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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  March 1, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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edtru c othn cepaamnig aitr,l marco rubio on the campaign trail, the u.s. senatorai sd to ish we souldmoend erre te sp su tectsano gumotana w baylo we ld woual be d loweseto uo ha en incedronterongatifi to or t ou twhatknhey ow. i' evm stnde haanelsmc , nb news inwash.gton ar>> m gie: nooveriar brn nd sa sovalheays l wilorsuppt oe whisver ep a rcaublimin nonee fo esr prt.iden rethe tivelaamon c te ashe as atsocired p sessyeurved re icpubloan gorvernnds a na se ntorsnwatio oideath wheer t ld woul, fote al donumd trp h iftins toatminion. ju ndst ualer h os thohoe w sp redondeld wouavot hemi comt to bngacki m.hi m soaie shed t wyouldpo suprt a d thiry part obid bverngacki the ripolazing ergovnordo san hval nasot fo lyrmalnd edorse are pntsideial ca atndidute b hecu cau fsedor se rnato m rarcoubioas lt ekwe. smake turetao sy tuneder h teo w ne fs 3orr you super tayuesd ve co.rage ft aerne " lws 3ative " sixe w'll ha ve abcn nci spealty re.port an dno arthe salpecior reptt a tenw foildne " ws 3 alivet ev elen." yo anu c t getheul resn ts o the
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r >> eed:e mak sure to head over to nlvews3 a.comels wlhe wre we 'reng goi to beea strming your evoicr youut fureup sersd tueay el onectiec spial. th at'sro f smix to0 7:0p.m. th ceaovergel wilnc ilude ec eltsesul poriv l ysanalrois fpam a ofnel top tipoliexcal s.pert liand epve rrsorte. at ckeyiampaioocatcrns a e tha ir uncotry. >> ie mar n: a lorthegas vanas mnem cu acinsed na kidgppine and alsexu ulssar--yeaold ar a izon hgirlgras aa pleadeal. 26 r--yeajiold kmmyilim wlel pad il guoty t three cs ountexof sual ulassaft o ald chind a onent cou soflexua ast.saul th dee sal ixp eedect toea ld to ain mimum sncentee of 35rs yea inpr du ri heaimng ked tri to hgetouis crt antppoiawed lyer sm diediss butha t mtonoti w uc eddeni. r >> eed:mathe o n whshwas ot by ro metic polfie oflacer st ni isght ov recg eriny.toda shthe ngootipe hapstd yey erdaac :0at 8ar0 ne m theor res t inl ut sos h las.vegaael >> ie maret: molro psaice y ant fi ofshcer heot t w manhehen
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inholdg g fp 3newsat's fima ra ulhmatsplah wioke th a hbneigor. an ed shns joives lith at st sc atene v las begasvaoulendrd a rost. se. >> or rep ter:e,marigh nei bors stelln hakeftup a mer aasan w ot shr thene o d thewariverucft a cepoliu. ep rdleate triednn wara ethes t arese tenen mompet ca tughier camboeighr 10 0e fet y.awa ro>> dp t he!gun ro dp the sonn,gu los ep>> rr:orteu yohecan ar po gliceg ivin mtheeran v bal ancommods tp dro awhatarppeos t1d a beedi l.handj cepoli t sayanhe mn' didte lis an dar sttedti lifng thatan hd in theec dir otionf one t ofhe cepolifi of.cers th fe orfice shot him. th une gnv idolve was aep rlica anotea rl deonweapp dr anawew s c theecldunfo. w >>ee op tr d winoue c he imar hiz0or 2 t0o 3in m utes tjusli telimng h to put the gun
