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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> anchor: i'm kelly beersly. how much money would you fork up to watch your favorite team play at the olympics? we'll show you how much locals are spending. that's coming up next. and smart tattoos. the body ink of the future on your screen right now. what that tattoo can do for you. live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. good morning. it is 5:00. and it is august 16th. and fans o day means for them. it was 39 years ago today that elvis passed away at graceland. he was only 42 years of age. if he had not passed away on that age, he could still be alive. he would be 81 today. >> anchor: he was still alive when the riviera was standing tall. now that iconic property completely gone and you're about to see the implosion in moments. thanks for waking up with us. we're the wagners. kim and dana here on this tuesday morning. >> anchor: tom holly is also
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first we check with kelly. kelly, tell me it's going to be cooler than yesterday. >> anchor: actually we're looking for similar temperatures to what we saw yesterday. 108. that's our forecast high. here is the day planner, though. it says you're stepping out this morning. we're actually looking at upper 70s, low 80s. so it's definitely cooler right now than it was at this time yesterday. but by noon, 103. 108 at 4:00. that's our high. notice the sunrise time, though. 6:00 a.m. on the dot. we're getting shorter and shorter mode. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast. >> anchor: all right. looking forward to that. right now starting out essentially here on thompson drive. that's where you have one of those roundabouts right next to sutherland hospital. watch out for that. somebody had trouble with the roundabout. taking you over to the rainbow curve where it shows us a good looking view. it's not many people on the roadway. that means travel time all running in the green.
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kim. >> anchor: thank you very much, tom. tom has documented the videos throughout the year in his video vault. you can see those. but before you go to the computer, you have to check this out. just about three hours ago, the final pieces of the riviera came crashing down. [ explosion ] >> reporter: and there it went. and this started out between 2:00 and 2:30 as they got everything ready. this was dynamite that was used. the first high-rise on the las vegas strip and for years was one of the city's more famous casinos. they had 2,075 rooms at one point and it closed down in may of last year after 60 years of posting headliners from liberace to dean martin sitting right
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cleared, the site is going to be used to expand the las vegas convention center. and we'll have the live pictures of what it looks like in the light of day coming up in a little while. >> anchor: i saw a metro swat vehicle drive into the lobby of that vehicle. >> anchor: the lobby no more. >> anchor: it was in a jason bourne movie. >> anchor: i thought you meant this morning. >> anchor: no. >> anchor: you're talking about hollywood. >> anchor: yes. the jason bourne movie after two weeks away from the start of school. major vote set for later on this morning could improve your child's education. our michele valez joins us in the studio with details. >> anchor: we're talking about a massive plan to reorganize the clark county school district which was met last week with scrutiny and criticism. for the first time last week, we heard from the biggest decision maker. the plan would essentially flip
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teachers and parents would decide how much money is spent in your child's classroom. a committee of nine lawmakers charged with approving the final plan going to vote on this plan later this morning. and i think that's going to happen around 9:00. so we are going to have a crew there. i know this has received a lot of backlash and criticism and support from the other side. so we're going to be there at 9:00 this morning and we'll have the latest on what happened inside of that meeting on later >> anchor: all right. thank you. breaking news time, we check in for the first time with our krystal allan on this tuesday. >> reporter: morning to you, kim. thank you for that. an arrest has been made in connection to the large fire burning across lake county, california. california fire officials announcing they arrested that man you see on your screen. 40-year-old david pashalick. he's been charged with 17 counts of arson, as well as several others across lake county over the past year. now, the fire has burned more
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more than 175 structures. so that's it for the breaking news. krystal allan here. let's send it back over to the news desk. >> anchor: crystal, thank you very much. we're fully on to olympic mode now at 5:05 this morning. we just love that we are your olympic station. we don't love that she had a possible, although she still medaled. simone biles. a lot of people argue she's the best gymnast on planet but she did not score gold last night like it was predicted. however, she did still come out a champion. let's show you. let's take you into the gym to show you exactly what happened. it had to do with her balancing during the finals. you're going to see one of these which is very unusual. >> reporter: how do you feel about this? >> well, i'm disappointed in how i performed my beam set, not in the medal that i got, because i shouldn't have gotten any higher. so it's fine. if you think about it, i'm the only gymnast that's competed as many times as i have, so i have
