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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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ri t a>>ounnernc f:mrobc n wnewsorld he aradqu itersewn n rk yohi, ts isc "nb tlnighwsy neit" wh erlestt. hol g evood geninm fro r ouct ele ion quheadrsarte t onhe ev fe oer suptu y,esda ooneef thge bigst da etys y in the pr enesid tialescontt. in e aniolectean sson edfillh wit -sheadnghakime monts, ni to sght,pray ,tans th e kkk andar eie pce ma ctlfun aionsmore ang e thic topsvi dring the co sanver ation tbouthe republican race. outsidef o s,texa do tnald srumpeems po tisedcoo sree som bveryigin wsn i to owmorrri's pmary co t.ntes itdespome s e liconfgctin and ricusouns arswe to a tiqueshaon t lt's eft him eedxpos over very ns seivit reiaac l ougr.nd c'nb ksyatur tta ssrt rouov cagere tonight. >> reporter: tsienson ihighn orradfd, rg vi.inia etsecrvi serce bo -sdymmlagin a "meti" ph raotog wpherriho ted l to teavehe aicamp-mgndaanted press ptrum e on dge too, mthisngornimi blang
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th e kkknd aid dav duke in nn a cer intview on b aarad e e.piec >> s i'mngitti a in ho iuselon fridah wit ay verad b earce pie tthat ghey ave ame,nd yo ouu carld h hdly ear hwhatase w yisang. ep>> rr:orte a co inmplaet h n didot ma urke d ting his in ietervw. i >>'t donw kno yt an ahing dbout avid ,dukeay ok? d i kon't anowinnythg ab wout yhateou'rn eve intalkgbo aut with wh iteup scyrema or ewhit suacprem.ists i t don'.know ep>> rr:ortemp tru di wesavohed tn kla he ai ounfamors fmer ad leaser lwet ek. >> id dave duk and ro cabosllre aut o n.agai wthehitere supstmaci ve mo smentrtuppo ing you. do h you aaveorny wds >> di i w.savo at th. r >>teeporrur: tmp ev iten cheed t o ne gtime wranddizar is th eee ren hld woun't n ru t onhe rmrefo ypartke ticnt i 0020. >> id dave dukt jus joined. a bi t,go a risact, a pr leobm. th iis ns eotlyxact e thpl peooue yt wan in yo urrtpay. >> ep rteor sr:ceine h mp ca,aignmp tru has rbeenteepea dly seaccufd oki stong ra cials,fearir fst wi meth nsxicahe, tn immusls. d >>d onalptrum is gdoin b his test o alappe t tohe
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ke du p andeeoplik le ddavie dukle whi pr dietenhang te't hs no oit dhang tert vy th ing. >> s hedhoul m be ore of a stmaatesn. w itn'ouldost cimt h hianytngit whis h pp sursorte i and ht as th hae c oncectf ayuall br ngingie mor pu reanblicnts iiso h .fold ep>> rr:ortes thi ek we tend, rump picham tonedhe endorsement of alabama na se jtor effiosessns, fthe uirst s.s.orenat to n joi trump. this as m rarcoubio t go t inhe mud. ow>> h can a person twithorhe wstpr say ta n in amicera? y >>noou khaw whet ty say about m wen ith lsmalnd has? >>?what >> youan c'tst tru em th. r >>teeporour: hrs fr om super tuesday and ti sme ini runutng o r fotr sump' co itmpet torsako me th w>> i gilloo tll a 50 at stndes ary eve rr tey.itor ili wonl cetinu to kspea u out intil ralite hlly naveo vo ice.left ili wol gwh any tereo sp teaknyo aoneef bore eti l a conrt aist get a d holth of e re icpublpaan rty. >> dd onalptrum esrepr eentsthverying reyou' mad about wa inshongt t, he -mdealgakint tha es do sn't wtand tithhe rk wo mingsken a n.wome ep>> rr:ortepi deste it l, almp tru is
