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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  August 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:31pm PDT

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you can read the plan here. ? >> have to love the soundtrack. there's still so much action as we come into another week. we bring you more of the summer olympics. tonight there's new concerns about security outside of the games. welcome back. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm jim snyder. glad you are with us tonight. ryan lochte and three other american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint over the weekend. our team in rio has been talking with mim about the -- with him about the violence he faced.
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so, first of all -- we'll get to lochte in a minute. cody miller, of course, our olympian who has medalled here in rio. we're so proud of him. the feeling is mutual. went on national tv and here is the shout-out he gave to las vegas. take a look. >> okay. i want to say thank you to all of my friends and family back home in las vegas. wouldn't be here with two medals without you guys. friends in indiana, love you guys. my badger, my badger team in new york city. love you guys. love you, john. everybody. my whole family, my mom, my sister katie, and my fiance and my best friend james, cheering me on every day. it's been great and mike and ray my coaches. [laughter] >> can't forget them. >> reporter: all right. so basically, everybody he's ever met. but when we hear an olympian
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las vegas, we have to make sure you hear that and it's echoed far and wide in southern nevada. all right. so let's talk about what the latest is on that very bizarre ryan lochte situation. of course, robbed in the middle of the night. pulled out of a cab. people posing as police. at one point, ryan lochte had a gun do his head. by today, the question in rio is did that cabdriver have something to do with it? some people are whether the cabdriver put in a call and that's what led the robbers to the cab. right now, that's the big question. still no answers. when we talked to ryan on the beach hours before that awful thing happened to him, he wanted to keep a positive talk about his career, medals and his future, helping young people. he's a good guy, kind guy with a very gentle heart and he also has a heart for las vegas. where does he stand?
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i found out. >> i like staying at the venetian. you know, any place. any place really as long as my -- i have a good group of friends there. we'll make the party come to us. >> and i can say no matter who we talk to here in rio, no matter what the language or cultural barriers are, when we tell them we're from they all say oh! wow! [laughter] >> that's prim -- impressive. hey, reed, you spoke with conner fields. let's talk about that conversation. >> reporter: okay. this is an inpressive young man. he's going to start unlv in the fall. he wants to be a spokesperson for espn and he's our local bmx star. tomorrow on news 3, you will
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dad who hails from southern nevada. there is a lot of love between father and son and we see that theme over and over every time we talk to an olympian. they always want to thank their mom and dad and friends and like we heard from cody miller. >> impressive how many stories you are bringing to us. be safe and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> even when reed and chloe beardsley are not on air, they are posting on social media. >> all throughout the games, they will continue do post those videos and pictures online. you can also head to or our facebook page to find all things olympic. >> and there is more. news 3 viewers having quite the experience at the games.
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he's been sending us these photos from the different venues giving us a perspective from a fan's point of view. we put these together on our olympics page. >> tonight in prime time, you can look forward to event finals in men and women's gym nas take, -- gymnastics, and beach volleyball. be sure to stay up with us l after the olympics. a 10:00 curfew for teens in milwaukee will be enforced according to police there and the mayor. the curfew was set in place following two nights of event protests in the city. the violence erupted after police fatally shot a black man on saturday afternoon. milwaukee police say smith was armed when he fled a traffic stop. seven officers were hurt by protesters hurting rocks. several police cars also damaged.
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for peace. >> those individuals, in my mind, are deliberately trying to damage a great neighborhood and a great city. they are deliberately trying to damage sherman park and this city. >> despite several locations of gunfire, police were able to control the situation without firing their weapons. we're learning more about the three married couplesro crash in alabama. authorities say the three men were dentists traveling with their wives. they were coming back from central florida. the ntsb says the plane was having engine problems and crashed while trying to land in tuscaloosa. they leave behind 11 children all together. a local red cross volunteer is headed to the flood zone in louisiana with much of that state under water. you see the car submerged here. historic flooding has killed
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more out of their homes. many of them had to be rescued from their rooftops or cars. more than 20 inches of rain fell in and aren't baton rouge. more rain is expected. here's more h. >> reporter: this flooding is unlike anything the people in louisiana have ever seen. the governor says thousands of homes that have never flooded before are now under water. >> it's been difficult to get but you can throw all of the experience out whenever you break the records as we have in lea. >> reporter: in louisiana. >> reporter: 20 people had to be rescued from their homes over the weekend and their cars. >> i'm drowning. >> we're coming. we're coming. >> reporter: but when disaster strikes, the human spirit prevail. >> first instinct was to get ahold of her and pull her out.
