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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> dana: a live look at mccarron airport this morning. a major airline forced to ground flights around the world this morning. we'll tell you why ahead. >> dana: good welcome in. it is 5:00 on this monday augus. what a day at the olympics yesterday. records broken and in katie's case in the pool, she broke her own world record. >> dana: she won a race in the pool by almost five seconds. it's unheard of. best swimmer on the planet right now and michael phelps getting another gold medal.
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traffic but we begin in the weather center with kelly. >> kelly: lots of sunshine around the area. the winds are going to kick up as well. take a look at our day planner and we can see how warm it's going to get. 100 by noon at 106 at 4:00. when you factor in the winds it has that blow drier feel and stronger winds expected tonight and tomorrow. >> calm on the roadway as we interchange. it looks good on the roadways in terms of accidents. we have road work as we check out the travel times. freeway travel times are looking good for now. >> dana: an absolute nightmare situation breaking overnight. delta airlines grounded all of its flight this is morning
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airport. craig joins us live from the airport this morning with the reason why. >> reporter: the reason is something technical, very likely a computer glitch. the first flights i could find here that were delayed and then grounded,er cancelled from now were from las vegas to minneapolis. this is video from other airports. delta said at this point that flights are grounded. the cause of the glitch, the company isn't saying exactly. but this were nothing delta confirms that it grounded flights after experiencing a system issue. that's the term we keep hearing. we don't know if it's a computer issue but it's likely that is the case. on twitter delta is saying that our systems are down everywhere. hopefully it won't be much longer. here in las vegas there are
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because people have not been able to board in other airports. the flight this is morning from here to minneapolis didn't leave and those passengers are upstairs unable to board. in some airports this were people on planes that had to get off. people midnight did go to their destinations. we our how it affects mccorn. delta is second busiest nation in the airline. the first is south quest. >> kim: thanks for bring up southwest. that leads to us this story. it's a big moment happening today as we take a live look from the outside of the airport. you saw craig reporting from
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inside this morning is going to be quite the sight within the southwest terminal starting around 8:00 this morning because the picket line here. flight attendants doing this to educate the public about what they say are deteriorating work conditions within southwest airlines. some of their frustrations come as a result of the recent outage leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded. that picket within the southwest morning starting at 8:00. you should see those flight attendants walking around through 11:00 this morning. >> dana: a woman in her 70's killed in the valley in her home. we don't know exactly how she was killed but there were no signs of a break in here and she
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the woman's roommate found her body. the victim's estranged husband had been seen at the home earlier in the day. detectives say they were in the middle of getting a divorce. police looking at the estranged husband as a person of interest in this case. >> seemed like she had a big heart, very charming, elderly woman, rarely came it's such a tragic incident that occurred. i don't really know how something like this could occur. >> right now nobody in custody. detectives interviewing neighbors all night. right now they are trying to locate the estranged husband. >> breaking news a bomb going off in pakistan today killing 53 people and wounding dozens of
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after the body of a prominent lawyer was brought to the hospital. unclear if these had anything to do with each other. no one immediately claimed responsibility for the blast. >> dana: we are so proud of this young man, miller, cody this kid swam for the sand piper swim club in the valley and last night he won a medal in the breaststroke. >> thank everyone back gnome las vegas, my family and fiance and coaches. without them i wouldn't be here. without a lot of people i wouldn't be here. on the verge of tears, ready to scream. everything all balled up in one
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>> how does that make you feel? >> just awesome. >> michael phelps often tie great start adding a 19th gold medal and katie taking home the gold. >> feels great to be on the podium singing the national anthem. really proud of this. >> probably the best swimmer on planet earth right now. she won by almost fe >> beating her own world record. >> kim: still to come, apple has a fix air a security flaw. what they are doing to make sure
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iphone. >> dana: wasn't hard to catch them all in one place. pokemon, we're going to take you to an event where the action was in full force. >> kim: just another reminder we are your olympic station. we have a live presence in rio. what is chloe up to this morning? you'll find out in a matter of moments. >> dana: the olympic flame is burning in two places in rio. one at the main coliseum where they had the opening ceremony but also here. from the main stadium. the williams losing in doubles. they've never lost before. they won the gold medal three times. in their opening match they are
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>> dana: death valley 134-degree ms. 1913. a special report called death valley dangers.
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million visitors every year. death valley in the summertime can live up to its name. coming up to night my special report death valley dangers. we'll take a look why so many visitors are drawn to death valley during the heat of summer. >> it's very hot. park rangers say the scorching sun does not discriminate. >> the 125. >> on average death vail records at least one heat related death per year. death valley is a national treasure and one of the harshest environments on earth. tune in tonight on news 3 live at 6:00. >> kim: we take to you kansas where a family was just trying to cool off from the heat when tragedy struck and it happened at a water park.
