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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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ki taheng tnd sta. >> ul i pthled uge pl a outnd it waored f o thetuppor.nity w >>t as i iyourt ntento hopefully get her without clots he?on >> es y. >> will jurors hold him and the l hoteonrespe siblndin a' rews $7 mi5 iolllan uiwst. an med hod ward bounr afte11 ng loth mon ss in apacenastrout scott kelly is coming backo t rt eaheh, t c bigraeleb ntionasa pl nganni. y todaueis t, sdayh marc 1st, . 2016 nn>> aerouncom: fr n nbcthews is is s acipe ealtidi oon"tf ayod." pesutur daesy. wi atth muet lad r annnsavaah gu e.thri ve lim froiostud i 1-an ro elckefpller inaza ooto gd rn moing. lc wetoome da "ton y" o sthisuper tu y esdainmorng. ait'sot pivayal dth in e idpresalentie rac mand, att, ag imthine weere here t y dayou re wein comckg baea to lirth ke onastr saut, kcott. elly ho>> wwi is g nnin she'sg?ayin en whth is xte neke roct t ouof
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ilwe wvel haot a le morhaon tt ngcomia up lelitter lat on. hi>> t ss is tuperayuesd. t' lekes taoo a l tk atmahis p. pr ieimard s anuscauceies bng iheld sn 12s tatealoverhel, t ma tyjorith of crem athoss e ut sourh, oit pol ticaliseam fa onnedcrut athoss une cotry. we l wilg brinllit ayo to isu th inmorng. t' lears sttht wier pet ex alr,andeis he te in xas. by t farighe b pgest urizer p fo s grabghtonit. te peoor, grnd motoing . you >> or rep gter:moood g.rnin reyou'ct exaigly rht. is thld coua be omakeear brk y daalfor dl ofd onalp'trums ri tvalsg ryintoto ss p hih marc t toomhe nioinatn. aherehere tes newmbt nufrers om gh hi40 at ar%, mubco rn io i co sep nd uin5 pon ts ilathe st o tw oto, ned and teuzcrn i th d ir aonay dha tret ally could h beasis lant std. na doruld tn mp ofathe rast tck inhitte g thingas rg geoitia wh th ade hena of . scar i >>e f thlepeopt tha iliket
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um treyp th c canl ancethe tielecigon rowht nbo, noandy c wi n. bo nody. ep>> rr:orteay todst 11 , ates 59 le5 des gateorup fbs grare, mo th nyan aer oth a dayrill p mary onseash witp trumilheavy farevoerd evreywhe t but, exas uz trom's hate ste. th ese fr shmanorenatds nee a ct vitoory stay in contention. f >> idoyou wan't o nt tsee lddonamp truth as mie noi nee ask u yo stondtait wush . r>>orepr:tear m rco iubios fo d cuseecon sg urinrsa fit place finish in florida later is thth mon w bututithotr a song ow shtoing y da wheill be hard sepres ed toinxpla h howaye sts in r thewiace erth znso wi15 in s.trie >> v afoote nar doruld tmp to owmorra is fvoteilor h lary clinton in november. r>>teeporndr: a t newonensi on the trail, the secret service is investigating this sffcu alea t tr p umllrawhy e er aanntgeod by slamd meima "tgae ma" zine rtrepohoer wre swoth at ene agt te af wr heloas b fckedrom leaving thcae gnmpaida manted s pres.area o'rubilis alrees anc lau hing
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tr ovump aver dukid de. >> mp truus refo es tundenohece t kkk. th abink thout at. fo esr prt?iden r >>teeporlsr: airo st uringp co ventroinrsy ni mor ng a zz bu rfeedt eport aboucra seet of e f thrdrecoer int "viewthe w ne tyork" imesuccondwited th umtrwhp e ere tht fronerrunn is rerumo hd toreave edveal ex flitibil hy inaris hned li grimmin atiocestan. um trrep's s valldeadd tmandg be re edleas. >> the voters deservtoe w. kno ep>> rr:orten eve rmitty omne le pi td oninweetotg anher bo elmbshhal, w ht isdie hing. tr reump disponn ng onefox ws ov gherrit. y >> bwathe t y, iegis nblotiae, th aingsegre nblotia we, ibeill sthoneh wit iyou,l wil tmakehe ll wa f twosheet r orteor so mething. i >>not's got neletiabut abo il bu idingt. >> b no,inuild, g itnot ne abgotile. >> or rep iter:naf doruld tmp esrout r hisliepubrican vals ghtonitct wa bh atasacklh ingrowreg mo. on pue reanblicd saionhe w't suorort e votdofor tnaldrump di adonng catserv wiveshaill ve
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's itng goibe to at a lnie toght wi ugth hake stes. amattavnd s. anna ha>> tounk y. > >>arhilliny clenton stersuper tu y esda mwithtuomen hm oner si de. a ngstrowi shoodng tnday a to t nighd coulbeall t endhe crdemo raticace. s nbc'eaandrch mitisell in am mithi wit tha oparte f th st ory. , hieaandr. go orod m. ning r >>teeporoor: grnd moing. arhilliny clsoton a far iheadn e thesbiggatt sttie voodng tay e' shres alloady g okinndbeyo iebernde sano rs tnea geral ec el stionegtrataiy agthnst e mo lstelikrey blpuanicom n, inee lddonamp tru. >> he tep rliubnscaan wtot el sl the same snake oil. r >>teeporodr: ts ay arsvote in s 11s tate theade o ths poll ll hiclary n intongtryi to disolierfy hd, lea b ande erni nd satrers tyingngo ha on. our new nbc news "wall street urjol"naar mt isllpoho sws in clcrton ngushide sanears ny rl totwo i onexan teens, teeness geand a.orgi inbut ah okla oma ponew asll h sa s nderintopping cl48ton to 43 %.
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ma acsssehus tt ltod eae th po calitivol reonluti. r>>orepr:tend a in ma hussacs settersandwns' o ck ba tyardarhey cke lon ed ia gh tirat ce. >> y' theeeve bten af fr me5 or 2 s yeari'and ilm stanl st.ding ep>> rr:orte j buthoust urs be sfore tuperayuesd s the tate pa dentrtmeea relthsed nae fil ba h tc eofai-m flsm roincln'tos ivpre atrvse tert hae sheduss a crsearetofy ta s.te ait'str consyoverub repnslica tovow h hitn er oheif ss win nothe timinaon. g>> intuaraouee y t one, hingwe ll wita be eilk bhong t-mse eails ev moery omenterf evy.y da >> or rep nter:liow c intons tu g rninfoher tocus a potential ma uptch h witlddonamp trum who sh d e anhuher d sbank thineris h mo ikst lreely icpublppan ot.onen >> ri ameevca ntoer s bpped eing ea grt. e we'vtogot e makicamerola whe. >> or rep tter:lihe cs ntonk thin ei thstr bee casnsagaiumt trp is p to toints o hirocontiaversl re s markpoand y rtraashim a bi got. cl n intobehas cagun g llinfor re moe lovkiand ssedne and te g llindscrowt thaeainst d of il bu wding wallsede nete to ar
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bu e t thtoclinavns h e no siilluabons hoout ugw to'sh it in go bg to te ifhahey o ve trun nsagaiist tht mosnvuncoonential pu reanblicdi whmeanbeile srniersande is inrais mg somouch onney line 's heng goist to itick h oute esaysifven s he'befar ihindn e thgadelealtes e l thtoway ju ndne ase tho p bigririmaes li alke cniifora. ba o ck tmayou tt. a>>rend ta,nkhaou yer vmuy . ch fo rer mowh on aat'sakt ste da to ty wetourn ck chud, tod nb poc's calitirel di actornd mo todera "r of tmeetrehe pss." >> d gooinmorng. >> e i'v tseenamhe slle pos yo su'veeen. mtakeroe thwhugh ouat yec expt tr s ump't nighooto lkek li. t'>> irys vesi postrble wiump ns er evngy sirile p amaryaund ccus ni tootght thher exan tndas a he d coulevwin onery te ofbyhem 5 or e mortspoin. s >> wo weupake or tomshrow e me wh ouat ynk thing thiuls cookd lo ke lite in ofrms d theatelege un cot. hi>> t as isse conivrvate ti es.mate ghtoni ht heboas a 6ut a0 de telegad leaouhe celld wlll we
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is tha is erconsvevatiim estate. we oss clo er tin40% se thels pol nthisr umbed coulelbe werl ov 0. 30 wwhatn'e doowt knwh is o is in go bg to se ind.econ >> ot a la of ioment mn on arco o.rubi ta o lk tbome ahaut wu t yok thin ul coppd haiten wm h hightonit. ll wien he wd upnginni any escont at atll? veyou'ea alraidy su d yok thin p trum wwillosin mt. i >>nk tif h as inse cloon sec d in invirgia. e if hbecan edat tz cru, here yb malle puur a se prisn up i esminn tota,s hat' hwhate's ho tping. o do y >>alou touk abest tho e tw st , atesn,agaiy the play inpromy entlhein tat strofegy d te bcruzouut y t addsthis ate as l. wel y >>o ou d aherehind t ws ishere te uzd cris he nd spealing l of tihis n me is texausbeca e -- i >> lf he--oss h >>lle wiou be t. he ld woue likulto pt l ous,texa e maybrkin as,ansaev he o en she ho topes i winasn alka. if co he wiuld ren mon thaone st toate t nigh ithatbis a alg de hifor bm tolke taabing yout,ou , know ahey,f ll odda suen -bgoodarye mco. >> 's letn tur tovere o th
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arhilliny clcoton oming ff a hu inge wur satinday th sou ro ca.lina 'swhat m theooap lkek li h forer ni toght? >> m theooap likks l'se itng goi e to btypreth mucmia do nant iheree n thh souti and k thin e thtiquess on ig goine to bdoes pushe ffll oin a mtaneso? sdoesulhe pf l ofa ss maseachutts? i and tsaidifhat d shethoes at th reey ack knoblout toows rn beanie s.ders rn beanie s idersals renlly oy ta inrgete g thesstath witthe as levet dielrse raectothte, e e threerup huse plah oklanoma d th loe co cradoseaucus. heif sno canstt juep swe the h soutwibut e n onwoor t of th beese rnn beanie s hders as a prealemrobl. y>> kouw noerwhise thds lea us, tbacke o th.desk ic>> nisole ti waio ng tinget t onhis. fo e r thblrepu pican tarty here tawas bolk aisut furh sh ts inhe blrepu pican.arty th reey a f notshish anurs e ymor ait'sin gapacg crk. at whpe hapned? at whpe haptoned r theliepubcan y partruif tmemp e trgeshtonig d anheis tin nomee. n >> i t2012ulhe rhaes c nged
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ke maea it fsiern or a ta eshmblisfrent ruont tnnero al seth up mie noonnati. >> el exc.lent go obod j. w >>doell ne. e'therres a tasonouhe c ntry s wantilto ke l thblrepu ican blestaenishmt. tr haump iss thke loc ad upist th in po pt inbeart e causheof t ru thles tae eshmblispuent t pl inace 2. 201 >> ny irort ale. >> h. yea w >>abhat itout at, whth is e itreal ay ofrd thity par nd cae?idat w norewe a t notngalkiut abo p,trumar we lke taabing anout tu acepal rcaublio n wht mighcome a inaynd san i c t putarhe pty ba ogck tr.ethe y >>anou cin't f od antiperave in hi wasn ngtodowho t esn' have r theiscown ioenar. mit'sroitt , mney rit'sick rr pe ay asst conioitutrtn pay, -it'syb- maeye th can mm coerande l thearib t yan nanomi.tion re heth is lde cod haritrealy, if w youtoant a runn in nddepecaent gnmpai y, doou wknowyohen veu hast to art, rrtomoow. aemichool blg'mberops pe hlee av
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es doman't heke tis dectoion go rrtomoasow, ma in 2nrch oud, y ca gen't tt onalhe binlot the st ofate as tex. f so ithall peese wopletoant do s thi htheytoave rt sta, now ey th't cant waiheanotenr ev two we eks. >> t jus utakesis inoude yr tc wa phing.arty at whte stal wilbeyou ch wating st mose cloonly t?ight i >>l wilerbe he. u yot can' afindar clede-head pu reanblic w whoteill oull y at thre thea is isrealthtic ird y partarscenio. atheyovre mfring orom s t of esdepr tsionceo acceptanth on e itreal ty of arumpr s ouy'parts st rdandare bear. th i think aat itcm wa fhingor is thn turrdtowaep acce.tanc i , meanp trumoiis go ng t ahave ge huht nigum, tr ap isutll b aicertthnly pue reanblicin nomee d anthi k inatwhou yea hr re icpublsaans ivy pry atelis tthatwehey blre acoe a uple s weektoago gi imahene t arscenheio we re htestar d to se ittled n anrematuth in e ro whle, heat t ay'reedlarmis by at th b thebaomb eest so ms tbe o onriverdthve, fue retosal
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yo d u happan oniortuo ty t di w savod davi, dukehis llunwiesingn ds toato thes mak da toney's bows ailut h lary cl n intoingear tg upn o ru nsagaim t hitidaunn ng o blrepus.ican he>> tla hilliry c vntons ersu um trcep ramo, des crat tusedo h laugsaand iy iftrt's ump th gat's.reat atheyotre nin sayatg th ym an ore. t >>rehey', nothebut s re iwhat -theye - ononlessy theneleard, stheyokay, reay, icpublans di gdn'tteo afisr th e guy.arly ey thw kno htheytoave ag enge rl eauty, be herhais w mt iteans r fos us auna co ntry,, astylow, y,earlen oft's, itng goibe to ce rath to tte boom. r >> hokeromas ceemandhired s mo r nito jbacksoust k youhenow r is bightd ehinyou. r >>.oker t >>wahat ors shvet lid. g>>s,uyha t ynk soumuo .ch t byayhe way, sth witnenbc ws ugthro thoutayhe d n and, ight co templeer covofage er sup es tuday. uc chick, n aolle wnd ialill l be lwithr este tholthtonigth as e ltresumes cost in ngarti at 10 p.:00 asm. e, ternlli wie tak
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>> al> s ierovhe t wreh itoda go as redoon, rm stopas imotct ving to t?nigh i >>nk thico it uld. d couli get some wind ex? yo n u ca salsoreee pgotty od msstorin fir, g uprewe ang goi b tooke loating er a vdey wi h swat lfromviouisallle e l th wa wny done to lew oranans d bi mole. il22 m plione eoplisat rk. th pee suesr tustday , ates ka ar, nsashimempens, teeness, na llshvinoe, klexvil, inbirm, ghamamalabtla, a, anta or ge agia,osll plisibi otiesf nghavier sevate welaher thter is af ooternd n annton ie o th ev g enins.hour l somoate g,rniniv actate weher r foestenn asee,sarkans, lo anuisiisa, mipsissalpi, a.abam t byfthe aonernove we' i gotn olineorf stevms dinelopomg fr kn lloxviase, nlehvil t allayhe w tdowncko jason. e as w imovetonto t nighveacti tfromssennenoee, carth naroli al thl wae doy twntho gue lf ascot. a avheamy ntouf oinra st tcrenghiro flim lettoc ralk l e thtoway ts pith,burgs. guy w soe e arinlook ag atr fai am oountinf ra a ande ctiv
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>> p keeosus p ted. >> b youet. > >>gothe mevern bnt'se attlwith e appl ooverf ne osathe n rn benoardiot sho per'ss honeis ce snter otagepin cahitol ll to day. hethe f ad ofbthe d i ane'appls latop wwyerapill bpeare efor co ssngreap as ceple atlebr es a ke liy run ng imia sicalar se. t' let s get righetto plle wiiams hawho res moal on tl of hese lodevetspmen. r >>teeporoor: grnd moing. is thap is s ple't first cour orvict ty inlehis bagal ttle wi jth a rudgeg ulin tthathe go rnventmean ct norcfothe e co anmptoy pe oa n cklo iedonphe. e thngrulie cam mlatey ondafrom fe a l derae judgroin bn oklyin a sp diovute n er aneiphoon belging sto actusperued dalg deer. this is a separate case from the tug of war over the fich pltneho us y ed bofone s thean be dirnarttno aackers, but the le isgal asuesasre blyical the .same juthe rudge thled heat tea relse th vee gontrnmeks see is un laavaibeble e causrecongasss h idcons leredlaegis ttionhat d woulevachie e th rsamet esul t bunohas opt aditted . he ef's rngerrico to ssngre re inquirong phmpe cos anieetto l
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emsystens whha it ses a arch anwarrt t burecongecss d nidedot to er covne phoer makkes lile app goand uogle tnderlahat w. juthe aldge aiso squd reg irin ap tople as bype s thrisecuty me esasurt thacothe y mpan rk matoets c itsmeustoours wld be ci forppng ao le tomdo sngethi onit crssideen off.sive he d sai'sthaton beye d th vegomern'sntow r latey todafbthe rei di ctor me james cod y ane'applnes geral un coapsel bpeare eforusa hoe mm coe.itte ey thh bote agreneon ong thi, is thbl pros em i gonly toingo t gee worsssunlegr constess eps ndin aws drand bouliary nes. ut>> bth in ane me itimetht's e co s urt'ngruliu , yo thavehis li run ng iklbrooyoyn, veu ha the n saarbern cdinogoase ing fo d.rwar th reey a l notlyegalnd bou to ergeth w buts hat'the pr caactifel aff ct o at th gae lettl mas er i tthathe oo br rklyng ulinotis ndi binng on o any cther, ourtitbut is fithe derst oncisith on sue ise d anoeit dves gile appeg a l up. th iley w al bengrguico in inurt focali lrnia tatermohis whnth y it ul shot d no thavelpo he the fb eni opt thabesan dirnarno
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thank yo u. > >> tturnlio caiaforn w nowhere e tharse ichs on for a ki pidnapusng s wpectscho e aped ov ghernitet afbir a e zarrcepoli e chasstand ffando. ev strte pa i son ls inngos aeles leanges. at whhe's tes latt. >> or rep pter:e olic twithhe focali hrniaayighwro paty l sa is th s man otillheut tre, escaping after an hos'uron lg pu t rsui awithdin enoung ye hav s too ee tevbelie. low eesp hd,h a>> ollr vee thinpa rt,inidg shthe erouldyi, tro ng tpaget st so f me o tthisicraff. r>>orepr:tela pbyy la pfry om the air cainlla g ngdaouergas me on he tro gd.un >> e h nisoiot g tnggeo vet ry r.fa cayou n n ruyobut n'u cadet hi. >> or rep ater:io notn the ecsuspult wostd tert stajuing st st ealo of ges anles. li poayce s s thectuspena kidpped gihis ierlfrndnd air the two g youndrchilboen, geys ae s on fiand ve heading south in a hummer. po pliceinursustg ju v notery fa st. >> is he b notinreaky g and spee rdrecos.
