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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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nhp say an overcorrection was partly to blame for the death of three people on i-15 out near moapa over the weekend. good evening. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm marie mortera. that crash devastated a henderson family who is now left without three of their loved ones. it's our top story tonight. news 3's sergio avila joins us live where the people are heading? >> reporter: marie, they were coming back from a trip from utah and we received the accident report that sheds a little bit of light about what happened but left one very important question unanswered. it was just after 3:00 sunday afternoon when it happened. the bratt family -- brandt family was on their way home when michael bratt lost control of the family's suv.
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occurred. he went to the left. it appears he overcorrected. >> reporter: the destruction that followed left their vehicle unrecognizable. nhp said speed was not a factor in the crash but this trooper says if your car leads the road at highway speeds, you face a dangerous situation. >> when the vehicle leaves the road at 75 miles an hour and you have to correct, you have to make sure you are slowiow >> reporter: the family friend kylie smith say the two survivers, joy brandt and pec pec pec pec and kekoa piena are holding on. >> they are very strong. they have a close-knit group. >> reporter: the nhp investigation were unable to determine if they were wearing seat belts. that's because the suv caught fire immediately. >> we know one of the passengers
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seat belt and one of the passengers that survived was. >> reporter: in the past few weeks they say six people have died in rollover accidents where victims were not wearing seat belts. it's a grim reminder to buckle up, he says. as far as the two survivors here in the hospital, they are recovering from several broken bones. we're being told they are relying on the support of not only family, friends but also their church. reporting back to you. >> food to -- good to see the community rallying around them. the man police say sexually assaulted an employee at a hotel on boulder highway is behind bars. metro police arrested ivon major after receiving a tip from nearby residents. police say he walked into one of the hotel rooms the employee was
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a man who is struggling to survive is in desperate need of his family after getting stung hundreds of times by africanized beeses. the problem is, his relatives are in mexico and they would need a visa to get here to make decisions, including taking him off life support. christy wilcox is here more about the decisions they cannot make on his behalf. >> his friends say he's from mexico but he's lived here as a u.s. resident. he has a home here, a business. but he doesn't have family here. they all live in mexico. that's the one thing he needs here right now to make medical decisions he can't. this is the man friends say need his family hospital.
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hospital dead and they brought him back. he had a lack of oxygen for 15 minutes. >> reporter: the man is in the icu at southern hills hospital after bees attacked imhad last im-- him last week. but his family is in mexico. they are the only ones who can take those decisions. >> the family has to come to do it. >> reporter: the mexican consulate requires certain documentation to get a humanitarian viva. but the hospital has to abide by the laws. >> they are screaming for help. help us. send us the letter from the hospital saying that jose is not -- is not in a good condition. >> reporter: but even with with the documents, including a letter provided by the hospital, getting his family to the u.s. is not a sure thing. >> i got the letter that the family send me. >> reporter: once the family
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las vegas said their application can be denied. >> if immigration says no, we cannot appeal the decision. it's a final decision. there's nothing we can do because we cannot issue another travel document. >> reporter: ramirez says sometimes this means sometimes families miss out. >> maybe it's a funeral they are attending and they are requiring the humanitarian saw. >> reporter: as for his his friends -- >> we believe in a miracle. he will act when he hear his brother and sister voice. >> reporter: getting his family here is their only priority. >> if it's time to go, at least he will go back to mexico with satisfaction that they came over to see his brother last breath. >> reporter: now, we reached out to the southern hills hospital
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the details in the case and working on their response to the situation. the hospital must comply with -- federally mandated laws when it comes to patient's confidentiality. back to you. >> such a complicated case. thank you. the fire burning in the san bernardino area is now nearly 7,000 acres and it's growing. this is the pilot fire. happenedder to -- mandatory evacuations peaking set up to help people pets forced from their home. what caused the fire is not only. it's only 6% contained. there are more than 800 firefighters battling the fire on the ground and by air. a new fire is burning in the great basin national park in central nevada. about 200 miles from here. the strawberry fire started yesterday and strong winds have pushed it to between 3,000 and
