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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  February 29, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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si [mu c] a so leeop deco of aursecppre iate erdiff kent oindssif mu lad htodao t decribt' wha inplayutg ose thes kespeayl wo sauld 'sy itt sorikof l ev el mator.usic e we'vd hearalactuvely einrythg f rrom 'ocklln ro e tocthni um dr tming wrene otc m sc dedriberece cos bru t icmus rdaccotoing c the tity, emsyst o is bnly dte tes gh riowt nou abe blo re stoftch rs fi.reet llif as goell weho tught wi bean expdedow dn toai mnee strt ouon f arthvend e onut to la gas veous barlevd. th ite c syays it'sut abo ea cr mtingore panleasndt a alappeing aphtmosere todownwn. t bu one mean wke spo t s i s hid min i it aoingthnying but that. >> it'snn agoyinec beaus me sosone'd mae theib deleerat sidecioon tmp iosehe tiril wl up on thebl puic reheu , yoowkn. r >>rtepoer: pp atlarenhey t mevolu b cane atedjusnd ose the
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po d intet.ou aonoo lp. so ou y u endpri heaheng t same n sogsep rdeater ovend a over ag ain. n,agai d weidak spe to the ci ey th sayy the g'reoing to be ta g lkin ptocubliks worut abo ma gkinu shere tynt maithain ose ifspecic rshou. ci inaldent wly, se'venpoke to so meicse pasy rs-biadohe tew sid he stheyheay tkey li m the.usic obut,urf cothse, eey'rt jus si vigtin w andinalk ey the non'tsaeces lrily he 'r weie goavng huce m mn is thry sto sin compg utrig tonht li tve as m i'ter graard o.malh reedll con mnd barietoack as m >>: arie^fea22-yd r-ola fr enom hondersrg chaited wa lo fehany c arges after gh hied-spesh crat thale kilwod t l locaagteen hers,lee pdade il gutoty d y 18 r--yeagaold thbby soma and ye16-ldar-och mismo gilre we nre old bouiger h ahwaynd elrusshel wn lee'maacioer ms cedecen th caeir 1r atil17 meres pr hou ac incordtog utoseces,
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llevewicehe teg lal milit. r >>: eedro metic polave he two lvunsoeaed dshdly inootgs th eey'res invtetigafring veom or he tek weend. he sre ire wheneapper e th oareacaf deantur tad al wethe idst s te of eonom w an one woman died. anotrhean mrejud. th ho sinotteeporfod bea 00 2:. a.maysundni morng. th oe tw2 reweri d wven he sapeusn refiatd rthm.e etha woman died atht e.ene t thhe oinhootol inv ved iga ftht a al^e lrpa on ane ms wale kildd anot an wo d.unde itpp ha nenedhort of todownwn. th use s fpectledft aer the edunitte stants deth in ree a a ofld md anens. po aliceasre heor tlp hereed l pllo of bo anyhody wws knoth anyining r theistinveioigatn. if hyou aaveor inftima ereithot shog inyou can gor o m im crppestoaters -3 7025585-5. m >>: ariean an rimals ightj ou grllp raouies e tside ve ju cnilehoourtthuse oris mro as ee a tcun acd se kofliil ng answats es dt erorsht e sarebefo dga jue. th tatn eeeapld deilgu ttyono e co t un kofliilheng tma anils.