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i just jumped in. i took a deep breath and felt around and then eventually i felt something and cranked the dog out. >> reporter: the governor expects disasters to be declared in 64 of the parishes. but more rainfall is expected to fall. >> we didn't t a volcano in mexico has registered four explosions in the last 24 hours alone. the volcano in central mexico is spewing ash, smoke and steam into the city. as tempting as it may be for the locals to get a closer look, emergency officials are urging people to stay away. this the second tallest volcano in mexico. coming up -- an unusual rescue call for first
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>> proving even rodents need a little help every once in a while. the sticky situation all caught on camera. local byu fans are in for a basketball treat in november. amber will tell us about [ted]quality top tier gas helps keep engines clean. [robot]greetings,mr.ted. [ted]whoa. [robot]i have helped keep your engine clean. [ted]i will call you donnie! is that okay?do you like that name? [woman}who's donnie? [ted]he's my roboctopus.
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hotels in ten states have been hacked, including some in california. hei hotel and resorts said the hackers put malware on the systems in at least 20 locations. that includes starwood, marriott, hyatt and some westin hotels. credit card data information about food and other purchases may have been stolen. customers who see anything suspicious on their accounts should contact their credit card company right away. > feeling watch your iphone drop into the water and then go competely dark, well, i've been through it a few times, help may be on the way for us. apple was recently granted a patent for editing tools that are used for underwater
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color. apple is expecting the features on the 7. you can see why the rumor mill is swirling. >> that means you will be in line for hours and hours. >> whatever it takes. >> yeah. [laughter] want to talk about not your normal situation for first responders. >> we showed you this before the break. got situation. paramedics found it its head stuck in a discarded yogurt cup. it was jumping and flipping in the air. >> rescuers stepped in. it took a few tries but they were able to free the squirrel who quickly headed out. [laughter] >> i'm out of here. >> have to find out what brand of yogurt and that's their new marketing campaign.
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on it. [laughter] let's take a look at what's coming up at 7:00. a scare sends people in a panic at a french resort. and could the supplements you take every day do more harm than god? those stories and denise's special report, vegas volcanos coming up at 7:00. onto weather. it was a scorcher of a weekend. a lot of people were in the pool, please, please. i need to cool off. i n swimsuits off and put on other suits, get back to work. [laughter] >> the visual -- >> that you don't want. >> tmi. >> way too much information information there. a nice comfortable pool sounds good. it will all weekend long. but there is a cooling trend coming up. we'll begin with a few from our camera on top of the red rock
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watch the sun come out and what i like about this today is the winds did a great job of cleaning out the air. air quality in the good category. i think we'll see a similar story tomorrow. a couple of clouds way off in the distance. still blowing at ten miles an hour near eastern and charleston. 105, 5%. next stop, 101 and 5% over the hump. they are down to 8 miles an hour. and up on current temperatures if you getting ready to -- to head out, 105 on the east side of town. sandy valley, 102. the lake 106. laughlin, 109. your tuesday will be toasty but maybe a degree down from where we were today, which would be 3 or 4 degrees down from where we were yesterday. mid-80s start. triple digits by lunchtime,
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tomorrow. the wind will not be much of a factor early. it will be blowing but less than ten miles an hour. it ramps up in the afternoon. we're thinking, 10, 20. you can see the moisture continuing to stream up in texas, louisiana. it's been a mess for those folks. we can use some of that water, there are no indications of the monsoonal moisture coming back. if anything, they will get to the east late in the week and we'll stay high and dry and maybe not that high temperature-wise. 91 in phoenix, 107. salt lake at 97. san francisco, 72. and we're looking at mid-90s in nevada. 6s up in indian springs and throughout lincoln county as well. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, mountain, 80. lake, 109. death valley, 117. it's the middle of august. september around the corner. may not cool down until