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had to shut down some of the campgrounds and the scenic drive if you are headed out in that area. >> any time we have fires this close to las vegas, we always wonder about the smoke. >> yeah, the one in california isn't giving us us any trouble but what about the one up north? >> the one that's right here, the smoke is going west and north of the las vegas valley. our focus has been the remnants javier. but it dropped inches of rain in central tucson. they've had flooding down there. 2 inches in their hard desert. i mean, that ground is rock solid. will cause significant flash flooding. that's what those folks did. also, a major league haboob went to phoenix. as the storm hit, it scattered up to phoenix and kept going on
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up in kingman and to our east and we're hopeful that it will get closer to las vegas, just not confident that's going to happen in the valley. we'll talk about our chances for rain. you mentioned the pilot fire, pretty incredible time lapse video from last night's sunset with some of that smoke, too. we'll do that in a few minutes. >> thank you. we want to show you a picture of 55-year-old arthur lopez. police say he murdered his 78-year-old wife. after the killing, off. today detectives arrested him. antonio castelan joins us live near sloan and washington where the victim lost her life. antonio, it was a caretaker who claims he found her body. >> reporter: marie, the caretaker found her body four hours after the killing happened. that's according to the police report. the report also says that the murder suspect called 911 and told police that he killed his
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found that door open. once they didn't get a response, they left. >> family members tell us these pictures show the many happy days 78-year-old erlinda penaflor lived. relatives say the happiness was taken away by arthur lopez. he was her estranged husband. ken condition sul -- kevin sullivan, never noticed a problem. investigators tell us he peat object. he was the prime suspect because he called 911 after the murder and laid a plank ket over the body. -- blanket over the body. this woman can't imagine this. >> i can't imagine anyone doing this. it's scary. >> reporter: detectives caught up with the 55-year-old today. he's been charged with his estranged wife's murder. >> it's horrible.
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someone that old and elderly. >> reporter: the caretaker asked me to go inside is the house. bizarre. it's still -- it's not been cleaned up. jim? >> all right. thank you for the update on that one. heavy hitters are getting in the fight over nevada ballot question 1 which would require unlicensed gun deem -- dealers in our state to do a background check. was there gating ready to fight the measure. you can expect millions for and against question 1. supporters have public opinion on their side and gun owner rick cornstable with gun owners for pack ground checks say those checks do work. >> the states that have gotten background checks, 15, 16 have had almost a 50% reduction in
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gun -- those gun-related irons. >> somebody with a felony is not gonna get a gun like this. they will continue to get their gun. every time the politicians try to solve this problem, the only thing it affects a law-abiding gun owner. >> the legislature almost passed this law. question 1 does make exceptions, transfers between family members would not need a background check. t you know it's home to scenic byways and the burros. >> this nature is about to change. coming up, why the blm has to round up many of the burros. and another day of delays for delta airline. the company announcing more cancellations.
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rio de janeiro with our news team 3. everyone is so excited to know that greg louganis is here to mentor young divers. straight ahead, his wisdom. >> that's coming up at:30 tonight.
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breaking news to tell you. a live look at a house fire near charleston and las vegas there were two people inside that house at the time. they managed to get out safely. they also add -- officials add that the fire is out but we've had some winds this afternoon. some of those flames jumped to another home and so now you have some minor damage to a neighboring house as well. as you can see from our live images, the firefighters have not left the scene and are continuing to put out hot
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stunning views. no trip is complete without spotting burros. but the blm is in the middle of a rounddown. denise rosch explains why. >> reporter: the roundup will take about a month. no helicopters or cowboys, just an open pen killed with hay to lure them in. the blm says this is a necessary move to protect the land and the herd. >> how are you today? much letter than the blue diamond market. for ten years, this cashier has called this town home. >> would you like a little bag? >> reporter: wield burros and all. >> they are very, very important to all of us. we love seeing them come here and graze. >> reporter: but starting this week, they might be harder to spot. the blm now rounding up about 40 animals near the spring mountain ranch state park.
