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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  August 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> a big night ahead in rio with men swimming. michael phelps back in the water for the semifinals. >> we have to tell you about cody miller. he won bronze in the breaststroke last night. reed cowan joins us live and you caught up with our local medalist. r scene. usa men's basketball just finished. all of the people in olympic park left that charged event. a lot of people excited about the results of u.s. men's basketball. now, let's talk about cody miller. okay. so i said before the break, if you know of a young person who needs a little inspiration, look no further than this guy. let's roll video here to prove it. cody miller with his medal. this is a person who was born with a condition that caused a
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he thought he couldn't and his body when he looked at it told him he couldn't. he kept trying and one of las vegas's favorite won a medal. he says it's heavy around his neck but he's very, very proud. take a listen. >> that moment imprinted in my brain, being able to win a medal for my country. finally breaking -- the sixth go around, i was able to do it. i did it when it counted. that's just -- yeah. >> reporter: yeah, so cody miller very excited. we hear his winning streak will not be done. this is what the games are about, seeing people who have
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world press saying there is there will be a lot of problems. but security is on top of everything. adrian our photographer caught this. somebody trying to sell tickets. we don't know if they were real or fake. but police said nope, can't tell them out here. that's against the law. that guy got in a little bit of trouble with the local police. secur sure that 500,000 tourists and athletes and people with olympic tickets are kept safe. efwhich -- every night when we pass them, we say thank you to them. >> they are doing a great job. that slows everything down and you have to get around the venues so spread out. we heard about you getting pulled from the uber last week by police. how is the transportation
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here's the deal -- marie knows this, i'm a student of yoga and in yoga they teach you to breathe deeply and there's been moments i've been in a cab and got kicked out and thought just breathe, just breathe. >> yes, reed. let's keep talking about the olym miller. you have another icon tomorrow. who is it? >> reporter: well, i will tell you what, he was on a wheatie's box not long ago. greg louganis. . he's overcome many odds in his personal life. he sat down in an interview with me and i also got him on camera
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story tomorrow. it's my goal that we not only show you what happens but also bring home the message of the games, and that is inspiration passed from one person to another, one generation to another. so tomorrow, greg will be the voice of that sentiment live from rio. jim and marie? >> well, it's all coming through loud and clear. friend, thank you for that. safe travels and we'll let you go. we will see you back here again tomorrow. >> be sure to chloe's social media page. they are posting videos and photos online. your chance to check out everything from rio even when they are not on the air. okay. a lot of the competition is on the water. but it's what's in the water there in rio that has a lot of athletes worried. >> yeah. some of them are turning to a las vegas company for protection. our jeff gillan is on the olympic beat tonight with a bit
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>> good evening. to put it kindly, it's not the cleanest water and that's where a local company comes in. terry, howlett near the 95 got a call one day. >> he said what are you doing about the situation in rio? i said i don't know what you are talking about. >> what they are talking about this, this bay. some of it is beautiful. some >> it's our athletes that are expected to go in there and do rowing or sailing or the marathon swimming in the water. >> a light bulb went off. his company's had just the thing, a hand sanitizer that doesn't dissolve. it could protect the whole body. >> we got approval from the medical director in canada. that came within hours. we're in. >> the company donated bottles of stuff for the canadian team.
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water. >> it binds the skin and protects that skin from the outside elements. >> water can be nasty. just ask our water experts. we don't have a bay. but we have a lake and it's dan fisher's job to keep it clean. >> we treat 100 million gallons a day here. >> good bacteria eats bad bacteria. disindis-- that disinfects it. >> we feel good. it's a nevada company, las vegas is the hole. this is where we're at. >> so here is the catch, you cannot buy this stuff in the u.s. yet.
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canada. they have started the process to get fda approval so you can buy it here in the u.s. so nobody -- >> makes a lot of sense. >> literally, they -- the whole thing. >> how do your hands feel? >> well, fine. it's fine. you can wash it off with soap. you can put it on and it stays on. it dries off. it dries u does. and it's just fine. but it kills anything it comes in contact with. you need it if you are a swimmer on the bay. >> and news 3's team volunteer bob and his family headed a few hours east of rio to a beautiful coastal town. from the beaches to the boardwalk, you can catch up with
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sports tab. and we want to let you know what's coming up tonight. a lot of olympic action. that comes after news 3 live at 7:00 which is next. and then we have the olympic zone. that's filled with more story and then perspective from one of las vegas's own olympians and then at 8:00, the games get underway featuring beach volleyball, the final plus more competition and swimming and diving. after the games wrap up, you will join us 11:00. >> we've still got a lot to get to at 6:00. at&t is paying big for a mistake. we'll tell you what the company did to prompt a million-dollar fine. >> and we're learning more about the new running rebels. they tell amber why they chose
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welcome back. we're learning more about the little boy who died last night on a slide at a big water park in kansas city. 10-year-old caleb schwab died from a neck injury. he was found in a pool at the bottom of the slide at the schlitterbahn water park. he and two others were in the boat when it came down the 17-story drop. the other two suffered minor injuries.
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went wrong could take months. the water park will reopen wednesday but that slide will stay closed indefinitely. a michigan man is charged with felony drug trafficking after two dozen people were sickened at a rap music festival in ohio. mansfield police say 20-year-old matthew gross laced candy with the ingredient thc, causing many to be rushed to the hospital. they were treated for drug thc gives the mind-altering effect. a child as young as 6 years old is one of the 19 people who got sick after marijuana was put in this gummy candy. it happened at a toon's birthday party in san francisco. a dozen of the parties tested positive for thc. they are not sure where that candy came from. if at&t is your phone
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refund. the fcc has ordered it to issue refunds after at&t allowed unauthorized third-party charges on some land line bills. the practice is known as cramming. the fcc says scammers were allowed to charge customers about 9 bucks a month for a bogus service. at&t was fined almost a million dollars. the company said customers will get rebates mailed within 3 it's barbecue season. the summer heat beating down on us. it could be dangerous. we'll tell you how to keep your cookout safe. and travelers get a lot more than they bargained for. how one unruly passenger put everyone behind schedule. and before that, we have another check of your weather with our weather authorities kevin janison. all right. we saw the smoke this morning.
