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tv   Today  NBC  August 10, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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good morning solid gold. this morning, solid gold. the u.s. women dominates the gymnastics. >> we are the final five. in the pool michael phelps is avenging his loss in the pool with a vengeance, adding more
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second time in rio. we're celebrating with all of them, today, wednesday, august 10th, 2016. wonder woman is right there in the pool. we have here in rio. >> got the gold again. >> no way anybody is going to catch michael phelps tonight. this is a special editioof "today" at the olympic games with matt lauer live from rio de janeiro, brazil and savannah guthrie live from rockefeller plaza. good morning everyone. welcome to a special split edition of "today" from rio and new york on a wednesday morning and let me say right off the bat thanks to those folks behind us because it is windy, wet and nasty here in rio this morning.
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it's day five of the games. we're going to be talking about day four for a long time. an incredible day for team u.s.a., seven medals, four gold, led by a u.s. women's gold in the gymnastics finals. i had so much fun for them. we caught up with them after the big win. >> you were there for the competition, got to watch it. it had to be so exciting. >> it really was. >> two winners are with us live. we will talk to them in just a little while. we also have to mention it wasn't all smiles, a stunning upset in tennis. serena williams is out. first we want to go back to new york. savannah is there. i want to say it is so nasty out
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>> i was like you're covering the winter olympics and hoda is covering the summer olympics. >> there is a big political story. controversy erupting in the presidential race over a comment about gun rights by donald trump aimed at hillary clinton. did he encourage supporters to engage in violence against her. the clinton campaign says yes and the trump ai even close. we're going to sort it out ahead. >> thank you very much. let's begin with that big night for team u.s.a. here at the rio olympics. natalie has a round up of the action. >> that was an exciting night. it was an impressive performance, the u.s. women's gymnastics team they're olympic champions and now they have officially a new nickname, the
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while michael phelps pushed his record total to 21. they call them the final five and now all of them have a gold medal. the u.s. women's gymnastics team crushing the competition in the final. stunning the crowd with a new perfect floor retune. the team captain delivered an incredible performance on olympian lori launching off the vault. before cheering on madison on the uneven bars. 2012 all around champion gabby gave her best performance of the game. in the pool michael phelps is
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fli going head to head with his arrival. tuesday night phelps reclaimed the gold and his arrival failed to make the podium. phelps reminded the crowd he is still number one. >> i don't want to say revenge but that's what it was. this is my fifth olympics and losing the one in 2012 definitely stung. >> his family bursting into te teammates an coaches cheering backstage. then kissing his mother and his son. phelps adding to his gold medal count swimming the free style relay and alongside others
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diving into the water. u.s. swimming super star katie ldecky won gold and back on dry land it was a different story from team u.s.a. the u.s. women's soccer team flirting with disaster. they failed to stop two goals forcing a 2-2 draw and in tennis serenali by a ukrainian in the third round quickly walking off the court, the first time she would leave the olympics without a medal. sad night for serena but worth noting despite the drop in women's soccer, the u.s. women's soccer will advance to the quarterfinals. the u.s. remaining on top
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watch for today, tennis super stars are back in action and ryan lockey swimming in his first race. and beach volleyball. so much fun. >> i had an awesome, awesome assignment last night. shortly after the final five grabbed gold in the team final i got to sit down to talk to them. ?? whenever i interview these girls we start off dancing and this time we had something big to celebrate. what does it feel like to have the gold. >> it doesn't feel real. i had someone asked me if with
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opposite. we push ourselves more. >> a 15.8. it's official. >> you guys didn't just win, you won huge. i mean not even big. there's winning big and there's winning huge. an eight-point spread. did you think it would look like this when the final tally was made? >> honestly yes and no, right guys? because hers went so well and we felt like if we repeated it would be the same. we can't control what the judges do, we can only control what we do so we just went out there and had fun. >> you nailed that last floor routine and it was over. you nailed it. >> that is an olympic gold medal winning moment. >> how does it feel to have that gold medal girl. >> you're so good. >> what did it feel like when
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had won, what was that moment like for you? >> i felt relieved but very excited because lori went up first and totally rocked it. >> wow. >> and then it was my turn to finish it off and i was just very proud of the whole entire team. >> let's clear up the name. tell me why it's final five. why? >> we're the final five because this is martha's last olympics and without her none of this would have been possible so we wanted to do it for her because she's there with us every single day. this is the last olympics where it is a five girl team. the next olympics is going to be a four-person team. >> you and gabby did something
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the u.s. olympics women's gym nastices team has only won two times and p you did it back to back. what did it feel like. >> it feels amazing. making history in something so special and to have this bond, unique bond with these girls and go out and represent the u.s.a. as best as we could and we did it feels amazing. >> you made history baby. that is so great. for those of you who have won gold before, at the olympic games it's rare in life you get to see someone's life change right in front of you and we got to see it. describe how their lives will change. >> it's going to be crazy. a lot of media attention and a lot of press and we always say the best competition to win is the team competition because now we get to celebrate together when we get home we're doing a 36 city tour when we get home.
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girls that look up to us so it will be a lot of fun. >> i remember a tour and going to one of the tours and watching these girls. >> you did. >> yeah. >> they are so cute. i had the chance to sit with their parents so in the 8:00 hour we're going to get their reaction and you can imagine what that was like, watching your kid up there doing so well. >> i look fo interview. katie ledecky picked up her second goal in the freestyle. we caught up with her after that race. >> 200 meter gold. >> reporter: leaving others in her wake katie ledecky adds to her gold medal count. she said it proved both exhilerating and exhausting. >> it hurt a lot.
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i got mad at myself and was like no i'm not going to let this happen, i'm going to get my hand on the wall. >> when you were up on the podium we knew it was a tough race for you. does it make it that much sweeter. >> it does make it that much sweeter. i could see my family in the crowd. >> some say this is ledecky era in american swimming. do you like hearing that. >> i don't know. blessed to be part of a great team. we're all supporting each other and having fun and it's great to see team u.s.a. racking up a lot of medals here. >> good for her. >> yes, indeed is this one thing that's clear the aquatic stadium has been good for team u.s.a. >> it has. 27-year-old connor won bronze
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included michael phelps. they are with us. hello. >> how are you. congratulations. >> connor, you're on the deck start things off. how did it feel. >> it felt good. michael was asking for a strong start from us and we had some good lead offs so i was happy with that and then michael's cap ripped so i'm the first one to have a cap that swam two legs. >> you followed next. 19 years old and a freshman in college. what did it feel like when you dove in the pool right then? >> it was just incredible. i'm second with the greatest swimmer of all time and ryan was behind me and it was amazing to
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the two to stand on the deck and watch them bring home the gold for you, with you. >> it was amazing to me. it was my first gold medal. phelps' 21st i think. >> whose counting. >> it was just unbelievable. >> it's always an awesome moment when you are up on the podium that very few of us will ever be able to experience. through your eyes what's the energy like in that room when you hear the anthem? it's an amazing experience to be with three teammates and represent your country and make everyone proud at home. we felt all the love all week and we're really happy with that performance. >> when you talk at home the entire united states but also chicago and richmond, virginia -- you know who else you made proud, were you aware in the arena a lot of members of the u.s. men's basketball team were there by the pool going
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>> yeah, after we got out of the media center they came up and said hi which was really cool. >> very cool. you guys, congratulations. we're so proud of you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right. we're going to have much more from rio just ahead. don't forget to catch the prime time coverage of these games, including swimming, gymnastics let's head back to savannah in new york. there's a big story dominating the presidential race this morning. donald trump accused of openly encouraging violence against hillary clinton with a comment he made about gun rights at a rally in north carolina. trump is pushing back against his critics this morning. we're covering it all from raleigh. >> reporter: a senior campaign
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words more carefully after calling it ridiculous that anyone could see his remarks as an assassination threat. donald trump working to clean up another controversy after fall out about these comments towards hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment >> reporter: does that mean gun violence. donald trump's team calls that ridiculous insisting he's referring to voting. house speaker paul ryan looking for clarity from trump. >> sounds like just a joke gone bad. i hope he clears it up very quickly. you should never joke about something like that. >> reporter: trump tweeting overnight prosecond amendment citizens must save our constitution.
