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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 25, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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m"mad" oneytsstar. now ihey,ra'm cmer. omwelc "e tomomad "ney. omwelc ce torirameca. he otopr peanle w mt toake fr s.iend i' stm juin try sg toyoave meu so y.mone obmy j't isnt jusntto einerta t buduto e acateeand touch y. an t d pun it ipeperse.ctiv mcall 1e at-7-800nb43-cc. t or mweetime @jercram. a ond goofoday e r thagaveres, oki loth at hee otder sith of e ad tre. in t, fachi i think tghs mi t be e thecperfmet tidi to s scusa di ssre iacue fthing rke maet. ev heeryw gre i ho, ithear mee sa esquonti. ar wee oi g ingo ntrea sscen?io i itget m frolepeop w whotoant bu aly reat estroe, fopm pehole w co o me tbathe r. ge i ft itperom dopleinebatg ar st ntingusew bseiness. it n 's iaithe err evreywhe. be e lievweme, ld woue hav been sc dingussies rec ysiongaet ain datoify il oad ht n'vereedrs secour r andd oare wback hich edcaus d theo ow tunreboomd fr
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s& vap ad .nced44%. aqnasdne gai7%d .8. wh ouen yk looheat tk linheto t e pricilof oe , th wideaule cod eabe hinded rto asiecesason h co be pme afuowerenl fid. isa whd perer undeencurr t in is thir envntonmet thaicserves wh ilen oe takivas de. wh ilen os goee up w stop rr wo.ying enwhil ooe glos r,wehe tto s ry is bk ac ton theleab. th gen i set ad econpewhisr. it s goe tlikehis. w ife e arintalkoug abint gog to ines rec, sionthwhy cke he do hees t f fedtheel ede ne to ra inise stterees rat. d ancahow bn itmae a rarch te hi ke? w hothcan e at bheon tle tab? wh e y arlepeopwo so d?rrie anso mkey ligr to mab aanike d utellw s hot greagsthin are now. e theserconvonsatious she ld b
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yo anu mete to e ll mrewe ang goi h toa ave ssreceanion e d thfed rwill raise oatesstr juou an t an t d ouardecln.atio we ha'll rve asiecesecon b ause heof t. fed li hike trns mothing waere s a e piecesof rh earc mfromn orga st y anleintellu g yoelto sl negel ge ranemol rsto! wh y? be uscathe pre itofars moe aret triskpehan ropleizeall ae in ssreceion. esi gu as weoire gntng io a ssreceion. e maybe we'r rin asiecesr on o e tharresenach as lystdnwoul't ve hant spet mosheof tce pie lk taabing hoout new gemoral tors ll wi h getinurt ec a ronessi. ari stthted nginkiut abo the co sanver wtionfoith crd'sn eo i frsan scanciero wh be healasicly id safe he e lt wd coul talk eloursinves rto asieceson. th hat'sigis br. fea w non givestthe seock atlls ve fies timni ear yngs,s ield6% th wihe tpe salciiv denidd. et prbvty o tiousarhey t e nothe
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th soink . o ifs il iinpeakatg th m's aajor e drivhein tno ecomy. it ld coua be onreasmi we ght ha rve asieceson. tthen ihereuss hoing. nethe usw hopuing serchar s fo ja y nuarunannothced oris m, ning th i t oughasit wab an tierraon. asit wnr dow sightinhockg, aw ful. e wellw beloctexpensatio, es alpeciutly ot. wes me hoes salle fel49 to 0.4,00 00525, a0 is d big.elta ho uime bg ldinksstoce hav been rr housendoce sin d thebeecemr te rae. hik osomeemf tht los3525, t% ofhe lu vae. os the e argothe neod os. ke li a thestuto .ocks at wh t aresahey ?ying 'rtheyree scg aminssreceion. t notithe wme i souldo ay t is rarte mo rgage matesthore an i wo sauld isy ratoe aues rat but at thha's wppt hainens ch mar. k weoinow s l ha ibeenben a ar etmark a forges. au 1gust4. it b cane ounct as itodid day ig sl.htly bu e t thancompthies abat ln or i th oie sel icrvane exd orplioatn pr tioducomon cespani't cane mak ne moley unruss cs de i $over35 a ba .rrel at thor's mane th50 $2.m frohere