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s>> a c youan ,hear lddonamp tru o isn st hage iereeon g rgia ndbehi. me th is isno ather nt corsrovesy i ew bring. bo ubth rndio az cru ll ca oingrun t tmpo es prs "nethe rkw yo me tio s" tasrele oe af o anheff tor recd me getiner aftzf buzeed rtreponed i itru tmp hmayavead h ibflexy.ilit a >>hes tmp truin tra ll ronts i souper datuesuly ffl o eastm, rsomeliepubcan ad le aersowre nnl opey pr exngessip dee co nsncerut abo the peprosfct oal dond um trsp a they'parts no e.mine goneenop s eatorven su tpporm. hi aand sc'nbs aa ndre hemitcll porerts, the xi an hetyas redeach a rfevetc pih. w >>ave he aem mov ent ggoin. on isthsn i ' r>>orepr:teon dd al tr pumac pngkin i ai agton day. bu eht b tindhe esscen, c nbs new has ledearn ptrum hasan my top re icpublanff olsicia mbscra,lingki loong fo war a yo tck brocklo him
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ew>> nl pol t out oday sthathows that he's hi beilnd h lary toclinn. a intlmosry eveer oth po ,lltu virallyny a rotheub repnlica- - there's conrnceth dd>> a tingheo t m,alarum tr p's re onspse on theu k klux,klanmp proting is thet twe f20rom 12 no eminet mitmn roey. >> a uadisqinlifyndg a usdisg rtingnsespoye b lddonamp tru t tohe k.kk shiod cindl ogf re anpugntig b iotrys inot tnhera cha cter amof a.eric >>threwiho cgosin a enpresikt lee w do icamer anme"an rica"?idol e'ther ls afot o op pe ile, think, giletetimawoly d.rrie ep>> rr:orte oigne b nc cofoern r blrepus,icanh wit um trtp a the topf o ttheticke h ifees los ta owke dn with him 24 go enp s ateidcand?ates tandhtonig thest fir pu reanblicat senoor t y sa w he von't foteor tr iumpe'f hhes t mi nonee. ne kabrasen's b sssae. in ac a fkeboost poe, h ot wrone, catserv ives nwill teedino fd a th opird otion ther thanp.trum hi>> tss iuy a g who
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ag tain shat aound lot mo re likela vr dimi nputin thabe a ra ram li n.ncol he>> trere a k twoey wo srrieng amo many re icpublffan olsicia t if grump tetshe no timinaon. fi ifrst w he iinsn no ervembou, weld h ve gosrn a a co vanser?tive sand,d,econld wou he gevenet that far? if draemocts arebl ae s tossucceyfullac attk hi ass p stmetatents handusis bsines co rerds. st leer. >> re andtca mi, hell an thks. le bt's iringurn o li polticare di,ctor e ther modator ofme "et e ths,preshu" cck to dd. ch iuck,ruf toemp ds we toll owmorrha, wt ar hee tnt poins i hwhicer oth blrepusican s can top him? >> ll wehe, ty onl way ey th canp stoim h wi inthhe tar p ity tso deny him the delegates he needs to get the no namionti. to o dth ,atf ie hoe ds llweom troor wghni t, entht iec besom imperative thaty the de tfeat orumpnch mar th 15 in.ohio cthatouldn mea every ot cherdaandithte oer th ohan jasn kich de scide to aicampgn. emaybio rubs say i'm ggoin l toetic kasoh g e.ther rthen hubiooas t win idflora. emayby theo g andd fin so dymeboe els toal rly ndarou toea bt himn i h nortlicarona.