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ltmuleipig hayhw as,ou ce pl s,hourou a cmiple soles uth th h rouggeorannt couy. ensuddt ly is,stop s thectuspe on he tho p wneh itgonetiators cuhandinffs r theieearvw mirror, hello kitty icstrsken o e thndwi boworefhee s i ton he run again, finally coming to a stop. ur hosss pao inte tensntmomes, focali hrniaayighwro pat lmen wi unth gaws drhen, t man erdespate. rasevemel tiens opthing ore do, st ngandisi outitde we h th baby en thng goik bacin. fithe eave-yd r-ol pevenngoppi hi ads hean in t d ouheof t nr suoof. enthhe tus sctpeak m hes mise.ov nd sething mae wod n andrchilen ndarou v theleehicn thengmaki a ea brr k fohithe lls. ot shres fid. bu e t thesman s.cape mthisngorni s theh earcn is o id amig a s rh off.elie cepoli t sayeahe sforch r -- cepoli t saywohat anman r d he o twdrchileren wt e noedwarm in y an sway,odo gos newe,ther but sethe carchnuontiores f the ecsuspt. po tlicehthougy thenahad edrrow owit d an togh neiooborh d as
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w het asn'e.ther so s theh earcconow uentins. s >> ptevesoart n. an thu k yo mveryuch. > >>tonow w the hhite wousehere pr enesidamt obara awthded e onnatiig's h mhestarilitnoy hor a toy nav wsealarho ppaticited in ar a dreing oscue f an am anericta hosn ge ianafghn ista ck ba20 in 12. orsenief chiar edwyed bes rs i fithe lirst avinge ctiv duty ermembth of vye nare to e ceiv awthe inard r foudedecas. he a is ermembth of vye na's na semed eaal tm 6. th ese prt iden tsayserhe cy emon ve gie s thicamereoan pa ple cechange to glt a e imps of a iaspeceel br wd oforarri s whoo te ofrvn sen es ishthe s.adow >> a> toet gring thine scea at ck tas s gaiostatn. th aris ces comre bar ilingnto th cte pi sure, ilamsthnto s e ga pu eamp h, d onputhe urmp bsts fintos lameof. pathe gessenmpr jut s ouheof t ca d r an arunswhway thile e
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ofree ptherngassefrers heom t ba eack st. er ev dyoneetid g o outbukay t it ok toef firerighto s tws hourto ge e t thesflamer undtr conol. onwe dno't katw whse caue d th dr tiverseo lotr conn ol ithe fi plrst ace. mr ke. ro br iswiack orth me t oneahe w. ther ut>> ot wesavwe hbie a org stm sy tstems hat'g goine to b in br aging o lotinf rath to e fipacirtc not,hwesth norern focali, rnialyeventh souern ca rnlifoia. o we d ahavegh sliskt ri of or sthrms t toughouhe sstthea, typlensu of nenshiou thrhegh t nsplai w ande e arg goinooto lk t atinhe wsiter f de o bthisig st coorm ngmip u tin nhet exn te
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graft in the next 30 seconds. ha>> t yt'sourat lest wer.athe nnsavaah? >> , al ksthan. > >>in comg, upri enre andws in tears on the sndta i hner $75 iomillivn cil iatrhil, w tlehe kestalper ons uput aboow h he se etcrlyec rdeord r.he we he'll roar fthm bof o .them > >> uspl,he t bigec homgomin gbein pedlann astt sco kelly tu rerns toar eth thtoniger aft lynear ar yea on the inrnteioatlna scepa stioatn.
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th iis "sdato oy" nnbc. > >>us jt d,ahea etforgol c adsnd e th u.fl on entr,dingt whaou yee nd to rrwoybo a cutchatg inomfrou yr co or-wrske. t no anesillns. >> wo> t big srsta lhtigp u hi d li, i'ke e to mak-a dep- anscr: nescre iteanm. reanscre, ansc. sc i
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yo mostu alt geo used tit. e vophon ice: mmain enuesreprtientave. re enpresvetati. re enpresvetati. : voh whichyis wbe puing rst fit... relax, we got this. vo .t: ..esake somttin geedg us to. in t joathe nion. at ne ionwidis on your side re tapresentive. .. g.youfiuys tnishephe rortsd an gi'llheet tom prteo mas.rial tiquesons? got i esa qu tion,e'wher omes my!let! mi coigng rp,ht uin mr. t!sley who'um. ?s he un outil tur stargep n itts oets fe, mo is aney tl littie bit ght. isopene oand nlin o ebed d th e's erppsued ostoe mu binffs! arthese ese scon! , oknsmr. tiley. worjue can sest ufe grdex shioundg.ppin ey thfast're andsacan move us ney. ye let'ah. ts dohat. al gso i'm onna mneedweore tols. al tso theisoilet te busd. talsowohose tin thre rgs aedelat. , fastabaffordfele groudex hind spping. cassrere pntseths woe d'rls fi borst asdy wthh wifr ncagralee repease .arls h touc syourtokin ea relse rafragupnce 12 to rs hou.
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
you're going to say isthas wn a az ameving g eninusbeca ie its a mo meve.nt >> nt meathime cre seeret s vice is nv itiesgating this incident ngduriru a talmp rn ly i invirgia. yo n u caansee nt agemm slag ina otphraogerpho te thougr, nde th ma ain cle ms honhad rily b efly ft le p the pressen. in other videos you can hear th hoat paptogrswher ngeari at agthe juent efst bthore e ph alysicer altoncati. > >>heat tre supoume crt so inmeth hg we'tavenn seeor he inard ec a d jade,ceusti enclarhoce tasmas hiked rss fit tiquesfrons heom tch bence sin 06 20. cathe ense cd tere fon aaleder w laatthan bpes leopon cctvi ed of domestic violence from owning guns. also this morninerg in dr anreews inturn tg totahe snd in c his tivil arial gfterg ivin me soy verioemottenal onstimy on mo .nday nb moc's rrganrdadfoco is ngveri trthe foial .r us go orod m. ning ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng. er ndin a trewsg akinstthe and fo e r thndseco i dayron a w in tsidenahis llshvie ur cosethou. y todas she'g beins-crosinexamed
7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
e thkestalo r whthdid is rr te gible tross bhinglsut ao a te hoatl th a hasy duttsto i st cus omer rthateselatth to is nd kiha of ndrm aso pernal se tycuri s andy afetthand ey fe owll d tn onrohe fb. w >>huhat thrts tl ishe ea idt thacabasi tlly,his in atformwaion sys ea s forneomeo etto g p andderovi ad in way dthatt idn' hgivenyer a wa g.rnin th i think amat croe thlough ud d anr.clea th s ere'typlenpe of woplereho a g goinayto sll, weay, okt , bu th tee hodnl dio 't dhianytng ex itplicroly wng. asit wcan't l.refu it n' didy t trurto hr t he but, t, yewa it eas clatr ths thiguy, o whn'doesmet co a offe s thmost issophtetica wd ortrell-d,aine 's he a notur secexity , pertwas ab o le thido tlas relytive si ealy. it ca's sry. m >>hieanwyole, veu ha o hern e thd stanmoso ealtionly. sy atmptihe lc,elik ty,tho e
7:35 am
y ife ou'rdethe e fenserlawy, it ou's yrnr tucr to exoss-e amin toher wday,ishat r you ap chproa? >> your aacpproh is to mizinime e thgedamas. no st tohiay tsns waer't te.ribl w iteaas hrert wngnchiwa to tch. liher ndfe aee cars r wa af edfect. sh lke taboed aatut wg chin this wtapethith i e fbshand e mi vounted rocontlyllab. 'sthat m howshuch s e wak.shoo onthe hily toung yfr do heom t r othe, sideotthe laher s wyer lsay, $ook,il75 m ilionlos a t m of.oney gfwroneaul duith sayts p $ out3 iomill $n toll5 miion. tyouo ry te arguowit dn, le y.gall he ote,rwishi i teonk pple id fyentih wit her. >> nk tha s youcho mu. le get's cht a k ec tof he we heatfrr mom rr.erok. >> ha ts nk msoh.uc we av hthe see reveea wertho t atalk, boutthbut isere a wi sntertoide s thim.stor e'as weeve s mn sotiany thmes is erwintea alrfrdy, adom m, ison n gree cbay,gohicato, in tr de woit, ge'veheot t po ilssibofity w. sno m 31onillipl peo re atfoisk r
7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
seourialles icrgre tiacs maonocy e seme. see me. se e me on my way. lefind ckin ar s andeaa clparer orth frd.wa for dia erenff t okinddicif mene, urask yoto dermast logit abouyxcosent. vo: geyou tt used o petors odouin yr car. yoinu th sk its fimellne, but pyourngasse ersl smel.this.. elatimins e odorveyou'e gonse nod blinorto fto up da 30 wiys heth tre feb vze caripent cl. lefemase pas: wongerw. gsmells hood inere. yvo: sond you apaour rsssengen cathe breay.happ i am never getting married. we're never having kids. m-mm mmm. rewe aev ner moving to the suburbs. a weerre neving havheanotr kid. i'm pregnant. am i l neverng gettio. al for e nel th ivers,n lifee stat is farme.ther 'hi ikrm e.isti i'and jem ss. d anrewe a b thehiug ccks.
7:40 am
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7:41 am
hi. >> e'> wacre b akt 7:42. inasasla pinnng aer v byig mehomico cngelebration in ho nusto s ascottel klyre prepas to et rurn toar ethe latto t.nigh er>> h ae'suy g whont spelm aost
7:42 am
space station. eca r fordorn ari amecan onastraut. snbc' tomte coslloov cers nasa r fo us. go odmog.rnin g >>ood inmorng. ot sc ktelly hasne turdve or mm co oandef thce spa sontati to heanotrro astnauter aftos almt a iyearnpa sce. he s say he't cant wai to jump hintooois pl b iackn tohousn. nhe'sownt spee morim ten i sp ace than anyth oer acamerin onastraut. no ust jnt os thi min,ssio but cu timula.vely th uee qnstio froma nas do,cs wh aatutbohe tlt heah cteffes? r >>teeporr: 340 days, 5,400 earth orbits, nearly ,011 00 su etnss. fo nrrleay y ar,eatt scoly kel s ha fedloat 250es milve abohe t ea rth. >> ba pro ablytlmos h talfhee tim i'veee bern hete bweenep sleing an dki wornng o the coutmper, i' peve s intnic basally a box th ize se of a phone otboh. r >>teeporlor: a tnghe way,s he' urcaptnded awe t eted eabr-tthinakg igemasf o
7:43 am
st syems, mngeltica icepsnd a a ac spuie st se.lfie he's abelso heen tal idet tes ecsubjto t eluvaeat thehy pcasil an d otemlionaec efftsn o lo -dngaturniopa sce flight. be e causheon tun gro td innusca is otsct'sn twi berroth rkma, sb huand of g abbyorgiffds. aas nearet genic duatplice, arreseschere havbeen criompang otsc tto ,markri cltica if as tronauts are ever going to ma rs. an td wwinsbeill intws. it m was warkho s aent glaoril su ito intpa sce forco stt to rr teeorizer oth trastsonau. t bu theci sences i suserio uf stf. >> y the had anpp oniortuty ey th'veer nev had rebefo. b myerroth i and arehe t only viindis,dualy onlib ss,lingt tha ehave fver ilown nspace. e tht facre we' twins geavhe tm uthiseniqupp oniortuty to do me so pretty substantial science. >> cover of "time" magazine.
