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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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el e'se weeve bn hiwatcerng htoe t.nigh alin a,abamt' leos g to the republican cera. ab al pama,ctrojeed wi nner ison dald p.trum to massachusetts now. lddonamp tru t ishe ecprojted wi.nner in estenn see, estenn rsee ightw,no do tnald trumphe pr teojecd erwinn. an ged a,orgi again, do tnald trumphe pr teojecind w aneres h incont tuesoo d well t inhe utsoh. slet' lookt a the invirgia rg vi,iniaio rub and ptrumm see b toe ba ngttli itout. in mo vernnt i the pu reanblicce raig, rht inow tt'slooo cose t call. inlaokmaho t, eoolyar to l cal in the blrepu icanarprimy. t' leaks toue y tohe t mo deiccrates rac as we ow knem th. abala,amil hryla clinton is the oj prdectenn wier. m weove teno teeness trigh w,nore whega ain an rothe win for cl n.into gein a,orgis it'ng goi
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pthectrojeed wrinne gein a.orgi d ann the weov meto up invirg aia,nd again ll hiclary ninto the ecprojted wrinne th in veonrmt, bniere nd sa hers' omee,stat i hehes tje procted nn wier. sa ernds wins rmveont. th ase mussach etts crdemo paticryrima gh rinot oow, tly ear tol cal othisne. we c'llnuontioe t tc wahah tont e. la ok,homahe tam s e orst yerthe. o toly ear to calls thi ra ceet b cweenonlint d aniebernde sanrs. we e hav agot t loto ge tot l, aoot tk tal ou abt. r oum tea i ispln ace. le st's wtart tithhe tr cumpigampa annd c' nbats kury t inal pm h.beac ep>> rr:ortell heo, le .ster arso f anigoutrinht w fo onr dtrald iumpn ur fo o outef th1 1 at stes. yo gu'veoot tgi imane th heat tpa cam iigns fe gelind gooht rig w, noea hngribc new ns ca ollut hisam ne for fo our tfseho stesat. al dsongoiel wlcr asos vo bting ilocsann my hoof ttase s atese s h was doing in s outh licarondna a new shhamp airennd i va neda. th ame cnpaigng usi ei threr pedferret mdho of coicmmunn,atio do tnald trumpinweetg
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ethosat stes. st jue tak ak loo at th es, map c anddeonsir is th. 's he w nownon i the rt noith wewh n mp haeshir and acmasstthusens, i the hsouth witth sou ro ca,linaab al ama, estenn see,gigeora, an nd i the wtes whit daneva. s hipo supsrt iti cutng ssacros thiun cotry, fy deing exatpect,ions fy de tingophe pular nt setiment tha a no rnrthe aer, new eryorkan, c't ne arcess dilyelo wnl i theh,soutt thay the ul woed b puunpolar. lddonamp truvi prong th otat n b toe the ca se. bu tt i hasn bee a atdramicee wr k fothe idcand aatet's iees bn r fo e theentir aicampgn. tr rumpinefusog t im dimeelat cydeon mn the okkk tverhe we d.eken dthat arew o lotf cr isiticrom fism h po ops,nentot a l of iccritismm frohe t pu reanblic ta eshmblis aent, nd a olotrif csmticim fro e th crdemoats. th ame cnpaig now yi trong tk looad ahe to theen g eral tielecndon ami prosing th heat t gy're toingo co uentin t hoit ll hiclary n.into erlest. >> ,katy withmp tru ma ngrchiou thrhigh ts ni wghtithic vestori m asany sutespecd, the
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dcoul t beache reor f co seplnd ace. ma rurco bio t anded cr reuz ape com ttingo be f the oaceef th ti anmp-truor efft wi tthin heiry.part snbc'li hale jonacks tis a ted cruz's he aradqu itersn fostaf rd,s.texa ll heo, llhaie. r >>teeporour: y can bheardehin t me his dcrow isea rdyor f a ce atlebr aion,hend t cr amuz cnpaigls fee th weylilet g e,ont a le taser hen i tes.xa a campaignid ae ntesseyialldi pregctin wia n,li tel mnge th wihein tt lasou hr th tatyheil wlin w te sxaan d, e,quot come t outh of ige n ahts othe cnlyigampaitn wh th ufe senficit fo tiundaon to de y stro--li feeng go od in s,texa kithinhang tout celd b ghenou m to oveon, ouobvi pslyngicki a up winn i a pcelaik l e nsarkaras oah okl oma is becinefial. nbc cngallihe t la ok phomaryrima as you,know t onhe re icpublsian de, erlestoo, tly ear to ll caut, bed tz cru ad leing. al>> hlie ckja son, ksthany ver.much ewe'rne joid by nbc ws neit polical astnaly co nile llwaace.