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ey th cano ditit w hin thertpay. t if dheyon't seducce by ch marth 15 t,hey wo bn'tble aoe t deny th isin nomn atioto hi m. en ths it'the t hird ypartut roe. er thse i a ns cotitituaron putty o ethert tha b hastallo ssacce. t if whey tanttao srt a d thiry,part'd you ve ha d toto ihi witn th exe nout cofple ek weos tua act gllyet ba llotssacceut, b th tuis ssff ial re, an td is geter vyl rea on m 1archif6th na doruld tonmp cestinu to roll. h >>'tavenn see yt an lhing ike hit,ave ? we ot>> nce sin0 186and th ige whs. me re tmberhe re icpublaran pasty w rn bo o outotf anher co vanser ptive, arty whthe bigs,inreakg t.apar hu>> codck thad, tnk yo u. > >>heon toc demcrati de sire, fffsh o her slland videryictor ove iebernde sannrs i ut soroh ca,lina ll hiclary ninto is inlookheg aoad ter sup es tu adayns a po opitrtunoy tl pul ay aw ins thi cera. c' nbs kenristke welr itis wheh tnt clion aicampngn irg vi.inia is kr wten, chatouan y ll te ?us r >>teeporr: stleer, od goen eving. cl nintopa cam ign
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in upto ser tayuesd af tterhat big w iinn so cauth narolile fued rg la belyy af n-ricaicameran su t.ppor toclinopn h tingo bu oildhan tt mo to.rrow tosenaanr s vdersgowin not to give up, but he do aves he a steep im clarb, platicu irlyf u yok loo t athe nu s.mber erlesthe, tic offial nnbc dewsatelege co untho sws conlint with 5el19 desegat and ersandits wh 86. if o younlyak te into co ac sunt uper gadele ttes, ahosere ty llpicaary p ty erleadhos w get to oo chhose wy' thell pp su cort,onlints get to428 de sanrs' 21. 'sthat0- a 2 fold ntadvaage. cl ninto u isthp wi ads in 1 allpe1 sur tu yesdaat stes. nd sa hersdsas a in ly one fiv ofemth, in includcog dolora, ss maseachu atts,nd hooklama. al sm ller, dessseiver st .ates l,stilde sanasrs h a lo ft oh cas on ,hand wh mich neansato mter at whpe hapns rrtomoow, th ouat cldow all him tato s ty inrahis ce de intefinily. le .ster ri>> k stenerwelk, th yoank u. > >> n nbcewsil w hlave nsexte civeagoverfe o su tperayuesdor tomrow ni ght. fo anr mfy ou, yor you at st wions bille
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ht"nigewly nits" wh al hel tul ressts a ey the com in. an ped scialri pimme-te n caer covageos acrs th oue cntry sintartg at 00 10:. p.mte eas rn me ti. > >>re thee wer ifterr myingtsomen da tonsy i aideno ohi olschon wheic polaye s eea tdnagede stunt edopenre fi,it h ting stwonttudends a in ngjuri tworsothe. ghtonihet tus spect is in cuy.stod e thde stu antsndir the pa ntre cseopit w thhe af c'nb bskelacc moyow n wi r>>orepr:tet ias wn i e thaf ciaeterf o somadiunn jior srenio gh hich sl ooerwhe th auieoritays s a st tudenne opeird fne o his smclas.ates sonenttudeag maning to l cal f 911rom his celle.phon t >>'shere a shoongti. 'sheot g g aunnd ae h testard sinhoot g lepeop. h >>anow meoy p dpleid het?shoo 'm>> i notresu. he t jusle pul odut his gu n andta sedrt tishoong. >> or rep tter:wo st tsudent sho l atunch ti me. tw heo otnjrs i iuredn th e chaos. sthelchoo put on lockdown as frantic pa srented racm fro rk wo.
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we ad ho tet go t him. >> tg ryineto b quiet and just keep everybody else around mesa fe. ep>> rr:orte the olschos i in dd miwnleto,hi oheo, t o twenstudshts ot, 14 an 5-d 1-oyear bldoys re wewn flo by coheli tptero the ithospal. >> ic bas sallyetabl at th is meti. r >>teeporttr: atienon now turns to the accudsesh r,oote a -y 14olear- mdealho w po celiay sos tdse the guhandsn a r heroan fm e thil bu.ding bhe's ceenedhargh wit ctwos ountof at tetempmud .rder ota m iives unnknowt a this.time t'>> i gsngoio te b ha orrd fry eve tbodyo ge vet or isth. ep>> rr:ortess cla has be cenleancedos acrs th ise dttricor tom row aras p hentsold their ds kigh tit. bl ake mccoy, nbc wsne. >> at> lore wdt tha sp rortsteeporrir e n ewandrss i t on he dstanig tonnht i her mi$75 nllioil civ ia trl. rl ea iierhen ty, da e th c manctonvifed o al st akingwsndre te iestifd. t he toldhert cou how he lt aeredhe tee pp ho nle o ans'drewot hel do ndor are sectly
