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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> i'm marie mortera. that rescue is on our top story tonight. >> news 3's sergio avila is live near the home where it all happened and there was another tree-trimming company that was nearby. they were call called -- they were called in to help. >> reporter: this company had a lift. you see it there. this worker not only being suffocated but being crushed by palm fronds. luis rodriguez works for the horticulture company in las vegas. they saw firefighters rushing by. >> one of the guy from the fir department, we asked if we can help. >> firefighters were called to crescent and oakey, a tree trimmer was stuck. >> when they get up in the tree, they have a harness that goes
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tree, their upper torso gets stuck. >> reporter: he was having trouble breathing. rodriguez's crew had a bloom lift that was used to get to the worker after the heavy fronds >> it was difficult. it was really dusty. >> reporter: luis rodriguez says tree trimmers need to be extremely careful. >> we start from the ground, smaller trees, bigger trees. the one guy that had to go up there, he -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: firefighters say the tree trimmer was trapped in the tree for about half an hour. once they were able to relieve the pressure off his chest, he was able to start breathing
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he's doing pretty well. sergio avila, news 3. back to you in the studio. >> all right. glad it worked out that way. thank you. we're getting a clear view tonight of the serial thief who has been breaking into slot machines. this video comes from a convenience store off the 215 atdurango. a couple of says ago, the suspect walked in, he has a crowbar and went right to work. as he tries t open, the store clerk catches him. detectives think this same guy hit eight other doors since may which mass people worried about when and where he will hit again. >> what if others are playing slots and he does this? >> he's a white man about 6 feet tall. he usually wears a mask. he takes off in a dark-colored
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with a hubcap missing on the driver's side. if you know anything that can help police catch this guy, call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. three men will now face a judge for the brutal murder of three people last november. the suspects are accused of zip-tying several victims, kidnapping a child, setting a home on fire and leaving them for dead. mario jimenez jimenez both died. nathan o'neal has been looking into this house and joins us live where the home once stood. >> i'm standing at the spot where that family of four generations was targeted in that violent attack last november. now, you can see for yourself here that the home is no longer standing but it doesn't take you too long to find remnants, reminders of that deadly fire. a lot of debris all over the place, charred and burned. this as the search for just his
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>> reporter: a heinous crime and a fire law enforcement believe was intentionally set to cover up the attempted murder of a family. candles still rest curbside, a reminder of the vicious crime that unfolded where this home once stood. witnesses telling us then the victims were zip-tied and left to die. >> their hands were all tied under the blanket. >> reporter: at least four people and a baby were trapped injuries. a nine-month investigation would lead law enforcement to at least three prime suspects. malik watson, darrin wilder and hakin blanche-jones. all three now behind bars, all three waiting to face a local judge for murder, conspiracy and robbery. i spent most of the morning trying to speak with neighbors about this latest break in this case. even a year later, many of the neighbors i spoke with are afraid to speak out.
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martinez walking to work. he says these recent arrests should help calm a neighborhood still on edge. >> having more peace of mind don't. >> reporter: at least two of the suspects have been indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of felony drug trafficking and money laundering which leads nick and other neighbors wondering why was this family targeted. >> you have to think what was the real reason? >> reporter: all three suspects are coming from pennsylvania. their next court date is next tuesday. nathan o'neal, news 3. >> thank you. two people were hurt in a crash that knocked down a power pole this morning. one of the cars ended up on its side here at charleston/lam. two people were taken to umc to be checked out. their injuries were not life-threatening. four feel seriously hurt after a car crashed into a concrete barrier on the northwest side of town.
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u.s./95 southbound near elk horn road. troopers don't know why the ford explorer veered into the concrete barrier. a person was ejected from the suv and crews had to rescue the driver stuck inside. two passengers in the rear seats also injured. two pedestrians hit by cars in the past 24 hours. latest incident off sahara and eastern early this morning. >> yeah, the driver took off after hitting the man but decided to come bac live. ive know -- i know you've been talking with a business owner. >> reporter: you can see the markings where the vehicle collided. the manager said while this area was all blocked off, there was traffic, 25, 30 cars coming through his parking lot, one almost hitting an employee.