7:44 am
tohousn weeksef bore hissi mison beganas lt arye i,ed ask scott hwhat me'diss stmo. a >>re you going to miss tacos? yareouoi g tngo misspi zza? riwateheng t lawn? at whl wil you miss? >> ihi tnkt whaos mtpl peoe mi wss, ihat mdisset las ,time tare pheeeopl tt haear important in your life. e th rioelatpsnshi yavou he with peleopth on e ndgrou. r >>teeporror: fspm ace, he ys saha, t st'still true. >>re the's rtcey,ainl you owkn, a os lsf o cctonne wionith folks on thero gdunha t ytoue car for landove andan wtsp to endim te .with ep>> rr:orteil stl, after nyearl m144onilli lemi hs,e s hayse's no t cinlimbheg t walls. >> i could go anoerth10 0 .days i could gono aerthea yr i if had to. r>>eporter: no need. after 11 msonth in e,spac late ni toght,tt scoel klyl wil llfinay be home. h >>e'llet g aer vyro though di me calamex. re chsear sersn ay ithe acebsen
7:45 am
br e,ittlid fluovs m erdupwasnd a me sostimeio vissn i ctaffeed, tishifowng tard fahtrsigssedne, so inmethcog seltt klyd saie' hs re alady exenpericed. wh ouen ydd a upis his mssion er ov the aryee's, hlle havet s th eme anrica re.cord 52 0s day in e.spac >> tom elcostlo,nk tha youy ver .much llwe aem rem tberhema iges of th e anastroutset gting off a ulcapsfte ahrer teeee wks and th erey we wo. bbly i>>on wderow he' hll elfe. he b'lleli ke, wdhat' imi ss? rs ca won, dhat hide miss? ?here hey, ysgu. ithissia socl dimea,nd a scott ke hllyeeas bbln aoe te giv us al alli gsemp into what it's .year thesuenris pictures, all the esciti u litpt a ghnit. we fweollod along with him as he ce atlebred hoyslida. cthisamem fro ea.ster he re he is in the spaceta stion wi th ahr casistm .tree an thviksgi hng,isn twiro bther rk mate pos d.this ot scabt, g abynd ise mis ydou at
7:46 am
b aigfe ast,bi rubngt i in. ot sct ierepl nd,otte qui the same. er ov the mo,nths we saw hime tak es theil wtedwe flors and would send preictu osfro psgres e.ther br toughm thek bac to .life be fuautiotl shers the. ot sc tt's aweetes h prerepad last t.nigh h,eart'm iom cing for you rrtomoow. go igod nroht fem thce spa iostatn. l weookor fward t aoe safet rurn fo r him nito ght. ig>> b crsae,ificat greer s.vice oncarsan, thu.k yo > >>in comg , up wow,chjeris ndkrenis j ner
7:47 am
7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
fruit. nu .ts si y smlkthooark docchatole. vel re tin plehee asurw of ne fdove andruit. nut > >>ll stio t meco,s i itie easr to ch cat onsome ce'sold orhe tir otemnsio? y wh youte betrop h yeour co ke-worrers aki walng the (cell phone rings) arwhere you?e ll twe sheirrequ als bacre kin t mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... i can ycallacou b?k, mom he says it's personal this time... y if'roum,e a mo u yo at callwothe merst ti . it w'shat you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, sw you to itcho.geic w it'syou hat do. e wheryou?are it y 's verheloud tre.
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
eyhawl . k >> im:7:56n ohi tpes sur datues y! hi er the, a kimannd dgna waer atne aws 3 wndere ahe tla pce for lo calpocsliti. >> ug a h deay forun ror f es prt.iden im>> k'l: wenol k lw aot by the d enth of e day. d>>a:anow n ack chef othe at wefoher streca with ke cully rranta sgndin by the ne ws 3ce .nter un>> sny sk,iesme sum arlint 63 and theem ttuperanre i erhend son,65, andis th rnafte woon,e'reec expted toie tth e re.cord look atse the nus,mber2 8 de sgree datoy. t80sghhrououtt res oef th rk wo aweeknde whave a di bastur inceen thke weend and nghopit tha then raids hol off un aftil ter theac re on aysund . >> wvee hay buseltrav butot n te lerrib vetral. h we save tomeicraff on so ouuthbnd 95, ,yeah i stlows wn do andin kd ofha t wtayll a the way to the bo wl.
7:56 am
wn to,e samd kinf o intht'g, is ow sl, and jd amme tfromhe bo inundth sou awestndou inbnd 95 but it'sot n ibterrle, a kimnd na da . k >>weim: ld cou liven i l.a. an>> dhaa: tt'ser teriblve ery da y. whmeanile, we hadn a ceoffivor-in slvedinhootng ihe tva lleyr nea the m rtesorn o . st proseayarkw andom seone was ngacti ecrati andy the saw a man thatke loodik lee h had a gun d an theet mroic offerho st him hein t sdehoulr and heur sdvive andt i later turned out ttha it swa a feak gun andur tnsut o atthhe t man dsnoe'tpe sak en isglh. k>>:imhe tig bev rlea is hdeead uryoay w toromwrohe wnou y weak up with us, our csaror f hroes
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into it's 8:00 on ay"tod". mi cong up, tooh muc f.stuf >> wow. oh , my goodness. there is not much room to move. >> natalie takes us inside the home of a hrdoa aernd elaxpsin why some people can't help themselves. plus, two big stars are about to light up sdituo 1a. na ti s feytops by to talk about ximingol psitic andun pchin les in er hew n take on war film. >> wed neee peopl tol fil t he id vo in anafghn.ista youks fol here are allhe t rrunmaied,ld chiless pnnersoel in the aubure. akim,re young goibe to oi jning ?in
8:00 am
>> then we'll cchatp uthwi nt jeerjen rte jennifer lopez on vegas and her da toy, estuday,ar mch 1st, .2016 ur>> nsingde stunts onin sprg br eak. hi, mom! >> spring break from the erunivsityf o idflora. go togars! >> craelebting my retirement from theni ursveyitf o laokmaho. go sooners! >> ion d'tnk thie' w irenan ksas ym anore. >> cebelrating our second an rsnive faryrom lldaas, texas! >> hi, m!mo >> morning, everybody. welcome back. what a crowd. that was carsoniv ggin a big o."who" do t i >> ho w o. m>>char 1evst, oderyby.
8:01 am
a >>rill ght. ewe'vot gre a gatro cn wd othe a.plaz ota l coming up. mico ngup,ar mch c ban aeat gre ti o me tescorls dea i yfouno kw at wh to look for. ewe'vot gou yr r'buyesui gdeor f thereentith mon cgomin up. >> fi> rst,'s letet g ack chef o theor m'sning topri stoes. we e havneshei illeorn fat nalie wh oo isn gnassi. ment on>> dtrald anump lld hiary cl ninto l arengooki to ctemen th feirront rrunne sstatuit wh esstat. y'todas bstigge p irizexas tes. ll haacie jkson joins usro fm usho ton. on>> d tald irump hsngitti a new gh hiio naty.nall in40% n ourew sunbc/morvey nkey on line.poll orubin ion secd andru cnz i dthirer the. you can a seee liv lookt aone ca lo itionn okroane, rgvi.inia tr lumpooks readyo tin dom ate tallheta s etestxcep one,er he in xates, whereed t cruzds lea nandeeds to n.wi
8:02 am
ttryloo swmp tru .down th bo t ofhemus phing trumpo t ve reoral mboe a autn off the re cordve coniorsat hnead h with th ew "ne tyork"imes inch whi um trepp rdlorteymp iedlie h ghmit bkac off hisou tgh mi imiogratstn .ance um trpay sing ethvery iings ne abgotiutle bld buiing ade borr wa sll i not. he's on defense about his comments on the kkk and under refift a aer sreecset icrve ag ten body slammed a repteorrt a aal rnly ivi iargin. al fl ohi tss ail h claryonlint ke tas aim. sh e'soc fgusine morn oru tmp hthanwner ooc demcratial riv be rniendsa aers,es hop hes to ha ngn on o thisup ser datuesy. cl nintoai maintngnier hea ld in ou ewr nl pol as we hdeant i ao g bi picolital day. ev>> ner al dul mo.ment th yoank u. >> he> tte staep denartmt asreleheed tin fatal bfch o ile-ma fsthrom eri pvate srerve ll hiclary nintod usele whi se arcretfy o atste. mo 'sndayel r oeasef 3800 do ntcumes cinontaedor meha tn
8:03 am
se etcrnd a coennfid.tial ho r,wevee none werar masked cl fiassited ahe t timey thewere inorigally .sent >> ur> fotegeen arers aen tesager are vereco aring afterho sgotin at a sc ihoolncn citiinna, iooh. a oy bne oped firen i a fe caa.teri btwo woyseerho s btut are peexedcto t rer.cove an rothe boynd al gire wer vereco eredrithe from sapcrlpa or ry tgin to lveeahe t bungildi. th e ey thnk thiy thew kno m theeotiv bu avt hen'tel rdease . it a n angmazi sight during a iv drne i lascotnd. tc waheh t ftled-hanid se ofr you re scen. wh iteht ligps uhe t sky. asit w aenppartly aet meor st inreakog t h.eart op pele t sawkyhe sw shoonbut ly e ontu cap iredt on ca. mera a d wil fhinis at aig hh sc bhoolkeasaltblmp chahiionsp ga imen r hodendisla. a fewec sondst lefn othe clock, the teamn iethhi wte rsjes,ey do ywn b e,on ndee a qckui
8:04 am
a ye plarn oe thheotter am east tls hellba. th kiin tngheam ge was seedal, he throws the ball into the air. a choharila p cyertaugh it and ll caed -otimeut. ch oarihet gsne o meor chcean. archoihin w bsy e.on gaeamei nerth seid will ever etforg. n ca youime?agin >> atpremureel ctiebraon e.ther >> tl lite atpremure. e on ndseco. >> eishe,nellnk tha you. he>> toty bher expedienc the ri thfll o orvicty. ly on a onellctuaasy w the orvict. > >>in compg u xtne, aum bp in e thd roaor f drlriveess ethcc aenid otnef o go'sogle cr tieasonus jt uscaed. >> pl> us, whoou wtldn't wan to o ben the ig"tonht "?show why steveti mars n wainsingg a otprteson sg lt asghni t. > >> conpeominllg compulsions, anid insooe lk at hinoardd g an
8:05 am
ohaven you can helpre pnt bvendlissne u innournderd isheenchildrov all he wer t.orld when g your et younsvitamiat gr walnsee, u yolphee givfeling-cha viingnstami ids to kssacrolo the gbe. t geminsvitae. herch ivange lveryes ee.wher lg was. areene t th ocornerppf had hey any.alth we wonerere. heand re. an red he. rehean. red he. uh re, he. al n so ndbehie. her enevt nexthto guese heys, re. t inathe ns ion'eslargt, peindet ndeny,stud otroicmetrsts jued namve n rizoernumb n onerketwo thfor fte fimeh tia in row, he re. so n wheotthe guher lays cim 'rtheye e th, bestmbremeer: erthone's nely omb, nuneer o. d anwenow pa'll ty up50o $6o t itsw tchtho bee nstwoet.rk
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th inis wter, yo veu haow the pheer to al. us beca pe yourase urchof livase inesinten cveare lotion, suorpp thetsas vineel alinheprg ect.oj join to us mi help llionsin c srisi thealirhen. ski ho tw domahey take sstrburta soste cy jui ?eyth w used ickelsmalgh fijeter ts to ot sho j theneuiciss einto sveryurtarbst. pi [ ]lot 's itut aboge to ict juy. wh ! oofei el so aliii... itak t gess.ut ma[ fennle aerouncst ] rsarbunet. uinxpla jably.uicy mom, d.adso n. w thno fatex hed asstreliamd ounee-r mmercoce d hean ulpedgrs bow ouress,usin i itthink tim'swee tart sac ng ltie ikbusia .ness
8:07 am
oh a, look..t this. nok, sor onumbee. erno pitsonal eems arperm d itte win theceorkpla... t..soilhose wed l ne ctownome do. we'l dl beomoing smae ory ndatintestg. d ane's ther aalsot stric d nog poatin.licy but uh, y,hone m we're.arried th oiat's go beng tro a pblem. ow grr bu yousssine wi heth tin onlipe sh pingoltooms frex fed. mo pet arments autie be ful, yunlesse ou havrgiealle s. ytheneyesour s may ee itendiffertly. fonly ilonaseovs approed t re e liev bothuryohy, itcwa yetery es d anticongeson. therno oal nasgy aller spraysay can .that le compllerte aelgy r ief orleincompte. let your eyes decide.
8:08 am
>> > 8:09. a ot lf oeo pple ouetsid on a tibeau dfuln ay ithe rtnot.heas tgreae tim to tr end. ov>> loe ten trd. >> 's leto d it. >> e hav youve ern bee in aoo gd ?mood >>no. >> e gon toor wk and thenan r to in d theeebbine dowr andn the u yo't donl fee odgoik, leou y co ld? it ot's nn ir you head. th e er aisen scictifi .term ue lar. >> ah ye ,. yeah ha>> t nt isotce ni. >> i know. i dncoulre't . sist on>> layg w to gro fo . that >> esimpr. sive >> you will seeue tsdayni morng witht matrlaue in a cosend. agcontion. it pe hapns stiny.antl ismilldsecon.
