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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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really good. >> dana: olympic effects. our local swimmer won the bronze medal at the rio games. we'll tell you what his coach has to say about it ahead. plus -- >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. >> you heard him going too far. it's a big question this morning. donald trump is continuing to when he says that. how is the white house responding? answers headed your way. >> dana: good morning. the sun is up. it is 6:00 on this thursday morning april 11. and after the sun goes down tonight, hopefully you'll be able to see lots of shooting
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until april 11. >> dana: did i say april? >> kim: yes. they both start with a. thanks for waking up was. we're the wagners. we begin with the eyes to the skies and there is tom in sky 3. >> tom: we heard just at the beginning of the newscast that police officers saying there have been 53 las vegas so far this year. unfortunately we have to change that number to 54. this is over here that is an auto pedestrian fatality accident. the road is closed this. happened within the last hour. eastbound is shut down.
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we have a troubled start to the morning commute. >> jeff: expect that closure that tom just talked about to last for quite some time this morning. if you are heading booboo the heading booing i >> kelly: we are seeing clearer conditions this morning. we expect mostly sunny skies in the las vegas area today. 87 at 9:00 a.m. by noon 95 and et at 4:00. there is a chance of thunderstorms in our region. we'll talk about where and when in 10 minutes. >> kim: you just heard tom
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our -- a person losing their life on our roads. this is a disturbing trend we continue to see with people losing their lives on our local roads. >> especially in this story because police are telling thus did not have to happen. i want you to see this intersections. somebody walk spots that intersections and they lose their life. she shouldn't have stepped in the intersections because it was a green light for on coming traffic. now let's go to the video. this was shortly after 11:00 last night. a person killed in that crosswalk. police say that there was a witness and on top of that the driver of the car who hit the
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that is because there was a green light for traffic in that intersections. >> a witness said the light was green for our vehicle. the pedestrian was crossing against the signal. he stepped out in front of the vehicle. the driver stated to our investigators he didn't see him until the last minute when he applied his brakes. that the point it was too late. >> back here live we are looking this is not far from sames town. might bay lot of traffic in the evening time. what is happening is it's perform of comfort blue warm at night so people are walking and might feel safer in a crosswalk. if there is a green light to on coming traffic you are not safe. the driver was not speeding, did not break the law, did stay to talk with investigators.
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accident and the person at fault was the person crossing into that crosswalk with on coming traffic. >> kim: the latest from craig on that breaking news event and we will check in again with tom on the latest tragedy. >> krystal: we are still tracking this story out of maryland. this 7 people still missing. more than 24 people hurt. three firefighters were injured. the good news, we think they are expected to be ok. in their preliminary investigation fire officials are pointing to natural gas as the cause of that explosion. about 150 firefighters had to
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without a place to call home. it's a developing story we continue to follow this morning. >> dana: time to take you live to rio. chloe is standing by. we know that cody miller won a bronze medal earlier this week. you know who wants to share in that excitement, his former swim coaches from here in las vegas. >> that's right. and they are here and they are excited. we caught up with at the aquatic center. it's so cool to speak with them about this. they are very busy but very excited not only about cody getting the bronze president bronze medal and bringing it back to las vegas but it's creating a domino effect for the teams back home. we're going to take a look at video. son sunday cody won the bronze
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and we caught one cody that have race after his big accomplishment and of course he gave lots of credit to his success to his team back home. >> shout out to the sand pipers. grew up on that swim team. i would not be wearing this medal if it was not for that team in vegas so thank you guys. >> people are looking at nevada as a place brooklyn bridge where thewi i'm getting calls from parents in other states where they may want to put their kids on our swim team. >> there are four different facilities where the sand pipers train. just to do a little bit of background on the sand pipers. cody first qualified for the olympics back in 2008. after that just this past year
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you can see the growth just within that group of swimmers. we can't wait to see what is going to happen for the next olympics. >> dana: not a surprise. they have a great pool right on campus which is unusual. that is where cody trained every day getting ready to swim in high school, at the college level and now in rio. chloe and reed take content that they can't get on our broadcast every day. go to our facebook page or for stuff that you won't generally see on the broadcast. >> kim: happening today, that man accused of beating his estranged wife to death in her own home will face a local judge for the first time. it takes us back to sunday night
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called 911 and told the people on the other line that he had just killed his wife. according to the police report officers arrived at the homend and they found the door open. they didn't hear any activity in the home so they left. they did not investigate at that moment. then the care taker found her body some four hours later. >> dana: three minute including a murder charged in connection with dozens of burglaries across las vegas in henderson an they are dubbed the hole in the wall crew for how they carried out these break ins. police say the three got into one business by making a hole in the bathroom wall from getting into an abandoned nearby business.
