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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we'll have a live report from rio in moments. >> kim: monkey mayhem. this is a local story. not kidding you. local police called out to the airport because of reports of a monkey loose on a plane. we have the true story headed your way this morning. >> it is 6:00 on august 10. >> we have a monkey on a plane to talk about this morning. it is a local story. what a menu of things to talk about. donald trump in his own words. you will have an opinion on what he is saying.
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every 10 minutes. kelly is in the weather center. we begin with tom in sky 3. >> tom: we're flying up here in the dust right now. we'll have a report from kelly in a moment telling us when we might get wind to blow this out of here. we're heading to flamingo and decatur where we had an earlier rollover accident. we're in route as we make our way through the smoky jeff about travel times. >> jeff: might be able to save you fuel with that accident. that just got cleared. the emergency vehicle just left seconds ago. for the freeway commute, fur heading in you are looking at 1. travel times not so bad. all the freeways are clear. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's get a check of the
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>> kelly: this is the sun, not the moon behind me. that is what it looks like. that is all the haze. the dust we're seeing in the air right now. the good news is it will blow out by this afternoon. we are dealing with dusty conditions this morning. 87-degrees at 9:00 a.m. 94 at noon and '9" at 4:00. wind gusting to 30 will help blow that dust out of the area. whether more storms fire up more dust, that is another question we'll talk about in a few ha boob out of the phoenix area on nightly news. nightly news doing a terrific job covering the games out of rio and so are we at team 3. we have a team member in place live from rio right now as we check in with her. chloe, even though we've had a lot of fun with you in rio, we have something serious to talk
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attack yesterday. i know you and reed were not on that bus and you are both ok. >> that's right. we were not even in the vicinity of where that happened. to put things in perspective. the olympics are being held in four different regions. this happened in the northern most point of where the games are being held. a bus was leaving one of the venues taking the journalists back to where they were staying and that's when this whole incident happened. it happened very late las two windows were shattered tuesday evening. we're not sure yet if it was gunfire or possibly by rocks. they are still investigating the cause of that. there were 12 journalist on board, three of them suffered minor injuries. when it happened, they were terrified and hit the floor not knowing what was going on. when police arrived they escorted the journalist back to where they were staying. it is under investigation at this moment.
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when we started this coverage precautions before the olympics, 85,000 troops were deployed to rio to help get things ready and mitigate crime. we're looking at possible hazards. only three people with minor injuries from the two windows staterred. as soon as we get more updates we'll update you guys. >> kim: thank you for that live television, you can keep up with her through our digital media. team 3 covering team u.s.a. from rio. we have multiple social media platforms where you can keep one the reporting when they are not on television. >> dana: we have thousands of housekeepers in our community and one of them doing her job cleaning a room here in the valley when she was raped. michelle joins us live outside
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alleged rapist is now in custody. >> michelle: yes and you can thank a lot of people who could possibly be watching right now. social media responsible for that. they had surveillance videos that metro shared and people started sharing these pictures over and over again and there were multiple shots of this guy here at the boulder station in the room, in the elevator, because of that they were able to track him down. now we know who he is. major, identified as that suspect in the saturday afternoon assault through surveillance video. police say he sexually assaulted a housekeeper in one of the rooms here at boulder station. and we talked to one of the hotel employees here and they told us they are surprised by this because it's really difficult to get up into the
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elevator. >> >> i don't know how the guy got upstairs because you need a card to go in the elevator. he mangled with the people and went up. there is no way, no way to get up there. >> michelle: this man is facing multiple charges including kidnapping, sexual assault and battery. he also battered this woman according to police. this man in custody thanks to quick media what took quick action and started sharing and now this man in police custody. >> kim: also a cautionary tale for all of us. thousands of people are waking up in hotel rooms in your community. don't let people get on to the elevator with you. we saw how that guy just walked in with a crowd. >> there is a man waking up
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accused of beating his estranged wife to death in her east valley home. here is his mug shot. lopez called 911 according to a police report and told them he killed his wife. according toe that police report officers arrived at the home, found the door wide open. when she didn't hear any activity within the house, they left and then the care taker found her bo >> a professional ballroom dancer survived the marathon bombing is sharing her story of survival here in las vegas. there she is. her decision to stop and watch the runners three years ago changed her life forever. she lost part of her left leg while standing at that finish line.