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s i wa sjustd care athatle buler ul co td goghhrouti mulhople uses if g theeruy w se to tart tishoong. ju igst rheht to,re se, lik ss meites w hh myaead tl litte bi tjustinhinkeg hld couarlewdriv ep>> rr:ortee thshman yot b li posce iec exp ttedeo b y ife havownnf iatorm on t ihisenncidut yo tskedel ca rimepestop po regrtine livat fima ra ulhmat nlah3ews . m >>: arienk tha you for atth. r >> eed:ew a n es 3sixcluve no w. a l wocal foman sound thoto de inath ar a cnd aic pol neeed ur yop helin f ding thegu.nman tbut ihat ty onl p 'rtheyngooki. forti co 25 r--yeatyold monaclady was gunned down over the ekwed.en esh w washitno aerthan mn whe ey th werefr cond onteby aco send ve e.hicl suthe t specdfireti mul ro iundsntieladdide dishe mathe thn wi w herouas w.nded ancasssmdra waith rs heca :coin. >> exci lusus jopt ho eims h .up i pe hot is eat. you ceverehanc you g ietop heic^a ea outs ye lik eit'sg atinpme u
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idhe d e see nec ita atth l id dden't e servla et astro l.alh ee>> rpod: aliceoore l tking lktao tybany odthwinf imaorontie in hi tcas iseluncngdihe tpor pe wopletoho s tppedndo reider a elto he p thimvicts. y ifnoou kytw an yhinganou c av le ae anmononyipus t. e thim crppestoaters t 2- 7055385-55. >> ie marhe: t w manhoho s t in hthe aead t ting cwl th ghrouogy dog oor willce fa t rialor fem attd ptehome siinvaon. 40 ea-yolr-ald anexgoder eznzal pe ap iaredurn coort f the frsitlaco me ti se cnan ma amarridescwhbed at ha appenftdd ae er hhiand fes wi uwoke tp toouhe sf nd oonsomee ea br iking tn to hheir aomendrou igmidnht. he d tol c the ht shonsto go eznzalen wh s he in ertrud wrmed aith-fe kni an inrawltog in his .home >> did youw knohe wre the two ot shhima po >> id i dknn't heow where tt y hir i but hisaw vim moorng f.ward* m >>: aries thithwas rse fit me tie don esdalass wn see icpubl.
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p whoto aithocl buldenj i ola in hi refoadhe. he returns tcasrt coua archd.3r ee>> r md: petroeolic havead me an mct rresctonnewiion th a lydeadot shothing apat hd peneo mnearndlk ans ower ove enweekil -y 24olear-rad tare moo b has gecharthd wide murd r an mpattemuted arder afteredllegly oo sh atingilnd k olingerne pson an jud in aringernotha at y part n at atmaparent. th sis i the som heicidago stinveedigatme by sitro thnce gi beg nnin01of 2te >> ie mar c: g omina up, chugear as crllh kires mon thazea don op pele. >> d: reeso alt whabemay to bl foame er thag tr.edy ar>> m tie: edhe mioicathans tt ar upe s tposeelo hilp chndre cu fol b tutt haulcote com co ce th nke liwe betdhen adid meoncati boand klt heanta >> oe chlnd: ape temreratuo ou e tsidinare 7 thend0s a 80se osin migt nehohborods. it oi's go ng tnobe a tthery oast today owmorr. t buwathe earm w ither gsn'toing
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r >> eed: 18 pe eopledkill a in i-multi-veh ccle.rash thisn i palacen i theor wld l caledma i s a buyicarr5 ng 4plpeoe. t a aruckarnd ce werol inv ivedar so f me o cthat.rashenl e thivsurvsuors edfferio serus in esjuri. it in rialrtepougs s tgesthe dr oiveref thck trut jusi roconttel afer on ihi of res tis ew bl. >>e:mari. unds. asr iiael ar hmiesngoldi aoi jntil marity dr lilt a anrm ay beasn i iaesreldes to day. th s is i ajustexn sercie. w we tant co be alear qu unatth ibut sedulatuetockmti hitgn as.bu isthll a designed to test the emerncge myicedal rpoesens of both limiestari. th eal biclist mleissie defnse il drell hy d bthe twosraeou cesntrid er evo y tws yearudincl utcompimer sedulatin traasing ll wedi as ersast and nihumaantaripo resdrnse .ills ee>> rcod: umingf p, i ayoue 5i krk junn ao f r youmilile s ha ns ainfluence. >> ie maro: haw mleny sep
