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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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? the olympic games there in rio are showcased for the greatest athletes. but that's not all. >> oh, no. the high-world showing off flashy self. reed cowan, you are joining us live now from rio. >> reporter: hi, my friends. hello from rio. the rain stopped. the wind kind of picked up. it's a beautiful 65-degree day and a lot of happy people. we got a chance to check out a lot of the technology here at the games. sam stung has this cool place, about the size of a trader joe's. you walk in and there are all
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amazing virtual experiences you can get on, ride rapids, a roller coaster. there are things like ghosts that appear out of nowhere like screens. even your instagram photos can be broadcast so you can look up and seep -- and see your pictures. also gave my hearst a little bit of a workout. here's a little bet of that. i look just like him in my workout clothes. no, really. i do. push come on. [laughter] >> reporter: so a lot of fun there. let's talk about tonight in prime time on nbc. team usa's biggest stars are
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simone biles will compete for her first viridiana vidal medal all-around medal. and the rivalry between ryan phelps and ryan swim against each other for the last time. that's coming up at 8:00 and after the olympic zone and stay up with our team. th you. let's sort of gate some great las vegas support and stay up for them. they are up late. i hear jim would appreciate a pizza around 11:30. >> getting food good out there in rio? >> reporter: yes, we are. you know, marie knows, i try not to eat a lot of meat. but it seems like everywhere i turn around there's steak and roast and steak and more beef.
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>> feast on. you've been working so hard. you chloe and adrian. i know you are running to the beach and channeling some of the stars there, aren't you, friend? >> reporter: yes. this is something we're so excited for. tune in tomorrow morning first thing on news 3 today, you will see chloe live from "the today show." she will be right t. there. i can't tell you. it will be a huge morning. you will want to watch chloe's work from the beach and i get to interview matt laur and billy bush. that will appear tomorrow. a great way to end our week here in rio with "the today show" crew. >> sounds like it. well, your coverage is a big hit. it seems like everyone in town
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that olympic fever is live and well. thank you, we'll see you again tomorrow night. and don't forget, reed and chloe, even though reed may be going down for the evening and chloe, too, they are posting video and photos on social media. soap -- so even when then are not on air go to, on our football page and you will have access to all of the images. >> in addition to these two, we have anxp olympics, including some of our viewers who made the trip like larry brickner. he sent us these pictures of the women's gymnastics team claiming gold. you can find these shots and more at head to the sports section. two people were killed in an explosion at an apartment building outside of washington, d.c. we brought you this one as breaking news late last night
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clothing and other debris from the apartments was scattered all down the block. some of it stuck to trees. 34 people were hurt, including three firefighters. we know the apartments have natural gas furnaces and stoves but an official cause has not been determined. >> what i saw was like a lot of buildings on fire. i got so scared. there were people jumping out of the window, like screaming for help. and kids screaming because there -- a lot of scared. >> i got scared because the family inside, probably they are sleeping. >> neighbors heard a loud boom and their home started shaking. firefighters battled the flames that followed for six hours. macy's is closing 100 stores around the country. this news comes after the company reported a big drop in profits and sales. they say the stores will shut down early next year and they
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year. we have six locations here in town. not sure if any of them will be on the list. the woman who co-founded the huffington post is stepping down and plans to launch "thrive global." no word on who will replace her. still ahead, she survived a horrific accident on a carnival ride. >> and now the girl who lost most of her scalp is calling for change. also ahead, the most decorated family in olympic history partners with a local business to teach as selects
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another child falls from an amusement park ride. this time in pennsylvania. emergency crews were called to the idyllwild and soakzone amusement park about an hour and a half east of pittsburgh. the dispatcher said the child was conscious after he or she fell from a roller coaster. this is just the latest horrific incident at a theme park. a 10-year-old boy was killed
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waterslide. and then on tuesday, three children were in. -- were injured after falling from a ferris wheel. a nebraska girl is making for laws to be stricter after losing most of her scalp. >> here's more. >> hi. i'm lulu. i'm trying to pass a law right now. >> at 11 years already pushing for change. after her life changed dra mat dramatically. >> this me before the accident. he was able to wear glasses. >> reporter: she was critically hurt when her hair caught in the handlebar assembly of this carnival ride back in may. >> i don't want any other kids to get hurt, have to go through what i'm going through. >> reporter: now shed a her -- now she and her
