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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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. >> jim: right now on to death in her home. and police say the number one suspect in the murder is her estranged husband. >> marie: a fierce wildfire underway right next to southern nevada. our weather authority team looking at how the fire could impact us. >> jim: also tonight donald trump facing a fresh round of criticism. why some of the nation's top security officials are worried about the chance he could become president.
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it is horrible to know what happened if you doors down from me. >> marie: that is the neighbor reacting to the murder of a 78-year-old woman, be in to get death in her home. >> jim: tonight as police search for a killer they are focused on the man she married. after detectives said the couple was on the verge of a divorce.good evening everyone glad you're with us tonight, i am jim snyder. >> marie: i am marie mortera. relatives say the victims her husband at this point is nowhere to be found. the investigation into her murder is our top story at five. >> jim: antonio castellan is live at the murder scene for us today. it is a neighborhood in the east valley.what have you learned? >> antonio: neighbors still cannot believe that a 78-year-old woman was murdered in this house. friends of the victim said they knew the couple was having problems but no one imagines
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have played a role in the murder of his 78-year-old wife. metro detectives went door to door in the neighborhood off of sloan and washington. it is where the victim lived. detectives were showing photos of a man wanted for questioning for neighbors. they believe the estranged husband beat his wife to death. last night justin roberts spoke about the pain of losing his dear neighbor. >> she was really kind and sweet hearted. seemed like she had a big heart, very charming. >> cisco area identified the woman. we reach her sister by phone who said she had not seen her brother in over a decade. she spoke about losing her sister-in-law. >> i was shocked, oh my gosh. my police say she suffered blunt force trauma to the head. detectives say they're looking for the victim's husband to ask him what may have sparked a violent argument. roberts cannot believe by anyone want to lay a hand in his neighbor. >> a really frail old lady.
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>> she was a very nice lady. >> antonio: police have not released a name on the estranged husband. they would like to contact him. if anyone knows the whereabouts of the estranged husband, please call crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting live, antonio castellan, news 3. >> jim: thank you. now we take you to this scene just west of us. it is on again in san bernardino county california. and massive wildfire burning out of control, a 500 acres is >> marie: you may be familiar with the area is not too far from las vegas.this burning near silverwood lake broke out yesterday. the fire could also be affecting our air quality. >> jim: less than we had a fire in the area. smoke was here the first couple of days. kevin janison is tracking it tonight. >> kevin: not so thick at this time jim but you can smell it for sure. >> we lose the mountains for a couple of hours around midday or so with more of the smoke
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the air mass is clearing so not a problem as we look ahead. the fire as you mentioned in california, here is the 15 going down there. you have victorville right up there, rancho and give you some proximity to where the fire is course las vegas up here. so with them smoke moving up to las vegas from the southwest, now the wind is shifting more of the south which will bring more smoke but also more humidity. that committech showers. we will have that angle in the forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> marie: thank you kevin. republican donald trump's economic plan for america at the center of decision 2016 tonight. >> hillary clinton short-circuited again to use a now famous term when she accidentally told the truth and said that she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. >> marie: donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton or her speech faux pas at a recent rally. >> jim: he is also giving more
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everyone spends on childcare deductibles. >> marie: and his plan now putting him at odds with house speaker paul ryan again. >> jim: news 3's gerard is looking into the program that some say just will not work. >> republicans have been begging him to focus on the problem and he did that today laying a plan to cut taxes but clinics learned this could muster the nation's deficit. donald trump said it is the plan of an outsider with new ideas. >>. plan and reboot the campaign donald trump went to detroit to valley can revive us industry. >> it will be american workers who are hired to do the job. >> gerard: he would cut the tax rate on the rich to 33 percent. not the 25 percent he first promised. and cut income tax across the board. make childcare deductible and a state tax and corporate taxes of 15 percent from 35 percent now. >> this will lead to millions
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analyst says the huge deficit caused by the donald trump's plan can kill jobs. >> we are adding eight, nine or $10 trillion to do. it will actually hurt the economy significantly. >> gerard: despite disruptions in detroit, donald trump vowed to redo the deal with mexico and reject the pacific trade deal. despite paul ryan today, backing them. >> we are in whether we like it or not. >> gerard: answer house speaker and the gop nominee again at odds. >> our party has chosen to make new history by selecting a nominee from the outside. >> gerard: at a florida brewery hillary clinton said she would be a small business president. >> this is one of the big differences between me and the republican nominee.>> gerard: well, the most senior republican officials have
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donald trump lacks values, character and experience to be president. they would also like to put potentially, the national security of america at risk if he does in fact get the job. but here's the thing, the same 50 leaders have their doubts about hillary clinton so there is a debate there and some decisions that need to be made. >> jim: some people even question whether they should be getting the classified briefing that is customary at this point. >> gerard: we will be following a >> jim: thank you gerard. >> marie: hillary clinton and bill clinton bring a message to las vegas friday. he will be addressing 3000 members of the asian american pacific island community. many of the members of the asian american journalism association and api a vote at caesar's palace. the presidential candidate gary johnson will also address the form. >> jim: if you think you've had a rough monday we are sorry to hear it. but certain for some air
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grounded for about six hours today because of a computer system outage. it affected their entire network. that means thousands of passengers were stuck including plenty of people right here at mccarran airport. the stop has been lifted now but they have a lot of room to make up.only limited departures are taking off says the problem is the resuf hub. aviation experts as it could take several days for delta to clear out the backlog of passengers from all of the canceled flights. >> marie: rough way to start off the work week for sure. and hopefully traffic is better. tom hawley is joining us now for a tribal advisory. >> tom: i will show you spot where there is no congestion because there's no traffic at all. we gave your warning about this and now it is here.