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>> reporter: she scored bronze. you're about to see the moment. we may have to take you on that lower third when she reaches down. this is kind of the moment last night in prime time coverage of the olympics. and we're going to show you an instagram post i'm told in my ear a little later. we had it in the 4:30 half-hour. it was pretty much the pete rose moment and allison felix track and field competition and then this in the gym last night with the touching of the beam with simone biles. the 19-year-old already three gold medals in rio attempting to be the first to win five gold medals in a single minute. her teammate lori hernandez not only did she claim silver, i heard a sportscaster saying she's the human emoji because she's so cute. simone biles is going to be in the mix for another gold when it comes to the floor exercise in those finals. you'll hear more from her. you just saw a little taste
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we'll have some more throughout this broadcast and, of course, the full interview on the today show this morning. >> reporter: this is the dive seen around the world. this is the end of the women's 400 meter race. there is allison felix from the united states and this is the runner from the bahamas. shawnae miller diving across the finish line to win. she was expected to win the race. we knew it would be close for sure. alex felix now the most decorated female track star in miller was flat on her back. she was exhausted. but she was exhilarated because she dove across the line to get that gold medal. allison felix disappointed to get silver. she will be on the today show. she's feeling a lot better today in the light of day. and you're going to hear from allison coming up on the today show. meanwhile, the usa still in the lead in terms of the medal count. it's 75 with 26 gold. china in second with 46 total medals.
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olympics right there on our website news that's exactly where this comes from. we're going to check in with chloe and we have numerous stories. on the topic of airports, i can't wait. you're going to see gizmo live on the program. you're also focusing on the tsa screeners. airports handling record crowds this summer so lawmakers would like to improve screeners super stressed when it gets really busy. high turnover rates. what do lawmakers have planned. we have it headed your way. plus a restaurant promoting its business with a clever pun. but not everyone is amused by this one. we're going to show you why some people were actually angry about their new slogan. and a tattoo that can help you. yes. we're talking about a touch of genius. we're not talking about just
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there's an actual tattoo that leads to this sort of device control. and you're going to see what we're talking about ahead. and we have live pictures coming out of chicago this morning. the chicago cubs have fired a d.j. that plays tunes during his game. he was a reliever set off the field. he served a 29 game suspension for domestic violence. when he left the field, the d.j. played a
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and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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. welcome back. it's 5:12. happening in our community, three suspects accused of a gruesome crime in town will face a local judge. what they're accused of will have you talking. it takes you back to this local fire. you're going to remember the details. remember the victims inside had been zip tied. they also had been stabbed. some of them losing their lives. others barely making it out alive. and the fire quickly consuming
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victims threatened the suspect from philadelphia after a drug deal ended up going sideways. this was a bad, bad drug deal that ended up going deadly. the victim thought the suspects owed them $100,000 but postal inspectors intercepted and seized the drugs that had been mailed. those suspects are facing several charges, including kidnapping and murder. 5:13 now. this is what it looks like when you get two rain in a 72 hour period in louisiana. massive flooding. seven people have now been killed from this. 20,000 people have been rescued. and the cleanup now begins. but these waters are still very high in many communities in southern louisiana. people there are saying it's as bad as hurricane sandy when it caused all of that devastation. and people in the gulf coast, the people that have lived there
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they're also comparing what happened to catrena. however, this was not a tropical system. it just picked up all of that moisture off the gulf and it kept raining and raining and raining and it just would not stop. at 5:14, we have seen all kinds of different devices to help us out throughout the day and sometimes we wear them. like bracelets or smart watches. they even have led dresses. but this morning, we reveal something new. a group of mit researchers are now looking at metallic temporary tattoos called duo skin and they're not just pretty, although they are pretty as far as that gold color. they kind of look like jewelry. but they control your smart devices. users can use them as a touch pad to control what's happening on their screens. isn't this wild. for example, you can change songs on your smart phone by tapping that tattoo. some of the tattoos can also sense body temperature and moods.