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again. she finished the boston marathon. yesterday they have a women's leadership conference and she made it very clear she's not a victim, she's a survivor. >> there are times when i thought i can't do it, i have to sit down. i have to cross the barrier and give up or give in. i looked down and thought i'm running for those who can't run. insurance doesn't cover prosthetics. having a limb now is a luxury. >> we can learn something from her. >> i love this woman because she's giving back. she's raising money for the limbs for life foundation. an organization that provides prosthetics for people who can't afford it or get insurance to
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social media buzzing this morning. this could be in the water cooler. reports that metro has to respond to our local airport as we take you there live. there was a monkey running around loose on a plane that was bound for las vegas. it's kind of sort of true. there was a monkey on the plane. it was a frontier flight. the plane landing hours ago last night at mccarron. officials at the airport confirmed to us here at news 3 that the monkey on board as a service animal. it was not smuggled on or one of those things where it was snuck on. funny the news we're waking up to this morning. >> chihuahua yes, monkey i don't know. >> before there was simon and gabby, there was this young
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who grew up in las vegas and competed in the olympic games. tom taking us back to the two thousand olympics in his video vault coming up. >> kim: a story to give you a heads up on. we have a deadly scenario that played out during a police academy drill. what went wrong? we have answers headed your way. >> tom: what went wrong is what they are asking over here too. car spun around backwards up the sidewalk. we'll explain what is happening in just a moment. >> dana: hours ago michael phelps won two more gold medals. he now has 21 in his career. that is more gold medals than
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>> dana: that water park where that 10-year-old boy died is expected to reopen this afternoon. that ride will remain closed. a man says he rode that same ride a couple of weeks ago and his shoulder strap snapped and popped off. he just held on and was able to survive the ride. he says his wife shot the strap at the ride's end he told workers about it but he says they were not that interested in what he had to say. >> kim: look who is in the news.
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>> dana: they were playing in a shoot don't shoot scenario. the officers gun was loaded accidentally with live ammunition instead of blank rounds and now they are trying to figure out why this happened. >> kim: you are going to have to take a look at your screen after
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about the olympic games in rio. michael phelps has now done this. you see he is doing that. that was the scene though in the stands after he scored his 20th gold medal. hugging his baby son boomer who is only five months. couldn't resist. he's teary eyed on the medal stand. the most decorated olympian ever getting misty the guy that was shadow boxing him the other day didn't even make it to the stand. after few years suing he wins and beating the rest of the field. the 24th medal in his olympic career. he was just getting started. he went on to win his 21st medal last night in the men's relay. >> dana: it was cool to see him emotional because normally he's
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games. oldest to ever win an individual medal in the swimming event ever. time to check out traffic. here is tom. >> tom: this is on flamingo road eastbound just before buffalo. two vehicles in an accident. one of them managed to hop the sidewalk and spin around backwards give a knock to the back of that light >> jeff: what we're looking at is 15 south bound running smoothly on this wednesday morning. 215 north bound from summerlin to the 95 clear. that will take you 12 minutes. we have a waze user tipped us off about a car stopped on the shoulder. 215 westbound. a remind tore join the waze team. download it from the app store and google play.
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safe way and not behind the wheel. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, you're going to notice another day of hazy conditions. normally we can see the spring mountains and the strip downtown from this angle. making out downtown and the strip but hard to make out spring mountains in the background. that is dust from storms yesterday in arizona that has blown into the area. it's only expected to last until about noon today and then it will start blowing nellis 82. mountains edge 81. winds light now but they are going to pick up this afternoon. that will get the dust out of here. rain chances, better chances today in arizona and new mexico. maybe around mesquite could see a few showers. las vegas expected to stay dry. hazy conditions becoming breezy in the afternoon. temperatures cooler. 99 is our expected high with winds gusting to 30 miles per
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our seven-day forecast cooler tomorrow, 99-degrees for the high. then heating one plenty of sunshine for the weekend. let's head back up to tom with this week's video vault. >> the 2,000 summer olympics in australia weren't the greatest for the women's gymnastics team. they came home with zero medals but there was a bright spot. the strongest performance came from a las vegas was a long shot to even make the team. >> >> las vegas is not a big gymnastics city.