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cash and more than 4,000 pain pails at one location alone. >> i'm relieved at this point. we have additional security system so i'm glad that they are behind the bars. >> dana: if the hole in the wall gang sounds familiar, you might remember there was a hole in the tom did a video vault on that one. these three men have a long list of charges against them. a preliminary hearing scheduled
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>> dana: donald trump says that president obama and hillary clinton are the founder and cofounders of isis. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. i would say the cofounder would
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>> dana: no word from the white house about these comments. however the top u.s. commander in the fight against isis says the military campaigns have taken 45,000 enemy combatants off the field and reduced fighters to as few as 15,000. >> kim: while trump was saying that in florida, look what was happening in new york city. >> at no time did he express he wanted to hurt anybody. his sole intention was to meet with mr. trump. >> kim: didn't work out for him. trump was in florida. it got his attention but this is not how you meet the republican nominee. the police department know this is man is 20 and from virginia and started climbing that just the other day. it got everyone's attention and you are seeing how it ended.
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for nearly three hours before it ended with them pulling him to safety on the 21st floor. he's expected to face charges after a psychological investigation. >> i saw his youtube page and he was just rambling. he's a strange guy. it was a dual in the pool. michael phelps taking on ryan lochte in the 200-meter individual event over the last 12 years. michael phelps the three time defending gold medalist in this event. last night they went head to head in the semifinals. phelps edging out ryan lochte last night. tonight the final will take place right here on channel 3. >> we'll have the must see moments the following morning here on news 3 today. >> he's up in the skies of southern nevada. what is going on?
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off with a fatality accident. you see the eastbound lanes are closed. motorist need to use charleston as an alternate route. we have an accident on south bound decatur. it's at decatur and 215. one more accident this is north bound on eastern just past charleston. car into >> jeff: traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we're looking at the accident that tom mentioned. not impacting traffic on the 215. 15 north bound at flamingo we have an accident in the cleanup stages. this just turned to slow. 14 minutes on summerlin parkway westbound. 95 south bound not seeing any delays.
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about slow traffic on washington. you can seedown the same. just don't do it behind the wheel. let's get a check of the forecast. another tornado caught on camera. >> dana: this is a weak wimpy tornado. >> kelly: an ef0 that tore through parts of connecticut caught on camera. it happened wednesday in north hav storm and drove right into it. and she barely even pushed out of the lane there. no one was injured. even though it's a weekend to, it still knocks down trees and causes damage. any tornado still needs to take precautions and get in the basement. here is a look this morning.
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different. we can see the spring mountains this morning. if you are heading outside to walk the dog or go for a morning run, looking pretty good. spring valley 79. southeast 81. centennial 84. wind not an issue across the las vegas valley for us right now. they are going to be 5-10 this afternoon. similar to yesterday we will still see showers and lin con county and far eastern clark county. around mesquite there is a chance for active weather this afternoon. las vegas expected to stay dry. our high 100. tonight skies will clear out, 80 for the low and tons of sunshine heading into the weekend. 107 saturday, 109 on sunday. it's going to be hot but that's ok because we're going to be
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we have nate here from yelp. and i love when you come in and have focused topics like brunch this morning. >> the best part of waking up this early is we can all go to brunch after this. this is a new place in henderson called served. it's in this area that's blown truck that was called the just rolling food truck. super local guy. the food is amazing. i've been here twice. it's fantastic. >> kim: what a variety.
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prepare. he put that on top of a burger with house made fries. and then you can't go wrong with the -- today is the fist day for dinner. check out the new dinner menu at served in henderson. >> how did they mess this thing up? you've seen it if you've been
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how they plan to fix it. >> to the pool in rio, we have it headed your way. >> rio, they have teed off. the first time golf has been in the olympic games since 1904. don't forget you can check out all of the behind the scenes pictures at there is the final tonight they will try to win the
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>> tom: this closure is because of an and we understand it was a hit and run accident. probably want to use charleston instead. >> kelly: as we take a look out side this morning we are seeing a few clouds as we look to the east. a lot of sunshine this morning. boulder city 79. pahrump 68. this afternoon temperatures around that 100-degree mark.