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ip tr tohe t e-driv.thru ee>> r ad: nd. u.s arostnaut tscotel klyur retning toar e y.toda 'swhatst in aore fterds lan onrteah. m >>: arieri a dversh crantes io g aas .pump it'sll agh caunt o ca.amer hehow ise abl toav se the
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ni f ck o.time ee>> r wd: omelcace bk. arreses cher tsayvehey' sc diedover a by lep sle n catoead r oveaugatincav he unyalthd foooi chda a .dy stuwi sholeng sep re ctstri bion aoosthes clmica t hat ecenhanes th joys of neatiloics pe eslycialet swelt, sad y anhigh ha odt fos. after four nights ofb cineqadatu pslee ptiarpacisntho cse odfows h itouabt 50 perntceor me ca rilo tesnha aor nlma nhtigf o
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rtexpeays sn cha iges tnhe body edcaus byep sles los isil simnda g tongetti m theieunchens whim sm oroke e takjumariana. >> ie marel: h tmetsdohat n't fiteaincrhse t ser sev oity concussions in high school footballsa da ftaomrve or 4,000cu connsssio sh aowthletes with improperly fitting helmets have more drowsiness, noise sensitivity and hyper teexcilibityha tn osth weeorde aatqu helmets. and players with helmets that use dlaefdte airat rrheha tn fo oamel gin l oeds neatth precottht hee had cadcuoniossel mp sy ftoms mor alouch nger ma ri pef od ometi di meoncatieds ustr to c te atn ntiocidefi rahypeitctivfiy deorcit d adhmcas ma fey afhect te bonthheal akidseend tns. re chsearmeers edasur d thetyensi heof tg thinh boipe, hin jondt a rlowek bac c indrhiltaan r ging te8- oearsld. th tosengakiolidadh adid meoncati shavefiigni dcantasecren es i dbonetyensipa com tredheo tir pe nersarak t aingasc pr iteciponatiug drs. r >> eed:'s lett geht rigoseche tua
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j tonapare whey thelar in seeci orhistevic lofels snt e thcyagenja in repan incord s windo up til90 meres pr hou mthisngorni. or mhae t5n 1he incmiw snod ba ex edpectt jusy todae.alon lepeop l whoe iverthwee er risurpbused eyt thme see un dfazet as bheydrave o.sro gdeunabd touhd 1 igfls htouar tnd iheansland e causr powegeoutares mon tha 45 00mehos. >> t>er p nureheeo peplre a noanciun tngy'he reingog to send in the military to helpasre feaf bct tid fheodloha thit t th r eiuncoy trerovhe twe eeknd. sc isientlats bnol ni tla s rainse caureeve fl ngoodi t inhat trcouny. ru pe'sin myistrf onsdefees say ey th g'reoinge dploy 250 so rsldie h to celpnlea up all of th dise amagheon tcr seen and ey thre ang goi to tory ta ntp ve li ts asdohey f m >>: ariea nasonastr sautscott ke pllyrirepatong e comectac b ndowea to trthrfte_nr nea eaa yn r igolacspe. ' hepn beenanternatiol sp stace natiog lonher tnyan a
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ykell c'senurrist mnsio has telasd 340 ysda. in l hisast binriefefg bore inheadhog me,ll keoy tld re teporlos e hcienee f lingt^as lodgo que af heter ds lanll he' f bela tohoussdednenundo trgunde_n t bachysindal a ntsciecifist tes. is th^s h isrt foussh mi iionnto sp ace. >> d: reell wela dren he h earts it ih marcal1st 'sthatso al d theheay when t ne spw ngriat winerulched igoes antotffece her th th souneern wvada aterma orauthsaity heys t s newulchedr es goou thrprgh a0til 3 pe deg ndinouon ysir as gnede riwaterong gouup y a arenessig w to tater dhreea ays .weekenn te wa oringndn suotay now allel ke n ep i dmindghaylivit sa be nsgiar m 1chh 3t yso wout anto ad stjuou yclr ksoc. we e 'vt golia tnkfio ond ut icwhwah rite gnguproou yre an i oon wursieb, tewsnev.3lcom. >> ie marka: oy. l so cet'snuonti we onouith r rc mareh fo.cast lepeopli fee- ng -iswow it ngsprire alady? >> d: reeha trit's hloeo be leardsrcy mat.h 1su
