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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  August 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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it's finally here. the start of the 2016 rio games. >> after all of the buildup and all of the preparation, it's finally time to get this thing started. you can watch the opening ceremonies right here at 7:30. right now, we want to take you live to rio. our news 3 team is o there. reed cowan joins us live from right in the center of the action. it has to be getting pretty intense there tonight. >> reporter: it is getting intense. there's a great sense of excitement a lot of people excited for opening ceremonies. i'm shire you will be watching them. but there's also an intensecy in the air regarding the security. we now know from recent nbc reports that intelligence is showing that they are now flooding the area with
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listening and just being eyes and ears on the ground. there's also a very visible presence of security guards who are carrying very large guns. i can tell you we do not walk 20 feet anywhere in rio that we don't see some presence, some security and when i say an army of security officers, i really mean it. not economic atmosphere here. my uber driver told me today people are protesting. they are out in the streets protesting because they are angry. they are seeing these large glittering stadiums being built and certain police officers have not been paid for months. so the protests are going o. added to that is the human spirit. the torch is running through the
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regardless of the safety or security. they are excited. and then we can tell you, it's been really exciting for the people who -- who live around maracana stadium. we understand that the opening ceremony for the 2016 olympic games is going to be very meaningful, telling the story of rio. it's a story that like the guy who gave me a ride said we want the world to know there are people in rio. jim and >> there's been -- as you know, theres that been a lot of talk about -- there's been a lot of talk about whether the venue behind you will be ready, olympic park? >> reporter: it opens tomorrow first thing to thousands of people. when we walked up to do these live shots to talk to you and other affiliates, my photographer adrian and i have
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i just heard a couple of hammers and when you walk by some of the stadiums, you hear the blow torches, the welding equipment, the jack hammers and screws. all things you would hear in a home depot. we're told it will be ready despite the fact that it does sound like your local hardware store even right now at i'm speaking -- as i'm speaking to you. we hope everything will be in place by the tim competition begins at the said venues. reed cowan, thank you for your perspective there. live from rio. reminding everybody at home, we're the only place that has a team from las vegas in rio covering the fames. >> and we're the only station in town with very unique perspective. joining us from someone who has been there. they've been in the middle of the action, christina jones who
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swimming in beijing in 2008. thanks for being part of our team. >> thanks for having me. >> you are wearing your gear. >> this is it. the watch the ring. >> what would it be like to be there to see it, we were asking you. but the athletes are held back in holding areas. >> it's true. i didn't see much. we walked out and we were in kind of a holding tank, if you will. we he a were the best of all times. but i didn't comprehend how big they were until i got home and watched it on a dvd which was kind of nice. i got to watch it all over again. this is such a grand, grand event. it must be difficult to wrap your mind around everything. if you take in all of the sights and sounds, what is it like there on the ground being
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>> that's what i really remember. i remember being around, not only my close-knit team but all of team usa. i remember standing next to the basketball team and everyone rallying together and starting the usa chant as we walked into the opening ceremonies. it's a moment i will never forget. i remember seeing the torch being lit. i remember fireworks. i didn't get to understand all of the details until i was at home. >> one of the big points of the can come together in a peaceful competition and given everything that's going on in the world right now, we've also talked about this a little bit. you said you do get that feeling of a global community when you are there. >> i really do. i felt and i still feel a lot of respect for the athletes. you look at someone and you look them in the eye and you know we're here to do the same thing. even though we're very different and come from different places,
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going through your mind tonight when you watch it? >> there's something about that gets me every time. >> one of the story lines we will be watching, michael phelps, already the most olimb -- most decorated olympian. you think he with more hardware? >> oh, absolutely. i can't wait. >> he will be taking in the american flag leading the entire team, team usa there, through maracana stadium. what a night. >> all right. christina, thank you. along with our team in rio and christina adding perspective here, our digital team is hard at work bringing the sights and sounds of rio on our website.
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are helping us out. they are part of our team. we're putting their photos on the gallery. head to the sports and olympics page at >> reed, chloe and adrian will be hard at work during the next two weeks during the entire games. follow their posts on soaks media and they will be sending out new posts and pictures. it has the potential to >> what ramp is being shut down and how long the closure will last. and with the olympic games set to officially begin tonight, always a spectacle there. but how do th-- how
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breaking news from the political world after several days of taking jabs at each other, donald trump officially endorsed house speak per paul ryan -- speaker paul ryan and also john mccain in his bid to get back to the senate. in a statement, trump calls ryan a good man, saying that while they do disagree on some things, they mostly agree. trump and mccain have been
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trump's comments towards the family of a slain american servicemen. a cargo plane skidded off a runway and through a fence and onto a highway. the nose of the plane sitting on a nearby road brought traffic to a screeching halt, as you can see. this happened in italy. thankfully the two crew members on board were okay. the pilot says the plan overshot the runway when he was land in rainy conditions. the airport closed for two and a half hours. some flights being diverted to milan. no pain, no gain. a busy exist ramp near downtown las vegas is about to shut down for a month and a half. it's all part of the project neon widening on the 15 that we've been hearing about for many years. tom hawley has a traffic alert for you. >> reporter: at the centerpiece of this first phase will be a
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inside lanes of i-95 with i-15. that will be coming up alongside the existing ramp. to do that, they have to do work at the approach area and that involves shutting down the 95 south to rancho. that starts this sunday and continues all the way through mid-september. during that time, a lot of people use this ramp. they will have to go the long way. that involves continuing on to martin luther king and then up to bonanza and back that will take you pack to rancho. it takes you a mile out of your way. that ramp remains closed until mid-september. it's a friendship that will warm your heart. two people finding inspiration in each other. colton was diagnosed with
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he was 9. he and derrius became friends in 6th grade. they found i conspiraciation in each other. it's a friendship this former teacher found rare to have. the subject of this weekend's hero's segment with christine kim. >> i thought it was time somebody recognized him for his heroism and friendship. he actually mve and night. >> you can catch christine's story this sunday morning at 6:00. we have another newscast at 7:00. want to give you a look at some of the stories for that. a virginia mayor becomes the center of a major controversy. it's a story about drugs and sex. how police were able to catch them red-handed. supposed to get a good night sleep but many of us have trouble doing it.