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84 tonight. 107 the high expected tomorrow. that will knock off a degree from day and that's a trend that we're going to continue, albeit very garageually for the -- gradually for the rest of the week. here on monday evening, it's never too early to look at the next weekend. highs around 103 and lows in the lower 80s. when you peak at 103, that's almost qualifying for living >> that's true. >> all in perspective. >> yep. >> thank you. >> sure. time for sports. amber joins us with big news for local byu fans and i know there are a lot of them. >> we have plenty of them here in las vegas. cougars fans, mark your calendars. byu basketball team is one of four 20-win teams that will play in this year's mgm main event tournament. it runs november 1st through
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faces st. louis. that's alabama or the crusaders who beat them by a bucket in the n.i.t. finals. in the middle weight is southern utah. that's where todd simon now head coach. it will be his first return to las vegas since unlv let him go. meanwhile, new marvin menzies, he's in the bahamas. posted these pictures on yesterday before the team lost. 80-79 in a game against the university of toronto t was a close game but missed it free throws and a foul cost the rebels the game. they will try again tomorrow taking on the knights who are 0-3 in this tournament. good news for the rebs.
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15-1-3. that was jake dalton's score at the olympics yesterday. he finished in 6th and for the second straight olympics failed to medal. when asked if he will be back for the 2020 olympics, the 24-year-old got emotional and said he did not know. here is a look at the current medal stanings. the u.s. ahead of china by 26. 26 the number of gold medals that team u.s. has. football season and bishop gorman star running back walsh now knows where he will be playing in college. he committed to california over the weekend. reportedly turning down offers from arizona, colorado, louisville and unlv last season. walsh ran for 2,454 yards and 33 touchdowns. look for him to have another stand-out season for the
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modeling. he signed a modeling contract recently. >> oh, okay. >> yeah. much to the criticism of his teammates. >> i can only imagine what's that like in the locker room. >> don't hate him because he's beautiful, right? [laughter] >> thank you. >> thank you. turning trash into
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more barking tomorrow morning -- morning as the dog dayens continue. on our way to 107 tomorrow. the temperature rises quickly in the morning. that's why you want to check hout kelly beginning at -- at 4:30 a.m. >> thank you. we have a bad reputation in southern nevada. we've earned it. we're lousy at recycling. >> some people are getting creative when it comes to fixing that. bring in nevada recycles and the venetian. these are last year's winners. the ultimate goal to increase the awareness and interests in recycling. there are a few rules. entrants must be nevada residents and projects must use all recycled material.
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done. they are due october 23rd. we have alible at in 20sa, nevada had a recycling rate at less than 23%. >> >> perhaps we can do better.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a liline of clothin, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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the woman accused in a deadly hit-and-run appears in court as her attorney blames the victim. and visitors at a hotel near the strip are evacuated after a fire breaks out. we'll tell you what guests are saying about the tense moments that followed. also tonight, did you know the las vegas valley is
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tonight we'll dig deeper into our explosive past and whether we should be worried about the future. the woman accused in a hit-and-run that took the life of a jan back in june appeared -- man back in june appeared in court. >> police say whitney broke question was under under the influence when she ran down idan co han. cohen. her attorney said she's innocent. >> reporter: it was a packed courtroom for a preliminary hearing of a suspected deadly hit-and-run. the room was divided. half of the support,
7:01 pm
several witnesses testified about the night of june 28th when prosecutors say whitney greco hit and ran over cohen as he walked along a road near sunset and durango. christopher calloway was the first to the call 911 and found his body on the roadway. >> he didn't move. no sounds at all. >> reporter: police say greco left the scene. about a mile aft gave out. the front windshield was broken. selena le blue remembers approaching greco and had blood running down her face. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: greco's attorney contends that cohen was walking on the road and talk ing on the phone.
