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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  NBC  February 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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th isng thile caldst maer cl.ass a were g toingove ha onen o is c lamisue empr sschim. we areggoin c toroveo fur s,areaio vlent hajid,nd iuaividl djiha-- andiv cailiztion hajid. t le's plex tainois lrstene the mo ennumtal th.reat >> t hank fyouorki maheng t time r. fo it is ado inctrele cald ishara. s someay sriha ias islam. au itthories othf e faithou wld e.agre th arere ae an lwfulot of
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co ryunt d whoton'nk thihi ts albrut lyprreivesseot taralitian an nsticotititu ponalamrogr of ar shia ihes tirai fndth a tdon' twantivo lte i emtheselvs, sl mundim a nosln-muim ialke. ou tr iblehes tisre a large m nuber of peeopl woho dhi tnk is th is 'sgodll wi toe mak yeverone coronfom tri shanda a us ate whever tequchnies,io vlent nd ki prexdesse byu gropsr o viindisdualf oi jhadr o two rothe ty,peset somhingal cled d hirumol catoniz oionr fistel
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lscal cizivilonati jihade daf i itns a agerranmentt tha will rngove the eentir etplan. a weinre theway. rm>> angstro t: wheyantll a t eheshi tngs,ll a thehi tngs fthatrank ioment.ned e ar weo all twinghis to henapp th hroug our s?law ugthroh how weit monor this? ncfinaial stinioitutns? go mevernnt? ad leiershp? w ho are we mgakinhi ts pblossie to henapp not only just in our fe li btimeaut mny liifetmes to co me. >> ar we eil facinitatg this, u. ovs. genernmt is hngelpihi ts to e sprad busecafe oer psiveron of how we do ilintelcegen and al anyze them eney.
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wi hen t wr,aou yve ha tow kno ywhyarou eig fnghti and whohe t en emyis. f anor my ysear now,s thit isn' tjusthe obama adstminioratin. is thrt sta uedtunforelnatndy uer he t bush miadranist,tion wvee ha wealloold pcsitind ade igyolo to in ourh treat of ama.eric wehavea creted thistr sange afant vsticonersif oea r lity that jihadiro termris is rt esul poftyover andck la of uc edonati. ifer povtynd a lackf odu eiocatn led to jiiihadsm why isn't half of a?indi they'taren. ji had bhas peentar of ilas m cesin the beinginng.
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pe uninsla. adjihp mor ohedver the ce ienturs. twha h weaveee sn scein 7199, rnmodeioizatfn o adjih. th anks to theus mlim br rhotheood. th env iioasfn oha afgannist ou br pghtleeopke li o bsamain la tdenheo tig fht andie sofge cc meina s aaudiarabi mtos iamer dcans kon'tnow roccured. gi bengnnif oethup s fportrom theud sai reegim be.gan na fi tlly aodayoull yrie vswer ha ove t untaders fnd,or 90 a yers,da funalments,ist br rhothe,ood aeal-qda, hav seaid
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phcaliate,mp eire ofs ilam. hwhatenappsun je 4,201 lreade of si isal w ikednto the gdran sq moue, sdecon besiggti cty of ir aq, we usedat proln ad cl dedareal cteipha re ab-esthelisitd wimh hself as the peem.ror th is tathres i real, 93p peole in aicmera aterresd asbe memrs of isis, 30% of twihem noth te innntio tora tvelo te th lemiddst eao tlkil orvehe tre so il. th t reais real. vearrid, trarms yong,ourwe viers ee nod t parrepe thlemseves. >> onexa eempl oowf her ssiou
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e thec dirtor of bif said heas h 900nv igaestistion of la isstmic-reate dlatera opestion in erveney o of our50 atstes. th sis i pbrobahely t o tipef th eb icerg, kfranly. w hen uyo twhro into the mixn i tiaddioon t thesl icami e,stat olhezblah llces, hamas cells, al ed-qaa llces,n the t iheres th e mm uslihebrotodrho t onop of em th. >> st armg:rond hol,that a were co mingback. co ngmiba k.c
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>> iow kne we hav a k,booen m ra umn dfrb om thehi arc ovesf e thu m slimotbroherh rod,ight he re imen aricaow hid dhe ty ldbuiir the asinfrtutrucre? w hodo they scderibe thlemseves? ho w t doheyse u eram'sicanaw ls ag stain them. dhowohe tyla p tnoke ma their es preencwn kno orav heye th al y?read th>> isis theea bofuty that li ttle k,boo ithisshe tr secetat stregic an pl oef th msluim otbroherhod. anexplryato manemor odumhef t st girategoc al. wr enitt in 1.199 ly onme cao t our teatonnti, 07 208,-200g larester tsmrori ltriaol hy land fatound ion altri. th ata lysut o thens awer to e overyne of your tiquesons.