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these are not permanent. could you imagine. if they were, you'd have to get a new tattoo every six months? [ laughing ] . >> anchor: i could see doing something. i'm not a tat guy. but one of the smart tats at some point. we're looking good at the spaghetti bowl. we'll look at the travel times running in the green. no delays on the freeways and an outside camera view confirms that we have a great start to your tuesday morning commute, except for one thing. there is an accident out in suer the traffic circle, watch out for that one. that seems to be the only one for now. so let's find out what's up with the weather and check in with kelly. thanks, tom. a lot of sunshine. very similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. yesterday this is a time lapse look. a lot of blue sky. a little bit of a breeze in the afternoon. you can see the trees swaying there a bit. as the sun goes down, still clear. yesterday's high ended up being 108 at the airport.
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but temperatures to start the day at least a little bit cooler for us. yesterday morning we were in the 90s in some locations at this time. las vegas right now 76. 81 spring valley. summer land 79. henderson a little warmer. we're getting around 86 degrees right now. we are expecting pretty quiet conditions around the area. i think there's a few clouds, though, as you look off to the east. some rain showers in parts of northeastern arizona right now. but dry conditions for us today. the high similar to yesterday. 108. winds will be a l over night tonight, clear skies. 82 for the low. and our seven day forecast more sunshine tomorrow. but notice the temperature trends are going down. 106 tomorrow. but 102 by friday. and even 101 on sunday. from one meteorologist to another, 5:16. chloe beardsley has turned into a reporter in rio for us this morning. she joins us live yet again. and, chloe, if you want to see
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rose moment or simone biles when she had that moment where everyone was gasping and she touched the balance beam, you're going to have to pay through the nose to get a seat inside. >> reporter: absolutely. and if you go to the front where they're selling the tickets at the booth, they're pretty much sold out for all of those big games that people want to go to. but if you're lucky, you can go right in frond of the venues. and some people are selling their tickets that they bought a lot earlier. we talked to one local las vegas couple who actually bit the advance, including to see gymnastics and simone biles. we even got to speak with one of the gym nists they saw on the floor. >> reporter: sharon and dave are no strangers to traveling. they came here to fulfill more items on their bucket list. >> it's been absolutely amazing. >> reporter: buying tickets ahead of time paid off. they paid around 30 tickets up
5:18 am
favorite athletes. >> many different swimming starts that actually merged. we weren't even ready for it. >> reporter: simone biles, we love simone. we got to see jacob dalton. >> reporter: jacob spoke to us briefly after his competition. the u.s. men's gymnastic struggled on the floor exercise. jake finished in fifth place in the men's team all around and sixth in the men's floor exercise. >> you compete with these guys and you stick everything and it's hard t on my feet. >> reporter: he told me he's thankful for his fans at home who have continued to cheer him on through his second olympics in rio. >> even after a little disappointing finish, they're always supportive. social media thanking us and supporting us and always have our back. there's never anything negative. >> reporter: home town hero. what could be better than that. whether it's win or lose, just watching it is all worth the experience. >> definitely worth it to be in
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win. >> i would like to thank my wife from the bottom of my heart to talking me into coming here. it was absolutely worth the bucket list. >> reporter: and based on their experience, karen and dave say they do plan on attending the next round of olympic games. they're excited for them. as far as the tickets go, some of the high priority games that people are trying to get into are basketball. but people outside the venues are selling those tickets for not only hundreds of dollars more than the original price but even up to a few thousand. i'll send it back to you kim and >> anchor: thank you. and when the basketball team gets a win with only three points, those tickets probably going to get pricier. thank you for featuring jake up in the northern part of our state. we've been focusing on cody action tomorrow in the quarterfinals. meanwhile, the long lines at the tsa checkpoints at airports may be because of bad morale and
5:20 am
high turnover among some of the tsa agents. joining us live to talk about that right now fromt????? the f nasdaq, jane king. how are you doing this morning? . >> hi. dana doing well this morning. they ease the long lines at the airport security trying to figure out. you have the starting paper tsa agent about 3500 a year. they're on the front lines in the battle against terrorism. dealing with a lot of grumpy people. u.s. airports handlin r crowds. they're trying to improve morale and reduce the unusually high turnover. lawmakers and aviation experts have offered two solutions. one is either give airport screeners a raise and improve their rights or turn more airport security over to private security firms. >> i would go with solution one. give them a raise. $34,000 a year. but you give more money, morale goes up for sure. and with online shopping on the rise these days, department
