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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 27, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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t tweejime @memcrar. we ha've god a eeod wk. e thomeconbey's .tter yb marne ea singsn'easoens be rr te.ific 'v weene beng goihe higcar beuse oi gol's uping . an erd three's nallyngothie els i 'sthat t whymahis srketedtart s sog trony todathand eten pered ou ent wh r oilseeverd. os cldoing 7 wn 5tspoin. bas&p idcksl.1ing 9%. aqnasd%. .18 l ois warostng. th ilis oes makry eveg thin very icdifftoult ur figt.e ou be e caus cif anyompaor repn ts a am inazqug tear ar on w dayn he gooil owes dhen, tto s wckl il higet gat ressrdle. bu ot ifs il ingflyi -- b >>buuy, uyy, b! >> yo -- n u cathbet veat en a me rediocrt quailer w l be rdrewaited wplh ap aause nd a y.rall le halh luja now, ior f t one thinkoihat l is go g in stoy tawelolor erng. anwe rto up t thale$34 asvel idwe dli earoder tay. tawe setrt g stingreome al re ansistecce b tause ahereo re s
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e ther nthattoeed dump crude on e thetmarkse or utll f tureso dg hed e ang brinasin ch. ait'st lmosssimpo tiblet o ge tover34hat h, 35ump. at thhy's wrg i uu e yoto rsunde ttandhyhe rwethm e hav go int goreg heth in aris mket an cod ree gniz othatioccasy nall 'l wet l ge-osellinffs the ksstocco of iempanats thiv deler nt fac astitequarutrs be havthe mi tusforf ne ortrepooning ay a d owhenoeil gwns do. at thld couwh be there e po opitrtunmey co.s in atwho di mean? s let' stakefoalescorce.icm whh po re trtedeshe bart quofter any notech clogynyompa20 in 16. knyou dow i lon'ttoike se cha. stthe miock assedt lmos10% af thter are quter. i ysaidavou h be toree caful be e cause therd coulombe se rb tuceulent thad coulg brinit do wn. rb tuceulenel unr tatedo le sacesforel itsicf whh vi oby ousla did t greajob. lo oiwer vel giu s yo kthatofind cechan. su i t specilif ons opeer low aymond i andnk thiwi it oull y y mathget ane cho ce tbuy sa orlesfce. l asasong u youstnderoiand l's to y tallhain crerge legardf ss o et whorher y notelou b tievehat ma ankes nsy sehie, ws ch i leirre, vant ttheneshe bt ntmome bs toiguy halh-quity st mockse ay b owhenenil sds th owem ler. twithinhat d mins let' atake
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ndmo bay en whre warffn bureett esleas the be irrkshthe ha aawayl nnua po rert. la btelyttuffeto's sorck piotfol s haa had h toug otimeinf thgs. so igme hofh-prile di oisappntntmes. m i'kithinmeng an ricaesexprs an ibd m. ma onyusf re aop hg in hthate ll wire addhoss tolse hs.ding we l 'l rbedieaheng tte letisr th enweekd d an bthenste lig eninto e thlofabuecus buiky qck in ieterve w thleoracom of toaha ifsee s he'kisticitng we h th na mantgemeth of coese iempans en whco he onmes f air6:rom 00 to 0 9:0 ea.m.rnaste. we o als acare sboutofome his tiposiinons o thendil a gas in rydustre whe o all af usre gr ngaspist at .raws at whs doeetbuffint th ok ofil an s d galipipenes? y donoou k hw he mas aeronst si po itiononn th. w hot aboudothe ndwn a out ra adilroics whiph shde cru? he s ownkithe bung, gtrlinon no rnrthe. n'i caitt wahe to haar w t he wsaysbehen ascky imks hut abo e thesstinves.ment e maybilhe wmml coonent ay tod's bi n g wi hthats.e ha t krafz.hein malsoy ondainmornleg vaant re s.port vr x. th sisckto b'sn eet puugthroh th nge rier. i twantaro he t howdehey fend r theiunacco rtingniecog tion leprobms. bu ert thane's r otheasre won ihy recabo a vuteaal.nt th tois ss ck igaa gi hnticngoldi
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sq huare fedgeund. anackmee's bvin ha tng a ough otimetef la. ju odst theay wrbn hee,alif a ancomp'sy hen beet shora for tlongbeime e caushihe titnks 's py a d ramimeschepo, re arted ve trry snuong amberaind s d it t migh rsoonveesol i its ssue twithtche f. sthis stockuphot oi 9 pornts % 20haon twst ne. yo n u cathbet n at i this pa ras cioud worlalif v geantets hi et onngarniris, d ving anackmos's pn itio, downreyou' in go hg tochear r atte that ac mkmanavay h ce to, overuyor b hbackhois sn rt oalherbife. th rat's.ight nebad orws fea valaynt mmo be re od gos newhefor ifrbale. twhow d istehais tt? e we'v fbeenedixatth on oce stks c ofniompahaes tfet oflur vae ca beituse ee's bchn suoo a gd ci reorpe fce suco ss sinfar 16 20. d anetwe gul resrots ft m noone bu o t twlofabulaus pn ys oe valu ueon t.sday ardolle treroand toss sres. la sstmeumdor arllre tboe htug fa lymila dolr. an fratkly st firwa it lis a ttle ro cky. th erat m iger,n' was st soure. t buannot e.ymor i k thinthnow s is itaa tolly wi g nninincombn atioi and ctexpe ve a oory gard quter.
