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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>. >> jim: right live at 5 you're watching a crime in the middle of a store with other customers around. a man breaking into slot machines with a crowbar. police say this rubber is armed and dangerous. >> marie: it may be illegal for medical use in nevada but next at five, why the federal government says marijuana is a dangerous drug. p3 also to a growing danger facing you on the road. and it is not from the other
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>> jim: we begin at five with this crime that is quite right on camera. this quick takes a crowbar to pry open a slot machine and then steals the money inside. >> marie: metro police and i consider this the armed and dangerous. police also saying the suspect has made off with a lot of cash. good evening snyder glad you're with us tonight. the slot machine robber has had a string of convenience stores across town. that crime spree is our top story at five. >> marie: antonio castellan joins us near lake mead has the suspect hurt anyone? >> antonio: luckily no one has been hurt but authorities say they think he will get violent by detectives are telling me that after each robbery, the suspect seems to get more aggressive. on northwest a convenience
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wearing a mask wants straight to a slot machine. the video shows the robber trying to pry the locks off. the quick immediately walks up and manages to get him out. but the machine highs angel rodriguez is concerned. >>. [indiscernable] >> antonio: police say the slot machine robber has been involved in eight robberies in northwest and north las vegas. the thief is known for usually carrying a crowbar. detectives say t usually gets to the machines cashbox and takes off. >> maria works at a business right in front of one of the stores that was hit. >> i can't believe how bad people have become. i guess the best way putting it is it's just sad. >> antonio: is in the slot machine robber has terrorized stores since may. it is believed the suspect in his last robbery may have had a gun. she cannot imagine playing slots now. >> i will deftly not gamble it little places like that. b5 please describe the slot
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who stands about six feet tall. police say he usually wears a hoodie with a mask. he was last seen driving a dark colored sedan. the sedan is believed to be a toyota corolla. it does not have a hubcap in the front driver side. if anyone has any information for the information call crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting live, and call neil castellon, news 3. >> marie: thank you. the now accused of beating his es east valley home is now asking for a public defender. the 55-year-old arthur lopez, he was in a wheelchair when he faced the judge this morning. the crime happened sunday night near sloan and washington. metro says lopez called 9-1-1 and told them he killed his wife.78-year-old erlinda penaflor. lopez surrendered to police nearly two days later. he is being held without bail. if you metro police are asking
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shoot a clerk during a robbery at a department store on the las vegas strip down by the ti. metro tells news 3 the man confronted the worker earlier this month and took off in a taxi as the getaway car with an undisclosed amount of money. if you know who he is call crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. if you like to, you can remain anonymous. nevada says it is legal for card-carrying patients to use medical marijuana but the best marijuana is a dangerous, illegal drug. >> marie: us drug enforcement administration says it is definitely not loosening restrictions on pot despite calls from lawmakers. police and doctors to do so. >> jim: jeff gillan is looking into the impact of this decision on the future of marijuana use here in our state. >> jeff: that's right good to see both of you tonight. experts on marijuana policy say it is no surprise the federal
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that is the same category as the most dangerous illegal drugs out there. the biggest story today is what else the federal government did. you are looking at the only place in the country that can grow marijuana for research. this is the pot farm at the university of mississippi. today the federal government said no places can do this. connect they're going to be alone both private and public entities peers or universities as well as private manufacturers to apply with the dea to get a grow marijuana for research purposes. >> jeff: and keeping pot illegal and on schedule one, the dea, the drug enforcement administration is saying marijuana has no medical benefit. but research could change that. or >> they could just ask andrew. >> a couple years ago i was involved in an accident and injured my back. >> jeff: he is a medical marijuana patient at las vegas relievers dispensary. >> it has helped me. i mean if i could i would videotape the last two years
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elements that have caused me. i do not have any of the side effects that i had from the pain pills. >> jeff: since state law made it legal, dozens of marijuana facilities now .southern nevada. 25 states, they now allow medical marijuana. it's about time says las vegas release nancy's and kari. >> the state to have medical marijuana programs, the opiate overdoses have declined over 25 percent. >> jeff: and some more research may offer asw prescription? and you'll get to on whether or not it is harmful. there are those that believe it is a gateway into a more dangerous drug as many people think that. also do not forget by the way, nevada in november votes on whether to make an ounce of marijuana or less legal. >> jim: recreational for anyone. >> kevin: right adults exactly. >> marie: the debate continues