7:17 am
campaign the comment more sinister. what trump is saying is dangerous. elizabeth warren tweeted trump makes death threats a coward and can't handle the fact he's losing to a girl. some republicans pouncing on this clip from a clinton rally outside orlando. behind her, the father of the man who killed 49 people at pulse nightclub in june. that were me this would be a headline all over the world about trump. >> reporter: overnight the clinton campaign said she does disavow the support of the shooter's father who was not invited as a guest. watch for trump allies to go after clinton today and for trump to face more questions about the second amendment remarks. he said he's referring to the
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advocates but some say it sounds like he was talking about what would happen after clinton was elected not before. these missteps seem to be taking a toll on donald trump. a national poll has clinton leading trump by six points. a justice department report being presented today says baltimore police officers blacks, use excessive force and are not held accountable for that misconduct. the investigation six years worth of records. the report traces much of the problem to the 1990s when a decision was made to pursue zero tolerance enforcement encouraging officers to make large numbers of stops and arrests. that's the news. we'll go back to rio and matt, al and hoda. >> thank you very much. al is here with the first check
7:19 am
with he know what it's like here. >> it's just about as bad along the gulf coast today. panama city beach florida, we are looking at rough weather. cars flooding out and businesses under water. several inches of rain. about a month's worth of rain in two nights and there's more on the way. as you look at the radar you can see we are talking heavy rain and thunderstorms and between looking at ten to 15 inches of rain, including new orleans, flash flooding possible into friday. we're going to continue to watch this very closely. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30
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that's your latest weather. you know what you don't want for dessert today? cake by the ocean.
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?? >> rough day here in rio. meanwhile, coming up, a unique view of the final five gold medal win through the eyes of their parents. and nastia liukin puts the win in perspective. and how fans are taking taunting to new heights at these games. and the question -- is it ever okay to boo at the olympics? first, this is "today" on nbc. o?
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it's 7:26 on this wednesday morning. there is a lot of guck in the >>reporter: the dust is from storms in arizona yesterday kicking up all of the dusts. it blew it into the las vegas area. normally we can see the spring mountains in the background, not today. temperatures are in the mid 80s across the valley. winds are light but will increase this afternoon. that's good but will help the
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skies. cooler today. 99 degrees is the expected high today and tomorrow. much warmer for the weekend. there was an accident involving a motorcycle on the ramp. it has just been cleared. good news as far as that goes. it's just busy in the spaghetti bowl. now left with heavy rush hour traffic. the travel time is very slow. inbound 95 are not bad at all. right now, dana. we have thousands of housekeepers in the las vegas valley. one was sexually assaulted over the weekend. this is the man responsible. they found him and he's 22-year-old ivan major. as you can see they have taken him into custody. this is a picture of him under arrest.
7:28 am
casino floor. he got in an elevator with a group of people. he went up to one of the rooms and sexually assaulted and battered one of the house and sexually assaulted and battered one of the house keepers the social security means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] we're we're back now 7:30 on a wednesday morning. 8:30 in beautiful rio de janeiro. not quite so beautiful on copacabana beach today. a storm has blown in. still have nice people out on the plaza away from home. >> doesn't look like they care at all about the weather. let's get to today's olympic headlines. it was gold medal number 20 and 21 for michael phelps last night. he pulled out a slim victory in the 200 meter butterflies and then swam anchor leg of the relay touching the wall nearly
7:31 am
silver medal winning team. >> serena williams is leaving rio earlier than expected. the top seed and defending champion was upset by a player from ukraine last night. 6-4, 6-3. and the u.s. women's gymnastics team captured gold for the second straight olympics. >> lightning fast so she can just explode up into the air right here. >> led by simone biles, the heavily favored americans put up the highest total score in every event and won by more than eight points. a blowout in gymnastics. here to talk more about "the
7:32 am
please put this into perspective. when we see like an eight-point spread you think wow. describe how big of a win that was. >> best ever. they went out right from the start and didn't make any mistakes and just were like a steam roller, tiny steam rollers coming down the olympic gymnastics floor. you have someone like simone biles who is arguably in my opinion absolutely the greatest female gymnast that has ever been. it was remarkable. >> you guys weren't too shabby in your day. three members of this team are going to experience something now. their lives are going to change. all five are, but two of them have experienced it before. what is that going to be like for them?
7:33 am
their dreams they have been dreaming since they were little girls just came true. waking up and seeing your olympic gold medal on your night stand is special. they have finals. they have individual all around finals and event finals. their lives are definitely going change. >> speaking of individuals, did you see anything from a trained eye, did you see anything that makes you think things will turn out differently for the women in their individual event? >> no. absolutely not. for simone biles, as i said, i think she will come away with five olympic gold medals. you have someone like aly raisman who was the olympic champion in 2012 on floor exercise. i don't think she can beat simone. there's nobody that can beat ali besides simone. >> what about the men? their individual competition starts today. they are coming off disappointment in the team competition. >> i think for them hopefully this will be redemption.
7:34 am
routines. he hasn't done that in a while. he has to be consistent. if he is consistent and is able to make the routines he absolutely has a shot at a medal. >> it will be great. thanks so much. >> we have more of hoda's interview with "the final five" coming up, and looking ahead to the rest of the gymnastics schedule, the men's individual all-around final is later today with the women's all-around tomorrow. check it out. after two days off the competition resumes on sunday with men's floor, and for the women the uneven bars and the vault. mark your calendars. >> next monday the men's finals on the steel rings and vault and women on vault and uneven bars. things wrap up next tuesday with men's parallel bars and high bar finals and women's floor exercise finals. there's a quiz on all of this. >> all right. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> wet weather here and along the gulf coast and in the
7:35 am
we have been watching this dust storm, as we call them haboobs coming across phoenix. man, it came down. look at what they are looking at today. and over the next several days rainfall amounts pretty copious one to two inches, upwards of three to four inches in some more blowing dust. winds and heavy local rain causing big, big problems. that's what's going on around
7:36 am
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when things go perfectly... right. ?? 7:41 on a wednesday morning. we are back in rio. hoda got to see gymnastics yesterday. al and i checked out women's beach volleyball. what is shocking about americans were in action against the team from brazil. let's just say the crowd was
7:42 am
>> they were booing every time the americans served the ball. >> never seen anything like that. >> it has kier simmons asking what gives. >> the entire crowd was booing. every time they were trying to serve. olympic officials have said criticizing each other over doping allegations. from spectators booing and athletes in open revolt over doping allegations. lilly king accusing russian. >> you are shaking your finger number one and you have been accused of drugging. >> accusing chinese competitor
7:43 am
>> fans want to see fair play and respect. >> the start of several swimming events today by the anti doping protests of fans themselves. >> i can't remember hearing boos at olympics just not a part of the scenery no matter how the crowd feels about the athletes. >> and doping allegations have some fans hope solo the focus of jeering chanting "zika" resulting from this picture she tweeted. and shooting and in beach volleyball usa versus brazil our cameras catching this woman who
7:44 am
she says to destabilize the americans. >> you can hear them every serve. >> i don't agree with the booing ever in the olympics. >> kind of hard to be heard here. the competitors just have to stay focussed. >> we boo in brazil when we are trying to send them bad luck. >> u.s. fans say it is >> brazilians booed their own soccer team. pressure to win testing the olympic spirit. >> the russians and chinese defend their athletes. the chinese are furious at the way their competitor was being treated. you heard the booing. >> i had not heard anything like
7:45 am
game. >> a lot of venues there is none of that. when the brazilians boo their own team it kind of puts everything in perspective. billy bush is in the orange room with a ?? ?? ?? ?? the new ford escape. life is a sport. we are the utility.
