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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  August 10, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PDT

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mates have catching up to do. >> the gauntlet has been thrown down. bob costas, michael phelps and company winning the 800 free relay. >> yet again. quick look at tonight's medal count. the united states continues to hold a commanding lead with 26 overall medals and they have pulled ahead in golds, as well, one more than china. the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting towards olympic gold. michael phelps' own personal medal count is 25, 21 gold, two silver, two br historic tally highlighted by his remarkable run of eight golds in beijing in 2008. if you consider the full arc of phelps' olympic career his performance tonight in the 200 butterfly has to be way up there among the long list of victories because while there were a lot
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competitively coming back in 200 fly and reclaiming the title he owned in '04 and '08 was a big deal to him. tonight he became the oldest swimmer male or female to win individual gold medal in olympic history. we take one more look at michael phelps latest remarkable showing. so long from rio. >> take your mark. >> kenderesi in lane four. cseh in lane three.
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leclos. the other two swimmers have a great chance to win. kenderesi probably because he is so young might not be able to do it. phelps had a great turn in the middle of the pool. >> cseh had the lead at the turn. michael p the lead here at the half way point. >> phelps in lane five looking really good early on. that is a little long on that turn. not too bad. but out very quickly. he was 53 flat when he went 164. >> had half second lead on
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cseh two lanes above him. leclos looks like he is running a clear second. michael phelps has the lead with 50 meters left. he tracks that turn. leclos had a big turn. >> gaining on michael phelps a little bit. he is running second right now. michael phelps hanging on. 15 meters left for michael phelps is going to do it again. and leclos didn't even know.
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get select varieties of pepsi, 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $10 when you buy 4. and gatorade 32-ounce bottles, 58 cents each when you buy 6. plus pork loin back ribs, buy 1 get 2 free. albertsons huge anniversary sale. it's just better. >> working alone in a hotel room can leave housekeepers very vulnerable. this man took advantage of that and raped a woman.
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>> a media bus was attack in rio. we'll have reaction to what happened. >> also, a heart-warming surprise for a military mom on the day she lost her son fighting for our country. an accused rapist is locked up charged with attacking a housekeeper at a loc good evening, everyone. >> metro says he attacked her while she was cleaning a room at the bolder station saturday afternoon. we are more on the top story. >> reporter: this suspect is facing a number of charges. they include sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery. now, it didn't take police long to track him down. they interviewed witnesses, took statements at the scene.
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surveillance video. that showed exactly who they were looking for. it was monday that metro police issued this surveillance video. the man in a striped shirt, the suspect in a rape of a housekeeper. after receiving a tip, police say, the suspect was stopped in a vehicle and taken into custody. >> they are telling us nothing. so closed mouth. >> this employee tells us news spread quickly. he personally knows the victim and is surprised major was able to sneak up to a hotel room. >> i don't know how the guy got upstairs. you need a card. either he mingled with people to get up there. >> the housekeeper was sexually
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rooms. only when another employee came to the door did the suspect take off. this employee says employees are worried, but mostly just concerned for her friend and wish her a quick recovery. >> i hope she gets better. i hope our station takes care of her. >> reporter: we know following the incident that victim was rushed to umc. station casino has not issued a statementn police tell us they are still looking for more information. if you know anything about the suspect or about the events that took place out here on saturday, you can call the crimestoppers hotline. back to you. to some breaking news that caused a frenzy on social media tonight. metro officers are at mccarran airport to keep the peace after
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airlines plane. >> the passenger had the proper paperwork to bring him on as a service animal. fire crews knocked down a house fire. you may have seen the crews. the garage was on fire. everyone got out safely. it took crews 20in out the flames. 55-year-old arthur lopez called nine and told them he killed his wife, 78-year-old erlinda. police found an open door. when they didn't hear anything, they left. we have new information on the deadly rollover crash on
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the father, 56-year-old michael brant, was driving when he drifted off the road and overcorrected causing the suv to flip. the family is left without its a tree arc, a son and daughter. speed was not a factor. they can't tell if the people killed were wearing seatbelts. as you look at the wreckage, it was so badly damaged by a fire. few hours ago. >> our news 3 team was not on that bus. no one was seriously hurt. there are conflicting reports of exactly what happened. some witnesses swear they heard gunshots, but the driver thinks it was rocks. >> here in rio it is well after midnight, early in the morning.