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backing -- a spokesperson says they don't think the plan will keep guns out of the hands of criminals. he is also concerned the idea would unnecessarily restrict the rights of law-abiding nevadans. supporters of the initiative say he is siding with the gun lobbyists. the nation economy and the threat from ice is at the center of decision 2016 tonight. >> if team usa was as cheerful as tromp, michael phelps and simone biles would and the locker room afraid to come out to compete! >> jim: hillary clinton with a topical lashing out at donald trump once again as she unveils her economic plan for america. b1 clinton promising a $225 billion program. most of that using private money. she is also touting tuition free college for the middle class, profit sharing for workers and tax hikes on the wealthy. wall street and corporate
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trade with china and fixed trade with china rather. >> jim: and growing controversy over the clinton foundation's relationship with the state department while she was secretary of state. the fbi reportedly asked the justice department to investigate the situation earlier this year but the pa to open a formal investigation. the clinton campaign says none of the emails in question in this case involved the secretary or relate to the foundation's work. donald trump is also facing the criticism tonight for saying that president obama and hillary clinton are the founders of the terror group isis. >> marie: and tonight donald trump is refusing to back down on that comment. even the republican party leaders are asking him to back
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donald trump insists he is telling the truth. >> he is the founder of isis, he is the most valuable player. they should give you know enough let us get awards. you know the best player and most valuable player, he should get the most valuable player award from isis. >> marie: the clinton campaign calls his chart a false claim from a presidential candidate with an aversion to the truth. >> jim: now to a traffic alert. a bad accident on the 95 out by alcorn. >> marie: a secular tom hawley who above the scene. what do you see? >> tom: it is a vehicle that is smashed them pretty hard. it had the island in the middle here and is now on a flatbed tow truck in the shadow there. even there you can see the extent of damage to the vehicle is barely recognizable as a car. it is about to be towed off and it was saved from worse damage by once again one of these contact -- collapsing it could've done much more damage perhaps taking a life. so there is more protection
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lurking on the roadways that it does not help with. a new study released today by aaa finds that thousands of crashes on america's roads are being caused by debris. you have seen them laying out there. >> marie: yes we certainly have. >> jim: the big chunks of tires that come right into your path and you have to swerve to avoid them. >> marie: one of the videos i was seeing a national news, which met tires and sometimes mattresses flying off of the no doubt about it team usa is rocking the olympics. >> jim: next up here at five we're talking at the american athlete about the big real taking them by storm. >> marie: and stopping the zika virus spreading across america. >> kevin: temperatures tomorrow to lunch at 105. up up and away after that. your forecast details coming
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>> jim: another big night ahead in the summer olympics and the athlete with the smile that lights up the whole arena will be on center stage. here she is we're talking about gymnast simone biles. >> marie: can we just watch her and her moves on the floor forever? she's fantastic. the four foot eight inch gymnastic powerhouse is about to take on her commanders by storm. she loves the kardashians and snapchat hates th she is human after all. she is a heavy favorite to win gold in the gymnastics all around individual final tonight. >> jim: she was 19 years old and already shown she has can do it. she won the qualifying round to get into the competition by one point seven points. one no woman in the history of the limbic gymnastics is over one women's all around by more than 3/10 of a point. >> marie: i told you.
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when she competes. >> jim: in fact we have from news 3 team real member larry brickner, these fantastic photos freezing the action here when the women's gymnastics team claimed their gold-medal earlier this week. this was a team event. >> marie: they are of course, we have simone, gabby douglas, laurie hernandez, madison and allie. the women call themselves the final five in honor of their retiring coach martha. showcase the very best enough lettuces and -- of course -- >> marie: we're lucky to be joined by reed cowan live from rio about how the flashy screens unite people from all over the globe.>> reed: i promise jim snyder who is my sort of arrival in the tech that tonight would really welcome.
