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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> >> jim: ricky news now at five as a man points a gun at shoppers, others scramble to hide in dressing rooms fearing for their lives. news 3 is live on the >> marie: a massive firefight unfolding right next door to us in san bernardino county. you're looking at life because now with flames eating through the very dry hillside. people being forced from their homes and interstate linking las vegas to california, right in the middle of it. >> it is amazing how much fear he has inspired. >> jim: that is senator harry reid are taking down donald
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candidate gets ready to learn the nation's biggest secret. >>. >> marie: we begin at five with breaking news. a gun scarce and shoppers running for their lives in a northwest valley shopping center. >> jim: in this day and age imagine the terror inside the store. some of them ran to hide in the dressing room of the t.j. maxx as a swat team rushed we are hearing from witnesses that he was pointing the gun right at shoppers. good evening everyone glad you're with us tonight, i am jim snyder. >> marie: i am a marie mortera. sergio avila joins us at the shopping center, no doubt this was a scare. but there are questions whether this gun was real or fake. >> sergio: at least one police source telling me here at the scene that they believe that was a fake gun. but they are still trying to get the confirmation.
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inside saw a man pointing a gun at the head of one of the customers and whether it was real or fake, the response was absolutely real. law enforcement and people inside of the store, they not only ran outside also hid inside the store sheltering in place. the swat team was quickly called to the area.once they arrived, they were able to take one person into custody. we are being told the man is a >> imagine being inside the store when this all happened. a very frightening time for witnesses. one of them who spoke with, she was able to make it out of the store. her mother was not. and she described the situation and what led up to the scare. >> he had like a red purse and he dropped it. and then she said that he went around and he was like you dropped this, you dropped this. and he was like literally picked out the gun on her.
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almost fainted and she was like, she said oh my gosh what do i do? and i told her just to stay there, try to run like don't do anything just stay. >> sergio: the girl and her mother and a child now all safe. they were all inside the store when this all happened. breathing a sigh of relief tonight that nothing happened. if there's any good news here, it is that no shots were fired and nobody was hurt. but st t information on who the suspect was. sergio avila, news 3. >> marie: thank you sergio. now let's get to the wildfire burning out of control right next door to us. in san bernardino county, this was started about six hours ago. it is near the freeway and it has already burned more than 6500 acres and destroyed structures in the canyon area. >> jim: remember the last big fiery so they jumped the
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way. so it is easy to understand why they shut down the freeway tonight. 4500 people are now being evacuated in the mountain resort of wrightwood. the eight square-mile fire is moving toward this area right now with no sign of slowing down. b1 all right so the fire has now shut down both directions of the eye 15 for about a mile. if you're planning to head to southern california, anytime today just keep in mind is going to be very slow. if you can even get to the area by evening. we also want to let you know that man a order is in effect in two areas. >> jim: no major injuries, some structures have already been destroyed. >> marie: once again if you are leaving las vegas for california, head over to our website for the latest traffic conditions. a 25-year-old woman accused
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>> jim: her attorney is arguing that his client is not responsible for the death of the 29-year-old cohen. antonio castellan joins us live from the regional justice center. and again, it was packed with people.people also supporting the driver. >> antonio: greco supporters left in disgust. to help the case would be thrown out but a judge decided it needs to go to trial. >>. [indiscernable] >> antonio: for a second court, whitney greco's attorney sullivan argued his client was not responsible for the killing of 29-year-old idan cohen. late in june prosecutors say greco ran over and dragged idan cohen under the car as he walked alongside the road. >>. [indiscernable] >> antonio: his lawyer pointed out that he is partly to blame. they stressed that greco never intentionally fled the scene of a crash. >>. [indiscernable]
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attorney's office as greco left the scene and only stopped because her car gave out due to damage received during the crash. >>. [indiscernable] >>. >> antonio: after two days of testimony, the judge made a decision. >> i do find that. [indiscernable] >>. >> antonio: greco's attorney tried to give her bail reduced but the judge decided that it would stay at $500,000. greco will be arraigned on august 18.
