helionsmill siin cris
9:47 am
ja lneesiko tx miinth ugs 'ats y whe shvelones w light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so ff flud y an iairys t' her w neal80 c ooriesibses on. t light & fi ffeeltoree oy enj. i am never getting married. never. teedaran. piyou ackedif beautg.ul rin thank you. 're wer neve khavingids. m-mm mmm. ea brthe. i lo t ve ihere. re nwe a mevertooving su the s.burb rewe a g never oettingf ne oe thosan(miniv). we re aev n hering avotanr i'm pregnant. am i l neverng gettio. r fothe all rsnevefe in liat, strm ie faers the. ea g rninmiunlicated acsh b k onrc pus.hase 'sthatin a w. im but e eaaging rninceit twi. can you twithi he cit double cash card. it s letu yoasearn c h back e.twic
9:48 am
it's h casback en thh cas aback.gain thand cat's abackash -w winin. e th dcitie oubl ccashard. e th caronlyatd thyo lets u earn baccashick twvee on ercrypuhase with wh 1% ben you 1uy and % as pa th wiay two w ears ton, it m esak a lot of other cards seem one-s. ided a >>ncnnou ter:he ticice conrt ri senes oto "day"s idlprouy es prd enteouto y by >>'v youe methe t lhocas .guys no t'w iims t feheor t odu to ow shs uha wty' theve t.go rf pengormiir the hitgl sine "i
9:49 am
ie lov myoo btske bro ,in i mlovey camoat h 't dond min atl litent pain o my anje s,,yeah i rollik le at th i e lovvi driyng mck truos acrs e th rorailadck tra s if youit hhe tm too quick, ey thl'l hit you rhtigac bk i leov are fshut c fldieit wh a ir frost fn st o ow h it shines likeol gdhe wn e th sunur t onsn l iove theou s ondfm the ee wh mls,aby by sngingi along n whehe "t boys of mmsuer" co omes n iov ley mll smaow t wnorld ov i le aou c gntryirl ie lov ada friyht nig man i love tshiif le he t sndou of anld oir d t adro ol rnglihr tghou my mind man, i lo ve,n,ma i velo ,man,
9:50 am
ie lovha ttou cntye linar b wh terehey all know mynk dri the way she towhrs heran hds uphe wn thater covan bdys pla l iove thete tasf o herip ls enwhhe s b'snee spiipngha tt wi ne ill stiet gnk drun o herve ery time i love myma slln towor wld i e lov a cryount glir i leov a friday night an m iov lehi ts leif thend sou of an oldir dtoa rd inrollhrg t mough myind man, l ie,ovan mi , velo ,man, i ov le this life oh-o-oh-o n,ma iov les thie lif oh-o-o-o h n, ma ie lovhi ts life ,yeah ie lov thise lif
9:51 am
i leov tthaag rdgeld o bnar th aty mra gpand made t iwasy mewhol worldk bacn i my oc innentay ds i love tthait letlhi wte ch churut, on o 109 t' is wrehe iit h myne kes and ink thahe t lord forhi ts life m ofine i leov myma sllow tn wldor l ieov a cntoury glir iov le ari f ndayight n, ma i loves thiif le he tnd sou ofn ald oir dt rdoa llroginhr tghou my mind ma in, velo, n,ma i love, man, i e lov this leif oh of h of-o-o-o h ma in,ov le ts hifeli
9:52 am
ma n, i love this life -ooh-o-oh man, iov le this life -oohh-o-o man, iov lehi t lsife [ auapplse ] >> omawese! th reey aca losh,gu ys. an thoks s chmu. az am ingorperfe.manc ha>> tyonk u.
9:53 am
9:54 am
th iis "sdato oy" nc.nb > >>he llo, ladies. >>.hi >> lhocaser woe s azam ing. er>> w ten't heyt?grea n >> iceysgu, w >>vee hane o oef th most le ta pntedeeoplth on lae p net >>who? ay>> wne brady. he s doe it all. >> ye s.
9:55 am
ewe'ro als tngalkiut abo luxe r fo . less nd>> aha we ve theuy gm fro ou "y,"nger a hashell tie lads lidroong. co ni. t >> ahereretu pic oresimf h stdown tairs yhatlou'l joeny. ait'sll g i'moingo t w >>here d yidoud fin emth? >> y the dwere iownen th st.udio i,saidho w washa tt?
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> >>py hap eswednday. >>al donumd trsp i tinowerveg orth e .rest y, boe h doeser towve o trhees rt heof t ndcaesidat .ok lo att tha at'she tin falum n tberhat me cao int u aset thti staton a 00 2:n ithe inmorng. ewstatide tnaldrumpin wning ancommding 46%f oha tte vot and ce ra foron sec ids ale who lot os cler. o marcorubi wnginnihe aad of cruz at 24%.ho w s can dtopdonal um trp? inremao s tbe seen. >> a drbistuingit se aet thig h hho scasol l ntight dgurin the ca .ucus
9:58 am
as kkkdi holngig sns yisang, es prtidenmp truut p up the .wallth erey we tasresp asingndhe t y re weed asko tea lve andy the did so. avwe heo n idea who is de unthrnea theds hoot a s wathis air dty k?tric okindf seems like it >> ,yeah it esdo. all ofs uan cel cteebra the warm erwint . >>ahye, it'sar wmern tha st yey.erda63 eryestday. 6 t 68yoda and 74om tworro and a cfewsloud and aig hher v cylose to 80n our sat wday14ith ve abo no alrm. >> if you locked yrsou oelffut o cyourar right now, aast letou y nhave wiceereatht thaou y're ng ha oingutit wh but we know thisap hpensth to et bes of .us f in iacttap hpens soen oftha tt umconserep rortsou futnd o rothhug tplrie t athari tepl a ge 4tsli milon calls aea y r usbecafe o th iis,ke locdy m ys ken i rrmoow mniorngn whe you wake up wthith e erwagnhes t etsxper
9:59 am
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10:00 am
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