5:21 am
your game. [ laughing ]. >> anchor: yes. have you ever tried getting a massage from a computer? i mean, it's just one of the things you can get online. and those are the things that the department stores are focusing on. things that can't be bought online. and they're turning to them to boost sales. so the associated press is kind of focused more on services, restaurants, salons, spas, things like that. very customized shopping experiences. and they hope that that is one way to bring the shoppers back into the department your game. >> anchor: i liked it. >> anchor: i said it all right. >> anchor: yes. >> anchor: jay king doesn't need to step up her game. >> anchor: no, she does not. >> anchor: who needs to speak so proper all of the time? still to come this morning, we take you to a restaurant. and it focuses on pasta. but the focus this morning is dramatically different because of a slogan they have started
5:22 am
and a local guy who brings his monkey on board commercial airplanes is back in the news again today. he is flying out of makaren with his monkey on his shoulder. we're going to speak to him. but he is been barred from the airline. more on that ahead. >> anchor: do you know what i heard, gizmo is going to be live on the air coming up. we are going to have the monkey featured believe me, we'll have multiple moments. here it is the last hour of the iconic riviera hotel casino reduced to rubble hours ago. we take you to the site of the imim centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels,
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but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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. we do have one action right now on a roundabout to get right up there in front of summer land hospital. watch out for that one. elsewhere, though, we're in pretty good shape. hey, dana, a guest appearance. dana is doing just there. we're looking good over here at the 215-95 interchange. a hint of dawn and smooth traffic down below with a lot of what is taking place with a new ramp this morning. the travel times all running in the green. the freeways are in great shape and we've been having a little bit of heat. that's what we have over here because we're in the desert. >> anchor: it is summer, right. temperatures still above normal.
5:26 am
that's a positive spin. here's a look at the temperatures as you're heading out the door. over ton 78. boulder city 89. a little warm for you in boulder city this morning. central high school 80. winds expected to be a little lighter but it's going to be another warm one. in fact, 104 by 1:00 and 108 will be the high today. 5:46. there is a restaurant in new mexico that has this new slogan. somere offensive. >> anchor: i'm going to spell it out. black olives matter is what is causing the controversy. they're putting this on t-shirts to promote a new dish. and they're selling them like hot cakes. apparently they're selling well. what that does is trivializes an important message. they're just having fun. they're not trying to stir
5:27 am
they're just playing off of a very popular mantra right now in america. but we do want to know what you think about it. so, please, sound off on our kim and dana wagner facebook page. all you have to do is go to facebook. search our name. i think this will be an interesting discussion throughout the morning. 5:27 now. one mother out there jumping for joy. she's in the shot. we also know that her children are not happy. >> anchor: yes. >> anchor: she's over here going yay. we'll tell you why she's so happy coming up. and the olympics. look at that. that is a studio camera outside of the studio falling. it's as heavy as the ones in here with us at news 3, minor injuries associated but we have the rest of the story headed your way. and live pictures coming out of los angeles. the singer adele telling her audience at a concert that she turned down an offer to sing at the half time of the superbowl in february. the nfl saying not so fast.
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. coming up, talking here at news 3. live pictures of mccarren airport here on the screen because the monkey is back at mccarren and his owner is talking only with our craig vitner. we take you to the scene ahead.
5:31 am
took as they're headed back to the classroom. the start of the show is not pictured here. we're going to show you the star of this picture coming up. and then throw back. we're not to thursday yet. we have the picture of an olympian who is headed back to rio. live from las vegas. this news 3 today. >> anchor: good morning. august 16th. there's something missing from this picture. >> anchor: the skyline is different this morning because the riviera is officially done for. in fact, just hours ago, the final tour came crashing down. if you're just now turning on your tv set, no worries because we have live team coverage of the implosion headed your way this morning. >> anchor: it was an iconic property on the strip for more than six decades. dean martin used to perform there. liberace used to perform there.
