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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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you,rouldhid treey azy gonna yo or ure aon gitna hem h. toan cniolaastesn iow dn oud flgoamin. uyo h arengeari r,ersis thco seurpohe, trey acel uscada heaschery eveone. r >>teeporotr: mcorcyidle rers teell my thee werelloki looorng f cepoliic off tershao cs m. the itom's s parf oa cauam gsar anor attv deep rntrese rcmotosycle t say'shereza n tth sto auchame. we t areold theer ridse were her tjuso tav heot f.un r >> ep rteor ar:ik basnvoniet to ookr vee thristthp is weenekd. rirsdeop pedp wheeliesg miftdanoer ronhig itro f ont eth paris. just dnowth e bcklo on tpro and las vegas boulevard a,r swafm o rsride bedlockffrac.i d anhetid rserr tokohe tir stuntstrop alerl ovhe tes wvat eyllpieegncu trmelio pousce b ur>> oic offaters tetempod t
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arswfm or pe bikaic whouh w prlyobabes dedcrib a7s to 010 besik. >> reporter: the goal was to encetiff oeric isn aol peic chase. >> diddive behavero prlpe oyr thwithin eou bndsf oik-- lie idsaim, tnde ala pce, no,y the dit.dn' buert th weas no oizrganed mpatte gt touto o and try to ta tunthei polce. r >>teeporamr: dchon s iuetzs a laerwyh tat rreepnsets morctoleycid husczet kwsnoha wt happened over theee w.kend >> re theas wom sute o s oftate pe tople whatdante to do a ride aherehend ty c iamento tanown d thyei d adid re. >> ep rteor tr:athid rend edep u flooding officers with calls of recklessness on our streets. >> e wer weot n out here to say th aeyre bad. thaey hheve tht rig to use wroadaysdw roa aays bboutheut wn yoaru redii ing anan mrne ttha enngdaser oerthons the road, atth n'sot acctaepleb.
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majority ofid rser weer llfoinow tgheandaw l >> ba proy bloppe yle woukor thwi t,yheik lo tid r tomoycrcsleit wirhen fenri.ds r>>orepr:teet moray sths isere ima tnde a porce fnot. tha w >> yhenreou asub plic steremp d'tono nd erange u asnd refst o us. >>rtrepomeer: ptroceoli sarre ttedwopl peoeno lereckssvi dring. anotonite cas,lanew ns. 3 >> nk thaou y. eth manha c wrgedithil kling woonmen t sanip wperso tone hir terivaor att mthisngornist aea hring o formar ja tmaleyall wasay deloed s he ulcoind f tdheor att.ney het goo intn arg atumenit wh heotatrs e thel tac mirille mad shngoppio pks. mealiss mzaendo j andfenni ch wicaskiere edlln ithe shooting outn i s thetstree and thcren a ossre sttet arent coolsmop.itan
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he's rerecoving. tyalled saihe was toonk drud anmema ghhima on anriju ra pobeemem hianytng. > >>ara heaktbreisser le kilnd i oua hirse fayi trala co tinrytog vesaer hog de.nsid ouepr rerort ise livt athee hom arnemo harndn ael nlis. soer s,gioel tls uwhat haedppen. >> or rep tter: mhatasan w indrivyg be hre. saw arm enoousck blame plu of e smokhein t air and had to risp ingntoct aion. wheen wir fstea aivrr aed ttbr fi,re witnesses told ualry eveone wasti iniyallus s >> l theio, an r i tideoncet ges dherd ogge queev namer cut. r >>teeporher: ton coraser h yet tont ide tifyche i f ewcrons c sfirmonomease wvia llki wegrst firdefund fou e u idoutse. she oavedfne os. dog t wheyinent theni buromng he to
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>> pe hap tnedthind gse doen ther conn ep>> rr:ortecu res tersried log okin tforuan womid insu hethe asat w i tooaaaen intse. d >> cracklin l t >> ivewas otry h. ep>> rr:orte e theresfi rodest tyedohe hnme a tth mawo l a nrghboido. di wdn'ttoant nteam n n'caelt b tieveew ns. >> 's sheod goan wom. oi hpe she's notd. dea liikehe r a. lot ep>> rr:orteer uekait sde han r watordhe telden bur binginuildg cabe iuseat whes th right ting toer, >> o yqu nerevno k wwnheom sneeo llwi q nurd yode cel hella r >>teepore'r: hpis ho esis h l icherods deevi prohisam fyila cot.mfor i >> lp heleed hrreog d'shatc thsomeing. r >>teeporndr: ae firws cre are sttinvesnggati oausef isthire. theey'ven bercre heiotace sinda