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bthisookal tksou abt how you bu sildlteyfullhe t in trfrasuructe for jihad. er thse wa anic artle binack ll wa st jreetnaourlal tgkin o abut iner gyman ovnerru by gr mi,antsef reuge erseeks, rf pengormit whahe t mm usli hebrotdrhoond aer othsl istami ca ll the dhira,ol catonizion in e.forc plpeone i angermy,ho autesriti in gnyerma areow non cedcern not ju bost aut hajitsdisut, b oppele urecr titedoih jadry ve like wh tat bheyuilt here. uemosqhas tthe t mm usli hebrotdrhoo taesheblisd,or nth am aericn iicslams trut.
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nt ceers,tu culral ces.nter ro front gups ofar viousds kin. thtogeer,y theehave trid to ndomi tanthesl iamicom citmuny in s thint cou aryshe tvey ha dtriee elsewher andom bechee t of alfici teinkrloc tersit wh rngovetmenn agecyso sylar m,ste ot herel rusigioom ctimuni es, ac icadem deacamic inutstit.ions lalf o which isat crengin a roenvit nmenarwe e balasicly ie bldpdeo t -- bld indewhto at atheyre g.doin rm>> angstro:ha she t media been tecoopd? >> they sriubscbe tohe t- -e w thavehis maa,ntr you need to
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htheybeave enpp oedressy b re sgime byub marak or galener c. oppg ssinm.the olackf ucedn,atio ptovery. we ee ndo tee fl syorror f them d anem rember w thatheep duty >>ou y arei sayngs thio t ch tearac nrizeotnd eorse it? >> no. i th ws is thathe media says, utdepyke spoers psoniv gingn a rvinte oiewn aat nalion ft leng-wi maediyi sang we can op st t allhe trierrosmif we ha ve jobs forha jidis. w >>ee ar being tldo whate w can o knw. int,facas sabntia and i were
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itinstnautiodlize cteounring enviolt emxtreismpr m.ogra a >>trrms:ong t areheyei bng ni matpulaed? gaarront? >> i it asll of them. ccouniln o acamerin laism. >> iad h the honor of thieacng o pe plessacro the u.s. rngove.ment i had one vbrery tigh guyri wte s hi tishes on ersubm hgs,is one luconc isionhes t owfoll ing:f i e th en nemy,dyobo t aalksbout ct vi ooryrem enhiy wisch a
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roconthal w ytreou a aedllow to asaytbou th,em youhavee alrady st lo. a th wt iseher we are. y >>anou c'tos pysibl win. cyouan'tde ifynti as both of u yo haveid sa the atstregy. rm>> aonstre g: w aareidfrao t lcalro terrismer tisrormn whet i haens on our soil. >> e w bhaveeeno tlde w yma not ogiveseffeno t imuslms. th sat i sahari asbly.phem no yw b ttewit arnd faocebok. wea hdem dtsocraor f afe difrent as reon miajortyth of eem dtsocra nwhe w itas under control, de atmocrspt adoingme antndme to th e ticonsontuti. a >>rormstng: how do weng chae
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>> ha we veo tbel cear autbo the na eturth of e y.enem se ibastndan a wife katyve ha d aone book aoubts thi eoidy.log w vee hao tbe e thufalte linw beteenus mlims at th are abl proem andes onha tt e ar mu bslimerrothdhoo s isub- - om fr p our oointef vi w is ishara. if he ty aredheo ts thi doinctre, viindi odualr eccoll,tive those ksfolch whinc islude theli musm ot brooherhad mke no stmi ake utabo it are on w therong e.sid we us mott ne bak ting cseounl tfromhemnd ari bnghe t tmoe tak
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eg ypt, triedn i libya and syria. >> st armg:ronn ir otherdwos, we ed ne to make a halto t their mo ntveme? >>.amen >> st arm:rongh we avehe t eperfxact eempl asro eupe ra un bvelseefor ourry ve eseyes.ey.
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be back. rm>> aonstrhag: w dt ioestll a me an,fr ank? >>s thi a isge larrb proleme w are sgeein playut on i roeupe, ms arg,tront pase yars alone,
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th eseus mlim grefuees. 0% 7f ohe tme ware t aoldre li mi-atarygedcc unanompaied nme. m byost fideonnitihs, tato wuld ns cotetitu an nviasion. >> s armg:tron orla deconrati of wa r. w >>ee areg bnginni to see it pl utay os a war. eonelexampha wpt ha ipensn co e logninm gerany onew nr yea's ev e. n gafgs ose the young men xu seyallol mdeste and pcahysilly as tesauld wnomen uder ag proram ithatows knsn a rotahaosh. a >>rormst ing:st i afact. di untespud. >> not initially. theyed tri to sreupp wssho d id it. a >>trrms tong:heac fty the 'tdidn wtan to rrtepo its i bl easphmy. >> itht mige given offsend a
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u yo are sngeeihe tus mlim br rhotheood sngayion d'to d tany thinghatgh mit suset ffo. t hoseys gul wilo cme andl kil ou y. t iis iwork wng,ee arng bei su sppresed. >> st arm:rongha wot de wve ha in a plnce iri ameca to fhtig iths, stsebaian? >> av i hhee t honoro t workh wit ta lof o peeopl acsros the mi arlity. er thee aren tsf ous thoands of g poodeeopl ulysual at lrowe ra nks. it isri tincklgo thr tugho a h righenk rass a well.
