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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> >> jim: right now on news 3 live at 5, two pictures, a woman a murder victim and the man her husband suspected of killing her. by police says friends and family of the victim remember her gentle soul. >> marie: a matter of public safety or a violation of our constitutional right? tonight, the battle over your gun rights as nevadans heat up on an issue you will be deciding on in just three months. >> jim: and other high-ranking republican abandons donald trump as he once again causes controversy across the country.
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moment it let alone her own husband. >> marie: a friend of a woman beaten to death in her own home, there remember her tonight. and that her husband on the run suspected of killing her, is in jail. be three metro police say 55-year-old arthur lopez beat his 78-year-old wife erlinda penaflor to death and left her body on the living room floor. she filed for divorce just before good evening everyone i'm jim snyder. >> marie: i marie mortera. erlinda penaflor is being remembered as a devout woman who always had time to give to others. they arrested the husband now and he is our top story at five. >> jim: antonio castellan joins us live from the murder scene it near stone and washington. antonio, her friends say she was really a gentlewoman who touched a lot of lives. >> antonio: jim, she was loved by all neighbors. we're learning new information
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husband called 9-1-1 and told police killed his wife. when police arrived to the house, they got no response. so they left. >> she was really kind, sweet hearted. it seems i should have been hard, very charming. >> antonio: friends of hers will never forget the gentlewoman who touched the lives of many. they say she was devout catholic who held prayer meetings at home. they found her the living room floor. today metro police arrested arthur lopez. her estranged husband. he was charged with her murder. cannot horrible, and you just don't think something would happen to someone like that. >> kevin lives a few doors down from where erlinda penaflor was murdered. metro police say lopez use a hard object to beat his wife over the head. records show that erlinda penaflor just filed divorce
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ago. a nearby neighbor never suspected the victim and suspect had any sort of problems. >> i couldn't even imagine. i can imagine my husband ever doing anything like that. now i don't know, it's scary. >> antonio: erlinda penaflor's family california says her loved one was looking to beginning a new life without her husband. neighbors say the 78-year-old will always be in their thoughts. >> our prayers are with the family. b5 lopez is now at the clark county de will appear in court on thursday. reporting live, antonio castellan, news 3. >> marie: thank you for the update. now at 5a security guard beaten and robbed at a casino. police are looking for a teenager one of three suspected of the violent act. the robbery took place around 2:30 am this morning in the parking garage of the hotel. according to that two of the teenagers are between 17 and 18 are in custody. metro police say the teenagers
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that had a gun along with a baton and pepper spray. those items have not been found. >> jim: it is the hottest of hot buttons. mention guns in this country and you're sure to get an earful. >> marie: nevadans are going to have a ballot question that will require background checks on almost all gun sales in nevada. >> jim: you have a chance to decide appear jeff gillan joins us with the back and forth over if it will be a ballot question number one. >> jeff: yes it is. it is about everyone. this measure targets the unlicensed gun dealers and gun owners on both sides of the debate. and i did.>> so this connected retired your cop wants to do some shooting. he's at the gun store on tropicana.before his locked and loaded, i asked him about the ballot question. which would require background checks and most gun cells in nevada. >> they're going to continue to get their guns. and the problem is every time that the politicians try to solve this problem the only
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law-abiding gun owners. >> jeff: at clay arts las vegas on maine, artists, gun owner and veteran says to me to have him because he says they work. >> they have gone background checks about 15 or 16 or something like that have had almost a 50 percent reduction in those things that were gun related crimes and issues. >> jeff: nevada will see a multimillion dollar background the nra on the other gun advocates backed by billy mayor michael bloomberg is a public opinion is on their side. >> will qualify this petition for the ballot, we turned in more than 250,000 signatures. the most ever in state history. >> jeff: back of the gun store the owner says is a better way to fight crime.>> the way it is done, please just people that commit crimes with firearms go to jail.