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slikeg.prin git's toingelo fee lik fthator e th fnextayew ds. en thng thie s arg goine to bkind of ki shap ng ue as wclget oser heto tke weend. i al'm trm stoevea wrtheo rio he iadedurn oiorectn. gh riowt n's ittt pre3 orcomfletab r uppentsevefoies s r las.vega r uppefo70s rr ough neis borin to h.nopa p or58 fy. el3ro 80 ros acalss cniifora. f 77reor fsno. 63 l forngos aseled ans er upp es r fofrsan scancitso ouriide ght .nowes so ve iablnebrertempesatur tta lilole ctoser e homcayou n e seeg88 d freesauor lnghlie ts ouide. 82 o foronvert. so al 8 lowor0s fim pr ssacro v las vegasy allee we'r l stil tseeingery he v warm an we r athessacro a thesup 74 re degumes sinmerl. l alwathe ty to0she 8th to e st eaus of so in asuthenrt suise, he sonderghn riw t no 8also1 gr dedoees wnwnto. v so terytyoasat weher. li ads winco do uentinos acrn th eae arwe as s ll a ojustdeutsi e thllva weyreheem traperetu e arvehongrith in pee ups r 70ui fo par umhrrip t 'r weine go sg toilee matd weher co uentinle at foast w r no ugthro thoutayhe dve we'y onl
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st inream ag ins croshesoutrn ne .vada webut h do aavevectith weaer he oadedwaur y. m i' t aking tbout rhis he nre i theaiccifd v a leryearg afa oost es pr tsure ihat sen b to qu aiteng chaye bweend. or shrmt-teou thiggh hreh pessur il wl inremave or theio regn ep ke uingsrl faiy y.dr tmosth of pepireciiotatnou y wi eell sin dry ogutve or the rasier neaot rlly cimpating our ea ar yet. 56 desegre for yournioverght fo her t v lasegas .area re algiont'ly iins goog t be a r ve cyool gniht. gh nit. hi ghsor tom irowomn se ig nehohbor wods billeme warr co edmpar o toemur ttupera res to day. ti anticipang 80mid- aus rond lakeadme. s or82 fqu mes ou61 m cntedesharlanton d 80s eedegr ts onothe d p formpahru t byfthe aonerno. mp teurerattaes sg rtininoff the up 5perra0s tcingheo ter 80s thfor ase lga vears ewe'r engectieape temreratuh ptout ogh ridrouncre deges by a thenofteron. lo tsf oun seshin isin aga ctexpeored f thear
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unarotd aas leort f tivke wee st juad ahea of sverygtron ci pa sficmtorde heand i our ctdire.ion inagall we'etoon cuetin enr tf stthe acorm tytivi. a wenoll kr w ouarnascen frids wi ell bcaroto in n wn oaysunda is thec forisast y verrtimpoi gh riw t nos look tlikeeshe ba a ch oanceecf pratipitision d th tee afn.rnooe n fo be lre iouet y w go,toant agiveut sho t oute o th akidst an frm k kienelem staryl.choo k thansoyou h muclefor g ttinme me co r andtoead g youuys. th erey wese awome. an d d hat a loueof qnsstiout abo wethe r.athe mkept my ontoy es. >> d ree l: i hmila-s t klsparike lc.staromh a th loe. >> ie marpasas m.e fir oveen stl scoovand gherni ee>> rcod: uminghap, wt scientists are saying about this on e. yo, knowe we'vn showonyou es sp noain erw ovtl scos >> a: danod goer aft.nooncrox m i' wdanar.agneim maa woshn's onoe catfisct ed a
