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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  August 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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never get. i heard a loud bang and put my fingers in my ears and covered my eyes. >> that's the survivor of the boston marathon bombing sharing her emotional story and reveals she didn't even plan to be there that day. a man suspected of murdering his wife in their east las vegas home is now behind >> police say 55-year-old arthur lopez has been on the run after beating his 78-year-old wife to death. good evening, everyone. glad you are with us. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm marie mortera. the couple was apparently going through a divorce at this time. news 3's antonio castelan went inside the home where the violent played out. >> the murder victim was beloved by all neighbors. we're learning new information from the police report, it says that the murder! 's husband called 911 and told
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when police arrived at this house, they found no response. so they left. >> she was really kind, sweet-hearsted. seemed like she had a big heart. >> reporter: friends of 78-year-old erlinda penaflor will never another get her. penaflor, refs say, was a devout catholic who always held prayer meetings at her hole. -- at her home. on s her bloody body on the another, police arrested arthur lopez, her husband. >> horrible. >> reporter: kevin sullivan lives within a fewer toes down er to -- doors down where she was murdered. police say he used a hard object to beat her over the head.
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any sort of problems. >> i couldn't imagine. i couldn't imagine my husband doing anything like that. i don't know. it's scary. >> reporter: her family in california says their loved one was looking forward to beginning a new life bought her husband. neighbors say the 78-year-old will always be in their thoughts. >> our prayers are with the family. >> arthur lopez is at the clark county detention center. no bail. he will appear in court on thursday. reporting from sloan and washington, i a the debate is heating up over the measure that would require unlicensed gun dealers to do background checks on anyone who wants a firearm. the nra is town to fight question 1. supporters say they have public opinion on their side. question 1 does make exceptions. transfers between family members would not need a background check. last year, tsa agents
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but this one sticks out. it's a. 22 pistol built entirely from a 3-d printer. it was found at the reno airport. the tsa says the passenger oed was not cited. to the olympics now where the games not only bring together current olympic stars but stars from years gone pave. reed cowan reports on -- on how greg louganis is mentoring those who win gold of their own. >> reporter: we're talking about gregg louganis. he did not leave his diving career behind when difficulty struck. he transitioned from driving in
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succeed. >> i think that we're all put on this earth for a reason. hey. just be true to yourself. it allows other people those freedoms. >> reporter: louganis known as a champion how seeks to mentor young athletes. >> to have an impact on a young child and shape their -- their future, their self-esteem. i think that that is huge. >> reporter: his advice for th channel the energy in the room for good. >> when you did into an olympic venue, i mean, there is an energy, you know, that's palatable. if you interpret that as pressure, like i have to be perfect, you are more apt to implode. but if you interpret that energy as inspiration because if you think about it, every single person in that auditorium wants to see you succeed.
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athletes louganis mentored. talking about how he hit his head on a diving board in 1988 only to come back with stitches and win gold. >> i knew i was close. >> yeah. >> he's a mentor for the u.s. diving team and for the young kids and some people might not realize that in sports. it means a lot. >> reporter: louganis forthright about hiv and a.i.d.s. and being he said in speaking the truth, for him and others, it was a game changer. >> by sharing my perceived weaknesses, i was actually sharing my strengths. >> >> so a perspective from a champion who opens others will be champions. reed cowan, news 3. >> a lot of fun meeting a lot of folks out there. be shoo urto follow reed and chloe's social media pages.
7:06 pm any time for all of the action from the games in rio. and while you are watching stories of triumph in rio, a professional ballroom dancer who survived of the boston marathon bombing is sharing her own story. >> her name is adrian. her decision to stop and watch the runners three years ago changed her life forever. kelsey thomas has this inspirational >> i heard a loud bang behind me and i put my fingers in my ears and covered my eyes and my face. >> the blast filled the air with thick, black smoke. people ran screaming. a second explosion knocked them to the ground. >> i remember looking down and not seeing my left foot and i had a giant gash in my right leg that was -- that was all the way to the bone.
