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tv   Today  NBC  February 27, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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pl aza. usbecaes it'ay d break tain' noim teo t batrehe yif'lou olynlel bveie andet l sitnehihi sne snehi allro adun the world signgin tohe t world insingg sngingi >> ll a ghrit, hpyap tryay d idfr.ay atths i howou ype oa n owsh. atthro g tupt ha lyou're ooking at i, thats. cr f ew ois"dr"asteus m.ical if you lov e0s'7 m ausicnd i kn ouow y do,he tyav he figured ou t a way tok worry eveat gre '7 s0s iongonts thi mul.sica so y' theell bn i the meiddl of lk taingbo aut mesog,thinnd a th llen aa of ensuddy' thell
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ey th g're toingipo d in andut o o ofhour sw. a >>t nd i ijustins go g to u y >>onou wve't eown kn. y >>onou we 't binhearndg raom -- youil wl be hngearian rdom '7 on0s sgs. >> ot i git a lsntle peeak t ek a .this n'i doert evg hanndarouh wit brceles itie-- >> e comon. i >>'t don. thbut waere lds goawie hn. oui thweght e werg goine to b ndfrietes afr. >> hi notng hneapped. la [ erught ] w >>vee has thileproberm whe we ohangitut woph pen le othe sh ow. me rember ivolia nnmu. >> i ththoug weer weng goibe to li ke that. >> ivolia munnav ge me herne pho ernumb andinnothg! >> iid d itit wheb rilel wson an thd noing. >> ec i ry entlitdid h witylcher e.crow i' kem liry cheowl cr ge is oing alto c el orl -maishand e dn di't. w >> ae'res lwayy happe to bhere on da friy. y johihas net a ghw hi. doshe hies tpus poselar ries
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w noe ther cis aooookbt.k ou d anis it fglyin off the el shves. pe ,ople icrt's azy. >> k youwhnow lat iabove out it ? it tu's souff y m canyoake ur ki ds. romacandni aes che me iss ila' vo farite alme. vo fa writeord. sh vee gihes a y althtoway do it ic, wh sh ishiomethang t t we alcan .l do m >>ofost r theesecipua actlly fcameourom ewr vi bers,cuarbee ri bs,hi ccken chenasilad, occhatol mekil sh.akes so t whatasha wtas wo s muchun f fo r .me o>> d theyet g a cut? >> llwe, iadnste i made e.thes ethes are costh monol pl nsta , 'rtheye fthrom oke bo. w >>dihat eyd thve lea? out >> s they ugarorliqu. it'sceni, right?
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>> an th ks,joy,ll we'e bh wit iyouusn jt aou cple of teminus. >> it's aslwaye nicn whe yeou'r t inaihe t,rporro bgwsin ndarou, inlookorg fe somd kin oftt smu y zimagaone te pag ugthrondh, a in dsteaou yee s .this ou "snther nglivi,"s it' got ajennnd a arbarba,er h sriste on it. it s hitew nsnd sta f ony.rida t firsllof au , yo slookteo cu. cayou lln te c how yloseuyou gs e. ar ngduri p the shoto, hoot what ywereuyou gins dog? yo t u sie,therou yit she >> ur i tpuned .rple i' eam br okingn ut i ssomeofort s.hive t buasit w. fun it f was.unny my en parerts were the e, w were loin f frida cor an'ousis dd weing. w soste jud kinhrof tt ew iin. lepeope wer llikeinaugh ug ats. y henr dcameanown eyd the wer tlikeg akinurpictes. >> ofhe tm tgakinic psture of you ysgu? b >> iutst wao s much fun and we re ally are kind ofth sourserne li ivinghen t tyci. deep in our ulso,re we'ti s ll
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>>ea yh. a >> lnd ihoike ew w kind of haven antacce. i >>e lovthhow esey de cribyour si , stertoo. wh idat dy thesay? >> g shes reetyoeveritne wath th rm wale smi b andt righ eblueyes. d an i idsa,on any wehots mee arbarbare ados her. th nat'so geexagonrati. is thwh is heat sd. sai e'thermes sog thint abouarbarba thatmirendsou y of sneomeo you ow kn. yb ma fe aitavoroue c osinr a best fd rienigin hhoh scol. >> n whemeyou omet s aeoneound y cfeelctonneited, ik's le onef o theos meat bulutif co memplints. >> 's sheaw so e.esom eli felu so cky. an d iai sd this inhe t manegazi. i l fee so lucky thate i'vai sd is thsi .ster arbarbnda a ie hav gnotte in ou tr blerebefo. >>f osecour h youave. we be've n en orscove of zimagabenes bforet ut ionwas he "tio natennal erquir." la [ erught ] t bu how amewesoha t itad her h tool hd my hand. iay alws y,sa i'md glae w made akmisteces bauseng bei pcterfe
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d toiso thh witanher w d noto thavewo girls,t' i tshet bes gthin t inheir ente world, be ecaus iw knoha tty' there hiwatching tels rnsatio ahipnd wi avll he ail simhiar tng. >> ne wheyover iu'ree n th -umakeomp ro y andriou bp ng u syourr,istes it'ysalwa uc to.hing ou>> y feel thee sam y.wa o>> s ifou y lovedel tioevisn d aner "am iican ldol" nastight wa ns amo ealtion. one elso klaly cn rkso ocamed n an isshe r ubenapregnt. sh pte kein sayy g wh sam ingitti tnextloo j-an, thu k yofor pu g ttinexme n ht toer. sh tue re arnedgus a juest dge. she's goingo tel divert thababy an e.ytim n. wo shand cie detoded g sinnga so, ec pi pe by.iece wrshe thote onis seng wh w sheas eg pr wnantheith rsr fiilt chd. ri ght? >> t shed alket aboudaher o d wh g younnoand vit ha ng a tirelaiponshh withim. nso ihe t cslyri, shepa com res huher d sban willbe.