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signatures. >> thank you for signing my petition. >> anything we can do to support her and keep my kid safe. >> reporter: pushing for stricter regulations on amusement rides calling it lulu's law. >> it makes me sick that nothing is being done. >> reporter: the family met with nebraska state senator sara howard. >> there is obviously a lot of research to be done. it's something that the legislature has not deliberated on for sever need. >> reporter: the senator says she hopes there is a solution the legislature can help with and that gives this family momentum to push forward. >> more needs to be done. more people need to be held accountable. >> now, officials still don't know what caused that ride that lulu was on to malfunction. the family's lawsuit is still pending. well, disney world is
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it's a huge draw every night. it features 500,000 l.e.d. lights on the floats. the company says the parade will head to disney hand in anaheim for what they are calling a limited time encore engagement. the parade originated in california back in 1972 and moved to disney world in orlando in '77. >> okay. let's take a look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> attacked on a finds himself in the path of danger. what was on him. and a pilot is forced to make an emergency landing with no landing gear. what he texted his family right before going down. >> wow. tricky maneuver there. we're gonna turn our attention to the weather.
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action tonight. >> yeah, good night to watch the meteors. you know what i like about our cameras scattered? we can take a shot leak our camera on top of the rio, look off to the east and see all the way to new york. [laughter] >> there you go. we got a few clouds out there. the clouds have pushed off to the east. i don't think we'll see much at all in the way of clouds tomorrow. a little time lapse from another one of our this one out of the lake mead marina. you can see the clouds bubbling up earlier today. those have pushed off. the air mass is drawing not only at the lower levels but the upper levels. you will feel it. drier air usually equate -- equates to hotter air. over the hump, it's the 6 and
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how about summerlin, that's at 3,000 feet in elevation, they are already down to 93. 100 downtown and henderson at 101. andy valley, 97. overton coming in at 102. as you make yours for your friday, it's going to be a tad toasty. not brutally hot. not yet. lunchtime, mid- to upper 90s. wind, not a factor, usually less than 10 le but even that maybe not. now, we had a lot of small showers and thunderstorms. i showed you those south of boulder city right there. they fired up, pushed off to the east and all of these other ones, they have moved into the drier air, the trier air -- drier air taking the showers. that's it. they are done. now high pressure expanding.
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numbers around the region, san francisco in august, mid-60s. 86 in salt lake. highs tomorrow, phoenix, heading to 102. mid-70s in southern california, reno tops out at 95. for southern nevada tonight, 78 in mesquite, 83 will be the low in laughlin. high temperatures tomorrow, boulder city at 101, 77 up on the mountain. 106 out at the lake. for the las vegas valley, we'll be clear. keep the temperature up to 80 and then we'll heat back up to 105. after that, 108 and 110 for the weekend. another 110 for monday. just reminding you it's still august and then we back off to the middle stages of next week because the humidity will be on the rise and a chance for thunderstorms because it's still august. >> yes, it is.
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time for sports now. today's pga event had golfers missing from the field because, of course, of the olympics. >> it was a big day for the summer games. golf rushed for the olympic -- returned to the olympics. first-round action, what a way to bring back golf. bring it back with a bang. this is justin rose, 189-yard, par 3,s in the cup for the first hole in one for olympic history. matt kutcher in 11th place. patrick reed, 32nd place. ricky fowler, 56th place but marcus frazier leads by 3 shots. that current medal count has not changed from yesterday. same countries up there on the leaderboard, including the
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by japan, russia and great britain. next week, the most decorated olympic in history, steven lopez will compete in his fifth game. he's not been alone. diane non, his sister, won silver. their brother coached the team making the lopezs the first family of tae kwon do and you can learn from them in >> i love the sport. i think it's a really good sport for competition and it's a high-intensity sport. >> i come here to change, to become a gold medalist in the olympics. >> it's that time of year where kids of all ages have olympic fever and have dreams of competing for gold in the future olympics. here at vegas sport tae kwon do,
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it comes to their training. that's because three-time national coach gene lopez is teaching them. >> we're very fortunate to have him as a friend and also as a partner in our journey. we're introducing tae kwon do in las vegas a lot more. >> here we're able to partner up because of the krill -- dash the incredible they have here. >> reporter: the journey will be long and hard. but in the sport of tae kwon do, you can begin training at a young age and the lopez family has a system that's proven, as three siblings own five olympic medals. >> one of the biggest difference, we emphasize a lot of on children and their development.