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ki g llins.swan h whichiof wsch i y 18 earsold. th ne a rimalsight group says they pushed for aa hhrsen palty because of ethta bruatl n oureel th cais s t>> ienju ol absyutel blruta todg blueonni as mal.ath i c eng imaine how rr ho tiblehe swans felt. usbecahee tery wnve idolve and edcar fory bla ahe tboa mu com.nity ar>> m oie: opn tdestadf oos en ro ponbati d anne fi ween qu redirewr to aitete letr of ap ogol tyohe t cmuomtynif o rtdese orshes. >> ur> t tningigo lhtere nwsow n. nbig fewsor cerrackre barl an fs. o twtilocaarons ete sop to en ri hghtinere thell vaney i .july thest firat locseion ttope on in weouth oartef th se po eyvallng aloe bluondiamd d an t an deti mar sethe icondrtn nos h las vegadan ne raar cndig aey los. es thlle with be rse fiact crker ba rrreluresta iantss n las vega thfor aie chn. e thn chai halsolaas po ns topen a ca lo ationhet tve sil rton nocasie lats thiecarye
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ad krte waithd wirody mazem n .2015 'sthatbe dube d onheof t st di'srictwn croacing emhievents to day. cl coark suntyinuperentendt or scekoskrkowngoldi s hisosa. th ste di tricta h hed ailedithe ctstriug's h evachit.emens >> ec a roford 22 169du gra ates hein trk clant couhoy scol di ctstri ot anreher .cordura an ved fith of xe sintd urne ndarouh higolschow s saan in secreagr in tiaduaraon tes. an hed tgasor fse tho dnttudeos whdcas co 'tuldnte quie mako it tthe ju rane gioduatten da h, we o whicpartedipat o inrumme gr tiaduaon. th at's azaming. pl[ ap ause] . r >> eed:r skokykowsys sa he li be aevesllu fture third ad grwiers bell le ab to read veeliehas tilt wel ben l hi ac ievedrtn paau becfse o- pre pr nde-kirtergalaen csssein beg he nld i theosridistct. >> ie marf : ithyou ink your damonsy isy buma, ilogei b d es prtiidenidcand.ate rrtomo iowrupeo dedatues an odd tstrt iusurio mp cainaignyg bdi cansdate in b othti pares. >> d: reen o theep rcaubliden si eallyes aren o texas ourf cose
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le inads p thengollir ove lddonaum tr ev stnde hamaelsasn hn bee owfoll aingll this. he rtseporm frost houon ront. >> or rep ter:d gooinevenomg fr thouson. th stis oateexf tsas ipi shang up j notdege bigkote stark v to toteorom_n s on datuesuty bba proo. a im rtpot and anstmont ieserngti be uscaite t's ed cr'suz refillwa e thxateses tonaisr ol pnglin isk th tee laolst pbols aenut t tspoinad ahedo of tnald.rump : so as texld couth be lye onte stasup wh trere doump otes n winer rrtomoow. pr tievenimng hm froinrunne g th e tablouif yl. wil e'therons ir ty inbehat e causon e thcrdemo saticonide er sup es tuthday s ere' oonlytane ste wh hiere y llartoclin nn isot po g llinhein td leathand at's iebernde san hrs'sstome ofate rm veont onvermt. 's it a not dboutatelegt'es is stroul abmet mo bntumseecau l we st're inill p the ohaseisf thap ec el ctionigampaern whd le des gateasare edsignre e soifven io rubuz, crrs, caon,
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n'doesokt loe likowa bl. out blthe t owoutsstarhe, ten momtum is de neerd fo p sdrtean ma 15rch heth w'sn itne winker ta all. re inportomg frst houteon, xas, >> ie marhe: tra migrint cinsis eu peros ir fafrom over as refugees continueo tle f e olvince ie snayri anda.iraqimn s th use friotrathans tntt co inue oito berl ov. m >>: aries pluicameran as autronsct keott cllyraeleb
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wh e at hinhas re sto t for . >> reed: to greece where macedonian policeed fir tearas g to drsispeeun hdsdre of migrants and refugees who stormed the rdbo fermro greece today. frustrations boilginve o art re ristioct nspoimsed on people moving through the blkalsino t es peca vleioe ncin cntouries s hucs ayr sia andra iq. anatstimulespa let08, peoree we
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te afplr exn osioorin nth ca narolise hou. ve a e hiclhecrastod inom a he d anckstruro a p tpanewhank ich ca tusedexhe ioplosn. e thse hou d wasoyestrs ed aa su reflt oasblt. e thve drif r o v aicle cothe upledeinsi here wn sh ruoed ta dre aithosp ctheeoupl i wase nsidse s en el of ir theur inj ee>> rspd: iringghs riout ar cothe arnerhand tant meu s yo: ed nech to yangewaour riteng a y sc leheduyo if veu haaw a l >> ie marhe: w cn webaome ca wh ouat yd neenoto kfow bere e thoss rulentgo ifeo afct to owmorr. r >> eed: splus kcott iellys jo en aying d bigoray f o himn uidarboe d thrnintenaatioacl spa at sto y whrrtomoilow w el be bi .gger ar>> m yie: onou dee't ss thi y everday. a pgolfnglayiin takmeg sog thin duoff aringe. gam
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we fi'll oull yin in b theuzwi th the help of comfort keepers, m i'epinkemyg om h mltea!hy i'm keeping dad on schedule. i' keepm g in mommyap h!py co ort mfepkes inerom-he professional caregivers prcan idovale mennin pladg anar prepion,at al he athelnd weslnrvs seesic and personal ce searicrv thesugrocusth come plarsan that an chang case eeds nha ce,ng our so yinaglog d veeson can
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r >> eed:mo alnest on iethre er ams icanumconsgae suriry dnks at st leace onay a dcc angordi to aur s fveyrom theen c ftersor di eseasnt corol. yo ungdu a altsret mosel likyto ri dhenk tseev beseragch whi co nntairl neayht eig tooeaspns of ar suges prinervg.