7:02 pm
the traffic. >> she has to be behind bars and take responsibility of what she did. >> reporter: a police report claims greco was under the nine united states of marijuana and driving with almost two times the legal limit of. . the pmi at 8:30 in the morning. antonio castelan, news 3. we're hours away from saying farewell to las vegas history, the impression of the riviera hotel and casino will take place early tomorrow morning, only this time there's no formal event planned, no viewing area for people to go and watch the towers go down at 2:00 a.m. although the public will be
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metro will patrol the safety zone and direct people away from areas they are not supposed to be in. if you want to take part, we'll stream it for you live on a house fire has turned into a murder investigation after a man's body was discovered in the ashes. investigators are now trying to determine how that person died, how the fire started. the man's body so badly the coroner has not been able to identify him. a fire led to evacuations at a local hotel. christy wilcox is live at the hotel where you can still smell smoke. >> reporter: that fire started around 1:45 this afternoon. we talked to two guests who say they thought it was a joke when the fire alarms went off because they couldn't smell the smoke
7:04 pm
the rumor hotel. two patrons say they thought it was a joke. >> we thought it was veg. vegas. somebody pulled the alarm. >> we saw people moving faster. >> we were worried it was gonna spread. >> reporter: hotel staff didn't want to comment but fire officials say it started before 2:00. inside the hotel, guests say one portion of the roof collapsed. clark county fire officials say no one was slanted. that part of the roof is caved in. right above that, the wall part is caved in. >> reporter: guests were evacuated as they moved the fire. now the smoke is lingering. >> i didn't have it in my plans to shop. i would rather use what i have. i don't want to smell like smoke. i'm asthmatic so i have to carry
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fire crackers sent a crowd running for cover at a resort in france. dozens of people were hurt after they mistook the sound as gunfire. they say it knelt like an earthquake as diners formed humane chains. they were convinced something horrible was going on. this happened one month after the terror attack in nice that killed 85 people. as t ryan lochte and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. police are still looking for the robbers. >> reporter: the temperatures are hot here in rio and so is the story about ryan lochte and his teammates robbed at gunpoint. we talked to him not many hours before that happened.
7:06 pm
lochte is wanting to do by today. that is to get the focus back on his legacy and future. a night of partying ending with a gun point. at an olympian. ryan lochte, and the other swimmers, ordered to the ground. when lochte refuseds, the robbers -- >> he pulled out his gun. he took our money, my wallet. leading investigators to seek the cab driver, questioning was he in on it? the police chief said they might have known the olympians were in the round. ryan trying to focus on the future. >> i'm done. i'm gonna take a break. >> reporter: he's going to work with kids. >> i love working with kids. that's one of the things i love to do.
7:07 pm
just receiving -- giving them motivation. >> reporter: a value taught to him by his mom, parents, the power behind the pool. >> it means everything. they make me who i am, my mom does. she's been through the thick and thin of everything. >> reporter: lightening the mood, i asked him about the headline that got bumped after he was robbed, his hair color. >> yours manufactured. gonna make that known to all of you and the name on the bottle? >> there is no name on the bottle. it's the lochte locks. >> reporter: in rio, for lochte, stories to tell for sure. reed cowan, news 3. and remember, when pour team -- our team rio is
7:08 pm
in fact, larry brickner has been giving us the school. you can see his gallery he's taken while attending different events. a lot of people who live here don't know that las vegas is surrounded by volcanos. >> now some asking should southern nevada be worried about the explosive past that lies within our desert. >> and the woman and her dog trapped in a sinking car. flash flood. we'll tell you how rescuers were able to save them just in the nick of time. tying 111, 108 today. we can landle it. but the morning low mid-80s?
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an offensive display along a oklahoma has generated a lot of anger. the homeowner put up these nooses in his front yard because he says he's been a victim of crime. he also put up a sign that reads "i advise you to not hang around here after dark."
