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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> >> jim: right now on news 3 live at 5. a woman found murdered in the home and the men who lived there since he doesn't know who man police suspect of killing her. >> marie: a show party unity but republicans as the party bigwigs to price everyone with a show of support for donald trump. what he says donald trump is the candidate who will get to the white house. >> jim: also tonight the unmaking of a murderer. tonight the stunning decision by a federal judge that could let one of the convicted killers featured in a net. from entry out of prison. >> a woman found dead inside of
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tells us, she is a complete stranger. >> jim: police said the evidence shows there was a violent struggle in the room where her partially clothed body was found. and just in the past our metro police identified a suspect. a 25-year-old man who also lived at the house. good evening everyone i'm jim sn the suspect has not been seen since the woman's body was found early this morning. this murder mystery is our top story at five. >> jim: antonio castellan joins us live at the home. you're just getting new information about a suspect. >> antonio: they consider the suspect a very dangerous man. metro police said they just released this picture. this is a mug shot of 25-year-old santana. police believe santana killed the woman inside of his
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morning rummaged through garbage bags looking for clues to mysterious murder that happened of a rancho in the 95. police said the homeowner arrived home and discovered a dead half naked woman. the man immediately called 911. >> it was creepy i'd never seen i didn't even know who that was. >> this man lives across from the neighbor. he says he's a quiet man who lives with his son. they said the homeowner and roommate made it clear they did not know the dead woman. has not been seen since the body was found.and the man remembers running into the 25-year-old leslie.>> my step son last week he stopped by. >> the city woman was viciously beaten over the head with some type of object. they say look like there was quite a struggle. the next or neighbor says they will come up early to ask about questions. connect daphne about a green car and i don't know nothing
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and stress they would like to talk to the 25 year old son who lives at the house and is nowhere to be found. hernandez says it is surprising his neighbor did not know the murder victim. >> how can you not know, i guess someone is missing in the system or something? >> antonio: police do now consider the 25-year-old son a murder suspect. again his name is santana. he is about five feet 10 inches and weighs about 150 pounds. police believe he is driving a two door blue toyota whereabouts of santana you are asked to call crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting live, antonio castellan, news 3. >> marie: thank you. metro police said the woman who was hit by a driver near eastern and sahara was in the crosswalk. she was fatally killed. fatally struck rather. of iraq -- elvira get -- she
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in the valley in the past five hours. speaking one of the main subjects of the net netflix series making a murder could be eating out of prison. a lot of us were on the show and binge watched appeared a federal judge has overturned the conviction of brendan. even though he confessed to killing a 25-year-old woman 11 years ago. the judge says investigators repeatedlye when they were interrogating him to get the confession out of him. and at times they told him the words they wanted him to say. he and his uncle avery who was the prime suspect about sentenced to life for the murder of teresa hall back. he could be on three months if prosecutors decide not to retry him. >> marie: a defensive donald trump at the center of decision 2016. >> i said the founder of isis obviously i am being sarcastic. then, but not that sarcastic to
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>> marie: donald trump says he was being sarcastic when he said president obama and hillary clinton are the founders of the terror group isis. >> jim: 's clarification comes as dozens of republicans sign onto an open letter urging the chairman of the republican national committee to cut off his funding from the party. but this may be the answer to them. he was right by trumps side at a rally in pennsylvania today. he told the crowd that donald trump is going to help protect er clinton a liar. >> don't believe the garbage you read. let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we are going to put him in the white house and save this country together. [applause] >> marie: also today hillary clinton released her 2015 income tax return. it shows hillary and president bill clinton made about $10.6 million. they paid $3.6 million in
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engagements was $1.4 million. just made $3 million for writing. as for donald trump he is not released his returns thing he can't because the irs is auditing him. >> jim: the guy just on the video is the top story. her husband is here tonight to rally support for her. >> marie: that's right bill clinton is here and jill stein. they're all addressing the asian ameran association. and the asian and pacific islander american vote at the coliseum. >> jim: jeff gillan is down there alive. he joins us with an update on how the rally is going. >> jeff: marie and jim good to see you tonight. as you mentioned the two candidates that are actually here for the third-party candidates who could actually be a factor if this turns out to be a very close election.