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plunem aoyedsdult and peeopl w hites l escadutionsu con med remoug sedar ssodand a ju.ices m oostrldedu aslt have ob pr wlems oithneth of eir seenss. e thdy stu of 3,000en s fiorsound 94 ce perant hosd ls in one se nse. a nd 40er p hcentssad iwiues th tw o o twth of eiressens. indeclnes ist tande ao tuche wer mothe omst ccomon inmplauna ne lorve enss, nmvirol enta orfactnne ge mtics ceau c co ob pr.lems ar>> men parfts o ob prtilemaalc c alersorre me 8 li tkelye o usettabl ss or mart esphonke to heep tac pee. se reerarchss a tkedcen par uchma sroll garf o creld hn of ntehe t uyselaligitlaceevi indurifg dntfereatsitu.ions ythend fouse the desevic are moreel lik tyo be useds ao cping me ischanoms fhir cenldrh wit ff diticul beorhavi. pe exrts say parents of tsehe ki fdsleetr sseesndd al feey the 'tdon h m ofeofr. >> d: reeli bdzzare lik itcond iionsorn nntherlo apanoa le g avinrasevejul in red,
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caldoir aa mu mpduno s owo eth northern island. th wisomas cdepoun bd byerlusty co ionditndns ait whs eout that ltresun ed iraseveccl antide udinclu a9 1ar cil pupe-ha t ju insered v ou arnd 140 flights were elcanced. th ate wefoher 1rcedch63 s ools loto corse f d theay. th ate weeaher iseede n th inevent g bu smoreexnow edpect mo to.rrow we ewll n3: at u.00, s. as autronott scly kellingett y readomto cmee hoer aftrl neaa ye a n ar ie.spac l\f he ve ser ad ast tesecsubj t on inthe atternl ionae spaciostatn. t socihe sstentild coudy stu the af s fectpaof srace tonvel the nhumady boa 's it part of nasa's goal to makea re suro asts nautn candha ale ttriprso ma ot scllt kelly wiur ret tn to we dadnes lo he s has tpentoshe mmut cuvelatis itimeacn sp ae ofmeny an rica
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ohereran tama fir. > >>rrtomos ow ih marc1st. an 'sd it d theheay wosn the w nengsprier watscing lehedus go in ffto aect. th ute so nherna evadr wate orauthsaity heys ted schgoule es h rougl apri.30thnesp de inpend yg onasour edsignfe te wa gring, rouparyou sie asm w to tater dhreea ays .weekps d anriwaten ng oaysundno is qu lo alwed. ke n ep i dmindghaylivit sangs be mgins 1archso3th w youill ne o ed tstadjur youkscloc. h wea ave tlinkndo fi w outhich gr yooup e u arn in oweour ^ ee,bsitn ebto fy.ruarea r >> eed:'sthatht rig. 's ite tima for k checurof o ca lorel fo.cast 3newsyo is eaur w ther orauthity. ch beloe leardsyriga r e chlodsbeara ley lacumu ativehh r fobethe fuautimpl teurerates. >> oe chle : walactuavly h e st wormyereathde hea od inur di iorectn. ll i'w showhyou n en i ajust co send. ri noght 'rw wejoe en heng thl ou rstdoo heanotrgr go deouscray athoss eyvall
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we r athe owiser n ou-ltime apse ptexce a for c fews loud toverhe ll vaey. yo n u camosee cstlyalm co ionditt ns a mlakeead. ta lke aatook t. tha lyrealno phel menaheweatr nd consitioos acre s th.area ofone w ther armeesplac is la inughl88 at re degutes o side t righnow. ov n erto ialsoe n th80mid-s ts ouide. 56 re degores fnt mourl chan.esto teour atmper auresinre lerg fr mithe s d-70umin sinmerl andr dbluendiamo t allayhe wth to tolow -8 midn 0s oeathe idst s owof ta ry vest toaaty wedoher x nt co rinue nightow. we se're leing wight aindss cros omostr f ouhbneigodorho s as awelltss outhide lle vaheey wre mp teureratrees are cur ntly insitt tg inpphe u0ser 7 for mlakeead. 77 re degores fld bouiter cy. d aneg78 d freesahor p.rump eaat ligst rowht n. r folathe gas veeas ar's, it il stinl go bg torye vem calthis ev g.enin gha lieet brusze jutt oth of e n uorth tp toien manles r hou it wemh ttupera dresasecrepa ri arght 6oundgr6 debyees e. ninluha mo cstly slear.kies semay fee a ghw hiud cloovs me in . he othar than tott no toh muc an chnge i w ourereaths n.tter avwe hghe hiaedire pessurt thaad l wil inremarl fairoy stveng oeh re ongi orvehe t nxteew fa dys be foreke weaning andov mingas et e byndf o thek.wee th at's g goin mtoeakoo r ro st pngericacifrm stot' thas s oet tng brinc chafe oho swers