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if g you cot ae hance to b able bto iuy st,, ay ton sheckto ma brket deingmoown indayld wou sobuy me. sa hime torng fs. ros inow,go've tt toyoell osu, rs ys bu t allclhat utoseo rc meishandome frti hurng de meparttont sres. d ane whilt don' ilike mt asuch as i tjx i betest dote quil wel re he. n given agaimuhow alch vue fi s gure tintoalhe cs culuof g younumconssiers thnce ane git ibterrrele gecat ronessi. ey tht just don'rgsplue. dn wey esdafoi'm d cusehron tee an t alysinmeetnogs, rnt ea ings anbut t alysinmeetgs. e tht firsrois frgm tawhet, ich re edportan a fictastrt quaer is thk weegaand ouve y c aarle th pa o fore nlinthgrow. me sog thin wthatd e ha been co erncd neouabbet uscae it was weakn iprthe useviort quaer. if ge tarest gon dowd aheaof is thti meeagng, pain,pserha ca beofuse s oilngelli, offi ul woy d bustthe mock,y ar chleitabst tru ti aceronalustspl bas aig po onsitita in .rget kispeaf ng othoil ste be o oilf al el ismoxxonbil. th rat's.ight d an'vtheysbe hud ander thei ca l pitathand e ey'vthgot ste be ncbalaeee sh at ofneny ergy co y mpanhein tld wor. 'mso ing goili to rstenfoapt r y ans cluet abou ewhat xxon ksthinl wilenhapph bott shor an ngd lom tercrfor ude.
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xo exs n ha-ya 50buear sssine op pr.osal e whilr theirdreco't isn rf pe tect,rehey' b notlow ha ouzard ts toabalk hoout w s oil'g goint righ uback 8p to0s slikenyo math of ree moy ros l ois folk ythatavou h e to enlist to. en thre theon's hlleywe. hon. he are'szy cra. one ce dao d viddcudey relive d an az amquing r arte mlast bonthut si thnce e'en hens bein fry g to iracquite uneced toghnol ies, rsfiint f ariendly way after it uneced toghnolceies ego gr ye haggs sud este ttheyanalk d en tha in ilhosty e war afte ha hayes cod sehond ts ughtheon t incombn.atio il brt lianheas tbi comonnati gh mi it beket lionly was't ps st muiter wl h albithe g laregu btorys odiethout ere, es alpecihely top eurunean ion, wh arich de l.yto an thingo rb aiwhus, isich io obv ausly st cu oomeresf tho e twancompies if y thee.merg l asasong dy cudps keein tryg to do s thi idealnk thiey hon'swell at thhe's where tor opptytuni me co.s in if we it t ren'thfor is pr ctospedeive laal b asted gain athisnoftery on bs,hayeet i b
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rh peupaps si conblderaw y nothat cythe alclicck stoe s ar ibackn vo far. he are'sernoth-r oiledelaty pla at thri int mguese. kr .oger in th o werdsorif, il ooe gs wn dois, thck stooi's go ng tgo do ecwn b iauseket tae s the whol etmarkh witit. no ww, i bouldomuy soge krer be iforepot reberts e causi th think oce stdok's esne r.ting 's itd kinusof jadt tring si ysdewa a forle whid , ani in th'sk itut abota to ffke o. og kr ser'sa uch ifterric op oreratt tha vit'sraery orre f o it t beverf e of52its k -wee .high i t don' ywanto ou t tmisshe op unportity. mthise ay b cyoure.hanc ll wi c thephell anone ted inrnet hiof ti.ngs io.t.nenter t of co iempaners evai regein thr erlust? 'l wendl fi w outbrhen dcoa, om atth t's mhegeerend tytif o o avagbrand omoadcpo, rerts. th omis c'spanyom a ccamunis tion te owch puserhoeme, sduicon ctor ancompt y bu bit'soveen erly edlinkap to ple. i ovsay berlyseecaure the are msoy anheotbur sinesses besides plape. do i wan't o nt ts guesthhow e st wiock ehll bbeave e causof th ppat aonle cionectatn thn 's i yoever mne'sind. it or's mrce peoneptin tha itrealy.