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wasn't sure yet. >> the dismount. >> aa month later at a competition in orlando she was on fire. >> when i first saw her, i wasn't really sold. i didn't know if she had enough time. every time out, she's looked a little bit better and looked like she felt like she belonged more. >> she's on an upswing. she's not maxed out on skill. she hasn't gone way. >> she was chosen as second alternate. as she continued to polishing her routines one of the olympic gymnist was injured. she was leap flogged on to the team. while the stars struggled, she was solid. >> she likes being in the spotlight. she likes the more in the audience the better for her. >> she received a heroes welcome at mccarron.
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>> yeah, but i handled it well. >> local would be gymnist had a new role model. the team didn't bring back any medals but years later it was ruled the chinese team used an underage player and their bronze medal. today she lives in las vegas and engaged to a former runnin rebel star. >> kim: isn't that great how it's totally local. she ends up mayoring a former runnin rebel. amazing images from nasa. why is this such a big deal? the story headed your way. >> dana: an amazing day for team
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medal haul and the must see moments coming up from jay gray in rio. >> kim: as we send you to break, live pictures out of our nation's capitol. that is an earth camera on the washington monument. donald trump is faulting the american media for this controversy this morning over the second amendment and comments directed at hillary
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>> tom: we've got cars spinning out and hitting things this morning. this someone eastbound on flamingo road just before buffalo a car jumping the sidewalk and spinning out. trouble as we get to the weather and kelly. >> kelly: still dealing with hazy conditions around the area. the temperatures as you are stepping out the door right now, boulder city 81. primm you are coming in at 77. good news is or bad news winds are going to pick up this afternoon. kind of irritating for some of us but it's going to help blow
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>> kim: coming up you are going to see time lapse footage of that dust. check out this right now. this is provide bid nasa and it's sat urn. >> dana: kelly didn't have the forecast for sat turn today. >> these are clouds in the northern >> kim: still to come, there is another we're talking about. >> dana: we're also talking about the u.s.a. women's gymnastics team. they won gold last night [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa.
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>> kim: on the defense. that is where donald trump is yet again this morning. why his campaign is calling the reaction to that comment ridiculous. >> dana: opening ceremony redo. one olympian did not make the opening ceremony in rio so he decided to do it himself >> good morning. these are live pictures from sky 3. the camera r.a. is not broken. that is dust in the air above southern nevada. >> kelly: we know where it's coming from. as we transition to this time lapse footage from phoenix.
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as you can see that huge cloud making its way through the city of phoenix the other day causing dangerous driving conditions for people in that community. no reports of any damage or injuries but we are feeling the impacts here locally. >> dana: good morning on this wednesday morning. we had smoke from the wildfires earlier. now it's dust moving in from arizona. kelly is going to tell us when that dust is going to g >> kim: let's check in with tom who is up in the split pea soup if you will. >> the visibility is definitely lower than we're used to seeing here. it's a little bit mucky out here. we're looking to the east. traffic light up here. we've had fender benders on the surface streets involving cars spinning out. this is the most recent one. there were orange cones so that
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motorist need to swing wide to get around that one. >> jeff: the freeways for the most part are clear. 15 south bound not taking a lot of time. 28 miles per hour. slowing down a little bit but we've seen worse. travel times from summerlin parkway to the 95 will take you 12 minutes. letet forecast with kelly. >> kelly: a lot of dust in the air this morning. keep that in mind if you have respiratory illness. take it easy and do that jog on the treadmill instead of outside today. by noon we expect that to start clearing out. winds will continue to increase in the afternoon gusting to 30 miles per hour. that is going to help get the dust out. that is the good news. could they see more storms in
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>> dana: a huge day for team u.s.a. in rio yesterday, four new gold medals. jay gray is in rio with the highlights. >> power, grace and gold. >> i'm so happy to be part of this team. >> the final five leaving no doubt they are the best in the world with a dominant performance in team gymnastics. while the most decorated olym 21 to his collection and then joining his teammates to take the four by relay. and katie winning. the u.s. team will be looking for another medal tonight in the
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>> dana: you are follow our team in rio. things that can't make it on to the television program because of time considerations but they are finding great stuff behind the scenes so check them out. we have instagram photos they have filed recently from there as well. a gold star woman that lost her son 10 years ago yesterday and she kendall joins us live with this very emotional story. the surprise ceremony where i'm
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statute. her friends all came together in honor of the gold star mom in remembrance of her 22-year-old son. >> the memories of me hugging him, kissing him, that kind of photograph nobody can take it away from you no matter faith, that keep you going. >> she has recently been appointed by governor brian sandoval to sit on the advisory board of the memorial cemetery. want too thank her not only for the sacrifice and thank him for
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>> kim: that is a gold star story that has bipartisan support this morning. still to come we've shown you video of this lawn decoration burning in front of somebody's yard. now the rebuild is under way and we take you to the home for an update ahead. >> dana: what happens when you rip your cap right before you are supposed t right after that coming up. >> kim: as we send to you break live pictures out of boston on your screen. the boston red sox cancelled the promotion they had planned honoring big papi. apparently this bobble head didn't look very much like big papi so the team president says they are going to pull the deal.
