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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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6:00. christy wilcox is following the latest developments. what tipped police off? >> reporter: well, metro says an officer was out on a call when he spotted these birds in the backyard and also found evidence that there might be some illegal activities going on. after the bust, officers, other multiple agencies and the animal foundation worked to recover the birds. right now, t a this garage at the animal foundation. police suspect these two brothers -- brothers, sylvester gayton and javier salgado, were training the birds for illegal fighting. almost 600 roosters and birds were found in a northeast community along with other evidence in what metro says is
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history. >> you will see tethering. that's where you put two roosters near each other on ropes but they are not able to reach each other but they build the aggression. you will see training like treadmills. >> reporter: after assessment by a veterinarian team almost 40 had to be put down due to injuries and other conditions. >> we'll put in a list together so that going forward we have more appropriate caging it puts a strain on housing. it's not ideal, especially the number that came in. >> reporter: while the cruelty team expressed hope they might be rehoused, she says that's not the case with these type of game fowl. >> typically, in my experience, they are not able to be rehomed
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in. it's not safe to put them back in the community. >> reporter: now, metro says that these two suspects are arrested on two counts of breeding, selling and training for illegal fighting. they could be charged with more once the investigation continues. reporting live, i'm christy wilcox, back to you. >> thank you. so here's a question so many people want answered -- will we sleep better tonight than last night? many of you were probably awakened last night by the thunder and spectacular lightning show. >> you will sleep fine. one of the key ingredients to these are heat. we thought we why gonna get thunderstorms fired up all over. the clouds never went away.
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from arizona. we had a lot of -- well, an area of rain pushing through. that's now moved northward. will continue to do so over the next few hours. no longer a factor for the valley as far as significant rainfall. but go south where there's sunshine and thunderstorms were all over the place. they will track it looks like to the southeast, south of southern nevada. laughlin could getou we'll have a full look at your seven-day forecast and relive some of those incredible lightning strikes coming up. >> looking forward to that. a bizarre hit-and-run crash unfolded in front of many people including children at a park. shortly before 11:00 this morning, two people in a black bmw collided with that suv near vegas and rock springs drive. both vehicles smashed into the brick wall.
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passenger seat of that vehicle ejected and then they say men in the park helped them flee. an hour later, they found the suspectsate an apartment complex across the street. the man ejected is recovering at umc. it's too early to say what charges the couple will be facing. the man accused of killing two people including a local grandmother told a judge he's not guilty. he was indicted by a grand jury last week. he was arrested on july 7th. detectives connected him to the july 3rd shooting death of the grandmother and to the murder of 27-year-old cameron ryan. ryan's body was found near the 95 and lone mountain road back in december. a scare for hillary clinton today when she brought her campaign for president back to las vegas. you are watching it happen
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of people are talking about tonight is the scare she had when animal rights activists tried to storm the stage. the secret service rushed up. jeff gillan is live on lamb boulevard. the secret service agents took this very seriously, jeff. >> reporter: they sure did, jim. good evening to you, by the way. you know, protests is par for the course at any campaign event. you see it often. candidates usually have their putdowns ready pockets in case they need them. today was different. >> it's important for nevada, hillary clinton. >> reporter: a few minutes after harry reid introduced his friend, secret service had to swing into action. they moved in to protect the candidate after animal rights protesters tried to disrupt the rally. they unfurled the banner. they tried to go on stage.