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we'll talk about anytime 10 minutes. >> kim: normally when we have green pools in town, you wouldn't want to dip your big toe in it. as we take you to rio for olympic coverage, check out what we're finding. >> dana: this is a diving pool. the diving pool does not look ok. they have low alkalinity in there. that could turn it a green. they think by looking at these issue there. authorities on site say there is no trouble for the athletes diving into that water. they have nothing to worry about. the guy on the water polo team said they put way too much chlorine in the pool to fix this issue and he could not open his eyes under the water, they were
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pool. do you see who this is? >> dana: that is katie. >> kim: we'll take you to the meeting with michael phelps all those years ago. that is headed your way. >> dana: live pictures out of washington, d.c. hillary clinton who would love to reside in this fine city come january. she's going to be in detroit giving a speak on the economy
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on our local roadways. why metro is saying this was not the drivers fault. >> kim: must see moments as we are into day six of the olympic games. we also take you back to all of the primetime action from last night. nbc's jay gray joins us with a menu of what to expect today. plus -- >> dana: looking for a win.
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gold. kendall with a live report in minutes. good morning. welcome in. it is thursday august 11. and clear skies above southern nevada. we like that scene this morning. >> kim: it is a lot better than yesterday and the day before that. i'm hoping we run into jimmy fallon since we have the hip-hop dance championship taking place in las vegas. >> dana: i doubt that he will be. good morning. thanks for joining us. we're the wagners. we're here and so is kelly and jeff but we begin in the skies of southern nevada with tom in sky 3. >> tom: we've been getting live reports from craig about the 53rd fatal accident in nevada this year. now we are bringing you the 54th because this happened
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the accident taking place here at burnham but the closure is back a couple of blocks away at bruce. that is where the cones are across the roadway. eastbound is shut down. charleston is a good alternate route or karen or st. louis. let's continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we have our eyes at 215 westbound where we have an accident working. that shouldn't be 15 slow at eight minutes. let's get a check of the thursday forecast with kelly. >> kelly: look at the this. we can see the mountains today. no dust or smoke in the air. maybe a little bit but not enough to affect our visibility. at 3:00, 100. there is a chance for showers in the forecast. it's going to get hot this
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10 minutes. >> dana: another person has died on our local roads. tom was above the accident at burnham. this happened just before midnight on boulder highway and nellis. local police telling us the pedestrian at fault in this one. we'll have a live report from the scene in w craig coming up in just a little bit. >> kim: right now we're focusing on the olympics and not only the action in primetime last night but what to expect today. you are of all of the action with us here at team 3. a part of that team nbc's jay gray. >> the road to rio paved with gold for cycling star winning the time trial a day before her 43rd birthday. making her the only olympic cyclist to win three straight
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>> the u.s. women won gold. >> and the relay finished strong. katie swimming the anchor leg for a come from behind win. >> we won the gold medal. >> a bit of history follows michael phelps every time he dives into the pool. today he'll have one final battle with ryan lochte in the final. >> speaking of katie,he much to our enjoyment. she is just tremendous. she'll be swimming in the qualifier for the 800-meter free. she is the world record holder in that event, shocker, right. every time she's in the pool she scores gold. it happened not long ago, golf teed off this morning for the first time since 1904. >> dana: if they had gold medals for dancing, kendall would be
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kendall is with some of the best dancers right now. >> yes, we are previewing this morning going on this weekend the world hip-hop dance championship happening at the thomas and mack. this morning they are moving and grooving and giving everybody a sneak peek of the type of competition you'll get here. why i love this competition, it is an olympic year, we are your representing, 4,000 dancers will be out here competing against one another and also representing their countries going for the gold. when it comes to the dance world, this is top notch when it comes to competitions. here they go, they are getting ready to move and groove. hush, i'm going to interrupt your dance moves. let's tell everybody what you do.
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know you can flip and get the trips going. >> we do different styles. we have a lot of flips. we godown all of it. >> there they go. >> we're going to get me all geared up. i'm going to try to join lek throw. you going to teach me dance moves. >> tell hush he ripped off my move. that's what the broadcast every morning. that's how we warm up. >> as we send you to break, what do you call cheese that is not yours. nacho cheese. we have a miss happen to talk about. >> dana: we're going to take you live to the streets of rio. chloe is there and caught a glimpse of something in the water that shows brazil on high
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>> kim: we take you live to our nation's capitol. there is nancy pelosi and she and other democratic members of congress are holding this news conference to urge all members to return to d.c. and consider funding to switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi.
