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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> dana: the sun is up and it is august 15. we expect big things from the olympics tonight. >> kim: we have a team of people in place to make sure we get your day started off right. for a lot of people it's the first day of school. some of the private schools here in town. >> dana: clark county starts anyway couple of weeks from now.
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you may like the 7 day. tom is up in sky 3 with a bird's eye view. >> tom: i think you'll like what i have to show you. it's a light commute on the 95. looks good from here. so far on this monday not a lot to talk about. we are accident free on the area. 95 south bound in the clear. now let's get a check of the forecast. >> kelly: beautiful sunrise out there this morning. @s very warm and it's going to get hot they are afternoon.
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110 is today's expected high. the record for today is 111. relief is coming. we're going to take a closer look at that in a few minutes. >> dana: happening today a local woman accused in a deadly hit and run crash here in the valley expected in a local courtroom. kendall joining us live for the latest. >> whitney is expected to be in enter a plea for her preliminary hearing. back in june 225-year-old hit tt the 29-year-old. she then tried to flea. flee.they found her a few miles.
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recent march they held in his honor at the location where he died demanding justice. in her hearing bail was set at $1 million. we will be in the courtroom to bring you updates as they happen here on news 3. >> kim: thank you for that. we're focusing on the olympics taking you to cody miller competing with michael phelps in the final race of his olympic career over the weekend. the final race for michael phelps. there is no way that cody miller is saying see ya to swimming because he's tearing it up. a look out of rio right now. what an amazing experience for our local guy, cody miller, his first olympic games taking to the water over the weekend. he won gold.
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experience. >> i almost died after that race. i almost passed out. it was amazing. i was so excited look at it, how could you not feel that way? >> kim: he got the rest of the guys going because michael phelps i know was saying i look at cody and he's got a smile from ear to ear and tears going down and that got him going. they are talking about it this morning right after this broadcast. >> dana: chloe is standing by in rio all decked out in red, white and blue. what is going on this morning? >> i don't know if you guys can hear the music behind me. it's very loud. we're doing a little bit of this this morning getting ready for more games this morning. excited to see all of that happening. you can see the excitement by how people are dressed out here.
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bowl. people get decked out here for the olympics. these people some in skin tight american flag suits. just anything you can imagine you are going to see it here. i've seen many u.s.a. superheros around the park. one family was in old navy red shirts. they are so excited to be here and they've made new friends because everyone has been >> this is unique because everyone is cheering. these people who have worked their whole lives and a lot of country spirit. cheer for your country but a lot of people coming together for one event to cheer on these people chipotle think is really neat. >> i bought the things i'm wearing from the dollar store. as a bargain shopper and fellow american i had to ask where did you get your outfit fits and
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bought them online which is crazy because i'm like you can buy anything on the internet. >> dana: on a serious note, we know that ryan lochte was robbed at gunpoint. have you been feeling safe there in that city? >> in the beginning we were pretty comfortable around here. nothing major happened. we were with a crew. one girl was taking a selfie and the cell phone was taken out her hand in broad daylight in front of police officers. crime can happen just about anywhere. it's about taking safety precautions. for me personally it's just been making sure i'm traveling during the day. as soon as the sun goes down, you need to be in a really safe area. we're in a bubble here senators the media goes so we're farther away from some people venturing out. i feel relatively safe around
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precautions. don't be out late at night or in the wrong place at the wrong time. you never knowhow might bump into, especially in the sketchier parts of town. >> dana: we are glad you know that and are providing great coverage for us. some things chloe can't fit on the broadcast so she puts them on and our facebook page. >> kim: now ryan lochte in his own words. >> gun to the head telling other swimmers to get down on the ground. ryan talking about that scary experience for the very first time and we have it for you coming up. >> dana: rebels, rebels.