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anetd dneermiinav^ahe t igase caut jusnfu sohe t two dogs uresceed wre taken byma anil rocontl. reinportivg lere, sgiola avir y 3 tbacku.o yo >> r all,ightge sery. anthouk y. me ret tole pal loc fu ste oraglifaciorty fti renutng o s unit pforleeop l toos it hd penein busll caed nimira stoger nea swenn sow and n.twai hyou saveeen thege imas he,er a dogen knelbolnd aesattrds an clsotherefrung heom tldot. uni t gnsiops peerle wvie ling siinde. meerfficos fpl peoe dan d aid res sx ffditerens.nitrolga al cice wurry orks rerstau nant dext aoorronsh keshocd. i >>in ths it'ri ter wn lepeopl feetheye hav to do atth. i>> [ibnaudle ] >> d an j notngudgi theeo pple here,t' isus jadt sha tt they adh toes r tortunis th
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lepeopin liv tg in sib itunwes breugro tht oesomelen shr.eltequ >> va> neovda gr ernonebrity br sianvandosal ing beite verd as a contender tl filo t o seonat he t. u.sesuproume crt. hep steped down in 2009 soun r fo grovernor and he's consireded as aod meerat rliepub.can idpres oent sbama taid,oday he pl tanso move frdorwait wh an inappottmen to fillti jusce a iascal'st. sea nase rteblepusicane hav said th weyillt non eveol hd comanfirtionea hgsrinla on esprenidobt a'amnos nemial ne 6w at n:00,a,evad we maedtterr fo n one.ight wnowee'rmnr.ew n tipolis cs itifleehang ty.t wao idcand hatesmoave onved n but rebefoma we bde ampig i irintgo thcee ra t forhihe wr se houe ffjela gil hn iswiere hath wci ne e >>whven thile erey wree he ofall c thedaandihates eid th
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won cit iomesx n si.daysd itup's sueer t fsdayor a re.ason zea doatn stotes vose, m tt inhe utsoh. e thesbiggy t daheon t nanomi taat sorke foc dem, ratsmore th,0an 1el00 desegatst at ake foicpubl aans,t lmos do sot whae do w thave wo doith al tl ofhis? >> ev na adalre mlyteat irsn 1620. ep>> rs thiisman d^a naaltionit pol ricalteeporrr fo wathe gtshinoson pt. ha>> tounk y! all blgod yessou! i >>nk thila hilliry c gnton aot ,hugege hucaak bre far nnwi tingeroau cs.cuse >> e makr ame gica.gain ewe'rin go tg do. it's gngoio tap henpas f ue>> ta nhtigdo, dnalmp trumos moacerig scanifi tntlyrdowang bei ethro fnt-runner onis t wayo theep rcaublin natominion. >> or rep wter:ese rdcue one ndcaatidane dpe pro alledernotho o marco,rubi c tedavuz he to p.trum >> pe suuer t wsday bill ge areat daoy ftoenater ru c ep>> rr:ortelocaz cru ckbaedup ,pt om.imis e'>> waire sdingnt io acugr proam
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fedor tru cz. >> or rep: terupa sueer tsday itrealy c.heck >> h i tink's ity versi posble ptrumld cou, wine nin,e tn, ibposs1ly 1 t ofehosta stes. >> or rep tter: hrupomas mmentu dsooes conlint. she's 2-1. i >>hn te sh,outhe s h serrtuppo pwithaf ams ison strg. hsheas sorupptr foer sup ledes.gate >> or rep hter:ffer o oice,nce sybus i nowar dk. campaigns have moved on to find heanotar dy in the race ndaeva hasiv deld.ere andransem dtsocrae havlatent id opstor befxte nesd tuea 'sitir thema prihiry ttus satam inth souol caru pohalls live c bntonrey mon thaa e 20nt poi bao ck tyou. t >> yhankou. > >>cland n intoedpick up anr otheenbig t don'smdoorent today. harerry asid hid dechaed tet sh
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i >>nk thit thaormy wthk wi her ovheer trs yea b haseen soinmethatg thav i hoke loed onupn whewashe e s thtfirs .lady stshe d arte tthe trenddowar gdoinet somghinu abot alherethca. esher unddstoo ie el wl. sh whe tnt fro on the hecaalthurre ding that miadranist.tion >> ry harid reou anndnce his enemdors dentgurinvinterew onnn c. he's agskin orsupp c.ntongr jsheon thes.aucu > >>slet'ck cheff tranic ois th huaymp dqupeni eve toawm h ileywh s chngecki out gsthin on t3he 9 out west. r >>teepore'r: weere saing t lo ofht ligs on t 9he5 but tt'has cabeseue we'ret gngtias pt 6:00. a o loteof p aplere hngeadi for mhoe. itoo l lkse iketh ayeroi dng so inn ard olyeras fonhithaks loo ncbu uhedper heieun aroan roch peesalci tly iheounb, ndenev thghouhi ttis omedaf thy fle toficraffth is hee ote redin.ctioi