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and accounted for. i did want to show you a bus that's identical to the one that was attacked. media members are reliant to go every day one venue to the other. social media images retelling the account of the attack show shattered glass, one passenger crouched down and a lot of accounts as to what happened. there are minor inj reporters who were on this media only bus who were going from one venue to the other. and this is an account from a u.s.a. today reporter who was standing right where i'm standing right now in this very exclusive part of media village telling what she heard and saw. >> as soon as i heard it, i recognized it was a gunshot and got down. everybody was on the floor. and then the bus driver starts
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going. and then eventually they pulled over. >> so that's the account the u.s.a. today reporter, she's okay. we are hearing that the reporters on that bus are also okay. social media telling the story of what happened here in rio de janeiro. we'll have more information tomorrow on >> we are also following breaking news of a horrible mistake out of florida. a woman was shot and killed during a roll play exercise with police officers. 35 people gathered at the punta gorda police academy for a shoot or don't shoot role play. two people were chosen to participate. >> the officer's gun was loaded
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fired on the volunteer. he's on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. a professional ballroom dancer who survived the deadly boston marathon bombing is sharing her story of survival. she lost part of her left leg while standing at the finish line. she had to relearn how to walk prosthetic leg and she was determined to run in aim, three years after the bombing, she finished the boston marathon. she's not a victim, she is a survivor. >> those times when i thought i can't do it, i have to sit down, i have to cross the barrier and give up or give in, i would look down and think i'm running for those that can't run.
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prosthetics. having a limb now is a luxury. >> she raises money for the limbs for life foundation. the catch of a lifetime, caught on camera, passengers on a ferfully massachusetts noticed this dog paddling in the middle of the ocean. they flagged down this fishing boat. the hear it, erupted in cheers. our affiliates tell us that lost dog has been reunited with its family. >> one of the best stories of the night for sure. we have a study that ranks nevada as one of the ten worst driving states in the country. for some encouraging news, we ranked number 10, not at the very top, we are not the worst.
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study, we are the third worst state for traffic and speeding ticks. but 88% of drivers have insurance. florida was the worst in the nation. >> that makes sense, we see those drivers out there all the time. >> we'll take ten instead of one. a local military mom gets a surprise to help her through a difficult day, a decade after her son was killed in >> we'll have the heart warming action to let this mother know she's not alone. plenty of sunshine, 82, we'll rise from there, and then we'll really rise. you may miss some familiar faces on the next episode of
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mother's heart shattered when she learned her son died serving our country. >> this is the reason behind a big surprise today to show her that our community still stands right behind her. >> she thought it was going to be a small gathering of friend to remember her son on the day he died. she had no idea how special it would be. >> on a day like today, >> in honor of their service and sacrifice. >> as she remembers her son, one of nevada's fallen military heros. >> breaks my heart, even these years, feels like yesterday. >> she will walk this path many times. >> this is a lot. >> but those around her won't
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herself or take that time. at a we wanted to make sure we did that for her. >> a surprise grave site ceremony to remember her son. >> when it happened on 9/11 he said he wanted to go. >> her son was killed in iraq in 2006. he was 22 years old. >> i want no parent to feel the way i on the door, ever, ever. >> with time she turned her anger into forgiveness. >> if i don't forgive, i would be better for the rest of my life. >> turned the end of her son's life to the beginning of serving other military families. >> i miss him so much. he knows that. >> time doesn't make it any
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kiss you. >> she has a strong spirit. she's so thankful for all the support, especially on such an emotional day. as much as people rallied around her. she's given back more. in fact, she was appointed by the governor to sit on the advisory board of the southern nevada veterans memorial cemetery. >> nice to see that. moving on to a look at a special report. we are talking about to feel the sting of a scorpion, you know it's painful. how do you get rid of these creatures. >> here's a preview of a special report we are calling scorpion trackers. >> most of you find these disgusting, repulsive and creepy. but finding and killing these predators takes practice and precision.