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now as snbc'. >> ep rteorrir: en an sdrewti saull h nted heby teo vidt tha she hsaysamas d hageder ercare. i >>t fel so ba emserrasndd a so as d.hame ep>> rr:orte her cechan l to ookrsjuro, se wven aomennde fiv imen,hen t eye and ll te s her oideef th y.stor y>> med naky bod was on thent froag pe of e th y new th adey h puts bar over my y bod rtpas. my lf gird rienwas ca g llinelme t mlinge sh weasni runng adroun w ne cyork tityinhrowg ff conee o t allhe pa bpersseecau she fe olt sba d. r >>teeporusr: jt ho surar elier awsndre ftle theou comrtro as herlk staerxp eedlain dethe s tailheof t day he or rec dedher. in wo t tedap po deonsiti osvide, aemich blreartt aiexpl hnedeow h ll fo aowedwsndre to he r hoteloo rndm a altedre p the eephole. >> iul pledhe tlu pg d ante waiord fhe t op unportity. >> t wha y was our ntinte toop hlyeful ge r t hethwit ou otcls he?on >>yes. >> or rep hter: er thmo aerolses tfiti ed
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em asbarrtsmen her htdaugerti con tnueso ce fa. i >>at's ht nig mare dthat'toesn .stop we t kep tngelli her it ot's nr youul fat. u' yore a ctviim. veyou'n bee ulassated. >> or rep ater:wsndre va deedstat. i >>upt .sets sit'so emasbarr.sing it as w myri p vate .time evi nhoer t tught his dwoulpp haen. i er nevug thoht so dymeboou w -ld i- ve nehor t aughtel hot ul woetd leb som ody tnexteo mho witut ll te ingme. >> or rep ater:wsndre ys sa e herentire lif s haan chged, andt tha th rdis o ieallws a ays hein tk bac of her mi nd. as foretbarrftt, aer se grvinos almwot t ar yens iis pr hon,e no wes livn i or.egon s hier int anetitctivy tomoni bredy aol par e ceoffir. st leer. >> ga morran d,dfor k thanyou. >> t> a w the hhiteouse to aday,em mber oef th eelit.a s.e t.l.eam 6 ce re tivededhe malf o r.hono s..a.l ss mi aionsovre c ert andsu ually hyighl as cledsifie, w ryarel ar heir thees namr o tsee heirs.face t buda toney, o s tep arforwd. c' nbims j msziklaiewsk ha hes tre incedibl st ooryisf h erbravy. ep>> rteor ar: asav ny
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yeed barrs rely em sergem fro the ad shows. he ne's oth of ile sent iowarrrors f.em s..a.l 6team,he t salpeci atoper fionsorce that pr useviolyoo tkn dow os biama den lan. t buay tod in ae rar pe apanar,ceye b wrs as front and cteenrt a the white house, an eramanic dinemecrbe01 2 t2,he s.e.a.l.s were on a mission to rescue american doctor dilip joseph, taken hostage by the taliban. as the s.e.a.l. team approached the taliban ouhidet,eg bunngue fir exploded. >>t i wasch pit black. ep>> rr:orteet pty ceoffiicr n olas quchecase w f irst ugthroheh tor do, was im atmedi ely,shot and llfatay dewound. >>ic nk died,ou y ,knowwa a r'rrios h.deat iehe dd a true am aneric heiore. r >>teeporr:rs bye was ndsecoehs b aindnd to utok o the teshoor. h >>ade h a wneapo ou about, yow kn,ev lel yread to t,shoo and fo atrtun iely j wasust qu ricke t onrahe dw on at th. r >>teeporyer: b rs spotte tdoshe h otagen e thor flo and threw
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am aneric. y >>erou wile w tlingo ke taul a b flethaor tt st hoage? >> t' thaurs ob, jo yes. >> ep rteor br:rsye th genbbra aedthno er bataliign f bhterhey t ro that. >> t juse gav itug enoh me ti m forymm teaates to om c iennd a getn i tiposioon te tak care oft tha rethat. >> in times ofar w or sp leciaed bre of iowarrear rody t .call ep>> rr:ortesi predent ob pamantreseyeed brs th wi theal med of ho wnor hhich e ptacceoted n for elhimsutf b thent eeir itmmuny. f >>heor t ot brooherhd. it or's f ethverying wthate have cr saedificce sin1 9/1 d inseefen o ofur uncotry. >> or rep jter:im miklaszewski, nbc news,he t ntpe.agon t ihere ls aot more to tell you about as e wti con onuehin ts aymondgh nit. il stl eaahd, lgosin pslee andai gngni weight. ne waw inrnabg touha wt co dule bli fuehong tse fjunkood crgsavin. >> ls> ao rngocki the ag ste. os thxpe engecti the roscat hos to take on the diversity