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rancho. this is for project neon. it is the work that will be taking place in the spaghetti bowl but it will be on the approach. so they are doing work that is shutting down the ramp. you can see some of the asphalt has already been torn up. this is not a short-term closure that is overnight. six weeks long and will be opening up in mid-september. we need to to martinluther king boulevard and had back to bonanza to get to rancho from the 95 s. it will be that way for a while . >> marie: -- >> jim: also tonight, a new legal fight over same-sex marriage. should objections prevent some
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>> >> marie: now at 5a las vegas celebrating an olympic victory in rio. i never realized it was going to happen until and a lot of people to thank. everyone back home in las >> jim: that is our hometown guy cordy miller just moments after he won a bronze medal at the rio olympics. in the men's 100 meter breaststroke. >> marie: i was so proud of him. other by the way clocking in at 58.87 seconds, breaking the us record for the event. >> jim: and news 3's chloe beardsley is in rioright now caught up with him just a short time ago. >> . >> everybody dreams about this as a kid. when it finally happens you can believe it.
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definitely coming back to vegas after the games are over to celebrate a little and have fun. >> marie: because nobody does the celebration party like vegas. >> jim: dying to see him. >> marie: he is such a great athlete, chloe tells us he is even better in person. just a kind human being. by the way, he has overcome a rib condition he's had since childhood. and he had to do that to get this metal. >> jim: even more impressive for sure. and o century -- we sent such a good contingent on there is a grantor of the olympics is not limited to the metal count. the culture outside the stadium is intriguing also. >> marie: and -- met the pin queen of the world. >> that's right, and hello jim and marie. it is nice to talk to you from rio de janeiro. behind me as olympic park and you can hear music pumping. a lot of people not exiting an
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you'll see that here on channel 3. all right celeste talk about the culture that is just beyond the gates because often times that is as exciting as what's going on inside of the gate. there is a woman outside who knows how to speak every language by sharing things that are shiny that she carries in her fanny pack. take a look. >> first, a little bit of a scolding. connect there are no pins >> and what is wrong with that? >> because you're missing out on an opportunity to have a lot of fun. >> checking in rio. >> you trade and trade. >> just like she has for every olympic game.>> which olympic game? >> -- yes i am interested. depending on the value of the pin. connect tell me what you want. cannot sometimes janet drives a hard bargain. >> the so-called pin queen says it really is not about the number of pins. but the moment shared between pin traders.
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>> 10,000 marmoset share between people there often don't know each other's language or culture. what you get here is a smile, a handshake and something shiny to take back home. >> i think right now we live in a world where things are you know kind of scary and lots of things are happening in the news. any opportunity we can take to unify the world and unify people are good opportunities. >> the language of pins. universal is spoken by a woman from the western united states who still believes she is the pin of the less the queen of pin trading. >> you believe people are good. >> yes i do.>> people are good no matter where you go on planet let's get another scolding from jenna. i started my pin collection, murray and jim eyman bringing this one back for you.
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my love. i still have a few from the salt lake winter games that were in 2002. i collected there. people really get into this read. >> reed: yes, they really get into it and in fact, the one i am holding is from salt lake city. and i'm told it is worth several other pins because it is from an official olympic city. and that by the way is where janet got her start. good old salt lake city utah where a certain reed cowan maybe from. >> marie: i love it, it is the competition op but again, the spirit of solidarity. and camaraderie. >> jim: a little look at pin diplomacy in rio. thank you for that. >> marie: you have to check out reed cowan and chloe beardsley's social media. head over to the news 3 facebook page and to check out all of the olympic action. three as we head into another work week on this monday we are talking about kevin about possible smoke from the wildfire. not a big problem yet tonight.