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's itce pie by ecpie, he ll codecte o meheff t ndgrou, wh ere ybaou aedndonng this. ec pi pe by hiecelle fiheed t le hoers whu e yoedburnme in at 6 s yearold. he er nevks waly, awane he ver as orks fey mon t, he cakesofare hme,eov les me, piece by he to resmyred th fait thana ma n ca be kind and aat fcoher uld st ay. >> 's lete takoka loth at d e en heof tfo percerman. >> he orrested myai fthha tt a ma oun celd bd kin and ahe fatr ul co sdtay ecpie byce pie pi ecey bce pie th at il wil neverea lve her likeou yt lefe m sandheil wlev nere hav to nd woerec bause unlike you
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u'yolllhe'ler nev walky awa 'lheler nevak breer hea h rt 'l heakl te caref o tshing lhe'le lov her epiec byie pcee' hll orreste my th fait tha a manan c be k >>exleenes. ha>> tounk y. >> m oh,shy go. th s at ieaso bulutif. e >> wt don' kevenwhnow o at t say. >> re theot's n thingy.o sa nd>> ach watkeing urith ban enlist w andinatchheg otopr pele o whabprobelly fmet sog,thin wthateaas bulutif. l wekeove cllly onarks. ay oket, l'sha cgenge ars. be ecauss it' fr,iday weee n d to apbe hpy. le stt's dartinrinkg! 'r weine go pg toa lay gafun me. >> kn we hoow tscse oowar ganns c al bwaysoue arnd. emwe rr embe twhatlohey ikok le. le tat's lke aatook e somheof t fmosts amour oscasedresd s an
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gi'veot it! ha belle rry. >>e w gotha tt e.on >>ol nice kn!idma o.>> n ho>> wit is ? k >>huate ?dson i 'tdidnn eveitget er aftaw i s her. >> y, okat. nex wy>> g pnethowaltr. >>y?read ok whay, tat'sonhis e? a >>inngellie joe! ug[ la ]hter hi>> t ts isiehe tak breer. >> rk bjo! >> you won. y >>noou kw what, ie hat silong. >> am i c se ind.econ ou>> ye hatnglosin', dou?t yo dwhat wid iin? di wid i ytn an?hing ou>> yw kno, whatn'i dondt mi si long. i' urll s.vive >> on i dno't k yw ifilou wl. iil wlur svevi aoh lsgons a ino kw howo t lo ve
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gi'veot all mye lif toiv l e an lld ay m l toveoe giv d an i willvi surve iil wl sveurvi yhe hey ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] w >>wahat ats th? , ohosmy gh! t byayhe w -- >> see, this ist wha we're lk ta ingt.abou 'rtheyoie gng tp o poup. >> is i w mh infey liat greic mus wo exuld e plod sfromheomewre. >>t i does hnappe in my own .mind >>t' whasr you mena? ch rayoel, gu'reood! >> t thafuwas n. u' yooire go ng t fsings or usome mo lre ae ittllabit ter. c >>ouan yvi suritve w hout olchocate? ot>> nal at l. y>>onou dav't h be toseecau joy gisngoio tantrorsfthm e re peci. as g lon as ino kw how to lo ve i kwno'l i slytali a ve
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i' gveot ally me lovgi to ve i'll survive ive wh aat yre gous uyindog? o,artous thrrsteth! 'rey eosclg in!in i' gllrduahe tas be. evfor faery tmily hatlistves arar ws, th iisths ple e acerwh earstar wlis where a galaxy far, far away... .i..cls erosha tn ever before. mecon joi.aus..ars sts war enawaks. no ww atdialt sney d worlrtreso. (fm rowix-)ng pehypars!ce ghenouss preinure e heryafor ?m i'a gonn mtakeexucinsi manus-x. too late, we're about to take off. esthsse di folveast. 'rtheyw e neidliqus. gel yoand cu'reg omin mwithe... u yoalree izhai gved olatst?us mu x cines-sinulimax gquidels. di olsss vestfa to nl ushea max strength medicine. t' led s en.this rkwooning fe my llet a g day ave pmeheain lo my bawer ck t bu inow,p stehion tmas echin d anmyget be numr mawhich mytches sch dr.soll'st cu oom fittic rthortinses. no get w i diimmeliate refref y foom maiot pn. my b lowerinack pa.