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atoperors. e ther'tareny manlepeop who iworke n thbuoil sssine. r ity eall ionlytsmpace nin esstatat negy.ivel re iocessrens aut abofi cone.denc en wh r youstead seorieous abt th ese woth of l e oiancompies d ane thos lthattoend m theyou n' doelt feh mucidconf benceeing sp in.ired y todal untiweoil p nt uerwe we lk taabing hoout d w babathe nk oc streks ang doi. le not's rgt foheet tit pol ical nd lae.scap re icpublarans yie tro ng to outd ea thch oboer aowut hrl poo y we e arg doin nas an.atio u yo thaveo. th reey ani rungang a ainst mo de acrathend toc demisrat in whthe hoite use. u yo theartahem eclk b tausehere is ac a rseehoren, ev s ford econ e.plac h watclddonamp tru i andlit's ke st lig enineato rtagan bolk aut bahow td isnt cous ry ir unde ca .rter thalfeohe pbeple e lievssunle tr geump int s ri ameilca wnkl si to ines rec asionhend ter oths k thine if h twinsorhe wigld mht c beg ominn to aend. th usey jrit buered bsanie s nder
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mo ney. ouif y w arehyealt c you boulde rv nebeous e caustuof s dies ow shwhing omat slle ca r theobin ho ffod eect. so y manlepeope lovbuhim eyt th e artynot llpicae y thlepeop who ow ocn stks. i itget . iwhen i waslln coi ege d woul lhave tovedveo haed vot a for ci sot.alis wh i ile llookleike itnin is ha trderlio beineve mu com nism as g youldet onder art sta yi paaxng tes. al etso lak's me e ong thinr.clea am i t notrehe graat gn ndsoor t,greaat grend graorson at gre, gr neeat ophewadf vl limir.enin ha md toitake ar cle. lnow, tayeronhat o tope f th spfed r eake ithiseks we who em seio anxo us te raiss ratein ma berch e causgsthin g areood. we e havtta liitle ban of se unngttlien momvet denglopi wlikethhen w e dodowas 50wn 2. fwe'dbeeel ittermef sog thin tiposiasve wpe hap oningver se as. yb mapae jaurn, e cope,, hina ko crea,a,anadzi bral, ar ingenta.
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nowe k'sw ity onlingettrsg woe e th tmoreedhe fed hikes rat usbeca se it tendsolhe dlar erhighsi cauomng cespanih wit du.s.r olla.debt ne noth of s is ienhapppi helng t inurhe en opean.unio e thindecl ie inesntertet ras we ha itve wednessel lat ay islso si lignal rng asieceson. w hon cae thn-tearyere turasbey do t wn a?1.7% nsagail t al -thisme- i llan a of -- it th is ate chfrter edom f ve go wrnors ho isoare pp chier. ouobviobsly oulivi as tohell t sc dionussikns i how ipeear ople ha ve. i stalmode won wr ifvee lia in umvacu. wh e o ar ttheyngalki to? e mayb oeach.ther t don' htheysoave alme ps co nenceroud abret a iocessn? , pals csome phumsngullik? bac yb maeye the liv pin aivosite bb buhele wllre ay thethcan ink is is it oo a ggnd sin whe they ra raise betes e caushoit shews t on ecmuomy e st berbett. off o no- ne -onnot eme se bs toe