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fio w outexhy n "t inbuthe ae >> a: danoo gted afoornn. i'm dana wagner. e re heha's wzi buzong ttr s las.vega dwileo vid o outetv. tolingen tel te xas. th riis dslver iamsue gasl at st.ion bfire tserup en th s youolpera falntic ngtryiop to heen tck baerre th bat'sseecauld chiweren bthe sack aeate t thdecimetiment th erey wlee abge to het tutm oe an hed t oere dein mr injuries involved inth we take y toou a losesngeler whe cl rsippees per ownorquev stmeall ve un tiledw nen abscma edcallck chur.ndores
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ne prreenesatteiv hisg win ma.n handeed need .it as al berlmkeundud ngri ent he de neee d th ohelpf a tr liampone. bu ert ththe's 59e r--yeaold ow ofner l the c.a.erlippois gng rb ail t off umptrae.olin roin ffnt onolihe cngerinrowd la igst nnht ipe a losoangeles. niceo jers lsteve. then we go from the pro ranks. i rh isode .land theam te is beayprh wit se ndcotos ti un r osyhein whe tta s ch piamshon.ip eythe'ro gg in toazcr turn out they putne oec sd on acb ok tnhe clk.ocos lo woktha- - m wthaan che tth o er amteo dn i acose?nd nwihe t ge amatth ' omfrhe thr till of victory to the agony of defeat in a matter ofs.condgo h.couc tand aan.k loolose thes elhes. gunn sligingti soletts fdorcen a
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al de.tour gu n tdheme mire ho sndes aquce bra iletequi a po hry car th ome wasan wer ne ektstrutoed ck che e tht- gesecauhee tl vicge a ncy ndoesiperm rs gunag am timuniason phet cickpoont sf*n bat ilti_n wa o s to flateeror hli airone t he check t. tluggage. reappa tntly ahose wh th sae to aay tod. t' thas at wh'szi buzng today las vegas. 'l weel st nd iback to you. >> d ree: th.anks ar>> m wie: ihenoun dbt leave it out. >> d: reeha tt's t.righ ar>> m nie: atew reth e, a ghbriowt gl oingtbjec fs lash osacrhes t sky of sdtlan nd moigay nndht art sta aled of lepeop. r >> eed:at greeo vid creaptud by uy a gh sows a btrighlu be bfireallum illininatheg t la apndsce. some isayta cused ad louboom as e w.ll ro bert myasse dyeputcu exeetiv ctdireoror f theoy ral tr asiconomocal syietie bel ivest u co hldeavee bn a low audltite me teorconimburnng ito an all
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>> ie marug: b uattil nveido eeslnek caw thr patseromi s to hebe tte fasn st iwothe r >> eed:ngcomiaf up thter te br a eak alooke t thonchirnu >> ie marf : idoyou trn't sc
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-dselfngrivis cararyou t e noa ivi dre lfa gol. bal ivi dre heto tp. hoo dri a ive caracer. ha i ave driver. nahis s me i.carl bu at'st th w nothat hwe allin cave n.ommo we ked talurto oct doabors trout eneatmt thwiel ltxare io ovs proen ttr aneat lpd hee reduc rithe f sk oandvt d lope blood cts. ltxare io sos alve pro n tocereduhe tis rk of stroke in eo pe wipl athb, finocaust bedy a art hee valvm.proble opfor peith le w afibrr cuweently ll
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ere thimis lited rm infon onatio how relt xa ao nd inwarfarpare com in re ngduciis the r strk ofoke. u yotaknow, wkingriarfan, d i haeato dthl wit tha ooblind testing route. uli co hdn'ta ave thhealsay whlad erenevan i wted. founi otd any.her wa ah yetm, trea entthwito xarel . he afy, sfiety rst. li llke aod blonn thi ers,n' doop tt stg akinoxarelt wi outhtat inlkto yg rou ctdo, asorhi tmays in eacrouse ysk or ri f d a bloor clot oke.stro il whkie tayong, yu ma sebruie morlyeasi and ayit me takerlong forbl ngeedist to op. xa reltonc may iasreure yo oriskblf ngeedif iyou ke ctataer minicedesin. xa ltre o c can sauseuserio inand e