5:32 am
ocean movie. >> anchor: thanks for waking up with us. we're the wagners. one of the first stories has to do with the longest serving governor. when he was a kid back in the day working the pool, he was told that he had to go tell barbara streisand and elliot guld to get a room. they had a room. just go use it. >> reporter: yes. i guess they were having a little fun out by the pool. they were paying kissy face. his dad the riviera. we have a smooth commute out there. looking into the town with just a hint of sunrise off in the distance and light traffic getting out in the boonies. we'll bring it in a little closer to the spaghetti bowl and check traffic time. 6 minute drive to get in there via i15. looking good generally everywhere. traffic and weather every ten
5:33 am
>> anchor: thanks, tom. we have a few clouds looking off to the east. those make for a prettier sunrise. the temperatures as you're heading out the door right now, at least it's cooler than it was yesterday. but highs this afternoon expected to be very similar. 103 by noon and 108 at 3:00. winds will be lighter too today. we're going to talk about what we're expecting for the rest of the week coming up. it is now 5:33. and that local woman suspected of driving drunk and causing a deadly crash is expected to face the judge yet again here in town this morning. for details on what to good morning, kendall. >> reporter: good morning. they both were in court yesterday and expect to be back in court today. i can tell you that the state brought up witnesses who testified the night of june 28th . i can tell you 25-year-old whitney greco hit and ran over a
5:34 am
greco left the scene. her defense attorney shawn sullivan is countering that cowan is at fault because of where he was walking. yesterday at the courtroom there were supporters on both side of the case. matching shirts for the defendant and matching shirts for the defendant who was killed two days before his wedding. >> she got to be behind bars. and she has to take responsibility of what she did. >> he was talki o traffic. he was three feet north of the side of the road into the road. my client had the right-of-way. she's not at fault. >> reporter: and back out here live, the judge has not decided if this case will go to trial or not. of course, the defense team trying to argue that their client is not at fault. they'll be back in court today. we'll bring you any updates right here on news 3. for now reporting live in
5:35 am
>> anchor: thank you for that. right now we want to take you over to the breaking news desk. at 5:34 two people are in the hospital after serious injuries with a knife attack on board a train. here is pictures we got. a suspect has been arrested. the austrian man appeared mentally disturbed but they're investigating the motive. this came just three days after a man attacked passengers and last month's brutal ax and knife attack on a train in showing ou difficult it's been for european preventions to try to prevent these attacks. 5:35. we take you back to mccarren international airport for a local story that's gone international because it brings a smile to all of our faces when we get to see gizmo. craig standing by. actually gizmo's owner is mad this morning because he's been black listed by frontier airlines because he used gizmo,
5:36 am
none too much. >> reporter: well, that is what we've being told. we have not been able to confirm his claim. let me walk back on this story in case it's new to you. jason ellis was the man with the monkey. he was a frontier airline passenger with gizmo, his monkey, a service animal. check out video from last thursday when he was going through a security checkpoint and you can see him with gizmo. about 8 inches long, tiny checkpoint last week. was on a frontier flight from ohio to las vegas. and on that flight did have some ]=6x?>?? he couldn't download electronically because there wasn't wifi. let's go to video. within the past 45 minutes, you can see gizmo on his shoulder,
5:37 am
business there. a rather successful one. when he went to go book his return trip on frontier from las vegas back to ohio, he says that he couldn't. that he's been banned from flying on frontier because of that incident that happened last week. he said he had no idea that there was a ban in place until he tried to get back to ohio. >> and i checked in and mr. jason to check in. i called him in. he said you should be okay. just go up to the front counter and they'll check you in. that wasn't the case. i talked to the manager of frontier there in vegas. there was nothing he could do. he's never seen anybody come off the black listlz???? before, so definitely be the first. >> anchor: back here live, he's in the air right now returning via southwest. again, he is not very happy with frontier. we've had no response from them. we reached out. when we learn more, we'll share
5:38 am
>> anchor: we're jealous of you. how is meeting gizmo? is he just as cute in person? >> reporter: i can say it's my most inclusive interview with a tiny pry might. >> anchor: from the tiny primate to a big one. >> anchor: well played, my husband. well played. i'm just bummed out. i thought we still to come this morning, a lot of the people are saying it's a big step forward for medical marijuana this morning. the federal government has done something that may have you talking. we'll share it ahead. also she's napping. her kids are not. why is she jumping for joy. the picture has gone viral. we'll show you why coming up. and it's 5:38 right now. around 2:30 this morning, this was the scene on the fabulous las vegas strip.