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>> y> ife ou'rofone >> f> iou y're onef o mtheonillifs o peeopl wwho lould tikeoe los fe a pwsound a andre ggstru,ling new se re sarchstuggest par of p theemrobl may be th wi m how such leep reyou'ti getrng o not tt geing. thone-ofird lt adus ge est lhas tixn s ur hofs oep sle n aight th rahaer then t mmrecodendeen sev to teighur hos. t it ournsheut ts les we p,slee theor mee w ecravd foo n andheot t fo tods ahat greood as nbsc'om t costello re s.port ep>> rr:ortey the are otwoamf a'eric s
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fe w extra lbsun arod e thmidti secon and no not e ughp.slee d>> ion't get a msuch pslee i asld wouke li. >> s a soon as i wake up , i feel like i'm vistar ang,llnd a i wa snt i odfo. ep>> rr:orte now serecharro f tm he un siiverfty oca chigo sh iowsayt m p beart of a vusicio cycle. lthe sess wleepe t,ge e the mor ourod bsie produce a chemilca in eth blood that cr gsavin. e the samte sysm tr reiggeyd b ri maa.juan incravorgs f the ee sw ts,y,salt and tt faooy feds wck sna on t inhe anofterons andenev.ings w >>e're allctuay ea mtingoreal csorie th ande needor f eynerg st cofs ong beiwa ake lo .nger ep>> rr:ortevi pre ous iestudavs houe fnd wh leen sepep ddrive ulad gts aotn eraxt urhond a h afalf o sl aeepgh nihet, t re mmcodeen edhtig ur hohes, tir cngravis jfor funk oodopdrped. people who get less th sanixrs hou are at an iasncreised rk of itobesy. is thto docunr rhes t ee slenp cter at tamedseor gowrgetn un siiver tyspho.ital iv>> gen00 3or calies
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olike oner two ok co iies anboutwo t ek weans cul resnt i ga ginin p oneound of ex trafat. t >>eshe btic advoe t tt ge aingd goo t'nighs sl deep,rsoctoay s go b tonded ae wak a upt th ame sime tvee ery da ndy aid avoat e ing hianytnng i the two to ethrers hou beefor go gin to sleep. if junk sleep leads to junk food, wchhiea lds tobe ositynd a more ju lenk s, epeabrngki th celeyc coulde b ke y. m tost co,ello nbc ws newa, gtshinon. >> e'> wacre bnk i a mo wment aith ga -ispucndginom mten at there supoume crt th asat h hn'tneapped th e er oinr vea ca prev usio trelyedatith w pl -batinum casedthhemoerapy, 's itve not eay sry dhiomet ng igthis bes a com.long ch a o ance t lonliveger wi opth... ,divo lunivomab. divo opth is te firsan ly id onotmmunherapy fd ova appr bed ased con anilitrcal lia de atmonstrlonging ifer le...
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hein to opdivin cl triicalal. hea t ar dattack't coesnear if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. teno matyor who eu ar a heart attack can happen wi out ou'vif yd e ha a atheart ,tack ba a asyer ripigin ren me n carehelp pvent othe ane.r on s betoure talk to your doctor beforyoe nu begi an in aspirimen reg. asbayer n.piri ys gu's j, itthust ofe two ttine se jg isghust ri s ere'insomethheg in t. air hebut here's t: thingt aboulfhan of me ov 0 haer 4omve seee degr of tileerecfu dys.nction , wellra hviag gelpsthuys wi g ednd ket aaneep io erectn. yo ask octour d yr ifarour he t ealtis hnohy er ugh fosex. n doe ot tak iviagrau f yota rake nitr tes fot pachesin or as adempor p fnaulmo ry enhypertsion ur yo p bloodure ressdcoulop dr u to ane lensafvel. voto ag-id lon injterm sury,eek di immemediate hecal lp fo rer an en lactiog stin more outhan furs.r ho st inop takagrag vi c andall d yourr rioctoawght yoay if u rienexpe sce adeudden creaseor l inoss n visiorior heang. k as docyour..tor.