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ro stneng o. llfinan y, oayfridge we e t th r labortdepa'sment-f nonarm em meployepnt ranort ved i' got elto tu l yo tthatmahis ty behe ly onbe numt r oue ther cthatan ibpossuply sdeersebe or e mor ueinfll ntia tthanrihe pf ce o oil. i k thinstthe maock wrket ants s to nee ar umbe'sthatth on e ak weider scae bethuse wiere ll t beucoo mlkh taa of h marcrate hi thke oseerwi. ny mae cam tintoeahe yttr being th d e fed woul ugivemas a rch ra ikte ht e buaka weer oyempl nmentr umberion fday co puuld et ano nd tthall at sp ateculion. if an so gd we fet ay riday rall ilin oll, weok, lo a out.bove vehowef r, inuthe cmber iomesn t hooiand esl gon, dow's let ju ayst s b them otto ilineats th llyou'gl be o ad t shavecaome sh ndaroubu to e y thelcomp ling iestorats th s youd taye away bfromseecauth of ane int e bu edincr piblyfuowerl l oitoto sck rk mainet l tkageclhat toudshe nd mi c andesreatmu so hach cos hein tl read worlarof es ning thand heen tci faneaful gsrnin of he t&p s00 5. t'legos o td te tinasex. d!te >> al cr:lea- b-bba-yoo fahm ro lothe rnnghote sta. ic>> ne.
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ki tay ng m i'inlook ig attinvesn ng i st odarwoel hotd s anrtresos. ey thme're g rgin mwithotarrit te iniornatnal. an sed ba td ongrhe anteeme it lo lioks heke trw staood sh olareh wders gouldboet a70ut $ of ck sto s per, haren $2 i, cash d anddan anaitio ol $7 fr $8rom a metiarshspe ofinf. so ou i wppld aatreciy e an th tsough-- on >> e. sur t firsoui shisld de clos ithatn nefairctss aleionasorts omld se k stoc iwhens t wa ahighhend tn ld soe somk stoc iwhens t wa lyreal. low eli fe a bad sboutootarwd be e causdni dita't sthy wi the incombn.atio at thd, sai n i'mraot cbozy aut th tee hooul grghp riw.t no so g i'm toingllo te i younk thi r aftehahot sts ju f runitrom s tt boetom lpu it acll b 6k to4, . 65 usit jntt weei up stght htraig in pots. no att thas i wkin't g ckinlfmyse y everteminuau becy se m itchar table srustveold lory cse t toothe btom. th goank ssodneso we omld s e at tothe p. t' le ts goeyo jofl in a.orid .joey
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b>>-yoo.ah >> le calo r: stayou qlked auite abbit liout akingnpmazo roof ksstoc. bu cat i nome a tthert'has am onazoopranf thd 'satne sigt lejewehors wra opebrtes ands -like- i >>e liksithe bgnetheut tre's a itcredue issit wsih etgn. an byd he t t wayonhe cr sumehas pu blledfrack xpom eveensi em its. it t jusenhapped. it n's ahiew thang that's edppen 01in 26. th akat me es m sliket igne.less w weshere d ockeowat hra it n up i but k thinwayou o nt tbe ca l refuwoof tt tharuhad , n up si agnetatnd ms tres.firm th boce con mrnede. sh y irleinin mtanesout mine. ir shley. c >>r:allelo hel. s >>eyhirl. al>> c iler:n 'm iaskans. ir sh yley,esou jt. ay ok. [ msrit ho] so y.rr >> le calhar: talt's ghl rit. y maeai spk? >> h. yea re su. iggo rheht aad. >> le calonr: wulderf. i d woul yloveopour n inioon htweigch waters. >> ow wyo, knu , owwai kis f nd o niasto.shed i , meane thersowas h muc hype hein tck stoau becf se oh.opra
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'sthate likota bistech ock, atthin kofd tu s.ff 'siter vyey erstarye. we on d l'te ikecspatule ivocstks in s thiroenvit.nmen sthat u thwas are quthter adat b? . no t buexthe atpecthiion tts goen igso hh. wa i o nt t astayfrway twom w. s oil'hain c prge,e.eopl an ced on r youzeealit, tha u' yooire go ng t pfindy lentof ngbuyior opptitunies. on d "may"moneig tonarht, mee so ancomptaies aking f cuethrom e ma ttd haer? m i'inheadwng do r thet abbihole d anintellu g yoh whicgemanament s teamliare ivingfan a y ntas nd la. atheneell wngk loe i'vsefocud toon sthcks avat hste loir the mo ndjo at wha ctheyo an detto g acit bk. to t nigh ei amg yeinnaa fil ncia erplayt thad coulalactue ly b h wortinbank.g on an yod knu iowon d l'te ikthe ba nks. thand aie brehns bthind e ea br ok-upcof ty s hastset i tssighdo on pw duont. i' elll tu l yo'swhatt. nex ggi suyoest icu stthk wime crar! a>>ounn: ncert don' amiss co sef nd o m"mad."oney llfo @owmcjimeraonr wi t.tter ahavest queion?