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the finish line in the deadly boston bombing. >> stand up. >> reporter: adrian had to relearn how to walk with the help of a lower prosthetic leg. >> does it hurt? >> no. you don't just hop on a pros they hick and go. your leg is angry and you have nerves and muscles and bones that were cut. you put pressure on it and it takes walks to learn how to again. >> reporter: she wanted to talk. she was determined to run. in april she finished the marathon. >> i would say, i can't do it. i would look down and think, i'm running thor those who -- for those who can't run. >> reporter: she ran for the organization that provides prosthetics for those who can't afford it.
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>> reporter: that same crowd cheered her on at the same finish line where she lost part of her loud. >> people are cheering so loud. it happens until you get to the finish line. >> reporter: today a difficult kind of affecttion keeps her going. she travels the world telling her story. this week at the mgm's women's leaderrer -- leadership conference. she is a survivor. kelsey thomas, news 3. >> adrian doesn't see herself running another marathon. next month she's going on a trek to nepal to help earthquake victims. we're getting a look at an officer-involved shooting offer the weekend in cincinnati. a grocery store security guard tried to stop the 25-year-old
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you can see porter then place a knife to the guard's head. the heard let him pass and called 911 when two officers spotted him. investigators say porter approached the police cruiser and began attacking an officer with a knife. that's one the other -- that's when the officer fired six shots killing him. the father of the orlando nightclub shooter was spotted right there behind hillary clinton at a rally he says he supports the democratic party and that's why he went to the campaign event. after the event he talked about his son omar and how he wished he was on the right side of the terror war. >> i wished that my son joined the army an fought isis and that
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mateen, pledged allegance to isis. how crooks wished they never picked this place. and an alleged arsonist to burn down a building quickly backfires on him. and 103 degrees today. our 6-day above tomorrow? won't that be nice before the big warmup coming up later this
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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a gold-star mom in for a surprise when she arrived at her son's grave site. >> her boy was killed in action ten years ago today. christine kim joins us live from out in boulder city to show us how our community honored the family who sacrificed so much. >> reporter: on the ten-year anniversary of her son's death, she thought it was just a small
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more. the community coming together all to honor marina and tooler her sob -- and to remember her son. his name is on a statue dedicated to northbound's fallen military heroes. he was killed in iraq in 2006. he was 22. the gold-star mom has been giving back to the community since. today this is what she saw. various veterans groups to support her on such a difficult anniversary. marina says it means the world to her to see all of the support here. all of the people who came here today and back out here live, i have to share with you something funny that happened. the sprinklers just turned on automatically, out of nowhere. all of us ran out of way. a bunch of us got wet. marina chuckled and laughed and
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story on later editions of news 3. i'm christine kim, news 3. >> all right. that's a great way to see it. i like that. thank you. the late-night crew working at a chicago grocery store department back down when two crooks tried to rob them. it was closing them when they stormed in demanding cash. you will see in the video, there is the hero charming right at the robber. other workers say let's get in they chased them out the door and tackled one before the other ran off. >> we noticed the guns weren't real and we chased after them. we captured one. the other got away. >> and believe it on the -- it or not, this is not the first time this happened. a few weeks ago, other criminals had to be chased off. police searching for an
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himself on fire. this was in kentucky. the surveillance video shows the man appearing to throw a molotov cocktail. he runs around the corner. that's what you are watching here. he flinged himself on the grass. you would thing that would be enough. but no, he pours another bottle on the fire before getting into this van and driving off. emergey is stuck on a light tower in houston. he started to feel woozy. the heat index was up to 100. a firefighter scaled tower and brought him back to the ground. >> it happened so quickly when you are out in the heat and you don't realize how the warmth can get to you. >> 100 is something that we deal
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break, you are in luck, right? >> yeah, we will be down near 100. maybe a little below. we won't have houston's humidity, i think it will be a lot easier to take. there is an outside chance we could get a thunderstorm coming from the south. winds were in evidence today. you can take a look at the springs reserve. look at the trees in the foreground. blowing in the wind. not a lot going on. our skies were clear. over at 7. pretty nice out there. 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts up in the northeast valley. hollywood and washington. that's where callahan middle school is. 99 there. and 95 in henderson. but look at the wind. south-southeast established at 20 miles an hour. winds certainly in evidence this