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welcome back. let's head to our rio orange room. hey, billy. >> i'm outside, the rain and wind is picking up. i would open my umbrella but the next thing you would see is the bottom of my shoes. just a day ago phelps' icy stare down lit up the intern clos came in fourth. phelps celebrating the finger. lilly king taunted her russian competitor. king's move was a statement against her being allowed to
7:51 am
test. this picture of le clos. robert writes leclos but no cigar. celebrating in the stands after they got a chance to meet phelps and the rest of the men's relay team and took a bunch of selfies. diandre jordan oth calling phelps the greatest of all time, tough to deny with 21 goals. all this action, like seeing boomer in the stands. >> there are very few people who have the right to do it. people like michael phelps have the right to do it. just ahead, party of one. why this team usa athlete had to throw his own opening ceremony.
7:52 am
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it's 7:56 on the hump day. we saw a massive dust -- duststorm move through arizona. a skies. we have a look outside and answers as to when this will blow out. >>reporter: we have a lot of dust in the area right now courtesy of the storms in arizona yesterday. you can see a bit of the haze out there. we are starting to see clouds forming off in the distance. the camera is shaking a bit. the winds are starting to pick up. that's good news. the winds will help push the dust out of the area.
7:57 am
three degrees. highs will be cooler. 99 for the expected hie. haze this morning but breezy conditions this afternoon. 99 tomorrow as well then sunny and hot for the weekend. we have had issues this morning with cars spinning out. one landed on the sidewalk and the other in the travel lane. unfortunately normal isn't great this time of that's complicated by the o orange. barrells. get yewsed to that delay and
7:58 am
boulevard. this is edward cortez born in chihuahua, mexico, he immigrated to the u.s. and was proud to serve our country in world war ii. he settled in nevada, became a baker and raised a family. his story isn't unique. america has always been a place where through hard work and perseverance generations have made a better life for themselves and their families. it's what america should still be today.
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it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up -- it is 8:00. coming up the gold standard of the u.s. women's gymnastics team >> hoda catches us up with the olympic champions with their families and moments after the victory. >> tell me what you are looking at. you can do it and yeah, you can do it. >> katy ledecky wracking up more
8:01 am
her battle of depression that almost kept her out of the pool for good. we use the mentality all through life. >> how her friends and fellow swimmer michael phelps helped her persevere. >> it is not easy being green while the athletes are going for gold. you are seeing different colors at the olympic diving pool. today is wednesday, august 10th, 2016. >> hello everybody in u.s. a, we are in rio. >> we are in rio celebrating the gymnastic.
8:02 am
>> welcome back everyone to a special edition of "today" on this morning. it is 9:00 in rio and 8:00 back on the east coast of the united states. if you did not join us for the last hour, we should tell you of different kind of weather day here in brazil. >> was that a cat? >> just making sure there was a cat out there. >> all right. >> okay. >> no question. >> we got a lot to get to, savannah is back in here. i have to tell you, we were little groggy this morning. we went to eat at -- >> of course, i do. you put the green side down when you want the meat to come. >> this was meat palooza from start to finish. >> oh my god, it was like they brought out these ribs that took over the flintstones car. >> it was incredible. >> it was wow. >> i need to get some home in a doggie bag.
8:03 am
you can take it next. [ laughs ] . >> no, it is still your turn. >> i thought you are talking about hoda's birthday. >> we are going to ask you if you had something to talk about. now, we have been apart for a week and we are not like on the same wavelengths anymore. >> welcome back to breakfast >> it was hoda's birthday yesterday. not only she got to celebrate with the final five, they got to celebrate with hoda. >> happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear hoda, happy birthday to you. ?? . now, that's a gold medal happy birthday. thank you very much.
8:04 am
speaking of singing, we have something really cool for you guys on tap tomorrow. >> guess who's coming here, out here on the beach? country stars, the band perry, they're going to join us in rio of a special concert. our pal joe martin is here with steals and deals to help you make your next trip more affordable and comfortable. >> >> i think she's going to play pin the tail with that. >> a lot to get to. lets start with the latest headlines from the games of the 31st olimpiads. lets head over to our nbc's alexander, he's at the olympic park. >> reporter: good morning. walking out of the center last night, one fan looked at me and said, that was insane.
8:05 am
american flags and so many horse voices. michael phelps delivered an amazing performance and katie ledecky did not disappoint. >> look who's back on top? the win coming four years after an agonizing split second defeat after chad le clos. >> my voice in baltimore are down in the other end and back in maryland, we all say, oh, for the -- i knew where it came from and i lost it.
8:06 am
son in the stand. >> no way anybody is going to catch michael phelps tonight. >> michael phelps' performance with another gold of his 21st of 200 style relay. >> getting that gold medal means everything. >> earlier on an epic night for american swimmer. winning streak. for the american gymnasts. >> get the gold medal ready again. the powerful u.s. women's team led by simone.
8:07 am
that by more than eight points. a mind boggling record in sports typically decided by fractions. >> we are the final five. >> in judo, after a great run. american travis stevens still seeing the silver lining in his silver medal after an emotional lost. >> i hope that people get to see my performance to follow their dreams. >> the water in the diving pool going from ordinary blue to dark green over night. organizers don't know why it happens. >> reporter: we got a feel for those divers, yeah, we don't know why it is green but you are totally good. get right back in. here are where we stand in your
8:08 am
see china and russian are trailing behind. there are 20 more medals up for grabs today. >> the men's 100 meter freestyle. and also in gymnastics this time, the men's turn, individual all-around and that's the beach volleyball star, jennings, they'll faceoff. likely to be some wet sound out there on the beachs >> no question about it, peter alexander, what else is in the headlines this morning? we'll send back to savannah in new york. back to you. >> thanks so much. in the news this morning, we'll talk politics, donald trump dealing with the new front page controversy insisting he was urging gun right advocates to organize and vote when he made this comment of the second amendment.
8:09 am
judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> clinton's running mate tim kaine accusing trump of violence. >> a woman was accidentally shot and killed by a police officer during a role play exercise. about 35 civilians taken part in one woman chosen at random for demonstration on the use of lethal force was hit with a live round. the officers involved had been placed on leaf while the state's department of law enforcement investigates. police are investigating what may have been gunfire last night during a peaceful demonstration in ferguson missouri that marks the second anniversary of michael brown.