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tahashdtg mas.weet nd se a jimman e-o il t or give us a call at 1- 74800-bc3-cn. mi sssomething? head to n caota totehpas doytever whingell?is than cle l waspoike w! aitedddhi tothes rleveofl t clean.o it ust it ja kind.wlike..iped ythieverleng can. le6x caning thmy tee glo are.wingey tho are se.whit w 6xnghiteni ac i rtuallyy eallkeli s the 2teps. step cl 1, eans st , whep 2s.iten y ever utime isse thitoge , thert it vi...lea ng theist dentceoffi. cr . est hd 6x cleaning, 6x whitening wo i ituld swo crch t estr hd ove wwhat isingas uor befe. hugh!rneartbu !no b onen urns ochmy wat! y altrelka-seatzer h rtburnliefres.chew
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ca osecrs b tause'sheree som tymighe finngacting goi on he re. fiour dorst hewn tbi rablet ho no e,mineni trindty iieustrs! th kee ma rr ofoaailrrsd ca, ic whpoh re arteded mixrt quaer swithfiignilycantke weaanr th ex edpectda guijunce asst lt ek we. d an iwhen t sayuihe ge dancwas we i ak, tmeanfohey strecato $2 0 $2.4arof es ningshper foare r 16 20. th ale an wystsloere g okinfor $3 .64. s in, hortgsthin c arelylear a lo rst woane thy theghthout. ho r,weve'd youdl harowy knif it liyou edstenma to menagent erreitg atinr theiencommbots aut re a qcorderuartr oveovand er ag ain. toceo s ld u tthattyrini a is,nd oti qufoe, "thr the d irrasthtig wyeartae eshebliscod refords r ve re, nuesinnet acomend inearnergs pre sha. r ounebusi cssesedreatue val by le giveraheng tomir cd bine rtexpe cise,teompes,ncie nu maurfactcaing typaci to od prhiuce uagh-q plityctrodus r fooaa brngd ra ie oftrndusial ma s.rket th ste moen recart quter mp cos letempan iivresse fi eave-yrir pen od ih whicour ancomps y hansdemoedtratol a sid
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us er a vsiy po otiveokutlo sp demiite g ssinoton be h thtop an ttd boinom les. th oce stntk weon up it. heon tfe cone renc bcallthack en ce nno lemmy coowa crboed aut th tweir g o bidsbranck, ja in bothe d x ana,qdobin sayoug, "r ve le cl offionncdeine ur o itabil cy toteomper ovelothe ng rm te b waserolsty ed bfathe ct th otat banh brrods dheve tse re s sultucby sfucesslly odintrg ucin cmoreabraveoole fd an thd wireout g lyinon ag sigresisve dticounng." ffastrdorwaab to a out aweekgo jaand ncck oaie agssn mied nu s mberatdramlyical. swithtrome heuly s inou -ssame store aalesomnd srye ve co vanser gtivencuidae. in el a r teaseomhe c cpany ited esaggr psivetiromoanons lud vae of ffersitrom mps cooretits, ad reon mcds,ald'th as ine ma st obs aclecofor templeloly bwing th saeir tales s.rget bu met re, mberlathe imst teye th rtrepoaced jidk say thed coul mp coanete atd thco disngunti ul wo bdn'tpre a m.oble asit we mor athanbl proem. i'but ivll gcke jath in x e bo mthiscruch .edit