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big donald trump supporter. it's a giant t on his lawn and it got burned down by some arsonist. >> kim: in new york the firefighter said it was arson. he's started rebuilding. this was the scene yesterday. he's been talking to donald trump by phone about this telling all of his neighbors this is freedom of speech. the t is going back up as you can see. it's huge. >> dana: he shoulda arsonist couldn't have gotten in. it is a hazy morning. we have a lot of dust out there today. >> tom: we almost have to be on top of these accidents to see what is going on. we have one right here. see a vehicle on the side. you got the emergency vehicle so it's squeezing everything to the right. people are getting by. there is this one, car hopped the curb and spun out backwards.
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>> kelly: a lot of haze out there. dust from storms in arizona that blew into the area. this is a live look outside. can't see a lot. temperatures 78-degrees. it will be cooler today than has been. we're looking at highs today in the upper 90's n. rio the high today is 71. i hope everybody packed their sweatshirts. >> dana: some say he's con coning violence against hillary clinton. what is his campaign saying about these comments? more on that thank goodness in just a moment. >> kim: before we hand you off to "the today show," we are
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rio. on your screen now the olympic
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for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secucure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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>> dana: chloe joins us and when the sun goes down , the fun begins as you found out last night my friend. >> you guys have no idea. i had no idea until i was walking around here.
6:46 am
interviewing cody miller's coach and carrying all my gear. it's like a club out here. everyone is partying and having a good time. i hope you guys can see some video i put on instagram. the park stays open an hour after the last event. have you hundreds of all of these sports that are being played. it continues late into the evening. a bunch of cool areas within olympic park where people are cranking up music and having a good time. dance parties. we'll post more of that online for you to see. it never stops down here. >> kim: it was very tame don't
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themselves. it was quite orderly. we'll have chloe live from rio again tomorrow morning on the program. we're going local with this one and it has to do with an accused rapist who is waking up behind bars this morning accused of attacking a housekeeper at a local resort. we check in live with michelle just outside of boulder station. >> michelle: this happened at boulder station. happened to one of the housekeepers. she was sexually assaulted and battered in one of the rooms. the man who was responsible thanks to social media was picked up by police. major identified as the suspect. he was seen in several pieces of surveillance video that police collected from the hotel and they were able to find him thanks to the help of residents here who started sharing it on social media. that 22-year-old man facing a
6:48 am
kidnapping. >> dana: thank you for that. donald trump camp now on defense again this morning for comments that he made yesterday. we'll play them for you and let you decide what he meant by this. >> hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can although the second amendment people maybe there, i don't know. >> what he meant by that was have you the power to vote against her. >> is that what he meant? let's find out what tracy potts thinks. she's live from washington. what is the donald trump campaign saying about what donald had to say yesterday? >> they are saying it's ridiculous it's being taken out of context.