8:10 am
shots were fired and people were injured by the car. police say they did not believe the driver hit the man initially. >> oh, oh my god, shooting. >> there were no reports of anyone being hit by bullets. the federal investigation found pattern of racial bias of the court system. four more locally transmitted cases of zika, that brings the total to 21. governor scott pleaded for emergency funding for washington. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton visited the miami clinic on tuesday and called on congress to return from recess immediately to pass a zika bill. when you are on the boat off the coast of massachusetts, you
8:11 am
passengers were stun todd see this. a dog all my himself paddling in the atlanta ocean. passengers tried to rescue the dog but they could not. they managed to flag down a fishing boat and scooped him up. the dog fell from another ferry earlier that day. they got him. happy ending. now, back to you, allen n rio. >> up next, the app that is taking the athletes village by a storm and it is not pokemon go. >> what was it like as the final five watching as the kids struck
8:12 am
poor foster kid black immigrant
8:13 am
muslim the only label that matters is olympian. we are the final five. >> we are the final five. >> we're the final five. >> the final five.
8:14 am
sure know where i've been and i've made up my mind, i ain't wasting no more time ?? ? here i go again on my own ? ? goin' down the only road i've ever known ? i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card.
8:15 am
we are back in rio on this wednesday morning. with more on that historic gold for the u.s. women's gymnastics team. hoda scored a coveted ticket to the event. >> not only was i in the building, i got to sit right near the families, the final five. those parents are unsung heroes of this journey. ? come on girls, let's show them how we do it ? ? glo >> reporter: the strongest, the fastest. >> stratospheric. >> reporter: and nearly flawless. >> that's what an olympic champion looks like. >> reporter: last night, five gymnasts made history and the world watched. combination of lifetime of effort by this crew and their support team. standing by every step, leap and bound of the way. what does it feel like watching your girl up there? >> i'm glad i'm standing up.
8:16 am
but other than that -- it's just incredible. >> when you look up in the stands and you need something, tell me what you're looking for when you look up and see your folks? >> it's kind of just that extra support. to be at the biggest competition of my life is such an amazing thing i feel like we went through it together. >> they are like you can do it. and you're like, yeah, i can do it. >> madison, wow. i knew where your mom and dad were sitting. i thing i saw people lou >> my mom has never sat with my dad at a competition. >> why? >> she gets too nervous, i think. >> oh, she was wandering? >> it is called agony. >> the best reactions in the business. >> aly, your parents are hysterical. i'm sorry. your parents are memes and gifs and everything. okay, so when they're sitting in their chairs and watching you. can you describe what they're doing? >> i have no idea. i really don't know. they are doing gymnastics. i don't know what they are
8:17 am
>> i walked up to this guy and said i love the t shirts, you have the simone biles faces there. who are you here to see? he goes, oh, she's my sister. that's ron biles right there. >> reporter: he's carried his sister's picture all over rio. it's your good luck charm? >> it's working so far. >> simone, you have a posse. you have a brother with the cutouts. >> he face-timed me the night before and said i am finding the "today" show and i am going to be on it. i said whatever. the next morning he text me and said i told you i was going to be on it. i did it. i got on. >> your mom and dad, they kissed after you nailed one of your routines. and i walked up to them and i said -- what did you say before
8:18 am
>> you did it. >> yeah, parents, no pda. they need to stop that. it's cute. it's very cute. >> reporter: there was one more who led them to the podium. coach martha karolyi , who is retiing this year. the team named themselves "the final five" in her honor. >> without her none of this would have been possible. we kind of wanted to do it for her. >> repte share the burden, these five are are now members of an exclusive club and a new kind of family. >> it's so amazing to share it with these girls. they're like my older sisters. it's kind of like a won a gold medal with my family. >> aw. >> aw. >> and not only are they superclose, the families are superclose because they're used to -- they're hanging on to each other, praying together, hoping
8:19 am
it was something special to be sitting there. >> and all of the sacrifice they have made over the years. >> certainly. >> that's great. now time for a special olympics edition of what is trending today. you ready? billy's here. natalie's here. let's go. >> have you ever wondered what olympic athletes do in their down time? we might have the answer. some of them are looking for love on tinder. at the athletes' village, matches on the dating app have surged 129%. that according to "the daily among users we hear ryan lochte. he told "gq" he signed up after hearing winter olympians were using it in sochi. billy, do you have any insight? >> allegedly his girlfriend is down here with him. so he better be using it very carefully. >> okay, that's going to go over well. a triathlete named ben could
8:20 am
opening ceremony. he was at a training camp in arizona. he decided not to pout. here is what he did instead. ?? good for him. he staged his own opening ceremony complete with the olympics theme. fans cheered him on and ben told that doing this video was a fun way to commemorate the there. >> look at that selfie. >> that's the best. that's the olympic spirit. time for "pop start." let's turn to mr. bush. >> here we go. we are tracking stars cheering on the athletes both here in rio and back at home. first, matthew mcconaughey, okay case winner matt, making his way around different events.
8:21 am
a lot of pointing. finger. wagging going on. yesterday, matt took in a rugby match and posed with the women's team. one of the women was to thrilled, she captioned the photo using the hashtag "dying." another oscar winner taking in the sights, eddie redmayne. eddie jumping to his feet and he said they both feel really lucky to be in rio. saw him in a restaurant the other day. he is really low key. nobody recognized him. apparently "the danish girl" hasn't opened down here. he's a nice guy. chris pratt is back at home on his instagram shared a video of his wife and son jack watching simone biles. they're on the edge of their seats, and when simone ices the
8:22 am
the mike. celebrating her accomplishment. chris said the family is proud of all the athletes. no booing in the pratt house. that is your pop start. for more stories check out today's facebook page. >> thank you very much. how about a check of the weather? >> they are now postponing olympic rowing due to the weather. it's rough out there. absolutely. let's show you what we have going on at least as far as the rest of the weather. hot and humid. in the central part of the country. 49 million people under some sort of heat advisory. heat index over 105 degrees boston will have the hottest weather of the year. new york city heat advisories tonight into tomorrow. look at the heat indexes at well over 100 degrees across a wide
8:23 am
today's olympic moment is sponsored by wal-mart. save money, live better. >> all right. this is "today's" olympic moment. a tennis great the victim of a stunning upset. she's one of the biggest tennis stars in the world and one of the most decorated olympians in her sport. with four gold med dallas to her name, serena williams has played alongside her sister, venus, in
8:24 am
>> reporter: beijing, and london. >> venus and serena, the most decorated tennis olympians of all time. >> reporter: where she clinched her first gold in singles. >> gold medal goes to serena williams. >> i can't even. oh, my gosh. i have a gold medal in singles. >> reporter: here in rio, serena was hoping to add to that total. but a stunning first round loss sunday in doubles. >> for the first time in their olcs lose in a first round exit. >> reporter: then another tuesday in the third round of singles play. >> sense of upset in the air. but none like that. >> reporter: running an abrupt end to her dream of gold. serena holding back tears in what may likely be her last olympic games. >> one of the great champions ever. >> she is great champion. but it was kind of stunning to watch her exit that quickly.
8:25 am
coming up in just a couple of weeks. meanwhile, just ahead, the personal struggles that allison schmitt had to overcome to get to the olympics in rio. and the superstar who gave her a helping hand. we took jill martin and steals and deals on the road to rio. everything you need for your next vacation. first a look at incredible images from the rio games from our friends at yeti.