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lablavai se inpaingle cks. >> e > th csamee ruis he tam seeru c ise tship hhatad tour t n ebackerarlis thi hmonter aft w itas ma da igedn ale viont mstorad h tout c a ya vohoge setrt yin aga y.toda gsomesuest r onoyal ca earibbn'sth "anfem o sethe aas"re ex enpericingov norirus sy msmpto. ro lyaar cbeib sansay
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
t,nigh t lheack of ac ntingeeominsf o co lor. joe fryer reports host chris rock took on the controversy early and teofn. >> reporter: amid the glitznd ala gmourf o ho oollyw bd'sstigge gh nit, aio serusic top mi dodnate the rsosca. th>> oseerwi known as th wetehipe leop's ch ceoi awdsar. r>>orepr:tero f tmhe mo cment rhris tockook th ste hage,e tklaced ho ywllsood'er div sity rocontyvers -oheadn. ol>> hodlywo is risororaty .cist lit'sikee wik le you, rh ,onda y buteou'r not a kaa.pp r>>orepr:tehe t miten- onutengpeni lomono wguearas pt st d-an,upar pt onserm. >> i'me "thshdani rl gi." r >>teeporndr: a the en scone cedtinu ro th tughnihe ght. >> he camet a it igstra ht,hen,ad-o and he d sairy evegthin he edwant to say. he>> tasre w a lot be aingskedo t him and lstil c doyomed h ande di d .it ep>> rr:orte r butock al sooo tkim a at will
5:57 pm
hsmit foroy bincottg e th .show t'>> ilss aoto nr fai th watlilas w pdai mi$20 nllio ford,"wil wwild" est,?okay he>> ta. tim ca illedhet tst fir os icarsnor memhay tt dlnakendy a olunapl cajetilly aptttemed to s dohiometthng oer th anan hutd o a bunch of d gol uestats. >> eboverydyde need so dymebo whot fel ifqual tiedalo cutl o ll hod'ywoos prleob,ms pto tutmhen i a op proner c btextut al llso aveow edyrybo s toofort h.laug >> or rep ster: till ra ngti tsshiea y wreer wn do a and few mtsomen llfefl ,at iluncngdi a lywideri czeticid sjokeut abosi aanid ks as unaccos.tant t bu t on hist,nigh 's it thees mssagem fro ch ris rock- - >> ck bla lesiv matter. >> or rep -ter:ha- tt do teminahed t sp ghotlit. e jor,frye nbc,news anlos s.gele b eefor s weooay gd gh nie t, w twanto ex atend w bigmeelco o toieur v iwersn igraleduh, ,rhamth nor ro ca.lina asi wti meeurng o ie fr andst alwr ,tv wh aichfs oto t,nigh be scome an cnb af atfilie.
5:58 pm
u yo p asartf o our nbc newsmifaly. we p're troudeo bt par ouof ysrs a .well we e hop s toee you he acre eigh nht. th gat's toingoo dt i uforns o aaymond. m i'te les rltho. fo llr a u ofs at nbc ne thws, yoank r u fo hiwatcndng ad goo ghnit. ri noght 6w at a:00,e lom anwom s whoveurvid pneakig -- a alloca womn who sveurvidn beig bhit y a buss i ahitnd kdille. >> l> aocal tgeenaer lnsear his shpuni amentrfte atdmit hinge lamuti stedanws at dteser esshor. ywhe somp peole who liver neaby ays's hean a dger to styocie. > >>oals thtonigei, nrsghbo de cmandehang arfteh teir aptmartenom cexploe gps u in esflamce twihi witntn moi fr s iendreare ermembaing ea50-yldr-oan womle kilsd a she wcss cro b h bhway rriveesol p sice off. go eodnvenig. m i'ijesse.oor >> j i'mr.nyde
5:59 pm
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6:00 pm
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