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at this water park losing his life. it happened on the world's tallest water slide. police say the circumstances surrounding the death are unknown at this point. it is still being investigated. witnesses say they had complaints about the ride during the day. they don't go in depth on what the complaints are but we have heard from the parents of this young 10-year-old who just passed away releasing a statement thanking everyone for the out pouring of support and compassion. >> dana: years ago we had a water slide in town. when you rolled down that thing, you think you are going to be safe for sure, right? >> that was at the first version of wet and wild. it was a long steep drop and it was fun. it's been replaced by the new wet and wild. travel times are in the green. we note when you go just a little while away you see this
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flow. that means no traffic flow information at the exit from u.s. 95 because that exit is closed that. will remain closed until september 15. we have an ongoing closure over there. if you want to get to rancho from 95, you have to go to martin luther king bailiff and backtrack. they have the barricades letting you know what is going on. that will be the case for the next six >> kelly: yesterday tons of sunshine around the area. the wind picked up as we got into the afternoon. this is a time lapse look from yesterday. the sky doesn't change much at all. the only thing changing is the cars moving. we expect a lot more sun again today and the winds will be increasing in the afternoon. the current temperatures as you head out the door, looking good.
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winds not much of an issue right now but 10-20 this afternoon out of the south. gusts today 25. they are going to get stronger overnight which means shaking trees. here is a look at the radar picture. not a lot going on for us. lot of sunshine for us today. something we are keeping a close eye on is the tropical storm. tonight 81. breezy winds gusting to 31. more breezes expected as we get into tuesday, wednesday is the chance for showers in the forecast with a high of 98. >> dana: time to take you live
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i imagine she's blurry eyed this morning after watching the women's gymnastics team last night. >> we did watch that and the swimmers as well. my kids have new heroes. >> dana: we're hearing about cost overruns at the tesla factory. building and operating the factory could exceed the current expectations and that would result in the factory taking longer than anticipated to take online. all this information contained in a filing with the securities and exchange commission. now the nevada tesla factory is only 14% complete. it makes battery storage units. it was slated to be able to make
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eye on that. >> apple released an update to fix a security issue. >> you do want to update your software on this. this will likely be up the date to ios9. they are set to launch 10 in september. >> dana: get some sleep tonight. maybe you need to dvr the olympics. >> there is another two weeks of this. >> dana: i got three and a half hours sleep. thanks so much. we'll check in again tomorrow. >> kim: a gold medal and sleep deprivation. are you seeing these? it's not because you didn't have enough sleep. we take to you japan where they had a pokemon parade.
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mobile app. thousands of people hitting the streets for the parade. dozens of pokemon characters parading down the street. they plan to hold more events like >> dana: these are dolphins that were stranded in shallow water off the coast of cape cod.
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some of them able to refloat back into the water. two dolphins grounded themselves a second time. rescue crews had to cart the dolphins up the beach to a vehicle to take them to a safer deep water release point. >> kim: still to come we take you to a lot of this. where is this and we have answers headed your way. >> dana: i was trying to figure out what you were trying to imitate there. now i get it. people at one botanical garden got a stinky surprise. what smells so bad and why are people walking toward it and sticking their nose in it? we have answers ahead. >> kim: live pictures out of our
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taking center stage over the weekend. where do we begin? with donald trump or with hillary clinton and her short circuited plain blaine donald trump is going after this
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>> tom: we're good on the freeways no. major delays. >> kelly: we are looking at clear skies outside this morning. temperatures warm,er especially in the southeastern portions of the las vegas valley. pahrump it is warmer right now in las vegas than it is going to be in rio for their high today. 75 is what they are looking at. a few showers a possibility. i mope chloe brought her umbrella. >> dana: did you see that during the biking competition, the woman's road race , the woman in
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concussion because of the wet roadways in rio yesterday. >> kim: she did tweet out i believe she's dutch and is supposed to make a full recovery. it was scary. we take to you a small town in kentucky where this is going on. >> dana: i didn't think rom byes think zombieswere real. they there. >> kim: we're just getting started on this monday morning. still to come a political supporter all fired up after somebody destroys a sign they have in their yard. who that sign was supporting may have you talking.