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sum did not -- summerlin didn't make it out of the 90s. 98 at our your town studios. anthem is 94. 97 over at the lakes. it's 68 up on mount charleston. 9 in mesquite. and 95 in boulder city. same reading in pahrump. officially for the las vegas -- athe 85 in tonopah. 70 in l.a. and 84 in reno. tomorrow, not a misprint, even with sunshine, temperatures in the upper 90s. i'm sure there will be a few 100s on the east side of the valley. but do enjoy that of we've been talking about javier. now it's falling apart over
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stir this moisture from old mexico. you can see it's fairly close to us right now. let's zoom in. mojave county having significant thunderstorms. no warning in effecting. this pets close to -- gets close to us tomorrow. i'm gonna keep a chance, just a little chance. some of that moisture could possibly make it into our valley. overnight l 70s to probably low 80s in downtown las vegas and highs tomorrow, this is pretty nice nice map or august. we don't have a lot of triple digits unless you want to go to lake mead. forecast tonight, let's bottom out at 80. breezy, there will be a few upper 70s in the outlying areas. 99 tomorrow with an outside chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. generally skies will be mostly
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94 at 5:00 p.m. down from the afternoon high and then we pete heat up in a big way for the coming weekend. 103 by friday. and then 108 to 109 over the weekend and i'm reasonably certain that there will be a few 110s on our weatherbug network on the east side of the valley. so everybody, including even summerlin will be in the triple digits come the weekend. >> it's still a picture on social media is pulling at the heartstrings of some fans everywhere.
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sometimes too much of a good when options are endless, it can be overwhelming especially when it comes to house paint. >> but kim wagner is here to help. >> a fresh coat of pain -- paint can make a big difference but you want it to last. consumer reports tested a bunch to find out which one will last the longest. that color looks great but will
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exterior paints need to do a lot more than just look pretty, says the experts with consumer reports. >> you want an exterior paint that stands up to the elements, the sun, the rain, the snow and also that it resists dirt and mildew. >> that's why consumer reports designed tough tests. these are left on the roof and conditions are so after one year of exposure it simulates three years on a wall, door or fence. the boards are inspected periodically to see how well they resisted cracking, fading, dirt and mildew and here is a top-performing paint. >> even of a three years of -- of exposure there's no cracks. >> reporter: after three years,
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it's cracking and starting to flake off and this one isn't even the same color. the top is the original shade. >> after one year, it got lighter. after two years even lighter and three years it changed to almost purple. >> reporter: after the 15 paints tested, consumer reports found just two to recommend. bear premium plus ultrafrom home depot for $40 a gallon and clark and kensington from ace for $35 it shows either paint should last about nine years on your home. if you are a lowe's shopper, valspar paint is an option. it's just as good as the bear ultraand the clark and kensington when it comes to resisting cracking and clerk but not good for mildew. tonight, our late news gonna be on later than normal but we
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after the olympics. a happened is bemind bars accuse -- a man is behind bars accused of rape. and the unique way a video game fan popped the question to his girlfriend. most girlfriends are saying get off the video. but maybe now she's happy about it. we'll bring you that and any breaking news as it happens. a reunion posted this picture. >> this picture shows lance bass, shayza and -- jerry brown? help me out. the guy got together for a birthday party. and if you don't know, now you
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i know. >> one of the fans -- >> when i grow up, i want to be as cool as those guys. i've been in so much pain since they split. [laughter] >> no.
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this is edward cortez born in chihuahua, mexico, he immigrated to the u.s. and was proud to serve our country in world war ii. he settled in nevada, became a baker and raised a family. his story isn't unique. america has always been a place where through hard work and perseverance generations have made a better life for themselves and their families.
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this is my grandfather, and i'm proud to approve this message. . >> tonight on the olympic zone. some say the future of u.s. boxing is in the hand of this undefeated teenager. he is out to prove that in rio, the future is now. plus. >> what i did in london was miraculous.
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medal a year after a bomb took his sight. but brad snyder, that was only the start of his road back. and joe martin hits the streets with rio with international super model adriana leah. next on the olympic zone. >> live from the new 3 in las vegas, this is the olympic zone. now, your host jim and maria. >> welcome to the olympic zone. thanks so much for joining us. so many amazing performances and we're a few days into the game. >> the u.s. continues to lead the way. one area where team usa has struggled lately is men's boxing. the program has been in a rut for much of the past decade.


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