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month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> kim: that is one nacho. >> dana: this is a lot of nacho in this guy's face. what a mess. he was trying to catch a ball last night in pittsburgh. he had the nachos in one hand and the ball in got a face full of nachos. he missed the t shirt too. >> kim: if he's from wisconsin we can call him a cheese head and be proud of it. >> tom: they take that as a point of pride up there. looks like the car hit one pole.
6:41 am
this is block a lane. watch out for that. >> there is still a closure of the eastbound. let's get to weather and kelly. >> kelly: blue skies. beautiful conditions as you get up and head out the door. we 78-degrees right now but check out what is going on in rio today. more showers expected. going to be a pony tail day in rio. >> kim: maybe we'll see chloe sporting one when we check in live coming up. how does allison prepare for the big relay? it's unique and we have it
6:42 am
we are going to be checking in live in reee in moments and
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for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. 's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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>> kim: we are taking you live to rio where chloe is standing by. we were talking about how much
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there. i know you are working hard. but on social media see you guys hanging out with bob costas and lester that has to be a good time. >> i know. they didn't tell me lester was here. spinach editing. i'm like what. you can't help but get star struck around here. i'm excited to tell you guys right after this hit we're going to the u.s.a. house to go check out some stuff. i'm excited to bring you guys a fun story. maybe we'll bump into more athletes and be able to share those experiences with you guys. as far as the photos we've been
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variety from fun things to more serious things. this morning i sent in photos and you can see off in the distance military ships patrolling the coastline keeping the entire region of rio very safe. all olympic venues are in four different parts of rio. secured. we're having a great time getting to know not annual the staff but nbc afill yachts across the country but certainly being able to catch one our local athletes. we have a few more who will be competing in the next few days. to add to the story we talked about earlier with cody miller we're waiting to hear if he will be participating in the four by
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will sometimes make changes very last minute. we're keeping our fingers crossed. hopefully he'll get to compete again. >> dana: i'm guessing he will. he's very fast in the water. i'm guessing we'll see cody in the pool again this weekend. >> kim: we know that his wedding theme is going to be harry potter inspired when he walks down the aisle. donald trump when he speaks people listen. here is what he had yesterday. >> isis is obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. and i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> kim: tracy potts is the nbc news correspondent to talk about what we just heard. has the white house responded yet to those comments? >> no and it's not clear, we may
6:48 am
i doubt we will hear from the president directly. if he's asked about it, they may address that. they've tried to stay away from getting into tit for tat with trump. this morning in an interview on cnbc he was asked about that and he said that's what i meant because of the way that the president handled our troops in iraq. president obama was the m.v.p. of isis. he's obviously not backing down on that at all. meantime clinton today rolling out her major economic speech up in the detroit area where she will be talking about jobs and what she wants to do to deal with the economy. she's picking up a lot of support from republicans, going after republicans specifically. we'll see if they hang in there and what their response may be
6:49 am
speech. a lot of people in the republican party are saying they don't like trump, they don't want to vote for donald trump and are supporting hillary clinton. clearly the two parties have different outlooks on how to deal with the economy. >> kim: the trump campaign hoping to stop the bleeding with white tom has been above an accident this morning, a fatal auto pedestrian accident. cog joins us where we had a fatal auto pedestrian accident about eight hours ago. >> somebody crossing the street here at boulder and nellis in the crosswalk. the problem is that the traffic
6:50 am
waited until they had the right of way to go when the on coming traffic had a red light. that person didn't. that person was hit by the driver of a vehicle. there was bun person who saw all of this happen and said that the traffic had the right of way because the people in the vehicles had a green light. the driver saw the person but at the last minute tried to brake but couldn't. the pedestrian in the crosswalk but not legally in the crosswalk. that perches killed. >> kim: thank you for that live report. the breaking news continues. this time we check in with crystal. >> at least 7 people at last check still missing after that massive fire at an apartment building in maryland. 24 hurt, several others had to be rescued in that three alarm fire you see playing out on your screen right there. three firefighters injured.