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mrs. clinton say the surrogates does the clinton campaign sent in its surrogate in chief and that is the former president himself. as you mentioned the forum took place at the asian american journalists association conference. and former president bill clinton earlier today. >> if we are going to be one country, and i want to emphasize that. because that is a big choice in this election. are we going to be one country? i want your distinctive needs addressed. i want your but you want a president like hillary who sees you as part and parcel of the american quilt of diversity. part of a country that is stronger together. >> back now here live it seizes, libertarian gary johnson was here. jill stein was here, the donald
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surrogate the utah attorney general. we'll hear more from ever coming up at 6:00 p.m.. live in caesar's palace, jeff gillan news 3. >> jim: thank you jeffrey. now a federal court battle underway under an executive order to public schools across the country that they must allow transgender students to use the restroom of their choice. >> marie: 13 date led by texas asking the federal judge to stop the order. under the executive order, public school districts they do not comply.lieutenant governor of texas is called the order mail. and dan patrick also says the order goes against the values of so many people. >> jim: breaking news is coming in. police activity west of the strip. >> marie: tom hawley is joining us live from sky 3 what have you learned? >> tom: we are in an area over at tropicana. the area we're talking about is just here to the south where it was reported earlier this afternoon that there was a person who was about to have
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with police at the scene. right now we don't see where the roadways blocked off for any of the apartment complexes however, we have to keep our distance because anytime they have sort of negotiations going on down there, they do not want the sound of a helicopter directly above to interfere with anything that is going down below. so we are being circumspect to this but it has been going on about 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. once that happened, they found that things were not going along initially well. there was no immediate surrender or anything like that. that is when they brought out some more. and this is where we are zeroing and it looks like it is to the back of the apartment complex. the click of a mobile tactical center set up. and they want to negotiate with the person's eye. to stop and starting around 130 and now we are past the 5:00
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we do not have word on how much longer this will be going on. it is not affected the main roadway, just at top tropicana indicator. the situation continues but no one has been hurt at this time. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. >> marie: team usa has a golden touch and real. >> jim: no doubt. next at five olympic athletes share their thrill with the world. >> marie: lets here for the weekend! if you feel like shopping we have a big tip for you to save
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>> marie: team usa is well just ask the golden girls. >> it means a lot to me this metal is not just for me, it is for some of the african-americans that have came before me and have been inspirations. >> i have been dreaming of it for a couple of years now and it is unreal how it happened. so i was just so excited.
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and telling each other we love each other just to, you no matter what at the end of the day we are basically like sisters. speaker that is gold medal winners and swimmer simone manuel and simone biles and allie talking about their victories. what a victory it was for each of them in rio. >> marie: we talk about victors and of course we have to talk about michael phelps as well. he is a world record gold medalist. >> cutting out of the pool may take a little bit more harder. but it is just a sweet standing up on top of the podium listening to the national anthem play. and that, you hopefully hope the chest to do it again. >> jim: probably, right? the way things are going. in the course social media has been a fire talking about all of the us olympic old winners. >> marie: and of course that includes our news 3 real
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images of all of the events on our news 3 page. speaker the pictures you're watching right now courtesy of news 3 of rio team member sharon and david. the first shot shows michael phelps and ryan lockey diving into the pool. and for the men's 200 medley and yes of course, once again phelps one. >> marie: and then we have to say this picture of the team usa women's swim team arriving for the 200 meter freestyle relay and yes, the women won. we have anchor katie of >> jim: and our team news on the ground they're looking to cover everything is reed cowan who has been also tracking all of the gold medal winners there. >> marie: of course. the athletes getting a lot of exposure, not only after the event of course in front of the cameras of nbc. >> holt was an moralis.
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white hat with the today show. turns out moralis lived here and speaks the language. >>. [indiscernable] >> look at you go! friday olympians -- and of course his hair. johnny, an expedition for the hair? johnny's hair? is about a 4 and a half hour process. >> we are not to be outdone by ryan who got in thco most real silver. >> all right so yours manufactured, mine real. >> he kind of went a little silver just for a laugh and the pool has turned into green and now i am seeing some magenta going out of the back. >> he has gold. and he is loose after -- philosophical on a rainy day. >> why do we need these
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and for all of the olympics i've had a chance to cover it is always been about bringing people together and kind of pushing away our differences. >> if you have been watching t.v. there are some times is a boy i need hope. someone give me hope. all you have have to do is turn almost any olympic event. >> and the nbc says the games represent a global >> it has been a really put rough period of news. you being shut up, you know we are going to a very contentious political cycle right now. and we're kind of looking forward to a breather. >> you can be having the worst day ever and you click on the t.v. and go, oh my gosh you watch someone's life change. >> in with those changes, tears. even from -- >> where the biggest soft as you can imagine. we cry every time the national anthem plays. >> well in the national anthem,
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it is his last time but we will see about tokyo. jim and marie? >> jim: yes, a lot of people are wondering. is that going to change after the games are over? we will certainly aren't your gray hair. this week you're staying busy how is everything going? >> reed: where having so much fun and you know, i did look in his hair and i was like you know i remember the days when i actually had look that way. hey mom, no more it's coming in. >> marie: and hopefully you're having a little fun there as well. i'm in the beautiful beaches of rio have got to be a site. thank you my friend for another wonderful week of your reporting. we'll see what 6:00 so, sit tight for now. in the meantime, let's bring you back here to las vegas where it is friday afternoon. >> jim: it is!