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me tiy theowacknedledgt tha ey thst're liruggn ng othe co ennferalce cd l anedseem to tu reo rn titrealhiy, ws ch igood usbecae e thancompgey's g ttin us crouhed ert the. , oh, yeahstthe k ocs waltha ed en why the ocameitut wish th ws ned , anelit f pl 13s ointfrom $7 $7 to64. hein ter intheim tviy oby ousl do t n'owknac jk. ms[ ri]hot unextowp, hut aboke lindin? lrwe a keadythnow inat ln'kedis la qtesteruart a wassi masve di ersastch whise caue d thk stoc p toe lungin44% in a sdagle y heand dlpeddorag hewn tt resof e thalsociil moboue cloud, y ow knho, cos rt acothe y'mpans id gu fance01or 2s 6 waridownght ab l.ysma th obe pr--lem t forirhe fst ti veme enkr li pedinedlann te iniornatwenal ssakne ces aause f ofonor asit wo alsrnintenaatiol erconcn. sa ayingwd sloinown op eurd e an masiae iddl aeastfrnd awaica s
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:28 am
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3:40 am
no adw trating a $40hand cnge. woyou hauld otve ghaten lf. also c 2l itck0 bus. d an twithpihe s onoffcof ty's ow fltr conusol bs inesowfolled by m itsr erge pwithiran a you wo hauld icve pupked it a ltle le hass t% n 24neof ore sha in e thpanew r,n ai65 11.. u yolenow adt's emd th u allp. tta lirile atithmet c pu them getoerthnd af iu yoneowtyd co om fr m thet omenreed booen tk er ovto to thday tanksl o al e thesk-breayoups nou'd vew ha ld ho wings rorthlyough6 $14a ar she. re ermembat, thp 's u $from1 13.5 bwhen treenovook er. th inrow o alle f the valullof a dithe ndvideids paty by ndco a s itouvariins sp aoffshend tn u yo shavehiometorng w17th $9 a sh are. do k youwhnow hiat tans tresslat bintoisy th b guy?reen a 8 1,22enpercint gace sins thi toman heok tm helycat t o in 20 nd02 aer stented oneo a w th pa. th wit thapeperse ctivs let'say u yostinve10ed $ w,000brith een in s ther umme00of 2d 2 anall u yowadid lds hoo tycaland l of
3:41 am
ve inntstmerts woerh ov0, $12000. th oce strkk ma aet'sngmazi, n' is?t it is thn't emat rblarkae? ani meat, th4 's 1s.year so e' here s thombotte. lin reed breen c aatedme tres ndou ntamouva of bylue ak breuping e thsscolohaus ts t wa ityconto in sicrea snglyermall e andr asie ndto uanerstecd pies. asit wth woryo to u. be i e lievanhe cth do ace ext sa hime ty ng bkibreap ng uthe pl d annedudow-t ponmobeheth. th wat's'dhy ia be r buyeowof d 's itn dowsi11% thnce ale de was an cenound d ana had lyreald goo pa iprticg atinhain wret i gard e to bsothe tn ofmeyco .rger e whilg bein tpaidito wait wh thaterrific yield dow offers. with ed breen taki cnge hargof th mbe co einedy ntitini th'sk it eaa stl. m"mad" oney'sftbackhe er t break. say, have you seen all the amazing technology in co geiil's mobe app?
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el trec ionicd cards, emergency roadside svice, can i sevena ubmit claim. wow... yep, geico mob'se ilapp works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. seems like we've hit aoa rd k.bloc rthatdsemin.. me. hanyoneoccaave alsionti cons, pationrheadiar... .. , bl.gasngoa? yes! phone psillin ' colothhealpr tiobiop eac caaych d s dehelp afend ogainstioccas nalivdigestese issu. hrwith typesee tgo of ctod ba.ia tliveeghe r lularife. ph psilli'. ghenou preinure e heryafor ?m i'a gonn mtakeexucinsi to lao te, we're about to take off. esthsse di folveast. 'rtheyw e neidliqus. gel yoand cu'reg omin mwithe... reyou izali e vehaol gstd usat? ci musinex manus-qux lielid gs. dissolvefas st to unleash max strength medicine.