rars,case l fatadibleeng. ge lpt heht rigy awa forun ctexpeleed bg,edin us unuiual br,sing inor tg.glin y ifavou hd e haalspinan esesthhiia wle on el xar, to h watc forba aick p an orerny nve usor mrecle dlate s signptor symoms. n doakot tree xa lto ifyo veu haar an citifial ar hee t valvor no ab brmaling.leed ytelldoour bctoreefor plall neanmed cadil taor denprl edocesur. fo betare sg rtinltxare,o ytelldoour actorbout kiany , dneyr,live orbl ngeedibl proems. rexalto is the number one prescribed blood thinner in c its.lass we hall tllt car s foa d rounevof keain n.lons kemae an minar alnold pmer. mesae. her
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d annono kiewn d taryre ctstri.ions tmtreawient arth x eltowa e s tht righ fmoves.or u k as yourdo orctut aboel o)(vho salp mal s,keod ms eldan loco irsyon nurgheibobooorh..d. alwil wthryorre-fowe rsnep.hi he tadyoo nurgheirhbodooen rpteseriar cal s aes lnd tethe lepeop b whooruy mhie ve clesanthon anye... ifshyot turnkhig int aboungbuyiyo exur ne.t on r >> eed:ersups tueday. pe aoplesscro c theryountin lin e t upaso ceit thotr vicir theiados fa itvoratndid e thwd croens see liv inis th pi e.ctur ooa ltk a whoou cldep searat sethem flvesthrom ek pacay tod in other r taces hhat baveigabri ciar pl imioicatns. >> ie marla: pngnniea ahd. th wi spring on the horizon now is the time to getin fcan ies order. ytipseou no ed tknowo t gethe t se asonta srted onhe tht rig tr ack. >> en> bei a l ottlever twoea yrs nc siee wune hoos lras m.hicao
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nc si ge wed ainet a loy.amilos >> reed: and then the gd oo f.stufe ftwoieamilpas sedrate n bylyearl m400 ailesonre cednect one t.hear ahowabdyrage o pife but sa anved rothe nn>> aerounc3ews asacrt sta gh rit 3:30in.m. wee hav ea brewk ns to rtrepo.a o twecsuspn ts orude ltard ha dacien. m >>: arieic poly e san a maand wo wmand alke tinto chisehas nk baar we ming aaskshend toon tk f ofh wit the.cashe bo pe sus lctsseast envi leang e th bank in ay gra nanissl atima a he sdedboouth aundndrou p1:30 t.m. ahisnofteron. dynobo wasur ht. r >> eed: h we aaveor rep tterhe en scnde a'r weeoi gong tng bri u yohe tte la asts ites com in. >> e> wnk tha f you sorngtayi th wi ust a30 3:. p.m ge bigdast fy sonar i t ra orce f thete whise houf o secouris it up s erdatuesy. m >>: arieoc demsrat and blrepusicanmag otin la 2 1esstat* to ic pthk r eispretiec ve nenomies.
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y dathfor one frnnt ru na se ttorsrued carz, mubco r d anrnbe siedean crsldoull aet gla es so elme desegatay tod i butllt wi benot ug enoleh unhess tn y wi some of the states which cruz dohas n ne i aiowaound cold d in te os a day. >> d reeheo ttmoin fatal bfch o c em lsairo f hmlail rytoclinn's nuteres a stare oryf state has be enasreleed. t akes 0055,0es pagie revwed by s the tatertdepa.ment th wiea nrly 2100 mgeessas nt congainisa meshage tst i siclas tfiedhe fbis iil stl in igvestgatint whe cheronlint br aokeawny lys bs u aing iv prate rvseer. >> ie maros: mf t otitten cthisigampas n ha obeene n thr ta ra orce f w the hhite bouseheut t n fa f te oreconglsss ango ha s in bathe e.lanc r>>d:ee will there be a shift in ow pn er otocapilll hi? re heat's nlionare cordespon jeffhrnd. >> or rep ter: nore sect do ldnaru t impths goe p super tuesday candidate tdo utbspol palitice expayrt s ntheorew yonilli


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