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yo do ntu wama to ovke l de oro juyou anst w ft toarool ound yo n u ca itakerit sey ouslor ta t ke iwhsomeelere se xc>> entelle! nagaim fro is"dr"aste the camusil. d we won'ttoant e mak, lovebut we wa do o nt t cmakelahocote. >> lo no odve tay! anwe woct che.olat bu t they onlbl proitem wh ch atocolt e, i bcane ldoadeit wh t fand a ricaloes. bu ott n ane,ymorec bause joy bo wer has come uph witlt heahier ioversfns o ouror favitelt guiy ea pls.sure he>> s t puttohis ergethhe in r ok co fbookjurom oonk f jd tooy fo od. thall ode fo l youtoove b eatut ey thbe're .tter ng co oratsn your .book 'r weeae r hlly aappy yboutour
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iwhatso sxc egitin for me,he t ug to phest aartbout sintickg to a t dees it thaou yve crall a th cesertomfo odfos. so n poweeopl can eatve einrythg we .ight is th. >> mthore haan tt. m >>thore 15an 1ip reces, cl ingudinng thisik leca pankes. >> n whecryou aave ncpaake, e'therots nhingha ttea rlly ma ykeseeou fl ,goodut b you refigutd i t.ou i >>ed ask myil famynd ahe ty sallaid clahocote and then they id sa clahocotep chi ncpa.akes heso woun y go to a r,dine ty llpicahey tho ctecolap chi akpancesil wl be96 8 caeslori. t >>hat isur a se.pris 'sthat a lot. >> lm a aostus thoand ricaloes. >> we can do way bretteha tn athatnd'm ing goi toe mak ub do clelahocote chipca pankes.
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an d eggs. 'l wetal sitrt weh thry d in iegrednts. daho,ra g ybrou ex llcet,enoc coa prowdeed add , inhi wte andho w glerainur flo. d >>oou yav h teoav h tehe it whe? >> you cthenaombi otionomf se raregul an omd s weholeat wheiv ges it a ecperftan pcake nsconcistey. ithissun grod axfl.seed l>> iove axfl.seed in>> secrea the r.fibe avwe hein bakg erpowd,ot n olchoc ateyet. an d atl litte bif o .salt no w we'll do the wet in iegrednts. we do this seteparaly. on hoe wle eggnd ane ogg e e.whit on upe cf oki sm lkmi,r o any mi oulk y like. lacano oil,il vanla trexact. pour theet w iont the y.dr y>>'rou testrugin ?me y>>h.ea a>> fndd olouin yocr che olat s.chip da serk, wemi-shiet cps. s>>goo .od i>>on d k'tw noatwhol fmed j>>t usmpduhe tinm nd aix m th aemunrod.