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night in the las vegas desert. they are on the hunt for scorpions. had has eight legs, sharp claws and tails that sting. >> the more you catch, you feel a little more accomplished. it's exhilarating. the more you find, the more fun it is. >> join us tonight at 7:00 as we track scorpions >> oh, yeah. give you nightmares. >> good luck going to sleep. sorry about that. what kind of weather are we going to wake up to? >> not going to wake up for a while. we should do okay to get started tomorrow. i think the changes will come in the afternoon. but most of that will be east of the las vegas volley. difference today, no smoke. this is a time lapse of last
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when wind hits a mountain, it doesn't just stop, it rides up. if you look at the lower smoke, you can see how it's floating and riding the air currents up and down over the mountain there. that's a cool shot. the difference today was there was a wind shift. this is a picture from nasa. that's the one near big sir. the one that was impacting us, the smoke is going due north. las vegas will be right out here, the smoke yesterday moving in that direction. today it's going due north. actually, i expect that pattern to continue. as a result, i had a nice day, blue sky. windy at times, especially out of the lake. you can see the ripples and the boat boogie going on. if you wanted to find cloud, you have to go east. this view is looking westward
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that's it. still 90?. since midnight gusts of 20. down near college and 95, 86?, 28% and a calmer southerly breeze. the busts are around 40 miles per hour. still blowing, but much gentler. we expect them to back off. lake had a gust to 40 miles per hour. they will die down during the early morning hours. we hit 103 for the high, where it should be. we are telling you that on the 10th of august. that was within a single degree of our forecast of 104. well within the big 3. another $33 raised for the fisher house and it keeps on climbing. tomorrow we'll start in the
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there will be a breeze between 5 and 15. those gusts will get over 20 miles per hour. on the satellite, what's left of what was once tropical storm javier, tucson and phoenix got rocked today. a few of these storms got close to the nevada border. if you are looking east, you can see the flashes of lightning. this is why i'm nervous about this forect. looks like the dividing line. the dryer air will be to our east. overton, mesquite can get clipped. las vegas valley, i don't think we'll get much in the way of thunderstorms. 56 in the mountains, that's the morning lows. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, 102, 98 in mesquite
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for the las vegas valley, another hour or so. we expect them to back off late. 81 for the low temperature. tomorrow look for a temperature of 99. and those storms possible east of las vegas valley. you look at the seven-day forecast, this would be your wednesday and thursday, computer isn't crazy about this after midnight thing. the temperature is going to jump and jump big. we think from the weekend through next week we g 110. so the moral of the story is enjoy tomorrow's double digit high. >> and summer ain't over. >> we'll keep you updated at 4:30 a.m., which is in about four hours. >> should we just hang out? >> i know you only need an hour of sleep. >> for those that work the
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several faces will be missing from saturday night live. terron and jay will not return. both have spent six seasons on the show. he's best known for impersonations of brad pitt got a lot of >> downside of having a character that's the president. coming up, a youtube star pops the question to his girlfriend in a futuristic way. >> how he was able to combine
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what do you think of this? a youtube personality posted a video game review that went viral, but not because of the game. >> oh, no. we lost the video. let's work on trying to get this
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let's fill in the blanks. before all that happened, joey made a new video game featuring him and his girlfriend. at the end of the game he proposes. >> when she finishes the game, this is the reaction. the real joey got knee. it all blew up in his face, she said no. >> no. >> just joking. >> coming up, the 2020 olympics
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if you were one of those betters who put down a hundred bucks to win 600 on the u.s. men's basketball team not winning gold. australia could be u.s.a.'s toughest opponent. but it was in the pool, michael phelps swam in the 200-meter butterfly.
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his loss, he reclaimed glory. phelps would win his 21st career gold medal as part of the 4 by 200 relay team. and the u.s. women's gymnastics team defended its title and sent the parting coach off with a gold medal win than 8 points ahead. the chinese sit in second in the medal count, u.s. still leads with 26 medals, nine are gold. so the 2020 olympics in tokyo. one local girl has been preparing for them. in 2020 the u.s. women's gymnastics team will look to win


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