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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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choice to get out and try to flag down help. he comes very close to being hit by other cars speeding by. that move put him in danger, along with those other drivers you see swerving to avoid him. good evening. glad you are with us. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm marie mortera. >> what would you do if you were in that situation and what should you do? sergio avila went for a ride along with the patrol for tips about what to do in that situation. >> reporter: when nhp saw that video, they were very concerned with someone standing on the freeway with traffic feeding by him. luckily, nobody was hurt. the video speaks for itself. a man stranded on the 95 near rancho tries warning other drivers of his stalled truck. what happens next is incredible. >> almost had a fatality on the freeway.
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highway patrol said these are situations you want to avoid. we rode along with buratczuk to find out how to react if your car is stalling. >> if you stop in the travel lane, stay in your vehicle, do not get out of the vehicle. call 911. the safest spot is in your vehicle. you want metal between up and other moving vehicles. >> reporter: we came upon a hummer with a blown-out tire. courtney wagner was driving. >> and i hear this tick and my tire goes out of control. >> reporter: buratczuk said she did the right be thing by pulling over. >> sometimes when cars stall, they run out of power and steering and that can be difficult. >> reporter: the trooper says get to the shoulder if you can do it safely. >> i drive a hummer. that's a big truck. i was freaking out. it was kind of going left to
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understatement when this man was almost hit by a speeding car. no one was hurt and there were no crashes. >> just a close call we can all learn something from. >> and a couple of other reminders. buratczuk says if you come across someone who needs help on the freeway and you are driving, you can use your cell phone to call 911 without the fear of getting a citation because it's an emergency. he also says that if you see somebody shoulder, you are required to move over one lane or slow down. sergio avila, news 3. back to you. >> glad nobody was hurt. thank you. the director of a local youth club is accused of sex crimes against children. 44-year-old willis brown was arrested yesterday. he faces three charges of lewdness with a child under 16 years old. police say the crimes happened at the boys and girls club on southern highlands parkway south
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lot of local families. we'll continue to follow this developing sawyer and bring you any new developments. we're also getting our first look at a bizarre murder case in the central valley. police say this man, jamie san tan tau beat a woman to death. a man says he came home to find the body. had no idea who the victim was. news 3's antonio castelan joins and, and it was the man's roommate suspected of the crime. >> reporter: jim, the murder suspect, 25-year-old jamie san santana. he lives at this house. there's been no sign of him since his father spotted the body of a woman in one of these rooms. now police are on the search for the 25-year-old. >> it's kind of strange because
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themselves. >> reporter: marcelo hernandez speaks about the neighborhood who discovered the dead body of a half-naked woman inside the house. police received a 911 call after midnight from the owner. police arrived to the home off rancho and the 95 and discovered a gory murder scene. he spent several hours at the next door neighbor's house. >> kind of scary, really. i don't know what happened. from what i understand there was a lady found inside. >> reporter: the homeowner who made the discovery says he n met the murder victim. also living at the house is the 25-year-old homeowner's son who was nowhere to be found. the police would like to ask that person questions. this officer lives next door. he said officers talk -- talked to him. >> a green car. don't know nothing about it. >> reporter: police say the woman was beaten to death with a hard object and looked like it
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this neighbor can only assume what happened. >> probably a misinterpretation. >> reporter: police are looking for 25-year-old jamie santana. he's about -- he is about 5'10" and weighs about 150 pounds. police believe he's driving a two-door scion. if anyone knows where he is, you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting l a >> thank you. metro police say a woman who was hit and killed by a car near sahara and eastern was in the crosswalk at the time the 37-year-old was crossing eastern when she was hit last night. the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with the police investigation. the victim here is the third pedestrian killed in the valley just in the past 24 hours.
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so far this year. that's according to the nevada department of public safety. in fact, vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teenagers. news 3's nathan o'neal shows us how one local family touched by tragedy is trying to make a difference. >> reporter: hillary lavoie is remembered as a bright, outgoing young woman, a cheerleader and homecoming at shadow ridge a.m. her father will never forget that night. >> in 18 years, i had never seen her without a seat belt on. that decision cost her her life. >> reporter: a friend was driving her back to las vegas from reno when the driver was distracted by her cell phone. nearly six years later -- >> i'm brian lavoie. >> reporter: -- brian finds himself in front of a group of teens sharing hillary's story along with her sister. but today is not any day.
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years and 19 days. her older sister never got to see this day. she's now my oldest daughter. >> reporter: a powerful, yet personal message. >> it's all about the decisions that you make. >> reporter: these seens getting a lesson in impaired and distracted driving. this 1this 16-old feeling what it's like to be strapped down and carted away in an ambulance. >> it's your mistake and other people are being punished with it. >> reporter: brian hoping his message will help save lives. >> put your cell phone down. put your seat belt on. it may not be cool or feel kiel, cool, but i have to go to the cemetery to visit my daughter. go home. let your parents see you. the decision -- the road to
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again. >> two candidates, representatives from four parties made their way to locals. >> among them, former bill clinton stumping for his wife, hillary clinton. jeff gillan is live from caesars palace. >> reporter: that's right. good to see you. four campaigns for president arrived in las vegas. here at caesars, a forum surrogate and two candidates who hope to become the president. meet this libertarian. >> fiscally conservative, in our case, socially liberal, what we libertarians like to say, it doesn't matter what you are socially as long as you don't force it on other people, meaning always come down on the
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>> reporter: trump was not here in person at this forum. the signature event he attended instead. >> your sacrifices to make our communities better, to raise strong families, build thriving companies, all of these sacrifices and etch arts have not dash gone unnoticed by donald trump. >> i'm here as an outsider. i'm the one candidate that does not take money from corporations, from lobbyists. >> reporter: representing hillary clinton, bill clinton. he said stronger together is the
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ridges. >> reporter: four campaigns fighting for an election now 87 days away. and back now live here, the worry for republicans and democrats is if this is a close election, johnson and stein could be factors. johnson said what will make or break his campaign is whether or not he gets on the stage in one of those presidential debates. i'm jeff gillan, news 3. ac >> interesting exchange of ideas there. >> we want to give you a voice in this important race for the white house. we want to hear from you. what would you ask hillary clinton or donald trump? send us your questions or post them on our facebook page. it's been a tough year for retailers with the rise of online shopping forcing hundreds
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and southwest airlines finally puts a number on their big computer system outage last month. how much money the airline lost during days of widespread delays and canceled flights. we're not done with the meteor showers yet. and speaking of that. we're set for a meteoric rise with the temperature. forecast details -- right around the cornern. >> reporter: well, from kevin and meteor showers to downpours cowan. it was raining on the beach but we got to meet some superstars who tell us why the world needs the olympics -- coming up. >> all right. thank you for that. that's coming up at 6:30.