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later and are or a year later. >> jeff: in the meantime the debate continues. three months before nevada votes. and what a debate is going to be. we should also note there are some exceptions to this ballot question. for example transfers between family members would not need a background check. we will hear much more on this. >> jim: yes something to watch for sure. >> marie: meanwhile you will also be deciding on question two in november. allowing of marijuana. the question would allow nevadans over the age of 21 buying amounts or pot of glass the initial outline how it would be taxed. supporters want the revenue from recreational marijuana sales to go to education. >> jim: another high-profile republican dumps donald trump indecision 2016 tonight. >> there is no nude donald trump. what you see is what we would get and he would make what is
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more dangerous given his tendency to lash out. >> jim: that is republican senator stephen collins of maine. says she cannot vote for donald trump because he went after the parents of a muslim american who was killed fighting for our country in iraq. and tonight donald trump is stirring up even more controversy with another remark you made earlier today. he suggested second amendment advocates, gun rights advocates might be able to do pics judges who rollback gun rights. they see that as encouraging violence against her. donald trump has definitely lost whatever political he got from the republican national convention. a new poll just up a nbc news and the wall street journal shows clinton leading donald trump and 3q battleground states. up three points and i were five points in ohio and 11 points in
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she was secretary of state at the time. the parents claim heller clinton email server issues contribute to attacks. they also accuse her of defaming them in public statements. they see emails also easily found its way to foreign powers and was then obtained by islamic terrorists. >> jim: already this summer and this wildfire burning just rest of us is getting bigger tonight. nearly 7000 acres of land have burned in the mountains of san bernardino county. 5000 families are now under mandatory evacuation orders. the fire started sunday and some of the smoke has made its way into the las vegas valley. you may have smelled it earlier yesterday. for poor l quality is also shutting down schools in apple valley despair he and so were
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march toward lake arrowhead and spirit lodge park. no word yet on a cause. and not the fair fire that has been burning for three near big sur now covers 100 square miles. -- about half of it now is surrender. bulldozer operator was killed in this firefight double as homes have been destroyed so far in this one was caused by a campfire. is still controlling his flock behind bars. the us attorney in utah says he kicked everyone out of the elite hierarchy of the group and is now putting his brother in charge of re-interviewing them. he also made his brother the new bishop of the fundamentalist church of latter-day saints.
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brother faces charges related to a foodstamp scheme and polygamist communities in arizona and utah. >> jim: and instructional so you just about everywhere you go these days. -- >> marie: that's right and rancho and 95 to be specific. here's tom hawley flying over the scene with more details. >> tom: it is all over, this is the one causing the big new delay. you can see why they have had to shut down the ramp here. this is all part of project neon so way until mid-september. you have to use mlk to bonanza as an alternate route. and another accident barely had to get off the roof of counter studios to see it. this is actually just where we are taking appeared several vehicles involved, a tow truck is on scene should be cleared soon. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. thank you. olympic fever is growing stronger today as the us team makes more wins and brings home more metals from real.
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you to real for one of the most famous us gold medalist in olympic history. >>. >> jim: people on the road a viral video of one of the most distracted drivers caught on
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>> >> marie: now at five the spirit of the real olympic games as president first lady michelle take a special olympic quiz. >> we've got our special olympics quiz and see what you can do. >> i will quiz you first. >> if you can compete in an olympic event what would you choose? >> it would be gymnastics. i'm not built for gymnastics clearly, little too tall. but they are phenomenal and if i could flip like that i would do it in a heartbeat. chemical epics would take over life and i don't know >> bring home the gold. red white and blue.
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>> jim: good man. he just quietly waited for her to continue. you could see how the first family that they have olympic fever. >> marie: the first lady may love gymnastics but -- >> jim: a big problem has popped up and many of the olympic venues. there is a shortage of food for fans to buy and lines for water. should shortages are no news for olympic games. but there is no shortage of stories for you to enjoy things to our news 3 rio team reed cowan who is joining us live again tonight. one and not only do the games bring together current olympic stars but former stars as well. and you spoke with olympic gold medal diver greg >> reed: that's what we will talk about that a second ballistic with the food shortage you mentioned.
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in fact if you to my social media you will see the hundreds of trash cans lined up all around olympic park where all of these exciting people you can hear them cheering. alright so let's talk about greg, he is one of the greatest divers if not the greatest diver to ever hit the platform at the olympics. well today, he sat down with a one-on-one interview with me to talk about how he is in rio, mentoring young divers. consider the greatest diver of all time olympic gold greg who found his way to real. sounding more like a wide stage. >> i think we're all part of this earth for a reason. >> reed: then olympic superstar. >> just be true to yourself and it allows people those freedoms. >> reed: he knows it since his early teams that he is a champion now mentoring young athletes in rio. >> in mentoring, to have an impact on a young child and
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you know i think that that is huge. >> reed: his advice for those in the diving board, channel the energy.[indiscernable] >> going to an olympic venue and the energy, it is powerful. and if you interpret that energy as pressure,, gosh i have to be perfect! then you are more apt to implode. but if you interpret that energy as inspiration, because if you think about it every single person in that auditorium want to see you succeed. >> reed: collegiate diver [indiscernable] talking about the moment lou split his head on the diving board in 1988 only to come back with stitches and when gold. >> -- he is a mentor for the us diving team and for the young kids. you know i think you may not realize that in sports it means a lot. >>. >> reed: they also talked to hiv and aids. [indiscernable]
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. >> by sharing my perceived weaknesses i was actually sharing my strengths. >> reed: jim and mary, greg for all of his wins decided to give his metals away. one went to the mother of ryan white the young man who died of aids and blew open the conversation all over the united states about hiv coach, a humble kind man. >> marie: a powerful story their life from your read anything you so much. >> jim: getting advice from greg, you know you're doing well for sure. let's get right to the weather and appeared kevin janison joins us, plenty hot out there. [indiscernable] >> kevin: yes they were smoke from the fires in california, we can actually show you some of that smoke from an image courtesy of nasa.