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w isitow w mh sopeany ople kithinf ng ossrecemaion thybe e fe shdle soulde ay wtoare ne ta g lkin hrate.ikes t issohat d? har ho lynest. as g lonheas t g fednooverrs ma rehiin tbes upboat aheut t bu fa nlousn otioeiof bblng ae to be a in tiposio on te raiss,rate a weoire go ng t ahave m lotore wdays therearhe mgoket owes dn, no .t up icpartlyularoi if akl ped s anwe b gotoack 2 25,6. thnow heat ts re ino n'i dontt wabl to thame d.e fe erthise or mtoe t. i ybmacae arsn'reset inllg be uscawee ll aav hone e. ma e ybmehoars 'tenel sngli be uscawee on d n'td eeemth. yb ma ae weacre b 1k inwh939 ere mba nuf er ot smarlepeopug thoht prthe msoblers ovehaeas d innoth dg totho wior us be may, ju ayst mthbe, whose e o ar bu h llishion tons ecwhomy o la atbor f thealederer resreve a ju last proin wng. otmy blitom - ne -ini the k th d feakis ma ing akmistd e anthe
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thhow d e feomecon ry isfoipe r tea rae hikt oughakto te a hi ke. ouif yt wanetto gip undtilomac t abouit. to se uhe tor wred sscen ioeyth ar 'tenn iuctowih wtht haemses th iatal ttok . ro b. a go, headrob. rob? al>> c yler:es! ou>> yup're b., ro al>> c sler: sunnyiean dgo yaboo- yh tojiou, crmmy .amer ns co rumertsepore camwiout th e th abestornd wisst ld t anfiat nuwas 3mber t0 atothe btom. fi satrehaldhos erreweup ssepod ento b fefitthrom lie spg ttinof arferrd i annggivi s thes.hare >> ho i t tughtsahat asle w the oftop m thet.arke wthatwfas aul. ll[ sell, sell, se ] >> n i'm fot af an li i m ke gusbeca te ofiehe yld.
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>> -y booroah fmpm taloa, f.rida ic>> ne! ha>> tfonks e r tht greaceadvi tovereahe yrs. u yo bhavegreen eat. >> nk tha. you c >>r:allequ my onestiwi is th l almathe trketilurmor ovethe la ewst fth monats whou's yker ta tion u slitys.tock i >>e lik.them iduke msn'tvoy fa.rite m i'crnot abazy thout owe grth. th e e onhamy cblritause trnst ow is nicaik nske. coi red mmenstthe heock re. th one tlynghiha twat ras yillng to y das wadein ted ahecamerin wepo orsthf woe d.rl nthat teedst o gemoout re. ma haybe bve awieer e th mor me sog.thin ey the havetto ge morouin tch wwithevhat oderybsey el is lk taabing unout eadernhith wch a ises rec.sion maon "ned moony" t, ightyepopes ui loa sianhekitculn co d be tt hieaing gsrnin. ou she ld wk snachion tmes na at di a ntscou? whand cat'sngookiwi at msllia no soma? d anreyou'ng goiwa to o nt t
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rk mati benaloc tarks es ningand etcompn.itio lli wi h askhaim w st wed houlbe sefocu bd onenetwele app t andhe i. fb y wht don'styou wiick rath cmer? >> nn ancou: ern'dosst mi a se ocondadf "mey mon." follow @jimcramer onwi tertt. ve haue a qn?stio tw creet , amertw#mad.eets jsendn im aile-ma to dm ma@coneyconbc. gm orusive a llcat a801-740-cn3-.bc mi sssetomnghi? ad hema to eydmonc..cnbcom. one'somecks halled a ourchtenology.te nochgy..lo. say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobe apilp? mo abile?pp look. ecelictron id cards,
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n i ca subevena mit claim. wo ..w. yep, gei's mcoilobe app works like a charm. geico. expect great savin gs and a whole lot more. inworkong fe my ll det aavay gmee he pain re. minr y loweback nobut stew, i tp onhis emachin and get my number ic whheh matcr.s my doll' schcus itstom fti orthosertc ins. w not imi geatmediefe reliom frfoot my n. pai l myacower b. k pain find ac a mt hine en poughurress he infoere ?r ya goi'm tanna ucke m inexnusimas-x. o totelawe, e 'rabout to take off. th diese vessolt. fas ey thne're quw lielid gs. d anreyou'in comthg wi.. me. u yoizrealhae i gved olatst?us ci musinex manus-qux lielid gs. dissolvefas st to nl ueash max strength medicine.