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unlv rebels. why is this guy so optimistic? it's infectious. you are going to find out coming up. >> tom: golden sunshine coming into the valley and it's illuminating the roads. >> kim: flooding situation in louisiana right now. live pictures on your screen out of baton rouge. 10,000 wak this morning as the flooding continues and we'll have
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>> krystal: the man suspected of killing a police officer in he shot and killed officer tim smith saturday when he got out of his cruiser to investigate a suspicious person call. officer smith returned fire but he took off on foot. >> dana: it is not been a good scene in milwaukee. this is the northern section of the city. police officer opened fire on a young african-american man after a traffic stop on saturday
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open fire because the young man had a gun in his hand and turned toward police officers. these protest were sparked by that shooting on saturday. you can see some more fires were set last night. they've will two straight nights of rioting in that city. someone was shot last night as well. police officer injured there. police officers to get to that injured person had to bring in an armored vehicle. they were able to get that person out and we understand he did hospital recovering as we speak. >> kim: it was alarming last night when we were watching olympic coverage and bob costas said ryan lochte was held up at gunpoint along with three other swimmers. this morning he's talking about that scary experience in his own words as we take a live look out ophryon on your screen right now. they had gone out partying.
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anymore hardware. he has all of his medals. here is what he had to say about the scary experience. >> they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. i refused. i was like we didn't do anything wrong so i'm not getting down on the ground. he pulled out a gun and cooked it and put it to my forehead and wallet. >> in case you didn't see the initial reporting on this, it all started when they got pulled over by fake police officers. they pulled over thinking it was the rio police department in rio pulling them over. they found out in short order they were not police officers at all. they were criminals. as you can see he's ok, no one
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in town a week from friday night hanging in vegas. >> tom: we're over the east side of the valley where there was an overnight fire off of boston avenue. as you look at the roof, you sites probably a complete loss. gutted half of the house on the side. we have no idea whether that house is occupied or not or an empty house when this broke out. boston avenue is still street so not affecting major streets. >> jeff: we have an accident to tell you about 15 south bound where we have one working causing a little bit of slowing. another hit and run accident investigation at lamb at charleston. starting 215 north bound no delays. fib henderson five minutes. 15 south bound made
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and google play. for a check of the monday forecast and more, here is dana and kelly. >> dana: it's been a nightmare in southern louisiana. a lot of rain in a short period of time. >> kim: rain gauges breaking at 19 inches. look at this video of aerial rescues you are seeing in the baton rouge area. announcement coming from the governor today that a major disaster has been declared by the federal government for louisiana. you are seeing this video coming out of there. not just this but the rescues we've seen coming out of cars. people have been killed by the flooding there.
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dangerous conditions for them there. here at home is the heat. make sure have you plenty of water. blue sky for us right now. lake 92. green valley you are 91. nellis 85. downtown coming in at 85. a warm start for us right now. temperatures are going to get hotter and the winds are going tore gusts to 25 expected later today. we have rain in the northern portions of our state, clouds up there too. none of that for us. it's going to stay to the north. lots of sunshine today and hot temperatures flirting with records. today's high 110. the record 111 set in 2002. tonight clear skies, 85 for our low.
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temperatures heading in the right direction, down. 102 which is normal for this time of year on friday. >> dana: time to bring you a dose of energy on this monday morning. there he is tony sanchez. coach, thanks for coming. you abound with optimism and i love that about you. fact is you finished 3-9 last you're. you think you can win the mountain west conference this >> that's the ultimate goal. but the biggest thing is going out 1-0. you got to focus on the task ahead of you and go 1-0. i'm optimistic because the way these guys have work and the way we've been able to recruit. >> dana: you came from high
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work. you came from a high level program. what makes you believe you'll be different than some of the past coaches that went from high school to college? >> focusing on the job we have and understanding what our weaknesses our, where we need to build and putting the process in place and being patient with it and sticking it to. full confidence in myself and our entire staff and we're going to get it done. >> dana: you don't have a starting quaer >> they are battling it out right now. that's a good thing. those guys are pushing each other so we're excited about it. >> dana: you try to go 1-0 two weeks from this thursday night
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night. jacksonville state, go get the victory. >> yes, sir. >> good luck this season. >> i like how he gets everyone ready and pumped. i've seen some of the footage. we need to do that before the broadcast. we are looking forward to the season. it's always fun to cover a win sore we're all rooting for you. >> the skies highlighted with color as the largest balloon festival weekend. we're taking you to the scene coming up. >> kim: as we take you live to rio right now. it's 6:19 in the morning. usain bolt has a chance to win
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>> over half of tumors are missing a working copy of this. >> most people have two copies of this gene but elephants. >> 40 copies of the gene. >> every week they study blood
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>> these extra copies of the p53 seem to be protecting the cells from cancer by eliminating any type of cell that develops any type of mutation. >> zoo visitors have been amazed. >> great to help humans and get to know elephants better. >> don't want anyone to go through the pain and suffering of cancer. >> not a day goes by where i don't wonder are my own his goal is to find a cure. >> the research is still in the early stages but test have shown promise in treating cancer
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>> dana: there is some sort of nonsense here. looks like a tractor trailer with a cab up. you have a lane blocked there but not going to cause any problem. we have minor problems.