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the tthreass aenessmt. ifhe ti patento cmes out with ca ,ncer y pourenatit is g gointo .die >> or unfttunaelyro pngppi upne o ve e therisis thhi siteai strn then th isere the sunni rastin. th avey heoi pnts of grdisanteeme. ey thm seebe to fyairl nmior. ktheyillch eath oer orve ethm. ha we t w bhaveeen bedlind to, ey th mcoake nmmous cage atains the inl,fade mngeani .us rtunfoelunathay tt 100 bonilli adollhirs wsch i o pneartf othe
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sotreatnisal de,re pntsideam oba d diit wthh el mulers of rain, w beill fi sufntcie toop pr up th ateg rimeh whicee sks icexplitlyea d ttho icamera. also im aai afrd cyatalze fu rrthe sftrantormaion aspl peoe ac ret. me sof o which w billeim aedt a us. >> st armg:ron im aggoino to g teminu of wi.sdom eewe nd to ewempor thee pople w hoy the can putre pessurn ohe t mb meers of creongss,ut p es pr osurenhe t w hiteehous and on cegres and
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we'll be back. >>ac capity lkein a eloevatr, muhow yoch anu c hod,lta coniner or bueckt, butn ithera palctic pl aptiicahaon tilt wlry car us in heto t year,ap ctyaci is the te polntia siinfde o u.yo andot piaentsl i etixisnng i ibposstyili. at th iserwhe i vlie. meso people live in im sipostybili.
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a >>rormst ng:seiabastn, eermpow th e oppele? >> trehe bswe,ite the cliaairen oj pr wectith a c. mo me mry,e iddlteas stinteitu. rj gok. ou y can rthead emy ene's do ntcumehas wts isi is wrintig. al ler amnsicaho suldea rd those cu dotsmenun to tdersand the em eny. >> cusereref.edomorg. al so aw ne site lhaunced 23rd of br feyuar rrae, corjunte.ihadcom. a >>rormst ng:did well, anfrk. we re appatciyoe ur loveor f this un co,tryr aminghe tpl peoeit wh ow kneledgnd ai wsdom soy the can sa hive ts cnouytrro fm tshi ngcomi hajid. od go day, evoderyby. kthan s youuco mh foroi j ning us.
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pt cangionipa comny] a>>ounnernce : thowfollising a id paer advmetiseornt fta eni chrog, b tughtu o yobybe odachby.>> , wow ljoy,atook se the pe leop! eythov lyoe u! ch[ rseend app ausla]e th k anu!yo 'siteg r, isy,jond a'v igoe t g bi fnewsouor y.if es achin, pands, ar poo ncbalae e arinslowu g yo,downke atep wg chin sthisbehow ecaus e we'ra gonn ytellboou anut a cr inleedib p newamrogrt' thasgo finna erx evngythi. [ eech ars andlappe us] ah ye! nn>> ancou: ere thctfaars e htfrigg.enin t 1 ou pof 3e eopl 6overll5 fa each year, resulting in pe exe nsivithosptaal sloys, ss
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b>> i mrokep.y hi"o y h, mgod. at whth in rle wo id amng goito no do w?" nn>> aerounce : thjomacar e us-- heacans pad s,inhi w lchd eato moimlibi aty pndoor balance. >> m i alyrealai afr fd ofngalliag ain. >> announcer: but llfag indan lo ngsiou yinr pedeennd dcesnoe't ve habe to ac a f lt ofife.d diknyou edow m eicaltsxper ou arhend tld h worbeave enre encomm gdinge entlciexersesli ai cke torhi frs yeahe to lp du rechce andes ans pai t ando ovimprlae baannce bid mo?lity e thobprm lemois, mest ansrica ifindict diff lult to --earn l untinow. introducing tai cheng,he t ktbreaghhrou p newamrogr iaspecdelly edsignan so ayonet y ane ag forneit lsselevan cma tsteroshe mndt futaamenl i tamochi pves,amlus gazinhe -balthinoostutg ro rinesight hein twnir oe, homp steteby sp, inus j90t s. day e theslegentem movtsenil whel lpim e prov byourcealan andmo tybilidu, reouce yher acds an s,painle whien strnigtheoung yr lemuscd s antsjoinki, maoung y yfeeleroung m andagore ile.>>


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