6:51 am
fire officials pointing to a natural gas explosion as the cause of this year. you had 160 firefighters bat this will fire and more than 90 people needing help and a place to call home this morning. >> dana: that colorado man accused of a shooting spree at a planned parenthood clinic last year is going to appear in a courtroom again today. a judge will determine if this man is competent to stand in may he was ruled not competent. he has since been in a colorado mental institution accused of opening fire near a planned parenthood clinic. three people were murdered, nine others injured. he admits he did the shooting here. he expressed no remorris. he said he was trying to protect unborn babies. >> kim: two of the biggest stars on team u.s.a., just a spoil of
6:52 am
gymnastics team and they are going to be in action tonight. before we get to that and you can watch every moment here on 3, we are hearing from alli on today. >> i think all the girls agree there is nothing as amazing and special as being able to win the team gold medal. whatever else happens, the rest is icing on top of the cake. >> her parents are a ton of fun to watch as well. it's just as much fun to watch the stands and their reactn that full interview on "the today show" coming up this morning. >> dana: as we send it up to tom simon expected to win gold, alli could win the silver. >> tom: i'm going to set my dvr to pick up all the action. we are on the scene of an auto pedestrian accident. the closure starts back here at bruce.
6:53 am
orange cones across the roadway. police are taking a look at this red pickup truck here that has front end damage. this was originally reported as a hit and run. we're not sure if that's the vehicle but we have seen police examining that truck. >> jeff: we're looking at 15 north bound at flamingo. had an accident working there earlier but not causing any slowing. there is slowing 15 southnd bowl. this stretch will take you 11 minutes 15 south bound between downtown and tropicana. let's get a final check of the thursday forecast. >> kelly: we are seeing a lot of sunshine in the las vegas area right now. as we look to the east, there are clouds off in the distance. thunderstorms a possibly east of the las vegas valley today. here is a live look outside.
6:54 am
the last couple of days as far as the haze is concerned. temperatures stepping out the door pretty comfortable. centennial 77 right now. spring valley 82. paradise you are 83. wind nice and light, not going to be an issue for us this afternoon, none of that blow drier effect today. there is still a chance of thunderstorms, mainly arizona, utah and parts of lincoln county and far eastern clark county. s dry. pahrump 100 today. boulder city 98 is your expected high. not bad. not bad for august at all. 100 in las vegas. 104 tomorrow but it's going to get hot this weekend. great weekend to stay in the air conditioning and watch the olympics. >> dana: time for the water cooler now. you've seen the face on michael phelps prerace. they call it the phelps face. he looks very serious. not all swimmers will before their races.
6:55 am
taking a selfie before last night's four by 200-meter relay and it was good luck. the women did win the race last night in dramatic fashion. we have a throwback thursday picture for you. that is michael phelps on the left. he was just a young man at the time. in his 20's. he had been in the olympics a couple of times. that little girl on the right had to have his nine-year-old girl katie ladecky. now they are teammates on team u.s.a. katie has won three golds at these olympic games. she will win at least one more in the 800-meter free stale, probable win the race by five seconds. she's dominant in the pool. some compare her to michael phelps and she's still really young.
6:56 am
was 15. that's the same age as michael phelps when he first competed in the olympic games. there is a lot of similarities between the two. both are just as dominant. check out the new girl scout cookies. the new smores cookie. this is if one that is not covered in chocolate this. is the that you know s. they have two different cookies outs u january. it's tough to beat the thin mint. >> kim: what kind of cookie lover are you when it comes to the girl scouts. sound off on our facebook page. matt continues to report live from rio on "the today show" in a matter of moments. he went to school with her uncle and she's like ok already. now matt is seeing she's the best in the world.
6:57 am
800-meter prelims. >> kim: we encourage to you take a break from "the today show" for a little while and check out the cw las vegas. >> krystal: we appreciate it. we'll continue to follow this story. two people losing their lives on valley roads hours apart. the latest from both scenes this morning. >> the man accused of making too many prank calls. what he has to l form of punishment. >> krystal: now a healthier menu for summer and we are getting a taste test this morning. that's when you turn over to
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good morning. the final showdown. >> lane 4. >> michael phelps and ryan lochte grab the top spots in the 200 i.m. final for one last dual in the pool tonight. katie ledecky digging deep for a golden comeback in the 400 meter free relay. in beach volleyball a close call for kerri walsh jennings and april ross. but escaping with the win. >> that is it! as the leaders of the final five, simone biles, and aly raisman get back to business for the shot at all-around gold, "today," thursday, august 11th,


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