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ke li. ilr aeadyut pe somig rhtn o .here ha>> tt l rooksy eall.good hi>> t ws isithat oi's go ng t llookike. >> ov i lipe fl ppingkeancas. oo>> l hkowge gorous they are. 'm>> iot n inkiddg, ie havy ver few skill sets. >> there you go. >>se clo en.ough >> ll sting goibe to at gre. t >>thhe oerer v wsion68as 9 lo ca.ries ermy v wsionwhith d ippem crea shand cavedlahocos te i only 27 5. >> ha wt? >> seet wha you think. >> th is is hersh wit adlmon lk mi? >>,yeahse there ary daie.-fre e thesmaare itde wmoh alilnd mk w son e ca smakehoure anda c ve ha it. ha>> w yt dohiou tnk? >> d. goo hayou o ve t ihavetht wi the cwhip.ream >>hy w y areou doing that? i >>'t donnk thi adreyy whipas h ip wh cped iream.n it h>> ichave atocoll e al movery
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c >>tsarroif up l youitike ! >> t nex up,ho ctecolas. bar ana st sdardisize ut abo. 240 goi'm toing w shothyou e mp si wlestoay t make aho ctecola barit w thwo iniegrednts. i e havwo ts cup ofem si-et swe rk da clahocotehi cps. i' elve mted itn i the mwaicrove. tw pso cugl of futenpuree ffed .rice x miroit aund. i >>l s aledpuffe ricenglut ee fr? hi>> t bs is rrowne ic wsoree' increasing the fiber. ow>> nt whao d you do? >> er aft this,e' wre going to mp dut i into aak bingis dhed lin th wich par pment.aper nd>> an thecoyou t.ok i >> ,noou yut p it in the fr reatigeror. in 30 teminus, itil wstl feifn aup,nd myer vsionnl oy has 148 lo ca.ries >> ,oh my god. th ese arell reay great. >>om hrue n. y >>idou dt iagain. >> nk tha. you on>> dor't ftoget k picoyup j's bo .ok 'sitn olesaht rig. now
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tv ? >> ll we'w shosoyou olme snsutio idto hem thetyin sle. >> w andowe knre whe k theids zo too a!pi j>>nyenla s itehes !re >> ht riger afts. thi thcheck , is out bro.atwht,'s thaim brohe? swi chedito ticogean mod got re. mo avre sn ings ocar rancinsue? broyeahso-fes mr, andore. like te renurrs insance. mo ayre wavs to se. , nicetatobro-p. chi th otat's n all,teinbro-ke sha. o geicmotohas lercycd anurrv ins, toanceo. oh 's, thatot m a lore. h,oh yeall i'm aut aboremoy , teddelbrosevt. ico. geec expt t greangsavis a and lowhole re.t mo leget's et thesdayq liuil elquid ggos and . esbut thide liqus ar gelw.e ne x mucine-maxfast. t it'se he samerendiffce. o thismane is rengx stanth tsd figh. mucus nex muci-mfastax. th be onlyed crandanold d quflu lielid g that is max-strength and fights mucus.
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>> tr> ac cess,iaomedd n an best insellthg auenor jlany s- te - s haea appredn i nyearl 50v t sh ows f and.ilms e >> wmbremeerer hm fro swhenhe ay ploded h a -- onsn "l"it wish krwitin ig. >> ha my asir hte gotttn beer er ov y the bearsotut nh. muc
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tydepuor mayn i the new atenimad ,film opzootpia. hi>> tss i fun, ier nev geto t dony ag thinrtimpoant. >> di he ved gith me icat ng.e mu s feel tgood ao becippre.ated >> tshat' ,us funtl lite neame h s likeseto u. ca i hlledioim lrtn fae, onc he di t d no fcaree.or m >> oh,y m shgo, i love .it el>> whal, tnks. >> av i htwe a d o ana lf har--yeaold. tythe ofpes ie mov ls wearike e ki f nd oadfor , ultstoo. sthis leemsitike ht mige hav kthisofind or hum. c >>inertaorly fth bo. s iedtartn idycome's, it po imtrtanor fe mha tt the cyomed is rostng. eni wot t themi pre wereith a nc bufh o my fdsrienho we wer d-stanupom cnsedia and i was ke lioh, , d.go >> t wha did they say? t >>heygh lauoed s .hard w >>henou y do that,it is us jt
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hi>> tmes tiun aro wd itusas jt s meanolo e d thctdirearors e er thd e an rit'sy eallerwondful. 's it t funpro ime ovist a biand th etey ldo me t that.a bi >> y andchour tearacarr stt t ou t sweeniand ce. do hees s u endatp th? way i orhes s o oneosf the? y >>e ou'rg goinavto h we toatch to d fin out. sf ils sheti mul diiomensnal? >> n' are at well? >> ha we o ve tabask plout ay -- yi plang ,hoda odor i . er whd e digeyou att th sp inioiratn? p >>e,leasas plee. e th bwinee?ottl >> at i w kchede athianlee dad ho rebefoas i w onsn "l," and w ias ke liug a hn.e fa wtheyliere ouke ygo're toing h donooda w. i liwas hike t ss iscro saed. i' otm nng goibe to bl ae to do he r jue.stic it as w an r.hono
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wi ig does kath? 's itxa e lctlyikeat wgchin our ow sh. asit we lik veimrbat! >> is youro-- d h youaveo t playt i kind ofst htraig? >> llwe, you have ther fea going a lelitt. bit ibut st'saro hd to -- ink thi is kr etin,juven tast sgndin il stt'l, is so. funny it t ighe lrcht soudee insi of her. t >> ahere lre af ot onabig mes, oc a tavicespenr. t >>his onect o iavias in e.ther d an weav he k.j. snsimmo,as jon ba ntema ba n,temaen jrnifedw gooin. >> i andmit coutng o -- >> ef hop tullymahey t ke iofout cathe n. vei haot a l i ande havt a loof tt liidle voneos ph my lone,ike my . dog t >> in is itethean rs oh marc 4th.