8:26 am
hi there 8:26 on this wednesday i'm dana wagner near a news 3 skies above las vegas not looking great right now. kelly with more on outside on the middle school camera to get z started for thus morning there's a stratosphere, but kind of hard to make it out in this image here. we've got lot of dust in the area. good newses those winds already starting to pick up. that's going to help blow the dust out of the area. now, temperatures, mid and upper 80s right now across much of las vegas. downtown an 88 degrees. green valley area looking an 86 centennial you're coming in an 84.
8:27 am
expected to be a little below normal. 99 degrees. a few clouds gusty winds this afternoon again that will help blow dust out area 99 on thursday. and then sunny and hot for the weekend. not smoke this time but dust from thunderstorms in arizona. thank you for that kelly, meanwhile local gold star mom received a surprise of a lifetime she was visiting the grave site of her lost son. ten years ago marina vance lost her son surprise memorial ceremony beginning a base of statue the her fallen hero. including her son u.s. army specialist ramirez. vance walked a path lined by nevada patriot guard rider leading her to grave site members of veterans organization and her friends came together in honor of gold star mom and a remembrance of her 22-year-old son. memories me hugging him
8:28 am
no matter why. right now. it is hard for me. but if you've got faith that keep you going.
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8:30 am
byby finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. it's all happening on "today." tomorrow the last chapter in the rivalry. a preview of phelps, lochte in rio 2016. today is ?? we are back now 8:30 on a wednesday morning. 10th of august, 2016. you are listening to one of brazil's most popular samba groups. chances are you have seen and heard them closing the show in
8:31 am
>> out here on a little bit of a rainy day at the copacabana beach. we are not complaining, are we? [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting "usa" ] . >> we introduce you to the men's rugby team. >> if all of this olympics talk makes you wish you were on a beautiful day. >> like today -- >> just like this. jill martin has steals and deals for you. >> this is one of them right here. this is gold and rainy. >> brazilian food with a french flare. we will meet the chef who is serving up delicious culinary
8:32 am
>> he won gold in london. he is back for more in rio. how are you? good to see you. >> you are defending olympic champion in your event. you look okay. how are you doing mentally as your competition is about to get started? >> i feel good. >> it's been a lot of time we have been here training mentally prepared. >> you have such a great life going. you have a gorgeous family. you have a -- >> two months tomorrow. >> what is it like? how laz it changed the way you compete knowing you have the family behind you. >> no more naps in the afternoon. late nights and very early mornings a lot of
8:33 am
encouraging. i appreciate their sport greatly. they're all coming down on monday. >> the baby is coming? >> yeah. >> what is the mental part of this? we all know the physical part. the mental part. >> it is really about preparation. confidence from not only abilities but people that you surround yourself with. i have a great team of coaching staff. training staff at home. i just work hard. i work hard. i believe in the things that they have done for me and the in. they really are caretakers of my dreams. they put me in the right position and then i go and kick butt. >> because of you wrestling is enjoying a resurgence in the united states. >> absolutely. >> all those young men and women, too, who want to compete. what does it take? >> it takes a lot of discipline a lot of character. but it is built throughout your competition in sports. i started wrestling when i was 5 years old. since then i have developed a lot of character. and into the man i am today. thankful for the sport of
8:34 am
i got a lot more left. >> we don't get to see a lot of these athletes but once every four years. the last we saw you was in london. i remember now vividly that you have this amazing attitude. pleasure to be around you again. good luck to you. come back next week. >> absolutely. >> you'll be back with that medal around your neck. >> you will. mr. roker? portuguese. the new name for the final gymnasts, female gymnasts is "the final five." that would be -- [ speaking portuguese ] >> the phrase when top swimmers face off. duel in the pool. [ speaking portuguese ] >> there you go.
8:35 am
>> and usa basketball's nickname "the dream team." [ speaking fornlg portuguese ] >> that's right. and that's natalie's portuguese class. >> how can you say that's right? >> because you know what you're saying. i don't. >> how would you say jordan burroughs going for gold? [ speaking portuguese ] the coun
8:36 am
today's olympic start is sponsored by kellogg's. what gets you started? >> and this morning on today's olympic start, the remarkable story of allison schmitt. the u.s. women's swim captain. >> we have jenna bush hager with more on that. nice to see you. >> good morning. it's three gold medals in london. looking at her today, it's hard to belief her struggle with depression nearly kept her out of the pool for good. >> there has been times in practice that i have never made in my life. mentally i think i'm stronger than i've ever been. >> reporter: today allison schmitt is feeling strong.
8:37 am
everything she's been through in the last four years. just ask her coach, bob bowman. >> you're an american record holder and then you don't make the championship team the next year? that's a big fall. she didn't make it the next year or the next year. four years later to be on an olympic team, that's some perseverance. >> perseverance that took place mostly outside the pool. >> when i woke up in t going back to bed. as soon as my alarm went off, i knew it was time for practice. but my thought was, when can i get back in bed? >> reporter: her battle with depression nearly ended her swimming career. >> i was failing almost every time i got in the pool. a place that i love, a sport that i love and diving every time and fail. i didn't know what else to do. >> reporter: allison started
8:38 am
but it was just the beginning of a very difficult year. >> i think it hit me hard when i got that phone call. it was shocking knowing that my younger 17-year-old cousin killed herself. had such a promising future, had just came back from visiting a division i school. >> she in many ways was like you, outwardly happy helping others, which is what a lot of your teammates have said about you. >> if there is one thing that i can say is if i knew and help her and let her know that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: april's death was a wakeup call for allison. she needed to find light at the end of her own tunnel. and she couldn't do it alone. >> she was somebody who never would share when she was in a bad mood or something was going on. >> reporter: by michael phelps, allison's long-time friend, teammate, and roommate, knew she was struggling. >> when you're in a place like
8:39 am
i didn't want to see her go through some of the things that i went through. >> reporter: as an athlete, allison says sharing her burden didn't come easily. >> we are taught at a young age to push through anything. i think we use that mentality all through life. i think now i realize you can never get through life alone. >> reporter: so with phelps by her side, and an agreement with her coach to take things day by day, allison kept go like a medal for you. >> i don't think there's anything to prove. what i care about is myself and the people around me. my whole circle of friends and family. if i can make them proud and finish rio proudly that is what will make me happy. that is what will cap off the past four years. >> i can't wait to watch her race. but also, you know, she said this has created a whole new
8:40 am
awareness about depression and help others. she's incredible. >> i'm sure a lot of people thought if she can do it i can do it. >> it is important that we speak out about it. and the fact that she's a strong athlete taught to keep on. it's also important to speak out about whatever she's going through. >> by the way, she's in the pool tonight. >> can't wait. we are back with much more in a
8:41 am
8:42 am
this is edward cortez born in chihuahua, mexico, he immigrated to the u.s. and was proud to serve our country in world war ii. he settled in nevada, became a baker and raised a family. his story isn't unique. america has always been a place where through hard work and perseverance generations have made a better life for themselves and their families. it's what america should still be today. i'm catherine cortez masto, this is my grandfather, and i'm proud to approve this message. we are back with a special rio edition of steals and deals. there are 206 countries participating. if you are inspired to visit any of them today contributor jill martin is here with gold medal
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passport holders. candle set. the skin care set and bamboo travel city. if you have questions head to >> we are diving into the melting pot of food.