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helps them, sets them up for their future. >> there is a program, it's a very olympic-inspired program that i designed called legacy. it's really our way of being able to give back everything that we've accomplished and being able to inspire the generation. >> not many people can they've done. i'm just so proud. >> her father says she could have competed and made it to the olympics. but you have to be 18. so look for her in tokyo. her uncle will compete. >> thank you. coming up -- a polar bear
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as we get started tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine. temperature will be at 82. we're on our way up to 105 even hotter as we get to the weekend. but it is friday and we keep track of every important degree. check out kelly as she gets your forecast started bright-eyed and
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polar bear born at the columbus zoo ready to start her next big add vegetable -- big adventure. >> she's leaving the nest and moving out to a zoo in oregon. nora is a huge hit in columbus. the zookeepers are gonna miss her. they have put their hearts and souls into her care. >> hopefully her cubs. i bet a lot of people are going, can i get one of those? >> how in the world do say goodbye to that? if you are just catching olympic fever like we have been, want to remind up, you will find all kinds of content on if you go to the sports section
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the time. >> and that team in rio, includes volunteers. we're talking about las vegans who -- who have gone there
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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two people tied up and left to die inside a burning home. their families may be one step closer to getting justice. a slot machine bandit terror easing stores. the manhunt to take this dangerous thief off our streets.
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showcasing the latest from the world of high tech. three men accused of torching a local home and leaving victims inside to die will face a judge. >> they are accused of zip-tying the victims and burning their house down last november. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm mess. >> the jimenezs lost their lives in the attack. nathan o'neal has more. >> reporter: cream standing in the location where this ooccurred. if you look hard enough, you can see the debris left behind. a lot of charred junk all throughout the yard. all of this while the search for
7:01 pm
enforcement believes was intentionally set to cover up the attempted murder of a family. candles still rest curbside, a reminder of the vicious crime that unfolded where the home stood. the witnesses say the victims were zip tied and left to die. >> they were under a blanket. >> reporter: the least four people about trapped a nine-month investigation would lead law enforcement to at least three prime suspects. malik watson, can i -- darrin wilder, hakin blanche-jones. all three behind bars waiting to face a judge. i spent most of the morning trying to speak to neighbors about this latest break in this case in this horrific murder. even a year later, many of the neighbors i spoke with are afraid to speak out.
7:02 pm
he said these recent arrests should help calm a neighborhood still on edge. at least two of the suspects have been indicted accused of felony drug trafficking and money laundering which leads nick and others neighbors wonder why was the family targeted? >> what was the real reason? pennsylvania. the next court date is tuesday. another tragedy on the roads today. a pedestrian hit and killed in east las vegas. metro police say a 50-year-old man died trying to cross the street about 5:00 this morning near sahara and eastern. he was hit by a truck driven by victor rivera gonzalez who officers say took off at first and then came back.