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d, bat' thamis u >> it is try day frid.ay we av h ae wanom heer whoan c do a itll. >> , yesurwe s!e do a irom sti ng, nvam iblincie, i wamanomi , wamanom r heaoame r r >> es y! , ohosmy gh! wh s at ig goinheon tre? ey tha 're lecoupth of ste ca ermemb ts ofewhe n b 70swaroady si mucalle calisd "dr.aste" t bu ktheypoeep g ppinup ev heerywre. >>ha t nku,yoha twat s ou tatsinndg. >> il fnglin ir fothka lie ee dato ay,tr sanong vid inlencib ma woenn, jusna bgeh har. y >>noou ko w wh ielseres he? c >>omen o t,ou girl. >> e homnd aes liftyleer exprt lo i - ri- lo. w >>l e al whave hiresngangi wn dom frotvour d s annca buh of re s moteinhangoug arnd.
2:34 am
so we allt wan our homeso tbe re ally tibeauful, bute wiv le th wis thiy ugl ufstf, like ro s,uterpu comter rewis. t le mew sho you f ahiew tngs. >> d howu o yo tknowwehat e liv tlikehat? >> ry eve dbody oes. >> w you kon'tthnow utat b ndbehi f thec abril panealare l th ree wis. ma>> srt. if d you won'ttoant n opeup yo alur w l -- tforheou mg ntinwahard-re - ha>> text's ivpense. an dyo if u're ntreing, you can't do i oo tk andad mehi tsan p aelnd de mas thi.hole utso p f thec abril panendon a op fl t the.v on hion tbls tavee i' r gotesemot, re wious, r stersf ee icayou n nd fim. the t >> therearhey e. e >>lyxact. i >>hi've tddentuhe sn ff i pl ainewvi. >> so smart. >> ,here ie hav aou r aternd re winds a seef i youan c find th em.
2:35 am
pa s gef ofe thokbogl, d ueemth ge to, therthsee ree wists ju go ba ck. an esd the e aralactun ly ondmy e e tably at m.home ha>> we t are?thos >> se thed holmyall ot remes. i >>d saiyoall usur h'sband mo retes. on>> n te ofarhem ure yos. u yogecan est th pe ats lacelike fl area m.kets bi oxg b ilretaers. homegoods, ettargat, thd kinof in thg. i >> mt soniuch whcer t'en is t noteclutred. >> s say.hoda ay>> s, s mepethe wrsonivho les c inerlutt. y >>anou c a useoony bd k an ll hot ow iout. yhidestour inuff re the. sit's euperasy. th s is i ajustin pla b old ook, di ip ituen gl. ithishos scluol ge. pa t in oitetn, ldr it y nioveranght e d th dnextfeay, el th is. >> . wow he>> tw n hooudo y t cutghhrou l al?that i actr medmoy re- te - d ane takn atox-acfe kni -- >> ef caritul we h the.knif
2:36 am
it e tak hlikeanalf r. hou ouif yl feedeinsigl, i thued e si intode, o. >>olco. >> ghrit? >> s it' allid h tingglhe uy uf stf. w, norg chasting n.atio u yo aknowght niu't yootve g ur yort smae phon-- >> y >>eou'rck triusing . i >>ren heav i h ee myde-rear, my on iphe. l al iid d wasut p aow perip str h inere. >> t ands hat' isafeern the. p >>cterfeafly se. >> 'r youe notpo supsed to leave es thute o k forobids slviouy. s >>eao cld n aneaso bifut.ul al i l d dis warist tng whee ir wndohe tac b k. ho>> s sw mebeome aforend af .ters >> this isy malactuic offe. re hem i aossuppo ed thebe t expert at this stuff and i live li hike toos, t. t itlyotalas dister. l ald i ditawas omke stee ju ro gpe it ot arda ha sware.tore 'site lik f aucew bks. i sjustedtartpp wraing.
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after. >> h muc erbett. s >>oe' hers theor befend a the r.afte thand ole whine thokg to i me, n' doowt kn m, 15esinut. y >>e ou'rt,righlo it a oks sathouimnd tetes bter. itand k toousme jfet a w mi s nutesuand clper ean. ha>> tounk y a foroull y do. ou>> y dt id in.agai diyou ad it. gain ow>> nve we'en take car yofour wires. it'sim t te tocaake f re o your freer.ze >> e' w sllw hou yow ho ktoeep yo oour fesd frloher .nger >> right after met moe nts arfubeauti l, un ouless yal have ies.lerg youthenesr ey s mayt ee ierdiffently. ly onse flonaappr is tovedlio retheve bohy itcwa, yetery es andesticongon. thno oaser nllal a sergy cprayan atsay th. e when wthe breallin a oergensdiur boeactes r by poverngroduciey six kinfl toammastry subthances at us car sye oumsmpto. a most pllergy onlillsnty coonrol tae subs nce. on flntase co sixrols. x and sireatis ghaer tn one. mpleco ateerll rgyieel f orcointemple. t leuryos eyecidede. on fl 6ase. hang>1 cvees eg.rythin h! ugrt hea!burn
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katry altzer-selrt heaburn chreliefews. they work fast a dnd't ton astekychal. mm azm...aming. hi haveburneart. alka-seltzer heartrnbure chliefews.