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rmte as ofenccid isthil wbel n oe dhsteaunbod. itoo l lkse ik masy an taseehr hiveesclol inv cved,piar, ckup tr vuck,an. firure t theon tne sce 'vtheyt e goesflar 3 of l the.anes anot ti cri scalilurvecelan. steadboun c onenhey oaapprngchi rcho. soou tronpot 3esur s trs teetsheut tew freays arne ire pttyoo gdha spe. toawm hley rtieporngr fomk sy 3. >> nk tha you. > >>thhealiaffic clsrmonfi levaly. s>> ave 95 iencovli earher ts ntmoheh, tpoerumbres arq agstingerg. nitohtg a pcublilt heahni warng ouabhet treutbak. > >> lparks,overnt cou swantr youelp. we t'll yellou y how couan luvornteeess hao tdspence time at a aparktand sntaraf snde aanedle co eor fla erev eyonelse. > >>ytoda was tday owourf o otimeinut tho orno w, ries70the res ak bacr moto arrownd we may t noa opst tping.herecrr uryoec forisast in com.g up
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maa psxp edelo we elcomk. bac htomallya hs sedpott b a deacciaunt c psblem .i-15ic he's tky 3elo thas w hag.enin >> or rep iter:lot soki l ike oksp ae ltliteoo tn soohe wnst* saheid tenew fre ways c th oisne just pdoppe uonpen the h sout15ro appngachiesnglamio. o twlepeopol inv.vedto gi'mumpis th up. uyo a are tbleo make o tutrehe aisar c thereit whro f-entnd madage. itks looe like thnt couarerpst i hon ted mn.ia 'situs j5 dnowgo ltlit htriger thd b tsoehwo vsiclevenvold. wh'satau cilk tngna.el d a-- is ba fthisru t ick ts pladye desiyswacr assoh tereon lesanf o traffic. the result what you would peext.c
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grloidedckll ahe t wayas pt spnri mgntouina road. itks loothall ye waa rasaha. w tok trucatsituion. thunis lhi witern hore f a ilwhe. utsondhbouo.pp ahiroac inflame 'sites a ms. m?ji >> r all, ighttom. thyoank r u fo.that >> o> aneautbr ak ofua sexlly tritansm dtedseiseaa or fin blpueaic hoflth alficis in sornuthead nev ia to assue inwarnnig toght. skiffilsyphs is iheon te ris in cl carkyountth wie morgor_as ces w,noe mor tinoubls pin sce 2012. itn's aoinlarm,rend n ldto a you ebouterarlis thiehe ntmo mh inecy spreial , ports okholeup art. na othanl 'neaivis lome fr the sornuthea neveada h dlthicistrt rfoe pdat tandewhe n inwarnutg orhtonig annath? ep>> rr:orteh, yeau vaneaow hhes t sighe2e rat01 ofyp ss hiliinhe trneste edunitndete stan e thonreas t why ahereore suv w nectinfe hionsniappeigng rht rehe c in c al r >>teeporasr: las veg o is
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bu atdccoring to l hocaltheal cioffi,als's ito als aed breing groundllexuans tratemit diesseas. t >> ibecan er a siousl is.lnes >> or rep ter: dthisrocto at the sorutheevn nthhealtr dis te nisi_ha tualon cefirm cases ofhi syplis ind kowe hav plexoded in the past three aryes. 28>> 1%. r >>teporsyer: isphilit hgtin nmeec esplyialrd ha will in cl carktyoun w8ith p9ngasseers ofe noiagn aryeec affmen. >> ie pat antsres uyualrca s,red raaf eid,iaspecllyhe wn we mention >> or rep tter: dhisoroct is trngeati a ginrowgel casoada syilph pisieats.nt >> i iou w 6ld 70,ca0 r>>teporiner: a totorl mn tha sk690 sliyphise casse wre
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coacgrdinhe to althlt heah ofalfici as, picractde gou clis utn ro yoeaur hatlth k. riss s >> awiwhy osth mxut seally tritansmhe dis,asesieel 'sit pl peotoe in the cotensis untlysesasmido con >> or rep bter:t'ut iass e d.cure hoa silot w sth do dck triyo if ero hatve ily ear. f>> i you ihaveont lh,noug d se caudealentrvo nerus stsyemro ps.blem 'vweade hat ptsien goli bndro fm it.ene ep>> rr:orte e and sarlyoympt kof sifffi thi syp clisoman sesetim wshoh edas up aado.nd a tisomethmes aney c a go ewaye t ify thenoare eat trted. th ws it'rtimpotoant erv maurke sate th a younre iio mmcoatunicwiion outh yr ysphn iciaifand b youveelie ythatayou m a beist rok, tt ge edtest jim? t >>khan. you yscarff stu for sure. if you like sinpendg time ooutd aorselnd hpingm mmcoy,unitrk clant county wa hyourelp. thune cos ty itistarng a voeeluntogr pr aramunt s psetark