5:39 am
riviera hotel and casino reduced to rubble during this over night
5:40 am
5:41 am
. at 5:41 we take you to alabama where a family back to school pictures is taking the internet by storm this morning. not the kids getting attention. it's the mom jumping for joy. that's keyshia gardener. her five kids also pictured. this is what she did when they all went back to school earlier this month.
5:42 am
picture. first they did the traditional photo. then fun. the mom all excited. the picture has been shared all over the globe and the message just flooding the internet thanking family members for making them laugh and then thanking parents really everywhere, like right here in las vegas. yes, it is that time of year again. john holly up in sky 3. local parents -- you're not in sky 3. >> hello. >> anchor: local parents can relate to that one. >> anchor: certainly. schoolis people enjoying their summer. not enjoying some of the road work. not up here in durango. now to the area between charleston and summerland parkway. you can see the work where it starts at charleston continues north from there. let's bring it on into the spaghetti bowl to check your travel times which all look grates. the freeways are running in green. with that in mind, let's check in with kelly for a look at the weather. >> anchor: thanks, tom.
5:43 am
than yesterday. a little bit above normal, though. 81 degrees right now. winds light northwest. just 2 miles per hour. it's 85 right now at wright elementary school. but the real forecast for today, they're looking at a high of 83 degrees this afternoon. partly sunny skies. scattered showers in the forecast. a couple of people almost killed in rio by a television crew. what was that that came crashing down to we'll tell you coming up. and very scary situation. look at this robbery playing out. this is inside a very popular restaurant. the woman 72 years old. we'll let you know how she's doing after this happened. she was thrown to the ground. that's new at 6:00. and live pictures coming out of baton rouge, louisiana. at least the sun is out this morning. some places getting 2 and a half feet of rain.
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this morning you're waking up to news that there is a big step forward for medical marijuana. the federal government now allowing more research into what some call a miracle drug. the drug enforcement agency commonly referred to as the dea has announced that they're opening up cultivation of marijuana for research to private companies. right now the only marijuana that can be used for research has to be provided by the
5:47 am
the hope is that by allowing different types of the plant to be used by scientists, advancements in medical marijuana will come faster. >> allowing research and allowing companies to grow specific strains for specific ailments will help tremendously. >> anchor: this is a brand new decision made by the dea. and we are going to stay on top of this developing story. now time to take you to rio for the olympic games. si medal number four in gymnastics last night. and she fell just a little bit short as she almost fell off the balance beam last night. in fact, at one point she had to catch herself putting her hand on the beam. and because of that, that was a half point deduction. she did end up finishing third getting the bronze medal here. her teammate lori hernandez almost won the gold last night
5:48 am
she got the gold last night. here is the women's four meter sprint. here is alex felix from the united states hoping to win a gold medal in this event. when it came down to the end, she was dead dog tired. that's the woman that beat her from the bahamas as she dove across the finish line at the very end edging out allison felix. miller with the gold from the bahamas. allison felix with the silver medal last night. still with that felix has seven medals overall in her olympic competition. that makes her the most decorated u.s. women track and field athlete ever. and the united states still leaning in the gold medal count at 56. china 29 medals behind. different action we're focusing on in rio. you're seeing the results of what happened when a professional broadcast camera
5:49 am
numerous people injured. you can see it was caught on tape. ended up happening in an instance. no warning. this is outside of the olympic park. footage of the long suspended camera crashing down. 7 people injured. one woman walking away from the scene wearing a neck brace. also a couple of people on stretchers. the camera r to the olympic broadcasting services and hanging from the wire in the middle of the park when all of a sudden it just ended up doing this free fall. here it is one more time. dana, you pointed out, can you imagine how dramatically different this could have ended. >> anchor: i think they're lucky. if it hit somebody in the head, that could have killed them. >> anchor: i assume it's one of the cameras on the xy axis. obviously it can be a danger. we have an accident in the
5:50 am
that's just a little bit south of fremont street. we'll take you into the bowl where it's starting to get a little busy on southbound i15. eight minute drive from the spaghetti bowl down to tropicana. here is what that looks like. headlights, plenty of them gathering together. but they'll be able to turn often the lights soon because we approach dawn. let's check your weather with kelly and dana. >> anchor: thank you. 5:50 now. we've had flooding in louisiana and severe weather in indiana. they had a bunch of tornadoes roll through th. and these tornadoes coming right where bachelor in paradise was airing. angry phone calls to tv stations. obviously they had to cut in. you have tornadoes moving across the ground there. emergency management said there were reports of damage. but, do you know what, people listened.