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they will close 100 stores nationwide. some analysts believe it's showing that online shopping has drained the life of malls. but here in las vegas one is hoping to buck the trend. denise rosch is live outside of the boulevard mall. there is a lot of work to rebrand the property. >> this area is gonna be -- >> reporter: they are not the amenities you typically expect inside the >> this is our shark tank. >> reporter: but this man is not your typical tenant. he's bringing something brand new to the boulevard mall, an interactive experience with families in mind. >> 6-foot tall so kids can get up there and feed the stingrays, swim with the sharks. >> reporter: the aquarium attraction opens in november,
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of prime shopping area. the latest improvement to the valley's indoor mall. >> i was just telling my wife that i like how they changed the mall around. it's really nice. >> reporter: when dillard's pulled out in 2008, it left behind a major hole. now john's incredible pizza has else. >> goodwill. >> reporter: there's the retail space you might expect and a career connection center you might not. >> and you type in resume, it will come up. >> okay. >> reporter: offering free help for resumes and job seekers. >> it's all about what goodwill is. goodwill is about second chances. this mall is getting a second
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chances. >> all over. >> reporter: he hopes the boulevard mall will become a destination. for now he has ambassadors set up in a mall kiosk. >> what is it? >> reporter: letting customers know big changes are coming. >> and out here live, we talked about macy's closing some stores across the country. no word yet on whether those will be here. as for what's happening here at the boulevard mall, a very good example of a -- of a traditional mall. >> i think the neighborhood is appreciating that. >> yes. shopping might be phobe
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focused on fans and squirt bottles. >> it's mid-august. can't be many more 110-day days remain. we have a couple of coming. i would like to begin about the show in the night. we saw about 50 between 1:30 and 2:00 a.m. going north of the valley. the view out at red rock, thanks to the news impressive with the gorgeous red rocks and the shooting starses. there's one more night for the perseid. that's still a good show. if you want an automatic guaranteed sighting, you can check out the international space station for about three minutes moving across the northern part of the sky starting at 9:07. not much in the wind category
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bubble bubbling up. you can see some of the clouds out at the lake. what i like there is how still and calm the water is. there will be people enjoying themselves out of the lake mead marina and other spots. east side of town is at 104 and 9%. and sheila up in the west, alexander, 101, 10%. we're seeing double digits around the and in east valley neighborhoods. they maxed out at 107 and climbing for tomorrow. outside of the valley, pahrump at 100. boulder city, 102 how about 109 overton. 111 laughlin. mccarran, 105. a couple of degrees above normal. we're adding to that tomorrow. our start will be in the
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in most neighborhoods. wind will not be a factor and neither will the clouds. we had a few leftovers today. a couple of showers and thunderstorms, mainly in arizona. that area of moisture is sagging south and east as high pressure expands and what that will do, dry us out more, eat us up more. indian springs in the 60s. same for lincoln county. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. boulder city 107. overton 111. laughlin 113. death valley, 119. our valley going down to 83 under a clear sky. good viewing for the persids. water tomorrow, 85. we've seen some as warm as 87. in the mountains, looking for a
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81 and then the humidity will increase and the monsoonal moisture might be teasing us. we'll have a chance for thunderstorms. this weekend we're talking hot. next weekend, humidity. plan ahead. >> thank you. >> sure. last month's computer outage at southwest airlines and all of the delays and cancellations they say the entire mess will cost southwest about $54 million. the airline had to cancel more than 2,000 flights, many of them here in las vegas starting on july 20th. the dallas-based carrier blames a router carrier, an unrelated computer glitch more recently resulted in the cancellation of more than 2100 flights. well, two dozen airline passengers were sent to the
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after they made an emergency landing. and as kids across clark county head back to school, they are asking for your help. we're getting involved. how you can help fill the bus
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that time of year. local kids are about to head back to school. we're asking the community to come together to help us fill the bus. communities and schools which is the leading drop-off program is collecting school supplies. supplies and uniforms can be dropped off at the sands club today and tomorrow at the
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kids whose families can't afford to buy them the basics. and news 3 is proud to partner with them for the drive. to learn more about the drop-olocations, what to donate and if you can't make it down there, how you can help out online, head to >> it's a great event. victims of a devastating apartment explosion still trying to pick up all of the pieces. >> but the community is there to help and we'll show you the outpouring ofup overwhelmed even the red cross. >> and the passengers may have packed what the airlines did not. the very important part of air travel missing from several
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? not even a rainy morning in rio can dampen the spirits of the casting crew of the "today show." >> our team joined the cast today this morning on the beautiful beach. nice setting the rio, once again, and reed, you really saw first hand that the show must go on. >> reporter: yes, co paw -- yes, co paw


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