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a wal-mart causing a lot of problems. they believe they know who is responsible for all of this. we'll let you know coming up. >> kim: we are your olympic station. as we take you live to rio, we have the torch right there in the center of your screen. one of the more funny moments we've seen so far early in these summer games, the guy from looked like he was going to be
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i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. social security helps us pay the bills... the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street... ...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. i wonder who he's working for? because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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>> kim: coming up, there he is, eye opening. the must see moments from over the week end in rio. that one really is lighting it up on the internet. >> dana: proud parents. daughter's performance in rio taking the internet by storm. we'll tell you who these people are in a moment. >> kim: grand opening. it is finally here. people have been going crazy for this latest restaurant to open up here in town. we take you there live inside this morning to see fits going
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>> kim: there is a affecting delta airlines.
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but it's warm outside. people not stopping the crowds from coming. lots of people making the trip to rio to enjoy these wonderful events. i have a special story about one fascinating individual who dropped everything he had just to come here. >> i justifying you'red i need to get to the olympics. it's been my dream to get to rio. >> where there is a will, there is a way. think is a great city for the olympics. >> drew calls las vegas home. >> his passion is sports with international ties. planning a trip to the olympics was a no brainer. >> i started working in march and doing six or 7 nights a week during school and worked doubles and started penny pinching. booked my trip and said i'm going to rio and going to do
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connections and enjoy it and have the time of my life here. >> after leaving his job, his family begged him not to go sayings it was not safe. >> with all the bad stuff, i haven't seen any of that done here so far. >> in this lifetime he says you need to take chances and that is what landed drew here. working his way up to be part of the big game. his persistence online and through social media landed him a job here. >> i'll be on linked and emai connections and i did. this guy passed me on to this guy. i'm helping out with the olympic committee now. >> 360 camera, backpack, charger, i. d. passport. businesses chipped in. >> and he made it. making the money dropping the job and making connections was all worth it for this final
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the international connections you meet down here and the people, it's awesome. >> drew is a very cool person to interview. so glad he was able to get into the opening ceremonies. i had my doubts but he pulled it off. what is next for the risk taker? he plans on finishing college at san diego state and wants to work full time at the olympics. >> kim: di guy from tonga in person? the guy who walked in all allgreased up for like a body building contest. >> i didn't run into him but i have my eye out. i don't know what girl isn't looking ifer that guy.
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thank you for that. whenever chloe isn't on television was, you can keep up with what she is doing behind the scenes. we have a team of people in place. she is sending back stuff to the station. thank you chloe for that. >> dana: just not fair. the united states of america has probably the three best female gymnists in the world and they are competing on the same team. preliminaries last night and simon by best in the world and alley and gabby. allotheria fished in the top three. because only one nation can bring two to the individual all
5:35 am
all around gold. >> kim: it's a spoil of rich's. that is how good team u.s.a. is in in women's gymnastics. friday night opening ceremony still a buzz all over the internet this. moment in particular when supermodel and brazilian native on the olympic cat walk. >> everyone was saying the olympics are going to be a disaster. i feel like it was the i feel like not because i'm brazilian, i feel like it was the most beautiful show, showed so much heart, authenticity, so much of what brazil is about. i'm so proud of it. >> kim: she is so proud. they had a spotlight on her in the audience and she was dancing the night away. you'll hear more as she chats with natalie on "the today show" this morning.
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and now you see her pretty face. we have team rio. we have a team of correspondents from here in las vegas, locals who have turned reporter all to benefit you giving you live team coverage from rio. just keep up with them on social media. >> dana: more town hall meetings planned this week around the valley giving parents a chance to talk about the planned break district. first one was held in henderson almost two weeks ago. officials are going to be discussing the early findings of their reorganization plan at two town hall this is week. one is going to be tonight at the desert breeze community center. also one tomorrow at the clark county government building. we're going to have information on our website. just go to the find it page. >> kim: it was a bee swarm last
5:37 am
morning we have something else concerning bees that is getting a lot of attention. it takes us to a wal-mart. >> dana: we'll tell you why one campaign supporter is fired up over a giant political sign in his front yard. >> kim: as we take you to break, airports all over the country have delta flights coming to a halt this morning. they have grounded flights because they havexp we're doing air quotes because they are not going in depth. we take you live to chicago, atlanta, and i'm trying to fight you're out which airport this is
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool
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oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] >> kimberly: people were walking around going it's not me, it's him. it's that stink c.i.a. flower. they call at this time corpse flower for good it bloomed overnight and going to be on display through the weekend. >> it's stinky. >> like an old sponge. >> did you smell anything. >>? >> kind of like garbage. >> love getting opinions all over the map on this one. it is nicknamed the little stinker and drew big crowds. only took a couple hours before
5:41 am
only blooms every eight to 10 years. it came as a surprise to fishes at the botanical gardens in denver. little stinker is one of a pair of corpse flowers. the other bloomed last >> tom: traffic smooth coming around the horn.