8:09 am
ea sier toch catir the badd moo an thd col or flu. e the morre expessiveo somne is, e the morik lelyou y t areo cenotit tha essxpreion andic mim it. >> t' whahes ter oth y?wa an>> c the oitppose ha?ppen ha>> t wt's ihat was thnginki. tu ac,ally p youeut m in ad goo od mory eve day. ha>> t vt's neryice butot n go tingo rkwo. too .late t bu il wil saysoalom, sesetim i ifn'm i aea rlly booad mndd a so emeon i isnn a orlvey gdoo odmo i,t mesakou yl feewo rse. >>t' thaues tr. i >>d teno to d tthato pe.ople >> y!he >> l how dong ioestak te tlyo f om fr y new torkoos lel anges. >> 5 s,hour8 4 teminus. >> youit do ot a l. w >>ifhat itas ls ts a alongs a r "sta" warse,movi a two nd a halfs?hour itld cou r betyeali nowt tha na ssa iin tryog t reevivhe t pe sur sonic jet. rt pangneri withkh loceed mnarti evto delopn acr airtafha tt exceeds the speed of sound. costs $20 million in development erovhe tt nexr yea oro. s
8:10 am
t jeir retedk bac in ,2003 ndgroufted aerom cntplaives or sk ghy-hi costs and touhe ld oftakendfs a ndla.ings heif tany c cereat a jitet whout e thom bo, w ir ondeeoif pple wi -ll - d >>ouid y o flyn ?it >> i did. >> w how iast? >> k.quic d >>o youl fee the d?spee >> not lyreal. u yot fel a ttli lle,soike emeon keknoched tk bac y ofour aichr, an hed toun y'rego ne. yo u're g.goin i >> kt's oindf pecramd. >> rr na ow, h ito ad to be souit cold g pe susor nic. >> ild wouev nerly ft. tha to o amcrped. >> ou y etxpec . it ou>> yea'd lonve ldonnd a get to w ne byorkeeforou y . left >>n' didout y t sayheyls ad o ha aim lboki picng you up? >> tl litt e bi 1of a%ue iss th ere. >> tshankor fri bgngint tha.up >> ayok. mo fving sromuper sonic jets to rs caha t ttlrave at 2 milesn a ho ur. th tat'spehe sfed o oggole's
8:11 am
thsome ingprunenecedted ha enpp.ed er thave hene be 17id acc sentso itn' wasthe tre but ash cra ha oenedn vainlent de'sayn i ca rnlifoia. a lexusuv str sk uca sl-mowgovin s. bu no inesjuri. >>ohoo-nno! >> theve drir d'toesn take sp rebionsility becausehe tre's no driver. >> nowri ks je'snnerug thohtsn o siminon mier s aiesnd y whve stear mtinoe dsn't w tanto o ben ttohe "t nighowsh w"lehi he's onhe t "tonight sh."ow kris jenner is played in the mo yvielma sel aiblr. e shwas close friends whit ni bcolerownsi n.mpso tonhell een owsh, kr tisalks ab touthe iefripndsh. l >> wikeele fair d heas a fr .iend goyou ou thrhigh tds an sisscdiover th aings sboutodomebndy awa it s rr ho.ible id>> d o.j. try toch rea outo t
8:12 am
ig>> rht r,afte yeah. he al clede m a few times. yo knu ow, wdante to talk and ex nplai howe h felt. asit w veryfi dif bcultseecau my usex-h wbandas on one side an d, you,know w iinas kfd o on the he otr. e ths kide werth in e mi.ddle >> krisas h a lote mor toay s ab touthe siiotuatn. u yo ceean s i thevinterodew tay on "e."llen 'l weovl meto on he"t vo"ice. s! ye awhatnwe asome prreemie. w >> ahatat gre owsh. >> we told you about theme forr il chard st alpo.rter she got allou fr coacheso tn spi e th we showed you her perfoanrmce st lak wee butid dn't reveal the co sachenhe wt .with 'shere your 'm i gngoi bkacom seday >>ho wo d you p aicksr you co ach?
8:13 am
>> ctihris wnaashe tas lt to rntu around. >> listen,hr ctiis hnaas a great, great cshe boulde thest fir feemal hcoac wi.nner it'sar eutly b she h gad aood t.nigh na fi slly,teveti mar wnas sc leheduo d tbe a guest onim jmy fa 'sllonw sho w but thenyhe opened the aicurtn,ve sten' wast an reywhebe to found. ck bae,stagve stela exp winedhy. >> i goot nor me marite,al i n'do wttano t dhio tsho s w ise udp ull ay m sritoes when si wa iny m 40s butow n i'm 52 years old a ind tdon't wan too dhi ts show now it mus gout o there and t si ien thve vel cthair askim hbo aut hise wif and dski and prenet id cear ion d c'tare none o cares
8:14 am
>> enevlytualte, sve did go out er thnde, a hene joidim jmy on st tageo omprote his new oa br dwaysimucal, ri"bght st."ar gr teate sve rtmain. at wh are gat mo.ment at th y is pourop s ftartor da toy. >> ea ryll gdoo musician. >> thank you. >> m>r. keror? >> t iis serup tudaesy. th e'ers aot lf oin votg going on . u yok loo at theta s atesll ssacro the trcouny. st mo areng goi toet g byho witut l afot o leprobms. we startff o in nngew inall , all a not bad e.on cl eares ski,un clodsnds o the in secrea. dr yn i ssmaseachutts. te sennesnde aab alama, msstor. mo stf odathe ryy, dth in e mi lad-at nticatstes. he tre'she broig ps.blem s,texa hooklama, kaar, nsas te afnrnoo msstor,le cgarinki ses la iteren thda y. hein t pl,ains c flearrom bu sssine arbismck s andaut. pl.
8:15 am
sh erow asoscrshe t sthouner t >>shat'r youes latt heweatr. sa ahvann? >>al,ha tnk you. > >> t onhis supersd tue way,e rn tu to aaj m torhemeth of e pr enesid ctialigampan. ge anr. >> n eve s instatere whehi tngs ar oie gngtt prey ,wellot v ers saretill y.angr why? tomka broasw hn beeki loo ingnto at th for us. goodse to e you. >> d goo te o seyou, gang. th ore me iug thoboht a utit,he t imore rzeealidha tts thill a ga benn o onef othest wors day in ri amecan sthiory.
8:16 am
9/11 whenme a ricamebeca a di erfften coy.untr aur sepristt aack that serhatted r ouse senf o risecuty. >> acameri b haseen attacked, dant ias hee bn chd.ange r >>teeporher: t war astgain aq ir wt ensadirostlyusro no po weans ofas ms derustioctn. theus hsein army cabemet parf o is wis, ahilecamerinor fcesd pai a heavy e.pric at ,homean bks and wall street grew amecarint i ao gatre cereioss wn,hit asi houng amsc. no w an oscar wnginnim fil"t he g bi sh"ort. f >>raud vene er,ver wo.rked en evlytualhi, tngs go utsoh. en wh the hellid d we forgetll a th at? >> or repter:l waletstre was il baoued utt, b theki worng and mi cddleeslasst loss job and co ennfidcen i rngove. ment >> i'mng doive einryth'mg i su osedto. ju ecst b tauserehey' not doing twhatrehey'up ssepo tdo do, it le esav me atlmos hossmele. r >>teeporrer: pntsidema oba
8:17 am
in teitiad ae blue statdaagen. thheale car ovulerha. sa exme-sar meriagnd a met gop op tiposion. >> you lie! r >>teeporonr: csigres onal blrepusicane wer noter intdeste in ot negoniati or comimprose. ey thad hir the own pemroblits wh e th tea y.part e th rich, 1%th of e unco gtry,ot ch rier. wh tileheor wkingnd aid m dle sclase wertu sck ineu naltrr o ve rerse. th celeol kgesid ran up big .debt wthen ar ithedl midste ea es tecalad. young american warrrsio l,ses ckbaga a ain ndaiag n. w>>hae ve atea l 2st0 imvicts. .home tthisimen i focali.rnia ewhil s inmall t aownsnd big ti cies,ol pice race cabeme a br . oken t>> ids nee xifing.
8:18 am
wh oeat gns o btheneahe t dome d anth in e rest of shwaoningt, at thl wile tak erlong, and it n' woet bol s wvedith rrihetoc al one. >> of urcose, o oneef thad s in thbogs ahiut tsam cnpaig on th boes sids iha t tt iheres a de ralibetett a temptor stihe t ge anver en remoo, s it bsegino t ofeedn it. self l>> i tovehesp perveectith ere, to m. t we aalk tbouthatng aero sh muc an avd hvee orhe tas pt six nt mohs. to b go aackoond ltk a the roots i oft is opeye-g.enin i >>ea rlly - do i-ad h to think tabou isth, about 9/11nd at wha it d.di t i ihinktff a tectd cryount in aay wdi we adn'tcippre aatet e th meti. asit w thehyatperpisriotm. st in oeadoif gng toergeth,e w iwentn sateparedi iorectns. w ho g weet out of atth's, it not ggoin tope hap inns thi mp ca. aign ll>> a t of hhatniappenng i re velatiholy srter p oiodf ,time weas ll. >> t i d.di an sd at matd sai at the nnbegiing,re the are soy man go od sestorin ithe uncotry.
8:19 am
ne mpw haeshir and iowa,er und 3% em unmeploynt. it's inexplicable. >> well done, tom. thank you very much. >> thank you. turn now to our scipeal ri sees,pe comgllin mpcoonulsis. th isor m wninge're tgakin ak loo at dihoarng. tiquesgonin c hownommo it is. linatase i out in lngos a eles mwith oore n.that good inmorng. >> d goomo g,rningu ys. va sa,nnah yousk a hedowmo comn is ?it athernswe mayck sho u.yo oup t 5% oef thul popnatio ff su fers trom hisdiersord. at th a is heroard in 1ut o of ev 2ery0 hoolusehds. le ft untetreatd, i can mebeco ve ryerdangous. no nlt oory f ersuffs,ererut b falsoheor tiram fieil asnd mm coieunits. >>oh, my. w. wo moh,y gossodne. er th ne isucot mh r toomo vemo. i d won'tant top sten o .this wo w. >> ch watr you infootg. >> or repter:s thiwas myst fir me ti vinisit tghe heomf o a hodearr. >> he sle ssep inhi t lstlite ea arht rig here?
8:20 am
>>tl lite rethfoe- otspe,ac ma e.yb >>ot n l a ootcof inokg ha enppginhe . re n>>o way. ep>> rr:ortewa it ars hd to be elieveo somoune cldve en live hiin ts >> can i younemagiin livotg n on ily tnshi spe,ac butei bng a igneorhb o,r liniv ugernd it? th e'ers a lot o hfhealt ande sid cteffehas tomt ceit wh isth. >> yes. th>> ohaer tusn jort f the pe oplein livg here. >> or rep cter:orys i a heroard rtexpe. s hiin bus hessasci speedaliz in eaclngnioa herrdou hhosesld f or e thstla0 2 wheas hedir by tsehe ho owmersne a,nld elyer mheotr an hder n,so to hpel cngha e eithr velis. >> how dsoeom sneeoet go thi ts t?poin he>> t are'sslway ari tgger with dihoar ang,tnd iee sms leik ptos au tr ma,h,deat rcdivose, a si amplehis cnldrein movgwa ay an oid gngo tle colge can cereat s.void th eey'rly tru fngilli s.void >> hoow d youno kwn whe'r youe so dymebo whoik loes tol clect gsthin, to h iave a obprlem? >> he tie easr way wede fine it w isyohen osu le fuonnctiy.alit e'ther ls afot o llcorsecto.
8:21 am
ywhenoue losct funliionafty o ro coms,an'tle sepn iou yr bed, ca cn't aookout yr hekitcn, ca sn'tnit o thein d ringoom bl tae'e, wvet los ncfualtionity. >> w you aere padiramec. 'sthat how you ialnitily got to in ?this av>> h tingo comeo int homes ke lis thio t get peeopl out or, as a fifirer,ghte o,to cg ominin d anin tryog t put ae fir a outnd tr tyingino fd mesoone. se peingeeoplur bnp u ihen tse me hoss ier vomy cmon andt' is sa adnd agtr.ic it s'shuc ama sll eythhi tnkhe ty canet g ou t. r>>orepr:tehe t heoomerwns geav pusmierioss tnbeo re thet , bu twishmao reanin ouonyms. th eey're hop iso t leter oth ho rsardeow knhe, t ny'reot on ale. dy ju knows this fianrsthd. r he selparsessni furshed ar apttmen is that wntay ionenti at gnly. .ally wsherote a rymemo"w, hite wa "lls. >> t whaitwas e likyofor u glow ingrowpg uth in ome he of a ho r?arde
8:22 am
gr gowin uph wit my ermoth's spile ofufstf, iel ftke locd om fr, hericphys, allyalbut so em naotio lly,too. wh enas i wy ver g,younav i he me esmori, of youow kn, i had a ni arghtme. w itctas ayualld har to go et t iheren thht nigau becse t here swasuco mtuh sff on b hered th wi her. ep>> rr:orteju dy'sot mher was a po lish fure tgee,hegh dauter of aoc holaust ivsurvor. >> io dnk thit thaom se of her dihoarng,t a t,leas b haseen i n asidereo t cereat at nes for elhersomf, se fesaty. ng haingn ohato wrteve is e.ther ep>> rr:ortey jud bhtroug u tso mo alntre m toheeet r mom, who br yavelll aowedin us erto h me hohe, where sle carlyll sti ersuffros fem th sodi. rder >> io dot n owkn. ra altion ily,oet d msn'take any ns see. u yoow kn t,hisce plas il fulf o .junk
8:23 am
t bum fro aee ndco to l ntroto gi ve a rneaso forin havg spent e thne moy, ian ctno ctronol it. >> he w ire ts hentcorol? i >>t's uselive. nit's otthere. er the is are gatr feaha tt pe wopleill despisee m and'l il l be weftithot n ahing nndo fa .mily d ion'tw kno how toes rpond to . that r>>orepr:te dyju'sot mrheed tri etto gel hput b too n avail. it vi's edent hern pai andha s me run. deep >>be may i c manakep uor fhe t am sh've i cedause you all these ye ars. i so am sorry. m i' so rrsoy. s>> a you see,s it'us jt he reartbg.akin in 1320, hinoardg cabe ame co reedgniz piasychtric ag dis.nosi pnoweeopl g canet celouns ing
8:24 am
acanlsok seens iceuran ve co.rage dy juom's m did not wants u to huse nerameut b wet wan to kthan her for beingbr so toave lo al iw usthn wi f oury amilrahs s - -er camndas a h see towishis af infectheg r. >> hi i tnk a lotf o peeopll wil > >> wvee hae moror infonmatit a to coday.m. to owmorr, a young man so ssobseited wouh cgntin loca,ries oshe lalt hf of hisy bod htweig. > >>om cing ,up wvee ha jfeennir st .udio
8:25 am
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8:26 am
im>> ko : nanwe c not.>> : dana w and e'relktai ing ashot oosh ltingniast ght ou ar:0nd 8ar0 ne velas gas ul bod.evar so dymeboin actg po sliced howen up othene sce d an told tmeopo drt whahe d ha isin hds han. d heotid n t andhey d ende up sh ngooti inhim theoush.lder dssoun liouke yl wilbe ok ns tur out dheotid ne hava n, gu a wase fakgun t bu they d coulnot tebvll ousio alyt th e metind ahe t madin nod spt k ea glenh is tsoy hee arstl ildeunr veinigstioat n. >>ki m:d anheotr uptedan o ne 3wst anoon. and tomorrow enwhou yak w e up wi tth wheneag rswee 'r ex teciabd out this. >> dana: you are especially. > ki> m:hea iron our co itmmunlly wi a get d-brannew fo usrd f ion.we wiavll he e thbig vere al to owmorr morning when you wa ke up h witndus a yoe u ar nidefi telyingotog e bpphay thwihi tpes onrs. pweleuloud alt l thste s.op rrtomoheow wu n yokewaou up r m towlhaoiey g bngk acstalmo 30 ye toars e tho videt vauland 'r welke taabing out a shot--
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
ly onth by e tihime ts made we're back now. 8:30 on this tuesday morning. super tuesday 2016. w nerkyota stes i one of the atstes vgotin y,todaet g out and do r you citonstnautioivl, cic du ty. >> in comupg ou, yt wan stars? we e hav ftinasey i rehe,ng goio tar w h iner new e.movi lwe'lk tal h toer aboutha tt. washe ts a thear osches t other t.nigh lwe'lr heaut abo n heright co mingup. >> j andenny ins o ourbl ock. ifjenner z,lopet thais. sshe'e mad her way totu sdio 1a. avwe h le a toto talkut abo.