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er ovtnighig tone'ht wlle b fa irlyle pt.asan y ifouke li ldastig n yhtouil wl yenjoto t.nigh 54 t forovhe ghernit w.lo muchme waranr tht whae' wre pi tyycalld use to this times enf o esps ar yeer undtl moseay clier sks to t.nighte ertempesatur ok loating er upp f 40s, e me tesqui50 to r s fotoovern. f 60heor trn ove lightorow f ke lad. mea eg31 d srees ctilly hillheon t un mo ttainops. 39 p formpahrurn ove ight ghtonit. mp teureratyoes, llu wi see ngmakito it j theoris frt oveon d ansv^ak lade meaf by ooternel pe ups r 70uimesqura mi ved-ses ntiesefor liarchno 82 pr in upand 70per r s foumpahrp mo to.rrow galso toinge o seertempesatur t inpphe uever sesenti t forhe la gas veeas ar. mp teureratlies fgrtinh wit. 80s we above ouror nalm mp tetueraorre fs thi otime ye swindeinhiftngh sliintly theunt af ooterns w asoke loth at xte neen sev ys dand i uanerst hd wea ave lot of nt evemis cop ng uciespe ally wthisndeeke. w so ge're toingepo ke bira tg ckinli
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f sohaar w ht wetoave l teldab is ds win e aretexpec pd toupick l54 pr settyg tronaton sy.urdap af thter e at wtrare ngackirm stolm ac tytivi t forashe nracar p he oadedayur w s fory.undaa e as wclget toserato th dayde we be'll e ablelto tu l yobi tt beorer ft ecasaras fwh as ti e me wd woulntpotey iall th shose s.owercr rso nighte'ow woore l aking cechansh of s owerby sunday. t,buga a, in'lwehal ve nt cousinuoat updn es o more ifspecasics ge we ost cler. th mee tin dowheto tr hou wwhenule coe d see thosershows. m >>: ariere we'll stiee a wk t. ou e,chlonk tha. you ee>> rwed: ha do reve bg akin tnewssso pang aloyo to u. e th hfedsdeave tniedhe go mevern rnt'sstequefo to e rc plaptoe el hthp uemocnlank ip nehoha tbet nglo teda o n ma o whedplui gy lt min acaeth se. th neis one in rkw yo. me soyo of ayu mnk thih t his ad mesointhtog o dit w th an rnbedaroinca .se tbun ohi tne odo it nnot. ho r,weve c it ould pl imtiicanon igontrnme rteffofo to gu apple to aquelounc
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rr tet orishein t b sanrderna tishood so - i -e'applres fith so ey wo han't o ve ttoget p the hone heof tro ter.rist l we'l ykeeposou pted. >> ie marti: shell aa ad, d chil mgoesngissi i butuns fold al an thoks tben's rist f >> d: reemi cop ng ua how
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an and d>>ana: good afternoon. di'm anagnwaer. iherehas w bt'snguzziay tod e velas gas. a ve uniy rsitnirgituia s edjaildy dan ihnortnaor fo twg hsmontak spe fingheor t f ti .me th at' heon cedfess toal ste aing ba onnerigr snta conginin a
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this morngni ioemotplnal b d >> ana: c youanee st thaou yng n mats wange to act bk to the un sitedstate q aslyuick as ss po.ible whmeanthile itat hw sho v"the"oiceur retonns ttigh on ch l anne3. th wi a former child star tg ryin akto mite big as a si.nger [ c]musi ias w anct a wresshen i was very g.youn nit'syot mss paion. >> t whaewer fluet somghin t ow.