5:42 am
vehicles there. let's check what is happening with your weather. >> kelly: the sun coming up this morning. we have pretty colors out there in the sky. you see a little bit of haze, smoke from the pilot fire going on in california right now. not as bad as some of the smoke we've seen the last couple of weeks from other fires. into the afternoon. our three degree guarantee, $99 so far. >> kelly talking about this, the pilot fire burning in southern california as we speak started yesterday. coming up a look at the effort to get these flames under control. >> kim: remember wasn't long ago this comedian swore off twitter.
5:43 am
essential media and jones. we get you in the know this morning. >> dana: we have a live look out of the busiest airport in the world atlanta airport and it is a travel nightmare as one of the
5:44 am
i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. social security helps us pay the bills... ...and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street... ...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. i wonder who he's working for? because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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[inaudible] . >> come down and have fun with
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phil is kicking my butt. let's see if i can continue. you got one more, you want to try it. i'm going to send it back to you. downtown summerlin is the location. i'll get all the information on our website. >> dana: i heard that former major league shane victoria victoria was shane victim rihanna there was
5:48 am
>> kim: 30,000 bees
5:49 am
swapping. some people did get stung. a couple of beekeepers met in the parking lot. one to sell their hive. they got there because they were going to sell hives. i never heard of anything like that. not sure if you need a license. i have a feeling that will be checked out. the bees were not on board with the move. they escaped and that led to so many people being stung. >> dana: no problem with a couple of them. >> tom: we had a bee swarm once back here in the courtyard h. to close it down for a while because of too many bees. we're looking good here at the rainbow summerlin interchange with travel times up to speed. no real delays at the moment. we're looking good on the freeway. right now it is weather times two with dana and kelly.
5:50 am
got worse for southern california. >> now we're tracking the intense flames of the pilot fire burning in san bernardino national forest. remained uncontained last night. hundreds of firefighters are battling the flames. number of evacuations are under way. the smoke started -- the fire started sunday. no word on what sparked it. at least that is good news. something else we're concerned about here is the smokero latest update showing that the plume is heading in our general direction. as that sun is coming up, we're getting a good look outside. a little bit of a haze. higher than the last time we had smoky conditions in our area. here is a live look outside. we're taking a look right now. a little bit hazy. not quite as bad as we've seen
5:51 am
of smoke is starting to filter in into the area. we're going to get more update from that as far as the air callty as the day wears on. temperatures 79 in centennial right now. henderson 87. here is a look at the bigger picture. not a lot going on in oura. we expect a lot of sunshine. maybe that smoky haze we're looking into here. we have moisture on the way the middle of the week. here is a look at the highs for today. it is going to be a warm one. primm 106, indian springs 101 is your forecast high for the day today. mesquite you are going down to 79 for a low. our seven-day forecast, in las vegas today 107.
5:52 am
tuesday. there is that chance of moisture for us, chance of showers and thunderstorms a possibility on wednesday. 98 for the high. those temperatures going back up for the weekend. >> who is the most talked about person from the opening ceremony? it's this guy. he is oiled up and ready to go. the story behind this guy in moments. >> kim: as records the world of sports that's been broken. if you don't know how to pronounce his name you will coming up in moments. >> dana: live from rio, we had a local guy win a bonds medal.
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>> dana: fur a fan of golf, you know jim furyk, he is good. yesterday he did something that no one else has done in a pga tournament which. he shot a 58. there has been a handful of 59s. jim furyk is now in the record book. he had a chance for 57 but
5:56 am
hole. time for the water cooler. i don't know if you were watching the olympics last night, you probably saw the parents of u.s. olympic gymnist and their reaction. look closely at this. this is when alley is doing the bars. they are so nervous. that is mom and dad sitting next to each other right there. you might remember they had the same reaction in london four years ago. their daughter did win a a lot of shining moments at the olympics. none more shining than this guy. highway lubed himself up as he went into the opening ceremony to lead the way. he's a fighter and he is going to be on "the today show" this morning. ho damon watch can barely contain herself to meet this guy. >> matt had to tell her to
5:57 am
good news. delta resumed their flight
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>> dana: we have a little smoke mere in the valley. >> kim: kim and dana wagner here on this monday. we have breaking news involving delta airlines and a shutdown over night. something just happened that is going to be good news if you have to fly here soon.


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