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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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concerns, the venues are too far apart and zika. how are they combating the problems coming up? >> dana: no doubt you have noticed dark circles on the shoulders and backs of many of the athletes including michael phelps. what is that? we have answers ahead. good morning. 5:00 on this tuesday, 2016. beautiful shot coming from our rio camera. the sun will be up in about 45 minutes. >> kim: we are your olympic station. kim and dana wagner here on this tuesday morning. hopefully it's off tie terrific start for you. you mentioned those weird circles all over michael phelps. somebody said it's what happens
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medals. we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes for your convenience on the program. tom is going to have your morning commute in moments but let's start off with kelly in the weather center. >> kelly: a lot of sunshine again today. hazy conditions expected. we have the air quality advisory still in place for clark county and gusty winds this afternoon. 102 at 4:00. we're looking at winds to around 30 miles per hour. and they are going to get stronger overnigh. we'll talk more about it in a few minutes. >> tom: we're going to start out with an accident in the northwest. travel times looking good on summerlin parkway and 15 south bound and 215 beltway. we're in good shape here with
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distance. >> breaking overnight metro police looking for the person or people responsible for a shooting that left a man fighting for his life anyway local hospital this. happening just after 10:30 monday night in hollywood. police say a man was shot multiple times by an unknown number of people. he was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition and is not expected to survive. the suspect or suspects still on the loose. the police don't have a good description ofo looking for for at this point in time. if you have any information you are asked to call crime stoppers. you can remain anonymous. >> dana: donald trump giving his economic plan in detroit yesterday. the republican presidential candidate talking about a tax break for parts out there making child care more affordable in this country because child care
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he's talking about a child care tax break, one of the many proposals he laid out yesterday. >> they are suffering. we're going to get them this much needed relief. >> i will unveil my plan on this in the coming weeks that i've been working on with my daughter she feels so strongly about this. >> parents can deduct up to $6,000 for child care expenses but donald trump would like to do away with that limit. trump talked about his tax plan that aligns with propose trillions paul ryan. three tax bracts only. the highest would be 33% on the highest wage earners in our
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prominent in presidential politics which takes us to this friday where bill clinton is going to be visiting the valley. we know what he's going to be doing while he's here in town. he's going to address thousands of voters at a forum at cesar's palace. gary johnson will be at that gathering. that is going to ma, the first time that major presidential to this specific group. we're talking the asian pacific islander community all at the same event. it is estimated more than 3,000 people will be in town for this event and we'll have continued coverage here on news 3. >> dana: one of the most exciting moments last night from
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won the gold medal last night in the breaststroke. >> it's such a crazy feeling and i'm so happy and my life is changing. >> she had a little rivalry here with the woman who won the silver medal. she had been caught up for doping. she had been caught twice and lie she said i want to show everybody you can race clean and still win. her american teammate won the bronze. america getting the gold and bronze in the 100-meter breaststroke. that brings the gold medal count to five. we lead in the medal count at these games. you can find a complete list at united states also has 7 silvers
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>> kim: we're sorry, so sorry yet that is not going to help you out if you are stranded right now. craig is over there. and the ripple effect still being felt. delta starting the day yesterday with a worldwide outage. they are back online yet i still cancelled as a result. >> they are cancelled. the big problem with any airline is the fact that when think have a delay, in this case five hour delay when equipment doesn't move, they had an equipment problem because of that five hour delay because of a technology failure around
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this morning we're hearing from delta's c.e.o. who is talking to us about exactly what happened and offered a bit of an apology. here there were several flights that were delayed or cancelled. more on that in a moment. perhaps it's a matter of semantics but an important one for consumers of the air industry. the outage for delta with rd forward passengers on aircraft was huge. the glitch grounded about 2,000 flights for delta airlines. the c.e.o. is apologizing for problems that the travelers had in a video posted on social media. give a listen. >> i apologize for the challenges this has created for you with your travel experience. the delta team is working very
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>> quickly as possible. time is money. when southwest had this issue on july 21, it was estimated it cost the company $10 million. ahead we'll hear from a passenger who says her flight was delayed or cancelled but interesting this morning mccarron airport told me on twitter my reporting was incorrect. we'll hear from the passenger who says it wasn't. her. either way the problem is being resolved. we'll have that part of the story coming up in our next hour on news 3 today. >> dana: getting called out there. what is that going on behind you? >> in my next report we'll show
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>> dana: sheer a frightening thought. every year people end up in an emergency room after swallowing a wire after a suspected arsonist lights himself on fire accidentally. this was caught on camera. you can see more of this copping up. >> kim: live to london, the tower bridge in the center of your screen now. we have gotten word that a 22-year-old man has been
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s in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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>> kim: we're deep into grilling season. every year people end up in the emergency room after they swallow a wire bristol from one of the wire brushes to clean it. consumer reports tells us how to safely clean our grills. >> wire brushes can leave bristols on -t it happened. >> this felt like somebody shot me in the gut. i never experienced something like this. i digested the ware and it got to my lower intestine and pierced it. >> the $130 grill boss is a robotic grill clean they're uses brass, stainless or nylon brushes.