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damaging restoration projects and gathering on the road. >> a lot of these animals in particular have lost their wild characteristics. so they come in and are more used to people and they approach vehicles. that's a real danger to them and the people in the convenience as well. >> christen says since the first of the year two burros have been killed -- killed on the road. another four inside the park. and with the full swing, traffic will -- traffic will only increase. the burros will be went to ridgecrest, california and put up for adoption. >> people love to adoption. they are a lot of fun. >> reporter: she says even after the roundup, 50 to 60 purrs will re-- burros will remain in red rock.
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>> it could get over-populated. if you are gonna take them to california and sell them, no. they were here before we were. you know, we need to learn to live with them. >> a delicate balance that's existed for generations in red rock, protecting wildlife and the people who visit. denise rosch, news 3. let's talk about tropical storm javier causing problems for our neighbors in arizona. these stunning the phoenix area as a dust storm moved through. >> this time lapse show the dust overtaking neighborhoods and businesses, flights were delayed at sky harbor airport for a while because of all of the blowing dust. they got .5 of rain to go with it. and so far here's not seeing much of that. the winds have picked up as kevin was saying. >> they have. >> not talking dust. talking smoke. you might have seen this last
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dinner, this is an impressive shot. it's a great example, winds don't stop. you can see that on this time lapse from last night's sunset with smoke from the pilot fire in california, look toward the bottom of the smoke you can see how the smoke is doing dipsy-dos as they go over the mountains there. that's pretty cool. about an hour or so of bright colors. actually made for a beautiful sunset. that's the positive we get. that's not our preference. massive view of the fires. this is big sur. 50% contained. not impacting big sur but it's close. the fire that's been impacting us more between hesperia and rancho, it was moving to the north. so with less smoke in the sky,
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a little ripple at the lake. if you want crowds, you have to go to the northeast. this is looking back westward. but a few clouds to be found today. 101 near hollywood and washington. but news for them, that gust of wind 45 miles per hour. gusts to 32 near gowen and revere. college at 95 i gust to 36. they will blowing at 17 with 12% humidity. the wind is the weather headline. noticeable, not huge but problematic. most of the valley gusted over the 30-mile-an-hour range. near downtown 32. summerlin with a 30-mile-an-hour gust even stronger outside of the valley with pioche the big winner. they had a gust of 41 miles per hour while the lake gusted to
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normal 9th of august. tomorrow not getting that warm. we'll start in the 80s. 90s by lunchtime. it looks like a peak in the upper 90s. there will be breezes, not as strong as we experienced today. a couple of gusts over 0 miles an hour. the leftovers of javier pumping the moisture and winds in the desert southwest, you can see some of these showers and storms as they rumble through tucson and phoenix, getting through the nervous about tomorrow's forecast. i think we can draw a line there and the storms will get to that line. it will be humid on the east side of that line and dry on the best side. -- on the west side. if there is a wobble, it changes. 78 in pahrump. 78 in mesquite. high temperatures tomorrow, 74 in the mountains. 02 in laughlin. sandy valley should max out at
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clear skies. breezes, they will back off late. they will come back tomorrow afternoon but not quite at strong. 99 the temperature tomorrow. my suggestion would be enjoy that. oh, yeah. as we look ahead as we get toward the weekend. 105 on friday. 110 over the weekend. that could continue all of next week with the potential to launch those temperatures to it will be hot next beck. >> it can't be for long. september is right around corner. >> it's november you want to look for. >> got it. second time this week an accident hurts children at an amusement park. this time three girls fall off a ferris wheel. what happened and how they will doing. >> and travelers at mccarran and around the world can't feel
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cancellations. catching a nap. how the airline is handling this
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delta airlines passengers are still dealing with long delays following yesterday's big mccarran's arrival and departure board showed delays and the line tells the story. they extended their waiver for customers. about 250 flights were canceled today alone. they are offering $00 vouch -- $200 vouchers who had to go through a three-hour delay
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hillary clinton being sued. >> why two victims' parents in the benghazi attack say she should be held financially responsible for their loved ones death. and the show must go on even when two actors crash into each i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a liline of clothin, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.?
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where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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? >> a look live in rio. the games are bringing current


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