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store john opened the store off sahara and burnham about two months ago. he says this busy intersection is one reason he chose the location. >> about 26,000 cars a day that go by here. >> reporter: he said he heard about the latest pedestrian fatality when he saw his business on the news. >> i came in and everything was roped off. we couldn't get in. sad part is, he was on the ground for a long time. when i got here at 9:00, he was still on the ground. >> reporter: metro police say a identified while attempted to cross the street was hit by 36-year-old vict rodriguez. >> a pedestrian, never step in the crosswalk without looking. you will lose the battle between vehicle and person. >> reporter: he says he sees plenty of drivers speeding. even after this collision, drivers were still reckless. >> the traffic that couldn't go
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and smoking their tires. >> reporter: rivera fled the area when this first happened but later came back. larry hadfield said in nevada hit-and-run cases now mean jail time. if it's your fault, pay the fine. don't go to prison because you might be at fault. >> reporter: he says if you do hit a pedestrian, you may still have time to to -- >> you can at least try to resuscitate and help until medical personnel get to the scene. >> reporter: metro police say this is the 64th pedestrian fatality this year. reporting live from sahara and burnham, christy wilcox, news 3. back to you. >> thank you. a huge boulder falls and blocks a main road leading into zion park. we want to show you pictures of the parks. the national park service says
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bridge. work underway right now to clean up the rocks and to reopen the entrance. if you are planning a trip there soon, park rangers recommend you use these alternate routes highlighted in red. that will get you the -- to the east entrance to go into zion. you can also head east on highway 9. it's harvest time in the desert. that's not as rare as you might think. >> yeah, especially if you work just a few hours from here. employees there take us for a grand tour. that's coming up. and action on the radar. but the doppler is about to get very lonely, and with the drier air comes hotter temperatures. we have all of the numbers when we come back. >> reporter: we send our thanks to kevin janison for better weather in rio. the rain stopped. the and it blew us into a studio
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exciting things. we're live coming up. >> kevin's reach is far and
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time p something we don't here that often here in southern nevada. but this week. it's about the grapes. don't they look good? they are kicking off the annual harvest. drop made the trek out to pahrump to see how it's done. >> reporter: you might think our hot desert climate would be too harsh for a vineyard, but this kind of grape actually thrives here and from field to table, it will be about two years before this product is ready to serve.
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>> reporter: gretchen doesn't mind a little hands-on work. >> we're picking the ones with the nice, dark purple ripe clusters on them. >> reporter: bringing in this year's harvest for her winery, a business she and her husband have owned and operated for 13 years. >> we're a drop in the bucket compared to the big nationally known vineyards. >> reporter: smaller doesn't mean low quality. in fact, the vineyard has racked nevada-grown products. they expect to bring in 4.5 it ups of grapes. you can see how thick this dan knowpy is. know -- canopy is. we need the shade. >> reporter: and from there, the operation moves inside. no barefoot women stomping the
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in "i love lucy." out front, the test, these two are here for a wine tasting. picking a favorite. from a long list of choices. it all truly begins with the grapes. >> one bucket of grapes makes about two bottles of wine. >> reporter: and the hares done in nevada. >> we can grow it here. >> reporter: denise rosch, news 3. >> have to check that out. i know it's been out there for a while. >> sometimes you go all the way up to napa. why not just go over the hump? >> two of us can have a glass of wine. one of us cannot. that lead us to a happy announcement. >> it's either me or my belly. thank you for all of you who
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changes on set. i am expecting. and baby boy is expected to be here in november. i told the boss well after the election. [laughter] >> i will be here for that. >> the kid is gonna have to wait. you have a daughter now. >> younger brother and kevin, maybe i should go with saturday for a name? >> because the due date is saturday in november. >> so i can say, hey, come on go. >> that way every time you go home, you are going home to a weekend. >> a lovely weekend. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you so much. let's talk about the weather? >> i want to talk about astronomy. >> sure. >> tonight is the night for the perseid shower. it's supposed to be a doozy. i know this is tough to predict when you are flying through comet dust. that's what we have on tap.