5:51 am
several trees down. storms moving through parts of indiana. yesterday here at home much quieter conditions. we do have clouds as we look off to the east. that will actually make things a little prettier. the sun comes up right at 6:00 on the dot this morning. now, temperature wise, as you're heading out the door this morning, at least it's more comfortable than it was yesterday. yesterday morning we were dealing with temperatures in the 90s. right now 77 degrees. eldorado 78. henderson 8 it's going to get hot again this afternoon. temperatures very similar to what we saw in the area yesterday. we're looking at a lot of sunshine as well. some showers in northeastern arizona, though, not going to affect us as we head throughout the day today. take a look at some of these highs. loveland 113. over night lows tonight, boulder city 77. now, our seven day forecast, today in las vegas, 108. but the temperatures heading in
5:52 am
cooling off relatively speaking as we head towards the weekend. temperatures getting closer to normal, which is 102 for this time of year. at 5:52, we just could not wait until a throw back thursday to share this one. it is a throw back tuesday if you will. claimed prominent in the game in rio and we have big reveal of who this little mini gymnast is in the water cooler. don't go anywhere. >> anchor: i can't wait to find out. jenniferez vegas saying something about her ex-husband in front of everybody. coming up on the water cooler. live pictures on your screen right now of where the riviera used to stand in all of its glory as we transition from the live images. we take you back to 2:30 this morning where this happened. the final tower came crashing
5:53 am
5:54 am
for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
5:55 am
. 5:55. time for the water cooler. j lo performed at planet hollywood. there is her picture there. you know what her show is called. it's all i have. guess what, her ex-husband mark
5:56 am
night. here is what she had to say to the crowd. you're an international legend, an icon, but you're also my baby daddy. she was very nice to him. you can see them with their signature others after the show last night. checkout this little gymnast. she is really good. i think she has a chance to be in the olympics one day. oh, wait a minute. she's in the olympics. that is lauri 1.5 million views winning the silver medal on the beam last night. check out this from la. a special performance from a very talented singer. ? music ?? . >> anchor: chitty chitty bang bang. he's 90 years old. he looks great, doesn't he? >> yes. what a good sport. i saw him recently with someone on a sidewalk in london.
5:57 am
>> anchor: has he not aged a
5:58 am
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body.
5:59 am
i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. . [ explosion ] >> kim: there she went. final goodbye. the second tower of the riviera has come down. imploded while most of you were sleeping. and we have live team coverage headed your way this morning.
6:00 am
everything. >> dana: one-on-one chloe beardsley talking to an olympic gymnast from nevada. what he's saying about that competition coming up. also black listed. and there's a question mark here because this morning the monkey from mccarren is not real happy with frontier airlines. but another airline to the rescue. our craig welcome in. the sun is coming up in the east this morning on this tuesday, august 16th. the number one draft choice in the nfl jared goff out of uc berkeley didn't know where the sun came up. >> kim: aaron rodgers he is not. i don't know about ability yet. but aaron rodgers seems to be a smart guy. the quarterback. that is a true story.


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