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8:47 am
today's athlete to watch is sponsored by citi, proud partner of team usa, proud sponsor of progress. >> and we are back with today's athletes to watch. one of the sports making a return to the olympics this year is rugby. >> we love that. the u.s. men's team kicked off the competition on tuesday with a win over brazil and loss to
8:48 am
today. craig melvin has a closer look at the sport and the team. >> good to be here. i wish the weather was better. they should have won the game. england popular all over the world rugby has not been a part of the olympics since 1924. the teams that won gold that year, the americans were defending champs. this year's team has been training hard. it's been game. if you have ever seen a rugby match there is not much that looks gentle. under the bright california sun america's best rugby players come together in the hopes of defending a legacy. the u.s. was the last country to win olympic gold. in the 1924 games in paris. that was 92 years ago and a slightly different game. traditional rugby has 15 players
8:49 am
played over two 40-minute halves. each team gets seven players and halves last just seven minutes. more room to run and quicker pace often means higher scoring matches ideal for speedsteres on team usa. he was trained to become an olympic sprinter. growing up radar? >> never, ever. i never thought i would play rugby. >> another star on the team, perry bacon, a former arena football player he has become a rugby sensation. joining the team after resigning with new england patriots is nate. he played rugby in college before switching over to football. now he is hoping to get a gold
8:50 am
>> not the same thing. >> better shape. >> from a cardiovascular standpoint, running standpoint it is way more strain. >> we got to watch them work out and work together. >> we can beat any team in the world when playing well. >> that is madison hughes. he is also team captain. >> to get a better grasp i ask the guy to give unique vocabularies. the scoring is similar to american. >> there is a kick after called conversion attempt. there is the rock. >> as he gets tackled he reaches back and presents the ball to
8:51 am
it's how play starts again after the ball goes out of bounds. and let's not forget the scrum. it's when players bind up and go head to head after an infraction to try to push each other off the ball. >> average american doesn't know a great deal about the sport of rugby. what would you have them know before you much in how much you don't know. >> i couldn't leave without challenging rugby's fastest man to a foot race. america's rugby team hopes to leave opponents in its wake on its way to gold. >> i would have won that. >> by the way, pitch again this afternoon against world number one fiji.
8:52 am
we may see french food in brazil. first on a wednesday morning
8:53 am
today's rio is sponsored by coca-cola. open a coke and enjoy the games.
8:54 am
in rio, a brazilian dinner with a french twist. >> he jumped at the chance to come to brazil and he and his tropical french cuisine call brazil home. good morning. >> you can smell this. what is this, grouper? >> grouper and >> i bring the sauce with onions, garlic. it's a red. i will put it now anyway. >> you put a lot in. >> a lot. you are getting like orange, red. beautiful. >> beautiful. >> when you take the grouper you
8:55 am
you want it to be a hot pan. >> exactly. salt, pepper and in france we love butter. >> how long does that have to cook in the pan. >> pretty quick. >> very quick. >> welcome back. >> very, very easy to do at home. very easy. you have to do the sauce. >> could you substitute another fish for >> you can put salt, for example. you can put -- >> the sauce that goes on top to plate it, is that raisins? >> garlic, onions, butter. >> this is what that looks like when it cooks down?
8:56 am
this. >> you have the banana on the base. >> we are getting forks ready. >> thank you. you have the fish. >> and the sauce. >> the sauce. it's like sweet and sour. >> amazing. >> unlike mr. lauer. >> we are going to taste -- >> what's this one right >> dana: hi there it is 8:56 am on this wednesday morning and we have a lot of luck in the air from nevada coming from the storm system that blew a lot of dust through arizona yesterday. this is the time lapse photography out of phoenix arizona. they also actually have an
8:57 am
for this called a -- and we have that from these storms. they fired up yesterday afternoon in arizona. kelly curran, when the sun came up this morning we knew there was some dust out there but we really saw it by the light of day. >> kelly: definitely. we knew there was a little bit when it was still dark out but you cannot really tell until the sun comes out. this is a live look outside at the las vegas preserve me there. conditions starting to improve already and the window starts to increase.we will continue to see wind increase and as they do, this stuff will be blowing out of the area. current temperatures heading out the door paren 86, boulder city coming in now at 85, isolated thunderstorms a possibility in eastern portions of clark county. las vegas today slim to none as far as chances go. more thunderstorms possible in arizona.
8:58 am
watching for once again this afternoon. we are looking at hazy conditions right now but breezy conditions this afternoon. cooler today though, relatively speaking. 99 degrees today and tomorrow but hot this weekend at 108 and sunny on sunday. >> dana: would like 99 for the next couple of days at least. thank you kelly. meanwhile this may not be a surprise to many of you out there but nevada is one of the worst driving states in our union. there is a new survey outselling that we do this.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is a special edition of "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales and billy bus the olympic games in rio de janeiro, brazil. >> hola and welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning august 10th 2016. these guys are tight. that is a tight samba group. nobody better. they were doing a little tour. they are hot, red hot. >> by the way, they are in the rain.
9:01 am
>> been a little bit of a rough day. they have already postponed olympic rowing because of the weather. >> it is winter here. it is winter. you will get days like this. then it will be 85 and sunny tomorrow. >> this is the first day we have had like this and the next several days will be spectacular. >> i have been sitting here every day sweating through my shirt. >> i think today i will make it. >> you and i will not be surfing this is the antioxidant drink here. this is where acais are from. >> it will all come out on me at once. >> u.s. women's gymnastics team won gold in the all around team competition by a massive margin. simone biles look at this.
9:02 am
>> nailing it. >> perfect. gabby douglas. there we go. there is aly. she is terrific. >> madison kocian. >> what about laurie hernandez? she sends a selfie to her brother. he takes a selfie with her gold medals on because she is so excited and sends it to her brother who goes straight to his instagram account. they have a nickname for her, human emoji. when she is performing her whole face, her whole body just lights up. amazing. >> her brother said on instagram the same little girl doing flips on my bed at 6 years old now has a gold medal. remember to give god his glory in all this. >> how about the new nickname, "final five."
9:03 am
because marta karolyi who has been sort of the heart and soul and part of the whole selection committee, as well. she is retiring now after so many years pushing the olympic teams through. so it's in honor of her. >> and again -- shannon miller was part of the magnificent seven and then super six and >> terrific two before you know it. >> pretty soon it will just be biles. simone biles and her teammates are big fans of zac efron. saying of course i'm watching the final five dominate the floor. >> the little heart, too. >> he has the shirt and doing it
9:04 am
here in rio. michael phelps winning 20th and 21st gold medal. we were watching at a bar here in rio. bars are everywhere. copacabana beach. chad le clos the big rivalry because le clos won in london. phelps with a finger wag see >> viewers from new york -- >> look how far ahead. le clos placed fourth. >> lilly king started this yesterday when she was doing number one back and forth. now phelps did it. phelps did one of these. he did this thing. like feel the love.
9:05 am
i say hats off to the man. oldest swimmer at 31 years old. i think it's okay. >> he deserves that. >> last time around he would run in the stands and kiss his mom. now he kisses hi fiance, his 3-month-old son, boomer. >> boomer is going to be in the pool at some point. with a name like that. >> great basketball. he will have to gon greatness. >> he even got emotional when he was up there on the podium. this is for him the butterfly is his signature event. getting that gold medal back had to be special. he won his 21st medal with the men's freestyle relay. this is conor dwyer, townly haas and phelps hat ripped.