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earlier believe a shift in the wind and that should be the flow for the next couple of days as i wouldn't worry about the smoke. that will not be the issue. more humidity coming away will be the issue. that really did not happen today. here is the murky environment, check out this time-lapse with the smoke and junk in the air. this was not a pleasant start to the day rolls on, the wind shifts and we had mixing there is the wind picked up out of the south. we saw less humidity and more blue sky. even from the far north part of the valley.tough to make out the hotels on the strip but is that there will on the did come into focus a little bit better. let's check in with a couple of our neighborhoods.
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106 degrees and 11 percent. we are cooking up there but we are back to having a dry heat. up near the can you turn off of 95 there at 98 and 10 percent. one more stop to henderson, 104 but only eight percent relative humidity. numbers in neighborhoods across the valley, mid to upper 90s as you go up in elevation on the far west side. it does heat up one of five downtown, 105 on the east side as well. humidity levels are really the headline, big difference from late last week when even 100 degrees lt levels were so high. they're back down 10 percent or less. pahrump coming in -- the lake at 104. mccarron today the top temperature was 106, that is three above normal. both the high and low side, as you make plans for tomorrow we will get rolling in the 80s, hit triple digits by lunchtime. we probably will not be quite as hot as today. as the wind shifts again. in fact wind will be a factor especially in the afternoon. we're thinking 10 to 20
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here is what we are looking at, tropical storm how the air. look this was earl as it went to mexico and started in the caribbean. it came out and has a pacific name now it is heavier. and happier with the wind from the south will be moving northward toward the southwest. it will bring with it a lot of humidity and a chance for thunderstorms. here's the problem, leading most of it will be just to the east of the las vegas valley. so even our friends up in overton toward mesquite and in arizona and utah, better chance for we will have a slight chance here in town. you have a battle with dry air versus human air and i think right in the valley probably more dry than humid. chance remarkably thunderstorms not as good as we would like. 56 on the mountain, 70 indian springs. those are the overnight lows. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, boulder city 99, 104 out at the lake, 115 in death valley and 101 over the hump. through the las vegas valley 82 degrees, we keep the evening
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couple of hours and they will die down they'd only to return tomorrow. tomorrow they will be out of the south and that will start bringing in the moisture although more so tomorrow night and wednesday. 104 for the official high, here's your seven-day forecast. there is the slight chance for a shower although again, best jazz will be easter town. that is on wednesday, by thursday we dry out quickly and we start heating up. 106 friday, 109 saturday and sunday. we're is still summer in the desert and it will feel like it. >> marie: that's right, it is still summer. thanks for the reminder kevin, appreciate it. you know speaking of the heat, people from all over the world come to death valley to
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>> >> jim: welcome back. now if i a federal judge looking into a legal challenge to north carolina law that lets court magistrates refuse to marry same-sex couples based on religious beliefs. >>. >> marie: and a judge has not made a ruling but he thinks he is concerned no one has directly proving they have been harmed by the law. they also say the law lets objections secret so couples do not know who is objecting since another magistrate is brought in. we will keep you posted. now at five, health alert. turns out fidgeting connected good for you. >> jim: the university of missouri which are safe tapping your feet what's a while if you're sitting for three hours a day is a good thing, it help protect against clogged arteries. fidgeting helps increase blood flow down to your legs. the best defense against
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>> marie: varied couples take note, even if you're happy in your coupling, single people apparently have better lives. that is according to uc santa barbara researchers who found singles tend to have a bigger social life, more self-sufficient and they say show more psychological growth than married people. and they can better handle difficult situations. >> jim: finally a five, burger king is putting a new twist on the whopper. do we need this? they to prove how authentic my ne brewhouse wbacon burger i i'm going undercsover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome.
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tonight, nightmare meltdown, chaos as delta suffers a worldwide outage, all flights cancelled for hours. terminals packed with passengers, temperatures flaring and an ongoing struggle still going on tonight. tragedy, a 10-year-old boy dos on the tall est water slide in the world, a terrifying accident and growing questions about what happened. sounding the alarm, 50 senior republicans warning donald trump would be, quote, the most reckless president in american history, as trump tries to shake off another poll showing his support is cratering. and gold rush for team usa here in rio. and a star is born. we talked to the young american who won so many hearts with his


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