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good. >> kelly: the sun is up. beautiful start. winds are going to be picking up today too. pahrump 78. boulder city 85. we'll talk about what we expect for the afternoon and the rest of the week coming up. >> dana: what a beautiful morning. isn't this a beautiful sight? >> kim: no surprise people are flocking to england to be able to look up gusty winds did prevent flying on saturday. conditions better yesterday. that's what this footage from. this is europe's largest balloon festival and the largest in the entire world. the event attracting people from as far as thailand. it's four day festival expected to attract more people before
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he's a smaller guy. >> dana: he's one of the funniest guys on planet earth. this is his wedding. we have more of these cute pictures and who attended. >> kim: live pictures out of the white house where vice president biden is making a pitch today for hillary clinton. he's promoting he [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? . why?
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>> dana: ryan lochte had a scary moment. we'll talk about it coming up. >> kim: the t.s.a. agents knew he was boarding a flight for las vegas with that monkey. now you are hearing about this monkey business from the horse's mouth. this is a local story you'll be
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>> dana: it's a make a wish monday. a princess to the rescue. the touching moment ahead. ful. >> dana: happy monday. live pictures from sky 3 this morning. it is august 15, 6:30 in the morning and clear skies being revealed. >> kim: u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a. it's so fun we're your olympic station. we're checking in with jay gray in moments. thanks for waking up with us. love that you are hear with us on this monday morning. >> dana: tom is providing beautiful pictures. any problems on the roadway? >> >> tom: beautiful morning.
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>> jeff: had an accident that is now cleared but look at the backup from >> kelly: 104 at noon. 110 at 3:00. very hot. make sure you have extra water heading out the door. the record for today 111. i have good news coming up on
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monkey but didn't tell the crew. they asked to see the paperwork. it exist but it's online and he couldn't pull it u the internet service. he was running late and barely missed the flight. >> i was the last one on.
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you need documentation and fits not available then the airline can decide not to let the animal board. lesson learned. if you are flying with one, declare the monkey. >> kim: thank you for that. it is a monday here and w inspiration for you on our make a wish monday segmentment we are introducing you to this cutie. this little girl has never not known a life not battling illness. at birth she was diagnosed with an illness that has taken her in and out of the hospital. many when a lot of her friends were having fun she was having to cut out and go to a hospital and get treatment.
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helped transport her to a far off place somewhere where anything was possible. her wish granters through make a wish were able to send her to disney to meet elsa in person. it is a trip she'll never forget. they really need our support. we incourage you to check out make a wish. we have all the website at so you can keep one it. having a bone marrow failure is a tough thing. really nice thing for her to be able to see queen elsa. >> dana: when you watch the olympics, how do they do that? in this case a lot of us could do at least part of this. it went horribly wrong for this young lady.