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grsoundein a m oimum s hournta moh. luvorsnteeld wouca eduiste vtors onk parsruled anum doc entst afgr ofitindr vam.alisi a >>f nd i wtheyo tke ma ipick ungp trsht parof the ntvolu,eert thadwoul be ndwoulerf. 'sit comtnzo deq rd.uiree >> pl peoo e whinare sttereed ulwo td beedrain r andreequid to unroderbti a background u--nderucm unrgdea o ckbaougr cndckhe. ifou you w llde ik btoe ecoma ewst tard,onhe cttace sit a ist wsneco3lv.m. th sis iat greth weaoer t dspene tim in pk. ke ivin gonna tetcat th fbuttirs huaraom sngethif relyaloo ctol ho susw ro fo, space. i >>nanteraltionet somime. kejavin nniso o isatver e th ne wws 3ereathmailen cter. ifu yol tatchesht nigliew n eythed endir thead bro wcastith aner int wview sith kcott,elly athenastrohout w b has ueenni thfoere yer a to heee's bndn sebaing pa inibcredicle ps.turesie
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deboulr citydi heang to 72. 71 in inndiain sprgs and lainughloa s tringohe tig b 08-. orf theas la vegals vley ovghernihet, tiy well bos mtly clear. or47 for*remow ttuperare. we b'll te inn or f 30 miesnutaqso or orm onhece t c sunsomeestoom tw.orro d 'rwerme wauping t. fas 57he txp ecte hedhignpe temreratu ifand l youom ea moto arrowdroun f hday s comen80 oere ur satday. w pe'll oackun snd more besreez71tighck knos 8- teatmper durera ea n dfewesegre yearlt nexlee w you know, jim and jessic i us tedtho ginloshi t ynker w tecunt u iilet mhe t t>>t'haths tre mpua cird rght erth w>>ad h l a ootfuf p o at richiastacn emady. weut p b akooog theetr. eyth g had eoody.nerg eyther w fen ue bit w s>>weo bllaveh.edas >> , 3an4 5-d aryeld-o wai tnttho k anemthor f havingnci
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u yosecan whe wiy th the 30ena sttsudenre theu , yot don'kcrac --the >> no. y >>igou man toe .p 40lon tonubhe bes > >>trthe isial er undfoway r inerre andhows wsu is aing vinashholle tel. s >>lahe cthims tee hol is resisponfoble e r th tfactahat tman nookto phofs otnder aul devio ahd,ea herwn o fthaeral cdleo t sttey.if > >>danhe tam fy ilfo w aanom how ddief ova oanri cancer sues
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clmiai ing ctseau >> y> ifavou hye anns pla that ghmiakt toe yowu d tn tohe ristp,e wtwan w to yarnoubo aut ag bira cshha tt'slo sgwin th dings oownn i-15. yoreu as ki looe livareictu heof t5 i-1eebetwamn fl aingond rispoung mnntai. mtoly halpt jusle sin inshow tg us chis.rash ooit likks lole p aice sre inwork cg to tlearcehe sdel if c youvoan aheid ta are
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>> e> thfficko^a telaenst v iturea v las,egasr ougreandbr kingreaor ntethga noatrthg duttriblate cena drigew drinitaroes fllm ar ove ,towncl ingudinor maye nther0-acene c iterois g up athe t isentern ctioofhe t 15 and lambnd a yaou my notet go to exdciteou abt a dibistronuti ercentt bus it' oofne the eslargevt dmelopentje pro ictsnel stour hiate y.stor > >> nyou kever wnown this thigey meht bdlusar cg ryinethero alco t dibustrialnd adey h,ay mbe it's fstuf o yourrde o allhef t .time >> in comupg es, rantaure qure tiredsto liri nutsa inatformonion e somheof ts s.menuaa ow>> net som ehinghalse bs tol dead td orcohey fauld erce sious fines. wete'll oull yre whes thiis hagenind any. wh >> d> wetidn'w kno wsonas w gop hapse > >>fla idorwoa n ma tiskial abheout dig nrehtmaer expeienci
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it a's nll -ewm- co uingtp a >> re> thope perele ad dea nitohtgft aer strong thunderstorms rocdkets par of ivirg tniashift anoer.on eythe wer kdillen iav wlyer, utabomi 45 sleseaouthfst o chri.mond ltmu oiplerthenj isuriee hav beenep rdorte. eremcygenan meagemntff olsicia vehaet sp uol c amaom cndteenro te lphe v themsictios > >> sthatstame syorm istem balso beingd lamethfor moree hsdeatth in ute soh. oz>> dmoens erre wrte hun wheas msstorwn spaedor tesnado t inhe south. here's >> reporter: the first light


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