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from stinger for the olympics in our late news that we had the show in the sky last night that kevin told us to watch for. and you got up north of town. >> kevin: yes i saw about 50 between say 130 to 2:30 am. and once we get close to 3:00 a.m. my eyes, everything was starting to blur a little bit too. there was a pretty cool site. hope you had a chance to see some of those meteors. if not you have another chance tonight. it will not be quite as plentiful but you should get a pretty good viewing tonight. wee come in from out at red rock too. we'll show you the 6:00. if you want an automatic win of the international space station will be visible tonight. this appears like a very slow-moving shooting star. rather than all of the darts you saw last night. in our sky today, once again bubbling up at to the southeast. with some clouds building. shots of moisture between four we really try out all of clark
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come the water is it will be a great weekend out there with hot temperatures and pretty warm water. we start on the east side of town you trust in hollywood poking at 105, only eight percent. desert definitely in full swing. down your eastern 102 and one more stop takes us to jones and spring mountain at 103. and they are at 11 percent. numbers across the valley similar in upper 90s at about 3000 feet, it does heat up. 106 right now near the stadium. that neighborhood maxed out at and outside the valley them out to the 80, lake at 101. top temperature there today was 102, 109 in overton, lofland 111. mccarron the mercury maxed out at 105, a couple of degrees above normal even though we had a very normal for the 12th of august low temperature. mid-80s to start saturday, 100 lunch time. we will see a lot of
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like the last couple of days, not much wind expected. in fact we're not expecting much of anything. the areas that to get a couple of showers that were far and few between. moisture is sagging south the whole ms is drying up. the high pressure of expanding and it will not dries out for the but it will also heat us up. so here loci, 71 in pahrump, 80 mesquite, hi, just more for saturday starting to climb. boulder city 107, 111 in the valley, 113 in laughlin, death valley close to 120 again. in degrees will be the low temperature, not much in the wind category tonight or tomorrow. expect a high of 109, plenty of heat tomorrow and out at the lake 111. we are seeing some of the gauges showing the water as warm as 87. mount charleston's air 81 after here's a seven-day forecast with a lot of heat. can we say that? the seven day forecast is packing heat? 110 for sunday and monday, then
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thunderstorms as the monsoon moisture returns. a little bit of everything over the next seven days. >> marie: i like it. >> jim: thank you. coming up tonight on news 3 live at 6:00 southwest airlines are reeling from last month's big computer outage. we'll tell you how much across the airline. >> marie: and this video showing a stranded driver in the now people are asking what would they do in that situation? we have an answer for you. those stories and more coming up at 6:00 p.m.. actually we should ask nhp what they would want you to do in that situation. >> jim: will don't do this, you can see how close that blue car was. next at five, a story straight
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>> >> jim: now at five. if you want to save money when you buy the things you need, the best prices these days are found online. >> marie: especially now online prices have been going down. in fact they've been dropping for the past six months according to adobe digital price index. one of the fastest selling areas online right now groceries. food online instead of going down the aisles and then picked up at the grocery store at a record pace. >> jim: i would like to call a local store and give them a chance to see it if even come close to the price anyway. a day after the federal government decided to keep marijuana classified as among the most dangerous drugs. where getting words like that pot use in america is. a poll found one in eight people now admit to smoking it. that figure has doubled in the
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here in the west. especially where marijuana has been legalized are both medicinal and recreational use. >> marie: there is a new reason tonight about why your kids like certain foods more than others. you can blame those likes on t.v. commercial. the journal of pediatrics reports its new study shows kids are more inclined to pick foods based on a commercial. the taste of the food also more
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tonight. deadly flood disaster on the gulf coast. state of emergency declared in louisiana. heavy rain and heroic rescues as rivers overflow their banks up to rooftops. damage control, donald trump now says he was being sarcastic after repeatedly calling president and hillary clinton releases her tax returns, trying to pressure trump to release his. violent flight, dozens of passengers hospitalized after being tossed through the cabin like toys, people hitting the ceiling. and the thrill of victory, michael phelps makes history again. we'll talk to his family. could he be back for 2020? and there's something about simone, we're with simone biles and aly


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