8:30 am
s las,vegall we'er cov i l >>ngookiut bea aifulll the ti me. ti na and ifjenner, inibcredle. >> fi> irst,t isup ser estuy.da yifou w tantoes lattn o the pr enesid rtial aaceny ,time cnb hnewsas a new p,aps it' al too at th g'llive you cetomple ca atndidine atformion. th e liheadannes lld po tada, tipolical tr.ivia taddhe nbc skilln iou yrle axa aapp,ndrc seah . away w ean wt toea hr your bi ayrthdea ids. gn si upt a datom/y.contpareing .team idi d minet las . week m r. r?roke >> y,todaha we aveis rfk o st rongrm sto dsown thef gul co aastnd hesoutast. we e hav ndwiy, wetea wtherak mes its wayhr t toughache pific no esrthwt. gh hif sur advorisies iutn sohern ca rnlifoia. th adey hni morogng f l the ast few inmorngs.
8:31 am
an nod swp uou thrhegh tre gat s.lake rsomeainnd and thuorerstowms dn th hroug fla.orid typlen of nssu.hine ut sot,hwese mor r iainthn e cipacfior nwethst and gfuloa cst atst leskioo gngd.oo atth a>>ndha tist ou yres latt we r.athe sa ahvann? >> tal, yhankoou s chmu. >> ro> fmsn "l"o t0 3 rock, laugh loutoud msovie and award shows, ftinaeyha crmed allin k odsf
8:32 am
inhi"wskeygo tan fot,xtrohe" s pl say aou jisrnalt atidjusng to li nfe i anifgha wstanith help om fr ael flow rertpo. er y>>'rou ekeli, ,whatix s or ve senn iew nyo rk? >>yeah. >> w you ere,ninede borerlin ten. >> t wha yareou ,hereik le a 15? >>ye ah. >> huh. >>a tinfey,d goo inmorng. >> inmorng. >> ie lov sthat. cene ot>> n lhing aikene hotscss ale. >> 'r youete betrr ove here ca be tuse'shere w noomen . here e>> wrn leath in e vimoe, e'therse cut and thenre the is ka cubul te. >> 'r youe a 4 at ,homep shi out, yo u're a0 1 and go ,home yeou'r a 4. ou>> yy plas thirn joutalisn i tv news but in a life rut and ci de ides,'ll go to afanghn.ista ye>> ah. it 's aim ten where the a was sh georta ofou jisrnal wtshen the wa nr i anifghastan was b eing ou dotsha bwedy the i warn aqir. wtheyere le,ik aonny weho wants to go with go.
8:33 am
tforhree msonth andta sorys f re theea yrs andin kd of ceshang r hee lifth in e presoc s. t>>s hiisas bned o ae tru st ory. th sere' b aook by aca chigo untribe pore,rterim k erbark. e thne "rkw yoes tim"ev r oiewf e thk booay ss sheic depts he frsel a as ta inyfe crahacter o whds finer hselfic addtedo t theen adrealinh rus of r.wa wa tsahat ig lbuht lb,,like i wknowhoou cld playa tinfey? >> is it erambargssin s toay at thow's h i cabemere awath of e ok bo. en thea i r idt teafdsrwar and it wa s nnfuy,rt sma and ll wett-wrien. i was,likesh we mould takehis a mo vie. >>s it'cu te. wh oeat dhas tt ,mean tfeina y ar chr?acte l>>ike a .slob eatsoo prlynd aoe dsn't cheomb r ir ha, i inthk. >> s it' a mitilyar insettg. reyou' sinhootg ,gunsgi hanng ou itt wh iesoldrs. di oud ye lik atth? >> i did. i t gotoly f in a iflew any hueit wh no, you kn ow,oo dnrs o the desi.
8:34 am
f iired an 7,ak-4 which a lot of fguydsrien m ofine was l ike, was that awe?esom si wake lit', is fine. >> i ththoug youau cght the bug yandou'de bn iintermeator 4 or thsomeliing hake tt. >> ah ye. >>s it' aar w vimoe,un futny b nit'sot a haa h mo vie. t'>> is a humanry stobo aut pe opleet gting ateddico d tthe ad lirenane stlifeyle. th eou jisrnal gtsetre the and workn i teinnseir envntonmels al anday td cuse loo p andarty all ni ght. it be scome aan dusgero fe lie.styl i >>e lov theti btle, tyhe y.wa hi "w tskey angorofoxtt." >> marilitpey sak for f.wt lwe'l stop thens traonlati e.ther l >> tikeheos ,cars a slcrol can co meroac wss, ihatt s.mean thatridescbes thetm aerosphe th ere. ye>> ah. sa inne,ha coticos atmepher that op pele cope with. >> y didavou hune f t athe os rsca?
8:35 am
be ing,keli, upig hndh a- - >> ha tt's wi hat gowas toing is sq u. as k. rs fi t of tall, where nas a ice clartiboe aouut your .tfit sait id, tfeina y laliterly sl .ayed i was like,s ithatt whaou y re weng goi fo lr,aliter slg?ayin 'm>> i going f iortry eveut mine d anay alws failing. m>> a i slaying now? am la i s fyingthrom isan gle? but i fs itr un ot is i alike ck su y inourut gni ght? >>t' is thbo. sit i fun. g toeter lit wally pitheeopl ep st opingn a casuitse, get me t in hatinthutg, bs it'fu n, ah ye. w >>lwe a raysunnt ioac ethh oer hein t gym onol gglden obes rn moing. i' etm g ttingheou dtsghnu and reyou' y inoure cut itoutf. >>wo trkouit whal natndie a. al >> alactuly,t thawas linatae's st aorynd i stole .it slet'k talbo authe tol palitic onseas. >>okay. >> yo do u have a scipeal pneho th at'se lik red ands it'au lren
8:36 am
me co .in avwe he palinth in eew nais agn? i >>a t's lareguphr one. wh sen i tawhend emeorsent hag,enin ite texhed tm and sa iid,il wl be adroun i yfou ne ed me. it t washeke weendf othe zablizrd. >> tshat' t.righ >> onhammhod, w wee liv ascros om frh eacer oth inew n rkyoe, w had toak brehe t law to come idownen th zablizrd. >> in sceervio tr you trcouny. >> ah ye. en th go home. >> it's jthetacked solou t. >> y' thehere tos mten talted pe .ople arrichuids bhalt teat b bd y be ad. >> a in blzaiz.rd i>>on d k'twnohe w trehey got th e adbes. >> s uperestu aday,reou y going to ch wat thees rults nitoght? >> ll we,e whave the perremie of e thov mie nito bght,uts it' pe sur estu day. l>> i oveatth. th yoank oru fca .ring n' doot go tthe prreemie. 'r wene o erlest. me and chuck. he has his teralesttor. >> tlexacy. >> s doe ite makou y misshe t
8:37 am
i >>t's a irwed,y uglct eleion th eais yr. 's itri a tcky one. i't donnv ey emth. a >> lot of maalteri. >>. yeah ha>> tounk y so.much tlovehe movie. "w skhiey tangotr foxot" opens in ea thtersat nidionwne o fr. iday up xtne, gameta-sjer ernt wlo
8:38 am
8:39 am
rsfi tt,s hi "isdato oy"nnb c. > >>t' thaars pt othf easre.on l alghrit. it 's 408:,k bach witthene o and only jfeennir lopez. sh e'sgl juging aot lig r nht.ow injudgeg thar flewel sneaso of "a camerioln id," teexinndg desat fo err has las veg sirey,denc i"all have," ander svings a a st ar andcu exetive pcerodunr i ha "s odesf uebl." 'm>> iot nol h ading man ho e.stag t >> dhis'toesnl fee right,ut b bthe test thingo do to help him etis g him tag.lkin
8:40 am
>> re whesa is fe? th peese kopleppidna uyoon d t'tnkhihe tlly'ay pim h an heot rt?visi if s he' aea dd d,en we bwleur o on lyea land yod curerov. eeharlli, ,sten i'mot n going to eleav youne alo a for ndseco. d ion'tt wanth anytoing enhapp, ok ay? >> re we'y verpy hap to sayt tha de"shafs o uebl"as wke picpd u fo sr adecon sn easobcon n. i >>s.t wa >> ifjenner, ngcolaratus.tion t >> hank you. xe>> evecutidu pro acernd r.acto ye>> s. >> t wha twasheoo mde likheon t whset heen td wor dcame townhat it u wasorp fso sean two? >> ry eve wbodyas llthried. ev oderybsy i so y.happ we e hav g areat ,castou y ,know with ray andll a thect a oorsn e th show. tgreaw cre bdehin the ensces, as .well ewe'rci ex ted. or>> fpl peohoe w h'taven s een sthe howyet, eeharls iot nr you pi ty calcop. sh ae'sit b of aad bl gir who gotau cghth wit herd hanth in e ok cojaie r. >> g sheetsn i outrble. >> t,yehe s'sll sti a cop.
8:41 am
li ,sten's shean hum fi yrst,ou ow knt wha i anme? i hi thank t wt'shathe tie p ices ou abt. e th pieces i about mahu.nity it'souabout, y ,knowum han renatu. ho ew wan c- - it'sy eas toli sde downhe tpp sli serylopehe wun yo , justknyou - ow - weven ith tgreate innsntiory, t tingo do e thht rigth ing. yi trong to dhe t right th ing. eo>> ppleon ctefronthd wi a ch oicen i an aninstt, do they ma heke tig rht cehoic or the on wrchg ?oice he>> thiy thenk ty are. 'sthat thezy cra rtpa. ievenf you owkn,hi ts is sh puthing ees lin of wishat mo yrallht rigr oic eth ally gh rit't, isst ill, you owkn, llyou' make the ce hoictif i an mervs suival orin sav ygour mi farly oth any lingiketh at. >> as i wdi reangll a h youave in gog onig rhtow nas ltig nht wh wen i tasinhink agboutng doi is th stxhaued lo gokin at . it >>hi ts is why i'm pyslee. a >> yreou the pe,rsonen glyeral easpngki n, totuto p you onhe t hcouce her- - o>> g eaahd. >> yo do aru fe ifou y slow down,
8:42 am
>> he tsre i ait l btleit of fo fmo, oearf mngissi t.ou h iad t whathen i was lelitt. y doemou rrembe mtsomen like is thn wheweyou yire lng in bed an oud yrd hea the grupown-n s i nthe rext aoomound yte wano d t beut o e?ther u' yore ,like warhat ehe ty indog? t is aherety parng goi on? ca n i -- >> y nowe ou'rofone the n-grow wupsinorrygbo a wuthat e thpl peoen itheer oth room are ngsayi. i >>e lov ill reay do. iyenjo it. it fllulfi sme. itea rlly is shiomethang t-t - i st jue lovcr ngeati. l al of it. d iidak ten o a lott las arye, ob pr mably torehan iul shod ha ve. >> a lot ofns iro ien th refi. b >>t ut i gwasreat po opitrtun ties ihatld coun't sa oy n. to >> and itee smshe w onneth of e ir ons cools, theer othts hea .up he wre,vee haon secdso sean of de"shas of "blue at theam s e timeer "am iican idol"som cing to an d.en >> yes. 'v>> iate wched youn o sthathow ov heer trs yea i andnk thi it gechanoud y a as onpers. hais toot th muc of a tcstreh? >> ion d t'think it cedhang me a asso pern asuc mh ast i let op penole khow w iea rlly s.wa
8:43 am
eshar ts?hing b >>seecauwa it hes tir fst me tiu , yo, knowyould wou sn'tee nme i a e,movila p aying lero, do tinghe ,j.lo you ,knowus mic th ing. wh iere'mgi sinng andyi plang at the typf o -- notyi pla tnghat ch tearacr butng bei that onpers. t buua actllywi shoeng m as a nhumain beg. pthenersoo, wh you know,es lov cmusi i and vsery emnaotiol. u yoer nev gotse to hae tt be .fore a islwayel ft l pikeeeopler we ge gttint tham fro meut b i re edalizy theha .dn't ey thaw se mak spe forel mysndf a ysbe m oelfn a . show ou>> yk talbo a sutodomeby who ve lo sc.musi yo gu'veot aw shout o inas l ga vehas tout yn eved sai to me is .hard i >>t . is ou>> y cedreat a showt thais al rearly hd to do. so memetiu s yo tmust, hinkwhy di idn'tt jus a put crmineopho t intahe sndge a a aichr? i >> couldus jtnd sta herend a ng si. i c boulde on aol sto right now. i at creted ith nginki, okay, th ecis s wtionbeill e lik isth. it b'lle ryeallig hh erengy. th ecis s wtionbeill this. en wh i did t bhemack to back and
8:44 am
se nsctio andy thewere all re hallyigh en,ergyas i w like, twhateche h akm i doing? yo uw kno ?what 's it a crazy, eetnerghoic sw and pe aoplerepp acireinatgt i and it ms wary m heartnd aak m mese ha ppy. la>> ,stly where do you hide the ch maine? >> t wha chmaine? >> the time inmache. ri sey,ouslry evee tim youom ce ,hereec espyiall the women on e thff sta say,ow h i ist ibposshele s looks brette today an thha perps10 , 15rs yea o?ag >> i guess i g'verownnt io se my llf aeittlt. bi kyou wnow ihat anme? s, 200 3s,'r youeur figing ur yo oself lut aeittl now, i kind ofee flfo comlertab th wi who i am. >> i wantne or houh wit ttheime inmach we,vehate yrou veha. i t wan h oneourit wh .it >>nk tha u.yo >> youk loo t.grea y >>eou'rsw eet. k than you. co>> tungraonlatis. >> nk tha s youmuo ch. >> youan cat cch "sshade of bl tue"dahursy night, :010000/9: racentnl o nbc. nn jeifer wbeill k bacit wh ka lthiendee a .hoda if h you aaveue qnstioor f her, an t'd is pcuartiylarlni ce, go
8:45 am
us ng usihe t .l#jo datoy. >> >p u, nextinscorg aldes. fi ve things y souulho ldkoo to ybu in mah.rc rsfi tt,s hi "isdatoy" on c.nb
8:46 am
an thuk yomu so ch. ouwhen yne get o int gigternefr tuom cennk arylirind psm tvan ey'rd ththe boer delived supon aaser-fr t fibeknetwor re dio ctly t homyour e, mait's azing. it amaz is ing, bu yt donkou thiel his dyiverwa tts a lit le flahat on tone? ju -st -ye ah. paum, thul, i ink ait'se littlrebit moe, lik s "it'g!amazin " , wooh w.mooh, tm, thawas lyreal good. th you.ank [ ]ghs likfeel eho a d llywooder.insi ..ok llay, i'on work it..w ..prisith m tvus plnt gig it sperneeed
8:47 am
>> >co welme .back tit'sheir fayst dma of rch. th arere rge basainbe to had. th wi a low down onhe t best ssaleth of e h,monte w ohaveur te chco buntritor. i ov l wehen you c aomend say, er thee arta cerimin testh of e ar yere whet' i gsoodo t buy aicert ninthgs. >> ha tt'sgh rit. we g're toingo starth wit av trel. be eliev o itnor t,t' is are gat ti ome tav trel. th eae r sonis,he ty busol hiday onseas hasss paed. ithisigs refht borehe ty bus su mmer vioacatn onseas. gh rit w,nore we' sgeein le ceybritls deaf o %15 to 40% of nf ota cerinit ses like pe exdia, avtrago and k.kayacom. yo u can go to see,attltl acanti ty cive, en adbroa toon l odonr icjamaa.