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coming up. >> chloe continues to have fun in rio. there she is. she's taking us behind the scenes of the to the show set in rio. we're checking in with her live in a little while. >> dana: live pictures out of houston. that city will host super bowl li in february. they asked adele to sing at halftime. she said thanks but no
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>> kim: we all feel bad for her. she got a zero score. i didn't know that was possible. >> dana: it started off horrible. her feet slip. she goes off to the side of the diving board. when that happened, it didn't go well. she did the back flip. she's from russia. she won several european championships. she's a really good diver.
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>> kim: even her mistake was pretty agreesful. you know what else i'm noticing. the pool still looks murky to me. >> tom: we knew the waters were polluted outside but you expect the indoor pools to be clean. we'll be watching that competition. right now we're watching the competition on the roadway. so far it's going well as we pa the airport connector, the 215. we're in route. we want to get you up to date on weather. here is kelly. >> kelly: we're going to start way live look outside. we are seeing clear blue skies as we look off to the west. temperature, brace yourselves. it's already hot. 90 right now. we're talking triple digit this is afternoon. potentially flirting with
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it's winter there. i'm with you guys, she should have gotten some points. >> kim: kelly has taken a lot of heat because we're complaining about the heat. we're all in this together. donald trump shifting the focus of who he's beat up on. >> i'm crooked media. >> kim: now he's thrown crooked media into the mix. tracy potts is talking about it ahead. >> dana: the olympic flame, men's basketball team struggling. they are winning but they won by three yesterday over france. they were once thought to be
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>> krystal: mackers targeting four major hotels. hotels in 10 states were hit. data may have been stolen from early december to late june. it has a handle on the situation and hotel customers can use cards at their property. we didn't see any nevada properties however you might
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if you stayed at any of the hotels that were affected. >> dana: more breaking news. a house fire on the east side of the valley turns deadly. kendall joins us live with the details. >> good morning. we're on the 4100 block of boston avenue. you'll be able to see a bit of the smoke damage. are on scene working to figure out what happened after a body was found during this house fire. we've been here for a little bit of time and i can tell you they are unsure if someone lived in this home or if squatters may have been involved. i can tell you a body found here after a house fire this morning located on the 4100 block of
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updates. >> kim: thank you for that. we do live cut ins. local news updates every 25 minutes throughout "the today show." we can count on you for an update. thank you for that. we are your olympic station. we've had so much fun with chloe live from rio. who already to send behind the scenes of "the today show" than chloe herself. i've seen your social media post. thanks for j morning. take us for the tour of today on the road. >> it was so much fun. i have to admit i was a little star struck especially when i saw the weather god of the south. i was like you are the biggest expert. it was cool to meet him and everyone from "the today show." they are all very friendly, very upbeat. and i'm like how do you do this every morning.
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there at a great location. that is where we were live last friday. having a lot of fun with them. it has been a crazy experience out here. hanging out at "the today show" set, i found out a few interesting things. they are going to stop using that set after this olympics. they've been using it since the year 2,000. that is interesting. that is the last time you are going to see that exact set covering the oic today show. and i got caught into a interesting conversation withal roker. i you've been around the block. what is your favorite sport and he said water polo because it's like rugby under water.
6:49 am
donald trump not blaming himself or campaign or hillary clinton for his falling poll numbers. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. >> time to go to one of the non-crooked members of the media. nbc tracy potts joins us. >> thank you. >> dana: you are welcome. some in his own party are saying that dump donald trump. >> we've seen that for a while now. dozens of people who are party insiders saying maybe we should back away from this guy and focus on the senate races and congressional races so we can hold on to congress. if he doesn't get it together and by get it together they mean pull up his poll numbers by labor day and stop some of the more explosive comments, they
6:50 am
does need to pull away and maybe trump needs to turn this over to his running mate. and hillary clinton is in pennsylvania. she's with vice president biden making appeal to blue collar workers there. typically democratic there but in the middle of the swing state that is purple now that donald trump is going after, besides really going after the media. >> dana: i think we're going to hear more calls for donald trump to release his tax return, somethings hillary clinton did over the weekend. we're going to hear a lot more about that. donald trump has yet to do so. he says he's under audit and won't release his taxes until that is over.