6:49 am
talking about the real issue, hillary clinton and how she feels about the second amendment. clearly different from what democrats thought and a lot of them weighing in on this. many of them describing this as a vailed assasination threat on clinton saying people who are gun carrying americans may have a different option in dealing with hillary clinton and who she puts on the supreme court. depending on whatever way y of discussion right now. tim kaine asked about it and said here is more explanation of why he is unfit for the presidency. elizabeth warren who never minutes words flat out calls it
6:50 am
a girl. >> dana: hillary wants to abolish the second amendment, have you ever heard her say explanation from the other side, from trump and from other people who support gun rights a number of times. what she has said is she believes in the second amendment. that she believes in the right to bear arms. but that there are certain weapons, ak-47s and things like that we need to take a close look at whether or not people should be carrying around
6:51 am
>> dana: i heard her say she wants to increase background checks in this country as well. >> kim: now to a heart warming moment for one of donald trump's main supporters, his running mate. that would be mike pence as he stops and hugs the sonover a terminally ill american. >> i couldn't be more proud of you, thanks for standing up for your dad. >> t before a crowd in pennsylvania yesterday. pence talking about how donald trump would improve the lives of all americans. he says he is proud of his state of indiana for signing the right to try legislation into law. and they will take that fight to washington, d.c. for more treatment. >> right to try allows terminally ill patients to access investigation treatments
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on pharmacy shelves. >> dana: they call themselves the final five dominant. last night team u.s.a. winning gold. getting a taste of the gold medal last night and this morning they are live on "the today show." >> you guys didn't just win, you won huge. not even big, there is winning big and then there is winning huge. an eight point spread. did you guys think that it would look like this when theal >> honestly yes and no right guys. because prelims went so well and we felt like if we repeated maybe it would be the same. you can't control what the judges do. we can only control what we do so we just went out there and had fun. >> dana: simon expected to win the all around individual gold medal tomorrow night.
6:53 am
>> kim: that is from this morning. tom, i encourage everyone to go to and check out dana's interview with meyer lou who won gold in 1984. >> tom: she was america's sweetheart at the time for sure. we have a reported accident on desert inn and eastern. and on u.s. 95 motorcycle involved in that one. police on the scene. >> jeff: we're looking at that accident as well at desert inn and eastern. sky 3 is headed that way. for the freeways on saturday deferentially south bound it is starting to slow down. travel times it's nine minutes from downtown to tropicana. what is not in the clear is the air.
6:54 am
going on outside. >> kelly: not the best air quality for thus morning. this is dust from thunderstorms in arizona. that is what we're seeing outside as we take a live look outside. dusty conditions. the winds will be picking up this afternoon. that will help blow some of this out of the area. probably around noon is when we'll start seeing conditions improve. temperatures heading out the door lakes 81. green valley 83. still a mild start for our day. temperatures increasing this afternoon, not quite though to where we normally are this time of year. i think you'll like the high temperatures today. we have thunderstorms in parts of new mexico and arizona. more storms expected in arizona today. we could see showers in the
6:55 am
chances today. boulder city 96, pahrump 99, me mesquite '9". tomorrow 99 and mostly sunny. as we head toward the weekend sunny and hot once again. >> dana: time for the water cooler. did you see michael phelps wardrobe malfunction swimming suit. it was his cap. it rips right before he is supposed to get into the pool. what he did was he borrowed connor's cap. connor swam first. he was supposed to finish last. they had plenty of time to switch capps. they did and they won the gold med until doing so.
6:56 am
if you missed the opening ceremony of the olympics, what do you do? this guy is a triathlete from team u.s.a. he doesn't get to rio for two more days. he has the out fit so he had his own opening ceremony in arizona, about a four hour drive from here. the good news is after he competes next week, he's going to stay for the closing ceremony so he'll be just blake lively doesn't care what people have to say about her post baby bod. it's perfect. she was on an interview show in australia when they complemented her on her bikini ready figure just a couple of months after she gave birth. she said i don't care what you have to say. it's unfair her post baby body
6:57 am
>> kim: i am a pop culture correspondent for news 3 and she is currently pregnant. she was just snapped by one of the paparazzo, and she looks like a supermodel pregnant too. >> she's just fine. i'm laughing over triathlon. great slow. we have a lot more coming up. >> jeff: after two tragedies at two different amusement parks.
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good morning solid gold. this morning, solid gold. the u.s. women dominates the gymnastics. >> we are the final five. in the pool michael phelps is avenging his loss in the pool with a vengeance, adding more


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