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pt dehf o stheplit gh riowt n t inhe re icpublpaan rty, ciespe wallyinatchg th toserumpto vic ries kstac upghtonit. t>> ild cou bn'tore me ouprofnd. i' eeve bnn ose the mp casaign w and yhenou ut tterorhe woods t cl tosecao ll, it ea br lthes iife nto ethospa camigns hgopin r fohe eitr a sgtron se pcond olacenr a se upt. at th t isoshe pnitio at th k thehasic ca gnmpai i isnn i onvermhat, thet t orubipa cam iigns in ininvirg aia,hand tt e thz cru aicampgn, tthey thinkrehey' in goog te have som ns wi ins,texa but 'rtheyope h fingor ot .hers ywhenayou s c toolose to ul tca, hat thbreaopes hnte io th oseaicamp bgns,ut i' otve g toel tl you, lddonaum tr p's nadomi incests ngunni, icpartlyular a ink wee er whe'e hsn beeeddogg ueby qnsstiout abo the kk k. w >>vee hake tald ab tout ihis tnerms of th eiis bng a rethye-wa ra ce. to owmorrng goi rw fo ward, iilltit sll ? be t>> il wil b beseecau bo no gdy'sngettit. ou bjusthey tacse res be tinglooo corse f us to llcaey, thha'll ve en loughife. 'ltheyavl hnoe eugh yg oxoen tp keein gog. y asou idsa,s thi is ghtonitha sping upo t nobe atherpt chaern i
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st hialoricly dedivid re icpublpaan rty. >> ur> t nningowo the t mo deiccrate racre whe c nb p isctroje aing mb nufer oin ws for hi y llartoclinitn wh he nlr oosy los s far to tnigh in rmveont. be srniersandee hom st ate. te liam c hntongopin ni to tght ihishes t gi begnninth of nde e r fond saers. ou ndr amirea lltche is at li cnton he aradqu itersmin ami. eaandrha, w tt'she moode?ther ep>> rr:orte theoo m d iheres ebenullit. ey th w'rengaitior f arhilliny clton. sh se i h onwaer ey, w e arld to. e sh a wasnt ave e nt bwith lackn,wome ic whh ist par of her ra st ttegy aolppea to rimino,ties s andhe is f soarni winngho tse st watesith her so rnuthe fillrewa, inwinngve olmrwheyingl thwiha t t riafn-caicamerotan ve an ard platicu trlyhe ol der .vote sh ade h m therothe of tr vayon mtiarnit wh hher tere ioday n idflora. e sh b has veen ery veactih wit the ermothfs oic v otimsf gu n viceolen, af n-ricaicamerouan yng ct vi oimsunf g vi ceolen. at th b hase ecom oonef r he ts,hemeng goi ai agbenst rnie ersandhos, w s ashe po ointsivut fime tes vo atedstgain the ybradll bi. at th o isfne o her atsign ureesissu.