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castellan, news 3. >> jim: thank you for that. now to the owner of monkeys, you see this back your initial deposit big steroid frontier airline flight that landed in las vegas. enough of the airline a lot not let them fly in his planes anymore. jason tells us he was traveling with his registered emotional support animal named gizmo. video shows him going through a security checkpoint in columbus ohio. you said that a minute with the monkey in plain view the whole time before he boarded the flight to las vegas. but frontiers as he neglected to let them know about the monkey. police met the plane at mccarran after other passengers claimed the monkey was loose during the flight. he says gizmo never was, he had to fly back to ohio this morning on southwest airlines. >> i checked in and it's like, no is not allowed to be checked in. something something something, so i called and the guys that
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the front counter. they will check un.and i talked to the manager of frontier in vegas, there was nothing he can do and he'd never seen that before. so i will deftly be the first. b3 frontier does confirm to us that he is on the airline's no-fly list. so he says he travels with gizmo by the way to calm his fear of flying. not to decision 2016 and donald trump getting slammed by one of the most powerful men in washington. >> i can't imagine nevada would vote for someone as mean-spirited who dislikes a long line of people including women. asians, blacks, hispanics. >> jim: that is nevada senator harry reid with a lot to say about the presidential candidate tonight.
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>> marie: their calling all party leaders to dump donald trump. i hundred 20 a letter urging him to suspend support immediately. they are concerns about the impact his campaign could have on senate and house races. tomorrow donald trump will get his first classified intelligence briefing. >> jim: and the devastating floods in louisiana, there is climbing even higher tonight. 10 people are and the governor acknowledges he does not know how many people are still missing in this unprecedented disaster. baton rouge was hit very hard, at least 40,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged. thousands of people taken by boat to shelters. a heartbreaking trip right through their neighborhoods where they raised their families, and made lifelong friendships. the floodwater reached rooftops of many houses as you can see in this video. more than 20,000 people have been rescued so far.
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shelters tonight. more areas of louisiana have been added to a federal disaster declaration tonight. >> marie: and with that, another part of las vegas history comes tumbling down. in just seconds the last tower of the riviera hotel imploded very early this morning. >> jim: had to be here to hear the rumble and it was something to see. all three came down once. it was the first high-rise resort on the liberace and dean martin headlined there. now the land will be used to expand the convention center. it is kind of hard to get your mind around another chapter in the history of las vegas gone. turned to dust in just a matter of seconds. that was that. >> marie: and this is then with the help of tom -- tom hawley and sky 3. >> tom: this is where the tower was the original tower up front
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down. now they have a big job of taking it away. the company doing this it is called torstar contracting. their use this thing. the most recent project was taken down a tower at the city center. right now they're putting everything in piles and it will be hauled off. meanwhile to keep the dust down and have it hosed off to keep everything and the abatement going there. there was a lot of asbestos which was remod. the dust in the air and it is a beehive of activity. in a few weeks there will be nothing left to see here. where the riviera stood for 60 years, it will be all gone. tom holly reese reporting from sky 3. >> marie: and not to see the piles, this is the now for that part of the las vegas strip. >> jim: and something else happening right now. team usa is rocking the summer olympic games in rio. >> marie: next at five, another honor for three star athletes
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breaking news. a massive fire showing no signs of slowing down. it is shutting down i 15 in both directions right now. this is in california. >> kevin: we are concerned we
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>> >> marie: we want to give you another look now at our breaking news. live images out of san bernardino county with thousands of people there are being told to get out because of this out-of-control wildfire. >> jim: this is a huge lifeline of our community bring interests in and a lot of locals have to get to southern california. that is shut down about because of the flames you're watching live right now. we know the entire mountain community called bright wood is right in the path of this fire. and i 15 is shut down about a mile long stretch. that has been shut down for a couple of hours so really no good way to get from here to la or the other direction right
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and we can tell you that several buildings have been destroyed now. two firefighters even suffering smoke inhalation as they tried to put the fire out. >> jim: will be trying to track this through the evening. but now we want to turn to real. and what a run for team usa. three of the athletes are getting a very special honor tonight. >> marie: michael phelps, simone biles and -- getting the cover spirits illustrated this week. the greatest stars of a red-hot american summer. b3 and under wraps were just learning about type of the cover was actually shot sunday night. >> marie: phelps was on the cover 11 times. this is the second cover for the other two. >> jim: and there is an unsung group of people who get far too little credit. >> marie: is the shout out to the olympic parents have sacrificed so much, really everything for years to get their child the gold medal moment. >> jim: let's get better back to our man on the ground in
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olympic dad. his one and mike is beaming over his bmx star. >> reed: yes he sure is, he just arrived here in rio. what was a precarious journey. he said even losing his luggage was worth it, he has been able to go and buy one shirt so he can appear on las vegas television screen tonight. and like you said, these parents really are the unsung heroes of the olympics. tonight, his son, a young man he wants to call his beautiful boy. >> i ran across the picture last night. >> reed: memories from a picture snapped seemingly a minute ago. >> raising a child is an amazing journey.>> reed: this olympic dad is brought to tears. >> when i saw the picture just