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does not involve taking any pills. those stories and more coming up at 7:00. and beeuropean it the -- we turn to the weather. a lot of people hoping they can celebrate the sun. >> it's the first friday of the month. that means there is a big party going on downtown. kevin janison is live down there to show us around. >> reporter: just getting rolling. we saw this. raw honey. we came dow friend who has got an excellent nail. your name? >> kevin. >> reporter: that's a great name. kevin, you have how many different kinds of honey? >> clover mountain flower and orange blossom and we have 10, 15, 20. >> reporter: we got it. i want you to describe how you get this honey in a second. this is a good story.
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is gonna be. let's get to it. temperatures have been, well, they've been in double digits much of the day. you can thank the humidity. that was earlier. as a result, temperatures will heat up this weekend. at mccarran after a morning low of 79, we maxed out at 101 for the high tomorrow. i think we'll see a couple of degrees hotter and more so than sunday. over to the radar picture we go, you know, we storms fire up. you might have seen them if you -- them if you were around boulder city. quick splash and a dash at the lake mead. i think we're done for county. the drier air is gonna make a difference. 70s in most southern nevada
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comfortable up in mount charleston. should see the mid-70s. when we get to the headache about 10 a. for the las vegas valley, we still have a few clouds. look for a low temperature of 82. and your seven-day forecast, 105 as we get to sunday, a couple of 106s next week and we might see a few more clouds and maybe a chance for storms something we're watching. kevin, what are you tolding hear? >> a comb out of a beehive. this is my friend's stand. he pulled them out of some of his lives. he doing a demonstration right here. >> this is about as fresh as the honey gets. >> what happened to your cheek? >> i got stung arhe went out to the hives.
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>> reporter: kevin, thank you. all of these jars of honey and you never realize how big jim snyder is in las vegas. they are all wearing shirts like this. unbelievable. there's even a hashtag jimknows. i had no idea. >> i didn't either and now i feel the pressure. what am i supposed to know? who knows? >> reporter: big stuff. >> big stuff. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> we have to find you one of those >> yes. you do know it's the opening ceremonies, right, it's such a big deal to the athletes. >> we heard a little bit about this from christina and randy is here from more perspective on how the athletes feel. tonight is the opening ceremonies and they are taking place at rio for those summer games. we've been doing stories leading up to the games over the last
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in common is it was an amazing feel when they attended that opening ceremony. they are always the highest-rated nights of the games. in 201, the games -- in 2012, the games were opened by queen elizabeth. all of the athletes look forward to opening night. >> representing the united states at the opening ceremonies is like nothing else. one of the most amazing standing next to the usa basketball team, standing in exto kobe and all of those guys. as we were walking in in a sea of matching ralph lauren suits, they started to chant usa. >> it was the most amazing thing i've ever experienced.
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>> wearing this uniform really means something. you are representing yourself and your current. you are literally representing everybody in the united states of america by how you act and perform. and how you carry yourself. >> i don't know until i walk into the opening ceremony. that gives me butterflies and i can't wait to see 60,000 plus people there. so many countries around the world. you are one of the elite athletes in the >> gonna be a great night. the oakland raiders, they can be the las vegas raiders some day. if the city and private investors get the stadium dop soon, they could be the official las vegas raiders in january and maybe play a preseason game in sam boyd stadium. raiders want to improve on their record. they open on september 11th
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-- derrick carr said he's finally comfortable with the speed of the game. >> i'm openly in my third year, i have a ways to go. but it slowed down already and that helps me out a lot. >> who is your favorite quarterback? >> my favorite quarterback. aaron rodgers. [laughter] >> yeah. [laughter] >> they are having fun. the show stoppers production
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.?
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where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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big, big night on the big 3. after news 3 live at 7:00, you will see nbc's olympic coverage of the opening ceremony at 7:30. that will go for a few to. our late news goes on later, right about midnight. you will find what we still call news 3 live at 11:00. >> we'll be there at midnight. we are talking about the show stoppers at the wwnn.
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the show is not gonna end in september. they are gonna extend the closing date through the end of the year. show stoppers is a classic las vegas show that pays tribute to musical apothems -- anthems from broadway.
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call now for your free information kit. don't wait, call today. ? bullets fly at a metro officer and people duck for coverafter a robbery at local convenience store. the final countdown to the
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in a half an hour. and fighting for life. one day after a vicious bee attack in a local neighborhood. what we're learning about the victim's condition and why a beekeeper was called in for the job instead of an exterminator. . a wild chase near the las vegas strip after a robbery suspect fires at a metro officer. it's all caught on camera. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm maror it started when police were called out to a robbery at a 7-eleven on twain and maryland parkway. the chase was on. it was caught on surveillance cameras at nearby apartments. the followed the suspect and two people were walking outside. you see them on the sidewalk on sierra vista. they had to kuck for cover as


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