8:48 am
y >>avou h teo look at the bs we aitesaknd mure soue y 're inlookndg ain f wdinghat you ed ne. treadinhe fepr int. ait'soo gd timeo t book so inmethg. >> alactuly,he t next ,itemd goo ti me to buy aglugge. >> y ifeou'roo lking for an gr up tade,imhe te is now. a lotf ose the big boxto sres 'r weein seegin savgs of upo t 50%. we e havre geaat dt ls ajmnecpeny d an maey's olotsref gat de als. ma>> sll ecelictroniks, le di lgita casamer and ufstf? he>> wn yeou'r onac vnatio and nt wa t to aaketu picre oft wha reyou'in seendg a do sing,o it's a at greim t teo buyig dital ca smera and go .pros galsoood deals on tvs. th isig mhte havo tea d wlthith e fa hact thet ton crsume el onectrhoic sasw w innu jaary. th eey'rin tryog t getid r oef th de olr mo.dels upo t $300 off racames. upo t $100ff of oso pernal ta s.blet
8:49 am
yo anu c gheet tease dtls a s,sear am.cazonom,t bes buynd a wa t.lmar t >> thoseshing don't g oone sal of ten. ou>> ye hav toet gm the when 'rtheyt.e ho o >>urn yoip tr y,lou'le b webeje. lled ou>> yt wano tbeli bnged out. >> e lik my boot, ahye. >>ouobvisly, ntvalesine'ay d is ttheimef o year wherepl peoe bu y wejelry. an thlykfuler, th e'sstoverock in ma rch. ewe'rin seepg u to 75% off of je y.welr ithiss tgakin placest at ores like searsnd a's za ales hlsoas de aals, wlongith .kays bu het trere ae fin t,prinut b u yo can get fonashi jryewel and fi ne lrjewey. >> t soashe lt one,ro fzen food. re ?ally 'sthat omrand. >> iin kd of love. it me>> , too.
8:50 am
>> all tshing fn rozeare on sa le. th ase res,on is it'io natnal fr fozenmoood alnth l of rcmah. so fme or youor favitera bnds wi ell bpl deey duniscoted. th s is itithe f me o tyearo st uocknp oze frooon fecds bause yo anu ce savm the aea rllyg lon me ti. t goo upcocoons.m and y couan eget mvenore omprnsotio. y tr newoo fdr oto sck up on the lestaps right now. >> ts las veforer. oni d'tee s ice cream on the . list >> ditefinelyn oe salarin mch. >> nk thau. yo t >> hank you. he>> s has moren ot whao t buy, wh en,how, the fprine onint
8:51 am
ithistos " oday"nbn c. gelemme mcpit a .ck 2ec chthk out esh e frlonew ok onldmcdonacpic's mmek 2 !nu! l gemme met ak cpic2 now, choose any 2 delicious mcdonald's classics fo str jubu $5 cks. m mix n atch share n savor 2 for $5 name youflavr or pick any 2 iconic tastes- bia mag dec mah wit b100%eef, fl fiaky o-filet-sh, ar sen ed ogrthe quill rarteun powider heth cese or sp cri10y c-piece hickenggetmcnus r fo $5 justs.buck gr riab a fdaend tod piy anyock esur fav! em letme g a mcpick 2
8:52 am
> >> 8:53. yo nou khaw w ttime it is? me ti toin fd out who is celebrating a birthday. >> you bet. we av he greatks folo tro intduce you .to mr il. bl ha,nnig h100t hdbirtay. tamounrineem fro whngeeli, west vi iargin. y guye pladf golil untwa he s95. ho llpefu yyou, mr. uelar. >> nk tha you. >> mla vio of y nework is 100 ye arsd.ol sw eet lwhady ool verunte hs ater ca loosl hlpita more t50han ar yes. ic alem frons penniylvaa joenys co gokin and sinpendmeg tih wit lyfami.
8:53 am
an dar hold nnelso in codolora, 10 1, aet v,eran t hankyou, sir. he ysenjo fngishi and goes to th e slot inmaches. ts puh fisth in ote sl maeschin. liunbeleevab. an d frs,anci 100ea yrs d,olro fm ss maseachu ptts,eurplrt hea re encipit. rr maied for 74lo gsriou s.year at th is fatintasc. >> w.wo >> happy 10th0th birday to juliet li juette rndaymoas h4 2at gre dkgranids. if w you uantos tor hon me so,bodyas pleelu inchede tir na pime, esctur and a tlsohe anniversaries of 75 yearsr o mo re. go to datom/y.cobrceleate. >> tshat' olco. th yoank eru vy much. >> ho> wno khaws wt'som cing up ne xt ?hour i >>'mot nng doi thet nexur ho. a >>enyonoi dheng t n exthour? >> i .am avwe hepr singan cleingec s.rets ewe'rng goi t to yellouow ho t do teshe b stgprin eacl.ning we g'vereot gat gtsadge and gi fzmosheor t ngspris, a . well l>> iove gtsadge andgi . zmos
8:54 am
ci han'tavead g wgetsutitho osgizm. b >>hey t way, i saw chips and onaches chee dip. at whha's tllt a t?abou i >>'t donow kn. t buil i wl find out. s >>sound odgo.
8:55 am
k >> iim: t's pesur tuy.esda onthe e pesuesr tu day!be k breaityes iser sup es tuday. t inhis is a kimannd da erwagn re hene at ws 3. an>> dana: d avwe htee vo rs ou t rehe i and sn 10s tate ssacro c>> m: pl heus t tyequict ele oral mu .scle d >> ana:avwe he anic off
8:56 am
out.a humatcp byro metic offer s wa inhit theoush alders nd i pe ex tctedo rvsu k tooplatace 0 8:0 last ni neght asar l gaveuls bod evar not faomr fres a rort. th aiey se d thman s watiac ng theygo tt tocehe sne an d he d woulnot hdropanis ho ds s th ndey ep ed utishooimng h. hewakes ta tn tohe hoalspit d anit tu ornede ut ha had fa ke gu hn inis haannds d d dinot k speaisenglh. >>kiokm: etay l's ecch k in withelskholy w is llteusing ou abt e thwer.athe el>> kly: es ye bluskclies- ass an d teatmper auresn re oe th .rise ersumm--lin hesondern 68, wn do 6town8 grdeanees r d ou gh hi , 82eedegrs. wa i t s se98in 16 d an hwill ave 80 s e th orestisf th rkwok. wee un lesettatd weher mo ivingr n fo the d enheof tke weend. ha c oncesinf ra su nday rnafteoon toinda moneey brzy an ttd gecoing .oler>na> da
8:57 am
at.>> : kim fr 8omto2 3 6 ain ma erttf oysda wsoare e alre lyciexd teouabt motoowrr rnmog inenwhou yak wupe with us. the reason we're injumparg ndou thwi baooll insfrn t onof that ford fusion is we are surpsiri anger ho g amon rse ca hefor broesig vere al tomorrow rnmog indu wringupake th wi e wa itunl tiu yoe see thretiac on it s iicpresel
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g this morning on "today's take," it is super tuesday. a make or break dayor f some idcand aatessli mil cons ast rtheiot ves in 12 states. we'reli feeheng tch mar ma esdnwis th the hottest gadgets of theso sean. > >> teasysreathe tex ntim te u'yo hre withit a snack ll aha ttnd a meor coming up no w. a>>ounnernc f:mronb c ,news this is "today's take"it w ahl ro r,ke nieatal ramos,leli wile tgeis and tnamro ha,ll leiv fmro udstioa 1 in rkeocllfeer azpla. >> el> w tcomeoda "to oy"ns thi pe suuer tsday rnmoing. it t ishe 1st dayf och mar, 20 16. i' wmeilli alongh witl a and la dyn deinsi. linatase i on siasntgnme. ta imronns i xates. 'l weall tok t hern i a mo.ment la dyoun, y'reur ost gue so we ga ouve y the jam. dwhatouid y go ?with t'>> is my jam.
9:00 am
hi>> ts is vo"cony." ha>> wt is ?it >> w.j. malccl,th is at right? >> 7619. wthis 1eek, 4976,ar0 ye aceags o, th onis sadg met i to nrumbe ethreth on che . arts >> ian c't hear itut b i bet it gr's eat. th ere we .go , oh yeah. >>wa it s great. >> i like .it >> inamazg. s >>isurproue yic pked this. >> it pdoppen iy m head. >> ro tamns i iner h homete sta of texas, inha wt wbeill the st moor imptant day so far of th reis pntsideial elonecti. sh ie'sn hon,ustoo tbe t.exac ontamrod, go rnmo ing. oo>> gd te o seu.yo li ,sten c weallhi tser sup datuesy, iewill,nd a wee liv dualli ves, nbmsc,er coving tipolindcs ain havgun fit wh our ay"todho" sw lyfami,ut b tishis tr exinaordary. to dayay mon be r e fohithe ystor maye bne oor f the ages. ilit wl be tkeal adutbo gl lyobal.
9:01 am
sthestate itempac tdoday by rsupesd tuesay i crinlyedib. gh rit w,no wvee han iac ft a new nb c neurws/sonveym pkeyoll out. it ho sws hryillant clion ahead of er bnie sas,nder 4151%/%. e' shsxp edecteo t dol welod tay mandeaay slhe t dealn othe crdemo atic.side e th athe,et l m teell u,yos i to wdaythith goe p. ntheewl polut oio natynall ow shrus tpmp u %.40 he nre iex tas ghthou,e' h dsown nddepe oinghen tls pol you see, w lo seingl gidits. ted,cruz the sorenatm fro te txas,ighe fghtin itut o in is th state. th sis i a notne winker ta bu t tedru czal cled texas the owcr jnelewf o tot'nighsra ce. iewill, ,al dylan, itas hn bee aoextrarrdinndy a i'mur se yo hu'veamad fily mrsembe when gyouo hfoome er th liho,days er ev iyone tsngalkiut abo this tipolicalle cyc andhi ts se.ason to t,nighon i dno't kw whatl wil haenne wedsday inmorng.
9:02 am
gtheop is not happyh wit its fr ontne runr ddonal p.trum he ay me bhe t bigry sto ti nalyonalor tom arowhand wtt i me fansheor tub repn licay,part ys gu. >> ll we' wake upor tomrow with ptrumin havong wbe may all the at stites weh thxc eonepti of te xas. >>en dep odingnow hel wl he do hes, se'll gtillet a orprop otionhof tse detelegas. >> gh rit. >> ld cou a be n bigightor f ll hiclary n,intowe as tall, mron mr taon. >> c it ouldbe. yo nou khaw wset el, ysgu? ewe'vn beeki talng aboutar mco bi ruo. 's hen beell reayak ting it to do tnald arumpllee w know. incallimg h a conti arst. yi sahang tte his not theso pern wh hoo s luld teadhe y.part bu t in rey,alitco marub r hioas no ont w ain s glee,statnd a h e nmayot win ata ste tot.nigh c heouldic pk umep so ledes,gate an atd th mareinsbe to ense. bu et wou clsld aeo b lngookit a on fe ose thean ctedidasvi leang e th race orng beiss preuredo t eleav therace. i owkn, wi,llie youpo skeit w h
9:03 am
heel bsieve a mleirac can haen. yo veu han johic kas whsho i il stn l i thecera, as well. 'l we lsee. 's it an'syone mega. i ahaveur sepris for you. ewe'r t in aexasnde w can talk li po aticsnond khaw t tt'she riprio bty,ut iou fnd apl coue of sh.irts is th one says,ou yw knoou y're from texasn whe yavou he bbq for br aseakft. i am at the smouokehse. la dyn, art shi for you. i wdantext era small bseecau i tdon'e lik thebig,ig b ones. hbutsere'th furprer oof. ouif yr eve dedoubt im a ae tru te xan, k younowav i he a toatto t oftahe snte o my dybo. ithisprs oof. >> you .do >> tishis myak bre. fast s >> ie therbrt,iske mrtaon? >> . ribs w>> irondef i tshat' the guy er ov her ldshouer,ha w'st he ngeati. i >>ot'm nsh g.arin
9:04 am
ummedihi, wch i .love al r,roke coban,s thiis for u. yo >>,ohy moo gs.dnes ji'mellse rowalousjes.alou >> tshat' meat lover kfbrea ast. t>> i't won keepn othene pla or d i'ng bri ito t you. >> ou yee nd a fidelabriltor. >> an i c h'tear you. i'm ea,ting ?what >> mrtaon,re we'at wgchin you co tver ahisayll d ande' wlle b al jeasous e youat that. >> e lov you guys. e se you rrtomoow. >> ha tnk you. >> ri> en ewandrhes, t llwewn-kno tssporor repterin takghe t eswitntas snd eryestday. ot emlionain durerg hti tes mony in a 5$7 monilli litawsu astgain ma ttrrio lshote. th ite sute smsro fm a sertalk ngtakiid a veo of hern i her om ro t atheat nlionari marott wh sileashe w nude. wthatnas i 0820. he pdoste it neonli forli milons of pl peoe to >> theio natnalar mtriotld cou ve hale caled mnd a idsae', wre pu gttins thi mant thaeq reduest to n be textyoo u.