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happen. protesters from direct action everywhere were escorted out. before she arrived, clinton spent part of the morning at mow hagy olympic, a local business. back at the union hall -- >> more than half of all jobs in 2020 and that's not long from now, will not require a four-year education. >> reporter: clinton also called for a building boom that would create jobs. >> for every billion get 47,500 jobs and they are mostly good union jobs with a good middle class income. >> reporter: amen, says union member jennifer taber. why do you like her? >> i think she stands for the working class. i think she understands where we're from and what we're trying to do here. >> reporter: not everybody who could vote, 11-year-old nora wanted to be someone who could
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>> she's proving things that are important and that they can do things that other people don't think they can. >> reporter: and back live, back to those protests, we called metro, which did not make any arrests in connection with what happened today. we also called the secret service to see if they are going to take any action. our calls have not been returned by air time. jeff gillan, news 3. back to you. >> thanou and donald trump had a scare at a las vegas rally. michael sanford from england tried to grab a gun from a metro officer and wanted to kill the presidential candidate. his mother says he suffers from severe mental illness. he pled not guilty to two felony charges. stay connected during this election season. we've reached out to the presidential candidates to participate in extended
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tell us what you want to know. what issues are important to you. what would you ask donald trump and hillary clinton? share your thoughts. you can get in touch with us by e-mail or find us on facebook. local homeowners who lost thousands when a solar company went under are getting some relief. >> the legal troubles for the homeowners started after the business owner was murdered. ahead, why the settlement may not looking for. also ahead -- it's set to change the way local restaurants get their produce. we'll show you a farm not too far from the las vegas strip. i'm reed cowan, team rio 2016. a rare behind the scenes look at how police and security keep 500,000 tourists safe for the
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more than 100 homeowners are receiving cash from the state of nevada after they say they were ripped off by a now defunct solar company. >> many lost thousands of dollars when the summerlin energy shut down. and even after the s's more. this really is a bizarre story. how did these homeowners end up here? >> reporter: well, jim, it all began last november, thanksgiving when the ceo of that company was murdered in their own home and that left homeowners on the hook for thousands of dollars. >> i think we can take a class
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contractors boardroom was packed as homeowners expressed frustration after loses thousands of dollars after hiring summerlin energy. terri brunnmeier paid $17,000 to summerlin energy and this is her home now. no solar panels to show for it. >> i never got one thing. i'm one of the people that paid the money. i have nothing on my property. >> reporter: after summerlin energy's ceo was murdered. his company fell apart. they went into bankruptcy, leaving paying customer w other customers were abandoned mid job. some got their systems completed. but they are not lucky. >> paid for a system once. now i'm gonna have to pay more. >> reporter: he had his system finished but they didn't get the solar panels.
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once it's settle and done, i will have to pay a lien off. >> reporter: each homeowner's case assigned a number to claim money to help those wronged by a contractor. nevada catched the funds available, meaning homeowners are receiving only 38% of what they lost. >> i've been robbed. i toldly trusted the system of a -- of a lic >> reporter: this is the largest type of this case that the contractors board has ever investigated. many of these homeowners still out a lot of money and they are left -- they say they would like to start a class-action lawsuit, not only against the surviving members of that ceo's family but also against the contractors board themselves because they feel they didn't do their due
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company. sergio avila, news 3. >> more to come from this for sure. thank you. voters won't get to decide about the rates. the supreme court ruled against a referendum for the upcoming election in november. question 5 would have restored net metering to more rate structure. that would have overturned a law put in place last year. the referendum was sponsored by solar companies. the justices ruled these companies should have ask voters and urban farm is plants roots not far from the strip. >> it's poised to change how some of las vegas restaurants get their produce. the three-acre project will transport a lot into a farm. the idea is simple, grow natural produce for some of the world's best chefs along the strip.
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include 20 types of fruits and vegetables and be ready for harvest in about three months. >> it will be another beautiful playground that we can go day in and day out. talk to the farmer. the farmer is on the stripe. we didn't like this. we liked this. also try this. >> for now, only chefs partnered with the company could take part but in the future, they hope to build valley so everyone can benefit. >> pretty wild how they grow up the wall like that. we know a lot of you have veggie gardens in your backyard. a lot of people got free water today. >> we're all thankful for that. >> i have cactus that don't need a lot of water. >> i got eight drops. >> eight? >> i would have liked to have more rain. we can count them.
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but many sacramento jolted last night with the incredible lightning show. i mean, the atmospheric pyro it nix -- pyrotechnics. pretty impressive. some of those neighborhoods on the east side, got a lot of rain. .5. there was some minor street flooding after and before midnight. check out a couple of pictures. broo you can get magnificent light shows with the hotels and what's taking aim at the hotels. and then you get the lightning bolts on steroids out there. just a mere strength when you see some of those bolts and compare them to a house or another building. the light rain we had, the few sprinkles. that's gone. no longer a factor. the clouds -- we seen had some stratus clouds. they were very new.