9:06 am
dwyer supplying his cap and a little extra luck, as well. you notice did you see the whelms on his body, the circles? well, cupping. that's from that therapy that we tried yesterday. you tried it out. >> the opposite of massage. you pull instead of -- a little calf cramp from running. for me down copacabana. >> what is good is you feel good about yourself. >> i ran like a gazelle. >> seriously. like a gazelle. >> ryan lochte becomes tied for the second most swimming medals in u.s. history. he got his 12th last night.
9:07 am
trying out to be a villain on james bond. has the look. >> he is very handsome and now with the hair. >> wondering with all the chlorine in the pool what color does that turn? >> didn't work out well for the joker. i have a game for you guys. who has more gold? michael phelps took home two more gold medals yesterday numbers 20 and 21. playing who has more gold. michael phelps or argentina throughout its entire olympic history? >> good one. i'm going with phelps. >> phelps has more. he has 21 medals. argentina 19 in their entire --
9:08 am
>> little late. did they cup your brain? you are thinking like a gazelle. michael phelps or the number of golden oscar nominations that meryl streep has? >> phelps. >> this is so close. i will say meryl streep with 23. >> phelps. meryl has 19 nominations. if you can tell me how many oscars she has >> excellent. you get a point. who has more gold, michael phelps or the number of seasons golden girls on tv. >> phelps. >> 11 seasons. are we including reruns. who is older b arthur or estell. >> estell. >> wrong. b. arthur.
9:09 am
weeks his "gold diggers" song was number one. >> go with phelps. >> phelps. >> wrong. michael phelps in the famous video with kanye west. >> there >> can we talk about our little adventure yesterday? we went to beach volleyball. you did, too. we went, we did a little zip lining thing. we will show you that on access hollywood. not far from here at all. >> the whole thing is on access hollywood. >> i'm getting a pattern here. everything is just an amazing
9:10 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> these guys are trapped and then they shoot down very quick. >> you went one or two rounds with muhammad ali. >> it started with the stuff on the face. these are--the indians use them like a miracle cream. inside they h and if you take these and put it on your face it is an insect repellent and good to protect your skin from the sun. i will rub my fingers like that on it. there we go. >> good eye block, too. >> does this come out. >> is he going to be a mime mow?
9:11 am
>> now no insect will land on you. >> it's perfect. so great. >> does this come out. i want to thank you so much for that. >> you look great. >> how is the rain in the united states of >> that's what's goioing on n >> look who is guessing today. . look whose guesting today.
9:12 am
>> slowly becoming george a little more. oh, my gosh. >> coming up, it was total domination in women's gymnastics as the final five struck gold. hoda caught up with the girls as the big win began to settle in next. ? one side of my mouth, for like a whole month i can't do this. my dentist said that i should use sensodyne. life without having to worry about what's gonna hurt my teeth, if it's gonna be too hot, or too cold, if it's gonna have ice in it. life without sensitivity is easier. done. spend $3 they need for back to and get a free $5 gift card for a little something extra.
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9:15 am
? the american women's gymnastics team swept last night's all-around competition. >> they have been nicknamed the final five. they're made up of simone >> we caught up with the ladies who proved why they're the best in the world. ? this is ice cold ? >> whenever i interview these girls we start off dancing and this time we had something big to celebrate. what does it feel like, you guys to have the gold hanging around your neck? aly let's start with you. >> it feels pretty heavy. doesn't really feel real.
9:16 am
i had someone ask me tonight if we slacked off because we were the favorites to win and it's the exact opposite. if anything, we push ourselves more. >> a 15.8. it's official. >> you guys didn't just win, you won huge. i mean not even big. there's winning big and then there's winning huge. an 8-point spread. simone did you think it would look like this when the final tally >> honestly, yes and no. right guys? >> yes. >> because prelims went so well and we felt like if we repeated maybe it would be the same but then again you can't control what the j >> madison, wow. you had such a great day. what was the moment like nancy reagan you when you were on those bars and everything was clicking? >> i can hear in my routine all of my teammates and see girls
9:17 am
>> let's clear up the name. >> final five. >> tell me why final five. >> we are the final five because this is marta's last olympics. without her none of this would have been possible. so we kind of wanted to do it for her just because she is there with us every day. we do competition routines with her all the time. this is the last olympic as a five-girl team. team. >> you and gabby did something amazing today. the u.s. women's gymnastics team only won all around three times. you two have won two of them back-to-back. gabby, from your perspective what does that honor feel like? >> feels amazing and just competing at another olympics and making history is something so special. just to have this bond with all
9:18 am
did feels amazing. >> you made history, baby. that is so great. for those of you who have won gold before at the olympic games it's rare in life you get to see someone's life change right in front of you. we got to witness it happening. describe how their lives will change. >> it will be crazy. a lot of media attention and press. we always say the best competition is to win is to celebrate together. when we get home we are doing a 36' city tour and traveling the country in tour buses and be around all little girls who look up to us. we were just like them. we were little splmpt dw i remember like going to one of the tours and watching these two. >> you did? >> now you will go, too. >> they are just adorable.
9:19 am
later in the week. the girls are keeping very busy and domination will continue. >> we just get more and more dominant in gymnastics. >> we were just talking about how great it is to see the diversity. coming up next we will talk about the athletes who are competing whose journey to the olympics was tougher than any competition in rio. we will tell you why ? ask sherwin-williams during the love for color sale.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
hello. is that you in my room? why don't you change lanes? >> there are 19 more medals up for grabs today. going to put a little spot light on a few olympians whose stories you should know. 18-year-old mardini, a competitive swimmer who had the swim of her life before the olympics. her life was torn upside down when war sister on a boat. she and her sister jumped into the water and pushed the boat to safety. she is now part of team refugee, a first of its kind here at the games. you might have seen them walk in. she won the 100 meter butterfly
9:24 am
we'll see her again tonight as she competes. >> i hope she takes something home. who can forget this nail biting scene that quickly went viral? he went up against chinese boxer earlier this week. both confident they had won. when the judges made their announcement he thought he was the too early. the win went to worly. his coaches couldn't have been more excited and broke out in their choreographed dance moves. special victory to athletes who learned how to box because he could not afford gloves.
9:25 am
finals tonight. >> could be a good one. >> a story about 26-year-old who four years ago never touched a rugby ball considered one of the fastest in the game. growing up in ohio he bounced around. in high school he was on football and track. dreamed of competing in the olympics as a sprinter. after stumbling upon rugby online sevens. u.s. will take on fiji today.
9:26 am
hi, there, it's 9:26 on this wednesday. i'm dana wagner and not long of a wild fire. but all this haze out there this morning because of a different reason. >> our winds increase here locally. today we'll see the dust move out of the area. indian springs, 95 degrees. mesquite 98. there's an isolated chance for
9:27 am
valley also around mesquite and lake mead. the active weather will once again be in arizona. breezy in the afternoon with a high of 99 degrees but it will be heating right back up for the weekend. >> thank you, kelly. this is a weird story, just before midnight last night, a plane landed and it actually had a monkey on it. this is a frontier airline flight and metro to report there was a live monkey onboard. they do confirm that a passenger brought a monkey onboard but get this, it was allowed. the customer had proper paper work to actually bring the monkey onboard as a service animal. it was a live monkey, nobody injured on this incident.