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forward,ou y can see a an chnge i the.tone e sh n isoiot gng toe b ouas tngh oni bere nd sa aers,ndy the ha tven'n bee c ofeours eras plsona t ashe pu reanblicavs hbee en, bu het slr's aeady vo pi ttingo a cigampan th heat s is an patici atingstgain na doruld tsmp a the lmostyikelub repnlica no e.mine wsheentft aer him ag iain mn aore seubtl wa y ghtonit,li telng th aeseanfricri-amecan wo tmen that hhey ave to etelevahe t level heof tit pol ical di uealoge, bnd kier, orbe mgee .ntle sh e isin tryg to ea crhete ttr conast eebetwhan whet ss i op prgosin w and hat reyou'ea hring from rtheliepub canside, icpartlyularal dond um trp. e thnt cli kons tnowhis is ng goi b to ve a ery htougpa cam iignhef s t isemhe dtiocrac nenomie,nd a is li ,kelyal donumd trp is r theliepub can nenomiece, b hausese i socountinven.onal dhe'toesnlo folhew t le rus. ey th g aredirde f upor at th. th noey kisw th is go toing a be d har one to a winrond pybabl rd hahaer tnyn ath of e he otepr rcaubliusns jt ca be husese io s un lusua s ando co ventrol.rsia that,saidre we' ctexpe hingryilla
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an ned oth of hie t ngs 'sthatll reay in sttere tingero h is thatt is i still too ea trlyol cal acmasstthusends a hooklama,he wrehe s's ggoin after be erni ersandns i o two hfis ro stng s.hold >> an ,drea let'sk tal ab boute erniersands. w iant to go to snbc' ka sie.hunt sshe'h wit s thersande aicampngn ive t.rmonm fro e,there cas sooe? ep>> rr:orte the le de rgatesoich isuth g goinheas ty ex edpect. ey thw kney thee wer in goog tfe sufosr lses th ere. th eey'rch wat tinghose tw sto ,ates ss maseachu attsnd ok malahove, vry, ery fucarelly. th eey'rin hopheg ty mi sght btillble aoe t opullut aep swef o os thive fe sstate wh tere pheydlaye gr agveessily. al so,esminn ota, racolo ado,fnd o ur covese t,rmonre whe w hendon are whe he wa res g beted ayn or ad ingowcrd. he d tolhe t tmhat he's itcomm ttedoht fig on. t>> ahe t end of ni toght,st 15 ates
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ta35 sretes .main landeet mur ass yeou wthatree a goingo t otakeur fight for on ec omicstjuice, for so cial juicst fe,or environmental sanity, fo wr a oorld pfeace e toveryne o ofho tse st .ates ep>> rr:ortet wha gh millt aimow h to tfigh, onst leer? th moseonilli s of ardollhas tist h pp sursorte areiv ging rafte o anenlinll ca. ey thse raid nyearl $6 li milnon it jus 24 s.hour ka>> tsie, hankyou. we j'redoine by chuck to nddd aav shanna riguthhoe, wl wiln joi ourup s tersdue ay to tnigh ine-prim.time k,chuct wha y doou ma fke ot' whas ha edppen sofar? >> as i win tryog t ok lo s toee why is na doruld tmp do timinanng i the hsout inicpartarul? hweeavom se reintegstint exil pol ta dat thaan i wot t ar shite wyoh u. a weskedha w t idcand qatetyuali tt ma teredouo yst mo. alovernl i thee nin pe suesr tu dayesstat, a di can tdate hat ereithre shays m lu vaotes g 35%, can in breg m togechan, 30%. so ng goi through the st ,atesen i whrt tough ge a.orgi