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> >>riall ght. mahow imny taves hu e yoedopen ouup yeer franzer erd evngythi st jul felonout th to ooe flr? re>> pmutty vech ery y.da or youle pulutd oef lrstovef o d olac pdkaget mea andt i had
2:41 am
i >>atf thap hnspeo tu,yo yo reu' a not.lone >> weal cinled el mad.eine b>>orefwee et go tosth e, limadeenne w tt toomhe h e of dsomereiffeeont p ple. o whe wer eyth? >> gina -- >> 's she a 33-year-old wi,fe m,mo scolhoacter,heee ndde hpel in gtietng oizrganed and getting he rre ferez iont e.shap t' leaks te aoo lk. >> et loo latk hi ts. 's it c ice.ream lithe ysd saky rocd roathand e aicontsaner pey utan butter and chocolate. i >>a t's idhybr. i >>okt lokes lis it' seen erbetts. day he>> trese atl cosity s.em st l ilfesao tt eat bueyth're go ing to lose flavor. apwr tmhe andee kp tm heghtiy tl wrapped. >> this we'll put in a little -- z >>ocip lk? l>>'setak ta e oklot auryo door. yo avu hese thcke pas. ot anfrher r eeze.burn otanr hefreezer pack. we have to consolidatend an dow asizetl litthe wis. thi th ouis y a didll reaeay grt in thg.
2:42 am
opyou edent i aup ynd pou iutt back in the bag. >> id i det som rhing.ight thank you. >> t' thagos a neod o. >> ro regndup aac repd k annow we're ready for the big reveal. i'exm tecid. y>>r ouw neeefrr.ze >> h, oow w. msoh thank you so much. h >>fiigh ve. oo>> trek cabu of sssine. yso'rougoe g in htop el fus ix roure ferez snow? hais that wout y'reng goido to ? n >>tto mahaer wzet sir you fr r,eezest firou yan wtha to ve a ncleaez freer and have a fr r eezemotherr.mete cyou jan't susttick yourd hea ndin a say,t ils feed col to me. >>t i has to be roze? y >>es. ba tsicsevhat neeryo - has- l >> set's wtartthith uie frts an ged veestabl. oz frruen fanits ged veestabl are gr eat.
2:43 am
.need lua spifrge c youoran f the icooke n thvebag blgetaes. yo uti sckhe tm in the owmicrave. an yxt erap ste bis aerarri. in thikgs lffe cocaee, u n yoput it an in ra ext a bagt nd ibecan fgood yor aear. >> i whye n thzefreer? >> st it frays r eshehein t ee frzer. slet' getth to e e icm.crea lesmalour amnts. h >>onow lesg dota it orke f ice cr toeam ba go d? >>ahye, ild wouav heen eat .that >>as ttesoo gctd, ay.uall el>> whel, tte tas t andreextu wo ben't s thebuame wt itill st beill y. oka al tl ofsthis inuff f theerreez is e safatto e. jit's tusthe taste, urtexte, is go ingbe to ea rlly weird. >> itwa, my mom udseo t dohi ts when weer we lelitt. th sis i he ow hedcook. u yogrput iapese n thzefreer d an'rtheykee lili lol.pops >> au bechese tye comn i poten- und,bags andt wha do you itdo wh ?them
2:44 am
yo n u cazefreer you your ft lesoverll reawey ll, but if yo gu'reoing toe havm themore th aan ekwe, ledoub-bag them. >> howon lgou wld bfee stew la fst,or plexame? >> bo a tuthree msonth or so,t i wi lle b safe toat eon l tgerhan th bat, iutt's notng goi to ta goste od. >> om simet yes foul eekelioo fds fr oom tne ghing to onoto anher th ing. u yo eatet somhingnd a itoe d'tsn st tae t.righ >> ha ts t'uetr. >> ec espy iallice. t pus thiba in s.ggie oeit d gsn'theet tez freer sm ell. at . th p.em u cfoile an b fyourdsrien , as alongu s yol labegsthin. doyou ren't ermembt' whains gog . on >> ot g autbo a meinut .left >> ho sws ue somheof t gsba, ic qukly. >> 't donh rusher. >> or s, ryrrsoy. >> he wyon gou o te th pesuarrmt,kehi tiss in fe. yo cau pun itt th in eee frzer fo our abwet a r ek oso. i ifngt lohaer tisn th c it,an
2:45 am