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>> we still have the humidity in the air. that will clear out and up the temperatures go? >> yes and no. >> we're getting the humidity. it's still coming our way. then when it clears out, we'll be all right. that could lead to showers. it was nice to get the smoke out of here. you wake up. oh, gosh. not again. just went through this a couple of weeks ago. another fire in southern california. but things did clear during the see some signs of clearing. we have the dry heat going on. 10 4 degrees. 9% up at -- up at carey and hollywood. 96. over the hump, it's 98. no wind and 9% relative humidity. numbers across the valley, mid-90s on the far west side.
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the east side. outside of the valley, sandy valley, coming in at 98. 104 at thelake. mesquite, 102. as you make your plans tomorrow, we'll see the temperatures vault from 86 degrees to near 100 at lunchtime. we'll peek at 104 and start to pull back late in the afternoon. the wind will be a story. today it brought in the drier air. you could definitely feel the lack of humidity. tomorrow it's to the south and starts to b i air. i think most of that will hold off until tomorrow night and wednesday. you will notice the breezes and that will help get the temperature up to 104. we're high and dry right now. here's why we're concerned about the humidity. we have tropical storm javier with a 6 -- with a 65-mile-an-hour wind. the flow will be almost due north. but that takes it just to the east of the las vegas valley.
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line will be humid. have a good chance for thunderstorms on wednesday. to the west side of the line where we are, the valley is, it will be only a slight chance for storms. we're hopeful, maybe the line wobbles. 83 in reno right now. 108 in phoenix. high temperatures, mid-70s in southern california. for southern nevada tonight, the lake bottoming out at 83. overton, 81. mountain, 56. tomorrow afternoon's highs, 104 at the lake. 106 in laughlin. for the las vegas valley, 82 will be the low temperature. we'll keep these breezes blowing this evening. they will back off late and come back tomorrow afternoon. today they were bringing in the dry air as the wind continues to the south, we'll have the gusts at 350 miles an -- 30 miles an hour, that's when the humidity will leak in. as it does, you will notice a change and that will lead to a slight chance of thunderstorms on wednesday.
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valley. but just as quick as the air mass wettens, it will dry out on thursday. we'll be back to sunny skies, dry desert and watch the temperature launch. >> here we go again. >> it could be up to 110. when you start to get into mid-august, it's harder to get to that because the days are getting shorter. let's talk about sports. amber joins us with more on the in the bahamas. >> lucky, lucky. this is a brand-new team. it will be the first opportunity for them to compete together. only for the past week with just three guys returning. one of their biggest hurdles is getting to know each other. but there is one thing they can find common ground in and that's new head coach marvin menzies. he's convinced everyone to
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says the connection was instant. >> he can be friendly but he can also bring the best out of you as well and i -- i learned that the first few days i was with him. >> you can just call him and talk about high -- and talk about coach, that's bigger than life. >> there are three games. each of the opponents will be from another country. speaking of international hoops, team usa took on team venezuela tonight. the u.s. closed as the 50-point favorite. yep. 5-0. it was a tight first quarter. here, the u.s. up by one. irving playing it safe.
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the put-back dunk. sends the american league to 14. no surprise, the u.s. wins 113-69. they did not cover, though. the americans play against australia. here is a look at the current medal standings, the u.s. has 13. three of them are gold. china and australia currently have the most gold medals with four. finally tonh former wide receiver and son of snoop dogg, he has reportedly left the ucla football program for the second time. that is according to bruins' coach mora. he was not listed on the roster this morning in training camp. kind of hard to comment.
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on. the first time he left he wanted to pursue a film career. but i'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who who -- who would have appreciated that opportunity. >> maybe music? why not? >> okay. >> it's in the genes. still to come -- police find
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tuesday morning we'll start
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they will pick up in the afternoon. i do expect afternoon gusts. over 30 miles per hour. that won't be the case at 7:00 a.m. breakfast is served sunny-side up with a temperature of 83. we'll warm up rapidly. check out kelly on news 3 today. that broadcast begins at 4:30 a.m. >> thank you. finally for us at 6:30, miami police catch a literal cat burglar in the act. >> you can see the video behind this police car. let's take a closer look. you can see the little kitten stuck behind the front grill of an unmarked police car. the officers who found the cat had to call in backup. >> can't blame the cat. >> no. >> an auto technician took an hour to free the feline without hurt her. the kitten was at the police station for a few hours before
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>> it all worked out. [laughter] >> that will wrap it up for us at 6:30. news 3 live at 7:00 is coming
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a 78-year-old woman beaten to death in her east valley home. why police think the victim knew her killer very well. also trump interrupted. a not so warm welcome for the republican nominee as he laid out his plans for the economy.
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and another exciting day in rio de janeiro for athletes and fans. we'll give you an inside look at the art of pin trading at the olympic games. >> a littlero but that was a neighbor and all of the neighbors in one area are in disbelief after an elderly woman was beaten to death inside her home. good evening, everyone. i'm jim snyder in for reed. >> i'm marie mortera. police say the victim's estranged husband is now the prime suspect. they are on the hunt for him. news 3's antonio castelan gives us the latest on this murder investigation. >> reporter: neighbors can't believe a 78-year-old woman was murdered inside the house. friends of the victim say they


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