9:05 am
th ouey cavld hepp stoed isth. i' om s y.angr m i' so i'm so emasbarrsed. so dymebods sen me a stillth of e ovide m toy twitter orom seone re sc aamset m ien th anstds, and m i'ht rigk baco t isth. al l ian wted to doas w be spreteecd. al l i wteand tbeo as wo tbe the rl git nex door thates lov tsspor. w no t i'mirhe g wlthith eot hel sc l.anda >>ha tt'sru btal stuff. e sh tdalkebo aeiut bngn o the rcove oef th y new porkostnd a hshead ari f iend nnorew yhok w ca hlleder andd saihe s ran ndarouth to es newdsstan and th rew ceoffeth on ewe nk yor st pock stas sopl peooue ctldn' e seem th. brett foundut ohi w rchoom er inre andws was sngtayi ,in re tequeshed tm root nex to .hers ba trreter s 3ved0 msonth in is pronth in emi crinalri tal, fe slonyintalkgs iha wte hwas co tenvicond . ap edpearta in deped tiposions ye dastery. e heinxpla wednhee hot ghe t ro nom texto dranews, henu sck stpa aai md anded saw t offhe pe leepho h oneroo d arndk too
9:06 am
w >>idhy d you do it? >> at gre esqu.tion 'd>> ie liko tr hea the an. swer o>> sld wou i. do i hn't tavehe an.swer i ug thoboht atut ir ovend a ov er. ju inst falancid bin i was in. agehu,e hug akmiste in mejudgnt. i w knet wha w iasng doi was wr ong. ewi knwa it hos a lerrib g.thin hforer sake, fyor m sake, i kn haew toot snug eno ih'd be in ge hu bltroue. ha>> tt hotel,he t sfipecic l,hoteio natnal rrma,iott put t ou a smetatent sgayince sinhe t deincinnt i tiqueson, the na altion motarritt aan vilderbt an chged memanagent. it ui reqanres dod ensrseic strt readhe tncesoic pol iiesvinvolng st gu ivpracy. tiaddionalri pvacysu mearesor f e thur sec oityf esguts. this mog,rninn erind arews tu re trnseo thnd sta s andhe has f toacess cromi-exaonnatim fro erlawyors f thel.hote htheotel etexpecdo te mak the se cat tha thepy singas w not the tfaulth of e h aotelhand tr t he ercare n haseeot bnrr iabeparly gedamash as lee alanges ekd ses
9:07 am
htoug st ory. or>> f herse to et ila puty o nagain irt cous ahe s'sin tryg to e mov, ons it' h.toug > >>ul shoed we tak it tosp ace? >>yes. >>ow hoo cl is scott y?kell he's hi sns iamtagr is inamazg. 's heee bnn ipa sce for 340 days. heet rnsur he auactyllai sde hou c lldast an rother yean i acsp e,dee spit eiit bheng t size of ane pho ot boh. she ing goio t land in ka stzakhan. 's itoo a clor opptytuni he has hwithwiis t nbrr,othe rkma. >> ghrit. >> h youaveea nrly a rcaepli of th nae d y andou canee she t fe ef octsfpa snce o otsct, a nd ythenavou hmae rk, ouobvisly, on thegr.ound osomeef thbl pro yemsou g canet in ac spe. th ees bon cobeme itbrtle, fsluid go up iadnste of down, your onvisi canin kd otf ge dedamag a tt lile bit. ar>> f si ded. hi>> wsch i o theitppos oef what he s. wa ey th d'llcio s aencendea res rch heon t o two f.them to you fwolloim h on stinm?agra
9:08 am
>> is hic pretusre a inibcredle. >> azaming. >> re the's no way toap c iture t ptexce t upheren ice spa and 's hen beeng doi it. nhe'sheow tst autrona whoas h en be s in tpacehe eslongt. ltota of 520 . days >> tt'has thand enl oyne o toct ayuall awearor gilla suit. >> e com ,ont thawas good. etheris he . i >>ed lov .that >> re ptty good. h >> he'sad a glaoril ,suits he' d ha ahr casistm eetr,e' hsad h vhisonersi of a tsghankgivin erdinn. w ironde i how atll gets how doou y getha tt e?ther >> cnghasi a tfierried buddy er the. llgorina ohe t ipsh. be unablievle. >> e lov it. y noou k wwhat today ?is it ishe tas lt day of our5 2 da fys oeb fac gookive aways. ha>> wst' the pzeri toy?da >> well, it's cool. we want to thankve eborydyho w ha bes en hpielngum pp upur o fa okcebo likes. bofaceomok.cda/"totay's ke."
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th eic mftrosofa surce pro 3. please go to bofaceomok.cda/"totay's ake"nd he uslp . u youy gse havbeen rrte.ific le st'sheee w wreee ar right now. ov er 310.4,00 tlikeeto g the nrsumbe up. twakehe dog,al clhe t cefaokboom.cto/"y'datas ."ke lphe usout. gh rit? ok lot' whaees boin gng on. so meab fsulou dethunrmrstos, if u yo tlikeerhundmsstor. he ote,rwiss thinais sty. li rttle tocko nvgree,ille ok lo aingt heavy dethunrmrstos. tu y.esda fromis louevill toph memois t vinashlle, oxkne,vill ntatlaa, rm biamingh, 22 monillipl peote a ri sk. ar askanste, sennese, ala,abam or ge agia,llup serue tsday at st 4es,th of e .12 to thertnoh, yavou h e.snow 'l weel bat wgchin .this ns la ing,21 grdeees. 29 in icchago. sthe inowois gngo tbein makg it ays wou thrhegh t area. t by theime weet g to eswednday, ok lo at theno slwfal tatols. henortewrn nla engilnd weel s
9:10 am
er ov 12nc ihesf o owsn. st moenly ctral andth norern igmichilan wlee sny aewher from o6 t 8 trdet,oi t 46.o atth w'st'hagos g in aonunrod th coe >> microsoft surface pro. fa boce.cok/"omdatos y'keta." re stgi ter on.wi mpbuedp u 317,000. come on. get your piece of tgoo cefa.cbook-om - p >>ceief oisth.
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is thter, win ha you pve the to ower.heal ca beyouruse ch purase of livase inesinten cveloare onti, pp sutsor v theelas inehe g alinojprect. u join hels tollp miions ri in csis heal he t skiirn. at whoi's gn?ng o astor'tebrs enok. whmeich noans o egglewaffs. mesog thinlssmelic del.ious eggo! gol'egeg my go kfbreasaast chndwi. 's itet swe's, itor savity, n 's i myourwaicrove. eg l'y go m beggofareakst wisandch. i ve ahahmst.. a. ...o onemanyf ie ps incey mli .fe whesomyn sthm asya tomsmpep k cotngmiack b on m loy -terngcom rolntme cinedi, i ttalkedoco my dandtor un fossd a miecing pie in th my asatma tre.ment
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ibreor ads foults with hm astwea not trll condolle aonte long-hmrm astntroa col nemedici, ke a lihan inrtled coroicosteid. br 'teo wonlace repes a rincue haler fo enr suddhi breatroblng p ems. pebreo op ns uayairwels to hp e improvthinbrear g fo 2a fullur4 hos. eo c brinontapes a tydi of mecine th reat incheases tk of risth dea fr hmom astlea probms may and eaincr rse theofisk pi hoszatali itionn ch aildrendolend atsscen. s breo ifonot opr pesele who maasthwell is tr cononolled a erlong-tthmam astr conmeol ,dicine n like aled inhaiccortidostero. on our ce ymaasthll is wero cont,lled yo ocur dr to dwillidec ye if ou ca bn stopd reo ancribprese a di enfferthmat astr condiol mecine, n like aled inhaiccortidostero. otdo ne br takoreo m e thancrpres.ibed se de yourifoctor r as youthma do ies not omprovets wr ge.orse urask yotor doc4-if 2rehour bo co auld beng missice f pieyoor u. ee i su'f yogire elir ble fo
9:14 am
> >>ay tods i their fayst d of hmarc w ande'rehi tngng i aking bout ngspri. >>f ireyou'nn plaouing rtdoo ti acesviti t,inakg a vaoncati , avwe hhee tad ggetsou y'll w ant noto kw t.abou e,katid goose to e u.yo g >>oodo tsee u.yo w >>e'rexc e aitedbouts thi e.on re>> gorat f theer supsd tueay
9:15 am
a te headhi cpnd aip dla p te icwhish esawome. runde5. $2 it has aem rleovabe bas icwh h, coof ,urseet gs hot. of co ,urse youg plut i in. ul co bdn'te sieaer. ffon/oit swch. lesimp. i >>t wan to try one,t jus to ke ma sure. >> hi notikng leta sgrtin the day fofit wh osnach. we g'lloro fmd foo to vebes.rage thisnv irento was like, it wan myre b hwingotof cfee ande mak olit cd for idce th iis ts hepehyllrchier. it hi's tnts coiorapt ynouut p in th e ferreez s forix urhos. p poutit od , an ayoullctua y tpourhe ceoffeo inttheop t here. within 30 to 90 ses,cond you ve ha yelours afy verd iced col eecoff. is swth i ndarou. itor witks wh weyhisk and . wine >> now yeou'r -- >> okay. >> llheo,it ltle e.on >> llheo, so.phia >> es cutt kid erev. ch teck hisout,s thiisoi gng to hi omt hore f the repants. ithis as pblackae chhighair.
9:16 am
i id dt n'alree izisthnt u mily si sster haddski. cl exeusivm fro achammher. it ds fol up andol f ddsown and ll cos.apse hi>> ts ise lik ap cam r.chai w >>orksnd i aoornd our.tdoo no tools ssneceary. ll heo, you. yo lou gokatren ir you rothne. qu een t for he day. a>>nd itas hab wiple tiplasc. >> ch whi t ishe key. >> anthks, so. phia he>> s canhi cllor f the rest of th e gmse ent. iv>> gere h the rchypeerhill. t >>ishis co ol. th e hi-tghh,ecne concted avtrerels. th is rseaidve or $2 min.llio na fi allyabvailtle a tareil. co arol ptut abo it, made forll a gsthin g tooid inse. the ameweso , partitrs paiit wh anapp. u yo canct ayuallel tl the andist ce,looncati. u yosecan w e ho tmuchughe lgage ig we whs, ihichs edincr.ible ,also itas h u twosbts por to gecharr youne pho six timesro fm yo ur aglugge. ar smt avtrg.elin >>. cool
9:17 am
>> -ouhh. >> ts hiis the h2o you'll see onhe t app here,t i ep keacs trk of hanow my wuch iater kdrin a in y.da if re the was art spo of inwinng. nddepeing oen them ttuperandre a d an - dj- a austnd catre ae you can puthi ts on anyiz sed bo ,ttle too. h2 pao l, very sm art. ny>> aid fluth in ere. ur>> se. j >> tust-o - w >>vehaterui s tsyou. th neis o is n.fu fo er th errunns, i freahe t fa ynnac pk but t iherehes tp fli lt be. 'swhatea grtt, ies com t inwo yl stes. cl sias acndha wit pferer is the zi p style. pu lt alr youracontnptios in .here 'sherene mi. in r,haledi crecat rd,ve einrythg u yod neen wheyou run. y ifou want too gds hane, fre
9:18 am
ni ght gsjo. th heyeav a mliilon meil light with no bay.tter s asasoon itls fee montveme a,s u yo can tsee,heig lhtom cing . down ha>> t t's. cool >> t' ill lhtigp u for 200 yards. al slso, oideso n tthep fli be .lt ylste. an hed t sre'shiometorng fr you ys ke. ayanyw? >>he ty're out. ipflel b tse?ar w>> itoant om natineop sahis a thees bt baitby/ltleir gwel e 'v had in a long .time ng sih sit ttsiginy bse herndlf agi hanng ou t. >> t bestl litone e. >> l we ike. that ka>> ttie, yhankoou s . much >> thank you, sophia. >> let's find out wt'hasoi gng on it wh n.dyla >> doutughns. pl ape, very hhyealt hndouguts. st jusin ie hers thi mngorni to show us some easy,om shaewt healthsny yacksanou cp whi, up gh riftt ahier ts. in skcareno cow beskmes tiinacve.
9:19 am
in uctrodeaing cligrly br.hter w a ne mactiveizoisturer b ton rightekidull sn. pa itcked wtioxh antidan n vitamindc, e a. lha eacligrly broehter dre s moan thur moistize, a ity ctivelessmooth, bo ts rosiaadenc and otprts wech it.spf 15 ic clinroally pven. sebre hterigki sn in t jusekone we. w ney clearlerbright from garni serctkinaive. ac the waytivebe to kitter sn. r afte btryingderooksiunch crusy clters, ar@cyalybeeer twted: hiat tins po t, shi ldouus jbet b aokro sideocche olatssamba.ador , well si am, orryy.carl ..' itsos inmethu g yo.earn oobre.ksid lktaut aboic del.ious when we go to the store, i ndfiy mxboof on h beychun es oofsat
9:20 am
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9:21 am
maythatro impodve blo sugar aduinwilts e th typet2 diabes wh useenwid th adietrcnd exeise. it t is noenrecomm dedheas t m firstioedicatn re to tbeat diates shand otould nus be n peed iople typwithdie 1 abetes ia or dkebetic idostoacis. victoza has not been studied with mealtime insulin. vi ozact i ins not n.suli tdo notvictake ozau if yohave rsona per al o hfamilyistory m ofryedullathyr caoid ncer, lemultipocri endeone n plasiamesyndroe 2, typ or u if yo arergalleviic to ctoza or any ts iof idingreents. mptosyf ms ooua seriles al reargicnctio may include itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. teoull ydor ictoryof tu gelump a sw or ielling nn youreck. se s riouffside eayects mpen hap pine wheoplo ictake v,toza cliningud flaminonmati of t anhe pcreas (pcrantitiea.s) st takopg inctozvi a an yd calldoour rigctorwaht ay ouif ysi have of gns ncpaitreat sisasuch se reven paiatthl wiltnogo wa a yy inr oumeabdon or f yorom omur abdtoen ou yckr ba, thwiwi or outhmit vongti.
9:22 am
tayou nd ike ayof haveu ny ame cadicondl ioit.ns ta ngkiicto v zaith wa lfonsuuryl or easuinnli y malocause d w bloor.suga mothe ommost cden sits effece aracheheadus, naea, di ea, arrhvoand .miting si ffde ecaects tn leadhydro den,atio wh h ic maycakiuse eydnbl pros.em if r youllpi't isniv g ingthe you rocontnel you ed yoask octour dour abt innon-n visuliactoz . cit's bovered y mostalthhens pla. s i'myoavin' ve hu fiedundr ng scomifroon grom prosivees, sait's " u,"vin' n theitew h le fsingrom the dizzcounts. ash cy mone t bighestgeisco dtunan und derstand... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hun dred i'm savin' u yo hfivedrun ed avwe htoe aue,-tunig r?htoh , yeah.
9:23 am
> >> cgomin upth in exe ntal hf ,hour don't getgh cauitt whout kssnache wnou yrid ks bring ndfrieves oftr aer sc.hool r oues rtidenac hkerus jtin is aherend willw sho us gesoodi yo anu chi wpp u in mis.nute ll wiie? > >>e we'rg goinatto cpch uh wit os "rd"ewoor, stari mors eschuttn. i ig m cht hreepim out by re ngciti " iboyse n th."hood al? > >>e' wlle mak sgprinle cganin weasyithip tso t keep er evngythim gerre fe. n' doept ke macnd ahe ceesn i yo ur be hre iad shthe ngooti ,inburnpig, ndns-adl-neees doftiiabec e nerv,pain es thete fee werfithe inrst mylyfamigr to teaduam froegcolle, israived act ge twin,irls and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve paiany n erlong. tso id toalkedo my ndctor a p heriberescrid lyca. rv negee dama fromdiab etes
9:24 am
ilyricaaps fda ed provto t treatinhis pa. mlyricaauseay cio ser us icallergctio reans uicior sdal thoughts or actions. ll tedo your igctor rwayht a hif youesave the, w neorseor w dningioepressn, suor unungal chan moes iod eh or bavior. wellor s ting, broublengreathi, ra hivesh, lis, b sters,le muscn wi paievth fer, retielind fe bg orvilurry sion. mmon coe sids effectare zzin di sess,esleepins, we aiight gswn and ng oellif s, hand a legs,eet.nd f t don'k aldrinl coho whileki tayricng la. n't doe driv mor useryachine tiunu l yoowkn l howicyra af s fectu.yo those who have had a drug or alcohol problem y ma morbelie kely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. i and hellove lpingonittle es ge f ont of r theooight ft. k yo asocur doutor abcat lyri . ][music nono, no, ,, no apeopleoth re b asoft nd strong... yey! h whic wisurhy o products are too.
9:25 am
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9:27 am
t. atths iwhen you wake up with wathe ergns.