7:03 pm
couldn't get in. he was on the ground for a long time. when i got here at 9:00, he was still on the ground. >> the driver was arrested on hit-and-run charges. police are still investigating whether that pedestrian was in a crosswalk when he was hit. the man accused of beating his estranged wife to death in her east valley home has asked the judge to appoint a public defender. metro says arthur lopez calledden in onun called 911 and told them he killed his wife. officers responded to the home but heard nothing unusual so they left. the woman's caretaker found her body several hours later. a manhunt is underway for a robber police say is dangerous. >> police say the thief has targeted slot machines at convenience stores all around
7:04 pm
>> reporter: luckily, no one has gotten hurt. but authorities fear this thief could get violent. but they say after each robbery, the suspect is getting more aggressive. a northwest convenience store camera catches a robber in action. the thief wearing a mask walks straight to a slot machine. he's treeing to pry the locks off. the clerk walked up to the thief and got him out. the clerks concerned. >> it really don't affect me. >> reporter: police say the slot machine robber has been involved in eight robberies in northwest and north las vegas. the thief is known for carrying a crowbar. detectives say the robber usually gets to the machine's -- cashbox and takes off. this woman works at a business in frost of the store --
7:05 pm
that was hit. >> i can't believe how bad it's become. >> police say this robber has terrorized stores since may of it's believe the suspect in his last robbery may have had a gun. >> reporter: police say the man is about 6 feet tall and usually wears a mask to all of the robberies. the robbery suspect has been seen wearing a dark-colored sedan. it's believed e corolla. it doesn't have a hubcap on the front side. if anyone has any information, call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting live lake mead and pecos, antonio castelan, news 3. >> thank you. the man accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic has been ruled not competent to stand trial based on the report from the state hospital where he's being
7:06 pm
he's charged in the shooting at the clinic that left three people dead, nine others wounded. he was found incompetent after a psychologist testified he has a delusion disorder that makes him unable to assist in his offense. he claims he attacked the clinic because of his stance. police identified the man who climbed trump tower yesterday. the officers pulled the 19-year-old, steven regatta, into the building after he reached the psychological investigation. police say he posted a youtube video before the crime saying he was an independent reacher and wanted a personal meeting with donald trump. the olympics don't always showcase the best athletes, they also showcase the
7:07 pm
with more. >> reporter: if you are like me, you like the gadgets, its always something fun to see. we got a rare treat to go inside the studio. dig tat beat -- digital beats, flashing lights and a lot of fun. there is a place lighting up the 500,000 visitors to olympic park. place where the digital fingers move across the screen like the ghosts and the athletes challenge me to a run. i look just like him in my workout clothes. no, i don't. soon with the click of a button, my fast feet are off. come on. needing time to catch my breath,
7:08 pm
crooks in a boat to ride virtual rapids. >> whoa! >> reporter: new this is cool! how would you like to see all all -- all of your instagram photos on the ceiling? it goes up forever. this is part of the studio that shows we're connected by our photographs and our hashtags. the olympic life in in an eternal view. stunning. a virtual roller coaster. >> incredible. the roller coaster felt like i was on a roller coaster. it was crazy. >> reporter: other sites, how about catching a virtual goldfish with a waterproof phone, technology with a message. >> if you have that self-belief,
7:09 pm
so we've covered how music, food connect people and now technology. in rio, reed cowan. >> technology connecting the spectators and the olympians. pretty cool they get a chance to partake in some of the fun out there. >> yeah. so when reed and chloe are not on air, they are posting on r >> and don't forget to check out to find out all of the stories. take you behind the scenes. our digital team is trying hard to make you feel like you are right there in rio. back here at home, a landscape worker finds himself fighting for his life as he dangles from a palm tree. >> we'll show you the delicate operation to save his life
7:10 pm
a man is attacked by a python. how he describes the terrifying moments. and a summer day, not too bad. our fourth day at 102. i hope you will enjoy it because we'll be above normal in a big
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a liline of clothin, now where were these made?" trtrump: "these were made, i dot know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." tiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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any pilot will tell you what you are about to see is a very tricky maneuver. this one in florida makes an emergency landing. he radioed his landing gear would not come down. sent a text to his telling them he loved them in case it didn't go well. the authorities on the ground, air traffic controllers worked with him for over an hour to try to get the gear down, nothing worked. he had to climb in like this on a belly landing and pretty much textbook if you have to do that. that's how he worked it out. fire crews were standing by just in case there were any more problems once he landed. >> pretty amazing he walked away. well, a florida man said he
7:14 pm
lounging in the front of his house. he said he was sitting inside his screened porch when he felt something sharp. he was there -- there you go, those are the mang marks on the -- fang marks on his body after the python attacked. he called 911 and paramedics determined the snake was not poisonous. he said everything happened so quickly. >> i don't remember grabbing like a snake. but when i reached out and -- and pulled it out, i screamed. it was. it -- it was latched on my side. it kept coming out. i threw it across the patio. >> well, he had a friend with him at the time and that person ended up killing the snake with garden shears. aland scape worker is lucky to be alive tonight after he got
7:15 pm
up in the air. scary moments. down by hundreds of pounds ofedd palm fronds. news 3's sergio avila has more. >> we were working down street. >> reporter: luis rodriguez works for shilling had horticulture. they saw firefighters you aring by. >> one of the guys from the firefighter department asked if we can help. >> reporter: a tree trimmer was trapped and hanging from a tree. >> when they get up in the tree, they have a harness that goes from their waist around the tree, if the skirt of the palms, if they break, their upper torso bends backwards. >> reporter: he was pinned down
7:16 pm
estimated 500 to 1,000 pounds of fronds. they had a boom lift to get to the worker after the heavy fronds were cut away from him. >> it's difficult to get up there. it's dusty. >> he says treatment trimmers need to be careful. >> we start from the ground and start climbing and that one guy that has to go -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: he was taken to the hospital. we hear he's doing well. a massive tornado tore through parts of connecticut yesterday and it was caught on fire. check it out.