w >>yohen e u uswothe rd lknar -- lygnar, d i won'tant to t eait. >> f andouind e t thfoone ouod y ldshouer nevez fre e -- e >> w twantowo kn! now oo>> t. bad o goe.nlin >>ma indelee, weov le you. >> you didt i aiagn. >>in fd out thene o food you ldshouer nevee frze. yo avu h teoo g >> i want tow kno now! t>>oo bad! >> get ready for youravor f ite , thitshet cas of "dasisr"te is
2:46 am
2:47 am
onyou f thesilip de.he tp fli.sidei ta pketureicofs unri it my 'sb jod itan 'salso y mssiopan. t bu my with pbackain i dncoul s't..leep. c so it ouldn'up iget men ti. i then a found pm.leve aleve pm is the onlyne t oo co a mbine p aisleeusd pl
2:48 am
d an inow...ack.'m b evalore pm fbetta a h your leart ooves-3megas. t bue'therdis a enffer ce eebetwe n th3somega-fish in oil and ethosin ed megarll o kriil. li unh ke fisoil, megared is easy abiledsorb our by y..body. .whi ..akch m es eayour hrt, , well-hapmegapy. ha stppier egill, m ared p istoroven as incree a-omegls3 leve d in 30ays. re megad.
2:49 am
>> he t citi crtonceer sies on "t "oday isud proly pntreseoed t u yo by tici. >> e wav hene bein havg ast bla om fr theas p lt,niistengo t seom
2:50 am
om fr the'70sro fm c theofast oa br'sdway newus m cicaly omed edcall as"dis"ter. th eey'rng goi toer p iform jnust a mi, nutefibut lerst mt'seet e th cast and -wcor.rite >> hi. >> y canusou jowt sht wha this abis pout,eeopl g areoingo t oc flko tit. >> s it' a 19di70s ersastov mie as a sadi,ster hqeart,uakeid tal ,wave ytever.hing er evngy sionle somg fr 7 the0 tzpulirier pasze blyicale lik40 t rr ketly bu aer'sudttitaze, ror yo rk. vi vctorriictoroa, fckm ba etstres, boych matm frocegree. vi keamn chaiberln. >> oh,y m shgo! >> allghrit, adrey? ta ket iy, away! bab
2:51 am
>> el wmecoo te thenopg in -of- i t don' twantoso le you, this odgohi t tngt hagoi t if i do ild wouel sur y s yurelos le a lot be ecausou yre lov iste betr th an anyov le i kwno 'sit likehu tnder gh ligtnin wtheouay ye love ms i htfriggenin youte betr knockno kck knock wo on od baby h oooh o o oohoh oohoh o baby bretteck kno knockck kno ooon wd ba etbe bterck knono kckno k ck on w ood be ktternock >> c i lan't iive,vif lis ng i
2:52 am
i 't cane, givan i civ't ge an e ymor an i civ't l e if lgivin isit whoutou y c ian'te giv ian c'te givmo anyre c i'taniv l e we e have mad it tohe t top iav geou y all iad h toe giv whyid dt ie hav toto sp veyou'wn blot ill a skyh hig by tngelli me a lie witthou aea rson why you'velo bwnt i all skyh hig
2:53 am
ho wit rut an easo wwhy, e've bl itown s alligky h h w>>vee'ee bman ierr yd 35.ears y e ou'rl stilonthe ate th i lo o ve th touc ll sti o thendne aan i cet't g ou en gh 'r wetie savll h fingunnd a u' yore still the one yo u are stillhe tne o whoan c schcrat mytc ih l stilthe one th at i wn'ouldttc swih we s'retillin havgun f an d yeou'r still the one h>> geydoo looking, what brings you to my sica?no >>oo lngkior f aov ler whods nee ot an her do wn't aanternothig nhtn oy m ow n nt wa tore shay mov lthe wi a wa lorm b lodedover i'mki loong fore som h sottuff
2:54 am
iee ndom seot h s btuffaby ni to ght i t wan some hotff stuab by th isni eveng go t toe hav some hotff stu go t to haveom see lov to tnigh i n heedottu sff inlookgor fot h stuff ind fou hottu sff >>woo! >> !yeah >> re g atjouyb, gs. t >> whatweas a.some k thansoyou h mucgifor uvings at thtl litste tae. di ersastcu is tlrren y in ev pr aiewsnd opensar mch 8th. >> wee lov it. we b'rekacn i a montme,ut b fi t rsisths iod"t."ay >> hi tsas wo s odgo. no knock knock kn ck o wood nock kn ck o wood ntestn,atio it y'sr ouspresionlibity
2:55 am