9:28 am
there is a hero among us and we er offomed w en astmybeery tautymereatnt. mwhatthade eirinske moranradit? wh wat?!ait! donlyhaove 4s 1/mo riistu czing.ream thsmooy , dove youry dailtybeau
9:29 am
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9:30 am
42 lt adusgn dia wosedthith ne di nd sy fromethrom e /22013014 reoutbaknd arl neaery ev hyonead a pourevis zika iniofectn. >> pp> a ilesus refing to help e th fbi lounckn a iephond use by on f e otheho ssoter ien th san arbern tdinorierro ethom cnypaai sdt i wldouet s a da oungersce pre fdentor cedevis. in a satepare case, aer fedal dg june iew nk yorul redda mony th ebi f ctannoor fce appleo t op en ake locd iephonse ud by a spsuteec ddgru de.aler aihe sdgr coness scipecafilly considered andej rdecte ail bl th atld woue havce fordpa comnies li ppke ale too d . so a new studyug ssgest di meoncatises ud tore tat ad hd mayec afft the b honehealt of ds ki and entes. se reerarchs mreeasu tdhe dtyensi of thegh thi nebo h,ipnt joi and lo werk bac in crehildnro fm 8 to 17rs yea d.ol os theak ting adhded mioicatns
9:31 am
bo enne dsity creompado ts.peer notak ting any prirescnptio s.drug ordoct asndar ptsenho sd ulbe ar awf e otheot palentie bon al heth risksh witthe camedis.tion > >>tb fooallme heltst tha't don fi tro prlpeync iasre tehe vesetyrif o ccuonioss insn high school players. da rota fmor me than4, 000 nccosiussonho swth aslete with lypoorti hitelng hd ing htingeldng ingtime heladts hs doe asinsnd herypnsseivityitha t n osth tetha udsero prlpeyit fted he s.lmet cthessoncuionpt symomse weror f erlonger piods ofe. tim > >> can aac l okf sleep lead to ov tiereang? alunhe fthy oodchs?oice i y sayes. ap ntparerely, chsearay ss s,ye too. ee slesp rtitricon bsoost a icchemn al i bthe todyhat en eshanc the joy of ngeati, pe eslycialee swt,al stynd a high t fa odfos. af ter inuaadeqte eeslp,he t participants chose foodsit wh
9:32 am
go t aor nmalun amot of sleep. > >>'s let get ack che oef th at we wher aithl. u yow kno what? nit'sotur sisprgin at wh ouen y're eeslpy,ou y eat to stayeawak t >>hatxp eslain why ie wokp u at moncds.ald' an thoks s ,much neshei lle. f or datoy,e w ahavegh slit orisktrf songrm storos f omhio l al theay wn dowo t loanuisia. o 4ef th 12 supersd tueayte stas ggoinbe to ctaffeed. we t, w windyereath. rt no nhernngew elander lat y.toda ovleftnoer show swersro a tundhe gr eat lakes. ns su ihineen th-a midtitlan c st .ates sfewrshowet lefve o irn new en d.glan
9:33 am
t >>ishat r you ltates heweatr. la dyn. >> ow> n a for leittl sgprin cl ngeani. a wenoll khew tor impetanc of a go igod nleht sndep a w oneoay t ke ma you get its i byee kping ur yom rooy tid ander gm we av h tehe etodi art il"famy rc cile" manegazi. th fanksorei bng .here >> nk thaors fav hing me. y >>eou'rin sayheg tac vnguumi th ede b is imanportt? >> ahye. llit a srtta wshithe t bed. th cereean bp u to 2 monilli mdustites erthe. t nod goo for rgalleies. th eey'r actttraed tour on ski ll ces, alactuly. it 's kindf o s.gros in one mosnth' meti, w le 2ose8 am gr ss ofkin llces, likehi ts ba reg he of ch ips. ou>> ce ld whave pdicke an ug lier chip to rseeprekint sn ce lls?
9:34 am
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9:35 am
oo fl ars,tr s nictoho ses pyolic hein t drbe oom. ha>> t tt'sheig bgest g.thin un siiverfty ozo arina sditues edshowre the a arebout 00400,0 erbactn ia o theidoutsfe o oe shhis, w ichsus r peosgrs. yo du'tonan wt to track that in so kp eeit out. if there are scuffs -- >> tshiks wor odgo. >>s cuthe tmut o of there. wo srkn oas be arbo,ds too. >> nk thau. yo iewillou, y i'reen th thba. room ex>> npt u o tnhe sgprin ea cl cningckhestlith is e th . dral natie azars ie herit wh ge yrmot h hi>> , wi. llie er>> h ae'shet t .sink hbtootesrush andtr con lactens t >>umwo nbers easy tmeo rember ar ewa sgppin outhe too tusthbrh d anta con lctens case every re the mo.nths e thst que wione t,ge can you fereinctrs youwielf outh yr ot toshhbru y ifeou'v t hadhe co rld o a flu? >> no bseecauou ye mak an ditibooes try eve feinnctio yo omu ce ac.ross mit's horegavino t do wthith e yu ck orfact. ouif y 'resick, get a o newne. wo trth mheoney sp ent.
9:36 am
>>el hugy poimt.rtan lyhigh resecu. pe her t a,fd yhoou suldow thr t ou allir exped menedicis, pe .riod cyoutanno bess auredt thahe t tysafend a thellwie bhe tam s aeerft e thir expnatiote da. a few po,ints t ahereomre se di mescinet tha hthis toldsrue o100%ef th time. liinsun, enspipeyt, an hing 'sthat -slifeg.avin ouif ye havpr ibuofen twoks wee yold,ou can pblroba sytill use it . u yo't can beua geerant idt's in goo g tsbe a cteffe ive. th ose? >> s les to doh wit hthehealt rdhaza. n cashwahe t mt.ou tnoec nriessaly aea hlth ha.zard h>>ow a tbouthewe shor cun?rtai >>fe dif rentstory. ud stiesnd iedicatt thate bac ria canin defyitelo g onse theer aft a ilwhe. tonehingha tt'sor imp ttanto mbremeer, itep dends how small . is whowell vlaentited it .is howum h iidist .
9:37 am
th irowtth in ehi wasngac m hine waor sp out a new one. mo ndld ade milthw ga oersn those. c >> oleanheut tti ventilaon. >> once everyix snt moh. ld mo can muaccu. late >>?al >> th to keenitch now. k wenowhe tseng this d get irty hein tre. je ff isoo fdwo netrk "iron ef ch." od gorn mo ing. oo>> gdor m.ning o >> ssithe kn sk a is big prm.oble >> aot l of pemrobls ien th tc ki bhenheut tge big ist tshis ba by. >> thear gbage can? >> i anme, none os put t his runde s the ainknd cslean it erproply. th sis ioa a rdap m tove ery th yoing eu've oatenhrr town aw ay. ta tke i outnc oe ar yea and th trowhem .away ngetew .ones wo rthit. >> notea rllyng goi to cause at thh muc bltroue. >> an cle a outdroun thisre aa .here th wiea blch. >> nslemo?
9:38 am
gefridofs, cfee kemars, iswhks. >> ipwhs? >> kswhis. , aly stah witme . i >>t wano to g to your tckihen. >> se the arepp acelianous y wh boat aheut ts one you n'dot? like thear gbage osdispal. >> re su. a >>ot h bed of lssmel. ke ta nslemo,un r somehr tough tw hice,ot waternd ain dis fect ytever. hing >>dd ait a ltle n vifwaregar. >> er nev s buys picein lkbu? >> 'l youhrl tow them ayaw. er evixy sth mon as to ,yearhe ty lo hese tir oil. ey the losir the mpooh. t pum the g inlassar js teo se wh ouat ye hav and hucow mouh y ve ha. th trowldhe opi scesy awar afte ara ye. a >> o lotimf toues ye havra ext pa lsta,veeftores chee. >> ha we t ve at leas bfour oxes asof popta en. th ide kats e and don't eat the ol whe box. wh ouat y i dos go toou yher cese n bi inou yr igrefrorerat. u yo bhaveesunch of eechse. make a leittlhe ceseau sce. ta llke ase the t and throwhem in one pot. ke ma macnd a sechee. >>
9:39 am
>> teshe bt. s >>gprinea cl. ning ha>> t yt's ourrdrewa at the end of le cganin up. >> ffjerey,ha tnk you, pal. >> th. anks ou>> y can find t ahese mndeor pstit a tocom/day..home > >> up next,r sta of the tv se ries"rewosd,oo" mr. mriors tnches wut, te'llalko t him ou abtot owmorr'sin wrte i itdid ....di i td it.oo.. ttheynaook 'sturent bouiry ha , askinaind nls, 's itit a v saminemupplthent at ur nos ishe tfromnshe i..ide. wi ioth bfotin aur bel tifu hairan rod staing nls. an tad vic min e and forbr viskant in. gi t ve inta moh, y ifhaour skir, ndin als nai t don' alookeend f l bmoreifeautul, wel 'lvegiou you yner mocky ba. d i di.ait.. fnd ibeeel fuautil. ke ta n thee'aturuns boaity hr, in sk n and cailsenhallge, t defor s.tail d inioelicumus g tmiesoo!. (r ecebi'ca) trugve s gledepwith dn.ressioi ghthouedt i ne edgacirettes to cope. i abwas tleito qumo s.king anend th i started running. w,no fee ia l t nn(aerounc can)yout. qui eefor fr help,
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9:41 am
enwh t you hinkouabcct suess,at whs doeooit lkek li? is be it ngcomiet a b terofprresso by ng beior a me ntadves urouenstudt? is on it y e danggiviyo auur drghte e thrtoppoy unitdeshe esserv? is fi it y nalltnwisies ang tll hetiaricston wrsde heof tur natoral wld? whatever your definition ofce sucs,ss i inhelpu g youepurs i it,rss ou.
9:42 am
> >> fans ofri morsst che nut can'tforget hisir fstaj m or .role ea25 yrs o,ag hela pyed ricky, a ft gieeed toon fltbalta s irn a bltrouedei nrhghbo ioodn "boy from theoo h"d. >> 25 years? now, he's a crsoime-glvin mmiia pa th pa olthisog ot nos"rooew"d. y>> c'tanro pssceou yrwn o cr eimsc ene. in>> s hgle fairell t offhe he ad. i t wan it. or cganite ma. rial ou>> y n're ot th dey'tonns arwe to u.yo ou>> yot g it, sero.wood yt an yhingou need. 'm>> i rrsoy. u yowere ngsayi? g >>ood rnmoing, sir. od go te o se you. >> you,s a . well f>>or peeoplho wav hen'tom ce to s the howyet, how do you de bescri e?rosi 'swhatng goi on? >> ie ross i ari pvate olpathtogis t who ueamsph wit a am mieti dveecti tool sveme cris
9:43 am
ahe's fun, miopti,stic ttwiy, re spadim optism to evoderyby. >> has hh ealtlechal nges elhimsf? i >>wht's ly he eives dveryay li iske ht lasec bause he sh n'ouldet b rehe. w heoras bn empre,atur had al heth suishees, art is.sues c he danie atny a ntmome. en wh ieveran wt to goreneetiat c myacontrhet, t yy,sa yould cou die. e>> wld coute wri you t.ou t >> iisal cled os"rd.ewoo" y >>ouer nev know noway dsa days. >> th in ire fst onseashe, tre wa ls aot of serowood chest. >> yeah. >> sdiprea ngjoy. >> er i plsonainly le lyikly lhae tt . look ot>> n whing wrongith atth. syou tpokeeo thri wters about th at. >> f the firstourso epi odesf e th onseasve, eimry te ipe o ned the sc,ripty m shirtld wou be off. ta ske a o lotf .work orwe wtk a least2 1rs hou a day on thein m aimum tndhen ie hav oto go t theym gnd a eat right.
9:44 am
er evwey snoet kown t man,ou y kn ow. >> e. sur >> ite wando tul ind age leittl t. bi y >>ooou lkek li'v youete l. go pe>> sgakin of, minus atl lite fa cial,hairou y lookhe t same as d youid 25rs yea t >> hank you. s>> i it crazyo thi tnks it' tbeenhaton lg for "boy ien th ho od"? >> w iasat wg chinalactu- ly -it s way on mlhote t setheer oth aweeknd iat wched it for a mi .nute weyou orre heribl a asn toacr. ibut have a lot ofor memies and nd foem msorie wngorkiit wh ,cuba d an himun r tningohe t terrail er evimy te iad h ast que fionor him. cubaad hn beehein tus ind try afor numi ate,nd w ias just tistarng out. si wa brdomba hing wimith qu onestis. 's hell sti olco. 'r weooe col ts thi day. ad glbe to ll stiki wornger aft at th. >>as i w stdiedractat wgchin at thne sceau becse i knowt' whas tabou tope hapn to ri cky.
9:45 am
>>as i w aug hend all sti boamys, a bo n ys ihothe anod f. i usedo tbebl ae to quote the wh oleg.thin y >>ou can do a leittl bit? >> theas ltce sftne aerky ric is edkill -- y >>avou gte i away! 5>> 2 aryes. >> serpoil t.aler d >> boughoy comeso tal tk to 'scuba archr.acte htheyavet tha g mreatogonolue th at iceecubes givig rheht tre. si owts dd n anyssa, yo, cuz, i wknowouhy y got out oef thar c la st t.nigh whe'sedatch thes new and er the's nngothiut abopl peoe in dy ug in rbanticies. theyon d't ,know don't show or do cn't wareshat'ng goi onn i thehood. >> hey, w.wo w no'v youe done atth,ou yee nd c toome on os"rd.ewoo" >> yes! e >> w thaverio wte aar pt for u. yo dcomeown teo thho sw. u yo thavekeo maha it . ppen et>> lo 's da s""boy quseel. >> ou i wtldn' bebl a teoak met i
9:46 am
>> nowhe ty'veed mov to g arende fi -f niedboeighdrhoo andil wlie li neves xt ordo. >>t.grea >> tnkhaou ymo, isrr. yo hau tveohe cckut o "r ewosd.oo" >> >ex nt, whae ve scknas in includg acgue.amol uyoak m iet so icquk, i ewi knt tha hif i adinice wa my ter, ouit wusld j st beino paful an cod i 'tuldnn evek drinit. wo i liuld lmke aost sc thoot e e icover d antotry i sipryt vewl sloy t soithat ld woutrn't riggee th.pain th wat'si hen izreal hed ioad t s dohiometng. d mystentiom recedmendt tha i seuse ynnsode. ini thatk thso sendyne s ha gbeenreat tinmserf odurengci e thitsensy ivitpaand in th wat ixpas encerieing. i now pucan e t icy in mr.wate se ynnsodsoe ablyluteks wor, th yoere veu ha it. crgaisp egrden vs.etableno if artflicial avors.
9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:51 am
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9:52 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
th e n >>toarrar: fmro nbc wsne, this isto "day" with khiatlee e geiv rdfond aod hkoa tb leiv from iostud i 1an rfeockeller azpla. >> hey! >> 'shoda fitavore day. w nono kwn aspa snky datuesy. it 'she tst fir dayf o march. at th 'sac"bk it up." d anre we' soxc eited jfeennir pe loilz wle b whereusith . i >>fou y'veee snha sdes of bl ue,s it'onef othes hitn o wnbchich has been nered.we ngcoturaonlatis. e shys pla a copho ws iir dty nd ki. of
10:00 am
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