7:17 pm
storm and doppler radar predicted debris in the clouds. amazingly, there were no reports of injuries or significant property damage just a lot of trees knocked off over. this one had wind gusts of 80 miles an hour. >> thankfully not like that here. you look at the cloud wonder if we can get rain. >> there was some moisture. we did have some action in the silver state. most of the action was too far east. i have the pictures to prove it. let's go to the time lapse. not a lot happening, is there. a lone cloud there trying to develop efother the mountains. you can see the setting sun. a whole different ballgame when you look to the east. look at those clouds building to the east and now some breaks as
7:18 pm
the east. 95 out of the springs. winds are calm. they were blowing early. you can see the trees swaying. 10%, the very comfortable humidity. west side, 92 degrees. dry air and down in henderson at kesterton elementary, southwest at 5. they are up i think they can handle it down there. 102, sunrise manor. 104 here at the studios. we're the warm spot in the valley. did not make it out of the mid-90s. upper 90s in mountain's emand em-- mountain's edge and southern highlands. and we're in the upper 90s in the east valley.
7:19 pm
95 in pahrump. still hanging in triple digits in the colorado river at laughlin. tomorrow we're looking for a high of 105. that's above normal. you will notice it. that will seem fairly cool by the time we get to saturday and sunday. we'll up it 4, 5 degrees. you will feel everyone one of those. there are the thunderstorms that blew out of southern nevada into mo didn't amount to all of that much. you were aware there were clouds around of the big picture shows not a lot going on. high pressure is coming in here and that's gonna dominate our weather. forecast radar shows nothing happening through the weekend. so plan your picnic all of the action way down to the southeast and heavier stuff in old mexico. sandy valley, 74 to 54 up on the mountain. 56 in caliente.