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california. first in the left-center part of your screen right there. you can see all of the smoke from the fire up near big sur. this is the marine layer in the closet every day. then we work ourselves back to the desert and you can see the smoke especially with the pilot fire. i believe that is 11 square miles right now. las vegas would be off the map right about there were so. but the smoke itself is moving almost due north and not toward las vegas. that is why we have got a much in fact it is great out at lake mead marina, but this in motion.a little bumpy at times thanks to the breeze. gusts up near 40 miles an hour and some locations. if you want closet to go near mesquite and certainly the las vegas valley. even then they are few and far between. checking with a few neighborhoods, first stop east side hollywood and washington 102. but they had wind gusts of 40 miles now. six percent relative humidity too. lake mead parkway and warm springs and cadence are blowing
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percent. we visit sky canyon for northwest, they had wind gusts of 36 and are currently at six percent relative humidity. the steady wind, the sustained wind right now is at 20 miles an hour. here the current windspeed that will get your attention. coming from the south, blowing pretty good spring valley at 20, downtown and east side at 17 and appeared top gusts around the edges we saw those gusts of 40 but interior valley hour mark. mesquite blowing at 20 now 16, searchlight at 21, look at sustained gusts of 41. -- we have maxed out at 103 which is normal for 9 august. 82 was the morning though, tomorrow we drop in a couple of degrees. will start in the 80s, find our way to the 90s at lunchtime and will probably peek in the upper 90s. we still have some breezes just
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afternoon, less wind expected in the morning. here is the way things look on the satellite radar composite. we have left overs of javier working themselves up into the southwest. put in strong's in dust storms in phoenix and two inches of rain in parts of tucson. showers getting close and here is the tricky part about the forecast, storms of firing up down toward death and east of us. we think the dividing line will be right about there tomorrow. an line that is where we have the thunderstorms on the west side we were probably high and dry. this is what makes me nervous. if the line wobbles at all, the chance of thunderstorms could move into the valley but i think for the most part they will miss us just the east. prompts down to 70, caliente down to 60 tonight. then highs tomorrow 100 the way, laughlin 102 and over the hump 98 degrees. for the las vegas valley tonight were going down to 81 will keep breezes this evening
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at coming back but not quite as strong as they. 99 the official high. we will be mostly sunny and town but probably we will see clouds the east but you see some of them out now. 130 and then brace yourself, heat is coming back. indications that we might not stop at 109 over the weekend and the next week. we might be talking about the middle single digit again. 110+. it is fun to say that dramatically, i'm not sure it works. >> jim: loud and clear. >> marie: it is part of a lot of budgets for southern nevada families. next at five, would now cost to pay for child care.
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i'm one of them.
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talking about how to control youtube.>> marie: the idea began after a complaint was posted about a group. it was critical of kentucky republicans on the iranian nuclear deal. the complaint accused -- of not disclosing the youtube post the chairman of the federal elections commission says it is important to understand how it v they're looking at the possibility of regulating political users on twitter. >> jim: the majority of american families are now spending 10 percent of their annual income on childcare. more families are also making sure to include childcare costs in their budgets. that is according to a website 74 percent of them was now plan ahead for child care. two years ago that was just 58 percent. >> marie: is the last thing any
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drive, someone texting. but how would you feel about this? a colorado woman not only driving while texting, but driving with one leg up on the dashboard. this by the way is not a self driving car. colorado authorities are still looking for the very distracted driver. >> jim: wow. finally at five, a blast from the past is coming back to store shelves. crystal pepsi is back. 24 years after it was discontinued. >> marie: crystal pepsi only lasted a year [ted]quality top tier gas helps keep engines clean.hmm... [robot]i have helped keep your engine clean.
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[announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less.
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breaking news tonight. what did donald trump just say? controversy erupting as we come on the air after we hear what he said about hillary clinton, the judges and the second amendment. and babies in critical care being urgently moved after a potentially deadly bacteria is discovered. is it connected to the deaths of two infants? ferris wheel accident. children hospitalized after a terrible fall raising questions about safety. who's regulating all those rides? and golden statement. from an american champion caught up in a cold war with her russian rival, showing who's really number one, as


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