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gechandi can adates pr enesidoot, ltk a is th. 46%. cr duz antistaon secd at 20%. am thong tose what ant ana ctedidat tha ar shyes mlu va les,ook at.this ocruzn topt a 35%. tr ump atlmosr neahe t tt boitom stinghe tre at %.12 y.stor gechante vo trs,rump do teminas. ov er0% 5 innntee.esse sh maresy luva ces,ruz at 37%. ru jbioustbe h.neat ptrum t atbohe .ttom t bu theng chae ctaspe, llusuayal vueste matr mo re toub repnlica im pr aryrsvote. t nos thiar ye. th hae c cngedaandite is 's who nadomi.ting 'sthatal donumd trp. at th einxplasis h so rnuthemi doe.nanc et>> l t me talko va sa.nnah kthey inewout w ld ob pr bablye ain domant tr umpt,nighut b wh at'sha t prath going arforwd. >> they would both veloo tee s o the ther get aout,otnd breh a yi sahang tnot's t go tingeo b. me o marcorubi s isgayin m norattet whape hapns ghtoni'mt, i i inllt a wtheoay t theend,
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co esntdteco ennvonti. e thio rublk fos, an fr tkly ihathes tir pa igth rnoht w. 's he t gotino w idfloruta, by' there pi hohang thet t y're tableeeo pffl o de telegaers hnde a th eero tt aea lsten dy ptrumt tha matyjori. crted eeuz ss a di enfferpat th. he ys saok, way,ere a ggoin w tohein t ledetega strouhtig. 'r weoie gong t get is then mom ftum rom ghtonit. t buer nev ftorge the ab tesolutr cenalar pt of c the sruzegtraty wa os t b beig nitoght, igbe b t inhe south, d ant' thaots n pp hag.enin ghe's toingino w s,texa itks loo ,like t bube may o one ther atst be, rutlleay umtrpth is ore sty. >>e w sedtartit wh5 1 hein t cera? i >>ept krot gwingnd a w nore we'n dow to ve fi. te aftor t,nighbe may g it detsowno t four. b >>idut d tn'that la grge oroupf ca atndid des,haid tt eacrte t shetiituaon he hare t atedllow tr ump tveo mock quily? >> s it iuresh wit cr nduz a o.rubi i t jus sdhoweou y ethosva .lues uz cr andub rio ba llsicarey a li spgttinse thot tha re cae morut abo esvalu. y if oou hnlyadne on i
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tyourumpld wou win in me so stesat, and cruz ru ibiofy theer we one nd cae idatdwoul win someesstat. uz crn' didt ryeall etcompne irg vi.inia awwe s y ifanou c get hi n m ia onone-,-one i he pstiotenally be leatabut, b i't don csee oruzubr rio inbackdog wn. >> e'> woire gong t ve hae livda up tes ugthro thoutighe nht as ul resomts cine . ll i' j bedoine by uc chndk a snaavanh and ourir entebc n news am tee liv as crosthe co y.untr im prmee-tie, wrt sta 1 at e0:00rnasteh wit l al b theinreakneg ws. >> le> tt'surn t soome ot neher f ws othe day. e th beattlwe beten ap aplehend t fbi ac re ahedll theay w to pi cahitol hill ll. ap iples finightghe t i' fbems d tandelo hp lo unnck aon iph uesed by o oneef th san be dirnaratno ertacks. uras oe petli wilams pl ex,ainsh bot are as ckingesongros t ay pler refndee ad fin an eransw. f >> iwoyou pluld ease ri ise, b'll beginy sw ngeari youin. >> or rep tter:bihe f re di fctor aaced ep sklticase hou di juyciarmi com ttee roverriequing that plap weteripe salci so waft tre hopelhe t fbi unlock an ipheon