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sets. we should have a sparkling clear sky and the best place to look is toward the northeast. that's where they originate. you can see them in any spot in the sky. looking forward to that. if you were out earlier and looked out to the east, might have seen the clouds, that's the last sign of the latest batch of moisture as that pushes out, the air mass is drying and when you look at this view from aliente on the left side, you see the clouds. air. and that will swoosh across the las vegas valley and the rest of clark county and we have a drying environment. we begin at pecos and warm springs. still 101, but only 10% relative humidity. the winds of yesterday are gone. southern highlands, 97 and 8% and up near nellis, you can probably throw a rock there if you have a good arm, 100 and 9%. rest of the numbers, western
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100-degree threshold. downtown hit 104. green valley hit 103. up in aliente, 100 even. mountain at 72. pahrump at 96. the lake at 100 now. highs as hot as 105. excuse me, 106 in overton. laughlin topped out at 105. at mccarran, the mercury marked out. 80 was the morning low. this is gonna go down as a below-normal day today. we'll start in the 80s. we'll climb to the 90s at lunchtime. looking for a high around 105 and wind will not be a factor. it should be below ten miles an hour all day long. so that stray shower that developed just to the south of boulder city which is right here, watch the shower pop up. right there. it popped up. it traveled off to the east and died. that's pretty much it because
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essentially this area of high pressure expands, our temperatures will jump. the mountain and lincoln county going down to the 50s. high temperatures tomorrow, we'll be looking 99 in sandy valley. 106 at the lake. laughlin, 10. death valley 115. our valley tonight under a clear sky with scattered meteors going down to 80 des. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and degrees. we're expecting a high of 105 tomorrow. remember, that's at the some east side valley neighborhoods hotter than that. if yours doesn't get hotter than that tomorrow on your friday, we have a wonderful weekend named for marie's kids. [laughter] >> saturday 10. sunday, 110. and 110 on monday as you head back to work and that will trail off as the humidity comes back. maybe a chance for a shower or thundershower. i'm fired up for tonight, the
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these things -- >> and you don't have to go far? 10 miles out of town? >> my suggestion would be to go north because northeast is is the pest way to look and then you want to get -- if you look back, you can barely see the lights on the horizon. >> yes. >> the darker the sky the better. >> thank you. >> sure. one of our goal of the voice in what is an historic and very important race for the white house. >> we want to know what you would ask hillary clinton or donald trump. send us your questions to news 3 or post them right there on our facebook page. a local charity that's always there to help kids is getting them ready to go back to school now. today care stream gave away school supplies and even haircuts and iverson elementary school.
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they were busy and the kids went home with kids, pencils, notebooks. basic necessities their families can't afford. julie is one of our heroes for the car campaign. another child falls from an amusement ride, the third this week alone. and federal
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the federal government is keeping marijuana on its list of
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the dea says there's no legitimate medical use for marijuana. the feds are also expanding research that could bring some definitive answers about pen fits. fit -- benefits. the las vegas relief general dispensecy is -- dispensary is disappointed. >> my guess is we're only scratching the surface now that more research will be opened up. but the it will be a huge negative for some people. >> the next step would be legalizing recreational marijuana.
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police have a good look at him. this happened august 3rd. he threatened to the employee if he was not given cash. he got's way with the money, jumped in the cab and took off. if you recognize the man on your screen, metro wants to hear from you. you can call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555 if you can help. first sears, now may -- now how many stores will close? >> that's coming up at 6:30. >> and a live look at copacabana beach. reed cowan joins us live with what we can expect and a look at
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? the olympic games there in rio are showcased for the greatest athletes. but that's not all. >> oh, no. the high-world showing off flashy self. reed cowan, you are joining us live now from rio. >> reporter: hi, my friends. hello from rio. the rain stopped. the wind kind of picked up. it's a beautiful 65-degree day and a lot of happy people. we got a chance to check out a lot of the technology here at the games. sam stung has this cool place, about the size of a trader joe's. you walk in and there are all


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