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degree motnsio iensees thrl wod'sfi derst anodortit acd vateby memovent. yasou move, fragrance capsules rsbut rtoeael eseraxtre fneshss all day. mo ontinsse pe.teroioct kn to eepu yongmovi. grdeee wit'ton let you down. y happveanniyrsarnn didaer, 'rlin thcan ucis mveh lobe an cleed abytl litt e biawof dtrn ula? y oheah. one bottle has the greasele cg aninrpowe woof ttl botf es o thisrgbabrain and. a opdrf ownda d aneagr isegos .ne hugh!bueartrn! neno o o burnsatn my wch! katry aler-seltzrtbu hearn chreliefews. they work fastnd aon't dte tasal chky. ammmm...azing. i ha eave h.rtburn ka-s alereltzbu heartrern chewliefs.
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> >> owhatrtn easth jupe hapned opto p leyesiaouisitna k?chen he are'sl welfrrun chied n icke n chai 2withlo500 oncatists moly in he t.s ubu. wit athro gngwi seoverreas pe.senc htheybeave neen oth of e bi t ggesiestor ts inpahe sce. th eney redovatre stor s fonew cu erstoms. ovwe le e thk stocthand e mp coany. thnow ore st sy isintallg. po s peyertrepofted aheer tse clo st yey erdaneon ot ceninearngs sbeadtllighaky wehaer tn ex edpecten revues.
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e th ireal wssueheas tda guince. im e agin gwhatg ivinerweakn tha pe ex ectedngarnires fo fcastor to 2 sa 3% tome salre sroes gwth. th oce stmbk tuanled uld co dn't ke p ep u twithalhe rly. ocstrkk maveet oacr reg?t in pe popoyes iatentlolly tsst i y? wa t' leecs ch wk inthith o e ceof pe poloyes anuisitca kitohen and the company's prospects. welcome back to "mad money." odgose to u.e yo >> nk thaims, j. ir>> fonst culgratnsatioyo on ur nt co. ract ha>> tounk y. y >>avou hnee doam an g azinjob. we ke loo td atarhe mket ka tiptzaon. it ee's bl n alup. yo d u dikestrior a me ns covaervetion tone hi ts erconf cenceanall mid ad tttedhe id gu hanceo ad towbe lorer f en spd d an calsotiompe.tion thnot nfe coceerenl cal ithat'm ed us to. ou>> yw, knoha we lve ar onge ew vith on rke mai et, k,thin th hean tpl peo te wed alketo to day. we ou ann nncedolew bald gor s fo pe pofoyes e r th snext teveno n tes yeara and tplanepo st up e thorperfe mancheof tpa comny. at thea's rwhlly tat i whinke ed nebe to us focn.ed o d weeeid s t conraempory
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wh eeen bmef cowns do b ther urge ai chrens aiv actd e an'sthat wh there ste cu somer ahopss ll we. we e have to bp sharand mp coivetite. we a saww slo idownlen sa s in e ththfourrt quaer. we ge'll tet afnor inonvati and arshprp e icinpo ats bndbae ck. s>>veteas erbteokros ia mareabrk cle feom rodomcldna 's d anbehas acen bd k anh fortwith me . nd ca, idly jhurtinack b theox le sas. prthe m emiuerbutt cmilky risp kechiclun de$4xe, yo.39 y u sa e therburgin chaals reidly d ay plol a re. is th it omat ctipetir on othe tfactthhat avey hwee lor ic pres? >> hi i tt'nk iics pring. rewe ain seeurg fo $ ford 4 an fotwo ar $2e nd wagare baain ck t inalhe vamue ge. cothe ernsumat is tetrac d to nthatitow wceh unntrtai ty inhe omeconitic sonuati. th i weink j areinust a ea grnot inonvati s and vharpalue inpric hg ise'ow womll c ipeten
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ee>> bicf praves hmee con dow bu ict chprken aicesomre cing wn do. yo ulu cot d gehain t yt ifou wa o.nt t >> do we ec expabt sto le t htsligetly bchter n ickeespric wh isich te betanr thea a yo.r ag th ilat wlol al tw us o be etcompe.itiv avwe he e thalnormel pipofine ex ngciti p newctrodumis cong rthis ear. et>> lal's touk abcht tegynolo. th ouis slinds heke t notech'slogyat grea ideyoand u ll wiof be ngferi it. twillrahe fsenchianes w bt touy to in it? he>> te y ar everyedxcitut abo e thstinve amenthand w ct weall on che tegynolo. h weneave haver e d onnotechlogy at pl fformuror ota restsuran. da to iy itres a ssal aaset, you ha otve nn ed inodomind's aer oth mp cos aniestinve i ingn ch tegynolo. y >>es . >> ha we cve ae hanceato lg pfro onto cortempteary lochno fgileor st rentauraag man gers,s uestand oufor plr ems.oyee we 't done havleany sgacymsyste to ry worut abo. so f thehiranc aseesxcre e ited to e mov nto aysew s tem. o >> ssofor eome pliple ke