7:20 pm
to get a little toast yes. -- toast yesy. cooler in pahrump, 102 in. 80 downtown. a dry, clear night. fairly comfortable outside and then 105 tomorrow. hot. seasonably hot. definitely rising up for the weekend. 82 at 7:00 a.m. 97 -- 97 at noon. it does get ugly. we could hit 111 on sunday. it will be right up there. why not add a degree or two. probably will on the east side. 108 on tuesday. you get the perspective. summer is not over yet. >> certainly not. 4 hundred-year-old discovery
7:21 pm
divers say they found the remains of what appears to be three french ships just a couple of miles from the shore. they also found cannons, anchors, along with a french court of arms. archaeologists call this priceless. this could be around the year 1560. wow. >> wow. >> lucky find. still ahead -- a new furry friend is >> we'll tell you how this dog is helping guide children through what can be a very, very
7:22 pm
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there will be a new way to make your buys at your local cvs. it will start accepting in-store mobile customers will be able to pay for products, pick up prescription, earn a loyalty reward, too, by scanning the bar code. it will launch immediately in select markets and will be available across the nation by the end. year. at this point, the store does not accept apple may or any other rival mobile payment system. what do you grumble about when you check into a hotel? a survey reveals who the worst travelers are? expedia asked more than 1,000
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of others. the top aggravation turned out to be inatentive parents -- inatentive parents, those who don't keep an eye or on their kids. rounding out the top three, people were too loud in the hallways and the ones who throw big parties in the rooms. >> okay. sandra bullock will lead and all-female cast in pull off a major heist very similar to the one starring with george clooney. cate blanchett and will be in the movie. they are still negotiating roles for anne hathaway. working on news stores right
7:26 pm
olympics. a close call for this guy. he stalled in the middle of a busy hitch. after the games, we'll tell, you why he could be facing charges. and the controversy about the monkey that landed on a flight here in las vegas. those stories and any prance -- breaking news that happens after the olympics. a pup is in a courthouse in missouri. >> he started would work with kids at the courthouse. he helps children deal with neglect or abuse cases. the director talks about exploring possibilities with the new friend. >> we see a lot of opportunities for -- for the -- we see some of the children that come in are
7:27 pm
opinion in court before. they've been taken from their parents and are in foster care. all of those things. >> amazing. there's been a push to bring these therapy dogs to vegas.
7:28 pm
a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was g going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring.
7:29 pm
ntents of this advertising. tonight on the olympic zone, she has gotten to the olympics thanks to a coach who believed in her and in turn she is helping to raise a new generation of track and field stars who have inspired her to
7:30 pm
she's claimed a metal every time. now she's poised for a railroad breaking shot at more history in brazil. and the anticipation, the excitement, and the elation. this is what being an olympic parent looks and sounds like. we follow one family on their joyful trip to rio. next on the olympic zone. from the new vegas, this is the olympic zone. welcome to the olympic zone. thank you so much for joining us for what will be another exciting night. we're all hyped up for tomorrow too. a lot of people talking 11 of the biggest competitions and that's track and field. >> we're talking ten straight days of sprinting and jumping and one competitor to keep an
7:31 pm
>> you go one, two. >> barbara is competing in her fist olympic games in rio. she is a three time but to the kids of the club's youth team she is simply a star. thank you. >> there's nothing like being able to give back to these and i had they just love it. >> like these kids her love for gymnastics was sparked at a young age.
7:32 pm
>> we wanted to warm up, not impact first. >> he just had to help her find the right event. >> all right. >> my freshman year i was very close to quitting because i had no vision of what i can go to the olympics in. >> the first time we put her in there, i think in that moment, i knew that she was going to be something special. >> so special that when she finished college, priester took a leap of faith. he resigned from his position track club to give her a place to train. >> she had such a good system and, once they graduate, it's very challenging. >> it's awesome to know that someone had my back and someone felt passionate about the sport that he continued to do whatever he can to help me get to this level. >> four years later the club has
7:33 pm
youth, a development that allows her to explore the coach athlete relationship from the other side. >> seeing how hard they work really inspires me. going out there and giving it their best helps me try my best and not be afraid. >> regardless of how this goes people are going to be so proud. and if she comes back with a metal it's going to be phenomenal. >> she begins competition tomorrow in the two day event. this is the seven discipline test of speed, strengths and endurance. >> and she's just the second american woman in the past ten years to win a metal . let's bring a resident olympian once again. christina
7:34 pm
of cirque du soleil. >> it didn't stop you from watching the olympics. if you're a basketball fan u.s. men's basketball, there were obviously a heavy gold medal favorite and they were pushed to the limit when they played against australia. >> they were but i think it's important to remember that the u.s. team isn't the only team i still have faith in our boys. >> you got to like their challengeses but you're right it was a test. katie ledecky was part of a relay team that won gold last night. >> if i ere to bet on a horse i would bet on her. she just kills it and with such poise. we were talking earlier about the maturity she has. just 19
7:35 pm
the olympics and i love her so-called quiet confidence. she gets in the water and really owns it and speaking offing pit we have to give a shot out to the refugee team. >> right. they won their first ever gold medal last night. this is the first olympics that there's a refugee team. they won a gold medal in the sport of shooting. >> it's very cool that they have a team and now that they've medalled and my guess is the athletes from other country are probably adoptingm, their arms around them and letting them know they're supported. >> and to think of how much they've gone through to be able the bring their game to the olympics on this level, i'm impressed. >> fun to watch. much more still ahead here on the olympic zone. hope you stick around. . coming up tim road did i has competed in five olympics and has won every time.