7:12 pm
not to be racist but a warning to potential thieves. despite controversial, authorities says this does not break any laws. an amazing survival story for a woman and her dog in the devastating floods in law. louisiana. these are rescuers trying to free them. first they tried to break the window and they finally get her up to the surface as the car disappears from site. the dog is still in the car which is water. right when they are about to give up, the pup, someone pulls it to safety. they are both just doing finened to. from mexico to its lay, highway to japan. did you know that southern nevada has his own explosive path? >> yes. denise rosch explains where the volcanos and whether we have
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>> they never said it on the news, but we're always 8 degrees cooler. >> reporter: he doesn't mind a little hard work in the summer sun. >> i think because of black mountain and the breeze. >> reporter: his front yard, an oway says of drought-tolerant trees. >> that one there, i got at costco for $10. >> reporter: but creating the paradise was not easy. the soil has been a challenge. >> it's hard digging here. you got rock right away. >> reporter: and he can ancient history. that mountain keeping his henderson neighborhood a few degrees cooler is actually lava flow from an extinct volcano volcano. and here on the south side of the valley, that's not unusual. >> if you live in henderson, you are basically surrounded by all of the volcanos. >> reporter: gene smith is a professor of geology at unlv who has been studying a rocky landscape for decades. >> the color range is a large
7:14 pm
occurred up to 16 million years ago. no chance for a local eruption today, he says. but -- >> there's the possibility that volcanos nearby, for example, in flagstaff or near baker might erupt and ash plumes from those volcanos might disturb air traffic here at mccarran. >> reporter: and all over the world examples of the force of nature. one volcano on the big island of hawaii has been erupting for more the ocean in dramatic fashion. a tour attraction, just like mount st. helens in washington, killing 57 people. >> a wave of small earthquakes shaking mount saint helens. >> reporter: scientists say there's signs it's slowly we charging now. >> here's las vegas. >> reporter: while here in southern nevada --
7:15 pm
development and the golf course in between the flows. >> reporter: our volcanos died out long ago. even if the remnants are still visible from space. >> here is the rim of the volcano here, the rim of the crater. here is the area where they are making housing paths. >> reporter: for an even closer look at some of our vegas volcanos, travel no farther than lake mead. but historic railroad trail cuts right through volcanic roc runners and bikers. >> beautiful out here. lake mead in the background and hoover dam at the end. teams of men dug for five months through solid rock. today you can see it's starting to wear away almost like a standstone. but it's still clear exactly what i'm standing in. >> amazing to think of the trains coming through.
7:16 pm
history, long gone. >> this is the old evidence nozzle in existence. >> reporter: time is relative. >> basically, nothing's happened there since 12.3 million years. and that's like yesterday. >> reporter: the lava flow now bearing the transmitter of this television station and several others, an ancient volcanic landmark and for plat the ridiculously rocky >> thank you, black mountain. >> reporter: denise rosch, news 3. >> wow. tom hawley is our resident hiker and he would lead hikes. i've been hiking with him on one of those hills, those trails covered with lava rock. it's a trip. >> yeah. >> to go out there when you see the dirt go from what looks like your typical brown dirt around
7:17 pm
you think it's on the out there, there's no lava out there. >> yeah. in a week we're at 102 but we're heading in the right direction. a little patience required. let's go over -- boy, the sun was blistering today. i will put this in motion. you can see the trees s a few clouds way out to the east. way over in utah, zion had the clouds. they've cleared out as the sun sets. ksntv, that's us. we had a wind gust of 20 miles an hour. our humidity, 7%. 8% at cunningham elementary.
7:18 pm
southwest winds jest went up to 10. they had a wind gust of 36 miles an hour. up in southern nevada, 100 in pahrump. 100 in boulder city and 106 in laughlin. 97 in summerlin, to 103 in nellis. sunrise manor 104 in henderson. that's off water street. they made it 108 in sunrise manor and summerlin barely eeked into triple digits at 100. but had a wind gust of 3 is -- 1 miles an hour. paradise, 35 miles an hour. currently 104 at the airport. that's down from 108. tomorrow we're looking at a high of about 107. 95 in tonopah.