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vi moure c ee. s >> uhut algoy.wa q la [ erught ] t >>s hat'htrignionllis prorte aypled curly sue fromha ttie mov athat o lotfou yve ha .seen youcan see the first aiouditn tonight on the voice at:0 80 here oann chnel 3. wee tak tuo yo condaiclass toverwehe d.eken 'sthatfe pronssio quol g gfer t hi i itthnto .ateroc di u d yocenoti? d he'toesne havh antso to ffok o ptsano tla ph t is shot. he goes from thepaer watntheo t beach. he ended upak mginar pn o\l t olh se ioue g it was worth it sp de titehe ac bk to you. m >>: ariea dank thanyou. a lot ofpl peoek talabing out hi ts one. a th moernd aom ctymuniti resng aeasy afteris msing boy was dfoun safe. >> d: reee th rkaemarble rueesc isha ts nktolylikeo. heruj ar3-ye e-oldroli fuim loa sian mwentngissisd tueigay nht. po aliceomnd ctymunibe memrs ga edtherr neahothe ndme aan beg
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it t washuhis g ntinnadog med yhonet thapp steped uth to e p tesi uisng hdenen sfse oqab smell to trackow deln oui abt an ho ntur iheo tar sech. th wne oayer su wlehihea llthriised h w dogblas a e tom nd fi b theheoy, ne is s rvoup usbecanee hos y ha sonlyedniff t ou ideerashe p d as srebefo. r >> eed:ey hon a iscateon h pf o i' elshe motysr sa theod terdl esdotn' rememr beucm ahboutha wt hal llut bdo he de ela p u htellheim w in hedes olw r hon y honed savelihis \l >> ie marap: h hpyise om h > >>bia whg psoo on bse wecoite esnfusop who begoldorrg fah oprfr winey du tringsche olaars igst nht. >> d: reemi cop ng uthhow e mp coisany po resg ndinr aftethey fo oundbout aheut tor err of irthe.ways ouan cet gou y(v so)p hol alkema ms,elodans dcorslon iuryoei nboghoorh..d. alwil wthryorre-fowe rsnep.hi
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oppehole w m buyveore eshiclth nyan
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r >> eed:ec rdor outurnt. im pr varyrsotein comutg o su tpporei thaudi cansdates this t r.yeara what's behindhe t arend c iouldctimpai reup s estuday? >> ie mar h: pyapir bdathy byba. it is a rare dayor fos the brcelengatiew a nborn onhi ts pleada y. we 'll iduntrotoce t youhe eyvalli's flerst eaap yr baby. >> ar> pft ot' whays m cngalli is tok worh witdrchilen. >> d: reeea l bdingplexame. w hoesimarea t icherpis hoong tios qu mo tetivayar tu ss dent -wcokeor trsgio bvek ac vu ablnerul popnatioma nn>> aerouncew: n ss 3tstarp gh rit now. >> d: reeha tfonks ar stara ue wi u lddonamp trud an h claryonlintce arappe t onge vernginniac rae ei thspr reveectity par's no timinaons. >> ie marit: ha's w t a onnati swideyurveho sl jonust y darebefoer supsd tueay. th tee lacnst ges tr tumpuphe s oportyearlf hal epof rcublinductevo rc9 pehe t busssineoffi
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omarccia.ios heon toc demc rati csideonlint ad lerns beanie s 5ders 35 to8 rc peent. th ue s rrveylseveaar sh per grdemocaphi s crdemota dot vrun tha blrepu.ican ee>> r rd: d ecoroturnfout ta pr yimarntrevot v hertrepoed. >> ie marur: oio nat nal escorrenpond ctishrnetia mra f souoo l aksthe t trend andt wha bmaye dngrivit. i ep>> rr:ortee h is ratesoning wi heth t peeoplnd aak spe oingur mi nds. >> is ths i aea rlylng aue ec eltetora. r >>teeporinr: r fewlmeas ot ther hantipoli dcs,nuer angesn ua eqenl iathuss t bu. hne i01 2ct thar ange tr atanslining voto ke ta aookliepub otersi tu trnou t in016 ir fewst fte stas to 's itcr indeaseev heerywre. fo roc dem,rats outurnast h wa ned. agn si trehey'ot nne hargssin e th fewmo estiont tha deriv rsvoteay ss mo. s >>imometesmiret' ipes ho a ss wes. in 8. 200 awithe mortiopstmi eicrgney. a sndetomesimt is ing arer o


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