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surface but doesn't reach debris between the grate. watch for loose brister that is may come off. testers found a simple ball of aluminum foil did a good job on a warm surface. use heat proof gloves and use tongues to protect your hand. placing a sheet of aluminum foil on the sur will loosen it but it is dangerous. this tool, this $16 tool is made of twisting medal springs and it did well on a warm cast iron grate but not as well on the stainless. traditional brushes do scrape off burned off food. if you are going to use one, you
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if you clean with any wire brush, use an oiled paper towel to wipe down the grates authorry afterwards. use liquid grill clearance and abracive pads. we'll post all that information on >> dana: i've been doing it wrong all these years. thank you for that. time to take you live to rio. joining us doing a dance down there. chloe, we know that a lot of the events take place close to the beach. but there are a lot of events spread out throughout the country and that is causing problems. >> yeah, that's right. taking in the music behind me, you can see a lively scene, great music playing. it makes it hard to not dance.
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olympic games are taking place. many of them are over an hour away to get to when traveling there. for tourist they are saying it's difficult for them, mostly in part because of the distance. it's getting more and more expensive to travel and many tourist we did speak with say that the problems are just getting worse. >> waiting in line for people like frank and his wife are frustrated sitting on a curb with everything they have. traveling has been an issue with many tourist we've spoken with. the olympic games are in four different regions. there is home to the olympic
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and bike park. to the east the stadium used for soaker. from there along the coast the stadium and park for sports like beach volleyball. and then the olympic park, olympic training center, arena, aquatic centre is, tennis. for some the language barrier makes it and the taxi rate for tourist is four times what locals pay. >> we're doing more uber. >> some travelers we talked to suggested the best way to get around here is using the metro.
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your research on the country buffer leave and come up with a game plan on how you are going to get from one place to another ahead of time. >> dana: how are you getting around there? >> how am i getting around? it's a little sketchy i must admit. i've been taking the cabs which i initial something to avoid. i haven't had any problems to be honest with you. they have taken me everywhere i've needed to go for the most part. every person i've met here has been friendly and accommodating. it's been a great experience. >> dana: glad to hear that. we're going to talk to chloe about a local olympian cody miller who won bronze coming up at 6:00 this morning.
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put on television for time sake. you can check it out on and on our facebook page. >> kim: let's take you live to the floor of the nasdaq where jane king is standing by. we start off with oh baby. this morning i'm not sure we'd want to do that all over with the news you have. >> they r to have a baby and nevada didn't rank high. they ranked nevada 45. nevada had some of the highest delivery charges of any state and among the fewest child carry centers per capita. >> kim: cesar's had a huge 50th anniversary celebration over the weekend. this morning it's a big deadline that's the topic of discussion.
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to halted lawsuits against it. the deadline was midnight. we're waiting to hear if the papers were filed by midnight last night. basically it was to put the cases on hold to negotiate deals with everybody it owes money too. they owe >> kim: he wasn't born here but grew up here. >> tom: we have an accident over here in the far southwest valley. the bowl getting a little bit busy there. travel times all running in the green. one accident let you know about in the northeast valley at the intersections of washington and nellis. weather now with kelly.
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elevated levels of smoke in the area because of the pilot fire burning in california. this is yesterday morning. it's thick to get things started. then it lifts. watch as the sun starts to go down, see all the beautiful colors out there? that's the smoke coming back into the area. we anticipate some smoke in the reg than morning. 82 the c downtown. today dry, sunny, breezy, 103 is our expected high. slight chance for showers tomorrow. better chance as you get into arizona with a high of 99.