th s is iwewhy rc sear h fo thebe ndst agh bri.test y wh tweinraor fve ery en evittualy l on andd anwater, t inirhe a, sp e acd anenevyb cspacere. we ra opea te in complex world with oneim sssple miion. n.wi emsekes live we' a hitd roabl emat r mindse... an avyone hsie occa coonalpanstidition, ..arrhea. .g ..oaas, bl?ting s!ye ilone ph' colipshelon althobprc iotichcap ea day he felps degainnd accst onaasiodigel e stiv.issues hrwith typesee tgo of ctod ba.eria live r thearegule. lif liphilps'. degree motionsseenth is woe srld' t firsordeodacant tetiva d byvemo.ment
2:56 am
rtoeael eseraxtre fnesh ssall day. timoseone.nsro pctten ioeeto kp moyou .ving deeegriton w't let you down. h! ugrt hea!burn neno ons burmy on ch wat! katry altzer-selrt heaburn chreliefews. they work fast a dndason't tchte .alky m...mminamazg. i eahave h.rtburn alka-seltzer heartrnbuli reews.efch joy enthe relief. in herecithe ty,g parkinard is hinto f s em elikeryvedrone ose d thdowho d shoulch switgeic to o cabee uscoyou d ul savehudsndren oincar rasunce. peah, t.rfec levaint parkg. inevenir.g, she llo! 's here key thes. d, ano uh, gsyeamy on ride, mate. hm ul, woindn't m od someat f thefbeng welliton... ee hto sucow mcoh you uld ve o sar n cancinsurae, t goo.o geiccom. ah (c! larmar and sous)
2:57 am
2:58 am
o>>y.ka so y howeeou f?ling ?okay n >>s ot a agoodths i t oughi gowas toing l feer aftes joy' ok coseing t.gmen t>> iyoold .u so so grry,uys. ha o ve t icomeren hepa, dentrtme c ofctorre.ions me so hone, moda, maybea ade boboo-o. ha>> wd t diy?i sa w >>ide sat thai redd iwhips t no wmadereith real cam. i f in iact,ont's l the.abel w>>chhixp einlawhs m y i' glad shthe s ow i rover nightow. nd>> asa it hyys ws it'so kystinhe in .re >> and t fhe iirstdingreitent --s it' creal.ream h>> iyoope elu fed goor late y.toda et>> lse me ate th.
2:59 am
t >>exhat nsplaiot a l of di enfferint thgs. >> nk tha ms souch. we e haveca spsuial serpri on mo .nday heif t ore'sorne my e dain br fe, uaryreyou'ng goige to t re mok talonon mday. re mo .talk youylike talhe tk. d ans guesiswho ng goibe to re he? ur yoor favite. >> ? who -l>> jo. e' shins go hg tosoave unme f th wi us. nd>> a bobbyas hom seed r ctarpe iofashn reos-d. a>> llright,e' wllav hlle a athatnd aot l me.or , yew.nonow. my si miss on ilesimp. m toyoake mou ney. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. d anomi prtoise p helfiyou nd it . ad "mey monar" stowts n! > >>y,he'm ira cr!me lc wetoome d "may.mone" omwelc ce torirameca. heotper leopan wtot ak me fr ndies. i' jum tstinrytog ak myoe meu so y.mone j mys ob ijunot o strtenteain bu tt to aeachoand cch.
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t tweejime @memcrar. we ha've god a eeod wk. e thomeconbey's .tter yb marne ea singsn'easoens be rr te.ific 'v weene beng goihe higcar beuse oi gol's uping . an erd three's nallyngothie els i 'sthat t whymahis srketedtart s sog trony todathand eten pered ou ent wh r oilseeverd. os cldoing 7 wn 5tspoin. bas&p idcksl.1ing 9%. aqnasd%. .18 l ois warostng. th ilis oes makry eveg thin very icdifftoult ur figt.e ou be e caus cif anyompaor repn ts a am inazqug tear ar on w dayn he gooil owes dhen, tto s wckl il higet gat ressrdle. bu ot ifs il ingflyi -- b >>buuy, uyy, b! >> yo -- n u cathbet veat en a me rediocrt quailer w l be rdrewaited wplh ap aause nd a y.rall le halh luja now, ior f t one thinkoihat l is go g in stoy tawelolor erng. anwe rto up t thale$34 asvel idwe dli earoder tay. tawe setrt g stingreome al re ansistecce b tause ahereo re s


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