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taxes. check this out. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. this is flooding in louis luis. rescuers coming across the woman. trying to break out a window. didn't get it done. so they went through the soft top roof. it was a convertible thank goodness. she said my dog is still down there. they are thinking no way the emergency responders saying that the rescuer didn't think twice jumping in and out of the water saving that woman and her dog. they may be having thanksgiving dinner with this guy. >> dana: that guy is a true american hero. what a week for team u.s.a. in
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gold medals with cody miller, a local kid. and katie ladecky winning medals as well. both will be on "the today show" talking about their experience. >> i knew this was the last time. i knew this was the last race i ever had and the lyceums i ever had and everything hit hard and i guess some people at home saw whereso that final night the tears started coming. and bob and i shared some of those emotional moments with one another. i was thinking my last warm up, my last warm down, my last time putting on a suit. my last cold tub. >> dana: he says he's retired for sure this time. he said that four years ago but he says he will not compete in
6:53 am
fool me once, what is the phrase? there is no way tom is retiring. he's a staple here at news 3. there he is in sky 3. >> tom: i'm going for the gold. still in competition for the time being. we got an excellent at 95 and valley view. we're just arrive ohingen the scene. looks like that car went into the wall on the side. south bound just approaching the 95 overpast. by the airport connector got a problem with a couple of vehicles and accident as you make that connection from the south bound on to the 215. look at this backup it's causing. that is a mess for people exiting the airport. hopefully they get that cleared. they have orange barrels there for work taking place in the area. for the moment traffic is stopped there. >> jeff: we are looking at 15 south bound. had an accident earlier. it's been cleared.
6:54 am
is. traffic starting to thicken up a little bit. let's get a check of the forecast from kelly. >> kelly: we're looking at lots of blue skies. it's looking pretty good. a few clouds out there as we take a look on our mesquite came 82 right now. a look at the temperatures in the valley, henderson 91 already this morning. paradise you are 89. lakes you are 90. centennial 86. winds not an issue as you are heading out for your morning commute but will be for the evening commute. winds gusting up to 25 out of the southwest. a little bit of a disturbance to our north. rain showers there.
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today. pahrump 107. look at overton 113. primm 110. 110 in las vegas today as well. grab a couple of extra bottles of water. as we head toward the weekend temperatures are going to start improving. normal temperatures by friday and saturday. 102. >> time for the water cooler on this mda career with 23 gold medals. the biggest surprise may be his fiance. they set a date and they are not telling us or saying where they are going to get married. they are saying it will be overseas. it's going to be a small ceremony. when they get back to the united states they are going to hold a big bash for everyone here in the u.s.
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since and then they welcomed boomer into the world three months ago. a big congratulations going out to kevin hart and his now wife tying knot over the weekend. absolutely gorgeous dress as you can see. hart's eight-year-old son was his best man. his son almost as tall as he lot of stars there all hanging out over the weekend. final round of the john deere classic in illinois yesterday. don't normally cover golf tournaments but we are this time because a kid named ryan moore who graduated from unlv got the victory, his fifth pga tour victory.
6:57 am
>> kim: not bad if you can get the job done, right. that's nice when we feature former unlv golfers. thanks for spending time with us. "the today show" is next on this channel. we encourage you to check out our friends on the cw las vegas. >> happy monday. thank you for waking up with us. we are following the latest out of milwaukee and the protest that continue there after that pole >> jeff: a disney character brought to tears after these children walk up. find out why that performance was so spepecial. >> krystal: national relaxation
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for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secucure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington.
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good morning. unprecedented. good morning. unprecedented. >> invincible usain bolt. >> you vain bolt proves again he is the world's fastest man, the first sprinter to capture three straight 100 meter olympic titles. >> and there it is. >> in gymnastics simone biles nails it, all paking it three golds so far with two events still to go. while the swimmers from team usa celebrate unparalleled medal haul in rio, four for simone man you yeel, five for katie ledecky, six for michael phelps and we get to bask in their glow


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