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>> it> s imeti! it s imetior fhe tli "tnghg in d.roun" ercramma's "ned moy." s callafone thter se -- ell, , sell!sell an thd ten "heghliintnrog d"un is ve or. ar yoe reu y,adke sdae-y?dd arstwit tthn om iacmasstthuses. tom! >> al cr:leig boo bah-yo tu yo omfres wspt ngrielfid. ic>> ne. oh ma, in,no kjuw wstreheha tt is . atwh h'speapngni? c>>leal ir:its oo tat ltoe et g toinlt aa?ri y>> kouw,no h ie avxemid otemnsio. i' nom ret mmcodien ang mnye or to o baccksstocth on hois sutw, b no i, itt s nolatoo vete en though it'his hit a ecgh b ause git's toing ho gor ighei but do t n'ntwao tcoreenmmitd . le s t' tgomio ikewen st rgviiain. mi .ke >> al cr:leim jho, arw yoe u do g?in i>> d'mngoiel wl. ho arw yoe u? al>> c jler:drust nginkid col hbeerere. go qut a onestiut abo r thel etai p.grou i tknowrehey're a gomat c.pany
3:46 am
i>>hi t tnk shecktoul sho d be hi agher.t $8 s seem ilikecht's toeap me. t buknyou haow wpet leopik le? th leye ikeachvap eythik ltje x. inbob ns penniylvaa. b. bo al>> c ler: a-ba-ba-ba-booba-b.-yah w >>s hat'enhapping? c >>r:alleri endendge rpteseri -- w>>ree'ot nec rmeominndang y ilfossls fuee oncicpartlyular toneshahat igve gc antidsyiel likeha tict wh rh wed egaredas r s.flag jo ie c>>leal hr: ji,.im anth tksyoo anu yod surfftay m ocstisk hu c, bb.cb >> h, oan mis, ha ta t eagrt stock? evan greenberg, msouch lo ngw-hafring touit k pic from mthatr.erge atths itea ifrr sicuaitonti. m i'bua r ye cof.hubb u yooush bldthe t'legos o tndliina el darawe. li a.nd c>>leal jr:, im.hi m i'ndwoineryog whu yat tounkhi th ose prs pectb&of be.t ar dwhatu o yok thinthfor e tu fure? >> on i dea't rlilly heke tks ban .here hayou o ve t shaveg troninfeelgs
3:47 am
themer he. i and t.don' i inththk tatt hae on jist us k stocetmark. e th oreste f thetmark. le s t' tgoaao n ro hinaiawi. aa >> al cr:lelo a, ham.ji wai ednto tk asu,yoho w fledsoo ma etrkwf, m. ah>> malo. itand s wastsprout tha ttookhe ca odke tay. i but oiam gutng on olia ambnd saying that i think whole foods bodid attome t thle$30 anvel d lii iket. d i'kelio te see thw neolwhe odfo ts, shellma fermaorort stes i and thopeinhey uvite os tone w son e ca sdo afrhow heom tre. s let'o go ts chriin richs. c>>leal jr:, imo-boh.ya >> oo bah-y. c>>leal cr:meoscsti. bu hoy oldcer .ll >> e wd havea bry uigrapg bdey wo tlfayod. 'sthatig a bke bro hrage ouse hthatisad dkeliitd . fathe hect tgry up iaded tt athe me sae time'thershs a hoort use mi coutng oin saying thregs a bad tai'm tkingonhe ldeg sith of e tr ade. al .ta co d ul wbengrout b l ie iklfwo's
3:48 am
le s t' tgojoo ihnnen yow .rk c>>leal 6r: r7,iret aed nd ugbo chtoconato 2 6enwhil o was at 52. w>>doe tenae care wherksstoc me com. fro arwe cere wh'se itng goi to. nti wa t youllo set thak stocon y anftli. u yoghmibet bl atoe et g5, 38, 3 d anenth w it anu yo gtoo. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is c theusonclofion the ht"lig rning"!ound >> announcer: the "lightning round" is sponsored by td am iter.rade co ialumbrt spor sweavfand rp co. o >>oh! w >>dihat u d yocudo, it itn lf ha? y >>h.ea el>> whel, t cn we ran'tn etur it. ay>> morbe nacth fs e haedpeak. th al toughishat thn't ase reon y whavwe hlfe haor a nacth fe rs jeey. oh>> o! >> 'r yougre a zieat .pper
3:49 am
meplum41ted om% fr d $42toown a 24hand cnge. ou ch! s ryor. l we'l--cut ll we' t fixinhis -ppostroduction. ar>> e tlier iodayuen trdo canr " onwksquath on ree sti et" said that my wife was cheap. h >>goome isods fi on re. an med hods goowh is i ere like o to gusbeca we myisife ap che as g allutet o. he>> cs ap ageall t t ouhais wt sa i id. me i frant .ugal ll i'ai strn ghteutit o. ait'sooll gw.d no it ll's ad goonow. re i mally teanty o saalfrug. d angri reheet tor err. be e causboher atss w achednd htoldhaer wsat i id. ayanyw. >> m youusade ot a lmo of ney. i t don' wknowwehat ld wou do wi t thouyou. >> . wow ywillelou te l th?wife s she'atmad ab me maout king csomentommeut abo s how he's alfrugs thiinmorng.