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us. >> dana: this guy a genius he is not. gets out of that van and trying to light this building on fire when he catches his pants on fire. this happened out of kentucky. the whole thing is caught on surveillance video as you can see. after he caught himself on fire. he ended up going to a nearby lawn, stop, dropping and rolling. he was able to put the flames out. he comes back to the scene to try and further ignite that building. i don't think he was seriously >> kim: michael phelps continues to light it up in rio. still to come we are wondering what is r all those spots on his body. a lot of the olympians have those spots. we have answers headed your way. >> dana: one of two olympic torches and the u.s. men fall short again. the gymnastics team finishing fifth last night.
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>> dana: a lot of people have noticed these dark spots on athletes in rio. >> kimat it's called cupping and it's supposed to not only help with pain but circulate blood throughout the body. it dates back thousands of years. they did a study on this in the year 20 southeast and found it provided some pain relief but the results not conclusive. >> dana: a reporter had it done
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spots to go away. we know simon is expected to win the team gold. maybe five gold med unless all. reward the exclusive interview with her about her experience in rio coming up. >> kim: also a purple heart gets back to the rightful owner after ending up at andrus teak dealer. how did it get there and whose is it? we have answers headed your way. >> dana: a live look out of rio. it will be an interesting n go for his 20th gold medal all
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>> kim: the oral's third largest airline is handing out travel vouchers. >> dana: got to be a lot of money and throw in a couple of cocktails too because these people are not happy. >> kim: thanks for waking up wi we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the tram. >> tom: we have an accident just north of tropicana in the far northwest valley. we have a hint of dawn in the background and a pretty good commute, just getting a little
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>> kelly: another day of hazy breezy conditions on tap for us. 103 at 3:00. that is our high today. 100 at 6:00. winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. we have an air quality advisory in place we'll talk more ab in 10 minutes. >> kim: iman is just amazing no matter what discipline she's in the realm of gymnastics she nails i want. she's also got a winning personality and this morning she's sitting down with "the today show" to talk about how it got started. >> you were just six years old when you got started in this sport. >> yes. my brothers would try to flip
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i went and saw the girls working and i said i can do that. you can hear more from her in her own words this morning as she hangs out with gnat lee and "the today show"
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action today. team u.s.a. now has five gold medals. you can find a complete list of medal counts at united states has 7 silver and 7 bronze. follow along with reed and chloe as they file a lot of things online on our facebook page and also at our website here at just a lot of stuff because of time fit on air. they have a lot of cool behind the scenes on these sites. >> kim: you are what you eat. if that's the case, then we should all eat what the brazilians eat because they are beautiful people. there is a beautiful person standing by talking about the brazilian cuisine. you are going to show off dishes
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gazel, right? >> that is the goal. they are beautiful people. this morning you will be able to come down, there are so many people that would love to go to the olympic games. they are bringing the experience from across the entire world here to las vegas. the cuisine is something to be talked about on a worldwide level. let's talk about your new
5:36 am
sandwiches. >> we have olympics going all day. >> when it comes to the home chef, we know you are more skilled than the average chef. how can they bring that experience home? >> come down here and check it out and let me cook for have a couple of beverages and watch the games and relax. >> it is cool inside here. we'll get you all the experiences on our website at >> dana: we were just down there on friday night and the views inside are great and the views outside even better. they have a patio that sits on the las vegas strip.