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>> reed: blessings in the form of a boy. his boy carter. someone who has overcome incredible odds and injuries to rally in rio. connor fields, quick to say his dad desk in a is still my biggest supporter. he's always there for me. he would do anything for me and he has been a major part of this whole experience. >> reed: this has put him on top of metals and podiums with shattered bones and always coming back to the spoe loves. >> went for surgery he was really down. and really in a dash place. >> reed: he says he gathered doctors to put his body back together. -- >> going to do this i want to give myself a shot. i don't want to go to rio and just compete. i want to go and compete to win. i trusted that i wasn't going to fall again and i had to basically bet on myself. >> reed: values he paid for
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part of this nevada athletes daily life. >> it is inspiring to be taken back to be learning lessons from him. [indiscernable] >> reed: love between a dad and his son. his connor fields really -- >> i think connor knows. i always have his back and do anything for him. take a bullet for him. there is no question that is out of bounds. i love him with all my heart. >> that example i got my dad life here on facetime to tell him, dad i love you, i love you from your thank you for everything you have done for me. way that the viewers in las vegas, sitting in your lawnchair in utah. and we just lost them, okay. connor fields has his preliminaries on thursday and on friday is the day that
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>> jim: fantastic story. where would any of us be with our loving parents? >> marie: all right to turn to page down talk about this raging wildfire not too far from a spirit already 6500 acres.kevin, it has you wondering what that could mean for las vegas as way of smoke. >> kevin: we're still watching to see exactly where the smoke is going but there is some concern the weather department tonight may make it to the las vegas valley late tonight or tomorrow. sort of like a garden hose. it sprays out a little bit. so getting some is probably a decent bet. we will keep watching it and update you on further additions of news 3. we will talk about the heat because we are living the life of what is probably going to go down as the hottest las vegas summer since weather records have been capped. the average numbers are what we usually see during a typical
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of those, 50 have made it to at least 105, and of those 17 have made it to 110. this is interesting, the record is 61 105 degree days. we might get there. by the way, if there was any question that you live in a desert, relative humidity most of the afternoon two percent. bone dry out there. unusual for august was the more in june. 108 for the high, half a dozen above normal. morning low above normal as well. 12th timeout of 16 days we have been above normal in the month of august. inside the car. you open the car door to get a blast of 140 degree are with the car thermometer earlier this afternoon parked outside on the blacktop. there goes the sun, a few clouds up to the east of the las vegas valley. and that might be the only blemish. turn around and look at to the west there is nothing, not a cloud to be found. hopefully we will not get any of that smoke but we'll keep an eye on that. in warm springs 105 at five percent blowing not too strong now, the far west at 99 with 11
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their gusts are 35. up near nellis it is 105 and five percent. the rest of the neighborhood, the range from the upper 90s to the mid-well mid 100s or what you call that? 100 to 110. the middle of that range. it really heats up eastward toward the bow. a couple of neighborhoods peaking at 107. including downtown henderson appeared overton 111, they had a high of 112. laughlin maxed out at 113. your hump day starts in the 80s, triple digits by lunchtime. should top over 105 tomorrow too much wind early but it picks up in the afternoon. we will probably see a few more gusts over 20 miles an hour. you have to look where to eat to see the monsoonal moisture, it is pretty simple. there is the dividing line right there where the humidity is. we are high and dry and we do not see anything that will break that pattern down until at least the weekend and probably early next week. maybe some changes by the middle of next week.
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peer title but just marbled or city 104, laughlin 111, death valley 116. our valley tonight under a clear sky, hopefully we will not give me smoke 81 for the low temperature. tomorrow when the wind picks up, it will be more out of the south. i'm a little more hopeful that the smoke will not get here. 107 is expected high. so for your seven-day forecast there is a cooling trend. of course by las vegas standards. by the time we had the weekend we're talking 103. that will plateau with overnight
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>> >> marie: the fire not to look far from las vegas is off of the 15 and has become
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firefighters were trapped as they were to help people leave the area. quantitative two of them suffered minor injuries. >> jim: quickly here is look at why they shut down the freeway. this was last july 17 when the flames jumped over the freeway catching cars and trucks on fire as it went out of an abundance of caution, the freeway shut down by now.
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> tonight, racing to escape. a frantic turn in the worst flood disaster since superstorm sandy. now 30,000 rescued as more communities scramble to get out of the way. >> arson arrest. a man is charged with setting an explosive california wildfire that burned over 100 homes and buildings to the ground. and trump and ailes? a bombshell report that the former fox news chief is now helping the gop nominee. plus what we have learned about trump's first classified intelligence briefing. inside the fbi interview, what hillary clinton told the feds and why they recommended against charging her. and crossing the line, a photo finish for the ages, an american champion


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