3:50 am
dni dise't u w thefrord .ugal >> le i c taredthhat uping h wit ifmy we. gh rit? ge att thng thi m offesy cht. "m onad m bey,"ro. out withnethe fed for.illers cyourrt tonceigee mwht sho a your.youge..inr sk w neverill. ay oleg risenert. agolay. eless. and retry ristgenemi ulcro-sceypting rl.eswi i itntlynstayd htesra pluto amp lifndt. s let'thesget e l dayqui gliquidand els go. thbut e esidliquel ge s x mucine-maxfast. t it'se he samerendiffce. o thismane is rengx stanth tsd figh. mucus nex muci-mfastax. th be onlyed crandanold d quflu lielid g that is max-strength and fights mucus.
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wo g rkiny on m afeetayll de gavme n y in ms.knee w,but notep i shion tchs maine an t myd gebe numr wh tcich ma dhes mycholr. s l'somcustrt fit oc inhotis.sert no get w i diimmeliate refref y foom maiot pn. k myinnee pa. find ac a mt hine eedegrio motsensenth is woe srld' t firsordeodacant tetiva d byvemo.ment yas moue,ovra fangr ccesuapsle rsbut rtoeael eseraxtre fneshss all day. motiseone.nsro pcttetoion p keeyo viu mong.
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>> co> erpp u'sp. b >>buuy, uyy, b. o >> fil'sg.lyin mgive oe anil. b >>buuy, uyy, b! y >>veet eayry dse it weems 're in e som osortenf fro zy torbuy se hall wr'teverks woating t tha me mondnt as it'ucproding
3:53 am
so memetiu s yo hjusttoave sit ck ba l and.augh s let' ctaker.oppe rethe tad mebel's oien gowng dn literally for five years. er thjue's oost th muct.of i chthe e inesbuare lyinganess d ss le. mp cos aniesuare tubsti ting inalumorum for it yv pol inyl richloipde p ping,f vc i ibpossle. it he's c.aper fobut e r th mlast conthr'oppes en beng doiet som ihingsnt ha't do n ne i.ages bit'sgoeen hiing .gher hihow gh? we ifll, c you chartr,oppech whi cayou bn doniy morito tng he c,jjha tt's the symbol for the oo blg mberercoppex indu , yocan se ae itllctuatty bo aomed2 t $2 hein tdl mid je ofryanua g andot tbackero wh we itt as aenthe d l ofyeast ar. at whap's hd pene cthat ould coer? we w knobathe fltichtreigex ind h whicurmeashees tt cosof sh ngippi b biggoulk ods in includppg coaser hn bee intrad eg upsover gh sli otly,ff i andincrelobly sew ba. k wethnow haere eeve btbn cuacks in du pron ctiousbecae e thercopp ancomphaies eeve binn do g so y.badl s let'see. nddema s up,y uppl.down a.voil ssa po biblem.otto i sou'f yon re istthe ock ma , rketthyou okink giay, e ve m ppa coroer pr,duceju it o st s enhappats thep fremcort n,mora x, fcls selpe copr. f in iact,stt jud solica sle of on ie ofopts cmiper fones r a bi n llios buckryto tfi to s x it ncbalaeee sht. wh esy doha it o ve titfix s
3:54 am
usbecaeee fr hport0 as 2iomilln d infrebt uyom ba ing lecoup oil ancompriies arght toundimhe te l oiedpeak. t bu olook uil'savp, hing ierall td up bo 32 fucks26rom t no lthatagong o. ppco'serly fg,inil oot's n in dyetg, lo 's ginbuy ep freort, ri ght? wi i ifsh lree weea so sy. in th truep fres ort'l stiligin b bltroud e aneeit no ds te rais acash wny yay y wht lee thctfages int w theay a ofd gooy?stor tnext yhingnoou kadw trarers e li pintng ie o thk stocatand one in podat to wy itp as uef7% bore pu g llin aback t bitoso cl e up %.4.35 wnow,wehen o seealil rg lyin ilikebet's oien dorng fs day l untirethe alverss thiinmorng, at whtr do s ader twant?o do wtheytoant t buyilhe o co anmps ieatthee nthd pre e icof cr e ud rtolleafly y. tlikeighe bll driers. or n evehethe y avilbtindeed od prs ucer hthatbeave oten tal gs do. at thow's hco ensic, wh ah is big lidrillang pm tforancompy, re edportec a dquent r arte last gh nit t buitcut vis dinddey b % 93d ant yeilstwel unt6.p 73% to day.