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arberndino atertacks. ss>> ealentie'ly wre ng aaski tppleake the vi sciourd gua dog .away uletrys t p andick e thck lo. r >>teeporomr: cey sa heid t a fbisked er evary ptth of e.s u. go mevernont tck cra e thne pho and luconc oded anly pple theldhe key. w >>hens it'n bee t he tifuncfon oov genernmt to pe coml oror fce a iv pr cateenitizr o a mp co tanycto a asn a en agf t o the rngove tmentoo dt wha e ther govtnmen ulco'tdndo . r >>teeporr: apsple' p toye lawarr w tnedhat t ifbihe fs gett wha itntwahes, ttw sofare to dleisab anph ione cu se,rityld cou get to in w therong ndhas. w >>hie thank tt ot prngecti the risecundty ahe t pr yivac h ofedundrfs o mi nsllio ofon iphe us iershes tht rig thing to do. at thhe's tso reahan tt 'r weoie dng .this >> or rep bter:omut se mm coeittebe memrs wo drrieut abo pshone inkeepvig eedenc out heof tch rea of law rcenfot.emen ou>> y g cannto io pe 'sopleie bodnds a veremo etbulls, but u yo't can i gonto a ad ders peon'son iphe d anem rove .data i t jusd fin it ba ngffli. r >>teeporher: t de fe jraludge in klbrooasyn h r nowuled
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ov ccer a tesso a drug erdealoc's lkedon iphe ngsayi g thenmover ent otcannce forle appo t ssbypaec a syurit as me iureart m tketso s it cuerstom s, me sogthin j the udge wsaid bouldlae pinly of ivfenso e t the ancompy. f >>noor ppw, asle i a onll ro, ain w in ur cotst, ick stoce pri up . xt ne s thean be dirnarouno crt he garin t in hree s.week peteiawill,msbc n ne ,wswa inshongt atill hheadere ni to bght, oackhen t an std. re moti emo onal imtest fony erom rin ewandrs. e thum trahea sll sti el feeas yftrs a aer kestalecr syretled tap r. he dtheseefenin firg ba sck,stuggeinghe t ciinntdect alluay lp heeder h > >>o alsic polaye s he dlehe t omn ase cha in a mmhuer, hngoldi ch enildrst ho bage,ut he pp slied away. now the manhunt is on in if cala.ornit bu ii keepowint gr mg by akingdoevery whyat'sav i hspe the caark ard sh c cfrom oapitalne.i unlearnedimitca 2% k sh baconev hingerytuy i bmy for o. studi d annlthat ued 2imitsh% ca backpafrom seansrk mus thoands
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th hugat'sr e fotomy bot.m line atwhn 's iuryole walt? vei'n beeitclarin r clea14for s. day en whr yourgalley mp sy stoms..tart. .d ..rsoctoom rec mendta okinglane cnriti ev daery yy of oural y lergonseas... or...fti cons nuouefreli. thwiow pfuer 2l,ho4 ..ur. ..on.nro-dclwsy inarit, clivetilariean clr. ev daery y. ac i 'mcept i 22. noti iaccepto a dteshort r seese thysda. i en aevepcci hat aveighe h rriskf o dstrokeo afue tib, oa typeguf irrehearlar t,tbea no caust beda y het vaare lvobleprm. but i won't play anything less than my best. so i thf soere's ingmethbe hatter tarn warfin, i'm going r itfoiq. eluis. uieliqces redurid the of ssk e trok tbetterrfhan wa,arin it plus hadifsigny icantlless jomadir bleethng arfaan w..rin. iq eld uis ha...both at tht 's whawanti o ed thear. t don' takstopeling uniquis less ur d yor octos telltoyou , ppas stoincring s ease your f risk ong ahaviok stre.el
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don't take eliquis if you have an ific artheial lvart vae or norm ableal beding. wh kiile taqung eli is,u youimay bre se morly..easi. nd i...ay t maontake langer thual usanfor diy bleestng to op. se iekiammed mtealedicar cre fo sudden signs of bleeding, like nu ual bsuisruing. el maiquis creay inouse y r ngbleedik ris y ifake ou taicertcin medines. outell yctorr dout abo all d plannecalmedi or enta dprl aci pt iceon d pla't y.qui.. ltee i ikeduso. t but m i'still bringing my best. an ing d goelfor iquis. re ceduskd ri s oftroke pl sus lesma bleejor .ding urask yotor. doc.. f ...iinswitchg...