7:19 pm
la. our skies are clear. moisture moving away from us. that could change by, say, thursday into friday. we could get moisture returning our way. don't think it will make it in here. >> you can see the moisture moving up from utah into colorado. by far, the torrential rains in east texas and louisiana. from the fetch of moisture, they are continuing. that's really a potentially tragic story. 79 in boulder laughlin. highs tomorrow, just a degree cooler than today or even matching today's high. 110 in overton. 105 in pahrump. 104 in boulder city. overnight lows. it will be warm, but dry. 83. that's mid valleys upper 70s and maybe even mid-80s on the far east side.
7:20 pm
they will be in the 10, 15-mile-an-hour range. odationly we'll -- occasionally we'll gust higher. you can see the winds picking up right a bit in the afternoon. we keep it at 107 for wednesday and then again up to 105 on thursday before we get a little relief at the end of the week. i said, 102. it's heeded in -- headed in the right direction. >> thank you. this tornado moving through the philippines. this is a time lapse captured from a resident from her 39th floor apartment. she said she was just terrified by the twister and she plans to stay indoors with her family until the weather improves. good idea. >> yeah. perfectly formed there.
7:21 pm
to improve your health doing the exact opposite? >> we have alarming facts [jess]quality top tier gas helps protect engines from harmful deposits.hmm... hey! ninjas! step away from my engine. kaaa!
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dietary supplements are a $40 billion industry. people do end up in the emergency room after taking a
7:24 pm
being sold that are potentially harmful. supplements are easier to get than prescription drugs and they carry an ora of being more natural and so many think safer. a survey finds 50% of americans believe that supplement makers test their products for effectiveness and 38% believe that supplements have been tested for safety by the food and drug administration. >> for the most part, supplement makers don't have to prove the products are safe and work as to prove that the packages contain what the labels say they do. >> consumer reports has released an investigation on supplements. >> because the regulations are so weak, dietary supplements can be contaminated, ineffective and spiked with illegal prescription drugs. >> reporter: in response the council for responsible nutrition representing supplement manufacturers says that supplements are adequately regulated and the vast majority are safe.
7:25 pm
15 supplement ingredients they say we should all avoid because they have been linked to serious health hazards. people use yohimda for obesity, sexual dysfunction and depression. it can haze your heart rate and liver and kidney problems and possibly death. yet, they found those are being told by walmart and whole foods. consumer reports believes the best way to protect the public is to have stronger federal regulation of those supplements. kim wagner, news 3. let's take a look at some of the stories we're going to bring you after the olympics. police are looking for two suspects who robbed a resort near the resort. how police are trying to catch these two crooks.
7:26 pm
place. the fight for a local woman as she tries to get rid of these pests. those stories and any breaking news as it happens, all tonight right after the olympics. speaking of the olympics as the athletes are competing in rio, other runners a aiming for gold at the senior olympics in michigan. >> one of the competitors is fred winter, 101 years old. he's events including the 50-meter, 100-yard dashes. he says despite his age, he's in great shape. >> i'm up to 100 pushups. bing, bing, bing, bing. you have to do them fast. if you do them slow, you won't make it. >> he's running and he's doing pushups. let him be your inspiration
7:27 pm
until the end of the month. >> still flirting with the girls on the side of the track. [laughter] >> the secret to being 101 years young. >> all right. that will wrap it up for us.
7:28 pm
a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he wasas going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, ybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring.
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contents of this advertising. . >> tonight on the olympic zone. in women basketball, team brings to defeat and five players who share a common bond and the uncommon coach and dominant program in america. >> sometimes i just look at them
7:30 pm
>> plus with a coast line like this, it's no surprise that rio has one of the best surfing communities. so we couldn't resist and caught some waves with one of brazil's best and finishes with tights that can't tell the difference between gold and silver. >> between six one >> next on the olympic zone. >> we want to welcome you to the olympic zone. another week of competition is in front of us. here we are in week two. thank you for joining us. i'm marie mortera. >> and let's face it.


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