7:36 pm
biggest challenge yet. plus we'll see and hear the highs of being the pare this is edward cortez born in chihuahua, mexico,
7:37 pm
america has always been a place where through hard work and perseverance generations have made a better life for themselves and their families. it's what america should still be today. i'm catherine cortez masto, this is my grandfather, and i'm proud to approve this message. tonight in prime time. after orchestrating one of the most dominating teams in olympic history they return to rio.
7:38 pm
fourth straight gold medal in the event. you can watch the rio olympics in spanish on telemundo. and don't forget every sport is also streamed live on and the nbc sportscast. as the games continue from rio de janero on the networks of nbc . and welcome back to the olympic zone joined by christina jone because she did in beijing. the families really deserve praise too because they've been through a lot of sacrifice to get the athletes to this point. >> absolutely. it's not just the journey of the athlete it's really the journey of the entire family and friends. and what's really special is that a lot of athletes are family and friends that make the trip. >> absolutely. the first one that comes to mind
7:39 pm
family. again, there they are. look at that face there. that face is -- i'm here, chris had the tina, i'm watching. >> my dad would say -- he has a really deep voice, go christina. i heard it when i old. i heard it in beijing amongst all the photographers clicking. >> that's amazing. it's comfort, right? >> cuts right through the t crowd. >> so they're cheering during the event and then afterwards we've seen when like say phelps goes over to his mom and fiancee. but if a competition doesn't go well family support very important. >> so important. just to let you know it's okay and the media
7:40 pm
they fall from grace. i hear so much criticism when it's so incredible to be there. and to have your family there to remind you we're still so proud of you. it's irreplaceable. >> and you're saying the journey doesn't end. to this day your dad still talks about the olympics. and in fact he has a few questions. >> he has. and my mom's sharing clips with all her fris. it's really a path for everyone. >> does your dad do go stina in the theater? >> he might do that. the people in the orchestra are like, what? >> thanks again for your insight. appreciate it. by the way we will look at a parent's nerve wracking day before the olympics. and in the meantime we'll be
7:41 pm
. still to come. 20 years ago she became the youngest medalist in olympic history.
7:42 pm
7:43 pm
. i played in the super bowl and i've traveled the world can now for the first time i'm going to the olympics. join me as i explore this people from around the world and experience the game firsthand. this is rio . i'm in a bathing suit because i'm in rio. there's only two people i can talk to about this overall experience. >> we're here.
7:44 pm
>> . >> i feel like it's justp? wron. >> wow. a little more coverage there, huh? >> yeah. >> you know, there is so much to see and do in rio de janero that there's no way we could show you all of it here on tv. >> and in some cases maybe we that's why we have our own team rio made up of viewers giving you exclusively pictures you won't find anywhere else. this one of the gymnastics competition. you can see these images and more on our website. >> must have a great camera. it's fantastic. american kim rhode who competes
7:45 pm
but her path the rio was the most challenging yet. david has her story. >> other than golf shooting and sports are my favorites so a chance to hang out with kim rhode was very cool. so kim how did you get involved in shooting. >> my grandfather taught my dad and my >> what age did you start up? >> about six or seven. i remember sitting in a lawn chair and shooting cans. >> ten years later in atlanta kim had moved from shooting cans to clay birds becoming the youngest shooting medalist in olympic history. >> it's breathtaking to have that moment. i wish everybody has a chance to
7:46 pm
first american ever to win individual medals in five receive olympic games including a record three golds. >> standing on the podium with a gold medal around her neck and the american anthem playing is a very emotional time. >> i was actually pregnant in london. >> and you don't know it? >> i didn't know it. didn't know it until i got home. >> and it wasn't an easy pregnancy was it? >> no, not at all. >> during childbirth kim suffered debilitating pelvic muscle and nerve injuries. >> i knew there was something wrong but i didn't realize the severity of it. >> did you see yourself competing in another olympic games? >> i did, but after everything with my son i wasn't sure if i would be able to make it. >> after three years of painful rehab with her family at her side kim earned the right to compete in her sixth olympic
7:47 pm
fifth. i'm just saying. to kim and rio. physical kim reaches the podium in rio she'll become the most decorated athlete in the history of shooting and the only athlete in olympic history to win six consecutive medals. >> blowing the ball >> for kim, shooting that was clearly a good shot. but in golf you would probably take this ball out of play. >> i smoked it. >> olympic awesomeness. >> skeet shooting's a lot harder than it looks. i tried it and it's really stuff to chase those things down. >> and that is why she's an olympic star. her shot at history is tomorrow when she competes in rio . don't go anywhere.