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re moou thrt.ghpu otfor ihersant meu s yokecan ep ncfinacoial lsntro. is t il alheof tng thir s foyou? >> al i c al itan trigle. ck bath of use hod e aninkeepg ar shoup abntt co irolse n th re rastaun nt os,costor lab and .food r foemthe eeployers the e arnew te lochno agies hbouto ow tset sc lehedud s anuncomme icat with myoureranag. th oren f g thes,uestme paynt te lochnoregy, s,wardt gifs.card y >>avou h ge ton et i. that w >>vee hage to tt inamhe ge an ad wexcre e tited to do hat. >> h youtaave soken h muce shar hiin c.cken yoare xeu mad? u yo dhavea one rkrema jableob. muhow anch c t youake? >> m ourt arkee sharmohas ved fr 4%om 125 to c% ofenhick. qsr co atmbinofion i thedincreble sa trles reack acordurnd o new s unitngtakire sha. so hi i thenk ts re i rmoretooom n go ikechicn. we re aoc fedusn oe thtatol orsectgr on g owine sharsiof q. >> nd soukes lies excshs caw flo yo llu wi t usey o buheas tck sto hgetsreammedad toy. it ee's bren a abmarkle rf per.orme
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temporary faorctvos in ilvedn vathe melue tals,ishis oo a gd po opitrtunr y focothe y mpanto br ining e morf.stuf e >> w thavethold rke maacetple at th b the hoardutas azehorid m$200onillin le ircrepus.hase h wereave ncfinaheed tpa comny h toflave ilexibfoity gar ornic gr aowthhand suyre bs.back h wetoave held try sto on ca l pitactstruanure u d yo will e sebethe tsnefi. i >>imt's anport pt to oointut wh ouen yk too yovererou we yibung back almost the full ntamou c thenyompa w was. orth ou>> y s aregho rit. >> i am t?righ t >> yhankjiou, m. >> ou ann: ncerngcomi-- up le app y of mwry? twithbihe f o hotein thelr hes, an rtd cepoain ciliticaans g llin r for thei. head >> boyco attlepp. >> ou ann: ncert don' miss ercram t'sahake d.eaane d thosdo swho dhoulch switic to geo
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ah rf, peect. pavalet g.rkin ev sir.o!hell he tre'ss.he key and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. , hm'twouldnd so minf me othat elbeef wton.ling.. to ow see hyo much uldu co n save osucar ine,ranc gego to com.ico. ! ahar(c s alarmounds) ok!it's i ptakes ictureriof suns,se wibut mthcky baai pn i ulco sdn'teple d anupget n i.time then ou i fvend ale pm. aleve pm is the only one to co inmbsae a sfeleep aid plus 12 the r pa houelin r ievingre st of ngthe.alev i' . m back pmaleve a b forr etteam. ke ota one fth e piosowll s keand taig s a b.mell s they reamellfrlly esh atwhf we iol tyou d wwehedas thes she ts 7eeay ds ago. really? no way do wny? do brwny faondiic certion gi a ve us , week d anl we'lanchge yo edur bor f.ever wa ornt mfre eseshns? d neaddow y frwnpresh otect. inwork mg onety fe d allavay ge aime pren he . minwey lockr ba nobut sw, iontep s thich maine geand nt myrumbe
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> >> tevenh houge theravesag ha bven eellpug inckbaut b a ce nily ralay todru febhaary s enbeos a pe itivh montthfor e st maock .rket it af's sw e noeato sforch r ivsurvamors thong e e arabyou le g ofh rowtksstoct tha have enfall o outvof far. th wat'se hy wchare ngarti the arisehend tl falomof srme foer rk maaret ds linge so wcan
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at wham's d magedanerch adisend wh aat'sag damtoed slecklech whi gsbrinto me li wilsoams .noma mayou coy ree gniz athemsts we pelm,ryotten barotand her br .ands af rater ngllyito up a $89s t it ak peau in , gust tmorehan qu pladru fe inanive had a lf s year htheygoave ntne ifro a ee ll fan dow6 to 5f as oy todadown % 36 tfromighe hn hs i sjustix mo .nths i ito s totohot d. hol wi mslliaom-sons a waloa beved .ages is thpa comasny wh suclla we run pu orrveyhi of ndgh ee hom isfurns.hing g.wron w noeeit shems tn'y ca t do an ngythiht rig. at whpe hapned? fi yorst veu haun to tadersnd wh adat m ae itge jugt rnaufor ye toars in begh. wit e thancompmiy do inate t is fr ntagmeomed hrne fungishis te ca.gory e sincgrthe reeat iocessden end ey the wer qon a tuestkeo ta rk mahaet sre. on ouce h csingbaame heck ty edroark bacg alon iwitht.