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samsung studios which is not only a workout for the senses but a workout from my beating heart. watch this. digital beats flashing lights and a whole lot of fun. there is a place in rio de janeiro lighting up the half-million visitors to olympic park. it is the samsung studio, the place where digital fingers move across the screens like ghosts. athletes appear on mega screens challenging me to a run. >> i look just like him ani >> i don't. soon at the touch of the button my fast feet are off. come on! needing time to catch my breath, i then put my photographer adrian in a boat to ride virtual rapids. but the little air left in our lungs after running and rapids would surely be taken away in
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how would you like to see all of your instagram photos on the ceiling of mirrors that just goes up forever and ever and ever? that is this part of the samsung studio and it really shows that we are connected by our photographs and our hashtags. the olympic life in pictures. in an eternal view. a virtual roller coaster charmed team island. >> the roller coaster actually felt like it is absolutely crazy. connect other sites, how about catching a virtual goldfish with a waterproof phone? inspirational visions, bridging cultures. technology with a message. >> if you have a self belief then you will achieve and you really can if you believe you will achieve. >> reed: all right jim snyder i got you something today. it wasn't anything with any
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support. this is the actual one by team usa. >> marie: wow! >> reed: digitally, i will send it right back to you. >> jim: i was going to say, that's exactly what i'll use it for. [indiscernable] >> marie: you are saying that you need a swimsuit, remember? >> jim: not like that. thank you my friend. he seems to be giving me a hard time about technology. this is my idea, i got this weekend. a friend at a local store. look at that! is a fan. equal? >> marie: i love it! and yet let everybody know that >> jim: out that it was great out here on the set because it gets a little warm underneath these lights. turns i guess it is a selfie fan so you get a windblown look when you take a selfie. i'm not using it for that i promise. >> marie: check out his instagram feed. >> jim: exactly. >> kevin: and a close shave as well. >> marie: all right kevin, all
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>> kevin: they are telling us there should be a surge tonight which means possibly up to 200 per hour, is is until 1:00 a.m. so your best bet will be to go out late that is of course and we are going out because of a newscast at midnight after the olympics. one more thing people are asking, this is very important. there visible all over the sky but they originate from the northeast. so i like to go north valley, far enough where i do not see the glow of the las vegas lights and look off to the north although sometimes i'm arching my head back to look at them behind me as well. pretty cool, i am very hopeful so we will see how it plays out. today we started with a brilliant blue sky but look at what happens. you probably noticed the cumulus clouds percolating in the eastern sky.a couple of showers south of the valley but other than that it was just personality. as we look at this camera view
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dry things were. to the left no moisture, to the east. a couple of neighborhoods, boulder highway bone desert dry yet again. we'll head over to buffalo in the northwest 99 and 10 percent. one more stop takes us to the far west side 96 and 11 percent at the 215 and trust them. double digits in the western half of the valley, triple digits as we go east but really just barely. downtown at 102, the max out at valley atop outside the valley, mounting comfortably in the mid-70s. look at pahrump in the mid to upper 90s. 102/10, had atop temp of 106. loughlin stopped at 105. mccarron today the official high was 102, a single degree below normal. that is how it will go down as a below normal day. tomorrow, no!only not. we are going up to about 1032105, probably 107 on the
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not much in the way of cloud cover is the dry air works as we him. here's a shower and finished him just to the south of boulder city right there, watching this thing fire up and then it pushes up to the east. it dissipated very quickly, no longer a factor because the dryer air is moving in. as the dryer air moves and we will heat up even more so and especially as we get to the latter part of the weekend. 50s on the mountain and lincoln county tonight, indian springs going up to 67, high temperatures tomorrow afternoon boulder city at 101, loughlin 108, 105 in overton, death valley 115. our value tonight going down to 80. the official forecast, scattered meteors. then tomorrow plenty of sunshine and heat. 105, is the expected high. we're not stopping there as we get into the weekend. tomorrow at the big friday we have 108, 110, another bonus 110 for you on monday. no need to thank me! then the moisture will stops start stream back a few more clouds and maybe a chance of
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bonus degrees. b1 okay, a little extra. >> kevin: very friendly and where the department would like to share. >> jim: speaking of a little extra, dumping a lot of you have noticed over these last few weeks. you have a happy announcement to make. >> marie: it's either me or my belly. that's really making the announcement. for everyone who has been inquiring at home thank you so much for the thoughts and yes, i am expecting. about 25 weeks now so baby boy is expected to come >> jim: a little brother! >> kevin: how does she feel about that? >> marie: she has not been able to exactly say. she knows i think something is happening but it doesn't mean that mom can pick her up anyway. >> kevin: your attention will be shared, see how she likes that. >> marie: and saturday >> kevin: this one is due saturday so you might have a full weekend at home. >> jim: there you go. congratulations we're all very excited for you.
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let's talk about what's coming up at six, i cannot raise a glass here for our story on
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for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secure r retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers
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because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. >> >> jim: your money will still be funneled from the to be helping the spread of the zika virus. congress did not get it done before they left town 's another secretary of health and human services says she will use her 30 two transfer $34 million to the effort. hungry mosquitoes carrying the zika virus are spreading in south florida. 22 people have been affected. >> marie: it seems there's an app for just about everything these days.
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for your prescriptions and other items at cvs drug stores. the mobile pink service will be at all cvs stores by the end of the year. you can also earn loyalty rewards when you use the cvs app. the end of an era, the happiest place on earth disney is pulling the plug on its main street electric rate. it will go dark on october 9. it will be back for limited run at disneyland in anaheim early next year. the print has been a mainstay there since 1972. >> . i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy wowork for everyone?
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and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was g going into the national guard.
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and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
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breaking news tonight from rio. golden girl. simone biles wins the all-around gold medal for the usa and aly raisman takes silver. a dazzling display as america's katie ledecky blows the competition out of the water. and tonight it's phelps versus lochte. one of the greates rivalries of all time. deadly explosion. a major rescue operation after fire rages through an apartment building. dramatic escapes and a frantic search for the missing. roller coaster horror. a child plunges off a ride in pennsylvania days after shocking accidents at a water


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