7:48 pm
here on the olympic zone. >> coming up on the olympic zone, this is what it looks like to be the parent of an olympian. we'll follow one family's trip to rio and the moment they'll never forget. albertsons has everything you need, every day! the freshest food and low albertsons prices. and right now you can save even more during our huge anniversary sale.
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7:50 pm
. and there is no more nerve being the parent of an athlete. >> all the years of early morning wake-ups the practices the carpools paying off. >> solated -- so let's find out what that payoff is really like. >> the olympic zone brought to you by duncan donuts. america runs on duncan. .
7:51 pm
murphy looked like any other tourist. but when you look closer you see the pride. a picture of their son first time olympic swimmer. wrote a short story and gave it to draw pictures of olympic gold. he wrote i hope my swimming life continues and i become an olympian when i grow up. i want to be to best swimmer in the >> had an intensity at the young age of five, and a passion and a willingness to do everything it took. >> soon he was beating his teammates and everyone his age. then his older brother? >> shannon and patrick were really his biggest fan. patrick had some tears. he said, why is he so much better.
7:52 pm
was like, patrick, ryan wins because of you. >> now 13 years later after stiff competition, endless practice and sacrifice, the murphy gathers in rio. >> i wonder how he's doing right now. >> are you nervous? >> yeah. >> go ryan [applause.]. >> go ryan! go ryan! go ryan! [applause.]. >> did he win? did he win? >> i can't see. >> he got it.
7:53 pm
>> i mean, it was just awesome because they were just as much a part of this as i am. >> a victory as ryan murphy's childhood dream turned to gold. >> did he win? did he win? >> i love that. >> how cool is that his story came true. and ryan murphy will be back in the pool tonight for the 200 meeter backstroke final and his stroke of the way. >> and you can watch it here on nbc. stay with us. we'll be right back with more of the olympic zone.
7:54 pm
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this is edward cortez born in chihuahua, mexico, he immigrated to the u.s. and was proud to serve our country in world war ii. he settled in nevada, became a baker and raised a family. his story isn't unique. america has always been a place where through hard work and perseverance generations have made a better life for themselves and their families.
7:56 pm
. the olympic zone brought to you by bmw, the ultimate driving machine . and welcome back. so much to look forward to. >> here's bob costas with a preview. >> another big night of time. after orchestrating one of the most dominating team displays, american gymnast simone biles return to the individual all around and live in the pool long time u.s. teammates michael phelps and ryan locked swim for 200-meter individual medley gold with pep sevens racing finish first, suspects he always, in this case to become the first swimmer to run an individual
7:57 pm
japan also looms in the field. that's all coming up in prime time. see you then . who do you cheer for if. >> i'm friends with lockte so i'm going to cheer for him. >> he's the underdog but at the same time do you root for the guy who really should get the chance or do you root or counting. >> that is a great conversation to be having considering they're both americans, maybe someone's going to coming up from another country. so let's just wait and see. >> it's a pool full of great swimmers. and we were talking about those bruises on phelps from the cupping but you heard a funny line about that. >> maybe they're from him falling asleep on all those
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
>> back-to-back, as they reach for gold. ?? again. >> the united states will win gold, and phelps with olympic gold medal number 19. >> she's going to break the world record. >> ledecky is on her way to history at these rio games.


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