9:28 am
ceremony but he still wanted to participate so he held his own opening ceremony at training
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines delta airlines struggling to recover from monday's massive system outage that led to more than 1,000 flight cancellations. the airline cancelled at least 170 more flights today delayed another 100. your best bet is to check the status of your flight before heading to the airport. delta is offering vouchers to flights that are cancelled or delayed. rick scott announced four more locally transmitted cases of zika bringing total to 21. at a news conference governor scott pleaded for emergency funding. democratic presidential
9:31 am
on congress to return from recess immediately to pass a zika bill. more than a quarter dining and lounge chairs being recalled. the river chairs have a round swivel base. there have been more than 400 reports of the chairs breaking during normal use. the chairs were sold in pairs in patio sets. now to unbelievable video of a man who will stop at nothing to catch his flight. a look at the man in the blue t shirt. his airplane had pulled away so he jumped down about ten feet on to the tarmac and chased down the plane. the amazing thing is they let him board the plane. when he arrived he was detained and charged. let's head to rio for a check of the weather.
9:32 am
plane go. >> let the plane go. >> absolutely. thanks. i am here with three-time olympian travis stevens who won his first olympic medal on tuesday bringing home silver for weight class in judo. and team usa's oldest olympian 52-year-old philip dutten winning bronze in individual competition. how does it feel? >> it is one of the best feelings in the world. whenever i think about it it is hard not to break into tears. >> when you are on the podium you went through so much. you are on the podium, what are you thinking about? >> anything that stops me from crying on national television. >> i think it worked pretty well. still it had to be a great moment for you. >> it was.
9:33 am
weather in the south. we are going to be looking at more heavy showers and thunderstorms and rain . and that is your latest weather. >> more gold for men's swimming.
9:34 am
connor here along with some of dwyer nation. we have mom, sister patty, pj and spencer and dad, pat, connor. congratulations. >> thanks. this is such an incredible time in your life right now. you haven't slept since last night. tell me what you are feeling? >> almost 24 hours without sleep. it has been an incredible joy ride especially getting to share awesome and that relay last night was a hell of a way to end my rio experience. >> what do you do? >> saying music. do you get pumped up together? >> we were in the warmup pool and watched michael and katie win those individual events.
9:35 am
he came in pretty ready to go. we were pumped up watching those two dominate. >> there was a lot of trash talk going on. he got the job done. >> give him the love. >> you, connor, hold the distinction of holding the swim cap that made two swim legs of the relay. >> i think first time he won someone else's cap. >> he >> there is no backup caps? >> no stunt caps. >> we had to come up with something quick. >> you have a stunt swim suit? >> that's no good. >> rickey caught his in the back in 2009. >> that was a split? >> slow you down a little bit. >> a little drag there.
9:36 am
let's bring in the family. this is the cheering section. >> dwyer nation. mom is a great champion herself. >> florida state. >> we have a little in house rivalry. >> had most duties taking connor to the pool was it you or dad? >> it was probably me. >> how deep -- we have all the brothers here and sister from the action? >> it was a pretty late night so some of them are still back. >> some are ringerers. i flew in with your parents and your family. when i landed i was like you know you are at an olympics when flying with these great awesome dwyer nation. >> they said this is their picture card. i said this is a beauty if i am
9:37 am
you helped me out in the pool, as well. i'm not going to be able to keep up with you. you have tokyo coming up. 2020. we'll see you there. >> do you get to stay for a little while? the village gets rocking. >> it does. >> have a nice trip home. >> they are fly eing home tonight. >> any tinders out there. not >> anything but hello i'm conor dwyer nice to see you. >> hope to bring home gold in boxing. the teenager pulling no punches in rio we have his incredible
9:38 am
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9:42 am
now a new fighter can change that. craig melvin caught up with him. >> this guy is the real deal. he is from newark, new jersey. he is 19 years old, young, talented, confident hoping to win big for the u.s. before he could ride a bike stevenson could throw a punch. his grand father taught him to box at 5 and had his the time. he has won ever since undefeated internationally 23-0. in rio the 19 year old hopes to do what no men's boxer has done since 2004. win gold. >> i can't wait for that feeling especially because my mother will be outside the ring, my
9:43 am
jersey he didn't fight for fame. boxing was the way out. he is the oldest of nine. >> we always have everything we wanted like it was a christmas where we didn't get nothing because my mother's pockets was hurting. but it made me who i am today. >> named for legendary rapper the 123 punching with perfect pitch. >> walked out of here. >> outside the ring he always wins, the new face of a national ad campaign. he hopes to turn professional after the olympics and he already has something best boxers exude, confidence. how did you learn how to take a
9:44 am
>> remember the first time you were knocked out? >> i never get knocked out. not once. i don't plan ongoing down. i don't got no plans, a, bs, cs. >> he is only prepare frg greatness in rio and beyond for the siblings who idolize him. >> i want to win a gold medal. >> he receive advancing to round of 16. he makes his rio debut sunday. >> he can go gold. >> the experts are saying that this is our best chance since 2004. he has never been knocked down. undefeated internationally. he is supposed to be the real deal. >> you are a big guy with
9:45 am
>> let me get a selfie. >> thank you so much. >> welcome. good to have you. >> the most decorated gymnast in olympic history. wait until you see what she is cooking up that creamy swirls of pure indulgence. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one.
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the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ? ? ? this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor." created with our sponsor hershey's grab your hershey's chocolate and have #morefun. this morning on "today" food nothing says rio like smores. >> really? >> exactly. >> really? >> i don't know if that's true or not. >> no. >> it's national smores day, i know that's true.
9:50 am
olympic party back home in the u.s. >> she is with us, shannon miller, the most decorate ed gymnast in u.s. history, she's seven-time olympic medalist. gold in atlanta 20 years ago part of the magnificent seven. >> miller also a hershey spokesperson here with her take on the classic smore recipe. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> great to have you, with a treat. there last night for the u.s. women's gymnastics team. what was it like for you having to experience that having been a go magnificent seven and did it bring back memories? >> absolutely. you know what they're feeling when they were walking into the arena and the team was so hyped and they delivered. >> best ever. >> best ever. >> this is a beautiful spread. >> swag party platter. >> i love this idea. >> so those are adorable. the hershey kisses put those on a graham cracker, make it festive making the american flag and the graham cracker, melted chocolate and marshmallow and
9:51 am
original traditional smores. >> i like the display. >> right. >> what do we have next. >> next is fun. i love this, grab your stick, grab a marshmallow, and a great thing to dos with your kids, a lot of fun, do your dip, get my marshmallow on. >> melt the chocolate and then you dip. >> that's right. melt a bar and then do nuts and sprinkles. >> our oven only so good. >> you can see the finished product is -- >> likeis product. >> and that doesn't look so good. this looks very tasty. then you have a whole nice baking dish. >> this is great for a dip when doing a viewing party then you can melt three bars of chocolate, melt that together. pus marshmallows on top and post them. you can watch all night long. >> like a smores fondue.
9:52 am
>> mixing the chocolate having -- it is nice to mix it up a little bit. you can put it in the microwave or in tin foil. you can put it on the camp fire. >> just a good one anyway. thank you so much. if you want to make the recipes check out our recipe i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. in 1803,
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at brazil summer fest. >> ryan lochte swims plus >> ryan lochte swims plus women's beach volleyball matc for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck
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9:59 am
still ahead of the world record, she's going to break it. >> ledecky is on her try history at these rio games. we have been used to sunny skies at these games but it is a different picture so far today, a rainy wednesday morning in rio on day five of the 2016 olympic games. and from inside our studio at copacabana beach, welcome along, i'm rebecca lowe. what a night it was in rio with gold for simone biles and the u.s. women's gymnastics team and in the pool a two-gold night for michael phelps including the


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