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ve hate gote n thrninteiget rht. n give 5thatf 0% or theis sale fcomevarom s rioumme-co erce foplatrms. th avey hhue a atge de abasof hi ncgh icoome ernsumd s anrun bethe n st is clasmaweb inrketg d an adatatinalyeacs t tm sohey e ar agoodrgt tag etin ad isverting. th reey a. ey thba protably edrget a yound yo owu kn r how tightsehey o em t be. be tyondthhat avey hene be a fa usbuloin at ticubaewng n an brikds lste we w elm wheree do to cho mupp shoing. hu rige dofver the eroutpanformacce benk whwa it s lo bebyved m thet arkeitand has esa pr oenceeaversers wheye th ve han beeessucc isfule n thuk an std aua.rali ny maes inv btorsveelieco it uld do iublezen sink tha ts tohe in atternl ionathgrowry sto. at wht weng?wron ouif yed askto me k pica out be f st od breeiawillonms sma os ul woved han bee tnearophe t of th ste li. w noouit wt ldn' tmakeishe lt. th eee whamls cf e ofinthe
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tequarthr wili in arne e aningnd tt behaer tpen ex scted.ales gemana'smentda guiwance e s th st re20 of as15 we liknca puh to th t.e gu th wi s the aalesarnd es ning caforeelst wlol beatw wh al an wystsexere inpect tg itook pe boplerpy su.rise stthe plock d ungelynearov 9% er th xte ne t twongradis dayas ma nany as lystedrushde to fend cothe y mpanmiclai bng ackuyba rtoppoy unitusbecaeye the wer us o ed tnglovi s the.tock m toovid nr embe twhenhahey d a d solitequart r bufrfar om t.grea wthat ras apreal m oble when lepeope wernghopi a forur retn orto f tm ofldhe oce halayon ds. btheytheat ade he nlinersumbe sabut tome salre seres wghe lit. u yo hknowmpow intortat thais. ll waee strs t wainlookr g fo5%. th adey hba 80 posis gints ross inmargs misngmakis lesy mone r pethfum hean tedy us to.
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
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3:45 am
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3:46 am
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3:48 am
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3:49 am
wh hat'sniappeng? elle wo l, gd.ahea gu i juess gst aalenert cha t abougigeora. 'sthate. fin ayok. jo ishcon ecnncutit. shjo. >> al cr:leoo bah-yji, bom . mico angyot fru qomnnuiiaipc un erivtysi. ntwaou ythr ghou otscon o.rv >> o, no. n wai snt manueigl. ikwe lywe sk sorksioolutns. al n an ifocali.rnia .alan >> le calesr: y., hi o- bo cyah,r.rame b >>ahoo-y. isths ianalro fnom h rt ywhollood. q myiouestirn, s o, isixn eb. >> k you inow,e like thes icservmpe cos anie gtoe iv in co i y saatth a'sn okay stock.
3:50 am
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3:51 am
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3:52 am
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3:55 am
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3:56 am
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