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we'll talk about this coming up. >> kim: a teenager wakes up behind bars suspected of drugging a cop. how does subway restaurant play into this? we have answers headed your way. >> dana: live from new york it's book of mormons. can you believe that is still playing on broadway? lot of people like it. some don't for oven
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>> police say a teenager put meth and th c in an officers drink. the officer had to be taken to the hospital. this happened around lunchtime yesterday. that officer ordered a suband lemonade. after a couple ofi say he had trouble maintaining focus and controlling his movement. he had a hard time getting back to the station. the teenager was caught on surveillance video spiking the drink. now faces a felony charge. that officer has been released from the hospital. is expected to make a full recovery. my goodness. this is a story out of utah people will be talking about all over the nation. >> i'm guessing that teenager thought it was going to be
5:41 am
he's facing right now. we've got an accident here to the southwest valley. that is going to affect more people. when we take an outside look it's on the inside shoulder but a lot of flashing lights so people are going to want to use caution because it's putting the squeeze on the ramp northeast, that is washington at owens. let's continue with a look at weather and kelly. >> we're dealing with hazy conditions this morning as the sun is getting ready to come up. some pretty colors out there because of the smoke in the sky. we do have air quality advisory in place. those with lung ailments may want to stay inside as much as possible today. wind light right now but those
5:42 am
afternoon. 17-mile per hour winds, gusting 30. we'll talk more about it and a chance for rain in 10 minutes. >> crime caught on camera. a dolphin stealing something from that woman. what is that dolphin taking? we'll let you know ahead. >> we have a face plant situation. it's going to be an is it just a bruised ego? we have answers headed your way. >> the u.s. women's beach volleyball team in action last night. they are 2-0. the u.s. mens gymnastics team
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>> breaking people responsible for shooting that left a man fighting for his life in a local hospital this. ing monday night near lake mead that. man was shot multiple times and taken to the hospital. he's in really bad shape and is not expected to survive. police haven't been able to give us any type of description of who they might be looking for in this case. if have you any information you
5:46 am
stoppers. remember you can remain anonymous. >> kim: tony romo listed his dallas home and you can have it if you have more than a million dollars. look at it. it's a gorgeous piece of property. 5500 square foot home sitting outside of dallas. six bedrooms, six bathrooms. three fireplaces. luxury touches have been placed throughout the home including jetle tub. we're talking a lit more than a million dollars for this home. for a little perspective on real estate in our great nation we take to you san francisco, the full house $4 million and it's only three bedrooms. san francisco versus dallas for you. >> dana: andrus teak dealer in texas unearthing a hidden treasure too priceless to sale.
5:47 am
she purchased for just $80. she usually sells all the gold that she finds but this time she can't do it. the medal had a name of the recipient along with details of the soldier. with the help of the internet she was able to locate the soldier's son and get that medal back home. >> kim: hands off thief, i mean flipper off thief. look at this caught on camera moment. t orlando. that dolphin snagging the ipad and teenaging it into the water. the dolphin sick of being the subject of so many selfies. the woman does get her ipad back. it is soaked and everyone is laughing. the joke may be on her for trying to take so many pictures with that dolphin.
5:48 am
fell from that railing. an ambulance called to the scene. nobody was seriously injured in all of this. that is not a good sight especially for the kids on hand. >> kim: it has to happen to dopey, right. >> tom: we're doing all right and slowed it down as it went through. we'll take a look at the location and map it out for you. travel times starting to get a little bit busy on the south bound 15. a reminder we have an accident to the northeast at washington and nellis. we have traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> dana: we talk about tropical
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>> kelly: this one impacting the baha peninsula. workers getting ready for tropical storm force winds. hotels boarded up. tourist watching out for flight cancellations as heavy wind and rain were expected to pound the resort city later in the day. many tourist were considering changing travel plans. we could see here as we get into the overnight tonight and into tomorrow. right now what we're dealing with is more from california, smoke from the fire still in the area. you see the reduced vicinity, that haze in the air from smoke and elevated ozone level this is morning. think about having the run inside on the treadmill. the dogs still need to go for a
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82. winds light at this hour but they will increase this afternoon. .the blow drier effect will help get the polluten'ts out of the area so that will be a good
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isolated showers possible tomorrow in the valley. better chance further to the east. 99 for the high. at least the clouds will be cooling us off. still to come hillary clinton being sued by some parents. we have the reason behind >> dana: why is that guy shadow
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the water cooler on this tuesday. it's the picture trending this morning showing michael phelps getting ready for a semifinal in
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this rivalry goes back to the london games in 2012 when he upset michael phelps in the same race. look at phelps' face. they are calling at this time death stair online this morning. semifinal last night phelps did win. the final in this race is tonight and the best way to get revenge would be b for phelps to beat him in the final tonight. can't wait to watch it here on channel 3. kanye west joined the ranks of michael jackson and franky valley for most hits by a male artist. rumors are flying that a u.s. olympian dating a playboy playmate. this is fueling the rumors. >> that swimmer ryan lochte
5:56 am
people magazine is reporting this is not the first time that the two have dropped hits at their budding ro mens. reed joins lochte in rio. ryan lochte has t he could date any gallon he'd like to. >> kim: he's a former gator and there are a few former gator players who dated playmates and i won't name names because you are married now happily. she beat her own world record in the pool not long ago and katie is the star outside of the pool as well. she is putting that on full
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you're going to hear her own words and it is tremendous. live i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace.
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when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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>> dana: we will have a live


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