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tssporor rep eter rin ewandroos thek tta snd esto t itifyn her 5 $7iomillivn cil ia trl. da tohey ten defotse g s itnc chaoe t s-crosinexam eans.drew e sh isng suih bot her co tenvictad s alkernd th ote hheel wre he tsadmire sectly otvidegapinr. he ewandrols thed ty jur it 's ara tuma's she rneveec redover omfr. snbc'ga mornfo radrd has .more >> or rep ater:ernoth ot emliona o dayhen t an std. i >>w kno i'mot n ne fi. r>>orepr:teri e n ewandress describhe t ydailht nigh mas of thatec syretl t aped lviraeo vid t andhe th yerap s she till s.need 'l>> ilwl a hays taveo g goreet tntatme for ,thisay alwos gd nee to k taltoom sngethi t fw bhisseecaus thi ll wiay alwes b t onhe rninteet.
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ha wppenhenhe sas h ki .ds >> what happens when kmysid say mom, u' yoreak ned on the in ettern. s >>owhe ns doe a th ghorouep swe of yeverel hotom ro. i >>k looer evreywhe. l i fookedor rli .ghts lo i o ok tifsee er th e'sracames. h >>eres tnytimo lecompte. >> n erire andesws rts r >>teeport'r: iows n t upheo ten defose t ke mair theas ce. rs fi, t uperform oyempl er,espn. d >>ouid yee s her ersuff inay ws a a su relt? >> . no ep>> rr:orte the te ho ll's tegal eam ngtryi c tonconvie the ju sry,evenom wen and ho lteho sdnulay't p r foid a vhaeo tt wa tsn't fheir aaultnd re caer. >> r youom incase h ne go upst subalantily si tnce hisrroccued. >> or rep ater:wsndre gu arbaed sck,gayin e thk wor h iser peesca. i >> b've een ov mpercotiensanng i my .that eei fikl lfe ian i c t doophe tfl n g ame iand cf ian work the wo srldserie i andan c pa utss o the optrhy, etforg.
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ys sahe, san w ttshe ryju to remember. anmorg orradfd, nbc ,news vinashlle. w whenome ce ,back rafterl neay ar yea in or abit, co rererd-bgakince spa ys od fseyn or a american astronaut me cotos n ad.en terry bradshaw? wh sat aisurpre! you know what seel issua serpriin? sh.gles hoand cw ititan hyo t u ouowof kni i ow. ithad . 'thatwhs y i'rem he . c'n mot'les t siwndo d anlktabo a iutt. an did yod knu haow te t onthin peree woplegeill int sh?gles i 'didnknt haow t t. d.i di he' ts onyiv i
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? ll(a.) no th at'y s whm i'ndremi inglepeope likyou a toousk yctr dor or omapharcist ouaburt yok risof ingetting sh.gles usbeca ye ifadou hck chixenpo th heen tng shiviles ruslris a ieadye nsidyou. ) (all.oooh who'd s hakechic?npox sc ovoot .er me too! when i got shingles i had thglis undy babl of rsiste an lod tokt hastnaray shn cap po aupwhnyeer thand ine pa b caneve oren whase t ln it.ooks tsotoalk r youdo octorarr phstmaci . awe illn? (a yell) s!go 'od, usca ne ife'ot w renngotca waghh hitsligh m ofrey ca2 er 1s hourigstraht. i , know atalk pboutain. seouriy slw,noal ttok ou y rdoorctr oarphcima tstayod ou abvat a e ccin cthathean relp p sventlehing s. th caleyitl lann pg inr fo tirerentmeec bseauet gting th e erquirre eesctlyxaha t t.pla forant whantyou wa yo utur f lure tokeook li. mo for han re tye145 ars, fi pacife hc li baseen providing solutions to help individuals like you achieve lo -terngfim ncianasel ritycu.
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ta o a lk tncfinaviial ad sor tohelp ld buiro and ptect ur yoem retircoent inme. pa licific fe.
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5:52 pm
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5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
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5:57 pm
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5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
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6:00 pm
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