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all -- left over from the storms. we couldn't get rid of the cloud. in boulder city, we got a few rays of sunshine. too little too late. we needed that heat thanks to the sun to kick up more storms. didn't happen today. boulder city, 83. look at this 56%. they had under .10 of rain. mount hood, about .5. they are at 85 and 48%. still juiced at flamingo and sam these are numbers you don't usually see for the 4th of august. the clouds being the great equalizer. the humidity values undesert like. those will start to change as early as tomorrow. mountains in the 60s. mesquite is at 87. humidity value still particularly high up there. we showed you boulder city. laughlin 25%. that will change with the storm nearby. should hit within a couple of hours. 84 and 73. so that's the coolest
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2nd of july. that's the second coolest high temperature for august 4th. we did get 4/100ths of rain, not as much as mccarran. but our 2016 total is above normal. tomorrow we start in the 80s. 90 at lunchtime. mid- to upper 90s for most valley neighborhoods. i think enough bonus sunshine tomorrow and a little breeze in the afternoon drying things out should get the temperature back up to triple digits. not that we're celebrating that. there goes the sunshine. look at the clouds. the clouds disappear early afternoon and then the storms fire up. they got their heat. laughlin could get a storm and that would be it as the flow now has turned from the southwest, that's going to bring in the drier air. our chances for storms diminisheses and the desert cups back. 40s on the mountains. 60s north of the mountain. high temperatures tomorrow. mesquite, 100. laughlin 106.
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tonight, we're going down to 77. there's still a slight chance for a thunderstorm nearby. but confident not very high for that. tomorrow look for a high of 101. slight chance for a morning thunderstorm before all of the moisture gets pushed out and then it gets pushed out and the temperatures get pushed up, back to triple digits and then climbing from there, 105 on saturday. 106 on sunday. the clouds next week, notice? >> no. >> hurricane earl came through the caribbean hit belize. it will go through mexico and come out of the pacific and a new storm, we'll get a new name, maybe a sex change. [laughter] >> it was earl. not sure what it will be. >> kevin? >> kevin was a storm last year. never before was i so proud. [laughter] >> i'm sure. new leads in connection with
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>> now police are out with a sketch, at least, of the man they are looking for based on all of the accounts of witnesses. also why they think he struck again.
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jim: i'm one of them. fermin: yo tambien. barbara: i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. fermin: social security helps us pay the bills. jim: and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. barbara: that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. fermin: his plan to privatize
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in profits for wall street. barbara: risking retirement security on the stock market. fermin: what if it crashes again? jim: wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. barbara: i wonder who he's working for. jim: because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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a southwest neighborhood under attack. residents are trapped in doors by a storm of angry bees. >> one guy, a professional exterminator, was stung hundreds of times before firefighters were able to pull him from safety. it's touch and go for him tonight. news 3's denise rosch is live out near fort apache and russell to walk us through what happened. >> reporter: yeah, this all
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there are a few angry bees. we had to back away. this is the shirt they had to cut off the victim. a few bees still dead on it. you can see them there. now, this man who was attacked, an exterminator, part of a team trying to remove a beehive from under a house. the victim was not wearing a protective house. neighbors could hear him screaming but couldn't get to him. clark county fig out, transported the man with life-threatening to southern hills hospital. here's what one witness had to say. >> it was horrifying. it was loud. i book looked over the fence. there was a guy completely swarmed in bees around his head and top. scary. i had no idea there were bees across the street. >> reporter: and john treanor just wrapped up an interview
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on his 13 years on the job, he's never seen anything like this. we'll have more on this story for you -- coming up at 11:00. i'm denise rosch for news 3. back to you in the studio. >> we've had africanized bees for some years of they can be aggressive but when a professional gets so hurt -- >> and to the point he's fighting for his life. we're learning more about the knife attack in london. >> including m american woman who was killed. also this -- >> i'm reed cowan with news 3's
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? and there you see it, one night away from the opening ceremony, all eyes on rio for the start of the 2016 summer >> have to keep everybody safe. reed cowan is there. he got a rare glimpse behind the scenes about how an army is working to protect thousands of people. >> reporter: i have to say in talking to news crews and volunteers alike who are all arriving here, most of us are really breathing a sigh of relief. security cameras on every corner. a very large, very well-armed police presence is everywhere.


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