3:55 am
mb syigol rn , ca 5jumpno.2% tt mahaer t'st ithe nowvere en ar nego as s od ao,enscch whi t isn' gthatitood .self 'swhatng wroh wit gthisame? wh ouy sht ldn'plyou ay? be e causopif cs per'ada hee, fak u yo bjustt oughwothe ofrst ee brppd coaker mer. if 's oilt jusora shuet sqaseze it ee's s tn byeahe ws knesheat t ofend d theyoay, pu'veasurched th mpe cos anie twitheahe lst ohopevaf adenncematt thld cou t ge tback gheir iainsn a na conosend. wo ofrst ed bre. re hey 's mceadvi. yo ntu wapl to - ay -wayou hent t wbesto ay t aplayat rotion? yquitjoour d b antrday ade. usbecaese the e arphso ealemer heto tnt poiy' theftre oveen or by t theyoime e u se.them th 'reyale stmour sirefwae tyso lo mseeyonec bseauou ye 'ryibung th woe t,rsos mlet raved genkju an bed inttsog onmeele esen ve mb duhaer tu n yowiare akll te it f of hyour.ands 's itoo a fgal's me. en wajoy ngtchibu it t t le me soelone lase p wy itthith eir mo nney,ouot yrs. stick with
3:56 am
cabee uscoyou d ul savehudsndren oincar rasunce. ah, rfpeect. t pavaleg.rkin sir.llo!he there'ss.he key uand,eah, go on sy rmye, idmate. , hmdn'twould minf some othat welbeeftolingn... s to mee howu uch yod coulsa cave on rar insunce, go ic to ah! a(caroularm snds) it k!'s o ug eah! hrnrtbu !no b onen urns ochmy wat! tr -sy alka heltzerburneartre ewliefchs. they work fandst aon dte't tasal chky. ammmm...g.azin havei rt heaburn. -selalka htzerrneartbuli reews.efch thenjoy liefe re. pphaniy anarversdiy , nnerindarl 'n ca mthislouch vebe cleaned by it a lbitle dt ofulawn tra? oh h. yea boone httleheas tgr ceaseinleanweg por of b twoesottlth of is aibargann brd.
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s reo i omad smme coryenta y todat abouwahow brrenttuffe y mavehaos lhit tos h.uc y ma awe llle os mash ucuctoash at th h manosas lt. wi i e ll burdevohiing nus anal re tportroomorw. i and otcannt wail untiy beck k quicrvinte hiewsorim fee thr ho urs. i' roll py babl mbeliai ingson me qu tiess lii tkesao thy e'erals yswa a mbullt arkewhsome iere,mi prose to ry to tndfit ir fou yot righ ohereadn "mey mon." m i'crjim , ameri and swillee yo ndu moay! [music plangyi] eyashlic (vor)eove o: onhour sw, ovwe line br ygingheou ts. hit [g inruntg] aseyhlvo (iceover): narrator: so get ready to throw down. ye , ahl alghrit. ashe wtt preody go. eyashlic (vor)eoveca: be use'sital an t l ousball tto whel alttba rlealoye. nitot gh 1on lstk.oo
4:00 am
ashley (voeoic:ver)es thyse dae lifulis fl bofesattlmp, coioetit,nsan r d wazones. d anouif yt wanto ivsurv te inwohis d,rl you need to get tough. now, i've always considered myself more of a lover than a fighter, but today this lady lisngooki to rn lea t howroo thpuw a nch. and if the people who train kat nmi yewkor e ary andiintica,oni' inm he tig r phtcela. 'sitan a dusgerold worso memetir s fo fsomeesemal. they got to get a little tough, so you're going to learn lia kttlemarav odga tay. ro nugh,leo ruchs teesniquso c youefan dyoend lfurse tontrhe s oeetsw f ne.york -f esemalte uni? .-yep iso'rf weine gog o to d, thatreyou' ingo ng tooneed te of.hese le dot's s, thiie lads. eyashlic (vor)eove: mkravisaga wn kno itfor cks lafl of iash,ts cieffi, encyitand uts bry.alit ea crbyted i thelisraeit mil ary,isthm forelof sfef-dense wa sis de tgnedcuo fo ts onsche ifientriic plencip cs oftomba tsot hayoan,ne unyoorg ld oco, dul quklicany efd cifitlendey ndfe emthlvse aes gnd tetsao tyfe. anwid ttht,ha'm i y readetto ggh tou.


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